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Are there better ways for the party to meet and greet each other's characters at the start of a campaign than tavern and inns?

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>You're all at a wedding
>You're all trapped in an elevator

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>Trapped in an elevator

totalgenius1000internets,you win!

Passengers on a public transport about to be hijacked.

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>all adventurers are criminals forced to work for the local town to pay for their sins
>there's even an event in the town plaza where they arrive mounted on donkeys and tied
>commoners can come and throw them shit and rocks on their way there
>when they arrive the local lord makes them say out loud their name and the crime they commited
>this works both as an introduction to the character and easy roleplay
this is from a medieval spain ambiented system I started running for absolute beginners in ttrpg. the world is so full of shit that rulers create abusive laws to make criminals do all the work so they don't have to pay someone for it

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I have been wanting to do a magical kidnapping for a while. Not like, jumping the PCs without a chance and taking all their shit, more like they all open a door or a cupboard and it's a portal with some Beard McCloak beckoning them all in.

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Im endevouring to start all my games in media res this year:
>everyone make pcs that have a reason to hate this one person. Okay, you're all covered in his blood, just having killed him. Oh shit, is that a car coming down the driveway?

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>totalgenius1000internets,you win!
dude, please control yourself

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If they jump in voluntarily, it is Golden.

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not relevant, shut the fuck up.

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You have no power here, wretch

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Reviving a slow thread takes enthusiasm.

And it was a clever idea.

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there is no justification for reddit behavior in non designated reddit containment zones. unauthorized reddit behavior has been logged, and will be investigated by your local Reddit Containment Bureau agents for signs of actionable offense.

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>Elevator Pitch
heh heh...

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I am Moot.

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The Ancient Olympic Games were not only a gathering of exceptional competitors, but also brought opportunities for traders, served as neutral grounds for diplomacy, as were originally created to honour the gods. Using something like it to start your campaign can justify just about any kind of character, PC or NPC.

If your setting is medieval-like, just reskin it as a sort of national Jousting Tournament. If your setting is fantastic, you can come up with different sports and competitions, even including a dungeon designed by, say, the king, to select heroes out from the survivors. Something like the Deathtrap Dungeon Fighting Fantasy book.


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I sincerely doubt it, but on the .00000000000000000000000000000000000001 % chance that you are, that doesn't change anything at all

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shhh we don't talk about it

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>not meeting before you create characters to discuss game tone, setting details, and what they want out of the game
>not having everybody make characters whose interests are aligned
>not having characters that already know each other before the first session even starts

Also, what kind of inn or taverns has a paladin and a necromancer be in the same room that doesn’t result in a fight to the death?

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Jailbreak or otherwise working together to escape captivity is an easy one.

Lately I've been a sucker for starting the campaign in medias res-- throw the party in the midst of a tense situation, right up on the edge of certain doom, then ask "how did we get here?"

It's definitely not for every playgroup, but it's fun to give each player a turn coming up with an answer to your pointed questions, and let the first session start in a retrospective improv scene.
"You were all in town square for the start of the harvest festival. Tythos, what out of place thing did you notice, waiting behind the stage curtain? Amelia, what caught fire and how, and where did you and many other civilians evacuate? Jomnor, what did that Wizard call himself, and what grievous injury did you inflict on him?"

Lead them with punchy questions and bring it all to the initial situation you described. Then, when you have a good sense of the characters and what zaniness unfolded, play "forward" in time and start using your system rules as normal.

This also works very well if you have the campaign start with the party on trial, and this is them recounting some chaotic events before a judge or jury, since it justifies any biased perspective they might have

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Another good suggestion

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My players happened to worship the same god so they met on a pilgrimage

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Did they meet during their travels towards the pilgrimage or at the holy site?

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Alright you heckin chonker, I'll play along to your game with your wholesome rules, but it's not like I like you or anything... You should be more grateful to me, for this will have been my 7th time bumping your shitty thread.

