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Magic Boi Edition

Previous thread: >>77035143

General thread for the games too niche to be in a proper thread but too GW to be in >>>/tg/awg.
Blood Bowl, Necromunda, Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game, Kill Team, Warcry, Epic, Underworlds, Aeronautica, Mordheim, BFG and any other GW system and board game are welcome.

For mainline games go to:

>We are working on a mega archive with the rulebooks for the boxed and specialist games (don't share).
>Drop any missing files you might have here:
>Old links:

What's the best scale to play your favorite system in?

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From prior thread:

There's not an app for the cards, you'd have to print and sleeve it. But you can learn to play with the digital version available on steam, it even has a tutorial

Mass battles are best in 10mm, so that. Warmaster, Warmaster Ancients (I'm more of a HWG grog), whfb 6th, etc

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Best scale is 25-32mm because skirmish is life and perfect scaling is for idiots.

I have the models from the Briar Queen(?) set, but zero cards.
Is there an app or something?
Or am I going to have to print and sleeve it all just to learn the game?

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>What's the best scale to play your favorite system in?
manlets leave

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We had a brief discussion on the changes in BB Season 2020. What are three things that you like and three things you do not like?


>1. Redraft

As controversial and as radical a change it brings to the "development" of teams, I actually like this solution. It caps off the super high TV stuff which BB wasn't intended to be played en masse. At least to the extent the PC games allowed. This definitely hurts some teams more than others but it also changes the meta to, what I think into something fresh and more focused at the lower TV spectrum.

>Lizardmen and Wood Elf nerfs
Dominated the tournament scene and at least in the latters case, arguably my least enjoyable games of BB in tournament and online bar none. Seeing some of the most dominated teams being brought down a notch is very reassuring for me and hopefully will shake things up more.

>Stat line changes
A bit of a smaller one but it's a lot clearer for beginners and actually makes introducing them to the game significantly easier.


>1. Passing
While I am happy Elves can't do as much elf bullshit as before, the introduction to Wildly Inaccurate is insane. The only team I would be safely willing to pass with now are High Elves or humans in an emergency. Otherwise I won't be using passing at all now bar the last two turn emergencies.

>Reduction of Star Players
Speaks for itself really. I felt the SPIKE! Stars allowed a niche to help underdog teams across numerous different roles. Now we are back at a very tight budget when it comes to Star selection and some selections for certain teams are a lot worse than others.

>Nurgle nerfs
Every time was effected by redraft and poorer winnings but none worse than Nurgle. With ag2 rotters, their positional game is even worse. Their cousins, the Chaos Chosen, will also feel the impact of not being able to skill stack, but they at least didn't get their roster touched. In fact they gained the choice of two more big guys.

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asking again from last thread;

does beorn keep his two-handed axe while in bear form? it says he changes 'profile and characteristics' and per page 8 of the rulebook, wargear is included in the profile. however, no heroic actions or wargear are given in the bear profile, so do I continue using the man version's, or is he just unarmed with no unique heroics?


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Does anyone play orks in killteam? If so, how should I build a good killteam with only core manual models?

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Shoota boyz. Lots of shoota boyz. Big Shootas are good in KT, people like to make a grot the leader and hide him, then you can use the PK nob as a pure combatant.

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Does the -1 to hit stack for ballistics? Can I be at 7+ to hit or does it cap to 6+?

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>As controversial and as radical a change it brings to the "development" of teams, I actually like this solution. It caps off the super high TV stuff which BB wasn't intended to be played en masse. At least to the extent the PC games allowed. This definitely hurts some teams more than others but it also changes the meta to, what I think into something fresh and more focused at the lower TV spectrum.

We used to have that. It was called "Spiralling Expenses" and it worked a hell of a lot better than Expensive Mistakes. In fact, you want a system that does everything you just said but still allows coachs to fully develop their teams? Combine those two. Boom.
Hell Spiralling Expenses right now with the much smaller ceiling for income would work even better than before.
Also I think there used to be rules for aging players, which could also be worth looking into again.

The other advantage of Spiralling Expenses is that it works in perpetual leagues as well, where the Redraft system doesn't.

>A bit of a smaller one but it's a lot clearer for beginners and actually makes introducing them to the game significantly easier.

The only problem with it is the changes to Break Tackle it mandated, and that's such a small change that it's not worth mentioning, and in fact buffs Ag3 players with Str access tremendously.

>Dominated the tournament scene and at least in the latters case, arguably my least enjoyable games of BB in tournament and online bar none. Seeing some of the most dominated teams being brought down a notch is very reassuring for me and hopefully will shake things up more.

ALL you needed to stop Lizardmen from being top tier was to drop the 2016 MVP system where coaches could focus MVP their Saurus's. We never used that rule because our commission recognised it for the bad idea it was and we never saw Lizardmen dominate like everyone else seems to have seen.

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>ALL you needed to stop Lizardmen from being top tier was to drop the 2016 MVP system where coaches could focus MVP their Saurus's. We never used that rule because our commission recognised it for the bad idea it was and we never saw Lizardmen dominate like everyone else seems to have seen.

Fighting a semi decent coach who didn't get atrocious dice with the 6 Saurus and 1 Kroxigor build was a near unwinnable matchup for many teams. Even Orcs, the main bash team for beginners, would get floored if the Lizardman didn't flub too many 1/9s.

I don't think though they were as bad as wood elves but to say that their starting roster wasn't overwhelmingly powerful either means you haven't been on the receiving end or you have found a counter play to it. Cause any decent Lizard would screen you off his skinks hard and very few teams would be capable of fielding any form of counter attack.

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No of course not. You use his bear form profile and everything listed under it. What bear do you know that uses an axe?

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File: 164 KB, 1061x750, oh look a bear with an axe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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so he's unarmed then?
it isn't mentioned in any of the FAQ's, and unlike every other animal or creature (wargs, ents, eagles, etc.) he doesn't have claws or teeth listed in his profile.

however, I re-chekced the FAQ and it does say he uses his man heroic actions while in bear form, but all the same beorn has no wargear- the main rulebook says a model only counts as unarmed if explicitly said so, so he isn't unarmed, but he just has nothing?

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>still pushing the lizards have been nerfed narrative

How have they been nerfed? You mention the tourney scene. How have they been nerfed in tourney play?

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Modifiers stack in KT, but unmodified 6s always hit

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>I don't think though they were as bad as wood elves but to say that their starting roster wasn't overwhelmingly powerful

But how long do starting rosters last for? In any development format they will get the “overwhelmingly powerful” roster back in 2-3 games.
In tourneys it doesn’t hurt them at all.

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No he's armed with tooth and claw. You literally replace his man with bear form. You don't need to be so fucking literal with the book.

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Positional cost changes now basically ruin their more dominant starting lineup. Essentially you can't afford the Krox like you could before unless you settle for less of something else. It's nowhere near the kind of fundamental ruining that's gone on with team like Pact, Orcs, Vampires and Nurgle.

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>You literally replace his man with bear form. You don't need to be so fucking literal with the book.
don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to RAWfag or dome WAAC shit (though, c'mon, it's beorn, not like there's much WAAC to do)
and I mostly answered my own question by re-reading the unarmed portion that you're only unarmed when it says so, rather than for a lack of other weapons

still, it'd be far from the weirdest rule interaction the game has, and his bear form could use a +1 to wound, or monstrous charge, or any of a number of rules.

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>Because I want a Mordheim-like system of customisability and campaign play.
...So why not just play Mordheim? This is modern GW we're talking about, we both know that inevitably, they won't be able to do better than the original.

>If GW are going to release a new game, it needs the brand-recognition of actual Mordheim to reassure the suits that the gains from grogs (and reputation) will outstrip the losses due to competition with Warcry.
The Grogs won't touch it with a 10-foot pole if it has the AoS label anywhere near it though. It could be the best game GW ever makes, surpassing anything they've done before, and they'd still turn their noses up at it because all they see is the logo of the game that killed their setting right there on the box.

>I don't particularly want Mordheim in an AoS bubble, but it's the only way it happens, probably.
Warcry is already filling their "small scale skirmish campaign game set in the AoS universe" niche, they have no real incentive to try and cannibalize their own market. Mordheim's best chance at getting a revival is likely as a side game to coincide with the release of TOW to act as an on-ramp for people getting into that game, and even then the odds are slim.

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>My understanding of it was that it is barely comparable at all to Mordheim campaign play, but I'm happy to be corrected.
Individual model customization still hasn't been addressed any, but the Soroth Kor campaign system itself seems to follow in the footsteps of the Trail of Champions of plucking out aspects of Mordheim to slowly build up the complexity of Warcry's campaign play. The inspiration is apparent; it's a traditional GW campaign system were everyone actually has to get together regularly to play, there's a game master to organize and keep track of everything, it takes place in a vast ruined city that you go deeper into as the campaign goes on (which changes the auxiliary campaign management options in each "phase" of the campaign), and the match aftermath sequence is more detailed as well. The hardcore campaign rules with the injury roll table and fighters costing resources to hire is baked into the system instead of being an optional feature, and acquiring territory is now more than simply a way to get extra points to work with; you roll on a table depending on where in the city you are to determine what kind of territory you've acquired, and all the different flavors of territory (18 in total I believe? I don't have the book in front of me) confer different bonuses in addition to the +50 points cap on your warband. Additional glory can also be spent to upgrade territory, so for example if you took over a forge complex you could spend some glory to enslave some locals to run it, granting additional treasure rolls at the end of every battle to represent the goods they're producing for you. Being able to steal territories if you beat someone by a margin of 3 or more victory points also ends up making things more cutthroat and hazardous.

