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>OFFICIAL Commander website, where you can learn the rules, see the current banlist, and read the OFFICIAL format philosophy, laid down by the rules committee:

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the internet.

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen color identity.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their deck strategy and card choices.


>Thread Question
What is your favorite line of rules text?

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>What is your favorite line of rules text?
When Yosei, the Morning Star dies, target player skips their next untap step. Tap up to five target permanents that player controls.
Technically one line but if I have to pick one sentence it's the first one.

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>What is your favorite line of rules text?
>"The land continues to burn"
There is no equal

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"When Tivadar of Thorn comes into play, destroy target goblin."
"All goblins are destroyed."

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If only the activation cost was 2 generic instead of 2 white. It'd be great in Gwyn then.

>> No.77047324


I wish this guy did more art, it's pretty nice and flavorful

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"Avacyn, Angel of Hope and other permanents you control are indestructible."

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I'm fixing up my Siona deck to make way for Crystal Chimes and Argothian Enchantress. What do I take out?

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I like how the first post doesn't even know what rules text is, classic /tg/.

>> No.77047460

I remember when it first came out, there was a similar conversation about it. Something about rules text not being reminder text. Fairly sure they had to oracle errata it.

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If we're going to waste a white rare as a rune tutor, can we make them more than a 5-card cycle of shitty limited cards?

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Am i the only one unimpressed with most of the black elves we have been getting recently?

I had a Marwyn deck, then switched to Numa and Miara, and i never had any turns where i really went off, it was a much slower deck. I know it was probably because Marwyn is the stronger commander but i thought with all the black tutors and removal i would be better of with b/g. Seriously thinking about going back to Marwyn.

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>Am i the only one unimpressed with most of the black cards we have been getting recently?

Black has lost it's way. The only color more shafted is White

>> No.77047558

yes, those commanders suck and seem incredibly linear and boring to play. Tribal elves is just a boring deck, anon. Monogreen elves is best

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How would one go about balancing a mechanic like this, and how would the no sex allowed wotc reflavor it?

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I’m still disappointed this wasn’t in the Zendikar secret lair.

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The distinction between rules text and reminder text is pretty important. Its the reason that cards like Crypt Ghast are legal in monoblack decks.

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I’m disappointed that elf tribal is the only thing BG has done as a color combination for the last two sets. Golgari is my favorite guild. Can we please get something interesting instead of “elves you control get +1+1?

>> No.77047694

Get rid of the "female" qualifier since that's not a thing, and reflavor it as stealing their armor and killing them or something.

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End the turn.

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I'll take it over "haha, graveyard is my second hand" Golgari.
That said, I really like Hapatra.

>> No.77047768

look up how Licid worked
alternatively, go back to Furoticon

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>and reflavor it as stealing their armor
Way ahead of you

I had a female judge tell me once in a casual game of EDH that I can't use Crypt Ghast in my Spirit of the Night deck because "it's color identity is Orzhov". Even after showing her on EDHRec and the rule itself, she wouldn't back down

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You will never be a Wizard.

You will never Time Walk, Ponder, Preordain, or Cancel. You will never feel Blue mana course through your body, your being, your soul. You are a Colorless token who will be put into exile, not triggering any LTB effects, never to be remembered.

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But I like my graveyard to be my second hand. Anyways, there’s a lot of room in the color pair for other interesting things. Grakmaw is a good example. Same with hogaak

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I kind of wish they would reprint Crypt Ghast without the reminder text, so that I can play it without having to worry that I'm going to get into an argument with an idiot.

>> No.77047907

I'd rather be a hero

The only Golgari deck I've found to be fun is Skullbriar

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>Am i the only one unimpressed with most of the black elves we have been getting recently?

Looks like it is a deliberate policy by WotC

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I can't believe I'm the best token ever made.

>> No.77047926

Cry more crocodile tears, losers

>> No.77047927

If it can't be that then what would it be?

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Who asked for this. Why are we here.

>> No.77047952

Skullbriar is cool too.

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I'm talking about flavor. I don't care about how strong cards are; I want them to catch the eye and evoke feeling unrelated to mechanics

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Is esper control viable in commander?

I’m looking for some ideas

>> No.77048020

I was meaning the color identity not the race anon. Like red, green, white, blue etc...

>> No.77048022

>4-6 mana 8/8

>> No.77048031

Of course it is. Wtf?

>> No.77048051

Is running field of ruin in my aesi deck a good idea for cheap land destruction with a tiny synergy?

>> No.77048052

Do you want to talk about it

>> No.77048071

>high CMC that can be easily cheated/reduced
Yuriko time

>> No.77048075

I know for a fact that's a satyr.

>> No.77048097

Based af

>> No.77048123

I'm mostly disappointed that Miara doesn't have a G Lorwyn elf to partner with.

>> No.77048140

EDH? More like, POOPDH

>> No.77048165

Black has been doing pretty well lately at getting a range of flavor beyond just "creepy + bones"
Being pigeonholed into a single aesthetic is boring.

>> No.77048170

Guess I am buying snow lands. Whats the weakness/downside to having snowlands anyways?

>> No.77048176

Skullbriar is cool.does he still hit your hand with the new commander rule if he's bounced or is that graveyard only?

>> No.77048180

where are the complete spoilers

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>> No.77048218

*blocks your path*

>> No.77048230

Play Ertai.

>> No.77048250

UBW is just a very powerful color combo. I built aminatou when she came out and she did work but I took her apart because she was just a boring value engine. If I had to build esper again I would use nu-chromium in a control shell

>> No.77048261

So no downsides? Got it!

>> No.77048286

White has the best stax cards still and blue has some as well alongside counters, so yes esper is a good control color.

>> No.77048300

Snow lands have no intrinsic downside. It's the stupidest mechanic they have ever introduced.

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>> No.77048354

some people fear bloodmoon I will just be afraid of this. I had a feeling that pic related could come in handy.

>> No.77048369

No love for my man Oloro?

>> No.77048383

What does a control shell look like in commander though? I have a bunch of aggro decks

>> No.77048400

Oloro is the opposite of based

>> No.77048407

She looks so much better with a grey/pale color for her skin, it almost overshadows the haircut.

