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I bet if the imperium would use eldar tits as "morale" boosters, then there would be no deserters or traitors

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The Imperium's men-at-arms will never desert their brothers on the battlefield or betray so long as they understand what they're fighting for.

Mankind, the Imperium, and the Holy Emperor are already well known but every guardsmen has a family struggling at the homefront to keep us armed and supplied for the next offensive. In the fleeting moments of peace we remember why we fight and who we fight for.

Glory to the Imperium of Mankind and honor to those who serve it faithfully and bravely.

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Post your eldar army.

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The Eldar doesn't want to be your friend or ally. The Eldar wants to use you as the step it climbs or the grave that is filled instead of a fellow knife-ear. Don't be fooled, remember not to abide the xeno, mutant or heretic.

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I thought that was Tau tactic with their gue'vesa

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Even in death, they remain large and perky.

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Why? There are plenty of human women with massive cowtits.

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OP posted a human.

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If you're into Eldar you're a degenerate. Do it privately or face the blam.

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Yeah, I wonder how many of these faggots would still want to fuck an Eldar if s/he looked like pic related.

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Still too conveniently attractive.

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I would.

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That's a human

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She was an official cosplayer.

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Would you, Mon-keigh?

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Why are her lips swolen?

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Yeah, that is a mon-keigh, alright

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Its a genetic feature common for Aeldari living in the tropical biodomes of the craftworld

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I would

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Gee I wonder

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Reminder that Eldar do look like this, since its official art.

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Reminder that the depiction and description of eldar varies wildly between artists and writers, but only faggots will cherry pick the most human art and fanart to push their agenda.

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Idranel had the puffiest lips, and she was white.

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That Eldar Assassin looks pretty cool.

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How can humies even hope to compete with Eldar woman?

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How do i get a Harlequin gf in tight troupe suit?

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By looking human.

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In 40k, most Eldar unironically look more human than most humans. Humans in 40k are almost always grotesque monstrosities of flesh, metal, and mutations.

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This. The Emperor's tits should be all you need.

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You´re right, mr commissar, sir. Remember who and what you´re fighting for, lads!

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There are a billion nobles within the Imperium. Not one cares about you.

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Ayyy lmao

Personally I am more fond of Beckjan's style of Eldar.

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>The vast majority of cities in the Imperium are dark, brooding places where the countless subjects of the God-Emperor eke out a meagre living. Vast stinking factories filled with grinding machines cause the bones to shudder, while blackened chimneys vomit forth thick, dark clouds of toxic smoke, blocking out the sun itself.

>Every citizen from the moment they can walk lives a life of perpetual misery in service, slaving away at back-breaking and mind-numbing tasks for over twenty solar hours a day under the cruel thorned whips of overseers, before dragging their exhausted, labour-wracked bodies beneath their benches to snatch a few solar hours of fitful sleep. Those who collapse, their bodies spent, are thrown alive into the great feed processors. Many others are lost to suicide or workplace accidents, and it is rare to see a citizen over the age of 35 on most Imperial worlds.

>The spires of the wealthy reach high above the clouds of filth and are filled with such opulence as can scarcely be comprehended by those far below. Indeed, on most worlds, it is normal that the yearly income of one mid level noble family could feed one billion serfs comfortably for over one hundred years. In these sanctuaries of the privileged, nothing is wanted for and the elite live in indifference and even open glee to the suffering in the streets and factories beneath them.

>There are cities given to the administration of Humanity's innumerable population and infinite resources, every inhabitant enslaved to routine and process, every last round of ammunition and grain of wheat accounted for by stone-faced scribes. There, the true worth of human life is established by workers jaded by the never-ending monotony of their assigned chore. For most, the cities of the Imperium are hellish and cruel places, where all hope is lost and only pain and subservience remains.

No, they care. They care enough to make things purposefully shitty so you suffer.

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By not having been cut in two by a Force Commander.

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Never, have fun with more spess muhreens.

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This one is my favorite interpretation of the chainsword

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Your attempts to dissuade me are backfiring in spectacular fashion.

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>can have either cute xeno or pic related
Why would anyone go human? Most 40k humans don't even have sex because reproduction is handled by servitors or by a few studs fucking all the women in government reproduction centers.

