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Unstoppable force, immovable object. A thread for all things dwarf.

>What do dwarves eat?
>What is the role of women in dwarf society?
>Do dwarves drink wine?
>Is an axe REALLY the best weapon for tunnel fighting?

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>What do dwarves eat?
Okay, so I don't think they can fulfill their dietary needs belowground. Doesn't make much sense, y'know? No soil and no sun makes for poor crop yields. Instead, I figure they use the surface hinterlands surrounding their holds to serve their food and some resource needs, much as they use the underground to serve their mineral needs. The hold itself serves as a place for craftsdwarves to turn the resources brought in into useful shit, as well as the center for administration and defense. Probably also stockpiles of food and arms in case of war. You get the idea.

Anyways, for what they eat, I figure you can't go wrong by getting inspiration from real cultures that live in mountainous high-altitude regions. A brief Wikipedia trawl revealed a few trends among the cuisine of several cultures:
>tubers, especially potatoes (unsurprising given their origin in Peru)
>oats and barley predominate instead of wheat and rice (except for red rice, which is apparently a high-altitude thing from Bhutan), also sometimes maize shows up
>nuts, herbs, lentils, berries, fucking ferns, that sort of thing
>use of livestock (esp. goats, sheep, and alpacas, but also cattle and yaks) but mostly for what they produce
>an honestly surprising preference for chili peppers across several continents
>whenever a coast is nearby, fish and seaweed are consumed as well
>general preference for food preservation and storage (dried meats, dairy products, oatmeal, and that sort of thing)
>VERY important: sometimes valleys in mountain ranges go low and warm and wet enough to get higher-density crops or shit like fruit and spices grown, so that's cool if it happens
Oh, and as far as beverages go beer turns out to be a pretty common one across the cultures I looked at. That part of dwarven culture works great, actually.

Anyways, FUCK people who don't want new world crops in their settings, they're apparently part of a pretty robust high-altitude agricultural package.

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>fish, seaweed, and rice
>trying to imagine dwarf sushi

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>What do dwarves eat?
Dwarves eat meat and mushrooms, cant stomach any of that rubbish leafy stuff that elves eat.
>What is the role of women in dwarf society?
Same as men, except when they are child bearing of course
>Do dwarves drink wine?
Grape water? Yea sure but its very weak, its what they feed to babies
>Is an axe REALLY the best weapon for tunnel fighting?
No, axes are for above ground where those nasty trees reside and hammers are for below ground

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Lmao Manlets think they deserve a thread

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Poultry and other domesticated animal products depending on the region, mushroom, rice, potatoes. eggs.
To bear children, tailoring, taking care of animals, smithing. Dwarf women post menopause can have male roles as well though.
I don't know.

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In MUH SETTING I've partially styled dwarves after Incans/Mayans/Aztecs, at least structurally. Their mountain ranges are completely terraced with farms and gardens, walled off from any trespassers who might try to trek up into their territory. Lots of dryfit masonry and stone bulwarks to guard their underground cities.

>What is the role of women in dwarf society?
Industry, and physical artisanry. Women are the smiths, the bakers, the farmers, the architects, etc. They run the towns and cities and rarely venture out, which leads to the impression that there are no dwarf women. Men are warriors and hunters first, poets and musicians and traders second, and little else besides. Since the genders are so heavily segregated outside of incredibly horny festivals, the rate of homolust is incredibly high amongst both camps.

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>What do dwarves eat?
depends on where they live, on the valley lands they subside on a mix mix of grains, roots, fish and some mushrooms.

On the mountain tops they subside on cheese, meat and some imported foods.

Inside the mountain holds themselves mushrooms are the main provider of nutrition with imports of grain from the valleys making up the rest.

In the deepest of outposts the grains are replaced with deep fish, from the undereivers and underlakes.

But in all dwarves one thing is common, rocks. Rocks are used to help digestion and are ingested once every few years, the rock are about the size of a dwarves thumb, they are usually decorated with carvings and are ingested one a special day, most likely a creation day, akin to a birthday.

>What is the role of women in dwarf society?
Dwarves are unisex. They have been made by the Giants who carved the mountains out of the earth 10,000 years. Made at first as great metal golems, who later made smaller versions of themselves to assist in more delicate work. eventually the majority of living dwarves were made out mud and a few pieces of metal which were then infused with life and turned to flesh.

when they rebelled and were expelled of the northern realm of the giants only a few of the old, first generation dwarves survived to flee with them and teach them how to make more of their kind, and so all dwarves are as they are made, with no sexes, only mud and iron.
>Do dwarves drink wine?
>Is an axe REALLY the best weapon for tunnel fighting?

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>What do dwarves eat?
Mostly things they can get their hands on underground. Mushrooms. Critters. Moss. Possibly fish, if there's an underground lake or river nearby. More convential food such as bread, beef and fruit is available, but are considered luxury foods because it needs to be imported and dwarves don't maintain too many traderoutes.

>What is the role of women in dwarf society?
They're mostly equal, though combat is considered a mostly male activity, while females occasionally need to step out of the workforce to bear children. Dwarves choose leaders based on charisma and competence rather than bloodline and female leaders are not uncommon.

>Do dwarves drink wine?
It's available in their cities and some dwarves do drink it. It's mostly a sign of wealth and sophistication, however, or a drink for outsider guests. Very few dwarves genuinely enjoy the taste.

