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lil Lord Duvalle edition

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With LoN/Soulblight not in Broken Realms: Teclis, when do you think they will be given their armybook?

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First for LoN squated.

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>Expelled from Order of Azyr

He is a motherfucker but damn... He is also perfect

Also Order of Azyr when?

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Soulblight is all but confirmed with the new vampire clampack dude, LoN will probably be split, but that's just my retarded guess.

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Oh look, mannfred, vlad, nef and a strigoi

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2022. And all the models are probably already done

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no lmao

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Are you ready for LoN btfo? Hail to our new vampire overlords.

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Are Lumineth getting a start collecting box?
Also, how much will the roos, llama and furry spirit cost?

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Does anyone know how long it took for the Tzeentch stuff to come out after Silver Tower?

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literally Ben Garrison the mini

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The bosses of the dungeon

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At Excelsis playing the Rohan coming flex on Gondor while the Uruk-Hai are wrecking thier shit.

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Don't get too hopeful or you'll end up like me after Blackstone Fortress came out

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>floaty JOJO stand man
>pajamapants masters
>vertical bolt throwers (DE) instead of horozontal one
Hype: 0

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Weird, so it pretty much just " we didnt want to rerelease the Lumineth armybook again".

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So wheres the guy who was autistically melting down saying it wasn't a zombie with a sign stuck through its grave?

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Fox poweeeeeeeeer

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The stormie bulldyke sidecut has infected the Vampire hairstyles as well i see

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What's the logic behind giving them another battletome?

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really fixed

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So we now know 6 of the 8th heroes:
-stormcast/human palladin
- witch hunter
- sister of sigmar
- aelf/kurnothi archer
- ogor/ big dude
- kharadron engeneer

Your bet on the last 2 ? I think we'll get a lumineth or an idoneth (likely not both) but can't think of another option.

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No idea. Hurakans will probably be $60, fox spirit will probably be $50.

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Vamps, Ghoulies, Bed sheets, and Skellies all we need now is a Zamboni warband and the collection is complete.

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Theirs is way out of date.

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This Vampire looks way better than the Vampire "lord" with the mace and the retardo hair.
Ill use this one instead

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"We don't have any other releases planned for you so here's a new tome."

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Nice butt

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I want to fuck it

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I dont know but they look really cool as a team

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Yellow and red because the Carstein ring's green was trademarked?
I just don't like his chestplate very much.

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>Human (girl-esque) Sigmar Paladin
>Expelled Witch Hunter
>Blind Celestial Mage (like old Sisters of Sigmar)
>Wanderer-Kurnothi Ranger
>Ogor / Bid dude
>Duardin from Chamon with KO gears Traders

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halberd dude has fallen on hard times since that portrait

>> No.77121725

Nice hips

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Do start collecting boxes comes with the full sprues for the units within? say for multikit units.
Looking at the FeC SC and i want to know if the terrorgheist contain the full sprue to make it a vampire lord on zombie dragon. Ditto for the crypt horror made into vargheists.

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Is there any chance this guy can be used in main AoS factions?

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Wow what a chad anon. Nice work

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Sevireth, Lord of the Seventh Wind. Name implies he's a named character, meaning he'll have a generic version, or there's going to be a totally different elemental beast for Wind. Probably the former.

Because their current tome is 3 years old and way outdated.

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What an absolute chad, true unit

>> No.77121747

More money.
Make Hag Narr shit

>> No.77121748

Wonderful !
Thank you Eddy you piece of shit

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Silver tower was in june 2016 and arcanites in february 2017 if i recall it right.
So 6 months.

>> No.77121756

The mace guy is one headswap away from being amazing.
Don't like their leader so much.

>> No.77121760

yes. you can only make 1 because htey share bodies, but you get all the spare bits. they use the same sprues as the regular boxes.

so like the vampire dragon comes with both riders, the FEC guy and the vampire in armor

>> No.77121763

I dont think so. Our only chances are wait for CoS revamp or OoA release

>> No.77121765

Yes. Start Collecting boxes have full kits with all the options. Even if that means other units not advertised on the box.

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Almost looks like a damn ork

>> No.77121777

Good job anon.

>> No.77121779

8 months sorry

>> No.77121782

Looks like "Order of Azyr" is going to be the regular human faction

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The spells look sick anon.

>> No.77121790

But not new models, apparently.

>> No.77121794

Good work

>> No.77121795

Ah fantastic! thanks anons

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Hoping for a weird-ish unexpected choice like how BSF had a Kroot out of nowhere

>> No.77121803

>Human (girl-esque) Sigmar Paladin
because having a neck in the promotional art is a sure sign you have a clam in your pants/s

Though they got that proper rounded chestplate now so what they have in thier pants is irrelivant

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greenskinz mercenary?

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>> No.77121811

I'm excited for Vlad with these new vampires.

>> No.77121812

The snake is definitely good. I don't know about the other 2 though

>> No.77121818

Worst case as an ally.

>> No.77121820

Those blood effects look so bad
Somehow even worse than on the medusa

>> No.77121822

I would die laughing if Morathi Khaine loses the heart of khaine ability and kts replaced with an endless spell.

>> No.77121829

I reckon a Shadow Elf.

>> No.77121830

they're fucking perfect

>> No.77121833

They have an AOS 1 era Battletome.

>> No.77121836

A true pimp

>> No.77121837

The heart of Khaine looks like the Khorne endless spells with all that blood, it looks ok though and the snake is just fucking sick. I'm definitely hyped for these

>> No.77121841

Prepare to be disappointed.

>> No.77121842

I like the blood snake quite a bit.

>> No.77121845

Order of Azyr on the way. Mentioned multiple times and now we are seeing a true (even if expelled) witch hunter. Soon Realms will be all cleaned by faith.

>> No.77121849

A Dark elf, and a Chaos Warrior, just for that edginess.

Remember they had Skaven, a Darkoath Chieftain, and 2 Shadow Elves in the last one.

>> No.77121853

>Why replace a 1st edition battletome with a 2nd edition one?!?!?

Its a headscratcher to be sure.

>> No.77121863

>Outsells stormies 50:1
heh, nothin personel

>> No.77121867

start collectings are just 3 kits as discount to start collecting an army for, hence the name. Its not some 40k push fit monopose trash.

>> No.77121869

Soulblight Gravelords when? And what will happen with LoN?

>> No.77121870

>that moment when you come to the horrible realization that ogors reproduce conventionally, stormcast jimmies still work, and since they can't be eaten there is only one other use for them to satiate an orgor's gluttony...

>> No.77121874

The skaven was an enemy.
But yeah that wouldn't surprise me.

>> No.77121877

Got ‘em!

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>> No.77121883

more like take the knot

>> No.77121884

yep the skeleton horde hilariously has all 3 Mortarchs. I've made Arkhan on foot as a Wight King, and Neferata I painted but wont use for anything gamewise.

>> No.77121890

Could be but armor looks too well made.
Likely an ogor

>> No.77121891

What are the chances that the new vamps still uses skellies as troopes?

