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Killer Squirrel Edition

Previous thread: >>77084896

General thread for the games too niche to be in a proper thread but too GW to be in >>>/tg/awg.
Blood Bowl, Necromunda, Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game, Kill Team, Warcry, Epic, Underworlds, Aeronautica, Mordheim, BFG and any other GW system and board game are welcome.

For mainline games go to:

>We are working on a mega archive with the rulebooks for the boxed and specialist games (don't share).
>Drop any missing files you might have here:
>Old links:

What is your favourite Kill Team/Warband/Blood Bowl Team and why?

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I just think admech in KT are neat

>> No.77122139

This is nuts!

>> No.77122186

why did they make so many cave troll sculpts?

>> No.77122237

Because cave trolls are incredibly iconic, and that alone is enough to warrant multiple miniatures. Just look at the amount of different miniatures that have been made of any of the Fellowship members over the years.

Also they're fun____

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This release is so bad I almost feel bad for clowning on KTfags about their bad gaem. Almost.

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Kill Team is a necessary existence. It's sole purpose is to be a gateway drug to the harder, more fiscally ruinous 40k proper. But when you don't have gateway games like that, you end up with your main game being turned into Age of Sigmar.

>> No.77122370

I think one solid round of shooting by the intercessors would wipe those flayed ones of the table. And in a brawl the marines are only marginally worse than the necrons, too. Two swings and a pistol aren't much, but at T5 and 3 Wounds they'll get to do that for a while.

>> No.77122415

It's not even a KT release, it's a 40k release with a different label slapped on, because people would complain over another SM vs Necron boxset otherwise. Not even 5% of the sales will be from people buying it for KT. Depending on the price I might buy it, once scalpers force the box into made to order, but even as someone who plays Necrons in KT, I would only get it for the Cryptek and as a token gesture towards KT products.

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im glad to see the underworlds team is all vamps. was worried it was gonna be like other death teams with a strong leader ( the vamp) and a bunch of zombies or some shit. wanted an elite vampire only team.

>> No.77122459

it might help to know which part of europe you are in

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In melee both a Heavy Intercessor and a Flayed One on their own cause each other 0.416 failed saves each turn of combat.
The necron has one wound, the marine has three. Do the math there.

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Is KT any fun? I can’t be bothered to buy a full 40k army, but I wouldn’t mind ping up a single unit of steel legion troops

>> No.77122611

No it is not.

>> No.77122646

I am in the same boat.
Not heard good things on /tg/ though

>> No.77122649

literally playing out before our eyes! >>77122562

>> No.77122715

Are Grey Knights good for KT? Saw that you only need like 5 models... and I found some 3d files to print them...

>> No.77122851

Who would've thought the plastic death korps vs. kommandos rumor was , in fact, a lie

>> No.77122924

>plastic death korps
oldest and fakest rumor. People have been talking about this since Badab.

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Yes. This thread is full CAAC whiners that don't like the fact that 20 guardsman with flashlights are a horrible choice, or can't understand why lists suck and rosters are important. Also some people who are begrudged by a few legitimate complaints, that can't be solved without a complete rules overhaul in core mechanics. Those issues don't actually make the game bad or unplayable, they just make certain weapon option plainly inferior to others, and some unsatisfying interaction.
The game is fun, but utter shit for narrative. You have to go into with a somewhat competitive mindset. Build a good roster and make sure that you can tailor your list to the mission and oponent with it. This leads to rosters looking very similar in the same faction. This is not a problem, unless you are set on a shit list because narrative, or single box because no money. You can still your dudes your guys, it's only 20 models. You can get away with some sup otimal stuff depending on your meta, but the games design will likely turn your meta more competitive over time, or away from the game.
They are allright, can't bring more than 5 models in a standard game, so depending on mission selection they can suffer a bit. But just 5 guys isn't enough, you want a more developed roster. Grey Knights are one of the few teams were you can get a good team by just buying the strike team box and doing some magnetisation.

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So for E:A, have there been any solutions to offset the massive advantage that activation count gives you? Some ones I saw were to either limit total activations or to allow the person with less activations to pass until both players are equal. I just want upgrades to be worth it and less of an emphasis on taking a ton of pass formations.

>> No.77123228

Hey FUMBBL Anon, just to let you know I'll be around if you're still up for that match between your Orcs and my Chaos. I tossed up another fresh team. Just respond to here and I'll be able to play.

>> No.77123278

>have there been any solutions to offset the massive advantage that activation count gives you?
why would there need to be? that’s just how AA games tend to work, and a small unit is pretty easy to break in epic. even letting someone pass would not help much at all and just let the higher AA count armies set up their positions and overwatch better

>> No.77123507

This sounds like another of the "I haven't actually played it" criticisms.
Like why is this a problem? It's not like the activation advantage actually encourages comical levels of MSU, except in a few cases where that sort of thing makes sense. Small formations give you more activations but they break as soon as something gives them a nasty look. The game incentives you to run a few big line formations that can take and throw punches, along with a bunch of smaller formations that can flank, scramble for objectives, or strike at targets of opportunity. That's good. It's fluffy and it makes armies varied. Why would you want to fix it?

>> No.77123510


The solution is to break them. The smaller the unit, the easier to break and surpress it is. Three units of 3 Stompa's may give you three activations, but all the opponent has to do is shoot one that hasn't activated yet, and if he kills even 1 that unit is broken and now doesn't have an activation.
You think the Lion cares that four rabbits have it flanked?

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>Rivendell is Historical Allies with Minas Tirith but not with the Rangers
Makes no sense.

>> No.77123834

Yeah, the alliance chart is a hot steaming mess

>> No.77124110

>tfw realizing that at least the necron half will be going cheap on ebay

>> No.77124207

>yet another rehash of close quarter confines rules
>terrain is just some meh looking scatter and doors that will look out of place on any normal table setup
>rules for models from a different box set locked inside this one
>may or may not pull that crap were they make the new sculpts inside exclusive to that box for 6-12 months before repacking them normally like they did with the Kelermorph/Manipulus
Yeah it's about what I was expecting.

Well this reveal was overall kinda disappointing, I like the new witch hunter guy though. I just hope he isn't so tall he's a head and shoulder above my existing Mordheim dudes.

>> No.77124304

They did say on the stream that he'd work great for Mordheim.

>> No.77124320

these look sick

>> No.77124326

>Well this reveal was overall kinda disappointing
not for the titanichads

>> No.77124695

Play Custodes and you can play KT with only 3 models or even 2.

>> No.77124726

I know some people hate the look of the SoB Paragon but I think with some additional bits it'd look fine. But that's beside the point.
What I want to know is if GW will update the Sisters' KT rules to add the Paragons. They're not exactly huge units like the Mortifier so maybe they can be added to KT. Emperor knows the Sisters need more unit variety in KT.

>> No.77124746

If I never see the fucking thing again it'll be too early.

>> No.77124789

They look to be substantially bigger than even a Killa Kan, so I doubt it.
Also, fuck the Paragon Warsuits. What a waste of a perfectly good concept.

>> No.77124803

Heads up, I was just at Barnes and Noble and they were clearancing out Space Marine Adventures: Labyrinth of the Necrons for 20 bucks and Warhammer Underworlds: Dreadfane for 25 bucks.

