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Maybe this will be thing that will inspire you to update Campione?

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Which of the dc jumps is the best for just hanging out with the heros?

>> No.76442288

What other stealth games do we have as jumps aside from Splinter Cell and Thief?

>> No.76442291

To think I'd ever find someone even more clueless about sports than me

>> No.76442307

Posting my Neverland jump again for feedback. Please let me know if you see any issues you want me to change or fix.

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jesus, never knew raildex had so much shit.

>> No.76442319

Assassin's Creed, the Metal Gear jumps

The brave and the bold when it gets finished

>> No.76442354

And that's just the animes. Isn't there more unadapted material in LNs?

>> No.76442374

Would Quetz be up for fighting Cartels in Mexico?

>> No.76442386

Dishonored and Dishonored 2 have jumps here.

>> No.76442393

What is the less OP/Conceptual/Nasu bullshit Legends jump?

>> No.76442395

Eh, sort of? Anon said that deciding if shit was worth it's value was our job. That said, he did point out a handful of things which would take 400 cp off the top.

>> No.76442425

/jc/ help. How do I stop my kids from growing up into edgy retards

>> No.76442442

Have you tried being a good parent.

>> No.76442458

Mark of the Ninja.

>> No.76442473

What is the more interesting
A guy who can null all magic and used it to save someone at the cost of his memories at the start of the show
One tsundere that can do electricity

Fucking japan

>> No.76442490

>Import Quetz as your Servant into a Fate Zero or Stay Night
>Just run around laying down the law with Quetz's retarded stats
>Don't even kill any masters or servants, just bully them
>Dab on Gil for not being able to into Lucha until he has a breakdown
>Bully the shit out of Seiba until she ditches whichever Emiya she's with and joins up with you

>> No.76442493

>One tsundere that can do electricity
I do think that's cooler though.

>> No.76442517

Yeah there are 50+ books.

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>Eternal Wrestling Sun Birbfu Edition
Pin her

>> No.76442587

What's good in it?

>> No.76442633

The plushie companions.

>> No.76442640

The LN author just vomits volumes for his verse. He makes like 6 or 7 per yesr.

>> No.76442653

Gil would probably kill her tho

>> No.76442668

Doesn't she use her powers to turn coins into hypervelocity projectiles, hence the name railgun? I fucking love magnetic accelerators. It's like the ultimate evolution of just punching someone or throwing a big rock.
Answered my own question just by searching "railgun firing gif." Was looking more for the gun, real or fictional, but this works.

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Is there a way to overcome the Spiral Nemesis in Gurren Lagann?

>> No.76442691

Spiral harder. Or just don't share the Spiral with others.

>> No.76442737

Depends on which interpretation of the Spiral Nemesis you're dealing with. I'm familiar with the one of "Everyone begins to Spiral so hard they turn into living galaxies, consume each other, and turn into a multiverse-consuming black hole", in which case the solution is to Spiral support structures and metaphysics into existence to help support Spiral entities in *not* doing that and being able to consciously control and restrain their Spiral Power.

There was another version of the Spiral Nemesis that an anon mentioned that was explained as "everyone Spirals so hard that the universe basically becomes an infinitely expanding White Hole that continually generates so much *stuff* that it destroys the omniverse" in which case the solution is to, again, Spiral metaphysics into existence to help support and restrain Spiral Power-but can also be solved by Spiraling a space to store and release Spiral Power safely.

Tl;dr, Spiral Harder.

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I like the flag

>> No.76442821

...I did say less OP but sheesh.

>> No.76442850

Homie Queen and the etc.(artist) perkline

>> No.76442855

>Artist perkline

>> No.76442859

I mean you could also pick up the amnesiac White Titan, the black flames of hatred that poison and destroy basically everything, the liquid sanity from the moon, being a person whose strength is on par with artillery strikes and is nigh-immune to magic, so on and so forth...

But Astolfo.

>> No.76442894

So it IS OP.

>> No.76442906

It would be fun to see Quetz wrestle the the unconquered sun

>> No.76442917

It's Fate. It's just one of if not the least bullshit/conceptual/Nasu of the Fate/Legends jumps.

>> No.76442919

And probably the least op legends jump

>> No.76442935

Friendly reminder MtG summoning lets you summon copies, aspects and/or past versions of creatures or individuals, so you could summon a version of Sol in his prime to fight for you or your amusement.

>> No.76442939

Oki doki, that make sense.

>> No.76442952

DCAU Superman seems like a cool dude to hang out with

>> No.76442978

When was that established about M:TG? I haven't played in fuckin ages, and back when I did, I was pretty sure you summoned the genuine article, not a duplicate.

>> No.76443017

Ace Combat. Because SEAD and DEAD totally make it stealth

>> No.76443018

Oh. Would he? I'm just kinda getting into Fate and got the impression that he was high tier for Zero and Stay Night but (at least for those wars) wouldn't really be in a form to deal with Quetzalcoatl

>> No.76443023

Nta but summoning in mtg comes in different flavors. Sometimes its really summoning creatures and sometimes its mana constructs and other times you summon items like tezz does.

>> No.76443029

There was an entire short story explaining how summoning worked in the hands of a non-Planeswalking wizard. I don't remember the name, but it was the one about an artificer coming to terms with a loved one's death.

>> No.76443047

I think what they're getting at is that he has so many different Noble Phantasms that at least one or a group of them would be able to kill her if all she's doing is fucking with him. Statswise they're not even comparable, if that was the only factor he wouldn't be able to do jack shit

>> No.76443051

Got you senpai.

>> No.76443068

Nasu's powerlevels is bullshits for start. But yeah, Gil woul prolly win

>> No.76443116

Is it morally wrong to use time travel to make a setting run off of A/B/O logic so that Hachiman can get pregnant with Totsuka's babies?

>> No.76443118

>Statswise they're not even comparable, if that was the only factor he wouldn't be able to do jack shit
Uh, Wrong.
GilgaCHAD dunks on everyone. PERIOD

>> No.76443131

Fucking kill yourself

>> No.76443146

Don't forget to combo it with the FGO perk that has you summon the best possible version of who you are calling on.

>> No.76443147

So each type of magic has their own type of summoning? This seems more like just different types of magic doing different things.

>> No.76443170

It's all of the above. Sometimes you're calling copies or imperfect recreations, sometimes it's a reanimated zombie, sometimes it's the real deal. Depends on the mana, the context, what you're calling and for what purpose.

>> No.76443174

More like Giljobber.

>> No.76443183

How good is A rank rune magic in fate?

>> No.76443203

That's not a no, so Hachiman is gonna have Totsuka's butt babies

>> No.76443204

As anon said, Gil is dangerous because he can NP spam to counter almost everything.

>> No.76443221

Extremely so, that's basically age of god magecraft much better than the modern version.

Though in the new supplement it would not be a skill, but rather you'd have to buy about B rank in the magic skill parameter.

>> No.76443248

See it for yourself, Cu is using it here https://youtu.be/9_0_1SPpA5s

>> No.76443261

Not any more now goetia is type moons favorite

>> No.76443262

Was just going over old builds in my chain and its one of the things I grabbed along with ex mana, couldnt remember much about it.

>> No.76443296

Literally (Me).

>> No.76443318

I fucking love that fight since he's a mage but doesn't just stand there and spam magic

>> No.76443361

Technically that applies to both of them in this.