>deep in the wilderness, four paths intersect. Each of the heroes, with one destination in mind, meet up at the intersection and decide to continue the journey together, as fate would have it.
>each member of the party is in town for the spring harvest festival, and a parade runs through mainstreet. Suddenly, a bomb explodes, stopping the parade. The heroes must step in to save the diplomats that were supposed to be killed in the blast.
>in the dead of night, chains can be heard dragging through the streets, and livestock begin panicking. Soon, confused shouting panicking can be heard outside, driving the players out from wherever they were into the dark, cobbled roads.

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Nice, I like the chains one best
I didn't make the thread, but that's OK.
I like new intro scenarios, I usually use a patron to convince players to cooperate and avoid the sulky cat attitude.

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On the way, while going the wrong way towards their shared destination.

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>totalgenius1000internets,you win!

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If we are talking a group of randoms with no other connection, then having having an adventure guild is the quickest way to put a group in together, since it will force co-operation in a semi-realistic fashion. The next question is how good your party members are at role-playing, and how many prefer characters that are the opposite of them. With extroverts they should get to know eachother well enough over time, otherwise it would be good to hold their hands a bit and have some inciting incidents that call back to their backstories if they’re introverts. A good call to action can work wonders.

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You all met at the Opium den.

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I've started campaigns with them already hired, together, and on the way from their initial starting points to somewhere else. A common patron or goal out of the gate, even if they start all separately.

Last WFRP campaign I ran, each player was separately looking for a particular dude who could get them out of the country. A scholar from the University of Altdorf who had said some capital H Heresy under the guise of teaching science, a Norscan immigrant who wanted to get to Araby, a local friendly witch from a town on an inner province actively hunted down by a witch hunter, and the caretaker of a bunch of messenger pigeons who got a bit too curious about a blood-stained letter and got caught in the act. Each of them had their own introductory roleplay scenes separately during the first session, and by the time the pivotal NPC was introduced, they already had something in common.

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If you're doing it right and you've talked to your players during character creation, then the PCs should be predisposed to going on the adventure you've planned, and teaming up with the other PCs.

In my campaign, the first arc was about investigating a curse that had been placed on the water supply. The ranger and the barbarian were from the region, and had been tasked by their respective tribes to investigate. The paladin, cleric and wizard worked for a guild sponsored by a nearby kingdom. They had been sent there to investigate activity by a rival kingdom, and possibly a vampire.

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So the standard in-universe meeting is at an adventure guild they arranged to meet at after completing their apprenticeships in 4 different fields chosen so they could go adventuring together in adulthood? How does this work?

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They can either meet intentionally, or by chance. If intentionally, that requires coherent backstories from every member. "We all hang out here and drink together" is a common way IRL to meet people from different job classes, so it translates well to any setting. If it's by chance, that's all on the GM to organize the meeting and provide motivation to go adventuring together. I prefer starting at transit hubs, whether that's a market town at a crossroads, a water port on a river or sea, a multi line train station, a bus terminal, or a space station. That gives the most literal and metaphorical room to move and allows for justification for a bunch of shops nearby selling traveler's supplies.

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>you're all at a funeral

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i really dig this one
>choose random player
>you wake up on a cold stone floor, with a headache that feels like bees are into your scalp
>you notice [x] other people laid down on the floor unconscious
>on the top of this stone room you catch a glimpse of a rope going into a hatch, the latter slamming shut barring that little sunlight that illuminated your surroundings

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>Each of you has separately been hired for a job.
>You know it's a 5 man crew, but don't know the others just yet.

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This is great, although That Guy will ruin it for sure.

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PC's start out already on a job together where they've been hired by someone else.
Something happens that forces them to work together.

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A festival? A tournament? Responding to a summons at court? Responding to a job / contract offer? Sharing a slave pen?

Use your damn imagination.

