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Us ourselves had been seafaring scandinavian raiders edition

Previous Thread:>>77031081

>OFFICIAL Commander website, where you can learn the rules, see the current banlist, and read the OFFICIAL format philosophy, laid down by the rules committee:

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the internet.

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen color identity.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their deck strategy and card choices.


>Thread Question
Let's see those Kaldheim shitbrews

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>fucking up the op

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I love angels! So I might try out starnheim aspirant to make my angels cheaper.

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It's a dude?

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>This is a tale to make all of Kaldheim tremble... it first began with Yakub and his savage creations..."

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i've fucking had it, seriously

friends too poor to play
i buy friends pre cons, they still pull out mobile games during playing
LGSs under extreme demoralizing distancing measures
constant reminder of we wuz kangz, quanz, white peepo iz devil

even when LGSs open up i dont want to wear a fucking mask and latex gloves to play a face to face cardboard game

its just a fucking flu

worst part is im rich off of crypto now it seems to have just started. i think i may end up as a decamillionaire within a year if markets dont completely crash with no survivors

and for what? the world is fucked

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none of the legends interest as me a commander, some will be added to the 99 if I care enough

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Cant wait to fuck face with this guy.

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my bad I was cooking spaghetti

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how do I get rich off crypto

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Ship me my fucking cards already, Giuseppe.

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I haven't been interested in anything from the new set so far but this looks like it could make my Zada deck even more broken.

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Go back in time 10-15 years

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I like this weird motherfucker. There's probably a lot of fun blue targeted cantrips you could fuck around with.

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Buy a few 10 years ago.
A good rule of thumb is not to get anything if it's talked about heavily in the news, newfags ruin literally everything they touch.

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Give runes now, wotc.

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>get lord
>clone it

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Hidden Strings is my immediate thought.

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Is there any alternative to Anthroplasm to put X +1/+1 counters on a creature in Grixis colours? As an activated ability of a creature or artifact, I mean.

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Just go for charge counters, Mairsil anon.

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>Copy something that can target an artifact under the Scepter
>Cast the copy
>Copy the Scepter
>Put something else under it
>Make a bunch of Scepters with a bunch of different cards under them

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have you considered that maybe if people like you took "just a fucking flu" seriously and followed safety guidelines from the start instead of being an obstinate contrarian faggots that we probably would have stopped the spread enough to wear we wouldnt need such strict restrictions now?

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>refuse to follow safety guidelines and wear a mask
>guise why is nothing getting better?


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15 days to slow the spread.
What a long time ago that promise was made.
Now New York is talking about sending people to fucking camps.
What's next? firing squads?

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Why is there a sheboon, that isn't a planes walker, in the Vikings setting? Like, I'd be pretty pissed if they did an African setting and had a bunch of whiteys or Asians there as well, but we know they wouldn't do that for the African setting so why is it okay here? Black people, you weren't Vikings, you were Kangz remember? Sigh.

Wake me up when this constant need to erase white people is over.

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we dont need any restrictions
its a flu

we had no restrictions of any kind for the past several decades for any of those flus

wake up, sheepie, unironically and memes aside

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Like Unspeakable Symbol?

Can we not degenerate into political/off-topic discussion when we're hardly 20 posts in

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Literally every problem people have is caused by someone going "but fuck you, I want to/don't want to". People absolutely hate not being selfish and don't like thinking long term.

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That was the best case, if everyone followed the restrictions
People didn't, so it took longer
It took longer so more people stopped caring

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The 6th post was a retard frogpost, we were fucked before it began.

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People 'stopped caring' because they needed money you dumb faggot. It wasnt apathy that caused them to start trying to open their businesses again, it was a need to eat.

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>>77043648well of course it didnt work when half the country are retarded contrarian faggot rednecks who purposely went against safety guidelines

you literally have no one to blame but yourself when places like south korea and new zealand crushed the virus within weeks

but im sure you will completely ignore what i said and push another conspiracy theory while wondering why you cant go play at your LGS and crying on a chinese rice washing image board

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>What's next? firing squads?
God I hope so.

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>its jsut a flu brah

>Can we not degenerate into political/off-topic discussion when we're hardly 20 posts in
dont bring it up then

wow its almost like we should be doing something about those people. maybe a 10k fine to start then a 2 year jail sentence after. its beyond time to for action against these people

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Sorry to tell you this mate, but down here in Australia we followed the same guidelines and it didnt work.
We're still getting superclusters and sporadic city/state lockdowns, despite spending the better part of last year unable to leave our houses.

Lockdowns dont work. Not for long anyway.

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>its a flu
??? you tarded?

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Good to know that you're an avid fascist, Hitler would be so proud of you.

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I want to put 5 counters on Mairsil so I can remove them with Sage of Hours to take extra turns. There's a fag in my pod who plays infinite combos and thinks he's so smart for netdecking like the gay retard he is.

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here, some actual /edh/ shit.

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im talking about not retarded countries anon, your neighbors are litearlly going about life as normal right now. even south koera, a state that was 3rd world 20 years ago, is done with the virus

there is no excuse for the worlds richest and most powerful nation to be failing this hard because of retards like you

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You know they admitted that the real number less than 5% of what that graphic shows right?
Hospitals got money for every covid diagnosis, so regardless of cause of death, everything was a covid death.

>> No.77043795

>Posts pic that shows regular flu like outcomes
Do you really not know what the flu looks like very year in America? And you're calling the other anon retarded?

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its mostly fake reporting

false positive

gunshot to the head?

cardiac arrest?


rooftop suicide?

car accident?

>> No.77043805

>crash car
>die from internal bleeding from crash related injuries
>autopsy shows you had corona virus
>official cause of death = corona virus

Video games.

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call me a fascist all you want but ill take some inbred redneck retards being jailed so i can go back to my LGS

>> No.77043820

There isn't any country 'done' with the virus, wtf, you best be providing some actual sources on that one anon because that's total bull.

>> No.77043821

It's easier to just slap something like a Hidestugu+infect or Tree+Hateflayer on him, if you really have the need to delete someone asap.

>> No.77043830

More pegasi is always cool

>> No.77043844

>source: dude trust me

literally dubunked multiple times and repeating this line shows how little you actually know about medical science. not really that surprising though

>> No.77043849

>because of retards like you
A lot of fucking assumptions in this one sentence.
I followed the lockdowns as ordered by our dear fascist state in waiting and it didnt fucking work.
You're not stopping this retard. What's not to get? It's like influenza. It mutates and the vaccine doesnt work against it anymore. Heard about the British superstrain yet?

There is no eraditing coronavirus. There is no stopping it. There is only living with it. Welcome to the new normal dumbass.

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America is even more retarded than i thought
Civil war tomorrow?

>> No.77043862 [DELETED] 

I won't just call you a fascist, I'll put a bullet in you too. You're the kind of faggot that supports Antifa and BLM and all the other retarded agitation groups out there it's no wonder you're a total fascist at heart.

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???? you tarded?

>> No.77043872

It's less about deleting him and more about forcing him to watch me play infinite turns. He never scoops no matter what.

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>doesn't link the debunk
It should be easy no?

