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US team edition

>Biggest sites for free online playing:

>Free tactics trainers online:

>run out of free match analysis on chess.com
>download or ctrl+c the pgn for the match
>make a free account on
>tools - import game - paste/upload pgn - toggle analysis
>click on the "learn from your mistakes" button

>Explore openings:

>Starter books (Pdfs are easy to find online):
Soviet chess primer by Maizelis et al
Play Winning Chess by Yasser Seirawan
Chess Fundamentals by Capablanca
Complete Idiot's Guide to Chess by Patrick Wolff
Logical Chess: Move by Move by Irving Chernev

>Archived threads:

>Where to find master games:

Previous thread:

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>half american
>eastern european
>eastern european
why are american anglos and germans so bad at this game

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I don't use dotcom

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my predictions
>espienk mvl
>grandelius harikrishna
grandelius win, he's got the flow
>caruana duda
caruana win, duda is shaky
>giri donchenko
draw, fuck giri
>wojtazek forest
>carlsen tari
carlsen wins
>firouzja guijaro
draw, guijaro too solid

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Why can't I find a video of a perfect CPU Vs perfect CPU. I want to see what happens when every possible outcome and move has been calculated. I assume white would win every time

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>retard zoomer gets a step closer to realizing chess hasn't been solved nor can it be solved by "MUH COMPUTAHZ"
One day

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because it would take billions of years to compute

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Reposting because I don't understand why this is an inaccuracy.

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you can watch some alphazero games, it's not like anyone would be able to distinguish them from truly perfect play

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>I assume white would win every time
why would you assume this, generic perfect play from both sides obviously leads to a draw

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Looks like you left the c pawn hanging after R1xe4

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wtf is espienko doing in that sicilian against mvl dude
feels like something you would play out of frustration with sicilians

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> obviously
no, chess is not solved
we don't know if it would lead to a draw or white winning

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bros help, i think i'm unironically retarded
I've been trying to get into chess for a couple of months now, but almost every game I play ends with me losing, badly. most of the time I dont even come close
here is one of my games, tell me what went wrong guys

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are you black?

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you hung all your pieces and then mate

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>that fucking opening
what exactly are were you trying to achieve there?

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Subtle bait, not bad.

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I have no idea what you're even trying to do. You're violating like every single basic logic principle of chess.

If this somehow isn't a meme please go and look at literally any complete beginner's guide to chess.

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is there some way to see which pieces are attacking better? like some red arrows or squares or something so I play more carefully
well I know that early development is important and the rooks are powerful pieces so I try to get them into the game as soon as possible

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Less subtle bait. You were doing so well.

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nice crab opening bro

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>well I know that early development is important and the rooks are powerful pieces so I try to get them into the game as soon as possible
Don't listen to the other anons, this is a great strategy. You would have won if you didn't hang mate

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alright, any specific pointers you might give me? I'll try picking up some guides yeah, though maybe this game just isnt for me

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Which commentators have it worse?
Men - either 2650+ peak or play a role in chess industry, doesn't even have to know english
Women - have a w- title and have a role in chess industry (even backstage if you know what i mean)

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It was a beautiful surprise opening by black that white definitely hasn't studied.

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nothing wrong with leko's english

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people who cheat in chess are scum

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imagine cheating an opening

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Tania's gorgoeus feet

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>that Ne6 in the caruana game
fuck, that's how i want to play chess, bros
opponent makes one mistake and i instantly end him with some insane tactic
so powerful

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>Leaving out the possibility that with perfect play the result is 0-1
I eternally live in hope.

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this move isn't really that special. It's a tactic that can be spotted by any 1800

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Definitely nice, but it only wins a pawn. A big deal in GM play, for sure, but not game over this early. Looking great for Fabi, though.

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>tfw hikaru has to live the rest of life knowing he was entrepreneurially outsmarted by andrea

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that message appears when the opponent opens the analysis board while playing a game, could have been accidental

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Do you really think Hikaru is jealous of her? he is rich enough and he understands that this is a virtuous cycle in the end and he actually was the biggest winner overall of this cycle. He would be jealous if Magnus or other top players started to become more popular streamers, which let's be honest will not happen since they are not very likable persons

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How the fuck do you cheat on accident?

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he might actually win again

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duda didn't take on e6

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I'd actually hate it if Magnus starts streaming and interacting with braindead losers in chat. Pandering and thanking the donations and answering repetitive questions.
It will take away from the allure and the mystique of the world champion. I don't want him to see him as a human. Magnus involving himself with screaming losers like Xqc and "drama" with ethots like Andrea and Alex will be the death of chess. Good thing he doesn't seem to care about this. So far.

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He does stream from time to time on chess24 but he will never your typical retarded streamer. He's very self-aware cynical type of person.

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not even magnus has the power to kill chess

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1.e4 {AN INGENIOUS EXAMPLE OF MY SYSTEM by Aaron Nimzowitsch -
Anderssen started the sacrificial style, Morphy and Gruenfeld
the pure attacking style, Steinitz the positional style,
Tarrasch the scientific style, Lasker the style of styles,
Capablanca the mechanical style, Alekhine a style as brilliant
as sunlight. But it is a generally known fact that originality
and modernism were introduced by me as my own personal
inventions and enthusiastically imitated (without being fully
understood) by the whole world of chess. For the ridiculously
small sum of ten marks, the reader can confirm all this in my
monumental work, My System, published by B. Kagan. Before my
time, chess was so naive and undistinguished! One or two
brutal opening moves, each one involving a vulgar, obvious
threat, a common, banal sacrifice, a painfully elementary,
bestially raw checkmate - such, more or less, was the course
of chess games before my heyday set in. Then I appeared on the
scene and the chess world paid heed. The hegemony of matter
was shattered at a stroke and the era of the spiritual
began. Under my creative guidance, the chessmen, hitherto
nothing but highwaymen, pirates and butcher boys, became
sensitive artists and subtle instruments of immeasurable
profundity. But why waste words!--accompany me, dear reader to
the dizzy heights of the following game.} e6 2.h4 $1 {My very
oldest and latest thought in this opening. To the chess addict
nurtured on spineless convention, this move comes like a slap
in the face--but calm down, dear reader; after all, you cannot
be expected to understand such moves. (Forgive me - it is not
your fault, until now no one has opened your eyes and ears.)