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The Imperium has no need for xenotits. As everyone knows (but can't say for fear of blam) the Sisters of Battle have a secret sect devoted entirely to producing porn. This porn is pro-imperium, morale boosting, and helps curb Slaanesh influence. Guardsmen are still prohibited from having or viewing it, but the penalty is pretty obviously less strict; less lethal blamming.

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40k is suffering from a DISTINCT lack of dark skined light haired space-elf waifus.

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Just watch anime. Not everything has to be exactly the same boring shit.

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This is genuinely just another Elf slave wat do thread

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Still waiting for OP to post his Eldar army, but yes.

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fucking muh human dikkk coomer

nothing in 40k is beautiful. it is a metal and ugly and grim setting. there are no waifus. an eldar will kill you like a roach because thats what you are to them. humans are so ugly to eldar that just the thought of humans existing is enough to make them vomit. eldar themselves are ugly, coneheaded, bird people that you'd be terrified of.

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DoWII is the only case I can think of where the ingame models are a lot cuter than the CG models.

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Like a woman, of ANY species, would let you near her.

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>less lethal blamming

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Here´s a pic i rarely see posted anywhere

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That's BS. Aeldari are tall enough to look a space marine directly in the eye.

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Her hair will never stop looking awful

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Last one

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>The Ynnari series get canceled because of low sales
>The Trazyn/Necron novel and the Ork novel sell so well that their hardbacks get sold out in minutes on release day

What does that mean exactly? Aeldari are not popular?

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>Eldar are anime made real
>i wonder how many faggots would to fuck an eldar if they looked like pic related
You serious m8

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Look, if this is what it takes to get 40k art threads, so be it.

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Ynnari definitely aren't.

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I think it would be impossible to keep an Eldar slave, simply because even the lower level ones could just flay your mind easily.

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>Eldar de Americas

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I'm unsure. Can someone remind me of what eldar tits look like?

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Then why does Yvraine have 999+ fanart about her?

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That's not really GW's fault. They're just using Americans as their human reference models.

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GW paid to have it made in an effort to fool people into thinking she's a popular character, the same way that GW buys their own stock of AOS starters to inflate their sales numbers and fool people into thinking that AOS is a good or popular game. It's all a con and always has been.

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Ynnari are just a baffling misstep. It perfectly encapsulates GW's total lack of forward planning and inability to even construct the most basic narrative. Before they existed, the Eldar were a doomed race, with the one hope being in their rebirth via Ynnead, but only when they were all dead. Now Yvraine is there, and I guess the Eldar don't have to all die, but lets not pretend that last Crone Sword is ever going to be found. The Eldar haven't moved forward at all, and I'd be willing to bet their entire faction's existence was just a pretext for Guilliman coming back. That and their rules are shit, Eldar haven't gotten new sculpts in decades save some units like Banshees, and it's basically impossible to remember they even exist.

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She looks slav

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How many of you would sell your soul to slannesh to get /ss/'d by a group of 10/10 eldar?

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No amount of Eldar pussy could get me to submit to an eternity of my soul being raped by a chainsword in the afterlife.

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Basically, the Aeldari have two paths ahead of them.

There is the all die path which will awaken Ynnnead.

Eldrad wanted to circumvent by using the crystal moon. He wanted to use a psychic flare to awaken Ynnead without the need for all the Aeldari dying. But he got Deathwatch'ed. It partially woke Ynnead who chose Yvraine as his servant.

Now Yvraine is the Opener of the Seventh Path which is about awakening Ynnead without all the Aeldari dying. They need the Cronewords to intact the ritual of Awakening

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What if instead of a chainsaw you were raped by slaanesh's future cock?

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We dont really have any metric about what counted as successful sale for BL. Perhaps the Necron/ Ork novels where a one-shot from the get go, while BL expected to continue the Ynnari series.

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Also really doesnt help that all Eldar novels are written by one guy. If you happen to not like his style or his idea of the setting/ the faction, you´re essentially fucked.

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That Trazyn and Orks do not have the stigma of Gav Thorpe attached to them

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>Aeldari are not popular?
No but Eldar are

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Eldar players don't like Ynnari, and Gav's turn to SJW ways might be causing a backlash.