>Is an axe REALLY the best weapon for tunnel fighting?
Not THE best weapon, but it's one of their weapons of choice. The main problems in tunnel fighting are range and reach, so bows, halberds and spears are rarely used by the dwarves. Anything with short reach and punching power finds use, however. Maces, axes and shortwords are all popular weapons.

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>What do dwarves eat?
Traditional dwarven cuisine is heavy in mushrooms, grains and salted meats such as goat, as well as dairy products

>What is the role of women in dwarf society?
The same as everyone elses, to obey their elders and do their duties for the sake of the clan.

>Do dwarves drink wine?
Dwarves arent really in the best place to make wine, but yes they will import the stuff.

>Is an axe REALLY the best weapon for tunnel fighting?

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is the spear the best tunnel fighting weapon? possibly knives or short swords?

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Dwarves have plenty of room to swing their axes

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>What do dwarves eat?
Mushrooms, moss and fish from within the mountain, beef, pork, goat, chicken and root vegetables can be farmed in pastureland on the mountainside so milk, butter and cheese are also available. Some wheat and barley species exist that are adapted to high altitudes and apple and pear orchards could also be maintained.
>What is the role of women in dwarf society?
Universal education and encouragement of children to make a career of what they like doing means that any societal role can be filled by either males or females, so long as they are competent. Elongated lifespans allows for females to take years out of a profession to bear children without detriment and strong clan bonds allows for child rearing and care to be distributed among clan members as required.
>Do dwarves drink wine?
Wine is an import that has found some enjoyment amongst the wealthier dwarfs but on the whole they prefer to brew their own beers and ciders.
>Is an axe REALLY the best weapon for tunnel fighting?
Most underground fighting involves undermining and collapsing enemy tunnels. For battles in smaller tunnels, dwarfs use spears to hold back the enemy which can always be dropped if the enemy makes it past the tips. With more time to prepare, they also have access to two man firethrower teams to clear tunnels. Battles in larger caverns follow a more traditional strategies, but still are unlikely to have significant levels of cavalry due to difficult terrain.

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there are no dwarf women; dwarves use special sarcophogi called wombs which are filled with molten valuable metals and gems to craft very detailed intricate dwarf statues that their priests then enchant to become new dwarfs, the quality and innate skill of a dwarf is a reflection of the materials used and craftsmanship of the father, ergo copper dwarves are gully dwelling retards whilst gold and platinum dwarves are the nobility in the hall of the mountain king...and this is why dwarves are greedy and obsessed with wealth.

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>What do Dwarves eat
Mountain dwarves grow Mushrooms & Keep animals like sheep & Chickens. Hill dwarves grow crops, mostly living off of fruit & Vegetables. Wild Dwarves eat whatever they can fucking find, & Duergar eat anything that stumbles into them; their favourite food is mindflayer calamari.
>What is the role of women
Dwarf women are physically near-indistinguishable from men- beards and all. But most hill dwarf women shave, due to the influence of trade with the outside world, and mountain dwarves only keep the moustache. Fighting is a mostly male activity in all cultures, but Wild dwarf women are expected to train in the same way as the men, and teach all the children, regardless of sex. Hill Dwarf women dominate the trades, and are equal in the artisan fields. Mountain Dwarf women are rarely seen outside of their house, and are in fact not allowed to own property, except in trust for a male heir. Duergar tend to use Women as scouts and ambushers.
>Do Dwarves drink wine
Hill Dwarves do. They're looked down upon by mountain dwarves for their outside influences.
>Is an axe REALLY the best weapon for tunnel fighting
Nope. Mountain dwarves use warpicks, Hil Dwarves use Scythes, Duergar prefer to use hammers. Wild dwarves prefer to take an enemy out with arrows, but if it comes down to it, THEY are more then happy to use axes- and come in swinging.

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would a dwarven daycare actually work?
asking for a friend.

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Everyone of parenting age works 9-5 shifts in the mines, how could their society function if they didn't have daycares?

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>He doesn't know

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>What do dwarves eat?
Depends on the Hold. Those at high elevations that see the surface often will have a mixture of more standard 'human' diets and those of deeper Holds, which rely more on fungi and large subterranean insectoids.
>What is the role of women in dwarf society?
Dwarves have an intense mania regarding the idea of women being whisked away by other men, and all dwarves not only assume that every other species views their women as attractive, but that all members of every other species would steal them away at the drop of a hat. In part because of this, the role of dwarven women is almost entirely domestic, to the point that almost no humans can say what dwarven women look like - though dwarves insist they are the most beautiful beings above or below the ground. Dwarfmaids that wish to step outside this role can expect severe social and physical admonition, but if dwarves respect anything, it is perseverance, and as such there are codes of conduct in place that can allow particularly determined individuals to renounce their womanhood and become legally male for the purposes of pursuing a particular career or if a household lacks a male heir. This is incredibly uncommon in practice, however.
>Do dwarves drink wine?
If an elf and a dwarf can agree on anything, it is the quality of a fine wine.
>Is an axe REALLY the best weapon for tunnel fighting?
No. Axes and hammers have religious significance to dwarves. In practice, most dwarven soldiers will carry poleaxes.

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Why don't dwarves just eat the rocks?