>> No.77048410

I actually have him, is he good?

>> No.77048423

How do you like my beautiful Poison deck, anon?

>What is your favorite line of rules text?
Players play a Magic subgame, using their libraries as their decks. Each player who doesn’t win the subgame loses half their life, rounded up.

>> No.77048454

An EDH control deck is just lots of board wipes, card draw and some targeted removal and counterspells. Just like regular contol decks in other formats. Usually the commander is involved with some kind of 1 or 2 card insta-win combo.

>> No.77048505

Get an untapper an some tokens and the board is yours. He's great.

>> No.77048507

why? he’s my favorite

>> No.77048529

Boardwipes, counterspells, bounce spells, removal and lots of card draw. Just stall until you can put together your win con (with chromium it would be commander damage. With aminatou, infinite combos, etc.)

>> No.77048683

Eminence was a mistake

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>> No.77048804

Then you have awful taste.

>> No.77048812

all the eminence commanders such though

>> No.77048921

It doesn't make the mechanic any less cancerous

>> No.77048957

>Only deck I actually bought snow lands for is Patron of the Moon

Huh, wow.

>> No.77048966

Inalla goes infinite with one other card and she doesn’t even have to be on the field. It’s essentially a one-card infinite combo

>> No.77048993

Command zone in rules text was a mistake. Eminence was a mistake, yes, but the mistake that started it was Oloro and Derevi. Jeleva, Prossh and Marath were fine for the cost thing.

>> No.77049003

why? i can think of a bunch of commanders and mechanics a that worse off the top of my head

so? a bunch of commander are part of 2 card infinites

>> No.77049005


>You will never open on Ancient Tomb, Mana Crypt, Mox Opal, Isochron Scepter imprinting Dramatic Reversal generate infinite blue mana cast your whole deck with Urza into a Hullbreacher -> Timetwister leaving your opponents empty handed while you have a Trinisphere in play.
>You'll never slap a Curiosity onto a turn 2 Niv-Mizzet via Jeweled Lotus to draw your whole deck then cast Winds of Change to kill the table.

>> No.77049032

Oloro literally has eminence

>> No.77049050

Verazol makes me sad that they didn't put an X on those three C13 commanders. I know it would have made Marath's textbox a fucking nightmare, but still.

>> No.77049063

Yes but with other commanders you have to actually cast and protect them. Those are two-card combos, not one-card combos. Inalla can win you the game without ever needing to cast her.

>> No.77049091

but you have to pay mana to use the ability

>> No.77049106

>Patron of the Moon
based. Patron decks are honestly some of my favorite in the format, I love playing against them. I'm working on a big mana monoblue deck right now, any spicy tech I should consider?

>> No.77049147

Stop using words wrong.

>> No.77049149

It only costs 1. But that’s not even the point. The biggest problem is that you literally cannot interact with her in any way. Other combo pieces can be disrupted. But unless you can ultimate tevesh szat, inalla is untouchable

>> No.77049150

The X would functionally change them though.
>being limited by a format-exclusive costs, or if an extra cost effect is in play to gain scaling value, vs being able to pay any arbitrary amount to get as much scaling value as you want.

It feels different, one is like getting reimbursed for additional costs, the other is flat-out an X cost that you have no reason not to make as large as you can afford.

>> No.77049153

Should I make my next deck, mono b rats, memey or competitive. I already have an isamaru voltron if that matters

>> No.77049237

Build Atreos Rats so you don't scoop to a nuke.

>> No.77049298

cant you just stifle it?

>> No.77049324

I don't have anything clever, if you want to be a smartass, Dreamscape Artist and Mitotic Manipulation are/can be blue ramp. Specific to Patron: Moonfolk tribal is obviously a trap, but you will in all likelihood keep at least 1-2 moonfolk in the deck anyway.

I'm not really wise on this, and I found the deck stressful to play. I just keep it around until I make something equally interesting for blue and swap the deck lists around when I get bored with one. Chisei, maybe Charix, maybe Blind Seer.

>> No.77049348


>> No.77049374

so you can interact with it, you just dont

>> No.77049385

I'm not saying they wouldn't be different, but it'd feel better if they weren't quite as transparently only functional in EDH.

>> No.77049475

holy shit, thats 10k iq anon, thanks!

>> No.77049530

>what are Living Death effects
Mono-b rats are fine. They really can't be competitive, tho.

>> No.77049537

Dreamscape Artist seems interesting, thanks! Yeah, I can understand Patron being stressful to play; it seems like the sort of deck where small changes to your lines can really balloon out over the course of the game. I play Kozilek at my competitive table and I'm always sweating over the cards in my hand, their CMC and what numbers I have to watch out for from my opponents, and the knowledge that I have no real way to get them back once I either choose to cast them or use them as a counterspell. It can get pretty sweaty. Charix seems really cool aswell, I haven't played against him, but I think he is neat.

>> No.77049556

yeah thats fair, basically by comp mono b rats i just meant like more good value cards as opposed to memey which would be more rat colony's/relentless rats

>> No.77049573

Sure, but white is great at recurring low cost creatures and there always someone stupid enough to let you get your rats back in your hand with his effect.

>> No.77049588

not him but what about Abzan rats

>> No.77049640

I wish there was a good insect tribal commander.

Pic related is the perfect colours for insects and the art is top tier, if only it had been used to make something that could head an insect deck.

>> No.77049693

what does this card do? there is too much pointless text on this card so i never actually read it

>> No.77049722

I made Marrow-Gnawer. I used Thrumming Stone and Rat Colony to good effect. Thats as competitive as it gets, besides the rest of the generally package of a mono b deck.

>> No.77049733

Whn it enters you can out a key word counter on a creature you control if a creature you contorl has that keyword. The Kathril gets a +1/+1 counter for each.

Most of the text is just listing all of the keywords that he does this with. (Sadly haste is not amongst them)

>> No.77049747

There are a couple equipment which work well with Siona, like Helm of the Gods, Mace of the Valiant, Pennon Blade, Sigil of Valor, Stoneforge Masterwork. Also, Retether is cheap and good for recurring auras.

