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Thread Subject Edition

>Previously in the Mortal Realms:

>Official AoS website

>Downloads; Rules Errata and FAQs:

>Art Database

>AoS Battletomes (Remember, loose lips sink ships, the longer this MEGA stays up, the better!)
>/YourDudes/ Fluff
>Soulbound and Supplements
>AoS Books and Audiobooks

>Thread Question:
What a cool painting/modeling trick you want to share with the rest of us?

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Previous thread without failure.

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At least this one is searchable.

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Yeah, I dun fucked up... The fatty will just sit in his chair and let others do his work.. Comfier life.

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Two thin coats
Post one rule or command ability that would cause you to pick up an army.
If Lizardmen got something similar to this, I would pick up Thunderclaw within a week. Thats the problem with running multiple large monsters, degrading damage.

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How much Moorcock is in AoS?

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Game's still shit.

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quite a lot, especially if you play Slaanesh.

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Not much, which is a good thing. Moorcock is hilariously overrated.

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So is your mom.

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Just bought the Kraeth's Shadowpact broken realms thing, thinking of expanding it with some order serpentis drakespawn knights or something.

would that work?

halp idk what im doin!

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Depends on what your building towards.
>Full Dark Elf/Har Kuron army?
>Mixed Anvilgard?
Need more details.

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Assemble your models

Paint them

Base them

It is now March and you will have had much more time to think before consooming further

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Would you guys say that the AoS gods are kinda the equivalent to the Maiar in terms of power level?

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How easy would it be to convert a hurricanum into a war wagon?

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I used to think everyone hated this, the I looked into it and realize everyone hates it. The only identifiable difference is that some people derive joy for hatred, and an even smaller sliver feel that a company is entitled to their wealth if they provide them with join. This tiny minority, which you label paypigs, are the actual problem within' your hobby.

1. You do not need to experience something to criticize it.

2. You do not need to pay for the experience, to have the experience.

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What the fuck is with these shitposts about everything OTHER than AoS?

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The amount of work you'd have to do means you'd have an easier time making on from scratch.
Stick a box on some wheels and use greenstuff to sculpt the outside.

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Read military modelling books or Imperial Armour Masterclass 1&2. Find them on PDF. It's 40k but a lot of the techniques used can transfer. Really makes your stuff look like it's on a battlefield (used in conjunction with appropriate terrain, of course) and more authentic. Takes it from a board game with cartoons to a playable diorama. Really immerses you, unironically.

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I had the idea to make mark of Slaanesh marauder squads by mixing the official models in units with gimps, furries, and other sorts of degenerates. Problem is that I'm having trouble finding miniatures that fit the bill without having to buy them one at a time, which would get expensive for just a couple of units of marauders. I guess there's the gnoll and snakemen kits for Frostgrave, but that's about all that I've found so far. If anyone knows of some not terribly expensive kits that would have some models or conversion bits that I could use I'd appreciate the info.

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You can listen to this guys.. >>76892205
But depends on if you have people to play with right now, and how many points you would be playing with. If there are no games you can have then focus on the box first and go from there. They equal out to 490 in points, so your perfect for a 500 point game. Anything more and, obviously, you would want some other units.

Drakespawn are a fast unit and a good start. They would be good at keeping up with your Sorceress. I would suggest getting another Sorceress, but the one on foot, to have another hero and wizard then look into some endless spells you wanna take. Can either buy them on ebay or convert your own versions of the models.

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Consider the hollow, sloping undercarriage section though. How do you think one would go about making that?

I think at least the base (as in the flat platform + wheels) and horses would be a good start.

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Hoping maggotkin gets their version of poxwalkers and fun rules for replenishing your own hordes via killing with them
Nurgle mortals have a lot more potential than daemons imo

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You can already take Plaguebearers though. Nurgle doesn't need more chaff.

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the army you play is the army you end up becoming apart of when you get isekai'd into AoS

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Fuck yeah.

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Meh but it could be far worse

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oh no

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I have to convince them i am the white orruk - herald of gork (or was it mork..)
there's a rule 34 comic of these guys that might make this worthwhile

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faggot nerd

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Well, I'm boned.

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That's the middling furry option. Seraphon is possibly better than being human IRL, Beasts of Chaos sucks but it could be worse, and Skaven is hell 95% of the time

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>not asking for sauce

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Yes to har kuron


Thanks for the info man, yeah I have people to play with, haven't in a while though.

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>gimps, furries, and other sorts of degenerates

You could just make dudes like in the art like slaaneshi mutants and whatnot and drop the furry crap

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Well hang on, if it's isekai do we at least get to be notably badass examples of the faction?
Cause if that's the case than I can happily beastlord it up, but if not then I'd be less than an ungor, and thus subject to horrid treatment until a gor stabs me for fun.

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I've got 20 but would prefer mortals, warriors are a bit pricey and marauders are heavily dated
But frankly anything rotbringers I'd welcome with open arms, hoping they'd chill on the obese aspect though

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File: 282 KB, 900x1245, champions_of_slaanesh_by_majesticchicken.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 78 KB, 735x458, slaanesh cult.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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But that wouldn't be funny.

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>Most recent is KO
I mean you know, it could be worse

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Bro I'll let you in on a secret.

Putting explicit furry minis in your army will just make things awkward between you and your opponent

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Ideally it would be like three models out of forty in with a bunch of other weird shit. They'd have to fixate pretty hard to find it terribly awkward.

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At least in my delusional head it'll be nice.

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They should write FEC less like gallant redditor knights and more like full blown schizophrenics. The Bretonnia angle is a paper thin gimmick

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did they legends the warlord on brood horror?

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>Tzeentch Arcanites
I hope i get a sweat bird head and talons
Hell yes time to ride squigs with the ladz

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Forever ago, yeah. Model's been gone a while too.

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It wouldn't be funny. It would make them think you are a furry. Which is becoming increasingly apparent.

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Any chance of new censer bearers anytime soon?
Kinda interested in pestilens but monks only seems a bit bleh

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The idea was that it would be a bunch of barbarians and some of them would be weird fetishes jokes. Not even any specific ones. You're the one who's focusing on the furry thing. It was just one example out of several.

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Skaven as much creative potential as some GAs. I hope GW starts updating them

It'll be a long time before censor bearers get an update though

>> No.76893626

Make em out of death guard and nighthaunt bits

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It'll be obvious the moment you put them on the table. Especially with you looking at them, waiting for a reaction.

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We keep telling you to drop it, and you keep coming up with "reasons" not to. Instead of just saying like "thanks for the perspective" or something like like that, you keep arguing with us that it's totally fine and you guys are getting hung up on it it's totally not gay or anything also is it okay if I use my dildo as a herdstone I mean my girlfriends dildo it's not mine I don't own one that would be gay right haha a guy owning a big huge dildo that's so gay who would ever do that haha.

That's how you sound right now.

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Yes. Yes! Finally, I can be a skeleton!

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Stop talking about this shit. Who cares if some Slaanesh coomer is a furfag or if retards on /tg/ think you're a furfag.

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Okay so I've thought about it and i think maybe i could cut where the red lines are and make the underpart that way (I'd have to dremel off some of the upside-down decorations though)

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>hey nice army you have. I really like that hero's paintjob.
>did you look at my army?
>cool right?
>did you see all of them?
>yeah these
>sorry my bull says I can get kind of loud sometimes
>okay so what battleplan do you want to use

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but anon you always had the skeleton inside of you

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Has anyone here played a game of Soulbound? What're your thoughts on it?

>> No.76893871

Skaven aren't allowed to get new models.

>> No.76893877

It might be worth trying to cut the hangy-off bits... off and swap them around so that the decorations are the right side up and use them as "yokes" for the horses. The top bits could be stacked on the back as a third wall.

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You can fluff up your own like that if you want, if you read the battletome it's clear that the delusion isn't uniform between all the dozens of major and minor courts.

>> No.76894057

>What a cool painting/modeling trick you want to share with the rest of us?

The key to all conversions is having a big PP

PP stands for planning and patience

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I am planning my first session now. Looks very promising.

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>spider goblins
oh no

>> No.76894244

Oh no

>> No.76894309

How this turns out depends entirely on if I’m just me or if I get isekai’d into being a giant too

>> No.76894333

everyone gets isekai'd as the race of their army is wht i meant

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what is the little blue parts on the obr models? looks a bit silly but otherwise the models look great

>> No.76894368

>looks a bit silly

describes every OBR model

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>> No.76894375

looks dumb if the rest is uncovered

>> No.76894379

you asked

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So are these just bone mechs piloted by human souls?

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read the lore

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So quick question about FEC, since you build heroes from the same kit as the ghouls/horrors etc. are you just expected to buy a single model second hand so you can have enough for a full unit?

>> No.76894523

Still confused why they didn’t just roll the tomb king units into LoN

>> No.76894599

Some people use leftover bits to make the final ghoul in a unit look like it's crawling out of the ground while still leaving a body for the actual hero
You can magnetize the bigger guys and run them as a 3 man unit are 1-3 heroes
Bluestuff recasts are an option, but they can be a bitch to get right. Plenty of youtube videos on it
Then there's always buying second-hand or just getting recasts

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>Start Collecting boxes have a Battalion in them that includes all units included
Had no idea this was in the box. Shame they're not "legal". Some of the SC boxes could use all they synergy they can, looking at you Gitz Box.