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Wait just a little while, and there will pass before you a
miracle of overprotection of more than earthly beauty. (I
assume that I rightly surmise that you are quite familiar with
my great theory of overprotection.)} 2...d5 { Black of course
has no suspicion of What is coming and continues serenely in
classical style. } 3.e5 $1 {A move of elemental delicacy. (We
detest, as a matter of principle, such words as "power" and
"strength"; in the first place, such banal expressions make us
uncomfortable; and, in the second place, we like even less the
brutalizing tendency which such words imply.) Wherein lies the
beauty of 3.e5? Why is this move so strong? The answer is as
simple as it is astonishing. The move is strong because it is
weak! Weak, that is, only in the traditional sense! In
reality, that is to say, it is not the move but the Pawn on e5
that is weak--a tremendous difference! In former times, it is
true, it was customary to reject any move which created a
weakness. Today, thanks to me, this view is obsolete. For,
look, my dear reader, the fact that the Pawn on e5 is weak
obliges White to protect the Pawn more and more until at last
the state of overprotection arises as it were of itself. But,
as we have seen (cf. My System), overprotection is practically
equivalent to victory. Hence it follows automatically that the
"weak" move, 3.e5, is a certain road to triumph. The rest is
more or less a matter of technique. } 3...c5 { All according
to a famous precedent.} 4.d4 {Here it is quite clear that it
is more profitable for White first to provoke c5 and then play
d4, rather than the other way round, which is the customary
course. For, if White first plays d4, there follows c5 and
White's d-pawn is under attack.
Nothing can kill Chess and nothing can save Chess.

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But my clever transposition of
moves changes the situation completely. For now Black's c-pawn
is suddenly attacked by White's d-pawn!} 4...cxd4 {What else
can Black do?} 5.h5 $1 {All very clever, original and
decisive! Of course the ordinary run of people who envy my
every spark of genius but cannot follow my line of reasoning
for even three paces, outdo themselves in sneering at me with
the poison-dripping epithet, "bizarre." The text move creates
confusion in the whole Black army and prepares for the
annihilating invasion by the Queen 18 moves later.} 5...Qb6
{Naturally not 5...Nc6 6 Bb5! etc. Why should Black play the
French Defence only to allow the Ruy Lopez Bishop move after
all?!} 6.h6 $1 {An avaricious dullard would never hit on this
deeply conceived Pawn sacrifice.} 6...Nxh6 {After 6...gxh6,
White has an even more comfortable game.} 7.Qh5 $1 {The reason
for this becomes clear after next move.} 7...g6 {Black
threatens to begin a successful siege of the weakling at e5
with Bg7. But White forestalls this.} 8.Qh2 $1 {To every
fair-minded observer, this move must come as a revelation! All
the previous manoeuvres now become clear! White has completed
his development brilliantly and proceeds to overprotect
e5. Against this, Black is helpless.} 8...Nf5 9.Bd3 {Note the
splendid cooperation of White's forces: while the e-pawn and
the King Bishop completely blockade Black's position, the
development of the overprotective forces takes place behind
the broad backs of these sturdy blockaders.} 9...Nc6 10.Nf3
{As a rule this is a routine move. But here it is strikingly
original and as such occupies a place in the treasury of my
intellectual property.} 10...h5 {Old stuff!} 11.b3 {A deep
trap, as will soon become apparent!} 11...Bg7 {How Black must
have rejoiced when he anticipated his formidable opponent in
the occupation of the long diagonal.

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>this guy with the spam again

>> No.77024020

But...} 12.Bf4 $1 {...how
bitterly disappointed he must have been to realize that 11.b3
had only been a trap and Bb2 had not been intended at all. The
position of Black's Bishop at g7 is now quite
pointless. 11...Be7 would have been relatively better.}
12...Bd7 13.Nbd2 Rc8 {Black no longer has any good moves!}
14.Ke2 $1 {Again, an extraordinarily deep move. White sees
through Black's plans, and in addition he prepares a
particularly powerful continuation of his strategy of
overprotection.} 14...Nb4 {Just what White was waiting for.}
15.Ne1 $1 {This was the point of his previous move! Black is
now forced to exchange off the attacking Bishop at d3. But,
with that, even White's King Knight enters the fray with
fearful effect at d3, while the square f3 becomes available to
the Queen Knight. Surely a grandiose piece of strategy. The
fact is that I'm a marvellous player, even if the whole chess
world bursts with envy.} 15...Nxd3 16.Nxd3 $1 {Naturally not
16 cxd3? which would have been quite inconsistent. The Pawn on
c2 is unimportant, and Black only wastes precious time by
capturing it.} 16...Rxc2 17.Rae1 $1 {White continues his
overprotection without much ado.} 17...a5 {This counterattack
has no punch. Black would naturally like to get a passed Pawn
plus a Rook on the seventh, but it is too late for that.}

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Tari throwing a drawn position for his fellow countryman. Very patriotic. No wonder Magnus is getting him invited for every elite tournament.

