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Good Winter Vibes Edition

>New Ork models

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>Thread Question
Americans are asleep, post nice 40k fanart

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first for night lords

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It's only at the latest 10pm in america m8.

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This is disgusting. Sisters should only kiss other sisters.

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What if she was formerly a sister?

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Maybe this is her only chance at redemption and being accepted back into her order?

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>look for pictures of chaos knights
>all of them are cleanly painted GW style
the clean paintjob absolutely doesn't fit those models, does anyone have pictures of chaos knights with proper weathering and such?

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>5 PPM

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>overshelterd religious kid
>discovers his dick at 15 and becomes a degenerate , coomer, edgy atheist, ect, hopelessly lost
>over time calms down and rights his mind and get his shit in order, many regrets from the past but now lives a normal non degenerate life a decade later
>plays chaos , a "villain" that you can relate to in some level
>2000 points of word bearers

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Hwhathyuu gon' do bout eeeeet, loyaleest?

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why are you telling us about this person? do you know him or what?

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What's /40kg/'s opinion on the custodes ares gunship?

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He's knows him much more than he wants to anon.

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I don't but I'll take any reason to post this chaos knight

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Gorgeous. Any source on the shield?

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Just finished this now, and it's nowhere near nice, but here it is none the less. Also nope still awake.

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It's ok anon, we all have regrets and a story, but don't worry, there's a lot of years left to live yet.

besides, the character's morality doesn't matter, as long as you can relate with them and feel joy just from looking at them, that's what matters

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>Not Emperor's children, fallen from aspiring perfection to degeneracy
>Not Craftworlders, overcoming your inner Coom with mental resolve
>Pouring your shame-ridden backstory into the galaxy's most willing sinners
Your journey is far from over anon.

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post quality 40k art in high resolution I need a new wallpaper

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Yes, Richard Gray, professional painter who pretty much does only freehand

>> No.76559032

There's a whole other board for wallpaper requests, anon.

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All smiles

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Post army theme song


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I do what I please
and there isn't much going on here anyway

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Nottingham is going to tier 4 lockdown this week. Everything is gonna be delayed even fucking more.
Fuck this fascist china flu shit.

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When the first 15 seconds of your video has great music and it abruptly switches to trash for the rest of the video.

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Anon, pretending you have rights only adds one more week to the lockdowns.
I'm just kidding of course, they're going until every company that makes less than a hundred million a year goes out of business and created tons of free real estate for society's richest; regardless of what peasants like you say or do.

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I am going to unzip my pants, heretic.

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I strongly disagree with this. Trying to emulate those specific aspects the older models is a terrible idea. Because not only does it feel like a step backwards, primaris are far more realistically proportioned, older models were a further more removed from their art and lore depictions. As time and technology progressed models improved by being more detailed and better posed.

Primaris being uniform where s big part of the hobby is the modeling, not just staring at your army on tabletop. Primaris (especially intercessors) are so uniform that they become bland and tedious to paint. You don't need to be as decorated as blood angels to give the models some sense of personality. You're complaint about uniformity applys more to horde armies like gaurdsmen or tyranids. But even with orks your guys each have little variations that actually makes them look interesting when grouped together. I'm an elite army where having you're having 15-20 basic troops average giving them some extra detail isn't going to make them overshadow other units.

Not to be mean but saying blood angels (where being decorated is a big lore thing even for basic guys) tacticals have too much detail is pretty stupid.

But I honestly don't feel that intercessors need to be BA tacticals level of detailed, sense those are more of a special thing. Just have more variety between leg torso and helmet options and maybe a banner for the sergeant. And like was mentioned before, even characters are very lacking in proper detail.

The detail doesn't look bad, I honestly thing that shit like phobos looks far more cluttered with useless detail than BA tacs. Most of the primaris models that do have a lot of detail trade parchment, engravings, and eagles for scopes, useless protrusion, strange armor layers in odd places, and perhaps some more scopes which is a shift from what a lot of people (arguably most) liked about space marines.

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Over costed and even if it wasnt its just not a great unit.
The points are always spent better elsewhere.

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>he hasn't stocked up on enough plastic to last until the global purge happens, after which it doesn't matter anyway

>> No.76559148

That art is garbage lmao, midhammer over detailed faggotry.

>> No.76559149

paint your backlog before buying more retard

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Is the Contemptor worth the points anymore? It seems to me the regular one isn't. It's not bad per say, marines just have so many good options which are better. For instance, in the same niche, the Venerable Dread (which is honestly my favorite Castaferrum and I love box dreads most of all). I prefer the bonus to hit on shooting and melee over the extra strength and wound. Plus it's cheaper and you have more loadout flexibility. The S7 assault cannon is interesting but still seems kinda niche. The Contemptor model has really grown on me though. I just really love Dreadnoughts.

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Half of GW staff getting coof'd into two weeks of sick leave would delay everything even more.
Australia and NZ are back to normal because they took the necessary actions. The UK could have been the same, you're an island too. Blame your Tory government.
At least the Muricans have a land border with a 3rd world country to blame.

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3 guesses for who...

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>You don't need to be as decorated as blood angels to give the models some sense of personality.
There's loads of optional bits you can give them, and that's before you get into painting them, where you can add even more uniqueness.

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Primaris Marines

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Been a while since I've seen anyone post any Cultist-chan.
May as well post this since it's on-theme with the thread question.

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>Tldr; I hate primaris marines because I'm an incel who hates how 40k is more like a reasonable sci fi setting than larping space nazi catholics and I think this will make people who aren't schitzo racist poltards play the hobby (muh normies)

Remember, anti Primaris and anti AoS is just thinly veiled chud posting.

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US could have been an island and still gotten fucked since its full of retards.

>> No.76559192

What if I'm anti Primaris but warming up to AoS?

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Best dread for the points is probably the Redemptor, having 13W for 175pt fucking slaps.
Chaplain dread and libby dread are also probably up there. Libby dread chucking a buffed Chaplain dread into melee with 12" flying movement is really fucking funny.

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Guess 1

>> No.76559208

why did you reply to the baitfest that was last thread
you should have just let it die
what have you done

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With the example of intercessors, they all have the same helmet, the same legs, and the same torso decoration. You don't even get the variation between skulls, aquilas, straps, ect that you get with tacs. The paint job doesn't give them uniqueness amongst the unit or army which have a specific color scheme. Thus the "ultra marines painted red" meme.

>> No.76559225

And you think the Australians are smart?

>> No.76559230 [DELETED] 

i'd rather spend an hour with 10,000 primaris players than a single minute with 1 AoS player

Choke on a dick until you die, and then go to hell you insufferable FAGGOT

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>Australia and NZ are back to normal
Sydney is literally just about to go back into lockdown after mysteriously having dozens of new cases pop out of nowhere in spite of everything.

>> No.76559240 [DELETED] 

Then you're still a chud who should fuck off from the hobby already because your a sad pos.

There's zero reason to be anti Primaris if you are t a giant chud

>> No.76559241

And nothing of value in my life was lost. Funny how nature do dat when it comes to hating Primaris marines.

