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Recursive chaos dwarf edition.
Resources (Rules, lore, and Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay)
WFB: https://pastebin.com/qVGrgwwh
WFRP: https://pastebin.com/inbyBsR6
Novels: https://pastebin.com/6FV6bSNQ

>Warhammer Wikis

>Alternative Models (WiP)

Warhammer Video Games

Previous Thread: >>77058431

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The Empire endures!

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To the guy who asked for a size comparison earlier, sorry I fell asleep. Here it is next to the old BSB, I'm pretty happy with the size. Unsure if I should try to replicate the design or just go for something more hammer themed.

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Pitifully small.

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In the last thread, I originally planned on a picture of an Ogre or Halfling eating. Ironically, I couldn't find such a picture so I settled on Ludwig the Fat.

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Big Iron? Cowboy Dwarfs?

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Those are indeed some large banners.
It is Big Iron but they aren't exactly cowboys. It started as a meme but the idea grew on me, and now the story is that my dwarf dudes' clan is descended from a ranger who wielded a large rune hammer dubbed "The Big Iron" and killed a famous skaven lord. The hammer has been passed down for generations and I was actually working on the model who carries it today.

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Just imagine the movie Tombstone movie, but it takes place in the Eastern Darklands and it’s Dawi trying to bring the law, while the Dawi Zharr are terrorizing the place.

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One strong breeze and that bloke is kited off to Norsca

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Some of the banners depicted in art are pretty massive actually. It does look kinda of silly on the individual model, but when the whole army is arrayed in ranks and viewed at a table top distance the massive banners work imo.

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Massive banners look fantastic on mixed chaos armies. Check the 6th ed armybook for examples.

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Remember to post models (both finished and WIP). Speaking of which; what are you guys working on? Games played? Ongoing campaigns?

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I seem to have lost the body somehow, but I have pic related's head than I'm hoping to use as the core of a woods witch.
When the world re-opens, I might get into low-level AoS as a break from my over-complicated games.

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That's a 40k piece.

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The fourth edition is the best one, currently support, somewhat lacking in material, but that can be easily converted from older editions.

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>It does look kinda of silly on the individual model, but when the whole army is arrayed in ranks and viewed at a table top distance the massive banners work imo.
I'm planning on ugly-big banners for my skirmish-level (~30) force anyway.
Big banners are aesthetic.

>That's a 40k piece.
The one with the horses and clubs and spears and no technology?

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As a GM in WFRP (4e), do you open roll so your players can see it or not?
I’ve been closed rolling perception tests which seems to work well as it prevents weird situations where the player knows they missed something but I’m not sure about combat rolls. I keep getting tempted to quietly fudge rolls to not fuck the players over, am I being a fucking nanny or what?

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I mostly roll openly. Perception Tests are one of the few cases where a hidden roll is justified, as well as the occasional attack from hidden foes. Or random rolls, where I let the dice decide what happens next.

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>no technology
Aside from the modern buildings on the right.

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>modern buildings
Those are big steel cages.

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You have eyes, dimwit?

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Fuck me
All this time I thought those were buildings.

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Did this lanklet for mordheim

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So thin his pic slipped through my first post, oops

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Yeah, they're iron cages holding chaos spawn ready to be unleashed on a high elf army.

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Are you retarded?

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Not chaos spawn, mutaliths.

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>friend, mid 20, huge fantasy nerd
>pushes us to play 2v2
>first timer all of us
>friend selects dwarves because muh defense
>has the good notion of placing all of his pieces before him
>line my cannons
>defend them with peasants, all game nothing but defensive position
>gang up the other guy while dwarves hang out in their mountain
>lose by 500 points

>wants rematch
>his partner zergrushes
>gets pummeled immediately

Why do people play Fantasy without a sense of military theory?

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Because they're focused on the net list mathammer concept and don't realise that you actually have to make tactical decisions and not just rely on 'most dice rolls generated by a unit' to win.

>> No.77099874

Tell the story again but in a way that makes sense this time.

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Instead of utilizing his defensive units to protect his partner’s friend, the idiot charged by footsoldiers while getting pummeled by cannons. He got introduced to the concept defeat in detail, but I’m not sure he was taking notes.

>> No.77099931

>partner’s friend
partner’s flank*

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okay, but who won the first game? actually, fuck that, who is everyone playing? Peasants are a bretonnian unit, but apparently you also had cannons.

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I was playing Empire, and for the peasants think of the cheapest unit they have, as reverse cannonfodder defending cannons full time against defense first dwarves.

We won by 500 points, created 2-1 combat in every situation possible.

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Ah, state troops, or was it free company?

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Mostly closed rolls for me. I have not altered any dice results yet, but I like to have the option if it is ever really needed.

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State troops I think, not sure. This whole thing got me soured from Fantasy. Dude was in the national team, playing Fantasy every Sunday and had no idea what he was doing on a battlefield.

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>two gunline armies synergize better than a gunline army and a melee army
shock! horror! surpirse!

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Looks like an excellent Battle Standard!
All great suggestions, thanks a lot!
I think that I will be going with your idea of a maw that spits shards of bone after consuming a victim. It fits really great with the ways I was planning on doing some of his other mutations.
>how can I make a good looking Chaos Lord on a Dragon?
I think that you should let the dragon be inspired by what kind of mark you're going to give the rider.
Here're some mark-based suggestions that I can think of:
GW's Zombie Dragon for a rotting dragon-look.
GW's Jabberslythe for a toad dragon-look.
Mantic's Winged Slasher for a savage, almost dinosaurian, look.
GW's Maw-krusha if you want to double down on the savage muscle-beast.
Mantic's Basilean Phoenix if you want to go with a fiery/magical bird rather than a proper dragon.
GW's Dark Elf Dragon for an elegant look.
>I was thinking of getting the dark elf one and the rider from the manticore kit.
Seems like a good way to go about it. That Dark Elf dragon is great imo.
If you're going for a Tzeentchian Lord you could always do some fun stuff with greenstuff to suggest that the neck and head of the dragon is splitting in two. IIRC atleast the head of the dragon comes in two suitable parts for such a conversion.

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Well that's one way to get a flying mount for your BSB.