Frankly, I think the fact that they keep going back to Mordheim to take aspects they want from it for Warcry is a pretty big indicator that a return to Mordheim is even less likely.

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TOW is going to be 12mm
screencap this

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>not 6mm or 15mm
It's just dumb enough that I believe you.

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Bought the new Blood Bowl box. Are Imperial Nobles absolute trash or is it just me? How are Black Orcs for an absolute trash noob player.

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Nobles are probably a more friendly team for a new player since they have a more standard, more flexible gameplan.. Both Nobs and Borcs are probably around tier 2, maybe 1.5. Don't worry about it; everyone's rubbish at first. You'll get better with practice.

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They're a gimped version of the Bretts for sure. Blitzer/Knights lost Dauntless but only dropped 5k in price and are 0-2 now. Bodyguards are still as sound as a pound though.

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Ah gotcha, I always wondered how brets play. Are Wood Elves okay for beginners? Also is there a high elf faction? I remember the old models and would love to play them.

>> No.77087811


High Elves are in the Teams of Legend PDF, good throwers, in other respects are an uparmoured, slightly slower in places Elf Union team. WElves are strong, but doing everything aside from blocking on 2+ might give you bad habits.
HElves don't currently have official models, or at least no new team box, but it's Blood Bowl, so someone out there will be making an Elf team with cool hats if GW aren't.

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Gotcha, well seeing as how Bretons have been replaced by nobles it would seem like stormcast wont be in the game. Any chance for a dwarf slayer team or maybe chaos dwarves?

>> No.77088643

What teams are tier 1?

>> No.77088742

>wanting siggy piggy -cast in BB
Please fuck off and maybe hurl yourself off a bridge.

>> No.77089264

can just use the models and proxy an appropriate team. Chaos warriors come to mind.

>> No.77089307

Well, I'll concede, you got me, that campaign system sounds fine and Mordheim is dead or a WHFB re-launch property.
Nonetheless, individual model customisation is where the core appeal of the whole skirmish campaign system comes in.

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I'm torn between getting actual peasant models or getting some cawdor minis to fill out my mordheim bretonnian warband

>> No.77090631


>It's nowhere near the kind of fundamental ruining that's gone on with team like Pact, Orcs, Vampires and Nurgle.

Strongly advise you to play some games with those teams before making a decision on that.
Orcs are pretty much unchanged except for a 1-in-6 roll when passing, that thing that you don't want to do when you're Orcs.
Chaos get more flexibility with a choice of Big Guys, opponents have a harder time passing and although redraft is a factor to consider I do have to ask how many multi-league Chaos teams you (or any given person) have actually played.
Vampires now never leave the field due to failed rolls and always do their thing as long as they start next to any other piece. This along with the buffs to Pro means that a 4- or 5-Vampire Hypnogaze rampage is more viable than it's ever been.
None of those teams are wrecked. Can't speak as to Nurgle, haven't seen them on the field.

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About to get weird

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>Nice effects that'll paint up well.
>Can't even get rid of mould lines.

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At least he hasn't primed it yet, he still has the chance to remove them.

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Is the Warcry Compendium a collected version of the stats in the new books?

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>> No.77091625

I can understand missing the inside leg, and I can see you attempted on the spear. But the one of the skull is clear as day.

>> No.77091689

Looks like it, though when I went to check it seems like the stats are missing for some entries.

>> No.77091769

Just remove the lines then reprime that area

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>Chaos get more flexibility with a choice of Big Guys

I think they are finally pushing big guys for chaos. It is an elegant solution to the new redraft system. Instead of getting block/claw/mb which takes forever in the new system, a big guy can get claw/mb in 6 spp and much shorter time while also giving a really solid killer option. Also the choice of troll and ogre over minotaur helps so much.

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The first painting step is just soaking it in a thick scale75 black basecoat so it worked, thanks!

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File: 1.70 MB, 4160x1968, 20210117_105710.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sup guys, rules question on MESBG:

When a character gets a -1 to a duel roll for any reason (like fighting two-handed or unarmed) can they might their result up to a six? Or can they only increase the roll to a six, and is their highest possible result therefore a five?

Also enjoy a mediocre pic of my new murder puppies.

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File: 2.07 MB, 4032x3024, minis.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just finished putting these together.
Going to clean them up a bit and might actually end up painting them. Probably going to put the rest together, tonight.

>> No.77092072

The gryph-hounds neck doesn't look like it's flush with the collar.

>> No.77092105

It's not, hence the
>Clean them up a bit
It's actually the first warhammer anything I've put together. Had a good time, looking forward to checking out the rest of the catalogue

>> No.77092190

>can they might their result up to a six?
yes. a two-handed weapon just gives -1 to the duel roll, and might is the last thing that applies to combats, after all the various rerolls and modifiers. though I wouldn't advise doing this, it's a poor way to spend your might and rarely worth it- don't go into a contentious fight two-handed, and most models that only have a 2h weapon are bad, with a few notable exceptions- but almost every hero with only 2h are pretty terrible.

go 2h when you have such an overwhelming amount of dice you can spare the -1, and no other time

>> No.77092351

the cawdor minis are some of the better nucromunda models, but do not really look like bretonnian peasants imo.
just use sth like this

>> No.77092406

No worries, I'm not asking for myself. I just plan to have two blackshield shamans bully Durin until he fails to resist a shatter on his axe so he'll have to fight unarmed, because I don't really own another suitable answer to him yet. Thanks for the answer though!

>> No.77092417

What are you using for the rest of your warband? The Cawdor dudes might not scale right with them.

>> No.77092736


Chorves are already in the game. Have been for literally fucking decades. Right now they're in the Teams of Legend PDF. Good team, few downsides.

GW were threatening Slayers in that weird app they did when 2016 came out, but I didn't think much of it then, and I still don't now. Overcosted positionals mostly, but largely inoffensive.
It's not as bad as the Pestilens concept they threw up. Which was clearly a grab bag of various FUMBBL secret league positionals with the serial numbers filed off. Pestilens Linerats without the Foul Appearance and only DP, to which they added hilariously undercosted Skyre Globadiers and Eshin Assassins before throwing in some weird Horned Blitzers archetype which they made up themselves and critically, no goddamn Censor Bearer Ball & Chain player. Literally the most distinctive image of Clan Pestilens and they didn't include it.


Maybe you should remember which team is Pact and which team is Chosen before opening your mouth gobshite.

>> No.77092833

It really is a shame the Castigators don't have good rules in either system, they look probably the best of all SCE ranged units.

>> No.77092887

I'd advise you to be extra careful when you clean up the areas where the models were connected to their sprues. The gold-colored plastic GW uses is kinda finicky and cuts easier than regular plastic ; particularly on the outlying areas like the robes they're prone to getting cut apart accidentally.

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File: 1.70 MB, 3430x1737, 20210121_203829.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wanted to have a little bit of a chill knight after rushing to paint some AoS stuff so I worked on a couple infantry stands for Epic 30k. Anyone else working on anything tonight?

>> No.77093471

I'm a cheap impatient fag from the third world, anyone know when we'll get warcry great tomes in the pdf comp?

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File: 753 KB, 796x739, Screenshot_20210121-205529.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.77093593

Don't try painting the eye lenses on that scale model, anon. It will either be invisible or look bad. You can decide which one yours turned out.

Otherwise, always good to see epic and good job on getting shit painted

>> No.77093659

they kinda have to, british copyright is really dumb where if you don't pay constant homage and defend your copyright to the death you lose it, it's really retarded

>> No.77093863

Its English and Welsh law, rather than British law sorry. I think it has more to do with the fact that they are products made under license.

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File: 5.38 MB, 4000x3000, 16112830301298609742344948526137.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Painting done more blackstone minis

>> No.77094429

No I was saying I was worried sigmarines would replace brets instead of the nobles.

Good job showing everyone how fucking toxic you WFB pricks are though. Jumping the gun like that.

>> No.77094533

I was thinking of using the grail knights from lost kingdoms, on a somewhat related note what models would you recommend for the men at arms?

>> No.77094553

scott and irish law is different, then?
>products made under license.
sounds right, idk, I've had it explained a few times but don't really remember. I do remember that something about the law makes it so that you have to furiously defend your copyright, or else you risk losing it, hence constant takedowns for recasts and knockoff warhammer products

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File: 1.15 MB, 920x950, 60010299015_TempestofSoulsENG01.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How's this for Warcry?

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File: 7.35 MB, 4640x3472, IMG_20210121_230537.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Did kindof a shit job on these lol

>> No.77095631

>Wood Elf
>Dominated the tournament scene

Lol wut? Ok they are fast. They also have half a team at the half time in tourney games.
Table top that is. Ill give you a devloped WE team is scary. But then its likely playing another devloped team that has lots of guard / mightly blow.

>> No.77095674


I will 2H if the dice are even and i have higher fight value.

>> No.77095694

More than enough for a NH and Stormcast warband, but unfortunately without Spirit Hosts your NH band will be trash tier horde that only wins on very select objectives.