>> No.76559242

>I just really love Dreadnoughts.
I can relate to that
I try to squeeze them into every list I build even if they don't fit the theme of the army

>> No.76559250

>tfw been eyeing some AoS models that look fun to paint

>> No.76559253

The first guy honestly had a coherent point that yours. It's probably because he doesn't pretend to like Primaris desu, less brain rot.

>> No.76559258

That response didn't seem like bait but a genuine opinion stated in a reasonable manner. If other retards can't handle disagreement without descending into rage bait shitposting then that's their fault. I stated my disagreement in a reasonable and respectful manner.

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>With the example of intercessors, they all have the same helmet, the same legs, and the same torso decoration.
>You don't even get the variation between skulls, aquilas, straps, ect that you get with tacs.
Why are you complaining about personality when you're not even personalising your marines in the first place? You're just using stock bits.
Newsflash: Your tactical don't look different from anyone elses because you decide to put on smoke beakies.
>The paint job doesn't give them uniqueness amongst the unit or army
It easily can. Different honor markings, battle damage, weathering, all these things can be used to differentiate a model.
>Thus the "ultra marines painted red" meme.
No, that came from Gabriel Seth, who was not complaining about the Primaris marine's fashion choices.

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>> No.76559286

People tell me I'd be better off playing vidya. So, what's the vidya to play if I like Primaris SM?

>> No.76559290

Is my beautiful baby boy really LEGENDS'd? Battlescribe says yes

>> No.76559294 [DELETED] 

You make a solid point but you have too many typos so kill yourself retard.

Better luck next time manlet lover

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>> No.76559304

Call of Duty and Halo.

>> No.76559309

Cawl of Doody

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>> No.76559325

And fin.

>> No.76559333

i like both but the experience of vidya will never rival that of 40k

>> No.76559334

Here another yes.

>> No.76559343


Well at this stage all I can do is call you a fag and a tastelet.

Primaris is an improvement on the time honoured Marine design without losing anything that was good about it. I mean I like old marines don't get me wrong, but it's been that way since I was ten years old, and the models never looked as good as they do in art. Primaris made them look genuinely good on the tabletop.

Sure some of the sculpts are shit (what the fuck are Suppressors) but that was true of old marines too (fucking side car clown bikes), overall it's an improvement.

I'm also a Blood Angels player and frankly nah, I think the old tacticals kit has too much clutter. I remember Blood Angels from the OG Space Hulk and shit, back in the days when they were the poster boys instead of Ultrasmurfs, and they had a lot more grounded of a feeling back then than this space-DaVinci-artisans thing. It just feels like more of the Ward era skub to me.

>> No.76559352

yes, alongside every other FW boxnought

>> No.76559358

all cases were from one of the richest areas of Sydney, with it being entirely isolated within Northern Beaches area

>> No.76559363

yes, see the FW legends PDF

>> No.76559371


Still better than the current shit that just looks like video game concept art.

>> No.76559379

Don't insult video game concept art like that.

>> No.76559382



Not Eldar
Not Guard
Not Tyranids


>> No.76559393

uh is there any other way to paint that?

>> No.76559399

Ahh, so Sydney's rich jetsetters probably went skiing in Utah and brought it back with them.
I assume the local news will "forget" to follow up on the story?

>> No.76559407

It's nonsense. The Netherlands went back into lockdown a week ago. Try and act smug towards them. There's no sense of pattern to this, it's all just flailing by everyone, every government everywhere for no reason.

>> No.76559409

You really want that? You want boyz to come 5 monopose non-interchangeable EtB models with no extra bitz for $35?

>> No.76559411

Here's something I had made cause I had to clean out a fridge just like that. Cultist-Chan also makes an appearance. >>76559183

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>> No.76559426

Reminder that nids have gone the longest with out a new model, any idiot can pick a choose an old model with an army with a VASTLY bigger model range than most.

>> No.76559431

potato dreads don't seem worth it anymroe unless you really like them. minotaurs' hecaton does appear a bit cheesy tho
>ws/bs 2+
>3+/4++, duty eternal
>MWs on charge
>a minotaur
>can be ported via flying box
>160 points and 5 attacks instead of 4 (140 for potato with same gear)
>no martial legacy despite being relic potato
>asterion CM
>short, but cool fluff
no 6+++ tho

>> No.76559433


No matter where in the world you go, no matter if you're a left wing pussy or a right wing asshole, there's one thing we can universally agree on thanks to 2020,

It's always the rich motherfuckers fucking it up for the rest of us, then being allowed to get away with it consequence free, while we clean up their mess.

>> No.76559439

I do

>> No.76559453

I made this list for the app giveaway. It's hilariously bad but wanted to cram lots of different cool models in. Collecting 4 armies is tough. If Bladeguard were available now there'd be some here, maybe a gravis captain or heavy intercessors likewise. Almost certainly a waste of time but somewhat of an interesting exercise in appreciating how many points given dollar amounts can get you with different armies and their different units.

opinion discarded

>> No.76559457 [DELETED] 

>Why are you complaining about personality when you're not even personalising your marines in the first place? You're just using stock bits.
The subject of the discussion revolves around the kits and models as they are. With enough autism and green stuff you can make any model look completely different. It's kind of a similar argument if someone was complaining about a game and your rebuttal bus if you get a shit ton of mods it becomes fun. There's never a point in discussing any product then without the "just add other stuff that didn't come with the product" argument.

And where exactly are these bits coming from? Primaris are far less kit-bashable than regular marines and most other units in the Primaris line have the exact same issue. More then likely you are going to have to resort to using firstborn bits to give primaris more personality which kind of rienforces my point.

>Newsflash: Your tactical don't look different from anyone elses because you decide to put on smoke beakies.
They look different from each other, and giving the combinations and possibilty of the models it's unlikely that you'll encounter a bunch of tacs other people that exactly match yours.

>It easily can. Different honor markings, battle damage, weathering, all these things can be used to differentiate a model.
Amongst incredibly homogenous models the variation between scratches on each model is not enough to give them personally. And again we are talking about the models. If I had 10 identical plastic cubes and said "these guys are too similar and homogeneous" the response "well if you paint a bunch of shit on them they have a ton of variation" can be applied to anything. You could have the literal exact same model with 1 for 1 pose 10 times and say they aren't homogenous.

A painted on battle marking or a scratch doesn't compare to actual sculpted detail which is what matters when discussing the models.

>> No.76559467

The one thing I will give the rich credit for is that their willingness to paypig for Indomitus Primaris halves makes building my Necrons so, so much cheaper.

>> No.76559484

what army should i start if i don't want to be made fun of here for it?

>> No.76559494


>> No.76559500


>> No.76559508

The bit that is the shield not the paintjob on it I mean

>> No.76559510

yeah but then you have to play minotaurs, which means using the shitty imperial fists rules

>> No.76559512


>> No.76559519

necrons, orks as long as you're not too much of a meme about it

>> No.76559566

>"we suggest..."
>listening to codex suggestus
anon I... Imma say it... the buzzword... you are asking for it... cron

>> No.76559567

ashen circle WIP for fluffy WB army

>> No.76559573

>A painted on battle marking or a scratch doesn't compare to actual sculpted detail
Yeah, they're much better because they can be actually unique.
But you would have no idea since you think using stock bits is some grand customisation.

