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Witch Hunter Edition

Previous thread: Killer Squirrel Edition

Previous thread: >>77084896

General thread for the games too niche to be in a proper thread but too GW to be in >>>/tg/awg.
Blood Bowl, Necromunda, Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game, Kill Team, Warcry, Epic, Underworlds, Aeronautica, Mordheim, BFG and any other GW system and board game are welcome.

For mainline games go to:

>We are working on a mega archive with the rulebooks for the boxed and specialist games (don't share).
>Drop any missing files you might have here:
>Old links:

What is your favourite Kill Team/Warband/Blood Bowl Team and why?

General thread for the games too niche to be in a proper thread but too GW to be in >>>/tg/awg.
Blood Bowl, Necromunda, Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game, Kill Team, Warcry, Epic, Underworlds, Aeronautica, Mordheim, BFG and any other GW system and board game are welcome.

For mainline games go to:

>We are working on a mega archive with the rulebooks for the boxed and specialist games (don't share).
>Drop any missing files you might have here:
>Old links:

What was your favourite miniature of the most recent Warhammer Preview?

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TQ: you can't make me pic between all the specialist games models anon. That's mean

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>What was your favourite miniature of the most recent Warhammer Preview?
This dude or the Blood Dragon-ish vampire I guess. The other models weren't so hot. I'm quite looking forward to the Cursed City thing though.

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>What was your favourite miniature of the most recent Warhammer Preview?
The vampires were great (except the female one)
I liked the primaris commander in the kill team box, but im never going to buy that shit (rip my KT frens)
The vampire hunter and the ghoul thing are the absolute best from all of that, i loved BSF and cant wait to play this, hopefully they wont price hike it

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Basically the guy above, but I really didn't hate any of the new Specialist stuff. I mean, Killteam was a dud, but that was to be expected and even if the box is shit the models in it are nice enough.

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The other Quest model

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Why did they sculpt him with his dick hanging out?

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oh holy shit he really does have a fat boner what the fuck

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Bros.. I don’t see anything resembling a cock.

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So it's not hanging out?

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MESBG bros, have any of you tried the "Fantasy Fellowship" campaign thing from Quest of the Ringbarer? Seems like it could be fun.

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>hopefully they wont price hike it
They will. The upside is that between the new direchasm vamps and the new WHQ you will also have enough stuff to play a Soulblight or LoN warcry force as well. So 3 games total.

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>legolas gets literal “great bow of Lorien” from galadriel
>>doesn’t get a great bow from LL
For what purpose?

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It’s cool, a few of the limitations are kinda disappointing but it’s a really cool idea and overall very well done. Scenarios require a lot of models, though, so be ready for that

I’d love a fantasy fellowship tournament

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Oh I forgot breaking of the fellowship LL is so overpowered

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did they had to wait for the world to collapse to finally release good-looking models ?

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owo, what's this?

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Not yet, since it doesn't allow me to play my dream "take your dad to work day" fellowship

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What's the lineup for that?

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Lothlorien list doesn't have greatbows so she couldn't give him one :^) Also
>Men of Dale have Esgaroth bows, but the men of Esgaroth have normal bows

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It's a fun idea, but depending on the fellowship it can be almost impossible for the evil player to win in a lot of the scenarios since you can make waaay stronger fellowships on average. Especially if you just put the cheapest hero possible in the Boromir slot since he dies anyway.

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Vampires looked good, so did the Witch Hunter.
It sucks that I'm primarily a 40k player and primarily play Kill Team because we got absolutely nothing of value this preview.

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Did the Blackstone quest mini expansions get squated? I can't find them on the store anymore.

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I mean, the KT box set is something at least right? It shows they are still supporting it. Better than nothing no?

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That KT box is just an excuse to make SM and Necron players pay extra money for new units.

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yes. you can find them a few places still

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Arathorn, Thranduil, Gloin, Denethor, Bilbo, Paladin Took, Saradoc Brandybuck (using Merry's profile), Hamfast Gamgee (using Sam's profile), and Saruman (bit of a strech but the closest thing to a mentor figure Gandalf has)

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>Less than enough in the box to make even a whole KT for either side
>Barely any terrain
>Basically an early plug for new Primaris/Necron models
>Meanwhile a bunch of factions are still half-baked and incomplete
>Sisters STILL have nothing in the way of Elites or faction keywords

That box is worse than nothing, its almost an insult. Like being thrown a bone once every so often. Its the pretense of still caring. The only reason they're bothering is because it can maximise their profits for more Primaris.

I'd give anything to be able to run an Inquisition KT made up of Acolytes and Mercs with an Interrogator at its head, even if it was homebrewed.
But its never going to fucking happen because GW only looks our way whenever new Primaris stuff comes out.

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Just got the Necromunda Underhive box for an absolute steal because it's in Japanese

Was worth it for the models and terrain alone, plus the dice, templates, etc.

I've never played the game before and I believe the tactics cards and whatnot are basically optional.

I've got a Cawdor gang ready to be built, and I've of course got the Goliath gang with the box. Now that I've got a second gang to do I'll either convert them as beefy Chaos cultists, or as Goliaths with some conversions for going down the outlaw and Chaos worshipping route.

What rulebook(s) do I now need to buy in English?
I assume the Necromunda Underhive rulebook for the main rules and the Goliath rules, plus the House of Chains book for their extras?
What rulebook are Cawdor and Chaos cultist gangs in?

I believe it's the house of judgement for the turning to chaos rules, but if that's just a small bit I'll print it from the mega

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He certainly is a... stiff undead.

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Long story short do not buy the books unless you like the lore. Find a pdf of the community compendium somewhere.

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I'm so excited for House of Faith. What do you think Cawdor will get? I'm hoping for Flagellant-like chaff guys and a way to bring more bodies to any battle by default instead of just as a random tactic.

I was thinking their prospects could be super weak but they're special thing could be you could bring a random number of them tacked onto the base number of gangers you can bring for a given scenario. Does that sound fair? I'm still new to Necromunda and don't know if that would be overpowered or underpowered.

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gandalf's dad is the valar Manwe

speaking of that when will they release Valar models

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This just looks like a normal package, yall got some micropeens.

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I mean if he's supposed to be pitching a tent there, then the poor bastard is packing a Cursed Sword of -4.

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I don't have the 4th Ed book any more to take photos, so I'm going off memory.
The rules for Kill-Team back then was that you built a single unit where you could include multiple unit types. That unit would face off against roaming 3-man squads of goons backed up by a boss goon; get too close and you'll get detected, with a risk of other nearby squads being contacted and running in too.
That's all it is man. Figure it out with your mate and play a game. You don't need the book to tell you what to do.
A mate and I played coop Kill-Team where Tyranids would spawn from 6 spawning pools according to dice rolls. We had to advance into the swarm and destroy the spawning pools. We just fucking made the tables up and played the games. It was sweet.
Seriously, you're pushing around pretend spessmen using a ruleset that GW has nothing but contempt for. Nothing about that is gospel truth. Make your "tacticool operators vs dumb 80s sentries" rules and play it out.

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i guess never unless they do a first age expansion book
i really hope they dont fuck up the amazon tv show that could have some great second age models for mesbg, and if that sells very well hopefully we get first age

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The timeline shifted again.

>> No.77161362

That bad, eh?
Not sure what the community compendium is, but there's a compiled rulebook from 2019 on the mega, which I suspect is along those lines

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What could possibly go wrong?

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I'm also new to munda, but am going straight for Cawdor for the aesthetic. My understanding is they're a bit underpowered atm.

I love the old redemptionist models, so I will be gutted if it's not the addition of redemptionists as a sort of beefier less swarm-based alternative.
That, and more fun with flamers

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Yeah, Saruman is definitely the better option.

Even if the Amazon show turns out to be supremely shit, I hope GW can negotiate access to their IP. New models and a nice wave of hype to ride on is always nice.

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I'm desperately hoping for a fleshed out Numenor faction finally. As much as I love the Elendil and Isildur sculpts, the warrior models have not held up in my opinion.

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I feel like in n17 Cawdor and Redemptionists are kind of one in the same. I prefer it that way bc them being separate gangs in old Necromunda felt weird bc they were so similar.