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Post your dwarf themes.
Hard mode: No theme's already attributed to dwarves in the title (LotR, Warhammer, etc)


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Scottish songs might be cheating but it's about all the clans working together to get bloody vengeance. Therefore it's about Dwarfs

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Mountain ponies, a breed of ponies made by the dwarves to use in their caves.

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I'm making a dwarf only one shot in the Warhammer universe in three weeks. Wish me luck and give me all your best pictures and dwarven songs, or very cool traps and encounters they can get. Their mission is to retake an artefact inside a lost Karak.

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isn't this the comic where female dwarves are giant chocolate women with giant ass and titties?

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female dwarves don't exist, they're a lie that isn't denied by dwarves to distract people from how dwarves are really born, by father dwarves blowing ropes into a big rock and after a while dwarf younglings dig their way out

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Slow thread. Everyone must be in the mines.

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Well I was going to pick this up for the dwarf lore but

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If dwarves are the ones doing all this mining and smithing and are known for their hordes of precious gems and gold, wouldn't something like a piece of handcrafted furniture or a painting be worth more to dwarfs as a status symbol rather than like a jeweled gold circlet or something>

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gods damn that's cool

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I think shortswords is an important sidearm. Depending on the tunnel swinging becomes less of a possibility, so stabbing swords become more favorable.
Spears might be too tall though so even those aren't used as much because travelling with them isn't always possible.

I guess it depends on how close to the hold is, because thenthe tunnels would be more shaped to their preference.

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I really want to put dwarves in my setting. I really do, they are by far my favorite fantasy race of all time. But I'm having trouble nailing down an idea I like for them, a twist to make them my own. Have you guys ever had that trouble.

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Not really? Dwarves are neat in that they can remain relatively unchanged in most settings with a few tweaks. What's the holdup with yours? Just not wanting Scottish mountain forts?

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>What do dwarves eat?
Lots of pickled herbs and vegetables. Salted roots and bone broth stew with squig meat. Fungus, grains and beans. Proper meat for the rich.

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Well I wanted to link mine to a concept I really like. I've posted here before so I'll just give the short version.

>The original dwarves gave themselves immortality by putting their brains into meat juice powered mech suits. Through magic/unexplained reason, the will to live outside this hellish faux life seeps into crystals now known as Heartstones; these crystals form the soul of what people on the surface know as dwarves.

Basically, I wanted to make my dwarves semi-artificial. They are exuberant, and throw themselves into everything they do with everything they have. A sort of echo to live life to the fullest as their progenitors caged and damned themselves. But most of all they have a culture of remembrance, to solidify their individual and family legacies through great deeds and wondrous work. As they age, they "lose their luster" becoming dull and sluggish. Soon forgetting everything, and falling into a comatose state, buried in their ancestral halls.

The mechanical dwarves are unknown to most civilizations and even to the Dwarves themselves.

Even as I write it, I don't know if this is all just a load of guff or something worth using. I guess I feel like I'm failing if I don't do SOMETHING with it, but I'm also afraid that I'm just reinventing the wheel for it's own sake rather than making something I like. Damn this 'tism of mine.

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I mean, it's already considerably more interesting than what I usually see with just changing the nationality around from Scottish to something else
I say go for it, sounds neat

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My dwarves are split between surface walkers of the hostile ad desolate they inhabit, some forge bois and some keeeprs of the gates to the underworld.

Walkers hunt megafauna, a la monster hunter, that wander outside of the only lush vegetation on the surface. They have various freight elevators that they send their kills back down to the population below in exchange for getting their shit fixed up and new clothes and supplies. They're nomadic wanderers otherwise.

The keepers undergo rituals to forfeit their mortal aight so they can see the spirits that come and go through the gates and keep it on lockdown as they are the deepest in the caverns.

I'm still fleshing out a third faction of dwarves but I intend for them to be individually lead by kin. They all hate each other for one reason or another but if you fuck with one you fuck with all kinda thing.

Because of how the continent they're on is just wastes on the surface they're a myth in my world. Not many venture out from the island continent and not many can make it in to even know the dwarves exist.

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My Dorf Wizard (with spellbook tattoed on a body)

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uni students at some prestigious culinary arts academy got together made giant ass thick chocolate eggs, but put a special sugar hard candy slurry inside that GREW crystal candy inside it, just like a Geode. so yea, super sciencey and cool as fuck, and 1 million percent delicious edibleness

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Thanks anon, sorry for blathering.

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In my story's i always give dwarf women beards it's only the ones that get influenced by the surface people that want to change tradition.

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>Anyways, FUCK people who don't want new world crops in their settings

This is only acceptable if it's a real-world rip-off (IE, Warhammer Fantasy's altered earth map) or an actual historical game.
Fuck every person who gets cunty about that.
"You can't have potatoes in European fantasy they hadn't been brought back from the Americas!"
"This isn't Earth. There is no Europe or America... what are you smoking"

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Dwarves farm Bug Cattle, raccoon sized Rollie Pollies, Variety of mushroom, and recently goats. Women and Men have no Social Roles, the first kin were literally stone and had no gender. Women do have beards.
A dwarf will always drink fine dwarf wine. No other wine is as good, a drink is still a drink.
The axe is second best to a good hammer.

