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>That title
Perfect, have you figured out your knightly code?

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It's the last good Paper Mario game. It may not have reached the heights of TTYD but it's certainly got a lot of merit in its own right, even if it heavily deviates from the original gameplay style

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Do we have Jumps for any 2000 era Newgrounds Flash games?

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I would like to see the spies as companions. I wonder what wort of hi-jinks they would get up to in the chain. Didn't they add a 4th spy near the end of the show?

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We got any perks for helping people back into sanity or for removing any mental damage?

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Where can one get perks to make their weapons weightless, or severely reduced in weight?

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What jumps have some stuff that would synergize well with JoJo's Hamon?

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Your pic immediately reminded me of the fact that Synchronizer from Tsukihime is a thing; it grants your bodily fluids immense healing properties, including repairing insanity and the like.

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Cthulhu Saves The World
>100 cp - Insanity Slash
>As a being of great and terrible power, you have a habit of driving others insane through any number of methods. Hit them with your sword? Insane. Flirt with them? Insane. With this, you also have an instinctive knowledge in exactly how much a person can take before you tip them over the edge. Comes with both a small amount of knowledge on how to give them one final push, and on how to drag them back to sanity.
Also the EVO Search For Eden perk that makes you a fount of hope and good.

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Maybe? I think there was a blue one that was around from time to time.
The Totally Spies jump is...how to put it, it's clearly an older jump. Like you've gotta drop 600 CP to grab all three girls.

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Sun Flames from Hitman Reborn

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I just want them as a group companion. They deserve to be together.
>Alex is best tomboy to have fun with
>Sam is kinky nerd
>Clover is going to cuck you

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In Coiling Dragon that's a basic technique that pretty much every warrior learns once they hit the Saint level, making it so their weapons hit with massive force as if they weighed a great deal while swinging them around as if they had no weight at all.

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isn't she the one that constantly gets mind controlled and put into compromising situations?

>> No.76450349

She always seemed like the bitchy one and her voice was annoying as hell too.

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Like I said. Best.
I mean everybody gets hit with the mind control stick in Totally Spies, but of the three it was kinda Sam's thing
You're thinking Clover m8

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>You're thinking Clover m8
Nope. I know exactly who I'm talking about.

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There's one for Epic Battle Flash

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Well you know what anon? You're entitled to your opinion

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Being Kryptonian seems like it would synergize

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Nah mate, you don't want a perk like that. You want a perk that lets you use weapons regardless of weight. I don't know where to get any of those though.

My mainstay weapon is a sword shaped hole in the universe

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What are some versatile magic systems that are, for lack of a better way to phrase it, fun?
Like, the system itself is just enjoyable in some fashion.

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Group companion, with an extra stippen for their mothers too?

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That's fair. Same to you, dude.

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What do I name my Umbreon to avoid getting bullied.

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Huh, I forgot their moms looked just like them. I worry about a Jenny/Joy situation happening in the future.

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Why would anyone bully you over your Pokemon's nickname?

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Elder Scrolls magic is pretty fun in that you can make custom spells that have a bunch of effects at once who's magnitude, length, area of effect, means of transmission and so on you can customize

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Solar exalt? Being a Sun Bro from Dark Souls?

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That's basically any magic system with spell creation, TEStard.

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Yes. As the smart, responsible one, she got hit with mind control the most often.

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Any jump that lets you breathe better

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Damn. Maybe I could have the moms as a separate group slot. Likewise Generic Fantasy RPG has a drawback to summon your mom as a permanent companion. Could just use that on them and have their moms show up several jumps later.
>I worry about a Jenny/Joy situation happening in the future.
I really like that. I made my own versions of Nurse Joy to work the hospitals in my pocket real. But I am hard pressed if they should stay dressed as nurses or sexy nuns and be church healers.

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I haven't seen too many magic systems with custom spell making

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Just be a cute fuckboy like that triple agent in that one two-parter episode, then you can be Clover’s bull. Blonde bitches love that Tuxedo Mask energy.

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How far are you willing to stretch the definition of "magic system"?

Regarding direct and actual magic systems, and looking through my own chain...
>Miracles from Dark Souls are literally weaponized myths/stories that you believe in enough, which can be pretty fun if you play with it
>I'm not sure if it's Kaibautism or not but Yu-Gi-Oh magic seems to be Children's Card Game Bullshit on every level
>Fairy Tail magic depends on what form of magic you practice, but can be a lot of fun itself
>Libriomancer has the litular libriomancy, which is literally weaponizing literature-and is therefore pretty damn fun
>Supernatural has magic that can be both fun and exploitable, but that means having to endure the setting of Supernatural which itself is a massive downside
>Various LoZ jumps have magic songs and the like-which can be fun to play with

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I would like to see the spies fight Gohan in a tournament and somehow Gohan fails so fucking hard that he gets kidnapped, tied up, bamboozled by laser mirrors and chased out of the episode by Mandy riding a yeti instead of them.

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Just as a public service announcement I would like to remind everyone that there's a Lara Croft AI just hanging out in Totally Spies

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Why does she look huggable bros?

>> No.76450571

>Libriomancer has the litular libriomancy, which is literally weaponizing literature-and is therefore pretty damn fun

>inb4 REEing about old jumps

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Because you're lonely

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What the fuck? I don't know how I feel about this.
Reminder that the olny way to pick up the milf Drew Saturday is by jumping Ben 10.

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You say Lara Croft, but for some reason all I can see is a younger version of Ash's mom.

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I like that gif, thank you

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>I can see is a younger version of Ash's mom.
Ash's mom is hot and does have money. Maybe Ash needs a new daddy and his mom needs to go on an adventure.

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>Ash's mom is hot and does have money
She a sugarmomma?

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A reminder that there is a tan nurse joy who was strong enough to lift a magikarp the size of a car with little effort.

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Have them alternate their clothes every Sunday.

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Far as I remember she also has dat anime stamina and would regularly kayak between the orange islands as part of her duty. Y'know, through oceanic currents and such the likes that would take a particularly persistent Snorlax to match with sheer physicals alone.

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And she does it all with a smile.

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Great idea
This just makes me want to companion a Nurse Joy even more and turn her into a battle priest or some other type of healer. What would she be? Cleric, paladin, druid with pokemon alt forms?
Early show Nurse Joy was the best Joy.

>> No.76450681

You're welcome

>> No.76450693

Druid probably fits the best, but I personally like the cleric just cause I enjoy women that are ready to smite a bitch.

>> No.76450695

I still don't know what was up with the introduction of midget Joys.

>> No.76450748

While doing a search to find out what you're talking about, I instead found this.

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but why

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I mean, you have to admit that Jessie's hair is only a few shade's off from Jenny-pink. So maybe her parents thought she was a Jenny-type human at first?

>> No.76450774

She didn't have the grades or money to go to a normal nursing school. Apparently she did really well, but because she lacked the pokemon moves like chansey, she didn't graduate.

>> No.76450776

Honestly, I just love the fact that that means Chanseys are considered medical professionals equal to humans. It's great

>> No.76450779

Firebending? They draw strength from the sun and their own chi as I believe.

>> No.76450784

Jessie's parent were team rocket members that went MIA when she was a child, putting her in a cheap orphanage.

>> No.76450791

I like and and saving. Thank you.
And I can see her as both a cleric and a druid. What would my Officer Jenny be? A Warrior or Paladin?
I remember that.
Because Jessie wanted to be a nurse but couldn't make it. So she signed up for assistant not knowing it was a Chansey only class. But somehow got accepted.

>> No.76450795

Then clearly the orphanage thought she was a Jenny-type human. If anything, it makes MORE sense due to that.

>> No.76450800

I'm more surprised to find out that the Chansey drink out of cups honestly.

>> No.76450810

Paladin for sure. With expert riding skills.

>> No.76450823

Also, gentle reminder: humans in Pokemon aren't humans, they're Pokemon that look and act like humans. It's canonical to their lore.

>> No.76450860

Devil Fruit Jumpers, which one did you take?

>> No.76450863

Anyone know where I can find magic that can repair buildings and roads, so on and so forth? I have magic that can repair items, and of course heal people, but nothing for infrastructure and that sort of thing. While I do have perks that can fix damage from fights, I've got nothing for damage by natural disasters or accidents or that sort of thing.

