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The absolute majority of you don't even play games. Why are you in /tg/?

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I play games and don't know why the fuck I'm still here.

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I play games, just not as much as I used to because of the lock down.
I come to /tg/ to workshop some ideas when people give me serviceable answers.
Other times I look for new systems or ideas to use in my own games.
Also I come for the stories

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Because the general for whatever you're into has some occasionally cool resources?
Because the rare gamedev or worldbuilding thread produces the occasional treasure?
Because even with all the tourists, puritans and shitposters, a single bait thread on /tg/ can sometimes be worth more than several Faerun sourcebooks in terms of useful ideas?

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Cause I dont have games to play but wish I did so I come here to fantasize about the idea

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because im a big /wbg/ fag and love getting ideas for new settings. and i actually play games, so i have an outlet for that.

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i here for lewd stuff

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Because this is the designated squatting place for general fantasy topics as well as 40k stuff.

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Jesus christ man, the fact that you hit the nail on the head makes me fucking sad, we really will stay here forever

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Sadly this

And this

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There’s no fantasy and sci fi board yet

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I do play games. I actually use tg as a grindstone for ideas. Sometimes i get good criticism, most of the time i get shit, and sometimes i unintentionally trigger /pol/ something fierce and my thread derails. I still laugh at the fact that they were trying to use realism to explain why a society with a 60/40 gender split would crumble despite me stating in the OP that the women had a high propensity of being sorceresses.

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Why do you think so few people actually run games? Is it because its not fun to run a game unless its with friends and most people don't have friends?

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Because GMing takes dedication, time and effort, while for a game you basically just need to show up and at least need to know the basic rules.

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OC Random General sounds like a good idea. Something where anyone can just drop whatever they're working on.

>society is 60 percent crazy catty women backstabbing each other with high level magic
>reality sundered during a particularly brutal disagreement about clothes, bitch
Yeah that sounds stable as a motherfucker. Magic pussy probably too good to resist though.

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I hate those freaky NARPfags and wish they'd get banned off to /qst/ and /v/ where they belong. They use the pathetic excuse of "muh commander keen rule" to justify endless stupid coomer/bait threads and they align completely to the tranny janny agenda, which is sadly why they'll only increase in number and take up more and more of the board. /tg/ is an awful, cuc olded board that is full of these freaks and is run by tranny jannies. I only post here because there's scarcely anywhere on the internet where useful advice about RPGs can be found quickly and easily.

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>I am butthurt my dumb off topic /pol/ shitpost got removed

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>muh /pol/ boogeyman
Queer nigger propaganda and obvious tranny schizoposts never get deleted. At any given moment there is always at least one bunkerc uc bait thread, usually more like 4, and I've never once seen the tranny jannies delete any of them.

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I play 4 games a week.
I come here to get inspiration and ideas for my two campaigns, and sometimes optimization or roleplaying tips for when I'm a player.
The landscape/character art threads are really useful.
Also I occasionally see stuff about an RPG I've never seen before, and can get news about recent RPG stuff coming out.

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>says muh /pol/ boogeyman
>says bunch of retarded /pol/ shit.

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Sigmarxist retard you will never be a woman

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I have 2 games a week and I still do the exact things the people who get called out as having "no games" do. Honestly there's been a consistent problem on /tg/ with people who seem to hate eveything that's ever posted. What actual threads do you want here? Why aren't you posting them yourselves? Can't you let people just enjoy shit and not have to inject yourself into threads you claim to hate?

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I play games sometimes
I'm mostly here to read neat stories and shipost about SS13

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I GM one game, play in another and dropped out of a third one because not enough time.
No-game faggots are prime cancer, although they are cancer because of their behavior, their bait threads, fapbait, forced memes, constant bumps of shitposting threads and how they pretend to be experts at games and traditional games settings lore while being easily spotted secondaries at best. As long as no-game faggots behave, it's okay. That's the advantage of anonymous posting.
By the way, no-game faggots are people that simply don't play at all, not someone that currently has no game. That just happens.

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You will never anything other than a retard spamming stupid things.

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Source for this claim? I don't remember being surveyed.

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Wrong, unlike you I actually play in and run games.

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unironically, /tg/ is better at discussing fantasy related topics from any media than the respective boards for said media, just take a walk around /a/, /co/, and /his/, not een goint to mention /v/ related. that and also /tg/ drawthreads are the most decent from all boards

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>Spams you will never be a woman in /tg/
>play or run games
Pick one

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*even going to

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This is the last /tg/ survey I have, from 2017.

Lots of game playing going on.

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I'm currently running Force and Destiny set during the Black Fleet Crisis, Pathfinder War for the Crown and Ruins of Azlant, another evil PF game set in Kravenkus, and Warhammer Fantasy 4e.

I'm playing in GURPS Fallout as a vault dweller mechanic/engineer, in Skulls and Shackles as a sea elf Soul Weaver, in Shadow of the Demon Lord as a dwarf blacksmith, and as a bard/marshal in PF2e Age of Ashes.

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I play games on secondlife

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>I have 2 games a week and I still do the exact things the people who get called out as having "no games" do.
This. I'm convinced that those people who call out others for having "no games" have never played more than a few games in their life, or genuinely live on another plane of existence and their internet connection unbeknownst to anyone has somehow crossed the threshold between worlds.

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NARP faggot, go dilate and shave your stubble down

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OP's probably just one of these literally unwashed hordes of inarticulate and frustrated autistic retards that scream nogaems at every post that triggers them, and has started believing his own shit as a further defence mechanism. Plus anyone trying to paint themselves as special for playing games on the traditional games board is an utterly miserable sad sack desperate for something to feel good about.

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I'm in three fucking campaigns currently and it's honestly killing me, I wish I had free time again.

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So yes your list of games you play or run is a big lie and you are stupid

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cyoa, worldbuilding, fantasy/sci-fi inspo, greentexts

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You only assume it's a lie because you are yourself a fucking NARP. I have character sheets and VTT rooms for each of these you weak faggot.