>> No.77161573

I think it'd be hard to make cawdor even more pyromaniac.

I'm kinda mad that the book is called House of Faith when the gang itself is referred to inlore as the House of Redemption, but whatever.
Probably we'll get some prospects with some kind of unstable flamer things and zealot firebrand preacher champs. A stig-shambler model would be nice too.

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Eh, I liked the female one as she had a better pose, better armor. But they always have to do something weird with the hair. Fucking why a sword through the hair? Why the Disney bats lifting up the hair? Why add fragile shit to a perfectly good model that makes it not look like a vampire fucking LORD but a pasty ginger out for meth.

>> No.77161720

I'm glad someone else is bothered by the name, idk why they changed it. And definitely hoping for a stig-shambler.

>> No.77161767

Well yeah, makes sense to mix in some redemptionist style champions and juves. Maybe a leader with some fire-based tactics.
Haven't played yet, so hard to comment, but what I've heard here is that flamers aren't that good.
I suspect the name is so it's not quite as simple as Cawdor = Redemptionists.
My understanding of the lore is that Cawdor is the poor and faithful, and Redemptionists are probably a bit less poor and more 'burn the heretic'

Surely a melee-savvy ganger with an eviscerator will be a thing

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Its worse than nothing actually.

>> No.77162207

Yeah it really is an insult. I was really hoping the teased images of the Inquisition and Ministorum would be for the other side of the box fighting Flayed Ones, but of course, as always, 50% of everything has to be Primaris.

Still hoping that we're getting an Inquisition Kill Team, they're the perfect faction for it.

>> No.77162372

Wonder why they dont just go 100%. Primaris vs chaos primaris

>> No.77162384

I'd give my left bollock for an Inquisition Kill Team.

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GW only has rights to lotr, the hobbit, and the appendices, plus the movies, not to silmarillion or any other extended works. Hence no gondolin faction or any of that stuff, they just don’t have the rights to do it.

They would take numenor from exclusively ally-tier to amazing just by adding a cavalry unit and giving them better bows. We see cav in the isildur death flashback so they don’t even need to do any creative design, and a relatively cheap S4/F4 + lance option sounds amazing.

And as for bows
>it was the bows of the numenoreans that were most greatly feared. ‘The men of the sea’ it was said ‘Send before them a great cloud, as a rain turned to serpents, or a black hail tipped with steel’; and in those days the great cohorts of the king’s archers used bows made of hollow steel, with black-feathered arrows a full ell long from point to notch
I’m in what seems to be the small camp of liking the lightly armored troop aspect, but they need a convincing punch to follow that up. Oh, and give us anarion already

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How about they make another game for primaris entirely. Just primaris vs primaris.

>> No.77162709

Primaris vs Sigmarines. Perfect.

>> No.77162750

Cawl messed with their geneseed a bit, so I would not be surprised if we saw Horus Heresy electric boogalo with Primaris v Primaris.

>> No.77163113

Well they did make horus heresy..

>> No.77163117

But that would be fun and interesting. How about instead of that a new starter featuring new primaris that can transform into attack bike mode and have wheels for pauldrons?

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Lord isn't from Underworld

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Perhaps we SHOULD homebrew something, bros.
Not like the stuff we need to do it isn't already there.
Acolytes could have a similar statline to Guardsmen, Tempestus Scions are basically Stormtroopers, the leader could be either a minor Inquisitor or an Interrogator, and we could drop in requisition rules so the faction can take DW, SoB or GK units as specialists based on what Ordo Keyword your team takes.

Obviously this is just spitballing at this point but its something to maybe work on. Throw in the Blackstone Fortress specialists and you've got a varied little band.

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Does anyone have a source for third party crusader robots or vorax or anything similar for epic? Either minis or STL files would work. I am tired of using colossus or similar looking robots to count as crusaders.

>> No.77163412

Definitely should. It would be rather easy

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I got this box for my Bday, what's a good team i can make with this? I was thinking:
x1 Clawleader Leader (145)
x1 Rat Ogre (225)
x1 Rat Ogre with Warpfire gun (235)
x1 Packmaster (65)
x3 Clanrat with rusty blade and shield (225)
x3 Giant Rats (105)
10 models, 1000 points
It's my first list for the system, based around what seems like a good mix of speed, damage and tankyness, is it good and if it's not what should i change about it?

>> No.77163686

How will you staff your combat groups? This is really important.
Also, think about how you'll handle objectives. There are different approaches to many of them and just having the list best at murderfucking everything might not win you the game, so plan accordingly.

>> No.77163875

I'm not great at the balance side of things, but I'd definitely be down to put in some collaborative effort.
I do have an old Shadow War: Armageddon book lying around somewhere. Could borrow some inspiration from that for the faction.

>> No.77164197

Why does this guy have edges everywhere?
Ffs, even his boots and gloves have edges

>> No.77164288

it’s the heavy metal obsession with edge highlights. a wash and light dry brush will do much better

>> No.77164399

I would dig up old inquisition books to look at options and such. Then get start writing things down. You can balance once you have something. My buddy and I crunched out a HH KT pdf over the summer in about a day. I have only played a couple games of nuKT even.

>> No.77164429

>Games Workshop announces "Warhammer Quest" Cursed City
Cool, can I buy it please
>No, we need to hype you up for three months so you want to buy it before you can buy it

>> No.77164464

nice cock, bro

>> No.77164467

>wow i hate being able to plan my purchases
>wow i hate knowing something will happen
>i need literally instant gratification
what an absolutely bizarre thing to complain about bro

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>> No.77164506

shut up redguard
It's a legit complaint. Sure, pretty much every company ever does this, but it's still annoying marketing

>> No.77164539

having been around for the days when GW did no marketing or communication and just released shit on a seemingly random schedule with no warning - it sucked and you’re retarded.

>> No.77164561

So /tg/, will you be buying the Cursed City set to play? Or will you be ignoring the game and just getting recast minis to use for Mordheim?

>> No.77164736

you're looking for like the oldschool not-human style crusaders? (since you mention vorax)
I've never seen a perfect fit, but I do like khurasan's mekanoids for admech robots. there's also the technically-10mm weird looking power armors from CAV that can work pretty well.
planetfall had a whole bunch of good robots and power armors, but sadly oop now and getting tough to find.
Bradley's line is a lot of not!marines, but they've got some funky power armors and mechs in there that might suit you. not strictly related, but easily some of my favorite 6mm dreads.
Some of the Age of Tyrants synths could fit the bill - they're sold through scotia now.
I also saw a guy once who did proxy vorax by just taking dzc razorworms and painting them silver. worked alright.

>> No.77164758

might be the first GW boxed game i get in a minute. the art direction and minis gave me absolutely sold.

>> No.77164792

I'll buy it, play it, and use the minis for whatever.

>> No.77164808

I'm hoping that Order of Azyr will become a faction so I can play them in Warcry.

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File: 178 KB, 500x500, AOTVD014.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

age of tyrants in general has a bunch of stuff that can work if you want retro-admech

>> No.77164870

>a wash and light dry brush will do much better
Uh, its faster and looks alright sure. Maybe even more realistic depending on what sort of material its representing.
But seeing a well painted heavy metal style mini on the board is striking. They look so much better than what pictures can convey. Its definitely not worth spending the tons of extra time per model if you just want reasonably good models, but dont start saying that a simple drybrush looks better, that just aint true.

>> No.77164887

The Witch Hunter alone has me sold but really, it genuinely looks like an interesting sub setting so I'd be interested in trying it too.

>> No.77164907

Are Chorfs realistic for BB in the future? I know they used to have a team in the old days.

>> No.77164951

Yes. The Teams of Legend are there as a placeholder, they won't be dying any time soon. GW is also aware of the demand so I would be confident they intend to release them in the future.

>> No.77165060

I was thinking Main group in shield, side group with Melee Rat Ogre in dagger, and putting Rats in Hammer since they are the fastest

>> No.77165203

Lol the retarded over highlighting that characterizes modern heavy metal looks fucking shit. yeah half assed dry brushing isn’t great but doing it in the right amount in the right places is great, and it’s better than putting white highlights on leather fucking gloves. the satchel on his back by contrast is much better looking leather.