>> No.77043895

>using debunked unironically

I've read many articles from WHO and my countries health service regarding how the death rate is counted. Go look it up yourself if you're really interested, I don't really care to provide sources to some random faggot anon on the internet.

Also, I just deBOONked your post. Checkmate.

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i mean you are literally arguing against basic shit like wearing a mask right now so i think im pretty spot on

do it bitch, you wont the world can laugh at you as you fail another insurrection, get arrested, and spend your life in federal prison or gitmo like those other facts from 2 weeks ago

all bark no bite, cuck

>> No.77043922

its from the cdcs website, click on the big covid19 link

>ignoring the fact that you didnt link anything for your claim (ya, we noticed)

>> No.77043926

>i mean you are literally arguing against basic shit like wearing a mask right now so i think im pretty spot on
You're confusing me for a different person. I wear a mask where I'm ordered too.
A retard calling others retarded. It's a beautiful circle of irony.

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Who is going to be able to do a prerelease, even if it's at home with a small number of people? I hope I can, it depends on my LGS receiving the goods in time

>> No.77043945

>Gets called fascist
>Doesn't refute it
>Supports Antifa

How do you not blow your own brains out with how fucking hypocritical your life is? A bunch of right wing trolls and larpers were able to walk into the Capitol building and look how scared your masters are now, you think when the guns come out it'll be better or worse for your kind?

>> No.77043948

... Do we wanna make a new thread? This one's unsalvagable.

>> No.77043963

No. You fucking stay here and you watch.
It wasnt the right wingers that started this mess. It was an autistic antifafag that couldnt contain is fucking spaghetti and ignore the post that triggered him.

>> No.77043972

Hey, I'd like you to wear a face diaper and you're no longer allowed to have a job or earn an income. I'm from the government so you have to follow my orders little cuck :)

>> No.77043980

Hey guys, anyone want to talk about EDH?

>> No.77043982

Except I didn't claim anything at all, other anons did. Just as it is up to them to support their claims it is also incumbent upon you to do the same. If they made as spurious claims as you so claim then it should be EASY for you to debunk it, no?

>> No.77043988

i know what you are reffering to, its called a comorbidity. you clearly dont seem to know what you are talking about if you think comorbidity deaths are not attributed to the virus in this case, the fact that you are even disputing this shows how little you know what you are talking about. you dont even know how stupid you are making yourself look because you dont have the basic knowledge. its sad

ironically you could as you say, literally go look it up, but we all know you wont

no im not, you are fighting against following basic guidelines for covid safety. you should be jailed

>> No.77043990

I do

>> No.77043998

No, it's shit, why would you want to talk about that?

>> No.77044008

>no im not, you are fighting against following basic guidelines for covid safety. you should be jailed
And you should be shot so your retard genetics dont foul up the gene pool.
I guess neither of us have gotten what we wanted.

>> No.77044014

If you want an infinite, go for Horseshoe Crab combos for sick loops like Cabal Interrogator and Temple Bell with infinite untaps and manually let him draw and discard his deck.

>> No.77044024

And you should be shot as the seditious pig that you are, but the last year has shown us that no one is getting what they want.

>> No.77044031

oh hey look a non argument, called it

keep not following guidelines, i look forward to your next post bitching about how you cant go in your LGS

>> No.77044037

/pol/ is literally raiding MtG threads on /tg/ currently, there's already one or two /pol/acks admitting this on /mmg/

>> No.77044049


whats it like being too stupid to know basic meaning of words? does your learning disability prevent you from googling things?

>> No.77044051

I like him, kinda want to build a clone tribal. Only question is mono U with him at the helm, Littora for Simic degeneracy, or Volrath for accelerationism

>if people like you took "just a fucking flu" seriously and followed safety guidelines from the start
But yuros did that and there's still another spike

>> No.77044052

I. Am. Not. The. Guy. You. Think. I. Am.
Jesus fucking christ.

>> No.77044057

How come a set based around norse mythology has a bunch of niggers in it?

>> No.77044074

>But yuros did that
No, we didn't, there's a lot of retards living here as well

>> No.77044086

>100k deaths for the entire continent
>meanwhile america is over 20% of all cases dispite only being 4% of the worlds population

imagine being retarded enough to think these are the same thing, just imagine being that stupid

>I. Am. Not. The. Guy. You. Think. I. Am.
>i am just arguing all his points and refuse to follow safety guidelines while actively encouraging others to disregard them

>> No.77044104 [DELETED] 

Again, you Antifa faggots are the seditious terrorists trying to bring the West down from within. Just because you have the help of the (((media))) doesn't change the seditious intent. You people are 100% fascistic mongoloids destroying your own nations from within.

>> No.77044108

Despite being 4% of the world's population, burgers make up 20%...

>> No.77044110

>cant defend your points
>muh antifa

lol retard

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>> No.77044120

No you absolute flaming faggot and waste of a human life, its because you people can't go a fucking day without shitposting about the other side being bad and your side being good and everyone who disagrees with you is Hitler or a faggot.
Nobody on this board gives a fuck about what side you're on or if you voted blue or red or whatever the fuck kind of voting system you have where you shitpost. Nobody wants to see this shit in a thread about a niche way to play with cardboard. Nobody but you gives a fuck about what you think about the coof and why it's bad or not bad, just shut the fuck up. Fucking go to an appropriate board if you really want (you)s so badly. Take the rest of these fucking faggots who can't help but shit their opinion about something that's not related to Commander in the slightest because they're just that starved for attention and have nothing better to do than be right on the internet or tell someone else that they're wrong. Either shut the fuck up, post somethin related, or fucking leave.
Yes I am mad, I am seething, I can't cope with it and all of you live in my head. I hope you're pleased with yourself because all it took was to destroy a thread for it. God damn I hate each and every one of you, fucking kill yourself.

>> No.77044124

Because faggots keep giving money to the Jews at Wizards of the Coast and expect things to change?

>> No.77044129

I never said people should disregard them, I said they dont fucking work because there is no curing COVID. It's something we're going to have to live with now and there needs to be a better system in place instead of this 'lockdown until the economy crumbles and fucking dies' thing so many countries (including my own) have tried.

A perfectly logical viewpoint worthy of debate. But instead you start screeching and saying I should go to jail.
For nothing more than speaking.
There's a word for that...

>> No.77044144

Hes a changeling so you can build him a bit like this boy

>> No.77044146

Have a snickers bro.

>> No.77044147

Sounds like you're the one closest to killing themselves, chill out fag.

>> No.77044160

damn how do I get rich now then

>> No.77044173

>Claim to be trans-black
>Loot and rob places during next 'protest'

>> No.77044216

The real answer is get a second job for the weekends, save your money up, invest a part of it in trusted stocks and the other in real estate, keep it up for 40 years.
Anyone can be a millionaire, it just takes more work than most people are willing to put in because they want the weekends off to party and go on vacation twice a year.

>> No.77044226

>It's something we're going to have to live with now

That is a TERRIBLE idea. Even the people that recover from covid have fucking lung damage and other health complications that are going to be a burden on the healthcare system for years. This is. not. just. a. flu. Take that whole fucking idea and toss it right the hell out of your head.