>> No.76443400

I do want to jump fate, but all that shit would ruin the balance of my chain. Oh well

>> No.76443494

Dumb question.
Like, really dumb.
Would having the Dark Soul and the Lord of Dark scenario reward from DS1 lead to having an affinity with Dark-type Pokemon?

>> No.76443539

That depends on the Dark-type Pokemon, I think. The Lord of Dark scenario is for creatures of darkness, but not all Dark-type Pokemon are that. Any that are should count, though.

>> No.76443553

...maybe? Originally Dark types were more like 'honorless' or mean stuffs.

>> No.76443601

Are there any perks that would be useful for brainwashing yourself to be a yandere? And before you say "Attitude", ideally it would be best if the changes weren't that permanent, although I suppose I could roll with it if it's my only option.

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>> No.76443652

Self Suggestion in Fate Baguette

>> No.76443655

Why do you want to be a yandere.

>> No.76443712

Because I decided that if my jumper was ever in a dating sim, they'd be the yandere route, and we do have dating sim jumps, such as Katawa Shoujo.

...although it might not be the best idea to be a yandere for someone with a heart condition....unless you're a delusional-type.

>> No.76443741

No it is not the best idea.

>> No.76443765

What jumps have a duration of less than ten years? I remember that there were some where leaving earlier was an option, but not which ones.

>> No.76443778

I think there might have been something somewhat related in the drop in line of Madoka Wraith.

>> No.76443793

Yeah, given that he has basically every weapon he tends to have something to exploit any type of weakness at all.

>> No.76443810

Excuse if I don't want my chain to get stomped.

>> No.76443820

I often pick up the king perks and the Revelation perk.

>> No.76443836

That does sound cool though.

>> No.76443859

Do you mean Blue and Orange?

>Blue and Orange [200, Discount for Drop-In] - Humans get worked up over such strange things, don’t they? Crying over the death of family, getting worked up over how ‘cruel’ your perfectly logical plan to save the universe is...it’s annoying. It’s even more annoying if you find yourself agreeing with them. If you’d rather not be bothered by such things, you may take a moment to contemplate a new moral code that makes sense to yourself and how you’ve come to see others, and your emotions and attitude adjust to fit.
>Hmm? You want to hold onto a human moral code? Well, if you want, this can instead affirm your humanity and let you keep a ‘normal’ perspective on things, even as you see the wider scheme and scope of creation. This means you can still feel guilt when you’re forced to take a
life, or shame when you use your powers in selfish ways...whatever you’d deem ‘wrong’ if you were still the person you were before, essentially.
>You may also create a mix of these two, harmonizing both a human and inhuman mindset...though it may take some time.

>> No.76443877

so as a pirate we also have the curse to not be alive during the daytime?

>> No.76443884

Funnily enough, anyone that likes yanderes is a delusional-type

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>> No.76443925

>SAO lasts until the game is cleared
>Tokyo Souls can last less than 10 years if you choose to end the jump by clearing the 'storyline' and rush it
>Hellstar Remina lasts less than 10 years
>Gauntlets depending on clear conditions
>Devil Survivor 1 and 2 last a few weeks

>> No.76443947

Yeah, possibly, but that's not the type I'm talking about

>> No.76443965

But Sheer Heart Attack has no weaknesses

>> No.76443968

Gil has the Chains of Enkidu, which almost hard-counters most Divine beings. It would be a tough fight and would depend on Quetz being able to get around his NP spam and close the distance without getting ensnared

>> No.76444068

>Quietly hurts herself
Must hug and protecc

>> No.76444090

Generic Dungeon Crawl
Persona jumps (a school year or something)
World of Horror (depends on if you choose to stay for one month or one year)
SBURB (Finish the game)
SSBU World of Light (until you defeat the bosses)
Bloodborne (two days)

>> No.76444107

Since jumper is half demon as a Servant would they have that Divinity minus thing where they're basically a monster?

>> No.76444113

Minecraft lasted around 52 days

>> No.76444134

What does being a demon have to do with divinity? Goetia doesn't have that skill and it is a miserable pile of demons

>> No.76444143

You can leave early in the SSBU World of Light jump if you deal with Galeem and Dharkon. The Skylanders jumps based on the games (ie not Academy) all last a year.

I think the Small Soldiers jumps lasts a week or so, IIRC.

>> No.76444167

Is there anyone to worry about running into in Kara no Kyoukai or Tsukihime if you have multiple harem perks?

>> No.76444178

>Bully Seiba until she joins your team
I'm not sure how you'd even do that and it sounds like a bad idea that would backfire horribly. I'm not even sure what it would look like if it worked. How would it go?

>> No.76444183

Well demons are typically anti-divine

>> No.76444225

What are some good effects to find on enchanted items in random dungeons?

>> No.76444253


>> No.76444260

Thank you. Bit surprising we have so few, but I'm glad we have some.

Eh, doesn't really seem like it to me.

>> No.76444284

>Eh, doesn't really seem like it to me.
Well too bad, you’re wrong.
The definition of stealth is doing things that your opponent cannot see. Your opponent cannot see if he’s dead. Therefore, stealth.

>> No.76444299

>Bit surprising we have so few
Sly Cooper

>> No.76444322

Jumper should be the one stomping everything. Most jumps are made for that, you should honour the Jumpmakers' wishes.

>> No.76444330

Are you talking about one you're exploring or one you run? Because in case of the second, auto-equipping bondage gear.

>> No.76444359

Ones I'm exploring in Sword and Sorcery via that map item. It's actually a bit imperative for my mission of world conquest, since I also took that drawback that makes it so you have to become the ultimate legend and I figured the best way to do that would be to form a worldwide empire and also be a badass who slaughters whole armies

>> No.76444386

There is stomping, and there is fucking everything without challenge.

>> No.76444415

But that is the nature of the chain.

>> No.76444438

Of yours, maybe.

>> No.76444449

And yours after ten jumps.

>> No.76444470

Are there any jumps besides Powerpuff Girls where a child made of red outlined shadowy flames can be a child without freaking people out?

>> No.76444487

ok Cliff

>> No.76444495

I once read a story where a dungeon droppped weird items to basically humiliate the people in it. One of the items was a fox tail butt plug. If a person died while wearing it they would get resurrected as a fox person. Also gave minor buffs to magic iirc.

Another story had enchanted jewelry which could store magical spell charges so you could use them later without needing to actually cast the spell, or you could have someone else put a apell into them for you so you could cast it later once.

A multi tool item that was literally a multi tool, you thought of a nonmechanical tool and it became that tool (so basically any hand tool but no power tools)

Tattoos that give stat boosts are good too.

>> No.76444505

My Hero Academia since people with quirks can literally look like a fog of black smoke and nobody gives a shit

>> No.76444512

The Miskatonic?

>> No.76444515

Maybe sky high?
Definately rosario vampire. They would fit right in there.

>> No.76444522

If you're implying you jump incorrectly, you need to leave.

>> No.76444527

Your pelvis

>> No.76444528

The Incredibles

>> No.76444550

Why ME?

>> No.76444558

He probably uses invalid jumps anyways

>> No.76444568

Cool, thanks. I wonder what magic items would be good for building an empire? A builder's wand like from modded Minecraft, maybe?

>> No.76444583

Oooh, thanks.