>> No.76894717

Yeah the Gitz one is particularly sad.
Not much reason to bring a Loonboss, Squig Herd, and Rockguts in the same list.
The effect isn't even that bad.
>Add 1 to regen rolls, when the troggs are within 18 of the Loonboss.

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So I'm probably going to buy Godsworn Warband and wanted to know what you guys think is the best way to expand the army -1k points lists to start -. I'd like to incorporate a god/mark and have some Slaanesh stuff from Shadow and Pain... Think a 1k StD/Slaanesh list is ok?

>> No.76894811

>Godsworn Warband
The fuck are you finding a battleforce from the year before?

>> No.76894819

>Cubicle7 works hard on the RPG
>Makes a campaign in Anvilgard
>1 month later, GW destroys Anvilgard for fun

>> No.76894831

>RPG is Order-only
It was well-deserved.

>> No.76894832 [DELETED] 


>> No.76894841

How good is that

Fuck cubicle 7

>> No.76894878

Settra got BTFO, stay mad

>> No.76894950

What are those two suns in Aqshy?

>> No.76894955

Do a test fit with some gunners, I reckon you won't be able to fit that many in desu. Maybe like 2?

>> No.76894961

Otherwise known as SOUL

>> No.76894970

Pls no

>> No.76895038

What do you mean? I haven't made the top platform yet

>> No.76895052

Yeah, check how many peeps you can fit inside the wagon, it looks tiny.

If you're making a new platform to sit on top, I guess just check that it doesn't look ridiculous sitting on top of the small carriage.

>> No.76895151

Best kits for making a horde of chaos mutants?

>> No.76895205


Done a bunch of youtube-ing and googling, I think I'll make this box as a dreadlord on the dragon instead of the sorceress and get a sorceress on foot

>> No.76895243

Looks like these two got hit so hard by truck kun they died twice

>> No.76895255

Working on a Nurgle army right now. I'm OK with plaguebearers, and for hordes I like the idea of adding in skaven plague monks. I'd like to see some pestigors added that we can take without having to pay a battalion tax.

>> No.76895332

The rotating faces are entirely fine, of course.

>> No.76895448

I’m assuming one is Ignacio and the other is the orb infernia

>> No.76895501

>Cubicle7 works hard on the RPG
And still do a shitty job

Seriously, how can you make an RPG full of combat and based on a fucking wargame, and make a combat system so freaking bland?

>> No.76895539


>> No.76895552

Spent all day on the Warhammer vs AoS thread thinking it was the general. Had typed Sigmar in the search and it was the first result and there was a Stormcast so I clicked it. Big mistake.

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File: 413 KB, 828x587, 62E11963-B0FE-4413-B854-0D1B744449B5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was reading the KO 2020 battletome and I really enjoyed that they hinted that Aether Gold might not be infinite. It was funny and disturbing when it mentioned the more conservative sky ports expressing concern that maybe they should be careful about not exhausting the resource while the other sky ports are literally burning though stockpiles every other day using it for frivolous and wasteful purposes

>> No.76895616

Fucking rekt

>> No.76895658

chaos is going to inevitably destroy the planes again, might as well burn that shit.

>> No.76895733

They knew in advance, the final piece of content in the Anvilguard series they’re doing is going to be about its fall, and the new expansion thing has character options to be from Anvilguard post-fall

>> No.76895793

It's there to make you care about Anvilguard a bit, so it's fall doesn't make you go "what's an anvilgard?"

>> No.76895942

dubs post good post

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File: 224 KB, 1417x922, catherine-o-connor-co-skavenvskharadron.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's totally bizarre to me that KO have an antagonism towards Moonclan and Skaven. There's perhaps the best piece of KO art that features them fighting in an ancient Duardin hold against Skaven and it's just so fucking puzzling when you consider they are not traditional Warhammer Dwarfs.
Like, stepping on Dispossessed toes much?

>> No.76895980

how many do you want? 40? 60?
you could buy the AoS box for the Unmade cultists (buy the white box, the red one is for warcry and has fewer models, but it also has the cards needed to play them in that game) a box of gors (or ungors), and maybe some FEC crypt ghouls (totally optional) and a box of marauders
mix and match to your heart's content, not doing the math right now but I think you could get like 50 or so marauders from that

>> No.76896031

KO is just tsundere about tradition and religion

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File: 340 KB, 868x1301, Screenshot_20210111-104723__01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>We're still using ancient Rat Ogres that're probably worse than the previous pewter ones
>No Moulder mutation tables beyond 1d3 wounds
>No plastic wolf rats
>No master moulder on brood horror or a clawlord with the moulder keyword
>Skaven soup with non-soup battleline options when you're souping because fuck you buy more Clanrats you little bitch
It's all so tiring. Skaven armies write themselves but we're stuck with very little other than substandard AoS 1 style rules for Pestilens and Skyre while the rest suffer with some GHB allegiance style shit.
I do appreciate the update but c'mon.

>> No.76896065

Dispossessed aren't a fully fledged faction in AoS that's is out kicking ass in a significant way in the realms.
KO still used to be regular dwarfs, and Skaven and GSG are a huge part of why they got forced up in the sky. While their old feudal structure has been dissolved they still keep records of everything, so you can bet they know about old grudges, or that an ancestor left some treasure behind.
In any case they have a reason to go to war against anyone if it's for profit. Having a huge Skaven settlement nearby might be bad for business.

>> No.76896101

This art isn't taking place in a Dispossessed hold, it's a sky port.

There was a short lore blurb in the Skaven tome that mentions Thanquol opening a rat hole into some sky port and wrecking havoc then disappearing suddenly

>> No.76896191

Are Thanquol, Ikit, Throt and Queek likely to come back in AoS? If not, can we expect new characters with their own minis?

>> No.76896289

It's not a trick by any means but I feel compelled to inform the public that you can drybrush with regular paint and that "drybrush paints" are a scam

>> No.76896318

Stormfiend models look so fucking dumb. The Vermintide 2 model for them is great, why do they insist on putting huge plates of armour on them?

>> No.76896325

There are "drybrush paints"?

>> No.76896373

Not him, but yes there are. The only ones that even look nice are the metallics.

>> No.76896389

Yes, and - surprise surprise - it's a Citadel scam

>> No.76896390

Because that stuff is expensive to make?

>> No.76896499

*such ugly plates of armour

>> No.76896523

I presume drybrush paints are optimised for drybrushing, because regular paints will dry from friction/exposure to absorbent material and leave a chalky finish unless they're appropriately thinned. OP is a retard that doesn't think about things, I guess. Great tip, faggot.

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File: 193 KB, 1600x1268, EqVdW-yXMAACR2j.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

[croqueting intensifies]

>> No.76896548

>I presume drybrush paints are optimised for drybrushing
that might have been the intent, but not the reality

>> No.76896569

Sure, but you can't deny they're a different, thicker, consistency. GW aren't scamming you more than usual, you're just presuming it's an elaborate hoax. They're made specifically for drybrushing whether you understand the mechanics or not.
Everyone is introduced to drybrushing vaguely, anyway.

>> No.76896590

points where sigmar started its greatest offensives at the beginning of the age

>> No.76896603

>can't deny they're a different, thicker, consistency
i wasnt claiming any of these thing, i'm not >>76896289

>> No.76896604
File: 39 KB, 540x729, Screenshot_20201017-144630_Facebook.jpg.de86b04bf7de3ab523268164cce17fd6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Managed to find scalped slanngor dude, search for spire tyrant continues

>> No.76896619

The only drybrush paint I swear by is Necron Compound. Genuinely fantastic for brightening up money.

>> No.76896630

Well, it is the reality that they are different types of paint optimised for drybrushing. No, you don't need them to use the technique but they are designed for it. It's not a scam at all and honestly GW probably have low profit margins on paint compared to their overpriced models given the rate on consumption.
It's like saying contrast paints are a scam and they're no different to a bogstandard base coat or that layers aren't actually less pigmented than base paints.

>> No.76896631

How does the wind of Heavens express itself in Azyr? Lots of rainstorms?

>> No.76896662

thanquol exists, has the model from the end times, his own warscroll, appeared in gotrek's book and he might be involved in how the great skitterleap forward was a disaster

ikit is hypothesized by fans to have reappeared in the form of a skryre character with a different name that has retroengineered how stormcasts work, but only in one irrelevant novel

throt and queek are dead, maybe queek escaped from the underworlds of shyish along with a series of other characters during the dread solstice, where players voted to break the cells where nagash kept some juicy souls from ages past

I wouldn't expect special characters, you aren't shit in AoS unless you're a god, a demigod, an avatar of a god or some extremely high ranking priest

>> No.76896677

Calm the fuck down sperg, again, i'm not the guy claiming its a scam, nor am i denying that it's a different kind of paint.
The point of >>76896548 was only that while they might be different and ''optimized'' for drybrushing, they're really not all that much better than just doing it with regular paint. I'm sure they're helpfull for new painters.

>> No.76896730

They work better for drybrushing.
Sure, you don't need them, but if you aim to do lots of drybrushing they will help.

>> No.76896759

No you fucking sperg they're not. They may be optimised but that doesn't mean they're better than regular paints.

>> No.76896806

It's AOS lore, why the fuck would anyone want to do that?

>> No.76896819

Then why do you care if it's either or?

>> No.76896829

If I'm using chaos warriors in a Disciples of Tzeentch list, can I still use a Chaos Lord to give them buffs? Are they automatically considered as marked by Tzeentch?