>> No.77044230

>I never said people should disregard them
>i just heavily implied not following

dude you are not cleaver, woudl you w litearlly already be back at your LGS if you took this seriously 6 months ago. LITEARLLY all health experts agree on this

>> No.77044255

he doesnt believe covid is real, why would you expect him to understand why half your population being sick is bad or that there are consequences outside of just getting sick for a week?

he is literally too stupid to understand

>> No.77044275

I normally don't post on grammar but wow, when you're arguing about people being cleaver (clever) and write like that....ooof man.

Also, it's worth pointing out that there are quite a lot of divisions within the health community on all sorts of aspects of Covid saying
>All health experts agree on this
Is completely and utterly untrue. It's quite possibly one of the most divisive cases we've seen in the medical community.

>> No.77044277

I never said it was just a flu. I said we're not going to get rid of it and have to learn to deal with it and used the example of my country locking down so hard we spiralled ourselves into a fucking depression and it still keeps cropping up here.

>> No.77044278

I'm entirely unfamiliar with this combo, but I can get the cards from a friend. How does it work, and are there any stack shenanigans that need to happen?

>> No.77044280

Based angry Kermit telling it like it is.

>> No.77044299

And you're literally too retarded to know you've been arguing with 4 separate people. Go figure.

>> No.77044305


>wew another non argument, what a surprise

>Is completely and utterly untrue. It's quite possibly one of the most divisive cases we've seen in the medical community.
it quite literally is not but ill ignore that you didnt substantiate that because i know you cant

>> No.77044306


>> No.77044308

>This is. not. just. a. flu.
Back. to. reddit.

>> No.77044323

i men you are literally arguing that covid is "just a flu" when it demonstrably is not so i got you pretty pegged

maybe try saying something less stupid next

>> No.77044347

> enchantments on equipment

what is this fresh hell?

>> No.77044352

UK has a worse death rate than USA and Spain, France, Sweden, and Italy all have very similar deathrates to USA. The state of affairs in USA is extremely overstated and is limited to a few regions. Meanwhile, the deathrate in my state, while still problematic, is less than places like Netherlands and Germany.

The only people to get the pandemic "right" were Japan and South Korea. The rest of the world shit the bed.

>> No.77044355

Except I didn't say it was 'just a flu'? Again, are you too stupid to realize when you're arguing with different people?

>> No.77044375

>make lighthearted edgy joke for the thread
>memetically attracts denier poltards
you guys can be insufferable sometimes. Don't respond bros, talk mtg.
Do you think my girl Bepis will be too miserable to play against?

>> No.77044377

Prepare for the cyberpunk future when we're all paid in Wayland-Utani stock anyways. Get ahead of the curve. Invest your money in safe stocks on Robinhood. When Robinhood IPOs, buy into that. Fractional Shares are functionally cryptocurrency backed by a corporation.

You can't stop the Cyberpunk Clown Dystopia, but you don't have to play the game the way everyone else does. I hate Apple with a passion. I'm still investing in apple. If you can't defeat your enemies, find a way to profit off their success. Spite them with your prosperity.

Except that the current crazy stock prices HAVE to be a bubble that'll burst soon.

Can't tell if being sarcastic or just retarded.

>> No.77044380

Infinite untaps take something like pili-pala, something that makes 2 mana or more which is usually a gilded lotus or something similar, and a Horseshoe crab. You tap for the 3 mana, pay two for pili so it untaps, use U for Crab's ability to copy all his abilities which you can then use again.
From there on, it's just amatter of putting abilities in the loop like a Dimir Guildmage to let everyone draw out their deck and such. You need a lot of setup to do so though ,but you can make it as bullshit as you want.

>> No.77044386

>seething so hard he forgets to capitalize and spell
So much for the enlightened Blue!

It's cartouches 2.0, now with shittier mana costs.

>> No.77044403

If I enchant a land that can do pinging damage, do I gain life?

>> No.77044416

>80k cases is worse than 400k
wew lad

>i didnt say it was just a flu, im just fighting really hard to not take any protective measures against it for totally no reason :^)

>non argument again

>> No.77044425

Is that the actual art? If so then that's pretty cool.
But yes, she's a combo engine and people absolutely despise having their shit taken so remember to talk to your group before they get passive aggressive and post about it on a Mongolian throat singing forum.

>> No.77044435

>i cannot argue your point so i will point out a typo

retard alert retard alert

>> No.77044436

So you're saying you're fine with viking niggers?

>> No.77044439

I doubt it, everyone runs all flavors of removal and unless you go full discard route most metas you will only steal like 2 things before a wipe

>> No.77044447

Only if it's a creature

>> No.77044469

>i didnt say it was just a flu, im just fighting really hard to not take any protective measures against it for totally no reason :^)

Nigger, I never once talked about masks, protective measures, LGS, going outside, or any other form of interacting with Covid restrictions.
What do you not understand? You have been talking with at least four different people.

>> No.77044479

>i cannot hide my seethe so i will show it

reiddtspacing alert reiddtspacing alert

>> No.77044492

I think the world is still too ignorant for the transracial representation we deserve
I'm still a student, currently waiting for a new laptop because I'd like to use my skills for some freelance programming shitjobs. Any suggestions?
some of the best advice you can give desu. Do you think airlines are a good investment now?

>> No.77044531

if you are not advocating against those things then why are you constantly fighting it? why not endorse it right now

>non argument again

>> No.77044536


>> No.77044537

Definitely do not do airlines. With Covid and all the shit some of the newer planes have been going through mechanically? Throw on the fact that many are highly subsidized in a world that's trying to limit travel? Ignore airlines as much as possible for investment opportunities.

>> No.77044567

It's written on the card

>> No.77044580

I'm not fighting it right now, I'm calling you a faggot who deserves a bullet because you're a fascist who thinks jailing people is fine. Like, Jesus Christ anon, I'm a volunteer firefighter ffs, I have to do far more Covid prevention methods daily then you have ever even conceived of doing, don't fucking start with me about this shit. My entire argument with you is because you're a dumb nigger who fights against "le fascists" then proceeds to act a bigger fascist then any other faggot in here.

>> No.77044592

Oh, I get it now. You said Horseshoe Crab, but you meant Quicksilver Elemental. Crab just untap for a blue.

>> No.77044594

>being innumerate in 2021
Just admit you are ignorant of the data and can't comprehend mathematics. Per capita is the only way to accurately measure these things.

Europe has shit healthcare infastructure and hasn't done proper testing. When you compare the deathrates, the part that actually matters, what you see is that the outcomes in USA are pretty much the same as western Europe. The worst parts of the USA, though, like California and New Jersey and New York, are far worse off than most European countries.

More than half of US states and territories would fall outside the top 10 when it comes to deathrates among European countries. If you look at the top deathrates among US states, besides New York and New Jersey, it follows a very similar trend as deathrates in Europe. Taken as a whole. USA would be one of the worst in Europe, but not number one. Examined across the continent, like we examine Europe, shows you how overstated the situation is in USA.

