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The Queen of Thighs Edition

>Previously on /aosg/

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>Thread Question
GW forces you at gunpoint to design a new AoS spin-off board game. What kind of a game do you make?

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Eco bitch ain't nothing compare to the King of Bones.

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You can make a new unit (infantry, chivalry, behemot or whatever), a new hero (named or generic) and a box for your favourite army of AoS.

What you do?

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We will never surrender to Nagash.

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You have to admit, she does have nicer thighs.

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I kill Warcry and Underworlds. We don't need another fucking dipshit board game. We don't need anymore dipshit side games. Warhammer Quest is more than enough.

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That doesn't answer the TQ.

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This. Can you imagine what will happen with us this year considering we was the last position in new models last year behind specialist games with a new one and the rest of them? This year seems darker than 2020

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Sure it does. I would not make any more board games. That's what I would make. No more board games.

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Betrayal at House on the Hill, but AoS.
Settlers of Ghyran.
AoS Gloomhaven/Frosthaven.

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Is an answer: Blow up my head, GW.

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Wrong. GW has killed anon. Let us have a moment of silence for this gentle faggot.

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>AoS Gloomhaven/Frosthaven
Cursed City is gonna kinda be like this to a degree

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I'm still here. But Warcry isn't.

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Yeah. Pretty excited for it. I hope I can hype my friend group up to play it at least once. I bought the Dark Souls board game in the summer and we haven't played it once. We've been good friends since middle school, but getting them to do stuff is like pulling nose hairs.

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Unfortunately this. GW seems to have a predisposition to making side games that are shit these days. Way back when, they had loads of side games, but they were actually good. BFG, Mordheim, Epic, Necromunda. Those were good games. The new versions are shit. They even brought back fucking Aeronautica Imperialis, even though is failed almost immediately the first time; lo and behold, it's fucking flopping again because nobody wants to play a fucking hex based flight skirmish game of all things.

The only one worth saving is modern AT. It is actually pretty fucking good. But everything else is dogshit. Fuck GW for clogging up the release schedule with boring fucking sentimental side games that are only played by Germans.

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terrible idea. warhammer quest has the least replayability, and the highest price.

underworlds provides new characters for existing armies monthly. eg hag queen, skink priest, std sorceror, skink brave, vamp lords. its usually cheaper than a clampack hero as well.

warcry can fuck off though. idk what the fuck gw is doing with it, and noone cares.

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If we used 230 (the mean of 160-300) as the lifespan of an Akhelians or Isharann, then using a 6.5 birthrate as a base the average long-lived Idoneth would have 21 kids throughout their life. Those 14 children would roughly be equivalent to having four kids.

I know this isn't the thread for it, but what's good about Titanicus? Never really payed it that much attention.

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finished my first group of minis (excluding the boss's ornaments, my retributor armor hasn't arrive yet) very fun, each git has plenty of personality in a pint sized package

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>Board game
I'd tell them to fuck off and make an Xcom style turn based tactical strategy game.
Base game is Stormcast Eternals and Cities of Sigmar vs Chaos.
DLC would be other Order factions vs Destruction and Death.
>You will never order a Retributor to run through a wall or an Evocator to blast a group of blue horrors with fucking lightning

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> Mordheim

I wish GW had spent their Warcry money and time making not-Mordheim in some shithole human city in Ulgu.

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>New Unit
Naked Melusai with exposed/ spread cloaca and giant boobies
>New Hero
Giant Melusai Ironscale the size of Morathi. Her breasts are scaled up accordingly and she's modelled coiled around me patting my head. Both of us naked of course
DoK vs a new vampire faction led by an updated Isabella Von Carstein. Al of the vampires are female and share the aesthetic of Isabella, they all remain clothed unlike the melusai because those outfits get me goin

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They look good anon bases are a bit plain, but that can be remedied with some small mushrooms.
Nice work on the eyes, takes a good brushhand to get that detail right

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It's pretty granular, and everything has a trade off. You have to heat up your reactors to do anything, but if you go too far, you can explode and take often debilitating damage. The Machine Spirit can wake up and charge forward into a building if you do something to piss it off, like taking damage. The rules are pretty fluffy, and allow for enough randomness on both sides that nothing is too broken or overpowered. Except Knight Banners. But you can just refuse to play anybody that brings just Knight Banners.

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It's a though exercise, not a dick. Don't take it so hard.

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you already did when the abhorrents first received the soulblight curse.

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>new unit
Living armor ala Eltharion. Maybe a squad of 3 up to 12.
>new hero
Squig riding wizard
no idea

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ordered the KO battleforce, and i was looking on the GW site at the sprue to see how much work i was going to have to do to convert away the silly tophat. the head is literally an entirely separate piece, split at the neck with a flat joint. a head replacement could not be easier. why do people complain about the tophat so much if its so easy to replace?

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good taste in army. Gitz easily have one of the best model choice, and the army itself is spoiled for choice in squigs,grots,spiders, or troggs
Did you paint them individually black? or hit em with some chaos black spray?

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thanks. I thought about ornamentation but I don't have a mountain of bits lying around like some and these boys are so tiny. my bounderz and troggoths will have more krimskrams around them.

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Because how are people supposed to live without their hourly dose of manufactured online outrage?

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Monologue of the ultimate chad


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A bad ass Vanari General on Chariot so we can have another war machine. I really like war machines.

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But if you take a few knights with your titans it's not too bad, right? Or are they just completely broken?

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I think it's more to do with the fact that it existed in the first place. I love KO and I grabbed the battleforce as well but I don't like him either, I got him listed on ebay

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also on a side note, how is he on the table? seems expensive, but he has a lot of guns and a decent melee profile, and 8 wounds with a 3+ save on a hitcher seems decent

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Absolutely Based.

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it's black templar contrast over grey seer primer. pretty easy if you put it on thicc. I've never painted over any kind of primer before so I thought I would have the smallest chance of screwing myself over by going with grey.

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It depends. The Porphyrions are absolutely fucked. Have the firepower of a Reaver Titan but they're cheaper than a Warhound. Regular Knights are okay. Pretty much any of the FW Knight are busted I think. The Acastus are really good in melee, but that's just what I've heard. I've been out of it for almost a year, but the Warmaster Announcement has gotten me back into it. I need to catch up.

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Put together a list with all the just to see if I could make use of all these old WHFB cold ones I have.

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I would say that you should look into Misthaven.
All those Drakespawn and your Black dragon would hit like a truck if deployed from behind or where your opponent is weakest.
But Misthaven sucks ass because no spell lore.

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I make a game about warbands fighting eachother in not!mordheim, featuring such factions as not!witch hunters, not!mercenaries, not!sisters of sigmar, etc etc.
The actual substance of the game is completely moot because I'll just be using the models for actual Mordheim.

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>New unit
Tree revenant giant wasp riders

>New hero
Branchwych with giant dragonfly mount

Bloated Garden Sylvaneth vs Nurgle

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What is everyone working on, /aosg/?

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They will make Lumineth know the true meaning of fear.

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I thought about misthaven and it would probably work with the couple of friends I play against. I have no idea about my local scene though because there basically isn't one right now.

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>A dude who is literally a beam of light possessing a suit of armor

>> No.77153283

>Mortarch of NIGHT
>Loser that was already killed by a skeleton


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That was round 1 bitch.
Teclis is taking the fight to Nagash.
And Eltharion is coming to kick in Arkans teeth

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You didn't make the thread right die die man thing

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I got bought an entire dark elf army off eBay and I am starting the process of turning it in to my Blessed Dread inspired Har Kuron force.

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I swear to fucking god I typed the subject in, I have no idea how this got fucked up.

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got a cool new lamp an now I can't color match to the old minis

the one in the back is how they should look

>> No.77153466

Based marrow slurper
Cringe Nagash spook

>> No.77153496

>Stormcast Eternals are starting to look kinda cool

>> No.77153507

Disciples of Tzeentch
>new unit
Kairic Diaconus (forsaken like mutated warriors)
>new hero
Change holder (tzeentch archmage hero)
Don't care

>> No.77153508

This model is wonderful.