>> No.77124842

god remember before the stream when people thought maybe they were doing a third edition with streamlined rules, or maybe unique Kill Teams like the Warcry Warbands?

And then that's what we get. A box of stuff for 40k players. Probably going to be 210 USD.

>> No.77124866

I agree with the other posters, I doubt it'll get rules, seems more equivalent in size and role to a dreadnought. All hope isn't lost for Sisters though, maybe if you're lucky they'll add their heavy weapon squad guys, forget what they're called. Those are much more in line with the established scale of the game.

>> No.77124896

Anyone who was speculating on something different is a moron. GW made it perfectly clear they weren't doing anything new and fancy with KT in the 9th ed FAQ, and that all we should expect is new/updated datasheets from Indomitus.

>> No.77124929

The problem with adding the Retributors is that Sisters already have the Battle Sister gunners in KT with access to heavy weapons.
I'd rather see them add stuff like Seraphim and Zephyrim or just let us bring more than 1 Repentia.

>> No.77124947

I am more interested to see what the sprue looks like
if it will be a strict monopose or more flexible

>> No.77124962

Considering how the big arms are supposed to mirror the pose of the little arms, I doubt there will be much posability.

>> No.77125018

Is it true chaos players concede as soon as they get an injury?

>> No.77125065

I wanted Mordheim, but atleast I'll get some good models to proxy my exisiting Warcry bands with. That ghoul is looking like a snacc that will replace old man necromancer.

>> No.77125208

>is it true BB2 players concede as soon as they get an injury?


>> No.77125233

But why?

>> No.77125314

Do we know what’s going to be in that Pariah Nexus book at least?

>> No.77125356

Dreadfane for 25 isn't a bad deal. Two solid warbands and a fairly interesting terrain mechanic.

>> No.77125377

The new Necron and Marine units.

>> No.77125383

Obviously it'll have the rules for yet another slight variation on close-quarters fighting, and they also mentioned the rules for the Indomitus stuff will be inside.

>> No.77125403

The official description also says the box has "enough to get two players started playing Kill Team" so presumably the base KT rules too

>> No.77125465

So is it supposed to be a new start set and an expansion? That didn't really work out very well for Catacombs.

>> No.77125538

Catacombs was sold on some indoor fighting gimmick nobody was really excited about, replaced all the good terrain from the previous box with shitty scatter terrain and doors, and was more expensive than the previous box.

So this is completely different because we don't know if it's going to be more expensive yet.

>> No.77125548

No. Catacombs was at least clearly made for Warcry. This is supposed to be a box set for 40k, sold for double the normal price because they added some terrain no one wanted. It feels like an even worse starter than the current one.

>> No.77125563

>base rules too
I was going to say that might get me interested in buying the box, but then I just realised that the starter set with the Space Marines and the Tau is still in print. I don’t see any reason to get this other than the timed exclusive models>>77125403

>> No.77125668

A few reasons but people treat it like an arcade game in BB2 especially in matchmaker. Losing a player to them is like losing the first round, why bother?

>> No.77125685

>I don’t see any reason to get this other than the timed exclusive models
How about how none of the models in the current starter are worth a damn in KT? Flayed ones are a cornerstone of any Necron roster and the bar these new Heavy intercessors have to pass to be more useful than the models from the current starter is "be remotely playable" which is a pretty low standard to beat.

>> No.77125701

Looking into playing Inquisitor. The system looks pretty crunchy, more like playing something like Dark Heresy than say, Necromunda.

Does anyone have experience with the game? In particular, how big can warbands get before they become unwieldy to play with?

>> No.77125753

What's wrong with Fire Warriors?

>> No.77125774

At least the current starter set can be used as a relatively balanced standalone game experience. This seems so poorly thought out that there’s gotta be something I’m missing.

>> No.77125788

They will miss shots for two turns and then get charged.

>> No.77125806


Haven't played Inquisitor in years, but I'd recommend starting with 3 minis a side max.
The game's basically a miniature-based PVP RPG and a GM is recommended, or used to be in the old days. Character balance is poor but us not the point of the game. Get out a couple of your weirdest minis, give them backgrounds and stats, put them in a cramped setting and have them tear one another apart.

>> No.77125867

Drones fill a similar battlefield role but are cheaper, more lethal (even with worse BS they're doubled volume of fire more than compensates), they move faster and fly, can take hits for your more important units, and have a number of useful alternate configurations for niche scenarios. The only reason to take a fire warrior on your team is to bring along a turret, and even then those are only situationally useful.

>> No.77125878

Wouldn't even be that bad of a box but knowing GW they'll want $210 USD for this shit

>> No.77125887

My bad, still groggy, just got up.

>> No.77125910

Okay, that lines up with what I'm seeing elsewhere, thanks.
My bud was getting all excited about making a whole ten model band and I was trying to tell him it seems a lot denser than what we usually play.
I myself was going to stick to fiveish--preacher, servo-gimp, an armed zealot or two and an arco-flagellant, but it sounds like even that would be too much.

>> No.77126024

Also forgot that drones have more staying power, with T4 4+ they're nearly as hardy as marines, which for a chaff unit like that is excellent.

>> No.77126066


Yeah, you're right that that would be a lot.
Remember the original context of 54mm figures; they're expensive and take up a lot of table real estate. The game just wasn't designed for a squad of ten.
I'd recommend taking a look at some of the old White Dwarf battle reports for inspiration and an idea of what the game can handle.
In terms of building up forces, maybe have the first game be your secondary leaders and one backup guy each coming into contact. Two on two makes a nice way to learn the rules, lets you determine the personalities of the characters involved through your choices and actions and sets up a nice grudge or two from the injuries incurred.
From there keep a story rolling. A GM is great for adding mystery, keeping pacing and introducing third party enemies, however if it's just the two of you you guys could still build up some story and objectives for each side. Inquisitor's very open-ended and great for things like asymmetrical objectives, three-way conflicts, environmental hazards and other weird situations. It's not your typical wargame, and remembering that will open up a ton of fun.

>> No.77126121

>you end up with your main game being turned into Age of Sigmar
How would that be a bad thing? AoS is miles better than 40k and Warcry is far better than KT.

>> No.77126138

>Warcry is far better than KT
This is true. Who knew the secret to a fun skirmish game was throwing buckets of dice?

>> No.77126152

We're never going to get the Necromantic horror star players from the magazine, are we?

Did the other teams get theirs?

>> No.77126158

Sure I can play right now mate, only problem I have is I don't know what orc team composition to make, only played orcs on BB2 and I don't know if there were price changes to the players, if you could help me I would really appreciate it

>> No.77126179

Rivendell isn't historical with MT, it's a yellow alliance.

>> No.77126201

>star players
Who the fuck cares? Well aside from stunty teams if course. Serious question here. Who the fuck cares about a portion of the game that is never used?

>> No.77126235

I play Ogres so I do care

Stunty teams need all the help they can get

>> No.77126249

Now to be fair, I wouldn't say it's strictly better. I've played a fair bit of both and the two games fill entirely different niches and are trying to appeal to different audiences
That said, I have personally had a LOT more fun with Warcry. Probably doesn't help that the only thing people in my local KT scene want to play these days is the same boring cookie-cutter hold 1/hold 2/hold more mission packets though.