>> No.77044637

i dont care if you call me a fascist because i know im not one, that word only has power with actual fascists like the ones running our government until tomorrow at noon who are responsible for 400k deaths and their shit heel followers like you who constantly argue against covid protections. you have spend the last hour disavowing and arguing against covid restrictions. if you were not you would have said they were good an hour ago

we. should. kill. all. antimaskers. state. funded. executions. of. covid. deniers. kill. every. single. one. of. them. publically. on. national. tv

>> No.77044651

Noone replied last thread so here we go again. If I have some creature on the field and orvar out too and target the creature with for example Twiddle to make a copy, but also flash in pic related to copy Twiddle and choose the newly casted naru meha as a new target so I get a copy of her that then again copies Twiddle and so on... Will I get infinite naru mehas or will I get my Mtg license revoked because I'm too stupid to understand the rules?

>> No.77044660

data doesnt lie anon, there is more than enough data out there by multiple world organizations that support what i say, you can literally go look it up on the cdc and who website

sorry you are too fucking retarded to read i guess

>> No.77044683

The Legend Rule exists anon

>> No.77044689

>Eternal reminder: The prophecy

>> No.77044694

Seriously, the comment was so low-effort boilerplate I couldn't tell if it was genuine or sarcastic. "You're literally killing people literally!" would have cinched it, for example.

I became disgusted with the entire COVID discussion a while ago. I know (healthy late 20s/early 30s) people who have been furlowed or on work-from-home for months that still shake in fear at the idea of going outside, because they watch the TV news and facebook. They check the daily update of COVID cases in their town, in major cities, in every major city. There's an endless supply of new numbers that go slightly up for them to freak out over and rage at the STOOPIDS for.

I know someone who said that she's not going outside again until there's a vaccine. She hasn't been doing anything to GET the vaccine that's now available, though. Because apparently even when there's a vaccine and if everyone's been vaccinated, the lockdowns still have to continue because there's new strains and we don't know if the new vaccine works and it might not and even if it does you might still be contagious even though that doesn't matter if everyone is vaccinatedFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

Living in Chicago, I'll try to chat with other people living on other floors in my wacky converted-lofts should-be-condemned secret music venue building. Two whole floors have fallen to this fucking panic. I'll say "how's it going?" and they'll start talking about how cases have just spiked in Salt Lake City. Firstly, we're in chicago. secondly, I wanted to know about YOU and YOUR life.

At what point will you have had enough? At what point will you realize that they'll next-tuesday us forever, not because of some sinister globalist agenda, but because our public and elected officials are spineless and incompetent and terrified of making a decision when its so much easier to pass the buck.

>> No.77044704

boy i sure am glad I came here to see people share their thoughts and discuss cards from magic the gathering's upcoming set Kaldheim

I think a lot of the gods are pretty sweet but the rest of the set underwhelming, especially the 20 multicolor sagas and boast as a whole

>> No.77044710

>I know I'm not a fascist
>Proceeds to call for the death of tens of millions of people on national TV

Also, AGAIN, I have not been disavowing Covid restrictions, you are arguing with multiple people you absolute chimp.

>> No.77044721

my reasoning was that they should be cheap now for the reasons you listed, but people are obsessed with traveling to India and other shitholes to get a whiff of the stink so they should peak when(if?) we're back to normal

>> No.77044724

>cant argue against my points wo you hand wave them away

i called that this would happen an hour ago and it still happening

dont worry ive still noticed how you have not substantiated anything but who is counting right haha

>> No.77044730

I am looking at the data right now. You are not addressing the data and making dishonest comparisons. The death rate in the United States, taken as a whole, is not even the worst among Europen nations, let alone worst in the world.

When you examine the US deathrate by state or region, you will see some uniquely bad states with deathrates worse than any European nation and you will see many states as bad or better than most European nations.

The deahtrate in the US, while bad, is not uniquely bad. It would place among the same top deathrates when compared to Europe, but not even at number 1. The pandemic is bad the world over. It hasn't been handled properly aywhere outside of Japan and North Korea. The United States does not have uniquely bad outcomes, it's outcomes are similar to other modern industrial western countries like UK, Spain, Italy, France, and Sweden.

It is not good. It is not uniquely bad. Both of things can be and in fact are true.

Data doesn't lie.

>> No.77044732

Still got way more of the top than the bottom.

>> No.77044750

Shut the fuck up.

>im not disavowing covid restrictions, ive just spent the last hour fighting against them and STILL have not said they were good despite all the evidence saying they are and it being proven in other countries like new zealand or s korea


>> No.77044753

I'd normally say go for restaurant jobs or something, but right now that's obviously not an option. Basically take anything you can get and don't spend your money on stupid shit. I had two jobs during my school days and now I have 40k put away and another 40k put in stocks and bonds and such and I usually hope for 10% profit per year and also have about 25k to set aside from my actual job.
Keep in mind that this is in euros so it's not as underwhelming as it sounds. Plus this kind of life is killing for your social life.

>> No.77044755

*south korea

>> No.77044763

Do you have the list for that Edgar deck, anon?

>> No.77044772

Sigh......SIGH! I just wanted cool Viking themed MTG.
Hell, If they gave us an all white Viking setting I'd be all for them giving us a cool Africa setting. Why must they do this to us anon?

>> No.77044774

>source: DUDE TRUST ME

dude you can literally look at it on the WHOs website and prove yourself, its literally on the front page

>> No.77044778

yes it's her art, some nice showcases this time around. I want to go full discard so maybe I should leave her for the obnoxious decks we each have one of
I certainly am not

>> No.77044784

You will never be a Wizard.

You will never Time Walk, Ponder, Preordain, or Cancel. You will never feel Blue mana course through your body, your being, your soul. You are a Colorless token who will be put into exile, not triggering any LTB effects, never to be remembered.

>> No.77044785

I did, sorry. The elemental is key for loops, but he honestly works better for the easy combo's with Hidetsugu and shit.

>> No.77044794

Well fuck me sideways and call me Urza. Then I'd need to have sakashima on the field too

>> No.77044804

Nothing in Kaldheim has me particularly excited for EDH, the red God that gives a mana when you cast a spell will be going in my Feather Deck but thats about it.

I'm going to end up replacing almost half the cards in my 60 card non-singleton casual Resplendent Angel deck though.

>> No.77044808

What are some recent cards with big exposed tits?

>> No.77044820

Not-Thor is a dude
Black people get to exist in the multiverse. Get over yourselves.
Not a lot of gay moments aside from the elves bros
The plow is cool and we need more white themed farming ramp cards

My one disappointment is they didn’t bring back raid. I get the flavor of Bēots and boast but idk. Raid seems like a worthy ability to have return for a Viking set. Also boast seems like an ability that’s going to mess with a lot of new players

>> No.77044824

Maybe? But they aren't so cheap that the risk is worth the reward. We are potentially looking at numerous airlines just...disappearing the next few years. Tread very carefully with them. Admittedly, if Covid is 100% cured in the minds of the normies? Yeah, there's gonna be a massive surge in travel as they celebrate, but I think we can both agree that we aren't getting back to that kind of normal.

>> No.77044831

Anon just told you the data he was working off of, per capita death rates.

The situation in the united states is being catastrophized because of Trump. Never waste a disaster. Just relentlessly repeat "COVID in the USA is the worst in the world overall, because our president is a bad man, and its his fault. Everyone but us is doing great, we are uniquely terrible." Tanks his approval, tanks the economy for everyone who isnt Jeff Bezos, gets him narrowly defeated in an election, then suddenly the (same) numbers aren't so dire when the new guy comes in to save us.