>> No.77165276

Yeah looks pretty standard for Skaven, you'll be fine. I'd consider making a few changes to your deployment groups though. I'd putting the melee rat ogor in the shield because it's the most likely group to begin the game in play so he has more actions to advance up the board, put the ranged one in the dagger, and maybe swap the leader into the hammer so you have at least one decently fighty/survivable model per deployment group - I know it's tempting to just keep the hammer full of minimal chaff because it's wildly unpredictable when it comes into play, but you'll get more consistent results if you don't skew so heavily towards just 2/3 of your groups.

>> No.77165563

i would agree with>>77164467
being a uni student makes it way better for planing purchases and choosing things carefuly

>> No.77165574

Hey frens, I haven't played a GW game since WHFB died, but i'm getting a bit of an urge to play warcry. I wanna do an undead monster/vampire horror band. Would Legions of Nagash or Flesh Eaters be better?

>> No.77165585

i loved BSF so for the quest first of all.
i started making some warbands for mordheim and would love to use some models for it too

>> No.77165658

i havent played flesh eaters but i can vouch for Lon
i have a necromancer, a wight king with shield grave guard and skellies, i was fucked on some missions because of movement but most of the time wight king and grave guard shreaded thru enemies with no problem and my skellies just guarded my necromancer in the back that was taking pot shots and buffing guys around him

it generally felts slow but hard hitting and i see why everyone is recommending vargheists,

>> No.77165753

Would 2 vampires, a blood knight, and a vargheist be a good team? It's a bit low in models and I read somewhere the undead generally struggle with being fragile. I could upgrade the blood knight or vargheist to a kastellan or vargoyle, or add a grave guard.

>> No.77165754

Like I said already, that retarded over highlighting looks stunning in person when the models are on the table. It does looks too stark in close up pictures though. GW features it mainly since it makes the details of the models pop, even though on some parts it looks silly in close up pictures.

>> No.77165873

as far as i understand they have the license for the lord of the rings films, the hobbit films, lord of the rings books and appendices, ive read somewhere that the license for 25mm scale hobbit books actually went to some other company and thats why they waited for the hobbit films license.

Im hoping they get the licence to make minis for the show, even if the show is bad i think it will be nice to get some new second age models and i think the hype will be good for MESBG

I also know that there are two ways they got characters from other periods into the game
1. only metion of a character, like Eorl he was mentioned by name yet they created a miniature for him, i guess they could do one for some valar mentioned in the books
2. they got permission to use a character from some other work, like Khamul form unfinished tales

My personal best case scenario is GW manages to renegotiate their license so they are able to use way more works, but for the first age permission the estate will also have to change their current stance about not giving right for silmarillion to anyone, hopefully the current growth of GW and if the tv show ends up being good changes their minds

>> No.77165903

Considering how conservative the estate is and ahh.... How..... Progressive amazon tends to be....I doubt it....

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File: 809 KB, 1920x2273, 1608151658542.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've got FEC and can vouch for them being very good. They have a somewhat limited range of fighters, but among those fighters they have everything they need to succeed; you've got cheap, quick chaff units in ghouls and strong, tanky, fast bruisers to take hits and dish out damage in horrors and flayers.
My list is:
>Crypt Infernal (leader) (300)
>Crypt Flayer (235)
>Crypt Horror (190)
>Crypt Ghoul (55) x5
1000 points on the dot.

>> No.77165976

i think it might be too few models, i think if you have less then 5 your action economy struggles way too much.
also ive never used cavalry in warcry but i think they cant climb any terrain
personaly i think id switch the blood knight for as many skellies as you can put in his stead
but try it out, maybe youl like it and maybe if you like the blood knight you could switch the vampire ally for the blood knight

also if cavalry cant climb stairs in the rules i would homerule it that they can, i do understand why horses cant go up ladders but i donts see why they cant go up stairs

>> No.77166009

>i think if you have less then 5 your action economy struggles way too much.
I wouldn't go less than 6 honestly unless you're making some kind of gimmick team like all-Brutes Ironjawz.

>> No.77166035

Nah. I’m pretty happy about this. Gives me time to finish my backlog before ordering what will be a very large painting project for me

>> No.77166061

I was really disappointed by the gameplay of BSF, so I don’t know if it will be an instant purchase. I love the minis and the setting though

>> No.77166087

im not that rules savvy but i think if playing a LoN warband you can ally in a FEC leader and vice versa, that might be a nice way to find a sweet spot if you cant decide between these two

>> No.77166377

the logic is sound but there's no way someone that irresponsible with ellipsis is on the right side of history.

>> No.77166577

Alright, sounds good. I'll take a day or two, throw together what I have and post it here. Keep an eye on the thread.

>> No.77166763

I hope so. Their new stats suck, but I still love the ugly little bastards. Would love to see some updated big hats in plastic.

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File: 1.85 MB, 2448x3671, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-LBboHAbNzg3aDM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck, I'm going with 32mm Necromunda bases for most things I think.

I know it's a dense skirmish game but even these old guys look pretty cramped on 25mm bases. I'm surprised at GW, most of the new stuff would be on 32s if they were a 40k unit, they're bigger than Firstborn Marines.

>> No.77166919


Not my painting btw. I was generously donated the 1st edition of Necromunda by a nice lady at my GW when I was 16.

>> No.77166969

I hear you mate. I'm currently putting together a 2nd edition era Space Marine army (Angels of Redemption and Lamenters), and 32mm bases look so much better.

I'm of the opinion that necromunda should use silhouettes like infinity to determine if a model can be seen etc.

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File: 2.29 MB, 4000x3000, IMG_20200728_231202586.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



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File: 63 KB, 550x627, Kranon the Crammed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i dont play necromunda but go for it!
i hate how my models from dark vengeace are on 25mm bases insted of 32 (im going to rebase them soon) and especially pic related.
I put him on 40mm because he looks just as big as the chaos lord from BSF and yet they crammed him on 25mm

>> No.77167283


Man the Chaos in that box were so nice. Not exactly beginner friendly to paint like the Tyranids or Orks of the editions before though.

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File: 347 KB, 1095x1195, 1609793798193.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Never looked at Warhammer Quest before
>Models shown for Cursed City look cool
>Look at BSF to see if I think I'll like Cursed City when it comes out
>Looks super fun
>Realize that if I bought BSF now, there's no way I'd even get it painted before Cursed City comes out, let alone convince my friends to play it
I guess I'll just wait.

>> No.77167393

I think GW generally follows the idea that baseline human or human-like stuff is on 25/28mm bases, and power armored/genetically augmented/mean robot stuff gets 32s.

Personally I've always considered toes hanging over the edges of a base part of a model's charm, but I can totally understand not liking it.

>> No.77167571


I forget 28s exist now, shame GW introduced them after their current ranges of plastic scenic bases.

>> No.77167780

>I think GW generally follows the idea
>implying gw is in to the logical consistency

>> No.77167921

Wait, you're not fucking with me, are you? 28mm bases are a thing?

>> No.77167933

They're pretty new. I know there are a few in various Warcry cult boxes.

>> No.77167985

Dude GW has so many new base sizes it's silly. 28mm bases, they also have new oval bases for SMALLER models, like the wolves from snarlfangs rippas. All the underworlds bases are custom scenics...

>> No.77167992


Annoyingly yes.

>> No.77167994

Man, I'm getting out of touch, I still remember /tg/ being angry about the introduction of 32mm bases like it was about a year ago

>> No.77168037
File: 3.36 MB, 3264x1841, 1547769530260 (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


As someone who rebased a lot of my Fantasy (not necessarily GW) miniatures on either 25 or 40mm rounds, it was kind of annoying.

>> No.77168126

yeah i got into warhammer during 7ed and i got the chaos side, never painted them untill recently because they seemed so complex and the rule booklet didnt help me understand how to play against my friends space marines.
after that box i got the spire of dawn and the other aos starter with sigmarines vs chaos and they were easier to paint and the rules were simpler but still the game didnt seem that much fun and i moved town so i couldnt even paint my minis
after about 4 years now i guess, i found my models and finished my rats, khore guys, and these chaos space marines which turned out to be far easier to paint then i expected
after painting the things i had, i got myself BSF and warcry which i enjoyed a lot, currently im trying out MESBG and im loving the game

>> No.77168130

>I've never seen a perfect fit, but I do like khurasan's mekanoids for admech robots.
These at least look distinctive so I will probably go with them. Thanks.