>> No.77049755

Sorry if a creature in your graveyard has that keyword I meant.

>> No.77049760

it's just boring counters bullshit designed to appeal to autists

>> No.77049767

It gives creatures you control keywords from creatures in your graveyard and get bigger the more keywords you put
It takes the keywords from creatures in your graveyard

>> No.77049776

God this card looks great for Tin Street Krenko.

>> No.77049814

Post examples of Kino flavortext

>> No.77049840

Ok, you start

>> No.77049859


>> No.77049866


>> No.77049918

How's my Jhoira chaos deck looking? Does it need more chaotic shit? I feel like even still it doesn't have enough bizarre, crazy shit, but I don't know what to add.

>> No.77049935

Post those mail gets

>> No.77049939

Why'd you pick the shit art?

>> No.77049972


>> No.77049989

>jeska’s will
>recurring insight
>frantic search
>mystic remora
what am i missing for izzet card draw? doesn’t feel like enough

>> No.77050001

Blue Sun's Zenith.

>> No.77050017

>It can get pretty sweaty.
I know that feeling.
Let me back up a bit, I like the tension of those moments, that's why I bothered playing in the first place. It's just stressful because, whew, this deck can require more mental focus than I have sometimes, and I definitely need a break after playing it.

So, like you described your Kozilek deck. It's an experience.

>> No.77050048

>Wheel of Misfortune
>Midnight Clock

>> No.77050077

Is Jungle Shrine worth cutting for Temple Garden even if I miss the red?

>> No.77050086


I can't wait to Sneak Attack and recur this.

>> No.77050090

how much red does your deck use compared to GW?

>> No.77050093

>*shifts back into your hand*

>> No.77050135

if you’re in naya, use both. cut as many tapped lands as you can otherwise

>> No.77050150

Is this for a Naya deck?
If so I'd say having one tapland that gives you all of your colours is ok. Surely there must be something else you can cut for Temple Garden?

If this is for a four or five colour deck listen to,

>> No.77050170

It's stax and stupid efficient removal. There is no real way to stabilize and turn the corner against multiple players (like what you see in traditional control matchups) without trying to lock them out or essentially being a mid-range deck with answers. There are of course smoothbrains who will insist you can just play answers and card draw, but you won't keep consistent pace until WotC ruins the format with enough pushed cards to make draw go viable.

>> No.77050171

sweet thanks, ive tried to read it before but i always get bored half way through and stop

>> No.77050208

Magic isn't a game for you

>> No.77050224

It's me, ur dragonfag. The deck DOES lean into red because of course, most dragons are red. But I have color fixing through other means.

>> No.77050243

No, this game isn't for you, white boy.

>> No.77050272

Why not just use Umori and declare creatures? Generic tribal pieces that allow you to declare insects and having generic ramp for creatures form the CZ is more than enough to carry the tribe.

>> No.77050288

im not going to read 30 keywords on a creature no one uses just to satisfy some autist on a mongolian sewer inspectors forum

>> No.77050295

I love black angels!

>> No.77050371

What about this is black in terms of flavor?

>> No.77050404

>why, yes. i do play 5c, how could you tell?

>> No.77050433

It's a grim reaper.

>> No.77050441

This card makes my friends seethe and scoop and I'm wondering if maybe I should cut it.

>> No.77050450

But so are the white valkyries. They guide people to the afterlife.

>> No.77050453

why dont they just kill it?

>> No.77050465

Uhhhhhh.... deathtouch? A Scythe? It has "reaper" in its name?

>> No.77050472

Because you don't always get the opportunity to

>> No.77050476

Their philosophy. The reapers see the worst in people, just as black always assumes the worst of others. They'll sometimes strike down a coward themselves, rather than let them continue living and potentially redeem themselves later.

>> No.77050487

Black is death. Black angels of death.

>> No.77050496

You're right, they should be black, too.

>> No.77050515

What is black about bringing things to the afterlife after judging them? I thought that sort of moral judgment would fall under white.
But white also does that, white can be cruel and unforgiving in it's judgments, that's why wraths are generally associated with white.

>> No.77050520

Hell yeah. I feel like EDH is a format built to explore these weird sorts of high intensity, interactive machines of moving pieces and effects. I'm glad you enjoy that too, anon. I definitely feel you on needing a break; I'm usually only good for 2 meaty games with Kozilek before I am fried. Then I usually head over to the casual pod and play some brudiclad or mutate. I feel like having some "cool down" games inbetween can really help out at longer EDH nights.

>> No.77050532

I recently ordered a Smothering Tithe and I was thinking of cutting a mana rock for it. Is it worth it?

>> No.77050545

Look, WotC is pretty dumb and it probably doesn't make too much sense. The end.

>> No.77050555

White does it out of grim duty. The reapers enjoy it, and sometimes try to jump the gun.

>> No.77050576

>no haste
>has to deal combat to trigger
>even if you already the artifacts you have to wait until upkeep
literal dog shit do nothing card, if your group doesnt just remove it then i recommend finding a new group and just keep playing it until they run a kill spell

>> No.77050586

White knows that you can be good, and wants to see you live up to that potential.
Black knows you're a cowardly piece of shit, deep down, and is mostly waiting for an excuse.

>> No.77050588

How do most people feel about letting a commander get bounced to your hand if it is in a different coloured sleev to the rest of the deck?

>> No.77050603

This makes sense given normal wotc storytelling lately, but >>77050555 also works, so I guess it's fine then. I don't think white normally really takes glee in condemnation.

>> No.77050620

Bouncing is a common thing in edh. Bring all the same sleeves.

>> No.77050628

No problems, we know it's in your hand anyway

>> No.77050657

The information that it's in your hand is already public. It only really becomes a problem if you're planning to let it get tucked.

>> No.77050684

>implying my doesn't have several haste enablers
>implying people are okay with losing all their artifacts
>implying you're good at magic
I laughed at this post

>> No.77050713

Never cut rocks my dude. You may not like it, but the more you grease the wheels of your deck with as much ramp and card draw as you can possibly cram in, the more often youll get to see the cards you really love to play with and be able to play them out when it matters.