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I play in 4 games weekly (Two on pause this week due to sickness).

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Taking screenshots for karma points mostly. Never touched a game and never will

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I assume it because you are clearly too stupid to play or run those or any other games.

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Nibba, ignore the tranny, you are feeding him. Or are you both samefag?

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One day you will get what you deserve, reddit faggot.

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>everyone who disagrees with /pol/tard shitposting is a tranny.

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Um, sweety, I don't care about your pol or lefty pol

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Good for you. Go be dumb somewhere else

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Right after you

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I have a game I just don't enjoy it and wish I didn't.

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Show everyone how to do it

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Finally, a /pol/tard argument I'm not in the middle of.

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In context to that thread: the reason why there is a 60/40 ratio is because of a running joke about my PC mostly siring daughters. Of the 68 children he currently has, about 25 of them are male. As for that magic pussy: my ugliest daughter has a 14 cha and thats because she is a half orc. Most of my half orc daughters have a 15 / 16 charisma.

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>Why are you in /tg/?

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I'm playing DND right now fucker

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Well, go back to the game, you rude fuck

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I play D&D, MTG, Exalted, VTM, Shadowrun, L5R, Nechronica, and a few other assorted games rarely.

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The trove and the occansional golden idea the anons cone up with is why im still here. Seriously I am beyond greatful for the trove as a lot of my less fortunet friends have gotten to really enjoy the less mainstream games and in general get lots of inspiration from older editions and obscure ones.

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super mods
hyper mods
turbo janitors
and their legion of reporters...

have got rid of people like me who post fun threads... I used to do imagedump adventures

my friends the (over 20) artists who were 'avatarfagging' were thread-wide banned and we all left

no I'm not telling where we went...

enjoy your /tg/
>sincerely /tg/ from 2012

I was a part of that giantess thread btw.

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I enjoy making total strangers butthurt.

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It's fun

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Played MtG, Yugioh, Pokemon, Duel Masters, Digimon, Force Of Will, Blue Moon, that Final Fantasy tcg and various other non-collective card games. Tried to get into pen and paper rpg´s, so far I haven´t gotten anywhere. Also painting and building an Sororitas and IG army. Thank you for your time.

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I'm unironically playing more games now than I was prior to lock-down.

TTS has been a god send and Talespire is almost useable.

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>tfw missed the exodus
Take me with you. I just want to GM games for people who don't end up at each other's necks over nothing.

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I play games, but I comes here mostly to laugh at people like you.

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Damn bro don't we all?

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I used to play games before the coof scared my group away, almost 6 months ago now. I miss it.

>> No.76874204

Thanks anon. Yeah, my IRL group dissolved because everyone finished Uni and moved back home. I tried online. I've got 2 other oldfags who are excellent players, but I'd love to have a group that's a bit bigger. The other groups I attempted fell apart because people couldn't contain their spaghetti. I decided that GMing for people who already know each other is far superior.

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bitch I'm in two games with a third on the way.

>> No.76874437

for the same reason you watch porn despite being an incel

>> No.76874608

I've been in a pretty good group for a while made of people I met on discord servers. But I've always found that it's better to be acquainted with people before you RP than otherwise.

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I used to play games. It turned into a big part of my personality & identity. I like nerdy things in general. I like reading fantasy & scifi. But then my high school friend group stopped playing & went our separate ways. I tried to do some pick up games & even suffer throguh Adventure League at my FLGS. It always fell through though, nothing stuck for long. Now I have a kid & a hard job & I just dont have time anymore even if I tried. Coming to this board allows me a creative & social outlet that I dont have in real life anymore. I come here so that I can maybe just maybe catch the same feelings I would when Saturday night would come around & my friends would all circle a card table, laugh & roll dice.

...its all I can do to not collapse into the emptiness of the void inside me.

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You will never be a woman

>> No.76874773

You will never be a man

>> No.76874777

Ah, I beg to differ.

>> No.76874810

Your begging will be ignored.

>> No.76874823

I play games and I come for pick related. Also those kind folks on HWG have so many Osprey books that they share.

>no I'm not telling where we went...

Dude its not a secret you guys all went to furaffinity

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I mostly come here to learn about systems and lore other than 5e. It's not that I am a no-games, but my group is grounded until they first read the manual for whatever they want to play; so far it's going great, looks like I've broken the forever DM cycle!

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>muh /pol/ boogeyman
>proceeds to screech autistically about niggers and trannies

>> No.76875100

You barely qualify as a man with that micro-peen of yours

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>The absolute majority of you don't even play games. Why are you in /tg/?
I am just lost. I don't know where to go.
I think this is the last place left for me but I obviously don't belong because I don't even like TTRPGs.
Talking about imaginary things with people on a Venezuelan kite building forum is the only thing I have left.

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I can almost hear you over the sound of me raining death down on lesser beings.

>> No.76875281

>The absolute majority of you don't even play games.
[Citation needed]

>> No.76875318

Even if most of you don't play games you can still do your best, anons.

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>> No.76875666

Cute furry girls, manga and music recs, and funny reaction images, mostly.

>> No.76875779

because there's no escaping hell. once you're here you're here forever.

>> No.76875794

you trying to bait me into a dick pic fagboy?

>> No.76875840

Oh boy, ANOTHER completely unrelated thread devolving into /pol/itics. just what i always wanted.

You know what to do gents.

>> No.76875939

But I do, I don't play RPGs tho

>> No.76876178

As having tried my hand at making those things around 2010, I know how much of a chore those were to make. I wish I'd made a Google Forms survey but honestly the biggest issue was that people would simply say stuff like (D&D) instead of the various editions, never mind the other games I didn't know shit about which seem to have multiple ways to refer to it. Doing it via google forms might have been trading one headache for another.