>> No.77095757

Warcry / AOS bros I has a question. I have a handful of old Kislev minis like 2-3 of the unit boxes so a mix of weapons and command teams to lead them.
Sadly all i have left is just the foot troops. Any way to use them in AOS or Warcry? I have been waiting for The Old World to drop but when that does im not rebuilding my empire im going to go full brets.

>> No.77095773

You could cobble together a Cities of Sigmar warband, but without cav or archers, etc. you'll be a pretty weak horde list.

>> No.77096153

Skin and coils could definitely do with a wash

>> No.77096180

Back to /reddit/ with you, siggy piggy

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File: 1.40 MB, 3824x1952, 20210121_230326 (2).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anon from the other day, Killteam board is coming together.

>> No.77097581

I tried renewed my WD subscription in december but GW did not and refuses to send the december 459 issue
I don't have a local retailer that can get the english edition here in germany
I could either order it for €8 + €4 shippijg or it is €6 shipping from the GW website
if I order over €50 shipping is free
>are there products on the GW website that are good value?
everything I look at I can buy cheaper somewhere else or second hand on sprue etc.
I play:
>mesbg (saturday 22 Jan limited release doesn't interest me)
>blood bowl

tiers in the 2020 rulebook are more like a difficulty rating 1 is easiest and 3 hardest:
tier 1
>dark elf
>shambling undead
>wood elf

tier 2
>black orc
>chaos chosen
>elf union
>underworld denizens

tier 3

>> No.77097857

>only realised now tiers aren't on how good a team is but more a difficulty rating

Huh. Thanks anon , I learnt something.

>> No.77097894

Except anon is wrong?
Tiers are officially intended as power levels (granted a power level and difficulty of use are almost the same thing). That official designation is riddled with retarded choices but so is anon's own interpretation.
Humans and Skaven for example are tier 0 teams in terms of power level but are much more difficult to use effectively than something like High Elves, Black Orcs or Necro.
And Woodies wouldnt belong in tier 1 in either interpretation. They've been nerfed to the ground so elven union and high elves are both better teams in power. Yet they're also more difficult to pilot in the current edition than any of the tier 2 teams.

So nah. Both GWs intended idea is retarded but so is anon's.

>> No.77097997

Oh alright then. With the new redraft and rules where woukd you designate Vampires, High Elves and Chaos?

>> No.77098211

not defending gw but those were the tiers for each team in the 2020 rulebook
tier 3 in the rulebook are all the "joke" teams that are challenging to win with especially for a newer player who doesn't understand enough about the game

powerlevel tiers are different to the gw tier definition as ill defined as it is

>> No.77098244

Vampires probably in tier 3 in both power and ease of use.
High elves in tier 1 in both areas.
Chaos I cant say, either tier 1 or 2 in power, probably tier 2 in ease of use. The access to actually good big guy(s) is a big boon for them. Random mutations for beastmen can be extremely powerful (take a random mutation as first skill and develop them from there).
They lost some of their incredible killing power but that means you might see more nuanced chaos teams.

>> No.77098723

Multibase a few of the chain rattlers and call it a Host.
Anyone that complains is a loser.

>> No.77098761

Can't really speak on Nighthaunt beyond echoing what the other anon said about Sprit Hosts, but I can offer some words on Sacrosanct. Basically, it's enough for a start, but there are a couple of issues.
>useless stuff
The ballista and its crew are not availiable in Warcry amnd the Sequitor-Prime with greatmace has no card, either, and thus would have to be proxied as a normal Sequitor.
>garbage stuff
Sequitors with mauls and shields are hot garbage in terms of cost and stats. The Knight-Incantor is a worse Evocator Prime. I'd put Castigators here as well, but they verge on okay-ish if you squint; good range and decent number of attacks, but low damage and crit
>okay stuff
The two Evocators and the Sequitor with greatmaces are pretty reasonable as far as Sacrosanct units go. High S drives up the price unreasonably for barely any gain, but that's the watchword for the entire faction. Castigator-Prime is also here because of [Cleanse the Realms of Taint] means he can reliably finish off wounded enemies for a cheap bonus attack via Double.
>good stuff
None, there is no good stuff in Sacrosanct. This is not the Vanguard Chamber, after all.

>> No.77098807

>not 6mm or 15mm
it's not like 6mm or 15mm would match *better*. whfb was 28mm and warmaster was 10mm.

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File: 258 KB, 871x485, Chaos CHOSEN FTW.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>They lost some of their incredible killing power but that means you might see more nuanced chaos teams.

They lost some of it but they can still kill thankfully! A bit of luck was involved of course but this was the first game of the Chaos Chosen team.

>> No.77098931

And I'm pretty sure warmaster would pass off fine with 12mm, if someone has a comparison of the new Warlord ACW idiotism which is 12mm to compare to warmaster high elves I'd love to see that picture.

>> No.77098987

It's ridiculous that the army list has *four* (4) profiles, and yet geedubs is unwilling to talk about Beechbone because they don't have an official™ model for him.

>> No.77099042

Looks comfy desu

>> No.77099045
File: 219 KB, 540x486, tenor.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw will never play on anon's comfy KT battlefield

Feels bad man...

>> No.77099063

look up kallistra's stuff, I believe it's 12mm fantasy.
probably fine across the table, but you wouldn't want to mix and match within an army. it ends up being like a head taller.
of course it's not like warmaster itself was super internally consistent on size. you had some hulky bulky armies like empire and orcs, and some thinner / shorter ones like brets and undead.

>> No.77099069
File: 230 KB, 1496x997, kallistra size.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

here you go

>> No.77099098
File: 41 KB, 494x600, arabretard.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Who the fuck designed this model, i got it in Blackstone fortress expansion but the half open revolver snapped right of while cleaning the mold line

>> No.77099103

omg they look cute and retarded at the same time

>> No.77099112

be patient for a nigga to scan it

>> No.77099117

I mean, look at the hidous composition and details and ask yourself if anyone sensible or competent was involved in this garbage model.

>> No.77099259

Well lets give some credit. The revolvers are nice and the revolver being reloaded by the servo skull is absolute kino.
Otherwise its a trainwreck with simultaneously too many things and not enough.

>> No.77099289

That's fair, the revolvers are nice enough and I kinda like the sword-leg. But the overall clash of designs and weirdly thrown-together look is just off-putting.

>> No.77099314

I personally hate the sword leg the most. My other main gripes is the beige triangle cloth thing in her torso. What the fuck is it supposed to be? And lastly the feather is too much on an already busy model.
Redesign the entire torso to look like Janus Draik, remove the feather and use a normal leg and it'd look like a fine model.

>> No.77099334

>the beige triangle cloth thing in her torso
Yes! That's the worst, especially how it clashes with the metal triangle of the armor on the other side of the torso.

>> No.77099442
File: 156 KB, 835x813, 8f64fba8c4e0429e8238d13178186028.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've got two Knight-Venators that never see play in AoS proper and a bunch of unpainted Aetherwings. Should I make a Warcry warband with them? It'd give a reason to finally paint those Aetherwings, though I'd need to pick up another box to get those last three birds.
Basically, like this:
>Knight-Venator (leader)
>Knight-Venator (ally)
>Aetherwing x9
As usual split into three groups; three birds per group, with Hammer and Shield being joined by a Knight-Venator each.
I realize the warband would lack in offensive punch outside of spot removal, but it'd be pretty neat thematically with everybody being an airborne hunter.

>> No.77099472

AoS garbage is not welcome here. Go to your containment general or better yet leddit

>> No.77099487
File: 220 KB, 990x489, spussmarneens.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

so vanguard is doing a new line of not!marines?
looks pretty good. very chonky. would obviously be a nice fit for HH.

>> No.77099556

Hes talking about warcry you retard, dont you have a BB general to make that will get 100 replies and die?

>> No.77099567

Beakies or MkIV? Neat either way, but it's kinda hard to tell.

There is no sigh in the world big enough.

>> No.77099586

>muh board culture
>anything I don't like = le reddits
cretins like you shit up these threads ten times worse than aos crap, literally factually kill yourself

>> No.77099620

Warcry is AoS garbage so get the fuck out?

>> No.77099636
File: 74 KB, 966x321, 3333.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

god just shut the fuck up, no one gives a shit about which game you blow an autist synapse over for the crime of existing, no one gives a shit about you at all

>> No.77099642
File: 115 KB, 1800x1578, ca1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.77099643

oh, honey.

>> No.77099694

AoS = reddit

>> No.77099741

How did you create this effect? This looks great

>> No.77099750

>but it's kinda hard to tell.
that's how you avoid getting slapped with lawsuits

>> No.77099825

Supported Games workshop settings that have systems = Reddit
If you don't only play Warmaster ancients and Warhammer historical battles you are literally unfit for this thread for all games workshop specialist games.

>> No.77099857

>you have to furiously defend your copyright, or else you risk losing it
That's true, but that's not why. They don't do it for minor LotR characters or their own IP. I think they started it with the Hobbit stuff so I guess it must have been part of their new contract. It's a bit inconsistent though, e.g. the Scouring of the Shire™ book has the trademark, but the Scouring of the Shire box doesn't.