>> No.76896842

They are a little bit desu

>> No.76896858


>> No.76896900

why even ask then, faggot?

>> No.76896941

If you are using them without Mark of Tzeentch they need to be allies. If you give them Mark of Tzeentch then they are simply part of your army. In either case, a Chaos Lord can throw his Command Ability on them, but only that.

>> No.76896981

Fantastic, that makes a lot of sense. Thank you.

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File: 1.19 MB, 220x231, tenor.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

immortal zealotry here i come

>> No.76897458


So I'm screwed but maybe I'll get a griffon or a steam tank to ride in

>> No.76897488

>Kharadron Overlords
Thank fuck Isekai me immediately please I want to get drunk and work on skyvessels.

>> No.76897509

Dwarves are Dwarves and a Grudge is a Grudge.

Fuck rats, fuck elves, fuck greenskins, fuck humies, fuck chaos and most of all fuck niggers. You're all in the book and you're all getting what's coming to you.

>> No.76897566

It is bizarre because the duardin that become KO were forced to do so by chaos, not skaven/greenskins

Skaven and goblins were natural enemies of dwarfs in WFB because they occupied similar habitats, underground places and inside mountains and so on.

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File: 645 KB, 1181x1721, 31596DA8-31A8-4913-8698-77E994896E16.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Let’s get wild with it

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File: 781 KB, 1716x2048, book club, more like book axe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I legit love just how god damn surly dwarfs can be, it gives them so much character. The idea of a book is just so passive aggressive and yet they turn it into something directly aggressive.

>> No.76897775

I almost bought Thorgrim just to use the thronebearers as shieldbearers, but I was too poor to justify that purchase back in college.
I don't actually Like Thorgrim much by himself. His character in the lore is cool, but his actual model just looks like a greasy fat fuck.

>> No.76897793

>Main army is GSG
Mork 'ave mercy on me gobbo soul

>> No.76897850
File: 45 KB, 634x530, kit williams.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I bought a dwarf blood bowl team purely because they're all fat bastards with guts hanging out their jerseys. It's something unique about them, they don't care how they look enough to wash or stop at three roast pigs for dinner, but they craft some of the greatest architecture and finest metal around.

There's something very northern England about that, not being vain but being an incredible artist - see pic related.

Indecently, if you don't know the story behind Kit Williams and that golden hare look it up.

>> No.76897951

I get that, but the Thorgrim model gives me the impression that he IS vain -and that's what ruins it for me. He looks like he could be a Slaanesh worshiper, being carried around in a light blue bathrobe, covered in jewels with his gut hanging out.
But I'm 100% on board with the rest of your post.

>> No.76898028

luv me gems
luv me gold
luv me strongholds
luv me axe

'ate goblins
'ate orcs
'ate elves

simple as

>> No.76898100

aw shit. well at least its gonna be over fast

>> No.76898158
File: 1.02 MB, 2535x1426, PXL_20210111_041222101.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What are you working on /aosg/? I'm finally finishing off my Sacrosanct chamber

>> No.76898291

How is this list fellas? 1990 on the dot, and I want the list to revolve around bodies and the support of them.

Clawlord - Verminous Valor, Things Bane
Clawlord - Brutal Fury
Warpseer Verminlord
Warlock Engineer - Chain Lightning

Warp Lightning Cannon
Warp Lightning Cannon

40 Clanrats, spears
40 Clanrats, swords
30 Stormvermin
30 Stormvermin

Verminous Valor Clawlord is the general. It's about as basic as it gets for a list, 140 bodies running up the field and either snaring objectives or just being an awful road block to mulch through as WLC either kill themselves or delete entire units. Heroes support the horde and engineer overloads the WLC I've only played one game with the Skaven so far though, and haven't got the models for this list yet. Good idea, or are there way better options for a Verminus list?

>> No.76898350

i am planning on finishing my skull cannon soon, but i am too sleep deprived to paint. i also have to finish my buddies stone horn

>> No.76898367

enjoy while it lasts

>> No.76898428

Soulscream bridge. Going to use it to teleport ratling guns so that they don't die from shooting on like, turn 1.
You want Stormvermin in blocks of 40 so you don't loose their buffs, but they are definately good units.
You want a grey seer of some kind (or the verminous verminlord) to cast death frenzy on your stormvermin so they can attack when they die.

You don't want two WLCs. 6 jezzails is better than a wlc+a engie, and 3 jezzails is better than a WLC with no engie, so 9 jezzails is a better option. The only reason to take a WLC is if you already have the engie for something else.

Still, it's a OK starting point.

>> No.76898447
File: 102 KB, 1200x1600, WhatsApp Image 2019-11-26 at 21.27.17.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does your army have a battle standard bearer?
Do you homebrew any rules for them?

>> No.76898461

>/v/ermin can't link across boards properly

>> No.76898476

Why homebrew when Anvil of Apotheosis already has BSB rules?

>> No.76898481

use the aoa

>> No.76898496

Because it's incredibly limited and creatively bankrupt.

>> No.76898506 [DELETED] 

You should be spending 50% of the time doing a model on putting down 5 or 6 clean, even, thinned down basecoats.

I would rather play against an army of models that has just been basecoated well, than a army where you've fucked up the wash, you've missed your drybrush and hit the wrong areas, you've only highlighted some stuff, you've got fucking bare plastic or primer showing in recesses.

>> No.76898523

Did any anon attempt to draw a more eye-catching hammer?

>> No.76898525

and? bsb dont have any use lorewise for most armies

>> No.76898550

What was that?

>> No.76898698

You're right, fuck a little hobby tradition passed down since whfb. I mean, there's nothing in the lore to confirm it outside of normal unit banners and bsb that survived the initial pruning.

>> No.76898764

Some of the stars are literally living creatures
Meteor rain
Living astrological formations
Cleansing Rain and pure waters is a common theme in Azyrite faith and miracles
Also a lot of their animals are chimeras

>> No.76898769

>i want to have rules for a bsb
>use the aoa
>i dont want to
>okay whatever
i dont see your problem. you dont need to homebrew, but no one is stopping you.

>> No.76898776

Thanks for the advice senpai. If that is the case about the Stormvermin I can make it a squad of 40 and 20 instead. Might take out one clawlord for a grey seer too if death frenzy is good. For the jezzails, what makes them so much better? I saw the 4+ to hit and kind of withered. The WLC didn't give a fuck about character sniping either. Is there something I'm missing?

>> No.76898790
File: 54 KB, 1155x602, 97987.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Now that we know there's 2 red coated minis, I reckon these guys will be the upgraded versions of Zombies. Ie what Grave Guard are to basic Skellies.

>> No.76898804

I've got my lad, firmly a part of the bigger Irongut unit, but his banner is standout, with the army logo firmly emblazoned.

>> No.76898813

i think he'll be a hero, either named or generic (the first being more likely)

>> No.76898914

I reckon GW want to make an all-flesh, all-undead Death army. Basically vamps leading lesser vamps, necromancers, liches, zombies, bats, wolves etc. Vampire Counts without the skeletons in other words.

>> No.76898939

Soulbound shit incoming.

>Blackened Earth:A brand new campaign, set in the city of Greywater Fasteness in Ghyran. Expected PDF release in Q2, and in stores Q3. More news coming soon!

>Champions of Death:Lets players create Death-aligned characters, such as Nighthaunts and Soulblight Vampires. Currently in pre-production. Expected PDF release in Q3, and in stores Q4. More news coming soon!

>Champions of Destruction:Lets players create Destruction-aligned characters, such as Orruks, Ogors, and Grots. Currently in pre-production. Expected PDF release in Q3, and in stores Q4. More news coming soon!

Hopefully Champions of Death will expound a little on basic concepts like vampire bloodlines, histories of Carstinia and Neferatia, and just generally what these folks even do in Shyish when Nagash or Neferata isn't telling them to go krump fools.

>> No.76898949
File: 156 KB, 422x379, 1581605441060.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>Champions of Death

>> No.76898983
File: 58 KB, 851x777, BB2251A0-3A91-4EA8-8D7A-35E550DE749E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>can play an inbred mushroom midget man high on crack before I can play a lizard man
What gives

>> No.76898996

how is this supposed to fit in the soulbound mechanic and lore?
are death and destruction characters going to ally with order characters or have their own group mechanic?

I'm afraid the lack of a "champions of chaos" book already answers my question though

>> No.76899001
File: 250 KB, 814x1442, Screenshot_20210111-020452_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Made a list with models I like. How do I improve her?

>> No.76899025

>nooo I can't just use the rules that exist, I NEED to be a special snowflake and bitch about everything
You need to go back

>> No.76899050

>Vampire Counts without the skeletons in other words.
the skeletons will be the ONLY shit vampire will have left for them
ghouls are independent
ghosts are independent
superboners are indipendent
zombies will be independent

skeletons are the only ones already with the bat shit theming to make them vampire underlings, they will be the only ones

>> No.76899153

Skeletons are already independent in the lore. And not just wights, but even basic skeletons.
It's not the case all the time, but there's several examples of it being the case.

>> No.76899162


It's already too late.

>> No.76899163

None of that, sorry. Soulbound's official archetypes are based only on the little figures you might see on the tabletop. Unlike in WFRP where you were given the option to play barber-surgeons and rat-catchers, in Soulbound you are given the option to play characters such as the Kurnoth Hunter and Alarith Stoneguard. So no specops unless you consider Mortek Guard specops.