Though why the survey would be RPG specific though seems a bit biased and limited if there weren't RPG, Boardgame, and CCG surveys to go along with.

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I'm here to laugh at retards OP

>> No.76876701

Yup. I also appreciate some of the other stuff theyve backed up like board games and print and play stuff.

>> No.76877039

Does playing warhammer 40k count?

>> No.76878025

I come here for motivation. Seeing what this place is and having vague memory of what it used to be fills me with contempt and strive to be better than that.

>> No.76878082

I do play games, but mainly I'm here for the occasional nonshit thread involving some obscure field of study. I've learned so much tertiary information from this board.

>> No.76878437

>You will never anything other than a retard
>>Spams you will never be a woman
Was this a Freudian projection?

>> No.76878541

I like worldbuilding and seeing what people come up with

>> No.76878623

It's funny, a year or two ago I noticed that the quality of this board was going way down, and I made a thread with a strawpoll asking how many people actuallyed played games, vs those who want to but can't for whatever reason, vs people who had no interest and were just here for whatever.

At the time there was a pretty fierce reaction in both the poll and in the thread of "YEAH WE PLAY GAMES" so it's kind of funny to see my suspicions confirmed now and a fuckton of people in this thread just straight up admitting "yeah I'm a coomer or world building fag I just come here to talk shit"

>> No.76878666


What the fuck are you grindstoning your ideas for? Get the fuck off the board. Also you're misrepresenting the criticism of your idea, they were right and you were wrong.

>> No.76878697


The mods now ban people who do fun imagedumps in favor of nogame "worldbuilding" threads. The mods have to be part of the nogame crew, it's the only explanation.

>> No.76878711


Yup, until the mods ban the nogame worldbuilding threads it's not going to get better.

>> No.76878712

maintaining order in Taiwanese basket-weaving forum is great responsibility, ain't got time for silly games

>> No.76878727

imagedumps are one of the few threads I just hide upon seeing
ooooo pretty pictures, who fucking cares it's not a visual medium

>> No.76878729

I do play games, and enjoy them very much!

>> No.76878735


Yeah it is. You don't use miniatures, pictures, and drawings as game aids?

>> No.76878751

The consensus from some friends I trust is that the quality began to slippery slope downwards around when quests were banned.

Say what you will about quests (they're def not my thing) but they got people participating and actually sharpening creative muscles and acted as a gateway drug into rpg's proper. Moment those got driven off things were doomed.

>> No.76878765

rent free

>> No.76878797


I've been here since 2008, so I remember back before quests took things over. Quests were banned for a reason. Some people were butthurt about this, but quest threads were pushing out actual discussions about games. Quest threads are shit, these "worldbuilding" threads which are either bait or disguised lewd threads are trash. Back in the day you'd just post "get in here" threads along with Thulsa Doom for lewd threads.

>> No.76878876

>I'm not telling you where we went
Then fuck off, you left us behind.

>> No.76878889

Nope just you being a faggot

>> No.76878900

There's too much fucking porn on blue boads, and people going on tangents about their fetishes. I like sexy stuff in my fantasy imagery and I enjoy reading a greentext every now and then, but right now you could go in a random thread and lay your eyes on a random comment and it's likely to be something about femboy pussy or an image of straight up anime or furry porn with no context. Porn has become this weird cult-like thing where people feel the absolute need to shove it into literally fucking everything instead of cutting a curner for themselves and jerking off there. And I'm sure there's a cumbrain reading this and seething because I must be some kind of SJW or tradcath for wanting porn and /d/ tier fantasies to at the very fucking least stay on a containment thread instead of brute forcing themselves into every single fucking discussion.

>> No.76878918

This. "World""building" and CYOA threads are really just the things that replaced quests. Limited creativity and zero interest in actual gaming being given a shitty "it's creative work!" fig leaf to excuse eating up space in the catalog.

>> No.76878953

Half of the worldbuilding threads are just thinly disguised fetish shit. Honestly I just think this hobby is on its way out because of sexual degenerates making everything unpleasant. Nobody really has any incentive to play anything unless it's ERP. Look at the rare gamefinder thread, it's all ERP. Even outside of /tg/ if you go someplace where people meet to have games, there's a lot of ERP. It's going to end like this.

>> No.76878978


The difference is that quests actually got people into ttrpg's proper. I know an entire server of people who got into ttrpg's through quests and actually play, but I can't say the same about these world building threads.

>> No.76879040

it's fun here

>> No.76879122

i like warhammer, fantasy..and dwarf fortress..this is the only place where i can talk about atleast one of them...

>> No.76879136

Honestly, given the way the rest of the scene is going, I'd rather it die in a puddle of its own ejaculate than fall into the mediocre blandness of political correctness it has been dipping its toes into. Though depending on who you ask those two things are related.

>> No.76879154

I have a weekly game night dude.

If you genuinely don't play /tg/ at all you absolutely should fuck right off the board. Nogamesfags have no fucking idea what they're talking about 99% of the time and are responsible for 99% of shitthreads.

>> No.76879195

None of those things are true.

I play games, and I'm only here because it's the only place on the internet where I can say whatever I want without having some moralistic faggot vomit his pre-chewed rhetoric at me. Well, at least on here it doesn't happen literally every time, only mostly...

>> No.76879248

They're not related, it's literally the fucking same people who are doing this. All the people going off about fetishes are the same people who push for PC shit and "I want to be given value just for being who I am" trannies or some other kind of hypersexual degenerate faggot. These people are obsessed with sex so whenever they see an attractive woman somewhere they'll say it's porn and want it removed because it's weird to them that there is porn in their official media, but in a turn of hypocrisy they prefer the straight up porn thing and wiill talk about it over the normal thing. The only reason why there seem to be two opposing factions of anti-sex SJWs and degenerate cock cultists is because there are layers to it.

>> No.76879722

It’s a good way to save money. Every time I get my hands on some disposable income, I come to tg and you guys shit all over whatever it was I wanted to buy, so that money goes in savings.