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Did something new come out or are just thinking about them?

>> No.77153552

go stare at the celestant prime for a while to cure yourself

>> No.77153554

Just look at this chad and tell me you dont like them too at least a little.

>> No.77153576

Thats one fine looking beast

>> No.77153580

Oh I love them and I play them. I was just curious since most people seem to hate them. I quit for about a year but I want to get back into the swing of things. I also have to build and paint my Lord on Stardrake because it looks awesome.

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>bloodthirster 100€+
>moo cow avatar 85€

Gw pricing is so fucking annoing...

>> No.77153590

get your eyes checked

>> No.77153615

How can one man be this based?

>> No.77153625

the cow avatar is like half the size of a bloodthirster though

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>> No.77153661

Is it really that small? I would've thought that it'd be taller than the bloodthirster considering they're manlet demons

>> No.77153665

People hate (or hated) how hard they were pushed when AoS first launched. And the fact that they were literally fantasy Space Marines.
But you know what? Space Marines are cool, theres a reason so many people like em. And SCE havent gotten a major release in like 2.5 years.

>> No.77153688

the pictures make it look a lot bigger than it is. its on the same base as like mangler squigs and dankhold troggoths.

>> No.77153690

As long as they just keep it to single models and keep giving us non- stormcasts stuff I'm fine with stormies
They look better if they're not gold and blue though, gold works best as an accent color IMO

>> No.77153708

Oh dang, that guy really is short. Still, the bloodthirster is probably around the same height if you make it so it's nto flying.

>> No.77153710

Bloodthirster are a powerful great demon ans a "heroic unit"

Cow is just your everyday behemoth

>> No.77153714

Personally, I think they're ok, but sometimes I look at the concept art and get sad. I think they turned out too angular and lost that connection to 8e Empire designs

>> No.77153721

maybe, but the bloodthirster also has those giant wings, which add to its size. the bloodthirster kit is definitely more modeling bang for your buck, so the extra price i think is appropriate.

>> No.77153723

new kroxigor with the sweet boxing gloves from total war, or just a new saurus/temple guard kit
upgraded slann or other lord on a thunder lizard (huge howdah brachiosaur behemoth)

Assault on Hexotl, rats v lizards on their home turf. temple terrain and digging machine included.

>> No.77153733

They are cool. I really gotta finish painting the rest of my stuff. I got a ton of stuff from all the people in my store who didn't want any of their SCE stuff.

>> No.77153751

It's more modeling for sure, but I'm talking about the actual height of the things. A bloodthirster's height from head to toe (or toe to shoulder) is probably rouhgly the same as a cow. Bloodthirsters are Daemonlets

>> No.77153784

For people who used to play WHFB or 40k, do the streamlined stats of the units in AOS make you feel that something is missing?

>> No.77153798

Nope. They're outright better, at least in my opinion.

>> No.77153830

i think Strength vs toughness would help as well as lowering someof the damage output, but other than that it is fine

>> No.77153843

everything being by the unit instead of granular wargear is a big part of why AoS has come to have a notch better balance than WHFB and 40k. Its just a whole lot easier to weigh things against each other like this.

>> No.77153864

Chaos lord on Chaos Dragon
Siege of Greywater Freeguild vs StD

>> No.77153897

no, i've been playing warhammer for nearly 20 years now in some form or another, and the streamlining of the game was one of the best moves they made.

it speeds up the game tremendously, which results in faster turns, a faster paced game, and ultimately more games. this means that in the same time it took you to play an old game of whfb you can easily play 2 games of AoS, which also means more opportunities for rematches, faster events and tournaments, and less confusion and back and forth about math and consulting tables for things like SvT, or vehicle facing in the case of 40k.

i would also say the high damage output is a good thing for the game. it makes warhammer highly lethal. unkillable blocks of high save high toughness soldiers that can just shrug off anything are almost non existant in AoS

the only real gripe i have is that it's too easy to snipe heroes with ranged weapons and spells, which results in certain armies being able to take out your entire command early on, essentially dismantling your army with no recourse or way to protect yourself, which then skews into only being able to reliably field these ultra tough giant monster heroes, which leads to further issues.

i think a more comprehensive version of lookout sir is needed, where a hero with 9 wounds or less cannot be chosen as the target of a ranged attack, spell, or ability by an enemy unit while the hero is within 3 inches of a friendly unit unless that hero is the closest model.

>> No.77153908

>Siege of Greywater Freeguild vs StD

But freeguild should also get cannons, because if the dudes who specialise in gunpowder dont get em no one should

>> No.77153925

Original Price complain Anon here! Thanks for the scale! i really tought it'd be taller. I guess the difference is justified

>> No.77153933

When are we going to get female stormcast?

>> No.77153937

-A maggotkin trebuchet, creaky rotten wood war machine crewed by mortal followers, firing different payloads from rocks to rotten remains to do MWs or debuff enemies
-Order of the fly named/generic hero kit mounted on maggoth-like creature or daemonic steed, buffing all mortals not just rotbringers and being a duelist like gutrot
-Box set vs cities of sigmar offering blightkings, pusgoyles and chaos warriors + a new harbinger of decay sculpt

>> No.77153963

i can see your point against lowering the damage output, i just have the expirience, that it is a simple one way street of who attacks first in any meaningful combat. when three necropolis stalkers wipe out 40+ model units, combat wont last long enough. id rather say make dmg 2 or 3 weapons a slightly bit rarer.

>> No.77153969

idk progress i guess

>> No.77153979

neat looking so far. keep us updated, anon

>> No.77153986

Not really. Unlike 40k 8th, which I think feels like a video game, AoS still feels like a a good skirmish game, because your list is more important than any meta shit you can do, like deciding how many detachments you can take to get the most CP to spam your strategems.

Anybody that thinks the game is too sple has never had to sit and wait for 30 minutes while their opponent is trying to figure out what it means to win combat.

>> No.77153989

well at the same time, there are ways around that. you can, for instance, properly screen with cheap chaff units. things like stalkers tend not to fly, but even against something like morghast harbingers or a deepkin eel charge, there are ways to protect your big expensive units from eating a nasty charge to the face.

often if you can slow their initial charge, you can bog offensive units down with large chaff units by forcing them to pile in in weird directions and depriving them of melee range

>> No.77153993

You’re a servant of Nurgle under Slimux to tend to a portion of the garden against Tzeench incursions

>> No.77153994

For once I am completely happy with an update and my hopes are satisfied.
What is this peace and how long will it last?

>> No.77153997


Ok, thank you for the detailed answer. How much "depth" do you think AOS has, as there are no formations or flanking left?

>> No.77153998

mortek archers
Liege on foot, with two swords
OBR vs Khorne, who gets more skulls

>> No.77154000

Why would I pay £15 for this dude when for the same price I can get Spiteclaw and four clanrats?

>> No.77154031

because what are you going to do with 4 clanrats?

>> No.77154040

>A maggotkin trebuchet, creaky rotten wood war machine crewed by mortal followers, firing different payloads from rocks to rotten remains to do MWs or debuff enemies

Plagueclaw catapult already exists

>> No.77154041

Because he looks cool.

>> No.77154049

I hope we get cool bugs. sylvaneth or silent people or something. I really like how tyranids look but I’d like to stick with one game.

>> No.77154059

4 clan rats aren't gonna do shit
You may want more than one clawlord

>> No.77154063

No. Complexity does not always equal better.

>> No.77154072

There's plenty of depth. Most armies have subfactions and Battalions which can change the way certain units play, sometimes very drastically. Every army has Artefacts, which again can sometimes change the way that hero plays very drastically, giving you multiple options. Right now, it's a fairly deep game, that is still pretty simple to play.

It has it's drawbacks, like some Artefacts being blatantly better than others, but Wargear was exactly the same way, except they cost points and you could usually make your general far more broken with Wargear than with any AoS Artefact. Really, AoS didn't lose depth, it just cut out a lot of the fat that slowed the game down for no reason.

>> No.77154089

>Pestilens shit

Rattos can fuck off of chaos and chaos gods armies. Nurgle needs bloated warriors and putrid barbarians not shitty rats.