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In the first game I ran, I had all the players choose from a list of premade characters who were all in the same infantry squid. They all had basic personality descriptions on their character sheets but not anything like a real bio because we were playing Nechronica and memory loss/recovery is a big theme in that system.

At the start of the first session the three player characters woke up in a set of stasis pods in a beat down bunker complex. The other three squad members had been cremated where they lay.

It got the group pretty into the spirit of things right off the bat.

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>infantry squid
That's what I get for trusting auto-correct.

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Guards or members of a merchant caravan going from point A to B.

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>modern supernatural high school setting
Aight PCs are roommates. Nuff said.

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What kind of highschool has room mates?

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>party sticks together because... THEY JUST DO, OKAY?

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Boarding school, anon.

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I should probably do this in game.

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Have them meet on a boat on the way to the campaign location.

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Is our campaign in fantasy China?

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But my campaign location has no access to the sea or ocean.

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Riverboat then.

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No, its set in Middle America.

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Then why the opium den?

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They’re all nutters and are on a boat in the middle of the ground anyway

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Caravans work too, any form of mass transit really.

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Because Middle America is where you find most opium dens these days.

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Classic Pathfinder Sandpoint Village set-up. Party starts as complete strangers, but some kind of spectacular event slash series of events cause them to party up

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I like starting off in pre-established groups. "You all already are a group. How did you meet? What ties do you have? Here's the basics of the setting, take an hour and talk."

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This is my preferred method. They're coworkers. Boom. Easy and relatable. It also helps them understand their own characters' motivation.

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What a cop-out.

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>You're all in the same public location during a terrorist attack.
>You're all attending a birthday celebration, wedding, funeral, etc.
>You're all in another place of revelry, like a hookah lounge, whorehouse, or something.
>You're all arriving at the same location on a boat, plane, or train.

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>You're all in another place of revelry, like a hookah lounge, whorehouse, or something.
This is the best, by far.

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they could solicit each other for sex.

>> No.77277710

they could all be in jail for soliciting children for sex.

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they could meet while soliciting children for sex.

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They could all be children soliciting adults for sex.

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they could meet while soliciting their children to have sex with other adults.

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they could meet while soliciting their children to have sex with other children.

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if pedophiles were into feet they'd be peda-philes!

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Well I guess that's going in my list of campaign pitches.

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if pedophiles worked in fashion they'd be pedo-styles!

>> No.77277813

if they were only into teenagers they'd be pedo-milds!

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if that were true they would be sent back to Europe after winning several film awards.

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So, who are these characters, anyways? Some new Japanese Tabletop series?

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if they were on meth they'd be pedo-wilds!

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gotta catch em all?

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Being captured and having to escape is a great one.
I used it to great effect for a one-shot.

>Paladin, Monk, Rogue, Druid
>Traveling to a large city by caravan
>Captured by a much larger goblin/hobgoblin band from a ruined keep in the forest
>Take away 90% of their items before they even start
>Their items are in a storage chest somewhere
>Along with items related to their backstory
>The key to Rogue's high-quality manacles, Monk's important papers he needs destroyed, Druid's vials of poison (she needed to fine a cure to a ritualistic sickness)
>Paladin didn't have one, but wanted to save the survivors
>Left them with Rogue's emergency lockpick, Paladin's shield, the Druid's snake (because fuck if the guards are trying to wrestle a snake), and the Monk's disregard of needing a weapon to be lethal
>The hobgoblins are feasting after taking two prisoners away to fight to the death
>Wargs are guarding the main exit, with only two goblins guarding the cells
>Good luck

Monk grappled one of the guards through the cell bars while the snake bit the other's ankles. Rogue jimmied the lock open and Paladin proceeded to shield bash like a feminine Capt. America.
Negotiated with mistreated Wargs to bring them the 'rideng insructoor' in exchange for not sounding the alarm.
Used looted weapons to stab the watch captain and his goons.
Grabbed and/or set fire to some important items.
Looted and set fire to the keep.
Opened the other cells across the fort in the confusion.
Dropped off the insructoor to some Wargs.
Wargs neglected to mention the armed hunting party of goblins returning to the fort.
Fight their way through, while the caravan survivors escape.
Paladin re-shackles the Rogue and carries him into the sunrise.