>> No.77044835

I like Better Mistform Ultimus and the spell trample giant along with Thor, but that's pretty much it.

>> No.77044840

>If you don't positively avow my position you MUST be against it

Also lol at you just accepting that you are a complete fascistic monster, good for you.

>> No.77044866

>Company goes political up their ass
The autism level in EDH

>> No.77044869

>911s worth of deaths daily
>guises they jsut want to make it seems like its bad to get us (the ones actively making it worse) out of power!

>> No.77044885

what do you mean i have to say something is good if i want people to think its good? why cant i just tell blatant, easily disproven lies, and get away with it!?

>> No.77044896

>Black people get to exist in the multiverse
>That means every plane has black people!!!!

You do understand WHY people are upset with niggers in these sets right? I'm curious, were you seething to have niggers added to Tarkir?

>> No.77044901

You will keep creating Narus and getting the ETB copy effects, you'll just need to keep sacrificing the new ones.

>> No.77044927

I'm sorry, but why are deaths measured in 911s?

>> No.77044930

Yes, the WHO and all other trackers proving exactly what I am saying. You can track the data here with an interactive map:


All trackers are showing the same numbers,

What you see, for example, is the US with a death rate of about 122 deahts per 100,000, UK with a deathrate of about 135 per 100,00, Italy around 137 per 100,000 while France and Spain are better at around 105 and 114 respectively and so on.

You can look at individual US states and territories as well and see the same thing. NY and NJ are over 200 deaths per 100,000. MA is bad too as is CT. New England in general besides like Vermont and Maine are totally fucked, but there are many states and regions with far better death rates.

Health emergencies are handled by state governments, not federal and you can see which states approached it better and which did worse. My state, for example, would be 20th highest death rate if plotted among European countries and we aren't even the least well off state. Nor are we that small. There are more people here than in many European nations.

>> No.77044941

Because I haven't said any lies to you at all
1. You are a fascist
2. You deserve the bullet
3. You are retarded
There those are all the statements I have made about you and they are all objectively true.

>> No.77044948

Talk about niggers and trannies in mtg all you want. I will join you. What do covid US death rates and face mask denying have to do with mtg? You are incredibly dense.

>> No.77044949

>>Black people get to exist in the multiverse
>>That means every plane has black people!!!!
I don't see the problem here

>> No.77044956

Because these people only think in tragedies, not facts.

>> No.77044960

How is an angry muppet the most sensible person in this thread?

>> No.77044980

yes unfortunately we agree on that. Maybe medical startups is where it is?

>> No.77044981

Cool looking dorf, but runes are kind of useless.

>> No.77044987

Because the reverse doesn't occur? The asian settings aren't flooded with niggers, the Africa setting won't be flooded with whitey, but everywhere else has to have token niggers?
Look man, I get it, you were born a nog and think you're cool and hip (and rich) enough to play MTG, but you just aren't. Go back to playing basketball and sticking your dick in dumb whores, you don't belong in our world, go back to yours.

>> No.77044988

because republicans constantly talk about how bad 911 was yet ignore the hypocrisy of them letting a 911 worth of people dying every day because they refuse to wear a mask or give states money to fight covid

its just to illustrate how stupid and hypocritical the GOP is

>prove it

you cant possibly be this stupid unironically, you have to be arguing in bad faith

>> No.77045002

Hey guys, what's going on in this thread?

>> No.77045027

Medical startups are always a risk, but I think in these times they're more reliable in the short term at least? You can ride the wave of hope hype, and if things are looking dodgy with them, dump and start with a new one.

>> No.77045033

Autismo pasta
Good luck.

>> No.77045047

We are using the same data, Anon. It proves exactly what I am saying. WHO, John Hopkins, government sites, they all report the same numbers because places like WHO and academics are just aggregate data bases pulled from government reports.

I'm not sure what you are losing your mind over. The data is clear.

>> No.77045052

Normal /tg/ stuff, where have you been?

>> No.77045069

well for all the good advice, I still need some damn money to invest haha. Hope the laptop arrives soon, lots of shipping delays in my country these weeks.

>> No.77045079

I'm not black

>> No.77045091

nel mezzo del camin di nostra vitta, mi ritrovai per una selva oscura, che la diritta via era smarrita

>> No.77045096


Maybe that population density is partially responsible for the rate of transmission :0

As for mortality the US's Rwandan health care speaks for itself

Anyway bys any Kaervek counters? Been getting by ass handed to me by rakfos gang recently at my pod

>> No.77045121

Then why do you want niggers in the Viking setting? No sane white person wants that, so either you're ill (my condolences), a nigger (go home), or a Jew (evil).

>> No.77045122

Angel dreams

>> No.77045130

This art is pure cringe. I also wonder if we will see a black villain depicted in a WotC product ever again.

>> No.77045146

>the usa being 20% of cases and deaths dispite being 4% of the population is ok and not in anyway disproportionate to the rest of the world

ok so you are just being disingenuous and arguing in bad faith. i mean i already knew that but at least its clear to the thread now

>> No.77045148

>Getting your ass handed to you by a CMC 7 Rakdos card
How? Anyway, put a Soul Link on him and suddenly he works for you now.

>> No.77045157

You know we won't.

>> No.77045161

A few black people don't hurt
I'm against the god of snow being black though

>> No.77045176

Remember when this card caused controversy?

>> No.77045178

Florida is completely fine and so is Sweden. They ignored all bullshit covid propaganda. Stop blaming your fellow peasant for mistakes made by corrupt politicians. Stop being a useful idiot for the establishment

>> No.77045181


>> No.77045192

Racism is ok only if it favors blacks

>> No.77045193

Nigga as an outside observer you haven't even fucking provided a source

>> No.77045195

No. You're going to point to a Youtuber or two getting upset and pretend that counts.

>> No.77045202

Population density surely has some relation to rates of infection and we'll see loads of studies and data on that in the years after this pandemic. There is so much good information that will come out of it.

The mortality in the US is bad, but roughly the same as Western Europe. Better than some, worse than a lot. The worst places in USA are limited to a few regions, but what you see right now is only a moderate correlation with population. The worst deathrates in the USA include high density places like New England, but also in the top 10 are mostly empty places like the dakotas and MS. Meanwhile, you see some of the denser places fall lower in the rankings indicating responses taken by different governments had a big impact an outcomes. The conclusions are pretty blurry.

>Anyway bys any Kaervek counters? Been getting by ass handed to me by rakfos gang recently at my pod

I don't understand this.

>> No.77045204

They will call you an autist, cringe, unbased, or what-have-you, but in my heart I know that you are righteous and just.
Have one of my favorite cards.

>> No.77045207

Runes are cool and flavorpilled.

>> No.77045210

I'm more of a Vampiric Link guy myself

Hey, my girlfriend is Sardinian

He's such a narrow card. I doubt the Runes will be playable in anything but Limited

>> No.77045215

Lockdowns don't work, faggot. Stop posting fake science and covid disinformation

>> No.77045218

/tg/ was mad

>> No.77045220

>APAC exclusive promos
Because there's now Asians/people who celebrate Lunar New Year in the US, I guess.