This isn't to say the game is bad or that you can't make shit up yourself, but temper your expectations

>> No.76899165

I’d love to see a proper zombies/flesh constructs death army, with that lady of all flesh character in charge.

It’ll never happen, but it’d be cool

>> No.76899185

we're clearly talking about independence as a battletome, drop your semantics at the door

>> No.76899207

Dunno, I have no idea whether Seraphon will be in Champions of Order.

>> No.76899210
File: 108 KB, 296x382, 83306ED6-C542-40B2-8591-9AACD9552917.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.76899217
File: 152 KB, 813x702, bestigors.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kinda want to print and use them as doombulls

>> No.76899235

mortisans designed for use behind enemy lines

>> No.76899268

>It's a pretty simple system and has straighforward rules for making your own archtypes. So again BONEREAPER SPEC OPS TIME

>> No.76899288

They literally have an entire section designed to make you shit shoveler class

>> No.76899325
File: 275 KB, 618x618, 1598005835626.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>ywn be a shit shoveler that will kill enemies by throwing shit so hard it breaks skulls

>> No.76899355
File: 32 KB, 220x220, milk and biscuits.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>designed to make you shit shoveler class
catapult crew coop campaign or crotch scavenging competition?

>> No.76899408
File: 42 KB, 673x505, 687474703a2f2f692e696d6775722e636f6d2f39474f59336b772e706e67.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.76899563

Anyone got recs on kitbashing SKryre Acolytes? No way am I paying GW prices

>> No.76899611

Not kitbashing, but there's some 3rd party minis that work nicely.


>> No.76899688

following the skryre acolyte above, what about deathrattle skeletons? Seems insane that they're double the price of clanrats when you consider models in box and you need about the same amount

>> No.76899717

>I can make it a squad of 40 and 20 instead.
Don't bother with a squad of 20. Cut some of those clanrats if you're having point problems, or possibly replace the verminlord with a screaming bell so your battleshock immunity gets cheaper.
>Might take out one clawlord for a grey seer too if death frenzy is good.
it is so good. Means that the worst case scenario for your stormvermin is a draw where the enemy kills them, and then they kill the enemy before dying.
>For the jezzails, what makes them so much better? I saw the 4+ to hit and kind of withered
They reroll hit rolls if they haven't moved, and because they have a range of 30" you don't need to move them, so that 4+ doesn't actually matter. 6 of them will do as much damage as a WLC +engie assuming they haven't moved, cost 10 points less, and if you want you can give them a skryre spark for even more damage. On top of that, they don't explode. They're basically the same thing but more reliable.
The main reason to take a WLC over Jezzails is if you have 2 engies, one to buff a unit of stormfiends with MMWP and the other as backup for if the first dies, cuz that means you can remove the cost for the engie from the equation, which results in the WLC being cheaper than 6 jezzails.
(110+180 > 280, but 180 < 280 basically)

>> No.76899830

x2 Skaven SC! plus a Verminlord is a decent start to a Pestilens army right? I'm thinking about selling my snake ladies and building something different

>> No.76899851

look up 3d printed conversion bits

>> No.76899862

Ì always swore to myself that if I started a Skaven army I'd take Stormvermin and kitbash them with Electropriest parts. Instead of throwing globes of poison gas I'd have them zap people with shock gauntlets. The generators would make a great alternative for the weird backpacks the Acolytes are wearing too. Alternatively, get to an arts and crafts store and find some plastic pearls to make the globes out of.

>> No.76899887

either try punga, which is still a bit expensive, or look into 3D printing them. there are probably 4 or 5 different artists with skaven sets (not just acolytes). you can get an original anycubic photon for $170 USD and a bottle of anycubic or elegoo grey resin for about $30 USD, which, barring any failed prints, is about 120 miniatures worth of resin (bottle is 1 liter, a print of 10 infantry tends to be around 40ml)

i have this guys pack https://www.myminifactory.com/object/3d-print-ratfolk-army-pack-131540
got it when was running a patreon, so it was a lot cheaper when i got it, but its an ok pack. they are a little lanky compared to GW's more chunky skaven, but they look ok.

but yeah, by the time you get enough acolyte "counts as" from either kit bashing or punga, you've already spent the $200 or more needed to start printing anyways.

>> No.76899943

Sorta. Plagueclaw Catapults aren't worth using, just like every other artillery piece that only gets one shot and uses the normal firing rules, and you can't take WLCs in pestilins, so those will go to waste, but like, you will want both a screaming bell (for death frenzy) and a plague furnace(for those sick buffs), so i'd still say go for it. You save about 13 bucks on it in comparison to just buying plague monks and plague furnaces separately. You can take or leave the corrupter though, as he's taking up valuable money and points that can be spent on more plague monks.
This isn't even a joke, a pestilins list looks something like
Screaming Bell with Death Frenzy (general)
Plague Furnace with Liber Bubonicus
Infinity plague monks
Battalion: that one battalion that contains a plague furnace and infinity plague monks

>> No.76900134

>you can get an original anycubic photon for
why do you guys always suggest buying a printer? if it's so cheap why aren't there viable services printing them for you?

>> No.76900182

well, i mean folks do, a lot of these miniature designers sell commercial licenses for printers to be able to sell their prints, so you'd have to find a printer with a commercial license for the set you want and hook up with them.

but frankly by the time you've paid for a printer to print 3 or 4 sets, you've already spent enough to have just bought your own printer anyways.

also we have a 3D printing general if you have more specific questions about getting started

>> No.76900261

Not him but sounds like the most boring type of shit to play and collect

>> No.76900297

i've found that plagueclaw catapults can be situationally good. in the foulrain congregation with the architect of death trait, they actually become hyper accurate, hitting and wounding mobs on 2s rerolling failed hits, and it allows you to pump 6d6 damage at rend -2 into infantry blobs from across the table.

now normally, plague monks are just strictly better at dealing with mobs than the catapults, but plague monks are slow, and the catapults can more quickly answer units which teleport or outflank onto an objective halfway across the table from your forces, or dealing with a situation where an objective suddenly appears next to an enemies large unit. they also allow you to start taking a big bite out of the enemies best scoring units right from turn 1. unfortunately they are next to useless against anything remotely elite, such as ogres, gristlegore, sons of behemat, anything else like that.

>> No.76900678

I will be so glad with this. Fuck Vampire Cunts and fuck their lame shit. Let Zombies have their own space just like Bonereapers and Nighthaunts.

>> No.76901049

And by the time you've worked out how to print correctly, you could have just bought the army you want. That's ignoring 3rd parties and Ebay.

>> No.76901077
File: 30 KB, 426x960, Printfag.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Even based Flork knows not to 3D print, lads.

>> No.76901139

God forbid you learn some other skill along the way

>> No.76901177

if it takes you more than 2 full bottles to figure out how to properly print, then you have the IQ of a sweet potato. this maybe wasnt true if you were on the 1st wave of home printers like 5-10 years ago, but nowadays there are plenty of quick startup guides and hobby groups that have everything figured out for you.

and considering the average army is like $500 these days just for the bare minimum 2k pts, you come in well under that, even with extra bottles of resin to allow for mistakes.

>> No.76901179

His goal wasn't to learn a new skill it was to get minis
Don't deny that 3d printing is a major money sink and is not accessible as people want you to believe it is

>> No.76901218

Mate, i don't value my time at $0. I could spend the time learning how to print correctly spent how to learn to draw or paint better.

Yes, it comes in under $500 (assuming the printer wasn't more expensive) if I value my TIME at fucking $0.
>b-b-but you said painting haha gottem
I want to paint. I don't want to learn how to troubleshoot a printer then twiddle my thumbs for hours when I can buy the models for 25% off online, or get it from Ebay and get to painting and gaming.

>> No.76901221

>Tzeentchian BoC
The best outcome for being a beastman, but still a fucking beastman. I just hope I’m not an ungor.

>> No.76901231

Can you printfags go to your general, please. Talk about AoS, the game and the rules and the lore. Not whether you're totally saving money by printing minis or buying them. I don't care.

>> No.76901250

3d printing is great for people willing to basically make a hobby of it. For people that don't care for it and only see as a way to obtain cheap miniatures is not really worth it.

>> No.76901265

Yeah, there's a reason no-one does single clan skaven armies. Even when they're good, which is rare, they're boring.
On the plus side, if you make a mixed skaven force, you'll end up with a ton of varied idiots on 25mm bases, so you can always just proxy them as giant rats, plague monks or whatever if you want to do a monoclan build.
The trick to making plague monks not slow is that +1 to charge they get. They can reliably pop out of a gnawhole and murderize someone if you can get them another +1 somewhere. I use them in my mixed force for like, alpha strikes. Place a gnawhole close to but outside the enemy deployment zone, vigordust and death frenzy 40 plague monks, send them through, and they charge and blend the enemy on a roll of 7.

>> No.76901273
File: 1.11 MB, 244x160, no.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.76901277

I have a feel its going to be tg pc vs console debate. If you dont have money for anycubic / ender / Creality and are browsking gw game thred is just hilarious

>> No.76901306

yeah, but this relies on your gnawholes being in the right spots.

like i was saying, on the whole, just spamming plague monks is probably better, but in certain situations, the foulrain congregation can actually be okay enough for normal play. i wouldnt take it to a tournament, but it's not so bad that you are going to just get chased off the table

>> No.76901320

Gonna be getting those new mortals of Slaanesh when they drop next month (hopefully), is there anything I should pick up before hand to flesh my army out?

