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New attempt Edition

>Previously in the Mortal Realms:

>Official AoS website

>Downloads; Rules Errata and FAQs:

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>AoS Battletomes (Remember, loose lips sink ships, the longer this MEGA stays up, the better!)
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>Thread Question:
How would you add Seraphon in an organic and engaging way into the main storyline?

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I'd make them the aeldari of the setting, borne through the void on giant ships, forced to find a way to save their people. They live as either unliving memories or savage beasts, their journey is one of self-improvement and discovery for a new home.

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they shouldve been canned like brets and tomb kings. other than they keep them as the few slaann who survived animated memories. atleast that was a cool concept.

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make them feathered dino star spirits that act like the skeletal star demons in aztec myth except good and not cannibals

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Make them Anti-Tyranids. They have decided that mortal races are simply not reliable, so they are an expanding army that exterminate everything they can, turning the land they take into luxurious jungle hostile to everything else.

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I really wouldn't be opposed to GW just re-releasing better proportioned Liberators desu, with designs closely following what Blanche produced.

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>>Thread Question:
>How would you add Seraphon in an organic and engaging way into the main storyline?
why would I want that? the sidelines are more comfortable

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they have to squat the whole range and start again
also end the reforging fluff

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the flaw is present in the whole model line
you don't fix it by redoing only the liberators

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GW would cum themselves at the thought of Stormcast players rebuying their entire army. Look at Primaris and how well they’re doing.

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I agree, but they added the reforging stuff to not make them invincible respawning bores with no stakes in their battles.

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The re-forging is what makes Stormcast cool in my opinion. Gives them character and removes them from the atypical Fantasy Space Marines archetypes
Yeah I get that. To be fair though, some of the newer Stormcast stuff has better proportions. Still not a huge improvement though. I feel like Stormcast have so much missed potential as a faction.

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>Gives them character
>reducing the risk of death
this is something for an evil faction, not the good guys

Batman > superman as a character because he can actually die

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second was meant for >>76920191

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i actually like the idea that they keep getting reincarnated but keep getting more fucked up in the head each time. thats a pretty cool angle, probably one of the best aspects of their lore.

otherwise they'd just be slightly bigger normal humans in plate armor

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they come back but it's not without risk. the superman comparison certainly isn't apt unless every time superman gets hit he turns slightly more into bizarro

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>[Batman] can actually die
Imagine believing that

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so what are the LRL all about?

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If your not a fag?
>Phalanxes of Spear Men, backed by formations of Archers and lances of Calvary, led by Priestesses who steel the soul of their warriors and led by a reanimated armor which holds the soul of an ancient hero, who all set out to save the realms by force.

If your a major fag?
>Cow-worshipping idiots who can't enter doors and their retarded bull-mountain gods, led by MOST DISHONORABU Old asian man and his furry moon waifu.

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GW won't squat one of the most popular armies and money making ranges. Then again you can't spell slann, so... your comment is already shit.

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And so he has moved on to the bargaining stage

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>I'm illiterate and don't know what a Sphinx is let alone what it stands for
>I didn't even read Elric to know why High Elves had dragons

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Mountain elementals trying and failing to teach elves that homosexuality is wrong and they should stop it.

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Tbf the later stuff does improve their shilouette. Still kind of disjointed mattel stuff but sometimes that's appreciated.

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Magic is a hell of a drug

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Plastic glue or superglu for gluing models to bases?

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>cites Elric
come on man, Moorcock influence got left out. GW made fucking Melnibonean models in the 80's, so WHFB was separate. stop spouting shite.

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Paper glue

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I prefer using superglue because it allows the models to be removed from their bases with relative ease compared to using plastic glue.

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Thinking about dropping the battalion for a Squig Gobba or more Squigz, thoughts?

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Member a few threads ago I was talking about nude models GW made? I forgot the two barbarian ladies who were topless.

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Depends on the model and what you're doing with it.

Regular plastic models on regular plastic bases? Plastic glue.

If you are building the model in subassemblies for easier painting, or if you are doing some kind of fancy base you should use superglue so you can snap the model off later and get easier access to details.

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So, when are we getting Femcast tits?

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fat bimbocast titties in my face

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We won't. Ever. GW won't do nudity any more. Fiends don't count.

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lightly superglue.

you might want to rebase, or change your base painting scheme, or just reposition it.

never plastic glue it unless you want to literally fuse their feet to the base.

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I wouldn't. Trying to include everything under the sun in one storyline leads to a lot of bologna and arse pulls. I think it's really stupid that there are lizardmen embassies in Free Cities and shit. For what purpose? It's not interesting, it's not cool. It's just "to include them" which doesn't make sense.

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Post models, you lazy cowards.

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>Being this mad that half your faction is composed of gay cowboys and their bull daddies, and your main hero is t-posing

Where is your Elven grace now?

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>. I think it's really stupid that there are lizardmen embassies in Free Cities and shit
I agree, but to be fair, it's only a single constellation. They are there to kill Chaos.

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Chaos Dwarfs and Clan Eshin soon for Warcry.

Get hyped, kings.

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>he hates t-posing
Dunno why you replied to me t b h.

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Why do they need to be there to kill Chaos? Don't they have their own shit to do?

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But I already posted them enough

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The war bands are some of the best recent models GW has done. I can’t wait to see whatever else that game gets.

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Culture changes all the time. Maybe there will be a way for ot to return

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Did you though? I can’t remember you posting your models.

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WIP cold one. I'll try to make him NH theamed. I don't remember WFB model being this ass to assemble (and it's the same fucking sculpt)

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Fang's of Sotek master Zecktoa uses the skinks to spy on people. If he so happens to realise that Tim Smith in five years time will find a Chaos tome and open it and become a Chaos Sorcerer or open a portal to the Realm of Chaos; he'll order them to kill him before it happens and the deaths are blamed on the DoK cults. This way it allows them to hang about a place under a guise of benevolence but allowing them to remove threats (and this is combined with the fact many cities were founded by Tzeentch tricking founder forces, so double reason to be there) before they arise without having to appear and possibly annoy SCE.

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You'd need a mass campaign for GW to bring it back or for a multi billionaire to buy out GW and do it.

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This is some nuAlpha Legion malarkey.

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>>76919666 #
What will be the new Stormcast Chamber's flavour in your guys opinion??

More skirmisher type models? Duel-wielding, faster, less armoured golden bois? The staff, for some reason, makes me think their prayer system might get an overall with new priests and such.

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Siege Chamber.

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priests and chariots

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If it becomes socially acceptable in some way, then it's just a metter of a sculptor wanting to do it. And since they sculpt penises on animals I think they would be willing to do tits.

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The penis is one thing, exposed tits is another. Furthermore, later mounts flat out don't have any bellies because they didn't want to use the sculptors work when they found out about the penis. GW would be slaughtered for having exposed breasts, as much as I want them.

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it's a pretty rough list either way. you have very few bodies for scoring, and those that you do have only have 5+ or 6+ saves. the first thing to look at you funny is just gonna blow you off of objectives.

you've got 12 snufflers, but no big units for them to properly buff, 5 boingrot bounders in an allegiance that really wants like 30 or more, 2 units of squig hoppers arent going to do much either since they lack any proper screen and are basically 1 shot missiles anyways. in my opinion the collosal squig is a strictly worse mangler squig for the points. fulfills a similar role but does a worse job of it while costing an extra 60 pts.

danhold trogbosses can do work, as can rockguts, but troggoths in general really want screens of stabbas to prevent them from getting hit head on

overall i would pick either squigs or troggoths, and whichever you drop, use the points to either get a bunch of stabbas so you can actually screen and play objectives, or double down on the subfaction and get a lot more squigs or a lot more troggoths. if squigs, shoot for 30 bounders and the mega-battalion, they can field a 1 drop list that's actually pretty strong. if going for troggoths, try for the megamob battalion filled with minimum sized units of rockguts and especially fell water troggoths, and then maybe get 40-60 stabbas to screen and hold objectives.

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Stone Aevles huffing magic rocks

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>later mounts flat out don't have any bellies because they didn't want to use the sculptors work when they found out about the penis.
lol, you're retarded; the gryph charger in the starter doesn't have an underside because it's an extremely cheap mock up of the original lord aquilor
instead of resulpting the anatomy to fix the new pose they simply covered it with the barding

only ben is bothered by genitals sculpted on mounts
they're not rare on higher quality sculpts

jesus cheist detach your porn addiction from reality

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Is this literally the battleforce box?
Eother way keep the battalion, drop the Troggs for more Squigs, and split the sniffers into 2 units

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Are you kidding?