I like them but nothing really fits the bill of crusaders in size or appearance. Maybe if I ever wanted to run a guard force as skitarii or something I would use their nice tanks, but my Mechanicum uses a lot of ordinatus minoris and infantry in super heavy ordinatus transports with mixed air, orbital, and cybernetica support so nowhere to really fit in Leman Russ sized tanks.

>> No.77168143
File: 49 KB, 493x828, 545451545154.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Im not buying till Klovis the Redeemer is added

>> No.77168149

you can play BSF solo, or just force your gf to play, thats what i did and she loved playing it in the end

>> No.77168207
File: 33 KB, 422x491, 1611273038409.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

haha yeah

>> No.77168394

Really hoping he will get a model when HoF comes out.

>> No.77168445

come on buddy, go and get her then!

>> No.77168471
File: 1.71 MB, 1000x707, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone got the updated Warcry rules for the maggotkin? Considering trying Warcry out at my LGS weekly event and want to see what I can build with my collection.

>> No.77168547

>currently im trying out MESBG and im loving the game
Welcome into the folds! I really can't enjoy most other GW systems anymore since I found LotR SBG, I hope you fare better.

>> No.77169138

Dedicated flamers are kinda meh. Blunderpoles that shoot flame are great, hand flamers are great, and combat shotguns with template shot types are great.

>> No.77169379

im that anon who got pelennor for christmas and my warriors on foot had fucked up faces do too mold error
i played just with the contents of the box with my gf and she likes it, she still prefers BSF but i think it will grow on her.
currently im still reading up on some rules and i loved painting my dead and im currently finishing my riders of rohan

>> No.77169398

>hand flamers are great
Really? S3 with 0 AP, the only good thing about it is Pistol category, so I guess it's dedicated Juve weapon?

>> No.77170079
File: 9 KB, 400x300, Pyrkol-MOAT-Flame-Template-compatible-with-Hellstorm-Apocalypse-_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.77170583

>>wow i hate being able to plan my purchases
if you need to budget around a boardgame, maybe it's best to skip it
>>wow i hate knowing something will happen
GW have teasers for their teasers. There is literally no value to knowing that 'something' will happen. I can make that prediction without a statement from GW.
>>i need literally instant gratification
It's more like you've forgotten about the game when it finally comes out.

>> No.77170977
File: 220 KB, 1600x1047, blood_bowl_skavenblight_scramblers_box.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ratpill me on skaven in BB, /gwsg/. Thinking of getting into them as a team but it seems like they just die a lot. Any tips for running them?

>> No.77171015

>if you need to budget around a boardgame, maybe it's best to skip it
That’s absolutely terrible logic. I make $85k a year, not rich but well above the median and average. I still factor games into my budget because this hobby isn’t the only part of my life. Knowing that something like that will release in 3 months means I probably won’t make another big hobby purchase between now and then.

If you’re not doing that you’re probably just being impulsive and reckless with your money, or you’re a turbo-neck beard who has nothing else going on in their life.

>> No.77171142


yeah I'll be ordering from mysteryforger still and just getting the old metal gangs

>> No.77171162


I spent $200-300/mo on nerd shit lol. I make the same. However - this is a great way to amass a huge pile of shit so most of my purchases tend to be tools/paints/trying new things

>> No.77171203
File: 582 KB, 220x165, 7j2NIZm.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to play Mordheim but I want more warbands. Is Wyrdwars good?

>> No.77171263

no it's a living rulebook compiled by the Necromunda reddit group. They have the link floating around on their discord

>> No.77171706

$200-300 a month still probably requires planning out your purchases if you’re buying GW boxed games.

>> No.77171733

I want to get into solo play games, currently looking at blackstone fortress. The price is kinda steep though, is there any other 40k game that could be played solo?

>> No.77171822

Can you even still buy BSF stuff?

>> No.77171846

I'm interested in seeing what the stats are for the Cawdor Executioner. I'm guessing that it's a melee based champion, but we'll see when it comes out. It could also be a whole lot of nothing.

>> No.77171866

Mordheim has a truly ridiculous number of warbands already. You've checked out Broheim, right?

>> No.77171878

Shhhhh, none of that here

>> No.77171885

$160 in amazon

>> No.77171976

The KT box isnt great. I'll probably pick it up though; because I use SM and my brother uses Necrons, and it's nice to have more variety in terms of terrain/location. Black Templars entering the endless labyrinth of a tomb world could be a fun set of games. I'm looking forward to using Bladeguard and Assault Intercessors in my roster.

i really need to get some of these, I love the plastic 2nd ed. SMs

>> No.77172013

Never heard of it

>> No.77172319

> GW releases a new Warhammer Quest
> They'll probably add missions and character rules in White Dwarf like they've done with all of the previous ones
> They can release character rules for Warhammer Underworlds models

Please make this happen

>> No.77172328
File: 144 KB, 340x340, 105.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Fat boner
Anon if thats what a boner looks like to you, I feel very bad for your significant other

>> No.77172388
File: 2.18 MB, 540x304, tumblr_1deca3485ee41bf9bd60b5d234bdca79_8659b65f_540.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Three months
Bro it's CoronaHammer End Times combined with Gathering Storm Fall of Brexit this year. It's gonna be a year at least if it comes out at all

>> No.77172409

This would be a cool model if you only had one of them

>> No.77172643

maybe wait until you're vaccinated first

>> No.77172809

confirmed for being a retard and a faggot. get a time machine back to 2008 and see how you like it

>> No.77172867

Bruh just fuck her from the back

>> No.77173034
File: 267 KB, 840x769, 1610959997266.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

When expanding my DG army from 1.5k to 2k, is it pretty much just standard procedure to chuck Morty into the list and call it a day?

>> No.77173068

desu desu

>> No.77173106

wrong thread you doublefaggot
kill yourself

>> No.77173124

my bad, I'm a little drunk.

>> No.77173144

Primarchs don't belong on the table.

To bring it back on topic, how do Deathguard fare in Killteam?

>> No.77173223

Quite well. They've got rock hard guys with very strong special weapons and shitty goons to spam as well. They're probably an A/A+ tier team, but not an S tier team

>> No.77173249

Reasonably well. They've got decent access to good multi-damage weaponry, their marines are fairly hardy, and they have very cheap chaff. In a competitive environment I'd wager they're about mid tier though; they are fairly slow (though "free" advances from their legion trait helps) and poxwalkers not having mindless makes the morale phase a serious liability for them. Experienced opponents will know to start picking off the zombies early which can cause their morale to snowball out of control in the mid-late game.

>> No.77173616

Looking forward it.

>> No.77173631

how come in the LOTR Army Book Rivendell don't have Wood Elf Infantry, but on the GW site they do. I was gonna pick up unarmoured Elladan and Elrohir with some Wood Elves to make a Rivendell scouting force

>> No.77173664

Look at Gildor Inglorion's profile.

>> No.77173680

oh thanks, stupid me was just skimming over profiles

>> No.77173749

Anyone know what the least popular necromunda faction is? Not much meta in my area but when I branch out I don't want to face my own faction all the time. Only faction I'm not keen on is Esher as my probable main opponent has them.

>> No.77173844

Same for me. I hate having an extensive backlog. So being able to finish what I already have is always a good idea.

>> No.77173890

Nothing I can think of, maybe something Core Space might scratch that itch for you?

>> No.77173895

It obviously depends on things like how long people have been playing, but from my experience Orlocks have been rather underplayed because they are rather "vanilla" and their mirror gang before House of Iron was GSC, which is always a favourite.

>> No.77173896

What is the gameplay structure of warhammer quest? Do you play out of a mission book or is everything selected at random through cards? Just wondering what the replay value of the game is. I have been burned on dungeon crawlers before that offer no options after completing the missions.