>> No.77100000
File: 3.64 MB, 3968x2976, IMG_20210121_232456.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I snagged a bunch of metal shavings at the hardware store. P much just superglue them on. Just don't let them get in any electronics.

>> No.77100015

>Just taking a giant shit on Man-o-War like that
uncalled for

>> No.77100106

>Beakies or MkIV? Neat either way, but it's kinda hard to tell.
Not losing any sleep over it. Going off the edge about space marine armor marks at 6mm scale is something I think is, fortunately, beyond the pale for even the most obsessive rivet-counters in our group.
Looks like they've got missile launchers, special weps and breachers in that style too.

>> No.77100137

Looks rather like a mix between the two.

>> No.77100186

Hopes for the Kill Team reveal tomorrow?

>> No.77100230

literally anything that isn't just "here's the rules for bladeguard in KT"

>> No.77100266

>hopes that will not be happening
Kill Team 2.0 which reworks the entire game. Completely redone injury mechanics. Taking notes from Necromunda with pinning and templates.
>hopes that could happen if GW didnt hate KT
A Fast Attack expansion featuring seraphim, scourges, stormboyz etc.
Half assed rules for more primaris.

>> No.77100325

It really doesn't fucking matter. So why care about it?

>> No.77100542

I guess this is the thread? I wanna learn of the lotr wargame GW makes, what warband sizes it uses since I kinda wanna see how it feels, and got few friends who like it and might buy small armies as gifts for em.

>> No.77100553

The worst offender was a WD a while back where there was such a pile of ®©™-nonsense that the article was damn near unreadable.

>> No.77100605

>what warband sizes it uses?
I assume you mean model numbers for armies? Depends entirely on the faction and points level.
The most common points levels are 500 to 750.
Numbers on the field dont change that much between them, people can just bring bigger heroes.
Horde and elite factions aside, an average army wields two to three dozen models in these points.

>> No.77100635

Ok, I noticed things like trolls exist, and can you make forces kinda tiny? like we are talking dozen models?

>> No.77100730


Yeah, with Commanders and Elites, a book for Fast Attack would make the most sense. But, well, GW. Aside from Jump Pack troops some more in depth rules for bikes, and maybe the return of the Rolling Road style scenario's would be great.

>> No.77100731

Yeah, there's nothing stopping you from taking a force of just a few monsters or expensive heroes if you like

>> No.77100741

Huh got it, need to track down a pdf to glace ant the rules

>> No.77100755


You go down the path of Legions of Legend and you can literally field a list that is just The Nine on horses, and maybe less than that depending on points level.
That said, those guys, last time I looked went for £40 for three.

>> No.77100756

14" movement is ass for balance but their guns and weapons suck ass I guess

>> No.77100760

Dozen would be very small, akin to an all-hero list like the Fellowship. But at 500-600 points a Mordor force with a troll would probably be 30ish models, or an Isengard one with one something like 25-30 depending on hero choices.

>> No.77100767

Theoretically yes, but they'd be pretty elite. The Fellowship and Thorin's company are both full game-sized lists at less than twelve models.

They're in the OP.

>> No.77100774


I'd say give bikes a bit more rules than "They go fast", like rules for swerving around and jumping off terrain. So, like, they go fast, but only in a straight line. KT has the sort of model count where you can afford to do that.

>> No.77100780

I'm curious, also it's really™ annoying™ to see ™ after every other word™ on ME™ things. Just kills the vibe™, y'know?

>> No.77100810


The Nine Riders is probably the most starter friendly of them all since each of them has the same statline, rules and spell-list. The downside to that however is, as said elsewhere cost. All of the Ringwraiths are at least £20 per model.

>> No.77100815

Basically you want gorkamorka.

>> No.77100825


Yes? And?

>> No.77100867

I am saying we need gorkamorka back, heck I would take it with same change tier that necromunda got, without new models.

>> No.77100886


Yeah, but you got to start somewhere, and in KT might be a good way to do it.

>> No.77100894

I mean you don't need it back. The rules are right there. just go play it.

>> No.77100939

I am playing it anon, it's more to shut the tastless cunts who think playing unsupported game makes you inferior then them. I know it's minor gripe but it's fun.

>> No.77101031

I dont think its starter friendly in the slightest. Its as elite as it gets and relies on cavalry movement and spellcasting to get shit done.
That's three parts of the game that are some of the most difficult for even an experienced player.
A much easier and probably enjoyable time to start with is something easily palatable like Lurtz leading a block of uruks or Faramir with a block of Warriors of MT backed by rangers.

>> No.77101129


Oh sure, I wasn't clear. I'm saying out of all of those super elite 7 model only style lists the Ringwraiths one is probably as easy to learn as they get. Sure you have to know how Cavalry works and remember your Courage debuff aura's and spellcasting rules to get shit done. But at least you don't have to remember how Merry and Pippin Interact with Boromir, whilst keeping track of who's got the most kills between Gimli and Legolas or what Gandalf's sword does, and that Aragorn get's a free might point every turn and why Bill the Pony is low-key the best unit in your list...

But for absolute beginners? Build an Isengard of Mordor 4-500pt list and a Minas Tirith or Moira/Kazad Dum list for the good guys.

>> No.77101195

can't worry about that crowd anon.
everybody knows geedubs games really only come in to their own after gw abandons them.

>> No.77101349

New Starter Sets. that's right, I said SetS, plural. Three or four different sets, each with different Teams in them, core rules, rules for the units in the box, and a bit of scenery, all for 100 bucks a pop. So if you don't want Space Marines vs Necrons, you could get Sisters vs CSM, or IG vs Orks.

>> No.77101372

Well, I admire your optimism

>> No.77101839

So, epic bros.

Can anyone walk me through alternate rulesets or houserules to make the game better? I know a super common one is fixing the "move towards closest enemy" in engagements, but are there any other rulesets or houserules you think make the game even better? One thing I was thinking about was 2d6 on the order check, but anything else you dudes do would be cool.

>> No.77102058

that move toward closest enemy is sometimes considered RAI and is one of the very, very few that's ever seriously been considered for a rulebook edit. although NetEA did not end up moving on it.
the other one you'll see occasionally is people futzing with the aerospace rules, particularly the aircraft. usually the suggestions end up being every bit as abusable as the original, but ymmv. tac com had a whole board dedicated to EA rules hacks if you care to dig in to it.

I generally do none of the above though. EA's not a perfect game, but it's good enough. and a lot of what makes it work so well might not be apparent on a first read. I'd recommend playing enough of the unmodified game to get a good mastery of the interactions before you go trying to tweak shit.

>> No.77102220

hahhaha when i see people like you im glad they nuked wfb

>> No.77102230

Looks perfect for epic, at that scale the fact they look like Marines at all is a big win

>> No.77102309

I’m going to make one last attempt to try asking for advice on this. My friend wants me to get into Blood Bowl and I’ve been told that Ogres and Halflings are straight trash that I shouldn’t play even if I DID know what I was doing. At the expense of hearing bad news a third time, how are the Shambling Undead? The models look really cool and I like the look of the ghost chick player that comes out in a month or two. Would this be an ok team to start with?

>> No.77102386

Tomorrows LotR releases are now MTO.

>> No.77102391

Undeads are a great team. They have two mummies which are strong blockers, on top of which they have two wight (blitzers), so their bashing game is great. Then, you have the ghouls, which are decent ball carriers, if frail. To round it up, you have the zombie, the glorious, glorious zombie, which is a awesome lineman that's both resilient and easy to replace.
Undeads are widely recognized as one of the best teams at low TV values.

>> No.77102548

One of the best teams in the game and a great one to start with.

>> No.77102596
File: 2.49 MB, 2976x3968, IMG_20210122_174352.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.77102671
File: 2.26 MB, 2976x3968, IMG_20210122_174803.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.77102822


Holy fuck yes. I take back my comment on how retarted they are. Honestly, kinda impressed with the gdubs, not at all like the dark days of 10 years ago

>> No.77102982

jebeni brojevi
bazirano i hrvatskotabletirano

>> No.77103026

That's... a massive improvement, really. Good on them. Too bad they won't retro-actively offer the previous run as MTO, but still a great step forward.

>> No.77103078
File: 2.59 MB, 3264x2448, e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So, epic bros.

Can anyone walk me through alternate rulesets or houserules to make the game better? I know a super common one is fixing the "move towards closest enemy" in engagements, but are there any other rulesets or houserules you think make the game even better? One thing I was thinking about was 2d6 on the order check, but anything else you dudes do would be cool.

>> No.77103258

>Made to Order Galadriel has a sword
>Can’t have a sword in game

>> No.77103307

if its you and 2 friends getting the pelennor fields box is a great deal. one can get rohan, one gets dead of dunharrow and one gets mordor.

to expand those you need more riders for rohan and another hero like eomer

dead of dunharrow is probably the easiest to expand, you need the king of the dead and aragor so run it in the return of the king legendary legion, the rules for that a re in the gondor supplement

to expand mordor you need another hero and a dismount for witch king

aragorn is very cheap on ebay, if you dont want a witch king on horse and 2 more named ringwraiths you can find a witch king on foot for cheap on ebay too.

plus playing the scenarios from the box is prety fun by itself, get the box and try it out, if you and your mates are interested after that then commit to expanding

>> No.77103363

They wax and wane (new teclis and monolith prices are ridiculous, and the increased Underworlds warband price for no apparent reason sucks), but they're definitely better than the Kirby era.