>> No.77126250

It's not just that but warcry has a better damage system. Through the simple act of giving things more wounds they made playing with less stuff work. If things had a similar number of wounds in KT as they did in WC it'd work so much better and give them so much more room to work with the weapon stats.

>> No.77126261

Fuck you're right, I got MT and Númenor mixed up.

>> No.77126469

I'm just stuffing myself anon, will be sorted in around 25 give or take.

The composition on FUMBBL is same as bb2.

4 Blorcs
4 Blitzers
1 Thrower
2 linemen
3 rerolls.

>> No.77126592


>Stunty teams need all the help they can get

They don't. The whole point of Stunty teams is that they're shit.

>> No.77126622

Have you missed every description of these teams where GW goes 'will they win? lmao no, but it'll be funny'

>> No.77126697

I want Bryce and Chaney, Frankenstein I can convert.

>> No.77126808

Just because they are a "bad" team doesn't mean they are supposed to be shit
>inb4 Nooooo you are not supposed to make injuries on my players you are supposed to be free SPP because you are a stunty team nooooo

>> No.77126813

I do. I really like Stars for tournaments and in leagues some Stars have saved my ass.

>> No.77126834

Right, well, ready when ye are anon. I'll have the client open. The game name is Bash

>> No.77127016

Scratch that, just (YOU) me here when you get back anon.

>> No.77127020


I think the correct term is "Challenging" a good coach can win with Stunty teams, just as a poor coach can still win by coasting along with Elves.

>> No.77127112

You guys have any hopes for Vermintide: Darkest Bloodborne?

>> No.77127138


>> No.77127161

Yeah, the models look good an the Warhammer Quests thus far have all been kino (even Silver Tower).

>> No.77127188

I know my friend is gonna get it because he's a big Death guy and loved BSF, so I'll just have to find a way to subdue him long enough to steal my man Saltzpy--I mean, Darrock.

>> No.77127192

Fucking hell they really blew this out of the park. That trailer is brilliant! But who is the party member bottom right with the spiked shoulder pad supposed to be? An StD? Ogre?

>> No.77127193

I hope that some of it will be reusable for Mordheim. The Witch Hunter already looks promising, though Rifle + 2-handed sword is terrible loadout.

>> No.77127201

K I'm ready anon

>> No.77127217

I might run that thing as a crossbow. Don't forget he has the hammer too.

>> No.77127241

Gimme 1 min. Game name: Bash

>> No.77127312

>You guys have any hopes for Vermintide: Darkest Bloodborne?

I mean... not until you sold it like that to me.

>> No.77127381

Game up anon!

>> No.77127384

>though Rifle + 2-handed sword is terrible loadout.
I don't think anyone would bemoan you for running it as a normal sword at least for a cheeky totally-not-a-save in melee. I've got a long-ass sword strapped to my Captains back and run it that way, while I was modelling him I tried using a shorter sword but it just didn't look right.

>> No.77127386

>witch hunter
>sky dwarf
>kurnothi guy from underworlds?
>no seriously, is that an ork?
honestly comfy as fuck

>> No.77127389

Shouldn't be too hard to cut it at the grip and actually convert it into a crossbow.

>> No.77127451

>running it as a normal sword
you can conveniently shorten the sheath with minimal effort

>> No.77127482

Gonna be 8 heroes in total according to the site. We've seen the four silhuettes, and here is Warrior and Wizard too.

>> No.77127512

And here is city map. Its interactive on the site, but only shows a short description of the marked sites and nothing else.

>> No.77127555

>blind sigmarite wizard
>witch hunter
>sigmarite warrior woman
>sky dwarf pirate
>mysterious big boi
>antler archer
also god damn that’s good art. i think i’m actually going to grab this.

>> No.77127636

The twink knight is cute.

>> No.77127739


This is gonna be such a good box. Hopefully the price wont skyrocket with all those models in there.

>> No.77127815

What did my MESBGbros order today? Got pic related and the Orc captains.

>> No.77127926

Is the Kill Team Mordelai a good deal for starting KT? or am I better off getting a starter set?

>> No.77127983

Kill Team is dead and buried. But if you still want to touch it the starter set is quite literally the worst possible option.

>> No.77128028

>Kill Team is dead and buried
Not him but where did it go wrong? I thought KT was almost as popular as 40K

>> No.77128042

>Kill Team is dead and buried.
isn't it getting a new box release soon? Space Marine and Necrons iirc

>> No.77128070

The female/feminine looking knight looks pretty mint. I hope the miniature is as good. Reminds me of a better Brienne of Tarth.

>> No.77128078

Just grab the normal Deathwatch Kill Team box, the extra terrain is not worth the insane price-hike they put on that box and it's the same sprue of marines.

>> No.77128118


Not that guy, but Kill-Team is immensely popular just as 40K is immensely popular.
However GW basically puts the minimum effort possible into KT at all times, and the rules could have been made by pretty much any 15 year old.
The lack of updates, balance or anything else has upset and disillusioned some people who invested heavily (financially or emotionally) thinking that KT was ever anything other than GW providing an excuse for lower-end spenders to buy their minis and as an onramp to 40K proper.

>> No.77128120

Kill team Mordelai is all you need, The starter set gives you reivers which have not enough ap but a reivers sgt. can dish out five attacks as a combat specialist

>> No.77128143

Hey guys, what is your opinion of Blitzbowl?
>Pic related

>> No.77128160

The models are what you want in a Deathwatch KT, the terrain is meh though, so it really depends on how much you want the tokens and cards. You don't want the current starter. You don't even want the rulebook in the current starter, get the version in the op should be the FAQ'd one.
Bad expansion policy. Poor upkeep on errata/FAQ, there still isn't one for the 2019 Annual. No support for over a year, in a year where barely any games could be played, so interest dropped, with nothing to get exited about. Also completely overshadowed with the 9th ed launch and trying to make it look like Combat Patrol would be the next big skirmish scale thing for 40k. It's not. Doesn't help that WarCry kept getting stuff, while KT was left hanging, as all 40k focuses on primaris marines.

>> No.77128174

Nice way to introduce yourself to the world of BB but the mainline game is much better. Also nice Orks, didn't think yellow would suit them so well.

>> No.77128213

I like the designs in the artwork and the two models shown so far but odds are I'll end up passing on it when it ends up being ~12 cool characters and ~40 less cool zombies and other undead mobs I'd get tired of painting halfway through

>> No.77128372

You would say BB is a lot better? To "upgrade" pretty much all I need woud be a bigger board and 5 more orks/humies right?

Probably can find some good proxies to print for the missing guys...

I haven't played it yet, especially with the 'rona. But there was a big BB place on my city before the crisis.

And thanks!

>> No.77128377

Galadriel, Cirdan, the Orc captains and the hammer troll. Thankfully GW saw reason for once and switched to MTO.

>> No.77128451

I would absolutely. Blitzbowl gives you a taster in a simplified, basic format of the full game. Think of it as a self contained demo.

Blood Bowl you would only need 5 more but ideally you want 4 blitzers/4 black orc blockers at a minimum for orcs and 4 blitzers, 3 catchers, 1 thrower for humans. I'd recommend the starter box.

>> No.77128621

Hm... so to get these teams to be more competitive the "first" box would be the best bet right?