>> No.76879724

Make them seethe.

>> No.76880204

Ideas for when I can find people to play games with me

>> No.76880294

I do play games but I fucking hate it here.
If I want content for the games I play I just go to other forums since Ars Magica doesn't get enough love, at least when I check /tg/.

>> No.76880329

That's how I feel about /v/

>> No.76880348

You're right, I don't play games, I run them. Just finished what's looking to be the 2nd last session of an almost 2 year campaign, weekly sessions that we've missed less than 10 of.

>> No.76880439

Ah, I see the people calling for the dissolution of /tg/ are back and as I predicted, they're doubling down on worldbuilding now. Remember, these people said that banning quests (something which never had much support at all and they only acheived through basically spamming and manipulating the new mod team when Hiromoot came on board) would make /tg/ a better board than before. They said banning lewd and erp threads and more would make /tg/ a better thread than before. And now they want to ban worldbuilding threads from /tg/. Tell me this: over the last five years since they began to get their way, has /tg/ improved? Or has it become worse?

>> No.76880449

Absolutely not. /tg/ back in 2009 was full of erotic smut, /d/ tier material, fapfiction threads, lewd draw fagging and more and yet it wasn't political correct in the slightest. Most of the anti-lewd crap comes from the left these days anyway. The idea that people who can enjoy eroticism alongside other discussion are pushing for political correctness is the stupidest idea I have ever seen on 4chan in a good while and trust me, there's strong competition.

>> No.76880474

Ah yes, here comes the smutfag apologist, pretending that his shit never needed to be contained and then be pushed into /trash/, because it became evident that they never could contain themselves.

>> No.76880568

I play games OP has never heard of

>> No.76880575

To shitpost who play games

>> No.76880576

>eroticism alongside other discussion
This is not what is happening, pornshit is choking everything else. Maybe it's just people who have changed and cannot fucking unplug from the porn anymore.

>> No.76881495

I'll reiterate what I said a while back, they're coming for homebrews next.

>> No.76881516

A habit from the times before I'd poisoned every well of play with my own mental illness

>> No.76881636

the problem is not the world building threads per se: they're fucking terrible, but it's more because they're being done by people who obviously don't play games or don't have much experience with media beyond a surface level and thus their ideas are shit. But banning it is like banning quests: you're just over-moderating things further.

/tg/ just needs a complete redo of rules and moderation staff from the ground up. Bring back quests because it actually gets people involved and invested and in a way that worldbuilding threads don't. Work harder to ban stupid meme and alignment threads and how would x fare in y garbage. Cull the 1 line fetish greentext bait threads, etc.

>> No.76881644

Suck a dirty dick with gonorrhea on the tip and go be a nigger's bitch somewhere else.

>> No.76881742

Pretty much everyone in my game group is right wing and would say the same

>> No.76881768

Quit seething, you're no games accusation doesn't hold any weight and anyone can just levy retarded accusations like you without proof and then constantly reassert them. You might as well call him a virgin because that's the level you're on tranny.

>> No.76881770

I might play someday

>> No.76881775

because i like worldbuidling and i can talk about it here

>> No.76881781

You're the one shitposting tranny, unironically you're contributing nothing

>> No.76881825


Wow, holy shit. No wonder /tg/ is fucking retarded.

>> No.76882400

Go be butthurt about being a nogame tard somewhere else

>> No.76882438

>unironically you're contributing nothing
Ironic coming from a retard shitposter yelling about trannies.

>> No.76882849

Just keep doubling down retard, I guarantee I play more shit than you.

>> No.76882896

You say while you double down on being a retard. No one wants to hear about how you play with poop

>> No.76882904

Lmao, you just did exactly what he said you do just mudslinging your retarded buzzword without any backing to it.

Says the tranny screeching and just ranting about no games. Don't complain about being mocked when you literally dragged down the thread.

>> No.76882923

>No u
>Poo poo pee pee

Lmao you're literal cancer

>> No.76882937

Maybe if you were not stupid you could worded your reply better.

>> No.76882947

Why do trannies act like literal school children with their infantile insults

>> No.76882960

Excuse me, but I don't speak modern zoomerian and this seems important to understand this high-flying discourse. What the fuck is a NARP?

>> No.76882970

>Maybe if you were not stupid you could worded your reply better.
>could worded

>> No.76882973

>Says someone is mudslinging, screeching, and just ranting
>Keep yelling about trannies
Good job retard.

>> No.76882990


>> No.76883006

He says while whining about trannies.

>> No.76883032

Kek, retard trannies self owns

>> No.76883034

Just here for the bantz.

>> No.76883046

Take the L retard, you have no response after "could worded"

>> No.76883089

Someone using a word you don't like isn't tantamount the your retarded sperging. You think someone saying tranny is as bad as you going "hurr you stupid poopy no games also no u"

>> No.76883113

No one's yelling but you, tranny is just an insult that is clearly effective against you. Its not like people are leaving 2000 word posts about jewish propaganda feminizing white men or industrial society, they're just making fun of you.

>> No.76883124

My game night happens once every two weeks for ~3 hours. That gives me ample time to use 4chan in between.
Granted, I could use more that time to work on my own shit, but I bet anything I make will be dismissed due to "all homebrew bad", "too much bookkeeping", or some other shit, so why bother?

>> No.76883140

I'm imagining a crying pink wojak making a post like this, nice job making yourself look like a retard

>> No.76883191

I don't you know what "whining" is. I'm not "whining" about manlets when I make fun of them, it's called mockery.

>> No.76883232

Eternally btfo

>> No.76883248

Frog poster self tards.

>> No.76883271

t. retarded sperging about trannies and other stupid things

>> No.76883277

Because I'm trapped in a small town with no LGS and nobody I know seems to have any interest in tabletop. So I comb through threads looking for games or systems that just might get peoples' attention. might have gotten some interest in Gaslands though

>> No.76883284

Your mind is nothing but wojak pics.