Immediate danger breeds fast friendships. Anything like that will keep a party together for a while.

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I started my latest campaign (3 years ago) by having the PCs walking down a road together talking to each other about who they are etc.
Then they were ambushed while they were talking.

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A Ragtag Bunch of Misfits.

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>the game happens in your collective fever dream

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>We open up at a local tavern, where four well-armed figures sit
>These people are bandits and have already murdered the staff and ransacked the place, your party busts in, weapons drawn, having been hired to exterminate the brigands

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The players then get to choose which of these parties they want to play as.

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One of the best ways I ever put PCs together was that I just started the first session saying they were levies for a landed dame, and got conscripted to do a mission. A few details about it:

>The group technically had more members. The reason the PCs were the one called was because they were the ones available at the moment (this is extremely helpful because sometimes new players would join for one session, or regular players would miss one session)
>Being a "conscripts" allowed a mixture of good and evil missions - where they lived, being a levy just meant being a a man or woman of fighting age, and not necessary meant tied to any moral alignment. For instance, their first mission was to stop their lady dame’s brother’s betrothal by killing his fiancée disguising themselves as footpads.
>It was easy because that implied they all knew each other at least a bit, and already gave a reasonable reason for why all of them were on the same mission
First session went okay and was fun, pic related is how they envision the dame.

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>Press ganged and wake up on a ship
>galley slaves
>travellers sheltering from a storm in an old barn or a burnt out church or ruins or a cave
>prisoners in a dungeon.
>snowed in
>caravan guards
>survivors on the losing side of a war

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This is actually how I plan on starting my next campaign.
>The party have been at sea for a month on a passenger ship
>While less than a day away from their location, the ship is stopped by an enemy vessel
>The captain requests that all those who can fight assist in fending off the enemy, or else they'll all be captured or killed

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Quick and efficient.

>> No.77282760

Imagine being rewarded with the dame's milk mixed with wine

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I know this is a bit more /v/ than /tg/, but I really like how Baldur's Gate 3 starts, with everybody having a mind flayer tadpole in their brain and having to work together to remove the lil bastard before they go full squidward.

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You all meet on Strawberry Hill.

Strawberry Hill is a prostitute

>> No.77283408

would you pull the hooker's buttcheeks apart for your bro?

>> No.77285235

I had them all be part of a crowd in a town square watching an execution in a city that rarely has public ones, then *the event* happens and they get shoved by a panicking crowd into a side street by coincedence.

>> No.77286728

Have them decide how they meet. That way, they can't complain

>> No.77287154

But my character is asexual.

>> No.77287904

slaverie auction

>> No.77289001

Slavery is bad.

>> No.77289511

What if they can’t agree?

>> No.77290050

Then Force them.

>> No.77290164

You all die during character creation, and meet in the boat ferrying you to the afterlife.

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>Imagine being rewarded with the dame's milk mixed with wine
Only her brother can taste that. Instead, they were rewarded with a silver coin and were allowed to keep any and all loot they took as their compensation.

>> No.77291308

Where does that factor into it? Maybe you fell on her

>> No.77291336

It varies, depending on context of the campaign and setting.
In my Exile campaign, the party met shortly before being tossed through a portal into subterranean prison.
In my pokemon campaign, they were all members of the same small village conveniently located at the far reaches of the region.
In my low fantasy Count-Crusader-Kings' deniable asset hit squad game, the party already knows each other and has worked several jobs together already.
For Call of Cthulhu games, the party generally meets at a social gathering of some sort by a shared acquaintance, usually a reading of the will but rarely a bruncheon, just because I like the word bruncheon.