>> No.76901341
File: 775 KB, 1878x2544, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Arkhan's done. So far I've painted Neferata, Arkhan, and 5 Black Knights since I got the skeleton SC on christmas.

Ive just got 10 skellies, Manfredd, and the monster mount to go.

>> No.76901342

None of their manlet clothes are gonna fit me so that'll be a hassle

>> No.76901350

quite a lot of moorcock in any variation of WH considering the presence of Chaos.

>> No.76901354

Using the suggestions i received here the other day i remade the Skryre list i was making (mostly adding in the clanrats and switching a few units to make points cap), how is this list? There's 0 ratlings or flamethrowers, should i ditch the 3 man Stormfiend group to add in some of those (kept it this way cause Stormfiends are the main focus of the list), how can/should i improve this? First time working with skaven so i'm unsure if things are done correctly

>> No.76901384

Oh, I misunderstood. I thought you were saying foulrain was like, actually competitive. Yeah, I'd place foulrain right next to like, overseer of destruction ratling guns with soulscream bridge, where like, you've polished a turd enough that you can actually play the turd and accomplish something, but it's not competitive and there were objectively better options for you to spend your points on.

>> No.76901387
File: 809 KB, 1920x2273, mark-holmes-screen-shot-2019-05-09-at-11-38-29-am.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

O my

>> No.76901388

Are Legions of Azgorh actually gonna be squatted?
If so I might pick up a kit just for the novelty.

>> No.76901400

lovely purple desu

>> No.76901407

The best value of your time is investing in yourself ie learning new skills, but if it's so important to you than buy your shit, pay to be painted and than delegate someone to play it

>> No.76901418

yeah, foulrain is better than plague monk spam in a very select few specific scenarios, namely early game impact and cross table objective prying, but in all other respects it's worse, and in a competitive scenario you want the best "take all comers" list you can get, which plague monks are better at.

>> No.76901475

Impressive, very nice

>> No.76901486

They already said end of January

>> No.76901500

Absolutely beautiful work.

>> No.76901530

>the army you play is the army you end up becoming apart of when you get isekai'd into AoS
>tfw i play the rat lads
well... if i get a rat body i might get to be a warlock engineer cuz i am a certified draftsman
but more likely i'd end up a slave forced to run in a giant hamster wheel to power some contraption that explodes and kills me
they're being pulled from forgeworld, and that usually means forgeworld isn't going to sell them anymore. You can just grab them from recasters though.
I'd advise cutting the 3 man stormfiend group cuz a 3 man stormfiend group doesn't take buffs that well. Use the extra points to grab some acolytes (kitbashed or 3d printed, either one works) cuz they do a ton of damage and will help with how low on bodies your army is, and possibly a warpfire thrower for some cheap hordekilling, but don't bother with ratling guns, they're not good unless you put a ton of support into them (3 ratling guns together benifiting from overseer of destruction so they can actually hit, and soulscream bridge so they don't get shot off the board by long range shooting)
Also, you don't need 3 warlock engineers, what you want is 2. One to buff the stormfiends, and another as backup for if the first dies. Get rid of one of the bombardiers and use those points to buy more clanrats because as I said before, your list is worryingly low on bodies. Remember, if you run out of clanrats and haven't tabled the enemy, you loose because you can't hold objectives.

>> No.76901553
File: 1.01 MB, 1822x2592, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

also I mounted Neferata onto a Terrorgheist.

>> No.76901560

I'm a pregnancy feticist so fuck yeah

>> No.76901562

but why

>> No.76901577
File: 335 KB, 976x840, DoKhaine.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So how does it work? Am I just a male slave like most males? Am I turned into a female? Am I still myself?

>> No.76901588

the honest wargamer made a pretty solid argument on his podcast last week that they are being remade as a main GW plastic line. i mean it's all speculation but his reasoning was pretty sound

>> No.76901595

A KoS, Start Collecting, and the Slaanesh half of either Shadow & Pain or Wrath & Rapture.

>> No.76901627
File: 1.12 MB, 1908x2496, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

because im not gonna use her rules, but i do use a terrorgheist.

>> No.76901669

We still dont know if new Slaanesh will have good synergy with marked StD units for a cool full mortal Slaanesh army right?

>> No.76901707

I’m just gonna second the other guys post. Get a SC as those things aren’t going anywhere and daemons is what you summon with mortals.

>> No.76901737

As weak and herdstone fodder material marked beasts are i hope they will have some neat rules

>> No.76901746

nope, and we won't until the tome is out as I doubt they are going to cover it in the preview.

>> No.76901792

What ranged options do StD have?

Do you reckon theyd make a infantry ranged unit of blunderbuss Chorfs, and a hellcannon?

>> No.76901822

I figured as much, I'll grab a start collecting then the box of mortals when they come out

>> No.76901843

Be sure to build the exalted chariot and the hero build for it.

>> No.76901907

if they really squatted the whole chaos dwarf range to introduce them in AoS, it will likely be just that, an entire range. so i'm sure it will have ranged infantry and warmachines, and since StD soups with everything chaos, i'm sure there would be some cross play there.

>> No.76901973

Can I build both from the SC, or do I have to buy another chariot?

>> No.76902022

You can build one big one or two of the smaller variants.

>> No.76902035

Thanks for the help. Between Jezzails and Warp cannons which are best in the artillery slot generally speaking? Also what's a good number of Clanrats to run? 80/100?
As a last thing, how do i deal with Acolytes? I tried using them as clanrats replacement but they are way too expensive for that, are they used as small 5-10 man suicide squads?

>> No.76902041
File: 269 KB, 709x608, 578495FA-0EAF-4C6A-9201-16D568D951BF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can I give gold to a unit that wouldn’t have gotten gold?

>> No.76902045

cool, thanks

>> No.76902057


>> No.76902110

No worries, soon to be fellow Slaanesh bro.

>> No.76902148


based mummy wisher

>> No.76902218

i like the whole sidesaddle look. if only you could get a giant cats skull for its head.

>> No.76902328

Chorfs deserve to be in AoS and not as a FW shit but as a real army fully supported by GW

>> No.76902353

Maybe a sphiranx head painted ghastly?
Or there's got a be a third party NOT Tomb Kings skull or something that could work

>> No.76902372

I agree, but I would also like to see GW do something with Fimir.
Actually, for that matter, there's a lot of FW models GW could do good stuff with.

>> No.76902375

If it's a AoS-ified modern version of Chorfs and not those goofy things from 4th edition -then yes I agree.

>> No.76902376


agreed, unfortunately kharadron seem to have filled their design space

>> No.76902397

>>Champions of Death:Lets players create Death-aligned characters
All I can say is, I will laugh myself blue in the face if there's no option to play a FEC character. I mean they would be literally relegated to NPC status.

>> No.76902421

>new chorf plastic line
>half of their lore is 'fuck those flying steampunk assholes' and revolves around shooting anti-aircraft cannons from mountaintops

>> No.76902453

hardly. kharadron are a high flying fast redeploying run and gun skirmish army that uses little to no magic and follows strict codes

chaos dwarfs are a boots on the ground and wheels on the rails army lead by sorcerers and mutants that allies itself with fire demons and utilizes large companies of standing infantry.

the only real similarities between the 2 are that they are dwarfs and that they use cannons on warmachines. in every other way they are as different as can be

>> No.76902473

I disagree.
The train thing FW came up with is fucking awesome, but it wasn't played like that at all in 8th ed(you just used the front part of the train on it's own and disconnected the warmachines from it), and it wasn't a staple of the old playstyle nor the fan made armybooks that chrofs-online used.

The Chorf playstyle is a mix of trash and elite infantry, backed up by warmachines, magic and monsterous hammers.
You force the enemy to come to you and then you either tarpit or grind them while your monsters flank.
Your weakness is being outnumbered, or having your own monstrous stuff tarpitted.
t. Someone who only got to play four games with them in 8th ed.

>> No.76902505

Just pile vamps, wights, skellies, ghouls, necrophiles, zombies and miscellaneous deathly critters together in a big soup tome and name it "Deathlord Courts" or some shit. Then you could play a ghoul king with a "court" of skeletons, or a wight king served by ghouls, or a vampire "attended" by packs of wolves and swarms of bats.

>> No.76902522

>Your weakness is being outnumbered
I meant out deployed in drops, and msu armies. Oh well.

>> No.76902534

Faction terrain is a 20-30' straight piece of railway you get to place anywhere across the map where it fits.

Chorf train artillery consists of 1-3 carts you connect, costing between 150-200p a piece, they are outfitted with various weapons and armor stats.

You place them at the end of the rail during setup. Instead of a normal move, they may move anywhere along the railway at every movement phase.

>> No.76902551


This is all fair enough but they arent going to release Heavily armored, magitek based dwarfs with vehicles when they already filled that trope

>> No.76902553
File: 678 KB, 920x950, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how is the meta not spamming gunhaulers these things are insane for only 130p

>> No.76902559

>posting grog art

>> No.76902563

>Thanks for the help. Between Jezzails and Warp cannons which are best in the artillery slot generally speaking
6 jezzails do the same damage as a wlc+engie, cost 10 points less, have longer range, are more reliable, and don't explode. However, if you already have the engie lying about as an understudy for the guy who buffs the stormfiends, then he doesn't factor into the equation, at which point 1 WLC is 100 points cheaper than 6 jezzails. Basically, WLCs are a budget option that gives the engie you already have something to do
>how do i deal with Acolytes?
They're a short range shooting hammer that does massive damage. All the following numbers assume are for a 20 acolyte unit and a target with a save of 5 and less than 10 models
No buffs: 13 damage
Skryre spark: 16 damage
Skryre spark and rerolling hit rolls: 25 damage
Skryre spark, rerolling hits and wounds: 33 damage
To put it mildly, that's a lot of damage for a 200 point unit being buffed by a 110 point hero.