>> No.77103451
File: 92 KB, 526x679, 3735E4D2-8A20-46DE-9030-842030D70500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Alright bros i know what the mystery surprise tomorrow is. I was wrong before
its the first warhammer animated show preview. Sisters of battle, 2D.

>> No.77103471

Since you didn't get an actual answer,
It looks like a meme list that will be incredibly obnoxious to face in treasure-based and escape-based missions and will likely fold in most others.
If you've got the models already give it a try, though I suspect you might end up getting bored with it once the all-flyers gimmick wears off.

>> No.77103536

The previous run is permanently available though? I think that's better than this MTO shit by far.

>> No.77103795

Ah shit, and here I was hoping for Warhammer Quest.

>> No.77103882

>it's not even a game at all

>> No.77103926

is it some kind of a robot

>> No.77104008
File: 3.33 MB, 4608x3456, IMG_20201211_230515_358.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thank you for that point out. Looked in the book of the forces and I rather like what I saw, having made these shite trees I could now use slightly perfected style of using the material to make a pile of angry ents I guess...

>> No.77104112

Sounds cool, go for it!

>> No.77104170
File: 378 KB, 1200x858, adeptus-titanicus-warlords-1988.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I'd still give that theory good odds, it'd be a good place for the Witch-Hunter model to come from.

As for Titanicus, I'm thinking it's going to be either the Nightgaunt or Deathbringer. Probably Nightgaunt as both Deathbringer and Nemesis seem to be what the Warbringer was channelling.

>> No.77104183

All I need is branches, as I can make main bodies.

>> No.77104301

Any guesses on whether or not this means MTO pricing instead of the leaked prices? Last few MTOs have been around 50% to double the normal price point.

>> No.77104399

This sounds really great. Have been playing tons of Warcry at home with my wife due to the chinese plague and this is exactly what we need.

>> No.77104526

I'm thinking of allowing vehicles with Walker to treat impassable terrain as dangerous (without the Walker reroll). Pretty lame to have dreadnoughts unable to close with infantry in a building.

>> No.77104783

>2d6 on the order check
for what fucking purpose

>> No.77105291

I guess he really doesn't like failing initiative? Except that the game is built to assume you fail it fairly often.

>> No.77105523

I dunno. Failing 1/6 of the time seems pretty unfun to me. Plus you can just stack bladt markers turn 1 with artillery on scary formations and they'll just never activate. But I've also never played so what do I know.

>> No.77105657

>But I've also never played so what do I know.

>> No.77105716

I struggle to play blood bowl. I have never won a game outside of using wood elves on the pc version of the game and even then it was only on easy mode. I like doing throwing/passing/catching plays and feel like I am unable to play any other way. I do not have the attention span to play dwarves with their castle set up as they inch their way up the table. Nor do I have the ability to run the ball with chaos. Am I just retarded or am I missing something? Is it because all but one of my games (Orcs vs Humans) has been on PC? Or am I not building/playing my teams the right way.

>> No.77105814

>Am I just retarded
seems likely

>> No.77105969
File: 62 KB, 1200x789, PutMeInCoach.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I do not have the attention span
That's a major hurdle you'll have to overcome if you want to succeed as a coach. Blood Bowl is a game about careful risk management and prioritization so if you don't have the discipline to think in terms of the entire match, not a single drive at a time, much less a single turn at a time, you're unlikely to have much success. It seems to me you've got two options:
1) Play thousands of games by ear, losing most of them until you forcibly grind proper intuition into yourself and Blood Bowl becomes second nature at which point you'll be an okay coach.
2) Slam a fistfull of Adderall and read the Art of Blocking and 1000 Losses Playbook to learn the basics of Blood Bowl strategy. If you internalize the lessons therein and learn to apply them in play, you'll be better than at least 50% of coaches.
You'll notice that neither of those options are quick and easy because there are no shortcuts in life and there damn sure aren't any shortcuts in Blood Bowl.
If you want more specific advice, you should ask a more specific question.

>> No.77105985

If you can't play through the campaign, you might be legitimately retarded, yes.

However, try to pick up the rulebook (LRB6, not the latest GW version, as that's what BB2 is based on) and give that a thorough read. BB2 does a pretty lousy job at actually explaining the underlying mechanics and probabilities.

>> No.77106351
File: 2.09 MB, 1227x745, cirith ungol.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How are you supposed to build a Cirith Ungol LL list? I'm trying to find the sweet spot where the special rules for them actually make sense, but what I'm getting is
>500p - Shagrat, Gorbag, filled warbands of Uruks and Orcs, + Shelob.
24 D4/5 units and three heroes, or even less warriors with an extra captain added in. Fitting in a banner is a pain.
>600p - You add an orc captain, fill out his warband.
At this point level, 40 models, a banner, 8 might and a monster feels pretty good, but you need to try and mix your Uruks into the same combats as the orcs or they lose all the benefits of the legion. Shelob also wants to have her munchies, and takes her toll of the orc ranks.
>700 - You fit in an extra Uruk captain to try and get the forces a little more balanced, but can get like 5 uruk-hai.
Still at 1 banner, bad shooting, D5 or worse across the board, no cavalry, no magic, and none of the special rules give the same kinds of aids as with Ugluk's or Lurtz's scouts. Shelob's better but it doesn't make up the fact that you even lose out on your +1C from the base Mordor list. I guess it's supposed to just be a themey list but I feel like there was a lot of squandered potential here, Shagrat and Gorbag are a really memorable part of the books and the movies.

>> No.77107411

Prices from the Aussie and NZ webstore are the same as normal blisters, so it seems like it won't be higher prices.

>> No.77107472

I think this is part of why I never clicked with BB - either you play it like murkin handegg, meaning it takes forever and isn't very exciting, or you try and do interesting things liek play with the ball in the ball game, and probability will certainly fuck your gameplan to shreds.

>> No.77107709



>> No.77107778
File: 476 KB, 1018x1417, the nuffle.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>probability will certainly fuck your gameplan to shreds
Probability might blow up in your face, or it might work and you're live forever in the annuals of glory. Blood Bowl is about risk management, not risk avoidance. Sometimes that means recognizing when conservative play isn't good enough so its correct to go for flashy plays and sometimes that means waiting for your opponent to get diced to seize the moment. That's the real beauty of Blood Bowl. No matter how careful and deliberate your play is, sooner or later Nuffle will make his other plans known.

>> No.77108431

Opinions on the old world alliance team? I'm looking for a team where I can launch lots of teammates but don't really want to play a stunty team

>> No.77108580
File: 11 KB, 300x300, human_thrower.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Now that humans get a halfling in BB2020, there's even less point to playing OWA than before. If you want to play them, they're not stunties, but they're also a lot like humans with worse skills and stats and also negatraits. That said, if you want a challenge without being completely hopeless, they'll give you that.

>> No.77108615

But I thought they were a pretty good team? Why do you say that? They got dwarfs and even treemen

>> No.77108762


All the Dwarves have Loner (3+) that means that any time they fuck up, you have a 1 in 3 chance of wasting a reroll on them to no effect, and you do NOT want that kind of risk when you're using a Troll Slayer. Or when you roll double skulls and when you would normally use that reroll, you now wont because of the risk of losing a Team Reroll for no benefit.

If you want to play Dwarves, play Dwarves. If you want to play Humans there is a LITERAL SHITTOON of human teams for you to play. If you want to play Humans who can bash, play Norse, if you want to play Humans who can 1TT in multiple ways you play baseline Humans. You want to play Dwarves with some speed you play Chorves. You want to play a Hybrid team that's actually good you play Underworld. There is literally no reason, at all, to play OWA. The sole reason they even exist is that GW had some spare sprues left over from their Human and Dwarf boxes and Coronovirus had fucked up their release schedule and they needed to fill a release slot.

>> No.77108767
File: 222 KB, 2048x1536, Akhorne.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Compare the dwarf blitzer and blockers to human blitzers and the dwarf runner to the human thrower and you'll find the humans come out ahead. Of course, OWA also gets a slayer which has no analog on a pure human team. If you want to have fun with that guy (and who doesn't love frenzy?) it's something humans can't do. I don't think he's worth all the team's other shortcomings but he means the team isn't strictly dominated.

>> No.77108848


> If you want to have fun with that guy (and who doesn't love frenzy?) it's something humans can't do.

[Laughs in Norse Team]

Seriously though, if 2020 hadn't been such a shitshow then that would have been my Pact and Norse year. Maybe looking to Tomb Kings in the new year or later depending on how things went.

>> No.77108895

What about chaos renegades? Are they good compared to OWA in both 2020 and right now?

Also if not OWA what would be a good team to focus on throwing teammates over anything else? Even if stunty

>> No.77108927
File: 415 KB, 640x551, Grak and Crumbleberry.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Renegates are fine. They're probably the best TTM team in BB2016 while humans are in BB2020.

>> No.77109162


Ehh... Renegade/Pact lost their Marauders crazyfun skill access. I can understand them losing Passing, since they now gain a thrower. He's mediocre, and has Animosity, but he's there, and if nothing else give him leader and he's contributing. Losing Strength skill access on primary though. That rustles my jimmies. Although that does now put a stronger reason to getting the mixed race positionals like the Skaven and the Orc than before. You can take a Rat Ogre, but honestly I don't think he brings anything to the table that the Mino doesn't other than being a tad faster and not having Horns.
So they're fine, but they've lost some of the fun of building these crazy Marauder builds from nothing.


