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I think drake-type creatures dont get enough love

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They're forever stuck as "shittier dragons", like a lot of cool monsters.

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They got interesting potential

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drakes are just big fucking lizards

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Which are quintessentially cool.

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Cute tobi.

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>human face
It's ruined.

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Do Qilin/Kirins count as drakes

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Rolly Polly drake.

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I guess so.

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A solid 'Yes' from me.
If it couldn't summon lightning storms at will it would probably end up classified as a fanged wyvern.

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Why does this image give me the sense that youre into furry(scaly) coomer shit?

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>Sees a cartoony rendition of a video game monster
>"This could be coomer shit for scalefags"
Anon, you should take your time and reflect on your preferences.

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They're cool

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Even Wyverns get more respect than Drakes

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i think it's cool how we already have them IRL

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Have you heard of carcinization, the convergent evolution of crabs from non-crabs at least five times independently IRL?
Generic medieval fantasy settings have draconization.

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Dragons are too strong to be given to players, but "shittier dragon" can be balanced to player levels (if the system/setting creator puts in the effort). In that sense drakes are superior.

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Why did the Kodachi become a meme of all the MH monsters?

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He was the first monster to actually challenge me in the game.

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Humans would have never taken over the swampier parts of the planet if the running croc was still around.

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funny face

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It's funny when you say it with an Italian accent.

It's a me, Toby Cadacce

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One of the first "real" monsters the player will fight (and probably the first one to cart a competent newbie), so most people will memorize it.

Bonus points for a slick, cool design with scary-cute features.

Arguable. We had no trouble hunting large game with traps and nets.
Plus, I am not convinced that a crocodile that evolved to gallop would live in swamps.

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They're all dragons.

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I like this ugly fuck.

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That's a zinogre, not a tobi.

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stupid angry doggo

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you just wanna kiss him

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I'm going to take this. I love it too much.

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Why do people like ruining monster designs with uncanny poorly drawn human faces on them?

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Because when it works, it works big.

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So you're suggestion is not shared ancestry but convergent evolution? A fascinating proposal satan

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Since this seems to he the dragon thread, I want to work out a setting a out hunting feral dragons from air ships like high fantasy sky whalers, with all the different kinds of dragons, what should I keep in mind for the more land locked variants? Or should I just not involve them

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I think the idea was used twice in MHW. They've both got pretty cool intro's.

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Because him an Paul both have human names? And Jho as well I suppose but The Agriest Pickle in the World has his own set of nicknames. The fact that he's often called Pickle'Jho and has a Turf War with Rajang is also hilarious.

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Odogaron is actually one of my more favourite fights for just how fucking angry that doggo is. Even Deviljho will get bored and leave you alone if you put enough distance. Odo WILL NOT LET YOU DO THAT. Plus Bleed is a pretty rare abnormal status in the game. Great intro too.

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Truth be told most areas with crocodilians in them had societies that learned almost instantly to literally never get near them under any circumstances. Africans near the Nile treated them like aquatic policemen who punished wrongdoers (by eating them), Aztecs saw them as "earth monsters" that would come from mud to kill anything that got near, Indians were aware that they were bold and fearless enough to attack elephants, Southeast Asians saw them in a similar manner to early depictions of dragons, etc. The world over respected them because they were bullshit dangerous and lurked around precious sources of fresh water, and Europeans luckily enough only had to deal with pack wolves (easily tamed and guided predators), roving boars (excellent source of meat) and bears (excellent source of meat, fur, and claws/teeth to be used in early trade).

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How does bear taste? Is it still eaten somewhere in the world or are they too rare now?

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It's eaten in places where bear hunting is permitted (usually to reduce numbers to curb overpopulation) but it can be a bit pricey. It's actually really tasty but it has a gamey edge to it. If you've eaten deer meat, compare it to beef and bear is somewhere right in the middle.

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Any systems where the depicted can be player characters?

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Odo will only follow you across zones if it is enraged, like almost every other monster in the game.

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>upside down then right side up satan

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>what should I keep in mind for the more land locked variants
That they would probably rush under cover if threatened from above. Into their burrow/cave, between foliage, under water etc.

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Are... are you trying to downplay bears? The creature whose name was chosen as a veil out of fear of its real name, whose name also means to suffer?

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because anime is a scourge.

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Its also described as quite greasy since the bear almost has whale levels of blubber depending on the season. So you need to remove a lot of fat from the meat.

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Maybe play the larger ones up like sand worms

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Non that I know. You can always homebrew.

The artist is MuHut btw.

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Is it a drake? Also what went so right with dog 2.0?

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Which MH weapons would be traditional to each typical fantasy race? What would their armies and individual warriors favor?