>> No.76450865

Uh, you got any examples?

These all seem pretty good. Thank you.

>> No.76450866

I know what you're saying, but the way you say it makes them sound more like pod people imposters replacing humans than actual beings.
It's more accurate to just say that pokemon humans aren't normal homosapiens as like here, they're instead pokemon too.

>> No.76450875

Shit, there's an idea for my time in the Pokemon Anime jump.

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Harry Potter. Though technically that never actually appears in the series proper, but it does show up in Fantastic Beasts, so it’s basically the same tning

>> No.76450884

Yeah, that's a better way of putting it.

I'm bad at explaining things at times.

>> No.76450887

I usually don't take one, that disadvantages outweigh the benefits in my opinion, and I don't want to end up looking like weirdo which seems inevitable for devil fruit users. I usually just stick with Haki.

>> No.76450894

Wow, HP magic really is the best when it comes to utilitarian needs. Thanks, anon!

>> No.76450902

The perk Mending from Wonderland No More lets your healing magic affect inanimate objects. It's by far the best option for magically repairing massive areas, since finding massive AOE healing magic is significantly easier.

You could try GURPS? Anything is possible with the Ritual Path Magic system on offer in GURPS Monster Hunter, and the Rebuild spell from the default magic system works on anything nonmagical.

>> No.76450917

Risty Mega Evolution when?

>> No.76450938

Officially none, but technically "yes", because interesting workarounds.
Got an updating collection item fairly early in the chain that just happens to reasonably cover Devil Fruit, so Jumper has access to whichever one(s) they might want or need at a given moment, without that sea vulnerability being fiat-backed, so any one fruit can be freely modified to do even more zany stuff than they already do without having to exhydrate the local planetary atmosphere on principle.

>> No.76450969

>[150]Dawn Dragon Pendant:This hand-crafted white necklace sports a charm featuring the divine dragon ancestor of the Hoshidan royal bloodline. Not just a lovely piece of jewelry, this symbol possesses a holy power befitting the Kingdom of Light. It will occasionally give off pulses that slightly heal all allies on a given battlefield over time. Be aware that your enemies with keen senses will be able to observe this healing energy and identify where it's coming from.
Anyone know how big a battlefield is in Fire Emblem?

>> No.76450972

I'll be sure to head there and grab that as well, in that case, since that does sound pretty useful. As for GURPS, I actually haven't been to those jumps yet, so I'll have to give them a look. In any case, thank you for telling me about them, anon!

>> No.76450999

No problem.

... If you're okay with something that isn't magic, the absolute best healing perk around is I Am Not A Gun from The Iron Giant. The perk fix things by damaging them. It can do some neat things, like fixing windows by smashing them with a hammer, or repairing an entire city in a single instant by dropping nukes on it

>> No.76451012

One of the 100 items in Fate Baguette

>> No.76451018

>... If you're okay with something that isn't magic, the absolute best healing perk around is I Am Not A Gun from The Iron Giant. The perk fix things by damaging them. It can do some neat things, like fixing windows by smashing them with a hammer, or repairing an entire city in a single instant by dropping nukes on it
That seems like the kind of OC nonsense that SB would come up with.

>> No.76451053

The GBA ones sometimes where big enough to have multiple villages or mountain ranges on them

>> No.76451068

Oh wow. I wasn't expecting it to be that large. Thanks

>> No.76451071

At least it did to me but the jump is old as fuck and from here iirc

>> No.76451078

I didn't even know we had an Iron Giant jump! I don't mind it not being magic, I was just looking for a magic solution because I have a bunch of magic boosters. That might work as well if it's any kind of damage/attack. Thank you again anon, I'll be sure to give that a look, especially since I really enjoyed that movie as a kid. Still do now, really.

>> No.76451091

Oh yeah, we've had an Iron Giant jump for years. It's in the Imaged folder

>> No.76451097

Search Fire Emblem GBA map on images to get an idea. Then again, that item is for Fates and I'm not sure how big maps are in there

>> No.76451138

A very short search for Fire Emblem Fates Maps shows that it varies from smaller than a building to a entire mountain range. Possibly larger, as I only looked at the first few pictures

Thanks again

>> No.76451139

rent free

>> No.76451168

Varies by map and unique mechanics. Could be anything as small as a city block or two to as large an area as to take nearly a day to traverse, even by horseback.
Maps in the Thracia games were notorious for being fucken huge in general, both in tile count and that they were outdoor maps which scale more per tile than indoor or even small town skirmishes. Some of the more recent games also have you defend points you'd recently captured, which on their previous map can be as small as a single tile fort or 3x3-ish castle/keep.
Fire Emblem Three Houses has sub-tiles you can scroll over when the camera is zoomed in, which one could argue make a better measuring stick for terrain in general. Maybe something like 10x10 meters for any given tile in a skirmish in that game.Alternatively, crunch how far you can move a horse across a map with the day/night cycles the 3DS games' engines had and work from there for some estimates against the outdoor maps size.

Fates in particular had some reasonably sized maps like most of a castle rampart, the town hall of a place vaguely Venice-inspired, and an entire mountain temple staged over several upward floors of rooms. You can probably cover most fortified structures, as well as a fair radius around them if nothing else. And that nexus between all reality where you fight what was basically Infinite Anankos before Infinite Zamasu was a thing.


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What sorts of races did you import into Dwarf Fortress just for the hell of it?

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>> No.76451233

>Bloodborne boss music starts playing

>> No.76451258

A Clear Conscience from Once Upon a Time:
>You're incredibly gifted at helping people deal with psychological problems and guiding
>them when they have trouble making a difficult decision. No matter what the issue is, you
>can think of some way to help anyone who's willing to accept it, and you're good at subtly
>helping those not that aren't.

>> No.76451303

Undead giant elephant sponges.

>> No.76451310

Could be worse.
Could be undead giant elephant spooges

>> No.76451330

Jumpers, which of your powers are the most blatant cheats? The ones that if informed about them would make others cough up blood at the sheer unfairness of such a power?

>> No.76451385

So far, Cuckoo Child from Monogatari.
It is basically makes any physical or spiritual damage moot unless the attacker manages to instantly obliterate my soul.

>> No.76451404

Probably my Inner World from Exalted: Infernals. Especially since I and my companions all took the perk that lets you count your Inner World as a spirit's sanctum, complete with fusing them together into a shared universe. Having our own private universe to retreat to or draw on the resources of tends to overwhelm people.

>> No.76451419


>> No.76451431

Being able to level up all classes in any RPG system at the same time with no level cap. And getting x40^10 exp per kill when bored and more if I really wanted to.

>> No.76451498

>Cuckoo Child
But does it let you summon a swarm of chickens to attack your enemies?

>> No.76451524

The fact that I can do the things I do, purely through skill. That or infinite prismatic spheres. Or my gacha. Or all my harem/leadership/strategy perks.

>> No.76451525

The Triad Prana from Sidekick. Basically, I can at will create any powers I want, hold onto them permanently, and my power will give me the best power I need at the time automatically. I can also give others perks or powers or skills without permanently losing any of them. But wait, that's just the First Prana. With the Second Prana, I can also copy the powers of others, massively amplify the powers of others, and also recharge my own powers. I can also control and manipulate the powers of others. And speaking of, the Third Prana lets me straight up permanently weaken or nullify the powers of others, as well as allowing me to perfectly possess someone without any chance of fighting me off or resist or attempt to speak to me. And also I can't be possessed or controlled either. Also my powers can't be sealed, removed, weakened, copied, suppressed, stolen, replicated, or mimicked in any way, shape, or form.

Did I mention that all of this comes with the 'side' benefit of ridiculous speed, strength, durability, and city busting energy attacks? Because by the by, it does.

>> No.76451527

How much contempt does Ligier have towards Malfeas and how hard would it be to get him to follow his favorite child/apprentice onto a chain rather than stick with the diminished version of the cosmic emperor?

>> No.76451540

Gym Runner. I have gotten so many angry looks from people realizing that I can fit an entire day's exercise routine into a single burpee

>> No.76451548

A lot of contempt. However, it would still be very hard to get him to come with you. A Fetich Soul can't just up and leave, it's the core of its Yozi. Ligier would need to undergo some serious metaphysical changes to be able to leave. And yeah, you could argue that the fiat nature of Jumpchain would allow him to skip those, but he wouldn't know for sure that would be the case, and that worry could keep him from going for it without a lot of convincing.

