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Small brain: There are no female Space Marines.

Galaxy brain: There are no male Space Marines either; "Space Marine" is a distinct gender in the 41st millennium and all Space Marines are trans.

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>all Space Marines are trans.

This is true but they are transitioning towards Primarch rather than a sex.

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Shut the fuck up. That's so fucking dumb. They're fucking enbies and their hecking valid without you slapping the trans label on them. Male sex/Space marine gender/He Him pronouns.

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Does that means regular SMs are jealous that Primaris Marines pass better than them (and even have half of a Primarch organ)?

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"Okay, but what's in your pants?"
"Devotion to the Emperor"

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Space marines are to femboys as men are to women. Primaris are to space marines as men are to femboys. They're further along on the masculine section of the spectrum. It's not that they pass better, it's that they mogg them in masculinity. It's less like they pass better, it's more like if a woman got femmogged by a transexual or sexbot.

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So does this imply that geneseeds get implanted into both men and women, but either way you end up with the same body type of "8 feet tall hulking asexual beefslab with 2 hearts, 3 lungs, and the ability to eat brains to absorb memories"?

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I don't understand why they just didn't do that from the start, would be a decent compromise IMO.

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I was going to be a smart ass and point out that organ transplants from the other gender have a higher rate of rejection and are generally more risky to long term health. But upon further research i found out that apparently its not as risky for women to recieve male organs. The risk still applies to men recieving female organs but apparently women can recieve male organs and not run as much of a risk of complications.

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SMs are male-based post-humans, their creation greatly diminishes sexual drive to the point even Slaaneshi marines for the most part are more interested in violent non-sexual experiences than anything else, they can actually understand that a woman is sexually desirable, is just that they have to go through the rational process rather than instinctively feel at a biological level a girl is hot.

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Go spread your homo some where else.

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this dude REEKS of homo.

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>ultramarines dancing tango.jpg

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Does this mean transgenderism is a form of body horror?

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So, to you "small brain" is just...knowing the lore of the setting? If this is bait, it's very well done, but you're still a retard.

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Why the fuck would they need to compromise at all?

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>mfw women make better potential space marines than men

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Who the fuck cares about the gender of a transhuman space knight?

They kidnap or deceive children, indoctrinate them into giving up free will and serve their lives fighting for a fascist theocracy. Their gender is the least important aspect when it comes to discussing space marines.

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Reread his post retard.
It's yet more spam that's been flooding on here. This was probably posted by the same faggot flooding the board with the wheelchair shit and Twitter Screenshots. Don't bump this nigger's threads. Sage or ignore and help remove them from the catalog by posting better subject matter so there's no room for this shit.

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Twitter screenshots? What are they trying to start a crusade against tg or something?

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this is the fault of GW by making them not have a sex drive

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>all Space Marines are trans
Yes, trans. Of the transhuman kind.

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So ALL marines worship slaneesh now then?

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If it's not used to heal a mental condition, yes, it's like unneeded operataion where your heart is replaced with another one is body horror.

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it makes sense, "female" is the default body plan, with males being very specialized, disposable females.

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Compromise on what? What's wrong with a brotherhood of warriors?

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That would be the sensible conclusion, that they are so far away from normal humanity.

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Erections = Prayer?
I think somehow along the way Fulgrim was merely misunderstood.

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I see that edit but now all i can think is Fuklaw got decapitated and fulgrim is just literally skullfucking him.

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Sort of.

It's more like an adolescent human male can mature into a baseline human (versatile in role, capable of reproduction) or be made to mature into a combat-dedicated, nonreproductive adult male.

So it's like humans have Basline Male, Astartes Male, Baseline Female, and Neuter (Mechanicus). Sexless Mechanicus represent another potential adult human form, but sexless as indicative of our development towards a mechanical lifestate.

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I'm just amazed how much Fuklaw's profile looks like a throbbing shaft and bellend.

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Bullshit, Space Marines are 100% male. They simply have no sex drive, because they're crusader knights.
This tranny obsession is pure cancer

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You will never be a woman.

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Who cares, who even thinks about this kind of identity politics in 40k?

But yes, space marines are trans because they can't have kids. (They will never be women).

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Not every space marine is a fookin' knight ya bellend!

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I despise you.

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