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Eldritch Adept Edition

>UA: Subclasses, Part 5

>5e Trove


>Stable releases


>Previous thread: >>76546585

Which three warlock patrons are your favorite and why?

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Insane stars.

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Feats for this? I was considering getting fighting initiate to stack thrown with dueling, but mobile is also appealing

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Rolled 16, 17, 7, 14, 13, 2 = 69 (6d20)

Here's my wife cleric

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Fathomless Dagon
Genie Pazuzu
Hexblade Orcus

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Can you choose which celestial gets summoned by conjure celestial? I see a lot of munchkins creaming themselves over couatls shapechanging into creatures with innate spellcasting for infinite spells.

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I like this demon patron schtick...
Lolth for Archfey, Grazzt for Fiend, Jubiliex for GOO, but who can be our celestial demon?

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Have you had your Christmas special episode yet, anons?

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One of my players was going have Hastur as his Genie patron, then switched to ranger

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>pls no bully
Fuck off, you frogshyte.

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Which genie type would Hastur be? Marid?

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The Pale Night?

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you forgot to roll fren, do you need help with the dice?

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>slow board
>duplicate shit thread started literal hours before needed
>5 minutes
>this guy bumps

the fuck is wrong with you millennial faggots?

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Fiend because selling your soul to the devil is literally peak Warlock
Fathomless and genie are nice too i guess

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probably a rapefugee from one of the faster boards

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Lads do any of you have some ideas or is there a generator/list out there somewhere for main economic ventures of kingdoms/towns, as in, where most of their money comes from?

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I think you mean...
Zarael Celestial
Dispater Hexblade
Fierna Archfey
Levistus Fathomless
Baalzebul GOO
Mephistopheles Genie
Asmodeus Fiend

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I really want to do a Lovecraft themed space warlock

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Who's the most powerful non-standard ally in CoS?

Exethanter, the Abbott, someone else?

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I mean in stage 7 of making your map you place towns near resources, so the town you put near the forest is logging, the town next to the river/lake/sea is fishing, the town in the mountains is mining, etc. in step 10 you add one horse towns or inns approximately a single day's travel to and from each.

it's like you don't even

my Argol's Comprehensive Guide to Infrastructure.pdf is too big to post

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Zariel can do devil, and is a former celestial.

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I love her so much bros.....

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>Flamebreather Staff
>Weapon (quarterstaff), uncommon (requires attunement)
>This red, hollow quarterstaff releases a plume of fire when spun. When you hit with an attack using this magic weapon, the target takes an extra 1d4 fire damage.
>In addition, while holding the quarterstaff, you can speak its command word as an action to cause it to release a gout of flame from its end, duplicating the effect of the burning hands spell (save DC 13). This property of the quarterstaff can't be used again until the next dawn.


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Dagon, Zuggtomy and Juiblex are my favorites, though if I saw Juiblex's influence anywhere I'd probably gag

genie is also kind of cool but I kind of feel dnd genies are one of those monsters that's completely and utterly evil but gets classified as neutral because dnd alignments are more about taking sides in a cosmic battle than actual morality

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>campaign has a resistance camp
>want to draw the setting
>resistance camp is described as everyone living in tents
Can anyone give me some examples of different kinds of tents? I'm imagining old camping-style tents, but that can't be spacious enough for actually living in. In M.A.S.H., would those be considered "tents"?

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>monster can 3 times per day use it's reaction to deal psychic damage to a creature it can see when said creature fails a saving throw or attack roll, if the creature rolled a 1 the damage is doubled
How OP would it be?

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Whatever the player wants, it's just an avatar if the king in yellow

>> No.76553440

Depends on how much damage it deals idiot

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If I want to play a shy character, is there a tick, or something I can say/use other than uh/uhm and pauses?

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Thanks anon. You rock. I don't even mind the big gloves.

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>Which three warlock patrons are your favorite and why?
Fiend for how great the flavor is, as well as the fun abilities
Celestial for the ability to run a good support-focused Warlock
Lurker for the interesting options opened up by it's abilities

Favorite pact would be the Chain, though, the others don't come close to the amount of fun I've had with the familiars.

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Just act shy and wait for your most alpha party member to roughly fuck you on the tavern table

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it sucks
+1 staff is unironically better

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I'm considering a one or two level dip in cleric for my Spore Druid. My goal is to use a zombie army. Both peace cleric and twilight cleric seem to offer a lot for this. Zombies riding on conjured cavalry and grappling people to run through magical briar patches.

Twilight cleric seems fun for the continued tempoary HP generation for the zombies, and that incredible dark vision.

Peace cleric seems great for getting an additional d4 to every zombie's checks.

Thoughts on what I should dip for?

Peace cleric even seems good for a 6 level dip, using the zombies are personal HP sacks to avoid fireballs. But that's a bit farther than I want to go into it.

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twilight seems really good for making beefy undead

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Based Gnollchad
Although that nipple is disgusting

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>leddit spacing

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gith look so fucking retarded

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They would probably look better if they had more alien and inhuman facial features but no, elves with no nose

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Just be shy? You don't need some retarded tick or habit to be shy, just act it. Don't step up, be a little awkward, wait for moments where it's necessary to interact or for you to be interacted with.