>> No.76921511

What am I looking at?

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What a mess of a post.

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Am I kidding, what? GW split off from Moorcock by and large. GW even produced Melnibonean models, including Elric Kinslayer, to further detach from the setting.

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Last time I'm posting this. I'll be able to paint and post new models very soon.

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Just got this in the mail. Gonna go to the shop later and get a proper base before I assemble it.

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Don't give me any hope anon.

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seethe more for getting called out

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I was trying to see if Minimum investment GSG was worth anything. Definitely not in the mood for hordes, so if I was forced to focus I think I'd double down in squigz.

Why the minimum size Trolls, don't they shoot better with 6 guys? And why split the snufflers, doesn't their mushroom thing procc better with more guys?

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No, you're just wrong. They don't sculpt genitalia on mounts any more. You also can't spell or format correctly. The fact you think breasts are somehow linked to 'porn addiction' when GW has produced plenty of topless models, is your projection flying out of the monitor.

Don't bother replying, we're done here. Though I know autistic people love to get the last word. So go ahead.

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I'm not against Stormcasts but i prefer much more Witch/Vampire hunters.

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I was trying to see if Minimum investment GSG was worth anything. Definitely not in the mood for hordes, so if I was forced to focus I think I'd double down in squigz.

Why the minimum size Trolls, don't they shoot better with 6 guys? And why split the snufflers, doesn't their mushroom thing procc better with more guys?

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Yeah Rockguts are best in units of 6, so their shooting always procs.
Snufflers already proc 100% of the time when in units of 6. And they're more than likely going to be camped near your moonshrine anyways. Best have two groups of 6, for better coverage.

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>I'm not against Stormcasts
I am

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squigs is probably the easiest build to do best with right now. if i were to put together something strong it would probably look like the list in this pic.

you want to maximize the squigs benefiting from the double charge damage, and it also packs the ability to do a pregame move on some very nasty alpha units combo'd with being a 1 drop army.

the minimum size on trolls allows you to get back 2/3 trolls with the loonshrine when you bring back a unit, as opposed to 3/6, since it lets you round up.

splitting up snufflers is good practice for a few reasons. first, it lets you buff more targets, second it makes it harder for an opponent to wipe out all 12 with a single attacking unit, and third it reduces the risk of losing like 9 of them to battleshock if they take a little plink damage (bravery 4).

also be aware that snufflers only affect MOONCLAN units, so they cant buff trogss or spiders, its frankly a waste of points taking them if you arent using them to supercharge some big units of stabbas or bounders. the mushroom thing will technically be easier to pull off with 12 in 1 unit, but its always successful with 6, and frankly if the unit takes any damage its likely dead anyways, so 6 is usually a pretty good number to take them in.

understand this going in. gloomspite gitz is one of the hardest armies in the game to play, and even harder to build lists for due to their insane keyword scrabble and complex interactions of which units effect which, on top of many units needing other units to really function (like troggs needing grot screens, but neither types buffs effect each other)

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Pathetic. There is literally no faction in any of GW products that I'm against existing. I might not like them that much, but SCE are going to get interesting as GW progresses. Rumours their not!Dread is coming would be interesting.

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File: 2.57 MB, 1500x3274, GloomspiteGitz_Subfactions.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you should also currently be building with one of the new white dwarf subfactions in mind, as in almost every scenario they are a straight up improvement over the stock battletome unless you are running basic grot spam with skragrott and a bunch of wizards and loonbosses

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somebody post the BVLL copypasta to shut him up

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Damn the Abhorrant Archregent is a pain in the ass to put together. The head got all fucked up and the nose fused off from the glue. Don't get me started on the fingers. Sometimes I think I am too retarded for this hobby.

>> No.76922279

How would you revamp battleshock in AOS 3.0?

>> No.76922303

>They don't sculpt genitalia on mounts any more.
clearly that's not the case, or we wouldn't be discussing about genitalia getting sculpted on 4 models

>The fact you think breasts are somehow linked to 'porn addiction' is your projection flying out of the monitor.
funny you talk about projections while failing utterly to get the point; I was not talking about the breasts there, at all, but about ben's inability to separate the idea of animals having genitals and some sculptor's fetish
there's never been any significant stigma against animal genitals getting depicted in such contexts before and I accuse anyone having a problem with it now of being an addict to degenerate thoughts

seethe more

>> No.76922352

get rid of the command ability that lets units ignore battleshock. otherwise leave it the same

>> No.76922366

By removing it entirely. Most armies have way to mitigate it entirely, and a few are functionally immune too it.

>> No.76922387

Wishlists, which is what you're making too
>but SCE are going to get interesting as GW progresses
and blindly believing them to cope with your own admitted distaste for stormcasts

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Does zenithal priming actually work? I have a can of chaos black and I'm wondering if I should grab some corax white or grey seer as well.

>> No.76922519

Change Inspiring presence to be used in preemptivly in the Hero phase rather than as a reaction in the BS phase. This would force one to plan ahead aswell as gamble a little with your CP, giving you the option to try and bait your opponent into wasting them etc.

Also I would make the bravery characteristic more important over all, by granting bonuses in combat to units which have a higher bravery than others. Maybe +1 to hit for the unit which has higher bravery, and maybe +1 to save if you have more than double the bravery. Idk, just want the stat itself to matter more.

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>new chameleon just references a shit sculpt instead of the art it tried to capture

>> No.76922588

Nope. I don't think they're terrible or even bad. I just want to spend my money on other things. It isn't wishlisting. It's based on the fluff.

>> No.76922623

>Idk, just want the stat itself to matter more.
I really like this idea.

Thematically it could make sense if Bravery could translate into some kind of bonus to charging, or to defending against charging units. I'm not sure how to translate that into rules, though.

>> No.76922640

Witch hunter is part of the new Stormcasts

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>> No.76922803

A base coat on a dino

>> No.76922845

>Rename Bravery to Resolve
Bravery on certain units that are in fluff immune/mostly immune to fear doesn’t make sense, renaming it to resolve opens it to more interpretations of its effects on the unit in battle.
>battleshock/bravery tests are now under one term, resolve tests
>Same mechanics as current battleshock tests, difference is in what happens when you fail and by how much.
Not mathed out at all, just spitballing ideas here: marginal failure(1-2) is a -1 to hit on weapon of choice, nominal failure(3-4) is a -1 to saves, stark failure(5-6) is when models start running away or instead could suffer mortal wounds.
>Certain armies could have their own resolve tables with different effects, allowing them to get more dangerous when put on the back foot
For example, Khorne units could end up having the opposite of the first two steps on table above as they give in to the bloodlust.
I don’t know, I’m just spitballing.

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somebody in here claimed to be a leaker

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>> No.76922931

>Bought the Gitz Warcry box.
Its the same price as a regular Hopper Box, but comes with 3 Snufflers.
>Min unit size is 6

>> No.76922967

link in the archives or it didn't happen

>> No.76923001

>>Min unit size is 6
who cares, make three bases full of mushrooms instead, as tokens for the remaining three, always place them ahead as a small and functional diorama while playing
it will look better as a unit than 6 snufflers anyway and literally nobody will whine about it

>> No.76923013

I ALMOST bought the warcry box but then I saw the snuffler count and said "fuck that"
Where as my friend got 5 tree revenents and 3 kurnoth hunters for like 70 bucks. Bastard

>> No.76923019

one of the strengths to age of sigmar is it's simplicity. the rules are incredibly simple which makes the game fast to play. adding additional rules and modifiers and complexities to it just dismantles it's strongest aspect.

the current battleshock rules are actually extremely well written in this regard. its a quick, single dice roll mechanic to demonstrate troops fleeing as a result of panic.

where it currently falls apart is that the designers made some armies immune, and put in a way to ignore it via a CP. now that isnt a big deal in a game where you get 5 CP over the whole game, its a scarce resource, but since then many many armies now have ways to farm CP which trivializes battleshock. all of destruction pretty much can take fungoid shamans for example, which on average generate 2.5 CP a game (a 125 pt value on a 90 pt model)

the last thing we need is to veer towards complexity, as anyone who remembers the old psychology rules can tell you that will bog down the game to a crawl.

>> No.76923038

new player, how would a full revenent (except leadership units) sylvaneth list play? decent or shite

>> No.76923065

Wow... it's almost like it's meant to play warcry.. no way...