>> No.77024043

18.Kd1 $1 {Now the menaced Rook must scurry back, for capture
on a2 would be much too dangerous.} 18...Rc6 $1 {At last,
Black gets the right idea: overprotecting his Pawn at e6. But
it is already too late.} 19.Re2 Ke7 {Introduced into
tournament play by myself. See note to White's 14th move. The
King overprotects e6.} 20.Rhe1 Re8 $1 21.Nf3 $1 {Completing
the overprotection of e5 and thus deciding the fate of the
game. Black has no defence. Note the aesthetic effect created
by White's position.} 21...Bf8 {Now Black threatens to
complete the overprotection of e6 by playing Ng7. But White
has prepared a brilliant combination.} 22.g4 $1 {Much stronger
than the obvious Bg5+ etc.} 22...hxg4 23.Qh7 $1 {Now one
clearly realizes the masterly understanding of position which
went into White's eighth move (Qh2!).} 23...gxf3 {Had Black
continued overprotecting by 23...Ng7 there would have followed
24.Bg5+ f6 25.Bxf6+ Kf7 26.Ng5 mate. Black's basic error was
that he started overprotecting much too late.} 24.Bg5# {One of
my best games! I am proud of it if only because Herr
Systemsson is one of the strongest Scandinavian players. The
game made an overwhelming impression on the players and
spectators as well as on my opponent. The game has become
famous in Denmark as "the immortal overprotection game."} 1-0
Your comments are much closer to spam than mine, but I'm sorry I offended you. It's parody of the highest order for a chess-player.

>> No.77024096

how is he throwing
carlsen's just bullying him in the endgame

>> No.77024310

Just wait a bit. It will be a subtle throw. They need to keep the kayfabe going. Tari is eating his time on obvious moves. Setting it up well.

>> No.77024402

carlsen is the greatest endgame player of all time

>> No.77024413

it's just a crazy line to choose as Black against carlsen. why choose an opening where you basically have no chance of winning and can only fight for a draw? and it goes directly into the endgame (which carlsen is known for) and it comes out of a QGD tarrasch (which carlsen is known for)

a GM would struggle to beat an NM as Black in that line. why would you try it against carlsen!!! so weird and yet i've seen fabi' and MVL try the exact same shit. you can't out-grind the grind-master... you need to play the most challenging, tactical lines

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>my spam isn't spam
Autism of the highest order.

>> No.77024521

Just give the title for Caruana already

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Milf alert

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How is there no mate in Fabi Marijuana's game?

>> No.77024765

>Nakamura arguing on twitch and derailing the chat
Annoying faggot. Can't believe a Super GM can be this much of a pleb.

>> No.77024837

The ones who become the best are the ones who hate losing the most. Every world champion ever is a sore loser and annoying faggot

>> No.77024861

>chess game becomes blitz in the end anyway

>> No.77024879

>US team

Where are all the WASPS?

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>> No.77024898

yeah i immediately noticed that this general is full of champions.

>> No.77024920

This but unironically. Skullfag is actually Anish Giri

>> No.77024961

You're enjoying your game as black in the tournament when she shows up and grabs your pawn

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>Where are all the WASPS?

>> No.77024987

>There are tough players and nice guys, and I'm a tough player. I am the best player in the world and I am here to prove it. You know, I can beat all those guys. There's no one alive I can't beat.
try to guess who said that
haven't noticed too many sore losers ITG - if anything it's been a lot of quitters. annoying on the other hand? yeah

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>posting extremely unoriginal, one-sentence-nothing-posts repeatedly isn't spam
>the greatest parody in the history of chess *IN PGN FORM* is spam
??? wojak muscle guy pic

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I play the von goom's gambit.

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>try to guess who said that

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>Still Playing Chess 1 when the infinitely better Chess 2 exists

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He didn't but he should have and he will

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File: 849 KB, 1126x691, Chess 2 Animals.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

One of the great things about David Sirlin's Chess 2: The Sequelâ„¢ is the inclusion of multiple armies to choose from. Just like in my Street Fighter games I enjoyed as a boy!

>> No.77025122

is Fabiano retarded?

>> No.77025173

>destroyed someone with the russian
maybe the Chinese gms are onto something, getting an advantage and just rushing into an easy endgame is pretty neat

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Why Chess 2 you ask? Because while chess 1 was good it got rather boring and almost 99% of the games played at all levels end in a draw.

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File: 678 KB, 1126x691, Chess 2 Nemesis.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And lets face it whats so fun about playing the same army against the same army? Would you play a real time strategy game that only had 1 side? I think not!

>> No.77025210

That indian accent is so sexy bros...

>> No.77025211

What the fuck happened to Caruana

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>american anglos
>implying inbred isle anglos are any better than amerianglos

>> No.77025228

>implying inbred isle anglos are any better than amerianglos
They're probably the single biggest national contributors to new chess theory

So much of the 1. c3 stuff is all anglo work

>> No.77025229

Why does chess24 have so shit production value?

>> No.77025238

he will win
i'm betting my testicles

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And what about those kings? What's the point of a piece that doesn't do anything but run away and act as a target? Seems pretty un-kingly to me. Chess 2 solves this glaring oversight with the midline invasion rule detailed in the additional rules page! No longer is your king a worthless incel running away from queens and hiding in his room. Now the king is a Chad game changer who can single handedly claim victory from the jaws of defeat!

>> No.77025286

>Do you really think Hikaru is jealous of her
he stoops to petty shit like unfollowing on tw*tter so yeah, he's miffed
especially if he publicly says he isn't
doubly so if he spends more than a minute ranting why he isn't miffed

>> No.77025294

lmao what

>> No.77025302

I will not correct myself with the actual notation

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File: 832 KB, 1126x691, Chess 2 Two Kings.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tired of engine fags calculating out checkmate 18+ moves into the future? Fear no more the dueling system makes it literally impossible! By adding a layer of uncertainty to every possible capture raw brute force calculation becomes impossible! Human cunning and abstract thinking once again reigns supreme in Chess 2: The Sequelâ„¢

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>I grab her by the pussy

>> No.77025322

Started with the game yesterday (I only knew how to move some pieces). I'm 30, and want at least to get at least average to understand the game adn enjoy. All in all, I just want to pick a nice hobby to avoid some others and to have something nice for the free time.
I've started reading "Chess the easy way". Would you advise me to continue this book, change for another? anything else after that (aside of playing matches once I got the rules).