>> No.76559577

finally got around to reviewing the space marine codex for 9th edition. with all the redunancies between primaris and manlet options, the datasheets are bloated and annoying, especially with neverending pages of veterans and landspeeder options

the people who say manlets won't be squatted are clueless. manlets will never see the light of 10th edition and good riddance.

>> No.76559606

You managed to say a lot while saying very little. You're just insisting that they are an improvement without really giving a good reason and not really address the points brought up.

The Primaris models have less features and the overall design is inferior and generic. And how do they look good on tabletop exactly? The changes made to them are more directed towards the models as individuals than the entire army.

And I don't get your point at all about the tacticals, especially cause I outlined how imitating the simplicity big the very early models is a bad thing and how space marines being an elite army can afford more detailed troops. Blood angels being decorated and artistic predates Matt ward and also has nothing to do with him so trying to pen that (and space marines gothic aesthetic) on him is wrong. It gives BA more personality, it seems you just want space marines to be as bland and generic as possible. You say that the models don't look as good as art but also don't like models that more closely immulate them.

>> No.76559613

Strong.black.beautiful. This is why we need female space marines right now

>> No.76559625

Hope you don't mind me killing your super tough high save model.

>> No.76559633

So basically you don't have an arguement because you could refute nothing I said so your resorting to jouvenile strawman. Just falling back on the same point that's ready been refuted.

>> No.76559641


>> No.76559642

halo 5

>> No.76559643

wait, it's not an actual rule, just a suggestion? that's dope, they'd be way more fun as white scars or something

>> No.76559646

i have 9 eradicators. you'll be lucky if that... thing... makes it more than 1 round

>> No.76559656

>trying to shoot a c'tan to death in one round
*laughs in necrodermis*

>> No.76559659

>only loses 3 wounds per phase your path

>> No.76559670

I wonder if careful use of a strong acid could "cut" into a model to create unique battle scars. What can be used to etch plastic?

>> No.76559672

I love this.

>> No.76559675

i don't actually play nor do i have 9 eradicators

>> No.76559678 [DELETED] 

Tips to improve the smell of my GFS asshole? Right now it smells like shit

>> No.76559686

>Ranged damage has reached such a level that we need to hamfist in limits on wounds.
How did it come to this?

>> No.76559691

It's ok, secondary. Go buy a necron indomitus half off ebay for like $60 and a set of paints at your FLGS or a hobby store.

>> No.76559696 [DELETED] 

Listen retard

Primaris Marines are accurately proportioned which makes them better.

Gothic shit is cringe, knights are cringe, grimdark is cringe, you are cringe.

I LIKE that primaris mark es are sleek and futuristic and not cluttered with useless bullshit like manlets. I LIKE that they look more normal like other sci fi franchise. I LIKE that they are uniform and are easier to paint. I HATE the old 40k aesthetic and I'm glad it changed.

Fuck you, fuck manlets, but gothicfags, And fuck any retarded grog who thinks having a bunch of retarded fantasy bullshit in a sci fi model is a good idea.

>> No.76559697

9th is definitely a mixed edition where you can't just rely on shooting
Just look at tau winrates

>> No.76559700

Big models dying on one shot has been in the game forever, why do you think land raiders have sucked since 3rd? Because a lucky melta/lascannon will fuck it up.

>> No.76559707 [DELETED] 

Bruh you literally ignored the entire point.

>> No.76559712

yes you can. primaris marines are so tough and still good at close combat, you just take an all shooting army (no cc at all) but utilize them as if they were cc anyway.

>> No.76559716

>I LIKE that they look like other sci fi franchise
Why not play those games then? Why shit up this one with your wrong opinions?

>> No.76559725

why are harlequins so hard to defeat? why are they always on top of winrates?

>> No.76559726

I've forgotten about how bad bladeguard veterans and how good pure shooting units like repulsor executioners were
just kidding I live in this timeline

>> No.76559727

Not gonna lie anon I want to agree with you on some points there but damn you sound like a fag

>> No.76559728

yup, it would have been really shit to go as IF. I'll be going with sallies (inheritors) just to emphasize on gear quality and ebin strats and WLTs. my favorite is character revival one for asterion. in fact I just read the "rise from the ashes" strat and RAW it works for hecaton bahahahaha

>> No.76559742

Not bad bait.

>> No.76559747 [DELETED] 

Because I didn't play before they made the changes. Why should GW stick with a shitty niche aesthetic for the sake of being special snowflake cd emulating what works and is mainstream and actually looks cool. So fuck you and fuck you for clinging to the past.

>> No.76559748

The only shame about it is if you are against an army that can interact all phases it isn't *that* scary

>> No.76559753

>biggest tabletop franchise
>niche aesthetic
Try again.

>> No.76559756

You can't sit the intercessors back and just let them shoot though, or else you'll lose on VP to an army that sits on midfield objectives. This might change with heavy intercessors though

>> No.76559760

>bladeguard veterans
literally only WAAC faggots and indomitus newbi secondaries play that god-awful ugly space monk model

>> No.76559761


>> No.76559765

Is it just me or are Havocs wearing Mark X armour?

>> No.76559766


>> No.76559768

Thankfully psykers are kind of shit this edition, especially in tourneys where Abhor the Witch is very good. So most C'tan should live through an opponent's turn.

>> No.76559770

>> No.76559782

Yeah, Gravis. Where do you think the 2W 5T comes from?

>> No.76559795

You're so gay you suck dick for bus fare and walk home.

>> No.76559800 [DELETED] 


Why is there such an influx of fags that literally hate and deride everything about what made space marines interesting while insisting space marines were also never about those things and that new models are good for getting rid of the shit that also never existed?

If you don't like it why come into out hobby/army and try and force your shit taste on everyone?

>> No.76559805

Reminder that Space Marines get tankier troops than Death Guard and Plague Marines!

>> No.76559820

>Only newbies play models that actually resemble traditional space marines

Are primarisfags the grogs now?

>> No.76559823

I miss my 6th ed rules that would ignore that hard limit
>and also stop any character from resurrecting, looking at you Celeste

>> No.76559824

I play an assault army and I am still really excited for these absolute objective units

>> No.76559825

>space warriors
>yeah awesome
>battling aliens
>yeah, sounds great
>alright here we go
>huh? what is it
>let's give them rosaries!

nah, you're the only fag here

>> No.76559828

Man I've grown to actually really like the gravis helmets
It's like a hybrid of mark iv and v

>> No.76559829

>Why is there such an influx of fags
Normalfaggots found the hobby, and like the cultural locusts they are, they're here to consume and destroy and leave nothing usable.

>> No.76559830

I hate the fact I need to spam anti tank weapons for tanks and marines now. There is literally 0 reason to bring anti infantry weapons now unless the opponent is playing something like a billion guards or grots.

>> No.76559842

Putting together the indomitus necrons
These guys are fucking cool! Did the overlord, plasmancer, skorpekh lord, and royal warden. All such cool models, can't wait to paint them.

