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>the system uses point buy

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I was talking to my girl friend the other day and she turned to me and said “anon you are weird but handsome why do you not have a girlfriend yet?”
I was shy and told her that she could be my girlfriend but she laughed and said “no I’m Tj girlfriend, I’m just your girlfriend”
It burns deep and I wanted to be more than just her boyfriend but she has a boyfriend and he gets pretty hereabouts Jeremy (if you know what I mean)
Kind of confused why she would compliment me and then shit me down, I do know she always whispers to her younger sister when I’m around (if you’ll pardon the pun)

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>Making red flag threads
closely followed by the reddest of them all
>Quoting or mentioning /tg/ outside online discussion on /tg/

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you WILL fall for his bait
you WILL recite the standard /tg/ grognard / bait talking points word for word

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>player's character art is drawn in anime style
>player s is playing a kobold or goblin
>player watches critical role
>player likes goblin slayer or berserk

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Try taking fewer drugs.

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>the system has classes
>the system has races
>the system has a spell list or set of descriptors for magic

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It's just a copypasta from 2018.

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Liking Goblin Slayer or Berserk is actually a green flag, it just looks red because of all the blood.

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I hope they started taking fewer drugs.
Or died from overdose. Either one.

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>the system uses RNG for chargen

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>player says he "mains" a class
>player talks about his "build"
>player found his "build" online

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>We'll be running a low combat, high RP, low fantasy/sci-fi murder mystery... with D&D 5e!

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>he likes anime

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Care to explain why you think its bad? Im honestly curious, since all my players til today always liked roll based char gen.

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the last part is the red flag to me, up until then I was excited for a game of Dark Heresy

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>system doesn't use point buy
>system is class based

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So I had one recently that i feel is worth sharing. As a background, I automatically reject anything political in my games as to not cause conflict for any of my players.
> so I was setting up a game on discord for last Saturday (because fuck roll20)
> I was taking applications for players from the people in my discord
> had one guy who was very interested
> We ended up chatting for a bit (talking about prior games, preferred classes, etc.)
> finally ask him about his character
> He says he wants to play a human barbarian
> I ask for the character’s background
> he starts off with,”So remember the cool guy who stormed the Capitol building dressed as a Viking?”(pic for reference)
> I immediately tell him that I’m not comfortable with his character.
> he asked why
> I told him it was too divisive
> he then asked if I had a problem with republicans
> I told him “no, I don’t want to turn my discord into a powder keg of political conflict.”
> he didn’t understand and started ranting about how the media are painting “patriots” as violent criminals
> I ended up disconnecting and removing him from discord.

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Probably appropriate. Good of you to stand your ground.

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Not him but I think it depends on the level of RNG. Rolling for stats is rarely an issue but there are games that want players rolling for race, class, etc.

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It has it's place in OSR high turn over games. Stuff where you need to easily create characters without having to even think of a concept, just roll some stats and see what fits.

In anything else it's dumb as fuck.

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But anon, everything is political! That means you have let literally anything fly or else you're just a hypocrite and a fence-sitter and probably an incel.

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wait til you hear about my new monk, Moha Medali, who abhors lethal force and recently joined an organization of dark-skinned cat cultists known as the "Black Panthers"

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bait thread it is then

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Met a guy at a house party who by chance actually browsed /tg/ too. Kinda surreal.

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>oh whatever I'll just play a half-orc barbarian, I'm not really good at troleplaying

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I know the answer fellow Qanoner.... truth as Q said is that all women are whores. Except for mother of course, but you mother is most likely a whore, but enough of that.
Truth is that we are not alone in our struggle against the female species. Q made it clear when he, and he alone, elected Trump and is waiting for the precise exact moment to reveal the whole world about the hollywood pedophilia satanic cult that rules the world... Trump didnt reveal it yet because... well, its complicated, they told me to follow the plan, whcih is waiting... longing, if you will. As soon as the satanic pedophiles hollywood world leaders are revealed, Trump will be president again( btw nice try antifa) and legalize paedophilia, which is something even our ancestors from /b/ longed for. /b/ that took pride on being permavirgins... they took it from us, now 4chan worships chads. Chads are rapists and murderers, wiothout honour.... Me? Yes I would rape everyone I could... but with honor and dutybound to my people.... something that chads and women alike, except for my saint mother, would not be able to coinceive, let alone understand.
It woduld be based and redpilled and no longer we would have to deal with cringey buzzwords from c(_)c ks or the likes of dilatin g trannies coping. America #1.