In specific to smothering tithe, the problem is that clever opponents can see if your really leaning on it and just pay. It can also be shut down by players who are far enough ahead of you. Additionally, as a 4 mana rock, it often wont benefit a decks curve as much as a lower cmc rock would, and if you are leaning on it every turn, in a 4 player game its just an inconsistant thran dynamo.

Obviously tithe can have some serious upsides, but if you are in the colors that need it you cant afford to cut rocks and if you arent, a worn powerstone or thran dynamo are probably better in most games. Hope that helps.

>> No.77050741

The decks curve is slow enough I run gilded Lotus anyways. I was just going to cut that. But I'll take what you said into consideration

>> No.77050764

>Shattergang Bros

I kind of want to build all three but I'm not entirely sure which direction to take them.

>> No.77050770

>that one kid who shows up to the LGS with anime girl sleeves
>he's playing the earthbound soundtrack as loud as possible on his phone
>he takes 10 minute turns

>> No.77050799

With Riku, you definitely want to have a very solid theme in mind or he'll just devolve into clones and goodstuff.

>> No.77050807

Oops all permanents
Slime tribal

>> No.77050820

I would say cut gilded Lotus for it. You shouldn't be running 5 cmc rocks, you need the 1/2/3 cmc rocks and as many of the lower costs one as you can. Get them while they are cheap due to commander legends.

>> No.77050836

well there's your problem

>> No.77050841


Do you use Skyclave Relic?

>> No.77050864

I believe you anon, this happened.

>> No.77050883


Already have a Yidris Energy deck in the works. But thanks for suggestions.

>> No.77050895

Mimeoplasm clones

>> No.77050925

*Walks past*

>> No.77050935

Riku energy is probably my favorite deck that I've built, I can definitely recommend it.

>> No.77050937

I'd say tithe for lotus is a good swap in a vacuum, yeah. Not many decks really need to go from 5 to 8-9, so lowering the overall curve of the rocks in you deck will get you more reliable mana relative to your needs more often. The potential upsides and lower cmc make it a worthwhile trade for your opponents being able to play around it. Good choice my man.

>> No.77050965

It's time boys....

>> No.77051076

>theres just randomly yet another Sultai and 5c in a Standard set
I'm only a little upset

>> No.77051112

how woud tibalt work as a commander? do I have to cast the front part of the card from the command zone and then bounce it to my hand in order to cast the planeswalker side? or can I cast the planeswalker side from the command zone?

>> No.77051124

No, but I really really really should.

>> No.77051127

>Pic related is the perfect colours for insects and the art is top tier
So? Insects don't havr any meaningful tribal support, so it's not like you could build a functioning insect tribal _if only_ your commander had tribal ability, it's going to be a mishmash of unrelared cards anyway.
If volours and art fit that's already good. What else do you want? Morophon?

>> No.77051128

Yes to both.

>> No.77051130

I'm upset that they didn't have five wedge gods with allied-color back faces. Would have been an interesting twist on the color identity, and we've previously only had mono-colored and two-colored gods.

>> No.77051153

You can cast either face from any zone you can cast it. If something puts it directly on the battlefield, you only get Valki.

>> No.77051156


>> No.77051173

just kill it bro, not that hard

sorry you such at deck building and dont have reliable answers to the easiest permanent type in the game to deal with

>> No.77051174

>it's not like you could build a functioning tribal _if only_ your commander had tribal ability
This is why I hate it when they do shit like Neheb and Gallia. Don't eat up space on the card with tribalbait, just let us have something streamlined and balanced around what it is.

>> No.77051189

Darksteel Ingot or Commander Sphere?

>> No.77051195

>falling for the foil meme

>> No.77051203

>3 mana rocks

>> No.77051214


>> No.77051228

>he fell for the meme
Post an aerial shot of your sleeved deck after you add them in. Guaranteed we can get where they are in it.

>> No.77051240

commander sphere if you got green

>> No.77051279

not only that, but he got the zoomed art versions

>> No.77051318

Just fucking reply to the post you autist

>> No.77051336

>Just fucking reply to the post you autist

>> No.77051340

Separating all the cards would take too much time

>> No.77051347

(anon who posted jorn)
Ikr? Its so bizarre how most of the gods are like monocolor but then we randomly have the Winter God (Sultai), Tree God (5c), and Lies God (Rakdos) who break the pattern.

>> No.77051377

I mean hes right, just because your meme posting has become the norm for you doesnt mean it's a good thing

>> No.77051406

It's actually pretty good.

>> No.77051487 [DELETED] 

>I mean hes right, just because your meme posting has become the norm for you doesnt mean it's a good thing

bro... reddit is that way

>> No.77051509


>> No.77051536

lol i can tell you are seething

>> No.77051750

It's actually garbage

>> No.77051823

>there are subhumans in this very thread, playing ramp spells above 2 cmc

>> No.77051875

Yeah smothering tithe is really good.

>> No.77051921

But half my cards are 1cmc with no flexibility in what colours I can use to cast them.

Why wouldn't I play Chromatic Lantern?

>> No.77051924

Gavin Verhey: No more signature spellbooks
>Too much work to think of what spells a planeswalker would actually have access to
>Too much work required to get a bunch of art featuring a specific planeswalker actually doing stuff.
small indie company

>> No.77051933

I really like reshape the earth what can I say

>> No.77051952

hullbreacher is good but honestly fuck opposition agent and all it stands for

>> No.77051956

3c mana rocks are still great retard. Color fixing is everything in certain decks, and skyclave relic can be kicked and doing so pays for half of its cost. Which is what every good mana rock should do.

>> No.77051963

Don’t do it. Tell them you need an answer to their artifacts

>> No.77051988

Cultivate and Kodama's Reach are 3 cmc though

>> No.77051999

Hullbreacher is far worse than Opposition Agent when combined with any wheel

>> No.77052004

If we're being real, planeswalker spellbooks were just a way to make an excuse to stop giving the players so much value from, FTV's.
It's a good thing we're getting rid of that gorbage

>> No.77052007

>black angel
>is white

>white angels
>are black

what did WOTC mean by this?

