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>get invited to my friends new ttrpg game
>its set in Sengoku period japan and uses Fuzion rules
>roll my eyes at the game but still wanna play since I havent played with the guy in months
>I join the discord, there are 3-4 other people making characters
>they all have anime pfp's
>groan a bit about how I have to play with weebs, but still try to have fun
>start reading the book, its so fucking poorly formatted it I need to jump 100 pages every time I want more info on something
>theres an entire section of the book dedicated to japanese etiquette and social behaviors
>decide im not gonna learn that and start building my character to be a wandering ronan essentially a mercenary for hire
>decide to make him an amnesiac to give a reason why hes so fucking autistic when it comes to social situations
>Decide to name him "Yohei" or mercenary
>Dump all of my points into body and strength, basically making the equivalent of Guts in the game with a two-handed giant sword to go with it
>6'5, 250-300 pounds of pure muscle in Sengoku japan
>start rolling my life path, get some moderate success till I roll in the "love and relationships" path, rolling up a baby girl
>Decide that Yohei's whole thing will be travelling with his daughter
>roll again on the lifepath, since yoheis in his early 40's
>roll up two more daughters and lots of cash
>decide to essentially become the most wholesome gentle giant I can be
>put most of my points into swordsman ship, quick draw, brawling, and cooking with a bit of maintenance for my equipment too
>Dump most of my McDuck like fortune into food, cooking tools and tents and some horses plus like 4 dogs to protect my campsite and daughters
>decide to give Yohei some morals as well, to make him even more wholesome
>pretty happy with Yohei, decide to check up on other players

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Good start OP, go on.

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proceed sir

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epic, alright. This story is kind sad as it doesn't go anywhere but I feel real guilty about it
>Check on the other players characters
>cringe a bit at the cliche's of some of them
>two of them catches my eye
>a wandering ex-monk bandit who preys on samurai because they destroyed his temple
>a traveling bard with the boy of an angel and the sex drive of a dog on an aphrodisiac
>other players include a silent female ninja and a samurai seeking to reclaim his honor after his original clan was wiped out when he was a child and had been taken over by their rival clan
>begin talking to other plays about possible character relationships
>me and the samurai immediately hit it off, planning to become a lancer and leader relationship, with his honor clashing with Yoheis morals
>Also begin writing Yohei's backstory with the GM
>Yohei used to be a Samurai before his clan was attacked and he was left for dead with brain trauma
>Planning to make his ex-clan the Samurais old one as well
>post brain fuckery he became a legend to most bandits, as Yohei had a habit of murdering dozens of them with little to no damage to himself
>everyone finishes up their characters and the game finally begins
>GM has two text channels with Yohei and the Samurai meeting in channel 1 and the Bard and the Bandit meeting in 2 (the ninja wasnt there with us due to some shit they had to do)
>Yohei is travelling back to his Camp after doing some good ol' fashioned Bandit murder, on a dirt road as he sees a man dressed in armor with two swords at his side passing by
>Now, in japanese culture when a "superior class" passes you on the road you are supposed to bow, also at this time period peasants (what Yohei essentially is) arent allowed to own or carry weapons
>Yohei passes by the man with a barely visible wave
Sorry for my slow ass typing, I'm not pre-typing this.

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Seems to be going well as far as i can see. Not sure how you end up ruining this one, anon.

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>Immediatly the Samurai beings to become upset at him, as he essentially disrespected the Samurai, before he looked up from the road to actually look at the "peasant who disrespected him" to find a 6'5 hunk of meat armed with a 5-6 foot long blade with a foot-long handle wearing nothing but a straw hat, Some peasant clothes, and some shoes
>The Samurai, not willing to let a peasant, no matter how big or terrifying they may be disrespect him, carrying a weapon no less begins to put a hand on his weapon and challenges Yohei to a fight
>Now, while this seems like a fair fight with an unarmored opponent with a powerful blade vs an armored opponent with a quicker, though shorter weapon it was not at all
>Yohei's weapon essentially cut through the samurai's Armor, as it was made to stop arrows instead of a large blade that could cut a man in two in one hit.
>Yohei struck down at him and tore through his armor as if it was foil
>I was essentially meta-gaming but I figured that Yohei would attempt to at least defuse the situation
>Seeing the giant of a man who almost killed him in one hit sheath his sword and get a confused look on his ask why he attacked him, the samurai also sheaths his sword and begins to question him about his sword, his fighting style, etc.
>Yohei invites the Samurai to his camp for some food
>of course some meta gaming was going on but we didnt wanna kill off our characters on the first session
>After sitting at camp and asking him whats going on, Yohei learns the Samurai has a mission to deliver a declaration of war to a neiborhing city, Yohei decides that hes got nothing better to do and asks the Samurai if hes willing to let him come with him, as he feels like the Samurai might just get himself killed if he goes alone
>Yohei goes along with the Samurai after a long discussion about the morals of war and other this Yohei would probably talk about
>The two head towards the city side by side
It gets pretty bad after this

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Continue, i wonder how a ninja and a bard get introduced in all this.

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The ending to this story is real anti-climatic so dont expect some fake ass proper ending
>The two traveling to the next city come by a small village, one that I forgot to mention when I talked about the lifepath of yohei cause im a retard
>tldr Yohei saved this village from bandits once and the local police captain owes him
>Spotting Yohei, a few villagers greet him kindly
>The Samurai and Yohei decide to stop by the local inn and rest up
>Before they can do that they stumble into the Police captain, who asks what Yohei and the Samurai are doing here
>The Samurai answers telling the Captain that he is bringing a declaration of war and that this village will be destroyed soon
>Yoheis bright and smiley face and wholesome attitude drops as he and the Samurai akwardly head into the inn and ask for a room, before seeing sitting at a chair the Local horny bard
>Playing his music and noticing the two enter the inn, he greets them only to get in response a light wave from the samurai and ignored by Yohei
>The bard attempts to pry into whats wrong but gets told to leave them alone by Yohei
>as Yohei uses a portion of his Trust fund kid like fortune to rent them a room the bard manages to convince the Samurai to let him stay in their room for the night
>As the three of the dumbasses sleep in their room the bandit breaks in during the night, as he was stalking the two Swordsmen waiting to get a chance to snap the Samurais neck
>after like 20 minutes of stealth checks and looking in the wrong rooms he finally opens our door to find a sleeping Samurai, an awake and pretending to still be sleeping bard and an armed Yohei
>The two talk it out and after talking with the Samurai as Yohei wakes him up the bandit leaves
>as I wanna get to my cringe we skip to the morning where bandits attack the village
>the group heads outside, armed to the teeth as the ninja appears out of no where and assists us in cutting down the Bandits

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The ninja was less of the stereotypical ninja and more of a spy with parkour skills, also she literally had the most anti-climactic entrance as is a common theme in this campaign

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actual ninjas where mostly just spies

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I was promised cringe. OP, you have not delivered. You dishonor this board and you dishonor.yourself.

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It didnt seem that bad lol. Did eberyone enjoy themselves at least?

And did the bard basically have sex with the samurais?

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I'm not seeing how you ruined it.

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>roll my eyes at the game
What? Why? Why would you join a game you didn't want to play?

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Did Op died?

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I hope not. They probably did something so heinous that typing it is a struggle.

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