>> No.76902578

When someone dies do they just appear in shyish as their skeleton? What exactly happens when a person dies?

>> No.76902582

It's their way of DABBING ON AOS
They only made Soulbound because they were contractually obligated to, they just wanted to make WFRP.

>> No.76902586

why are they bullying that poor goat person?

>> No.76902616
File: 1.35 MB, 768x900, 768px-Throgg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.76902618

Have them lean into the daemonic aspects then. Magic and industrial rather than steampunk. its two quite different looks.

>> No.76902649

Not magitek. More like sorcerous/demonic industry.
I still think we might see another dwarf faction with heavy armor, but I don't think it's going to be Chrofs either.

>> No.76902657

Throgg got renamed as a Troll King, which is baller. Now need the Troll Hag to be a Troll Queen and we can have a fun little meme. Sadly GW is really vague about how trolls reproduce so, female trolls don't make any sense.

>> No.76902668
File: 32 KB, 608x960, prophet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.76902682

I wish, Throgg was such a novel, tragic and comical concept. Chaos Trolls have that stupidity of Trolls marched with malice or pitiable accident.
It's super scary to imagine them as even slightly more intelligent.

>> No.76902699

Are Magisters and Chaos Sorcerer Lords supposed to be more or less the same kind of unit? I'm not sure which one I want to run.

>> No.76902707

>chaos kheradon
There. Done

>> No.76902717

Throgg does exist in AoS, in an SCE tome timeline.

>> No.76902727

going back to 150 in the FAQ this month

>> No.76902747

Well, the AoS chorfs hail from a mad Fyreslayer, so I guess they probably work with that?

>> No.76902751

It's explained in quite large detail in the fluff.
>You get born
>You grow up in a community
>Your community says when you die you go and land in a place filled with naked people and you can drink, feast and fuck whoever and whatever you want
>You believe this, everybody in your community believes it
>You die
>Your communities faith in the belief that this is what happens when you die means you end up going to that particular underworld and you end up doing exactly what you were told would happen to you when you died
That's unless Nagash has already annexed it or destroyed it or Chaos has corrupted it. But it is dependent on what you believe. Believe you were a bad guy and will punished with torture forever? That's what happens. However you can then be killed killed if somebody comes into your Underworld and rekts the entire place. Then your soul gets obliterated at best or tortured by whatever God/consumed to power that God/turned into a weapon/turned into another being at worse.

Either way, none of it is very comforting. That's me IRL t b h. Especially since my family experienced paranormal shit for nearly a decade in this house, got so bad my dad got a priest to bless it after witnessing something one night and refuses tot alk about it to this day.

What isn't clear is how reincarnation beliefs work.

>> No.76902755

>He literally fucking cheated

>> No.76902771

id just use a buff character and model it as a bsb

>> No.76902778

Yeah but I'm talking about the rules.

>> No.76902807

That wasn't all.


Ngl was blown away by how much they just announced. So hyped for the future releases.

>> No.76902817

Fuck no.

>> No.76902841

thatd be fun. especially if the Chorfs have a dreadhold thats a gigantic dreadhold stalagmite ( or stalactite) coming from the roof of a continent sized cavern, and the KO are trying to land on it.

yes i know this ripped off a horus heresy iron warriors story.

>> No.76902856
File: 36 KB, 580x316, purple_pig.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>got so bad my dad got a priest to bless it after witnessing something one night and refuses tot alk about it to this day.
It was just kind of a cheesy pig effect, nothing I'd worry about

anyway you know how this works. Storytime, anon.
I was a night guard in a haunted museum for five years, I'll share mine if you share yours.

>> No.76902917

>AoS chorfs hail from a mad Fyreslayer

>> No.76902918

agreed, but Skaven need to be the next Chaos army after Slaanesh.

>> No.76902929

source : dude just trust me

>> No.76902952

really wont make a difference, their damage and mobility is still ridiculous

why arent more people spamming them when theyre obviously overpowered?

>> No.76902973

Basically I was a kid, like four or five. At home. Sitting on stairs. Looking through baluster slats. It's sunny, about 14:00. Mum is upstairs doing washing. I look around, I'm waiting to go pick my older sister up. I look over to the kitchen door and there is a person standing there. It's somebody in a monk robe, you know the kind, brown and shit. It has the hood up. Except there is no face, it's just black. They have no feet that I can remember either. I (apparently, according to my mum) start talking to it. This makes her panic, thinking I let somebody in the house. She comes to the top of the stairs, looks down and me and goes 'Who are you talking to?'. I look at her and point going 'That man over there'. I look back and it was gone. We go pick sister up, mum says 'I've seen a ghost'. Think nothing of it. For years afterwards I am awoken every night by footsteps coming up the stairs, walking along the landing and coming to the doorway of my room (which has door open). I apparently told my parents 'I keep hearing doors open but they're not any doors from the house'. Weird feelings of colliding with somebody, objects moving, doors opening by themselves etc. Dad thought I was making it up, took me to a doctor (he is also a doctor). Doctor said 'He isn't making it up it is too vivid and he never trips up or makes changes to the story and it matched your report exactly'. Dad still thought bullshit. I used to have to go into my parents room every night, feeling people bump inot me on the landing. Anyway my dad often had to get out so I could fit. One night he does this, walks out, then suddenly runs back to the landing light and switches it on. Goes to bed in spare room but refuses to turn off lights in the house. Two days later gets a priest to bless the house. Didn't stop anything.

Other shit happened as I got older but not regular. Then when I turned 25, mum told me she saw a ghost in the house too but kept it from me to not scare me.

>> No.76902976

I'd make AoS chorfs something pseudo-malal.
They are chaos, but they wage war against the chaos gods (which is why they mesh good with Archaon and helps him).

They enslave daemons, the stronger the better, in their machinery, using them as living fuel. Their sorcery is also empowered by draining the various daemons.

Maybe add some weird, rare "mad scientist" warmachines, like a lightning cannon fueled by tortured stormcast gheists or something.

>> No.76903009

Read the fluff, tards. The youngest son of the original King of Vorstag Lodge (spelling) returned to the original lodge with an army and disappeared. Some groups of adventurers and Fyreslayers returned to check it out and found statues raised to 'Our Father In Darkness' and shit and felt the place was cursed so left. Suggesting the kid converted to Chaos or found Chaos or something and that's where the Chaos Dwarfs come from. They are then mentioned in several tomes after.

>> No.76903016

I'll see if I can find it, it's a short blurb in their battletome I believe, about one of the sons of the first Runefather going mad and whatever.

>> No.76903023

that sounds kinda cool

>> No.76903032

WD June 2019, retard. It's one origin for Chorfs.

>> No.76903036

>A brand new campaign, set in the city of Greywater Fasteness in Ghyran.
Neat-o. So I take it we're in for more fluff about coof boys, coof rodents, and maybe some angry trees.

>> No.76903042

BoC are already 'They are Chaos but will fight Chaos too haha'.

>> No.76903044

so why does skragrott talk with some sort of eastern european accent but still has the accent markers like "Da" instead of the and such . Greenskinz are supposed to have cockney accents right?

>> No.76903081
File: 388 KB, 666x934, Screenshot_20210111-200223.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Source: trust me
Actually kys dude you're needlessly argumentative despite being clueless.

>> No.76903109

Well, he's anything but normal for a Grot.

>> No.76903139

Because while being very mobile they haven't really a big damage output, and both Frigates and Ironclads do their job better.

>> No.76903142

Sounds like he got his ass kicked why take that to mean a conversion

>> No.76903155

See >>76903081

>> No.76903185

Speaking to the bad moon automatically turns you romanian

>> No.76903287

It's the shrooms, just ask your local Romanian for confirmation

>> No.76903308
File: 495 KB, 1188x1188, malokarpatan-nordkarpatenland-cd-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

GSG makes me think of this Slovakian album desu

>> No.76903324

And skaven does the 'chaos magitek out for their own greedy gain' thing too. I'd still like to see chorfs bring their own spin to it.

Pretty good. When I was a babe my parents rented a house from a friend for a while. My dad worked construction and my mother bartended so often one or the other stayed late working.
My mom is sitting in the downstairs living room by herself one night and hears footsteps on the second floor walking from one end of my bedroom to another. Dog perks up and looks at the ceiling too. My dad comes home and she tells him about it and he blows her off, she's hearing things, whatever.
This becomes kind of a recurring thing until one night my mother comes home from work and my dad has all the lights on in the house, is sitting in the living room chair with me in a car seat next to him and a baseball bat across his legs, all freaked out because 'there was someone in the fuckin house'. Sometime later my mom runs into the friend who had it before and she's just like 'oh yeah, forgot to mention the ghost, he's harmless'. They moved out pretty quick.

As a former guard, I've got my fair share of stories and a few from my fellow guards.
When I first started working at this place they hit some big milestone and threw a multi-night gala event thing--first night for board members, local celebs and general bourgeois, the subsequent nights for people less moneyed. This largely took place in the oldest wing of the building which had a big neoclassical lobby good for large gatherings.