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I've had an idea for dwarves for a while, I just haven't found a way to place it into a setting yet.
Dwarves are masters at creating files and constructs, so much so that they can animate their mountains, and the bigger your walking mountain, the more prestigious your clan/hold is. Haven't really come up with much besides that, but it's a start

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Dwarves are the Jews of fantasy.

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Horn Beetle?

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Let's be real, none of these women are worth dating anyways

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Based scorchfountain poster

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>"Things you can say about your axe that you can't say about your wife."

>> No.77342615

I have one

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>”She’s a bit dull.”

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>If I knew it had a curse of binding, I wouldn't have taken it

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Gangway, my diggas.

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Awesome choice. The "wham hubba hubba hum"(Mattis vs Bõrka) song is another good one.

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Do Drow make a good antagonist race for Dwarves?

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get that shit outta my face.

>> No.77350339

Probably would be more about curing/pickling, like the nords/icelanders did. Stinky shark, etc. Probably a lot of gross canned shit in a modern era.

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>dwarven ships fishing for gargantuan sharks to chop up and hang out in the sun for months

>> No.77354453

That's human biology.

>> No.77354513

imagine the stench of unwashed dwarf and rotting, dripping whale fat.

>> No.77354545

Aye, warms the cockles and gives the beard a rich, full aroma.

>> No.77354568

That'd mean no alcohol, no fighting in heavy armor, and no steel.

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Hey what's going on in this thread?

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MFW this thread

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Super magic vs super mechanic, sure.

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I'm 6'2.
Y'all let these bitches live rent free.
I'm just salty I'm tall and they don't date me, carry on short-chads.

>> No.77359877

Gives me a real youtube monkey torture vibe.

>> No.77360317

short guys use their height as an excuse to justify why they aren't popular with women
lets say you're a 5'8" dwarven king like myself

yes there are some women that wouldn't date me based on that, but who cares? I'm still taller than 75% of the women out there. lol these thots think a typical 6'2" guy is interested in a 5'4" female? why would he soil his bloodline when he can get the rare treasure of the 5'11" amazons

womanlets would be lucky to get a guy my height

>> No.77360372

This girl was about 5'7"
Didnt stop this chad from barking up that tree

>> No.77360841

dwarven ale should pack a punch
less than 10% and it's what they give to the kids

>> No.77361022

I've seen this shit at the store, is it any good?

>> No.77361256

Lol I'd LOVE a short girl, size difference is one of my many fetishes.

>> No.77361331

Thats a very satisfying bottle shape and glass

>> No.77361341

In ours, dwarven women don't grow beards, but grow moustaches. If you're unmarried, you have to be clean shaven, and if you haven't borne a child for your husband, it has to be trimmed short. Only married mothers get to grow out their moustaches.

>> No.77361688

I like it very much
the original is on tap at a local place I like so I get it whenever I go there
very dark and heavy, it has coffee and banana notes
this is 9000 one is a new variety, it is just as robust but brighter in taste with an ambiguous sweetness up front with an herbal finish like dried oregano

the first one is a one and done kind of thing, as much as I'd like to drink more than one its best to have a glass then move on to something lighter. The second variety you could have a few, but both are 11% abv so they'll knock you on your ass if you're not paying attention

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Well, in the setting I am creating
>What do dwarves eat?
Fish, game, bread, cheese, root vegetables and mushrooms that they can grow in caves. They get their crops from the valleys that they annexed as a protectorate (also where the game comes from).
>What is the role of women in dwarf society?
Aside from dishing out babies, dwarven women don't really have any different roles from the males. Roles are generally determined by clan, age and profession with guild membership also playing a minor part.
>Do dwarves drink wine?
Some do. You could call it an acquired taste, I guess? It's more of a ceremonial thing to them.
>Is an axe REALLY the best weapon for tunnel fighting?
Depends on the tunnel in question, but generally axes and hammers work best. Swords can work. Polearms generally suck, gunpowder weapons aren't your wisest choice either.

>> No.77364000

you see the dwarfs shorter limbs mean they can accelerate much faster to create a powerful swing
such physicals gifts are wasted on a trusting weapon

>> No.77364111

>What do dwarves eat
Cave-wheat, mushrooms, meat and subterranean fish and seafood from the underground oceans. Wyrm-eggs and geode-nuts. Y'know, fantasy shit. Dwarves also discovered deep-frying and sell French-fries at nearly all major events.

>What is the role of dwarf women in dwarf society?
Dwarven men and Women are incredibly similar in physical ability and prowess, with women being slightly taller then the men and only slightly leaner. Dwarf women become sexually mature at a much later point in their lives compared to most mammals and demi-humans, so many of them fall into the same roles and tasks that men do. Some women even attempt to plan out their pregnancies and aim to return to their careers once their child is no longer dependent on them for everything. Some of the most extensive court-battles in dwarven history were over who has to stay home and do most of the parenting in dwarven couples.
>Do dwarves drink wine?
Of course they do, dwarves drink anything with alcohol in it. Typically however, wine is seen as snobbish and 'un-fun', considering how its mixed with many forms of dwarven medicine and potions for flavor. While most bars will have a bottle or two for sale and for patrons who ask for it, expect a lot of raised eyebrows.
>Is an axe REALLY the best weapon for tunnel fighting?
No, the spear-sword and short-spear, both often employed alongside a shield is typically what the dwarves use in tunnels. The stereotype of dwarves with axes and hammers is spawned from dwarven tactics involving warfare against much larger creatures such as giants, dragons, ogres, etc. The bravest among them would employ hammers and axes to break and cripple legs and bring the beast down into the midst of angry speardwarves.