>> No.77173996
File: 131 KB, 500x500, AOTSY006.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I like them but nothing really fits the bill of crusaders in size or appearance
I was scoping these ones as a vorax-alike. little bit bigger than doods, and kind of rocking the weird legs and stuff. T-synths. that kind of weaponry is pretty easy to explain away in epic because the difference between various close assault and CQC weapons is superficial. There's also the M-synths but those might be a hair too big.

>> No.77174014

the funniest part of this is that nowadays the only base sizes they *don't* use seem to be the industry standard ones like 25mm, 30mm, etc.
most people I know seem to have just given up when it comes to having the correct base size for gw models. it's always flavor of the week, and whatever game you're thinking of playing will be dead by the time you get around to rebasing your stuff.

>> No.77174161


They're the closest thing to Elves without being Elves and without passing, which makes them huge in the new rules.
Their massive Movement Allowance and those Dodge Gutter Runners means they're wherever you want them to be on the pitch, and if you learn the skill the team is capable of one turn touchdowns.
Access to random Mutations for 6SPP is strong, especially considering the number of touchdowns you'll be scoring, and even if rats die your linemen only cost 50K, which is even cheaper considering the number of said touchdowns.
The Rat Ogre... exists.
They're a great team, would recommend giving them a go.

>> No.77174186


Skaven are fast and have access to the most notorious non-elf runner in the game. Four of them in fact. If things fuck up your entire team has the speed to reposition. If somebody get's through your LOS then almost literally anybody behind them is going to be able to work as a safety.
The downsides are, as you have spotted, only the Stormvermin get anything like decent armour, so you'll get heavy casualties and whilst Linerats are somewhat disposable, your Gutter Runners are not.
Score fast, score often to relieve pressure on your frontline, don't forget you're also one of the teams who got a good Thrower, use him.

An ideal starting lineup would be

2 Blitzers
4 Gutter Runners
1 Thrower
4 Lineman
3 Rerolls
1 Apothecary
Total 1,000k

Remember, utilise their speed to provide tackle zones and put as many blocks in your favour you can. Get your lumps in where you can, don't be afraid to foul with your linerats if you have the opportunity.

>> No.77174400

>score often to relieve pressure on your frontline
Huh? That just gives free line of scrimmage blocks. When the game is going you can limit the incoming damage to blitzes.

>> No.77174404

Just realized that he's fucking huge

>> No.77174430

I never even finished my BSF stuff.

>> No.77174498

is MESBG Battle Companies any good?

>> No.77174514


It has a huge model diversity so you still need a pretty big collection to play it, progression is almost entirely random, and it throws MESBG's pretty good balance out of the window in favor of a retarded system that lets one player get new rangers of the north at the same speed another player gets new Moria goblins.

>> No.77174593

Nah, its a dumpster fire compared to the stellar regular game.
People usually look into it as a small scale way to get into MESBG but that mindset is flawed.
A regular 300p game is already as small in numbers of models as a game between developed battle companies.
It requires a bunch of different models whereas you can get started in real MESBG with a hero and a box of warriors.
The balance in BC is about on par with Nucromunda if not worse which doesnt help. The campaign mechanics are just atrocious.

Avoid at all costs.

>> No.77174610

damn, what a shame, I was hoping it would be similar to something like Mordheim that I could use my various infantry minis for

>> No.77174628


Get your mates, steal campaign rules from another system, set a limited time period/number of games to test it, season to taste.

>> No.77174647

Some of the ideas aren't -terrible-, I guess. If you want something that's based on Battle Companies instead of complete homebrew (which I'd recommend just because non-homebrew is easier to convince people to participate in), replace the reinforcement system with a points-based progression system and keep everything else the same. It won't be as good as MESBG but it'll be a fun and playable game.

>> No.77174648
File: 34 KB, 812x377, Lucky_me.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.77174892

Im getting money to order them in few days from now, ill probably be among the last to order and last to get them shipped

>> No.77174989

what do you hope for next from MESBG? I'm holding out for a war in Khazad-Dum book

>> No.77175088

If there will be new easterling models as teased, the obvious choice is 'War in the East' which would be Erebor, Dale and Mirkwood against Easterlings and Dol Guldur/Mordor. This would probably entail some rework to the Dwarf lists to make space for a Erebor during war of the ring army, and probably nice FW models for Dain's son and Bard's grandson. Or it could be the dreaded Shadow in the East sourcebook redone, meaning Gondor under Cirion against the Wainriders/Easterlings/Khand with Eorl coming to save the day, meaning even more Gondor and Rohan because who wants to play other factions :^)

>> No.77175517

Something set in Eriador, like what they did with the Arnor book. And if they ever do that, than I hope it spans from the climax of the Angmar Wars right to late TA and comes with new Arnor models in tow.

>> No.77175531
File: 852 KB, 920x950, 60120701005_ENGWurmspat01.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What size bases are these guys on?

>> No.77175592

almost certainly 40mm

>> No.77175639

So too big to use the chick as a Rotbringers Sorcer. Dang.

>> No.77175952

I would love the dale and erebor vs easterlings or arnor vs angmar

>> No.77176041
File: 38 KB, 600x450, 1607597864663.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Realistically, a LOTR-era Rhovanion book like >>77175088. My dream is armies and characters from the Silmarilion, but I know GW will probably never get the rights.

>> No.77176049

Like other anon said, a war in the east book would be really, really cool. I’d be thrilled to get a rework of Easterlings and some new LL or characters to make the various factions for wotr would be awesome.

Or a war of the last alliance supplement, since that also has some obvious stuff to it

>> No.77176538


Put three Linerats on your line and nobody else. Do not get emotionally attached to these players. They will not be around for long. Then consider a second line behind them a bit further back. It's rare for even Dwarves to down the ENTIRE frontline, and unless they want to jump over them, they've got to step around them which can disrupt movement as well. There's nothing wrong with stalling if you know you have the time, but don't get too cocky. Skaven are a team that loses efficacy as they lose players. The quicker you can get yourself to 2-0 the better. One thing they're very good at is capitalising on your opponents mistakes. He nuffles a ball pick-up, in go your Gutter Runners, throwing multiple tackle zones on it, and now the rest of his team is being man(rat?)-marked and he has to make dodges just to clear them away. The only team better at capitalising on another players misfortunes are Slaan, as they just leap over the defence line and head straight for the ball.
This is why one Linerat with Kick is low-key super useful.

>> No.77176600
File: 232 KB, 1000x1001, fb_img_15810769589544643062066077292719[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

hnnnnnnnnnnnng oh god I need to get back into this game with the Rohan supplement

>> No.77176645

Lazy gw won't likely. Just make them yourself, it'll be faster

>> No.77176723

Kill team anons, I’m interested in making a DEldar kill team. What would you suggest I buy if I have no DEldar models at the moment?

>> No.77176820

yeahhh my boy helm lookin good

>> No.77176834
File: 199 KB, 948x870, soonpls.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

MESBG bros how fucked am i?
i ordered this only today, when do you think they will ship it?

>> No.77176887

180 working days I'd expect

>> No.77176948

>Put three Linerats on your line and nobody else
Duh? You still dont want to do any extra scores since those LoS blocks are free hits. Those linerats are much better served to screen the one blitz per turn. Every team in the game tries to "stall".

>> No.77177275

The spp on a positional are absolutely worth the rats getting their skulls bashed in.

>> No.77177403

>boss fight begins
>he looks happy to see you!

>> No.77177441

This is you fault for not buying 3rd party minis.

>> No.77177532

Post good 3rd party Minas Tirith models

>> No.77177614

The thing I ordered on the 7th shipped last night

>> No.77177650

I ordered some ringwraiths on the 7th and they shipped on 14th, hopefully i wont wait for these too long

>> No.77177804

In MESBG is it a good idea in general to max out warbands? Or in the case of expensive units like Riders of Rohan should I take a standard amount like 6 per warband regardless of the leader?

>> No.77177839

Maxing out can be good, but you rarely want to have heroes who show up alone on the other side of the board in case of Maelstrom deployment.

>> No.77177940

Surprisingly good. Did they change sculptors recently?

>> No.77178047

maybe the Wardens of Gondor sculptor just learned to cover faces with a helmet and beard

>> No.77178061
File: 702 KB, 785x2349, ravagers.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So, with the Ravager cards revealed, how do you guys feel about this warband?