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Please never fucking do this unless you're playing with a party and a DM you're very familiar with
It's very easy to confuse the character acting shy with player being disinterested in the game and not enjoying it

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>he pretends he doesn't post on reddit

>nearly 2021

Yeah. I was thinking primarily of the 1hp zombies the spore druid can summon, but it would also really help the animate dead zombies. I think I'm leaning towards twilight. It helps that the dark vision thing scales a bit better.

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What are some good feats for a melee focused Swashbuckler? A lot of them seem kinda redundant, given how Fancy Footwork works. I was thinking Martial Adept to try and eke out more than one Sneak Attack per turn?

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Only if you're a retard that can't separate yourself from your character, and isn't showing insterest out of character. Just because you're playing a passive character it doesn't mean you have to be a passive player, dipshit.

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6 player party jumping from 2 healers to 0 because they got bored of healing. We're completely fucked, aren't we?

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Extra damage is pretty good

>> No.76554018

give us your party composition and levels

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Combat wheelchair

>> No.76554049

take fun ones like Lucky

>> No.76554054

I don't use leddit you fucking chud. Nice projection.

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two barbarians, warlock, necromancer wizard, ranger and the last healer hasn't decided what they want to play next. most are level 7, rerolls are level 6.

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>shove action

>> No.76554083

Circle of Stars Druid or Twilight Domain Cleric? I want to be a kind of all-rounder that focuses on support.

>> No.76554092

>on the verge of the 10th anniversary fo 2011
>he still refers to the actual year

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In their defense, githyanki ARE fucking retarded, so it just a case of their outside matching their inside.

>> No.76554110

They can be a thing. Life Clerics, Shepherd Druids, Thieves using the Healer feat, and so on.

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You'll be fine. Barbarians have a ton of health and damage resistance, Warlocks have plenty of tricks to stay out of trouble, Necromancers are fucking lame so no one cares if they die, and Ranger has some rudimentary healing.

>> No.76554156

What's retarded about them?

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Is there any good Necromancer homebrew? Default is snit, I want to play a cool young mage on his way to lichdom

>> No.76554224

I want my Human Wizard to be raised by Mimics. How can I do this?

>> No.76554255

Twilight Domain Cleric. The Circle of Stars is an ok blaster at early levels and at later levels you mostly just sit in dragon form being a caster (Although I do like the Druid Spell List more than the Cleric one).

The Twilight Domain has solid all-round support and gets the benefit of some extra prepared spells which can really expand out your support abilities.

>> No.76554264

Why do you want this? What are you going to do with it?

>> No.76554266

In your backstory write:
>...a human wizard, raised by mimics.

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They decided that the only way to ensure their race's freedom after they won their revolution against the illithids was to declare a war of conquest on every other race in the multiverse. They are entirely dependent on piracy to maintain their supplies, but will slaughter the people they're dependent on in a fit of pique if you suggest that regularly confiscating the goods of other races might be considered a form of slavery. They believe that their queen is noble and just and recruits promising githyanki to her personal service, when in fact she's a paranoiac who became a lich out of a fear of death and devours the souls of any githyanki that MIGHT one day become strong enough to challenge her absolute authority, all while forcing the rest of her race to serve as her unquestioning slaves.

>> No.76554280

To be raised by furniture

>> No.76554281

>I want to play a cool young mage
Then you should play a Necromancer, you gross little weirdo.

>> No.76554290

Apart from maybe life cleric those aren't dedicated healers, they're characters who can heal.

>> No.76554295

What do I play to feel as cool as he looks?

>> No.76554304

human fighter

>> No.76554327

*shouldn't, I meant.

>> No.76554338

Aetherborn Rogue or maybe Horizon Walker Ranger.

>> No.76554345

so creative

>> No.76554388

Nothing in 5e puts you "on the way to lichdom" other than maybe Undying/dead Warlock or a Cleric of Vecna, purely because of story cues. Any wizard can become a lich.

>> No.76554426

Armorer Artificer?

>> No.76554445

Light Cleric or Celestial Chainlock with a pet pseudodragon?

>> No.76554454

Human champion fighter. It's the character for those enlightened ones who understand that a wacky race/class combination is not a personality.

>> No.76554470

1d4 = 2.5
+1 staff also adds +1 to your attack rolls

>> No.76554471

I played a dwarf Champion once. It was pretty fun.

>> No.76554477

Light Cleric

>> No.76554480


>> No.76554493

Light Cleric for blasting from the midline and tankiness through AC, Chainlock for Agonizing Blast-ing from afar and tankiness through HP.

>> No.76554539

Champion is for genuine sub 60 iq subhumans who couldn't even begin to comprehend what to do in their turn other than "i attack", they probably have to be reminded by the DM that action surge and second wind exist
Just play battlemaster like a normal human being

>> No.76554543

>Aetherborn Rogue

>> No.76554544

+1 to hit which is on average is an additional .5 damage. so a +1 staff adds an average of +1.5 damage, ergo it's inferior.

>> No.76554572

Were these charts from a 5e book or magazine?
And if so, which one, please.
For the creation of random gods.

>> No.76554579

In a vacuum where you're never adding any extra dice like through smite or a maneuver, yeah. The more dice you add, the more average damage you get from it.

>> No.76554588

Going "I'm special because I'm intentionally picking the boring thing" is not any better than "I'm special because I'm picking the wacky thing"

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>> No.76554603

Rolled 7, 36, 38 = 81 (3d100)

Rolling to make a god for a new cleric PC.

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>> No.76554636

Congratulations, you just made a veterinarian.