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3/10 bait made me respond

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Berserk is acceptable, goblin soilayer is not.

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I think he had a good concept but there are ways to run / take inspiration from current events without being a punk. Good on you for kicking that dude.

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Honestly I probably largely agree with that guy politically, but you were 100% right for shitcanning him. I keep my political opinions to myself unless someone else deliberately starts talking to me about it, it's extremely cringe and abrasive to just start getting into that shit in a tabletop RPG though.

I don't give a crap which political side is "correct" at the table, I only give a crap that the player is being an uppity bitch about it to start conflict.

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This is always so weird for me, because I normally assert how odd it is that I've probably conversed with that stranger several times and that we might actually know each other to a limited degree from that shared experience.

Then I realize that, unbeknownst to myself, I probably hate him and move on with my life like I never considered that fact.

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>Anyone you call a raging queer or tell to have sex on here could be a neighbour or even a friend or family member
Really makes you think

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What's wrong with using "build"

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if you have anything about the character pre-planned you're minmaxing powergamer

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I mean I'm a huge proponent of Traveller just for the chargen as is, but I will admit that it isn't for everyone and for some reason people forget that it is workable in the system due to how important skills are, and that it's mitigated a bit by both the connections thing and skill packages. So chargen pretty much always has to be done as a session 0 group thing.

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oh so i can't find art, make a backstory, or even think of what class i will play? golly gee anon, thanks for explaining on how not to be a powergamer ! :)

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It triggers zoomers who want to method act instead of playing the game.

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This one
This attempt at a joke is a redflag OP

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Goblin Slayer is a huge red flag. Everyone I've known who goes out of their way to gush about that show is a loser.

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Dubs don't lie

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>that strange feel when your own grandpa could be on here calling you a pathetic virgin/ autistically arguing on why a D&D city with kings shouldn’t have democracy

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Based Belittler.

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based for the first time in one of these worthless threads

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I was making fun of the OP. Both types of chargen have their place.

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>the system has "classes"
>the only meaningful difference between them is they have less spells on their list

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Actual red flag:
>refers to character creation as “rolling a toon.”

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It implies the player may be steering the fate of their character's growth in a way which gives unwarranted consideration to extranarrative factors. Ideally, the GM would present each player with a limited range of options at each stage of character progression, reflecting their choices and performance since the last point of progression.

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I unironically don't understand how anyone could dislike Berserk, unless you are just morally opposed to fictional hyper violence/sex.

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It could be you, it could be me, it could even be...

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Reminder that point buy is so superior that even D and D ended up adopting it.

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I called my brother a faggot on tg years ago
We were in rooms next to each other. He told me over dinner some asshole was flaming him in a quest thread and how tg has gotten worse lately
i never told him it was me, just laughed a bit too loud

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so is this character a
Satan worshiping pedophile?

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Because it sucks, guts is the stereotypical emo goth faggot

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Generally speaking;
>female character
>conversion table
>mixed ethnicity
>min/max meta
>[insert] Hunter

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Why are you scared of girls, anon?

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>the system has clerics, but fails to include the Weed domain
>it’s a point buy system, but Bong Ripping isn’t a skill
>DM’s description of medieval hydroponics isn’t historically accurate
>the female in the group doesn’t have dreadlocks or hand tattoos

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>he gets pretty hereabouts Jeremy (if you know what I mean)

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Dislike is the wrong word. Problem is people who publicly enjoy it are more likely to make some reddit inspired guts knockoff or play poorly in an effort to emulate the anime

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You WILL accept the gifts offered to you.

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>any member of the group mentions weed or smoking

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Yes. The main character isn't that smart, everyone else in the world is just fucking retarded. The author didn't bother to even THINK. Like, GS doesn't invest in good weapons because they always get caked in blood and fat. Or he could just wipe his sword, even if being bloody did impede cutting power, which it doesn't.

Anyone who likes it is just a smoothbrain.

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My current roommate browses /tg/, he's the reason I come to this board occasionally rather than just sticking to /tv/ and is one of the reasons I got into TTRPGs in the first place. More people are on 4chan than you might think.