>> No.77025325

wait you meant c4?
do you also think people in sicily invented and developed the sicilian defense theory

>> No.77025343
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>I will not correct myself with the actual notation

>> No.77025345

They did that's why it's called that (obviously not)

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Don't delay! Start playing the superior version of chess today!

*Also being stalemated counts as a loss, as it rightfully should

>> No.77025361

Idiots guide mentioned in op is good might cover the same ground as you're book but it's the most comprehensive intro ive read

>> No.77025372
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>*Also being stalemated counts as a loss, as it rightfully should
whoa, look at the hot take guy over here

>> No.77025383

afaik the biggest anglo contribution to theory is michael adams reviving the marshal in the ruy
that's pretty nice

>> No.77025384

Make a chesstempo account and try to do x minutes of puzzles daily

Make sure you learn the basic tactics first (fork, skewer etc) but then puzzle daily because it really helps you spot these things inside real games

>> No.77025406

There's French and reti stuff done by bongs but I didn't stick with those openings so I dunno how key their work is

>> No.77025412

Nice, are they like problems with pieces arranged in some way and you try to get out of check or mate the other player in X movements, etc?

>> No.77025414

Extremely retarded

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File: 316 KB, 2101x1201, wb-first-moves-over-time[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.77025442

I hope you all die cold and alone.

>> No.77025448
File: 15 KB, 720x720, 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just got molested

>> No.77025582

>Nice, are they like problems with pieces arranged in some way and you try to get out of check or mate the other player in X movements, etc?
You're given a position and have to find the best move

They don't tell you what so it could be mate it could be capturing a piece or a favourable trade or it could just be defending from check properly
The benefit of not telling you is that you get trained to always look for mate

>> No.77025773

That Pirc meta really didn't work out huh

>> No.77025808

Should zugzwang forced mates also be considered draws?

>> No.77025830

get ready because this is the last day for a you as a man then

>> No.77025855

>Fixes literally all of the problems people complain about in chess, from drawn endgames, to computer supremacy, to stale rules

Lol ok dumb dumb. Just admit you are intimidated by learning a new way to play.

>> No.77025864

i don't think the pirc was ever meta, it's just overrepresented because john cochrane played hundreds of games with indians who loved that opening in the 1850s.

>> No.77025879

>all that d4 cuckery
also, is that GM games or what is it

>> No.77025909

it says in the picture the games are from chessgames.com (mix of amateur and professional, but mostly the latter)

>> No.77025930

i see
what's worse than d4 is the "other"
all that nf3 c4 g3 weirdness

>> No.77026053

Of course. Nobody should ever lose to rook or bishop+knight mate. That simply isn't fair.

>> No.77026119

A. Straight up canceling endgame with the midline rule is not "fixing"
B. Do you know how the game was developed? Castling was introduced after the queen and bishops got buffed with unlimited range and were proven too OP. And you want to buff the pieces even more AND remove castling rights?
All these rules will do is make the game end by move 10

>> No.77026263

fucking hell fabiano
this is why he'll never be world champion
no amount of opening prep and memorization will make you play the endgame well

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File: 396 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20201206_123611.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Marijuana bros... We got too cocky

>> No.77026324

move 37 was an obvious blunder even for a retard like me, a4 = black resigns

>> No.77026344

I had to run to the store. Don't tell me his Re1 at time control led to a fucking draw after all that.

>> No.77026348

*move 38

>> No.77026374

idk if it was obvious but i think losing a tempo like that shouldn't be possible fora 2800 player
also that next inaccuracy where he didn't go Kc3 to b4 was a bit striking
i think he often makes mistakes in the endgame
he made another inaccuracy after

>> No.77026402

>know exactly what I want to play as black
>still have no idea what opening to aim for as white
Is this a usual thing? I really don't know what openings I like out of the ones white can actually actively choose

>> No.77026429

>choosing the opening

>> No.77026443

just try it yourself, a4 on move 38 wins a pawn and the rest is just slow simplification, there is no tactic or a mate, just clear slow win

>> No.77026453

Reminder: your pieces are way better placed on the center of the board, if they can afford it of course, better trade them than putting them at the corners.

>> No.77026593

>he made another inaccuracy after
Man, fuck him. After all that, what an asshole.

>> No.77026682

This did not age well

>> No.77026700

just play e4 and black will think that he gets to choose the opening but you can still make it what you want. for example most fags play sicilian which can you easily beat with delayed alapin f3 c3, for example. it is full of traps, learn them.

>> No.77026747
File: 6 KB, 394x139, l0l.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>*slowly walks towards the world's most obvious fork*
>*gets it*

>> No.77026749
File: 146 KB, 755x459, 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.77026760

That diagram is horrible to read

>> No.77026833

>Local patzer so ANGRY he is bad at chess that wants to change the game instead of getting gud
>"All endgames end in a draw! Things need to change!" claims man that never reached an endgame in his life.
>The man screamed obscenities at the reporter when presented with the idea of picking a game he likes playing instead of trying to change a 1000 year old game after a month of trying it out

>> No.77026878

Absolutely based. What book is this from?

>> No.77026992

It's just the information culture
Everyone thinks because he has access to abundance of information is potentially an expert. He is just a few clicks away from it if he wanted to!