>> No.76554637

Doesn't only apply if you add the dice every turn? Even if the lack of +1 would make you miss, you can still smite or maneuver on your next turn. The only way it makes a difference is if you miss so often you genuinely can't expend your resources if you tried.

>> No.76554638

Do you let your PCs just run up to a dragon and smack them to death, or do you force them to get creative to take them down? Realistically, a dragon isn't going to ground itself to fight you, it's going to get up high where you can't reach it and rain fire down on you. If it's in a mountainous region, it might even try ambushes and avalanches to kill you.

>> No.76554652

Reminder that druid metal armor restriction is purely flavor and the intent isn't to make druids wear light armor (which still has metal in it in the form of studs or rivets, so even that misconception is wrong), but to flavor their armor as ironwood or w/e, maybe make it a bit harder to acquire or replace but not impossible.

It's nothing more than a reference to older editions where there were actual rules for armor made of different materials other than dragonhide which appears in 5e (which probably has some metal rivets or something in it, too).

>> No.76554659

Oh. I'd never heard of them before is all

>> No.76554668

I have yet to run a dragon encounter but if i ever did and the dragon knew they were coming it would probably hide in it's giant cave and dig a tunnel in the wall so it can climb on the roof, breathe fire on them, crawl into the hole and repeat until they're dead or they force it out

>> No.76554671

Rolled 6, 90, 31 = 127 (3d100)

Which god blessed me as a werewolf

>> No.76554672

If they are at low levels, I let them know that it's a dangerous fight and it will have consequences. Not that it ever stopped my players

>> No.76554684

How do we feel about Way of the Drunken Master as a monk subclass? Trying to decide between that and the Ascendant Dragon UA (already cleared it w/ the DM).

>> No.76554689

>balance, fate, vengeance
that's actually fucking badass

>> No.76554690

I'm not giving your druid fucking half plate stop asking

>> No.76554692

>which still has metal in it in the form of studs or rivets

>> No.76554693

>the intent isn't to make druids wear light armor
They said in Sage Advice that the intent is they have great aversion to armour made of metal and if you want to wear metal armour you can but should discuss it with your DM first

>> No.76554696

>a god of balance, vengeance, and fate
One who saw your injustice.

>> No.76554705

Dragon is fun

>> No.76554718

Rolled 6, 45, 87 = 138 (3d100)


>> No.76554742

Rolled 49, 56, 22 = 127 (3d100)

Alright, let's see what we get.

>> No.76554746

Risk of falling aways ground any flying monster and I love using ensnaring strike as a ranger. The real problem is when a dragon can swim in he earth.

>> No.76554755

Exactly. If you went full RAW, druids would have to go around naked, maybe with a shield.
>A druid typically wears leather, studded leather, or hide armor, and if a druid comes across scale mail made of a material other than metal, the druid might wear it.
It says here they can wear material other than metal.
Reread what I wrote, I said that nonmetal armor is the way.

>> No.76554769

Key to dragon encounters is trapping and/or grounding the dragon. If they're allowed to take flight or roost upon castle towers and other vantage points, then there's no way you'd beat them.

>> No.76554784

Okay, that actually sounds kind of radical.

>> No.76554785

Rolled 84, 76, 53 = 213 (3d100)

Fuck it why not

>> No.76554788

aerial combat is extremely dangerous especially in a magical setting. given the action economy, there is a solid chance that something will hit you and paralyze a wing or something and the dragon hits the ground for a shitton of damage, and that's just one scenario. others would be that if the dragon were keen on fighting, it would be forced to ground itself in a forest setting otherwise it will have a tough time seeing through the foliage where the enemy is, whereas such a big monster in the sky is easier to spot and shoot spells at.

>> No.76554799

Have you tried it?

>> No.76554810

Go for dragon. Drunk's alright but suffers the thing all pre-Tasha Monk subclasses suffer, which is being bad.

>> No.76554813

Of course the dragon is going to use its superior mobility in the fight. But if the Fighter can get to it then they also get to unload a world of hurt with their sword. Becasue, and this might come as a surprise to you, DnD isnt actually about simulating real life. There wouldnt be a dragon if realism mattered. So the epic, larger than life monster that is a level 11 fighter is absolutely allowed to evicerate a dragon with theri sword.

>> No.76554815

Don't dragons, especially older ones, have crazy magic resistances?

>> No.76554819

>in a forest
It has already won

>> No.76554840

So you let your adventurer run up to the dragon and smack it to death like any other monster.

>> No.76554844

No he hasnt, he just likes it and shills it because he finds dragons sexy.

He a scalie shill.

Source: I am a furfag of the scalie variety and have posted at least 10 posts praising the dragon monk without having played it.

>> No.76554845

Congrats, anon, you have a regional, race-specific mad god.

>> No.76554854

What i hoped for actually

>> No.76554859

If he has a sensible way to do so, yes.

>> No.76554861

This god will be lawful good, no matter the domains. In fact, if the domains are negative, it's because he takes those sins upon himself to spare his worshippers of them.