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>Shaniqua Brown form the Tyrone craftworld

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You do know who Mike Brooks is, right?

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based and kek

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Soulless creatura

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I would

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Anon, I'm not sure you are aware where you are. The real question isn't "would you" but "wouldn't she be too repulsed by me and would she fuck me?", the choice is on the side of girl, desperate anons would rejoice if she demanded a fuck no matter what she looks like.

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Nope, please explain

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Imagine being leglocked by an Eldar

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That's pretty much the same thing.

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There was also always hinted at something in the Black Library and Cegorach and his Harlequins doing and planning shit in the background. Unfortunately, that has been forgotten or ignored by the writers.
Mind you it was just one of the many "this faction could totally DO THE THING and win henceforth" prophecy shit. But I liked the idea of this clown god and his troupe pulling strings behind everyone's back the whole time.

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Where's the old freakshit eldar art?

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You mean like this?

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Sorta. I was thinking ones where they don't look fuckable, but they're not wearing the full eldar gimp suit.

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The Captain says Hi.

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Thank you art anon :)

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I will save her

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Why does GW hate us so much eldarbros?

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Either that or humanity is extinct as a whole.

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Biggest progressive in the BL team. The Ork book is his

>> No.77245789

You must have missed the part about decay, decadence and stagnation. None of that is necessary to survive in any way, shape or form.

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I want Lilith to find a craftworld (or some deldar renegade) husband, and be edgy but dotting and loving wife and mother.

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There aren't enough human cuties to go around, so what makes you think that there will be enough cuties from a much pickier, smaller species to go around-and that for both species?

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Fuck GW, desu. But I say this more as a fantasy fag.

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Dude, she's fucking seven feet tall. Of course I would!

>> No.77245882

Can I save her?

>> No.77245896

You can, by destroying humanity

>> No.77245899

>Gav Thorpe
Wow, big mystery, better consult the runes on this one

>> No.77245970

I'll do it.

>> No.77246040

Goodwin's Bowie-esq Eldar is absolute spot on. Love the hearts and leather jackets.

>> No.77246057

Jesus Christ is that the colour blue on a John Blanche painting

>> No.77247598

Hmm, pretty based to keep his politics out of his books then. Given he has done that. I have not read the Ork book.

>> No.77247752

Didnt he add gender neutral pronouns like "xhem, xer, xim" etc. for his book about orks and titans, because some orks and tech priests "identify neither as male or female?" Look it up in the amazon user reviews.

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Who are all these faggots posting male eldar?

This thread is about titties

>> No.77247935

Roboute, get off 4chan.

>> No.77247944

Could you niggas post anything other than unfunny shitty flick pics?

>> No.77248023

Well at least one of us should post our eldar army.

>> No.77248025

Oh, this explains everything >>77247935

>> No.77248057

>black eldar
Heresy has gone too far this day

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I don't have family pictures of my eldar army at hand, will corsairs do ?

>> No.77248279

I like drow and you can't stop me.

Those are really neat. Using the Shadow warrior kit as a base?

>> No.77248286

Why would he want that? He doesn't even trust Eldar. Are you just repeating dumb fanfiction again?

>> No.77248317

>black and blue
Huh, pretty good color scheme.

>> No.77248457

Black and blue, meet white and red

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Many good Eldar art today, but you know what I`m not seeing at all? Exodites!

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Shut up and post knife-eared rednecks with dino fetish.

>> No.77248904

Criminally underrated, but at the same time they are hard to implement in a game with space factions fighting all over the universe.

>> No.77249436

Wait, what the fuck model are the guys on jetbikes?

>> No.77249490

Did Robot having an eldar gf changed even a bit the Imperium opinion on knife ears?

>> No.77249506

Why do GW eldar and elves love fucking long helmets? Isn't that kinda inefficient and most likely cause ones death since it sticks out and a shitty guardsman/mortal can get a lucky hit?

>> No.77249518

It didn't, because he doesn't have one.
It's not even Yvraine that's pulling the strings behind this alliance, it's Eldrad again.

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>> No.77249741

Emperador mio...

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Top lel

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Because Trazyn and Orks are fun to read about. They can make mistakes or just some dumb shit and then not spend 10 pages angsting about it. Can you make Eldar books that are interesting to read? Yeah. But you need to put actual effort into it not just drop a couple tropes and use some background info.