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I (Wizard) would have her lifted up & with hands on both cheeks so my bro (cleric of Kord) can fuck her ass The halfling rogue on my shoulders getting ate out by me

The half orc barbarian just likes to watch.

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I've started my campaign off with a brawl, that they all get unwittingly drawn into. Then when its over, one of the guys on "their side" of the brawl thanks them for sticking up for the rebels, and that it took balls for them to fight the kings guard like that.

The looks on the players faces were priceless. One did actually say it was a good hook, though railroady it got the story rolling and put the players on a path they can't easily backtrack out of.

It only went to shit as my DM skills weren't great at the time and I outran my original plan a bit too quickly.

But my personal idea is they were all captured by slavers - getting free and clear of the slavers acts as a milk run and lets them bond.

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One of my favorite in media res openings was a climactic final battle as a Snake themed sorcerer king riding a colossal giant serpent is assault the castle, with the party serving major roles in it's defense, including one who stayed behind to protect the king, so I threw in a femme fatale assassin as well. One dueled with the Serpent King, so I revealed them to be brothers. The berserker wound up getting bit, thrown far into the air, recovered, and came back down and killed the giant snake by slamming his axe into it's skull. The berserker decided to celebrate his victory in the waning ebb of the battle by beheading it, dropping trou, and fucking it.

So that was the point in which the director called Cut, the lights came back on, the Serpent King got up and started bitching that this was the fourteen god damn attempt at this scene and vowing never to work with americans again, in a british accent. Had all the players roll up another character sheet using the same stats for 1980's era actors of a low quality fantasy film, "The Long Arms of the Snake".

I was only able to get a few sessions into that game before I had to drop it due to real life concerns, but the goal was to go on with the actors in a call of ctlhulhu style mystery and investigation game, which would inevitably lead to a prop that was going to be used for a magic ritual scene to actual be a real magic item, which would send them into another dimension where they look and act exactly like the group of venerated heroes, and have to play along to not get lynched without getting themselves killed. I would also jump back to the real world every now and then, with the players taking back over their heroes they made initially, stuck in a strange land.

>> No.77291658

>I'm not entirely certain what I expected when I claimed onto a galleon in the middle of the woods, but it not moving at all after I got on really should have been on the list.

>> No.77291734

>infantry squid
no, no, this is good material

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Your characters already know each other and have decided to work together. You tell me what's behind that. Players who roll lone wolf characters who don't know or don't trust the other characters don't get to play. I don't mean don't get to play that character, I mean don't get to play.
But failing that, in media res is always good.

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>The players then get to choose which of these parties they want to play as.
>You all met at the Opium den.
Best two in thread.

>> No.77293890

>Imagine being rewarded with the dame's milk mixed with wine

>> No.77295215

Someone might correct me, but won't this restrict what type of character you play in a session?

>> No.77296369

What's the middle age equivalent of the elevator?

>> No.77296403

Waiting at the gates

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>> No.77298225

The tavern is classic and works but holy fuck if I hear a GM say "you enter a tavern and someone catches your eye" one more time I might just blow my brains out

>> No.77298461

Just do the Skyrim intro

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So, it's an alcoholic drink that uses her breastmilk?

>> No.77299563

On a train, to a frontier town that has called for aid.

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Fucking historically illiterate burgers.

>> No.77299987

>PCs are prisoners on their way to be executed
"Hey! You! You're finally awake."

>> No.77300642

Seems way too advance for middle age technology.

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Burgers are distinctly aware of what a ferry is

>> No.77301186

my campaign started with the players just succeeding in becoming army deserters and having to stick together in a new country to try and survive + work

>> No.77301925

They meet during a break from the now mandatory "sensitivity training" required to get their adventurer's licence...

>> No.77301963

>The Dark Powers enshroud you in mists during a climactic moment of your life, they deposit you and others around a smouldering campfire in a barren wood.