>> No.76554874

One of the charts I'm missing is the Territory chart
so you'll have no luck until I find the sauce

>> No.76554875

>be in campaign with idiot
>he m/c wizard into cleric in the middle of the jungle
>thinks he should just magically have chainmail
>dm is going to let him
>i argue that's fucking stupid and while idgaf if his AC is 16 or 10 just suddenly having chainmail in the jungle is bullshit
>not to be a negative nelly I suggest he wear a barrel we have and let that give him 16 AC
>DM agrees and makes him use the barrel top as a 1 AC shield
>runs around most of the campaign in a fucking barrel and never thinks to pick up a real fucking shield
>my PC makes so much fun of him he finally begs the DM for adamantium armor, which of course he gets hunger games style from his patron

>> No.76554883

Goddammit I almost got genuinely sold on the subclass from all the shilling here

>> No.76554890

Not in this edition. Besides their legendary resistance and elemental immunities, they're just rolling regular saves. Unfortunately for the average Wizard, though, those saves are pretty fucking high.

>> No.76554895

good lord you're a fucking stupid cunt aren't ya?

>> No.76554903

for sure, but it's just an example. give someone fifty chances to hit something, and they're bound to hit it at least once.

dragons don't all breathe fire in 5e m8

>> No.76554904

If the party can get the dragon to the ground, then yeah, the fighter can run up and beat it up. Thats kind off their whole deal. Bard beat a dragon with an arrow, I dont see why my legendary adventurere should beat it with an axe

>> No.76554909

The point is to have your turn finished as quickly as possible and not bog everything down by grandstanding and trying to prove how smart you are every turn. There's a limit to how much of that shit a group can tolerate, so let the stupider players be loud.

>> No.76554938

Forcecage doesn't require a save.

>inb4 dragons are bigger
Spell dimensions refer to combat, dragons are up to 20x20 and fit in the barred forcecage. If it were otherwise every character would have to be a 5x5 cube of meat.
What? Yeah studded leather makes no sense in real life if you mean that, but in fantasy it's full of protective metal rivets and studs.

>> No.76554971

Anon, if the only way for you to not spend 10 minutes every time its your turn is to play a character that has no choices to make, then you might be legitemitely retarded. You are the textbook definition of an edgy counter culture hipster without an opinion of your own, you just see that other people enjoy things and then cry

>> No.76554981

Rolled 91 (1d100)

>> No.76554989

>let the stupid players who will take 5 minutes to make a decision play the versatile classes
>i will hit stuff good

>> No.76554992


>> No.76554998

if you don't have what you want pre-planned the turn before your turn starts, you're just a retard. things change, but in the situations where it changes to the point where your turn plan completely falls apart you were either planning something completely retarded or it was a huge scene change the GM made and that doesn't happen more than once a big fight.

>> No.76555005

Rolled 28 (1d100)


>> No.76555006

Abjuration wizard or Stars druid if I want to make a chonky goliath fullcaster?

M**n droods need not apply.

>> No.76555024


>> No.76555027

>Twilight Cleric 1/Hexblade X Drow
Yeah, I'm going there, but will I be useful, though?

>> No.76555028

Druid because Goliaths arent nerds

>> No.76555030

>Think of character I like
>Ages till any of my games ends
>Semi regular week or two week pauses
>Give up on the thought of using the idea
I won't say I have it bad because I still get to play and have regular sessions but I still hate it

>> No.76555042

Rolled 96, 63, 87, 36, 37, 46 = 365 (6d100)

Rolling chest size for the all-female party, in order:

Human Bard, Human Druid, Human Fighter, Wood Elf Ranger, Half-Elf Rogue, Half-Elf Wizard.

>> No.76555059

>Human bard
Yeah that checks out

>> No.76555065

>big titty humans vs flat elven maidens

>> No.76555067

Stacy humans vs Becky elf/half-elves.

>> No.76555073

Abjuration Wizard. Fuck magic.

>> No.76555086

Needs a femboi Life Cleric and it's perfect!

>> No.76555114

Rolled 86 (1d100)

Rolling for my energetic fathomless witch.

>> No.76555127

This except I write down their character sheets so I don't forget about them

>> No.76555174


>> No.76555262

Rolled 3, 5, 2, 1, 4, 6, 3, 4, 5, 1, 1, 4, 4, 5, 2, 1, 6, 3, 6, 6, 3, 6, 5, 4 = 90 (24d6)

Rolling up a sword and board Barbarian the old fashioned way, 4d6 drop lowest.

>> No.76555293

Sure you wouldn't prefer a Cleric? Maybe even a Monk?

>> No.76555312

>10, 14, 10, 11, 18, 15
Don't know what to say about this. STR and CON being the two lowest numbers can't be good.

Probably a Ranger, actually.

>> No.76555339

Is it weird that I have fantasies where I'm some human barbarian character who manages to subdue Tasha and frick her brains out until she turns into my submissive housewife?

>> No.76555367

Wait a sec, I can just use my old legos instead of wasting money on minis, thanks for this idea anon

>> No.76555415

Of course!

>> No.76555418

>implying way of the astral self isn't approximately utter dogshit until 11th level
>implying open hand and shadow aren't kings

>> No.76555432

>Which three warlock patrons are your favorite and why
Raven Queen
Because I don't like playing evil characters.

>> No.76555436

Legos > Mini's.
>t. someone who has been doing this for 3 years
It can be super simple, in which case you can just use whatever you have as minis rather than using generic tokens or whatever, so it also works for mooks.
For dedicated figured, the customizability is actually fun. You can get really autistic about it and change your weapons/ shield/ etc. as you go.

>> No.76555441

Same but as a ranger

>> No.76555447

Bro, have you had legos this whole time and not used them for minis? What the hell, bro?