>> No.77154108

These guys look vicious. Nice job. Maybe add some moss-like tufts and small rocks to the bases?

>> No.77154112

Okay but it has the nurgle keyword so you can just convert so damn easily to include it without any rats

It'd never be it's own thing in nurgle barring that because that's a ridiculous level of redundancy

>> No.77154114

you sure? thirsters are manlets, it's why they are so mad

>> No.77154129

Don't count the wings though. That's cheating. It's like adding someone's hair to their height.

>> No.77154135

looking forward to the result in a month

complexity is nice until you realize you and another autist have to manually handle and agree on every bit of that complexity

>> No.77154142

Man I'm so conflicted on Sylvaneth. Their big Tree Monsters are cool but I'm not a big fan of their battle line base dryads. Never liked them in Fantasy and I dont like them here.

>> No.77154186

Of the 4 Chaos God Factions, which is most friendly to being mostly filled with Slave To Darkness units?

I love the old Chaos Look too much. Knights, Chosen, all those big chonks.

>> No.77154188

He looks great, but how does he perform?
I've got a small Freeguild army that I run as hammerhal. Can I just throw him in as my general?

>> No.77154208

With a different color scheme: this monster would be pretty terrifying.

>> No.77154211

oh you've no idea, his alternative build is literally magister of hammerhal character making him a shoe-in
think he does better in spellcaster city though

>> No.77154213

Right now? Nurgle. The better lists have a lot of StD marked units.

>> No.77154225

tzeentch is so strong that replacing your battleline with chaos warriors isn’t a big deal even if it isn’t optimal.

>> No.77154244

Yeah I was thinking Nurgle. How do you even say "hey this is a nurgle army" and not a STD army? Still learning AoS.

>> No.77154274

You say you are playing Maggotkin. They share the units, so you aren't doing anything illegal.

>> No.77154278

read, nigga

>> No.77154299

Say "hey this is a nurgle army".
It's that's easy, but you might want to paint your STD to look Nurgle-ish.

>> No.77154319

Step 1: Choose Maggotkin allegiance
Step 2:Choose carefully the units you CAN mark with Nurgle from the StD battletome
Step 3: Paint those units a according to your Nurgle army (pic related can help)
Step 4: Profit.

>> No.77154331

How are chaos dwarves in AOS and how can you ally them with other chaos forces in the game?

>> No.77154341

Ah, duh.


>> No.77154445

Their entire line got squatted a few weeks ago

>> No.77154450

I want to create a monster tamer style list for StD. I have the SC! box and I'm gonna get more Warriors, Knights and a Sorcerer. Then I want to get the Cat, Cyclops, Myrmidon, Furies and Raptoryx. I'm wondering if there are any Heroes that make a particularly good leader for the beasties?

>> No.77154545


That sucks, but recasts still exist.

>> No.77154570

I just woke up and got the day off so I'm gonna start on pic related. However wee problem, I dunno if its safe to spray my models, its snowing outside. Would the cold/snow affect my spray?

>> No.77154584

What exactly does the Morathi book offer? Is it a decent read for the current lore at least?

>> No.77154615

Yes, temp and humidity affect how spray paint performs. If you keep the painting surface and the paint at room temp and shake well before using you should be alright, but don't leave them to dry outside. Failing that, get an airbrush and prime with it indoors.

>> No.77154625


that's it for tonight I think. I don't know if I'm gonna fix the visible errors or just move on from this guy.

>> No.77154631

cold is a no no for spray primer.
the story is more of a lore update than a real novel and the dok rules are going to be in the new tome. that being said, it’s the sort of foundational info that gives a meaningful context for the flavorful short stories and such. reading stuff like this keeps you from relying on wikifaggotry. plus morathi is a good girl and I’m proud of her.

>> No.77154653

I've sprayed 10mm minis in freezing temps before with no loss of detail

get everything you need ready indoors at room temp. blu-tack your models down to some sort of stick so you can just run the primer along it with short, quick bursts, catching everything. MOST IMPORTANTLY warm the spray can up by standing it straight up in a shallow pool of hot tap water for 5 minutes, shake the ever living fuck out of it, then leave it to warm up again until you're ready to use it, give it another good shake, and then go outside and spray with short, quick bursts going from side to side lightly, rotating the stick as needed to catch every angle of the minis. bring it back inside to dry at room temp.

>> No.77154667


desu you don't have to paint em all death guard green, some green and copper trim and a swamp base goes a long way. The way I see it, even a marked chaos warrior still hasn't racked up many specific blessings - they're still basically mostly regular if large humans, so they can still look like regular chaos warriors more or less.

>> No.77154683

Thanks, might just hand base them but will probably try >>77154653 technique on a couple first.

>> No.77154684


the other pic is how they look when done

>> No.77154688

Axes or flails on chaos marauders?

>> No.77154693

> +1 to hit for friendly Stormcast Eternal units against 1 enemy unit this unit passed over
I was this close to buying him and putting him in my Cities list with mass Crossbows. Fuck why do keywords always have to kill my fun.

>> No.77154706

never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever take flails unless you're going for pure aesthetics. any time you see the word "flail" in the StD book, mentally remove the first L from the word for an honest assessment.

>> No.77154708

>new unit
Some kind of super Spirit Host as another behemot. One big body with several heads and miltiple arms, like a ghost version of the 100-handed giants from Greek mythology
>new Hero
Bodyless polrergaist thet manifests as a bunch of random objects forming something that looks like a ghost. It gets several floating swords/knifes/axes as a semi-ranged weapon. Add some lore how Nagash took his visible body as a punishment

>> No.77154712


as in take a hammer to the marauder miniatures cause they're so god damn ugly

>> No.77154729


poxwalkers with kitbashed shields are perfect nurgle marauders

change my mind

>> No.77154736

Just as a general question, how many of you have came over to AoS recently from 40k, and what drew you in?

>> No.77154746

I'm just kitbashing chaos mutants and need a warscroll to use em as, nothing more complex bruv

>> No.77154759

Stormie monsters are usually great

>> No.77154804

I'm so glad /aosg/went back to being comfy and people helping each other out... yesterday was truly a shitstorm

>> No.77154809

american secondaries are asleep

>> No.77154820

what happened?
that's where you're wrong kiddo

>> No.77154827

>a secondary from reddit talks about secondaries

>> No.77154876

Define "recently". I did come from 40k, but I did so the day the White Dwarf introducing AoS leaked, i.e. one week before AoS launched.

>> No.77154914

You can use the Plagueclaw by default in Maggotkin as it has the Nurgle Keyword. Same applies for all Pestilence Units

>> No.77154918

Listen up bucko.
Formations happen naturaly, so does flanking.
Because of what happens in the game, not because you chase some specific rule about them.

>> No.77154942

most of the people in my group are new to wargaming (like me) or played whfb. I think swapping is less common than you might expect. It would be hard for me to uproot from aos at this point even though it’s a much younger game.

>> No.77154956

>Formations happen naturaly, so does flanking.
Just like 40k

>> No.77154957

I wouldn't say I swapped but I've been looking at AoS more thanks to the really nice looking models, and the absolute fucking flood of Primaris in 40k pushing me away.

>> No.77154983

Same, I have such a lack of interest in 40k because any time I check for update: it's just more primaris and female marines. Meanwhile AoS has fun stories, fun armies, and variety. I checked half a year later and nothing changed with 40k.

>> No.77155015


to elaborate on this, the "pile in" rule has you actually represent the hypothetical wfb mechanic of back ranks stepping into melee as necessary. instead of embedding heroes you just physically form a donut of chaff around them to protect them as necessary etc

>> No.77155029

>fun stories

>> No.77155036

40k is more of "who has more bigger gun shots"

>> No.77155060

Ever since the leak of the windrunner kits theres been this one autist hanging around shitting up the thread with how they don't look 'noble' and then arguing about the AoS asthetic, then some other bullshit, blah blah blah.

>> No.77155103

>what happened?

>> No.77155111

First of many chaos mutants

Give me other ideas for weird and cool mutants I could make

They're all gonna be for a nurgle army

>> No.77155117

We had a 200 post discussion if a female chaoswarriorleader would make sense or not.
But it was 4am and notihng else was happening anyways.