>> No.77121894


They have one of the oldest tomes in the game, anon.

>> No.77121899

Those vamps have canine legs.

>> No.77121900

There's no reason to think he's coming at all anon.

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>> No.77121909

I want mortal Sigmar worshippers so bad. A faction of Witch Hunters, War Priests, maybe bring Sisters of Sigmar back.

Really hope they are actually coming.

>> No.77121911

hes right here you blind dingus

>> No.77121912

Still can't tell which gender this is.

>> No.77121914

Are endless spells done by a B team or something
They always seem slightly off for one reason or another

>> No.77121918

If they are a new army? 0. If they are just an expansion of LoN, 100%.

>> No.77121921

i knew they weren't monopose stuff, but not putting the full sprue in the start collecting box wouldnt have suprised me from GW

>> No.77121923

I wouldn't even be mad. Do it GW!

>> No.77121924

If you think that looks anything like Vlad then you're the only blind dingus here.

>> No.77121926

No ? It's the equivalent of the 40k Inquisition.
They appears only in novels and not EVEN in Underworld or Warcry
From the Start (Grand Alliance : Order compendium from 2016) they were parts of the wider Devoted of Sigmar, who are now part (just the flagellant) of Cities Of Sigmar

>> No.77121927

The 40k ones that are monopose are just repurposed box halves

>> No.77121929


Bring it on fucking normie vampires!

>> No.77121932


>> No.77121933

Will 100% be proxying the lads from the underworld gang instead of getting this.

>> No.77121941

Wait you guys like the new stuff, guess I got to start posting that its shit then

>> No.77121944

This is the blackstone fortress equivalent box game though meaning they can do odd ball things that don't exist on a broad setting wide scale. Some sort of posh or disciplined orruk brute with a freebooter mentality isn't outside the realm of possibility if he's the only one.

>> No.77121945

Aren't 4 vampires too strong for a band?

>> No.77121946

Not realy ALL. My Seraphon SC doesn't have all head option forthe Cold Ones. There is no maskless open jaw head.

>> No.77121948

How dissapointing. I really thought bottom right would be FEC.

>> No.77121955

This so much. I would not use that Vampire Lord/Lady having those cool vampires to pick.

Specially Mannfred brother chad

>> No.77121958

Compared to ones like five chaos maraudeurs or three gobo wolf riders, yeah, like, a lot

>> No.77121960

I don't get why they paint ghouls minty green.

>> No.77121962

The dude with wings could be a strigoi/FEC

>> No.77121970

You have a defective kit then. The Seraphon SC has literally all the bits you can find in the separate boxes

>> No.77121973

We told you it would be for honest, Gravelords SOULBLIGHT VAMPIRES

>> No.77121978

it means they are weaker than Stormcast and Blightkings (3)
But on par with chaos warriors and bloodwarriors (4) which is stupid because vampires used to be 1 man armies before.

>> No.77121982

beastvamps incoming.

I feel so sorry for BoC chads. They're getting fucked on from all sides.

>> No.77122001

Is it male or female?

>> No.77122012

Anyone who expected that to be for BoC was delusional because the pillar thing clearly matches the other rumour engine of the raven holding a key
t. BoCfag

>> No.77122014


>> No.77122015

Made in china.

>> No.77122017

yeah especially considering the big guy is as tall as an ogre

>> No.77122019

Well, at least Carno was whole. Rest is just a free bonus

>> No.77122035

no i dont mean that the leg looks like beastmen, I just mean how theres now beastelf kurnothi, beastelf lumineth, beastvamp stuff.

probably fucking beastmen of order next.

>> No.77122037

Vamps being a one-man army is really stupid actually.

>> No.77122038

>Vampires get beasts
>Elves get beasts
>Beastmen get nothing
Good to see the time honored tradition of the universe shitting on beastmen continues no matter what world, setting, or medium they exist in.

>> No.77122043

That makes zero sense

>> No.77122046

forgot pic

>> No.77122047

Nah. I don't like the back wings. He looks like shit compared to the archregent.

>> No.77122050

Blood dragon
Von Carsteins

>> No.77122084

Thats one of the zombies from the new warhammer quest, in the trailer he has the halberd and dogs legs sewn on to replace his rotten ones that fell off.

>> No.77122085

He's a big guy

>> No.77122097

Looks like a male, no obvious boob plate.

>> No.77122106


>> No.77122141

its pretty great actually

>> No.77122161

what are you on about? the dog legged ones are the women on the left and centre.

the thing with the halberd is a skeleton in armour ( on the right)

>> No.77122166

It's cool

>> No.77122174

They held the army together until they died,
They were immortal beings on a battlefield against mortal human, orc, rat and elf plebs.
I guess in the AoS universe being a superhumanly strong and fast undead dude isnt a big deal.
I feel a yawn coming on all of a sudden

>> No.77122194

>Hey guys check out my knew realm of metal Cities of Sigmar Ogor mercenaries!
You know it's coming.

>> No.77122197

Really hope that the boxed game will have a few bat monstrosities like the vargheist and varghulf

>> No.77122203

Decided to go with Red/White as the scheme for my Aqshy Lumineth, but does anyone have any idea for the supplemental cloak/trim colour?

Torn between a sea blue, black or yellow. Any other ideas?

>> No.77122207


>> No.77122217

hopefully, but i reckon we'll only get swarms

>> No.77122223

I really like the black, would make chorflets seethe too.

>> No.77122229

LRL are the 2nd most hated army on here next to Stormies

>> No.77122230


>> No.77122231

this looks so fucking bad oh my god
why is it so hard for them to make a good-looking robot suit

>> No.77122232

Vampires lords COULD be one man armies if you spent 500 points on them.
Your average blood knight is not. Meaning your average vampire is not.

>> No.77122233

Sea blue for rank and file, yellow for champions and standard bearers

>> No.77122234

I wouldn't count on it at the start, but as an expansion like the ambull.

>> No.77122241

im excited to see the new Necromancer.

>> No.77122242

Yeah I think I like the black as well desu, my only fear with it is that it might look a bit _too_ evil and not be Light elvesey enough.

>> No.77122243

give it an arkanaut's head and you are golden

>> No.77122244

I can live with that, those FEC warband bats looked alright.

>> No.77122248

>No blender lord in AoS
kinda wish we had a gotrek-stat vampire

>> No.77122255

Yeah, let's have a bunch of overpower snowflakes that make every single fight inconsequential by the virtue of being just invincible immortal one-man armies, that's definitely not shit btw. Oh, wait, it's actually fucking garbage, get some taste.

>> No.77122259

Gravelords seem to be shaping up as just a new branding for LoN.

>> No.77122261


>> No.77122262

Ignoring his crazy defenses I do kind of agree.

>> No.77122264

Honestly, paint one up and see if you like it.

>> No.77122265

More like Nekomancer

>> No.77122270

You just described SCE lore

>> No.77122276

I'm kinda gutted they're all named, but I guess it's possible to ignore that stuff.