Nah. People tend to freak out about the shadow people as is, and I really don't want to bring my potential child to a setting with that much blatant lovecraftian stuff

Those could work, thanks!

Definitely not. Not only is there a currently active ethnic genocide against supers happening there, but it's also illegal to be a super there, and one of the side plots of the movie was literally just a babysitter constantly freaking out about the babies powers.

>> No.76444585

>As we all know, one [Spiral Crisis] plus another [Spiral Crisis] equals no [Spiral Crises]
>Which is why we fire nukes at nukes
>Cause it makes no nukes

>> No.76444605

It hasn't worked like that in, like, 25 years bud

>> No.76444620

I feel like that would require an absolutely insane amount of white mana

>> No.76444629

It can't be that bad, can it?

>> No.76444640

Talking her away from Kiritsugu in Zero seems like it would be pretty straightforward.
>Send her some kind of message saying that you've guessed who she is and the sort of thing she wants from the Grail
>Tell her that the Grail's been corrupted and it wouldn't grant her wish and would also kill everyone or whatever
>Tell her that you don't want any of the other masters or people she likes dead and if you've got a stronger servant you know, like Quetzalcoatl that she can't defeat you anyways
>So if she wants to help you save everybody that doesn't suck from dying horribly and maybe get her wish without the Grail she should start playing for your team instead
>Send her a message reminding her of all that every time Kiritsugu does something shitty and assassin-y that she doesn't approve of

t. playing an edgy charisma jumper who likes to play puppetmaster

>> No.76444641

Isnt there a character like the in Kids Next Door?
I vaguely remember that at least, its been years

>> No.76444647

A wand that builds stuff would be pretty cool yeah. Like you have the materials ready and the plans so the wand skips the part where you build it and poof buildings done.
Any way to find food or raw materials would also be good, like a dousing wand that actually works to find what you are looking for. Tools that make general work easier or a storage bag that is bigger inside would be amazing for kickstarting an empire. Even something like a treasure chest that produced a small amount of rare materials every so often would be a great help to start out.

Anything to help food production would also be good, like a garden hoe that makes the land tilled with it super good for producing crops or even just a dungeon drop that is a rare plant that cant be found in other places but that you can grow. Lots of stories with dungeons generally have stuff like this as the base for why they build towns around the dungeon in spite of the dangers of monsters coming out.

>> No.76444677

>Isnt there a character like the in Kids Next Door?
Yep, Father and Grandfather both have it, although they're just red outlined silhouettes. That's actually where my jumper got part of the power in the first place.

The problem is is that the power is hereditary, so if my jumper ever has kids they're going to need a place to actually raise the kids. Hence my question

>> No.76444687

Yeah, since it's a built-in feature for that background, like how Fairy beings are typically weak against iron. That said, since it's not a drawback-locked effect, various perks/powers could potentially limit or undo the curse.

>> No.76444705

>The problem is is that the power is hereditary,
But its also voluntary, Father is just a turd who likes to have it on all the time because he has daddy-issues. Afterall, remember that Numbah 0 was able to just rip it off of him

>> No.76444708

Oh also another one which I thought was super cool was the dungeon was a guy from a xianxia setting who got reincarnated in an rpg setting kind of deal, he put xianxia techniques into skill books for people to find but kept the drop rate super low. People went crazy for them.

Another had pet bond scrolls, you got a scroll and it had a monster on it, if you used the scroll you could summon that monster as a pet and it would make a familiar bond with you.

>> No.76444754

>But its also voluntary, Father is just a turd who likes to have it on all the time because he has daddy-issues. Afterall, remember that Numbah 0 was able to just rip it off of him
Why would you ever turn it off? It makes you look cool, makes it so that almost nothing can hurt you, gives you the ability to move stuff with your mind and fly, lets you control fire, and can be kept on indefinitely.

The only reason I can think of to actually turn it off is social pressure, and I don't want any potential child of my jumper's to think they have to hide their powers to fit it. At least not while they're still children.

Also I'm not sure if the shadowy flame body thing from Madness Combat can be turned off like Silhouette can

>> No.76444773

I don't suppose you have links to those stories? I need something to read

>> No.76444776

/jc/, how do I maximize my anime-ness? I need some way to access the power of Friendship, but I already have some training perks.

>> No.76444792

These are all great suggestions, thanks!

>> No.76444817

Warhammer Age of Strife jump?

>> No.76444830


>> No.76444853

If your Quetzalcoatl is a tier 2 and you're going up against a tier 1 Gil then she'd stomp him into the ground. We know for a fact that he can be countered by just destroyed the gates as they form, which is what Ishtar did, and as a Rider (especially at tier 2) who get discounts on agility (ie: speed) Quetzalcoatl is going to be more than fast enough to just speed blitz him and his portals before he can do anything. At which point it comes down to pure fighting talent, and Gilgamesh while proficient at fighting isn't really that great at it (he heavily relies on artifact spam) whereas Quetzalcoatl literally has EX rank lucha hand to hand fighting skills.

>> No.76444875

Don't forget to get the power of beating people up.

Try the Unaffiliated and Human perklines in Digimon Data Squad

>> No.76444880

Only one I remember the name of for sure is lewd dungeon, thats the first one. The one with tatoos was a setting which didnt focus on the dungeon and was shades first rule iirc, a series where they spend a lot of time in a dungeon. The xianxia dungeon was off royalroad and I got no idea what it was called.

>> No.76444897

There's an anime friendship-esque perk in the DMC devil hunter origin as well as DMC just being a very anime-ey game property. Other than that Kingdom Hearts should be perfect

>> No.76444898

val's fairy tail jump has multiple perks specifically for harnessing the power of friendship and turning enemies into allies. Naruto has some perks that might be suitable for this purpose as well.

>> No.76444905

Unfortunately, the name Lewd Dungeon doesn't help find the actual story.

Thanks anyways

>> No.76444947

>Power of Friendship
Literal class feature in the Tome of Radiance.

>> No.76444974

Rolled 86 + 20 (1d100 + 20)

Well, lets find out.

>> No.76444981

Found it, stuart grosse lewd dungwon series. Aparently there are like 20+ books to it or something. He started selling his smut on amazon.

>> No.76445093

Ah, that's unfortunate. Thanks dude

>> No.76445103

Never said it was bad just that You will end up with allot of powerful waifus

>> No.76445158

Arc and Artoria are super-human, so sex may be dangerous.

>> No.76445177

How would you even build it?
Age of Strife was just a sub-par MMO that didn't add or subtract anything aside from a half-assed Alliance vs Horde setup.

>> No.76445209

??? What the fuck are you talking about? MMO?

>> No.76445210

>Implying that actual Fate follows Val's supplement rules
Reminder that Heracles in Stay Night has already enough strength to destroy mountains and in F/Zero Gil has mountain destroying swords. And Val thinks that A strength in F/SN is just knocking off buildings.

>> No.76445220

>super-human, so sex may be dangerous.
>Tfw you nut in a girl but you're Superman so you rip her body apart from the inside killing her instantly

>> No.76445240

Go away Plutonian.

>> No.76445244

This is a very real concern.

>> No.76445267

Wasn't Age of Strife that dumb MMO where you had Humans, Dwarves, and High Elves in a single faction against Chaos, Dark Elves, and Greenskins in another faction?