>> No.76451549

T. guy who's about to lose to the power of friendship

>> No.76451555

There is absolutely zero respect between the two, he's more or less the embodiment of Malfy's self-loathing and Malfyboy has a fucking lot of that.

>> No.76451565

>implying I haven't already accounted for the power of friendship and that I'm not about to pull an Orochimaru/Aizen
Sure, they'll foil me now. But I'll outlive them.

>> No.76451650

All The World’s Evils
>Can’t die unless evil & sin as a concept is ceases to exist
>Allies of heroes get increasingly mad when their plans to remove those concepts are sabotaged by Jumper dumps mud onto them and manipulates them into becoming increasingly unhinged edgelords to spread more evil

>> No.76451675

I'm not that far into my chain, so I'd proably go with Hollywood Hacker

>Other Hacker: -has to do hacker things like phish for passwords and crack passcodes (I know nothing about actual hacking)
>Jumper Hacker: inhfirjgjntenrhgrhgjtri - I'm in.

>> No.76451728

How would Solars react to me having far beyond perfect skills?

>> No.76451735


>> No.76451744

Oh hey, I'm in that. I didn't know someone made a screencap of that discussion.
Also, something else just occurred to me. If humans are Pokemon, then that means they lay eggs. And also that they can probably breed with certain Pokémon.

>> No.76451758

Something something Vaporeon copypasta

>> No.76451780

I really need to figure out a combination of perks so that anyone I impregnate gives birth to an egg that hatches into a fully grown, fully capable adult.

>> No.76451784

How is the Greek update going Val? Did you finish the summaries yet?

>> No.76451792

Every time you ask it gets delayed for another week.

>> No.76451798

Think you could use The Sanctioned Action from K6BD to sever him from Malfeas?
Would that induce fetich death?

>> No.76451801

Oh that's easy. Go to Alien Vs Predator as a Xenomorph

>> No.76451809


>> No.76451817

I've definitely been working hard on it and I've definitely fully read everything I was meant to by now. There's absolutely no way I just played Cyberpunk the entire weekend for 30+ hours and forgot to actually work on my jumps.


>> No.76451828

What the hell am I looking at, do I even wanna know?

>> No.76451831

At least you didn't stop working on your jumps just because you're homeless and sick like some spineless tosser who posts here sometimes.

>> No.76451835

>There's absolutely no way I just played Cyberpunk the entire weekend for 30+ hours and forgot to actually work on my jumps.
I know you're telling the truth, because Cyberpunk can't run for that long without collapsing into a glitchy singularity and devouring your PC.

>> No.76451839

What a shtory Mawrk

>> No.76451850


>> No.76451851

Just google "vaporeon copypasta" if you really wanna know.

tl;dr people are horny for Vaporeon.

>> No.76451860

Vaporeon: The Full Thesis

Hey, did you know that in terms of male human and female Pokémon breeding, Vaporeon is the most compatible Pokémon for humans? Not only are they in the field egg group, which is mostly comprised of mammals, Vaporeon are an average of 3"03' tall and 63.9 pounds. this means they're large enough to be able to handle human dicks, and with their impressive Base stats for HP and access to Acid Armor, you can be rough with one. Due to their mostly water based biology, there's no doubt in my mind that an aroused Vaporeon would be incredibly wet, so wet that you could easily have sex with one for hours without getting sore. They can also learn the moves Attract, Baby-Doll eyes, Captivate, Charm and Tail Whip along with not having fur to hide nipples, so it'd be incredibly easy for one to get you in the mood. With their abilities Water Absorb and Hydration, they can easily recover from fatigue with enough water. No other Pokémon comes close with this level of compatibility. Also, fun fact, if you pull out enough, you can make your Vaporeon turn white. Vaporeon is literally built for human dick. Ungodly defense stat + high HP pool + Acid Armor means it can take cock all day, all shapes and sizes and still come for more.

However, screw the female version. You get those same ol' two holes in literally everything else. The male Vappy is the real star of the show.

Those long slippery dicks; they have full mobility control and like a tentacle are the perfect ass filler for the ultimate in-deep reaching experience nothing else could possibly provide. Naturally lubed at all times due to their aquatic hydrodynamic nature, you can pull out anywhere to the side of the road or go into a public restroom at the beach; get each other aroused, and have the fuck of a lifetime. The extraordinary squishyness of the Vappy alone rubbing against you would be enough to lose yourself in pleasure as it simply mounts you.

>> No.76451870

Let alone as that perfect tool of pleasure slips into you, it's ability to snake around your bends and its perfect length make it seem that a Vappy dick was made specifically for your booty. Enjoy the feeling of being completely filled while also being able to see it if you have a tight tummy.

And that's only the dick; due to having internal balls, they're much bigger and pack a lot more cream to load you up with, along with having muscles around them to make sure every drop comes out while also being a lot more powerful than any external balls could ever hope to achieve, giving you a deep, complete filling to rock your world to your literal core, and beyond.

There's still more though; due to having a thick, powerful tail connected from their back and front, that means all their fun stuff is on the front and easy to access. Meaning, if you were even comfortable with having your dick point backwards (takes some training), you can be fucked, while also fucking your Vappy at the same time! Meowth, that's fucking right!

But, but, but! There's still fucking more! Like, holy shit, male Vaps are the gods of fuck. While you're fucking your male Vappy, possibly while also being fucked by him, their booty is on their tail at the base, which is the thickest part, because that's where the biggest muscles are. This means that while your dick is in there, it's being fucking massaged, better than even a vag could achieve! Agh! It should be fucking illegal because how amazing male Vaps are for fuck!

>> No.76451880

Well guess what? That only covered you being a softy, wholesome fucker like me. That's right. There's. Even. Fucking. More! Say you like to be a little restrained: you don't need a Sylveon's feelers for that, or an Umbreon/Espeon's psychic powers, or Leafeon's vines. Vappies got that shit covered too! Did you even see that tail?! It's basically a boa constrictor. In a non-sexual sense, it's my favorite part of a Vappy. It's basically their main part about them. But, if you want them to, it can be a super useful tool to enhance your knotty experience with them. Despite the slippyness, you won't be going anywhere if the Vappy wraps you up in that thing.

Are you a super kinkster? Do you like pure fantasy fetishes that aren't possible IRL? Such as, say, soft vore? Well guess fucking what. It just became possible! They can be solid as they pass your lips (past where your eyes can see them) and turn into water as they enter you, allowing them to fit perfectly, 'cuz nothing fits into any spot more perfectly than water, except air like a ghost type. But who wants to do knotty shit with air? You can't feel it unless it's moving; you can always feel liquids. Speaking of liquids, even if you're a weirdo who likes digestion, don't worry about killing them with absorption. Eventually, they'll come back out and be able to reform like nothing happened. Speaking of hurting them, if you get too rough, or you're a horrible abusive asshole to them on purpose for your own pleasure (QnQ), they can just turn to water and reform back to their completely unscathed body, making scars or missing pieces a thing of the past!

I would love to say there's even more you can do with them, but the possibilities are damn near endless. Use your imagination. But if you get one, you better show this god of fuck the respect it deserves. Umbreons maybe my favorite but, damn, Vappies really want to get that top spot from me. It's a really close call.

>> No.76451890

Alright, 'fess up.

Which category is you.

>> No.76451895

What's the context behind penis2? I have inexplicably completely missed any of the hype behind this game, and as such know nothing about it beyond it's constant delays

>> No.76451898

I am going to need a lot of context for that last category. I vaguely remember a webcomic talking about cybernetic genitals in Cyberpunk '77, was that not a joke? And what makes a Penis^2? What is the cube of a penis?

>> No.76451901

Haven't even got the game yet, too many bugs and despite having decent hardware I've got very little confidence in my PC due to strangely low performance for the parts I used.

2077 jump when tho?

>> No.76451905

First mainstream game with gentical customization

>> No.76451906

Enough that some of Malfeas’ own charms compares it to a form of madness in itself.