>> No.77052015

speaking of that card, what’s an efficient tutor for amulet in 5c? should i start running enlightened tutor again?

>> No.77052028

More like
>The power set of a planeswalker is too limiting for reprints (no lightning bolt for Chandra for example)
>Having 8 cards with the planeswalker face isn't enjoyable for all players
Which is fine (and true)

>> No.77052034

There's a mizzix player at my table thelat wheels every other turn.
I'm gonna bend his ass

>> No.77052036

Black people are good and white people are evil.

>> No.77052038

One of the only cute angels of the set from what I can make out

>> No.77052044

which ones are cheaper now

>> No.77052051


>> No.77052059

Trinket mage if you dont want to spend ridiculous cash

>> No.77052061

Hot. But it's basically just worse theft so just cost it to be slightly cheaper than a theft effect. Don't bother reflavoring.

>> No.77052120

Is the commander fun? I have the unopened deck box that I stole from target, and have thought about building it. Seems pretty sweet to flip creatures like spells

>> No.77052163

All the spellbooks were pretty flawed one way or another but I thought they had the right idea with Gideon’s spellbook. Rest In Peace and RKF’s blackblade as example to work with for future spellbooks couldve meant for great and affordable bling product. Imagine

But no, they went back to being boring with Chandra’s spellbook and just resorted to making a more straightforward collection and because it had really desirable desirable cards, they felt justified to ask for more cash in exchange (because they’ve been spitting on the notion that they don’t pay attention to the secondary market as usual) despite it giving less compared to spellbooks and FtV. I can also imagine that secret lair has calculated into this equation where they could potentially make other spellbook collections but this time, offered though them exclusively

Such a shame too, I did like the new artworks selection and reference that was in Collection green and would gladly want one for my white decks but of course, they sabotage their own products marketability just so they can fish in the stupid ones who will gladly burn money or worse, play Secondary market games.

>> No.77052221

It was meh at first but once I added leyline of anticipation, 3 cmc vivien, and tidal barracuda to start being able to morph on everyone else's turn, it became a lot of fun. I would highly suggest adding those cards before you play it as to not get turned off
That being said, the sealed product price of commander 2019 just started rising so you may not want to open it.

>> No.77052280

i mean do you run many cards from the precon?

>> No.77052339

So how the fuck do you use wheel of misfortune?
I got one, and I know its good, but how do you make good use of it?

>> No.77052360

Gavin looks fucking disgusting

>> No.77052373

Thought Vessel
Arcane Signet
The Diamond Cycle

Probably one or two I'm forgetting.

>> No.77052375

Cause you’re the picture of beauty, eh?

>> No.77052393

On your turn, tap 3 mana, one of which must be red, and play it.

>> No.77052399

It depends on your playgroup. I'd guess 4-6 would consistently be fine.

>> No.77052420

What is the best way to organize Tokens? Currently I have a mix of totally unsorted and "Grouped by set in collector number order" but I am really thinking Either 100% Alphebetical or By Color followed by Alphebetical are WAY better for actually finding the tokens I want.

>> No.77052421

I guess if you run a bunch of token doublers, sure.

>> No.77052430

More beauty than this, atleast

>> No.77052442

>TLDR: We are getting rid of a product before we had to reprint anything of actual value with Nissa and Liliana
Fuck these kikes.

>> No.77052482

Can I just say I fucking hate when people give interviews like this where NEW PRODUCT is just thrown about everywhere like a distributors delivery truck crashed through 10 minutes ago. It's such a fucking onions aesthetic that all "nerdy" youtubers do.

>> No.77052507

In all fairness, he had a hand in making said product, so I'll give HIM a pass for having them on display.

>> No.77052508

and the random zelda merch

>> No.77052524

Thought Vessel, Commanders Sphere, and Arcane Signet are cheap as chips right now.

>> No.77052528

I do find it quaint how Chandra’s spellbook got to have one her best planeswalker cards incarnations while the other 2 had to use their OG version. I would’ve love an alternate art or even just a reg version of ally of Zendikar Gideon and while it might be too much to put Mind sculptor Jace in a 30$ product, they couldve done better.

Also how come Jace can have blue elemental magic but Chandra doesn’t get a lighting bolt?

>> No.77052548

Tolarian prof’s background collection is pretty neat

>> No.77052575

Its done with such haphazard abandon that it just looks retarded. It literally looks like he went to Target, bought some boosters and threw them willy nilly on his desk.

>> No.77052599

Last year I was on a train and the coductor that had to argue with the loud obnoxious chavs looked exactly like Gavin Verhey.

It isn't a particularly interesting story, but I found it mildly amusing at the time.

>> No.77052607

>Also how come Jace can have blue elemental magic but Chandra doesn’t get a lighting bolt?
because it was the initial product in the line and zero thought was put into it.
also because they love sucking Jace's dick (I like Jace and I still think this is true)

>> No.77052636

Who also decided Chandra cant cast lightning bolt? That makes no sense, she can very well bolt anything (or atleast shock) in her many iterations

>> No.77052646

Profs background is fine. Its just a bunch of books, his framed Bitterblossom art, and a little bit of MTG stuff. Im reffering more to people like Pleasent Kenobi where it looks like they bought out a Gamestop bargain bin and throw it all over their shelves in an attempt to convey YES HELLO I AM A NERD SEE LOOK AT THIS STAR WARS ZELDA HARRYPOTTER MERCH.

>> No.77052680

She doesn't use electricity magic, she only does fire. Frankly, it's bothered me for decades that the iconic burn spell isn't fire-based, but that decision was never in my hands.

>> No.77052689

She can't because she's a FIRE mage

>> No.77052696

Shes a fucking fictional character she can do anything

>> No.77052719

That's not how you write a story

>> No.77052720

Except be a lesbian.

>> No.77052741

Have you ever read a book in your life?

>> No.77052747



Most fun creature in the game with jaces archivist

>> No.77052752

>actually caring about rules in fiction when the author can change them whenever

>> No.77052762

Yes, that's the point

>> No.77052768

Varies on your playgroup, just treat it as a one-sided Wheel for 3 mana most of the time.

