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>Current meta, complete with deck list
>Build and share casual decks

>Build and share cubes

>Search engines
>Proxy a deck or a cube for cheap
Your local chinaman (we're still researching this one)
Your printer + bulk cards + sleeves can also do the trick
>Library of in-demand alters


>Among the players you know, did you see anyone get hyper for Kangdheim?

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>tfw no one has shopped something funny into its reflection
tough times lads

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I wanted to post the eddit with dildoes I saw on edhg but I lost the picture.

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I want to spit out the red pill.
Outside of this vietnamese weaving basket circle, nobody, read NOBODY, gives a single fuck about niggers trannies and fat dikes. Nobody. They see a strong card and talk about interactions and possible combos and decklists in standard, modern, edh and so on. Sounds familiar? I bet most of you fags don't even remember the last time we could talk about deck brewing and the actual fucking game.
Spending time here made me hate mtg while every single one of my friends who isn't an incel schizo had fun with eldraine, theros, m21 and zendikar rising.
Fuck you, /tg/
Fuck you, /mmg/
You will never be happy. Not because of sjws, sois, niggers or trannies, but because you are now addicted to your anger. Just like a heavy smoker: you know very well yout anger is killing you, yet you cannot stop dwellkng in it.

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imagine if smearing yourself in shit was the hot thing instead of cutting your dick off
imagine having to see shit-smeared faces in your games, movies, comic and on the news
now imagine someone like you tellin you how bigoted and angry you are because you are sick of seeing shit-smeared faces everywhere

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i dont like trannies niggers or kikes i wont buy the product and modern is dead

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No, which is actually interesting. This is pure speculation, but I think Kaldheim might be somewhat of a flop. Even on places like MTG Reddit, I haven't seen that many people talking about it.
The good, unrealistic scenario: WOTC realizes that marketing towards the broadest and most casual demographics possible is bad, and put a little effort into making nonrotating formats decent again
The likely scenario: WOTC decides that the lack of powercreep was Kaldheim's major issue, and kicks things back up to Eldraine levels
The even more likely scenario: Both of the above scenarios happen simultaneously, and every format is nuked into the ground with mythics that make Uro look balanced.

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>"I'll crack my fetch to get Mystic Sanctuary , targeting Cryptic Command"

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Animeposting is cute but off-topic
I'm fed up with mtg because of 2015 border/font change and dogshit art for last 3 years
I couldn't give any less of a fuck about muh nignogs or muh tranjans
I'm just here to S H I T P O S T

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This guy is about to gain 3 life, draw a card and ramp while exiling 5 cards from the graveyard for the second time this game! What do you do?

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Ram my cock into his giant jizz vacuum mouth and call him a dirty whore

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I bought some nigger viking packs on arena. I just need to clarify I only have half a year of experience playing Magic. Now, the new set has some nice non-human cards, I think. Snow-centric mechanics is kind of dumb, seems to need more polish. Foretelling is nice, I like the scarecrow card that after foretelling is a 2/3 creature for 0 mana. Also, Im currently trying mobile and is quite handey, since my 2015 mac is having some issues and randomly shuts down while playing the game, while mobile works without an issue even if it consumes power a little to quickly during draft

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I sorta got hyped when there was a slight discussion about BW Angels here as it turned my deck-building gears back on, other than that I can't say I saw anyone else hyped and that was the closest for me being "hyped" for Kaldheim. Hype that deflated when the Goddess of the Tree & World Tree were spoiled and I wanted to puke up blood.

>Draft 4 of Angels
Main goal was to add in a 4-drop cleric to give Aspirant use after I summoned angels/late game with Pyre of Heroes as well as a 5-drop angel to replace the 2nd Lyra. Also, 2 more MFDC lands with Agadeem's Awakening.
>4 Drop Cleric
There's only 1 4cmc angel cleric that could have her ascend to an angel (Glorious Protector from Kaldheim, literally only here so that I can have the Aspirants become angels and climb the ladder themselves, the flash flying etb isn't a thing). There were a couple of clerics that were interesting in theory, the rectors (Arena could grab Serra, Academy could grab Revenge and be sac fodder for Ayil/Boast Valkyrie), I did try a match with Mangara because I saw "Draw a card" and then promptly slapped myself after the first game, Yawgmoth was an interesting idea because he'd be draw & a sac outlet (for free), but I felt that he'd be a huge flavor fail, Yawgmoth doesn't belong with angels (or with clerics), and his removal's more permanent where the other angels have a redemption thing with giving the permanent back.
>5 drop angel
Fifja was a thought because extra card draw would be nice but considering the deck's mostly using Pyre, she doesn't proc that much and the other one was Karmic Guide which is staying and is nice for the toolbox (can make 4-5 free if you don't need removal or whatever), though other angels could take the place.

>4th Edition Deck Link (for anyone that wants to tinker it themselves).

>Threadly reminder to proxy the cards you need, XMage for online play, and to have a nice and comfy day.

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>he's still at it
/memeg/ has only place for one pasta, and it's the
>friendly reminder

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>wotc tries yet again to push the shitty, parasitic Snow mechanic

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Who is this beautiful lady

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>Arena players are spamming Tibalt's Trickery combo in Standard and Historic because Arena incentivizes winning as quickly as possible
The card feels like the double faced lands, where it contributes nothing to the game except an annoying, entirely uninteractive multi-format combo deck.

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if I try to counter someone's spell with a Daze by returning one island to my hand and then they pay one to cast it, does priority pass so I can pitch that island I returned to my hand and another card to cast Foil and counter the original spell?

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Concede and quit the game for 1 month...again

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i just down have the energy anymore bros

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>Legacy still unplayable
>Modern still unplayable
>Pioneer still unplayable
At least when Zendikar came out, Omnath was a new and interesting thing to complain about. With Kaldheim now, following Magic just feels depressing.
Anyone got interesting hobbies to recommend?

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>4 drafts of 7 wins feel good.
>Last one get fucked with BW shit deck
>Spend $10 chump bucks after loosing 3 rounds in draft to try again
>Get draft fucked again
Nice try algorithm. I ya aint going to stroke me you dont get any more money. This limited feels more boring then a Core set.

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play Yu-gi-oh!

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>*eats your graveyard*

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Hold on

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Okay chud

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Masturbating in the dark.

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Buy a sex doll or a torso

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Have a good weekend mmg :)

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two questions (kind of, more like four)

1. what's the average number of fetches for a deck that doesn't particularly care about filling the graveyard in 2 colors? what about 3 colors?
2. can I make a resonable manabase for most decks using only KTK fetches? are there any decks that can only be played using enemy fetches?

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There you go

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Pardon my retardation, forgot to log-out before linking the deck. I'm making the mistake of trying to make Rakdos, Lord of Riots work, currently trying out a control variant, have lots of info for it, depending on how this variant goes, I may let Rakdos out to pasture.

Doing fine minus Rakdos disappointing me.
Is it bad I follow a game from this?