>> No.77364188

Trying to figure out what kind of sick fuck lives in a tree.
Where BIRDS live.

>> No.77364240

It looks its best when it's inside another man.

>> No.77364310

periodic reminder that you aren't a real dwarf lover unless you enjoy eastern style loli dwarves as much as the typical western shortstack dwarves

>> No.77364353

Bullshit. Dwarven women built like sexy fucking fridges with god-tier hips and a bod made for snuggling or get the fuck out.

>> No.77364378

Wrong, hard agree with >>77364353 that dwarf women are built thicc and busty. The are as feminine as male dwarves are masculine.

>> No.77364454

I woke up the other day with this bizarre fucking idea that dwarven females were harpies that dwarven men had to venture topside and bait them down from the mountaintops with the jewelry and jewels they had crafted.

>> No.77364468

shut up retard

>> No.77364622

Man I would love to fuck that long-bangs one.

>> No.77364832

Harpies are too scrawny to produce strong heirs the dwarves require.

>> No.77364869

>HA I'll just prove him RIGHT

>> No.77367692

That proved him wrong though.

>> No.77368137

Anons completely rejected a kind of dwarf out of hand. That's not how to dorf. Me, I like dwarves. Dwarves have something special going for them. Biasing based on how a creator designs them is full retard. Gimli and Bardin are just as cool to me as Senshi and Ymir.

>> No.77368268

No, anons dismissed child porn out of hand which is what should happen.

>> No.77368315

Oh, you're a normalfag. Then you can go and die for all I care. You don't belong here.

>> No.77368633

Mutton is their primary protein, since sheep are easy to keep near the entrances to their holds and wool is warm for those cold night unnaground.
Lots of mushrooms and potatoes for vitamins and they're easy to cultivate. The average dwarf living area will have a goodly amount of 'ceiling fruit' to harvest whenever a stew is on.
Lentils and barley are the only crops the bother with, one for stew and the other for brewing.
Most dwarves can't afford the luxury of a good cheese, only the wealthy herders guild have dairy in ready supply and they don't let go of it for cheap.

>> No.77370295

>Comparing Senshi and competently designed japanese dwarves to fucking lolis
>Then not even defending yourself after getting called out for being a pedo
Can't make this shit up.

>> No.77370434

>implying anyone will deign to acknowledge impotent buzzwords like child porn
>implying there is some metric of competent design for a fictional creature and that you have some authority in it
get over yourself faggot

>> No.77370451

>child porn
>a buzzword
Being a retard isn't very cool anon.
You're not very cool.

>> No.77370632

>Most dwarves can't afford the luxury of a good cheese
What ARE some good dwarven luxuries anyways? What are the things to do for fun and pleasure in a dwarf-hold? I'd expect things like underground hot-springs, fighting arenas, bat-races, stuff like that. Anyone got any better ideas?

>> No.77370690

Why's she so perfect bros?

>> No.77370729

Because Our Fair Lady of Dungeon Cuisine knows how to fucken' DRAW.
Really good proportions, easily the most appealing dirt-dweller on record. She looks like she's the fucking cuddle-queen.

>> No.77370741

>mfw "dwarf women have beards" niggers appear

>> No.77370767 [DELETED] 

Shits unacceptable. And that's coming from a fucking furfag.>>77370741

>> No.77370783 [SPOILER] 

But guys, dwarf girls do have beards

>> No.77370825

Would the men find this endearing?
Also, spiked dwarven armor seems like a good idea for dwarves, heavily de-incentivises monsters grappling, grabbing, swallowing or stepping on them. The issue of 'it fucks with formation-fighting' matters a lot less when no one but ranged-fighters should be in formation vs fuckhuge monsters.

>> No.77371550

Very cute

>> No.77371724

>> No.77372126

>> No.77373113

>> No.77373287


Imagine the warrior sons she could produce.

>> No.77373624

Rock and stone brother.

>> No.77373685

Speaking of inca, I somehow feel chuño would be a very fitting staple food for dwarves

>> No.77374695

>> No.77374992

Tolkien based Dwarfs largely off of Jews. Therefore Warhammer Dwarfs are as well. Dwarfs (lotr and warhammer) are my favorite Fantasy race.

>> No.77375034

Beautiful. Apparently the artist is Korean.

>> No.77375055

I fucking love those blocky swords.

>> No.77375140

What do y'all want from your dwarven law and customs/honor shenanigans?

>> No.77375865

Never played it, but I love the guy with the single visor.

>> No.77376066

I like weird dwarves on top of more standard ones.

>> No.77376081

Definitely nothing like the abortion that is TNG klingon, god they're so fucking retarded and lame

>> No.77376097

Did anyone ask?

>> No.77376221

Yes, see >>77375140

>> No.77377930

>> No.77378696

let us deduce
they definitely eat mushrooms, roots, and tubers
they can make beer and hard tack so we know they have access to cereal grains of some kind, and if they have yeast for the beer it means they can make leavened bread as well as their hard tack
they also ride battle pigs so they have pork

whatelse can we discern?