The new season are completely different teams even as humies and orcs right?

>> No.77128927

>Every loadout of the team of Heavy Intercessors kills an average of two Flayed Ones dead per shooting phase, at a range of a minimum 30".
>Flayed Ones don't have any guns.
I fail to see how this is anything but a joke.

>> No.77129167

>I fail to see how this is anything but a joke.
seems like a ploy to get SM players to pay 3x retail for the new models

>> No.77129214

>Still has the old 40K logo on the cover
I wasn't expecting much but I thought they'd at least pretend to care

>> No.77129271

...I kinda want a unit of ten heavy intercessors, not gonna lie.

>> No.77129310

the fuck are you talking about? it's only three

>> No.77129335

Witch king, frodo and sam, captains and galadriel

>> No.77129336

Yes but the new season teams are fully complete, more or less in contrast to the older starter box. Not to mention it has the updated rules. So id recommend that. If you just want yo expand the teams you got, orcs and humans have boosters you can order from forgeworld.

>> No.77129533

What price you think BB3 is going to be at release?

Also why did they not bother adding the Snotlings considering they are adding the rest of the new teams, nobility and black orcs

>> No.77129678

Think the snake is large enough to use as a Mindstealer Sphyranx proxy? It'd be a thematic addition to my Splintered Fang warband. Painted to drip poison instead of blood, naturally.

>> No.77129684

Does Imperial nobility need the Ogre? It'd probably go better with my human team from the old starter.

>> No.77129713

Regarding activations in Epic Armageddon/NetEA, this is way too low. As a new player, 3 activations per 1k is a hard minimum and you really want to be in the region of 3-4 (ie 9-12 activations at 3k points). 2 activations per 1k may occasionally work if you're playing a Titan Legion and know exactly how to get the most out of each formation, but those people aren't asking this question.

>> No.77129750

Antler archer is a kurnothi elf. Big boy is either a maneater, or a REALLY fancy orc

>> No.77129780

Should be, yeah. Hard to tell obviously, but judging by the rocks and shit on the base I'd say it's about twice as tall as a regular duder

>> No.77129803

>kurnothi elf
Been out of the lore for a while, is that just a wood elf dedicated to kurnoth, or one of the half-deer satyr/centaur type ones from that one underworlds warband?

>> No.77129823

I'd hazard that base looks like a 90 ovoid, which is what the cat is on.

>> No.77129836

It looks fun as fuck to play the Nevron.
Amazing terrain!
Also a rare box that contains Space Marines! I love obscure factions!

>> No.77129850

Does Bloodbowl have any novels or fun lore books?

>> No.77129853

Mordheim rules question: what are the restrictions on blunderbuss fire? RAW it seems like the model can fire in any direction and hits everything under the template including partially obscured targets, friendlies, enemies, models enganged in combat, whatever. Is this true? Firing into combat seems particularly nasty, since you can place one model to get charged by a bunch of enemies and then hit everyone into the tight BtB cluster with one carefully placed shot.

>> No.77129875

Looks to me like the snake is on a cavalry sized base, but the model might be large enough to fit the Sphyranx's 90mm base.

>> No.77129882

Yeah, that's pretty much correct. You'll find that 90% of the time you can't get much value out of it, your example is pretty magic christmas land, but it can theoretically do a lot

>> No.77129936

My BS3 crossbowmen only seem to get 1-2 hits in a game (and that's if the enemy doesn't use terrain well), so hitting 2-3 enemies with a single blunderbuss shot right as they're closing is a pretty great deal. It's also a great way to psyche out my Skaven opponents and make them break up those big blobs of ratmen I don't want to charge

>> No.77129972

pretty much the only reason I care about it.

>> No.77129984

MESBG rules question, when my rohan cavalry charge and throw their spear, after that turn if they charhe do they get to throw the spear again or do they just normal cavalry charge the model

>> No.77130182

If your buddy is super productive, having him make a bunch of models for random npcs would be helpful. One of the big limitations of inquisitor was that was the same parties coming up against each other time and time again, which could be exhausting to build a justified narrative. Having some sessions against random npcs is always good. If you're going 54mm, Artel W does some good limited edition minis (they only have a 54mm demon host at the moment), and some recasters have inquisitor miniatures.

Please tell me you're in Australia.. Darwin only - southfags go home

>> No.77130278


Again, that hasn't really been my experience, but okay.

>> No.77130516

We're not entirely sure.

>> No.77130583

Oh, well that's cool in and of itself, then

>> No.77132228

Play Armageddon Shadow War.

>> No.77132254

Inquisitor isn't just about fighting everyone either. It's about role playing things out. Doesn't have to be fighting at all times.

>> No.77132792

Finished all the Blackstone fortress base game enemies

>> No.77133397

Not bad.

>> No.77133480

your lighting makes it hard to judge but i bet you can find the time to flash out the details on the chaos muhreens

>> No.77133525

I've got real shit lighting in my place, should really invest in a ring light or something.

>> No.77133584

Snotpillme on the snotling team

I need your opinions on it

>> No.77133659

When in doubt, put them in your fridge.

>> No.77133754

Death on the Pitch abd SPIKE magazines

>> No.77134172

No, MESBG doesn't have ammo. You can throw an infinite number of weapons.

>> No.77134187

Where to get them? Are they oncthe OP

>> No.77134643


There was also four books featuring the "Bad Bay Hackers", (a trilogy, Blood Bowl, Dead Ball, and Sudden Jungle, and an add on fourth book called Rumble in the Jungle (the characters from that book get mentioned in Death on the Pitch in one of the short stories'' There was also a comic series that got released in TPB, I think you can find the BB books in a Warhammer trove.

>> No.77134933


Are these the new DoK endless spells?

>> No.77135014


>> No.77135145



Kill team mindset is literaly BB mindset,WAAC, but without pretending you arent WAAC as BB player like to pretend.

>> No.77135162


>Has never played in an actual, non-randomer Blood Bowl league in his entire life

>> No.77135214

Not sure if on the OP but can get both on GW/black library. GW has the spikes.

Is thetrove.is website safe?

>> No.77135311

The guy who wrote the big long-winded defense of the game basically outlined everything you need to know when deciding if you want to play KT. If you're interested in putting together a proper 20 model roster and playing at a somewhat competitive level the game is perfectly serviceable. If you're looking for something casual were you can just pick up a single box of dudes and play you are going to be disappointed (unless you're playing one of the 2-3 factions that can play reasonably well out of a single box, which Guard are most certainly not).

>> No.77135474


I have and regularly saw before covid ppl at local Club play it,even some play off and semifinals of leagues with 100+ enters.

But but until the end, in the quarter-finals or round of 16, 99% pretend they are not here to win,even if they dont give up any little things.

I have to admit that the quarter-finals are usually damn cool,the players are focused as fuck,cut off from the world until the end of the game.

>> No.77135495

Nah get a team you like and one of the Infinity terrain sets.

>> No.77135510

Is it unhealthy to watch a YouTuber that gloats about banning anyone that disagrees with them?

>> No.77135521

Awesome, thanks a lot

>> No.77135522

I think there is no doubt BB can be highly competitive and most want to win. I think the difference is the approach. We all want to win full stop. But it helps if the person or people are still at least engaging about it.