>> No.76883299

I did not know Trump was in this thread

>> No.76883321

Go take the D, faggot

>> No.76883331

Try gaming online. It's not perfect, but you also have no excuse in this case.

>> No.76883394

I've heard that it's shitty trying to play games online with randoms. Have you had any luck with it? What I want to play most is Black Crusade, but I'd be willing to read up and try almost anything else if it meant actually playing a game and rolling dice.

>> No.76883433

I had so far mostly good experiences, but it's better if you already know someone that can funnel you to a good group. Otherwise, it comes down to a bit of luck and being able to sense the cancer.

>> No.76883467

dubs speak truth
So roll20 then? Or are there other sites that can do it better?

>> No.76883480

That was a decade ago, Anon

>> No.76883540

I have been on this site my for what is approaching half of my life. It is a huge burden on my mental state, but I'm so deep in the habit I'm basically addicted. Not saying I can't find joy here but overall I wish I wasn't here. I do currently play games though.

>> No.76883556

>inb4: underage b&

>> No.76883647



>> No.76885336

I'm here for the /WIP/

>> No.76885390

>no dickpic attached
step up your game, you fucking poof

>> No.76885506

Take you're meds schizo and quit fighting everyone in the thread

>> No.76885541


>> No.76885612

Says the fag mass replying to people

>> No.76885644

I play MTG every few months. Besides that I really miss it. Good times with friends that are states away or worse.

>> No.76885671

Dude you literally tried dunking on an anon's wording while going "you could worded reply better"

You're a retard

>> No.76885712

>Because the general for whatever you're into has some occasionally cool resources?
>Because the rare gamedev or worldbuilding thread produces the occasional treasure?
>Because even with all the tourists, puritans and shitposters, a single bait thread on /tg/ can sometimes be worth more than several Faerun sourcebooks in terms of useful ideas?
> Anonymous 01/09/21(Sat)15:39:29 No.76870787▶>>76870994
for CYOA

>> No.76885719

You have literally zero response other than throwing a tantrum

>> No.76885730

Said the retards who keeps bumping the thread for dumb reasons

>> No.76885741

And yet you post
But no it's the thread who is butthurt

Also dilate

>> No.76885769

You keep posting, faggot

>> No.76885771

That's irrelevant and doesn't reflect from the reality you made yourself (and continue to) look retard. You going to keep ignoring your fuck up?

>> No.76885790

Oh, it's the fag with the shitty 2011 memes who shits his pants every other thread. Crying about people saying tranny again.

>> No.76885812

>tard crying about trannies
>knowing anything about reality.
Pick one retard.

>> No.76885830

So? You're point? I'm not the retard calling others butthurt while telling people to suck a dick because they made fun of your dumbass typo

>> No.76885855

>Only one person in /tg/ posts pics that are not wojaks or frogs and thinks yelling about trannies all the time is dumb

>> No.76885875

That you are retard who like telling people to suck dick so you can watch.

>> No.76885922

This right here is the reality you're ignoring >>76882937, or are you just going to post an irrelevant non sequiter to deflect again or ham-fisted insults?

You also keep saying people are "crying" about trannies song because they merely used the word to mock you, and yet you are the making post after post ranting and calling out people for daring to utter the phrase. You're the one crying.

I've seen you in threads before and I don't know if you're a troll or genuinely this retarded, but you're clearly just shitting up the thread, ironic shitposting is still shit posting so kindly take your retardation elsewhere.

>> No.76885951

How many people ITT even know what year /tg/ got its first mod nuking the old board culture?
Even the poniboys know when the Scruffening scrubbed the board of fun, surely the neckbeards of /tg/ aren't worse than that?

>> No.76885977

You're actually going to pretend >>76882990 >>76885541 aren't you? You actually think facebook memes are better than pepe or even a dude mentioning wojaks? And your post wording is pretty shit for a guy who said >>76882937

You're still buttmad that someone said trannie and you keep inserting that into every post. It'd the fact that it upsets you so much is why people keep calling you a tranny

>> No.76885999

>That you are retard who like
Are you 12 or foreign or both.

>> No.76886006

tl;dr no, you are shitposting and crying not me.

>> No.76886032

Yeah he's right. You are the on crying and shitposting, not us.

>> No.76886051

Yes, double down on all the posts you don't like is one guy.
>pepe or wojak better than anything
Lol! Cry harder
t. someone wrong

>> No.76886058

Thanks for summing it up, seems pretty accurate

>> No.76886071

Your face is not accurate

>> No.76886083

Yeah this is obvious bait. No one give delusion tranny more (you)s.

>> No.76886090

Or you just can't read

>> No.76886141

>Same wording, same syntax, same exact image format, all in the se reply chain
>All different people.
So each guy just fucked off after each response and a new guy using the same exact wordings and image format as the previous guy making the same exact complaints came along. Then the same thing happened several times

Who do you honestly think believes your bullshit? How autistic are you?

>> No.76886168

Because I have nostalgia for what the place was used to be like 10-12 years ago so I check back every few months or so, scroll down the catalogue and leave.

>> No.76886173

>I can't stop thinking about trannies

>> No.76886176


>That you are retard
>you could worded

>> No.76886203

Its funny how upset you get while trying to act like it's others who are obsessed.

>> No.76886210

>I like farts

>> No.76886234

So he was right on the money then?

>> No.76886240

You keep talking about them dumbass

>> No.76886359

Like people have already said, they are just calling you a tranny to make fun of you. You keeping bringing up the fact that people said the word even when people didn't say it, constantly reinserting it into the conversation because your analy devistated someone used a word you don't like.

Insulting you isn't obsession you dense retard.