>> No.77178079

Depends on a lot of things. Rohan generally plays very hero-heavy, you probably don't want twelve to fifteen riders tagging along with all your heroes.

In most cases, I'd say you don't want to max out unless you're going for infantry spam like Isengard or your favorite variety of goblin.

>> No.77178182

maxing the warbands is on the latter end of things you need to think about. MESBG list building is something like;

>what is my army playstyle and how do I lean into that?
>what heroes do I NEED to have?
>what's a good general number of models to have at this point level for my army?
>what are the starring models/building around?
>what synergies do I incorporate to strengthen my star models?
>what specific models do I take to cover all my bases?
>nail down the list and put those models into warbands? (usually an even distribution is the best)

so for rohan at, say, 700, you'd go through the checklist:
>all-cavalry is the best way to play, with great combat abilities reliant on charges and fantastic buffing heroes, plus strong range to dictate engagement. the riders of theoden LL is great to build around, with strong and obvious buffs that newer and veteran players can utilize.
>need to have theoden and gamling with his banner. theoden's arise! rule is the core of the army and gamling's free might gives you all the rest you need.
>less than 25 cavalry models at 700 and you're really, really pushing the limit
>star models are your third hero (deorwine, eomer, or dernhelm) plus the royal guard. i like dernhelm since she gives some protection against magic and is pretty good at chasing down casters.
>the synergies are obvious, arise riders of theoden, using gamling to fuel heroic moves to get charge bonuses, and use ranged firepower to harass your opponent and force them to come to you.
>between royal guard, riders, and the heroes you really have everything you need
>theoden (100), gamling (115), dernhelm (75), 6 royal guard with throwing spears (102), and 22 riders (308) puts you exactly at 700. in case of maelstrom, it's best to give each hero 2 of the royal guard, and then split the riders as evenly as you can.
So to answer more simply, no, think of war bands as a function of hitting the amount of bodies your army needs.

>> No.77178194

Why is the art so bad, especially on zarshia?

>> No.77178225

'cuz it's cheap.

>> No.77178313

If the desecrate token, like said in the article, disables the objective point - then they're incredibly strong against all objective based warbands.
If not they are still strong, but less so, and more a general pick than a specific anti-meta band.

>> No.77178508

Not entirely sure how they're meant to be played yet. Four-man warbands are always great due to activation use, but the inspire is prone to fucking you over and requires a strange split in playstyle – you want to be super-aggressive, but also need to park Razek and Cragan on objectives at the start.

>> No.77178533

It makes it impossible to claim the objective for anyone. It'll still sit there, but it can't be interacted with.

>> No.77178688

thanks for the detailed answer

>> No.77178710

Anyone know if they'll release Skaeth's Wild Hunt as its own warband at any point? I want to get into Underworlds and have just ordered the season 4 box and don't fancy forking out another £50 so soon.

>> No.77178904

It's likely, but, given that the Kurnothi don't really have an army they belong with, not really guaranteed. Plus, they might release them without cards.
I'd honestly just grab 'em off ebay.

>> No.77179167

I believe they have the SYLVANETH keyword for AoS use.

>> No.77179238


Well this was suprisingly comprehensive. Perhaps a touch TOO comprehensive. I think GW probably shouldn't have revealed just how crap the Revelator is. Also the pricing on some of this seems a touch... high. 1060pt minimum for one of these makes them an awkward fit in a list.

Well, assuming GW make more than 200 of them like the Psi-Titan.

>> No.77179325

Check it out buddy. There's a dizzying amount of warbands.

>> No.77179866

My favorite moment of the preview was when they talked for like 15 minutes about how nice the Pariah Nexus box would be for 40k players and then went "oh wait, do people actually play Kill Team? I'm sure it's fine for that too."

It hurts sometimes.

>> No.77179927


It was a game to get people playing 8th Edition 40K. We're now on 9th Edition anon! You're at least meant to have spent enough money to be able to play Combat Patrol!
Have you tried Heralds of Ruin or Grimdark Skirmish?

>> No.77179989


Please tell me this Castle Ravenloft Spoof/Mordheim pandering isn't the promised new specialist game.

I was hoping for BFG or Gorkamorka.

>> No.77180079

Speed Freeks being DOA means we won't see an attempt at gorkamorka for a decade minimum. BFG probably won't be touched before Aeronautica gets properly established and displays a healthy playerbase.

>> No.77180082

Warhammer Quest isn't a new specialist game, this is just the new iteration of it

>> No.77180149

>promised new specialist game
there wasn’t one?

>> No.77180258

They're the only reasonably priced flame weapon. And it's not about the actual damage, it's that being subject to Blaze is really nasty.

>> No.77180277

>BFG probably won't be touched before Aeronautica gets properly established and displays a healthy playerbase.
Anon you could have just said "BFG won't be touched".

>> No.77180309

I dunno, if they would just up and put out chaos I'd bet the playerbase would double.
So, yknow, ten guys.

>> No.77180431


Be honest. Do you REALLY want current day GW trying to do either of those?

>> No.77180441
File: 851 KB, 200x200, 1595318111587.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My friend hates my psychic phase as GK, and wants to get in on it
How come weirdboys aren't an option for commanders? and how foolish would it be to let one into the game?

>> No.77180619

You could pretty easily add in a weirdboy by doing a straight port, it's not like commanders is super balanced anyways. Just make sure you use 8th edition point values, and maybe make their bonus to cast a strategm, or maybe not. Pretty confident orks need the leg up anyways.

>> No.77180641

Just do what they did with Blood Bowl - just use the same rules, make a couple inconsequential tweaks to say it's "new", and then let the nostalgia cash roll in.

>> No.77180782

the aeronautica shit seems to be selling, people just aren't playing AI. they're buying it to use with Epic.
which actually is a little unfortunate, since AI is one of geedubs' better-designed games. I'd rank it in their top 10%, which puts it in the top 95% among miniature wargame rulesets from all publishers.

>> No.77180832
File: 381 KB, 656x614, CDI_Ganon_Vector.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>5 years
>Still no Skaven and Lizards

>> No.77180970

Not distinctive enough from colossus robots IMO also they might be too small.

>> No.77181084

The minis look nice but I don't like any of the current factions that much. The support just kinda isn't there, and GW doesn't seem to care enough to put more into it. It gets like... 1-3 planes per year.

>> No.77181156

It’s too expensive to be useful, even though it can delete warlords easier than they delete warhounds.
the lack of restrictions on where you can hit in melee based on relative scale is getting silly now. you could stand 3 lancers on each other’s shoulders and they wouldn’t touch its head.

>> No.77181181

Not him but I'd have no problem with them trying their hands at those games. Even if the rules are crap it's still new sculpts for the classic version of the respective games.

>> No.77181194


>> No.77181207

The rules are still out there, and 3d printing can get you a whole fleet in a couple days tops

>> No.77181243

this is how i feel about BFG. absolute worst case scenario we get some pretty imperial and chaos ships, it gets canned, and everyone uses them for bfg2010/2020 alongside old xenos ships, and a bunch of autists double down on printing their own versions of everything gw didn’t do

>> No.77181348

I've looked everywhere and they look like shit, I tought of myself buying a 3D printer and ripping the models of the video games (I already looked through all the steps needed to prepare the 3d models for printing) but between the fact that it's an unknown/dead game here and the lockdown I'd rather way for a re-release so that people will give it a chance.

>> No.77181506


Yeah, at 1060pts at it's cheapest you literally can't field it at anything less than 2000pts and still fit a maniple in, and ideally you don't want to run it at it's cheapest because paying 20pts for a 10pt weapon is bloody stupid. You'd be better off getting the Plasma Blastguns, but now it costs 1120pts. If only there were other carapace weapons other than that awful launcher. 50pts for a 4 shot subpar Quake Cannon? REALLY?

>> No.77181510


It's a specialist game where you can't use the minis in any other game.
You're never going to be at the point where you just wander into the LGS and find randos willing to play.
The only way games like BFG get played is when someone who gives a shit turns up with it and gets people enthusiastic about playing.
It sounds like right now you're not that guy, and you're also not willing to find someone in the community who is that guy, and GW releasing new minis is not going to change that.