>> No.77251327

That seems like a challenge for the Rogue Trader. Imagine raiding dark eldar for slave babes for your harem. Seems like exactly the kind of thing a sufficiently crazy Rogue Trader will do.

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>> No.77251466

This. The path of Dark Eldar books were fucking fantastic and interesting as hell.
I think that the problem with GW authors working with eldar is that they are generally just too fucking stupid to properly write from the perspective of the Eldar.

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>> No.77251507

Eldar are probably the worst written and most unlikable race in 40k. Every single one of them is a pathetic, wimpy, whiny, and arrogant douchebag. They spend so much time hyping themselves up but suffer the most humiliating defeats in the setting (like the one falcon driver who had her tank disabled with rocks wielded by children, and then dragged out and killed by having sticks and stones shoved up her ass and down her throat by those same children). Kinda ironic, because their fantasy counterparts are really badass and beloved by the fandom.

>> No.77251515

Vanari Dawnriders from AoS

>> No.77251529

I don't like BL written from an evil faction's perspective. It's always something like pic related.

>> No.77251531

Eldar are supposed to be a smart, sophisticated race with precognition powers and an inhuman mindset and superhuman intelligence. It isn't easy to write races like from their perspective, and since this is wh40k, they are not allowed to outshine spuhs muhreens in any larger capacity.
Keeping the conflict and stakes small is probably one of the better ways to do.

>> No.77251552

I'm glad she kept her virginity.

>> No.77251564

>falcon driver who had her tank disabled with rocks wielded by children
>cs goto
>cs goto

>> No.77251593

>she kept her virginity.
What a waste

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Every GW villain is stupid evil. Like, they're so evil they'll waste their time torturing nobodies or kill themselves to be evil (like the time the Skaven tried to crash the moon into their world, with themselves on it). Since everyone in 40k is evil, everyone is stupid.

>Malus smiled. "Good. Now tell him wat I have to say." He stepped before the slave, staring down into his pain filled eyes. "Are you the one called Mathieu?" His retainer Arleth Vann translated, almost whispering the thickly-accented Bretonnian into the man's ear. Grunting with pain, the slave nodded.

>"Good. I have a rather amusing story to tell you, Mathieu. Yesterday, I stood at the entrance to the slaves hold and announced that, as a gesture of charity, I would release one of your number, unharmed, before we made port in Naggaroth. Do you remember?" A tumult of emotions blazed behind the slave's eyes, hope, fear and sadness, all tangled together. Again he nodded. "Excellent. I recall you all talked among yourselves, and in the end you chose a young girl. Slender and red-haired. Green eyes like eastern jade and sweet, pale skin. You know of whom I speak?"

>Tears welled in the slave's eyes. He struggled vainly to speak, despite Arleth Vann's terrible grip. "Of course you do." Malus smiled. "She was your betrothed, after all. Yes, she told me this, Mathieu. She fell to her knees before me and begged for you to be set free in her place. Because she loved you." He chuckled softly, thinking back to the scene. "I confess, I was astonished. She said I could do anything I wanted to her, so long as you went free. Anything." He leaned close to the slave, close enough to smell the fear-sweat staining his filthy clothes. "So I put her promise to the test."

>"Clar Karond was only a day away, and the crew deserved a reward for their labours, so I gave her to them. She entertained them for hours, even with their unsophisticated ways. Such screams... surely you heard them. They were exquisite."

>> No.77251690


>Malus paused for a moment as Arleth Vann struggled for the right translation, though by this point the slave's eyes had glazed over, fixed on some distant point only he could see. His muscular body trembled.

>"After the crew was spent, they returned her to me and I let my Lieutenants take their turn." Off to the side, Lhunara grinned and whispered something to Dolthaic, who smiled hungrily in return. "Again, she did not disappoint. Such pleasures, Mathieu. Such sweet skin. The blood sparkled across it like tiny rubies." Malus held out a token in his cupped hand, unfolding it gently and reverently. "You were such a lucky man, Mathieu. She was a gift fit for a prince. Here. I saved you her face. Would you like one last kiss before you go?"