>> No.77100079

It's literally a piece of work found in the 8th ed. WoC armybook.

>> No.77100123

The dark elf dragon makes a decent enough base, but its a bit too lithe and basic imo, as does the zombie dragon kit (sorta).
Converting a carnosaur, maw-crusha or some other sufficiently impressive monster could work
The fell-beasts from Lotr can also make a decent conversion base.
If you have too much money Archaons mount can make a pretty impressive looking monster after some converting. The warpfire dragon GW used to make is also really good. Theres also that dragon GW gave the sigmarines, but its a bit too much work to be worth it making that thing look good imo.

In terms of third parties? Theres a bunch of really good dragons out there, but theyre a bit expensive. Creature Caster is amazing as always, but theres a whole lot more than that out there.

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Holy smokes, look at this mammerjammer!

>> No.77100311

Refurbishing now my mostly second hand 6e ungors, mixed in with some of the newer ones. Had to cut most of them off of their old 25mm bases, which was a pain sine many of them had been given a sand basing already.
Have a pic of 10 thunderers I finished over the holidays from my leftover sprues I got when I bought a bunch of stunties.

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I want it

>> No.77100610

I open roll in every RPG so my players know I'm not fucking with them one way or another

>> No.77100696

Not all of us are such cowards as to hide the position of our forces behind the cover of banners.

I know your games.

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I'm repaintng my first models ever, are 6th edition elves based /tg/ ?

>> No.77100850

Their models still look fucking amazing

>> No.77100874

Man, for a first model that is genuinely amazing. .

>> No.77100897

Oh no, I just came back to the hobby after 8 years away, but thanks i don't have a lot of experience painting, I'm keeping it simple and practicing with the models I have till TOW comes.

>> No.77100979

What happens in 15 years when all the fat grogs die? Who gets their models?

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>> No.77101069

Whoever is hired to clean out their apartment when the body starts smelling bad enough to alert the neighbors.

>> No.77101095

recast chads

>> No.77101154


>> No.77101573

Grog cleaning services. Would make a mint in board game money and clean up funds

>> No.77102512

Saurus are meh, but the rest of the lizard line is goat.

>> No.77102527

Eagerly awaiting this day.

>> No.77102808

Is there any other books on Lord Mortkin? Or is he literally a one off character from the 8th edition rule book?

>> No.77103155

Hes just for the scenario

>> No.77103349

Best god coming through.

>> No.77104089

>rulebook hypes that huge battle, even explaining some made-up rules
>battle report never realised

>> No.77104387

I thought there was some sort of mock battle report for the battle?

>> No.77104544

Currently saving up so I can buy the entire vampirate line when TOW is released, anyone else saving up for something?

>> No.77104587

Not really, my WoC reached like 10k points without my noticing, so I dont really need more stuff.

>> No.77104921

At the very least they played a game, they mention differences from what happened compared to the story.

>> No.77105039

>make one of the most interesting Chaos Lords
>Use him for a scenario in the rule book and nothing else.

>> No.77105533

You need some beasts of chaos and dwarfs of chaos and daemons

>> No.77105560

This is why the game died the first time. Just buy some shit you think looks cool and paint it.

>> No.77105656

Anon, I havent finished painting up my 10k points worth of chaos warriors.

>> No.77105660

>ooga booga me punch real hard
I mean, he has more going on than probably any other Chaos Lord but that's not saying much.

>> No.77105698

Hes more interesting than most of the other characters in WFB, but thats not saying much.

Warhammer isnt very good with characters.

>> No.77105700

Then what's a few new units to the pile?

>> No.77105702

You don't want WHFB to die, do you?

>> No.77105712

A bigger pile of grey shame on my table.

>> No.77105764

Making dwarves chaos isnt enough to fix them, theyre still boring as sin.

>> No.77105782

>want to paint
>choose one of the only job that isn't affected by lockdown in my country

my mate is painting everyday while I struggle to paint a figure per week

>> No.77105968

Beautiful. So much character on such a small mini.

>> No.77106172

I can picture all the GW shills saying that when they try pushing us to buy overpriced resin FW shit

>> No.77106207

Shit's not made by FW and it won't be resin.

>> No.77106213

oh so you would go crawling back to GW with over priced monopose plastic then?

>> No.77106243

Good lord in heaven, PLEASE let them finally release Vampire Coast miniatures

>> No.77106286

Thoughts on pic related to proxy as Greatswords?

>> No.77106292

You dont want Fantasy to die twice right? The fact GW is doing this entirely means we were right and AoS is shit

>> No.77106408

How is getting new models bad?

>> No.77106559

Because muh GW soulless blah blah. Wait till the announce stillmania 2.0 with rick priestly’s ashes blended into new wood elf sculpts

>> No.77106580

Swords could be greater, but it's fine with me.

>> No.77106598

Based. I keep almost making armies for Morr.

>> No.77106657

Really looking forward to see what Norse Dwarfs brings to the table

>> No.77106696

It's such an alien thought process to me.
>Don't blame the company for making bad products and failing to encourage purchases, it's you the consumers who are at fault for not spending more on things you don't want.

>> No.77107098

Bit lightly armored. At least give them Kabuto's or something.

>> No.77107417

Are these on 20mm or 25mm bases?

>> No.77107628

So I wanna make an army with a sort of 'Faded Glory' preferably with some interesting conversion opportunities, any suggestions lads?

>> No.77107760


>> No.77107816

Well, for colors I suppose you want to have lots of dirty golds and muted colors where once pristine equipment has gone to shit.

For conversions I suggest starting with a fully nice looking model and then "downgrading" bits. Stuff like a missing shoulder plate, a dented shield, mismatching armor... You can really convey the idea that this army is just getting by best it can.

>> No.77107948

Thanks, what sorts of army do you think would be a good starting point so to speak? I guess like Bretonnians? Dwarves maybe?

>> No.77107952

Bruh we live in a world where the top 1% pay less in taxes than I do but deflect any criticism by putting up a BLM logo. Clown world.

>> No.77108006

Most of them work really, except maybe beastmen, orcs and skaven.