>> No.76555448

>Raven queen
>Not evil

>> No.76555468

What about scale?

>> No.76555473

You don't need to be evil to have an evil patron.

>> No.76555478

blinkin n' slammin INT guide to abju mage

>> No.76555482

Rolled 25, 47, 29 = 101 (3d100)

Alright, rolling

>> No.76555496

Minifigs are a little below inch scale, I use 2x2 thin plates to balance them and those are a bit smaller than the squares on my mat. For the one Large creature I keep steady, I use a 6x6 plate, which also fits into 4 squares pretty nicely.

>> No.76555509

Is Twilight Cleric fun? I always play a half caster and I want to finally commit to playing a full caster... but still wade into combat a bit.

>> No.76555518

>utter dogshit until 11th level
It's not

>> No.76555528

I dont care what class you're playing, if your turn takes longer than five minutes you're a retard and deserve to be kicked.

>> No.76555531

Are you retarded? What exactly is evil about her?

>> No.76555533

Would this help you at all? You people really need to learn how to reverse search.

Rolling my pal's Warlock patron.

>> No.76555540

>Is ... Cleric fun?
Yes. Absolutely. Clerics are the most versatile class in 5e and they have a lot of good bread-and-butter spells that allow them to excel at range and up close. Stuff like Spiritual Weapon and Spirit Guardians is also prime for flavoring and tailoring to your specific character and deity. Everyone will love you Guidance'ing them in the name of your lord, except for maybe your DM if they're a prick.

>> No.76555543

I'm not gonna take the chance that a dumb fuck DM is going to make my patron demand I sacrifice babies to it for continued support.

>> No.76555564

Thought 2 ochre jellies would be a bit too tough for my 5 level 2 players but they did extremely well
I have a night tavern assault coming up now, 4 hobgoblins are engaging the melee dudes + 2 weak guards with a crossbow while the mages (one of them a tanky artificer) plus two other guards are 1 floor up and about to be ambushed by an iron shadow
Thoughts about those numbers? I think I need to add some hobs, maybe even 2 more split between the two groups

>> No.76555587

Rolled 2, 8, 15, 12, 2, 11 = 50 (6d20)

Bugbear Drunken Master

>> No.76555599

Never underestimate 5e characters.
If you're unsure, consider, when applicable, keeping some statblocks in the back and having one of the enemy shout something about reinforcements. That way you can either add to the fight without it being out of nowhere, or add some tension to the post-fighting moment as the players might expect more forces to come.

>> No.76555605

The kind of rolls a bugbear deserves.

>> No.76555606

At 13th level clerics get immunity to nonmagical physical damage thanks to conjure celestial, since the couatl can shapechange into a lycanthrope of your same alignment and infect you. Only a change in alignment makes you lose control of your character if you accept the curse, so if you are LG and ask the couatl to transform you into a wereraven, you can do so without downsides.

I would recommend you to homebrew something like lycanthropes have vulnerability to silvered weapons if you have a problem with this perfectly RAW move.

>> No.76555611

Rolled 3, 13, 1, 17, 12, 9 = 55 (6d20)

Kobold Draconic Sorcerer time

>> No.76555622

PAM Studded Leather, spend all your ki on FoB

>> No.76555623

>Viable purely as a punching bag for other creatures
That's a bugbear for you alright.

>> No.76555640

its a bard

>> No.76555642

Is this actually possible or is this pasta?

>> No.76555649

bruh you have 2 wis
makes sense you're an alcoholic though

>> No.76555651

>confused con for dex
never mind, sacrifice yourself to hgruk

>> No.76555657

>At 13th level
Fucking hell, this happens everytime

>> No.76555670

its a bad

>> No.76555672


>> No.76555683

>>confused con for dex
Found 4E player.

>> No.76555698

You didn't even read it.

Your suffering only encourages me.

>> No.76555707

Actually kind of fitting

>> No.76555709

Yeah 13th level is the breakpoint for casters becoming silly. More specifically clerics and wizards.

>> No.76555717

Looks more like the French mistake to me.

>> No.76555720

>can't attend the session, my girlfriend wants me to do X
>whoops haha sorry guys gotta cancel, family lunch happening
>nope I can't play Sunday, my boss called me during my vacation, I picked up and said "Yes sir"
I don't understand normalfags

>> No.76555728



>> No.76555731

I might have the 2 arrive as overwatch sentries providing cover "just in case" but longbow + martial advantage sounds utterly ridiculous

>> No.76555743

Anyone know a good multiclass for Soul Knife? Going for a big glass canon assassin (except not assassin because it's ass.)

>> No.76555750

Assassin might work.

>> No.76555759

rangerogue is always good

>> No.76555768

Man you weren't joking, Wizards get all the fucking juice at 13.
>Finger of Death
>Mirage Arcane
>Magnificent Mansion
>Plane Shift
>Project Image

Sucks to be martial.

>> No.76555781

>literally has 1 HP
what cancer ward did he walk out of

>> No.76555785

Ah yes, the old Rogue/Rogue multiclass.

>> No.76555801

2 hp, because of his dragon lineage. It's nothing, but hey, it's something.

>> No.76555806

Rolled 5, 7, 1, 13, 16, 5 = 47 (6d20)

My dudes, this is my Male Variant Human, he hasn't chosen a class or a feat yet, much less where to put his two +1s. What do you say?