>> No.76923103

Total noob here. Confused by battalions. What are they? Are they just a few models that you bring with your army that have a special ability?

>> No.76923135

Grab gray seer unless you're painting very bright models.
And yes it works, but you can't paint straight out of the pot on top of it unless it's contrast paint.

>> No.76923136

How can you find gitz warcry box in this wretched world is the right question

>> No.76923146

>designs closely following what Blanche produced
no thanks

>> No.76923164

Sylvaneth might the weakest army in the game, give or take.
And kurnoth are their star players.

>> No.76923177

They're essentially just features and abilities that cost points and require certain units to be added to your army to activate. For example, the Deathmarch battalion in LoN require a wight king, three units of skeleton warriors, one unit of grave guard and one unit of black knights. In return, you get to move your skeletons during your hero phase and some other random utilities.

>> No.76923203

thats a shame, were they de a new book or is their current standing due to a bad new book?

>> No.76923204
File: 226 KB, 754x1080, blanchecast.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.76923228

due* a new book

>> No.76923233

By paying the extra cost for a battalion in addition to the normal cost for the units in it -you get a new rule that benefits the units in it.
In addition you get to bring one extra artifact for one of your heroes, one extra command point, and you get to count everything in the battalion as "one drop" when deploying -meaning it increases your chance to dictate who goes first.

>> No.76923245

>as anyone who remembers the old psychology rules can tell you that will bog down the game to a crawl.
fleeing wasn't difficult a difficult thing to carry out and pushing units away was not only extremely satisfactory but added an element of interactivity to placement of units

treating psychology as just another way to lose wounds is unevocative and can be worked already in the wounds, saves and points of units

literally the one and only thing needed to have psychology finally be interesting is making it move units away
and the one and only thing needed to not have this movement slow down the game is implement the 5-bases movement trays GW already produces, so even hordes of 3 models can be moved as fast as a unit of 6 elite models

>inb4 but muh tight consolidations
reworking the range needed for a model to attack an enemy through an intervening model of the same unit is already a necessity for balancing all those units whose stats get fucked by being mounted on a 32mm base
>but muh congalines

>> No.76923251

>as anyone who remembers the old psychology rules can tell you that will bog down the game to a crawl.
fleeing wasn't difficult a difficult thing to carry out and pushing units away was not only extremely satisfactory but added an element of interactivity to placement of units

treating psychology as just another way to lose wounds is unevocative and can be worked already in the wounds, saves and points of units

literally the one and only thing needed to have psychology finally be interesting is making it move units away
and the one and only thing needed to not have this movement slow down the game is implement the 5-bases movement trays GW already produces, so even hordes of 3 models can be moved as fast as a unit of 6 elite models

>inb4 but muh tight consolidations
reworking the range needed for a model to attack an enemy through an intervening model of the same unit is already a necessity for balancing all those units whose stats get fucked by being mounted on a 32mm base
>but muh congalines

>> No.76923261

Their 2nd edition tome was the worst tragic horror story of a tome AoS has ever seen, with Khorne maybe being close behind.

>> No.76923274

Look anon, buy what you like regardless of rules. Sylvaneth may be shit now but might not be shit in future. Age of Sigmar was founded on design creativity and lack of total focus on the meta. The golden rule for this game is:

Rules are temporary. Models are forever.

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The only named character I'll use.

>> No.76923283

I'm sorry

maybe broken realms can fix them?

>> No.76923295

If you actually like the current SCE more than Blanche's concepts I think you have terminal liquid shit taste.

>> No.76923315

wow he really got fat

>> No.76923320

would be boring as shit for this to be an average model and gives fuck all /yourdudes/ potential which is already a problem with Stormcast kill yourself

skilled enough to post this while sucking Blanche's cock impressive

>> No.76923350

>for this to be an average model
Oh, you're autistic.

>> No.76923365

>one of the strengths to age of sigmar is it's simplicity
It’s also one of its weaknesses. Sometimes it feels like I’m just rolling dice to roll dice and the models might as well be irrelevant for that part of the game.

>> No.76923373

>fuck all /yourdudes/ potential
don't tell me you're an unironic marinefag who thinks blank pauldrons and flat surfaces are a necessity to make a model /your dude/

>> No.76923376

the current stormcast arent great but this looks like shit

>> No.76923407

i'm having trouble even parsing what you mean here? it's a dice game, you roll dice, thats a big part of it. and as far as battleshock in concerned the dice roll is literally based on the number of models removed, so i dont see how the models arent relevant there as they are literally the primary factor

>> No.76923458

Basically that it’s too simple sometimes.

>> No.76923480

Thats making more sense, second question. When it comes to AoS what is the numeral value of one unit of a model? Like you stated one unit of grave guards, is that a single model or multiple models? Just trying to wrap my head around stuff as I read more about the game.

>> No.76923574

A single "unit" typically have a minimum number of models required to be a unit.

>> No.76923612

I think it's faster if you just read the basic rules and the stuff about matched play. It sounds like you've never played a wargame before, or you've got some vague understanding of how whfb worked.
You "buy" units with points costs, each unit has a minimum and maximum number of models you can buy. You can only buy them in increments determined by their battletomes, so for infantry units it's usually increments of 5-10 models.

>> No.76923641
File: 664 KB, 827x1184, 1466820480131.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I like this piece better, but >>76923376 is still wrong.

>> No.76923677

All of Blanche’s stuff is too busy.

>> No.76923697
File: 1.76 MB, 4032x3024, CE1FFF94-5498-4640-B1B4-D0FA10A97F34.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

First witch elf that I’m somewhat happy with

>> No.76923744

I think I agree with you, but English is clearly not your first language.

>> No.76923889

Imagine being such an unga-bunga smoith brain that stakes can only be drawn from the singular fear of death.

Like, I know a lot of the WH crowd don't understand greater context, but this comment right here, citing Batman of all people, is some edgy 15 year old learning about opinions for the first time.

>> No.76923901

Black and White is a classic combo

>> No.76924066

Not that guy, but having resurrection powers with no trade-off that can teleport your soul to the safety of an unbreachable heaven does kind of remove a lot of stakes.
It's like a grade schooler going "nuh-uh! My character didn't really lose cuz he's invincible and the best!".

>> No.76924178

You realize that dynamics can only occur if factions interact or have reason to interact? Like, do you know what interesting means? If you have two toys kept in separate boxes, nothing "interesting" is going to happen between them. If the only thing that can define a faction or allegiance is who they can fight, then the setting/characters/interest in the setting will stagnate because there will literally be no other option.

Like, there's a part of me that wants to explain that you questioning why they're in a city is literally a hook for a plot that could be developed, or you develop into a campaign, but I'm about 60% sure you're just a holdover from the WHF fans that insist the setting was just Empire vs Empire/Chaos Warriors the who time.

>> No.76924239
File: 381 KB, 600x730, 1598711550837.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

stormcasts are such a disservice to the potential that was set up
it's enraging

we could have gotten warriors of chaos+warrior priests but we got space marines+bootleg toy knights

>> No.76924278

I need an army that fits four constraints:

>Easy to play
>Not human
>Not GA:O

Who is this?

>> No.76924295


>> No.76924374

>Beast Claw Raiders
3 start collecting is a 2000 point list

>> No.76924396

BCR, Ironjawz or FEC.

>> No.76924439

You're assuming that the stakes derive from themselves being in danger. If that was all they worried about, why would they be on a battlefield in the first place? No, removing death does not remove any meaningful stakes. The actual drama comes from what they're defending, what they're fighting for and why. Add to it the inherent drama of knowing that you, the soldier, will never truly be able to interact with or enjoy the very things you are defending because, it its most honest sense, you are a tool. An implement of war. What you as a character lose is a fundamental part of your psyche that you couldn't even appreciate until it was already taken from you. The memory/personality shedding with each refoging is an allegory for that kind of loss. Its literal battle trauma; actual engaging drama. Those are stakes.

The reason seeing death as the only source of meaningful stakes is idiotic is because the option is right there. It just requires thought or empathy and a more tangible level of understanding if character.

Of course, this is 4channel, where everyone thinks that everything is exactly what is says on the tin and nobody thinks before they post.

>> No.76924471
File: 531 KB, 920x950, Seraphon_Starseer.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This thing is resin? It looks great for finecast. Does anyone know how well this kit goes together?