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let's use dredge as an example
the deck plays wooded foothills, arid mesa, scalding tarn, and bloodstained mire
it only needs to fetch basic mountains or shocklands that contain red
so as long as the fetch contains red, that's all that matters. it plays 8-9 fetches and it can just play 4 mire 4 foothills if it wants. the only time the others come into play, is niche pithing needle situations
with the proper combination of fetches and shocks you can play anything
average number depends on the deck. something like humans can't even really play fetches. something like spirits doesn't need to, but can for the deck thinning. the deck thinning and ability to shuffle come in very handy so most decks want to play a set but you don't want to play too many or else you are just damaging yourself a lot.

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picrel is your Bible
For 2 color decks the basic fetches are best as they grab your basic lands or a shock land if necessary. Going any more is incredibly dumb unless you have a very specific reason. Many players argue not running fetches at all.
For 3 color decks it obviously depends on your spread of colors, land count, and archetype. Take Bant Vial for example. It runs Noble Heirarch, maybe Birds, Vial Path, and maybe Giver of Runes. Blue is completely useless turn 1 and is probably only run for Spell Queller and other 2/3 drops. So forget the blue for your early mana and focus hard on green and white. Get fetches for both and perhaps even forsake running a basic island entirely. 2 Temple Garden, 1 Hallowed Fountain, 1 Breeding Pool, a couple basics, a utility land or two like mutavault, and the rest are fetches. Work backwards with fetchlands. Find what you need for your fetch targets and utility lands and then pad out the rest of your mana.
4 color decks are 80% fetch lands and 20% shock lands, maybe 1 basic land if you expect to play against Path to Exile.

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What are your thoughts on urzatron vs eldra tron?

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Lifting weights, stocks, or genshin

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>I will never be happy
Leave then, trannime faggot

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Lots of aspects of nu-magic are pretty poor, but at least we get hip haircuts on the characters. Sidecuts look very cool and badass.

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stupid neko poster. Good taste in waifus, though.

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Day-trading, chess, anime, vidya. Lots of good choices.

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For me, it's A.

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Yes and it doesn't matter bc returning the island is an alternate cost so it happens before they get priority. You could actually daze, hold priority, foil, not that you'd want to.

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too bad only b and d really exist (mostly)

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>Lets make snow instants and sorceries
But still only use snow mana & snow permanents. *sigh*

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Pretty based

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>i'd like to sell my playset of engineered explosives and runed halos towards a playset of tropical islands, p-please...

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Joy disappears
All hope is lost
More product to sell
No matter the cost
Schadenfreude, gone
Anger fades away
Apathy, our tomb
And here we shall stay
Memories of old times
Now tainted with age
One final defiance-
In options, type "sage"

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There is still hope for cutie angel waifus!

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I wish someone would do a "What if" youtube video on how to get the most mana, with no other purpose than to get the most mana without going infinite.
I wanna know what that number is.
Also I wanna know how fast you can get to, say, 20 mana on turn 7.

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>Also I wanna know how fast you can get to, say, 20 mana on turn 7.
You can get it on turn 7.

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There's an idiot that keeps flipping from hype to doom. He might have a FOMO problem or a mental dissorder. I keep telling him to buy singles. He just ignores me the arrogant prick.

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The big Legacy 'community leaders' are finally rallying behind bans and making a pretty big (relatively speaking) public push. Will WOTC actually take action on Legacy?

Is there a place I can follow this? I want to see how it turns out. Inb4 it's fucking nothing.

>> No.77244187

inafter it's fucking nothing

>> No.77244285

You haven't seen the comment on the MTG facebook page. people were complaining about niggers and trannies on the French page.

>> No.77244856

Le based.

>> No.77245445

thank you

>> No.77246326

It won't make anyone happy because the tl;dr of their big ol podcast was
>ban Oko and Arcanist, watch Astrolabe, Veil and Uro are reasonable cards in-format
They made a few good points too, but since they didn't ask WotC to ban things until Maverick is tier0 the majority won't happy

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>tier 0 deck in every format except pauper is a standard deck if there was no banned list

>> No.77246920

Tibalt's Trickery is letting people t2 Ugin in Standard

>> No.77246961

that shit is getting banned in every format that isn't legacy or vintage

turn 3 "I win if you don't counter this spell" decks are retarded

>> No.77246977

I want people to be fired

>> No.77247008

too late, your opponent already has 3 omninegates turn 1

>> No.77247049

>Magic AIDS tried to warn everyone about Tibalts trickery
>Since everyone knows he made the first prototype of the deck, no one can claim they made it like what happened with his previous brews
>(((they))) have resorted into saying the card "isnt really good" and the combo is """""""clunky."""""

>> No.77247054

I pulled a version of Vorinclex, The Monstrous Raider last night where the card is all in like runic text. Is this rare or something? I can't find it on TCGplayer.

>> No.77247081

It's a special showcase version which is shittier to play with but is in Phyrexian script so people think it's cool. You can sell it and buy 2 of the normal one.

>> No.77247096

How does it allow players to do it? The card has very confusing wording.

>> No.77247147

Probably turn 2 cast Tormod's Crypt, cascade into ugin. People are trying the meme with emrakul in modern too.

>> No.77247173

>modern now lets you play 3 competitive decks that shit your whole deck out in 1 turn
>trickery, oops, and charbelcher
this is an absolute nightmare

>> No.77247198

okay chud

>> No.77247199

I swear its like people dont understand that the deck only needs to cast 1 cascade spell. It has its fudges sure, but just the leverage of being able to pull that off turn 2 every game is going to be a problem.

>> No.77247307

No I mean how does Tibalt's trickery work? It says pick 1, 2, or 3 and then doesn't mention anything relating to that.

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>> No.77247378

Solution: Don't play with people that play these decks.

>> No.77247392

solution is to not play magic

>> No.77247753

Can you read the fucking card?
>Cast 0 drop
>Cast trickery targeting 0 drop (Tormod's Crypt)
>You choose a number at random
>Then mill that many cards
>That's all the chosen number does, nothing else, it doesn't do anything else, so forget about choosing a number now, it's over.
>Then you exile cards until you exile something OTHER than Tormod's Crypt.
>Then you cast that spell for free.

Pretty simple. The number ONLY tells you how many cards to mill, that's all it does. The reason it does this is so you can't stack your deck, tutor the card you want to cast for free to the top.

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if anon can't comprehend trickery why do you think he will be able to understand what you've wrote?

>> No.77247990

Sounds like a good time to sleeve up Force of Negation

>> No.77248001

If he can't understand it he shouldn't be allowed to operate a motor vehicle, and should probably be chemically castrated.

>> No.77248060

shhh, anon, relax
no need to be so harsh

>> No.77249155

>Solution: Play pauper

>> No.77249231

Why the fuck does everyone call him daddy?

>> No.77249305

But there's no Oko

>> No.77249400

Does anyone feel like Tibalt in Kaldheim was supposed to be Oko but they changed him because of the backlash against Oko?

>> No.77249445

>implying they care about their customer base
Maybe Niko was Oko but they preferred to have a tranny rather than a Chad.

>> No.77249474

oko was literally the joker, but with r/asianmasculinity aesthetics

>> No.77249505

I'm not sure it adds up. Most of the gods are already mono-color across both halves, with only three exceptions. Esika aside, you have Tibalt, and then Jorn, who is already Sultai colors.