I dunno if I agree with that. Especially if we're also allowed to account for the stunty teams. Renegades only get the one Goblin and realistically only the one thrower in the Ogre. I think Underworld might have a more intriguing TTM game what with Snotlings, and Goblin Linemen and fast moving rats to back them up or provide a second avenue of scoring. But then there's the risk of Always Hungry... hmmm.
But if we consider the Stunty teams as well, then I think we need to talk about Ogres. This is a team that struggles at a lot of things, but when it comes to literally barraging the opponenent with disposable titchy sorts, they excel. Kick Team Mate has been buffed to hell and back, and you can now Blitz, TTM and punt a Gnoblar at the other team all day. Also, whilst I know the Goblin DoomDiver has been nerfed, he's still good at his job. Then there's the Snotling positionals, Stilties have MA6 and Sprint out of the box, meaning you only need to toss them 4 squares before they enter 1TT range. Or conversely the hoppers who can just lea... [checks book] oh it is Pogo, better still.

>> No.77109245

just buy an original starter set. I have 2 sitting around. I'll see you one for 280 shipped

>> No.77109337

Some games just arent for everyone. BB is clearly not fitting for you.

>> No.77109410

I think its a really solid B tier army list. Shagrat is a hilariously good hero for his points cost and he's even better here. Shelob turns from a meme into an absolute terror. And it gives a reason to use Mordor Uruks which is a boon in my book.
That said I like Uglug's Scouts as well since it gives a reason to run Uruk Scouts and is a really fun army to play at 500p.

>> No.77109438

They gave the dwarf models brawler instead of block and arm bar instead of tackle. Its so retarded I almost feel like it should be a mistake.

>> No.77109945

I know this seems crazy, but maybe you should actually try playing the game a few times before you start hacking it.

>> No.77110030

That doesn't really add up. A dread wouldn't be able to easily get his fist on infantry inside of a building. More likely what he'd do is use his short range assault weapons - flamer, storm bolter, multi melta, what-have-you - as represented by his firefight stat. Which is, surprise surprise, what he actually rolls in that situation.

>> No.77110213

During autumn when the leaks happened, and OWA was leaked before Dwarfs, I remember the collective interest peaking. Everyone thought that Dorfs were gonna get a big change, with Longbeards switching Block and Tackle for Brawler and Arm Bar.

Then the Dwarf roster came out, and dreams were crushed.

>> No.77110520

What's the lore on mixed teams? Is it allowed normally for other races to together?

>> No.77110657

>ITT: a hapless anon reads aloud from The Flame-o-nomicon - Ancient Usenettian Book Of The Troll, bound in anon flesh and inked in anon blood - a ritual designed to open a gate to the depths of /pol/, and to call forth an infernal edgelord

>> No.77110746


Armbar over Tackle is an interesting concept, since the latter only really nerfs certain races and positionals whereas the other provides a strong disincentive for everybody to try dodging away from them. Before, if you didn't have dodge or you had rerolls who cares if that Dwarf has Tackle? Now though, the odds are still the same, but the consequences are higher (especially for Armour 7 teams). Both however would work even better of course.
I'm not sure I'd want to mess with any of the long standing team configurations just for the sake of messing with them though. Except maybe Zons and High Elves that is.

>> No.77110792


They've been around for a while, but usually as somewhat rare one offs. The Underworld team for instance was originally called Underworld Scramblers and referred to basically a single team, which has now become it's own archetype. Chaos Pact's lore's a little different, but the original Chaos All-Stars were fluffed to being a Chaos Pact/Renegades team on a couple of occasions. OWA's fluff is basically written on the side of a packet of cigs as they just exist to sell spare sprues.

>> No.77111003

I think that Helfs, Amazons and Norse will get a rework.

>> No.77112071

Which teams got buffed the most in Bloodbowl 2020?

>> No.77112193
File: 156 KB, 1400x1050, 1588416748132.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there anything to make MESB more 'your dudes' other than an agreement not to use named characters?

>> No.77112416

I always like inquisitor better than 40krp...

>> No.77112465

Is it retarded that I'd play it at that scale? I always lived Warminster the ONE time I got to play it. 40k has always been better at skirmish platoon level and fantasy at army level. Maybe I just want epic back too...

>> No.77112625

Ive seen some people saying that the Chaos bb team has got access to better big guys than the minotaur now but im not sure I understand why the ogre and troll are better than the mino. Sure the mino is more expensive but I would think that the lack of bone head/really stupid would make a lot more reliable of a player than the other two.

>> No.77113385

Different colours that don't follow the shitty films?

>> No.77114582

Its just not a game for that.
Named heroes are the focus of the game. The only armies I can think of where you can get away from them is Assault on Helms Deep LL and the Black Gate Opens LL. It just be like that.

>> No.77114646

Uh anon, mino has the much, much worse negatrait Unchanneled Fury.
The main point of a big guy is to be a roadblock. You do not want to waste your precious Blitz just to move him. And unlike with Animal Savagery (which is still shit but at least they will always act) you might still roll a 1 and the Mino refuses to move. That's the problem. You gotta blitz the Mino around and 1/6 times your blitz just gets wasted. That's unacceptable. That's why you almost never saw Mino in chaos teams in the previous editions.

The troll or ogre dont need that shit. They walk over to tie down opposing players without wasting a blitz. Give them tentacles and certain teams are in massive trouble. They're more reliable and bloat your team value less.

>> No.77114786
File: 103 KB, 700x525, Mord01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can anyone recommend me some guides to making mordheim terrain? (or barring that, post cool mordheim terrain for inspiration)

>> No.77114879

Ogre and troll are more reliable as >>77114646 said. However the Minotaur has one pronounced advantage: Horns and frenzy. He gets three dice blitzes which can be amazing early. Willd animal is an issue though and AV8 is squishy.

But the three do have three different dynamics.

Minotaur - Offensive glass cannon
Ogre - Bit defensive, bit offensive
Troll - Defensive Roadblock

>> No.77114914

I used to play Nids in 5th ed and now I wanted to get into KT.
Are Nids good in KT? I heard they're pretty weak in 8th ed 40k.

>> No.77114922

theyre alright go read this

>> No.77114963
File: 443 KB, 2721x4096, received_2647483515531450.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Please don't listen to the people suggesting 500pt all hero lists. This will not give you a good idea of how the game plays. I'd recommend just getting the current starter set. This will give you a better idea of how important maneuvering is and a good mix of different types of units to start. Don't worry about match play lists.

>> No.77115283

Can someone explain to me what the new vomit on the trolls do?

>> No.77115514
File: 89 KB, 600x800, 1599682270884.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not feeling like starting campaign (it's a duo and I don't have pair and will be playing double Helots)
>get talked into it
>save the starting money, concede the first battle, still get decent cash from settlement+casino
>roll like shit on Black Market (5 on the dice +4 from actions), but the pair I concede to agree to trade with me (they got 13 on Trading Post)
>mfw for once I'm not 100% relying on grenade launchers and blasting charges
>next game could be against law-abiding gangs with guilds and I can ally Fallen Houses
Feels like I'm gonna make it.

>> No.77115528

What kind of doubles campaign are you doing, how many credits each, and are stashes shared? Are guild alliances per team or per gang? Seems like a ripe recipe for disaster. And fun.

>> No.77115541


Late to the game here, but all this is assuming that you're playing in the cold online void of random games with strangers where your only measure of success is your winrate or how often your smile is lit by the artificial light of the screen.
Playing Blood Bowl in a league with people you have vague connections with- either because you know some of them outside of playing BB or because you've spent enough time talking shit with them that you've made a connection- lets you have success outside playing well.
Being shit is a lot better when your dropped touchdowns directly contribute to other peoples' cool builds, there's a wooden spoon to play for, people flock to spectate you play another weak player in a Clash of the Shiteans, and there are warm people present with advice and friendly coaching games.
Would heartily recommend finding an online league with a Discord chat, especially if you're a bit shit at the game. Or even getting three to five friends and starting your own brief league.

>> No.77115586

I agree that the heroes are all around great, Shagrat is arguably the best orc/uruk leader in the game alongside Gothmog, and Gorbag is a real cheap 3 might and his special rule is excellent, particularly here where he gets bonuses. The problem I'm having is with lack of mass, Shagrat and Shelob eat up so many points that I feel like fitting in sufficient orcs and Uruks to take advantage of both 'animosity' and 'she always hungers' is very hard. With Ugluk's you also have M8" Uruks and cheaper heroes, which allow you to horde up more while not even needing to cull your own ranks (outside Ugluk's special rule). It also helps with maelstrom of battle, as the uruks can quickly join in with your orc warbands, compared to Cirith ungol's slower pace and weakness while split up.

>> No.77115609

1000 creds per gang, two gangs on one team.
The money is 100% shared, not sure about items.
Alliances might be one per team, I didn't ask, but we had only one Rebel Lord and one Pyro Conclave on the table.
I do know that a team gets one visit to Trading Post or Black Market, but not both.
And I don't think it's possible to run anything but disaster, since we're using every book there is.