>> No.76445283

No? Age of Strife is just a period of history in WH40k, specifically 25k~30K

>> No.76445301

The Warhammer mmo was Age of Reckoning.

>> No.76445318

Oh son of a BITCH.
Sorry anon, I have no fucking idea what my brain was doing there.

>> No.76445339

Hardly. If you beat off and your nut blasts through the wall and into the building next door, maybe you need to worry. If it doesn't, then you're good to go. It's the same thing with people thinking that having super strength might put your partner at risk while you're sleeping, but that can easily be determined by just seeing if you destroy your bed while asleep while you're not with anyone else.

All of these potential what-if horror stories concerning mixing superpowers and sex would easily be confirmable one way or another long before the actual deed was done.

>> No.76445352

Is this the part where I mention that Needless has a Power that lets you move objects as if they were magnetically polarized? 'cause you should be able to use that and some OCP to ratchet up its output to repel things at rail speeds.

>> No.76445388

>wife demands to be spanked
>splattered across the bedroom

>> No.76445431

Mallrats Jump when?

>> No.76445527

Reddit's working on a View Askew jump.

>> No.76445533

>Powerful enough to destroy a mountain
>Never destroys a mountain, even when character is spamming it at full power dozens of times that scene
You'd think if it could destroy a mountain, it would've destroyed at least one. Or that Heracles would do more damage when he swings with uncontrolled berserk strength in every fight.

>> No.76445552

What jumps have the best treasure laying around, or just has lots of magical ruins? That magic treasure map in Sword and Sorcery is calling to me to be used.

>> No.76445562

Hyperbole? Never heard of him, is he strong?

>> No.76445599

>companion is a diehard masochist
>specs full in on increasing durability and self sustain
>realizes they don't die when they are killed because classic companion ruleset for respawns
>gets deep into snuff kink
Anon, no...

>> No.76445605

Pretty much every xianxia is fucking full of them.

>> No.76445663

Elder Scrolls has tons of ruins both magical or otherwise, and if you take Daggerfall as a model for just how many there would actually be in an accurate representation of Skyrim, Morrowind, or Cyrodil there's practically a limitless amount to explore and loot

>> No.76445731

There are no mountains to destroy, so how could they do so? Moreover, they're not so weak that they can't control their collateral damage.

>> No.76445756

>Can't control collateral damage
Yeah the Hulk is really weak

>> No.76445757

I know this is a shitpost but I find the idea of strength that can specifically destroy mountains, but not anything else on the same scale, to be pretty funny. Like being able to destroy mount everest in a punch but then breaking your hand on a brick wall.

>> No.76445775

>Arc and Artoria are super-human, so sex may be dangerous.
Not as dangerous as you might think. Arc could have superhuman strength but didn't have it constantly. It was a matter of how much energy she put in to it or had available to put in to it.
Saber is a similar situation in that most of her strength was due to Mana burst. Anyways they both slept with mere mortals with no lasting harm. That the real danger is two timing them without them agreeing to that sort of relationship, Carnival Phantasm shows how that goes.

>> No.76445815

Well you're in luck. There's actually a technique in Ranma 1/2 that allows you to shatter boulders with just the strength in your pinky. Your durability even tends to be increased as a consequence of having to endure the explosive force you exert on the target in question.
Only problem is that it was specifically designed as a means to clear out rubble, so it's basically a glorified alternative to the Rock Smash HM in pokwmon. Though you still can technically use it offensively if you destroy the rocks close enough to your intended opponent. Might actually synergize pretty well with earthbending if you wanted a practical combat application for it.

>> No.76445821

No, they're strong enough to destroy thing's smaller than mountains too. The point is that they can attack with mountain crushing force with enough precision to only damage the thing they hit.

You joke, but the Hulk is really fucking weak, relatively speaking.

>> No.76445893

>The Hulk is really fucking weak
>The Hulk
No, this shitpost is weak

>> No.76445917

This isn't Saint Seiya or DBZ. There is no reason or explanation ever given for why they would have this precision you say. Heracles specifically is a berserker who fights without controlling his strength, albeit using his martial skills still. There's no evidence for your claim that they somehow focus mountain destroying attacks into single targets, especially not considering it's just raw physical power.

99% of the time, they're shown to not be this strong. One line doesn't avert all that. Not when it's simpler to just say the one line was hyperbole to talk up how strong the characters look to the viewer.

>> No.76445922

I'm sorry, since when was the hulk supposed to be strong? He's one of the lower power Marvel characters. I'm actually pretty sure he's weaker than Spiderman.

>> No.76445925

>uncontrolled berserk strength in every fight.
He won't because the he would kill the loli.

>> No.76445937

>It doesn't make any sense that they can be this strong when they're literally described as being this strong, my headcanon is correct because I will ignore any evidence that contradicts it

>> No.76445963

Be careful in Xianxia anon.

>> No.76446011

There's no evidence except the literal evidence right in front of your eyes?

>> No.76446043

how the bloody fuck are you people still posting in these threads

>> No.76446047


>> No.76446060

I don't follow.

>> No.76446076

What isekai conventions does your Jumper follow?

>> No.76446086

>Capable of crushing mountains, destroying planets and collapsing stars
>Have to have your waifu open a pickle jar for you cause it's too tight.

>> No.76446103


>> No.76446107

I find that hard to believe

>> No.76446115

They forgot about the very popular native isekai.

>> No.76446119


>> No.76446130

Most xianxia, Sword and Sorcery, D&D, Pathfinder, generic dungeon crawl... in particular Sword And Sorcery has a magic map as the capstone item for the drop-in that will lead you to lost ruins and other places of adventure that you can explore/loot, with said places basically being made by the map itself if they didn't already exist. It's probably the best item I can think of off the top of my head if you want to be able to go adventuring whenever you want, as using the map will always lead you to a new place to explore

>> No.76446146

>One line doesn't avert all that.
Especially when that one line is ambiguous, and could be talking either about herc's strength OR arturia using an excaliblast.

>> No.76446156

By typing and pressing the button, anon, just like you did

>> No.76446172

The 'getting sent to another world' part

>> No.76446202

>he's weaker than Spiderman

>> No.76446218

>biting the most obvious fucking bait I’ve ever seen
Anon, stop posting please.

>> No.76446226

Bullying victims > Shamelessly indulging in using newfound powers just to be an edgelord

>> No.76446246

I honestly just hope it's not, just bad wording.

>> No.76446248


>> No.76446272

It's true bitch.

>> No.76446301

>Whatever disagrees with me is bait, no matter how wrong I am!

>> No.76446323

Dude receives a blessing from a god, asks for a comfy home and goes adventuring as a hobby.

>> No.76446324

Hulk has cracked planets in half.

>> No.76446332

The hell

>> No.76446335

A cheap clone of spiderman almost destroyed the multiverse

>> No.76446346

Welcome to 2020. Where facts dont matter and evidence is dismissed before being seen. Enjoy your lack of standing, you have no right to complain.

>> No.76446363

I kinda wish there was a Female Cultivators Are After me jump when it gets more chapters just for a constant hilarious unwanted homoeroticism perk.

>> No.76446364

What would "reads a shit ton of xianxia and is otherwise a decent hardworking person" land me in?

>> No.76446366

And? He's still weaker than Spiderman, who is street level. Thus, Hulk's planet busting isn't a feat, it's an Anti-Feat, because he can't even control his own strength well enough to not crack the planet in half while throwing around that kind of strength.