>how hard
Unclear, but likely an epic quest in itself. Ligier takes a great amount of pride in being the fetich of the Demon Emperor despite his animosity towards Malfeas proper, metaphysical changes aside. There will likely be a substantial amount of animosity from the discovery that an Infernal’s nature eventually turns around the extremely strict caste system of Hell on it’s head by letting Infernals eventually ascened beyond their Yozi masters, when the Infernals’ current status as roughly equal to 2CDs of the same sentence, only truly answerable to their own patrons’ souls and otherwise extremely privileged in Hell’s hierarchy was a controversial decision during the committee planning stage of the Reclamation’s design. The idea of 3CDs leaving their patrons behind seems to be an extremely rare occurrence given how the only known example is that former 3CD hunter god who gave up his status to be pals with Luna. Of course, being Exalted and everything challenging what’s possible is kind of in your wheelhouse-you’re just up against some extreme gentrification, metaphysical psychosis and p r i d e

>not Sekiro boss music

ONE OF US aside, the majority of Solars don’t actually have the time or resources to do nothing but TRAIN TO PERFECTION IN EVERYTHING like uh, Goku or cultivators in the Age of Sorrows. Until further evidence emergences and all things being equal, they’d likely respect you as apparently an elder Solar.

>played Cyberpunk
I wouldn’t be surprised if Nasu straight up puts some Cyberpunk references in FGO down the line, with how robot-based the Olympians turned out to be. Maybe that’ll be the canon explaination for Hercules’ God Hand: His nanomachines harden in response to physical AND conceptual trauma.

>> No.76451909

So the first picture implies you can be a loli criminal in this game. Tell me more, please?

>> No.76451918

>loli criminal
Not an option, sadly. Believe me, I share your enthusiasm for the concept.

>> No.76451921

So they couldn't fix all the bugs but they could add a genital customization feature?

>> No.76451922

Hmm. That’s a tough contest. I would say-the ones that render me less of an opponent and more of an existential experience.

I Wanna Be The Strongest Hero (Medaka Box) alone isn’t that “blood coughingly” aggravating. No, it’s having Realism Lifehack and the boosted version of The Age of Jumper (FGO) along with Wordbound: Narrativium (In Nomine). Coupled with Writ of Worlds and Primordial Psychologist (Infernals) plus Mind of the Sun w. Unconquered (Solars) giving me the knowledge basis to inscribe my name-body into the Life Equation (DC: The Fourth World), Jumperswarm (Dual Terminal part 2), The Unmitigated Greed of Larfleeze: Life (Larfleeze), Re-Birth (Cardfight Vanguard), Powerful Soul (Anima Beyond Fantasy) and Will to Kill w. Demiurge (KSBD) giving me extreme strength of spirit beyond even the Vastness miraculous arc from Chuubo, and using Temple of Thought (Binbougami-ga) to syncretise that status of unity with the Source with other forms of secondhand divinity like BEYOND (Jorge Joestar) or Aspect of God (Unsong) plus The Ace (Chuubo) letting me wield Mythos Complementation (basically, the power to preordain someone-implicitly, could be yourself from the examples of Jasmine and Attaris-to a miraculously specific outcome) from the Knave of Hearts arc adroitly, I have a working mechanism for alloying supreme creative power into myself.

You know how True Darkseid’s descent was preceded by everything going wrong for his enemies, and everything right for those aligned with him, and his possibly allegorical battle with the Source before it happened? It’s like that. My Umineko sorcery being “truth” based just speeds up the process.

Though the reason I’m putting in the effort to create set of DC Crisis/Anti-Crisis Energy cultivation techniques is to continuously improve it because of how bullshit the Source is, now that DC has an omniverse as well as a regular multiverse.

>> No.76451924

Aww. Is there at least an option to be a smol flat woman?

>> No.76451932

...tl;dr: people are horny for Vaporeon.

>> No.76451942

People need to be shot

>> No.76451943

It's worth noting that the breast size option is only reflected if your character is nude, all the clothes use the medium option model no matter what you pick in character creation.

>> No.76451970

I don't see why. Ninetails is fluffier, bigger, perfectly willing to be your adoring housewife, and likely has a more pleasurable body temperature.

And then there's Arcanine, who has incredible beauty, wonderful strength, a voice that just demands you grovel before them, and the stamina to keep going all day and night. Plus they're incredibly fluffy and warm, perfect for snuggling.

>> No.76451974

Motherfucker. Saints Row allowed you to have giant tits in any clothes. How has game technology devolved?

>> No.76451983

The Daggerfall world map was bigger than England

>> No.76451987

The Daggerfall map was also almost entirely randomly generated.

>> No.76451992

Yeah, and near completely empty of actual game content. You could replace half of Daggerfall with a spreadsheet.

>> No.76452034

Silly samurai, I'm playing this on the base PS4. You think you have glitches? Get down to my level.

1. I'm finding I don't even mind the bugs that much. I crashed 4 times in one hour during plot stuff the end of the heist mission and yet I still just kept jumping back in.

It helps that the protagonist is called V and outright called Valeria at one point. I'm definitely baited into this game.

I'll have to sort out some sort of cyberpunk timeline, eh?

>> No.76452037

In GUNNM, is there actually much that's a threat if you go through all the hoops to get an Imaginos body?

>> No.76452076

I'm pretty sure the manga is still ongoing, so yes

>> No.76452090

Not on Earth. There's plenty of stuff in space that can still pose a threat to you. You're still just one human-sized robot. Even if you can spread your nanomachines and become a grey goo, there's enough firepower to burn you out and force you to reboot into a weaker form. That's what happened to Alita in the manga.

>> No.76452173

>The two of you arrive at the bronze-forged gates of the castle.
>Before your eyes lie the castle of Yellowrose, a sturdy stone fortress of the country's entrenched nobility, with six towers piercing for the heavens, blue tips contrasting the beige below.
>The princess of the keep, Elizabeth, haughtily yells, "Guards, your princess has arrived! Let me pass!"
>You hadn't expected that. Previously, she behaved timidly.
>The gates to the castle are lifted, letting the two of you pass.
>As you walk past the guards of the castle, the iron-claddened brown hard men have an expression of terror across their faces.
>Your grip on the rabbit-girl's paw subtlely shakes over your uneasiness in her sudden shift in behavior.
>You turn to face Elizabeth, asking her in a state of disbelief,
>"What was that?"
>She lifts her free hand, shaking it nonchalantly and toying her paws inward,
>"What was what?
>You hastily respond, not one to drop issues easily,
>"How you treated the guards! Their duty is to protect you! You should treat them with the respe-"
>Your speech is interrupted by the bratty bunny,
>"Why, Chara! I can tell the bloodlines must be driving you mad if you think such things! Only nobles deserve the respect of a ruler!"
>You feel the warm and fuzzy feeling that had burned hard in your chest since your first kiss burn to a crisp in light of this unforeseen behavior.
>Not wanting to press the matter further, you reluctantly agree with the princess, adjusting your beaten shirt's collar you spit,
>"You... You're right, princess. Let's just get to the bedroom..."
>The princess smiles with a look of victory plastered over her pristine face,
>"I'm glad I could help you to see the light, Chara!"
>You bite your lips at the sight of the se!fish aristocrat, nervously laughing in false agreeance with the woman's comment.

>> No.76452177 [DELETED] 

Cease tripfaggotry.

>> No.76452181

Sorry for the day of delay, I've been preoccupied with matters of personal relations and my ailments.

>> No.76452189

se!fish aristocrat?

>> No.76452207

>cyberpunk timeline
Oh yes, can’t let that evil kamen rider Odysseus go to waste. Who knows how long it’ll be before another franchise reinvents Odysseus as a cybernetically augmented supersoldier who never asked for this?
Huh. That’s wild.

Like the other anons said, Imaginos is basically the Super Saiyan of the franchise. You’re still a badass up there with that body, but there’s also nutters like the giant nanomachine penis cannon that represents the urge for sex and death, and the space karate fanatic who incorporates antimatter cannons into his attacks

Chara slaps a princess’ shit soon?

>> No.76452235

Hey Battler, quick question. I was being dumb before about Whirring Contraptions and Strong-Backed Labor, so I just want to check if I'm being dumb again.

I'm currently piddling around my Lab because it looks really, really fun and realized I need loads of Memories of Light. Like, LOADS of them. And my current options for that are A: steal Tales of Terror and convert to Compromising Docs, then convert to Memories, or B: farm Wax, Upgrade to Beetles, upgrade to Memories. And crunching the numbers tells me that converting Tales of Terror is more efficient...but will still take like two weeks to get the 2000 Memories of Light I'm looking for.