>> No.77122281

Never said they were better.

>> No.77122282

Nobody who plays ogors would use that, you’re in the army for big monsters or big meat, nothing fancy

>> No.77122283

For you

>> No.77122284

We could if artefacts costed points and we could give several to a single hero. Would have also made the Malign Sorcery artefacts useful so they wouldn't have been nuked.

>> No.77122292

>Not a single vampire looking rumour seems to be for FeC

Gallant bros i want to cry....

>> No.77122294

>Yeah, let's have a bunch of overpower snowflakes that make every single fight inconsequential by the virtue of being just invincible immortal one-man armies, that's definitely not shit btw

>> No.77122302

I can only hope.

>> No.77122303

More CoS stuff? Interesting.

>> No.77122306



Vanari Lord Regent


Vanari Wardens
Teclis (look at his 360, the implied flight is really impressive)
Hurakan Windchargers

Vanari Sentinels


Scinari Cathallar
Endless Spells

We can now comfortably say Lumineth is one of the best looking armies in Age of Sigmar.

>> No.77122308

Eat shit, retard. I had to suffer months of your insane rambling after every fucking rumour engine you thought it was for FEC.

>> No.77122311

CoS can get a city in every book. they are open ended

>> No.77122318

New rules though

>> No.77122319

>New flagellants

Yes, yes yeeeeeeeeees!!!

>> No.77122321

SCE are also fucking garbage, on another news water is wet.

>> No.77122325 [SPOILER] 


>> No.77122327

so where is Wolfwolfcity and why does anyone give a shit that it's undead? Are the new vamps actually in the mortal realms and not just shyish?

>> No.77122332

You know that the cat is gonna be like a skeleton or a zombie on his shoulder

>> No.77122340

kit still holds up. i expect a GSG style release instead

>> No.77122341

Fuck you and fuck your shit army and fuck your bandwagoning bullshit.

You get what you fucking deserve.

>> No.77122347

based kinoscaleposter

>> No.77122352

What does that have to do with anything

>> No.77122365

You samefagging is the opposite of based.

>> No.77122373


>> No.77122374

Butthurt grog, ignore her

>> No.77122377

makes one wonder if skaven will get the same treatment, basically being the same as fantasy but new sculpts based on heroes and some core units. It's funny that GW essentially gave up on the most beloved fantasy factions in terms of original designs like with the newcomers.

>> No.77122381


>> No.77122391

Update this shit once we take a proper look to the blademasters and bolt thrower.

>> No.77122429

This is such a bad list. I know you post it sincerely and it embarrasses me.

>> No.77122439

same anon here, luckily most of my stuff was still in box and unopened so I have been able to refund my 80% LoN army. Now I ask what faction would you guys recommend? I wanted to be able to summon and heal units which is what led me to LoN, I think my current picks are StD, OBR or Tzeentch, any help is appreciated

>> No.77122448

The only problem I have with this is that khorneboys are somehow above "okay"

>> No.77122477

I update it every release

you dont even know what kino is

>> No.77122485

flesh eater court is probably the best SC

>> No.77122487

Maggotkin are finally getting an update in the next broken realms and they summon like a bastard and can be healy/tanky.

>> No.77122491

No, they clip out all the bitz that aren't shown on the box.

>> No.77122492

did you actually refund them or are you just joking

>> No.77122502

You are buying models for the rules. You absolute fucking moron.

>> No.77122505

You're such a fucking retard. LoN isn't going anywhere.

>> No.77122506

a better look at some of the heroes

>> No.77122518


>> No.77122528

Not too surprising actually. I suspect every "order" release will get a Cities of Sigmar tie in if for the sole fact that it might be enough to tempt CoS players to buy a few models to supplement their city.
It worked on me. Har Kuron convinced me to buy 30 witch aelves, a Hag Queen, and 10 Heartrenders to supplement my small Dark Aelf army.

>> No.77122529

>cleverly omit the mandatory token stormie from the art
wonder why

>> No.77122532

Knight lady looks cool, I'm gonna convert her into a vampire

>> No.77122535

imagine being this much of a dickhead.

>> No.77122538

Not really. I'm pretty sure that's Fyreslayers.
But it's like comparing a serial killer to Hitler in terms of how hated any of those are to SCE.

>> No.77122540 [DELETED] 

>ou are buying models for the rules. You absolute fucking moron.

>> No.77122551

Nobody here has fireslayers though.

>> No.77122561

What do I do if the army I want to play is too expensive to collect?

Daughters of Khaine.

>> No.77122570

I am autistic and keep all of my receipts for events like this, everything I ordered from amazon or GW i can refund.
Why would I continue to buy and use LoN if they're not a good faction, they have poor rules, old models, expensive models like blood knights and there is a possibility that the units I wanted to run might get squatted?

>> No.77122572

Play sneks, it's cheaper

>> No.77122574

That's because nobody really likes them.
The only thing I've seen /aosg/ agree on is that Fyreslayers ought to have pants.

>> No.77122576

You pick a different army, you buy it piecemeal as you can afford it or you flex your ebayceps.

>> No.77122578

retard detected
I hope you get Slaanesh'd/Stoneskeleton'd/skyfire'd and then all your ugly models you got for the rules are usless

>> No.77122587

>he sold his skeletons
I hope your family cremates you when you die.

>> No.77122591


>> No.77122598

Relax bro, I just misread your comment and I thought you were encouraging someone to buy for rules.

>> No.77122607

getting some vermintide vibes out of this

>> No.77122608

Are sneks actually good? I rarely see anyone use them.

>> No.77122609

buy the DoK/slaanesh box
Trade the slaanesh half for someones DoK half
you now have a snake army.

>> No.77122617

I want to get cremated when I die so that isn't a good insult, why are you upset that I don't want to waste my money on an army that might get split into multiple armies or completely squatted?

>> No.77122620

Because you like them. You fucking goddamn retard. But I don't think you really like anything. You want to spend a shitload of money and time building an army your are going to use maybe maybe once every month, and that's if you are lucky. This isn't a sport. This isn't League of Legends. It's a hobby.

>> No.77122624

Broken Realms made them very solid, you could wait for the new book to be absolutely sure, but, they're gorgeous models so I'd get a SC anyway

>> No.77122628

They're not gonna win a tournament but they're fun to play. Let's see what happens with the new battletome.

>> No.77122632

This makes me wonder. What happens if a Necromancer tries to summon up a skeleton on an urn graveyard? Corpse Ash Golems?

>> No.77122645

>order army is expensive
Stick gotrek in your list and there goes 560 points for $30

>> No.77122660

I do like them, it's why I bought them I don't care about how good they are competitively I just want a army I like, but everyone has said that LoN is going to get squatted, and it seems likely since 90% of the army comes from WH fantasy

>> No.77122661

Nobody wants the millhouse of aos, even stormcast are cooler.

>> No.77122662

>if they're not a good faction, they have poor rules, old models, expensive models like blood knights and there is a possibility that the units I wanted to run might get squatted?