Empire work quite well.
Bretonnia work much the same way.
Chaos you can also do it with, just focus on the contrast between big armored warrior with magic shit and a ragged, mutated wreck wearing scraps of metal
Dwarves and Elves also do it, but their thing is more "wearing your sunday best in pristine condition even as your house burns down"

>> No.77108306

What are you working on fantasy chads?

>> No.77108379

Just planning my first proper army, I'm pretty hyped to actually start working on models tho

>> No.77108395

>we were right and AoS is shit
Best part right here

>> No.77108398

I took a long break from mini-painting but I'm probably going to finish my Empire army soon.

>> No.77108413

Skaven. Need to take some pictures

>> No.77108434

Chaos, but I cant prime due to the weather.

>> No.77108489

Very busy at work, summer holidays in Aus and I work in tourism, but once that dies down I need to assemble and paint 2-3k of Empire troops for a campaign.

I could get away with splitting my armies up further but sieges seem to be common and I need to pack enough core troops to be able to take 3/4 quadrants of the castle courtyard, enough cannon to breach the walls, and indirect fire weapons to start hitting the dudes in the courtyard they will deploy as a backstop knowing I have a lot of cannon.

>> No.77108568

I need some terrain ideas. Ideally classic, versatile stuff. Stuff you'd see from 3rd through 6th, not freak shit.

I'm thinking some standing stones or more rocky outcrops, maybe some larger ruins? But any thoughts would be appreciated. I'll post photos of what I've already built tomorrow.

>> No.77108677

This little critter to acompany the truthsayer in his mission to get people off his island

>> No.77108731


>> No.77108845

Instead of the standard flat-topped hills, why not barrows?

>> No.77108876

Working on another Spawn. It's the one I was asking for suggestions regarding a non-technological interpretation of the gift technology - autogun. I'm currently in the step where I need to wait for the first stage of his greenstuffed maw to dry.
He rolled the following:
10 gifts:
1. Hideous Appearance (456). 2. Rotting Flesh (781). 3. Snake Tail (841) - Poisonous Attacks. 4. Crown of Flesh (315) - Toes. 5. Blood Substitution (210) - Leeches or Maggots. 6. Technology (870) - Auto-gun. 7. Biting Tongue (GoN). 8. Rune of Nurgle (GoN). 9. Psuedo-daemonhood (740). 10. Eyestalks (372).
As is I'm unsure what to do with the snake tail and the crown of flesh.

>> No.77108900

Is that a model or a conversion?

>> No.77108969

Albion Fen Beast

>> No.77109028

Ah I see. Thought it looked stoney and not swampy but now I see it.

>> No.77109518

waiting form bases and primer to arrives so I can paint some Warriors and Chosen.

>> No.77109669

His hat is a little him I can't get over it!

>> No.77110189

Mismatched weapons and shields, mud, battle damage that has gone unrepaired(as anon has said, but to expand notches in swords/shields. Painting the army in general as older helps too. Flat steels instead of bright shining ones. Maybe some surface rust

>> No.77110373

That’s cool anon but it’s not confirmed in the slightest.
also doesn’t that defeat the whole point of undead? Not just vampire coast in referencing here but all undead armies.
To me the real fun of undead is that ‘ooh you don’t like the old zombie model? get literally any infantry in the game out of all the races, and third party models in existence. make it dead. It just works.

Waiting for new dead models when perfectly good living ones exist to convert seems like missing potential.

>> No.77110538

Which army is cooler skaven or lizardmen?

>> No.77110831


Skaven are more gnarly and radical though.

>> No.77110863

Does lingerie exist in Warhammer?

>> No.77110901

Yes. See Vampires. Oddly, Vampires are the only ones who have lingerie, despite supposedly being the armpit of the Empire. Empire, Border Princes, Estalians, Tileans, etc tends towards old style corsets, Helves have bras, and most of the rest go commando.

>> No.77110905

No. Coom somewhere else.

>> No.77110995

God, I hate coom shit in Warhammer so much, like you wouldn't believe. Warhammer is meant to be an ugly setting full of ugly, pustuled, barely human creatures. Ugly grittiness and dung is what separates Warhammer's aesthetic from other fantasy shit like WoW or D&D.

>> No.77111020

Yes in Fantasy, no in 40K. There's no underwear in space.

>> No.77111104

But anon, the filth and war and bloodshed makes the sexy bits shine out way more. I do admit is is a pretty sexless setting, despite delves and slaanesh being a thing.
also, I haven't played WHFRP but isn't dung collector unironically one of the better starting careers due to getting fearless right off the bat?

>> No.77111139

Fervent 40k Imperials will ritually mutilate themselves to look uglier because sexiness = temptation = heresy. Even the moderate ones would look at makeup and other beauty products or lewd wear as heretical. A lot of reproduction (especially on Admech worlds and many fortress/military worlds) is also done by servitors in a very similar fashion to how the Skaven do it just because sex is so icky. Other planets do it more like 1983, where they arrange couplings to be as unsexy, unromantic, and robotic as possible (like Cadia). So yeah, wearing sexy clothes would be a big no-go for most of the people in the setting.

>> No.77111168

Not him but while I agree coomshit is gay the opposite extreme of everyone being a hideous, loveless inbred covered in feces and wallowing in a gutter is also gay. Reminds me of the anon we had a while back who seemed to get genuinely butthurt when people discussed game ideas like being Reiksguard or Questing Knights or Witch Hunters because "nooooo its not a heroic game you can only shovel poop and die reeeeeeee not real warhammer".

>> No.77111280

>"nooooo its not a heroic game you can only shovel poop and die reeeeeeee not real warhammer".
Ah, Poland.

>> No.77111282

Even if there wasn't, Emmanuelle Von Liebwitz would have invented it for the sake of looking even more scandalous because she loved being talked about, even when it wasn't positive.

>> No.77111288

Sex actually happens a lot in Warhammer, and romantic attraction is a major motivator of more than a few of characters. It's just, all the sex is implied or happening off screen. I mean, there's been characters that have visited brothels before and payed for services, and Teclis has a harem of attractive female enemies he's captured/enslaved. In contrast, 40k, and AoS to an extent, is extremely sexless, but that plays into the overall theme of dehumanization. Like sexual attraction does not exist in 40k outside of Ciaphas Cain, and characters only (rarely) mate because they need more bodies for war, not because they personally want to.