>> No.76559845

you honestly think bladeguards with literal christian cross shields match this aesthetic?

>> No.76559846

>Gothic shit is cringe, knights are cringe, grimdark is cringe, you are cringe.
I know you are baiting and fishing for (You)s but there are people who genuinely think this way (and are influencing this hobby)

>> No.76559847

They did it for CSM too
See: all of the CSM "fans" who use "spiky marines" derogatorily

>> No.76559849

We're entering the late stages of the degradation of a hobby, it was inevitable especially with trannies coming and purposely trying to induce it where ever they go.

>> No.76559851

normals ruing everything because they demand to be part of THING and THING should cater to them.

>> No.76559855

I mean, the good news is that D1 weapons are better than ever versus Plague Marines.

>> No.76559859

don't give up when you start the 20x warriors. fully painted skeleton hordes are a glory to look at

>> No.76559861

or just use D3 weapons like you would against vehicles.

>> No.76559862

>mid roman empire had sol-invictus and lighting bolts emblazoned everywhere
>later stages embraced Christianity, the Cross and the Chi-Rho
It rhymes

>> No.76559867

REMINDER that the 2 "classified" primarchs are female PoC and will be revealed 2021 and 2022

>> No.76559870

Jesus you post like a faggot

>Hurrall the generic aspects of this thing are good but the part that actually makes it different and stand apart from others is the problem and bad

So you want space marines to be carbon copy space soldiers like every other setting and strip away what made them unique. Fuck off retard.

>> No.76559873

>melta weapons are better then ever versus plague marines

>> No.76559875

mate I did 20 fucking skitarii
20 push-fit skeletards will be a breeze.

>> No.76559882

kek, no wonder the emperor erased them.

>> No.76559883

This topic reminds us all that there needs to be a power armor faction that has no religious overtones.


>> No.76559885

>Posts thunder warrior not a space marine
>Said thunder warrior has roman iconography
>Romans being the predicessors to christian Europe as thunder warriors were to space marines

>> No.76559890

Just run it as a venerable dreadnaught. 8th edition character dreadnaughts were cancer.

>> No.76559900

Why shouldn't thing cater to the majority? If the majority doesn't want gothic garbage or space monk bullshit then change it.

>> No.76559904


>> No.76559905 [DELETED] 

The lockdowns aren't being done for any good reasons and this whole 'its X, Y and Z fault for not locking down/obeying/ etc is entirely fabricated division.

>> No.76559907


What you don't seem to understand, good sir, is that you are wrong.

Early models got it right, but they still had shit proportions and the infamous squat. Mid-hammer models got it wrong and went off the deep end into grimderp. Primaris get it right again, mostly.

None of your arguments are even arguments, because as I have clearly outlined, I think the opposite. And when I think something, that makes it correct, because I am simply an inherently superior and more intelligent /tg/ user with a larger cock than you.

>> No.76559908

wait if thunder warriors = pre christian europe
and space marines = christian europe
then what = current day atheist/muslim europe?

>> No.76559911


Fack off im on the shitter!

>> No.76559913

>Generic good
>Uniqueness bad

>> No.76559921

Slaneesh and Nurgle

>> No.76559924

The majority also hate blacks and want to genocide people, yet we listen to the minority. There is a reason it's considered a logical fallacy.

>> No.76559927

Emps is and will continue to be vindicated on the WQ

>> No.76559932

>140 Bloodletters.rosz won a recent tournament
holy shit, how based can one man be

>> No.76559933

because the majority doesn't know what it actually wants. That's why the leave when they get catered to.

>> No.76559942

>The majority also hate blacks and want to genocide people

>> No.76559950

>caring about tournies

>> No.76559951

Becaause appealing to the majority and watering down your ideas makes the product worse, to the point that even the normals that ruined it abandon it for something new and unique for them to destroy. See >>76559904

>> No.76559952

The wound limits are on models with low wound counts for their cost.

>> No.76559954

>Is it just me or are Havocs wearing Mark X armour?
Not at all.

>> No.76559957

>everyone bringing anti tank stuff to counter marines
>physically not enough shots to remove the horde

>> No.76559959

Because then it wouldn't be thing anymore, it'd be majority version of what thing was. Do you like thing or do you like bastardized thing? Your answer should tell you if you even like the setting.

>> No.76559960

Tfw you will never bro out with your Plague Company on your mountain peak castle

Why even live boys

>> No.76559962

That's an interesting take on it. I wonder if this is going to inadvertantly make hordes playable again.

>> No.76559963

have you ever been outside of europe/america? The majority of people are very racist. In chine they don't let black people enter malls.

>> No.76559965


>> No.76559982

aren't hordes top of the meta right now? Especially daemons?

>> No.76559984

Ghazkul with Boyz spam has done well in a few tournaments I believe. Other tourney build for orks involves lots of shockjump dragsters and buggies.

>> No.76559985

daemons are a herohammer army though, it's literally just about lord of changes and keepers of secrets

>> No.76559991

huh, I thought the best ones were slaaneshless daemon soups

>> No.76559993

Wrong, models progressed cover time to be better until GW decided to take a bunch of steps backwards and sideways without looking and then fell into a giant vat of basedmilk and cum and decided they liked drowning in it. If you think the old models are too cluttered you're just shit at painting. You literally just like shit to be bland and boring. You only think the opposite because yoru dad probably wasn't around enough to help you build character so you like generic things like white bread and hallmark movies.

>> No.76559996

Is that true? I don't play them, but that goes contrary to what I've heard (from my very limited pool of warham friends)

>> No.76560000

>hordes are coming back into the meta

>> No.76560001

I knew about the vehicle spam being good but hadn't heard about boyz spam. That's awesome news.

>> No.76560006

Primaris Marines

>> No.76560009

Holy shit you've cracked the code.

>> No.76560010

I got three of thees and named them Oon Yn and Itz'ha.

>> No.76560011

space marines should be allowed to love otherwise we may have a civil war on our hands with betrayal at the route of it :(

>> No.76560012

Best ones are actually mono-slaanesh, basically cheating the rule of three with 3x Exalted Keeper of Secrets and 1x Shalaxi Hellbane
The other good list is Exalted Lord of Change + Magnus + Ahriman + Daemon Prince of Tzteench, along with nurglings for immovable infiltrating obsec

>> No.76560016

Listed faggots: Grimdark and grimderp are different things. Gothic has always been part of the 40k aesthetic and if you dislike it, then at the very least the imperium isn't for you. But it's also valid to point out that it's been taken too far by certain writers/artists who think literal space medieval crusaders is an interesting characterisation of Marines.

What we have here is one faggot using shit bait about all gothic elements being bad.

We have another guy who is making valid points about 2005-2015 era models being highly grimderp.

Observe pic related. What do you notice? On the one hand, one of the guys is carrying a banner. Very medieval, leaning into the feudal nature of the Imperium. But on the other hand, every single one of these motherfuckers is a Neuromancer-ass space punk with a fucking mohawk.

Learn the difference.