>> No.77115653

Oh, another important thing I forgot is getting two "Witching Hour" favours, so I'm getting two usable psykers. A bit unfortunate that I don't need any powers but the Dark Shield, but still something I haven't used at all.
Backfield demagogue with Devotion+Lho sticks auras, Dark Shield and some leadership skill (Overseer, maybe Mentorship) is real.

>> No.77116016

this is a great timelapse with good voiceover stepping through the process
portfolio for mordheim and an encouraging comment from tuomas pirinen
some further recommendations from eric

>> No.77116031
File: 144 KB, 1080x266, Screenshot_20210123-113040_YouTube.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

really not sure why the first video is broken

>> No.77116065

Humans got buffed, Skaven sort of, though Gutters being shit at passing might even it out.

Stuntys are all buffed somewhat. And despite GW trying to market this as the passing edition, it is the running cage edition, and dorfs are the best at that. Though it is more appropriate to say, that dwarfs just weren't nerfed, than saying they got buffed.

Khemri got somewhat stronger with Thick Skull to Annointed players.

Some mathbowlers say that Vamps now suffer less removals, but I don't think vampires eill stay like they are in the PDF.

>> No.77116089

Seconding Eric's Hobby Workshop. Stumbled upon his channel while I was getting into Mordheim myself and his tutorials are great and the dude clearly puts a lot of heart into his projects. The way he tells the little stories he comes up with about his buildings in his showcase video is strangely endearing.

>> No.77116139

There's a ton of stuff in the background lore that was never explored by Tolkien. If you wanted to make /yourdudes/ you could continue where he stoped, look for models that might fit well and then use the available rules that suit you.

>Dorwinion, the land of vinyards in Rhovannion
>They're presumably northmen, like Dale and Rohan
>Use Rohan models and get to work with green stuff for added detail
>Change colour scheme from green to something else
>Use rules for Rohan to play

It's Rohan officialy but unofficialy it's atually Dorwinion.

>> No.77116313

Not him but would it be fair to say Chaos Chosen kind of got buffed and nerfed? They lost the high TV and player retention, but they gained two new big guys.

>> No.77116417
File: 7 KB, 1046x85, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Norse have already had at least two reworks and are fine. Amazons and H.Elves absolutely need them though. Zon's most of all, they're literally a single statline + dodge and then a single core skill to differentiate the positionals. No big guy, no interesting skill access, nothing. The most interesting thing that ever happened to Amazons in over a decade was the 28 minutes that GW accidentally replaced their Blitzers with Wardancers in the Teams of Legend PDF before fixing it.
High Elves have a similar problem although it's not quite as pronounced. Their big issue is that a lot of their positionals are just Elf Union but slower and AV9+.

Technically speaking at this point, Brettonnians now need a rework. The idea I had was to just take the FUMBBL Secret League Sisters of Sigmar team and drop that one positional they have with Stab+Stakes. Something like this:

Name MA St Ag Pa Av Skills Cost Skill Access
0-12 Knight Errants 5 3 3+ 5+ 10+ 50k G/AS
0-2 Squires 7 3 3+ 3+ 8+ Sure Hands, Pro, Nerves of Steel 90k GA/SP
0-4 Questing Knights 5 3 3+ - 10+ Block, Fend 80k GS/A
0-1 Grail Knight 5 4 4+ - 10+ Dauntless, Mighty Blow (+1) 120k GS/A

I just like the idea that the Knights are there to hit things, whilst the Squires scurry around doing all the actual work.

>> No.77116431

I like the niche the High Elves fill, even if it is the least extraordinary of the Elves. They are the middle man of the elves. Not the toughest but not the slowest either. Right in the middle. I'd hate to see their roster design changed too radically.

>Brets now need a rework
I believe Games Workshop has relabelled them to the Imperial Nobles.

>> No.77116479


You guys have all forgotten Underworld somehow. Underworld got buffed to HELL AND BACK. Firstly, to mirror what happened to Humans they got access to Snotlings. Except Snotlings are better than Halflings in this instances because they get Swarming. So now you have D3 ammo counters for the Troll to throw at your opponents cages, D3 2+ Dodge players to get into awkward places and be annoying or just provide tackle zones where needed. The numbers advantage is huge. Getting one is literally what the Dwarves ENTIRE gameplan revolves around.
Then there's the fact that since they're a Hybrid Goblin/Skaven team they get all the Stunty team buffs this edition, but less of the weaknesses since they have a frontline of S3 players. Skaven, admittedly, but you take what you can get.
And what you can now get, is a single Gutter Runner, arguably the most infamous runner in the game. Certainly the most infamous non-elf player in the game. Added to that, they now get half price Bribes like the goblin team, AND this also includes Half-Price Dodgy Refs, AND they can reroll 1's when contesting the call...
They got MASSIVELY buffed this edition. They may even be one of the strongest teams in the game now.

>Khemri got somewhat stronger with Thick Skull to Annointed players.

Uh, their Thrower got straight up buffed since he's PA3+ now. You've still got the old problems of not having anyone reliable to pass it to, but that's half the fun of Khemri.

>> No.77116518


>I like the niche the High Elves fill, even if it is the least extraordinary of the Elves. They are the middle man of the elves. Not the toughest but not the slowest either. Right in the middle. I'd hate to see their roster design changed too radically.

Problem is, that's supposed to be Elf Union's niche. They're supposed to be the middle of the road Elf team, the Human League team of the dagger ears. If it were me, all I'd do is pull further into the High Elf teams one defining trait and increase their armour whilst decreasing their speed even further. The High Armour, High Agility archetype has never been really tried in BB before (except in things like FUMBBL's secret league Sea Elves) so there would be a clear niche for them to move into there without having to change their positionals or anything too much.

>I believe Games Workshop has relabelled them to the Imperial Nobles.

Which clearly, is not Brettonians. So now Bretts need a new team since the Empire has stolen their old one, and then ruined it for that matter by dropping Dauntless on the Blitzers and (I think) going down to 0-2 instead of 0-4. Not sure about that last bit.

>> No.77116572

So thanks to Brexit, I just got slapped with a strong VAT fee on my minis. I need to find a good online store within Europe where the shipping isn't a flat 20 euros.. Anybody got any reliable suggestions, please?

>> No.77116688

What's the meta with Goliath gangs?

Getting into necromunda and like the sound of these guys.
Also liking the idea of using those rules in the house of Judgement to have them go all chaos-y.
I wanna give magnets a go, and I might try and do some god-specific magnetised mutant arms for my leader.

I mean, if you're a sterile, artificially created beast of a man solely built for work, why wouldn't you turn to chaos?

>> No.77116920

I plan to make armies out of sceond hand and scratched build models, not new boxes granted...

>> No.77117082

If you're asking what the meta of a gang is necromunda probably isn't the game for you

>> No.77117219

Ok, I suppose what I mean what's a good starting gang list

>> No.77117247

Oh, I agree with your Norse part. They don't need it, but Norse without a single piece with Brawler feels wrong, and idiotic.

Helfs need something to separate them from Pelfs.

Amazons need to be more heavily altered.

Also, thanks to the other anon for me tioning Khemri getting PA3+. Didn't even think about it. More Khemriball is always a plus.

>> No.77117320


What is your opinions on >>77116313

>> No.77117365

>thinking of taking Mentorship at 6+ leadership
Do you think it's worth it? Disciples skill access is pretty good (Cunning+Ferocity) and there's still BS improvement and whatnot (maybe even willpower, so they're not as reliant on Devotion aura).

>> No.77117500

Why do you want the game to be more your dudes in the first place? MESBG is pretty much about (re)creating stories with the famous heroes of Middle-Earth.

It took me some time to get into that, too. I started wargaming at some club that had a weird club culture, where it was seen as a big faux pas to bring named characters in any of the games that were played there (mainly WHFB and 40k). I really had to switch mindset and lean into the named hero-based style of MESBG before I could enjoy it.

Having said that, if you really want to play your dudes style, look into Battle Companies. It doesn't have any named heroes in it. It's not a very good ruleset, though, so I don't want to actually recommend it all that much.

>> No.77117588


The only real problem Chosen have is if you use the Redraft rules or not. They remain as strong as they always were, even with the Claw MB nerf. If you just play in a perpetual league the redraft rules never raise their head. Personally, I don't like the redraft as even a concept, we've tried similar things in our league and it never felt anything other than clunky and unworkable. If you want to stop teams from becoming high TV deathmachines, bring back Sprialling Expenses, maybe have a look at bringing back the aging players rule in some way. I feel that Spiralling combined with Expensive Mistakes would have strong effect in keeping teams lean in terms of TV. But that's my soapbox, so whatever.

>Oh, I agree with your Norse part. They don't need it, but Norse without a single piece with Brawler feels wrong, and idiotic.

That's entirely your opinion. For the sake of argument though, I'd say the best place for it would be on the Ulfenwerners, but they're already expensive and mandatory to starting rosters. That said, they dropped by 5k in the Teams of Legend PDF, so if they gained brawler and just went back up to what they used to cost that would work best. It would mean that new teams would probably have to forgo getting the Thrower now that they need one a little more than they used to. But it's hard to feel you've lost something you never really used to start with.