>> No.77052796

Chanda is not Azula. Chandra does fire shit. Kamahl does lightning shit.

>> No.77052797

Why are there so many black people in the viking set? It seems really out of place

>> No.77052809

What's wrong with you?

>> No.77052813

I still play thran dynamo and gilded lotus in a couple decks, what you gunna do about it?

>> No.77052817

Planeswalkers were a mistake

How many sets do you think it will take before we go to Wakanda

>> No.77052828

Id like to imagine they could’ve shown something like her accidentally setting of a lightning bolt when dealing with artifacts or a mentor figuring demonstrating the ability.

But really, if they couldn’t be asked to put new artwork on hardly any of the cards in the collection, I suppose that was a step to far already

>> No.77052850

they were going to make the animated netflix show starring Chandra the fiesty lesbian community organizer for social justice, but I think the MTG show got cancelled. If it didn't, Chandra and dyke nissa are the stars. That's why chandra cards have so many dumb emotes on mtgarena. They pushed her really hard for the netflix show.
source: the writer of chandra's mtgarena dialogue told me this mid 2019

>> No.77052858

>Belbe, Apex Deveastator, Jace's Archivist
What do any of these cards have to do with each other? Belbe just because she produces mana to cast the Devastator earlier in the game? Archivist just makes no sense to me though.

>> No.77052872

social engineering+wotc sending a message. I wonder if we will see white people in future african themed sets (we all know we won't, unless they are depicted as racist colonizers)

>> No.77052874

Does Jamuraa just not exist to y’all?

>> No.77052891

>Tfw stopped trying to adhere to carefully thought out ratios and just assembled aboslute fucking jank piles from my collection for my last 3 decks
Feels good

>> No.77052896

>got the urge to build a tryhard goodstuff jund deck

>> No.77052899

I’m pretty sure I didn’t here any cancellation for that but also haven’t heard any updates either. Pretty say it took 30 years for magic to start getting onto television.

>> No.77052905

sounds lame

>> No.77052924

Not caring about the established rules of the fictional setting is how we got Kaya who:
>killed Brago single handily despite multiple political factions on Fiora not being able to overthrow him
>killed the Obzedat single handily despite the Ghost Council being feared even by powerful individuals like Aurelia, and on their own turf where law magic is completely at their whim surpassing even the Guild Pact's magic
>going to kill Vorinclex who's among the strongest of the new phyrexians
>breaks the post-mending rules by being able to take a non-walker when planeswalking
>special ghost powers that allow her to negate physical attacks and kill both physical and incorporeal beings
>literal "we wuz kangz" backstory, descended from a noble lineage

>> No.77052989

what's sad is that when they did get in to television they decided to go with woke dyke jacestice league bullshit instead of based weatherlight crew and saga

>> No.77053000

Who cares? Why do you care so much about the lore?

>> No.77053027

she's a ghost assassin with the power to yas kween slay you fucking racist. Shut the fuck up and accept your new planeswalker overlord mommy.
>I would not be surpised if they rewrite the cartoon to make Kaya and Teferi the new leads, now that I think about it. France just made a movie where Lupin the gentleman thief is black too lol. The 2020s will be the decade of the global blackening (not that there's anything wrong with that)

>> No.77053030

>who cares about the lore
not kikes of the coast lmao

>> No.77053035

The first two are stupid complaints. She is essentially an exorcist, of course she will be able to kill spirits when no one else can.
Her fighting Vorinclex is retarded though. Bringing non-Walkers is indeed dumb, even Old-Walkers couldn't do that (without turning them into a rock or something dumb)
Again, Ghost powers are her thing, it's not like she is immortal if she is ambushed or overwhelmed she won't be able to go Ghostform.
I dunno her backstory, I am sure I read it but then proceeded to put the info onto the trash.

>> No.77053071

>Chandra is supposed to represent Red and be the face for it
>However Chandra is more like a martial arts purist who only practices the equivalent of Tai Chi for martial arts.
>Meanwhile Red as demonstrated by the players over the years has always been Mixed Martial Arts as it fights fast and ruthless.
Its fairly bizarre in the MTG universe that so many planeswalker characters are just specialists. As if we want to look at it another way, Chandra lacked meaningful growth. The most growth she ever had was over a decade later with Magic 2020 where she actually cared about and used elementals.
>Gets bullied and tormented by Tibalt of all people because hes immune to her dumbass fire.
>What does she do? Does she cast lightning at him? Does she utilize some sort of geomancy? Does she summon any number of her familiars to help fight him off?
>She resorts to punching him because her magic failed her.

>> No.77053074

What is the best way to organize Tokens? Currently I have a mix of totally unsorted and "Grouped by set in collector number order" but I am really thinking Either 100% Alphebetical or By Color followed by Alphebetical are WAY better for actually finding the tokens I want.

>> No.77053075

>>special ghost powers that allow her to negate physical attacks and kill both physical and incorporeal beings

Yusuke Urameshi has the same powers and everyone thinks he's a fucking badass. Everyone knows the only reason you hate the ebony goddess Kaya is because you can't stand to see a strong empowered black woman who doesn't need a man in your fantasy paper card games.

>> No.77053091

>She is essentially an exorcist, of course she will be able to kill spirits when no one else can.
ok but thats fucking retarded I dont know the lore but why was the other guilds ESPECIALLY Dimir (you know the assassin faction) be unable to get an exorcist way before she showed up

>> No.77053098

>Gets bullied and tormented by Tibalt

>> No.77053107

>Again, Ghost powers are her thing, it's not like she is immortal if she is ambushed or overwhelmed she won't be able to go Ghostform.
Lemillion in MHA can do this and everyone thought he was an absolute hero. Again, all hatred of Kaya comes from racism from the audience and racism from the racist WotC design team who actually hired a black Kaya consultant specifically to write and design Kaya.
I for one cannot way for the Kaya television series and am excited to see a transgender african american actress cast in the lead role.

>> No.77053109

Because this kind of power doesn't exist on Ravnica

>> No.77053123

kaya isnt from ravnica?