>> No.77045225

i have though, the cdcs website and the whos website, ive said these sources from post 0

stop being a bad faith shill

>> No.77045229

No I'm not, I just vaguely remember some tweets talking about how it bad they made a card of a black man notable for being imprisoned during the floyd riots.

>> No.77045230

I'll allow it if they allow white people in the African plane when they get to that they won't, but it would be funny if they did

>> No.77045248

ya they dont work when half the country defies them and doesnt wear a mask

we can literally see them work in first world countries like new zealand and s korea

>> No.77045255

We've already been to mtg africa and there were white people.

>> No.77045256


I may just be retarded, but what does that mean?

>> No.77045259

I was mad that nuKaervek sucked dick compared to the original. But that's how it has been for most new cards for old Legends

>> No.77045261


>> No.77045262

We already got a cool Africa setting with Jamuraa back when MtG was good.

>> No.77045263

Everyone knew it was coming

>> No.77045264

A few black people do hurt though. It creates the narrative that black people have always been a part of white people's lands when that isn't the case. BBC casts a black woman as Queen of England? Joan of Arc? All of this shit is meant to take things away from us out of some petty need for revenge.

It also ruins the verisimilitude of the setting. I don't want whiteys in the Africa setting, or natives in the Mongolian setting, so I sure as hell don't want darkeys in the Viking setting.

Old MTG had mixed race planes, but it did them right by having an actual reason for why they were and where the various peoples came from. Having random nigger gods doesn't make any god damn sense.

>> No.77045267

>i have though, the cdcs website and the whos website, ive said these sources from post 0
You literally haven't though The other guy posted a direct link to his sources AND elaborated on how he was interpreting the data. None of your reddit spaced posts have any sources are any intelligible arguments stemming from provided data.

>> No.77045269

>is actually better than most of the white rares/mythics in the set

>> No.77045274

I'm pretty sure everyone was bothered by 9/11, and I haven't heard anyone, republican or otherwise, making a big deal out of it lately. The last time 9/11 came up was when the Minnesota rep said it wasn't a big deal, it was some guys doing something. I attribute its vacuous nature to english not being her first language. Which I don't judge her for, I'm sure I'd sound like a retard if I tried arguing in French with a Frenchman.

Oh, and lately there was another 9/11 at the capitol building, or so I'm told by the TV news. Well, there almost was, which is the same thing.

You're not arguing with Fascists here, dude. You're arguing with prickly contrarians who don't get their opinions from their social group or whatever craze is burning through Facebook.

What I'm increasingly realizing is that the first outbreak already happened back in ~2015. The meme outbreak. The Internet is like a totally new playing field for the Game of Life, and all manner of fascinating critters are evolving to live in our brains. You're suffering from Ideological Possession, I could probably track exactly which breed by looking at your youtube subscriptions. If I had a set of They Live! glasses or a MemeScouter, I'd probably see it as a translucent tentacle monster wrapped around your head with a proboscus in your eye socket, drinking in your attention and making you click on things.

>> No.77045277

Both of these things can be true. You aren't listening to what I am saying. When you take percentage of cases compared to world populations, other nations are also extremely high because the vast majority of the world's population does not live in industrialized Western Countries that do extensive testing.

Billions of people live between Africa, the middle east, India, and SE Asia where medical infrastructure and testing is a minimum. You would absolutely expect nations like USA to report way higher proportions of cases relative to world population and you see the same thing when comparing total cases in Europe to their proprotion of the world population.

I also never mentioned case rates... I've been mentioning death rates all along and comparing rates in countries against rates in other countries. What you see, both for case rates and death rates, is that USA is very similar to western Europe. It is no uniquely bad, because the pandemic is bad everywhere.

>> No.77045279

If that counts as controversy, the only cards that haven't caused controversy are maybe some draft chaff common Red or Black cards. Every White card at any rarity gets people bitching that it's not White Brainstorm, every Blue card gets bitching because people want to figure out how it violates the color pie, and every Green card gets bitching because Green is WotC's new favorite.

>> No.77045283

We need more posters like you.

>> No.77045291

I think we've interacted a few times sardiniangf anon, love me some italian girls. How's it going?

>> No.77045295

If that's what passes for controversy, you can find controversy whenever you want.

>> No.77045298


Magic was doing diverse nonstandard fantasy settings in the fucking 90s.

>> No.77045302

No, I remember people being mad about NuKaervek skin being black

>> No.77045308

Globohomo term for East Asia and Pacific Cultures
Basically Boomer thinktanks trying to condense China/Mongolia/Japan/North Korea/Philippines/Vitenam/Laos/Burma/Indonesia/Polynesia/Hawaii etc. etc. as a single entity for simplification

>> No.77045310

i quite literally have, ive sighted this source multiple times. dont respond to me if you cant read a reply chain redditor

>> No.77045311

No we haven't? Mercadia, if that's what you're thinking of, was arabs with some native americans living in a nearby forest.

>> No.77045314

Asia-Pacific, so only that region gets it. Which means there's gonna be a Chinese and Japanese version I'm assuming.

Time to track down all 3 just for collection autism because I like LNY promos

>> No.77045329

Asia-Pacific region.

>> No.77045343

She will end up like cards such as Insurrection or Confusion in the Ranks. Novel at first, hated after a while.

>> No.77045345

>the new bar is "not a lot of gay moments", just this and that and those

>> No.77045372

>Source: It was revealed to me in a dream

>> No.77045383

You sound unhinged.

>> No.77045395

Mirage, retard.

>> No.77045400

that's quite a based source tho

>> No.77045412

>a translucent tentacle monster wrapped around your head with a proboscus in your eye socket, drinking in your attention and making you click on things.

This is how we fight meme cancer. Anti-cigarette ads.

>> No.77045415

WHO, Fauci and CDC say masks don't work. Stop spreading fake covid science, redneck peasant.

>> No.77045433


>> No.77045442

Stop posting frogs. If you're so rich, get into mtgo

>> No.77045443

I know your pain

>> No.77045444

No you haven't.
Again, you and are talking about the same data from the same sources. It shows the same thing. I've broken it down for you multiple times now and you just ignore what is being said to you because you are a troll.

>> No.77045449

So when we get Mirage 2.0 it will be fine to have whites in half of the cards right?
Kamigawa 2.0 too, right? Blacks and whites in the asian plane, equality plz

>> No.77045462

Jamuraa on Dominaria was Not!Africa and was an actually good setting. And before you mention it, it doesn't matter that it wasn't its own plane. You don't need an entire plane for what is a only a part of real world Earth. Too many planes are just theme park versions of real world locations. Dominaria is one of the best planes because it's an actual world with varied continents and peoples that are divided up across the world properly.

>> No.77045464

I literally couldn’t think of anything else that could be interpreted as gay in Kaldheim other than king Harald bring close with his bro. I’m sorry you’re being this obsessed with the negros and gays and just anything that’s not a straight white men with muscles and women with gigantic tits draped over them like loincloths.

>> No.77045479

Most prominently, Chandra, the pale redhead planeswalker, is from the India world. Tarkir also has a lot of cards depicting humans that scan as white, especially among the Abzan and Temur. Even Amonkhet, the plane that one could have expected to have the maximum KANGZ quotient, has light-skinned humans around the place.