>> No.76886576

Ah, so you are pic related and other retardation

>> No.76886608

Dumb faggots like you are very quick to cry samefag whenever you see posts you don't like. It seem the same is happening here

>> No.76886693 [DELETED] 

I don't actually care for traditional games very much, I'm just here to make sure /pol/ doesn't get a foothold and poison a socially progressive board like /tg/ with their toxic rhetoric. It'd be a shame if all the progress we made rehabilitating DnD into a more welcoming culture was undone by some online cyberchuds.

>> No.76887162

You always just deflect irrelevant bullshit that has nothing to do with what's being said because you can't ever refute what's being said or defend yourself properly.

And you're such a retard you don't even understand that meme? At any point have I or anyone else gone "ha ha just kidding! Le epic trolling you!"? I'm beginning to think you're actually autistic and not just baiting for (you)s

>> No.76887211

That's not what same fagging means you retard, no one called you a samefag. Its very clearly just you in the same single reply chain. Why the fuck would multiple people carry on the same reply chain with the same images and same exact wordings?

>> No.76887247


These are your posts, you've been making the same posts all thread, literally no one will look at this and believe otherwise dumbass

>> No.76887266

As someone who plays games, I obviously come here for the pictures that get posted. Even in /tg/'s current pathetic and insipid current state, there are ALWAYS anons that will post pictures that spark my imagination.

And when I'm bored and feel like doomscrolling, /tg/ is my location of choice because it's very very easy to feel superior when browsing this board.

>> No.76887268

>I'm just here to shitpost and argue politics because I think /tg/ is something it isn't and never was.

>> No.76887270

So you are not trolling you are just retarded? Make up your mind.

>> No.76887292

Nigger people can read the reply chain who you fooln'

>> No.76887334

Name one single cogent point, refutation, or even a post that directly addressed anything that a person actually said.

You can't go around calling anyone else a retard after >>76882937

>> No.76887355

Deflecting to irrelevant bullshit again without actually addressing anything

>> No.76887377

>I don't actually care for traditional games very much,

Yeah leftoids usually don't care about the subject matter and just want to shove their retarded politics places

>> No.76887398

Oh fuck off, you don't play games yourself, you miserable cunt.

>> No.76887407

You've been BTFO at every point. Again, take the L

>> No.76887408

You are missing my point, retard. People will yell that two or more posts (in the same thread or not) are from the same person all the time no matter how much or little those posts have in common.

>> No.76887454

It does not look that way.
You wish

>> No.76887472

But that doesn't apply in this situation in this thread now does it?

Are people in 40kg wrong to believe that blatant troll posting is Erebus even if it possibly isn't him? People connect the dots. But in the case of this thread it's clearly you in this same reply chain, using the same exact image format and syntax

>> No.76887475

The irony of this post goes over the head of the brain dead /pol/tard

>> No.76887501

>you are the anon who lives in my head because I say so.

>> No.76887547

c'mon guys this is some pantomime shit

>> No.76887569


No it's definitely you. You do this shit all the time, I even have some screenshots in my cringe folder somewhere of you going I'm two different threads, using the saying the same exact things and using the same exact images then insisting that you are totally different people.

Every time you have a tism' fit, start fighting the thread mass replying to people and spewing insults because you can't handle anyone who isn't a frothing SJW posting anything against your retard beliefs or using the word tranny.

>> No.76887574

I'm still sad about Nazimod killing old /tg/.

>> No.76887605

Wow it actually is this schitzo again, the faglord with the Facebook memes who replies derp over and over again

>> No.76887630

See>>76887501 you retard

>> No.76887635

So I'm a poltard because I'm sick of progressive retards putting bullshit in everything?

>> No.76887653

Inb4 it turns out you were the schitzo and you were fighting with youself

>> No.76887665

Not an argument, you didn't refute a single thing. You keep doing the same exact shit then pretending to be different people.

>> No.76887689

A lot of what retards like you call progressives putting stuff in games was either already there or stuff players did before it popped up in game books

>> No.76887698

No, you are the anon who shits up threads because I see that you do the same thing over and over again

>> No.76887723

So essentially you are a faggot lefty and anyone who doesn't want trans black female space marines and non binary magic cards is /pol/

>> No.76887757

>The I'm going to pretend progressives don't infest hobbies retard

So you are exactly what he said you are.

>> No.76887758

I was not replying to an argument. No matter what is said to you the reply from you and this >>76887698 faggot is no you are that anon

>> No.76887820

>Mass replying
>Just replies derp
>poo pee poo
>early 2010's meme format
>cringe lefty who's got a stick up your ass
>Pretends to be different people despite making no attempt to talk differently
>Muh pol
>No you can't just use pepe's and wojacks

No matter how much you pretend it's not the case it's obvious that you do this shit often.

>> No.76887827

Note I said a lot not everything, retard. I never said I want black female space marines and non binary magic and only a hand full of progressives want that.
>I like all /pol/tards don't know much about the hobby

>> No.76887927

It is an argument because points were brought up that you can't refute. In fact I found a screenshot of you doing the same bullshit before. You have a /pol/ obsession.

Btw women can't fight as good as men.

>> No.76887947

You don't really get what hyperbole is do you?

>> No.76887988

Wow, it really is just one lefty retard shitting over multiple threads

>> No.76888041

So this pic is your bran.

>> No.76888047

>>I like all /pol/tards don't know much about the hobby

So you don't have authors who want to
and do explicitly want to put progressive shit in 40k (that one of them even got fired for for being open about it on twitter). You are a no games shit poster reeing about people not wanting your progressive bullshit shoved down our throats then losing about it, fuck off retard. You're literally a joke that everyone is laughing at.

>> No.76888068

How many threads does this autist have to get humiliated in before he gets ves up LMAO

>> No.76888100

>Look I got a pic of someone else who made me butthurt that means you are the same person.
Good god you guys are retarded

>> No.76888113

>Your bran

>> No.76888130

Good job proving that /pol/tard don't know much about the hobby.