>With a shriek of perfect anguish the slave surged to his feet, but Arleth Vann lashed out with his other hand and sunk his fingertips into the nerve juncture beneath the thick muscle of the human's upper right arm. The slave staggered, unmanned by blinding pain. His eyes were wide, and Malus could see the darkness there, spreading into the human's mind like a stain. The slave let out another despairing wail.

>"Wait, Mathieu. Listen. You haven't heard the really amusing part yet. By the time the crew was done with her she was begging, pleading to be set free instead of you. She cursed your name and renounced her love for you again and again. But of course, I had my oath to consider, I said I would let a slave go unharmed, you see, and that hardly applied to her any more. So in the end her love won out, and oh, how she hated it!" Malus threw back his head and laughed. "Enjoy your freedom, Mathieu." At once Arleth Vann changed his grip on the man, seizing him by the neck and the belt of his breeches, and with surprising strength the druchii picked the large man off the deck and threw him over the side. He hit the water with a loud, flat slap and disappeared into the freezing depths below.

>> No.77251704

Lmao what the fuck am I reading :DDDD

Unironically though, the Dark Eldar books were neat. They didn't depict the Dark Eldar as being "lol randum" evil or being evil just to be evil. Sure, they were depicted as arrogant, scheming dicks, with each lowly kabalite seeing himself as just a temporarily humbled Archon in the making, but the books had method to their madness, that made them pretty relatable, and almost tragic in a way. With each of the Dark Eldar characters being almost like in a mad crawling climb over each other just to survive, with no thought put to some overarching, grand scheme of their whole race, but just focused on ensuring that they themselves, do not have to end up facing She who thirsts.

>> No.77251861


GW is too tame to write anything like that.

>> No.77251956

Shadows warriors, along with wyches and a bunch of other stuff. Here's the refined, gunslinging version : https://imgur.com/a/sCsJzPy
I really hated the original concept provided by Forgeworld, because space pirates should look, well, cool and flamboyant, and the winged guardians were as far from this image as possible. With covid and other professional stuff I haven't been able to work on them for two years, sadly. But then thankfully GW delete the entire army.

>> No.77251976

*Save her for later

>> No.77251977

We do have Norscans cutting open the stomachs of slaves they impregnated and eating the fetuses, and then there's stuff like the daemonculaba and brood servitors/vitae wombs in 40k.

>> No.77251986

>encouraging race mixing

i got some bad news for you

>> No.77252127

>Kinda ironic, because their fantasy counterparts are really badass and beloved by the fandom.
Elves in fantasy have a lot of good traits to balance out their negatives, and there is much more variance in elf personalities than there are with eldar. Like most races in 40k, eldar really only have one personality type and it is a really unlikable one. Characterization in general isn't a strong point of 40k fiction. Everyone is so extreme and one-dimensional that they have no humanity to connect to. Like in fantasy, you have plenty of vignettes of people just being people, whereas in 40k, it's "BLOOD AND SKULLS FOR THE EMPEROR!!!"

>> No.77252172

This is how they treat eldar-human friendship in 40k:

>‘Malvian Craw,’ he said, holding out his hand to the aeldari. She looked down, staring at his hand for a moment with the usual unnerving focus and gravity he'd come to associate with her, a tight frown on her alluring face, then back up at Malvian.

>‘Feuran,’ she said, but did not take his hand.

>A third drop pod hit the ground, the doors thrown open as a Dreadnought barreled forth, each footfall shaking the ground. Then a fourth landed just a couple of dozen yards away, and another squad of Ultramarines poured out to join the battle. The last to depart the pod was a sergeant. His armor was gleaming and decorated with gold filigree over the pauldrons and chestplate, and his helmet was painted red. He carried a bolt pistol in one hand and a chugging chainsword in the other, and he stopped and stared directly at Malvian.

>Malvian shot to his feet as the Space Marine approached and snapped off a salute. ‘Sir,’ he said eagerly, staring up at the giant imposing figure. ‘Sergeant Craw of the 613th. This is…’

>> No.77252188

Kinda true. High Elves in the Sundering and the War of the Beard Trilogy are fun to read about and really varied in their personality. Far more then in the few Eldar novels we got.