>> No.76560017

so it's true then. primaris are truly soulless and the harbingers of the endtimes..

>> No.76560023

the best lists I've seen run a barebones slaanesh detachment with 3 exalted KoS and 3x5 daemonettes to get the locus and a mixed daemons detachment with double exalted LoC and as many nurglings as they can fit to score with.
KoS are melee blenders and can zip around the board whenever a morale test fails, LoC are utility monsters that can be built to zap shit with mortal wounds or be nigh unkillable chickens that can score secondaries all day.

>> No.76560028

Then where did the hip plates, big gorgets, backpack circle, and flanged kneepads come from
Those aren't on any of the previous armour marks and they aren't on regular CSM

>> No.76560029

>tfw been trying to order bits from the UK for weeks now and postage is either estimated till sometime next year or just went fucking missing

>> No.76560030

I'm hoping for good things when we get our codex in 2022.

>> No.76560031

Good fucking Lord what has become of /40kg/

>> No.76560043

it blossomed

>> No.76560050

>Then where did the hip plates, big gorgets, backpack circle, and flanged kneepads come from
The warping power of chaos.

>> No.76560054

i've been waiting for 3 months for my spyder. The LGS had to reorder it twice because it got lost in shipping.

>> No.76560064

or... they're wearing mark x

>> No.76560067


Have you seen the pics of royal mail depots anon? Lockdowns mean everyone is posting gifts and shit, and the postal system is just collapsing under the weight.

Fortunately privatising the royal means they're so much more efficient now that it won't be a proble... Oh.

Shit aint gonna be arriving til February.

>> No.76560069

I think you might be reading into it a bit too much, it's just cool looking armor.

>> No.76560070

in 10th edition GW will retcon the emperor nonsense from the storyline so we can finally have space marines with uh space jesus unnecessarily attached. this will make 40k more inclusive and i welcome it

>> No.76560084

glad I order from Chang and Ivan instead of Charles

>> No.76560086


>> No.76560087

lockdowns are governments committing suicide by societal collapse

>> No.76560090

But they're clearly not.
They have similar up-armouring to the Primaris, but all in totally different form.

>> No.76560094


>> No.76560095

Name the faction that comes to mind when you think of the words "pew pew."

>> No.76560101


>> No.76560102

it's the sound my penis makes

>> No.76560107


>every single one of these motherfuckers is a Neuromancer-ass space punk with a fucking mohawk

Losing this is one of the biggest factors behind this game losing it's soul over the years. Even when they still try it with Necromunda and stuff, it just feels stale and bland now. It's only designed that way because some uni graduate was working from a pre-determined design sheet that said "punk" on it.

>> No.76560108


>> No.76560109

So I'm supposed to believe that the sculptor just accidentally, coincidentally gave them armour with some of the same details as Mark X? I think that's more of a stretch than "yeah they included some primaris details in there since logically the chaos marines would get their hands on some mark x armour to patch up their old shit"

>> No.76560116

>actually a business with a profit incentive will be more efficient than a service without a profit incentive
and we thought the "chaos will get 2W in the Index/FAQ" crowd were delusional!

>> No.76560118

>On the one hand, one of the guys is carrying a banner. Very medieval,
That's a roman thing

>> No.76560119

Imperial Guard. They have cute blasters

>> No.76560125

Eldar, actually

So many laser weapons

>> No.76560128

tau, IG, admech, orks

>> No.76560132

anon... lots of people had banners, it helps identify them. hell, sometimes i walk around with a banner that says "faggot"

>> No.76560140

what are you on about?

>> No.76560147

>The corpse on the golden throne is just the majority of the Emperor's psychic power
>His soul and some of his power (and as a perpetual) already reincarnated on Terra long ago
>He's been able to stay on the down low in secret places to plan
>The extra psykers the throne needs as sacrifices aren't needed because the throne is failing
>Its because Big E is slowly syphoning off his power back into himself
>This is also why when Gulliman spoke to "The Emperor" he felt almost no humanity in him. His humanity had already passed on to his next form.
>The only ones who know he's alive are a few members of the Alpha Legion

Hire me Black Library, I'll even throw in a few funny quirky humans to make Marvel tier quips constantly.

>> No.76560148


But are the models bad? Really think about what you are asking for. Current GW does not make kits well suited for customization. Orks are usually horde armies. Do you really want an updated Boyz box or would you prefer a new box of 'Ard Boys or Skar Boys?

The faction that best suits the current design philosophy and also is in need of an update is Craftworld Eldar. Their infantry are in desperate need.

>> No.76560153


Point is in a sci-fi setting its intentionally anachronistic.

>> No.76560154

They have not MkX armour in their construction though. There have been no patch ups.
Additionally, Havocs are more mutated and clearly used to their armour than normal Chaos Marines, why would they be the only guys with MkX armour? How come all their helmets are clearly Mk7 derived?

>> No.76560158

>We have another guy who is making valid points about 2005-2015 era models being highly grimderp.

This keeps bring asserted but not backed up with anything beyond "I don't like it".

Space mark es being what your insisting they should be existed for a very all portion of 40ks existence. 40k started out as a mixed bag of a lot of different shit, but over time got refined and built upon into what your casting off as "grimderp". Basically saying everything in between the early 80s hairband shit and modern numarines is shit. "Neuromancer-ass space punk with a fucking mohawk." Isn't space marines.

>> No.76560162

Okay let's try to get on the same page here.
Would you agree that this marine is wearing a Mark IV helmet?

>> No.76560164

>But are the models bad?
>Do you really want an updated Boyz box

>> No.76560171

Can someone post a visual chart for all the different space marine armors? I'm getting lost.

>> No.76560177


>> No.76560181

>why would they be the only guys with MkX armour?
Because they're huge and have big guns and they can take whatever spoils they want.
>How come all their helmets are clearly Mk7 derived?
Because almost every single CSM model has mismatched armour.

>> No.76560191

Okay. It's definitely MkIV, despite not exactly matching the sculpts for MkIV helmets. So why does this logic not extend to the MkX-esque bits on havocs?

>> No.76560193


I'm a vehement Eldar hater who thinks all Eldar players are WAAC faggots who post about how much they hate furries but secretly have a huge bad dragon collection. Even I can't believe GW won't give them a new fucking Guardian kit.

I figure this means once they are done with milking Primaris, a big re-boot of Eldar is on the way.

>> No.76560196

I play necrons. Say something bad about me, bet you can't :^)

>> No.76560203


Guy already won the argument on the basis of having a bigger penis than you dude, get over it.

>> No.76560205

If primos marines had the 80s shit going for them I would gate them less. But they have neither the old hammer good shit or the midhammer good shit. They have nothing but a few milometers and that's all.

And just saying midhammer's deseign is grimderp over and over again doesn't make it true. The grimderp came from some of the lore not the design.

>> No.76560209

>Because they're huge and have big guns and they can take whatever spoils they want.
But why would they be the only ones?
>Because almost every single CSM model has mismatched armour.
Yet if they're supposedly looting MkX then why do they have no MkX helmets?
Because they're not MkX-esque, and Chaos Marines have antiquated armour.