This is also why the bullet that killed Aunt May was only fixable by Mephisto, because it packed universe destroying power into the size of a bullet, and no one else was powerful enough to negate that kind of damage.

>> No.76446372

Picked up a raccoon slavegirl in jump 1, atrociously edgy, otherwise not very isekai.

>> No.76446392


>> No.76446414

>This is also why the bullet that killed Aunt May was only fixable by Mephisto, because it packed universe destroying power into the size of a bullet, and no one else was powerful enough to negate that kind of damage.
That's not how raw damage works.

>> No.76446434

My hopes are shattered.

>> No.76446436

Is this quadruple bait? How many layerd of bait are we on now?

>> No.76446437

>Marvel powerlevels

>> No.76446446

I prefer no demihumans.

>> No.76446458

Then why couldn't Doom fix it? Why couldn't Dr. Strange fix it? Face it dude, that's how it works. That bullet was a planet buster.

>> No.76446475

Well it seems like it was a pretty powerful curse. Not everything is about raw power, my dude.

Not that I've read the comic, for all I know you're right and Marvel writers became even more retarded than I was aware of.

>> No.76446488

It was an ordinary bullet anon. One More Day is fucking trash.

>> No.76446497

I don't even think Mephisto could fix the trainwreck that is Starfire's daughter by the Penguin.

>> No.76446499

>One More Day is fucking trash.
Everyone talking about it agreed, so I'll take your word for it and just ignore it's existence.

>> No.76446505


>> No.76446512

>easygoing life

>> No.76446517

Poor writing.

>> No.76446521

Farming isn't easy tho.

>> No.76446524

What kind of perk would I need to not get infected with marvel writing when i go there

>> No.76446529

>Eh, doesn't really seem like it to me.
Have you ever played Handful of Hope?

>> No.76446531

I don't think I've read many of those. What is the problem?

>> No.76446535

Bad writing is still writing. You're not allowed to ignore canon just because it's shit.

>> No.76446537

I mean, it would be with OP isekai bullshit backing you up.

>> No.76446544

Exactly. Farming isn't easy.

>> No.76446554

But what jumps are best for that?

>> No.76446563

Poison Copy or Arcbeetle?

>> No.76446570

>a constant hilarious unwanted homoeroticism perk.
If it's unwanted wouldn't it be a drawback rather than a perk?

>> No.76446587

I feel like I ought to know who pinky is.

>> No.76446597


>> No.76446604

Poison Copy, just cause it sounds cooler.

i don't know medabots.

>> No.76446605 [SPOILER] 

Well, you might not do the day to day stuff.

>> No.76446606

depends on your isekai cheat skill. If you can summon up some slave labor (spirits, elementals, actual slaves you bought with money) then it's actually super easy

>> No.76446618

I already posted that.

>> No.76446620

Unironically the Slave Harem jump is good for this. So is the Jobless Isekai jump.

>> No.76446622

Having OCP and a harem, I guess.

>> No.76446639


>> No.76446644

> Game-loving Women
> They reincarnate as the young villainess and avoid triggering their own downfall flags.
This one.

Straight up.

Well, we actually do have a Thief jump, if you wanna do that.

I want to say Teen Titans because there are actually several scenes where the team is just hanging out or doing regular stuff in between missions.

The TT!Go VS Teen Titans movie makes jokes about the Teen Titans being always "on" and training a bunch, but no, in actuality they spend a lot of time just hanging out or doing various hobbies.
I think the very first episode has them going out for pizza, even? They're pretty casual.

>> No.76446654

That's not really farming then.

>> No.76446665

if medabots infinity taught me anything its that bots with lots of legs are the best

>> No.76446672

How is that not really farming then?

>> No.76446690

>This one.
>Straight up.
Just checking, did you know we got a Bakarina jump recently?

>> No.76446728

How dare you sir, I'll have you know plantation owners are very respectable farmers

>> No.76446751

Arcbeetle. Prominence is great.


>> No.76446755

That actually does work. It's called "nuclear fratricide", and it's a result of nukes not being susceptible to sympathetic detonation. If you damage a nuke it doesn't go off, so using an airburst nuke to take down a flight of incoming nukes it a real anti-missile strategy.

>> No.76446768

Are there any Zoid seasons with Zoids that look like Mobile Armor Hashmal or Metal Gear RAY?

>> No.76446793

To farm, you need to do farming. Which you can't if taking bullshit shortcuts that does almost all the work.

>> No.76446815

That's like saying the textile industry has been fake ever since the power loom was invented.

>> No.76446832

Here you go anon.

>> No.76446863

I mean, I don't really see why it wouldn't be. At least, there's no reason it wouldn't be with an isekai cheat skill. Not with servants, agreed. But farming was about cheating since its inception. Literally an easier and more reliable way to guarantee food. Then it was about applying new technologies and techniques. Like, plows, crop rotation, and all that shit. Tractors, irrigation. A huge portion of human history was all about enhancing the farming process.

>> No.76446874

So all farmers should use stone-age tools and farm plants native to their area. Retard.

>> No.76446880

Yes, using a steel plow hooked to a ATV is super useful.

>> No.76446895

Been gone for a few days, what is new?

>> No.76446901

Could be a lot harder. Seems like you have a very pitiful mindset of "it's okay when I use things to make it easier, but if anyone else makes it easier there's something wrong".

>> No.76446907

This is the only thing I can think of >>76442307

>> No.76446908

That's true: Modern tools are like slaves or isekai powers.

>> No.76446910

DCAU is best DC. So many cool characters got their start there.
Teen Titains>DCAMU> Rest> Live Action

>> No.76446913

I am not that anon, anon.

>> No.76446919


>> No.76446929

>A/B/O logic
What is A?B?O logic?

>> No.76446934

They achieve the same effect: Lessen the required work. It's just a degree of magnitude.

>> No.76446935

I've started prep work for the next SSBU update.

>> No.76446939

Honestly you're right. It's just things like slaves or blessed soils, the obvious hack in other word.

>> No.76446945

She'd be cuter if she didn't randomly kill people like a fucking psychopath

>> No.76446947


>> No.76446949

IGAnon farewelled the community yesterday, says he hates us and won't be coming back until after Christmas.

>> No.76446967

Harem. It's fun to do, since I don't animize it.

>> No.76446968

Giant dinosaurs covereth up many sins, Anon

>> No.76446970

You smell like a liar.

>> No.76446978

>there are actually several scenes where the team is just hanging out or doing regular stuff in between missions
There's one if not several episodes where they go out and play in the park, which you'd think would get them swamped with fans but nah, they're mostly left alone save for one stray kid or something that asks for an autograph. [Teen Titans City Name] must be a really chill place to live

>> No.76446988

Oh please, she's a lawful good God of Good, she can do no wrong

>> No.76447005


>> No.76447006

Ask the IRC he said it there.

>> No.76447030

>MC gets isekaied
>MC needs help
>Mysterious cave appears
>Inside is a handsome and magical mentor

>> No.76447031

Dude, I just looked it up, it's called Jump City

>> No.76447044

You guys ARE getting her Christmas variant during the current lottery event right? This is your ONLY chance to get her, no reruns & all that.

>> No.76447050

As an IRCer, can confirm.

>> No.76447067

I don't play gachas.