>> No.76924485
File: 172 KB, 1600x925, 1239db07-4f50-4788-b139-9ba919e98278.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ogors, Ironjawz, FEC, Nighthaunt

For absolute retard mode you can do Sons of Behemath with the Mantic models. I don't think you can get any cheaper and easy than this.

>> No.76924498

There is a big tradeoff in the fact that you still lose yourself and you can still lose the battle. Respawning at home with no personality and in the meanwhile chaos razed that city you were defending to the ground is functionally the same as you dying and a golem gets built to fight in your place.

>> No.76924513

Pallador mounted lancers and archers. I'd like a dreadnought golem with loadout options for hammer/shield, big two handed sword, hammer/celestar ballista, or a support big banner. But I think they'll actually end up being a 3x unit of big dudes like Immortis guard. The prospect a entirely rebalanced new book is a bigger deal to me than a new chamber though. I want to be actually the elite order army instead of liberators, every one of which is supposed to be some king or great warlord reborn in a 9 foot tall lightning riding uber chad body, literally hitting like chainrasp.

>> No.76924515

What are those mantic models? I was looking for some good giant minis in general and those behemat ones are bullshit

>> No.76924526

>Easy to play

>> No.76924527


Not that anon but holy fuck I forgot Mantic have cheap giants, and I was already tempted to make 2k of SoB for shits and giggles, anon, you just saved me a fucking fortune.

>> No.76924591

ironjawz. Enough said.

OBR, believe it or not. You get 20 mortek (260 points!) for $60 which is some of the best dollar per point and per model you can get from GW.

The army gets stupidly cheap for 2000 points if you throw Nagash in, who iirc is *the* most efficient $$ per point in the game.
They're easy to paint too, skeleton horde was literally made for them.


>> No.76924602


>3 Mantic MegaGargant for 75£ lol

It's by far the easiest army to find on the second hand market after Stormcasts. I've seen plenty of full Nighthaunt armies for extra cheap.

>> No.76924615

You are welcome

>> No.76924617
File: 79 KB, 795x497, Beastclaw-raiders-artwork-3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I got 2 start collecting BCR boxes and I can't decide between building another frostlord on a stone horn or a one of the other 3 options. I'm thinking about doing just a stone horn for the battle line requirement but I'm also thinking about the huskard on the thundertusk. Any advice?

>> No.76924649

Most of the Nighthaunt you see on eBay are soul wars halves, which makes them shit because of incomplete unit sizes or because they are shit units like the horse heads. They are also not easy to play by any means if you don't want to lose every game.

>> No.76924662

they didn't want them to look like chaos warriors, so afraid of it they wouldn't even give them helmets instead of the blood angels mask.

>> No.76924667

I always encourage variety just to make the hobby side of things more interesting

>> No.76924668

Magnetize it, it's very easy.

>> No.76924669
File: 38 KB, 345x100, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.76924689

shut up, diederick

>> No.76924733

I was assuming we were discussing the notion brought up earlier in that comment chain about removing the 2nd edition reforging lore rendition.
But I do think the faction as a whole does a poor job of representing the personal loss and trauma the SCE go through. Though I'm not so sure the SCE crowd would buy haggard and/or fanatical "soulless" SCE models that have been reforged too many times.

>> No.76924774

Are you kidding? When I first saw the naked artdeco lightning men pictures from Soul Wars of crazy stormcast souls I immediately wanted a unit of those guys.

>> No.76924779

Yes, but nh still isn't so bad since their kits are mostly $38, and spirit host are $24. SW isn't shit because its a ton of heroes and 20 rasp for $60 or whatever.

>> No.76924795

Every army I saw for sale in my lgs or fb markets are from people getting into it because it looks amazing just to sell it as soon as they understand that is weak and boring to play since half of the units do basically all the same thing.

Even with strategy, if you don't roll those 10"+ charges you are going to die anyway. It is so luck dependent that there is little difference between a pro and a luckier-than-average noob, so it's pretty easy to get into it in my book but whatever.

>> No.76924797

what is it like being a chaos warrior of undivided

>> No.76924807

>stormcasts are such a disservice to the potential that was set up
>it's enraging
Imagine if they had those Valten armor designs/proportions, my god.
I agree.

>> No.76924811
File: 154 KB, 532x744, Obryn_ENG.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>2nd edition reforging lore rendition
Reforging made you lose yourself from the beginning. See pic related.

>> No.76924831
File: 61 KB, 700x471, Slann5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ayup, him and all the rest of those jumped up warmbloods.

>> No.76924839
File: 796 KB, 3264x2448, 138790457_3398301970278214_1231017135201293840_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Im using our groups sunday hobby night to work on my seraphon sc. Theres a pretty good guide on lustria about getting as much as you can out of it, an extra astroleth bearer and a few other things. Do you guys also have any tips for that kinda thing. Theese spurs remind me a lot of my 40k orks were you can do a shitload with them, espically if you already have an extra body or somthing. Im enjoying it.

>> No.76924873

Double frostlord is safe if your goal is 2k. Even with Eurlbad which requires beastriders and a huskard, the better version also still includes them. If you just want to stay cheap though the battalion fills 2k exactly with 3 SC boxes by building 1 frostlord sh, 1 beastrider sh, and 1 huskard sh.

>> No.76924886
File: 1.42 MB, 883x636, 1610389533793.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Imagine if they had those Valten armor designs/proportions, my god.
I wish they just went 1000% on the einherjar idea and made stormcast super human versions of the germanic warriors that accompanied Sigmar in his real life. Obviously their armor would be way fancier and still have tons of lightning bolts/comets and stuff, but the overall look should have been closer to this. Pic related.

>> No.76924950

Its fine. A couple of slabs for the chain, body, head and some arms and details. Nothing too fancy.

>> No.76924995

>Though I'm not so sure the SCE crowd would buy haggard and/or fanatical "soulless" SCE models that have been reforged too many times.
Yeah they will. See Blood Angels Death Company.

>> No.76925048

>But I do think the faction as a whole does a poor job of representing the personal loss and trauma the SCE go through. Though I'm not so sure the SCE crowd would buy haggard and/or fanatical "soulless" SCE models that have been reforged too many times.
I'm not even sure you would be able to model this in a tasteful way. Yeah, I don't think people would want to by shambling zombies for their gold-man faction. It, by nature, has to live and be expresses in the lore. It'd be an apparent dichotomy, like that of the FEC, but much less literal and leaning much more on pathos. It would be heady and require a lot of lore to get it across. But, this is a Warhammer game, and we know all the Warhammer players read and understand all the lore. :^)

>> No.76925102
File: 130 KB, 596x542, Blood-Bowl-Warhammer-Fantasy-фэндомы-Halflings-(Wh-FB)-5650884.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

we made them jump, remember the plan?
2 more eras

>> No.76925111

forgive my ignorance but which mini is that? If it's a conversion where is the staff from?

>> No.76925112

looks like my uncle

>> No.76925113

>Yeah, I don't think people would want to by shambling zombies for their gold-man faction.
That's not what reforging does though, they become more and more like Azyr elementals while sliding towards the Lawful end of the spectrum. The exact opposite of what happens to chaos warriors over time.

>> No.76925116

Just bretonnia them up, sisters of battle does a good job of getting across crazy people who've fallen too deep into their own memes.

>> No.76925137

that's arkhan the black.

>> No.76925429
File: 12 KB, 254x260, 1607971210614.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Imagine being THIS much of a cock sucking faggot.

>> No.76925499
File: 510 KB, 1014x819, 1610129527151.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was given a bunch of Stormcast and bought some myself but I no longer have any real desire to play them aside from in Warcry. I think I've finally realised that if I'm not excited or interested in something it's just going to sit in my closet forever which is where they're about to go aside from the ones I'll use for Warcry.

Maybe I'll work on them one day. I kind of feel bad about it because I had settled on something. Now I'm just pretty blah about it and unsure of which army I'd like to do now.

>> No.76925519

Are they painted yet? You could think up some conversion stuff to make them really personal and neat.

>> No.76925534

One unit of grave guard is composed to 10 or more grave guard models, increasing in increments of 10 up until 30.

>> No.76925545

> 'not a fag' option is the WAACfag choice
Interesting. You are still a faggot

>> No.76925578

Blanche is the worst of the old school warhammer artists. Everything he drew looks like a Frank Miller page.