I suspect they picked Tibalt just so they could have an excuse to give their not!Loki horns without being sued by Marvel.

>> No.77249510

Wtf is r/asianmasculinity

>> No.77249528

So i have been sitting here for two days trying to brew an interesting deck with kaldheim cards and I just feel like the set is generally fucking disjointed and all over the place? Like the only tribal that has enough support in just the Kaldheim set is fucking giants. Like you have a zombie lord but barely any ways to make zombies. And an angel deck that wanna throw shit in the graveyard for some reason but nothing that really synergizes with the graveyard. I mean what the fuck are they thinking?

>> No.77249547

this set is trying to be like five different things at the same time of course it's going to be fucking shit
should have never quit the block system

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>I mean what the fuck are they thinking?
They weren't

>> No.77249601

And then they have these cards, either fixed or powercrept cards of old versions. See Fiend Artisan, Vampire nighthawk or Skyclave shade. Feels lazy.

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File: 146 KB, 672x936, avr-32-restoration-angel.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>it's real
yo what the fuck

>> No.77249618

That is how i feel. Like if you wanna around the sets mechanics you cant make a functional deck. Its either just put the pushed shit in a deck and Yolo or just leave it be. Fucking sucks.

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File: 84 KB, 1024x576, 1570885568241.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>another nigger angel

>> No.77249759

I don't even care about the race, but replacing Voss art with something that looks like it came out of a Moba is straight up insulting

>> No.77249768
File: 239 KB, 672x936, pavr-32-restoration-angel (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They had already given her another art, in the same set where she was released no less. This new kaldheim art if very much a downgrade tho.

>> No.77249773

mobas have better art than this
johannes voss's art for resto angel is incredible. he's trying so hard, in the best possible way. and it gets replaced by that uncreative crap. everything about the new art is fucking substandard and lazy.

>> No.77249793

It's been like this fore a while now, cause of the 1 block system they made. Same with Zendikar, a lot of returning mechanics mixed with new one, that blend together as well as water and oil. With so many mechanics at once, it becomes impossible to create enough for each, so you get what we have now

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>The best deck in the format is variations of Uro good pile soups, often making up more than 15% of the format
>There are now THREE(3) fucking "has the chance to win on turn 1" combo decks in the format, four if you count Charbelcher and and Balustrade/Undercity as different decks. All 3/4 of which was birthed into the format in the past 2 years. These decks also just shits on any fair decks, while making blue decks even better
>In addition, we have THREE(3) very high tier normal combo decks, that doesn't interact for shit, yet are all really good right now(Storm, Ad Naus and Heliod Combo)
>Despite the companion nerf, Lurrus is still fucking everywhere, and would be the premier fucking card if i weren't for all the bullshit above

Modern might be in the worst fucking state that it has ever been in, even worse than Eldrazi winter, Hogaak summer and Oko, and I don't say that lightly. Even with this newest set, they've manage to birth some unholy monstrosity into the format, and I'm getting tired of it

>> No.77249979

>even worse than Eldrazi winter
are you sure? I wasn't playing back then but every one of my MTG friends who were at the time said the format was literally unplayable

>> No.77249992

the best part is that the brokenness is layered so it's impossible to even fix any of this without banning a dozen cards.
and legacy is even worse because it has an even more powerful goodstuff soup deck as the t0 deck. the t0 decks are also so overloaded that they're impossible to play hate against since they can win several different ways through any kind of hate while having access to tons of their own hate and also permission spells.

>> No.77250275

Yes. I'd take Eldrazi mirror's everyday over some variation of Uro pile, or turn 1 neobrand

>> No.77250326
File: 41 KB, 882x355, NO WRONGTHINK!!1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>implying magic is """""playable""""" right now

>> No.77250479

Yeah like how they printed all this retarded graveyard shit and then in response they print retarded amounts of exile shit and the game now revolves around them printing broken shit and then printing broken exile removal shit that is either going to be too good or not good enough

>> No.77250556

>Tormod's Crypt and Scooze are in Standard
>Graveyard decks still out of control
Really makes ya think

>> No.77250643

It's a death spiral.
We are in a game state where they keep printing these pushed cards that basically read, "if you can't answer this your opponent wins the game and punches your wife in the mouth."
They print so much of them that it is now possible to make decks that are just piles of these cards filling each step of the mana curve.
Their answer is to print "answer' cards that are intentionally gimped because in order to actually answer the broken shit, they would have to be even more broken, and just fuck everything in a different direction. As a result all the answers suck and are just good enough to rape fair decks (huhuh apparition so balanced) but do fuck all to hit the t0 threats. What's their out at this point? Printing different broken midrange shit hoping to hit "YGO balance" where it's "balanced" because everyone is going infinite t1.
They are literally retarded and pussy.

>> No.77250665

I would bet money his walker side used to only cost five mana

>> No.77250680

I feel the same way. From the preview cards I was pretty "excited" for this set, because we havent had much zombie stuff in standard for a while and a lot of the cards seemed to be zombies. Turns out, theres actually fuck all in the set. The only thing i saw thats I even considered putting into my deck was the powercreeped Divine Arrow, which it turns out is even shittier because it requires the target to be tapped, not just in combat.
Aside from zombies, there really isnt anything in any color that can make a full deck. Its a huge let down.

>> No.77250782

but don't you enjoy the theme park style where every plane gets a bit of everything but not enough to matter? what about all those cards that would go great in your edhtranny deck?

>> No.77250788

I tried to play EDH once and got kicked out because my deck was annoying.

>> No.77250902

No I wanted more zombies for my zombie deck and angels for my angel deck. This style of worlds actually specifically fucks over edh deck building because you never get enough support for set mechanics to try and build a deck based on them, and you never get enough tribal or whatever support to really matter.

>> No.77250953

The only card I like in this set is Narfi

>> No.77251027

who fucking cares how much support is in-set? the vast majority of set cards aren't playable in any format. X tribal is never made with all the best X from one format, it's made with the best Xs from magic history.

>> No.77251060

tribaltards need to fuck off, tribal is shit design
>hurrrr I ctrl+f tribe and put it all together and it's shit or op please wotc print more shit to make my tribe op

>> No.77251082
File: 136 KB, 672x936, khm-224-narfi-betrayer-king.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I liked this dude, but honestly he's just above the minimum requirement to be interesting, and he has zero support, nor is he mechanically interesting

>> No.77251083

Yeah and we didn't get any best of any tribe this set. And wotc is insistent on making commanders for the set mechanic, like the foretell precon from this set, but we'll never see foretell again. Why bother making a legendary built for commander at all, let alone for a one set mechanic. If we actually stuck around we'd not only get more support for the various tribes so we might actually get good ones, but we might actually get enough support for the set mechanics for people to use the set mechanic commanders if they want to for some reason. Hell the monored boast bitch barely gets you any boast cards either. If they printed 3 sets then her boast boost might be actually useful instead of just being another goblin electromancer.

>> No.77251124

>we didn't get any best of any tribe this set
now don't be so negative anon, changelings got at least one new tool :^)

>> No.77251170
File: 1.79 MB, 4032x1908, 20210130_144018[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Great taste anon, my personal favorite as well. I used to put her on top of our mini Christmas tree back in college.