>> No.76447069

Oh yeah you are right

>> No.76447073

I wouldn't play Gacha garbage if my life depended on it

>> No.76447076

Alphas are the strong muscular dominate breadwinners, Omegas are weak submissive housewives, and everything else is whatever the author wants it to be. Mpreg is a rather common thing in, as is stuff like enhanced senses, or people going into heat.

It's weird, but I do adore the idea of subby trap housewives and sexual biting, and unfortunately A/B/O stuff is the easiest place to find that

>> No.76447086 [DELETED] 

>no reruns
Of course not. DW can't into anything but dead weeks

>> No.76447087

>It's weird, but I do adore the idea of subby trap housewives and sexual biting,

>> No.76447090

Want do you want me to update?

>> No.76447098


>> No.76447117

What's the point of being a subby trap housewife if your partner isn't going to leave a very visible and difficult to hide bite mark on your neck?

>> No.76447118

Why are there so many homosexuals in here?

>> No.76447125

So it is like Victim Girls?

>> No.76447133


>> No.76447134

Most men are bi, anon.

>> No.76447138

Who is this?

>> No.76447142

Do the Teen Titans accept new members if you ask nicely to join?

>> No.76447167

Nah, it's like 50s Husband/Wife dynamics, but the husband and wife's physical sex doesn't matter, mixed with long disproven wolf facts

>> No.76447172


>> No.76447182

That's how Terra joined, IIRC

>> No.76447217

Quetzalcoatl (Piedra del Sol)

>> No.76447220

I dont know what I am looking at.
The only gacha I've played is genshin and even then only for a few days.

I sometimes want to make a gacha chain, but I'd prolly have more fun making up the system rather than actually writing the story out.

>> No.76447230

I'm sure they'd be happy to have a new team member, especially if you do something like Terra did and impress them by taking down some dangerous foe before asking to join.

>> No.76447250

I have better taste in gacha than FGO. Love Fate, but FGO kinda sucks.

>> No.76447255

That's a fucking cool effect.

Pretty close to what I had in mind for a Servant build I made a while ago for the Mana Burst (Magma) Skill.

>> No.76447259

I did not.

In fact, I've never even heard of this series.
A cursory glance at google tells me this is totally something I would love. But I don't see it in the drive. Could you link it to me, by chance?

> [Jump City] must be a really chill place to live
By all accounts, it's super chill until the villain-of-the-day shows up and starts fucking everything up. But, yeah, it's not a bad place to be.

If episodes are any indication they've got video rental stores and pizza places, which my 90s ass is totally into. So there are definitely worse places to be for an occasionally adventurous jumper.

Terra could have joined just by being nice to them, if she hadn't had a serious autism moment where she freaked out because Robin figured out she wasn't super great at her powers.
So yeah, basically just show you're capable of being a hero at all and they'll let you in.

>> No.76447260

Thread loves traps. Has for years now.

>> No.76447269

If it wasn't for the tits, I would think this was a guy based on the face.

>> No.76447280

What would be the best way to expand the more landed magical effects from Warhammer Fantasy? Stuff like making a Geomantic Web for a galactic empire or a galactic scale Vortex.

>> No.76447291

That's fair. Their gameplay/narrative structure isn't really for everyone once you strip away the resource management aspects.
Genshin Impact is a valid setting for Victim Girls now, fyi.

Were you the one that made the gacha supplement, or barring that, did you know it's a thing?

>> No.76447299

>I have better taste in gacha than FGO
No you don’t, in the end gacha is all the same

>> No.76447305

>Stuff like making a Geomantic Web for a galactic empire
Respect Your Elders?

>> No.76447315


>> No.76447320

Like, I get it, she's an Aztec blood god, but fuck woman you don't have to kill every opponent you fight, sometimes it's just a fight, calm the fuck down.

And she openly admitted to straight up killing her opponents in the anime, so don't even try to deny it.

>> No.76447325

>because Robin figured out she wasn't super great at her powers
Wasn't that more because she thought BB had broken her trust and told Robin her secret, even though he promised he wouldn't? Granted, she could have just waited for them to explain instead of freaking out, or Robin could have taken her aside and told her 'hey, I figured out you don't really know how to control your powers, but you're doing good anyway, maybe we can help you figure it out' rather than just bluntly saying it to her in front of everyone, even if he had good intentions and just wanted to congratulate her. But hey, there would be no drama then.

>> No.76447336

By becoming a god. They can contend with the Chaos Gods, which are actually 100% the same ones from 40K, albeit generally requiring numbers to do it; it’s why Sigmar’s alliance pushed back Chaos so far early on in AoS

>but that’s bullshit
I know. But it’s canon. Somehow.

>> No.76447337

>D&D, Xianxia, Elder Scrolls, Dungeon Crawler
I'll see if I can find some good canon examples of treasure items then. ES is something I should have thought of myself, but I had completely dismissed Xianxia for some reason.

Thank you for the help. I ain't sharing my treasure though. Unless it's friendship. Should probably get something to dispel curses first I suppose.

>> No.76447347

Because GeeDubs have been haemorrhaging brain cells for the past two decades.

>> No.76447352

Oh hey the Breathless Wild jump.

>> No.76447354

>Were you the one that made the gacha supplement, or barring that, did you know it's a thing?
Nope and nope.
I just like rolling on loot tables and what drew me into CYOAs in the first place were ones where you had to roll for what you got/where you ended up and had to work with those results.
I am lucky I dislike spending money in general or I would be the worst whale

>> No.76447356

Is auto-equipping BDSM gear a fetish?

>> No.76447359

Yes. It updated again not too long ago so I re-read it like 2 times.

>> No.76447366

And just like Dragon Ball Super, once again Jumpers reap the rewards while canon characters are bastardised into stupid, petty shells of themselves. Seriously look how much Sigmar has fucked up in GW’s bid to pigeonhole him as Emps in AoSland, and how often he’s been betrayed by his own “allies”.

>> No.76447374

Didn't she bring back everyone that died in her attacks?

>> No.76447379

I think Anon wants that waifu Authority you all were talking about.

You ever see pic related? I saw the gif and was curious.

>> No.76447380

I don't remember if she did that, but she was doing it to save the greatest amount of humans possible if I remember right.

>> No.76447381

Judging by the sheer amount of Devious Devices mods for Skyrim, definitely yes

>> No.76447387

Quetzocoatl is for handholding while you watch lucha libre on tv and making barbacoa with and playfully laughing at what a lightweight she is when the two of you drink and getting ara ara'd by because of her weird big sister complex

>> No.76447400

How do you become a god there? Just get enough worship?

>> No.76447402

Wrestle wife, life good

>> No.76447406

Basically exactly that, yeah. Terra wasn't great at controlling her powers and had confided in BB about it, but Robin figured it out on his own just because of dat Batman training.
Which immediately caused her to freak out when he mentioned it because she thought Beast Boy had been telling everyone when she'd asked him not to, causing her to run off.

But what's funny is that Robin wasn't even chiding her about it, he was being really supportive, and she freaked out anyway. So it's basically a hot button issue for her that you'd need to be very careful about.
But yeah, if she'd kept a damper on her anxiety she could have totally been the sixth Titan.
But again, that wouldn't have been as DRAMATIC, so obviously it couldn't have happened.

Thanks, anon! I really appreciate it.