Please go back to 40k.

>> No.77122666

So you sold your army because something MIGHT happen? Hate to break it to ya bud, but by that logic you can't ever buy anything.

>> No.77122669

I've bought 2x Shadow and Pain boxes for £146 and sold both Slaanesh halves for £100. I'm £46 in for the S&P and that's given me x20 Blood Sisters/Stalkers, x10 Khinerai and x2 Melusai Ironscales - one of which can probably be sold, but fuck that. SC! Cost me £42 shipped. So I'm £88 in and have a 1000+ point army. Snakes are fucking cool desu

>> No.77122675

But anon. Gotrek isn't a DoK.

>> No.77122678


>> No.77122680

>not a good faction
Yes they are.
>they have poor rules
Their rules are interesting and versatile.
>old models
This doesn't matter. The Skeleton kits are from 2008 and they're still fantastic.
>expensive models like blood knights
This is the only reasonable point you're making. Convert them or proxy them.
In short, please commit suicide at your earliest convenience.

>> No.77122684

Going by the Liber Mortis you still summon a bit of the dead persons soul when you raise their skeleton, so since it's soulstuff you might summon a single spirit-host spirit. Since they are incomplete or faded souls.

>> No.77122685

The irony is I actually went to go fuck my gf after I replied to the guy about butting into convos. Somebody was sad enough to reply to me and I got a lot of (You)'s. Sad, really.

>> No.77122686

see >>77122660 it's not that it MIGHT happen, it's there's a good chance it will, I don't want to become tomb kings 2.0 and get a wedgie every time I play against the newer factions

>> No.77122688

Dangerously based.

>> No.77122690

Nothing is getting squatted.
Look at nighthaunt. Its their own army OR legion of nagash
Vargulfs, the coven throne and skeles will probably all be cross compatible with grave lords and i am sure grave lords wlll be useable in LoN

Arkhan is in OBR and LoN
Nef and Mannfag will be in GL and in LoN too since they are the vampire mortarchs

>> No.77122692

ok kid

>> No.77122697

>if only you knew how bad things really are

>> No.77122698

Why would Blood Knights get squatted? GW had the chance to squat them when it did the big purge and they didn't and pretty sure they said they didn't plan to remove any more. If anything I'd expect foot Blood Knights, not squatting.

>> No.77122708

Convert a counts-as then

>> No.77122719

How will FeC react to new Gravelords? Also would vampires trying another risky move against Nagash or they already learned from Mannlet?

>> No.77122724

>Kicked out of order
>Wield 3 weapons

i want him.

>> No.77122725

the problem is which I probably should've explain better is that most of my army I wanted to run minus the skeletons and mortarch were things like hexwraiths, spirit hosts, mortis engine stuff that are malignant armies which is why I am worried when soulblight gravelords come out they won't be included, leaving half of my army in a faction i don't use

>> No.77122727

Literal headcanon with absolutely zero proof does not constitute "a good chance". Are you actually clinically retarded?

>> No.77122730

Malekieth's old head, chaos sorcerer body, Incubi legs and maybe arms?

>> No.77122737

You do what you want. It's your money. But right now we have no idea what is going to happen to LoN. It might get rolled up into Soulblight, but Soulblight hasn't even been officially announced, and we don't know what the army will have except a lame vampire model and plastic Blood Knights.

Also, I would encourage you to buy them now, because buying 20 Skeletons for $40 is going to be a lot easier to swallow than buying 20 for $60; and they look exactly the same because how fucking detailed do skeletons need to be?

>> No.77122741

Aim for a 1k list.
Purchase your shit slowly. Like a box a month.

>> No.77122745

dark eldar armor is a good match

>> No.77122746

>Months away from the vampire band being for sale

>> No.77122747

You're retarded. I'm glad you refunded your models, you won't taint the reputation of LoN chads.

>> No.77122748

Picking up another SC! and the paints I need for this army tonight. and might by some nids as well because to me, they're the only redeeming thing about 40k.

>> No.77122763

Jensen is, dare i say it /ourguy/?

>> No.77122767

I think eventually AoS will overtake 40k as people tire from Space marines v other space marines.

>> No.77122769

don't kid yourself, you have no reputation an old army which is going to get squatted like every other fantasy faction
keep seething

>> No.77122775

I am shocked to have found such a kindred spirit today of all days.

>> No.77122776

God I wish that was me.

>> No.77122779

>I got rid of all the cool models because they might not get supported

You are Cain

>> No.77122793

>Grand alliance Order
>Trusted by Sigmar
>Humans were ordered to work alongside them and live in cities with them
Sigmar is the worst god

>> No.77122815

We have bigger problems now with Vampires and Sigvald anon. Let Morathi play god house for now.

>> No.77122817

so if you were new to aos, you bought your first army and then two months later everyone says your army is going to get squatted some of your models might be moved to the new gravelords but you won't known for another few months, you wouldn't expect GW to do the worst thing and prepare for it? Good goyim

>> No.77122824

>Humans were ordered to work alongside them and live in cities with them
Not anymore in Har Kuron

>> No.77122827

How do you manage to breathe

>> No.77122829

checks out

>> No.77122830

>I think eventually AoS will overtake 40k
if it hasn't after 20 years, it won't now.

>> No.77122837

>everyone says
Two shitposters in /aosg/ are not "everyone".

>> No.77122847

>Order Battletome
>She just betrayed it

>> No.77122852

You're actually mentally retarded. Never believe what the thread says. It's too late for you now. You fell for a meme.

>> No.77122856

>no monkey king Lumineth model
>no archers flying on rocks

>> No.77122857

It’s Jelsen. Calling a monster Hunter Jensen would be too on the nose for a reference.

>> No.77122860

>everyone says your army is going to get squatted
Mate they say that for every faction, they aren't gonna squat anything.

>> No.77122889

Yeah the same fags that said the vampirates were absolutely going to happen. Please for fucks sake go back to 40k. You are too stupid to play AoS.

>> No.77122896

Those are Dark Eldar legs and the arms are also from the plastic Sorcerer.

>> No.77122897

>Flying on rocks

That would be shit compared with what we got. This chads are so cool.

>> No.77122899

I'm a bit stuck building my KO SC box, should I go full special weapons on the Thunderers? Are Endrinriggers better than Sky Wardens?

>> No.77122914

>going to spend the entire time between now and vamps release debating with myself which colour scheme to go with

>> No.77122931

it was most definitely not two shitposters, everywhere you look where people ask about the faction people say
>no they suck, their models are old some are expensive, some look like shit like the zombies, but you should buy them if you like the look of them :^)
i'm not going to go into sunken cost fallacy just so mr shekelberg doesn't have to spend post office money returning my new products.
Like I said, I like the theme, I like most of the models but why would I not wait six months before buying anything to see what GW do and if I like their approach? how am I retarded for thinking that and are you capable of saying anything but buzzwords?

>> No.77122933

They managed to make dinosaurs look awful, its impressive quite frankly.