>> No.76888146

Your mom ate the i

>> No.76888149

Lmao, we need a name for this faggot

>> No.76888186

That literally happened you retard. His name was Thomas Parrot. Like you admitted you don't know shit and you're just here to post about your retarded politics

>> No.76888196

The one who lurks in the head of tards

>> No.76888243

No you're a retard who can't spell for shit while trying desperately to call other retarded

>> No.76888280

Bruh you've been outed, going to keep these screenshots around for when you pop up again

>> No.76888297

More like lurks in turds

The turdlurker, he shits up your thread and never flushes

>> No.76888311

Not everyone plays 40k, retard. But good for you seeing someone getting fired for being mean to morons like you. it's very likely he was fired more how he said it than anything else.

>> No.76888330

Holy fuck

>> No.76888331

Sorry for messing up a word but you are still stupid

>> No.76888349


>> No.76888360

You will not be missed.

>> No.76888371

It sounds you know all about that kind of thing.
His toilet says when he takes a dumb

>> No.76888393

Nice back tracking. We were talking about 40k in the convo when you said I knew nothing about by implying that the events I stated happened did not happen.

Trying to deflect from the fact that they did happen and you were wrong (again).

That fuck got fired for trying to do exactly what you said wasn't happening, inserting progressive shit into the hobby.

You being on his side on this issue means that you're a rabid progressive retard just like him and you don't belong in the hobby because you are a parasitic leach. You're complaints about pol aren't valid, you are the cancer coming in to ruin shit, not us.

Kindly fuck off

>> No.76888409

Because here, I can shitpost on some faggot who keeps on requesting kenomimi catgirls without it affecting my posting for the rest of time. Digging up comment history ala reddit and getting someone banned from a section for shit theyposted in a seperate section is dumbfuck retarded.

>> No.76888432

People would be giving you shit for typos if it wasn't for >>76882937 .

If you are going to try to call out other people's grammer and call them retarded while constantly making typos and poorly structured sentences then yeah people are going to mock you for it.

>> No.76888452

>takes a dumb
You must be angrily typing up these responses trying desperately to reply as fast as possible for you to keep making these mistakes.

>> No.76888470

I have:
>Game I GM on Mondays
>Game I play in that's on hiatus on Saturdays, hiatus due to instability in the GM's life
>Game is GM that is play by post, moves slow but is fun

>> No.76888487

Him and, if this thread is anything to go by, you are cancer and you will not be missed. You fags ruin hobbies, not pol. They just get annoying as fuck talking about you, but you actively work to undermine and change hobbies. I don't have to worry about /pol/tards forcing WoTC to make cards promoting traditional values or how evil Jews and black people are.

>> No.76888512

Everyone and their moms in tabletop know about the female space marines shit but only those into 40K know about some guy being fired for being mean to dumb faggots like you. I never said I want female space marines or really care about that issue. Retards like you need to learn that not all progressives are the same

>> No.76888550

It seems like you like to shit because your butt does not know when to quit.
Dumb dump same thing when talking about you

>> No.76888568

Go be retarded somewhere else.

>> No.76888595

>a single bait thread on /tg/ can sometimes be worth more than several Faerun sourcebooks in terms of useful ideas
And DnD 5th edition can be used to play anything

>> No.76888650

Eww, you really keep pics of little girls in your pc? I fucking hate p/a/edophiles shitting up this board

>> No.76888775

>/pol/, tired of being called the bronies of the board, are finally lashing out at 40k fans to deflect some of the absolute disdain being poured onto them

Still a bunch of massive faggots over in /pol/ I see. I look forward to watching them get /his/'d over the next few weeks.

>> No.76888812

>Everyone and their moms in tabletop know about the female space marines shit but only those into 40K know about some guy being fired for being mean to dumb faggots like you

Literally proves my point that you don't know shit and refutes yourself. These supposed poltards actually know the occurrences going on and the fact that you progressives are doing this shit. You said I don't know anything about the hobby yet know more than you.

>being fired for being mean to dumb faggots like you

No he was fired for openly talking about how he wanted to insert a bunch of progressive shit into the hobby. Stop being intentionally wrong.

>I never said I want female space marines or really care about that issue. Retards like you need to learn that not all progressives are the same
>No true progressive

This is a steaming pile of irony considering how you call literally everyone who is against the progressive bullshit a /pol/tard.

You progressives have 1 key feature in common, inserting shit into the hobby. It doesn't matter if all progressive aren't the same level of woke. You are drawing up I'll defined abritary distinctions about progressives to pretend that progressives don't do they shit they do. You are trying to pretend this dude doesn't count and that you're different despite distinctly siding with him, proving that yeah you're the problem too.

He's right on every point and you're to retarded to argue like always.

>> No.76888838

Don't act like that guy are 40k fan

>> No.76888865

>Being sick of SJWs makes you pol

>> No.76888897

Attacking progressives isn't attack 40k fans unless you're acting like Sigmarxism is the majority of the fanbase

>> No.76889007

>Why are you in /tg/?
Trawling for cool pictures.

>> No.76889010

Stop bothering with that faggot. He's not going to have any meaningful response and will just cry about /pol/ some more.

>> No.76889170

I hope biden rounds up every single poltard and conservative and fucking muders them. I fucking hate them and their pos racist fucking faces. I want them fucking broken and dead.