>> No.77111305

unironic doomers need to gt*o

>> No.77111331

There was the Lukas the Trickster novel where he snuck off to fuck an entire village's worth of women.
Of course, it was Lukas saying so, and his title means he's about as full of shit as this dude's cart >>77110995
Of course, it was funny when old Box Man Bjorn tried to hit on a young female Inquisitor.

>> No.77111432

>it was funny when old Box Man Bjorn tried to hit on a young female Inquisitor.
Hey baby! My legs arent the only part of me pisten powered if you know what I mean...

>> No.77112341

I'd argue that more grounded and physically viable designs for clothing, weaponry, and armour create a verisimilitude for Fantasy that separates it from those other settings more than its people being ugly. Elves for example, shouldn't be ugly, neither should all humans.

>> No.77112352

Elves in Warhammer should look extremely alien. Not necessarily ugly, but definitely not attractive.

>> No.77112372

>Teclis has a harem of attractive female enemies he's captured/enslaved
He does? Its implied he bangs one of his human servants, and he has a confirmed threesome with two hot elf twins, but this is the first I've heard of this. Also sex/romance in 40k is actually pretty common if you read Dan Abnett. He often includes it as major driving forces for his protagonists

>> No.77112381

Sure, hawkish and strange, but never ugly per se

>> No.77112420

They did evolve from birds afterall.

>> No.77112517

>Like sexual attraction does not exist in 40k outside of Ciaphas Cain, and characters only (rarely) mate because they need more bodies for war, not because they personally want to.

Ibram Gaunt would like a word. As would a bunch of other Ghosts, considering the regiment had at least one traveling brothel amongst their camp followers.

>> No.77112560

Giantslayer. He has fucked attractive female enemy commanders after defeating them rather than killing them, much to Gotrek's disgust.

>> No.77112818

Fuck, I don't recall that at all, only that the lead Albion captain woman was giving him the sex eyes the whole time

>> No.77112833

Teclis starts to sound like Elminster. And I thought I had enough reasons to hate him....

>> No.77113891

I can SMELL the Slannesh on this tramp. How dare she corrupt the pure and virtuous Maria-Ulrike with her slaternism.

>> No.77114192

They were dark elves.

>> No.77114404

Ah yes mammalian birds right.

>> No.77114450

Are elves really mammalian? I know in 40k they apparently lay crystals or something.

>> No.77114520

Not sure if trolling but elves and eldar always had breasts an nipples.

>> No.77114730

They excrete crystals. They are mammals, but their reproductive cycle is more long and convoluted than other species

>> No.77114739

Only in 40k.

>> No.77114753

Yeah my bad, I meant to include the post above that one in my response.

>> No.77114781

Breathing new life into some empire knights I adopted.
They have a few coats of paint on them now, but I’m in bed and I’m not getting up to take more photos for y’all.

>> No.77115200

>Elves in Warhammer should look extremely alien. Not necessarily ugly, but definitely not attractive.
How many times do we have to teach you this lesson?

>> No.77115317

Those aren't really breasts, at least in the sense of being mammary glands. First, they don't produce milk. Second, Eldar/Elves have virtually no body fat. I don't actually know why female Eldar even have breasts since they're totally extraneous and serve no purpose. Maybe they act as extra armor, but then why don't males have breasts too?

>> No.77115322

Is it bad to be a purist when it comes to the minis?
Like, I don't begrudge guys who use alternates but I can't bring myself to do it. I value the unity the Citadel models bring, and the certainty that what I am looking at is a Warhammer army or diorama or what have you.
Things are getting harder to get (for now, 3D printing will help more and more in time) and I am trying to wean myself from my pathological need to buy official models in blisters or boxes. Even so, is it wrong to feel and act this way?

>> No.77115342

>Those aren't really breasts, at least in the sense of being mammary glands
What makes you say that?

>> No.77115350


>> No.77115374

Not seeing evidence for lack of mammaries in females from that image you posted. Am I missing something?

>> No.77115397

>canon to WHFB

>> No.77115409

Where the fuck do you guys read this shit? I have never seen any reference to elves being birds...

>> No.77115436

Old 40k lore from a crazy Inq. that has since been retconned. Half eldar are comming back to 40k, and exist in Warhammer. Elves and eldar are basically just better humans.

>> No.77115440

It's just the one autist spouting nonsense.

>> No.77115450

>Half eldar are comming back to 40k, and exist in Warhammer
No to the first, debateable to the second. If AoS is any measure they'll be decanonised as aeioulves and humans can't reproduce

>> No.77115476

Fuck off already.

>> No.77115479

>40k is sexless

From Nightbringer. Dark Eldar archon strips and does lewd things to a human while he's being torturously healed.

>> No.77115487

I don't think xenology is even canon in 40k

>> No.77115513

So a haemonculi is going to vivisect this human to purge him of all diseased or weak material and remake him in perfect health. He sedates him enough to paralyze but leaves him able to feel. For the sheer sadism of it the haemonculi has a naked drukhari female sit atop him and intentionally arouse him, JUST so he can go from that state to immediate unfathomable pain. Then when the work is done, the human orders her around, and she muses on having sex with him later. I am so confused.

>> No.77115552

Half Eldar already exist. Ael Wyntor was a halfdar. Malcador took such a liking to Ael that he kept cloning the halfdar after the guy would off himself because he couldn't deal with being a halfie imprisoned in a laboratory.

>> No.77115564

Ael was a lab experiment though, not really what the guy you were replying to was implying. Eldar have triple helix DNA, they can't breed with humans

>> No.77115941

It hasn't been explicitly overwritten, just not acknowledged in any more recent fluff other than the Eldar being more crystalline than flesh after they die.

>> No.77115949

>Waiting for new dead models when perfectly good living ones exist to convert seems like missing potential
That's kind of a retarded point of view.
Not everyone is a big fan of converting stuff and just because you can convert something from something else doesn't mean that it isn't nice to also have models of the thing. You might aswell argue that no Chaos models should be made since all you need is empire models and some greenstuff and that empire models are unnecessary since you might aswell use historical minis.