>> No.76560213

Do you have a study to back up that claim?

>> No.76560223


I surveyed your mom and she agrees.

>> No.76560225

>But why would they be the only ones?
up to the whim of the sculptors
>Yet if they're supposedly looting MkX then why do they have no MkX helmets?
I don't know. Why do CSM have no MkV or MkVI (outside of one TS model) helmets, despite having clear other bits from those marks?
>Because they're not MkX-esque
They are. I can do a little side-by-side chart of the three units in question if you want.

>> No.76560226

Yeah, totally different people.

>> No.76560243

Hmm, I like it. But how do we get Primaris Space Marines involved? Also, it needs a cute girl of questionable age with mysterious powers.

>> No.76560245

what army is the most space punk?

>> No.76560250

Do you're just going to repeat the same stupid shit and then fall back on shitposting when confronted? Fuck off primarisfag

>> No.76560262

GSC and CPM with a heavy amount of cultists

>> No.76560277

chaos plague marines?

>> No.76560308

he probably wanted to write CSM but was thinking of cunny

>> No.76560309

Chill Penguin Men.

>> No.76560322

>up to the whim of the sculptors
So no reason.
>Why do CSM have no MkV or MkVI (outside of one TS model) helmets, despite having clear other bits from those marks?
They're generally considered inferior.
>They are.
They are not.
>I can do a little side-by-side chart of the three units in question if you want.
I know what they look like, I've assembled the kits myself. They are quite clearly not MkX, they do have additional armor, as MkX has additional armour. More of a convergent evolution in armour design than a copy.
Both have gorgets, that's true, but the angles are totally different. The Havoc's are much more vertical, while the Primaris ones are more angled, leaving a bowl shape.
Havocs have thigh plates, some Primaris have thigh plates. True, but the shapes are totally different, and if the Havocs are going around stealing pants then where is the additional iliotibial armour that literally every primaris unit has?

>> No.76560334

Make her have regular enema's and see if you can get her to improve her diet.
>t. ass-eating addict

>> No.76560336

>New Corona variant emerged in England
>Significantly more infectious due to protein mutation
>Other Europe countries hard shutdown travel to UK
>New, stricter lockdown likely and for longer in UK

I guess new 40k releasea are on hold for the next while. Good thing they were able to release all the SM codices before it all, eh?

>> No.76560342

>protein mutation
Proteins aren't even alive, how can they fucking mutate???

>> No.76560382 [DELETED] 

>mutations found around the world almost exactly on cue with the development of a vaccine
if people can't see those goalposts moving at an ever increasing pace don't bother waking up

>> No.76560384


3 of the 4 are me, never pretended otherwise m8.


Well yeah, it's 4chan you giant retard, or were you actually taking me seriously when I made the argument "I'm right because I'm right"?

Now go and search for penis enlargement cream to rub on your tiny marinelets.

>> No.76560397


>> No.76560414

I'm not sure if this is going to look as cool as I thought it would

>> No.76560420

Well, to be fair, they expect the new variant to be preventable by the vaccines they're rolling out. But if it mutates more significantly, or not enough people actually get vaccinated, then it won't be effective.

>> No.76560424

Uh oh did i make your little brain do a ouchie?

>> No.76560429

might look better if you put more on it, so that it scales with the whackyness that minis usually have.

>> No.76560431 [DELETED] 

>Well, to be fair, they expect the new variant to be preventable by the vaccines they're rolling out. But if it mutates more significantly, or not enough people actually get vaccinated, then it won't be effective.
96% survival rate, all of this for 96% survival rate

>> No.76560441

DNA codes for RNA which codes for protein.

Coronaviridae uses single stranded (+) RNA as its genome, so mutations are more likely to occur during replication than in DNA, plus there's no second strand for proofreading. Additionally, since its genome is (+)ssRNA, it has to code for its own RNA-dependent RNA polymerase as host cells wouldn't have such an enzyme, and their polymerase doesn't proofread very well at all.

t. biology student/fucktard

>> No.76560451 [DELETED] 

>or not enough people actually get vaccinated
I'm doing my part, miss me with your poison needles

>> No.76560462

You get snake eyes out of 2d6 3% of the time. You think I want to gamble my life on worse odds than failing a 3" charge?

>> No.76560470

tactical tactical dreadnought armor

>> No.76560472

people are fucking stupid, every single virus mutates. Every single cell in your body mutates during replication, but most of the mutations are deleterious and the cell just aborts itself or otherwise make zero difference to how the cell operates. Yes, the virus will mutate, but the odds of a mutation significantly altering how the virus operates are very very slim. Coronaviridae is a very old family of viruses, they're not going to suddenly change to the point where vaccination can't keep up.

Don't bring up influenza, that's an entirely different virus with an entirely different genome/replication and analogies do not apply.

>> No.76560489

So are you also afraid of driving a car anon?

>> No.76560491

How the fuck do you paint 140 Bloodletters without killing your self

>> No.76560504

>only fatalities matter
Based moron.

>> No.76560505

Yes, of course I am

>> No.76560507


>> No.76560511

1. >implying comp fags paint
2. 140 is chump change for nids

>> No.76560514

easy, prime red and wash

>> No.76560516 [DELETED] 

>all of this for 96% survival rate

It's funny because the US and UK both started off with a pretty sensible approach of "it won't be that bad, stiff upper lip" etc.

Then the US got BTFO because their healthcare system is non-existent, and they were embarrassed about it. The UK got embarrassed because we had the worst death rate in Europe, because we didn't lock down like Euros did. Euros were overly cautious but acted sooner, which was probably the right thing to do at the time, but now they're stuck in the same situation because of the hysteria the media stirred up.

So by now, everyone knows it's retarded, but we find ourselves in the same situation as the audience at the 1937 Communist Part Conference. Nobody wants to be the first to stop clapping.

It's a farce, the entire thing.

>> No.76560518

Paint with BLOOD
shade with BLOOD

>> No.76560524

cursed kitbash

>> No.76560542

Not that you'll ever have to worry about a wife, but pregnant women risk birthdefects and miscarriage from corona (mainly the fever).

>> No.76560543

Im not experienced in space marines enough to notice what's different. What did you do?

>> No.76560544

>assemble bloodletters
>buy pic related at a hardware store
>dump all the bloodletters in the paint can
>go to local abortion clinic with paint can and a sieve
>dump contents of paint can through sieve onto sidewalk outside abortion clinic
>put your models into the empty paint can
If you get arrested, just claim that you're pro-life and this was your way of protesting. get on american news or facebook, put up a gofundme for your "legal costs", get $100k raised for your "legal costs" by dipshit conservatives, pay the $5k fine, pocket the rest.
And that's how you paint 140 bloodletters while making enough money for all the Forgeworld shit you want.

>> No.76560549


>> No.76560555

>buy a spray can of mephiston red
>you're now 80% done

>> No.76560566

As long as the Chinese get sanctioned to hell and back for covering it up until it couldn't be contained ill be happy

If anyone needs to pay for this its the soulless fucking chicoms

>> No.76560567

dunk them in contrast

>> No.76560572

How unfortunate.