>> No.76555811

Rolled 16, 3, 19, 15, 1, 11 = 65 (6d20)

Rolling for my absolutely not minmaxed vuman hexsorcadin with great weapon master :^)

>> No.76555833

It's the key of mage escalation
>11 is new tier of play
>everyone gets new goodies
>ok, give the mages super strong 6th level spells
>get to 13th level
>the new spells have to be even better now

>> No.76555835

I say he should probably stay home, lest he be slain by a gentle breeze.

>> No.76555840

It was the only pic I could find with a tophat guy

>> No.76555866

Rolled 5, 1, 9, 16, 10, 5, 12, 4, 1, 12, 12, 15 = 102 (12d20)

Rolling for a Mountain Dwarf Fighter and his Hill Dwarf Cleric wife.

>> No.76555882


>> No.76555904

>wife has 1 con
Nah big fella, your dwarf can't afford to be an adventurer

>> No.76555910

The most geriatric of dwarf couples

>> No.76555916

>16 wis
>1 con
>13 int
Okay, we can work with this.
Focus on DEX, WIS and or CON. We're gonna go Trickery Cleric to make sure they don't hit you when they hit you. Should we make it to level 2, we're going to multiclass into Wiz-
>wizard with 1 con?
ard with 1 con. Simple as, we grab Shield, we continue our progression. We're gonna not be hit at all. At level 3, we grab something like Abjurer or War Magic to make sure we really don't get hit. Use the medium armor from your Cleric class (this is why the Dex, +1 dex will give you additional AC). Use Shield of Faith as you see fit, stay back and pray you make it. Grab Tough as a Feat and build CON every ASI.

>> No.76555919

Rolled 11, 2, 16, 18, 12, 12 = 71 (6d20)

Elf who hunts Bugbears

>> No.76555929

Well, looks like I'm getting a half feat instead of GWM

>> No.76555943

Dogshit is perhaps a bit harsh, I had not realised quite how much they'd been improved since the fucking joke of a UA. I'd still say the only good thing it gets at 3rd is the wis mod boon, which barely starts to matter til like 8th
> must spend 1 ki on a trash flurry of blows in order to exist
> gets excellent use of reach (at expense of dpr) thanks to unarmored movement, but poorer disengage than most monk subs once approached. still probably needs to take mobile at some point imo
> 6th is flavour and nothing else, when every other subclass gets something good

>> No.76555950

>5 str 1 dex 9 con
you mean a bedridden cancer patient amputee?

>> No.76555982

Rolled 5, 5, 15, 19, 7, 3 = 54 (6d20)

Let's see what my Tiefling Warlock looks like.

>> No.76556003

Almost perfect roll for 4E CON-Lock.

>> No.76556005

>5 str 5 dex 19 int 3 cha
Literally and unironically me

>> No.76556032

>19 int
>4Chan user
Roll Deception and don't forget your -4 modifier

>> No.76556050


>> No.76556070

>Clumsy, unaware, socially retarded DYEL that's somehow built like a brick shithouse and is incredibly intelligent for no discernable reason
literally /tg/ if it were a person

>> No.76556074

Rolled 18, 11, 20, 3, 16, 19 = 87 (6d20)

How about we just pick a race and a background, then roll for ability scores, and only then decide what class they would logically be?

This is my Goliath Folk Hero.

>> No.76556107

Sorcerer/paladin multiclass

>> No.76556133


>> No.76556158

Struggling to tell if this is ironic because it's all worded correctly but also has a classic combo of bad writing and features I truly cannot stand - a horribly swingy 3rd level feature, 6th level feature, and 14th level feature, and all the time just fucking putting all your eggsin one single RNG basket. I do not like this.

>one in four chance for bardic inspiration to decide the result of the combat
> one of the spells is haste on your entire party and it ends in one turn
It's not going to break the game, but it is still one of the worst subclasses I've read in a long time. hope it's a meme

>> No.76556170

Zealot Barbarian/Paladin that swore his oath when defending his tribe from some great threat that should have killed him but didn't through divine intervention.

>> No.76556192

Congratulations, anon, you're a shounen protagonist.

>> No.76556197

Just to make it clear the Swarmkeeper being moved 5 feet by their swarm doesn't affect AoO?

>> No.76556240

Well, technically you're not moving under your own power (language specifically says that the swarm moves you), so I think it might qualify under the "involuntary movement doesn't trigger opportunity attacks" rule. I'm not sure, though.

>> No.76556265

>Just to make it clear the Swarmkeeper being moved 5 feet by their swarm doesn't affect AoO?
Doesn't provoke them, no. please do watch out for 11th level when you get the absolute worst 11th level ranger feature of all time

>> No.76556298

Would /tg/ consider this furshit? What percentage of tabaxi is this?

>> No.76556310

Your head resembles a glans.

>> No.76556334

If I get the character into a long-term game I plan to multiclass into rogue after 5, but is it really that bad? An attempt to prone on attack every turn with no size limit or nearly permanent half cover seem alright

>> No.76556337

I haven't played a Ranger before, What's so bad about it?

>> No.76556346

>20 CON
>Goliath also gets +1 to CON

What happens now?

>> No.76556356

Wasted attribute point.

>> No.76556358

who would put bubblegum in their own vagina

>> No.76556360

I'd just consider you gay, furry wouldn't even enter into consideration.

>> No.76556370

Rolled 8, 18, 5, 11, 11, 8 = 61 (6d20)


This is the Goliath's gf, work her into his backstory please. She's also a Goliath, obviously.