>> No.77251176

t. got his ass whooped by humans once and is still butthurt to this day about it

>> No.77251199

I think he is actually quite bad mechanically. He is a double lord but why? He can resurrect himself but it doesn't fit with the flavor. Nothing about him seems legendary. The fucking 4/4 lich creature seems more like "the betrayer king" than he does.

>> No.77251206

Better than just jamming all the best value in your deck and calling it a day. At least they have a theme.

>> No.77251209

am i the only asshat that prefer this artwork more than the original?
well at least is miles better of the *last* one

>> No.77251219

false dichotomy
I play humans

>> No.77251249

I think both the AVR arts are fantastic. This new one is the only bad art for Resto.

>> No.77251281

Alright, why is your tribal deck so special compared to every other tribal deck?

>> No.77251297

it's not
but you can't pull that "u just mad" crap because I play tribal and I still recognize it as shit design

>> No.77251326

5 mana for a dude is just too much for any lord, even with the rez mechanic.

>> No.77251336

Humans are good because they straight up are the most common and over represented tribe in all of magic, so by calculation alone, there is bound to be enough decent to good humans to make a deck

>> No.77251341

Actually having a theme for your deck that you build for is shit design? That seems like the whole point to me, and "sharing a creature type" is a pretty good theme.

>> No.77251377

>that you build for
that's actually why it's shit design, because you don't build for it. you rely on wotc to build it for you.
>"build" goblins
>ctrl+f goblins and just put together the best ones which are 99% red anyway
>jam in the must play relevant red cards on top of that
>take muh heckin goblinos to FNM
>deck both builds and plays itself
>cry for more gobbos support
>eventually get something retarded like muxxus
>"I made this"
that's you
you didn't build that, all you do is mash x card type together and it's either shit or good based entirely on "support" which is just 1 fucking word in the typeline of the card.

>> No.77251387

I think if there were actual interesting zombies and other resurrect mechanics in the set, it would be more valuable. I hate that its UB though, why the fuck blue? Just to prevent it from seeing play in monoblack where it would actually be useful?

>> No.77251400

I bet you play blue like a real faggot.

>> No.77251413

>having to make decisions on what to include from a list of limited options is less real deckbuilding than having to pick what to include with no limits

>> No.77251428

when those options are curated for you?
yes, actually

>> No.77251504

Not him, but tribal isn't often that interesting, especially when it comes to the new cards WotC puts out. You have cards that reduce the casting cost of X by 1, give all your Xs +1/+1, other Xs get a keyword, or check if you have X before doing a bog standard effect.

The most interesting tribe that WotC has done recently is dinosaurs, because they had a mechanical keyword beyond just being dinosaurs in the form of Enrage, and a lot of the cards that specifically cared about Dinosaur as a creature type were Humans rather than dinosaurs, so it isn't all self-enabling.

>> No.77251505

They're not even curated for you, it's not like it builds itself. You should know this dude.

>> No.77251562

I hate this fucking tranny’s face. Probably the dumbest reason ive had to quit mtg but here we are

>> No.77251586

That's a lot of color balancing issues to be fixed so close to the deadline, also Oko is a chad, he's just broken

>> No.77251636

yes they are
we'll use goblins/elves and u/w control as examples
with u/w control, there are a lot of obvious must-play cards but you can decide whether or not you want the stoneblade package or if you want to splash red for access to some cards. you can go completely creatureless if you want.
with goblins/elves you ctrl+f goblins/elves, the cards have a clear singular gameplan, some cards are literally useless without the tribal aspect and if they're good they're autoincludes, the deck is going to be maximum 2 colors and anything nontribal has to have an obvious synergy or is so powerful it's an autoinclude in those colors anyway. they build themselves and are very linear.
you are trying to make it seem like tribal is very interesting and difficult because you only have this small number of choices but less choices actually makes it EASIER because it's all obvious and then the resulting pile is just going to be good or bad based on the synergistic power of that tribal pile. remember rebels vs. mercenaries? are you going to say that shit was difficult to build or required a lot of thought? and lin sivvi was just far stronger because the mechanic was stronger, and it will be that way forever unless they release some supercharged mercenary card. wotc gives you a small, shallow pool, you aren't fucking big brained for putting the peg in the hole. you are literally trying to say that LESS OPTIONS is better.

>> No.77251683

Not him, but it kinda does dude. Most tribal decks are really just
>pick the best one's in that tribe, throw in some lords and aether vials alongside cavern of souls

>> No.77251807

Well yeah you generally want to pick the best ones, but it's a decision between different ways to play that tribe, since different incarnations of the tribe between planes generally have different playstyles that you could lean into. Not only that but all the support that doesn't feature your tribe, or even to run the tribe support colors. Something like angels where the angel support cards like herald of war aren't generally particularly good so you have to pick the few good angels and then decide what direction you want to take the rest of the deck in to support them, like maybe bringing in an equipment package or using smaller creatures to help get them out and keep them alive. I guess it's easier to be more creative with a tribe that barely has support and is mostly high cmc, since something like goblins or elves has a whole history of explicit support cards to jam your deck with.

>> No.77252119


>> No.77252156
File: 13 KB, 399x400, 1610675915226.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.77252313

How do I get kits while living in Europe? Tried to get into it but never found a good online seller

>> No.77252391
File: 321 KB, 1200x882, igor-kieryluk-413412-gore-gourmet-femdemonmtg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What about cutie demon waifus?

>> No.77252420

It's amazing how fucking warhammer is cheaper than mtg these days, I could buy an entire army for the price of a tropical island

>> No.77252489

Warhammer was always cheaper

>> No.77252675

It's a good reason. I got into Magic because the art was cool as shit. My friends would give me random chaff cards as bookmarks and then I wanted to know more about the game behind it. Art is literally the first thing you see when you look at the card.
Now the game looks gay and retarded.

>> No.77252678

Standardbabs are too much of a meta-slaves since nobody plays Tormod's crypt in their sideboards even. Fuck, in a format with Agadeem's awakening and other reanimator spells and Winota, Yorion blinking etc, Containment Priest isn't played at all either.

>> No.77252712

If someone has 2 mana to hold up in front of Winota they'd rather remove the Winota

>> No.77252732
File: 737 KB, 840x1000, __iori_rinko_gundam_and_1_more_drawn_by_akanerun__b81043f72c26ec2ed98110369629435d.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are the chink proxies any good?

>> No.77252757

No, actually. Their molds aren't as accurate and their plastic is less good.

>> No.77252775

Jotc said they have no plans for angel tribal.
So we get a lot of isolated shit with sidecuts for now

>> No.77252802

You just made his point. Just give up.

>> No.77252828

OK samefag.

>> No.77252831

who said you need to flash it in? play it t2 and let him deal with it.

>> No.77253638


>> No.77254125

How the fuck does mono white do anything? It has zero ways to get card advantage. Blue gets a free draw and white is stuck drawing into lands. Best thing white has is good enchantment and now even black has enchantment removal

>> No.77254250

Why is Arena so utterly miserable for free players? There's no Pauper, no 4p Brawl, and if you play pvp with a brand new account you get matched up against tier decks.