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Everybody including the titular character having their IQ effectively exceeded by their goddamn shoe size was my main issue with GS. Another was the armchair general fanbase that thought they were looking at something profound.
>One retard in the first ep doesn't know what stabbing is.
>Ergo longswords are bad in caves.
If I never have to have that conversation again it'll be too soon.

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Fuck you Jon

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I think its a local dialect, based off my instincts and experience I think he's saying that Jeremy sleeps around

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based strokeposter

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Participating in a friend's campaign, and we'll occasionally bring on new players. Some of the new players will talk about "maining a class" or talk about taking up a different class or perk just to get an edge in combat-wise.
Really doesn't help that my friend and I will occasionally shoot the shit and talk about character creation and he'll bring up how he found a really cool build online that he wants to try.
Surprisingly enough, his campaign hasn't gone to shit. That, or I've forgotten what a good campaign is like.

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>or I've forgotten what a good campaign is like

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What's your first language?

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Yeah precisely. It's just mind numbingly stupid. I slogged through the first arc of the manga when it was released and then dropped it like the garbage it was.

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That's a red flag.

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>Hey DM I have a charakter idea
>Oh that's great anon
>Yes, I even looked up all the feats/class abilities/skills/features ect. I need

>> No.76931261

Oh wow holy shit, that got me pretty fucking good, goddamn.

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I maintain a fairly strict ‘no politics’ rule in my group precisely because I got sick of games devolving into arguments (and by arguments I mean everyone dogpiling on me because I’m the only person whose not a leftist in my group).

The rule is there because I’m here to have fun, not to sit through an hour of people who call themselves my friends attempt to browbeat me into parroting whatever ‘all right-wingers are stupid/evil/fascist’ bullshit they got fro Reddit recently.

Despite this rule, they insist on pushing the boundaries and edging at “did you hear about this latest orange man bad thing?” until I snap at them. For fuck’s sake, I leave my politics at the door, why can’t you return the courtesy? If you can’t respect my wish to play a game with people I’ve known for years without having to sit through a socialist struggle session every week I don’t know why I bother coming here.

I mean, I could just fuck off and leave you guys alone. It’s not like any of you actually have the commitment to gm every week consistently, but if I did that I would have no friends at all and would be at the mercy of whatever raging leftists hang out at the University rpg club if I wanted to play at all.

>> No.76931460

That sucks anon, I'm sorry for you. I used to be in a similar situation, then I got some other, good meatspace friends who weren't raging leftists. But then they finished university and all moved back out of town. So I'm in the same situation again.

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It's becoming the new religion and they're the happy little converts full of zeal and ready to preach to you, the poor little heathen who just doesn't know any better.

It's even got it's own original sin.

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>Talks about their character backstory or their campaign as if anyone cares
>Commissions art of their character
>Commissions multiple pieces of art
>Clogs up character art threads with their OC

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The first three are actually right
You were so close but you had to reveal you are a faggot

>> No.76931787

Everyone you know IS a loser
Why would they hang out with you otherwise?

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Smoking is allowed if you dont smoke inside or while we play or smell like shit because because of it
You want to smoke? Not while we play
Weed is a red flag tho

>> No.76931833

that was funny.

>> No.76931872

Weed is a huge green flag if there are also beers and chicks.

>> No.76931976

t. powergamer

>> No.76932151

What, it was obvious! OP's a faggot! Look, he'll start sucking dick aaaaaany second.

>> No.76932193

The best thing you can do with a known power gamer is to have the GM stat the character out for them. These "people" are rollplayers, not roleplayers, and as a result they should not be afforded the same rights as their betters.

>> No.76932224

Was this written by an ai?

>> No.76932755

Comrade Botnik grows closer to us every day.

>> No.76932799

I've freaked out one of my mates a few times by calling him out by name. He has a distinct writing style and we hang around the same types of threads, so I've successfully bullied him in thread on /v/, /tg/ and /tv/.

My successrate is not 100% however, so I've also just looked like an idiot a couple times.
I know it's you Knud, get off 4chan

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im gettin really mad at the word backstory in your post because it messes up the otherwise perfect curve of it

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>or berserk
Hey fuck you

>> No.76933570

>player likes goblin slayer
While mostly garbage, goblin slayer does have a neat bit here and there like using portal magic to fire pressurized water from the bottom of the ocean at things

>> No.76933580

>Honestly I probably largely agree with that guy politically
So you want to become an urban terrorist because Cheeto is a poor loser?

>> No.76933668

See, they just can't help it.