>> No.76925602

I've come up with a lot of stuff for them like fluff and the like but just lost steam. They were already painted mostly so I would have to strip them all and cut stuff for conversions which I can't be arsed to do to all of. Just going to do the Warcry thing and strip and repaint those. Though, most of that would come from my unassembled and unpainted stuff.

>> No.76925635
File: 151 KB, 1000x1000, 1607462140810.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You see all these grogs seething about cow elves because grogs just aren't comfortable with cow levels of masculinity. Bulls are powerful, fertile, headstrong, beautiful creatures. They are pure aggression and rough sex. They fight each other for dominance, and the alpha bull gets to breed thirty different cows and have hundreds of calves.

Now, keep in mind, grogs aren't okay with this. As insecure beta males, grogs immediately (and correctly) perceive bulls as a threat. Grogs instinctively revile masculinity, sexual magnetism, and power, particulary elf grogs, who were attracted to the most limp dick goody two shoes pretty boy fantasy esthetic in the world. While previously grogs lived in a fantasy land filled with wackadoodle bullshit like gryphons and dragons, suddenly they're confronted with raw, unfiltered, real world, big dick energy animals like bulls, and it makes them very uncomfortable.

Honestly, if you see people whining about cows, just laugh at them. They aren't worth arguing with.

>> No.76925659

Go look at Heywoah's videos or something.
What other models do you like? What does your group/LGS people play?

>> No.76925661

Slann literally made Sigmar a god as part of the Great Plan.

>> No.76925703

The cow side is one infantry unit and a behemoth that does no damage, seems like a hard ask to tell someone to not use three of their units in an army with 5 kits.

>> No.76925709

I think LRL's cavalry is one of the best miniatures in AoS, and while I think the stone guard helmets look a bit ugly -I've seen custodian plume conversions that turn them into the coolest elf infantry in warhammer.

>> No.76925724

and? is that supposed to be a bad thing or something.

>> No.76925726

Gets me every time

>> No.76925731

No offence but I'm not going to watch a youtuber. Also not entirely sure. Maybe I won't even play AoS but stick with Warcry. No one is playing anything right now and honestly I don't really care what they play. If I base my army around that I become a metafag whom I loathe.

>> No.76925736
File: 2.62 MB, 4032x3024, D329675F-16E3-49DA-A0C8-F18A123BEBC3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Currently working on this thing. Tbh I’m not a fan of Stormcasts, but I have a few models so I figured I’d do them as a rival force for my main army

>> No.76925738

Never heard of that. I remember it being some ambiguous Tzeentch scheme that trapped him in the vortex, where he was stuck bathing in azyr energies and prayers from the empire.

>> No.76925747
File: 144 KB, 394x394, 1604271385957.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like cows but I HATE ELVES

>> No.76925755

How dumb is playing an exclusively SoB army?

I just like the idea of playing an army of giants.

>> No.76925795

>No offence but I'm not going to watch a youtuber
None taken. I really get that, but I don't recommend him lightly. He is the only AoS beginner resource that's worth it on the internet as far as I've seen.
I also didn't mean to ask about your local meta to recommend you a scissor to some paper.

>> No.76925805

waiting for the retcon on the bull totem helmets

>> No.76925828

I regret not buying this dude. Wonder if he's still for sale.
Are you such a hobbylet that you don't own clippers or can't think of any headswaps?

>> No.76925842

I had to buy mine from a scalper for $45, makes a great admiral though.

>> No.76925858

Oh. I'm not a beginner. Just indecisive when it comes to a lot of stuff in the planning stages of something. I'm thinking maybe Khorne because their models for AoS give me a kind of Zhufor from Vraks in 40k vibe.

>> No.76925862

it's a solid middle tier army. theres basically 2 plays, a stomper tribe and a taker tribe.

the stomper tribe list has 1-2 mega gargants and then 6-9 of the little ones. it does by far the most damage out of any of the tribes and turns the smaller gargants into a real threat in melee as well as giving the army a bit of shooting that, while not game changing, is actually not bad.

the taker tribes list has 2-3 megas and then 3-6 smaller gargants and basically just relies on getting on objectives and being difficult to remove or outnumber. it cranks up the number of models each gargant counts as for scoring, such that even a single small gargant with 1 wound remaining still counts as 15 models. it's less about killing and more about just being big.

they are about as good as any of the other mid tier melee armies. firmly hedged out by the shooting and magic meta, but then again so is everyone else except fyreslayers and deepkin, but they certainly arent as bad as sylvaneth or beasts of chaos

>> No.76925874

coach is fine if you have an attention span, a bit basic though.

>> No.76925888
File: 45 KB, 847x732, 12310627_622257197917283_7382836230318086922_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Having taste this bad
Damn dude I knew you where autistic but this is something else.

>> No.76925925


So I assume Breaker tribes are shit?

>> No.76925967

Anyone know what the base size is for the Slaangor in the beastgrave box?

>> No.76926001

Honestly never seen them played yet, but based on their focus of targeting terrain+specific type of unit they would only be a better pick if you’re fighting an army fielding a LOT of something you can target for a bonus or something like Sylvaneth that wants to be innawoods and you can go flatten them

>> No.76926024

breaker tribes are situationally better or worse. it depends on if you go up against something that their fierce loathings give them a bonus against. for example, if you pick bossy pants and clever clogs and go up against an army like tzeentch with lots of wizards and even have wizard infantry, you are effectively +1 to hit their entire army which is huge. but if you end up against fyreslayers who have literally 0 wizards, it does nothing.

all of the breaker tribes bonuses are like that, while the other 2 tribes bonuses are much more generally use full against a wider range of opponents.

that said, the gatebreaker himself has the meanest main weapon out of all 3, with 10 attacks at -3 rend and flat 3 damage, so if you find yourself wanting to take a 2nd mega in one of the other tribes, a gatebreaker is not a bad choice.

your general has to be the type associated with your tribe, but a 2nd or 3rd mega can be any one of the 3

>> No.76926166
File: 129 KB, 748x1000, page22b(2).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Or I'm thinking maybe Tzeentch using this as inspiration because I don't like the normal look of the Acolytes and the more... chaotic? skin speaks to me.

>> No.76926198
File: 196 KB, 1536x1613, whotzeentchacolytes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what we really wanted was something like the tzeentch cultists in warhammer online. also tzeentch knights and marauders like the ones in that game wouldnt be too bad either

>> No.76926199

that is what they based the arcanites on, the silver tower ones even have the bird feet.

>> No.76926252

Still wish they'd made them skinny and creepy like this

Why they made them into muscle tards when that's khorne's schtick is anyone's guess

>> No.76926255

I miss AoR. I remember playing it with my ex and friends and getting stuck on a wagon somehow.

Yeah, I know. I really like them. It's down to that or GSG and nothing but Squigs because they seem fun.

>> No.76926285

squig armies are pure soul.

>> No.76926352

Any good places to find singe warhammer models? I want freeguild dudes for a warcry warband but I don't want to buy whole boxes
Sometimes there's dudes on ebay selling singles but it's usually UK

>> No.76926359

Where does Sons of Behemat fall on the Kino Scale?

>> No.76926365

do the squigs. its a lot more fun to play and to paint. and i say that as someone who owns 4k pts of squigs and 4k pts of tzeentch

>> No.76926384

I've never seen a full Squig army. Only one GSG one with some Squigs. If it's pure soul I'm all for it.

>> No.76926398

If they had multiple leg poses, they'd be S+

Since literally every model in your army will have the same stepping look, B+

>> No.76926416

you can see the list i posted >>76922132
if you want an idea of what one might look like. another variant doesnt go for the one drop but instead floods the field with squig herd, which are cheap and bite pretty hard in melee

>> No.76926439



A passing grade, I'll take it.

>> No.76926496

If you have bits from other armies that you can stick all over them, it helps a ton too

I'm actually debating whether to make my kraken eater covered in IDK or LRL crap.

>> No.76926543


I've got a bunch of Khornate and BoC bits, so I'm making a Khorne-worshipping clan.

>> No.76926556

>He wants his models to not be drowning in shit so he can do something with them? He clearly likes space marines
Your brain on contrarianism. The fucking problem with stormcasts is every fucking model looks like a hammer of sigmar despite the tomes and the novels laying clear differences going to that ass design isn’t going to fix that either it’s just going to turn every stormcast into a hammer of sigmar again only this time their design is even busier and for some reason a barbarian god turns his chosen warriors into anorexic men in dresses larger than themselves

Because I don’t rush to jerk off Blanche? Irony

>> No.76926600

Seraphon should have most of their named characters from the World that was running around.