>> No.77254268

>zero ways to get card advantage
this is mmg

>> No.77254311

just pay up, goy

>> No.77254317

I know, but nowhere else to talk about other formats. If you don't want to board wipe because you are agro, only reliable card draw is mentor of the meek which is self defeating because then you can't play lords

>> No.77254323

white has 2 or 3 variations of
>gain life, draw card
and all of them suck.

pauper is once every 2 months as FNM only because fuck you goy, you're paying money for mythics and rares. 4p Brawl doesn't exist becuse poojeet coders, same thing with the matchmaking algorithm.

>> No.77254533

They have seemed to do this with every set for awhile. You can't really make decks out of the cards alone. Instead you're supposed to mix and match with recent other sets.

The next set will probably have more Zombies since it's Innestrad.

>> No.77254556

Board Games, gunpla, Lego MOCs, backpack camping, gardening/landscaping, learning to play an instrument, literature
That or get into netrunner

>> No.77254577

the next set is the shit harry potter knockoff, not Innestrad.

>> No.77254695
File: 74 KB, 828x242, image0 (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.77254755

"Magic's most metal set yet, Kaldheim!"

>> No.77254857

isn't he supposed to be dead by now

>> No.77255158

How much do you want to bet literally Harry Potter or Hermione is going to be in this set?

>> No.77255171

t. magic playtester
quit your internmanship please

>> No.77255185

based retard

>> No.77255285

>I don't even care about the race

>> No.77255316

You got kicked out because EDH players are bad at the game

>> No.77255647

What the fuck is that thing? I stopped play at Prophecy/Torment. You fans ruined M:TG

>> No.77255893

Secret Lair x Harry Potter is inevitable.

>> No.77255942

Not even close, I'm an amerimutt who sleeps til 4pm

>> No.77255986

firja's retribution and rampage of the valkyries are some of the strongest angel support cards in magic history.

of course, this is because angels as a tribe have been (and are still) dogshit, but that's the shit you put up with when you decide to play a tribal deck.

>> No.77256130

Haunted angel is pretty based

>> No.77256345

How is Wasteland not in Modern? It should be an evergreen card in Standard. That wouldn't have stopped FIRE, but it would have mitigated quite a bit of the degeneracy that's gone on lately.
I know W&6 exists, but not letting players interact with lands means that a fundamental axis of the game is missing. The fact that Pillage and Field of Ruin are the best cards for land interaction in Modern is absurd.

>> No.77256385

it's ghost quarter and cleansing wildfire now

>> No.77256408
File: 66 KB, 561x615, 18_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>stopped FIRE
>mitigated quite a bit of the degeneracy

>I know W&6 exists, but

>> No.77256577
File: 254 KB, 672x936, 20E713B1-88AF-4BE4-BD06-417EFEE09987.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Post obscure cards made of pure SOVL

>> No.77256658

just play legacy, the top tier decks are almost all the same across format anyway

>> No.77256697

Legacy is the worst format in the game right now

>> No.77256703

In your opinion, what is the best and worst core set?

>> No.77256774

uuugh flavour fail
it should destroy the creature at the end of combat, not turn
postcombat main phase implies that the creature returned home and didn't die in combat
with berserk it makes sense, it gets pumped with drugs, toxic masculinity and viking magic, it's heart can't take it
but here you are literally flinging shit so it should work like fling or at least resemble it

>> No.77256782

>just play the Oko format

>> No.77257000
File: 213 KB, 672x936, apc-38-desolation-angel.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

BW angels has exactly one thing going for it

>> No.77257022

>That wouldn't have stopped FIRE, but it would have mitigated quite a bit of the degeneracy that's gone on lately.
yeah the only thing i like playing against more than a w6 uro pile is a w6 uro pile with a wasteland lock attached

>> No.77257110
File: 160 KB, 672x936, 4632B331-7B2D-4313-A16E-23D751A7F59D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Would mtg be even more broken today if instead of being rare reserve list card dual lands were as commonplace as evolving wilds?

>> No.77257176


>> No.77257187


>> No.77257261

Lmao fuck off pussy

>> No.77257336

Why do they keep printing such stupid cards?

>> No.77257417

Yes as long as you ban everything post 2015 border change

>> No.77257445


>> No.77257474

I come here just to seethe at tranoids thank you very much

>> No.77257532

Not him, but could you elaborate?

>> No.77257579

Oko is the most played nonland permanent and a 5C Okopile is the only t1 deck in the format. The only thing that comes close is Temur Delver, which is Oko with 1 less color and a playset of Delver amd Arcanist. Together they are like 70% of the meta

>> No.77257716

Reddit hates counters, card selection and land destruction, so we're never going to get any such cards that are playable.

>> No.77257728
File: 114 KB, 672x936, khm-138-frost-bite.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Leidurr, the leader
This is honestly really upsetting

>> No.77257843

>no "any" target
it’s shit
Also why is it a "snow" instant? Doesn't snow only matter on permanents?

>> No.77257957

Frost Auger cares

>> No.77258048
File: 61 KB, 720x602, 1607768356795.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

at least someone does

>> No.77258214

Scrying shieeeet

>> No.77258355
File: 156 KB, 672x936, avr-226-cavern-of-souls.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I feel stupid asking this considering what happened in the last 2 years but, is Cavern of Souls too strong for Standard?
There's two Innistrad sets heavily focused on tribes coming up at the end of this year and Cavern's last meaningful reprint was in UMA, roughly 2 years ago.

>> No.77258375

Pls don't reprint cavern it's the last thing keeping opening AVR remotely profitable. And if opening AVR isn't profitable, opening packs until I get a foil Avacyn won't be sustainable!

>> No.77258427

Nothing is too strong for standard at the moment. They could print balance and eureka into the format and it wouldn't even get more out of control than it currently is.

>> No.77258498

Right now Standard is filled with mongoloid creature decks and you want to make it even more mong?

>> No.77258555

now that you mentioned that does sound like a good opportunity for a reprint
that is why I believe WotC will not do it

>> No.77258905

Based trips of no reprint.
Godspeed angelfag, seems you're safe for now.

>> No.77258925

Strip Mine would take care of this and actually damage Tron sometimes

>> No.77259653

Strip mine is fun, but wasteland is healthier for the format.
Giving power to basics leads to interesting deck building around that.
Often leading to a one color deck list to combat the absurd decks with some sanity.

>> No.77259775
File: 65 KB, 768x432, 1608443233789.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I gotchu

>> No.77259873
File: 34 KB, 720x712, received_2753838411531422.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.77260043
File: 887 KB, 1242x1236, 1611414437161.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I haven't bought a product from Wizards in a year


>> No.77260152

Last thing I bought was an Eldraine pre release that I'm still mad about. Played 3 rounds, average number of walkers in my opponents decks was greater than 1.

>> No.77260195

I bought a box of each set released in 2020 and preordered one for Kaldheim

>> No.77260225

My last product was buying some packs of Avacyn Restored. I opened an Avacyn, it was nice but I don't think I'll ever buy anything sealed again unless it's more innistrad block stuff.

>> No.77260239

For draft?
Can you even find players at this point?

>> No.77260246

Mostly just for cracking.

>> No.77260350

Jeez, wizards really has given up on every non-arena format, haven't they?