>> No.77122937

I hate the roos but like the fox

debate me

>> No.77122942

Those are the basic sorcerer arms they just switched a hand.

>> No.77122946

Those are mediocre.

>> No.77122949

The meta thing to do is go all Aetherrifles, but that's gay. Special Weapons are fine. Sky Wardens are melee powerhouses, Endrinriggers keep your ships alive.

>> No.77122951

>Spend what I guess are at least a hundred of dollars in miniatures before informing himself about what he's buying
>Suddenly sell everything at a loss because of a few rumours from literally someone's butthole
Hanno you might have brain problems. Might.

>> No.77122953

Considering the new vampire warband are 4 how much power they hold now? We will have Vampires as regular troops?

>> No.77122964

More interested where the sword is from. A conversion?

>> No.77122969

Also the Black Dragon Lord has a nice helmet that could work.
They replaced the staff.

>> No.77122990

wow who knew GW would include such biting social commentary on the destabilising effects of mass migration from incompatible cultures in their fantasy setting

>> No.77122993

I responded to the wrong post. This already was answered there, oops.

>> No.77122996

You are retarded for informing yourself only after having bought them. All you said was true even six months ago. Why the fuck did you bought them in the first place

>> No.77123000

Go back to 40k.

>> No.77123004

I didn't sell at a loss, everything else I own can be used in OBR, like the mortarch and the archai, I did my research I just have no idea what they plan for gravelords

>> No.77123023

I have never played 40k but nice cope, I played fantasy back in the day

>> No.77123068

These new vampires and the witch hunter made me interested in age of sigmar. Am I welcome even tho I was a hater before? Didnt like the steampunk dwarves and the golden ultramarines.

>> No.77123069

If you played fantasy, then you wouldn't have a problem owning old models.

>> No.77123084

>, I did my research
You obviously didn't

>> No.77123098

I mean, the vamps and witch hunters aren't for aos they're for direchasm and a new whq. And you'll have to play against steampunk dwarves and ultramarines.

>> No.77123100

Its okay anon, now the healing can begin.

>> No.77123101

Thanks anon, I will go with special weapons because they look cooler. I'm leaning towards Sky Wardens because they look cooler but I'll see when I start dry fitting them

>> No.77123113

Just play the specialist game like a smart person.

>> No.77123118

it's not the models being old I have an issue with, I was a tomb kings player and whilst I can play aos with them right now they are not satisfying to play with due to how weaker they are to every other faction, knowing this and having played tomb kings in aos multiple times and just being disappointed why would i risk the same thing twice? I expected GW to do an update for LoN not to scrap the whole thing and move everything to gravelords

>> No.77123122

>purchasing models made after 2015
There is no reason to do this

>> No.77123126

the new Quest looks really cool, the first boss looks real neat and I can't wait to see the rest

>> No.77123130

Morathi's gonna form her own grand alliance with blackjack and hookers

>> No.77123133

Then I’ll buy the new whq. Maybe they will release a witch hunter faction later?

>> No.77123135

I mean I did, I knew that if something were to happen I could use a lot of my models with bonereapers which is why i took the risk with LoN, like i said i haven't lost money

>> No.77123136

TK were squatted early on.
I dont think any factions are going anywhere now. They are all established in the lore, books and models which TK never were because AoS had no TK lore

>> No.77123138

The kangaroo riding lad was kind of cute, this one's just retarded, I can't see what I am looking at for all the swirling scrolls.

>> No.77123140

literally a vampire faction on the way sperg, keep up. it was leaked days ago, Soulblight gravelords.

>> No.77123154

Post pics pls

>> No.77123156

>played fantasy
>don't already own 12,000 point of your favorite army

>> No.77123158

Go back

>> No.77123160

? prime is a jobber.

>> No.77123179

I like to take my Thunderers in 10s, that way I get the best of both.

>> No.77123194

alright well I didn't know that, thanks
like I said i'm new to aos, i took a break after fantasy was destroyed and wanted to play a army similar to VC, I am retarded and fell for a meme but atleast i know for next time

>> No.77123195

As long as you burn all your 40k models first.

>> No.77123204

Stupid Moron

>> No.77123206

He's talking about what was revealed today.

>> No.77123207

The warbands can be fielded on the main tabletop though.

>> No.77123215

Dude that model is not worth starting aos for lol it's uninspired drek especially standing right next to their outstanding new direchasm vamps.

>> No.77123219

I'm talking about the info everyone else has seen

>> No.77123227

Retard. Also the new packs look like the leak. Look it up.

>> No.77123230

You mean you play Total Warhammer and aren't used to something that isn't instant gratification?

>> No.77123246

Its a good thing warbands can be used on the table top and that warband will totally be usable with the new soulblight gravelords faction.

>> No.77123255

Even better then

>> No.77123261

It's terrible especially stripes

>> No.77123263


>> No.77123266

take your meds

>> No.77123268

>why would i risk the same thing twice?
Then why the fuck did you bought them in the first place, you mongolord? What would you have done if these rumours with literally zero source came up a few months from now and you'd have already started building and painting those? An AoS or a 40k army is not the kind of hobby for someone so much impulsive and/or retarded that bought an army on the spot only to sell them because of people saying shit on the internet

>> No.77123271

Lucky for me only the warlock bombardier was made after 2015

>> No.77123279

>This chads are so cool.
Don't forget your girly pills

>> No.77123281

>anon argues that sun doesn't exists as he proceeds to stare directly into it

>> No.77123286

>Call people retards
>Doesn't even have the brain to look at the picture posted.

>> No.77123291

>Dude that model is not worth starting aos for
I agree, but the other guy is right. You can play any single model from that warband and cal it your vampire lord.
If you play all of them together you might cause some confusion on whether you're playing the AoS rules for the warband or not.

>> No.77123306

>Then why the fuck did you bought them in the first place, you mongolord? What would you have done if these rumours with literally zero source came up a few months from now and you'd have already started building and painting those?
I would've either contiuned playing them or if their faction was completely scrapped and I couldn't use them I would've saved them in hopes of being able to use them in warhammer the old world

>> No.77123320

So convert it a little bit so its different than the warband clone

>> No.77123325

I love them and I love seeing people shit their pants over it. Stay mad HE spergs

>> No.77123337

which I have done for all of my ghouls and FEC shit I can't currently use in aos without spending more

>> No.77123342

>> No.77123349

And two. See >>77123286

>> No.77123364

For like a hundred points. So you just need to spend hundreds more on really old sculpts in many cases and books and stuff to play a completely different game.

>> No.77123365

This looks like shit

These look much better and old undead-y

>> No.77123372

Exactly. I think it might be too much of a hassle to headswap Macefred, but I can at least turn his mace into a polearm or something.

>> No.77123373


>> No.77123375

This Lumineth release looks like its going to be absolutely massive. Guess they're the new sce.

>> No.77123382

Anon, you can pretend to be retarded all you want, it doesn't change the facts that this is a new faction that will come out, no matter how many shitposts you make. Seems like quite pointless and futile thing to do.