>> No.76556385

Well first we need to know HER background dummy

>> No.76556387

Sounds like the sort of magic trick Randy Pitchford would want to study.

>> No.76556407

>Incredibly strong, incredibly tough, incredibly charismatic himbo marries weak, frumpy nerd
She sounds like the sort of person to write self-insert fanfiction shipping her with the main character of a series.

>> No.76556418

I think so, yeah, it's just not enough damage. For comparison, pretty much every other ranger subclass gets an additional attack at this level, or like an effect on par with a 5th level spell slot. +2AC is nice but you're hardly meant to be tanking as a class focused on ranged combat. Prone is nice but I mean you can do that with an attack yknow

>> No.76556425

With these nu-rules, you can just move that CON bonus to a different stat, no problemo.

>> No.76556434

>he does not disregard Tasha's Turdbucket

>> No.76556446

I can live with that.

>> No.76556447

Rolled 9, 18, 4, 10, 8, 9 = 58 (6d20)

My last roll tonight, I promise

>> No.76556460

Rolled 12, 2, 18, 3, 5, 20 = 60 (6d20)

Femboy ranger stat

>> No.76556461

>DM greenlights tasha rules
I'm not gonna handicap myself, if that's what you're suggesting,

>> No.76556471

oh god I NEED to fuck this goddess

>> No.76556475

>> No.76556490

But anon some people like those things

>> No.76556492

Cerebral Palsy

>> No.76556493


>> No.76556504

what about artificer

>> No.76556512

but I want to be a girl

>> No.76556516

Not in the PHB, my friend.

>> No.76556525

Like, oh my god, you're so hawt~

>> No.76556530


>> No.76556563

you are just as bad as storyshitter freak

>> No.76556569

Based, trashannies on suicide watch

>> No.76556575

You also get a once a day burning hands.

>> No.76556614


>> No.76556626

>storyshitter freak
Fuck off, Ribbonfag. Your shit meme phase will never be a /tg/ meme.

>> No.76556632

>literally truly actually reddit

>> No.76556640


>> No.76556730

How is Ancestral path for barbarians? I was thinking of making one to be a pretty tough tanky type for my group that can still dole out the damage.

>> No.76556734

>Retarded slug who's surprisingly tough, strong, and is radiantly charismatic
He has the potential to fuck his way to the top but is far too retarded to do it.

>> No.76556750

Rolled 2 (1d12)

Rolling for sidekick gf

>> No.76556761

Rolled 8, 18, 18, 4, 19, 1 = 68 (6d20)

Her stats

>> No.76556767

pls single digit

>> No.76556774

>Cha 1
oh no bro

>> No.76556775

Good stats for a ranger, but damn, she ugly

>> No.76556777


>> No.76556783

Introvert huntress gf

>> No.76556786

I mean she's "gettable" for him.

>> No.76556834

Rolled 2, 6, 5, 6, 5, 2, 3, 2, 3, 6, 4, 4, 5, 6, 3, 4, 2, 1, 4, 6, 1, 3, 2, 3, 3 = 91 (25d6)

Rolling ability scores for the rolling party, 4d6 drop the lowest.

>Variant Human Druid
>Tiefling Cleric
>Mountain Dwarf Barbarian
>Half-Elf Rogue

>> No.76556849

Why can't I roll 96d6 in one post?

>> No.76556865

do tabaxi in wheelchairs still get to double their move?

>> No.76556872

It's really good. Pretty fun, too. You lock down nasty enemies by beating on them, you can blunt nasty pick hits they try to land on your allies, and you get some cool divination powers that casters never take.

>> No.76556883

Do they get to double their move if they're prone and crawling?

>> No.76556890

I'd imagine it would be races with more upper body strength the ones to get the bonus

>> No.76556893

>>Incredibly strong, incredibly tough, incredibly charismatic himbo marries weak, frumpy nerd

>> No.76556894


>> No.76556907

> wrapping up first campaign ever (Lost Mines)
> 20 sessions in
> last boss at 8 health
> my wild magic sorcerer rolls on the table and casts fireball on himeself
> entire party wipes
> we all want to play again so not the worst outcome

>> No.76556924

>wild Magic
You did to yourself.

>> No.76556926

>Be surprised when the LOL WHACKY ROLL gives you an unfavorable result
Also, it took you twenty sessions to get through Lost Mines?

>> No.76556949

My players got rocked by the Isle of The Abbey in GoS.
They just started blasting as soon as they arrived at the abbey.
They got spanked by the priest and the gladiator but were revivified to prevent their corpses from rising and to clear out the Winding Way for the cultists.
Any idea on things that I could add to spice this up? It seems like a slog and I’d like for them not to get burnt out on combat.

>> No.76556970

>when you only have one idea every ten years and need to ask 4chan if they approve

who fucking cares idiot it's fine

>> No.76556998

we had fun fun, so i dont know what y'alls panties are scrunching up for

>> No.76557008

You rolled the panty-scrunching result on the wild magic table, anon. So fuck you for that.

>> No.76557023

I have one of these in my group. I have already counterspelled one party-wiping fireball. I hate wild magic sorcerers

>> No.76557025

Because that'd be some obnoxious spam, you cunt

>> No.76557045

Redpill me on the Shield Master feat.

>> No.76557090

It improves DEX defense, which is often a weak point for STR-based characters, and gives you an economy-friendly means of bullying enemies either for melee advantage or for position control with bonus action shoves.