>> No.77378726

I thought the Nazis rejected nuclear physics because it was a jew science.

>> No.77378952 [SPOILER] 

Delicious cave-bread made with cave-wheat. It's fantasy, give dwarves whatever as long as it's thematically fun.

>> No.77379235

>What do dwarves eat?
>What is the role of women in dwarf society?
Not sure if they even exist. Dwarves are born from being carved out of rock or created by the machine god.
>Do dwarves drink wine?
Very much, infact they prefer it to beer. but neither of these come close to alchorocks which they digest with precious gems in their stomach.
>Is an axe REALLY the best weapon for tunnel fighting?
No, dwarves use spears, light-spears, and pills

>> No.77379423

>invite the tall brethren to sing with us
>invite tall brethren to sing about their mythology for a change

>> No.77379441


>> No.77379475

Little known fact but dwarves eat babies
They come down from their holes in the hills in the night and steal away your wee babes into the darkness

>> No.77379615

Nazis were retards, yes.

>> No.77379621

>Human peasants really believe this

>> No.77380002

their only mistake was being too ambitious
the bubble burst unfortunately because they opened the flood gates instead of drip feeding

>> No.77380037

Don't talk to them, they'll try to transform this thread into their own rotten image.

>> No.77380977

>> No.77380996

That's dingos, Wilmund. You're thinking of dingoes.

>> No.77382297

yes, and the elven empress is a stacked goddess

>> No.77382453


>> No.77383615


So they're gorons?

>> No.77384359

>>What do dwarves eat?
Omnivores, but diet leans more towards meat and beer. Veggies and other plants are still eaten but are always supplements to meat and beer.
>>What is the role of women in dwarf society?
Same as the men in most cases, but they have some exclusive things to them just like men do. Like rune maidens, dragon calmers and more.
>>Do dwarves drink wine?
They actually do, but it is very dwarfy. Made from a type of grapes known to be very hardy and which grow in the mountains. Not to mention the alcohol used in it is also pretty dwarfy. Usually they drink it with specific meat dishes
>>Is an axe REALLY the best weapon for tunnel fighting?
Depends on the axe.

>> No.77385021

Question: Are you for Dwarfs using the power of their runes gifted to them by their gods to enslave giant scary serpentine draconic murder ferrets and using them as fire and forget missiles of attack dogs?

>> No.77385878


>> No.77385973

Sure, sounds fun. Their enemies certainly wouldn't be expecting something like that.

>> No.77386009

Rate my settings take on dwarves.
>Dwarves do not reproduce sexually.
>Female dwarves carve statues of stone and gems and then bring them to life. The quality of materials directly determines the quality of dwarf, with wealthy dwarves being quite civilized and intelligent, but some degenerate mud-dwarves or deep earth troglodyte dwarves being quite awful.
>This is why they are so greedy.
>A dwarf family unit is composed of a mother and all her sons, with clans being composed of several "related" women.
>Several distinct castes are made, with somewhat dull, ape proportioned warriors/laborers, very small craftsman, large dignified noblemen, and the occasional giant.
>Occasionally a dwarf woman goes mad and decides to get creative instead of making more dwarves - they are called stone witches, or stone hags and their strange creations are called gargoyles.

>> No.77386308

Would dwarves buy cryptocurrency?

>> No.77386528

I use dwarf fortress for worlbuilding dorfs lore

>> No.77386572

Weird/10 it just works.

>> No.77386586

>implying Dorfcoin isn't surging right now

>> No.77386703

I have a pretty interesting world going on right now. There is a civilization of evil dwarfs who worship a goddess of lust, depravity, war, and fortresses and who rule over a massive population of goblins (roughly 1 dwarf for every 10 goblins) but still make up the entirety of the nobility.

>> No.77386744

Needs a way for dwarf shortstacks you can bang. Maybe they have a special caste for dwarven wives given to other races as a diplomatic overture.

>> No.77387448


>> No.77387533

that got a good chuckle anon, gj

>> No.77388541

>10k members

>> No.77388710


Anon improves on the original.

>> No.77390283

>> No.77390331

Gavlan wheel?

>> No.77390486

>he doesn't know

>> No.77390534

Oh no I found it since, I'm like 5 chapters in at this point. Had to take a few 'personal' breaks though for obvious reasons

>> No.77391218

how did you find it? ive tried reverse image search, searching the names of the things mentioned in the image for a wiki page etc. and i come up with nothing every time

>> No.77391273

I like this. Well done.

>> No.77391598

>> No.77391623

>> No.77391962

>> No.77391977

Ironbreakers are truly peak dwarf aesthetic.

>> No.77391997

These old ones have that slight wh40k massive pauldron thing going on but its not that bad

>> No.77392008

Fuck, thought that was the one with the shield rather than a hammer

>> No.77392022

Should dwarves use magic?

>> No.77392100

I saw that first post. Ya goober.
The answer is yes, but their approach and methodologies should be dramatically different to what other races do. "Rune magic" is a good approach.

>> No.77392362


>> No.77392381

Such things, along with stuff like Golems, should be a thing with Dwarfs. Warhammer Dawi should be this in The Old World. Of course these things should be hard-capped for their armies. Shard Dragons, Rune Golems and the smaller Rune Guardians should be mold breakers, not replacements. And hopefully they will appear in Total War Warhammer too. At this point it doesn't matter if in the final DLC or in a DLC for game 3, I just want my runic fix.
OK, this is actually fun and original. This would also make Dwarfs quite Matriarch-centered.