>> No.76560573 [DELETED] 

Why would I need to drive a car? I live in a modern city, I can get to work and school on safe bike routes.
Do you live here?

>> No.76560582

I'd rather live there than a shit hole city.

>> No.76560589

>I live in a modern city

I'm sorry anon, ill pray for you tonight

>> No.76560623

Of the artefacts of Vulkan that still have yet to be recovered, which should be the next one to be found?

>> No.76560629

Murrica did all of that for themeselves, Mexico its fucking in his own corrupt dumb self, Murrica its actually shitting in the floor kind of retard

>> No.76560630 [DELETED] 

probably safer than wherever you are

>> No.76560642


>> No.76560647

What percentage of the population of your country can get sick at once before your infrastructure just fucking collapses? What is the total capacity of your hospitals and treatment centers?

>> No.76560654

I kneel, I thought you lived in an *nglosphere city

>> No.76560674

Have you ever lost a game of 40k to a woman?

>> No.76560678

I admit, your shit hole is better than most, but It's only a matter of time until the rapefugees come for you. Enjoy it while it lasts, seriously, make it count senpai.

>> No.76560680

never even played against one

>> No.76560690

Yes actually, in TTS. It was a real clownly game though, 500 points my random hydra nids vs space wolves, capture the relic.

>> No.76560692

>county to the north of me is at 100% ICU usage
>county to the south of me is at 86%
>my county is sitting at a cool 47%
Feels good

>> No.76560699

The Mechanicus game is really fun, and chill.
It's almost like the people that made it played it and the faction.

>> No.76560725 [DELETED] 

If you think thats going to happen at all anon. You haven't been paying attention to how much foreign power that they still have. At most its going to be empty threats from the west to china especially with a Biden administration.

>> No.76560795

there is no such game

>> No.76560824

More like Mechanicucks

>> No.76560841


it is nice. i like the bickering among the tech priests

>> No.76560852

I really enjoy that. It's like there's so much turmoil on this expedition alone it makes me wonder what the fuck goes on on the forgeworlds.

>> No.76560865

probably a lot of toaster fucking

>> No.76560919


>> No.76560934

What did you all paint this year, lads?
I think I made a decent dent in my backlog.

>> No.76560958

two skinks and two thirds of an armiger

fuck. when I put it out there, it makes me sad. the fuck did I do this year? I didn't do shit

>> No.76560995

I painted a total of 11 marines all year is that better or worse

>> No.76561003

What happened to the old mega folder? Why do we use volafile now? I'm out of the loop.

>> No.76561049

That's 11 more than me

>> No.76561196

GW found it and retards kept reporting it for shits and giggles so we gave up

>> No.76561208

Which race has the smallest warp capable ships?

>> No.76561232

are skaven the libtards of the warhammer world?
>want to destroy the surface-world civilizations and squat in the ruins of their cities
>even though there's a metric fuckton of them, can never accomplish anything due to constant infighting
>entire society based on sucking up to the people higher than you (less privileged) and shitting on everyone lower than you (more privileged)
>all technology is nigger-rigged versions of the civilized races
>savage and bloodthirsty in groups, but alone they are weak and cowardly
>extremely fat and barely intelligent women do nothing but shit out babies all day, but get enraged and flail around when you threaten them
>clan moulder filled with horribly disfigured, obese, easily enraged beasts
>clan skryre are rich and extremely jewish
>clan eshin obsessed with imitating a foreign culture + using stealth and subterfuge to eliminate political rivals
>pestilens are plague-ridden rapefugees from lustria (literally fantasy south america)
>literally almost destroyed the entire world with a dumbass science experiment (hadron collider)
>corruption and cowardice are seen as admirable traits in their society
>on the verge of final victory over mankind when some guy with a german last name rallied the empire and led a crusade to destroy them
>since the loss have resorted to using infiltration and sowing chaos among the members of mankind

>> No.76561245

Probably humans, class 3 shuttles are quite small

>> No.76561273


>> No.76561353

wrong thread but also fuck off

>> No.76561368

Threadshitters don't play the game, and are abusing the people who do by denying them rules.

Fucking rats.

>> No.76561378

Is that a 30k thing, or where can I read about them? The google gives me fanfic.

>> No.76561495

Literally warp space or do any FTL count? I mean, Eldar probably got just about anything capable of traversing the webway, but their ships don't really enter the warp. In Eye of Terror the protagonist has a 90 feet high transport ship that's warp capable and can be operated by a crew as small as two, one pilot and one navigator. Various landing crafts are not warp capable and are transported by larger bulk haulers, though I suspect it's also to do with logistics. One navigator is simpler.

>> No.76561531

I’m building a stormhammer and losing my mind. Any advice? I’ve only ever built a baneblade before

>> No.76561556

Skaven in 40k when?

>> No.76561560

I assume resin pieces are bent and don't align?

>> No.76561568

I also can’t figure out at what stage/how to attach the front and engine sections. After that everything seems to make sense

>> No.76561585

they're called imperial guard anon

>> No.76561594

Warp, specifically to exclude the Tau, the webway in all its various accessible permutations across races. I don't doubt Eldar starships are small, but the information given is minimal and they never go more than a few light years from a gate anyway. So maybe I should amend to say 'Warp capable and for medium to long voyages'.

>> No.76561596

Working with resin:

As for order, try googling for assembly instructions, there's always pics of them around. If nothing else, try dry fitting to see how parts interact with one another.

>> No.76561610

Hrud were the Skaven analogues.

>> No.76561681

I got a reason, Soace Marines are fucking mutants. Purge them all.

>> No.76561697

>Hrud were the Skaven analogues
There is nothing in canon that confirms that and also it's been retconned

>> No.76561713

How expensive are harlequins to play and for someone who loves eldar, hates dark eldar, wishes GW would do new sculpts for eldar and loves the harlequin sculpts do you recommend harlequins?

>> No.76561744

Space Marines are TRANS human

>> No.76561755

okay bro. it's all you're going to get out of GW.

>> No.76561826

Buy them in hopes that it'll show GW that people actually care about eldar and start updating their sculpts

>> No.76561885

How good is the IW warlord trait for nearby units ignoring the penalty for moving and firing heavy weapons? I was thinking of bubbling 2 squads of CSM with lascannons/heavy bolters/chaincannons and just running around the board

>> No.76561963

You were making a serious arguement then when confronted just made dumb shit posts, falling back on those rather than making legitimate arguments to people countering your dumb posts.
>Hurr this is 4chan

If your going to make an actual point but not take any responses seriously then day nothing at all.

>> No.76561978

It's surprisingly high quality for a licensed indie game from unknown devs. Killer sound design as well, they knew what to use their limited budget on.

>> No.76561983

Is there any part of the hobby that’s worse than cleaning moldlines?

>> No.76562003

Yeah, playing against non-primaris armies or having to sell your shitty manlets for primaris.

>> No.76562016

>3 of the 4 are me, never pretended otherwise m8.
>2 of them are pretending to be someone else

Are you done being retarded yet?

>> No.76562017

Having your varnish cloud.