Or at least much more. Tik Taq'to, Tehenhauin, Oxyotl, Kroq-Gar, etc. Not to mention if they recover Lord Mazamundi's soul, it will turn him into an etheral god-like being, which could be rad as their equivalent to the other gods like Morathi or Archaon.

>> No.76926608

blanche is one of warhammers sacred cows. you cant criticize it at all without the fundamentalist zealots coming out of the woodwork to string you up by the neck.

in truth, i find blanches style to be very hit or miss. its good for some things, but others i just dont care for it. i really dont like his take on stormcast. it looks like he tried to mix brian frauds labarynth goblins with old christian angel imagery and it just didnt work

>> No.76926618 [DELETED] 
File: 99 KB, 478x470, Slann1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know, you think I'm a tadpole? Doesn't mean I'm gonna worship em. Haunchi and Tepok not Sigmar and Teclis ok. Praise Sotek

>> No.76926623

Either that or he squished a ton of them and kept their shiny bits.

>> No.76926626

can someone explain the setting of AoS for me? there's all these weird magical worlds which are also just normal worlds with villages and shit?

>> No.76926635


Khorne cares not from where the blood is carelessly crushed underfoot.

>> No.76926652

Never played against OBR. How would I go about making THE Necropolis Stalker list for them?
I love those models, and I'm really tempted to start them.

I'm assuming you'd go Katskrosian deathglaive and maybe Stalliarch lords for maximum hammer delivery?

>> No.76926653
File: 99 KB, 478x470, Slann1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know, you think I'm a tadpole? Doesn't mean I'm gonna worship em. Haunchi and Tepok not Sigmar and Teclis ok. Praise Sotek

>> No.76926680

You take them and boneshapers.

If you want a fast list, take 3x5 kavalos for your battleline. They're quite good. Otherwise mixing in mortek is still good.

Take boneshapers to repair them

>> No.76926693
File: 38 KB, 622x428, wtpes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Always love Fimir, but poorfag
>Around autumn last year finally get a good job, able to afford to start buying those lil Irish rape lizards
>Find out they're about to be squatted so don't really wanna buy a full army if I can't play them soon
>Only buy on Noble and three Warriors just to have the models
>Now they'd be perfect proxies for the Slaangors buy I only have fucking four of them

I know I have only myself to blame for not comitting back then but still.

>> No.76926701

think stargate meets greek drama of the gods. the realms are each basically their own planet with its own fun theme and they are all connected via realm gates. each realm has its own cities, monsters, and magic that flies around, although its not so dramatic as the realm of fire having everything on fire, its more like fire is a prevalent theme but there are also still normal areas even within the realm of fire.

the setting is ruled over this shifting pantheon of ascended mortals claiming godhood (sigmar, nagash, alarielle, morathi, etc) and then actual gods (gorkamorka, the 4 chaos gods and the horned rat, probably more i missed), each marshalling their own army and contesting the landscape for power and influence.

>> No.76926715

The 8 realms are basically infinite and get crazier with more magical bullshit the further you go out from the center. So you'll have your normal mundane villages and shit towards the center and things get weirder as you go outwards.

>> No.76926760

stalliarch lords for sure. army wide run and charge is great. it also makes morghasts harbingers and kavalos deathriders fast as hell. you can actually run a really mean stalliarch lords fast alpha army with deathriders for your battleline, and then stalkers and harbingers to taste, lead by some fast heroes like arkhan and liege kavalos. i'd avoid boneshapers as they are too slow and dont want to be anywhere near the fighting. arkhan and a single unit of immortis guard to keep him alive, or katakross would be a better bet.

>> No.76926803

Is Sotek still a thing in AoS even if the Bastiladon has an Arc of Sotek?

>> No.76926850

There's eight "mortal realms" that used to be ruled by a pantheon of gods with Sigmar as their chairman.
Each realm is named after and symbolically connected to one of the eight "winds of magic" straight from whfb. At the center of each realm the world behaves normally, but the further out you go it starts getting more magical and crazy untill you get close to the edge. There everything is completely affected by the realm's associated magic, and reality makes very little sense.
Note that Shyish (the realm of death) works the opposite way, and instead as a blackhole-like center with a huge spooky dessert around it.
Chaos happened, and seven of the eight realms fell into disarray, with only Azyr -the realm of heavens being locked down and spared.
Some civilizations like the dwarves survived, but mostly all of humanity outside of Azyr has turned to chaos to survive. Now Azyr has started to reconquer the realms, and the fallen civilizations are having a resurgence.
Nagash has broken free of the pantheon due to some broken pacts and bad faith, and now plays the long game to win the world under the rule of death.
Meanwhile destruction has been fighting the whole time.

>> No.76926885

Well, there is also a Seraphon Constellation called the Fangs of Sotek, so I would say it is still a thing, just one of the myriad gods of the lizards.

>> No.76927003

I think I'd be too scared to not have at least 10-20 mortek objective campers.
As the other guy is saying boneshakers seem to slow to keep up with the rest of the army.
My only problem with Stalliarchs is that damn artifact, as I'd much rather have the helm of the ordained on a Leige. Still feel like run and charge is too good to pass on.
I was thinking about bringing a Soulmason with the gothizar cartouche for maximum buffs, though I'm noticing it's difficult to fit everything you want in OBR.

>> No.76927053

I didn't say he was bad, I said he was the worst of the old school Warhammer artists. I rather like Blanche, but he's so overrated it's almost sad.

>> No.76927060

how do i make orruks look good

>> No.76927139

Whatever but green skin

>> No.76927146

List fun hobby pranks to play on your friends

Here's one to try: Put crackle medium in their shade paints, the extra texture will really add to the realism

>> No.76927182

you'd deserve whatever beating you'd get for doing that

>> No.76927268

which army has the highest STR stat

>> No.76927327
File: 437 KB, 1024x960, Film-warhoon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Use green oil paint as a wash for their skin. I tried something like this on my test Bonesplitters.

>> No.76927338

AoS doesn't use stats like that. Weapons just have hit/wound rolls that are modified by stuff
Sons of Behemat if you mean D&D stats

>> No.76927345

yea i mean like dnd stats

>> No.76927421

Probably the ones that, by D&D rules, would have something like a +32 inherent bonus to strength just from their size. So Sons of Behemat

>> No.76927546

Is this unit alright for what it is?

>> No.76927737

Probably a Son of Behemat, a big-ass Treelord, Bloodthirster, or a nurgling

>> No.76927818

What attack has the highest flat damage in the game? Is there any straight 6 damage? Is there anything higher?

>> No.76927853

there are some flat 6 damage, like durthu. dont know if there is anything higher, i think maybe there is but i cant recall off the top of my head what it was

>> No.76927882

skarbrand has an attack that can deal either 8 or 16 mortal wounds with his axe. thats probably the highest damage single attack

>> No.76927923
File: 49 KB, 1391x208, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This proves a lot of anons here wrong. Let's laugh at them.

>> No.76927961

lumineth sold well. that starter box they had didnt. the reasoning was that the starter box was like $170 but only had a start collectings worth of models and bloated it's value with limited edition paper.

the mega gargants, in spite of the price tag, were a hit, especially among hobbyists who look for centerpieces, which as it turns out is a huge chunk of the players with high expendable income. so the kind of people that like to go for those giant expensive kits are also the same type of people who weren't too miffed about the price tag

>> No.76927966

New model lines sell well, I don't see how anyone could be surprised at that.
Plus 4chan and /tg/ is often needlessly contrarian, so people will dislike a thing just because it is new or popular, which ultimately has no bearing on whether outside of our shitflinging echo chamber something sells well.

>> No.76927970

When are specific products lines EVER called out in one of their investor reports.
This screams bullshit.
And I say that as a person who wants to believe AoS is doing well

>> No.76928025

I was wondering from that filename, is there a book with his art?