>> No.77123401

Cool. Where can I buy the Deathrattle Battletome?

>> No.77123411

>Brand new army gets a ton of realease


>> No.77123414

What else than the package being different are you referring to?

>> No.77123426

They are clearly biped bettles, they just fucked up with the number of legs, you dummy.

>> No.77123431

They are already twice the size of every other brand new army and they still have two temples to go on.

>> No.77123439

GW just never bothered updating the blister pack for AoS 2.0

>> No.77123450

Ah. You can't tell the difference between "Soulblight" and Soulblight Gravelords. Got it.
I mean you can't be stupid enough to argue the existence of an AoS 1st ed keyword on a packaging has any relevance to the packaging of existing AoS 2nd ed packaging right?

>> No.77123455

Legion of Nagash units have had their subfaction name on the package since the beginning.

>> No.77123480

That's because they are from the repackagng in the beginning of AoS 1st ed, where they didn't have a battletome.
It's the same with most of the old death stuff.

>> No.77123502

>It's the same with most of the old death stuff.
You mean Legion of Nagash?

>> No.77123522

I mean before LoN existed.

>> No.77123614

Here's another example then, from well after LoN came out. Try to wrap your head about the situation in which this box was leaked instead of the vampire lord
>Oh my god guys there is a new name on this LoN units LoN is totally going to get squatted like tomb kings sell your models!

>> No.77123625


>> No.77123661

Snakes are absolutely winning tournaments. They won all the recent GT's.

>> No.77123666

Point is, Legion of Nagash was always a random assortment of Death subfaction, some of which have their Battletome, some of which haven't. Just because Vampires are going to be expanded doesn't mean that the whole rest of the faction is going to get squatted. Literally nothing points at it other than paranoia and shitposting

>> No.77123671

Sigmar will let her get away with it, because he needs her more than he needed Anvilguard

>> No.77123707

I wasn't that far off with GW centerpiece design, was I? Time to apply to the studio using that drawing.

>> No.77123714

I thought of you when I saw this model

>> No.77123732

>all this bickering about vampires and roomineth
Y'know, it's pretty comfy being a lizard

>> No.77123737

You still can't tell the difference between soulblight and soulblight gravelords?
Nighthaunt was the only death keyworded subfaction outside of LoN that got any support. They exclusively had access to that ugly forgeworld model, and they got a harbinger in malign portents before they were expanded into a full army.
By the way they spent half time time during today's underworld reveal talking about how this is a "harbinger for things to come in AoS", just like the Slaanesh mortals were for their February release.
I'm not saying SB is going to squat LoN, but I'm saying you're willfully blind if you don't think SB is coming.

>> No.77123744

that's really dumb if he's the only detractor of them. as he's basically just outed himself.

>> No.77123745

good job!

>> No.77123759

You were even right on the relative size of the flying dude.

>> No.77123762

>fox menlet needs a vortex to match CowChad

>> No.77123776

Well what the fuck.

>> No.77123784

why are all the names in AoS so terrible?

>> No.77123810

Easier to copyright than straightforward fantasy names.

>> No.77123811

>Australian cavalry

>> No.77123815

>I want mortal Sigmar worshippers so bad
Sigmar's a cuck though.

>> No.77123821

How should you paint the wind on this model? The yellow makes it look like a ribbon to me.

>> No.77123823

He's pretty lame in AoS, yeah.

>> No.77123826

I'd say off white with a blue hue.

>> No.77123833 [DELETED] 

Aelf detected.

>> No.77123840

I mean it is ribbons flowing into a hurricane.

>> No.77123847

Ok, When I get more I'll consider that :)

>> No.77123868

Doesn't matter when you have your own inquisition. Also into the fire you go.

>> No.77123871

It's pretty much going to get squatted. It's pretty clear by now. LoN was a temporary thing anyway. Nagash and Arkhan have their book, Olynder has her book, all that's left is Mannfred and Neferata and we are getting vampire faction most likely. Dont you see that?

>> No.77123889

If they are going in a boat then you ought to use rifles. If they are sitting on points, or getting dropped off at a point then special weapons are best.

>> No.77123895

DOK battletome was designed with 2nd edition in mind

>> No.77123924

>no Nighthaunt
really spooks my jimmies.

>> No.77123928

Maybe this one and the hedonites are made with 3e in mind?

>> No.77123929

You're right. I think they made it hard to read by blending the ribbon color down into the wind. I'll just avoid doing that.

>> No.77123949

>anything for AOS is revealed
>literally fucking anything
>autist starts sperging out about stormcast


>> No.77123954

I'm excited. Hope Nighthaunt get their cav battalion printed for your sake.

>> No.77123967

Not quite. Command Abilities that can only be used by generals, buffs that are not "wholly within", some awkward wording in rules (which is why they rewrote Khinerai now). There's plenty of outdated stuff in this one.

>> No.77123976

So, really, what's your honest opinion about Lumineth right now and the direction it is going?

>> No.77123981

As long as they don't touch grave guards, black knights, skellies and the wight king I don't care much.

>> No.77123992

It’s getting better. Seems everyone is really just waiting for Tyrion though.

>> No.77123994

Pretty good but nerf the fucking archers

>> No.77123997

It was closer to 2e than 1e. It had subfactions and piss weak battalions.

LON, Nurgle, Idoneth all came out around the same time and obviously had 2nd edition in mind since they have summoning and/or subfactions.

>> No.77124006

OBR will probably get history spotlight but i doubt anything else. If we are talking about models NH being the oldest one have better chances of new models*.

*Following normal armies scheme. When you are elf you can receive 2 waves just after release and nobody cares

>> No.77124010

Getting better, but my excitement for them has died down again with ALL OF THE DUMB HELMETS and spindly bits.

>> No.77124014

Didnt care for the initial release, second wave looks much better

>> No.77124015

look mate AoS is going to carry the stench of its failures until the day it dies
you can either live with the fact that people complain about the smell, or struggle futilely against people whose opinion will never change

>> No.77124023

I hate the faction and the huge attention they are wasting on them. Fucking unfair considering the state of other armies.

>> No.77124032

If the Vampire faction is going to be all new they aren't going to squat skeletons and shit. If skeletons and shit go into the new faction then Gravelords is basically going to be LoN renamed with a few units like Morghasts and Nighthaunts removed, which you are going to take anyway because of allies.

>I'm saying you're willfully blind if you don't think SB is coming
I literally never said that. I only argued to the retard that thought that the faction is going to ends up like Tomb Kings.

>> No.77124037

total AIDS
high elves were already gay and these korean mmo rejects are 10x worse

>> No.77124038

The only part you got right was the pic from the actual model they already showed off.

>> No.77124075

>still no sighting of this rumour engine
stormcast still on the way bros dont worry

>> No.77124089

This is the best case scenario. Put regular skellies with Vampires and make the Deadwalkers battletome. Death completed.