>> No.76903340

I was posted in one gallery, but we're all kind of milling around and bullshitting outside our galleries before the event starts. I'm shooting the shit with one coworker when our supervisor comes around the corner and we do the ol' wagey cockroach scatter. I walk into my gallery just in time to see a lady in a red dress step around a corner.
I go walking after her figuring it's a guest who got in early, round the corner and run into a couple other guards, who of course didn't see her. Next night I'm posted in the same damn spot and a motion alarm goes off with nobody near it.
Couple years later the museum is closing up for the night, the people posted there call in that the gallery is clear and the guard in the camera room calls back saying no, there's someone in the galleries still: a lady in a red dress. They couldn't find her, of course.

I got more but I'll only post em if people give a shit.

>> No.76903377

Can anybody share a link for Streets of Brightspear please?

>> No.76903408

Yeah but why take that as conversion I be f fr one it hard to believe that in the years he was gone one dwarf was able to somehow secretly spawn an entire subculture that doesn’t make any sense

>> No.76903414

whats the best KO colour scheme? i dont like purple and brass

>> No.76903422

>yfw Destruction is all just different slavs/Eurasians
>Moonclan grots are Romanian
>BCR/Ogors are Tartars
>Ironjawz are just barbarous turks

>> No.76903425

I was the original guy. Mum also saw a ghost in the hospital. She was a medical photographer. Goes down a corridor, sees somebody standing in it, facing the wall, mother calls out 'Are you alright' and it walks through the wall. She doesn't lie, so she saw what she saw. There are a few scientifically investigated and reported reincarnation events as well that are so fascinating and detailed papers get written about them. It's freaky and comforting at the same time. But as I said, whatever happens post death isn't really for me. Plus the fear of making a mistake and ending in a worse position than another one.

>> No.76903463

I mean Chaos Dwarfs in WHFB were similar ideas. Separated and desperate dwarfs who turned to Hashut for power to survive. GW isn't going to out and out state it or not. Even the origins of shit like the Seraphon is literally unknown and is left as a handwave as 'whatever'.

>> No.76903467

>Paranormal story time on /aosg/
Let’s fucking go.

>> No.76903484
File: 236 KB, 640x486, 5B7B09BA-110F-42B9-98DF-885BF32BDDBA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Make AoS Chorfs an corruption of the Kharadron aesthetic. Make them a ground force compared to the sky forces of the KO. Give them large lumbering war machines with lots of polluting smog and grungy oily steel. Make them basically the Iron Warriors of AoS. Give them some kind of beef with the KO. Make them somewhat anti-chaos. The KO survived Chaos by escaping into the skies. The Chorfs survived Chaos by embracing it and using its own powers against it through foul sorcery.

>> No.76903506

Black and red

>> No.76903514

Ok, how would we use this as a basis for new chaos dwarves, giving them a place in the mortal realms while still retaining their old feel somehow?

The fire part is easy, fyreslayers already got lots of that, so to assume this lost son kept it and gave it a spin is not hard.

How would the warmachines, daemons and armor get into this?
I think is a pretty good idea. Maybe have elite melee infantry who acts as daemon hunters, going around besting the daemons and bringing them back to the forges? Could play into the martial strenght and pride aspect of the fyreslayers.
Make Hashut an upstart chaos god (the worshippers dont know) who maybe also gain strenght from other daemons somehow? Maybe the chaos god of dominance? The daemonic machines are used also as a way of worship by dominating the daemons?

>> No.76903522

got any examples? wondering how this would look on the skyvessels

>> No.76903529

>GW isn't going to out and out state it or not.
But there isn’t anything in that passage that leans towards that theory

>Even the origins of shit like the Seraphon is literally unknown and is left as a handwave as 'whatever'.
This is not true

>> No.76903584

>lumineth getting a 2nd wave before the armies released in 2016 get their 2nd wave
l m a o

>> No.76903599
File: 89 KB, 600x620, C63662A7-6DBD-45FB-8960-CE729175378D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.76903626

Nah sorry only saw it in person a few weeks ago Twitter and Instagram are good places to look for inspiration

>> No.76903628

Also forgot a few other times spooky shit happened
>be me
>wake one night
>dunno why I awoke
>feel really off, something isn't right
>turn on light
>try to go to sleep again
>when I go to sleep I often think of films or TV or cartoons or whatever I could write to go to sleep
>think of one where monsters exist that are attracted to the light, so humans have to live in the dark to survive, which is counter to our wishes as an animal
>suddenly there is a single loud hand clap from the corner of my room
>bolt up
Stay awake the whole night. Fast forward a few months
>going to sleep
>single loud clap from the same corner again
>turn on light
>nothing there
I think I called out that night asking if there was anybody there and if they could stop. Not happened since. Another one
>go to bathroom
>come out of bathroom
>turn off light
>go onto landing
>instinctively shift my shoulder, you know like if you're talking in the street and shift it to not bump into somebody/something
>I did that and my eye saw a sort of black aura
>i didn't even clock it as I did it until after I had shifted the shoulder
>wasn't anything there when I looked properly
>just shrugged and went to bed
could be hand waved as 'you were tired lmao' but everything that has happened in this house to my family, multiple times, not gonna dismiss it.

>> No.76903650

Chorfs aren't really defined: we have those Fyreslayer descendant Chorfs, the Smiths who made weapons for Khorne warriors mentioned in the core book, the Shyish Chorfs in the core book, warcry stuff and the least valid LoA FW material that very much hinges on WHFB as projection.

>> No.76903662
File: 169 KB, 944x948, Yuck Hilda.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>This is not true
Yes it is, faggot.

Also, whomever is stealing my reaction images, stop it. I know you're here, faggot, you stole my Jill one.

>> No.76903683

They will not. There are currently no plans for Seraphon archetypes as per the producer on Discord.

>> No.76903696

Seracucks cucked once again lmao

>> No.76903713


>> No.76903716

At least the ghost/ demon stopped clapping when you asked them to, you never want a rude entity haunting your house

>> No.76903719

>literally the apex of paragons of Order
>nah lol you don't get shit lmao
It's just like 2006 all over again. Actually, scratch that, just like GW as normal. No support and any support is awful.

>> No.76903722
File: 239 KB, 1200x1200, thryng.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Barak thryng color scheme

>> No.76903747

You don't know what the word avatarfag means. Reaction images aren't avatars, retard.

>> No.76903782

I'm waiting on some to get to me to try some less metallic heavy schemes, and since I'm a complete and utter faggot I refuse to use one of their existing schemes

>> No.76903784

I dunno, my position is that just about any continued existence is preferable to the lack thereof, even if oblivion leaves you without much to complain about.

Right, so the red dress lady is about the extent to what I'd say I concretely experienced, but just about everyone had a ghost story if they'd been there long enough. That particular wing I was in has a reputation for being off. At night there's a vibe to it, you always feel watched, it fucking sucks.
Said wing contains a bunch of colonial american art, a lot of local silver from the last few centuries, and crucially, two rooms that used to be in 17/18th century houses that have been transplanted into the museum, original furnishings and all.
I tended to skip right past it when I was making rounds unless I was feeling cocky or a manager was riding our asses, and everyone else either did the same or went through it as quickly as possible. One of the old vets claimed he wasn't scared of anything until one night he heard a little girl giggle behind him in there, and after a half hour spent with all the lights on searching for a kid they knew wasn't in there he's pretty skittish about it.
Some medium had a ghost tour a few years back and pointed to a chair in one of the transplant rooms and said there was an old man smoking his pipe wondering what the fuck we were doing in his house.

>> No.76903790

>tank powered by a bloodthirster traped in the engin
Could be fun

>> No.76903799

Yeah. I don't watch horror films because of my experiences. People can because 'its not real lmao'. I am sceptical as fuck and happily accept 'rational' explanations, but brain doesn't like that and nags at 'what if...'.

>> No.76903810

There's been other stuff too. A guard had a heart attack in another gallery close to a decade ago, and there's been sightings of a shadowy figure walking in circles in there. We get orbs on the cams sometimes, apparently they used to follow one guard in big groups until he retired. Doors slam on people sometimes.

We had a guy in his seventies who was built like a truck and was either a mob enforcer or a cop in his past--you didn't ask--who was making a tour one night and had some kind of ghost shit happen around him. He just stopped in the dark with his flashlight, yelled, "Listen here, I'm just tryin to do my job, so you don't mess with me and I won't mess with you," and carried on with his tour. He never had any problems after that.

>> No.76903843

Not that anon but I vividly remember encountering a man made of TV static as a kid.

>> No.76903864

>how is this supposed to fit in the soulbound mechanic and lore?
Dunno but I've got the impression that most people who take an interest in Soulbound fluff aren't very interested in the soulbinding part of it.

>> No.76903920

Could a person theoretically leave Shyish and walk around the other realms normally or do they need to be sustained by some kind of necromancer?

>> No.76903950

A living person from shyish?