Am I being dumb again? Is there a more efficient grind?

>> No.76452277

Tales of Terror is a rock solid grind for a lot of things, yeah. Apart from the good numbers value it’ll give you a decent Making Waves boost.

Strictly speaking getting Compromising Documents from the Boxful of Intrigue carousel (https://fallenlondon.fandom.com/wiki/Write_it_all_down) might be a bit more efficient but hey, no Making Waves boost if you ever want to vote in the Elections with your Notability or do other stuff which uses your Fallen London Social Credit as a resource. Also dunno if you’ve unlocked the whole Boxful of Intrigue carousel yet. Manually buying large quantities of scarabs /might/ be a bit more action efficient too but will cost you loads of echoes.

>> No.76452292

I have not unlocked that carousel, unfortunately. Darn. Welp, looks like I found my two-week grind after all.

>> No.76452307

Depends on what your stats are. You're right that Compromising Documents are the way to go, but upconverting Tales of Terror is less efficient than options that get you the Documents directly. But those have higher skill checks. For high Stealthy you want to do Boxful of Intrigue in Spite, for high Dangerous you want to do Monster Breeding (using the Somnolent Hyena as the base monster) in the Labyrinth of Tigers. If you don't have high numbers for those stats, or haven't unlocked those carousels yet, then yeah, go steal Tales of Terror.

>> No.76452308

>Character flaw
Nothing fighting her one time without ever actually attacking her until she changes her ways and lets you end the fight won't fix! oh wait, wrong Undertale character

>> No.76452332

Do you ever feel like you should be able to come up with perks for an origin, but there's not actually much to differentiate it in-setting other than being a different faction than the protagonist's?

>> No.76452357

My stats are a bit funky, so it's probably both.

My highest stat is my Watchful, which just recently hit 150. My second highest stat is Shadowy...at 119. And my lowest stat is Dangerous, at 94. Equipment makes up for a lot of sins.

>> No.76452372

I think I know what you mean

>> No.76452386

If only the floodgates weren't on the verge of collapsing under the pressure of the flooding rain.

Nothing half-baked schemes and charisma can't 'fix'.

>> No.76452433

Yeah, equipment helps a lot. I've only recently gotten my second stat to hit two hundred. First was Watchful, second was Persuasive, now I'm grinding Dangerous and Shadowy. But I've gotten enough equipment bonuses that I can boost Dangerous by over fifty points, and Shadowy over thirty-five.

Oh, fair warning, you actually want another 1001 Memories of Light more than it looks. That's what it costs to build the Parabolan Base-Camp. Which isn't strictly speaking needed for the Laboratory, you can also just grind Parabolan Research in the Reflection of Your Laboratory, but you're going to want access to the rest of Parabola for higher-level stuff. You'll also need a Direful Reflection and an Antique Mystery. Antique Mysteries aren't hard to find, but Direful Reflections are really hard to get at low levels. I think I got mine from the 8th Day of Mr. Sacks, but I'm not sure if they're doing the Twelve Days of Mr. Sacks this year. Have a look at the wiki page, but I don't think any of these are applicable to you.


and Antique Mysteries for good measure


>> No.76452439

Half baked schemes got em into this mess

>> No.76452457

...I'm gonna be grinding for a *while*, then. Actually, fuggit; I'm gonna grind my Dangerous grabbing Rostygold first-both so my Dangerous isn't so mind-numbingly pathetic, and also so I can grab myself a Gang of Hoodlums to make the grinding for Tales of Terror somewhat easier.

>> No.76452464

...Actually, scratch that. I got all the Rostygold I needed. Now to actually *get* that gang of hoodlums!

>> No.76452483

...Also, because I'm an idiot, I forgot to mention I already have a Direful Reflection. Four of them. I...can't quite remember where I got them, but I have them. Will that be enough?

>> No.76452487

Your best bet for Direful Reflections, if they're not doing Mr. Sacks this year, is the luck-based option at Penstock's Wicket. You'll probably have unlocked that in a few days, if you've been investigating Pails of So-Called Snow.

>> No.76452507

Oh, shit, really? Yeah, you only need one. Okay, nevermind then. Just get that Antique Mystery and the Memories of Light. And Antique Mysteries are pretty easy, just befriend the Dilmun Club or do a term of office in Port Carnelian and you're good.

>> No.76452534

I've actually got a bunch of Antique Mysteries; my profession as Watcher gives me one per week, I think-and I've been a Watcher for a while now; I've got 8.

So all I need now are the Memories of Light, which I'm probably gonna have to grind for at least three or so weeks for with my current method, or somewhat less if I can get myself a Gang of Hoodlums to speed things along somewhat-but the process of getting the gang itself will likely take some time, meaning that the net grind is gonna be about the same, probably.

>> No.76452538

Cyberpunk 2077 jump?

>> No.76452545


>> No.76452548

Well... that was unexpected. She appears to be surprisingly awful, baring something like the castle having a magical snobbery curse laid upon it or something.

Ouch. I hope stuff at your end gets better soon.

>> No.76452555

This princess feels more like a tsarevna

>> No.76452565

Not from me. Way too big and I have zero interest into looking into the TTRPG

>> No.76452570

Oh, lovely. Just the Memories of Light it is. Good luck on the grinding, Nyanko.

>> No.76452623

Also, scratch the 8 part; I now have 1, and a Primeval Hint. Because I figure; I'm gonna get three-four, maybe even five more Mysteries by the time my Memories of Light grind is over anyways, and I didn't have any Primeval Hints-and it's always good to at least have one of any given resource, if not vastly more.

>> No.76452745

Hey guys, did you know that in terms of male human and female Pokémon breeding, Vaporeon is the most compatible Pokémon for humans? Not only are they in the field egg group, which is mostly comprised of mammals, Vaporeon are an average of 3"03' tall and 63.9 pounds. this means they're large enough to be able to handle human dicks, and with their impressive Base Stats for HP and access to Acid Armor, you can be rough with one. Due to their mostly water based biology, there's no doubt in my mind that an aroused Vaporeon would be incredibly wet, so wet that you could easily have sex with one for hours without getting sore. They can also learn the moves Attract, Baby-Doll Eyes, Captivate, Charm, and Tail Whip, along with not having fur to hide nipples, so it'd be incredibly easy for one to get you in the mood. With their abilities Water Absorb and Hydration, they can easily recover from fatigue with enough water. No other Pokémon comes close to this level of compatibility. Also, fun fact, if you pull out enough, you can make your Vaporeon turn white.

>> No.76452765

It's not a perk but a Solar Exalt canonically has charms for fixing insanity and mental issues in the medicine and (iirc) performance charm sets. Takes about an hour to do unless you have other methods to shorten it or stunt it.

>> No.76452769

Yes, yes well done we've all seen the copypasta but which Pokemon has the best compatibility for BTFOing Gohan?

>> No.76452788

Zombie from SDS combo'd with Pristine (from pathfinder kingmaker) and the Nirvana perk (chinese myth). Together I'm immune to poison and disease, and immortal regenerator with nigh-instantaneous regenreation which cannot be slowed or stopped (on account of being immune to curses and cursed wounds via Pristine) and with the only weakness being attacks on my soul... which is utterly immune to any attack or harm thanks to Nirvana. Also, Nirvana makes it impossible to trap me if I don't want to be trapped.

Taken all together it's effectively impossible to put me down, kill me, or seal me away.

>> No.76452809

Ghost types since he cant punch them

>> No.76452833

You really do love Gohan, don't you?

>> No.76452839

I always forget about the Triad Prana. I remember reading Sidekicks and actually really liking the setting (I liked both of Darkslug's apprentices, both the short chick with the skirt and the actual protagonist chick), but I remember reading the jump document and thinking to myself "there is no fucking way I would do this jump and not take the Triad Prana". They're so fucking busted that I simply cannot imagine not taking them, and I likewise cannot imagine there being any narrative arc going forward in the chain beyond "I win everything forever" because of them. The only other jumps in the same category for me are Flow (with the It Was Fate perk) and The Record Of A Fallen Vampire jump (with Black Swan)

>> No.76452861

Ghost/Psychic or Ghost/Poison for maximum effectiveness I would assume. Or Fairy/Poison maybe? Isn't Fairy very strong in Pokemon for some reason?