>> No.77045485

The whites will be racist colonizers

>> No.77045494

ahh how great would that be

>> No.77045498

I hope we never go back to any older plane again.

>> No.77045510

I'd argue that Dominaria's strength comes more from the number of sets that have taken place there. If we'd had 25 sets on, say, Theros, it would probably also be pretty well-developed and detailed.

>> No.77045516

Because Egypt was mostly lighter skinned or tanned people. There shouldn't be a bunch of blacks there either.

>> No.77045528

think harder

>> No.77045533

>So when we get Mirage 2.0 it will be fine to have whites in half of the cards right? We won't because we don't have blacks on half of the cards in Kaldheim

>> No.77045546

all this talk reminds me of this comic

>> No.77045548

Today I will remind them

>> No.77045557

i’m building prismatic bridge with pic related, but currently lack adequate ramp and fixing. ideas?

>> No.77045582

Is Insurrection really hated?
I understand having a hateboner for theft but Insurrection closes games

>> No.77045593

True, but I doubt that 25 sets nowadays would do anything to make a plane any good. Writing and directing quality has gone downhill overall.

>> No.77045595


>the CDC and WHO are dreams


>> No.77045604

From experience, left is true

>> No.77045614

It's an abstract sort of feel

>> No.77045628

Akroma is white and Ashling isn't even human.

>> No.77045632

>Of course I'm not going to give you any of my actual sources. It's everywhere. Look it up yourself. It's just common sense. Trust me bro.

>> No.77045640

I'm serious about this

Lets call these ideologies or memeplexes Symbiontoids.

(A parasitoid is specific to wasps that do the xenomorph chestburster thing with their eggs inside a spider or caterpillar or whatever, but lets generalize it to a predator that uses parasite tactics. A symbiont promises to provide a useful service in exchange for being propagated by its host. A Symbiontoid May or May Not actually be useful. At its worst, a symbiontoid pretends to be useful while it lives rent-free in your head.)

Unfortunately, certain Symbs, regardless of their actual utility, get picked up as tribal signifiers by humans. So you're stuck wearing this fucking critter in your head in order to fit in with other people. Usually it doesn't do THAT much damage, but in some people (depressed or insecure people, or just the unlucky) it sinks in its roots deep and turns them into a demented activist. Other people aren't so affected, because the parts of their brains the new Symb attacks are already occupied by older, more integrated Symbs.

I for example, already had Fedora-Tipping Atheism living in my skull from way way back when. Which, while it made me prickly and cringey and insufferable, did keep out whatever the fuck got into everyone else's head in the past few years.

>> No.77045660

>literally one the front page

>> No.77045667

no, they didn't
you're just a retard that doesn't know how cause of death certificates work
5% is the number of deaths attributed to solely covid, which is an extraordinarily high number
people don't die specifically of diseases, they die of complications that arise because of the disease
if you have AIDS and you die of pneumonia, the COD will list pneumonia, but you died from it because of having AIDS
the flu deaths in the US have never gotten higher than 60k in decades

>> No.77045689

Insurrection is only hated if 1) you'rein a very low power pod or 2) you're in Grixischesa and you steal everyone's creatures after combat

>> No.77045714


>> No.77045743

I laugh at anti vaccines/anti pandemics, they believe in people whom aren't real medical doctors with shitty arguments and graphics and believing what orange man and bolsonaro tells them to believe.

>> No.77045748

I'm pretty sure when searching you can only find the creature (front) side

>> No.77045783

sorry chud, but you’re on the wrong side of history
there were black Muslim vikings

>> No.77045788

I work as a CNA at a long term care facility. We were earmarked as a forth tier overflow facility if things got full at nearby hospitals. I saw more people die in October and November 2020 (when it was bad for my city/region) then in the past two years combined.

When we had to send someone crashing back to a hospital, the closest with room was 2 hours away. The nearest 4 had full ICUs.

Please take this disease seriously.

>> No.77045819

I would be interested in your schizo ramblings since I too believe something like this. I think this cyber tribalism eats away people's souls, turning them more materialistic and consumerist, something I call "ronaldo's syndrome", everyone wants to be a soccer player and be disgustingly rich and pompous, feeling frustated even though they have good lives and people who care about them, and ultimately are unable to care about art, literature etc

>> No.77045844

they a shit sorry

>> No.77045876

The writing was also pretty ass back then. Writing has gone downhill from the highs of OG Ravnica and Lorwyn, but we didn't exactly start at the peak.
The majority of Dominaria's depth comes from the simple fact that different sets focused on different things, so they were more or less forced to carve out different parts of the world to receive different focuses. And, continuing to use Theros as an example, we got a lot more development on how the Underworld works and some additional information about various parts of the surface world once we had a set with a major graveyard theme.

>> No.77045904

You are a hero working in a medical facility, here in latin ametica hospitals are overflown too ER beds all full too

>> No.77045917

Black is deathtouch
Red is +1/+0 and haste
Green is +1/+1 and trample
All cost 1 generic and 1 of the color

>> No.77045955

>having your commander in the 99

>> No.77045959

Dude, you've been low-efforting with non-arguments pretty much this whole time. People have responded with links and complete sentences that should at least be evidence that they're not idiots, they just have different opinions from you

yeah, and how many actual Quality of Life Years did that wipe out collectively? Eight?

I get that was a heartbreaking experience for you, but a large number of people dying at 79 instead if at 82 just isn't that bad compared to completely assfucking the economy, killing every business not owned by an oligarch, and turning the education system into even more of a joke than it already was.

So I don't find the emotional level of your argument convincing.

>All to turn a human being into this

I have a degree in zoology and I read too many SCPs.

>> No.77045967

There's no real data on the front page, but regardless, the data they report, as I have said to you multiple times, is the same data everyone else is reporting and it proves the points that I have made to you over and over again. I am not the other anon arguing with you about sources, but the one you have stopped replying to because you know that you have "lost" and have nothing more to say.

You aren't in denial of the facts anymore, but you have stopped short of saying "I was mistaken" and that's okay.

>> No.77045978

forgot my pic

>> No.77046032

its called links my dude, you can literally follow a link on both sites to get stats

come on dude this isnt hard, you be be able to navigate a basic website in 2021

>> No.77046033

How come we could get 2 full cycles of lands in the set, snow-duals and the lands that sacrifice themselves, but any decent lands we can only ever get half of in a set (or a weird 6/4 split), even if it means waiting years for the other half?

>> No.77046069

They died in pain, in agony. And even the younger ones will have side effects for months (no data on long term yet) (we were a backup facility, we would take cases that had good prognosis away from ERs and ICUs but need monitoring, so they can take beds for critical but salvageable cases. Geriatrics and other low chance cases were often simply sent away, being at capacity.

As for your argument that their deaths have less meaning because of quality of life, all I can say Is I hope you receive the empathy you are giving one day. Dying in pain while others around you say "well they had it good anyway, whats a few years anyways"

>> No.77046080

In every deck

>> No.77046110

>I work in a long term care facility.

That's great and all. I have lost 2 grand parents so far to your ilk and your disgusting malpractice. These places are just meat prisons where we store the elderly because we lack the courage to end them while their dignity is still in tact.