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Hard to go wrong when you just add more anger

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Because anime is synonymous with mindless coomerism

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arent drakes ducks or something

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It doesn't help the MonHun community is known as a front for scalies. Between them and /tg/'s degeneracy the chances this thread is about dicking the drakes by the time it hits 200 replies is fairly high.

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Viper Kadachi is the only monster that's made me punch a wall. It made me hate switch axe.

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>Great intro too

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Viper Tobi is a friendship test. If you have friends, he's not so bad. He literally exists to punish people for playing solo and I love it

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How did dragon become synonymous with the winged drake?

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This gives off the same energy on day one where Anjanath was THE roadblock for everyone that was bad.

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The final "lose if bad" roadblock is alatreon these days. Gotta get good gear and git gud in general to fight him

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Men- Lbg, switch axe, gunlance
Elves- Bow, longsword, insect glaive
Dwarves- Hbg, charge blade, hammer
Orcs- Greatsword, hunting horn, dual blades
Everybody- Lance, sns

Racial animosity is quite low on account of monsters not caring what your ears are shaped like. Most conflict is settled through monster-related competition, with hunting being the most direct.

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>"Never thought I'd cart side by side with a longsword user."

>"How about you keep your distance while I combo, dwarf?"

>"You bloody well know I need access to the head!"

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And there goes the thread.
That didn't take long.

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> Lung Dragon
> Dragon Dragon
Shit chart

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The armor is also sick. And useful

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this is why they need to befriend the orc hunting horn user to get flinch free

>> No.77017786

Plus it gets you the crit charm. Clifford the Big Red Dog is a good monster to slay

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Does everyone get palicos, or is there some equivalent for each of the races?

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>there is an ancient elf who's just been perfecting sword n shield fighting for millennia
>it's gotten to the point where he can dispatch elders by himself without much trouble
>has been firmly against actually killing the monsters for several centuries
>barely acknowledges the chain of command, lives mostly in nature now
>at some point, your party has to apprehend him for his disobediance
>tfw the hunters become the hunted

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Unironically Tolkien's Autism about what a Dragon was as a narrative device and the Ring Wraiths riding wyverns not Dragons got misconstrued by popular culture as dragons only being 4 legs 2 wings and anything else needing a different classification, that bled into DnD and like everything else in fantasy once it get put in DnD is basically literary cannon.

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Alternatively you could just make nightshade paul's HH and never have to worry about any of his status effects ever

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Sir that is not a drake that is a squirrel snake.

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Greatswords are an orc thing. Strength-based brutal weapon, far too large for your average dwarf.
Elves are weeaboos so they get longswords.
SnS is a human thing. Orcs find it too small. Elves and dwarves think the utilitarian design is "boring" and unappealing to their sensibilities.
Dual swords are an elf thing, but also sees some use in the form of the dual axe variants with dwarf berserkers, but they're considered weird by dwarf standards.
Hammer is dwarfy as fuck. Also sees some Orc use, but much more common among the dwarves. The original MH hammers were probably repurposed dwarf forging equipment.
Hunting horn is a weird one. It's got the most like "primal caveman" feeling out of all of them, ignoring the meme like guitar ones, which makes me think Orc is the way to go. Maybe its a big thing culturally for them.
Switch axes and charge blades are humie as fuck. Too mechanical for the elves. Too complex for orcs. The dwarf looks at it and goes "what's the point of all this complex shit when it doesn't kill elves better than a regular axe?"
Lances and Gunslances are Dwarfy - slow, tanky, and tough, and the gunlance doesn't have the intricacy that the SA and CB do.
Elves get bows for obvious reasons. When the orcs are forced into ranged combat, that's their prefer type too, but they favor huge ones.
Insect glaive feels elfy if I had to pick, but honestly, I'd throw it in for whatever meme race like halfling or gnome is supposed to be "quirky" in setting.
Humans get LBG for the same reason as SnS while HBGs are "big canon" which is pretty dwarfy.

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Human-Felyne: Are fully integrated into society, are considered complete equals
Elves-Grimalkyne: bond over shared hippy isolationist ideology and being more advance then the other races.
Dwarves-Boaboa: Both are midget vikings
Orcs-Shakalaka & Gajalaka: Oonga Boonga

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drakes are stronger and sturdier than their flying relatives, which means they are more compatible with human men and their all-year-all-day mating behavior

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I know, I paired three parts of it up with the Strategist Alpha Glasses and now I have +40% Affinnity and my Deviljho Chargeblade is WORKING fucking Nerg.

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I've always had a weird suspicion that Tolkien Dragon's only natural predator are Humans. Mostly with how he went out of his way to have Bard being the guy who kills Smaug, but also how the first ever Dragon was killed by a Human with a Magic Sword.

>> No.77021331

Sounds like the Seeker, only with a different weapon and with people not approving of the fact he just fucking disappears for years at a time doing Guild knows what.