>> No.77117760

not an exhaustive list:

>> No.77117782

Pick fun weapons that appeal to you, rather than trying to aim for what's 'strongest' or 'best'. Cookie-cutter meta gangs are boring as shit

>> No.77117800


>> No.77117831

It's hammer time

>> No.77117865

sister got a dreaddyke suite lol

>> No.77118098

Good lad

>> No.77118124

It unironically reminds me of the fucking Pickle Rick suit

>> No.77118158
File: 1.39 MB, 1333x736, new kt.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think the price is going to be the big decider on this one.

Nice to see some alien terrain, but looks a little bare bones.

>> No.77118226

>thought that maybe SOME of my cultists won't run around naked in this campaign
>urge to take missile launcher disicple off the shelf rises
>no money to spend on the cultists, most of them end up with reclaimed autoguns and nothing else

>> No.77118265

Well hat is boring, just pile of useless child soldiers and some necrons, a fast attack expansion would have been nice.

>> No.77118307


Did they say if it's new rules to bring KT into line with 9th edition or not?

>> No.77118308

Wow someone pulled a lot of all-nighters designing all that terrain

>> No.77118339

I found bit about new close combat rules, but not much else, since there wasn't much that is different between 9th ed and kill team as many bits from kill team did end up in 9th ed.

>> No.77118411

So this is the "expansion"? This is very disappointing.
They have not mentioned anything about the rules.

>> No.77118475

This really feels like they're treading water with KT.

It should have been a new starter set with KT 2.0 rules, followed by Warcry style compendiums for Imperium, Chaos and Xenos.

>> No.77118540

Oh, I won't even get started on what it should've been. But if they went to this direction, the box needs to be hella cheap because the amount of terrain is pitiful.

KT is dead. The writing was on the wall.

>> No.77118551

It is STAB except it requires you to roll a 2+. However if you roll 1, the troll "Stabs" itself. No turn over regardless of the result.

>> No.77118569

For fucks sake. This was my worst case prediction.
Guess I shouldnt be surprised when it comes to GW and KT.

>> No.77118586

This, desu....

That set better be the same price as the fucking 9th edition starter set, or close.

>KT is dead. The writing was on the wall.
We're on life support, we aren't Aeronautica...yet...

>> No.77118597

Maybe the Warcry team were the original KT team and they just lost interest?

>> No.77118711

I must say, those are some fine looking vampires they're showing rn

>> No.77119468

Wait, what was the mystery game?

>> No.77119533

As a new player to NetEA, what are some key tips for a good Death Korps list? Is having a ton of infantry important?

>> No.77119647

I mean I'd just stop agonizing and try to get some of your group to play those games. After years of community fine-tuning they're as balanced as it's possible for a gw game to ever be. And between proxy makers, recasters and 3d printing there's more model support for them now than there was when they were alive.

>> No.77119680

Warhammer Quest: Darkest Dungeon Edition

>> No.77119813

You definitely want to have a couple beefy formations. I usually do one bulked up reg HQ with defensive / slow advance upgrades like fire support, extra infantry, etc. And then one or two companies in Gorgons. Death riders are great too but they're not a replacement for a couple big, hard to shift infantry companies. After that it's mostly taking cheaper supporting formations to fill gaps and bump up your activation count.

>> No.77119839

Is Warhammer Quest any good? I never looked into Blackstone Fortress, but based on the aesthetic of those two dudes shown, I might be interested in Cursed City.

>> No.77119905


Aim to have 2 activations per 1000 points is a good rule of thumb for most armies in EA. You can have a little less and not worry too much, and don't go too far into activation economy either. Infantry heavy armies want big blobs that soak up fire, but you'll also need some ways of claiming objectives up the board so do mix it up with some small formations. You'll want to read the garrison rules as well.

>> No.77120460

yes, the two sigmar games were good with good models

>> No.77120462


Which, to be fair, I'd be fine with.

>> No.77120502

That bulbous shit is supposed to be 54mm ?

>> No.77120526
File: 102 KB, 597x1081, 029B4AB1-C399-44D5-ACC3-C68955EAF390.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The underworlds and warhammer quest models are just incredible. Never loved an underworlds warband this much. oozing character

>> No.77120548
File: 116 KB, 750x976, 96C87B70-B79B-4800-AD96-E6C34983CBB1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

easy favorite for me

>> No.77120550

Is that a staff or a fucking mace?!

>> No.77120561

>soulless siggy piggy garbo

>> No.77120572
File: 92 KB, 750x765, B204A497-7933-4168-AEFB-F764CCB98005.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.77120589
File: 142 KB, 702x1203, E73D114C-709A-4285-8BD7-DD57083EFA2A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

only one i don’t love
we get it, you’re too brainwashed by memes to appreciate good models.

>> No.77120594

Here's hoping for a BB Vampire team with all these releases.

>> No.77120619
File: 112 KB, 846x846, CE8E69C1-CC1B-4219-851F-7D1FF01C9C75.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

now this guy is just incredible. probably the best character yet in the modern Quest games. looking forward to seeing more

>> No.77120657
File: 126 KB, 846x846, E2D7ADD1-07F9-4960-B941-282C44800502.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this guy is... he’s fine. A very solid witch hunter. i really appreciate they kept it grounded enough that he could pass for WHFB. not a mark on him that makes him scream AoS.

>> No.77120690


Yeah the two handed sword on his back is remarkably restrained coming from GW.

>> No.77120729

i hope they fill the old word with trannies just to see you cry

>> No.77120748

i’ll add that the hands, feet and head of this and the other quest model are also very restrained for GW. I was wondering why the witch hunter looked kind of tall and lanky to me - he’s just got fairly natural proportions. nice stuff

>> No.77120808

I think this is easily one of the best sculpts GW has released in recent years. Also really reflects how the Witch Hunter could indeed survive the wilderness, instead of the older, more simpler equipped ones.

>> No.77120862

>5 heavy intercessors
>5 flayed ones
How is that fair? The marines will have shot the necrons off the table turn one.

>> No.77120945

>we want the bloodborne audience

>> No.77120962

40k fags really got blown the fuck out by the AoS fags. even the mainline AoS stuff they were showing off is at least big news.

>> No.77121014

You say that like it's a bad thing.

>> No.77121059

and? it's a fucking cool look and existed long before bloodborne was a thing

>> No.77121074

Thank you, but could it possibly be non-german sites? It's just that I can't read german, the language buttons don't often work and germany tends to use DHL which places absurdly high delivery prices. I used to pay about 5 euros average post for elementgames and the service was fantastic, but now it's not an option.

>> No.77121148

Marine players are little babies that need the help.

>> No.77121463

>Mouth of Sauron carrying a giant Stand arrow

>> No.77121558

because the game itself is nice and I love the rules, I just want to tell my own little stories in middle earth or even just using the system.

>> No.77121609

I'll have a new fig for my Mordheim warband.

>> No.77121735

I really hope this new WHQ is compatible with the old stuff.

>> No.77121776

I'm fairly certain that, even ignoring their guns, the Heavy Intercessors could just beat the Flayed Ones to death in a protracted melee. Outside of absurd dice rolls or brilliant generalship from the necron player I can't see this being anything but a one-sided slaughter.

>> No.77121800

Just going by gut feeling that's not very likely.

>> No.77121816

Yeah, that's my gut feeling too, just such a shame to lose all those extra options for player characters desu.

>> No.77121825

i hope its more like blackstone fortress, i know some people dislike the dice but i think they are great for teaching people to play and helps visualize the odds more

>> No.77122094

2 activations per 1000 points would be far lower than most people play with and absolutely begging to get outmaneuvered. Sometimes you'll see that with all titan armies but it's the exception. More commonly people run 10-12 formations at 3000, and some (particularly eldar) will do 15 or more. It's a good idea to have some big hammer pieces for sure, especially in an army like krieg, but you want to balance that with some smaller groups.

>> No.77122117

Exactly. This is hilariously in the marine's favor, but then again, when is it not?

>> No.77122120



>> No.77122129
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Best part, the expansion is just another iteration of Ultra close confines rules, with a likely worse wording. The Arena expansion was a competive thing after all, and since they are acting as if commanders are an important part of the game, they clearly want to distance themselves from a balanced game as far as possible.
No, those two box exclusive models are just in there to get people to buy the box for shit value. Even if it is the only place to get heavy intercessors and new flayed ones right now, those will available in a few months. The characters might never see a sepearate release. The box will fly of the shelves, bought out by SM players with no interest in KT. The lazy terrain is now wonder, just as little as they could get away with.
Those aren't complete 100 point teams (excluding commanders), just a box of models for each side. They'll need more models to make a full Team, much less a roster. Flayed Ones should be able to get into combat on an arena mat with little issue, though 5 models are too few for proper door manipulation. In combat Flayed Ones do very little against 3+ armor, but Marines don't have the volume of attacks to do much in return either. Though I don't know the changed 9th ed. statlines, but with rerolling to wound FLayed Ones should be more likely to bring down a Primaris marine, you should be ganging up though. If you bring in the commander, then the captain will kill a Flayed One every 2 combats.

>> No.77122902

She's good conversion material at least

>> No.77123075

So for E:A, have there been any solutions to offset the massive advantage that activation count gives you? Some ones I saw were to either limit total activations or to allow the person with less activations to pass until both players are equal. I just want upgrades to be worth it and less of an emphasis on taking a ton of shit basically pass formations.

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