>> No.77260361
File: 25 KB, 264x378, bloodline-pretender-84575-medium.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So this is the first changeling that can be cast by Eldrazi Temple, right?

>> No.77260385


>> No.77260404

Also Universal Automaton, although that's 1 CMC so you'd need something else to spend the leftover mana on to benefit.

>> No.77260445

>pulled a phyrexian vorinclex today
feels good man

>> No.77260446
File: 26 KB, 723x445, 1608110971903.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

All printed recently. Wouldn't be surprised if jotc printed some busted 4 mana colorless changeling, and accidentally turbo charge Eldrazi

>> No.77260469

Anyone else just fundamentally disagree with the Professor's constant pushing of "Planeswalkers should be saga-style enchantments"?
It's just so bizarre to me.

>> No.77260510

PWs shouldn't even be cards

>> No.77260524

It's unironically how they were originally explored. They actively chose not to go in that direction for planeswalkers after testing them.
Pushing for it now is just a tired old faggot trying to pretend to be relevant by latching onto the planeswalker hate zeitgeist.

>> No.77260539

I don't think I've seen him talk about it, though I see the logic. Players are planeswalkers, and calling in a planeswalker friend wouldn't mean ordering them around. It'd make sense if the planeswalker did their own thing for a few turns and then fucked off.
It would also be easier to balance them, since it'd be a set and limited effect rather than a potentially endless value engine.
That said, Planeswalkers are far too established as a card type for it to be changed now, so I'm not sure why anyone would rant or push for it.

>> No.77260548

I love Niko Arris! His spears chase racists down till the very end!

>> No.77260560

I think if you're going to have PWs they shouldn't uptick and they should go into exile if they die

>> No.77260608

instead of attacking planeswalkers you should just lose loyalty on each planeswalker for each damage you take.

>> No.77260658

So how long until Tribal Tribal becomes a deck? Eventually we'll reach a point where you can run a Shapeshifter only deck that gets to run all of the best niche tribe related cards like Swarmyard.

>> No.77260679

People already do it in EDH. Usually with Reaper King.

>> No.77260765

Yeah that's my problem. Pushing for it now is just... dumb, and it breeds more hate in the community that will fragment the playerbase instead of get WotC to make any changes. I think if there's to be any changes it should be like >>77260560 says and upticks should be made extremely rare.

He talks about it enough to the point where I've started noticing he mentions it alot, and I don't even watch his videos often. I don't disagree with the basic idea that planeswalkers should pay a price for doing their thing, but I think you should be able to keep them around longer if you invest into planeswalker support. And the idea that they should be enchantments sucks thematically because, well, why would something like Return to Nature kill Nissa, or Crush Contraband exile Nicol Bolas

>> No.77260839

Well, they could still be a new card type even if they were made to function like Sagas.
That aside I think currently the most that could be done would be making new planeswalkers have 0 and minus abilities more exclusively.

>> No.77261136


A chink who lifts instead of looking like your avg dyel

>> No.77261241

>TCGPlayer won't let me buy 100 of the Moritte of the Frost Showcase cards
I just want my badass deer shapeshifter boi
I was able to buy 35, though. I guess I'll have to get the rest of them later.

>> No.77261547

Thanks fren. I saved it.

>> No.77261657

It should have been, that would show them that twitter lefties aren't actually the market. WotC are fucking cowards though, so I'm sure any plans have been scrapped.

>> No.77261879

What the fuck does anyone need 100 copies of the same card for

>> No.77261909 [DELETED] 

profits, nigger
i hope you don't actually play children's card games

>> No.77261987

I'm framing them.
I fucking love the art, and its ability is really cool. Easily my favorite card from kaldheim.
In fact, all of the changelings are badass. I want all of them.

>> No.77262538

Last things I bought were two flights of Mystery Booster drafts

>> No.77262941

Did you get anything decent?

>> No.77262954

Oh yeah. Expropriate from one, Teferi's Protection from the other as well as a bit of other money. Overall paid for themselves and were pretty fun (though my decks were pretty bad and I went 1-2 in each). A good sendoff to spending money on this cursed game.

>> No.77263199


>> No.77263232

>trusting sheldon memery

>> No.77263253

agreed, moritte is pretty cool, although I'd rather get a printout of the art rather than stapling 100 of them on a frame

>> No.77263582

Marvel doesn't own loki

>> No.77263585

>thread pic
I'm proud I no longer play MtG.

>> No.77263672
File: 93 KB, 630x1200, 1610239212227.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is asianmasculinity

>> No.77263676

What kind of cuck doesn't like the new art?

>> No.77264710
File: 234 KB, 672x936, fut-158-sliver-legion.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I see sliver legion fluctuating around 100 buckaroos, who the fuck even plays that card?
Do they use it to launder money or something?

>> No.77264869

What? But the new art is shit.

>> No.77265055

One word: Coomander

>> No.77265062

that's three words

>> No.77265279

Yeah but it can't possibly be that SO MANY people are all playing slivers in commander, I understand that it's an artificially scarce card that was printed a decade ago and only once and is high in demand but this is some jtms levels of bullshit, same goes for that portal dragon that costs a fortune despite being an overcosted (get it?) vanilla creature.
I wouldn't be surprised if this was involved in money laundering or drug money like most pieces of art are.

>> No.77265315

>I understand that it's an artificially scarce card that was printed a decade ago and only once and is high in demand, but

>> No.77265373


>> No.77265417
File: 2.42 MB, 2100x2966, 1611390630555.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

here you go

>> No.77265494
File: 73 KB, 474x897, 7694567452679.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.77265659

They picked Tibalt because Snorri Sturluson's compilations of Norse mythological sources were heavily influenced by his Christianity, and he conflated the trickster god with Christian concepts of the devil. Tibalt impersonating Valki is an in-universe representation of the impact of Sturluson's decision--a devil from an entirely different paradigm replaces the god of lies and is much more cruel and malicious in his actions.

>> No.77265697

You are retarded :)

>> No.77265861

Okay faggots, here's how we break Modern.

>The deck
Changeling Tribal

>What the fuck are you retarded why would you do that
Changelings as a tribe get to benefit from every single strong niche tribal payoff ever printed. Any card that says "Whenever a [tribe] enters the battlefield" now effectively says "Whenever a creature enters the battlefield". That's a pretty large upgrade considering being niche is what keeps some cards balanced.

With MH1 there came some okay ones, but now with Kaldheim Wizards might have brought the "tribe" closer to becoming its own thing. While this is a thing people have done in EDH for a while by just jamming every shit Changeling, now we may have enough for constructed.

>Okay then Kooba name me some cards for your shitpile
Unsettled Mariner
Orvar, the All-Form
Mothdust Changeling
Valiant Changeling (always WW for 3/3 double strike)
Masked Vandal
Changeling Outcast
Chameleon Colossus
Universal Automaton

The creatures are expected to be a little bad, but it's the support that really spices things up. Also remember that we could actually run a copy of a non-Changeling lord because it would pump all of our creatures. So whatever the best lord ever printed is, we can run it. Perhaps Lord of Atlantis?