>> No.77021345

nice steelix bro

>> No.77021428

Halflings and gnomes using IGs sounds both hilarious and appropiate to me.
>Long reach and jumping ability, perfect for the smallest races that have to deal with everyone they fight always being bigger
>Halflings get to show off their dexterity and agility, as well as their innate luck when they don't land directly into a monster's waiting jaws
>Gnomes get to show off their inventiveness and capacity for lateral thinking without going high tech, also an IG that's built for kinsect combat kinda looks like a mage staff throwing magic missiles
>Both get to show off their friendly/quirky nature by partnering with a giant bug

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>dual blade orks discover Naruto running
>fervently believe it makes you go fasta
>and so it does

>> No.77022521

Reminder that fantasycraft let’s you play as a drake.

>> No.77022779

>Ork kommandos start naruto running everywhere
>Soon after, they learn how to create clones of themselves on the fly, how to throw balls of energy and all that wierd shit in naruto that has nothing to do with ninjas
>Then they discover Dragon Ball

Please let's never introduce the orks to anime.

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>TFW the group finds a squad of Guild Knights dead
>TFW some of them are skinless
>TFW the DM says you hear some leaves rustle

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Does Zinogre count as a drake-type as well?

>> No.77025813

you learn something new everyday!

>> No.77026031

No. He a big fluffy doggo

>> No.77026159

For some reason, Kyogre popped into my mind before Zinogre even though I've been playing MH lately.

Could Kyogre and Groudon be cool drake types?

>> No.77026296

Drakes are four legged wingless dragons, so Groudon may actually count as one.

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You know have me wondering what's the most retarded thing to be classed as a Dragon in Pokemon.

...ok found it. Why the fuck did the Hawaiian Exeggutor get classed as a Dragon type?

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Although that said, the whole "Dragon-Apple" evolutionary line of Applin - Flapple - Appletun is right up there as well. Especially since the final form is a fucking Apple-Pie Dragon.

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Honestly sound on target

>> No.77030518

HH is the orc shaman's weapon. The rest of the orcs respect and appreciate a good battle tune and some mystic magic, but wouldn't respect him if he couldn't also bonk as well.

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coom before posting

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at least post the good ones from krekk

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You post them if you think they are so much better.

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I'm just here to sass his taste. I have some dignity in what I post but not in what I coom to.

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True. But I like them in Eberron, which has very specific lore for dragons, off on their own continent being cryptic and trying to figure out how their total devotion to reading the details of the future somehow didn't detect an entire nation getting deleted four years ago. When dragons are already spoken for, you've got a lot of excuses to use drakes and such as combat encounters, fantastical sights, and other things that the PCs will actually encounter and give a shit about.

I really want to use the scripted Rathalos encounter from the FF14 crossover in tabletop at some point. I figure I will, at most, have one other FF14 player in my group, so it's prime idea stealing material.
The tricky part is about 3 minutes in. The party have to take cover behind a thing that they just killed in order to not get barbequed by a flame breath attack from out of field. Seems like something that could work in a turn-based tabletop game.

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What is going on with Dodo I swear. He was NOT supposed to be that adorable. Maybe a little derpy like the Kut-Ku line. Probably the equivalent for that biome of Great Girros and Jagras. But instead he's this almost completely benign good boy. Surrounded by Elder Dragons, Solid Gold Rolypoly's the size of a bus, A Rathlos who got a dye-job and now thinks he's too cool to hang with the Raths, and a VERY VERY lost Jyuratodus who just kind shrugged and rolled with it.

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There are fifteen of these and I don't want to flood the thread with them all so I'll just link the tweet https://twitter.com/Coliandre/status/1350736452410355712

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Dodogama is just a hungry lizard who likes to eat super rocks. Fat lizards who just sorta VIBE are great by definition, and dodo is no exception.

>> No.77035180

Fattyboi just wanna eat and make boomboom

>> No.77037211

Those are pretty cool.

>> No.77038527

drakes are cool, anon

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I love Clifford so much, and I really hope MHS2 lets you have one as a buddy.

>> No.77039611

That is not a drake, that is a snake squirrel electric monster.

>> No.77040033

I want to see techno-drakes.

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Hey guys, did you know that in terms of male hunter and female Elder Dragon breeding, Namielle is the most compatible Elder Dragon for hunters? Not only are they elder dragons, which is mostly compromised of scalies, Namielle are an average of 15”03’ tall and 3.9 tons, this means they’re large enough to be able handle hunter dicks, and with their impressive HP Pool and access to Charged States, you can be rough with one. Due to their mostly water based biology, there’s no doubt in my mind that an aroused Namielle would be incredibly wet, so wet that you could easily have sex with one for hours without getting sore. They can also learn how to electrostatically stimule your penis, along with not having feathers to hide their cloaca, so it’d be incredibly easy for one to get you in the mood. With their abilities Water Absorb and Hydration, they can easily recover from fatigue with enough water. No other Elder Dragon comes close to this level of compatibility. Also, fun fact, if you pull out enough, you can make your Namielle turn yellow. Namielle is literally built for human dick. Ungodly attack tactics+high HP pool+Charged States means it can take cock all day, all shapes and sizes and still come for more.