>> No.77155139

pestilent boils of puss and sickness

>> No.77155159

Yes please.

>> No.77155162

Nurgle realy likes extra mouths for some reason, so maybe that.

>> No.77155170

Yeah because KO are totally 40k army

>> No.77155181

>pprocedurally generated dungeons have the least replayability

>> No.77155191

kharadron are broken right now because of their mobility/spell cheese not their shooting

>> No.77155254

Definitely. Stats in AoS seem very disconnected to the realities they supposedly represent and units seem to be statted almost at random, with no consistency. I'm not saying they should bring S/T back, though Warcry and MESBG systems seems perfect to me, bit at least they should go back to the old system.

>> No.77155263

Ngl, I'm super hype for new Lumineth

>> No.77155264

Not to mention a unit that lands a charge into a stretched infantry lines narrow flank has a huge advantage ad the entire line of models has to pile in 3" at a time. If the unit is stretched out 12" wide, they might only get 1/3d of their models or less into the fight, while the flanking charger gets all of theirs.

If anything, the flanking game is even stronger and more in depth in aos than it ever was in whfb

>> No.77155277

And if you can land a pincer charge on both flanks at the same time, they get stuck in a pile in tug of war that annihilates units

>> No.77155304

Yeah, no. Combat is so fast, flanking is almost non existant and pile ins never end up in anything that isn't either units stretching a congaline to exploit the abstraction of the game or circle hugging other units in what looks like a mess of models thrown together.

>> No.77155311

Imagine being the brainlet that things LotR is boring stuff.

>> No.77155319

Why do I read "y'all" everywhere nowadays? Is it some ironic thing?

>> No.77155321

damn white people and their rich history

>> No.77155330

Stop posting this, it wasn't funny the first time

>> No.77155362

You seems missing the point

>> No.77155391

It's middle class white girls appropriating sassy black women speech patterns to appear trendy.
Or on occasion someone from the deep South.

>> No.77155402

Fuse a Nurgling/Plaguebearer to the body of a mutant, as the daemon is like a pimple/boil that has ruptured

>> No.77155453

>they don't look 'noble'
they don't, unlike the cow, it's a fact

>> No.77155462


>> No.77155472

How? These fools are buried like ten miles beneath sea level in Ghur.

>> No.77155482

Here’s some fellas from my Undivided StD army in my fridge. Instead of just doing a regular black-armoured undivided warband, Ive decided to have my battle-hardened warriors decorate their armour to their own liking, venerating whichever chaos god they are a patron of. I’m tempted to write some lore about my dudes and post it onto here if anybody would ever be interested in reading it although I’m not sure how well I could write up such a thing.

>> No.77155487

Oh god it came out sideways. Shit.

>> No.77155512

What about a ghost dragon in chains that are pulled by more ghosts to keep at least a minor bit of control?

>> No.77155554

lumineth, not idoneth

>> No.77155579

That monster is great, shame about the rider.

>> No.77155590

>neutered mount

>> No.77155593

Above/ below sea level is a metric for altitude. They're in the Direchasm. Underground. Below sea level.

>> No.77155617

I don't, they're too fat, covered in shitty detailing and their designs for symbols, pauldrons and weapons are trash

>> No.77155650

right side warrior is so embarrassed with you hes hiding his face with his hammer.

>> No.77155676

Is it me or is there a recent trend of giving mounts short, broad heads? The stardrake and karkadrak are pretty similar.
I don't like it much here, it doesn't fit the graceful body.

>> No.77155681

as long as the rules appear, at that point you'll whine about those

>> No.77155729

they look small only because teclis is fucking huge, but they are greater daemon sized

note the thirster is flying and the base is standing on a small elevation

>> No.77155734

The karkadrak is specifically meant to look like an evil version of the dracoths, which is why it's so similar to them. It was a deliberate design decision

Gw is doing this "evil mirror" thing with chaos now. If you look at the new lumineth and slaanesh ranges too, there are several mirror units. This will likely be a trend going forward with chaos

>> No.77155744

Wouldn't they hit their own cow-helmets when striking with their hammers?

>> No.77155756

does this mean tzeentch will get doom style demons with guns, or a giant screamer to grapple with ironclads

>> No.77155797

Need honest feedback

Could this become a cool looking mutated nurgle hero or I am going too far down the whacky path?

>> No.77155813


>> No.77155815

I hate the Greywater Fastness. Why can't these quickbloods just go away? Nobody likes them.

>> No.77155823

Yeah that's exactly what they look like.

>> No.77155846

i would have connected the upper body below his chest, not at the hips. Looks fine. I wanna see it painted

>> No.77155854

Looks like a spawn to me

>> No.77155877

>graceful body.

>> No.77155887


>> No.77155889

Looks like a Nurgle version of the Curseling.

>> No.77155909

Beware the might of the croquet!

>> No.77156061

I meant to refer to

>> No.77156103

What's the consensus on the vamp squad?

>> No.77156109

looks good

>> No.77156114

People seam to like them. Some are better than others, but generally people will buy this instead of the vampire lord model

>> No.77156116


>> No.77156138

Is thereca way to make this less glossy, without changing the colour?

>> No.77156156

Thinking that might be the actual weaponprofile we get for Swordmasters makes me giggly.

>> No.77156165

not!vlad and not!manfred are perfect
beastboy can help bridge the gap between the noble vampires and the bestial monsters and might be an interesting hook to introduce a further hierarchical element among vampires
vampire lady has no interesting or redeeming factors

>> No.77156167

They look cool, the designs are clearly inspired by GWs older models even if the female is based on a witch elf and their rules for underworld being based on causing wounds and drinking blood to prevent them getting stat-drops seems unique and flavorful. GW seem to be pouring all their talent into this game and getting us to buy the models for proxies hoping we get into underworlds since we all have warbands anyway.

>> No.77156175

Slap on a matte varnish afterwards.

>> No.77156180

>Gw is doing this "evil mirror" thing with chaos now. If you look at the new lumineth and slaanesh ranges too, there are several mirror units. This will likely be a trend going forward with chaos
So, they are like evil stormcasts but with horns & spikes, got it. Will they keep their assault cannons and landspeeders tho?

>> No.77156199

no, that stuff gets lost with the heresy dude

>> No.77156210


4 person ultra aggro warband

finally i can replace magores and actually have a chance of winning a trophy playing aggro without having to resort to greenskins

>> No.77156228

Lumineth are a reflrction of Chaos, not the other way around. Making Cow a not!Keep of Secrets was even pointed out in some article. Elves are Slaanesh vomit, Lumineth aren't an exception.

>> No.77156258

>top left

>> No.77156294

Who’s the leader the Prince or Felias?

>> No.77156299

>female is based on a witch elf

>> No.77156304

Jesus fucking Christ. The 2+ To Hit I get, but why the 2+ To Wound as well?

>> No.77156307

Why didn't Archaon just funnel near-unlimited Chaos troops and resources from the other dimensions he conquered into the Mortal Realms? Those other realities may have had tanks and spaceships and all manner of warmachines. Seems like a big pothole to me.

>> No.77156316


>> No.77156319

Red armor guy

>> No.77156347

You seem to be under the impression that’s possible for some reason

>> No.77156351

Finished my 3rd LoC and now doing some Boardgame dudes for a friend plus a Runemaster.

>> No.77156359

>Magnus the Skin-Coloured

>> No.77156375

I feel like a "noble beast" like a dragon doesn't fit NH

>> No.77156396

>Replace the with just a mass of tentacles or one massive tentacle that's slumped to the side.
>Attach faces to the torso like pic or what this anon said >>77155162
>Big hunchback sized boils and paint them like the puss inside are swirling

>> No.77156410

I like it

>> No.77156411


>> No.77156412

am I the only one who sees the resemblance? big hair, dual wielding, pale skin, the old lahmians had a unique style to them, this one is too close to DoK in my opinion

>> No.77156418

Boy, that is one abused keyboard.