>> No.76447412

Isn't fate Quetzalcoatl like the one aztec deity that *didn't* like the whole human sacrifice thing?

>> No.76447416

Her introduction is she beating a bunch of soldiers and not killing them so she can kidnap them. The scene after her fight was basically on how she loves humans and didn't kill anyone too. The only one that killed someone was Jaguar killing Amakusa.

>> No.76447420

Yeah, I remember the series. I liked the OP.

>> No.76447425

If you don't get tripped up in the Winds because of a shit squid.

>> No.76447431

and Kotaro

>> No.76447437

That's because they're covered in lie-goop. (not to be confused with lie group.) One or two threads ago, IGanon was talking about wanting to do a new jump in time for for Christmas (Probably 40k Knights), and wasn't sure if he wanted to focus more on that now or focus on painting his newly acquired minis.

>> No.76447453

From what I understand that's actually so, though it might have been more complicated than that. Drown children to make the rain fall, flay prisoners to make the maize grow, tear out hearts to make the sun rise, but Quetzalcoatl was pretty chill.

>> No.76447457

If you’re up for more good WHF quests I recommend Rhunrikki Strollar.

>> No.76447495

This mod is from skyrim. The Devious Devices and Deviously Cursed Loot mod.

>> No.76447498

There’s a spell the greatest high elf mage of the age knows that lets you combine with one of the Winds. Nagash did something different early on by just manually devouring other death gods after building his warpstone pyramid and combining Dhar with necromancy to become a force anathema to the Warp. Supposedly the Seraphon (what the Slann became after Fantasy) also effectively exercise godlike power from their sheer mastery of magic. Otherwise...yeah, seemingly you just have to be a Gigachad in the eyes of everyone around you; being blessed by another god is helpful but not strictly necessary, Sigmar ascended from sheer renown and recently even millennia after being stuck in Slaanesh’s belly it was shown Aenarion can harm godlike beings through basically sheer force of soul. It’s kind of bizarre Morathi of all people wasn’t a god initially and had to do a complicated plot involving a special metal that may or may not be the actual blood of the Chaos Gods, the iron heart of Khaine and divine into Slaanesh’s belly to eat the elven kings in it to finish transforming into a god.

>> No.76447514

How do you feel about Thrust Into The Struggle?

>> No.76447519

Good jumps for learning to brainwash (not mind control!) Your enemies?

>> No.76447534

It's been on the list for a little bit. I'll need to get through it because I really liked on of the other Dwarf Hold quests that I read.

>> No.76447541


>> No.76447572

Haven’t read it, will check it out.
You should, probably one of my favourite active quests. Though FYI it’s centred on a single dwarf, not a hold. Though influential and powerful enough to affect how the hold grows.

>> No.76447586

Well, that's fine. Good dwarf quests are a bit harder to come by so I'll take what I can get.

>> No.76447631

Figure out how to link that world with one facing the opposite problem, and coordinate with anti-spiral and others to (in a controlled way), drain spiral energy from one to the other, so that both universes will be stable.

(Depending on your own chain's rules/metaphysics/etc, target universe could be medaka-verse, get anti-spiral and incubators on board with the plan. Incubators will no longer have excuse to be shitheads, anti-spiral can relax and quit opposing growth and progress, etc..)

>> No.76447636

>Big advantage vs good aligment servants
>In the anime was beating Kingu in the fight, who should be Archer Gilgamesh equal and he had a grail.
Should I summon her in Fate/Zero? Seems like she wouldn't have too much problem winning the war.

>> No.76447664

That's what I did, though I jumped Fate Extra first to pick her up as a tier-two Servant; you can import her into Zero as your Servant again for more dosh to spend in the Supplement and bring her stats up further. Steamroll the other Servants and Masters, grab Seibah as cute spoils of war, destroy corrupted Grail.

>> No.76447713

Even without rules changes, you could manage it with just the portal altar from Maid Dragon if you've been to the other jumps in the equation. It opens stable portals to place/dimensions you know of or have been to, and explicitly allows you to visit previous jumps with it if properly adjusted.
I don't even want to think what THE END's version of Walpurgisnacht existing would do to the timestream...

>> No.76447741

You might like Clan Flamespear if you can stand the grammar till it gets better at the mid-point or so. It feels like it has no chill though with how enemies seem to be popping up everywhere around then. Recursive Nightmare might be worth a shot, but it hasn't updated since August. Plus the MC isn't a dwarf, but sorta is considered one. Don't want to spoil things.

>one of my favourite active quests.
It is a good quest. Shame there aren't many more dwarf quests, or even an elf one.

>> No.76447767

Get toonforce, then shove some soap and a brush in their ear.

>> No.76447810

>Medaka turns into a witch

>> No.76447815

I haven't read Clan Flamespear yet, but I have read Recursive Nightmare. It inspired a good bit of my current chain. Soulsborne civ in Warhammer Fantasy is kino.

>> No.76447821

>Even without rules changes, you could manage it with just the portal altar from Maid Dragon if you've been to the other jumps in the equation. It opens stable portals to place/dimensions you know of or have been to, and explicitly allows you to visit previous jumps with it if properly adjusted.
Wait, what? Let's see...
>Post jump the setting will update to include other worlds that exist in them (such as Wonderland for Disney Princess). Cannot be used to travel to other jumps, but post jump this restriction is removed for your own convenience.
Huh. I did not realize.

>I don't even want to think what THE END's version of Walpurgisnacht existing would do to the timestream...
Wait, what? ahhhhhh. My brain failed to brain. Madoka-verse, I meant. You saw nothing.

>> No.76447835

I said you saw nothing! Although, yes, the Incubators would find this result concerning.

I admire your style.

>> No.76447836

alright everybody welcome to Jumpchain Done Quick, today I'm gonna be speedrunning Jumpchain under typical QS rules (ie death ending the chain, having to entertain the benefactor, etc). There are definitely faster routes to Spark than what we'll be taking, but this is for charity so I've decided to go with one of the flashier ones. We're starting off in Code Geass, and... Start the timer.

First thing, we manually pick our location as Tokyo since it saves us several frames that would've been wasted on the diceroll animation. We'll be going Drop-In to get a fat discount on the one thing we're in this Jump for, and picking up all the free perks for some QOL on this speedrun. We're also taking Chess Master from our perkline for the skill of "going fast in a Knightmare," more on that later.

For the items section, we're again picking up the free ones but also grabbing C's World as the key to speedrunning the Chain. The other 600CP is getting funneled into KP. 9th Generation, the freebies, Sakuradite Hull, and 8 Wings. The rest of your KP can go to whatever, I just pick the most expensive options first to burn through it quick. The plan is to entertain by spending the ten years going into active warzones and just going as fast as possible, with no regard for combat. Given that it's the first jump, we can't exactly entertain by turtling in the Warehouse for ten years.

Alright, and that's it for the first Jump. Next we're going into Shin Megami Tensai. We don't actually take anything here except The End to save on time. Immediately after we start the jump we eject ourselves with Chess Master-powered speed into C's World to kill YHVH immediately, and... Time, we have Spark. Ten years and 30 seconds. Thank you very much.

>> No.76447871

I am accusing you of cheating.
Expect to hear back from me after I've reviewed the footage.

>> No.76447874

Are you planning on doing a 100% waifu route at some point?