>> No.76903966

i like how they look in red & white

i think ill do this but swap out the metallics for something a bit closer to gold

>> No.76903991

>any continued existence is preferable to the lack thereof
>You die. There is oblivion. That's it. It's like before you were born, like being asleep without dreams.
The human brain doesn't (and cannot) process the idea of non-existence. So this isn't comforting to me.
>You die. You picked the right religion and live in Heaven for all eternity.
You'd eventually get bored and the only 'comfort' from this is 'heaven isn't you get to do whatever, it's you joining with God and being part of God and you don't care about anything else'. Still, eternity is eternity and humans can't really process that either.
>You die. Picked the wrong religion out of the hundreds of thousands. Sorry bro, off to Hell you go.
Don't need to explain this.
>You die. You subscribed to a religion that believes in Reincarnation. You get sent back to Earth to try again. Your ultimate goal is to transcend and rejoin God; see Heaven solution. Different religions who believe in reincarnation differ exactly what happens. However some believe you just die and reborn for all eternity.
>You die. Whatever belief you have that happens after death, happens. Your mind either thinks you deserve heaven or hell or nothing or reincarnation and it happens because 'God' is omnipotent.
Same issue arrives except you're fucked by your own moral belief system.
>You die. You become God and do what God does. For eternity.
Also not great. But perhaps you won't realise it isn't great. This is the issue I have with Chaos Gods and why I liked Malal/Malice. The idea that a God can just do this, forever, in the infinite, is spooky. Malal was at least 'this is fucking insane, my goal is to end us all'.

Guess the issue is my only point of reference is here and now and applying that to the afterwards. As I said, there is evidence for all 'afters' (there is also a Netflix docu on it atm). My mum has had NDA and said the same 'white light' thing. I also died as a kid and experienced the same, except some dif.

>> No.76903995

>histories of Carstinia and Neferatia
They are places of deathly grimness and macabre splendour. They have always been like that. Nothing very significant has ever happened to shake up their demographics, architecture, cuisine, political system, etc. Their detailed histories don't matter because they were always the way they are.

>> No.76904016

Whoever said eastern europe is cheaper for warhammer minis is full of shit. Their prices are greatern than UK ones post currency conversion.

>> No.76904068

With pound being as weak as it is, UK is by far the cheapest option out there.

I might still continue shopping in UK even though after brexit I may have to pay VAT on top.

>> No.76904080

No matter if you refer to humans or undead the answer is yes. Especially after the necroquake.

>> No.76904112
File: 1.39 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210110-141956.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Scratch built this one but crew are origional, sadly scalpers charge rediculous amounts not only for crew but entire kit, crew cost me £30 but a complete set was about £130

>> No.76904114

>get their 2nd wave
A lot of implications here

>> No.76904145

>Yes it is, faggot.
They literally tell your illiterate ass where they came from what the fuck are you talking about

>> No.76904164

Did you see the preview teaser?

>> No.76904181

There were clearly new Lumineth models in the preview video?

>> No.76904193

Lmao he didn't ask to see your shitty recycled household plastics and coffee stirers

>> No.76904212

Problem is that most UK webstores with proper discounts on prices now refuse to ship outside the UK.

>> No.76904218

The only people who’ve ever talked about 2016 armies getting second waves are anonymous posters

>> No.76904222

i know but it might be an easier solution than carving up something else

>> No.76904259


>> No.76904277


Wanna know how I know you're either a secondary or a child?

>> No.76904293

You either just keep releasing new armies forever, or you update those you already have.
It isn't unthinkable that the smaller AoS armies would get more units. Some of them are literally two kits and a handful of heroes.

>> No.76904342


Shit, Ironjawz, one of the flagship AoS armies, is 3 kits and 3 heroes.

>> No.76904343

Say a person dies, they go to Shyish. For whatever reason they leave their underworld and walk through a realmgate to some other realm. Do they basically just go on as normal as if nothing happened? Is there any kind of story or specific thing preventing this(besides Nagash of course)?

>> No.76904397

Most if not all of the UK retailers aren't allowed to ship outside of the country, same with retailers in the US. GW doesn't allow them to

>> No.76904398

I don't know but I'm reminded of katakros' backstory of dying and going to the 'hard work is paradise' afterlife, then getting all pissy that the eternal hedonism afterlife is partying it up next door.

>> No.76904414

And apparently I can't count, because I was thinking of Ironjaws and Fyreslayers, but they're also three kits and FOUR heroes(wow!).

>> No.76904461

please, PLEASE.

4 heroes.

>> No.76904499


Oh, my bad, I forgot the foot megaboss.

Even still, that's fucking pitiful for the face of GA:D

>> No.76904504

Three can be inferred from battletomes: Lahmian, Strigoi, and Von Carstein.

>> No.76904524

Shyish has been written in a few contradictory ways and they're all true.

There are:

1) Real, living humans living real lives in relative normal cities in Shyish.
2) There are underworlds in Shyish where the dead go after they die. These are invisible and usually underground (not but always) to regular humans without magical senses. These underworlds can be anything imaginable by that persons society or faith, but they're all essentially ghosts.
3) All underworlds used to move towards the rim, now they move towards the Nadir. Once anything reaches the absolute center of the Nadir, it's gone for real to the actual after life. Whatever that was. Shyish is fundamentally about the inevitability of death, even Nagash cant stop that.

>> No.76904535

You mean 5, right?

Megaboss on foot

>> No.76904561


>> No.76904562

I was only counting kits.

>> No.76904577



>> No.76904603
File: 127 KB, 1564x782, majestic cav.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are dawnriders the best cav models in AoS?

>> No.76904630

I'd likely never buy that army but if I did I'd use mostly those guys just because they look so good

>> No.76904689

They look great and I think they're the best actual horse cavalry in the game. Definitely the best 2W cav.

>> No.76904706

Sorry my dude, Slaanesh wins this one.

>> No.76904712

>it's gone for real to the actual after life.
It's destroyed completely and utterly. Even Nagash would apparently cease to be.

>> No.76904728

>generic soulless potato horse cavalry
>best cavalry

>> No.76904733

They are really great, but the new chaos knights are so fucking cool.

>> No.76904747

You have brain damage, and I'm really sorry for you.

>> No.76904758

Well nobody knows what happens after you get flushed down the nadir toilet but yes even Nagash cant actually come into contact with it directly.

>> No.76904834

>Some skink scholars postulate that the earliest Seraphon were literally formed of Dracothion's breath. Others consult examples of ancient stellar cartography of Azyr and note the first appearances of anomalies now known to be temple-fleets. They believe Dracothion re-energised the ziggurat vessels and gave them the ability to independently traverse the void, as well as inundated the long-dormant spawning pools with the magic of the heavens.

>Still others claim that as Dracothion looked upon the fleets with curiosity, the slann formed a telepathic link with the godbeast. Wracked with visions of the destruction of the world-that-was, the Great Drake wept silver tears - perhaps a metaphor for the formation of flame-lit comets or a rain of shooting stars - that guided the slann and their vessels to the Celestial Realm.

>There may be a measure of truth in each of these tales. Other cultures posses their own legends as to how the Seraphon came to be; the shamanistic Woad Lords, for instance, claim that hidden amongst the uppermost reaches of Azyr is the kingdom of the true gods, of which the Seraphon fleets are merely scouts and outriders.

>There are even those who suggest that the slann's masters were in some measure responsible for the formations of the Mortal Realms.[...] Some skink legends say that the first Seraphon were themselves little more than crude forms of reptilian life, uplifted and remade to serve a new purpose by the Old Ones.

>Unless the slann choose to reveal the secrets of their past, it is unlikely the whole truth shall ever be known.


It is specifically NOT clear so people can make up what they fucking want.

>> No.76904882

Yeah in universe its unclear where the seraphon came from but out of character we all know exactly how it happened.

>> No.76904931

That's what I thought reading it as well.

>> No.76904951

Unlike WHFB which is very clear. We know what happened. In AoS, it's vague on purpose. Much like humanity, elves and dwarfs being a thing is vague. Unless they run with the 'Old Ones made the Mortal Realms and tried again' (remember, Old Ones are stand-in for GW themselves) there is no actual solid starting point.
>Humans: Old Ones made them
>Elves: ^
>Dwarfs: ^
>Halfings: ^
>Ogres: ^
>Lizardmen: ^
>Orcs/Goblins: ^(By proxy)
In AoS?
>Humans: They were just there
>Dwarfs: They were just there
>Elves: They were just there
>Greenskins: They were just there
>Trolls: They were just there

>> No.76905010

They said how life reformed in the mortal realms in the 1.0 rulebook. Some were swept into the realm of chaos and fought their way out of a portal into the mortal realms, some spirits coalesced and reincarnated, some like the dwarves had holds so strong they resisted floating in the realm of chaos for long enough to crash land in the mortal realms.

All orcs needed were some spores to survive.

>> No.76905076
File: 373 KB, 771x796, 6677EEB1-BAB4-4487-8EBE-3293B326AE02.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You are literally autistic

>The truth is somewhat more complex. Seraphon are fundamentally creatures of flesh and blood, albeit with celestial magic glimmering in their veins. The first of their number dwelt within vast temple ships amid the darkness of the aetheric void. These ships soon found themselves drawn to the uppermost reaches of Azyr, where their spawning pools became permeated by starlit magic. Before long the Seraphon that emerged from within, as well as those dwelling within the ships themselves, were more akin to heavenly beings than living creatures as most mortals would understand them.

>> No.76905081

They'll be relegated to a minor faction represented in a Warcry warband box.

>> No.76905086


>> No.76905147

Probably the only contenders from new stuff are
Dreadblade Harrows
Chaos warriors dudes,
Squig riders
So.... yeah probably

>> No.76905164




>> No.76905180

tbf they are better than all the wfb cav too.

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