>> No.76928029

>Yes they must be saying they sold well because its a LIE
Qanon meetings two doors down

>> No.76928179

Multiple leg poses would have been nice. The army is fun but the biggest gripe I have is that there’s so little flexibility to it. Exactly 4 units. One battleline unit that just gets some changes based on your general. So every single army is going to be 1-3 Mega-Gargants and 3-9 Gargants filling out the rest of the points. Would have been nice to have at least some ally options even if some restricted ones. Or maybe thane them pull in some other Behemoths to represent big monsters they’ve wrangled and tamed or something? Still a fun army overall but it leaves me wanting more

>> No.76928246

you could do a lot worse for 100 pts. 2d6+2 fairly accurate attacks, possibility for 7 additional attacks, unbind in the hero phase, 8" move and a crazy 8" pile in. and weirdly enough, it has the mortal keyword so it can benefit from shit like the mighty lord of khornes command ability, the aspiring deathbringers command ability, or you could even whip it with a bloodstoker

>> No.76928313
File: 165 KB, 600x1644, 2E8505FB-F454-4699-B563-1561D599DEE9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.76928345

If I want to play team big body (but not monsters) should I go Ogres with lots of Ironguts or Nurgle and spam blightkings?

>> No.76928363

Ogres for sure

>> No.76928370

Ignore rules and go with whatever aesthetic you like more

>> No.76928678

which faction is the least braindead and requires actual thinking in order to win

>> No.76928686

Somehow Khorne

>> No.76928691

I would have been happier if they had more options like knights. Its a mega giant, they should all have a long list of traits and artifacts that multiple dudes can take.

>> No.76928699

Beasts of Chaos and Khorne.

>> No.76928799

Whatever faction I'm playing against.
/Mydudes/ on the other hand require 192 IQ, Tzeentchian levels of foresight, and immaculate strategic and tactical planning in order to win.

>> No.76928822

unironically stormcast

>> No.76928886

who are your dudes

>> No.76929050

Don't know a whole bunch about /aos/
If I picked Beastmen/Beasts of Chaos as my first army, how fucked would I be?

>> No.76929063

They are ok but probably not in the way you want to play them.

They play best spamming a hundred or more Ungors

>> No.76929072
File: 1.08 MB, 920x950, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.76929180

Ironically SCE and Khorne. Both, despite being poster boy factions, undertuned armies that really struggle to perform at the braindead level that top tier armies play at.

SCE have a lot of options, but they are all underpowered and their durability, which was once like the one thing they had going for them, is meaningless in this current meta of MW spam and near universal rend on top armies. They can win, but you really have to list tailor and be on top of your game.

Khorne are even worse. Their playstyle is all about overlapping buffs to maximize damage, which is fine on it's own, but you have to do that just to reach the minimum DPS some armies start out with. Your army firing on all cylinders is still doing less damage than maybe half the other armies in the game. They also inarguably have the worst summoning of any of the Chaos factions. The Khorne tome is one of the worst of the current tomes. Maybe the worst, tied with Sylvaneth and maybe GSG. It sucks.

>> No.76929213

How often do you think you will play?

>> No.76929226

How would that Helmet look and the Karkadrak Lord?

>> No.76929250


Dunno, really. The Warhammer is closed for games and the LGS is mostly AoS, so I suppose any time I want to get a game in it would be with AoS. I've heard it's more fun than 40k is currently but I'm not 100% that isn't just shilling.

>> No.76929289
File: 167 KB, 950x821, 65b1fd4b2d39039bb2c87cd138adef2e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>How would you add Seraphon in an organic and engaging way into the main storyline?
The skinks have a trade outpost and need some jobs done, or the whole scaly gang's there to shit stomp chaos and/or protect an old world artifact. It's not that hard dude.

>> No.76929325

which would be more fun to get into this game with? gloomspite gits or kharadon overlords?

>> No.76929344

Well, I think it's better than 40k, but it isn't a perfect game. It also is not as much of a competitive game. People tend to be a lot more relaxed in AoS. Usually. The balance is kind of fucked right now, but it's really a couple of specific army builds in a handful of armies. It's just that those builds are so powerful that only armies of a similar power level can reasonably take them on. But the army demographics are very diverse, I've never seen more than a couple of players per army wherever I've been. There isn't the universal Kafka-esque nightmare of omnipresent Space Marines haunting every aspect of the game.

But you really shouldn't buy any model based on rules. Buy the army because you like the models. You probably already know that, but you will spend exponentially more time building and painting them than actually playing with them. Make sure you enjoy that first part before you worry about winning games.

>> No.76929346

which army makes redditors seethe

>> No.76929355


>> No.76929367

That is the worst reason to spend 600-800 dollars. You might as well take that money out into your yard and burn it.

>> No.76929432

Oh I know. I think beastmen look pretty cool. I was actually looking at using some as Cultists in 40k earlier today, and have since been kicking around the aos idea. Never really been much for fantasy fantasy, but I'm starting to get a little pulled in. Was just making sure I wasn't making a rookie mistake by going with them.

>> No.76929433


Based mummy diviner

>> No.76929506

The decent sce list aren't hard they're just very one dimensional. The only thing they have that's any good is shooting.

>> No.76929509

They are an underpowered army, and kind of expensive, but they have some great kits. You can also take them in other god specific armies, although the rules to do so are kind of fucky. The BoC were one of the first factions to get a tome after 2nd edition launched. You can tell they tried experimenting a little bit to see what stuck, before they finalized they way they like to buff armies up. They can do some cool things, like stacking shitloads of rend, but it usually isn't enough to help them pull ahead most of the time.

That being said, most people, unless explicitly playing in tournaments, tend not to enlist. You shouldn't worry about hyper competitive metas. Of course, there are always exceptions. You will always have that one fag that is always going to bring Spell in a Bottle, or try to bring Nagash in a 1000 point game, but that type of things tends to happen a lot less in AoS than in 40k. I would even go so far as to say that it's frowned upon. Playing with your good shit is fine occasionally, I mean those are legal army rules. But playing the same shitbird netlist every single time is going to get you blackballed by most game circles. You shouldn't need to worry too much about how weak an army is. Just in general, BoC lose a bit more than they win.

>> No.76929521

The Daughters of Khaine, finally catch on that its the Skinks living in the Cities that are kidnapping people, sacrificing them to Sotek, then carving Khainite runes on them and throwing the corpse in a ditch.
That little loreblurb is fucking hilarious.

>> No.76929556

BoC is a good book, the new ones are overpowered, also doesn't help that its build on a lot of bad unit scrolls.

>> No.76929625

I've thought about writing a little thing about the Seraphon, basing the Saurus on the Jem'Hadar, and the Skinks on the Vorta.

I think that paradigm works really well for the Saurus. They aren't stupid, they are single minded. They are fanatically loyal to the Slann, and generally dislike taking orders from Skinks most of the time. They would be serious and straightforward, disliking any kind of sentimentality or overly philosophical conversation. They have a job to do and they are there to do it.

Less so for the Skinks however. The Vorta are typically cunts that are petty and often times short sighted. They make good bad guys because they are easy to dislike. Instead, I would have the Skinks be more playful teasing than the Saurus. Commonly engaging in benign mischief and things like that. Not to say like cartoon characters, bit generally a lot more easy going and flexible than the Saurus.

As far as integrating them into a story, it should be easy. The battletome unfortunately tends to paint them as this sort of hyper Lawful Chaotic Good, where they are willing to do anything to fight Chaos, even at the expense of everything around them. Having a force of nature faction like that is fine, but it actively discourages characterization, because it emphasizes that no matter what, any allies they have and anything they build are expendible. Fine for army background. Shit for narrative.

>> No.76929647

>benign mischief
>kidnaps people they dont think anyone will miss and sacrifice them to sotek, then pin the blame on the half naked murder cult next door
Yeah totally benign

>> No.76929713

Why are Phoenix Guard better in Hammerhall, rather the Phoenicium?

>> No.76929776

Hammerhal has combat buffs, and makes units on your side of the board not battleshock. These are two things PG like to have.

Phoenicium has buffs for pheonixes, but not the guard themselves, and have buffs when units die. PG don't die.

>> No.76929921
File: 922 KB, 920x950, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.76929952
File: 549 KB, 780x438, 1598630569168.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Gloomspite Gitz

All Chaos other than Skaven

Idoneth Deepkin

Daughters of Khaine
All Death other than FEC

All Destruction other than GG



Stormcast Eternals


Flesh Eater COURTS

>> No.76930047

>Not CoS as Genuinely good
>FeC (bizarre cannibal schizofrenics) genuinely good
>Sylvaneth good
>Idoneth evil

4/10 just for the effort.

>> No.76930100

>Murder innocents for their immortal souls
No you're right they're good guys

>> No.76930106

>raid random villages for souls, giving innocents a "fate worse than death"
>not evil
anti-chaos isn't necessarily good, anon

>> No.76930204

You know they are not doing this because they are some sort of maniac, like fucking FeCs or just because they enjoy the slaughter and souls, like Death right? They are doing that because Teclis made a big fucking mistake and whitout souls they will die without salvation, they are just trying to survive

>> No.76930223

If they were good, they'd let themselves die off instead of making everyone suffer.