>> No.77135529


>> No.77135550

They look good, i wish i could force my self to finish them, i only did the urghuls

>> No.77135612


>pretend they are not here to win,even if they dont give up any little things.

What does this mean though?
In any league I've played in everyone makes some effort to win, but there are plenty of other objectives too.
"Level up my favourite player", "kill the enemy player to earn a bounty" (everyone who kills an Elf gets a pint from our league organiser and my current Witch Elf has £10 on her head), "make people laugh with my comedy team named after vaginas".
There are lots of things that people enjoy, and that's not the same thing as "pretending not to want to win".
If someone chooses Stunty, for example, they are saying "I am choosing to remove my chance of winning this league because something else is more important to me".

>> No.77135789

Man I always thought the 2nd edition was disapointing since I missed out on the 1st and it's terrain/models aren't as good but fucking hell the new offering is pitiful. Going to snag 2nd ed before it goes OOP. Fucking command edition feels more like a proper kill team box than this shite

>> No.77135952


>> No.77136075


Of course I enjoy winning. I also enjoy going for it to get the td, rolling a one, and rerolling a one just to see my best player injured. In my experience of course people try to win their BB games, but not at all cost. The extreme amount of randomness with everything in this game makes the real waac players leave after some games. All it needs is one thrown rock before the game that kills their big guy.

>> No.77136951

Whatever is the regular price for games in your region. I think 60€ is the norm?

Rest of the teams will be released as DLC down the line. Only thing to be curious about is if they will release any of the teams in Teams of Legend PDF before they get their Spikes.

And if those teams get any alterations, how will Cyanide implement those changes.

>> No.77136973

It is an expensive and somewhat unreliable piece on an already expensive team. I can see it getting added later.

>> No.77137229


My AV doesn't detect anything on that site. there's also the PDF share thread here on TG.

>> No.77137373

I meant more the downloads. It has a gold mine of old stuff which I'd love to download but I'd hate to compromise my computer. Just I am ultra paranoid about downloading things but I appreciate you using your AV to check.

>> No.77137678

oh yeah downloading them makes your army loses 1S and 1T

>> No.77137789

All I feel is sadness....

>> No.77137818

Is the blood bowl spinoff at Barnes and Noble any good?

>> No.77137892

It's ok, if basic. It is a small spin off to introduce people to the Blood Bowl game. I personally would cut out the middle man and just get the starter set. If you are curious you can try out the game for free on FUMBBL before investing anything financially.

>> No.77138094

I generally convert all my warbands into a different faction or grand alliance and now I want to try that with Rippa's crew, but I need some advice.
I have already worked out what to do about the mounts' weapons and Rippa's sabre, but I am kinda uncertain about the spear and the two bows. They have such low stats that every possible replacement feels weird. I've been considering whips, but would those make more sense as the spear or the bow proxies?

>> No.77138903

dunno how to tell you this but the killteam they released a few years back WAS the second edition of kill team

>> No.77139866


I think with BB it's generally harder to netlist and WAAC simply because you aren't rolling enough dice for results to average out. Sooner or later you're going to have to learn to deal with things not going your way. There are of course cuntish things a player can do. Moving too fast for the other player to follow, rolling his dice in a fibreglass dice tray that is louder than the second coming of the Christ. Acting like a petulant child even though their dice have been fine. But generally these people aren't too common.

>> No.77140340

How would you guys base Oldcromunda miniatures on the new bases?

Whatever base size their modern equivalent is on?

Because I'm surprised that GW has limited their use of the 32mm bases, some of the new kits look a bit big to be on the 25mm's.

>> No.77141064

play Ina 28 - getting enough 54mm to run a good Inq game is (1) expensive and (2) super difficult to get enough terrain for. There's no plug-n-play systems like for 28mm.

not only this but holy shit it'd be like running a 20 man DnD game - just too fiddly, too much to remember.

To my BFG bros, there are just POOP loads of BFG pieces on the various 3Dprinting folders/groups, but is there a specific rule-set that's considered the "best"? I know that you can play only official so BFG + the expansion + the 2010 FAQ, but does everyone play BFGXR or a new rule set now?

>> No.77141309

Is there a place to get quality scans of the OOP cards and expansion stuff for Blackstone fortress? Like no respite and traitor command? I managed to get some recasts of the miniatures and grab the stuff from escalation but it seems like I'm doomed to have shitty scans of everything else

>> No.77141587

What's the AoS version of Kill Team? I like how the OBR looks but I don't know if I want to start playing AoS yet.

>> No.77141610



AoS Skirmish (lol)

>> No.77141854

the mega has a lot of bsf stuff but i dont think we have scans of cards, try some facebook groups

>> No.77142691

Is there word on which Spike magazine publications are legal in BB2020? And do the Almanacs cover anything that's not in the Spikes?

>> No.77142717

Hard to say really. I don't know if they have made any official statements, but 100% sure, everything in the Necromantic Spike is legal. Others are a bit harder, but I see no problem with using the stuff in them, that works just as it is in BB2020.

So the inducements, and I figure the racial wizards.

>> No.77142760

Necromantic Spike is legal but everything else is outdated. The most up to date BB books which are actually "legal" are the Necromantic Spike and the BB Season 2 rulebook.

>> No.77143349

I don't know that there's a consensus on BFG rules. I've only ever played the game in casual contexts where it wasn't super important.

>> No.77143913

Ask the people you'll be playing with which rules they use. Most people use the standard official rules (+Armada, + 2010 FAQ), but if your local group are interested in BFG2020/BFGXR then maybe you could give those a try. If you're brand new to BFG and trying to start a group from scratch, I'd play with the 'official' GW rules so they can go away and find their own information on how the game works and how the different factions play.

>> No.77144568

the other anons nailed it. ask around first but assume it’ll just be the default. it’s generally played casually.

>> No.77144776


>> No.77144915

Seeing how I have a sprue and a half of skellies, I tried making a custom Seneschal for Warcry.

>> No.77144955

Pretty neat idea. I love the heads and the way they're framed, but the arms look really short?

>> No.77145323

True, the fact theyre missing visible elbows makes them stubby. I'll try to make it better on the second one.

>> No.77145712

In terms of expanding the BSF KT, are the traitor command models worthwhile? What about the ascension ones?

>> No.77146398

Second take.

>> No.77146430

Honest to god question but why did they nerf Nurgle in BB2020?

>Rotters nerfed to agility 2
>Bloaters got cost increase
>beast of nurgle tentacle nerf
>redraft and random MVP

I mean of all the teams who needed a nerf, why give it to Nurgle? Now they're objectively worse than Chaos Chosen.

>> No.77146610

I don't know, man. The heads are fantastic, but the arms are too spindley for me.

>> No.77146826


Same reason why Humans have Pa2+ Throwers and Halfling access now, and why number of touchdowns dictates your match earnings when some teams have Mv8 Ag2+ Dodge pieces and some have M5 Ag4+.
There is no reason.
Blood Bowl's an unbalanced comedy game and some teams are objectively worse than others, to the point where there are actual joke and/or troll teams. Seems to me that Nurgle's being guided further into that category.

>> No.77146855

But they were a crap to begin with. Why kick them further down?

>> No.77146933


Again, no idea. Can't say why they did it. Can only say that it doesn't really matter, unless someone really loved playing Nurgle and Nurgle only and racking up the wins somehow.