>> No.77116059

spent the whole morning kitbashing a witch hunter

>> No.77116093

Nice. I don't know why a WFB thread turned into a 40k discussion above you though.

>> No.77116110

Fantasy coming back only means that there are those among the creatives who like it and the new bean counters were either convinced or likewise have fond memories. Some amount of the former likely never went anywhere and instead focused their work passion on other projects. It makes wonder now if Fantasy ending is why Ward left, signs point to him having a bigger attachment to it compared to 40k.

GW is not to blame for the people who collected ookabooka points worth of a single army and then demanded the rules revolve around big armies, only for capitulating to them. This DID damage Fantasy since it led to third parties and unit fillers not being alternatives, but necessities.

>> No.77116145

A bit bonkers for my taste but you go gurl!

>> No.77116226

Very Blanchitsu, I like it.

>> No.77116299

Odds of TOW being 15mm scale?
I don't like the idea but at the same time I don't see why GW would release a direct competitor to AoS.

>> No.77116413


>> No.77116451

Making a Wandering mage of the Golden order
what am i in for?

>> No.77116460


>> No.77116476

What makes you say that?

>> No.77116624

>sexiness = temptation = heresy
wrong. It is ugliness = sign of mutation and deviation from the divine blueprint of Humanity that is the Emperor = heresy. Ugly people cannot be good and loyal Imperial citizens

>> No.77116634


>> No.77116654

die mad, ratcoomer

>> No.77116662

are you implying Ogryns are ugly?

>> No.77116774

Sexual desire and rutting like animals can be ugly in its own way. Look at genitalia and the exchange of body fluids without the haze of lust and see if your stomach doesn't turn. This may be why ASoIaF features sex so prominently and in reading Drachenfels I believe I sense an undercurrent.

Why would GW care if TOW somehow does better than AoS? This is thinking along the lines of believing Fantasy was sabotaged by 40k. GW is probably counting on there being cross pollination in terms of models between TOW and AoS. Daemons, but on a larger scale.

>> No.77116780

Not him but your assertion that
ToW would be
>a direct competitor to AoS
is ill founded. From the usage of square bases we can surmise that ToW will be a rank and flank game which is not something that AoS is doing. AoS and 40K would be a much better argument as direct competitors yet you don't see GW scrapping one for the other.
Secondly, the existance of underworlds and warcry in itself refutes the point that using same sized models for another game would not be something that GW would do.

>> No.77116795

What kind of shit are we going to have to ignore from TOW?

>> No.77116823

WIP shot. As you can see the maw still needs significant build up. I still don't know what to do with the snake tail and crown of flesh - toes gift.
Maybe I'll add a couple of toes to the 'lips' of the maw.
My first thought was to make the snake tail his penis as the base model already comes with a tail but now I'm questioning whether I shouldn't just make the snake tail his actual tail to make him a bit more chimeraesque.

>> No.77117084


As said, some of my current terrain set up, enjoy the shitty photographs. Not pictured roads, standing stones, barrow, more hills, more walls, additional thatched roof non-ruined buildings, more trees, more river.

Any additional thoughts or ideas would be appreciated. Part of me wants to build some elven waystones or a dwarf mine but I'm not sure where to start.

>> No.77117094


>> No.77117109

most recent completed piece.

>> No.77117187

How did you make the pieces of broken wood?

>> No.77117198

I just broke some balsa wood. Just snapped some offcuts I had lying about.

>> No.77117232

Making me jelly over here with those terrain pieces, anon. Very nice, very comfy looking. Majority home made I take it? WHFB, Mordheim or both? Since your table seems pretty small.

>Any additional thoughts or ideas would be appreciated. Part of me wants to build some elven waystones or a dwarf mine but I'm not sure where to start.
Pieces that could work as objectives. So altars, waystones, stone circles, wells, mystical looking trees, tombs, monster lairs and the like. Maybe a windmill?

>> No.77117262

how about a graveyard? magic ruins/temples or some crashed warpstone meteor?

>> No.77117322

Thanks. The trees are bought (fuck making trees), the mill building is 4ground and the river sections (not the bridge/section or the mill river bit) were also bought. The rest is all home made. I just really like buidling terrain.

It's for generic fantasy, but ideally warhammer/mordheim. The table in the pic is 4'x4', but I can make a 6'x4' but couldn't be bothered.

Those ideas are really good, some little 'fun' bits would work well.

I was thinking about some bigger ruins, something like a more collapsed maisontaal. but the graveyard is a good shout, I have some renedra tombstones somewhere...

>> No.77117326

That's fucking lovely, broham!
>dwarf mine
You could make it out of a couple of mountainesque walls and one or more mine entrances made as to look like a carved hole in the mountainside with wooden beams supporting it. You could then make impassible terrains in the form of holes leading down to individual mine shafts. Some might just be the top of a ladder 'going down' a dark hole while others might be more elaborate elevator things. Trains of mine carts full of ore and equipment could be used as hedges/light terrain to take cover behind.
Bonus points if you make some sheets of mine floors so that only part of the actual battlefield takes place inside the mine while the rest is outside grassland.
Fuck mang, you make me want to go down the rabbit hole of making terrain pieces.

>> No.77117340

>but definitely not attractive.
How does it feel having canon actively disagree with you?

>> No.77117381

>It's for generic fantasy, but ideally warhammer/mordheim. The table in the pic is 4'x4',
That table would work perfectly for Mordheim's Empire in Flames supplement then. Considering it's Mordheim but set in the countryside. Could check the scenarios for that setting for terrain inspiration too.
>the mill building is 4ground
Oh neat, how's the quality? I'm looking to get their Mordanburg stuff for Mordheim. Particularly tempted to get their huge Stoic Arms Inn for bar brawl scenarios.

>> No.77117390

>I am so confused.
Dark Eldar are very bored.

>> No.77117407

>Eldar have triple helix DNA
Per the aforementioned retconned novel, yes. It's worth noting that many IRL hybrids will have parents with mismatched chromosome counts, and of course IRL hybrids don't even have the benefit of being created by the same elder frogman race to explain their compatibility as far as we know

>> No.77117417

Barrows, mine entrances and other forms of infrastructuralized hills would make for some useful and thematic terrain for loads of games.
Here are some images for inspiration:

>> No.77117436


>> No.77117437

I like this a lot.