>> No.77156425

Beside "stone" and "wind", which other type of elemental spirits could there be in Hysh? The Battletome did referred to "water" and "light", didn't it?

And what is the wind-equivalence of Stoneguards? Even better archers than the Auralan Sentinels?

Maybe every realm Archaon conquered got blown up by him at the end like the World-That-Was? That could be his way of giving the middle finger to the gods. Or it could just be the end that Chaos always lead to: Utter annihilation.

>> No.77156427

>am I the only one who sees the resemblance?
Yep seems like you are the only who never see anything which isn't branded by GW

>> No.77156429

Ghost Giant.

>> No.77156452

>Ghost giant
>Torso are hundreds/thousands of souls swirling around

>> No.77156466

And you will remain a cuck seems like we all occupy happy lives

>> No.77156474

>implying his stomach won’t be transparent and filled with human, aelf, and duardin shaped souls

>> No.77156477

A new minimum 5 man melee specialist unit for KO.
Swashbucklers with aethermatic saws and aethermatic repulsion bucklers. Their bucklers give them a 5+ wardsave that increases to 4+ against magic and shooting.
They got small tanks of aethergold on the backside of their legs that fuel a once per game rocket-boot ability, giving them flying movement 9 for one turn.
They are battleline in Barak Zon and you can pick them instead of Arkanauts for the Iron Sky Attack Squad battalion.

KO doesn't really need more heroes, and I think a character version of these to unlock them as battleline might be too good for KO right now.

>> No.77156493

>implying he wouldn't be eating people and the bodies just fall through him and splatter on the ground below

>> No.77156509

>projecting so hard

>> No.77156511

Same reason why Kroak didn't just call the Eldar for help

>> No.77156525

>bodies fall out, souls stay inside

>> No.77156534

I will actually be upset if that was the case. There's no reason why it would be 2+ to wound.

>> No.77156536

>hell yeah mother fucker

>> No.77156541

Meh, with the amount of buffs and mortal wounds shit out these days, it's not really anything special.

>> No.77156570

>Beside "stone" and "wind", which other type of elemental spirits could there be in Hysh? The Battletome did referred to "water" and "light", didn't it?
We know there's river and zenith temples. I assume Zenith will have eagles or owls, but no idea about river. Other than that, we know the Ur-Phoenix is one of Hysh's spirits and that Celennar and by extension probably other celestial bodies also have spirits.

>> No.77156607

>And what is the wind-equivalence of Stoneguards? Even better archers than the Auralan Sentinels?

>> No.77156616

Hello AoS general
Thinking about getting back into Warhammer stuff - haven't played since my teens.
Probably going to go for something like Necromunda or Blood bowl (or Mordheim if anyone near London plays it) as I'm generally too busy for big armies.

Is there an AoS faction where you don't have to paint swarms of very similar looking guys?
I'm talking high points cost, small units.
I get the impression Chaos may be like that?

I do love skaven, but can't be painting hundreds of rats

>> No.77156652

sons of behemat

>> No.77156663

Sons of Behemat (giants)
Mawtribes (ogers and ogers on big rams)
Nurgle does a pretty low bodycount army with blightkings.
So do Stormcast.
Slaanesh can get away with a lot of Keeper of Secrets and heroes.
Troggoths are pretty shit to be honest, but you can make trollarmies.
Flesh Eater Courts (ghouls) sound like a horde army but there is a build with lots of Terrorgheists.

>> No.77156668

basically any army that isnt horde (orks, skaven, gits)

>> No.77156676

If you love skavens but hate hordes you can always go full skryre with stormfiends/cannons/doomwheels and engineers

>> No.77156698

Seraphon monstermash maybe.

>> No.77156708

Necromunda is shit because of both the ridiculously unbalanced and human centric system its tied to, and their horrible roll out of the game (full rules in waves).
GW side games that are not full Table Top games (like AT) are shit. No one wants to commit too much because of their history of just getting dropped.
Plus, as other anons have noted, they just suck releases from the main games.
I dont give a fuck about Warhammer Quest. Give me more shit for AoS, not one off units that will suck in whatever faction you ham fist then into.

>> No.77156715

AT is just the right amount of crunch to make you feel like you are in control of these lumbering land battleships. The models are also fucking beautiful.

>> No.77156722

Scraping the bottom of the barrel now, but Kharadron Overlords bring lots of airships, so the army isnt that big either.

>> No.77156729

You are not allowed within 100 meters of a school, are you Anon?

>> No.77156739

They really fucked up guys in cow helmets
I assume they were supposed to be more stylised than spearman into faction concepts, but fell into uncanny valley

>> No.77156745

I've a love/hate relationship with it because on the one hand it's a very cool game but on the other is super expensive and it not having even the rules translated means it's basically impossible to play it outside of english speaking countries.

>> No.77156755

If you're interested in smaller games then Warcry and Underworld should be just your thing.
Warcry is a smaller skirmish game that you can play with just one box of dudes. And you can expand into AoS with those same dudes.
Underworlds is even smaller, and uses a tiny hex based map and ability cards. Underworlds warbands also have AoS rules, but most of them suck in AoS, while Warcry just straight up uses normal AoS units.

As for your question AoS elite armies are
>Kharadron Overlords(though they have huge ships you've got to paint)
>Gloomspite Gits with only trolls(though they suck without goblins)
>Idoneth Deepkin with no infantry
>Daughters of Khaine with mostly snakes
and to a lesser degree Ossiarch Bonereapers(though they usually have one big unit of 30-40 dudes).

>> No.77156757

I don't know what they'll end up doing, but Lumineth need a complete rewrite if they want to fit any of the new units.

>> No.77156759

> blast with curse of years again
> no MW protection
> dies again
Kek checkmate elf

>> No.77156771

Game rules aside, he's actually immune to the curse of years now.

>> No.77156789

All the bull ornaments are sperate on the sprue, just glue whatever you want on there or fill it.
The remaining mini is perfectly fine.

>> No.77156808

I will continue to spam this image whenever this gets brought up.
From some anon that posted on here, not mine.

>> No.77156814

Skryre skaven

>> No.77156815

The (((depth))) of fantasy was a fucking lie.
Why would 40 men stop, rearrangement themselves, and awkwardly shuffle to charge one man on a horse? Of unit of 4 rats?
Why would a unit calmly wait in perfect 5x4 squares and never allow the rest to pile in?
Why would a bigger unit not naturally engulf the flanks of a smaller unit?
Fantasy had stupid bullshit in its rules with zero justification as well. Retarded, nonsensical rules don't equal "depth"

>> No.77156833

>Nurgle does a pretty low bodycount army with blightkings.
>Flesh Eater Courts
full skryre

These appeal to me

>Seraphon monstermash
I like the sound of that - is it just loads of carnosaur type things?

Yeah, I've been looking at warcry and underworld, for those reasons. They look like GW wanted to redo Mordheim but make it a gateway for bigger AoS.
I can't really work out what they are. One of them has cards, which seems odd.

A warband akin to what you'd have in Mordheim does appeal to me.

>> No.77156856

I got this guy as a present, but I already have the Celestant from the Soul Wars box - is there any sense in keeping him?

>> No.77156865

Uninspired, no risks taken, but the models look good

>> No.77156880

>Uninspired, no risks taken
If it ain't broken, don't fix it. I'm tired of good stuff being ruined because some people just want change for the sake of change.

>> No.77156898

I'm not gonna pretend WHFB was perfect or that everything made sense, but it was a game and some form of abstraction was needed. On the other hand, AoS has far too much abstraction to the point where cavalry can charge sideways and infantry congaline screens just face a monster with their backs and nothing happens. I doesn't have to be black or white al the time.

>> No.77156899

> super expensive
Its the cost of another 40k or AoS army to play
> no translation
I mean you are on an English board anon, responding in English. Do the work if you want it

>> No.77156902

Warcry is fun and has lots of replayability, but it does have a balance problem if you're not using the allies book.
The game launched with chaos warbands from each of the realms, but due to people wanting warcry to be sort of AoS' kill team they added rules for all the normal factions. And some of those overshot the general strength they gave the chaos warbands.
All of this gets better with the allies book.