>You're all going to the same place and decide to travel together as the roads are dangerous. Meeting one ally, then two, then the whole group along the road.

>You're called to a meeting by a wealthy person who knows you and your allies from past encounters.

>You and 20-30 others were hired for the same purpose, but are ambushed on the way to your destination. Only the party survives the encounter.

>> No.77302578

Personal favorite from Curse of Strahd. Entire party is whisked away from wherever they are and deposited together in a far away land

>> No.77302714

Stealing this, if you do t mind, anon.

>> No.77303582

Please don’t bring modern problems.

>> No.77307109

What game is this?

>> No.77308779

A big fancy ball is another good one although it's sort of Tavern 2.0. You can give every character a reason to be there. Warrior invited for saving the prince, bard is entertainment, rogue hoping to use the crowd as cover for a robbery. Work it out with your players.

Then some plot shenanigans happen and they're thrown in the deep end together. The king is murdered, BBEG bursts through the roof. Whatever's convinient

>> No.77310058

Are they hunted down by their former lord?

>> No.77310526
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Oregon Trail.
Times like this I miss flags on /tg/. Where are you from that you don't know Oregon Trail?

>> No.77310583

That game is fairly old. I don’t think people in my generation know about it.

>> No.77310636

These are sad days

>> No.77310895

Boarding school was the only thing that prepared me for the mass retardedness of college

>> No.77311443

I think it’s time you stop clinging to the past old man.

>> No.77311549

I was thinking that something like the Skyrim opening is honestly good, or something like a Golden Kamuy setup.

You, and all the other PCs, for whatever reason, were put in prison. You're being transferred somewhere when some random opportunity gives you a window for escape. The first session or two is your party scraping together some weapons from dead guards and escaping. Maybe some old dude claims to know where a bunch of treasure is hidden and promises some to you if you help take him to it.

>> No.77313324

What are you talking about man? In every group I've played with that would be an ideal aside as a reason for the party knowing each other. It's quick and it's funny due to it's anachronism.

>> No.77313534

Not sure if this counts, but I was going to have them meet in the tavern as that's where the company hiring them is having everyone meet for their 'orientation' before they go on an expedition to find some ancient ruins.

The twist is, after I give them just enough time to introduce themselves and speak with the boss, the boss calls for a toast from everybody, then they wake up in the ruin under a magic artifact that just drained their memories since that moment.

I figured it helps give them an actual reason to be together then some of the ramshackle reasons parties usually end up allied together for.

>> No.77313551

Oh, that's awesome. The panic my friends would go through trying to hide a body! It would end up worse then that Spongebob episode so fast!

>> No.77313921

Get fucked zoomie Oregon Tail is based.

>> No.77313979

A road and a boat seem advance to you?

>> No.77314077
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>>Oregon Trail in color

>> No.77314545

look i understand stones ok

>> No.77315532

It was from an age where men were men, and games were hard.

>> No.77315652

Is it anything like Organ Trail?

>> No.77315678

No. Organ Trail is like it.

>> No.77315803
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The party has been summoned for jury duty, for a high profile trial

>> No.77316466

You're all majorly in debt to the same minor crime lord and he's summoned you all for a ta0sk to repay your debt.
Think of what kind of debt it is and why/how you got into it.

>> No.77317730

So, we have to make due?

>> No.77318907

What’s the trial about?

>> No.77319110

If the party are all members of the same faction, you can have them all meeting somewhere for a mission.

>> No.77319196

I'm barely over 20 and we still had a version of it in school.

>> No.77319231

You must have good to a great private school. Because I didn’t.

>> No.77319265

Don't mention the forbidden words anon, or you'll summon angry anons.

>> No.77319445

Nah, it was a public middleschool in Washington. We had outdated Windows XP desktops in our library.
I remember vividly seeing some kid watch hentai with the speakers on during lunch and somehow not getting caught.

>> No.77320981

How could he access to hentai without the password.

>> No.77321787

they enjoy each other's company

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