>> No.77117450


>> No.77117467


>> No.77117474

blacks, trannies and whatever else is en vogue among liberals (likely zoophilia or some other deranged shit) when it drops

>> No.77117477


>> No.77117489


>> No.77117496

Empirefag seething, but thats a given in any state of the game.

>> No.77117514


>> No.77117612

A troll for mordheim and some tzeetch stuff

>> No.77117629


>> No.77117665

Cheers for the advice and ideas guys. I'm probably going to start planning a graveyard/tomb-thing and potentially a mine, but that's a little more involved.

I've also attached a real shitty photo of my 'Bret' army. It needs finishing, and the banners to be made and painted, as well as all the heraldry made into transfers but I'm real bad with photoshop so haven't got around to that yet.

>round bases
Yes I know, it started off as a warband for frostgrave and then grew into an army of a multitude of games (SAGA Age of Magic, Oathmark, as well as Warhammer).

>> No.77117722

Neat army!

>> No.77117768

I dunno man, I see obsessive tears from you just about every thread.

>> No.77118011

The 4ground stuff is really nice, never had a problem with their kits. Sometimes the instructions are a bit shit but never any major issue. I've had quite a few of their medieval and timber framed buildings over the years, the mill was the first 'fantasy' one. The only issue is their price which can be quite steep, even for the 'best' mdf. it starts to get into fancy resin stuff territory.

>> No.77118519

How do you handle the unit footprint being the wrong size?

>> No.77118725

The new vampire warband is pretty damn cool. The !vlad model is amazing, and im a fan of the mace dude too,

Plus I think you could turn some of them into chaos warriors or elves without too much bother.

>> No.77118731

is this actual soul... from GW?

>> No.77118759

explain what you see in these minis that seems soulful to you. i'm curious

>> No.77118785

someone at GW likes doing bad guys

>> No.77118808

second from the right, is that mannfred 2.0?

>> No.77118810

The blood dragon with nothing outlandish and the clear khorne lord conversion.

>> No.77118820

So those are vampire lords for each of the four Vampire houses.
That's really good actually.

>> No.77118822

They are clearly copying total war style, one could hope for lizardmen, skaven and elves with same design.

>> No.77118825

they look alright. You could buy the box for 30 bucks, keep 1-2 VC for your army and sell the others for 10 buck each

>> No.77118828

Nah, hes just bald.

>> No.77118870

I really like that prince model, its really neat.

The big mace fucker isnt bad either, would make a good exalted champion.

>> No.77118873

> Manfred on steroid.

>> No.77118880

Its vampire lord from TW.

>> No.77118915

These are a better chaos warband than the actual chaos warband.

>> No.77118949

Well, everyone upse that Vlads model has him be ugly can rest happy now, his replacement is pretty handsome.

>> No.77118998

called it

>> No.77119010

>He's wearing armor
Nevermind the giant fucking face on the AoS Vampire's chestplate, or his bare arms, or even the flared pauldrons.

>> No.77119021

Looks like Malus to me.

>> No.77119043

The new witch hunter isnt bad,

>> No.77119048

mmmm not bad..

>> No.77119099

>They wanted to make a Vermintide game, but couldn't be arsed to actually make the Vermintide characters models.

>> No.77119118

>Its going to be stronk wommin
Nice. Its just stick man.

>> No.77119124

looks cool desu, sans the dwarf, but when have dwarves ever looked cool.

>> No.77119146

The new !necromancer (ghoul?) looks pretty cool.

>> No.77119161

Me likey for mordheim

>> No.77119187

Change his gun to a proper handgun and he would make a great witch hunter.

>> No.77119199





>> No.77119218

As long as it fits, I could use anything for proxy

>> No.77119254

proof that first is not always best

>> No.77119260

Mounted combat in WHFR 4e confuses me.
They FAQ'd it so normal sized beings don't cause terror in small beings so halflings aren't afraid of men but what about horses? They're large so a hostile horse should terrify a man but if they have skittish they're not "proper combatants" and can't attack?
If I charge on a horse who gets advantage? I'm the one attacking but the horse is the one moving. Do both of us get it?
If I want to do a hit and run on a horse, it's large so it can just leave but does the rider have to dodge as normal?

>> No.77119309

>> No.77119321

>we wanted to make Vermintide but our corporate overlords made us set it in AoS

>> No.77119329

Would fit wood elves or even beastmen better.

>> No.77119346

Beastmen dont look pretty and clean.

>> No.77119371

is it an orc or an ogre on the right? Left looks like a sky dawi

>> No.77119384

Yeah looks like some mini-Orion or high ranking Slaangor champion way more than anything high elf. The Lumineth range overall has been a rollercoaster of cringe desu

>> No.77119386

>witch hunter
>chaos warrior
one of these things is not like the others

>> No.77119419

Yeah fuck elves

>> No.77119421

I think that's an ogre.

>> No.77119422

He's going to be a friendly ogre or something. Couldn't have a normal human soldier, the zoomers might find him boring!

>> No.77119424

Much like the cow-lossus, its not a bad model, it just doesent fit the high elf aesthetic.

>> No.77119444

Its not fat enough for an ogre, and the armor is too ornate.

>> No.77119663

I think in general it is clear that the new design mandate for the shared races between Tow and Aos is that they have to be cross promotional. No more uber retarded designs for the simple races

>> No.77119682

>high elves just got kangaroo cav, llama riders and a furry archer demon prince

>> No.77119702

lumineth and high elves are clearly not a shared race, dont be a dunce

>> No.77119712

lumineth line is for AOS only. But the tyrion faction could be the actual TOW shared line

>> No.77119844

There are apparently 8 hero models, so I wouldn't be surprised if we saw Krubers and Siennas stand ins later.

>> No.77119933

I don't care, that's how.

>> No.77120219

Sensible chap.

>> No.77120239

Does that mean we can hope for a ghost only faction in TOW ?
Ghouls only can obiviously be Stigoy

>> No.77120389

Does that mean you roll dice based on how many models are there, or how many should be there?