>> No.76557096

There's a reason it's shit tier.

If you are playing at a table where it can be used before you attack, it's okay.

>> No.76557140

It's gold if there are other melee combatants right after you in the initiative order.

>> No.76557142

>be me, forever DM
>be not me, human fighter/barbarian, firbolg cleric, tiefling sorcerer, dragonborn homebrew pally, half-elf conquest pally
>end of three year campaign where the entire time the young dukes sister is crushing HARD on the half elf
>party defeats the BBEG but took some bumps along the way
>firbolg was feebleminded and reverted back to cow mind
>he was fixed and the bad guy is dead
>he kingdom give us some shit land and money
>whole time dukes sister is a pile of raging hormones for handsome half elf
>celebrations begin and duke sister makes the move on the half elf
>no joy as the pally doesn't want to sully his order
>okay cool
>conquest pally goes on adventures to conquer more evils
>decides to settle down
>asks to see if he could court the sister
>oh sorry dude she got married like a year ago
>i as a DM, since you're retired you could still have relations
>player, no that's not what he would do
>other player, dude oath of the conquest
>entire table erupts in laughter

best way to cap off a campaign

>> No.76557196


>> No.76557209

No, just only funny if you were there I bet. I'm a pure blooded 'merican and I understood it fine despite having an IQ equivalent to a brick's weight.

>> No.76557219

*Sigh* I just want to be a Shield Master Monk...

>> No.76557250

I'm a weak, frumpy nerd, will a himbo marry me??

>> No.76557276

That would be bad. Where is the synergy? The one thing a monk does not need help with is utilizing their bonus action, open palm has prone condition covered, and monks eventually get evasion anyway as well.

>> No.76557277

Himbos are horny for the person in you, Anon, not your outer appearance. :)

>> No.76557323

Just dip one level in monk for unarmed fighting and do the rest in... Probably fighter. Or take the unarmed combat style.

>> No.76557346

I've been out of the 5e loop for a while now. Would rolling a thief for a combat focused game be a one way ticket for uselessness? I don't want to force the flow of the game to a halt whenever I do my thing, but maybe I'm forgetting something crucial about that flow in the first place. I'm under the impression that it heavily depends on how important items as a whole will be, and how much our GM will indulge me with locks and traps.

>> No.76557354

RAW you cannot use a shield and use martial arts

>> No.76557357

Base rogue is still solid in combat no matter what anon.

>> No.76557370

Anyone can get thieves tools proficiency, don't play a rogue just for that

>> No.76557375

If by 'thief' you mean 'rogues you'll be aight in combat. If the DM doesn't give you traps or pockets to pick, well that sucks.

>> No.76557380

Carry around caltrops, ball bearings, and hunting traps to use with your bonus action, anon.

>> No.76557389

dippers get the rope

>> No.76557397

Good, chewing tobacco is disgusting

>> No.76557433

Astrology fans everywhere seething

>> No.76557441


>> No.76557468

what the fuck is "italian ice"

>> No.76557483

Does anybody know of any expanded gear lists that are not dandwiki bad? (Sure, I could easily homebrew a buckler or whatever, but why bother if there's already a good suplement out there)

>> No.76557484

Frozen Spaghetti and meatballs

>> No.76557493

ice is water (h2o) cooled down to below 0 degrees
italian is an adjective denoting something comes from or relates to Italy
hope this has been helpful

>> No.76557498

Ice, but with garlic.

>> No.76557554

I just want a cool mount and want to do cool mounted things

>> No.76557558

False, water can still be in liquid form below 0c at nonstandard pressures

>> No.76557573

I like rogues and thieves in general, but I also like the idea of specialized subclasses, the guy who can do that one thing very well. Hell I even liked the underdog angle at first, seeing how there's subclasses with greater combat potential. Then the "forever DM finally gets to play" paranoia set in and I started worrying about being the weak element of the party.
So thanks for the advice anons, I'll turn the DM vision off and just worry about filling my backpack with fun shit to throw at the enemy.

>> No.76557589

dob't care
didn't ask

>> No.76557590

Then take the Mounted Combatant feat, anon. It's there for a reason.

>> No.76557610

You don't need to ask to be corrected for being wrong.

>> No.76557618

Dip 3 level onto fighter for their sub class

>> No.76557627


>> No.76557639

Dip your head into a bucket of sodium hydroxide for me

>> No.76557654

Mounted Combatant's a feat, and get a mount. Do people forget that you can buy mounts? You don't need a class to get access to a War Horse or anything.

>> No.76557695

The only kind of scaling you are gonna get is out of going paladin, unless your DM lets you get monstrous mounts

>> No.76557717

rippers get the dope

>> No.76557758

You could make the mount a sidekick and it could get better that way.

>> No.76557788

new bred

>> No.76557806

Yes but you have to dom

>> No.76557809


>> No.76557810


>> No.76557820

No, that's where I got the ones I got
He's missing some and doesn't give the original sauce he got them from

>> No.76557835

Shield Bash, Attack Attack is ideal but not RAW.
Attack, Shield Bash, Attack is still pretty solid. Especially if the Rogue goes before they can stand up.

>> No.76558067

this seems wrong

>> No.76559622

>mfw I didn't plan well last year and my players ended up running curse of strahd around christmas/new years

In my star wars game I want to rip the Holiday special

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