I recommend the original game box because it has the best terrain.
The terrain plays into the rules, and the original box just has the most elevation, platforms and obstacles.

>> No.77156911

Is he immune to machine gun arcane bolts

>> No.77156932

>Its the cost of another 40k or AoS army to play
Eh, depends, the big titans are as expensive as big centerpieces and you need several of them. But the most expensive is the board if you want anything passable, you need much more terrain than in 40k or AoS and with that scale it's a lot more difficult to scratch built and look good.
>I mean you are on an English board anon, responding in English. Do the work if you want it
I don't exactly have the time or will to do the job of a professional team of translators, nor do I have the means to make new dataslates with the translated text.

>> No.77156935

Clean it bi-yearly. It's mostly just dried washes that splattered onto the caps. My apartment doesn't have room for a separate hobby space unfortunately.

>> No.77156938

Its just hilarious to read someone defending the pile of retarded shit that was WHFB rank and flank rules, then whine about not enough abstraction in AoS.
The game mechanics itself provide plenty of raise to NOT do what you just described. Cavalry charge sideways, yeah they cover more of the unit, but they also just ensured a shit ton more of the enemy is within reach to strike back, than if they had kept tight formation and only struck one point.
That one tiny interaction is already more realistic and involves more tactics than fantashit

>> No.77156943

This is completely true.
And on top of this you had shit like skirmish units baiting charges, and then collapsing like an accordion to one side, dodgeing the charge.
And moonwalking frenzy units to ignore their downside.

I agree that unit facing should at least have some sort of interactive modifier. And I'm talking about attacking the rear of a unit, not flanking.
Flanking something already gives you a mechanical advantage, due to there usually being less models to attack back after you charge them.

>> No.77156964

You do NOT need any Warlord titans, at all, to play the game (in fact concensus is warlords are kind of shit). There is a new ridiculously good priced starter that is a maniple in a box.
> i can't scratch build
For every 40k or AoS army bar 40k orks, scratch building an entire army isn't a think you can do (at least can do without it looking like complete shit). If you just want to whine about price, poorfags can fuck off.
From someone that has two titan legios, and multiple AoS armies, I can say you pay less for a playable AT army than an AoS army.

>> No.77156966

> is it just loads of carnosaur type things?
Yes and Stegadons and Lazerdons..
They used to be that magic heavy summoning army, but the new tome gave them a melee allegiance with the Thunderlizards subfaction that makes monsters more viable.
Reduce damage by 1 and 2 extra wounds for every monster.
So you bring loads of big dinos and some Saurusguard.

>> No.77156969

It's not only cow heads above the hats, it's entire composition
Also, spears looks pretty poor choice for these poses, two-handed axes, halberds or short sword with round shield

>> No.77156982

>I will continue to spam this image whenever this gets brought up.
For what reason? Your feelings gets hurt when someone mentaions cows?

>> No.77156995

>then whine about not enough abstraction in AoS.
I did the opposite, though.
>The game mechanics itself provide plenty of raise to NOT do what you just described. Cavalry charge sideways, yeah they cover more of the unit, but they also just ensured a shit ton more of the enemy is within reach to strike back, than if they had kept tight formation and only struck one point
Sideways cavalry is done to pin down units or to provide screens. At least play a game before posting.
>That one tiny interaction is already more realistic and involves more tactics than fantashit
Nevermind, you can't even keep the point of the discussion or take any critizism. Surprise, WHFB had tons of bad mechanics, but so does AoS.
I think some changes to the unit coherency rules, pile ins and how attack range works would do wonders without the need of adding strict rank and file rules. Something like the support attacks in MESBG or how 40k handles melee range would suffice. Also some more unit type keywords so that each type can behave differently. A monster, a goblin and a horse don't exactly make much sense to move with the same ease of manouver.

>> No.77157007

I can get behind not liking the bullornament or the hammer, but everything else is peak kino.

>> No.77157014

>is peak kino.
Opinion discarded

>> No.77157020

Sounds like my cup of tea.
I assume I can do a skaven warband through the allies thing then?
When lockdown ends I'll see if anyone local plays it and have a go.

The old stegodon was always that thing I loved the look of as a kid but couldn't really afford

>> No.77157022

No, I don't play LRL and I don't like the cow tops.
But I think adding custodian plumes to them suddenly makes them one of the best looking units in AoS.

>> No.77157028

You didn't answered my question

>> No.77157042

You can do a skaven warband with the core rules.
The chaos warbands that struggle usually use the allies book to ally strong models, or more of their own leader model into their warband. Just to up their general powerlevel to compete with regular AoS factions like Skaven.

>> No.77157050

I know that, I do all my figures on a table in the corner of my small kitchen.

>> No.77157052

Nah, he's just Magnus the Read. The nerd glasses will soon follow.

>> No.77157055

not hammers, not pauldrons, not overpriced plastic
games workshop is built on top knots

>> No.77157065

I do it to show that the stoneguard are more than salvageable with a conversion that's simpler than your average headswap.
That you can have awesome stoneguard with bare bones effort.

>> No.77157066

they have their own niche, just not as dynamic posterboys

>> No.77157079

Because every LRL-player is fed up by
>roflcopter look at minor detail of unit
going on for months, every time our army is mentioned, by sub 80IQ shitposters.
Atleast thats why I keep mentioning it.

>> No.77157085

They still have pauldrons though. And they look great.

I agree completely.

>> No.77157098

these actually look really nice
whoever did these did a fantastic job
I wonder what the top-knots would look like they they were painted with incubi darkness

>> No.77157101

>meanwhile, in Ghur

>> No.77157109

no, anyone but fanboys realise it's the boring token model, not much creativity was thrown into it and not much creativity would have have been allowed either

>> No.77157112

OBR crossbows (maybe with four bow arms so they can fire then turn it and fire again lke those chinese designs.

An infantry hero with special sniping crossbow made from a bone protrusion from his arm that allows units within 6' to redeploy on the board if they haven't shot.

Pretty easy, an OBR Get Started box with 20 morteks, a boneshaper and a Harvester.

>> No.77157113

This. The entire factom being mocked and reduced to the themeing of a couple of units (first cows, now kangaroos) is pretty fucking tiresome. Hopefully the vanari expansion will change that.

>> No.77157117

Can the big guys from Nurgle Blood Bowl Team be converted into Putrid Blightkings using the bits left over from the Putrid Blightkings kit?

>> No.77157122

>Maybe every realm Archaon conquered got blown up by him at the end like the World-That-Was? That could be his way of giving the middle finger to the gods. Or it could just be the end that Chaos always lead to: Utter annihilation.

That would make sense I guess

Why wouldn't it? It's all linked via the Realm of Chaos

To play fair?

>> No.77157137

Perhaps she is a former witch elf?

>> No.77157140

Is there a way to make a Tzeentch list work with a lot of chaos warriors and only super-elite demons? Or should I make slaanesh-themed chaos warriors instead?

>> No.77157143

Because the settings aren't connected Anon.

>> No.77157149

Am I being retarded?
Just downloaded the skaven book from the mega.
I can't see what makes prerequisites are required for a skryre army.

In the old skaven book I had (probably 12 years ago now) it had a bit at the back for the clans.
It'd say something like "you must have X as your hero and you can use Y as a core unit"

>> No.77157150

>gorkamorka attacks dracothion in a blind fit of rage after being freed from drakatoa by sigmar - early age of myth, shit smearing on cave wall - colorized

>> No.77157165

Not this again.

>> No.77157167


>> No.77157170

Ummmm achtually...

>> No.77157177

It's the truth Anon. It's the answer to all your questions.

>> No.77157181

>And what is the wind-equivalence of Stoneguards?
Naginata samurai aelves

>> No.77157182

Yes, with surprising ease. They're the same scale and the Blightking arms slot into the arm holes of the fatties suspiciously easily.
But there's only four in the box so you need one more body for a unit. Like, say, one of the two Underworlds dudes.

>> No.77157208


>> No.77157218

Uhh, no?