>> No.77181575

well, they're pretty much wrapped with navy, since they're now doing fairly obscure shit like the avenger. I'd be shocked if they don't cash in on space marines at some point - an AI thunderhawk is such an obvious payday it doesn't bear mentioning. With that I'd guess you might get Eldar as the opposed faction.
Once that's done, I'd expect they'd let the game die. the demonic planes and cron aircraft are too niche to get much interest I'd imagine.

>> No.77181631

I mean if you don't want to 3D print it just go get vanguard's totally-not-imperial space fleet. Or track down some firestorm (or dropfleet, or whatever) stuff and proxy shit.

>> No.77181657

Don't worry anon, FW is sure to produce some good weapon options for it down the road. A set will cost you just as much as the titan and they won't fit properly.

>> No.77181861

>Cragan doesn't inspire to Shield2
Is this intentional? Inspiration doesn't exactly turbocharge him.

>> No.77181865

The simplest way to do a Deldar KT is mono-wracks, I've heard they're quite decent with their subfaction rules.

>> No.77182030

Looks like only the ones with Shields go to 2 Shield inspired. Since they inspire simultaneously, it's probably to prevent early triple Desecrate from being too big of a power spike.

>> No.77182039

The stats tell me nothing, but I just read it's meant to carry two reaver-tier guns on its shoulders? Wont that look very silly?

>> No.77182230

Unfortunately because of how Deldar work, you ideally want several different boxes. You only get subfaction bonuses if all of your dudes have the right keyword (the cults, covens, and kabals), and some of them are quite good, like giving wracks a 4++ or all wyches re-rollable charges. To really get the most of them you have to know your roster well, and know when it's worth it to sacrifice subfaction bonuses or go all in on them. Although mono-wracks is probably fine if you're a beginner to KT, they're not that lethal but they're tough enough to contest a point.

>> No.77182619

I hope it gets new arm weapons. Rn there are two good loadouts which are
>shoulder VMBs, probably super coolant since the -2 to hit penalty is retarded
>shoulder PBGs with super coolant
seriously, what monkey thought that plasma blast guns needed a buff? i can’t even tell if it’s an error since melta cannons and apocs got changed for it too.
The carapace missiles are retarded. if they had quake i would be creaming myself though. Concussive might be fun with vulturum, but that’s being generous. if i could not take the thing and save 50 points i would

>> No.77182781

Does the DG codex apply to the DG in killteam?

>> No.77182892

No. And with how stuff is going for KT, changes won't be added soon either.

>> No.77182954

No. Despite the systems sharing many similarities they're still entirely different games, none of the changes in 9th have made their way to KT.

>> No.77183060

it'll probably look a lot like the warlord, which has warhound-sized guns on its shoulders (usually)

>> No.77184581

>three stormcast-tier fighters
>also get a L2 wizard
The creep is real.

>> No.77184667

A starter box with a couple of Stormravens and some Stormtalons on one side, and [literally any other faction] on the other side would probably sell like crazy. Then later on you drop the Thunderhawk and Stormhawk Interceptors, or even Xiphons as well as Drop Pods for troop transport missions.

Chaos is pretty limited in their options (outside of just being a different colored Space Marine faction with half of the flyer options), but Hellblades would work, and while I don't really like chaos shit I will admit that having tiny little Heldrakes would be pretty cool.

Between GW and Forge World Eldar and Dark Eldar have plenty of flyers. I think the only factions that really don't have enough options to support a full army are Tau and Tyranids (although having a bunch of little flying monsters would be fun to paint).

There's still a lot of places they can go with AI, assuming they want to. Half the shit I mentioned already had miniatures in the original game, so anything is possible.

>> No.77184756
File: 134 KB, 1000x1000, WLJLyuW0t8V6Sp2T.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The new book's cover actually shows what the Warmaster's shoulder mounts look like with barreled guns instead of missile pods.

>> No.77184801

To be fair, all you have to do to inspire a warband like Steelheart's Champions is roll a single successful defense dice, and with Stormsire all you have to do is cast a spell. All you have to do with the Farstriders is move them into enemy territory and they inspire.

That's a far cry from "spend the entire first turn parking half of your aggro warband onto objectives instead of fighting like they should be doing, then hope your leader can one shot someone".

>> No.77184884

>I think the only factions that really don't have enough options to support a full army are Tau

And yet they still haven't made everything they can for Tau while IG/IN are swimming in planes. Give me my damn Orcas and Mantas, you cowards.

>> No.77184973

Ah, so the biceps missiles are the shoulder mounts? That's pretty cool.

>> No.77185122
File: 367 KB, 1000x819, stOBfjiZkKanwvDF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> Manta gets released for Aeronautica
> It's Forge World resin

That'll be $110 plus tip please, goy!

Remember, this is a company that thought that taking an Ork plane and making one and a half times as big and selling it for almost four times as much was a good idea.

>> No.77185128

>A starter box with a couple of Stormravens and some Stormtalons on one side
Ehhh. I think that would be a mis-step. Space marines are eternally popular, but a big share of the aeronautica market is epic players, old AI vets, and the hhg / titanicus crowd. By doing that nu-marine primaris crap instead of the classics, you're locking yourself out of selling to all those little sub-markets.

>> No.77185205

How would releasing additional models make Epic/old AI grognards/HH/Titanicus guys no longer want to buy currently existing models?

A lot of current Space Marine flyers existed during the Heresy, and would be usable for anything from actual units to flavor bits for terrain.

>> No.77185215

the aeronatica manta would have a literal 8 inch wingspan.
So a good bit bigger tip to tip than the AT warlord is tall, and probably the new Warmaster at that.

>> No.77185257

because you’d be starting with models they don’t want and won’t use? Release the classics first, even the HH fliers are pretty well liked and used so chuck them in, before you add the ones no one gives a shit about and which don’t have stats in NetEA or Epic30k.

>> No.77185348
File: 3.33 MB, 2364x1126, des.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

True, but having the entire warband inspire at the same time is a reasonable compromise and it's not like there aren't simple ways around the restriction.

>> No.77185375

You're not making any sense. Releasing new models doesn't make old models magically disappear. I'd also like to remind you that Orks didn't play a part in the Heresy, and Tau society literally didn't exist at the time, so half of the models in the currently existing starter sets aren't even useful in any 30K game.

>> No.77185410

Also you can't consider fighters in a vacuum - there are upgrades and ploys and everything. Also, steelharts were decent only at the very start of this game. Once Farstriders and Magore's were released they could have been squatted and nothing of value would have been lost.

>> No.77185414

Getting a hand like that is obviously gonna be luck of the draw, but yeah with the right deck they could be pretty powerful. Between the cards you posted and the various other universal cards that let you move or swap objectives the chaosbros will be extremely good at bullying objective warbands.

>> No.77185568

let me spell it out for you
Most people who buy new AI planes are, and follow me here, using them for epic. In epic there are no rules for the stormravens etc. Same with Epic30k. Epic30k players already print there own stuff, but might be inclined to buy official models if they’re good. Now keep following me here. Most people who like 6ishmm planes are grogs, the old imperial armor types, and so they want stuff they like. I can tell you right now, because i’m part of that market that would be drawn to an AI space marine release (IA grog who likes epic, titanicus, and old AI) that me and my mates would throw our hands up and turn away if they instead released storm talons and storm ravens and not thunderhawks etc. I couldn’t even use them in my games and I would find the aesthetically unappealing fans unsuitable for titanicus dioramas/basing/objectives/tokens.

>> No.77185637
File: 5.24 MB, 2048x1152, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Greebo team all ready to go

except the damn rat ogre

>> No.77185646
File: 124 KB, 921x950, lumineth.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Has anyone here tried a lumineth team in warcry? Thoughts? Really like the models, not sure how they play tho

>> No.77185649

It's a gorgeous kit, I would have zero regrets

You're saying that like it's a bad thing, I don't understand

>> No.77185684

Let me spell this out for you:

Just because a new starter set is released with Space Marine models doesn't mean that grogs who want Navy planes can't still buy Navy planes.

What. A. Concept.