I unironically wish my grand parents had died of Covid while in a long term care facility. At least then their suffering would have lasted two weeks instead of being dragged out over 2-3 years while nearly bankrupting my mother. Death by Covid is a mercy for the patients in those places.

Long term care facilities are evil. They cannot save your loved ones. They don't even provide them with good quality of life. They are erected purely to siphon money from human beings who love their parents and grand parents and can't bear the thought of losing them. They are seriously some of the most predatory and evil organizations that have arisen.

Death is a journey we all must take. Don't cling to life. Let them go. Trust me, you don't want your last memories of your loved ones to be the years they spent unable to stand, sitting in piles of their own shit cussing you out because to them you are just a ghost of a memory in the demented fever dream that is your reality. Let them go and let them die. They wouldn't want do that to you if they could help it. Nearly all of them, if they had self awareness stiil, would want to die. If you ask them while their minds are still in tact they will tell you. I've had this conversation with my living grandmother and my parents since the passing of their parents.

>> No.77046132

Good job giving this anti pandemic a masterful executed blow with true experienced reality

>> No.77046152

See this meme right here? At the very least, this meme saves you money by making you disgusted with buying dumb shit.

This meme says "let me live in your head, and I'll save you money in exchange for making you bitter and contrarian."

I'd rather be my own bitter husk than a hollowed-out host body for something else.

>> No.77046158

I cant believe so many of you care about X being depicted on some fucking cardboard lmoa.

>> No.77046203

Because wotc knows the lands are the key money makers to a set besides the mythic/rare bombs and so distribute them accordingly to help manipulate the market.

>> No.77046256

Yes, I said that if you navigate to the data it is the same as all other data I have mentioned. That is what I said, simply pointing out that

"It is on the front page."

Is a lie. You said yourself you have to navigate to it. The data shows exactly what I have been telling you for the last hour. I'm aware of it, I've seen it all already, as I said at the start.

>> No.77046258


>> No.77046289

If they died in pain, then you're shit at your job.

I watched my own grandparents die variously of dementia and in one case medical dipshittery. Spoiler alert: Everyone dies in the end.

You don't have emotional leverage over me, I'm dead inside. Unfortunately, that seems to be a superpower these days. I'm fucking Darkman up in this bitch.

As an enlightened post-human sperg, I'm capable of sad or angry or outraged on a cognitive level, and allowing that to direct my emotions, rather than the other way around.

>> No.77046309

Dude, even though the medical answer you, yeah lack of empathy and you don't have the guts to go out an overflown hospital, morgues and cemeteries and see for yourself. troll or not better give your medical insurance to another who really need it

>> No.77046345

You have to be 18 to post here.

>> No.77046386

How many flu cases in your area?

>> No.77046388

I don't HAVE medical insurance, I lost it when I lost my job. Which wasn't particularly to do with COVID, but also kinda to do with COVID.

>> No.77046395

Amazing how much less civil and comfy this thread was than the fag and tranny thread we had a few days ago.

>> No.77046427

That's because fags and trannies have to at least try and act civil or else they'll be chased out immediately.

>> No.77046444

>bring up politics
>get mad when people call you retarded

>> No.77046450

What are you, waving your feelings around like some kind of priest? Guilt Trips don't work on me.

>> No.77046451

>Starfield Mystic
>Herald of the Pantheon

>> No.77046457

Oh maybe your goverment isn't doing things well, in 3rd world I have medical insurance

>> No.77046471

Imagine taking 4channel this seriously

>> No.77046484

Right you are gothic how I missed that

>> No.77046492

Magic: the Gathering?

>> No.77046506

Not him, my brother works for the state health services and manages a covid-response information center. I have multiple friends who work in the local hospital, mostly in security, who take the bodies in and out daily. None of them are being such a big bitch as you.

If you'd ever watch your slowly family slowly wasting away from cancer, unable to breathe, and barely to stand while doctors shrug and write them off as a lost cause you'd know where they were coming from. My grandfather was healthy. He had a perfectly operable form of cancer, but doctors had their heads up their own asses so far they refused to order a biopsy of the spot on his lung despite us asking for it. They dragged their feet as 6 months went by and he lost 60 pounds only to tell us we were right all along. 2 days after his prognosis appointment, which I brought him to, he was dead and I got to break the news his children and wife. Doctors to not give a SHIT about patients and my grandfather died delrious, in pain, and gasping for air just as he would have from Covid. At least Covid is only a few weeks.

Death us ugly. I've watched on grandparent succumb to dementia and alzheimers and another to parkinson's and Lewy Body Dementia. Covid is preferable to all of those. Guess what? Death is rarely peaceful and quiet. We romanticiz the shit out of it, but it is an ugly thing. Few are the people who simply have the privelege slipping away in their sleep one night. Dying from a disease over the course of a week or two is a better death than many will ever have.

Fuck you. Get the fuck out of hear grandstanding on the dead.

>> No.77046549

yep, especially for the women raped and killed during travels

>> No.77046554


>> No.77046564


>> No.77046588

>3cmc cost reducer
Moderately good white cards.

>> No.77046674

An Arab?

>> No.77046694

>can’t even be bothered to get the right image
supreme tastelet

>> No.77046717

The only problem is he's not using the innistrad printing.

>> No.77046731

This is more cringy than the guy who is afraid of cameras

I'm more of a Dust Bowl kinda guy

>> No.77046753

Do you have a real argument here? You’re not contradicting me.

>> No.77046756

>he isn't afraid of cameras

>> No.77046788

Not really no, I just prefer the one with the innistrad set symbol and art personally. But the og one is still nice.

>> No.77046804

I understand the first paragraph, negligence is everywhere and that is true fact in every country there are good and bad doctors, instead of fuck you, have a good day

>> No.77046828

>Sacrifice A land
Subtle, understated, absolute classic. Easily overlooked, especially for decks without the kind of land recursion where you could just loop Strip Mine indefinitely.

>> No.77046913

Eh, it’s fine. I don’t care for Innistrad, but it’s in that pre-2015 frame era, which is always welcome.

>> No.77047036

Based. I play this game to escape from the abysmal state of modern partisan politics. Fantasy is supposed to be an escape. Stop bringing real world bullshit into it.

>> No.77047048

Oath of Lieges + Dust Bowl is a powerful interaction that wins games singlehandedly in mid power. Don't ask me why it works, I don't quite have the answer. I also cut it because it's really difficult to play it correctly and thinking about it was eating up a lot of time in games so I figured I'd be more socially responsible.

>> No.77047056


New, move whenever

>> No.77047157

literally Jasmine Webb

>> No.77047370

I agree, I try to make it good but LTCs are pretty shit.

I think we should have the choice to die as we please, in peace. Covid is most definitely not it.

>> No.77048857

Probably should have picked a hobby that isn't openly pozzed as fuck to where they literally make PR statements and policy surrounding politics if you don't want people discussing politics. Just a thought.

>> No.77049520

Play the commander for fixing purposes, clone it, sac the card so it goes back to the command zone and cast the land side. That way you have fixed land via the clone and your tree.

>> No.77049600

What am I being reminded of here?

>> No.77050202

And I still live in yours, living zombie.

>> No.77050367

They all look w-white to me

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