>> No.77027270
File: 31 KB, 439x585, left over a single knight lol.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do people not realize that this is so much more satisfying than getting a resignation?

>> No.77027418

Nice, thank you for the advise! Hope to grow a little everyday.

>> No.77027506

Does it? I think I've opened the analysis board while in a game to check something else and nothing happened.

>> No.77027614

the automatic lichess cheat detection will catch you only if you play the top move every time
if you deviate just a little bit, they'll never catch you without a report and a human looking over the games

basically if you have more than two brain cells the automated detection will never catch you

>> No.77027664

Reassess your chess by Silman.

>> No.77027681

you can take the 1.c4/1.Nf3 pill and transpose into your favorite e4/d4 variation later or remain a 1.e4/1.d4 cuck that lets the blacks pick an opening for you

>> No.77027754

its if you open the analysis board with the same position then its an auto loss
not just opening the analysis board at all

>> No.77027820

I didn't like the structures that come out of the reti at all even when transposing

>> No.77027857

Played for like an hour did puzzles for 30 mins and I feel mentally exhausted lol

>> No.77027882

I'll get a really high rating and then everyone will think I am smart and cool

>> No.77027921

dont forget to tell us when you get banned

>> No.77027944

>the top move every time
At what depth?

>> No.77027948

But anon said I won't get banned and I definitely trust him because he's smart and cool

>> No.77028040

>Everyone thinks because he has access to abundance of information is potentially an expert
it's also the dawn of experts of old
since anyone has plenty of information at his fingertips, as much or almost as much as the "experts", no more do you need a certificate to prove your prowess in data analysis; you prove it with your actions

this is why you see sore losers like finegold trying to gatekeep "the cathedral" from the plebs; just like a tenured professor sabotaging research that undermines his own position

sure, armchair-experts who just scream out what the machine tells them will pop up, they might even ather a following, but they will quickly lose to people with genuine talent

>> No.77028116

i know that feel.
>an irl conversation starts about some scientific topic that i thought i had studied deeply and have argued with countless people online with confidence
>oh my chance to show off
>suddenly not sure i remember the details
>umm err i wish i could google that first
>end up not saying anything

feels bad.

>> No.77028320

the downside of this access is the political situation and the state of society in this country.
every creative moron can push his own agenda and find some "scientific" proof online to back up his paranoia and push his political agenda and pass as a "scientist" and people will buy it. i think there should be gatekeepers and some kind of censorship.

>> No.77028614

>svidler coaching that refugee kid they shilled a couple of years ago, on the chess24 stream
do people not realize they're doing damage to him by constantly exposing him like that
he's a kid, coach him privately

>> No.77028643

honestly i hate svidler
typical example of a person who would be a cab driver if not for chess
dumbass pseud faggot

>> No.77028927

>>svidler coaching that refugee kid they shilled a couple of years ago, on the chess24 stream

>> No.77028936

no, the nigerian kid
are you new

>> No.77029439

This but Shankland.

>> No.77029466

shankland is easy to misunderstand but he's a good trustworthy guy
svidler is a sleazy guy

>> No.77029559

>first ever game against the london system
>get so bored I just start sacrificing stuff to see what happens

why the fuck do they tell people to play this lol

>> No.77029560

>people who resign after blundering a single piece
How fucking sad can you get? At 1200 you can easily come back from that.

>> No.77029582

I watched a GothamChess video.
I'm basically a XIXth century GM now, just a few game and i'll become at least modern GM level.

>> No.77029606

Forgot the link

Show me what you can do /chess/

>> No.77029706

You're not supposed to take the pawn back with the knight. You can check out the opening book on Lichess to see the main line.

>> No.77029767

sorry i wasn't login, you probably can't rematch because of that, send a new link and we will play again

>> No.77029768

Ah yes
I forget about that part.
The fried liver is really my kryptonite, makes me blunder constantly.


Lichess is retarded, here if anyone want to go at it.

>> No.77030436

So the ending there as black was a total blunder, or am I missing something?

>> No.77030457

Don't really understand enough yet to know when to make sacrifices for attacks, could I still have joy playing the king's gambit or should I leave it for now

>> No.77030712

Yeah, +/- 8

>> No.77030713

Total blunder as white, black blundered in response.

>> No.77030731

Is that the GM Magnus beat with bong cloud?

>> No.77030861
File: 67 KB, 1280x720, your old pal patine.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>hate facing the French
>discover a line in the Dutch that requires starting with 1 e6 for move order reasons
>learn the French just in case someone plays 2 d4
>now I love the French unironically

the Tarrasch sucks to face but the Winawer is freelo

>> No.77030877

didnt mean to (You) you pal, my b

>> No.77030948

winawer rules if I could pick to play a specific line every single game I'd choose that

>> No.77031044

I feel a lot less retarded understanding that much. Thanks, Anon.

>> No.77031490
File: 3 KB, 170x60, centipawn.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does this mean 89% accuracy?

>> No.77031505

andrew is so cute. I'm not gay but I would.

>> No.77031575

Got good at chess. Realized how utterly fucking boring it is and moved on to chess variants. Even Bobby Fischer had to come up with Fischer Random Chess (it's proper name none of that chess 960 bs) to keep things fresh and interesting.

Alas the only problem with being a chess variants enthusiast is that the average person is too of afraid of leaving their comfort zone of memorized openings that the only people you can play against are either super competent also or complete n00bs who lose once and then never play again.

I really do pity people who limit themselves to Chess 1. Even horde chess, bughouse, and 4-way chess are better.

>> No.77031609

No, that's very high accuracy, probably 99. something.

>> No.77031653

At least we now know for sure this autist is American.

>> No.77031677
File: 46 KB, 827x831, whatdidhemean.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what did white mean by this?