>> No.76930230

So they are basically vampires.

>> No.76930303

they could try to find another way, keep their raiding to cunts like chaos/destruction, or, as said above, just let themselves die off. these are all less evil options than taking multiple innocent lives to create one shitty blind elf at a time (that you're just going to treat like shit until it dies in 40 years).

now, FEC? honestly, they at least think they're the good guys. it's hard to blame them, unlike the IDK's conscious evil.

>> No.76930339

Mate, You can get a massive army for basically nothing with Mortal Realms.

>> No.76930533
File: 40 KB, 931x64, ayyy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reading through the financial report. GW has done very well all things considered, with Brexit and Lockdown. Here's what they had to say about Age of Sigmar. Seems like this game isn't losing GW money after-all. They'd surely not lie to their investors.

>> No.76930572

>They'd surely not lie to their investors.
there are many ways to lie
going from "we released these things" and then shifting attention to "the whole range" would imply they don't have particularly good things to say specifically about the things released

>> No.76930621

For me it implies that generally, Age of Sigmar sales aren't solely concentrated through one faction like Space Marines. You also have to understand why they went into further detail with 40k, as 9th edition had released only recently. Age of Sigmar also doesn't really produce royalties as there's no current mediums for such revenue. However, it's important to note that for a game thats now 5 1/2 years old, sales are doing exceptionally well and will only increase as the game is fleshed out and factions find their foundations. I'm very hopeful for AoS at the moment.

>> No.76930647

I wonder if GW analysts monitor these threads

>> No.76930690

Analysts? Probably not. I wouldn't be surprised if they have some interns monitoring the GW-related generals though.

>> No.76930841
File: 82 KB, 960x720, 69846741_10220459017610700_4976402323237502976_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Damn, I knew he was a reference but I could not put my finger on it until I saw this again when I was checking the game's wolf sculpts (they're probably better than normal Goblin Wolves desu).
It's a shame Darkoath aesthetics aren't more available, like make a unit out of some of these for Warcry or anything and I'll be happy.

>> No.76930854

Gitz: paint hundreds
KO: paint a few
Base it on that

>> No.76930862

Isn't this like, the third year in a row they've said that AoS as a whole as been performing well?

>> No.76930866

Post them?

>> No.76930873

Think AoS started turning a profit once 2.0 released. You've got no idea how excited I am for 3rd ed. Broken Realms has me really hyped for the story ahead.

>> No.76930926
File: 252 KB, 1280x1024, 1586067111807.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.76930959

When is the next Broken Realms?

>> No.76930982

Broken Realms Zombies
New zombie kit
Zombie collosal Frankenstein monsters
Hammerhal is overtaking by zombies

>> No.76931079

Is that the only reference in the document to both armies? Because that has no indication on performance, it's just a 'here's what we did' statement, and then the whole line is performing well.

I mean no duh, you can look at the 'new year, new army' goons and see the hobby is doing well, but it doesn't give insight into specific armies.

>> No.76931087

I mean, the lumineth thing is a bit "Here's what happened in a vaguely positive way" but "Setting a new benchmark for monster kits" could either mean "New benchmark in quality" or "New benchmark in how they sell". It's a bit more open

>> No.76931174
File: 226 KB, 2048x1536, 9ba0e921-a220-4abf-9e05-6e64cf8b132f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I recently found one of these in metal and 3 Skullmasters.

I'll sell them I guess

>> No.76931178

all for the idea, honestly was just struck with the idea to paint the revanents as if they werent spirits but instead drowned dead, giving the army more of a swamp theme

might just dip my toes with the shadespire models first to test the idea

>> No.76931195

Given the marketing material, it was meant to refer to a benchmark in scale/standards. Their communication to their shareholds is largely irrelevant because they'll just spin everything as some kind of generic positive. Brexit did hurt GW which is why they made a statement to the effect of "things will be delayed given Brexit and the lingering impacts of covid".
This year has been good to GW, however, with stocks soaring at the new ed of 40k came out but ofc, that's to be expected. Still, there is obviously some precedent for actually giving 40k new models on mass which implies that said models are being purchased at an excessive rate to justify it.

>> No.76931200
File: 46 KB, 269x264, breaching the wall.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.76931247

>This year has been good to GW, however, with stocks soaring
I wonder if that won't bite them in the back eventually. Can 2021 outdo 2020? Can 2022 outdo 2020? Shareholders are fickle people with almost limitless options for investments, the year revenue doesn't grow beyond our current lockdown hobby utopia the company could, financially, tank.

>> No.76931274

Welcome to Capitalism honestly, shareholders are value-neutral, they only want more cash. If they can't do lockdown numbers in 2022. People will pull out.

>> No.76931312

Rules are a big part of the game if you play and they're designed to compliment the models, which come first. It's very much a continuation of WHFB's narrative simulation element, just less so and more grounded in 40k competitive phrasing. If you aren't playing the game or are playing narrative with homebrew, you shouldn't care to even mention that rules are volatile; which they often aren't, btw.
Not really, Tree Revs are pretty elite given their Waypipes teleport despite only being 5+ save models with a single wound. I've never really found a great use for them: rend is nice but 16ppm with 2 4+/3+ attacks each means they don't output much damage and debuffs are crippling. A singly -1 to hit, which is common, puts them up to an absurd 5+ to hit...
Their Waypipe ability is great but there's a serious issue of function outside of that fringe case scenario of teleporting or cap or contest and objective. IDK, they're a weird warscroll.
Dryads output more damage, have a higher save and offer a pretty nasty -1 to hit debuff. Kurnoth have reliable profiles with 2 damage per attack, etc. They're really just there for teleports and maybe to gang up on an isolate hero or low save unit that won't hit back.
It's such a shame, especially considering their fluff. You could always attempt to convert them into some Wanderers allies which would offer a better base and 400pts is nothing to scoff at. Those would perhaps be pretty difficult for a newbie.

>> No.76931369

Revenants are in 32 mm bases, they should just rewrite their warscroll and upgrade them to 2W elite infantry

>> No.76931701

Anyone got the AOS solo white dwarf rules floating around?

>> No.76931837
File: 102 KB, 1280x720, 1583804477883.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.76931886

If you had asked three days ago I could have uploaded them but now they're on my hard drive.

>> No.76932014

The AI tables are the same as this, honestly.

>> No.76932050
File: 193 KB, 234x299, bloodletter.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I often hear that mortal Khorne is bad, but what about Khorne Daemons?

>> No.76932098

>a bunch of cannibal ghouls
>genuinely good and not some degree of delusional
Whatever helps you sleep at night, FEC anon

>> No.76932116
File: 71 KB, 750x711, 4z43gm4nw1j31.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>yfw the intern accidentally deleted the CAD file and now we're stuck with ancient worse-than-pewter kits forever

>> No.76932190

khorne is bad in general. mortals are unplayable and demons are just shit.

>> No.76932209

>Bloodreavers are only good as Marauder proxies
>Blood Warriors are only good as Chaos Warriors proxies
>Bloodsecrators make phenomenal allies for StD
StuDs can't stop winning (and whining).

>> No.76932260
File: 156 KB, 422x379, 1581605441060.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>turning ashit tier army in to a mid tier army
sure thing

>> No.76932318

But why would you proxy anything as chaos warriors? Chaos warriors are too cool to not be used.

>> No.76932321

Would it be worth starting a death army now? .. Or should I wait for a new death release, to see what models might "survive" a potentially death update.

As a sidenote, instead of vampire pirates, I would love a death army based on the crew of the Flying Dutchman

>> No.76932334

Because the only alternative for Khorne players would be to set their Blood Warriors on fire.

t. StD whiner

>> No.76932342

i dont own a single std unit

>> No.76932359

Sexually transmitted disease?

>> No.76932367

People who make that joke tend to have them, yes.

>> No.76932435

Depends. FEC and OBR are pretty safe to start, Nighthaunts aren't very good unless you really really like the models and LoN is what you said.

>> No.76932558


>> No.76933217

Reforging gets cool when black library does it right. For instance in dark harvest the main character is involved in a plot to assassinate a stormcast, and when it succeeds he recalls the stormcast looking in at him and the horror begins to set in that that stormcast would be back and would remember his face.

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