>> No.76933740

>It's extremely cringe and abrasive to just start getting into that shit in a tabletop RPG though.
Applies to /tg/ as well. If you ever wonder why it seems /pol/ is everywhere, it's because you're a schizophrenic douche deliberately trying to piss people off wherever you go. The problem is you, you are That Guy who will never shut the fuck up about your political cult.

>> No.76934086

>women play male characters like murderhobo rapists.
>men play female characters like conniving whores.
Someone else can deal with this.

>> No.76934261

Its unfortunate people like that exist, but you can always root them out; I personally make Hillary the president before a zombie apocalypse occurs, really drives the cultist mad... not sure why, it's always a background detail that has no effect on the story (she didn't even start it, a space god passes Earth and decided to flex on the place for not worshipping him).

>> No.76934587

I prefer using Sarah Palin.

>> No.76934659

In addition
>the system has levels

>> No.76934749

came to read this. Brilliant retardposter

Sorry for antibumping the thread for that shit of an op

>> No.76934761

I understand goblin slayer, but berserk? That is a kino-tier manga and I do not like mangas.

>> No.76934767

You need to go back

>> No.76934777

Low IQ posts.

>> No.76935127

Cowards think planning a character’s mechanics so that you know what they do and can fulfill their role in the team equates to munchkinism

>> No.76935218

>I've never met the the player before

Massive red flag. My group is based af because entry is a long litmus test of how far you'll go.

>> No.76935295


People who have anime as their profile picture of character picture.

>> No.76935988


You were right. I play tabletop RPG's to play games. I don't want to talk about IRL politics in my games, especially ones in a country I have no voting power or voice in.

>> No.76936776

>GM bases his world on a thing that catches his fancy at that moment
>the GM doesn't think his setting through
>the GM improvises major plot points causing them to stick out like sore thumbs
>the GM thinks that bigger=better
>the GM keeps doing his setting despite the fact that the fancy that caught his eye 3 months ago no longer grabs his interest creating a mishmashed bloated mess of improv and heavy inspiration from various different things that don't mesh together well

>> No.76937538

Just because this thread is just for ranting without actually getting replies anyway, and shouting into the void can be relaxing. Here's some proven red flags from 11+ years of experience.

>Overuses English words when their native language has exact equivalents
Barring a good excuse like growing up in an English-speaking country, of course
>Brags about having arguments with strangers
>Character's high concept is just "<class> <race>"
>Is unwilling to accept occasional loss of character autonomy
or the superlative
>Tries to play or otherwise dictate the actions NPC's
>Is late to any game without forewarning or repeated apology
It's never just once
>Takes GMing advice from 4chan
Serously, you guys give the absolute worst GMing advice I've seen anyone give, ever
>Is unwilling to try freeform roleplay at least once
>Is unwilling to try tactical combat at least once
>Is unwilling to try one-shots at least once
>Is unwilling to try larp at least once
Pretty much everyone who isn't willing to explore the full scope of the roleplaying hobby has nonsensical arbitrary ideas on what roleplaying "should be" and gets upset when they see perfectly fine practices that don't fit within their vision.

>inb4 roleplaying GAME autist pipes up

>> No.76937590

Imagine antagonizing players like this.

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>, I do know she always whispers to her younger sister when I’m around (if you’ll pardon the pun)

>> No.76937686

>Using a thread title/subtitle combination that is a direct link to a pre-existing page

>Posting a link to /tg/ while inserting some bit of text between the <img> tags of your image

>Inserting all . . .

However, I feel this list is incomplete and so I would also like to add some miscellaneous examples (some of which are definitely better than others)

>Re-routing a list with a thousand posts, where the original request to post was from /gsg/

>Sending in a thread to a thread on /tg/


>> No.76937851

>presents subjective opinions like "point buy systems are bad" as objective fact

>> No.76937962


>> No.76938064

Character is an outsider.

>> No.76939373

>> I ask for the character’s background
but that is not a background! that is just a visual reference. That should be the redflag, not the political tangential related shit.

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>> No.76943981

faggot, what you said is true and now i can´t ridicule it!

>> No.76946198

>Serously, you guys give the absolute worst GMing advice I've seen anyone give, ever
This is the truest thing in this thread. /tg/ is at such a fundamental disconnect with "fun."

>> No.76947092

It wasn't always this way. Go back 10 years and there's heaps of good advice, you can find it in the archives.