>> No.77031774

The only way to delay mate is to give up the rook, it literally doesn't matter, he could have resigned as well.

>> No.77031795

No doubt white will lose, but Rc1 would've prevented this type of mate and made white survive longer.

>> No.77031798

>A. Straight up canceling endgame with the midline rule is not "fixing"
Improves the game by rewarding aggression and tactics, instead of rewarding boring drawn out positional play. It means that every move has to count and pissing away tempo waiting for your opponent to blunder is no longer as viable of a strategy. It also provides a way to be down material and still win, incentivizing people not to resign after being down the exchange as in
>B. Do you know how the game was developed? Castling was introduced after the queen and bishops got buffed with unlimited range and were proven too OP. And you want to buff the pieces even more AND remove castling rights?
Proving that chess is a living game and it's rules aren't carved in stone by God. The rules change as the meta of the game changes and it is high time that the rules change to keep the game fresh.

>All these rules will do is make the game end by move 10
You'd be surprised. Because when you know you have to defend against it you will and putting the king up the board early is still a good way to get checkmated.

And don't lecture me about hating end games because the popularity of blitz and bullet already shows what the public thinks of endgames and slow chess.

>> No.77031869

Well. if you have analyzed it ok, but I think because of the bishop mate in inevitable. I would guess the engine gives mate in x moves, but that's just a guess, too lazy to check right now.

>> No.77031906

>Only Americans invent and play chess variants

Looks like America has colonized your brain for free mate.

>> No.77031935

>make a horrific game-ending blunder
>opponent misses it

>> No.77031977

I'm addicted to bullet and it's turning me into a smoothbrain

>> No.77032323

i refuse to even let myself play blitz as I know it'd ruin me
I already go way too fast in rapid if I don't force myself to slow down

>> No.77032416

Virgin rapid
>have to wait for your opponent to make their move
>have to study openings
>frequently ends in a draw
>boring endgame
Chad bullet
>always on edge
>no need for theory
>almost never ends in a draw
>endgame is an exciting race against the clock

>> No.77032453

Who is best on youtube for explaining openings? Reading books on them but some aren't the best on actually explaining the ideas behind them. They seem to assume that you'll just internalise them from working through every game

>> No.77032567

I am an intermediate player at 1700 rapid on lichess looking to improve, is there any point to making a jump to chess.com? I do like the analysis there

>> No.77032617

dot com analysis is outright worse if you're free (done to a much lower depth) dunno if it's different if you are paying but it's not a plus imo.
Time controls are worse for rapid because it defaults to 10+0 with the others hidden in a menu meaning they don't get queues.

So unless you like the way it looks or something the real draw is playerbase but players at your level will be players at your level no matter the client.

>> No.77032732

I'm at the same rating and I use pretty much both sites. 1770 lichess 1630 chess.com atm. There isn't any point in leaving lichess. Use both and play on whatever you prefer but lichess is a very valuable tool for free. The only edge I can think of chess.com is puzzle rush, but lately lichess has added the ability to pick difficulty of tactics so it is kind of irrelevant too. Most of other paid shit that they provide is marketed information that is available elsewhere.

>> No.77032787

The bots are pretty well done but also there's no real reason to ever play a bot if you can play real people. And they need an internet connection to be played against.

>> No.77032868

There are hundreds of engines of all elo available, and you can use them offline, they just provide the easiness of having some on their site, it's nothing special.

>> No.77032925

>t. 3 digits elolet

>> No.77033226

Play the opening like a book, the middle game like a magician and the endgame like a machine

>> No.77034060

>reading a book on the veresov which I downloaded not knowing what it was
>says you can basically play whatever with the opening because nobody ever preps for it
lmao this is hilarious
straight up tells you "this line is unsound but black won't know how to punish it"

>> No.77034157

>see a potential fork for my opponent a few moves ahead
>pretend to fall for it while actually setting up an attack on his king
>he takes it anyway and gets checkmated
many such cases

>> No.77034393

is this you?

>> No.77034510

I hope he just doesn't give a fuck when he's playing... Cuz, I don't know what would have to go on to be that low rated...

>> No.77034700

This is worse than watching gore holy shit

>> No.77034853
File: 952 KB, 1095x1061, 1551138427027.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i didnt know you could go this low

>> No.77034878
File: 111 KB, 1056x585, Screenshot from 2021-01-18 21-04-12.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.77034963

>joined august
how the fuck

I've been playing chess for like 15 days and I'm over double his rapid rating lol

>> No.77035093

I'm around a 900 rated player right now. How fast can I hit 1600?

Also, if I like King's Gambit for white, is there anything fun I can play like that on black?

>> No.77035229

So it seems like King's Gambit is the most based white opening, and maybe London System is the most cringe? But how about for black? What's the most based response to e4 or d4? What's the most cringe?

>> No.77035355

abort game

>> No.77035379

Nf6 going into the kings indian, or if you're also a lunatic, the grunfeld.

>> No.77035482

>made chess dot com account
>win first game
>almost 1400 already

should be easy to get my next 200 points, right bros?

>> No.77035486

Chigorin is a fun d4 response
Right now it's the only part of the "play ...nc6" book I actually use

>> No.77035544

How the fuck did I just beat a 1200 my first game, am I actually not bad

>> No.77035563

games down there are pretty much all decided by who blunders first so good job on not blundering before him

>> No.77035575

1200 basically just means you aren't blundering your queen every game

That's the big step up from the 1000s and below
Still making 3+ blunders a game mind

>> No.77035627
File: 286 KB, 720x720, MyFirstGame.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hope this works, this is my first game

I tried playing the King's Gambit but I don't really know anything after 3 moves. I didn't think I'd be able to beat a 1200

>> No.77035839

>really far ahead in endgame
>stop paying attention
>somehow manage to blunder it back to a losing position
>pay attention and manage to stalemate it
why do i do this
i could have won easily

>> No.77035886
File: 41 KB, 537x480, egg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A meme luxury set modeled on Aliens was published years ago. Aliens is a very obvious film to adapt as a chess set, for multple reasons, but I think they could have done a bit better. I will autistically state my ideas below.