>> No.77392838

Are your Dorfs born adult and fully clothed from eggs?

>> No.77392857

Holy shit, sauce?

>> No.77393402

I fell in love with the idea WHFB has about them refusing to use it directly because it's so unstable and unreliable. So they use runes, and other mediums to make it more reliable, but probably less fantastic than what other races can.
The idea of them drawing magic from their surroundings and channeling it through runes is something I'm trying to write into my homebrew. Meaning they don't use "their own mana", and they don't subject their own souls or minds to it directly.

I also love the tolkien-esque type where their "magic" is their craft, meaning they can make extraordinary things. He got that from norse mythology, but the examples in norse mythology are so crazy I think they go a bit far.
DnD 5e actually does a great job of this with the artificer class and "the magic of artifice".

>> No.77393582

enchanted items yes, conjuring no
their magic is in runes not casting

>> No.77393600

LOOK AT THAT COLLOSAL BEAS- oh...it's only about 6'3

>> No.77393637

Magic is such a big thing for fantasy in general that dwarves not having access too it is a hard sell. I've had a few ideas for what a dwarven caster would be like, either very bard-like with them rousing the hearts of Dwarves on the battlefield with stories of their ancestors, or a rune-smith that works raw aether like a smith does to metal, carrying a hammer instead of a staff or wand to work their magics.

>> No.77393863

much in the way white people can't sing gospel songs and and black people can't cross any body of water above their knees, different races have an affinity for different abilities

for an elf magic flows naturally and harmoniously like the wind around them and the sun on their skin, the fresh water in the streams they can drink and the fresh fruit they can pick and eat from the trees
for a dwarf they must break stones and forge iron in molten lava and toxic fumes below the earth and bend it to their will by brute force
so elfen magic can be channeled and controlled at will like taking a breath of fresh air and blowing it out, but dwarfen magic is volatile and needs to be stored up ahead of time like a hand grenade

>> No.77393973

Save it for a cringe thread dude

>> No.77394130

Yeah, I wish that when Dwarfs get Rune Golems, then they will be as tall as Rogue Idols. Bonus if both get a Test of Strength animation when one is about to finish off the other.

>> No.77394154

>Inside the mountain holds themselves mushrooms are the main provider of nutrition with imports of grain from the valleys making up the rest.
mountain dwarves never adopted indoor plumbing, not because they couldn't, but because dwarf families use their poop for mycoculture. additionally, since there are fewer horses in the mountain holds, it is common for dwarves to collect their urine for the production of saltpeter.
this was actually standard practice in most of the world for most of the time in which agriculture was practiced, other than the last hundred years or so

>> No.77394546

>implying dwarfs don't poop out pure charcoal briquettes

>> No.77396701

I used the name of the dwarf king they mentioned, the manga is called Shinju no Nectar

>> No.77398733

Once Upon A Time Season 1 Episode 14

>> No.77398909

Single family farms, or urban dwarf crafting families living in human settlements are ruled by the mother, but once you get a clan of multiple families in a larger settlement, the business of rule is given over to nobles -sometimes even collaboratively sculpted kings- so that the women can focus on their craft rather than bother with administration. They remain very respected and high status, but they're simply not bothered with running things if they don't have to.

>> No.77399449

i was actually thinking of doing something similar with orcs, but instead of being made of stone and jewels theyre just made of a nebulous fleshy material known only as Orcstuff

>> No.77399554

That's the original mythology on dwarfs.

>> No.77399589

Why don't dwarfs use swords? Axes and hammers are the weapons of simpletons.

>> No.77399600

They're materialists and nothing that can't be weighed is value to them.

>> No.77399665

Axes are considerably more difficult to produce.
More work = more value = more dwarven magic

>> No.77400403

>> No.77400516

because chopping weapons make more sense when you stand at knee height to your enemies

>> No.77400580

Gimli used an axe, and axes/hammers are stout and brutal aesthetically, like a dwarf.
Realistically they'd probably prefer spears or shortswords. Spears because spears are the best weapon ever and help mitigate their reach disadvantage, and short swords because a small stabbing weapon is the best option in tight tunnels where you might not have room to swing something.

>> No.77402439

>> No.77402596

>> No.77404102

Besides her being a shifter of some kind, I do think the artist hit some nice middle ground between her looking like she could be a female dwarf and still being attractive as fuck.

>> No.77404141

The secret? Big boobs.

>> No.77404157

good taste

>> No.77405689

>> No.77407286


>> No.77407504

I hang her up in the closet when I'm not using her.

>> No.77407744

>Fake beard
Fucking slags and their makeup...

>> No.77408060

>lol these thots think a typical 6'2" guy is interested in a 5'4" female?


t. 6'4", fucked a 5'3" coworker every chance i had

>> No.77410278

>> No.77410504

based, don't go wasting time on these vapid whores

>> No.77410531

But then this begs the question. If Dwarf women are the only ones who can create men, then where did the women come from? The Dwarf Gods willed them into being or what?

>> No.77412883


>> No.77414091

Dwarf Gods are all women and created women. Dwarf men emerged as an unintended side effect but dwarf women liked them so it all worked out.