>> No.77147435

Painted some beasts to make my warband legal again, now that Sentinels of Order has fucked the Knight-Questor. Not that I can go out to play any games anyway, but hope springs eternal.

>> No.77147503

This squirrel is both nuts and out for blood.
Honestly this is peak Dawi-Zharr. Especially the middle one with the face-plate mask.

>> No.77147865

What books do i need to play Warcry proper? The new KT announced was the final kick to my goodwill for that system and i want to move on, i did a few demo games, like it enough to get invested, but i don't know what's needed and what's not. I assumed Core Manual, the latest tome of champions, and a the book with rules for the faction/factions i'm interested in (or just getting one of the boxes that they made with mixed models+cards and use those before getting the big stuff)
Did i get everything right?

>> No.77148086

those are NICE!

>> No.77148087

Basically, yes. Core and Tome are up in the OP; might also want to grab Monsters and Mercenaries and the previous ToC for the nice battleplans.
Grand Alliance books are paper only and until anon gets his books we're stuck with shitty youtube screenshots.

>> No.77148149

we have all the rules in the mega except grand alliance books, honestly your best entry is getting the old starter set if you can find it, thwo balanced warbands against eachother plus a lot of great terrain and rules

>> No.77148379

>What books do i need to play Warcry proper?
Core Manual + the relevant Grand Alliance book for your faction is what you'll want to get started. The ToC isn't something you need to start but I would say it's nigh-on mandatory for fleshing out narrative play if you want to start playing campaigns.
>or just getting one of the boxes that they made with mixed models+cards and use those before getting the big stuff
It sorta depends. For the AoS factions in terms of playability right out of the box I'd rank them as follows:
>makes a good warband right out of the box, no extras needed tier
Flesh-Eater Courts, Skaven, Ironjawz
>makes a decent enough warband right out of the box but you probably want to supplement them with some extras tier
Stormcast Vanguard (gryph-hounds), Legions of Nagash (vargheists), Sylvaneth (dryads)
>includes units you'll probably want in some number at a bit of a discount but you'll need an extra box to put together a decent warband tier
Gloomspite Gitz (shootas/stabbas), Kharadron Overlords (arkanauts)
>this box is made of everything BUT the core of a good warband, what the fuck tier

For the Warcry-specific factions like Iron Golems, Untamed Beasts, etc it's generally a better idea to get the double sized boxes. You get double the sprues for a $15 price increase over the regular boxes and they don't come with the cards, but having 2 sets of guys really opens up the list building potential for them. Unfortunately all the newest original warbands (Spire Tyrants, Scions, Shadowstalkers) have yet to get boxes like this.

>> No.77148410

Not him but where does StDs stand in that list?

>> No.77148456

Slaves to Darkness don't have a Warcry box, do they?

>> No.77148463

Oh man I cant bloody read. It's too late tonight, my bad anon.

>> No.77148504

Thank you, very well done write up for everything. In all honesty how are Nighthaunt supposed to be played? From what i got from playing the games Speed, number of attacks and damage are the most important stats needed and Nighthaunt have none of that (other than being slightly faster than average)
Not asking for me (i'll be getting legions of Nagash for a full skeleton Warband, maybe some Black Knights down the line to have speedsters and a wight king) but for my friend who likes nighthaunt but i can't suggest any model as they all seem very mediocre to me stats wise

>> No.77148620

Thanks anon. That’s super comprehensive. Is the new catacombs box a good starter? The fleshed out 2D rules are appealing to me since I have limited pace e to store terrain.

>> No.77148639

>best birbs and best boy
I am indifferent to stormcast, but their bestiary is just fantastic.

>> No.77148850

>In all honesty how are Nighthaunt supposed to be played?
They're kind of in a weird spot because the whole faction is paying a premium tax for faction-wide fly and above-average toughness while having generally weaker than average combat stats relative to their points. Selecting the right units is paramount, frankly I think all of their mid-cost elite fighters are trap options, they're just too expensive for how damn fragile they are, and I don't think it's efficient to have to essentially be forced to hold a triple every round to res one a turn when they inevitably go down like flies. That basically leaves you with Spirit Hosts, who are decently tanky bruisers with alright damage output, chainrasps because they're the cheapest chaff we can take to fill out our numbers, and then a leader to taste, I like the Knight of Shrouds, even in his nerfed post-GA book state he still has a decent attack profile and great staying power with his double ability.
My Nighthaunt list is:
>Knight of Shrouds (230)
>Spirit Host (220) x2
>Chainrasp (80) x4
990/1000 points.
The Knight and Spirit Hosts basically take care of the fighting while the Chainrasps take advantage of 5" and fly to zoom around and grab objectives and such or to be inconvenient roadblocks for enemies.
I build all my starting lists with campaign play in mind so no mercs in the basic 1k list, but Death does have a lot of allies that are worth considering, especially if you can get something cheaper than the Spirit Host that lets you squeeze in a 5th chainrasp to bring up the numbers.

>> No.77148992

>Is the new catacombs box a good starter? The fleshed out 2D rules are appealing to me since I have limited pace e to store terrain.
I think it's overpriced but if you really like both of the included warbands and the 2D terrain is convenient for you, it might be worth considering. I'd hunt around and see if you can snag a box at a discounted price.

>> No.77149080

I feel that, I have a box of Gryph-Hounds just to paint but I might grab one of the stormie characters to turn it into a very basic warband.

>> No.77149136

>>beast of nurgle tentacle nerf

Uh. Have you checked the numbers on that? I have. Tentacles actually got buffed, since before the opponent could use a reroll on a failed Tentacle check. Now he can't because you're rolling dice. Otherwise the effective odds are the same.
It's SHADOWING that got nerfed beyond usefulness. That effectively went from needing a 7 on 2D6 to needing a 10 on 2D6 to work. Meanwhile the Beast used to be able to stop anyone from moving away from him if they rolled a 7 or less if they were Str3. So you had a 60% chance. Now it's just a flat 50%, and against players of the same strength as the Player with Tentacles the odds are the same. So I suppose there is a small nerf there, but now they can't reroll a failure to compensate, which in the current climate of GW being retarded and giving infinite Team RR's a turn, would have come up.

The biggest issue absolutely is their Linemen dropping to AG4+. That's a MASSIVE nerf. Even on say the Human or Skaven team, where they have numerous other positionals who can carry the ball that would be a massive nerf. But because Nurgle are a """bash""" team it's somehow okay.
Except it's not fucking okay. It's not okay at all.

Let's not even get into how their main gimmick of widespread Disturbing Prescence got gimped by the fact that this is You Shall Not Pass edition. They are literally just slower Chaos but with more busywork thanks to Foul Appearance.

>> No.77149157


You could literally apply that exact same post to Vampires and Chaos Pact. But not Stunties. Stunties came out real winners here.

>> No.77149449

An attempt

>> No.77149592

Not the worst idea. Five doggos and a hero are probably the one way to actually make Sacrosanct and Warrior Chambers sorta semi-viable.

>> No.77149925

>Sacrosanct and Warrior Chambers
Funnily enough I'm leaning towards a Vanguard character, the Knight Zephyros. A lone hunter and her pack of dogs seems thematically appropriate.