>> No.77124096

I can't believe they get passed up in the death BR. It means instead of a spotlight and getting their sub factions and scroll rewrites finally. They're going to end up as throw in for another book and get shit rules like std.

>> No.77124106

>I literally never said that.
That is what it seemed like you were arguing about. I almost agree with your entire post otherwise.
We were suspecting new zombies or skeletons due to the teasers, but everything seems to have went to warhamer quest. So it's highly likely that the skellies from 7th ed stays.

>> No.77124126

I don't disagree, but it is still a pretty old book. I think all of the ones you mentioned are getting new books soon (although LoN might just get broken up into several books). I wouldn't might Hag Narr that isn't miles ahead, a decent snek subfaction (The Broker Realms one is neat, could be slightly better), some fun command abilities and maybe they can also fix Ironscale and make her unlock battleline snek.

Ever since I saw this paintjob I have been very seriously considering starting LRL.

>> No.77124151

you build it with time

>> No.77124195


>> No.77124200

So what rumor engines survived?

>> No.77124201

Dawnriders are really awesome. Stoneguard are awesome if you convert them.
It's still elves so I'll never ever collect them.

>> No.77124229

It's been pretty devastating, but there's still a good few left. Chances are all the death ones are going to cursed city though.
See >>77121721

>> No.77124237

I'm super pleased. All the teases we got confirmed my hope that they are in fact getting expanded to become a full High Elf style army, where they have an answer for basically everything. I'm super excited for them right now. I even like the Sevireth.

>> No.77124253

the quest trailer looks like it'll massacre the rumour engines

>> No.77124256

Don't play BoC then.

>> No.77124332

love them, absolutely. A couple of units are a miss, like the base archers, but the wind temple looks kino

>> No.77124334

I like the Avatar style easter elemental shit, I still hate elves. Big Cow is their best model

>> No.77124357

>squat battle standard bearers
>sce gets them
>lrl get them
Fuck you, GW.

>> No.77124368

I love the concept, but can't bring myself to like the execution.

>> No.77124383

>Mfw 2500pts of unopened Beasts of Chaos from a fomofag emptying his shame closest to make room for vampires for £68

>> No.77124393

I don't like Lumineth because they are getting multiparts before I am. And that isn't fair. It just isn't fair.

>> No.77124394

Almost all armies got standard bearers though

>> No.77124400

>squat battle standard bearers

>> No.77124411

Is this supposed to be English?

>> No.77124416

Order pretty much just means "Not Chaos, not with Nagash and doesn't wanna go apeshit like Destruction"

>> No.77124428

spotted a couple more I don't have time to update it

>> No.77124452

my personal taste is


>Vanari Dawnriders
>Vanari Lord Regent

>Sevireth, Lord of the Seventh Wind
>Vanari Wardens
>Vanari Sentinels

>Scinari Cathallar

>Alarith Stoneguard
>Alarith Stonemage
>Alarith Spirit of the Mountain


In terms of the direction they're going, I think the addition of Swordmaster type models will be great, and everything along the 'neutral' line of Vanari has been what I was wanting pretty much. The temples so far have been largely awful, but I do like the new Fox spirit thing - I actually wish it was a bit MORE of a spirit type creature rather than wearing armour. I'm banking on one of the temples in the future actually having good models or else I'll play almost exclusively Vanari.

>> No.77124462


>> No.77124476

Banner bearers are cool

>> No.77124489

That SCE looking comet rumour engine is the staff of the far left hero.
Bets on the main Stormcast unfortunately being Felix.

>> No.77124492

I love the basing, I hate the color scheme.

>> No.77124511

Should be a good box. Lots of unique sculpts in there.

>> No.77124516

Yeah, it's a shame they squatted all of them only to give some to LRL and SCE...

>> No.77124522

Stormcast is very likely female, dude.

>> No.77124533

I see you are also a Gor of culture.

>> No.77124540

Eh, most factions have one

>> No.77124543

>> No.77124548

and also a wizard.

>> No.77124550

No? They always have boobplate and heels.

>> No.77124563

I am in the same position. If there was a way to take the Fox Archer, the Cow and Celennar in an army that wasn't full of elves I'll be all over them in an earthbeat

>> No.77124568

See, I agree with the meme. But then the actual models absolutely shit all over the expectations you have for these awesome descriptions.

>> No.77124573

Yeah, they only squatted Freeguild, Greenskinz and so on. Lots of whfb ones didn't make it part AoS 1 but whatever.

>> No.77124576

They gave Fyreslayers one too.

>> No.77124586

So wait everyone was saying that comet staff was meant to tease the 3rd edition Stormcast.......

Bros did we win? Are GW just going to stop pushing Stormcast entirely?

>> No.77124608

In your opinion. I'm indifferent to them but I'm indifferent to LRL in general. I don't think they're awful. LRL is another case of 'the default scheme makes models look worse'. Compare Ultramarine Primaris bikes with Blood Angel and you see the difference. At least for me.

>> No.77124617

This but unironically

>> No.77124627

Stormcast haven't had a unit release for like two years now. GW is waiting to drop the Siege Chamber. I assume it'll happen when Gordrakk beseiges Excelcis or w/e it is called with the Godbeast Warmachine. Sigmar sends down the Siege Chamber to help fight it and destroy the warmachine.

>> No.77124632

Copium stocks at all time high

>> No.77124643

>LRL is another case of 'the default scheme makes models look worse
Oh, absolutely. The Sentinels look great in the "Ymetrica Alternate" scheme which I will forever believe was the true original default scheme before a last minute switch.

>> No.77124645

Hard to say but Silver Tower was basically teasers for factions, it's just that plans changed and most didn't go anywhere. I don't think 40kquest tied to anything and given GW's indulgence in one-off side games I'm gonna say they won't tie to any new armies or updates.
Which makes a lot of sense given this Orruk and his GW said they will eat Rick Priestley's liver before they expand Ironjawz for real.

>> No.77124672

then the best models in lrl are the high elf copy pasta vanari.

>> No.77124684

I feel like the Crimson Court sculpts make Mannfred and Neferata look bad by comparison, quality-wise.

>> No.77124691

Yeah. I think somebody said
>Yeah make them blue and white like HE were
And I don't think they ever were meant to be. But that's the way the dice has fallen. GW changed the face of Tau from orange to the white guys so maybe they will with LRL. But AoS is kinda more built around 'do different schemes' due to rules and shit.

There are design choices I wouldn't have made. The fox spirit I would have just left as a fox head but my guess is it'd be more furfag bait so I kinda OK with the helmet. What I am most confused about is the cow shit in the wind. Thought cow was meant to be mountain.

Still, each their own. I'm happy if people like them.

>> No.77124698

I definitely see the Enforcer and Duvalle as a Mannfred and Vlad resculpt. I absolutely see people replacing normal Mannfred's head with that new one.

>> No.77124723

>Still, each their own. I'm happy if people like them.
Same. I'm not mad that people like them. I'm mad that I can't bring myself to like them in the same way. The Vanari regent looks fucking SICK to me, but it comes with the rest of the army that has more models/aspects of models I dislike than I like.