>> No.77252193


>The Adeptus Astartes sergeant raised his chainsword and sunk it deep into Feuran's side. It was not a quick or clean death, the sergeant almost lazily pulling the monomolecularly blade through her as if to draw out her torment. The rest of the world was drowned out by the roar of chainsword carving flesh and Faeran's screams, and in the damning silence that followed, Feuran’s two halves toppled sideways onto the grass.

>The Space Marine raised a hand to his helm. ‘Push back the xenos filth,’ he said into his vox. ‘No quarter; give them only suffering and death.’ The sergeant lingered for a few moments longer. ‘Pick up your weapon and join the fight, Guardsman.’ With that, he turned and strode away towards the forest where his brothers were attacking the greenskins.

>Malvian watched the sergeant go, then dropped to his knees beside Feuran’s corpse. All relief at being saved from the greenskins had vanished. His hands were trembling, not with fear, but with anger and grief. She was a xenos, true, but not like the orks. Nothing like the orks. She hadn’t deserved such an ignoble end.

>‘I’m sorry,’ he said, the tremble in his hands reaching his voice as well. ‘Thank you,’ he added, realizing he hadn’t told her before, ‘for saving my life.’

Note that she'd gone back to save the human and was injured in the process (which is why the marine killed her so easily).

>> No.77252320

Tbh, its one of the reasons why fantasy is just more fun then 40k. You just know that 40k always goes the cheapishly predictable rout of "and then, they killed them all and screamed the same 4 lines about hatred and xenos and mon-keigh and yadda yadda yadda." In WHB and AoS, you can play with all kind of interactions between men and elves.

>> No.77252356

It's what happens when you promote the Skaven to main character faction.

>> No.77252393

Diplomacy does not exist in 40k. There's really no meaningful way to interact other than war, which means no intrigue or just general kookiness that happens in fantasy.

>> No.77252408

Bullshit, you lorelet.

>> No.77252422


>> No.77252448

>shilling the demonstrably false tagline

>> No.77252487

Everything about AoS's human-elf interactions seems weird. It almost feels more like something out of discworld, especially in human cities where Dark Elves and High Elves build temples next to each other and have this vicious cold war with humans in the middle (and both trying to pull the humans to their side of the conflict to tip the scales).

>> No.77252509

So? It doesn't say there is no diplomacy. We can have countless examples of diplomatic overtures that lead to truces, alliances, trade, etc etc.

>> No.77252563

No. The most you get are ceasefires (followed shortly by one side backstabbing the other). The one ally the Imperium had, the squats, they backstabbed at a key moment so that the Tyranids could fuck them over. That's how diplomacy works in 40k, with both sides just trying to maneuver to backstab the other. If a comparison could be made to fantasy, it would be the "diplomacy" of the dark elves or skaven.

>> No.77252686

Diplomacy happens all the time, many craftworlds have diplomatic ties with individual human worlds.

>> No.77252786

the eldars haven't betrayed tallarn yet ,as far as I remember

>> No.77252834

fuck off goto

>> No.77253057

To be fair the elf-human friendship was going fine, it's the Space Marines who are the problem

>> No.77254510

I think the "diplomatic" part of 40k exists for the most part within the empire, where it's actually kind of interesting.
Even though all of the imperial factions are on the same side the massive bureaucracy of the empire and competing interests and ideologies that exist within it create room for fun interplay.
This kind of makes sense because where in fantasy good humans only make up a few factions in 40k they're like half the setting.

>> No.77254684

I'd argue that even the interpolitics between different Empire provinces in fantasy is a lot more interesting than the interpolitics of the Imperium. 40k politics among the nobility is more Skaven like where everyone extremely petty and trying to backstab each other. Nobility carrying out systemic genocide on each others populations is common as fuck in the Imperium, and they only barely band together in the face of an outside threat. Again, there can only be war and all.

>> No.77254748

hmm, you're correct about calling marine fans size queens, but you use the faggy new name for eldar, so it's a wash.

>> No.77255862

do more 40k art threads

>> No.77256630

Good thing you didn't call the the new retarded name. I will never call the Aeldari. It's beyond retarded and try-hard. No seriously say this name 20 times in a row and say it's not embarrassingly stupid sounding compared to Eldar.

>> No.77257559

The only good Aeldari is the squatted one. I hope GW will remove them from the game soon.

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