>> No.77414105

Whoa Momma...

>> No.77415010

Fuck this lolicon shit, give me shortstack dwarf waifus like>>77364353

>> No.77417118

>> No.77417294

so just like humans huh

>> No.77420811

>> No.77421239

Im adding your name to the book of grudges

>> No.77421810

Is there an rpg where you have to be a dwarf?

>> No.77421897

Dwarf threesome, hot.

>> No.77421965

>What is the role of women in dwarf society?
Most of them are sterile and aren't treated differently than men once they reach the age of 60, and become warriors or miners. The few that aren't and that can bear child are treated extremely well, and are married to the most valiant dwarves.

>> No.77423195


>> No.77423617

I think it's great anon. Your idea is close enough that they mark pretty clearly as dwarves, but have a unique origin and style that makes me, as a player, go "ooh that's cool!" I'd love to come across these guys adventuring and to bear witness to the tragedy of an ancient dwarf slowly forgetting all he's ever known.

>> No.77423933

Spellcraft development should reflect the values and methods of survival central to a given culture.
>Earth Bending.
>Rune Magic
>Metal Detection and Manipulation.
Are all obvious and great go-to options.
>Dwarf Air Elementalists.
Purifying air in the tunnels, and helping facilitate ventilation.
Sages at the peaks of the mountains work with primal power of air to ensure that storm fronts of titanic strength don't hit their halls as hard, guide their gryphon-riders safely through rough weather, and can call down thunder and lightning with a fury rarely found outside monsoon-frequented regions.

Dwarf Ancestral Respect is often brought up among their people, and being able to seek their advice and counsel is vital to the continuation of their society. Deep Rot was likely first theorized, if not accomplished, by Dwarf necromancers. Add that all manner of strange things can be found in the deep dark reaches of their kingdoms, and being able to speak with a dead dwarf can help shore up defenses against whatever killed them, or provide additional reserve troops in an emergency should the worst come to pass.
The Eternal Watch Guards are rarely called upon, and those that have seen them witnessed genuine threats to Dwarf Kind at large.

Deepwarden Chanters sing the hymns of respect and veneration for the divines and the elders who came before, and their bardic traditions trace back in millenia of musical and magical ideals, and stories of those who came before held over to inspire each generation anew.

>Dwarfs of the Dreaming Earth
Those who speak to the mountains' spirits learn secrets even the ancestors have forgotten or lost. They may not be fantastic at seeing into the future, but Dwarven Diviners are exemplary at exploring the past.

>> No.77423988


>> No.77424168

>Weapon ᛉ Project

>> No.77424262

Bitch Senshi's creator's dwarven women look like >>77364353 because that was literally drawn by her.

>> No.77424278

I heard they are skilled at crafting horns. Perhaps a trade? Harps for horns?

>> No.77425148

FFS, I'd leave my wife & kids for this! :D

>> No.77429984

alf giant half dwarf, what does this nake,m

>> No.77430097

And thank you anon, I went over the idea with some of my tabletop buds; and I've also come up with how they look as well. I'll be sure to post it here or in the next dwarf thread that pops up. Thank god my sister has artistic talent.

>> No.77430116

I honestly think psionic dwarves is a underused concept. The strength of will of a dwarven mind made manifest.

>> No.77433038


>> No.77434023

If you're gonna bump, we gotta talk about something.

>> No.77435632

Why the pointed ears?

>> No.77435686

Because the DRG dwarves have very broad, and slightly pointed ears. This is fan-art so it keeps that design point.
Pun thoroughly intended.

>> No.77435752

Rock and stone to the heart

>> No.77436189

>> No.77436256

>> No.77436274

>> No.77436415 [DELETED] 

Is there one of those for gunner/scout?

>> No.77436446

>> No.77436547


>> No.77436568

The only proper wife for a dwarf is a woman made out of minerals!

>> No.77436627


>> No.77436865

She looks kinda evil though.

>> No.77436904

Bugmans Brewing Competition? But she's clearly a smith!

>> No.77436951

Oh you can expect a firey personality and a vicious streak, Nitra, used in all kinds of dwarven munitions, is only found in the darkest and foulest of caves.

>> No.77437446

As fun as these pics are I hope they don't implement females in the game.

>> No.77437630

Why not?

>> No.77437666

I just don't think it really fits. The team has a nice bro mood going right now, talking shit and such. I think putting women in would disrupt that.

>> No.77437713

>Satan trips
If the girls are bro-tier tomboys and not bitchy, it'd be fine I'd think.

>> No.77438249

>seaweed wrapped mushrooms, eel wrapped in edible moss, red rice and salmon rolls
Would try once

>> No.77438631

Me and my friends joke that it works like Discworld. The scout and engineer are the females.

>> No.77439386

I like to imagine they were there all along.
We haven't noticed since they're outwardly indistinguishable from the males.

>> No.77440297

I always have dwarven food involve a lot of pickling and fermentation. If they're spending all that time underground (and have abundant cool underground areas to do fermentation and pickling) they probably want ways of keeping food edible for long periods of time deep down in the mine. I also always run dwarven food as having "extreme" flavors (very spicy, sour, salty). Don't have a good reason for that. Maybe the fermented vegetables just make me think of spicy kimchi

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