Only a Sith confuses extremes of hate with love. Well, the Sith and Rey Skywalker.

>> No.76452863

What's this perk from? It sounds super useful.

>> No.76452872


>> No.76452874

So, Ani actually really hated Padme?

>> No.76452887

Well he did try to choke her when she was pregnant.

>> No.76452894

Well, he went from "Let's rule the galaxy together!" to "You're with him! YOU BROUGHT HIM HERE TO KILL ME" and choking on a dime just from seeing Obi-Wan dong his Chad power stance on her ship instead of, y'know, reading her mind with his mind powers or whatever which I posit speaks volumes about the Sith mental instability.

>> No.76452902

Cyberpunk is rather infamous for having the Mr. Stud cybernetic implant as a canon thing in the actual tabletop game even back when it first came out decades ago. so the fact you can customize your wang doesn't surprise me even slightly.

>> No.76452913


...And I need eight Uses of Villains in order to finish putting together my Gang of Hoodlums, as well as five Criminal Favors. Welp, back to Wilmot's End with me!

>> No.76452916

Not really, Ani was already slipping because Padme was already horrified and wanting no part of his insane idea of mass murder to keep her safe. Obi-Wan turning up was just the final straw.

>> No.76452922

Not sure if it was because of Hayden's lobotomised acting or me forgetting, but I swear Anakin went from confused disappointment to murderous rage very, very quckly

>> No.76452962

There's no reason for anyone to not take them in the jump barring not wanting that level of power. It only costs 1200, which might sound like a lot, but it basically gives you anything else the jump has to offer and more, and only requires 200cp of drawbacks in a jump with piss easy drawbacks even without being the most powerful thing in the setting by leagues.

>> No.76452978

What would the Dragonblooded/Sidereals think about a Solar who was very interested in committing genocide against them for the whole Usurpation thing? What would the other Solars think about him?

>> No.76453004

>What would the Dragonblooded/Sidereals think about a Solar who was very interested in committing genocide against them for the whole Usurpation thing?
epic anathema moment

>> No.76453044

Reminder that Brandon Sanderson himself has written basically a how-to win at Black without being an edgy idiot gudebook, specifically to shit on Liliana.

The Chad Davriel
>has a contract with dozens of demons at the same time, bamboozles them all
>has a literal semen demon trying to get his dick
>has an actual cool power
>chills in his mansion all day while drying tea that his peasants bring him
>just tells the voice in his head to fuck off or just makes fun of it
>has a cool cloak
The virgin Liliana
>sold her soul to four demons so she cold live longer, even though she's from a plane where there are multiple ways of getting immortality
>tries to fuck the demons over, becomes a dragon's bitch in the end
>the only person interested in her is a pasty nerd, gets dumped in favor of gorgon puss
>has the most basic black ability in the multiverse
>voice in her head has been tormenting her for decades and whines and complains against it
>has no home of her own, drinks wine like the single cat lady she is
>draws power from a hijab that slowly murders her

>> No.76453089

Just so you know, anyone who failed Don't Defecate December isn't getting a chain this year either.

>> No.76453106

The Dragonblooded unironically already believe this for the most part. The Sidereals would likely be more surprised that the Solar actually knew enough about them to care, and would likely ramp up the astrology dickery to send a few Wyld Hunt's towards the Solar.

>> No.76453192


>> No.76453201

Hey guys, honest question: do we have any jumps that have actual gangs of dangerous wild lolis?

>> No.76453261

I am jumping MCU, and grabbed both Augmented and Blessed by the gods, how strong will that make me?

>> No.76453267

thx for your post, i didn't know him really well, and now informed myself.
got a new favourite

>> No.76453298

Sadly, even if Chara wanted to do something like that, he can't currently because he lacks the connections. This little Marie Antoinette is the only ally he has, and is quite smitten with him, but for how long?
Typo from writing on a tablet. I didn't have access to my PC when writing this installment. The director's cut of Chapter 1 on Ao3 and the pastebin will have extended content, a third person perspective alternative and all grammatical errors corrected.
This setting is a lot more awful than you might assume.
Check'd. The setting's central location is based off all of the imperial western powers, for better or worse.

>> No.76453323

Forgot my trip.

>> No.76453328

Kinda cool, what is he from? The name doesnt ring any bells

>> No.76453335

Jurassic loli

>> No.76453374

Kopi Kopi no mi (copy fruit)
Used it to copy the abilities of the Robins flower fruit, Enels rumble fruit and Sugars hobby fruit
I'm made of ligthning ang i can manifest bodyparts all around me to shock people or turn them into toys, while making every one forget they ever existed.

>> No.76453392

Uber dimensional from flatland
Always being 1-2 spatial dimensions higher than everyone around me is pretty busted

>> No.76453444


>> No.76453476

How do the atlantians in dc actually see? Shouldnt it be basically pitch black down there under the ocean?

>> No.76453489

Gohanposter does sound like them.

>> No.76453492

How do kryptonians fly? Shouldn't they be to heavy for that?

>> No.76453495

They're a technologically advanced society, they understand the concept of artificial lighting.

>> No.76453510

Partly echolocation, partly their tendency to make their buildings and bling glow in the dark and magic atlantean eyes

>b-but muh visibility-
Magic. Atlantean. Eyes. This is a universe where an amazon can somehow shoot an arrow across the ocean to another country despite not being able to armwrestle Superman,

>> No.76453519

They have force fields that wrap their body and produce an anti gravitational effect as well as impetous to move in a desired direction.

Seems less useful but not as bad as expected. I knew they were a high tech civ but thought most of their stuff was some form of biotech what with all the whale and crab warriors you see them fighting with, doesnt light travel a lot shorter distance under water?

>> No.76453529

Magic atlantean eyes? That sounds cool. I kinda want those now. My jumper has basically went the opposite direction of not needing eyes but that sounds cool.

>> No.76453533

My jumper will prove that machines do not have feelings by destroying EVE in front of WALL-E.

>> No.76453540

It's also a universe where million-decibel blasts are used to stun people at short range and are more annoying in the long run than anything.

>> No.76453544

Digimon World 3

>> No.76453550

>doesnt light travel a lot shorter distance under water?
Depends on the wavelength, but yes. All the blue and green light they use travels fairly well, though would still be absorbed much faster than in air. It's still fairly dim away from the bright lights of the city. But they're all low-key superhumans, so they have enhanced senses to compensate.

>> No.76453570

Should Touhou fanthings have mention of human meat?

>> No.76453579

That's the comics which at least have the self awareness to dab on the DCEU with that one Dark Multiverse universe, despite frequently shitting the bed in many other directions.

>> No.76453600

Only if it comes up in the fanwork, so often yes.

>> No.76453613

The original question wasn't asking about DCEU in specific, just DC.

And DC is a silly, silly place.

>> No.76453644

Which xianxia jump has the best waifus?

>> No.76453647

Must be really awkward then

>> No.76453652

They must also have magic ears and vocal cords, given that they can easily talk to each other at the bottom of the ocean.
Makes sense, actually. Aren't they canonically descended from a civilization of wizards?

>> No.76453693

They actually don't have magic ears and vocal cords, just normal ones adapted for sound underwater. I think it's been forgotten by now, but for a while it was canon that Aquaman talked oddly because he wasn't adapted for how sound moved through air.

>> No.76453715

Those with very young girls in them. So you have enough time to cultivate them

>> No.76453734

Is the Drive down for anyone else? Getting an error 500 over here

>> No.76453740

Too early. If someone’s making a jump for it they should have multiple, fairly distinct, fairly different playthroughs. Plus there are expansions coming later down the line.

>> No.76453743

It's a google account issue. Youtube is also down unless you use incognito/private window to look without being signed in.

>> No.76453750

For a minute I thought you’d decided to stop being a prick about it. No luck I guess.

>> No.76453757

They're really good at their jobs.

>> No.76453795

Wu Dong Qian Kun has a clan of cute fox girls.
There is also the occasional "dao partner" in various of the jumps.

>> No.76453832

Neo-Spacian Force and The Ultimate Disguise

>> No.76453860

Seriously, how the fuck did this shit get accepted in the final version of the jump?

>> No.76453880

Because Multiverse Crossover only cares about power and he's one of those people that you just stop wanting to deal with or think about. Also you have a few people that violently try to excuse this shit too.