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Imagine being such a cuck that you play with people you don't like because you can't make any other friends.

>> No.76950191

>do know she always whispers to her younger sister when I’m around (if you’ll pardon the pun)
fucking NICE

>> No.76950236
File: 1019 KB, 1022x4537, 1589479867444.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Imagine letting politics be the be-all and end-all of your existence and having no private life outside of it you ideological husk of a human being.

>> No.76950280

You're almost there Anon, you just need a fewer more drugs, then it will all make sense.

>> No.76950460

It's impossible to have anime as a profile picture. How are you going to fit x number of seasons comprised of y episodes into a single image file?

>> No.76951545

His character is a furry.
His character is a lesbian furry.
His character is a transgender lesbian furry and he won't stop talking it.

>> No.76951985

Show me on the doll where anon touched you.

>> No.76952216

>method acts during the entire session
>"powergames" all my characters
Why can I both be invested in the character and invested in not dying? It's not my fault if other players can't read the fucking books.
That's because min/maxing isn't a real problem if the DM is even a tiny bit confident in his ability to create encounters. The hardest amount of min/max will never outshine a pure caster doing a default setup of spells. If said powergamer is such a sperg that he can't RP, then make the next few sessions basically nothing but conversation. There are people who are bad at one or the other, but it's highly exaggerated that min/maxing and acting are mutually exclusive when they aren't whatsoever.

>> No.76952329

>rolling a toon
What the fuck does that even mean? I've never heard this one before.

My red flags though are
>Rogues or CN characters actively spiting the party (stealing or just being useless to get laughs)
>Paladins/ Clerics who act completely retarded
>Not paying attention to conversations or combat.
I can actually deal with people not knowing the rules, but even if someone helped to build your character and their flowchart in combat, you should EVENTUALLY learn it so you stop having to have your sheet babysat by the GM. My fiance and one of my other Players both have this issue. Both shit at character create, but at least Player learns his character once people are done helping him. Fiance needs every rule explained every round of combat. You just saw the enemy do the EXACT same thing as you, HOW ARE YOU NOT CATCHING ON.

At least she's good at roleplaying.

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>> No.76955743

I wish my players liked Berserk.

>> No.76955796

What's stopping you from picking from the tables instead of rolling?

>> No.76955807

this is the based take

>> No.76955891

>rent free
trump lost buddy. Bashing him has been cringe since 2018 -- no one likes watching people kick a cripple.

>> No.76955923

Hmmm, you call Goblin Slayer soi, yet Berserk is the one where the protagonist gets irreversibly cucked (and also analfucked) while Goblin Slayer is the one where the protagonist actively kills the ugly fat bastards of the fantasy genre and thus is the most anti-cuckold fiction in the history of mankind. Curious.

>> No.76956174

He also refuses to get better/enchanted gear because if he's killed then the goblins would take it. I'm willing to bet Goblin Slayer doesn't bother getting into any sort of detail, but wouldn't, say, enchanted armor probably give a better resistances to shit like poison and disease?

>> No.76956501

It'll be sad for them when he finally fucks off. They'll not know what to talk about.

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>>the system uses point buy
>Being this mentally weak

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File: 206 KB, 900x873, 1609730613476.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>player exclusively plays frogs
>posts frogs on imageboards
>tells people how many frogs he has saved on his drive

>> No.76956815

I agree with most of this but what is your definition of "occasional" losses of character autonomy?

>> No.76956962

High level characters with plenty of magical gear are borderline invincible to goblins, they just have better shit to do since the backdrop setting is a pulp fantasy rpg with the demon lord rising and being felled by heroes continuously. It's also true that they get cocky and get crit, or get worn down by other monsters and finished off by gobs. In the LN/manga/anime this is why you have bands of adventurers showing up to get guro'd by monsters continuously. In the WN it is a little more explicit that the characters and world are all literally component to a J-TTRPG inspired by old school sorcery and adnd shit, and so making (or being directed by the gm into) a fatal mistake and getting one shot is part of how the world works.

>> No.76957204

What happened here, anon? I need to know.

>> No.76958054
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I believe a player who draws his character is clearly very invested in the game and my campaign, and they can play what they wish and enjoy what media they like.

>> No.76958443

>he gets pretty hereabouts Jeremy (if you know what I mean)
Oh I know exactly what you mean -- too hereabouts too ugly (pardon my french)

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