>> No.77150189

Technically the Knights-Zephyros are more like assassins, but I could certainly see it.
The most fitting options fluff-wise would be the Lords-Castellant and -Veritant, naturally, but their rules are quite bad.

>> No.77150222

Chaos Renegades are a pretty fun team, having three big guys does wonders

>> No.77150301

Is "Kill Team" just "skirmish" now? It used to be a team of elite guys vs mook spam, and was all about sneaking around and avoiding raising the alarm too early. I've been out of touch with GW (other than reading the novels) for a few years.

>> No.77150421

>Is "Kill Team" just "skirmish" now?
Essentially. The ruleset is about 80% based off of 8th edition with tweaks and alterations made to accommodate the squad-sized scale of the game. Some of it is fluffed up as covert ops still but very little of that translates over to the actual gameplay experience. Like the guy you replied to pointed out, it's meant to be a gateway game for people who want to get a taste of the hobby without having to buy a small army to start playing.

>> No.77150564

Is there a way to play “elite agents sneaking around trying to avoid raising the alarm” anymore

>> No.77150605

You'd need to make your own rules, KT's ruleset does not support stealth. It's purely about two skirmish sized teams fighting over a series of objectives.

>> No.77150689

>Ordered the GA books for Warcry at the beginning of the month
>Still no movement at all
GW I demand you pick up the books and put them in a box and ship it to me. do it right now. I am OWED my toy catalog book.

>> No.77150764

Is it missing anything I’d need to get started? Doesn’t look like it has neutral beasts at all.

Can the neutral beasts be anything? I think skeletons, ghosts and goblins would all make more appropriate neutral beasts for catacombs

>> No.77151049

It has the core book and the stats/abilities for the included warbands. You're right that it doesn't have the beasts, you'd just have to ignore the twist cards that introduce them (Catacombs might not use them actually, I'm not sure).
>Can the neutral beasts be anything?
They're normally meant to be any creature with the chaotic beast runemark (so furies, raptoryxes, chaos warhounds, chaos spawn, and I think one more thing that escapes me right now) but the Tome of Champions has rules for substituting in restless undead (ghosts and skellies) and wild cave creatures (trolls and squigs).
You could pretty easily substitute in some goblins too, it's not exactly hard to make minor homebrew adjustments like that.

>> No.77151112

Im probably being dumb, but I dont see the ToC 2020 in the Mega?

>> No.77151294

He means the ToC 2019. Like the new GA books, the new ToC is also print-only.

>> No.77151464

itll be good. Itll still make me sad and think about mordheim though. Itll also be overpriced.

>> No.77151828

Nice anon. I gotta work on my Warhammer quest models also

>> No.77151877

I personally was hoping it was a reboot of Mordheim

>> No.77151927

Buy recasts of the minis, add them to your existing Mordheim warband(s), play Mordheim, problem solved?

>> No.77151937

So, to get a complete experience the only thing I’d need is to buy some neutral beasts? Looks like I can just use the battle plan generator instead of the decks.

Are Tome of Champions/Mercenaries and Monsters at all essential?

>> No.77151995

Speaking of mordheim, what house rules do you anons use? My local group is going to start playing soon and I was just wondering if there are any "must-have" rules or fixes for the game

>> No.77152080

Pretty much. I'm about 90% certain Catacombs has its own battle plan generation system so the normal cards wouldn't be necessary to play it.
Monsters & Mercenaries is essentially defunct, most of its contents have been reprinted and updated by the Grand Alliance books. The Tome of Champions (either version, maybe both if you want the older challenge battle scenarios/fated quests from 2019) is an essential book for enhancing campaign play but is otherwise not necessary.

>> No.77152333

Trying to build a list, did they say how many points a regular assault intercessor was for kill team? By regular I mean AP-1 Chainsword and Heavy Bolt Pistol

>> No.77152524

No they did not, you'll have to guesstimate or just wait for the product to be released.

>> No.77153226

What’s considered the most fun casual commander scenario for KT?

>> No.77153267

Crush their Champions from the Elites book. It's just a big 200 point brawl.

>> No.77153553


Killteam's first box
> 20 models
> Half a table's worth of brand new terrain
> $130

Killteam's second box:
> 15 models
> A few pieces of terrain
> $160

Killteam's third box
> 12 models
> No actual terrain, just a handful of ugly doors and crates
> $???

I can't wait to see what godawful pricepoint they're gonna have for this fucking thing. It won't matter though, because it'll still sell out immediately, because it's going to be the only way to get Heavy Intercessors for at least a year.

>> No.77153585

How long does your average kill team game between two beginner players last?

>> No.77153686

What do I need to get my hands on to play Blood Bowl if I don’t want to necessarily buy the starter box. Just not interested in playing humans or orcs, nor the hassle of reselling the models

>> No.77153803

How do I get people to play Adeptus Titanicus with me?

>> No.77153863

The new rulebook
A pitch
Block dice, scatter dice,
Scatter template
At least two teams if want to play with friend or one if you got a group

>> No.77153905

While you're still familiarizing yourselves with the rules it might take 60-90 minutes, maybe even 2 hours if you come across a weird interaction you can't figure out or if you're taking things slow.
Once you have the rules down that time will generally get cut down to about 45 minutes on average, maybe 30 if it's a really quick scenario.

>> No.77153938

Threaten them at gunpoint.

>> No.77154131

question for you anons.
looking at building an air cav list. just dig the style. but the list epicUK puts out, Vanaheim, is very all-or-nothing. you've got to mount basically every formation. Are people generally cool with the development lists on Tac Com? seems like Elysians and Catachans both offer a lot more flex in terms of letting you have a core of air cav formations backed by paratroops, infiltrators, etc. Hell of a lot easier to start with anyhow.

here's what I was thinking for an outline:
Elysian Drop Troops - 3000
Reg HQ (drop, fire support, inf platoon, vets) - 450 pts
Drop Company (vendettas) - 350 pts
Drop Company (valkyries) - 300 pts
Drop Artillery (drop) - 225 pts

Vulture Squadron - 300 pts
Sentinels (sky talons) - 225 pts
Sentinels (drop) - 150 pts
Storm Troopers (valkyries) - 350 pts
Tauros Squadron - 150 pts
Tauros Squadron - 150 pts

Lightning Strike Squadron - 200 pts
Marauder Bomber - 150 pts

>> No.77154237

The Elysians list on TacComms is in a bit of a weird place right now. It was under development for a while, then abandoned, then taken up recently by someone trying to take it in quite a different direction. You might have more success running Steel Legion or Cadians and just taking lots of valks and vultures.

That said, your list looks more or less fine. Give it a go and see what happens!

>> No.77154266

>Step 1: build a mirrored collection of 2 warlords, 2 reavers, and 2 - 4 warhounds
>Step 2: offer demo games to people, playing half your army agaisnt the other to get them interested
>Step 3: ?????
>Step 4: maybe get some titanicus games in, have fun
>Step 5: games taper off, slowly give up on titanicus
>Step 6: use your models to play a titan legion in Epic instead
>Step 7: ???????!!?!