>> No.77124739

Anybody have that random picture of a Tzaanagor blowing a horn with his nose on hand?
Need it for a friend.

>> No.77124742

>the cow shit in the wind.
What are you talking about?

>> No.77124759

They're just not my cup of tea really. But I like they did something different. I like a lot of the units they did. I'll probably grow on some. I quite like the new mounted hero and the fox spirit. Not too sure on the kangaroo units yet. But the rest of the coming LRL looks alright based on what we saw, so LRL will have enough of a range for me to just take what I like and leave the rest. Which is ultimately the problem with new factions. Never enough range to go 'I don't really like X so I won't take them'.

>> No.77124780

The fox spirit has a horned helmet on that covers its face I thought?

>> No.77124795

Stake launcher

>> No.77124814

They are very different horns from a cow's ones.

>> No.77124817

It's a horned fox, but they did kinda mess up and give it a bit of a bovine look. But it's absolutely a horned fox.

>> No.77124843

Didn't get a good look, was in a rush. It looked bovine to me but if that was just cause Id idn't look then I retract my statement.

>> No.77124878

From what we have seen all elemental spirits are going to have white masks and the temple unit connected to them is going to have their face on the helmet.

>> No.77124888

i dont like guns, but that's a really good mini.

>> No.77124893

I can imagine the gross Söi smile over your fat face. And it disgusts me.

>> No.77124900

I think what fixed the "it looks like a cow" for me was looking just behind the horns, there's the Aisan style fox ears.

>> No.77124909

Asian*, fucking fingers.

>> No.77124946

Ah okay. I'll get a good look eventually.

That's cool. The stuff they teased looks alright so far. 2H weapons are my jam which is why I don't mind the cow mountain.

>> No.77124976

We know for a fact that it's going to have multiple builds, I hope there is an alternative head.

>> No.77124996

There absolutely will be. The one we saw is the named version, Sevireth, Lord of the Seventh Wind. The generic one will likely be called "Hurakan Spirit of the Wind", just like the bull is Alarith Spirit of the Mountain. But I didn't even notice the alternate build in the tease. Good catch.

>> No.77125005

He's a named dude, so does that mean there is a generic thing like Avalenor (spelling)? I can see the ears now behind it. Is photoshop anon on and able to remove the big horns? I'm wondering if that can be done (or if he is unique with the horns due to named char).

>> No.77125010

>Dumb ! kangaroos instead of based mustelid mounts that're as deadly as they are cute
Disgusting. I like Treerunners but I will feign insult because there's no ferret mount yet: the state of LRL, I can't believe AoS is THIS BAD. Haha laaame.

>> No.77125014

i like it, although i'm not a fan of the big swirling tassles/wind whatever. probably put it jumping off some ruins or something instead

>> No.77125017

Is... that the 40k thread???

>> No.77125046

Absolutely shit

>> No.77125047

I hope the generic one is good, I don't really like named characters. I was lucky with the bull because the unnamed version is far better than the named

>> No.77125048

Have a feeling they're earmarked for other factions, if at all.

Now if only that guy (assuming it is legit) could bring back Praetorian Guard I'd get back into 40k.

>> No.77125070

>they already learned from Mannlet?
He's like one of the top 5 most powerful individuals in Nagash's empire, he's been that way since the Age of Myth, he's got an entire underworld of his own to do whatever he likes with, he's perhaps the third greatest necromancer to ever exist in the realms, and he's cut enough slack to fuck around leisurely in the Mortal Realms for centuries at a time. Rather than being discouraged a lot of vampires would probably kill to have his spot.

>> No.77125084

I feel like they deliberately posed this sculpt so that the armor splits over the tail and the butt sticks out, but then they got embarrassed and added wind effects and tassles to hide it.

>> No.77125087


>> No.77125165


>> No.77125191

he's just outed himself if he is the only one stopping it, though. and if your listing Bretonians, please anon.

>> No.77125221

who cares im gonna fap anyway

>> No.77125227

The new vampires have me considering Underworld, is it even worth it?

>> No.77125242

He isn't wearing anything under that armor is he?

>> No.77125245

Well that's a pretty stupid thing to do.

So who do we think is getting fired soon?

>> No.77125282

If your friends are into it too, sure.

>> No.77125325

I have friends willing to do it. Two of them are roommates. I like the idea of having a little bit of every faction and being able to use them.

>> No.77125336

Lmao Based

>> No.77125340

Two spergs sperging about muh cow and muh verticality on a loop doesn't really qualify them for most hated

>> No.77125347

Best ruleset gw has ever done, very fun to play and deckbuild with.
If you have a few people to play with its definatly worth it. If you buy a starter set its not hard convincing a friend or two to just buy a single warband and you can start playing.

>> No.77125353

Afaik it's fun, surprisingly balanced and like it's impossible to be really offensive given the short play time and low price.

>> No.77125413

Gotta be Jess, right?

>> No.77125428

>> No.77125450

Underworlds is a great game if you have someone to play with often. I used to play it on lunch breaks in my previous job with a friend, was a lot of fun, got to practice the game a lot and learned to make good decks. Then I changed jobs, stopped playing and got out of the meta loop.

>> No.77125455

Is it possible to play Underworlds with bands from earlier seasons, or are only the current season warbands legal?

>> No.77125463

He's tied for my favorite of the set with Duvalle. Definitely picking it up to paint even if I don't play UW.

>> No.77125479


>> No.77125481

Warbands are always legal, but all universal cards from s1 are banned.

>> No.77125482

Thank you, luckily I like the Slaanesh cult and the new light elves have been growing on me so that starter is good. My 2000 army will always be death though.

>> No.77125490

lumineth are so fucking hard to paint

I feel like it's going to only start to look good after about 90% of steps, or it's still going to look like shit even then

>> No.77125529

I really hate bald vampires. Or bad minis in general.

>> No.77125531

Post what you're working on

>> No.77125542

His armor is so fucking good.

>> No.77125559




>> No.77125581

Best gw game
The downside is that there's not much "hobby" in it.
If you like competitive gaming, that's your best shot.

>> No.77125588

His head is probably too big to use on the mortarch body, isn't it?

>> No.77125591

Let's be honest here, in 35 years, when Warhammer: Fantasy Wars of the Realms releases their Eleves of Harrowing Light army or whatever the fuck they're called, well have 20 year olds that only ever played video games and watched lore videos made by ESLs complaining that this new army has boring creatures like Dragons and Eagles and not cool animals like the Lumineth used to have. Its inevitable. It's a never ending cycle. As long as time goes on, secondaries will never be happy.

>> No.77125716

the problem isnt the side cut, its side cut PLUS ass long hair

>> No.77125740

it was confirmed male, straight furfags BTFO

>> No.77125833

those arent women

>> No.77126863

We need malerion's elves so they can join with dok and idk to form the anti Teclis brigade

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