Not caring can mean either

>> No.77120508

>Teclis has a harem of attractive female enemies he's captured/enslaved
This story keeps evolving every time it's posted. No one ever reads anything themselves.

>> No.77120512

I just base the footprint off 25mm rather than 20mm for infantry. Everything where it might be an issue will be in a tray for the frontage, ranks can still be counted. The only thing that causes the smallest amount of possible confusion are the unit fillers/command stands, which all fill the space of 4 figures and as such count as 4 figures in terms of the unit.

>> No.77120601

Shit, the guy in red armour and lord with mace are the kind of vampire sculpts I've been looking for for ages. I've been planning on getting a box of Skeletons and Zombies for Mordheim but I might as well make a small Vampire Counts force with those as lords.

Big Game Hunter hired sword for Mordheim Witch Hunters. Or a Witch Hunter with Hochland Long Rifle, forget if they can use it. Real nice sculpt.

>> No.77121120

So gutted Mordheim?

>> No.77121132

Ah yes. I've seen this fellow roam the streets of a deserted village called Stiller Hügel. Was wearing a different hat then though. How curious.

>> No.77121159

Fantasy never died for me.

>> No.77121185

Spend less time spamming wojaks and just have a period of the day where you set down and paint for 10 minutes, regardless. Make it a routine habit that for ten minutes everyday you will paint. That small time will then grow and grow as you work it into your routine and you'll find yourself compelled to paint everyday or it'll feel wrong.

>> No.77121292


Well fuck me sideways. These are pretty goddam great. I’m amazed.

>> No.77121306

10/10 kino

0/10 furfag shit

>> No.77121326

Sure, totally. You're not an idiot with a mind riddled with forced, dull memes (why even use coom if you're not obssesed with pushing a forced meme from /v/? Why not just say fapbait or such?) which compel you to mindlessly hate anything erotic because you think that 4chan, for some strange reason, should be a sexless, castrated monastrary of a site (when you could go literally anywhere else on the internet to find places without any trace of it, but nope, 4chan is what you've been fooled into thinking is 'anti-degenerate' or whatever weirdness has lodged in your brain. Yeah, there has never been any edge of anything sexual or erotic in Warhammer ever, never, nope no sir. We haven't had attractive women depicted in art, lewd sex cults, exposed warrior women, seductive vampiresses, nope, it's all just one big cesspit of a setting where everyone is an ugly mutant, beauty doesn't exist and getting a hard on is a death sentence.

Why are you even on 4chan and why are you trying to push the idea that erotic imagery is not acceptable here? HERE? Not just on 4chan but on /tg/ of all places? Where did you even get this idea from? And don't tell me it's you being tired of seeing it, there's barely any of it compared to how it once was here both on /tg/ and for /tg/ related games, books, media, etc and there are FAR more tiring things to get annoyed at on /tg/. So where did you get this stupid, idiotic idea from Warhammer has never played with erotic imagery or concepts, or that it even is bad to do so, both in terms of trying to strictly adhere to the fluff and setting (which perfectly allows for it) and also for fans to have some fun with the concept? Because I can guarantee you didn't get that idea yourself.

>> No.77121351

It's not canon, it's not been used as the basis of physiology in ongoing works. It's 'canon' in the same way that all GW books are canon, arguably less so because it's side material.

But furthermore, you're just a sexless weirdo who is trying to noldorfag again because yo can't stand people having badwrongfun.

>> No.77121362

No it's AoS Blackstone fortress with Vermintide rejects.

>> No.77121365

Top tier stuff, anon. Really liking the look of things there.

>> No.77121383



>> No.77121433

Okay coomer.

>> No.77121444

You forgot your frog/wojak.

>> No.77121446

>doesn't grasp the difference between the erotic, the nude and the straight up pornographic

>> No.77121476

Not my style, have a smug anime girl.

>> No.77121546

I do. That other anon clearly doesn't. Furthermore, again, this is 4chan. There's nothing wrong with any of the three here. He's the one calling it fapbait as if any of it is not acceptable in Warhammer. Also you seem to imply there's some sort of delineation of quality, and not just social context and acceptability (and even then, that depends entirely on the environment you play with/discuss things in and gaming group you play with). All of them are good and all of them have been part of Warhammer Fantasy at some point or another. You can have a grim and dark perilous world of fantasy battles and also have some sexual imagery present.

That's barely smug at all. Prepare to be outsmugged.

>> No.77121551

I think it's just your typical teenage contrarianism to a more sexually open society than was in the past. He'll grow out of it.

>> No.77121576


>> No.77121597


>> No.77121613


>> No.77121617

His was smugger than yours.

>> No.77121653

The weird thing is that it's not more sexually open. We've had huge rollbacks of sexual material in general print, campaigns against pornography, a decline of sexual advertising, successful attempts to remove pinups and other things from public spaces and overall a more PC shape of things. The only place where sexuality is more open is when it comes to LGBT stuff, and even then, that's basically only appealing to a certain demographic anyway and due to the desire of these groups to be seen a bit more seriously there has been pushback amongst activists and media depcitions showing less of their actual sexual proclivities, apart from gay men who were always sexually active. Hell we've even seen this on /tg/ where over the last few years any trace of openly erotic stuff has been heavily suppressed where we once had several draw and write fags who posted only here and always sexually explicit if not outright porn in their content. If anything, I feel we've become more puritan in general globally but especially in the Anglosphere.

>> No.77121664

I just realised that keeping the base tail makes it look like he has a literal trouser-snake.

>> No.77121697

Quite impossible.

>> No.77121828

And that's one of the reasons why the big push of nofap and 'degeneracy' and this whole cumbrain/coomer shit pisses me off because 4chan was at least one of the few places left where you could have discussion and general talking alongside people musing about lewd stuff and have it all work well together. But now thanks to these mindless wannabe eunuchs who think all they need to make it in the world is not to touch their dick, combined with shitposters who just like ruining things for fun and bad moderation, that's practically gone too.

Well, at least it gives me incentive to keep working on the minis and terrain for this scenario I'm writing and going to play out mocking them. Just need to finish the second army and put the finishing touches on the others, then finish painting up the character models needed.