>> No.77154337

Step 1: buy some vehicles
Step 2: buy some infantry to put in them
Step 3: oh look, you're playing epic now?
Step 4: become surrounded by friends, and every day get that little bit more smug about your patrician taste in wargaming

>> No.77154416

>buy some vehicles
>not just transporting your infantry in the height of style and comfort within your titans' spacious leg cavities
what is this pleb shit

>> No.77154483

Must-haves are buffing armour to some degree (most common ones are a flat +1 save to every piece of armour and/or halving the price of everything) and giving a -1 to hit for dual wielding. Another common one is to halve possessed mutations but make black blood only S1.

Beyond that, most groups take a gentlemen's agreement not to do skaven sling spam or play shadow warriors.

>> No.77154495


Of course there is.
Play the rules from 4th ed, or take the scenarios from 4th ed and combine them with the 8th ed rules.
Don't wait for the big company to spoonfeed you what you want and make it "official", you have the minis and hopefully you also have friends.

>> No.77154566

Do you know where to get the 4th Ed scenarios though? I don’t care about GW spoon feeding me, but I just don’t know how easily the old missions and rules can port over.

>> No.77154607

if needed a good source for tauros are the dropzone scout ATVs

>> No.77154624

Where the hell would I even get Epic models?

>> No.77154633

This is like the 5th KT box, or the 4th if we're only counting ones with models in them.

>> No.77154756

>become surrounded by friends, and every day get that little bit more smug about your patrician taste in wargaming
This but with MESBG

>> No.77154928

in this scenario you already have titans, since you were asking about titanicus. so you just play titans. if you want some support formations of skitarii or robots you could just use vanguard's admech or any of a hundred generic infantry options from like stratos, khurasan, brigade, etc.

>> No.77155000

Vanguard miniatures, eBay, or recasters

>> No.77155714

>Shields give a 5+ save
>Dual wielding / firing more than one shot is at -1 to hit
>A whole bunch of small house rules to have models with more than two arms make sense

>> No.77155740

Download the rulebook. Print a pitch in A2 size, this usually has all the templates printed on it. Get a handful of D6 and one D8. Buy three blank wooden dice and paint them into block dice.

>> No.77156091

>MFW my new minis got shipped to the wrong country and now have been stuck in some warehouse for a full week
I have a game scheduled this Sunday that I need those models for, and the way it's going now they'll never arrive on time :<

>> No.77156135

Did GW mix up countries or what happened?

>> No.77156181

No idea, really. Tracking info lists the correct country.

It's in a neighbouring country and I live only an hour's drive away from the border, so at first I just assumed it was the closest UPS depot. Then I looked it up and there's actually a UPS depot in my country that's much closer to home, so I have no idea what they're doing anymore.

>> No.77156208

If you email their customer support with the package details they likely can rectify it or send out a second set to replace the lost one. GW has a lot of issues but their customer support is top tier.

>> No.77156209

Redpill me on Return of the King LL. I can acquire King of the Dead and a box of Dead of Dunharrow for really cheap. Would only need some Aragorn to run 500p games with them.
But is it a powergamer faction? Is it infuriating to play against or are the games very onedimensional?
We usually play good vs evil games if that makes a difference.

>> No.77156231

Depends on if your opponent plays elves or another faction with high courage I imagine.

>> No.77156250

GW promises delivery within 20 days and those haven't passed yet, so there's nothing I can do yet. When I don't have my models yet after that term passes, I'll definitely contact them.

>> No.77156308

Who the fuck is asking for these?

>> No.77156354

Dead of Dunharrow isn't very fun to play against, at least in my opinion. It's pretty good: Aragorn is even more of a beast than usual, and harbringer of evil on the king is really damn useful. It's just not fun.

They play in a very grindy way. They're hard to remove and have okayish output damage, which usually means you'll eventually cut down their lines before they cut down yours. However, you can't build a TAC list with them. Dead of Dunharrow have easy matchups and hard counters, and in the long run that's just not an entertaining addition to any meta.

>> No.77156368

Alright well I wish you the best for your package anon. I e-mailed GW about my BB box set and I swear within the 30 minute time I sent it, suddenly it had been dispatched.

It'll be good to kill him a second time!

>> No.77156369

I am, but for Mordheim/ AoS conversions

>> No.77156385

I'm gonna buy this and put a male head on the female one to fix it. The female sorcerer is fine as is tho

>> No.77156407

Ditto, may actually just drop a helmet on her myself assuming it allows. Love the model and her face isn't bad in itself but I hate how even in the new StD Start Collecting box set, all the human heads, male and female, look way too normal.

>> No.77156428

Regarding the MESBG MTO models.
According to the webstore it can take up to 180 days for the models to be delivered. Has anybody experience with how long it usually takes in such cases? 180 days seem a bit excessive to me.

>> No.77156446

this would be my first mto purchase but i guess it isnt too bad considering they start producing the models after everyone has ordered

>> No.77156453

Dunno, boggles my fucking mind. But redditors and other bootlickers seem to lap it up so seems to be quite lucrative for them.

>> No.77156479

Damn, those are actually really good models. Perfectly captures what makes the old chaos warriors cool, but with a modern touch on top. I like them.

>> No.77156561

It's a real hard guess, some MTOs have taken around a month to make, while others in the past have been very close to the 180 day mark. I'd wager something between a month to two months, with the possibility of a longer wait if Covid stuff gets even worse in Britain again.

>> No.77156639

>Want to start a Dale and Thror army
>Don't want to risk buying a finecast disaster Thror

>> No.77156704


>> No.77156718

Did any of the Kill Team expansions make the campaign play rules not a half-baked waste of time? The whole resources thing is just pointless

>> No.77156743

Nah. GW just gave up entirely on the game. This latest "expansion" is a long waited final nail in the coffin. Gotta squeeze out the final drops of cash from primaris consoomers.

>> No.77156749

could just get one of the metal dwarf kings.

Although it's not like there is a shortage of dwarf minis with greatweapons in general. So unless you like that specific mini you got hundreds of options.

>> No.77156753

When will GW tire of making more half-baked skirmish?

>> No.77156764

I read that it is an extreme mismatch between the Primaris and the Flayed Ones but is it really that bad in practice or does it really reek of half assedness?

>> No.77156783

even if you have trouble with it just contact customer support and youll get a replacement

>> No.77156805

Anyone can see that the content is barely balanced and it's just GW trying to get more money from Primaris and Necron players by forcing them to buy a KT box that will be sold for so much more than their individual prices.

>> No.77156991

>When will GW tire of making more half-baked skirmish?
probably when it stops making them piles and piles of money for minimal effort.

lemme 'splain something at you in case it wasn't obvious. GW realized a few years back what WotC had been on to since 2000: there isn't any real money to be made in player retention. New buyers spend disproportionately larger amounts in a shorter timeframe, and it requires less effort to hook a new fish than it does to keep a veteran content. Plus, sunk-cost psychology guarantees a portion of older players will stick around and keep buying year after year, even if you never give them anything.
In other words - smart money is in new products, always. New lines, new games, new editions, new box sets. Supporting existing products is for the dogs.

>> No.77157289

I'm gonna buy this and replace the models with Liberators and a Battle Wizard.
And then I'll gift the actual models to a StD player at our store.

>> No.77157359

How would you make nurgle-marked chosen in such a way that differentiated them from blightkings?

>> No.77157439



>> No.77158344

3D print them.
I printed a SM Company in a weekend.

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