Swarmyard (bruh)
Cavern of Souls (mandatory)
Ghoulcaller's Chant (BRUH)
Blade of the Bloodchief
Sorin, Imperious Bloodlord
Sliver Hive
Conspicuous Snoop
Risen Reef
Linvala, Shield of Sea Gate
Harmonic Sliver

Wh-what do you g-guys think??

>> No.77265940

Seems neat.

>> No.77266093

I'll make a list. It'll be utter dogshit.

>> No.77266177
File: 550 KB, 631x643, 1605637809931.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

someone said something about changelings, sideboards and burried alive when quakebringer was spoiled. i'd add ensnaring bridge to the mix if the curve is low enough
it's a spicy direction, but the payoff should be better than faken sorin or a chant, lol
i think there should be more 1-2 mana changelings to make it work and it's to early to brew it
but you can try, throw together a list an we'll see if i'm full of shit

>> No.77266260

It's really hard to actually find cards for this because as far as I'm aware there's no way to actually Gatherer/Scryfall this, so I'm combing EDHrec for tribal decks. Also you're underestimating Ghoulcaller's Chant and Swarmyard as payoff cards.

>> No.77266402

didn't say anything about swarmyard, the card is nuts if you can afford to slot it in your 5 color aggro deck
if changelings would become a thing they would do so through weird axies that not all decks prepared to deal with while also applying board pressure
chant is just a value play when you are starting to lose and it brings back your fodder cards, not payoffs

>> No.77266774

Fuck man trying to be even slightly optimal when picking the best tribal cards of all time is hard. I'm sat here staring at shit like Morsel Theft and Noggin Whack wondering where I went wrong with my life.

>> No.77266875
File: 24 KB, 540x413, 1604723499067.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.77267002

I want a printout as well.
I'm not going to staple them, but I do need to figure out how to do it while making it look neat and not damaging them
What I want to do is commission someone to make a frame for it that's the showcase border. On campus there are a lot of art majors that will want projects for their finals, I figure I can nab one of them.

>> No.77267090
File: 213 KB, 672x936, coat of arms.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Excellent work

There can only be one

>> No.77267097

>5 mana
That's a no.

>> No.77267426

Wouldn't Coat of Arms + 2 Changelings make 2 big changelings since they are every creature type and thus they get +1/+1 for each creature type?

>> No.77267446

They'd get +1/+1. CoA only cares if there's a single type that they share - all others are ignored.

>> No.77267556

Topkek. Hilariously wrong

>> No.77268016

So the basic shell of what Shapeshifters would look like is pretty easy, the issue is the insane number of options you have to round out the deck.

>1 mana
Changeling Outcast
Mothdust Changeling
Universal Automaton
>2 mana
Valiant Changeling
Unsettled Mariner
>3 mana
Tauren Mauler (maybe?)
Cavern of Souls
Unclaimed Territory

To me these feel like the cards that 100% go in the deck. But like, what the fuck are the best things to play beyond this? What Jewish tricks can we pull? What's the best tribe to splash?

With your help /tg/, maybe we can make the next Twiddle! I'm honestly completely fucking lost with every tribe shoving shit in my face ;~;

>> No.77268029

Can i adapt new playstyle?
Today I went to Kald irl prerelease (3-2 lost to insanely fast boros aggro, which finished 5-0 in the end and to golgari guy we will talk a bit later)
So after game with golgari guy we decided to check each other decks. I had grixis control pile.
So he goes:
>RARE board clear, MYTHICAL 6/6 MYTHICAL BLUE GOD, RARE DRAUG ZOMBIE? Holy shit dude your pool is INSANE. I got lucky that I beat you
And there I was sitting next to him and thinking to myself ("Dude I wish I had 3/3 wolves that draw card on etb, 0/4 bear that tutors snow land on etb, that uncommon golgari saga)

I think my pool of cards was great, but it just felt really far from my "comfort zone".
Can i be helped?

>> No.77268092

no you're completely hopeless. It's time to give up.

>> No.77268108

The only people who have a "comfort zone" in Magic eat grayons on the reg.

>> No.77268367

Back in the beginning, a black lotus was still easily $500.
It is actually difficult to spend a lot of money on warhammer. All you have to do to spend a lot of money on magic is look up the meta decks.

>> No.77268668
File: 230 KB, 672x936, cost reductor.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like the idea.
What are some interesting cost reductors to make it work?

>> No.77268711

that's kinda what I feared, but sets balanced for draft aren't necessarily for sealed, and Kaldheim drafts so far have been really dependent on opening powerful cards so you can oppose the people who also did

>> No.77268748

Cards like yours don't feel like that'd be that good because you very quickly spaff your hand and are left with nothing but bears on board. So far my favourite card that I keep coming back to is Sorin, Imperious Bloodlord. Every ability is raw big dick gas. His first +1 on Changeling Outcast every turn basically outraces every deck ever, while Swarmyard sits there laughing as you chump. Sorin and Swarmyard are basically the only two cards that seem genuinely solid so far.

>> No.77268823

I don't know how fucked your mana base is going to be but some non changelings like Knight Exemplar or Drogskol Captain seem like they'd be dope

>> No.77268866

Well that's the problem I'm running into. Ignore colours for the moment. I can run literally any lord or tribal payoff card ever printed, because it works on all my creatures. Drokskol Captain is worse than Lord of the Unreal here. So now if I'm in 2 mana lords, which has the best ability? Lord of the Unreal? Lord of Atlantis? Magda from Kaldheim? The deckbuilding options are off the charts here.

>> No.77268893

Also we get to play Kaheera as a Companion.

>> No.77268996

Unless you want to recreate the whole fucking universe with all Citadel paints you will not spend that much on WH. Magic really is more expensive, WH just seems so at first glance

>> No.77269007

I've gotten good mileage in Casual play out running Changeling Outcast/Goblin Grenade. You might consider that.

>> No.77269165

Yeah Grenade was already a consideration. Problem is our non-Changeling mana is gonna be tight. If we're running no red Changelings and black non-Changelings, Goblin Grenade might be out.

>> No.77269339

You probably tech a Haakon, right?

>> No.77269367

I mean, how do I get him into play? Ghoulcaller's Chant would be the recursion of choice if any. Realmwalker already makes that a little questionable because we can play dudes off the top anyway.

>> No.77269558

I made legacy rebels with unsettled mariner, and training grounds + enlightened tutor package.
Fun deck, oko is still better. Could run 10000 years elixir in as a 1 - of for fun ;)

>> No.77269930

It's XER you fucking bigot!

>> No.77270074

Are you assuming Niko considers themselves to exist and thus require a pronoun???

>> No.77270100
File: 36 KB, 375x523, Skyclave Sapper.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rate muh gard.

>> No.77270117

why bother/10

>> No.77270147
File: 51 KB, 375x523, Sylvan Sapper.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're right.

>> No.77270164

Are you the guy with that -1/-1 version of Unleash from a while ago? I actually much prefer this idea.

Okay now it's getting kinda old.

>> No.77270218

No, it's supposed to be a version of Monstrous, except the creature gets weaker instead of stronger for a much lower ability cost.