-First, the humans are mostly white and the Aliens are mostly black, so this simple detail is obvious enough. The film depicts an extended battle going about two hours in which various pieces on either side are eliminated. Again, obvious basic bitch stuff.

-But the consonances become even more precise when you think about it. The principal cast, the humans involved in the mission, number sixteen-the number of starting pieces for a side. They even rank about right among the pieces. The real set missed an opportunity by having sentry guns as pawns. They should simply have used each principal character for White, as follows:

K: Newt (that which must be protected at all costs)
Q: Ripley
Bs: Bishop (natch), Gorman (officially important in the beginning but not as much later)
Ns: Smart gunners, Vasquez, Drake
Rs: Hicks, Apone (aesthetically and rank-wise, it's a toss-up between assigning Gorman/Apone as N/R).

Once these considerations are handled, a very nice piece of alliteration (usually) unfolds, for the a-pawn through the h-pawn: Wierzbowski (a), Burke (b), Crowe (c), Dietrich (d), Frost (e), Ferro (f), Spunkmeyer (g), Hudson (h). The aesthetics are beautiful: the meme-Wierzbowski is off to one side, complemented by the coward Hudson the h pawn. Dietrich and Frost are in fact among the first two to be attacked, so their status as center pawns makes sense. Keeping Ferro and Spunkmeyer together as the unit that they are on the kingside flank.

This leaves Black. We obviously have q: Alien Queen, but the other assignments are a topic for discussion. The real set erred by having two Queens as k and q. IMO a simple, large egg should be k, opposite Newt, same conceit. Facehuggers as pawns makes sense. r: warrior. n/b: war/chestburst?

>> No.77036024

post more weird chess sets

>> No.77036044

best black defense for black is the French, which is the only black defense I know

>> No.77036353
File: 479 KB, 1880x1410, 40078472_725408654477874_6763219799112679424_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.77036395
File: 1.09 MB, 2566x3421, EAp6PGEXoAEv3f9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I agree.

>> No.77036577

Fuck I just know I'd be rated 1400-1600 and not 800 if I could just stop blundering 3x per game.

>> No.77036664

Not to make this thread my personal blog but I won my second game and I'm now 1500 bros

>> No.77036685

>I'd be better if i was better
Gotta train that vision b, you can do it.

>> No.77036726

they fear us and revere us so they imagine we are everywhere. some shitter itt even claimed that "only americans start chat after a game to insult people". turns out the fragile virgin was deeply scarred by some random chad who told him to piss off but he happened to be an american flag(!) oh the horror! thats how that conclusion was born. low iq people tend to generalize this way. i've only seen this before in political shit flinging but apparently chess players can be as dumb.

>> No.77037381

Magnus has been streaming for ages now but not on the mass appeal level that Hikaru and co. had
I was surprised when chess exploded and all of it was Hikaru's doing not one of Magnus' streams

>> No.77037448

tribalism is human nature

>> No.77037476

Start thinking at least 5 moves ahead instead of 1 like every smoothbrain in that bracket

>> No.77037500

I'm almost 900 elo and addicted to this game
I don't even want to climb I'm loving this 50/50 winrate playing with retards like me in this bracket

>> No.77037552

>tfw I am literally Fischer

>> No.77037624

>they fear us and revere us
You are just obnoxious preachy fags that are easily recognisable lmao

>> No.77037720


a-are they going to trample the pawns with their pins?

>> No.77038079

tryhards fear the daniel

>> No.77038142

we don't even think about you

>> No.77038153

wish she'd trample on me with those nice stompers of hers

>> No.77038291

I'll take the one on the right.

>> No.77038333

if you're blundering a lot, ask why that is

are you hastily making your moves? try to slow down and keep aware of the board. Maybe try puzzles

>> No.77038458

engine says I blunder a lot because it sees me losing an exchange 6 moves ahead, but its really hard to find those (at least for me, even with 2 or 3 minutes of studying the board)

>> No.77038525

i blunder because im a dumb idiot who is terrible at everything he tries and is an abject failure and everyone will find out im a fraud

>> No.77038533

its ok anon rome wasn't built in a day
everyone who has ever played chess in this entire dread existence was bad at one point

>> No.77038561

no theres so many people posting "oh its my first time playing lol i guess im 1000"

>> No.77038664

That's fine. It's why we have rope. Then you can succeed at something and everyone will be proud of you.

>> No.77038673
File: 27 KB, 631x482, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just crushed a 1350 player, one of the highest rated ones I've beaten (me being 1200)
and the engine has never liked one of my games so much

>> No.77038683

Absolutely plebeian

>> No.77038711

You're right, I'm gonna turn that back off just because it's fun to click on the Queen.
or bm opponents

>> No.77038716

thank you. i think i know what i need to do now.

>> No.77038730

>he doesn't look for sound underpromotion tactics
Unironically elevate your game

>> No.77039143
File: 56 KB, 850x400, chess.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Chessbros.... we got too cocky....

>> No.77039235
File: 238 KB, 1200x1200, 1609701302452.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

a true man of culture

>> No.77039242

dude's literally only remembered because of chess lmao
and he wasn't even that good

>> No.77039247

>posting extremely long posts no one gives a fuck about repeatedly

>> No.77039260
File: 12 KB, 817x132, firefox_2021-01-18_23-33-47.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

pls gz

>> No.77039280

why are her lips so unnaturally red

>> No.77039300

females paint their lips with shades of red

>> No.77039315

I don't like it

>> No.77039395

>Paul Morphy
>wasnt that good
Kill yourself faggot.