>> No.77121847

Lumineth likely have relationship to High Elves in the same way Fyerslayers/Slayers and Daughters of Khaine/Witch Elves do, you can see roots of the former in the latter but they're not the same.

I think this is a stretch. GW may port some models officially between both lines and they'll probably hope people who play one game buy models to use or convert from the other, but they're not going to blatantly ensure the aesthetics of both games look nigh indistinguishable. It would be a shame if the open possibilities AoS currently has had to be shackled by Fantasy's 30 years of history. Something like the aforementioned is probably part of why 40k releases these days seem largely bland.

>> No.77121865

Well, 4chan's a bit of an anomaly what with its moderation team's links to the alt-right. But you make a fair point, I suppose a more accurate word than "open" would be "tolerant".

>> No.77121913

What is it about the c word that encourages these wordy, over-wrought rants in this general? I swear I've read each of these posts ten times already

>> No.77121931

asspain and boredom, also lack of games

>> No.77121947

DoK are a bit of an exception, no? They would fit in as a logical expansion on the Dark Elf range. I feel the same about the new StD, Slaanesh, Nighthaunt, and to a limited extent KO ranges

>> No.77121956

Anon feels personally attacked over being denied constant sexual stimulation.

>> No.77121964

Some people are just annoyed by low-quality and often not traditional games related posts and threads about sex stuff, the posters fetish and using this board as a masturbation device.

>> No.77121967

Those are all great. Gonna buy them and convert into Chaos Warriors.
These models are really fucking great imo. Looking forward to seeing the other models, especially the undead ones and the maybe-ogre.

>> No.77121983

>Gonna buy them and convert into Chaos Warriors.
Mah man.

>> No.77122086

Anyone else really liking this big-ass snake? I immediately thought Khorne Daemon Prince when I saw it but that's just me and my overly chaos-centric brain. Could also see it as a Slaughterbrute or even a dragon if given some wings.

>> No.77122113

It would indeed work quite fell for a chaos something or other. I was more thinking "have a dude stand on top of it like its a mount" but I guess your ideas also work

>> No.77122142

>buying nuGW shit
You know GW terrain and endless spells are from china and not made by GW right? even the plastic is different.

>> No.77122148

If it can be made to fit on a 50x50 mm base you can bet your sweet rump-a-dump that I'm going to be using it as a Daemonic Mount.

>> No.77122172

>buying nuGW shit
If you can't see the appeal of the stuff previewed today you're either blind or hopelessly autistic.

>> No.77122182

Yeah, people spending time forcing memes on 4chan generally don't play games.

It's annoying, out of place on 4chan and is another case of 'NO YOU CAN'T DO THAT BECAUSE I DON'T LIKE IT' which suppresses thought and prevents people having fun.

Autistic shitposting is not /tg/, if you're so offended by it, go to a normalfag wargame forum. If you want to turn /tg/ into basically a normal wargame forum except where shitposting and memespam is allowed, then there's no point of this board even existing.

>> No.77122195

Id get the vampires before chinese endless spells.
Those are at least made in UK and have quality control

>> No.77122227

And how many battle reports have you posted? How many conversions, painted models, armies have you posted? Rather than whining about people having fun in a way you disapprove of, why don't you actually talk about the game? I've posted all of the above in this general repeatedly to try and keep it alive and not just descending into autistic arguments about fluff. If people talking about lewdness or posting things you don't like annoys you, then post things you do like and ignore that which you don't.

>> No.77122228

DoK is helped by a large part of it being old kits, but from what I know and as evidenced by the new models part of the army's identity is the corruption present from being pulled out of Slaanesh's stomach. The snake influenced models could work in TOW since it seems like Atharti cursed quite a number of individuals. Could also make them Dark Elves who were transfigured by the Medusae themselves.

>> No.77122473

It's a mess and to most of these questions I would say house rule it into something that makes sense.
>They're large so a hostile horse should terrify a man but if they have skittish they're not "proper combatants" and can't attack?
Personally I ignore the fear effect on horses entirely. Horses can be intimidating creatures for sure, but if a character rolls like shit and is suddenly broken from seeing a horse it gets silly.
>If I charge on a horse who gets advantage?
The horseman.
>it's large so it can just leave but does the rider have to dodge as normal?
I would say no, unless maybe he gets attacked with spears or other weapons with long reach, but this is again house rule territory.

>> No.77122533

>but if a character rolls like shit and is suddenly broken from seeing a horse it gets silly.
Gets even sillier considering the average villager would be in an absolute panic whenever they go milk cows or deal with cattle.

>> No.77122568

Only if those things were hostile, which is actually fair enough.

>> No.77122585

That wouldn't happen, because according to the rules the creatures needs to act aggressive towards the person.

>> No.77122834

Normally, I'd say snakes are more Slaaneshi, but considering the big scales instead of more of a smooth skin, Khorne works

>> No.77122868

Yeah, pissed off bull isn't a joke.

>> No.77122978

got the base of the war altar pretty much done

>> No.77123015

Pissed of goat or sheep is enough to warrant getting away from.

Animals can seriously fuck you up, most people would rather get out of the way.

>> No.77123501

Honestly surprised terrain and spells are madd in China. Other than sales being so low they don't care about counterfeits, I can't imagine why GW would produce them there.

>> No.77123520

>is suddenly broken from seeing a horse it gets silly.
Running for cover from a charging horse isn't so silly.

>> No.77123545

Running from a charging horse is common sense and doesn't require anyone to have their morale and resolve broken.

>> No.77123601

There have been two other Warhammer Quests in just the past five years.

>> No.77123644

Nah, it's because one autistic shitposter from years back shat up the place and ever since then there's two camps of anons, one who wants to post obvious bait and another who can't stop themselves from responding, then some genuine anons caught in the midst who just want to discuss their factions without being called chaosfags or chaosragers.

>> No.77123691

Oh damn, I thought you meant Chaos.

>> No.77123758

I mean I didn't mean Chaos but the exact same applies. Something about the letter 'C'. It has power

>> No.77123763

Thats fucking sweet bro, my fantasy group txt also agreed

>> No.77124455

after watching alot of videos ive almost finished my first mini, decided to paint shields separate, this a good idea or not? also any tips appreciated

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