The usual defence for why it's so cheap is that anyone could get it in universe, though even it's defenders usually agree that the non canon buffs it gets that make it fucking even stronger to invincible levels in other jumps shouldn't be there.

>> No.76453920

So the multiverse was Vergil all along.

>> No.76453923

Always was

>> No.76453984

I was recently thinking about WALL-E too. Let the plot play out and then just dropping by and making WALL-E into a Genex and introducing some more Genex while I'm at it.

>> No.76454009

A beef supplier?

>> No.76454054

A cute race of robots that lives in Duel Terminal. They are eco friendly as fuck.

ELEMENTS – Genex Innate
To call the Genex naturally occurring robots would be doing a disservice to
their capabilities. Nearly every Genex, other than the Controllers, has some
kind of affinity for an element. Most impressive is their capability to control
and create this element for the purposes of power generation. Just by existing,
even a human-sized Genex can output enough energy to power an entire
town, and their ability to directly generate and command said element isn’t
far behind. What truly amazes those who care for the planet, however, is that
they are naturally averse to pollutants. Water controlled by a Genex naturally
rids itself of oils and abandoned plastics, and the smoke produced by a fire
Genex actually cleans the air it lingers on.

>> No.76454290

>how-to win at Black without being an edgy idiot
Hip Hop and Basketball protects you from the gang life

>> No.76454313

Well that tracks because Liliana never made it big in the NBA or the Grammys

>> No.76454336

She got swallowed by the Ghetto, like the good ones. Watch out for the blue

>> No.76454348

Is it really any different than medaka sue?

>> No.76454372

I want some of those fire ones then. That is pretty awesome. Nta but I really need to look into that jump more.

>> No.76454476

Hey Val, would it be possible to get "Holy" or "Unholy" as a godly domain in Konosuba?

Getting immunity to one of those would be great, and it would have amazing synergy with the Sacred or Profane spells that boosted Holy Hexes allows.

>> No.76454539

So we're getting a new Mass Effect apparently.

>> No.76454563

Another one?

>> No.76454567

Jump or game?

>> No.76454570

Oh no

>> No.76454579


>> No.76454583


>> No.76454585

Can we, like, not?
Inquisition wasn't as bad as Andromeda. They should focus on Dragon Age.

>> No.76454592

Code Geass' Geass, they are low tier in comparison, but still pretty bullshit.

>> No.76454605

It wasn't as bad, but still bad.

Oh fuck them.

>> No.76454611

Remember ESO

>> No.76454612

Lol that's a fair point

>> No.76454627

It’s not really all of multiverses stuff has massive shameless over buffs but at least medals sue is based on the character at her level

>> No.76454636


>> No.76454658

Book called Children of the Nameless.

I only give a shit to the extent that I want to shit on this idea with my brain-sphincter on principle after the shitstained prolapse that was their previous offerings. After RGB killed the magic for me and Andromeda pissed on the ashes of any goodwill I used to have for the franchise, >>76454579 is not a good way to win it back. I don't have a single iota of hope this will do anything except desecrate Shepard's legacy, and pick an ending that will enrage half the fanbase (and also those weirdos who like Green)

I don't give a ruddy fuck what the game says. Mass Effect ended in my chain with Shepard ascending as the overmind of the Reaper fleet, forcing the Leviathans to kowtow in earnest and spending her off-time saying "Wrex. Grunt" while Wrex and Grunt repeated her name and each other's in a triangle.


>> No.76454670


>> No.76454697

No one plays mmos anymore what are they thinking

>> No.76454710

Is this ea’s doing?

>> No.76454749

>Seven Deadly Sins and Re:Zero both have powerups that only work in the sun
>Hamon harms vampires by emulating the sun’s rays
You do the math.

>> No.76454760

You're lucky, I never thought the franchise was all that great.

>> No.76454761

What the fuck is wrong with them?

>> No.76454867

Should my mech wield a sword or a gun?

>> No.76454868

What can you do with fae magic in Gargoyles? How does it compare to the human magic from the Grimorum Arcanorum? Is picking both worth it?

>> No.76454881


>> No.76454902

I want waaaay too many things in the Halo: Forerunners jump
....how do i defeat the flood?

>> No.76454914

A swun or a gord

>> No.76454925


>> No.76454927

Depends. How big is your mech?

>> No.76454939

It's the size of a small planetoid.

>> No.76454941

>After RGB killed the magic for me
It’s a shame they tossed out the original idea. Apparently before the lead writer left and it got leaked, which led to them trashing it, the plot was the Eezo caused aggregate levels of dark matter to rise which would hasten the end of the universe, advanced civilisation having a higher output of this. The cycles where meant to delay that, not the stupid “AI BAD” plot. There were even hints of it from that mission in ME2 with the dying sun, that was caused by dark matter.

>> No.76454945

>hey guys, should i retrofit my tank with a long blade instead of its canon?

>> No.76454975

FFS. They haven’t looked at the dozens of live service shooter-looters that have died in the crib the past few years and realised its a bad idea yet?

>> No.76455002

But think of all the money it COULD make! The only reason those other games failed was because they weren't MONETIZED HARD ENOUGH!!

>> No.76455003

By exploding them before they are created

>> No.76455067

That explain the retardation. A bit

>> No.76455105

So the Reapers are literally just the antispiral?

>> No.76455199

Well no, not since the dark energy plot was dropped for robutts bad

>> No.76455231

Why do people get ultra butthurt over leaks, and sabotage their own work over it, I'll never know.

>> No.76455271

What good DC beings would be able to defeat Trigon? I'm guessing Doctor Fate and the Spectre, at least? Are any of them relatively easy to locate and ask for help?

>> No.76455336

Eh, they are both a bit of a pain to find, Spectre last I can tell works more on the premise of he will find you, Fate is kinda the same, but he does have a dedicated base... that is nearly impossible to get into, he has to welcome you in. If push comes to shove you can ask Constantine, although, I wouldn't recommend it.

>> No.76455356

Are there any magical artifacts without a CP version that you'd particularly recommend getting when visiting their settings?

>> No.76455374

Guns are better until you can move faster than a bullet.

>> No.76455378

B-Zero, a shitty clone of Superman, just punched out his heart and claimed his throne recently.

>> No.76455397

>What good DC beings would be able to defeat Trigon

>> No.76455406

What did you anons do in Youtube jump?

>> No.76455413

Counterpoint: LASER guns

>> No.76455450

>clone of Superman
Didn't Trigon wreck the entire League including Superman more than once?

>> No.76455477

Superman's chin looks like a nice footrest and Hawkman's abs look like a great bed.
my nigga Hal could use some milk

>> No.76455506

They're only better until you can move faster than light.

>> No.76455509

I prefer my evolved Vaporeon for breeding purposes.

>> No.76455544

That doesn't matter and you know it.

>> No.76455637

Scorched earth policy. Blow up stars, prevent any ship from escaping, don't give them any ground or time to expand. Then when that inevitably fails, wipe out all life in the galaxy with the Halos.

>> No.76455973

What kind of artillery would you expect ninja to have?

>> No.76455996

Boob missiles.

>> No.76456017

Exactly what part of that is ninja-like?

>> No.76456054

A ballista for backstab attacks

>> No.76456060

its concealed

>> No.76456149

Boob missiles are a time-honored tradition of ninjas. They allow ninja to shoot missiles discreetly by having no launching platform and having highly adaptable origin points. From the age of the boob-trebuchet, ninjas have been engineering better boob-artillery as the years go by; here we can see a pre-integration boob missile form, before ninjas had managed to engineer the capacity to integrate missile-launching capabilities directly into their boobs.

>> No.76456168

That's the problem with ninjas, whatever they have is the opposite of what you're expecting.

>> No.76456188

I don't expect them to have any desu, they're ninjas.

>> No.76456192

And here we can see what is considered the current pinnacle of integrated boob-warfare, boob-lasers. The current iterations are extreme prototypes and generally not used in the actual field, but it certainly shows great promise.

>> No.76456242

Ninjas are declining because boob weaponry makes it hard to nurse infants.

>> No.76456271

It's natural selection at work. Only the fittest of babies will survive.