>> No.76889237

You only know about this because it some shit brain dead /pol/tards can bitch about. Again it's likely how he said he wants progressive stuff that got him into trouble.
There is other ways to add progressive things than adding female space marines such as taking the spotlight off of the space marines and putting it on Imperial Guard, showing women fighting in it which is canon but seems be not talked about much in the lore.
Again a lot of what retards like you yell about being put in by progressives was already there. Like that time some dumb faggot got buttblasted about a woman in heavy armor being on the cover of 4e warhammer RPG yelling about SJWs and other stupid things when that was not the first time that woman was on the cover of the game book. She was also on the 2e book which I am pretty sure was before the SJWs was a thing morons bitched about.
Nope he is still wrong and dumb
Like I am replying to a meaningful post that is not retarded cries about progressives

>> No.76889255


>> No.76889344

I hope he knows the way out of the white house because he is leaving soon

>> No.76889374

I have something for this

>> No.76889646

only thing I still play these days is 40k
mostly I guess I'm still here cause I've been here since high school and so have my boys, and it's still just good enough to keep me hanging on even if I often just walk away for a week or five when the threads get shat up too bad.
it's the only place outside TOC's comment section I see 40kniggers doing anything but slavishly throating GW cock, even as there's naked shilling, shilling I hope to god is ironic, and ever more bait and politicsposting.
if I ever leave for good, or this place shuts down or whatever, I'll probably just go full hermit mode and fade from the online discourse entirely.

>> No.76889886

>You only know about this because it some shit brain dead /pol/tards can bitch about.

I brought this shit up as an example of how progressives inserted shit into the hobby and you stated I didn't know anything about the hobby by asserting that this happened, you got proven wrong a d are now changing your narrative to fit your retarded /pol/ narrative.

>Again it's likely how he said he wants progressive stuff that got him into trouble.
An assertion based on nothing that we know isn't true. You clearly don't know anything about this event. The guy got in trouble for openly stating he wanted to make progressive changes to the lore.

>There is other ways to add progressive things than adding female space marines such as taking the spotlight off of the space marines and putting it on Imperial Guard, showing women fighting in it which is canon but seems be not talked about much in the lore.

All of that shit is already there but non of it is progressive. How the fuck is the guard progressive? And you seem to gloss over the sisters of fucking battle and the myriad of female eldar warriors. Again, you don't know shit and you're trying to arbitrarily define progressive as clearly not what is meant and known by the term.

>Again a lot of what retards like you yell about being put in by progressives was already there.
Your example was shit. Sisters of battle aren't a progressive addition, changing repentia into manish ugly dudes with tits wearing potato sacks of their previous iconic design is progressive bullshit being added.

>some dumb faggot got buttblasted about a woman in heavy armor being on the cover of 4e warhammer RPG yelling about SJWs and other stupid things when that was not the first time that woman was on the cover of the game book. She was also on the 2e book which

None of that has anything to do with what I brought up, and if you are going to bring it up show me what you're talking about.

>> No.76889966

I don't know. /tg/ is dead, but I still go visit its grave two months or so. I don't mourn or reminisce, I stare into the void for about an hour, decide that no, nothing has changed, and go on my merry way.

>> No.76889994

>Like I am replying to a meaningful post that is not retarded cries about progressives

No, people bring up valid points and you respond with facebook memes and typo ridden insults. You've been screeching all thread about /pol/ like you always do and making up lies about you totally not doing the same bs in other threads.

You're a retard and get off this board, take your lefty bs, go back to school so you can learn to spell. Everyone is already mocking the shit out of you.

>> No.76890025

Unlike your idiotic pol obsession people have valid complaints about progressives

You haven't made a single point all thread, just bitching and "no u"

>> No.76890079

Its ironic you accuse other people of knowing nothing about the hobby while plainly demonstrating you know fuck all

>> No.76890104

I play games, I just lurk here to steal a humongous collection of tokens.

>> No.76890176

I am in a weekly dnd group. The only reason I come here is to branch out into different systems. I really want to run a Shadowrun 3e game, but that would require friends interested in something other than dnd.

>> No.76890215

Shadowrun is pol garbage. Just stick to pathfinder and 5e

>> No.76890329

Shadowrun is something you play for the setting, not the system. It's a clusterfuck that somehow manages to fuck up a d6 pool and has a billion things going on. That said, I managed to have fun playing it, so if you can get a group going, go for it.
Ignore the other shitposter.

>> No.76890344

Again I not big into 40K and I don't watch arch or any other of those sources of /pol/tard bitching about the hobby so I am not up to speed on /pol/ faggorly.
It would kinda dumb for him to get fired for just saying something along the lines of I think it would cool for female space marines to exist. Link to what he said would be nice.
Far as I can tell it's the space marines who get Most of the promotion so the game looks men in heavy armor the game. Showing that there is women who fight would make the game look more progressive. For a long time people were worried the sister were going to get squatted. I say more guard they get most of the shit done and has women in it
People who spend huge amount time in battles are not going to look like hot stuff.
I bring that tard's thread up to point out that again a lot of stuff /pol/tards call SJWs shoving stuff in the games was there before SJW was a thing.
Reading is too hard for /pol/tards.

>> No.76890385


Anon the idea of someone actually thinking this is hilarious. Good premise, even if the bait is ultimately weak and unsatisfying.

God I wish I could talk my friend into playing other systems though.

>> No.76890498

I have no where else to be

>> No.76890680

>yfw this is what the local This Community Has Been Taken Over by /pol/ General looks like once /pol/ itself is shuttered and deleted

>> No.76891736

>doesn't play any games
>gets upset at those who sorta play games
Every time it's like pottery.

>> No.76891861

Christ, I remember thinking how pathetic it was people still ran with that old joke, and got upset and started acting like they were just too edgy to handle when you told them they weren't funny, back when I played vanilla WoW on Nostalrius.
That was 2015.

>> No.76891899

Aren't you the guy that was bitching about homebrew settings the other day?

>> No.76892631

Yeah fuck it creativity on this board is fucking bottomed out and any pretence that it never existed is fucking stupid faggotry.

>> No.76892876

Which is why you're the bad guys and had to cheat to win.

Not even American, either.

>> No.76892901

If you think everyone who dislikes SJWs are /pol/ and will suddenly vanish because the other side of the uniparty in the US takes up office, you are not going to be happy.

>> No.76892986

Trump lost deal with it.
That is more wishful thinking on his part. What we will get is /pol/tard shitting up this and other boards for many years

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