>> No.77157254

What about the Lord of Blights, could he be converted with Blightking bits, or is he too big? If I got two Maggotkin SCs i'd have a spare

>> No.77157261

This is my life. I'm going from skinny-fat to a light version of strong-fat.
I have the discipline to hit the gym, but not to diet.

>> No.77157308

My landlord would break probably not renew my contract if he knew I paint in my flat.

>> No.77157320

I can only speak from experience for the Lord of Plagues who is most definitely the size of a Blightking (a literal hair shorter, actually, but whatever) but from what I've seen the Lord of Blights is the same size as well. If he is at all taller then not enough that Blightking parts would look weird on him. The main issue is that if you convert him you'll pretty much have to glue a shield onto his back because leaving off the gallows leaves an ugly hole in his back.

>> No.77157326

>I do it to show that the stoneguard are more than salvageable with a conversion that's simpler than your average headswap.
For what reason? Are you community manager?
And a niche is..?

>> No.77157364

>For what reason? Are you community manager?
Rent fucking free. That's your last (you).

>> No.77157394

I'm the opposite, diet is easy for me - I shop only for main meals and now I'm working from home I'm not going to Greggs every day. I have a rowing machine but my skinny-fat arms are killing me even after two minutes on the thing so I don't go on as often as I could.

Be strong anon, chadhood awaits, you need only put down the fork and grab it.

>> No.77157398

So much to answer a simple question

>> No.77157402

so I get two Maggotkin SCs, I'll have enough bits left over to make another five Blightkings by getting the Blood Bowl team for 40 bucks instead of the Blightking kit for 57 bucks.

Sweet, thanks.

>> No.77157427

Same. I lost 22kg last year just by dieting, but I can't for the love of god do any kind of serious exercise.

>> No.77157493

>today I'll remind them

because he doesn't have near unlimited resources and troops from the other realms, nothing seems to indicate the other realms he crusaded into have tanks and spaceships, only a very small part of the guys that take the path to glory reach the position to be saved from annihilation and because the mortal realms are fucking huge even compared to those other realities, which is a big term used to refer to relatively small fries

>> No.77157509

>Maybe every realm Archaon conquered got blown up by him at the end like the World-That-Was?
it's not a maybe, the dead worlds hang over varanspire as a trophy of those crusades

>> No.77157525

>mountain: stoneguard, stonemage, alarith
>wind: windchargers, cloudmage, hurakan
>river: ???, watermage?, water spirit
>zenith: ???, lightmage?, light spirit

>> No.77157558

I can't image why. Just cover things in newspaper or whatever and clean up any messes with white spirits. It's greenstuff that's a bitch, bonding to clothes or surfaces. That shit is hell when you're not working on a tidy controlled surface.

>> No.77157567

Three months at the gym and you're used to it, six months and you've got some real results. A year and you're a new person.
I can go to the gym because working out actually feels good now, instead of just being exhausting.
A year at the gym seriously made me feel ten years younger in terms of how much bigger my energy reserves are. I don't need coffee in the morning anymore, and I don't get brain fog.
The last two times I've gotten sick I've been fine after three days with no fever, instead of my usual week in bed with a fever.

So going to the gym is fine because it feels good, but dieting sucks because food tastes good.
Anyway, this is getting too off-topic.

>> No.77157616

Wrath of the Everchosen has roaming monsters table, but is this different from a WD table about AI driven Gargants? Does anyone remember that one?

>> No.77157697

>but is this different from a WD table about AI driven Gargants?
I don't know for sure, but probably not. They reuse those tables all the time, same with the awful siege rules that have been reprinted over and over since Realmgate Wars.

>> No.77157701

He is the same size as blightkings. They're all on 40mm bases

>> No.77157773

I'm really starting to believe micro factions were a huge mistake. Big Waagh would be so much better fleshed out with goblins, Sylvaneth with wanderers, DoK with the remaining Dark Elves, Slayers with Dispo etc. There's a ton of sweet fairly new kits that just won't see use now like cold one chariots, black ark corsairs, wild riders.

>> No.77157784

Thanks guys. My friends are in pain with this

>> No.77157796

No thong = no resemblance

>> No.77157808

PLEASE re-release mighty empires. I can't believe something that works so well with AoS has still not been brought back.

>> No.77157861

Except it would look like this in aos

>> No.77157864

>And a niche is..?
an aspect warrior: a marginalised aesthetic gimmick that serves to give a distinct look to an extension of an army

it's not supposed to be the face of the army as it's the vanari that represent the core and it's not supposed to have a design that's balanced in a void because it's supposed to coexist and be balanced out by the other extremities of the army, as the headgears and creatures are designed to have parallels between each other but be clearly distinct
the polar opposite of this design philosophy is stormcasts and marines that are instead chock full of redundancies

>> No.77157867

AoS maps doesn't look like this

>> No.77157875

Not really, but if it did it would be rad as hell.

>> No.77157879

>For what reason? Are you community manager?
we have higher ups lurking the threads

>> No.77157898

>like gundam
No. No girls allowed in gunpla, go away stinky.

>> No.77157902

Imagine playing fucking kings of war because GW won't make female space marines. For fucks sake play SoB already they got fantastic new models.

>> No.77157921

>higher ups
Yeah, some whiny warhammer community writer counts as a "higher up".

>> No.77157922

It's not enough that they have the thing they ask for, they have to tear down the existing thing so no-one can have the thing they don't want.

>> No.77157927

>Imagine playing fucking kings of war
>implying they would actually do it
it's all for the sake of attention

>> No.77157939

If she knows anything about 40k she shouldn't be expecting female space marines anyway, but ofc it's just a clout chasing SJW.
But no, I don't work for GW.

>> No.77157942

This womans name is mingming

>> No.77157967


whoever you are, stop larping that youre anything but a article writing intern and stfu

>> No.77157971

What the fuck.

>> No.77157990

>+1 attack on 60 Shootas that didn't move
heheheh don't mind if I do!

>> No.77158008

>we have higher ups lurking the threads
Why wouldnt they, we are the creme dela creme of this community.
Everywhere else they would be under scrutiny and surrounded by bootlickers.

>> No.77158015

Yeah, that's not an English forename wtf it's so weird

>> No.77158016

What's that from?

>> No.77158022

What's this?

>> No.77158029

Regiments of Renown from an old GHB?

>> No.77158035


>> No.77158046


>> No.77158054

It coincidentally reads as "minigaming" when you skim over it anon. That's how I read it when I looked at the image.

>> No.77158056

Good get the fuck out slut.

>> No.77158075

GW higher ups reading please give us Order of Azyr :(

>> No.77158076

To be fair, it's true. This is the only place where you can freely talk about AoS. WarCom comments? They'll delete any criticism and be full of shills. TGA? Come on, they even banned posting leaked pics. Some obscure forum with 3 regular posters? Never.

>> No.77158135

>Plastic SoB and new releases shown last week

>> No.77158136

TGA is fine for when you don't feel like reading the whining that's on 4chan, but it's got it's own poison in the form of clout chasers and white knights.

>> No.77158139

No one talks about aos here, its the same tired horseshit that's already been beatin to death day after day. This very line of discussion generated from someone whining about female minis for the billionth time.

>> No.77158152

There shouldn't be female space marines because that's not in the lore.
I welcome more SoB, though their preview unit looked stupid.
Stop projecting.

>> No.77158165

there you go, trashing your strawmen around in an irrational fit when reality doesn't conform to your delusions

>> No.77158175

>it's not supposed to be the face of the army
It's literally elite unit

>> No.77158176

I'm talking about actual reactions to the announcements and releases. Here you'll find a good mix of people that like or dislike anything and the reasons why they do it. If the reaction here is generally negative, it's likely that the reaction everywhere is negative. In other forums and community sites you'll only find bootlickers, with negative comments being either drowned by shills or outright deleted.

>> No.77158201

>meanwhile Sigmarines got literal transcharacter

>> No.77158203

It's also in the fucking cover of the battletome and as such, the fist thing anyone will see from the army.

>> No.77158207

>No one talks about aos here
we do every day, lore, models, rules, you just don't like what the discussions are about because you're on the wrong side of them.

>> No.77158212

Too true.