>> No.77041327

A drake in power armour. Close enough for horseshoes and hand grenades.

>> No.77041364

That's a wyvern, retard.

>> No.77041385

>Why did the Kodachi become a meme of all the MH monsters?
Are you retarded? Dodogama became such a meme the devs acknowledged the community love for him with a limited quest.

>> No.77041417

Only the tar covered boney boy whose name I forget was new. Uraagan has been around since at least tri

>> No.77041469

>drake: dragon, but it walks on 4 legs and has no wings. Tends to have a cat/wolf-like stance and proportions

your counter-point?

>> No.77041490

>Using standard fantasy races when MonHun already has humans, wyverians, troverians, shakalakas/gajalakas, and palicos
God I hate DnD niggers with no imagination.

>> No.77041529

It also helps that he likes to snipe elder dragons out of the air with his rock spit and then either wander off or dig in for a nap, so he's seen as beneficial to have around rather than a detriment.

>> No.77041548

>A fanged wyvern that flies among the trees of the Ancient Forest. Its penchant to brush against the ground and the trees as it moves around builds up static electricity within its fur.
I take it you're a retard who doesn't know the first thing about MonHun terminology before spouting off.

>> No.77041611

that's the in-game taxonomy, but traditionally the Tobi counts as a drake with the gimmick of a gliding membrane. And the thread isnt about MH specificly

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>> No.77041648

>traditionally the Tobi counts as a drake
According to whose rules? The game says tobi is a wyvern so it's a wyvern. Just because it doesn't fit your DnD autism doesn't change the fact that wyverns are completely different beasts in MonHun. I bet you tism out over the Kirin too.

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>drake: dragon, but it walks on 4 legs and has no wings
Are you sure about that?

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not my fault if people use words wrong

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File: 5.01 MB, 1066x1232, Rust_Drake_from_FFVII_Remake_render.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 1011 KB, 1536x1024, 1611058652312.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fun fact: drakes exist IRL and guess what? They have wings. Seems like the only one using the word wrong here is you.

>> No.77041891

That's a water chicken.

>> No.77041995

Sure, but running crocodiles would be up out of the water and on land, which would make them much less dangerous to anyone armed to hunt them.

We've hunted basically all the large land predators to near-extinction for a reason.

>> No.77043009

They both obviously succeeded off of being cute and pretty peaceful. Dodogama took a level in dickass with IB because Capcom suddenly made him some sort of pseudo-invader where he will start spewing fireballs at anyone fighting within his vicinity, but Kadachi is so chill it's actually cute to just hang out with him.

>> No.77043168

this nigga is a stone cold motherfucker with powerful gravity magic, approach with caution

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Okay but who's worse. The people that humanize the monsters and then coom, the fuckers that want to outright hump the monsters unchanged as they are, or the degenerates that want to fuck the Palicos

>> No.77047384

Of course drakes exist
see >>76991707

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Good taste, anon.

>> No.77048092

Who knows. What I do know is that there is one camp worse than all three combined.

>> No.77048600

I mean, they wouldn't be in swamps as that's not a good habitat for a cursorial lifestyle.

>> No.77050353


>> No.77053931
File: 2.95 MB, 976x550, flashbang through the door get on the floor everybody do the dinosaur.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tzitzi makes me want to include more monsters that show up mid-combat, disrupt everything, and then just run off.

>> No.77053936


>> No.77053972

tobi a cute!

>> No.77054002

I've been thinking of cobbling together a ryuutama campaign or some other game with romps through the wilderness and I really want to capture just the absolute "oh shit" moments MonHun brings with how it feels like a proper living world at times. Nothing quite like killing a couple deer for dinner when fucking Bagelgoose shows up to carpet bomb everything.

>> No.77054026
File: 792 KB, 5397x1239, btl 0.3 squeleton.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

there is that creature that im trying to make is techniacaly a drake
i heard to alway start with the squeleton yet i still suck

>> No.77056594



>> No.77056679
File: 654 KB, 2000x713, owl drake.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.77056761


What monsters existing in DnD does one think could be good for that? I could see a Bullette suddenly shooting out of the ground, nabbing a wounded creature and diving back in the ground

>> No.77057016

Your penis grow back yet?

>> No.77059566

I mean it looks like a drake to me. Whats the issue?

>> No.77060195
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20ft running crocodiles *were* still around in Australia by the time the Aborigines got there (in addition to the giant monitor lizards.)

>> No.77061559

tobi is for ____

>> No.77062366

tobi is for friendship.

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