>> No.77039908

There were plenty engine vs engine simulations. They inevitably lead to a draw apart from Grob (1. g4) where Black always wins.

>> No.77040619

She needs to apply her lipstick often so that stockfish can tell her all the right moves

>> No.77040780

the lichess move sound changed

>> No.77040883

The reply sound on 4chan changed
Reply to this post to try it

>> No.77040888


>> No.77041144

London system is so nice. You get out your bad bishop early and won't end up stuck having to somehow make it active. First two moves are the big ones, total game changer from being stuck with a useless bishop.

>> No.77041155

1200 is often provisional rating.

>> No.77041294
File: 349 KB, 720x720, board (14).gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

One move of mate and I ran out of time because I didn't realise

>> No.77041526
File: 576 KB, 2048x1536, DyAe7WeWoAAT3G2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

she's an Alphazero girl

>> No.77041577

Anna feet...

>> No.77041602
File: 279 KB, 1715x1075, 120955202_4100065530020384_3343856316771537188_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

uhn guys... is she /ourgirl/?

>> No.77041717
File: 1.04 MB, 1528x2856, 15613351.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>for you

>> No.77041745

The french is incredibly cringe, even Kramnik says that he's always hated the french.

>> No.77041759

take the Caro-Kann pill

>> No.77041765

We dont think about you either when you dont self insert and autistically preach your opinions
>I don't like X
I blame the Protestant ethic desu

>> No.77041784

You only think so because you're currently being paired against other retards who blunder 3x per game.

>> No.77041838

>play the slower french

>> No.77041923


Lasker got absolutely owned here lol

>> No.77042013

Oh my god...

>> No.77042022

1500 lichess plays by Lasker.

>> No.77042278

>When he tries to take the knight with a bishop that is not even in the same diagonal

>> No.77042295

>and maybe London System is the most cringe
it's incredibly limp but it is also kinda funny
Makes it impossible to fuck up the opening and then bores the opponents into blunders

>> No.77042730

Name the lowest rating that you don't consider a complete joke for:

>> No.77042791

1800 2300 2400

>> No.77042879

Who is the dark haired goddess

>> No.77042897

This but in reverse

>> No.77042918

Didn't know they got bullet back then

>> No.77042919
File: 8 KB, 388x106, left the game.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

2 leaves in 24 hours, I must be getting better

>> No.77042932

>inb4 post your lichess

>> No.77042978

>start a game
>opponent plays d4
>I play d5
>now been waiting 2 minutes for their next move
fucking d4 brainlets

>> No.77043022
File: 106 KB, 1629x873, lost a point.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.77043132

I thought Giri was playing in the Tata Steel tournament.

>> No.77043133

But that's the most common response
I am gonna assume some e4 brainlet mouseslipped and couldn't cope

>> No.77043287

What's going on with this puzzle? Shouldn't that kind of endgame be drawn even if you win a pawn?

>> No.77043362

only looking at this thread populated by losers and cuccks you wouldn't be able to tell the first classical otb tournament since covid is going on

>> No.77043414

You can analyse a puzzle position after you solve them.
What about Altibox?

>> No.77043470

that shit was weird because they played bullet games to decide the outcome of drawn classical games

>> No.77043515

>tania enters stream
>twitch chat starts posting show bobs vagene tier shit
why are thirdies so dumb
it's about feets

>> No.77043559


>> No.77043576

>You can analyse a puzzle position after you solve them.
Well of course black is technically better according to the meme numbers, but that doesn't change the fact that practically speaking, the endgame seems very drawish.

>> No.77043594

Not the guy you've been responding to, but the point of an open puzzle is to find the best move, not to find a winning continuation. Also, with the more exposed white king and each side having two heavy pieces, I think black's winning chances are more than just marginal.

>> No.77043685

Consider the following quick variation after the puzzle ends

Qd8+, Kh7
Qd3+, f5.

White is already in a bind because he can't bring his queen back to the seventh rank (Qd7? loses to Qf4+, g3, Qf2#) So he has to play something like

Rb3, Qf4+
Qg3, Qc1
Qd3, Rh1+
Kg2, Qe1+
Kf3, Rf1+
Which forces a trade of the queen for the rook and a very easy win now.

Granted, I didn't see all of that from the puzzle position, I am sitting here with a board playing it out, and I'm reasonably sure there's a better line for white, but I think you're underestimating how strong Black's position is.

>> No.77044077

>play better than your opponent the whole game
>lose anyway under time pressure or by a single blunder

Why is zoomer Firouzja like this?

>> No.77044134

>carlsen torturing yet another sorry mofo in a slightly better endgame
why can't fabi do this

>> No.77044153
File: 193 KB, 1545x869, coomer.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the 17yo boolet addict

>> No.77044487

american competitions just have a specific vibe to them. no manners, shittalking, imitating mike tyson etc

>> No.77044505

shut your trap, my boy Jorden is gonna secure this draw

>> No.77044701

yeah he will draw but it's still fucking annoying
he can't win that game ever, but has to play on and on

>> No.77044717

Why are they yelling on the chess24 stream? I'll rather watch the milf on chesscom, thank you

>> No.77044759
File: 482 KB, 720x840, mdmOfqnK.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How did he dodge my bishop?

>> No.77045214
File: 117 KB, 680x680, IMG_20191114_133104.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Magnus bros.. Our boy is getting nerfed

>> No.77045258

You faggots and your variable speed gifs can go die.

>> No.77045656 [DELETED] 

based firouzja

>> No.77045944

>caruana messing up yet another endgame
dumb prepbabby

>> No.77046221


>> No.77047543

mama mia

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