So many new GW sculpts are made better by removing excessive details

>> No.77158222

>female space marines
>aos topic

>> No.77158236


>> No.77158243

go ahead and tell me what the wrong side of every position is oh wise teclis.

>> No.77158253

everyone shut the fuck up about 40k and discuss skeleton warriors.
Why are they the best battleline models to ever exist? Why are they so pretty? Why won't GW sell them in boxes of 20?

>> No.77158255

The one you are in.

>> No.77158259

I'd say the leaders chest plate is pretty out there. The lady looks like the glam rock-punk ladies that GW likes, but she doesn't look like any of our older vampires.
And I would not call them uninspired. The Mannfred lookalike has armor that's straight out of their older artwork, finally brought to life.

>> No.77158268


yeah here's some of that quality /aosg content. I haven't read this drek 100 times in the last week or anything.

>> No.77158282

the wrong side is the one that's not right, so whichever one that is left

>> No.77158307

Pretty but dysfunctional spindly abominations.

>> No.77158311

>I haven't read this drek 100 times in the last week or anything.
You're always free to change topic, go away or wallow in the entitlement.

>> No.77158316

>Why are they so pretty?
WHFB 7th ed is where the sculpts start to get modern levels of quality and also start to adhere to warhammers actual art.
>Why won't GW sell them in boxes of 20?
We discussed this yesterday. It's because the decisions to price and decide box sizes are completely arbitrary and made by some retarded old jews in GW's basement.

>> No.77158322

What do you use to shade celestra grey before highlighting with a white?

>> No.77158328

I'm not the one over here lauding the post quality of this cesspit.

>> No.77158335

>in their hand

>> No.77158337

Post some GSG Aleguzzlers, I recall some cool conversions as GSG launched but for the life of me I can't find them.

>> No.77158342

What you expect of him?

>> No.77158350

>Why won't GW sell them in boxes of 20?
Not really any reason to, their price per model is the exact same as it would be if they put 20 in a box, so it makes no difference.

>> No.77158364

Do you guys think GW will show more vampire models soon? The underworlds warband is fantastic, but the actual vampire that was leaked seems a little too unique to be the "main" vampire lord they'll be selling.

>> No.77158369

Lots of cool rules.

>> No.77158371

because they rank up well, are designed with a coherent marching dynamism and feature little overblown or excessive designs, compare the basic troop with the champion of the unit or the grave guard
they are superior because less is more with them
for similar reasons nighthaunts are splendid too, but they created way too many redundant units and the pricing is dumb

>> No.77158375

would be cuter if a little goblin was sitting on his head though

>> No.77158383


>> No.77158388

yes and? it has been a perfectly usable pronoun for centuries

>> No.77158394

I recall some like that! Not the one I'm posting now but yeah

>> No.77158399

>Why are they the best battleline models to ever exist?
Uniform design, small to no footprint outside the base so can be pilled in close together, compatible with other kits making conversions a breeze which is good considering you want a lot of them and so you never have two that look alike
>Why are they so pretty?
High calcium diet
>Why won't GW sell them in boxes of 20?
Smallest unit size is 10, would suck if you only want that much and are forced to buy more

>> No.77158403

Apothecary white or a mix of aethermatic blue and space wolves gray.

>> No.77158404

The first likely release window for them is in October, but that spot might be taken by the Cursed City if that isn't released around April.
Which leaves February next year.
Anyway, we usually see models three months before their release, though the Soulblight Gravelords were leaked too early. Meaning you'll probably see more of them this summer. Or this fall.

>> No.77158418

Good in melee.
A beast in the magic department.

>> No.77158419

if you hate it so much why are you still here? it's almost as if you don't want to admit that even with its flaws this place is good, or maybe that you have a problem

>> No.77158440

>have a boner
Sorry, they keep escaping from my closet.

>> No.77158441

They said on the preview everything shown there would release in the next 3 months. Slaanesh is next week, so that means Lumineth, all the Teclis boxsets and Cursed City will all be out before spring.

>> No.77158444

that's the worst halfling cook ever
who the fuck prepares a skullfucking tentacle on silver plate without dipping sauce?

>> No.77158465

It should be, yes. I'm just saying you never know with Covid.

>> No.77158473

>slaanesh is next week
fuck, already? I'm not ready! I still haven't gotten my chaos warriors. I can't get Sigvald if he doesn't already have a small army of warriors waiting for him.

>> No.77158493

I mean, unless they do a full lockdown and they can't ship anything, they already have everything prepared.
Yeah, it's almost february already.

>> No.77158494

>All his pleasure needs satisfied

So... He fucks the priestess?

>> No.77158496

>They said on the preview everything shown there would release in the next 3 months

>> No.77158497

Rasp are so overpriced I'm guessing, because someone forgot they weren't giving them away with mortal realms in the US like they are in England.

>> No.77158498

>would suck if you only want that much and are forced to buy more
No, the bundled boxes are usually heavily discounted. They're stuck in WHFB pricing because for whatever reason they never got around to giving them a proper box. Ogors, Savage Orruks, etc were all reboxes for min-size * 2 and sold at a price of 10 pretty much (maybe more like 13-15).

>> No.77158507

you would need a shorter list for the ones he does not fuck
he's an ugly bastard after all

>> No.77158518

Oh no.

>> No.77158528

they'll do it after elves come out, probably adepticon preview.

>> No.77158540

Nah he prefers halflings obviously.

>> No.77158597

>pronoun for centuries
Sure thing future suicide victim

>> No.77158616

River is confirmed nuSwordmasters

>> No.77158632

they technically haven't even announced the battletome yet, so I think it will come after both the lumineth and cursed city
these last two have way too many things still to show
just for lumineth for example they showed only 3 kits/clampacks out of at least 10
not to mention the generic/special versions of certain kits, because the hero on battle cow seem to have a very different variant while the fox we have seen is a special character, like avalenor, not the normal elemental
they are going to show them bit by bit until the release of broken realm I guess

>> No.77158637

>the female is based on a witch elf
I actually think the female is based an on asian aesthetic like in crouching tigre hidden dragon.

>> No.77158648

not in tranny contexts, that's the point, you dumb faggot, learn to read

>> No.77158656

There's no reason to the pricing model. 20 mortek is $60 and 260 points, and 10 auralan wardens are $60 and 120 points.

>> No.77158662

no, the swordmasters are not trained in the arts of the temples according to direchasm

>> No.77158663

You expect poltards shitting up the general to read?

>> No.77158685


>> No.77158688

Yeah, it's just whatever they can get away with. They don't even care about doing stuff like charging more for two Mancrushers in a box when you probably only want one.

>> No.77158700


>> No.77158719

Say goodbye to your skellies. They are getting squatted in favor of soulblight gravelord bonaewalkers (tm) at 60$ per 10 dudes.

>> No.77158741

swordmasters are vanari

>> No.77158757


>> No.77158767

GSG truly make everything better.

>> No.77158771

>bonae walkers
>not bonnie walkers
>not wanting skellies in kilts wielding claymores

>> No.77158789

Dipping sauce would ruin the glazing. You don't dip glazed mollusk meat.

>> No.77158818

not sure I like the tentacles, that seems more like Nurgles deal, claws or scales would be more appropriate.

>> No.77158837

Why can't Mannfred and Neferata work together? What are they even competing over nowadays? Don't they have any common interests between them?

>> No.77158907

>not in tranny contexts
Sure thing

>> No.77158909

They both want power
Neferata wants her own country and wants to be left alone to just enjoy her empire
Mannlet just wants to be the top dog
This causes mannlet to get in Neferata's way and fuck things up all the time.

>> No.77159072

I've come to the conclusion that elves are a poorfag filter.

>> No.77159380

Merciless Ming

>> No.77159404

Such a limited imagination

>> No.77159890

>She was 18 in snake years officer

>> No.77160772

Some sort of ballista for Fyreslayers, or perhaps some lizard cav unit.
Slayers don't need more heroes, they need more everything else because its THE herohammer faction.
As for box set, Slayers vs Rats, a classic matchup.

>> No.77160895


magnus the bread

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