>> No.77053130

dimir assassinates THINGS THAT ARE ALIVE. Assassinating ghosts is a completely different subject and only the leader of the squad boss of the sauce Kaya knows how to do it. Do you know how to assassinate ghosts? No I didn't think so sweetie

>> No.77053133

Serves you right for switching for a nigger

>> No.77053134

No, she's from Fiora, the Conspiracy plane

>> No.77053150

>all hatred of Kaya comes from racism
She helped herald Bolas' entrance into Ravnica and all she got was a slap on the wrist and given some community service.

>> No.77053168

No, I think Ral, Vraska and Domri are the only native Ravnica Planeswalkers.
I am pretty sure even Azor came from elsewhere and just fucked with Ravnica to his liking.

>> No.77053171

bro hes being sarcastic

>> No.77053172

No she's not even from there, we have no idea where she's from.

>> No.77053181

Command Zone is fucking obnoxious with this shit.

>> No.77053194

reminder that Poe's Law is a thing and there are "people" that actually think like that

>> No.77053197

shes an independent woman of color that dont need no home plane

>> No.77053201

Oh yeah, that's right
I think Azor explicitly said in the Ixalan storyline he wasn't from Ravnica

>> No.77053204


The five color is fine flavor/lore wise and Tibalt being Rakdos is more fitting than MonoRed but the Sultai one bothers me because it's just yet another GoodStuff Commander with some graveyard shenanigans for that color combination.

>> No.77053209

The entire Jacestice league has all done much worse sins than Kaya. You only hate her cus you ain't her. The fact is that Kaya is the first well written character wizards of the coast has created since Chainer.

>> No.77053238

The Chandra comics, issues 1-4 as done by IDW.

>> No.77053246

If Azula can shoot lightning then Chandra can too.

>> No.77053249

it is racist to even question where this strong afrikan yas kween originates from. All we need to know is where she is and that's assassinating ghosts and running the world girlfriend. Cancel all white man. The age of gerrards is over. Your blue viking god of time is a proud African king, incels. Get used to it.

>> No.77053252

>The entire Jacestice league has all done much worse sins than Kaya. You only hate her cus you ain't her. The fact is that Kaya is the first well written character wizards of the coast has created since Chainer.

>> No.77053254

Is Yuriko too strong for a more casual oriented pod?
I dont wanna do any turns or combos i just wanna reveal stupid big mana spells off the top with ninjas

>> No.77053255

It's not the same setting

>> No.77053281

I know, I was been facetious.
And frankly I've never understood why the firebenders can shoot lightning anyway.

>> No.77053285

>tfw no black queens to enslave and use me a living dildo for superior black poontang

>> No.77053289


At its worst it's Darksteel Ingot and at its best it's a superior Gilded Lotus for 1 CMC more. I slotted it into a lot of my lower tier decks and it's worked nicely.

>> No.77053297

Probably, if you're playing 1-2 CMC low to ground evasive creatures with big spell payoffs and your opponents have little interaction, they're likely to die quickly. Even with interaction Yuriko is a pain in the ass to deal with.

>> No.77053310

Azula is a fucking firebending prodigy descended from royalty. Chandra is an impure lesbian peasant descended from dissident peasant trash. Quite Frankly if Chandra grew up in the fire nation Ozai would have executed her as soon as she exhibited her first signs of dykery so Chandra best be glad she was born on Kaladesh.

Do not ever compare Azula and her beautiful pubes to the disgusting Jacestice League membress Chandra who cannot do lightning bending and cannot even redirect it.

>> No.77053314

Lightning is plasma and plasma is just really hot fire

>> No.77053325

If anyone's got an artist they know, could you commission them to make some porn of kaya impaled on vorinclex's dick? I want her stuck on his dick while he walks around, keeping her up with his mini chest arms.

>> No.77053326

Seems like a good play on T6, at the latest.

>> No.77053327

I'm not sure why people build Yuriko as some sort of Doomsday combo deck when Vamp Tutoring Draco to the top, copying her ability with Strionic and Scroll Racking Draco back for 32 damage to the table is a lot more fun.

>> No.77053331

wtf are you talking about anon? that is what Kaya is for. Buy all her cards and build all your decks around her. The only racist thing WotC has done is not make a Kaya planeswalker that can be your commander too.

>> No.77053348

I will ask my drawfag buddy

>> No.77053366

>Vamp Tutoring Draco to the top, copying her ability with Strionic and Scroll Racking Draco
cool 17 card combo bro.

>> No.77053369

Please do. She's really hot and I love this belly riding living cocksleeve stuff.

>> No.77053385

I want to impregnate Azula's unshaven asian pussy.

>> No.77053392

American education, everyone

>> No.77053395

he probably wont because hes a fucking jew and will probably want something for it

>> No.77053419

Commissions are kinda pricey from my own experience, most of the decent artists will charge you around 200 American dollaroos at least and the better ones charge double that or more.

>> No.77053431

Almost no tricolor commander does anything interesting. Stay based.

>> No.77053441

Goddammit, well if anyone knows of a good cheap artist doing porn commissions please post a link.

>> No.77053448

Meant for>>77049693

>> No.77053468

>only person at my LGS with a Kathril deck is actually autistic

>> No.77053478


>> No.77053505

Is 50€ good?

>> No.77053516


>> No.77053517

I was planning to commission a MtG lewd piece with Liesa, but seeing her actual full art and face clearly was a huge turnoff. I'm thinking maybe Mu Yanling now considering most of the Kaldheim angels are also pretty ugly.

>> No.77053527

Should I build esper stack with Zur

I kind of want to but I only play with friends and I don’t know if it would be too much for my playgroup.

>> No.77053540

>Chandra briefly learns how to create a blade made out of white hot fire when trying to bust out of a prison
>fails once
>forgets about it later and proceeds to go back to using big gouts of flame because fuck trying to master a craft.

>> No.77053541

Do Kaya x vorinclex! Or maybe an obzedat gangbang.

>> No.77053563

Y’all are weird

>> No.77053574

>Mu Yanling
Do it coward.

>> No.77053593

The only recent black Magic character I'd be willing to spend money on a commission of is Elenda assuming she's actually black

>> No.77053599

Somebody made porn of picrelated, and I ask, why?