>> No.76456324

It has indeed become something of a serious issue in recent years, though there is hope that boob-lasers will be able to circumvent this issue while maintaining the march of progress. Boob-lasers will hopefully reduce the heavy metal content of boobs as well as integrate more organic properties-both to better conceal the ninja's weaponized bosom and to better rear the future generations. Here we can see tests done for boob-lasers with a greater organic base-though as can be plainly seen, the resultant lasers are far less powerful. The field of integrated boob-lasers is still young and unexplored for the most part; in time, who knows what we might achieve!

>> No.76456334

So do male ninjas have dick cannons?

>> No.76456348

All ninja are sexy girls.
The only men left in the world are bland, audience self-inserts who are nevertheless somehow extremely powerful and special.

>> No.76456370

I'm not allowed to judge. My ideal SI fantasy is that except all the ladies are magical girls.

>> No.76456560

>All ninja are sexy girls.
Even Naruto can't help but turn into a girl.

>> No.76456811

>artillery would you expect ninja to have?
Railway cannons

>> No.76456863

None. Why would you want an artifact that stoops working when you visit other universes?

>> No.76456918

Good jumps to become a life/nature spirit/entity/god/whatever?

>> No.76456954

How do you describe an element in the classical sense? Like, including stuff like shadow and ice and such as unique elements

>> No.76456963


>> No.76457006

Kamigawa, Nirvana Yuga

>> No.76457013

Why would you want that? Fuck nature. All my homies hate nature

>> No.76457072

Who is black armor guy

>> No.76457097

Hello everyone, just a quick post to give an update and an apology. I was fully expecting to be able to give you guys a jumpable version of I Shall Seal The Heavens by now but the last few weeks has been especially difficult in an already difficult year and things have not gone to plan. I'm also finding myself struggling a bit with some perks and feel like I need to refresh myself with the early books of ISSTH to help get the creative juices flowing.

I read your Legend of Zelda cultivation systems and was just blown away. It was really engaging and interesting. I loved the degree of attention to detail and how everything made a coherent sense while still catching the wonder and mystique around cultivation that I find so charming. I'm probably not phrasing that very well, but I really enjoyed it. I also say that as someone with at best a layperson's knowledge of Legend of Zelda (Zelda's the blonde dude, right? Joking)
Sorry to sound greedy but have you done anything similar for other settings?

Thanks to you Lone as well for sharing with me a while back those other cutivation systems. They were very fun. I especially like the Kitsune one.

>> No.76457132

>have you done anything similar for other settings?
He made some smaller kitsune and magical girl based cultivation systems, though they're not for any setting in particular.
You could probably find them on 4plebs easily enough.

>> No.76457133

Black Beetle. A future evil blue beetle from the Booster Gold comics.

>> No.76457203

Thanks; I really enjoyed making them. I wanted to just sort of make everything flow through each stage, each technique building off of the last one until finally one reached the "peak" which itself just sets one up to keep growing and developing ever further.
>Sorry to sound greedy but have you done anything similar for other settings?
I have not, sorry. Lone_Valkyrie made a few cultivation systems and I helped a little bit with a couple of them, and they're pretty interesting too I think-though admittedly not as in-depth. And right now I want to focus on finishing my ST Part 2 jump, and maybe another jump, before I work on another project of that magnitude.

Here; these are the systems that Lone_Valkyrie developed, or at least the last iteration that I saved.

>> No.76457216

That perk from Dark Souls 1 that gives you wonky Red Ghost mechanics.

>> No.76457276

Is your next jump also xianxia?

>> No.76457318

Glad you liked them!

>> No.76457328

>And getting x40^10 exp per kill when bored and more if I really wanted to.

>> No.76457361

Huh. Reminds me that I havent chosen a color for my beetle suit.

>> No.76457409

I'm thinking of doing that Sega Small Friends idea I was talking about back in mid-late October, though I haven't touched the WIP for it in more than a month now sweet jesus time fucking flies and I do not like that. Sonic isn't a xianxia, but fuck-it might as well be with how absurd it gets at times.

>> No.76457425

It's the second time that Touhou Baguette ends in yuri.

>> No.76457441

We have a bunch of perks for that. There's Slave Harem and Jobless Isekai for starters which is what I think anon is using for that value and then there's more stuff in Arifureta, Disgaea, Weakness of Beatrice, La Pucelle, Sevens and some more jumps

>> No.76457443

>Sega Small Friends
This would definitely be nice to see, I always loved the Chao Gardens and it’ll be nice to have a jump for them and the other small friends of Sega’s properties.

>> No.76457446

The shitty heroes in Shield Hero are gonna hate you for this.

>> No.76457492

Decently so, but base strength is far more dependent on your species for that jump, then maybe your chosen origin's specialty depending on your fanwank. Any of them that does field ops is likely to have higher physicals than those with lab or desk jobs; not an exact measure since you could pull a Banner and save your strength for battles, but it's a decent enough benchmark outside of special cases like that.

>> No.76457527

That's part of what inspired me to want to make one. That, and randomly getting the urge to research Chao back in October. Spoiler alert, Chao have absolutely no chill when you actually look at them-just like the rest of the Sonic franchise, really.

>> No.76457696

I bet they smell like ice cream

>> No.76457864

Since the metanarrative is canonically part of DC, if I'm in a DC universe during the period when it was under the influence of the Comics Code Authority i.e. the silver age would be reasonable for me to assume that my adventures are subject to approval by the Comics Code Authority?
Here's a very confused bird as payment.

>> No.76457880

>all special powers, gear or companions not directly bought or acquired in the Bloodborne Jump will be stripped from you and sealed away until the end of the Jump.
>If you fail to end both the Hunter's Nightmare and the Nightmare destroying Yharnam before your time here is up, it will be treated like a loss and you will be sent home. Oh, one last thing to note, there will be no respawning during this ‘Hunt.’
How difficult is the Bloodborne jump with the "The Hunt" drawback if you pick the Old Hunter perk and the boosted Quickening capstone?

>> No.76457899

What the hell is the context? Why would a crow suddenly think they're a lawyer?

>> No.76457911

>just like the rest of the Sonic franchise, really.
Remember that one time Eggman built a constellation buster weapon?

>> No.76457928

He was dreaming he was a lawyer and was briefly confused when he woke up.

>> No.76457940

Any recommendations on how to make the most out of jumping Master of Magic?

>> No.76457955

Remember that one time that Eggman enslaved an eldritch abomination from beyond space and time? Or that time he got stuck outside of the very fabric of time with seemingly no resources, and had no issues finding his way back eventually? Or the *several* times he built entire *planetoids* within the span of months?

>> No.76457972

What>>76457928 said, I told you the bird was very confused.

>> No.76457981

Kaiba and his card autism is a meme, but Eggman sounds even more insane.

>> No.76458009

I am fully aware of Kaiba's card autism, and knowing such, I say this: Kaiba's autism *pales in comparison* to the sheer feats of """science""" that Eggman pulls off on a regular basis. The games alone see Eggman doing all those things I mentioned, and so much more. Throw in the comics? And it just gets *terrifying*.

>> No.76458011

>Kaiba and his card autism is a meme
The guy is willing to create a machine to duel the Pharaoh. Who is dead, at the time. It's not just a meme

>> No.76458023

Missiles. Piles upon piles of missiles.

>> No.76458032

We need a yugioh jump that has a perkline focused solely around Kaiba's autism.

>> No.76458051

Steal all your opponents' books.
And then read them.

>> No.76458064


>> No.76458082

Get the Temple complex from the oasis of fantasy jump first, make it your place of power and get the perk that makes it so you're counted as being in your place of power.

>> No.76458104

Pretty difficult. The major issue for me is that the only way to end the Nightmare destroying Yharnam is to kill the Moon Presence, which means you're going to have to eat some Umbilical Cords, which means you're going to turn into a Great One by the end, which means it's an automatic stay condition in Bloodborne.

>> No.76458137

Didn't NuBee remove that retarded fail condition?

>> No.76458186

>which means you're going to turn into a Great One by the end, which means it's an automatic stay condition
Really? Why?

>> No.76458202

Huh, I guess he did. Disregard that then.

>> No.76458392

I picked human and techie, but I did get enough drawback points to get the 'funny thing happened' perk because of what I read in the notes. I have no idea how I will fit the augmented to the blessed by the gods in the write fagging desu.

>> No.76458398

Ninja fired from catapults.

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