>> No.77270285

But if everything Relinquish can do is just as good as an ETB, it seems very limited. Monstrous stuff can have effective ETBs or grow larger which is relevant for combat. Growing smaller is never relevant for combat so you're just sticking ETBs on shit. Maybe use Relinquish to slap some of those keyword counters from Ikoria on shit.

>1G: Relinquish 1
>When this creature becomes Relinquished, put a reach counter on it

Something like that. The two cards you posted are literally the exact same card.

>> No.77270338

The idea would be you have a creature that starts off with a decent body. You can make it weaker in order to alter a situation to your advantage (blowing up an ensnaring bridge, fogging, countering a board wipe/combo piece, killing a bear).

Think of it as "soft saccing" a creature.

>> No.77270351

Then post two different cards instead of the same one twice. Are these for anything specific like a custom cube?

>> No.77270482
File: 46 KB, 375x523, Eyeblight Eliminator.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mostly for the hell of it.
Costs might be clunky, but the basic idea is these creatures start off being beaters but can later be used for utility. There may be some static Relinquish effects like a basic Angel shrinking herself at a somewhat expensive cost to turn into a Glorious Anthem, or a slightly weaker Gifted Aetherborn using Relinquish for just B to make himself indestructible for the turn.

>> No.77270495

>Angel that relinquishes and becomes a human instead of an angel

>> No.77270695

Okay carrying on from here, here's the list of cards that I think are good tribal payoffs that could be jammed into Shapeshifters. Question is, what does /tg/ think are the best cards out of this pile?

>Blade of the Bloodchief
>Neheb, the Worthy
>Pack Rat
>Gallia of the Endless Dance
>Cloudshredder Sliver
>Sliver Hive
>Essence Flux
>Lord of the Unreal
>Falkenrath Aristocrat
>Risen Reef
>Crucible of Fire
>Captivating Vampire
>Wayward Servant
>Diregraf Colossus
>Ghoulcaller's Chant

Some of these already synergise with Swarmyard/Sorin so are higher considerations. Guess I'll just throw a copy or two of everything in the list and see what works out best.

>> No.77270999

I wanted to buy a box because I am bored and have some money. But eventually I just bought 45 oz of Silver and I am happy with that. Fuck JOTC.

>> No.77271382
File: 359 KB, 1242x898, megacorps silver war.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The situation is going completely out of fucking control, this is pure khaos.
2021 is going to be fucking wild lmao.

>> No.77271447

The govvies will probably bail the fat cats out, but I hope against hope Wall Street dies screaming.

>> No.77271486

Government is in on the racket, Anon. Like, so fucking much.

>> No.77271707

Lucky fucker, now literally every single store worldwide is completely out of stock.

>> No.77271758

I'm not sure about Blade of the Bloodchief. Sure the creature can grow big, but I'd rather have another creature in that slot myself.
>Neheb, the Worthy
Could definitely work. On the cheap end, good for combat, and if it connects it'll drain their hand. Maybe some form of graveyard recursion with him?
>Pack Rat
It'll get big, fast. I'm always biased towards pack rat though.
>sliver hive
I'm not really feeling this one. Unless I'm something it doesn't benefit from the rest of the tribal lords, unless you're using it solely for the mana fixing.
>Lord of the Unreal
I like it, though drogskol captain seems like a direct upgrade.
>Risen Reef
Seems like a must have here.

>> No.77271782

>Sliver Hive
If every creature is a Shapeshifter this is a strict upgrade to Unclaimed Territory.
>Lord of the Unreal
LotU is 2 mana, DC is 3.

>> No.77271932

>>If every creature is a Shapeshifter this is a strict upgrade to Unclaimed Territory.
Which is a problem when you're running non-Changeling lords. Territory can name whatever lord you have in your hand.

>> No.77271962
File: 2.20 MB, 225x320, 1599617886552.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Sliver Hive
Wagmi lads

>> No.77271977

Not happening Melvin. $GME is gonna spread those asscheeks wide.

>> No.77271991

I promised to name my daughter after /biz/ if GME moons so I'm feeling conflicted

>> No.77272047

Which quickly brings me to the question of what non-Shapeshifters I run. Sorin seems like big dick gas, but what else? I can't go clogging the 3 mana slot with Nehebs and shit that don't even synergise with each other. I've honestly considered the M21 dog lord because his attack trigger is actually insanely strong.

>> No.77272058
File: 101 KB, 1566x784, 1st feb silver.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You can't stop the machine, moshe. Financial collapse is now triggered, prepare your angus.

>> No.77272074

Melvin are one of the biggest silver owners in the world. If silver moons they can use it to offset the GME assfucking. Retard.

>> No.77272128

And Melvin is trying to short squeeze JPM to make up for GME abysmal losses. The difference is GME was shorted 140% while silver is currently shorted 18,300%.
If Melvin survive but destroy JPM in the process, the biggest bank in the fucking world, i'm totally fine with this.
The chain reaction could be literally endless.

>> No.77272209
File: 132 KB, 426x500, 1607123558340.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You fucking GME/silver autistos may have triggered the biggest financial collapse in the history of mankind. WTF is wrong with you?
Tomorrow morning markets better not be a bloodbath, i bought the supposed AAPL and TLSA dip on friday...
>mfw all i wanted was a comfy 5% yearly return but you retards had to blow it all into confettis

>> No.77272224

>You fucking GME/silver autistos may have triggered the biggest financial collapse in the history of mankind. WTF is wrong with you?

>> No.77272276


>> No.77272281
File: 1.17 MB, 1280x720, 1583750034424.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.77272324


>> No.77272335

Idk m8, I'd look through tribes starting with the shittiest because that's where they'd print the pushed, "oops we forgot about changelings" support. Is any of the new Giant shit good.

>> No.77272475

>I'd look through tribes starting with the shittiest
I stumbled on this. It's basically everything in one page that someone made.

None of the giant shit looks remotely close to playable. But then again I'm mentally comparing shit to Uromnath.

>> No.77272485
File: 557 KB, 486x1350, 1612064582595.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know exactly why I'm doing this my dude. I know what I want.

>> No.77272590
File: 101 KB, 265x370, a1f7d683-invasion-of-the-giants[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That ain't complete for sure. That said, the only even potentially playable Giant shit from kaldheim are pic related and "Destroy target creature or planeswalker for 1R" Squash.

>> No.77272601

Holy based market crasher

>> No.77272638

But can you see now how nothing really stands out as being the best Shapeshift support?

>> No.77272822

For Limited.

You aren’t supposed to cast him. You’re meant to pay 3 after discarding him.

>> No.77273019

These cards are all shit. You're paying 5 mana to do something a card that costs 2-4 mana does. Why bother? This is like a 2/2 common for 2 mana that does nothing thats in every set, garbage you hate to see. Maybe if you could keep stacking the counters but your wording specifically prevents that. I wouldnt be surprised if you work for wizards if this shit is the best you can come up.

>> No.77273260

All I wanted to do was what I had been doing since 2002, play mtg, play video games and jack off. Nooo couldn't let that happen. Couldn't leave well enough alone. Consider this just the tip of the iceberg, mr. berg. You will wish 109 became 110 because we'll finish the job Hadrian couldn't.

>> No.77273689
File: 132 KB, 700x619, watch-repair.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Anyone got interesting hobbies to recommend?


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