>> No.77053606

I was so mad at liesa being an ugly frogeyed spic, I was livid. Yes I am seething and coping.

>> No.77053623

Oh it's not because I actually like Kaya, it's because I want to see her in humiliating sexual situations.

>> No.77053659

>an ugly frogeyed spic

>> No.77053662

can someone explain to me how the fuck MPC's pricing model works?

>> No.77053663

I can't say I was livid, but definitely disappointed, why couldn't they make her beautiful like her sisters?

>> No.77053685

I'd stick my dick in her.

>> No.77053699


>> No.77053717 [SPOILER] 


>> No.77053732

Yeah that's what's happening in the picture, she's being impaled on a gigantic demon cock that's bulging her stomach and going up to her throat, it's insane. But I'm just curious since she's such an obscure (in modern times) character. Makes me wonder what other obscure/old characters might need some porn.

>> No.77053733

Love the art, I want to build esper fliers with him and just pull anthems but tutoring every turn and game seems boring and samey

>> No.77053760

Are you sure you're not mistaking that for the Liliana consorting image?

>> No.77053777

>"This is the ideal male body, you may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like."
>-Goblin King Bolas

>> No.77053780

It's tagged as "Rayne" and looks nothing like Liliana.

>> No.77053804

Man, if that’s ugly, then I guess I’m into ugly people.

>> No.77053815

Looking again, there are 3, and they're all tagged "Rayne_academy_chancellor"

>> No.77053817

Because they are actively opposed to everything cute, mementos of what they could be had they not chosen the hideous path
Looks like the old cleaning lady at my uni

>> No.77053863

She's not ugly compared to actually terrible looking people, but as an archangel whose three sisters who are literal divine beauties, she's relatively ugly.

>> No.77053870

I'd fuck the old cleaning lady at your uni
And I'm not even into MILF

>> No.77053904

Maybe that's why Avacyn killed her?

>> No.77053958

Just reading it makes me mad. I can't imagine how living it must have felt.

>> No.77053967

I only every thought Bruna was the most extraordinarily beautiful of the trio. Sigarda’s 2 artworks always seem off putting for some reason an Gisella feels about equally to Liesa for me, more young and tomboyish than liesa who seems older but not older than sigarda or Bruna

>> No.77053974


>> No.77053978

If you build a combo centric patron of the moon deck then an absolute ton of the moonfolk are fisble because of how many of them go infinite with patron, amulet of vigor, and something that either reduces the cost of activated abilities or doubles mana, or sometimes even just with patron and amulet.

>> No.77053989

Say "ok I'm about to cast a wheel of misfortune. Everyone who wants to wheel, pick 1, and everyone who doesn't, pic 0."
And then cast it

>> No.77054008

>Can't force people to wheel
Thats not very fun

>> No.77054036

Picks 420 so they can blaze it

>> No.77054053

I can introduce you but you deserve better
that's a bit too anime for my tastes, I pick western this one time

>> No.77054067

>dying from taking 420 damage

but you do still wheel before you die, so...

>> No.77054069


>> No.77054087

>I can introduce you but you deserve better
I already have better, thanks

>> No.77054092

Really? I think Gisela looks leagues better than Liesa, and her hair is somewhat messy due to flying through the air in her art.

>> No.77054107

All angels are pretty ladies who deserve love and happiness.

>> No.77054119

The logic is that every game where I've played wheels, there's been at least one person who doesn't want to wheel. In such a case, he'd pic 0 because he wants to keep his hand and everyone else has no benefit from being sneaky and choosing 1<. So basically, who wants to wheel, wheels. He who doesn't, doesn't.

>> No.77054132

The seem to have a more similar realistic art style to both of them unlike Sigarda and Bruna.

Really when I think about it, I’m just surprised by how long Liesa’s hair is compared to her sisters.

>> No.77054157

Just don't build Korvold please.

>> No.77054188

Blue becomes a really fun color once you don't run counterspells. I have seen the truth.

>> No.77054192

Build prossh.

>> No.77054231

This might work in most games but it is not 100% going to work.

>> No.77054241

MILFs? Are there any other notable MILFs in Magic aside from Rayne, Tamiyo, and Chandra's mom?

>> No.77054244

>long hair
holy shit I thought it was some kind of cape that actully makes her a bit better

>> No.77054262

prossh is worse unless you are playing combo

>> No.77054278

I don't know why we are assuming that Azula has pubes, but I like it.

>> No.77054326

Simpsons did it

>> No.77054344

There is nothing to guarantee it will work yes, but it's worked in every game I've played it, and the times it won't work will be pretty funny

>> No.77054358

I always like bounce spells more.

>> No.77054378

azula's pubes, hand them over

>> No.77054409

It's almost like... they made the special version the better one...Remember the shitty Ikoria constellation cards?

>> No.77054413

Bepis is cute!

>> No.77054421

Fuck you, I want to sniff them and I'm not sharing.

>> No.77054437

Nice black *white* angel!!!

>> No.77054610

Is he any fun?

>> No.77054659

You might actually be retarded. That, or you need new glasses.

>> No.77054663

Not that I can think of off the top of my head. I don't think Serra had children, but would she count?

>> No.77054693

It's Rakdos, so I imagine you'll have ups and downs.

>> No.77054701

Oh wait, I'm pretty sure Nahiri had kids at some point while she was living as a normal kor. I think I remember reading about how she lived countless lives with countless lovers or something along those lines.

>> No.77054716

Phage had a kid. There's also Wort.

>> No.77054755

I'm sure teysa had some bastard child during the narcolepsy public use sessions.

>> No.77054767

>Nahiri had kids

>> No.77054789


>> No.77054807

I run him mostly as monoblack reanimator, but with flayer of the hatebound and terror of the peaks.

>> No.77054900

Fucking up a product set to add more whale hunting product is a disgrace

>> No.77055089

Jamura was nice, but they think of moneuy first, and they know an african themed set won't sell(it will also be a minefield)
They better not be hypocrites

>> No.77055516

This but unironironically

>> No.77055553


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