How do you know that "most people who buy IA are using the models for Epic", anyway? Stop talking out of your ass. The very idea of you seeing a box set with some planes in it that you don't like making you want to "throw up your hands and turn away" makes me think that you are most likely on the spectrum and aren't representative of the hobby's consumer base as a whole.

>> No.77185712

i don’t think it would fit on a hex mate, much as I would love it, it would be resin too and if it was less than $250 i would be shocked.

>> No.77185724

Solid paintjobs anon, but with the models and those bases the entire thing is way too busy. I don't even know what the hell I am looking at.

>> No.77185767

You’re such a stupid fucking git. of course i could buy navy planes you dumb tosser, i can do that now. I want to buy a thunderhawk. I don’t want a stormraven. i would have no use for a stormraven. Generally speaking it’s a good idea to sell shit people want. Why is it so hard for you to grasp that Yes, releasing new planes doesn’t stop me buying old ones, but i’m more liable to buy new planes if i can use them and want them than if i can’t.

>> No.77185781
File: 3.16 MB, 2048x1152, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.77185929

Paint job looks great, but I would rebase them. They're so diverse in their colors that the bases are fighting for our attention. Simple rock would be perfect.

>> No.77185946

Oh my god, you are a literal retard. An actual retarded person. A person who has mental retardation. That is you. That is what you are.

If you want to buy a Thunderhawk but don't want to buy a Stormraven than you could... just buy a Thunderhawk! No one would be forcing you to buy a Stormraven! Holy shit! What a wild ride this has been!

Please find your personal tard wrangler and tell them that you've had enough internet access for the day and that it's time for your nap.

>> No.77185973

Played a couple of games against them last year before the lockdown happened again.
My impression was that they have two solid troopers in the Warden and Sentinel and suffer from an absolute dogshit selection of leaders. High Sentinel is okay to pop [Sharp-eyed Scry-Owl] each turn on juicy targets and hide away in cupboard otherwise. Everything else is dross.
They're also not very fun to fight, since everything just clusters up for [Shining Company] and then starts lobbing arrows.

>> No.77186035

>If you want to buy a Thunderhawk but don't want to buy a Stormraven than you could... just buy a Thunderhawk!
yes, and if they release the box with a thunderhawk in it i can do that and do it cheaply and early rather than wait for a resin model or loner kit months (or a year) later, and if i buy the box i’ll also get whatever it comes with.

>> No.77186094

>suffer from an absolute dogshit selection of leaders
Do you know if this has changed any with them adding the generic heroes as leaders in the new books?

>> No.77186188


>these prices

Wtf lmao

>> No.77186279

Not to mention the Megabommer is in resin instead of plastic.

Have any of you guys played the Arena Mortis gametype? I only play Underworlds with one other person but the idea of a 3-6 player game using a single model sounds interesting. I picked up the set for dirt cheap a while back to get the cards and board, but haven't had the ability to play the gametype yet.

>> No.77186294

All their heroes were already availiable in the WD rules and as I understand it the rules and costs haven't changed between the WD and the Order book.

>> No.77186319

Yeah gotta mirror the other two, way to busy with the lava bases

>> No.77186330

Oh were they? Damn.

>> No.77186491

How do I start necromunda (escher) cheap and dirty?

>> No.77186523

It's fun for a short while, but has very little actual depth once you get into it, especially since it becomes clear very quickly that most fighters can't really compete.

>> No.77186541

>buy Escher box
>download books
It's not hard.

>> No.77186849

not that other anon, but you misunderstand. You want a starter box to have broad appeal. They tend to automatically dovetail with other purchases so you want them to be pushed. Let's say your demographic for an AI box consists of new AI players, old AI players, people who are in to titanicus / heresy, and epic players. Doesn't matter what the percentages are.

If you release a starter with nu-marines stuff, you are only ever going to sell it to the first set of people. They can only be played in one ruleset, and they've got no presence in the fluff because they were just released last week or whatever. On the contrary, if you release a set with the T-hawk alongside something else that's been around, say a fire raptor or an old-school lightning? Now you've got broad appeal.

>> No.77186918

It'll just have to be on two hexes. I will not be denied the Tau's equivalent of a titan.

>> No.77186944

It's pretty alright if you got more people and don't want things to devolve into 1v1, but rather keep a comfy group atmosphere. It's tactically way simpler than Underworlds proper and can be played way more casually, especially in a beer&prezel sort of setting.
But I strongly recommend a banlist so you don't have monsters like Brodus or Sepsimus run roughshod over everything.

>> No.77187038

So what do you think the other armies will get in Kill Team in terms of new units?

It would be nice to see Death Guard get nurglings so you can run something other than plague marines and poxwalkers.

>> No.77187116

In fairness tau have actual titans now don't they?
all that crap from back in imperial armor about big robots not fitting the tau method of warfare went out the window.

>> No.77187126

I'd like Sagittarum for Custodes, just so I can run one one spear, one sword&board and one gun for diversity.

>> No.77187198

Well, even the fat Ta'unar is substantially smaller than a Warhound though.

>> No.77187371

Oh, is it? I thought those forgeworld ones were big boys.

Anyhow calling it now, next AI box set, if it ever comes, will be marines vs eldar. And knowing gw they *will* do the goofy nu-40k lego flyers, which will in turn be directly responsible for putting the game in the ground. If you ever get a manta, it will be 150 eurosquids from forgeworld - might as well just get that thing 3d-printed now if that's what you want.

>> No.77187492

Can't kill something that wasn't ever really alive.

>> No.77187612

You know, you say that, but a couple months ago I ran in to a squat player in the wild.

>> No.77187761

>So what do you think the other armies will get in Kill Team in terms of new units?
I don't expect them to get anything. Maybe some new tactics if they're lucky. The upcoming box is the "we said we'd add the stuff from Indomitus to KT" expansion they promised.

>> No.77187783

Thats a polite way of saying "primaris paypigs and necrons desperate to avoid finecast will serve as good bait to inject life into this flop for another 6 months".

At least it will live longer than AI will.

>> No.77187791

Starter boxes are designed to get new players into a game. If GW designed a starter box for AI, it would be intended for people who do not currently play AI. It would not be intended for people who are only buying the models so that they can use them in homebrew versions of niche games that GW abandoned a decade ago.

>> No.77187857

Bold of you to suggest anyone plays the deadest GW game that died faster than any product they ever put out.

>> No.77187925

Coming out right before a global pandemic that closed LGSs pretty much everywhere probably didn't do the game any favors.

>> No.77188030

It's both, not one or the other. And with the nostalgia cash-in games, I don't think it's a stretch to say it's more of the second group than the first.

>> No.77188188

>Coming out right before a global pandemic that closed LGSs pretty much everywhere probably didn't do the game any favors.
I don't even think it really had anything to do with that, the game was out for like 6 months before the pandemic actually hit the west and no one was playing it then either.
I remember the redshirt at my local GW painted up the starter set which he had front and center on the demo table for an entire month and he remarked to me that a grand total of one person actually tried it.

>> No.77188248
File: 32 KB, 512x281, unnamed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>actually curious about AI
>buddy says he isn't interested, doesn't care for 'vehicle games'
>had also rejected battletech on these grounds
>is now making noises about getting into Titanicus

>> No.77188278

I’ll be honest - the hexes are a big turn off for me. it just kills the vibe. makes it seem like a half baked board game

>> No.77188295

in his defense titanicus is their best current year game. whatever you do DONT let him fall for the gamemaster meme. it’s a trap box

>> No.77189060

I think Ogre team ogres should not have Bonehead or just replace it with a new less pain in the ass thing to compensate

>inb4 they are SUPPOSED to be shit

>> No.77189170

The Manta still shits on the Ta'unar's damage output, and is also a significantly larger model. The Manta used to be the biggest model in 40k, until the Warlord model came out. If they ever expand AT to 40k, it will be strange if Tau get crammed in there, the Ta'unar is only like 70% of a Warhound and it's by a wide margin the biggest land vehicle the Tau use.

The hexes make it a lot easier to deal with movement. I can't imagine ace maneuvers without hexes, that sounds like an enormous pain in the ass, and ace maneuvers really help make the game feel like actual air combat.

>> No.77189730

bake new bread

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