>> No.76562019

Magnetizing infantry

>> No.76562069

The reason I don't like primaris is because while I don't personally care for space marines they create precedent to uproot everything about a faction on bullshit rational. If space marines weren't safe nobody is.

>> No.76562074 [DELETED] 


>> No.76562075

Characters, squad leaders are the ones to magnetize. Some special weapons, depending on the pose (usually the one who hold the weapon on one arm), can be magnetised.

>> No.76562093

Should poxwalkers get two wounds? With a point increase, of course.

>> No.76562101

Yiff yiff Yifferoo! But seriously, space wolves suck.

>> No.76562109

Is this an ADB book?

>> No.76562120

Is the person posting it making a joke? That still looks like a dude, just with a bad haircut.

>> No.76562126

Doubt it.

>> No.76562141

Like a kpop band dude. Effeminated face but still a dude.

>> No.76562152

>not making female space marines is excluding women and POC from the hobby
What kind of drugs is this person on?

>> No.76562157

>having representation in a game of toy soldiers played mostly by overweight autistic faggots will solve the problem of genocide
What the fuck lmao

>> No.76562163


>> No.76562165

Is that young Jaden Smith?

>> No.76562169


Jesus christ. Reddit must be a phenomenal way to feel good about yourself because every time I think I have a handle on the wtf factor it gets worse.

>> No.76562176

The rationale isnt bullshit. The models were ugly and the aesthetic was noche and fucking stupid looking. No one, especially not the majority of people, like gothic space monk bullshit or grimderp. People want more identifable space warriors with a more common sci fi aesthetic. I know you guys act like it's some grand crtiticism but halo and star wars are popular for a reason, it's what people like because it's good. Not whatever GW was doing before. If you have a problem with it then quit the hobby. It isn't for you anymore.

>> No.76562182

Likely a tranny

>> No.76562185

>If you have a problem with it then quit the hobby.

You're free to quit the hobby if you don't like Gothic space monks.

>> No.76562192

Okay, how is this person wrong in a some way and how AREN'T you guys just reactionary chuds?

>> No.76562196

I've seen these same arguments used here, what's the problem?

>> No.76562202

Why should I quit? GW agrees with people like me and I like the changes. If I get the changes I want at your expense then good. Your taste us shit and you can fuck off.

>> No.76562210

>if you have a vagina or darker skin the experience of walking into a GW store to buy minis is off-putting because of the current model range
This person continues to baffle me with their retardation. Please, share more before the thread dies.

>> No.76562222

>at your expense

Well, I'm glad you admit it.

>> No.76562226

The funny thing is that for the original model release time aestethics, space marines were tacticool.

>> No.76562229 [DELETED] 


Regardless you fucks aren't the future of the hobby so eat a bag of dicks. Go cope more about orange retard being booted out of office just like you guys will get the boot out of the hobby. What are you going to do about it? Nothing, you'll bitch here then get made fun of for being schitzos.

>> No.76562239

Take your meds schizo.

>> No.76562242 [DELETED] 

Yes, and? Get fucked?

>> No.76562249

>If there aren't female space marines, women are prohibited from playing Warhammer 40k
have sex incel.

>> No.76562250

I don't know about you, my aryan brother, but I always heil and goose step into GW stores and fistbump the redshirts. I can see why they'd think they weren't wanted. It's the truth. 1488! Just like the gematria code in the corebook! GW=7+21! 2/8=BH! Brownshirt Hitler! 2*88= HH! GW supports us! CHUDS must learn they are unwelcome and take their hormone pills away to a gay hobby, like fishing.

>> No.76562253 [DELETED] 

>>76562101 #
>>76562120 #
>>76562126 #
>>76562152 #
>>76562157 #
>>76562182 #

Regardless you fucks aren't the future of the hobby so eat a bag of dicks. Go cope more about orange retard being booted out of office just like you guys will get the boot out of the hobby. What are you going to do about it? Nothing, you'll bitch here then get made fun of for being schitzos.

>> No.76562260 [DELETED] 

If I just free text it that makes it wrong!

Fuck off /pol/tard

>> No.76562266

>I'm not mad, u mad!

>> No.76562268 [DELETED] 

They certainly arent encouraged too

>> No.76562277

What's the pink-haired girl called anyway? I need to know so I can look up to see if there's lewds of her yet.

>> No.76562279 [DELETED] 

This person is correct on these points and none of you gave any good counter arguments. Why are rightoids like this?

>> No.76562290 [DELETED] 

You are mad. Mad that the hobby isn't catering to retards like you anymore and is ditching it's shitty aesthetic and fash themes for a better setting and audience. I'm happy, you aren't. Get fucked.

>> No.76562292

>decades worth of lore to why specific faction cant take females
>instead of kitbashing/3rd partying your models you complain because, like how you'll never be a woman in real life, you wont be a woman as a space marine.

trannies get the rope; all girls play tyranids anway

>> No.76562297

do piss off

>> No.76562304

>No men ever play sisters of battle
>No humans play ork, Eldar, tau
Have sneed

>> No.76562308

how many seconds would it take for Khorne to enthrall Broly?

>> No.76562316 [DELETED] 

Pretty much this.

>> No.76562323

>Euro hours upon us
>thread is overwhelmed with terrible baiting
Really makes you think.

>> No.76562324

>the reddit spacing
>eat a bag of dicks
>orange retard
Spotted the sigmarxist

>> No.76562338

No one asked, kissless virgin.

>> No.76562347

Someone check sigcuckism to see if they are seething about /tg/ making fun of them or their shitty models again.

>> No.76562350

why do you guys talk about this shit so much

>> No.76562357

It's fun.

>> No.76562381

Because it's shit.

>> No.76562394

havent been here forever; did black library stuff get purged?

>> No.76562399

I'm not saying representation is wrong, but acting like doing so will solve genocide is pathetic. It's like saying sending photos of food to Africans will solve world hunger. It's dangerously naïve.

>> No.76562401

It gets (You)s, so it gets posted. As for why it gets (You)s - it's a mixture of false flags, samefagging, trolling, boredom and genuine autistic inability to ignore bait.

>> No.76562407

>Another GT win from another faction just spamming a single unit, this time Bloodletters
Feel like this is a pretty fundamental flaw with 9E. Eventually we're going to get to a point where a few factions get away with taking actual lists, some get away with terrible skew lists, and the ones that can't do either just wallow in the pit of no wins

>> No.76562408

lmao seething
dilate, future statistic.

>> No.76562422

It's not like these days the game is fun to play or the lore is any good. When something is generally shit, so too will be the discussions about it.

>> No.76562430

I'm actually enjoying 9th, but it probably helps none of us play loyalist marines

>> No.76562444

>Okay so the chant is "Blood for the Blood God, skulls for the..."

>> No.76562457

Last thread people blamed burgers. It's probably just one basement dweller. The wodg threads have similar, maybe it's even the same guy.

>> No.76562469

It's more that the meta is very static because netlisting is a huge thing. Most players suck and cannot adapt when their army is facing something they absolutely did not expect. This is the cycle.

>> No.76562488


>> No.76562684

Some uncanny shit is radiating from this thing

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