>> No.76447885

>My brain failed to brain.
I know the feeling. Sometimes I wonder if I'm actually retarded or something...

>> No.76447960

Now do a Randomized Perks, Items & Companion Run.

>> No.76447963

>God (1200cp) The divine beings that live and thrive by creating and managing worlds. In the broadest of senses, they are a human-like race with divinity as their power, which explains why all sentient races are humanoid to some degree. Their reason to exist is exactly that, and a God that doesn’t create worlds risks disappearing, so it’s a big deal for them. Within the worlds they make, their powers are absolute, trumping over everything inside, but the difference between two random Gods is more or less the same as between two random humans. Outside this, they are basically immortal and can grant all kind of powers to other beings, up to a certain extent.
What is the extent of powers this can grant? What does it mean by world? A planet?

>> No.76447969

I like that Jump!

>> No.76448001


>> No.76448113

what is this from?

>> No.76448128

I Saved Too Many Girls And Caused The (Little) Apocalypse

>> No.76448144

So many waifu shenanigans can you get up to with that power?

>> No.76448148

>What is the extent of powers this can grant?
Most powers that appear in the series and doc. Shit like WordPlay and the Namidare powers (and derivatives) don't count since they come from a system made between 2 goddesses to clean their messes.

Think of an expert programmer making their own game. They can add and modify a lot of stuff.

>What does it mean by world? A planet?
In canon, from what can I gather is the 'local' multiverse, given that it encompasses earth, parallel universes, isekai places, other planets, connected realms, etc.

How big your 'world' is depends sorely on you tho. It could be expansive like the canon one(s) or just a small place. Not sure on the rules since the Gods only appear for the last vol.

>> No.76448152

Is it morally wrong to give your dragon GF a financial domination fetish so that she gets off to giving you loot from her treasure hoard?

>> No.76448168

Mind-controlling people into giving you their money is evil, yes.

>> No.76448182

Thanks, have a waifu as payment.

>> No.76448187


>> No.76448202

Epona's face is so long

>> No.76448204

The legal department is calling it "a psychological-physiological reward for learning to share"

>> No.76448245

No problem, anon. Don't be shy to ask if you have question.

There are other waifu-grabbing perks on that jump.

>> No.76448256

>The legal department
Lawyers are evil, so they're not a reliable resource in questions of morality.

>> No.76448271

>Lawyers are evil

>> No.76448283

Are there any jumps where humanity is more or less doomed?

>> No.76448300


>> No.76448305

The legal department is calling it "pragmatic valuation-influenced decision-making pursuant to a Defection-based Game Theoretical strategy"

>> No.76448308

I think I remember someone mentioning Hellgate London being like that. About how even if they find a way to beat back the invading demons, even stronger ones will show up and kill them all after that or something.

>> No.76448354

If you sat in a puddle of your own piss for long enough, would your leg disintegrate?

>> No.76448362

Why would you do that?

>> No.76448389

I imagine that it would take long enough that you would die from an infection of some sort before it happens.

>> No.76448396


>> No.76448412

Are you going to replace all the waifus in your jumps with husbandos?

>> No.76448418

That sounds like the name of a Kids Next Door gadget

>> No.76448422

Everything disintegrates eventually, anon

>> No.76448432


>> No.76448433

That doesn't work, you're like a stripper pretending you're "dominating" the clientele when you clap your booty in front of them to make it rain.

>> No.76448451

wouldn't that also mean that all the children just die?

>> No.76448453

>eject ourselves with Chess Master-powered speed into C's World to kill YHVH immediately
How's that work now?

>> No.76448484

Isn't the Fuyuki Holy Grail incapable of summoning fully Divine spirits? Quetzalcoatl is straight up a goddess, so she'd get nerfed to all hell by the summoning.

>> No.76448487

I haven't read the series yet, but I think it only affects men above a certain age.

>> No.76448498

Not that anon, but C's World has the Sword of Akasha, which can kill a god or deity of your choice. So, naturally, anon can just use it to kill YHVH instantly.

>> No.76448501

Well you don't have to actually do anything with them, you just have to insult them and make fun of them for giving you money which they get off to, so they keep giving you money

>> No.76448505

Can you grant yourself powers or just others?

>> No.76448540

>remain ignorant
Whew, dodged that one.

>> No.76448543

>he said calmly

>> No.76448546

Just others.

No, just wanted to share some nice, wholesome male friendship.

>> No.76448561

Is it wrong to mind-control evil people into being good?
Is it wrong to use mind-control to fix mental disorders without consent?

>> No.76448581


>> No.76448583

>Just others.
Hey, if you can create a world composed entirely of cute girls where you have absolute power, and it sounds like you can, that's good enough.

>> No.76448584

First one is a yes, if they're really that bad just execute them. Second one, no. They would want you to heal them were they in their right state of mind

>> No.76448587

Good to know.
Is it wrong morality questions are morally wrong to ask.

>> No.76448597

I hate how clearly I can hear this.

>> No.76448620

If they do not choose it of their own will, is it truly good? What does it mean to have free will? What does it mean to be Good? There are several questions you need to answer before you can even think of answering that one.

>> No.76448631

The second one, I'd say no, especially if they're serious mental disorders. The first one, I'd say yes, because you're stripping them of their free will and forcing them to be good. Not to mention that if they're really that evil, and somehow that mind control wears off or gets undone, you now have that evil person active again whereas you could have just gotten rid of them.

>> No.76448649

How bad at their jobs do they have to be to not see a loophole that large in the goblets programming?

>> No.76448668

Free will is just a meme, assume direct control

>> No.76448680

>direct control
>Piloting the Joker's body like a mech suit all day

>> No.76448689

On a level of 1 to GET IN THE SACK is it a good idea to companion the spies?

>> No.76448694

>Is it wrong to mind-control evil people into being good?
No worse than just killing them would be, and they might even do some good afterwards.

>Is it wrong to use mind-control to fix mental disorders without consent?
Might be a slippery slope since a mental disorder isn't necessarily "evil". If they're so far gone that they can't reasonably consent then you might as well though.

I don't know; I'd like to know more about WHY the Triwizard Tournament is a thing, and why Harry couldn't just back out. Given how stupid and sometimes amoral wizards are in that universe I wouldn't be surprised if not participating once your name was called straight up kills you, ala an Unbreakable Vow.

>> No.76448713

Why did Harry need to participate anyway?

>> No.76448720

It’s not a bad idea. There’s nothing really special about them, but there’s nothing abhorrent either. 5/10

>> No.76448730

BiNdInG mAgIcAl CoNtRaCt

>> No.76448748

Well, yeah. That's why it's there

>> No.76448771

What loophole? That someone can submit someone else’s name? Evil Dumbledore aside, it’s probably a case that they just didn’t think anyone would submit someone else’s name, and that the Goblet wouldn’t have chosen someone who would have been stopped by the age line anyway.

Alternatively, maybe there was supposed to be some sort of protection in the Goblet itself that would prevent someone from submitting someone else, but it got fuckered when Crouch fuckered with the school count

>> No.76448773

>I wouldn't be surprised if not participating once your name was called straight up kills you, ala an Unbreakable Vow.

Someone should toss voldemorts name in.

>> No.76448804

I don't go out of my way to pick them up, but if Totally Spies comes up on a roll chain I'll take them along.
I think they'd be fun to take dungeon crawling.

>> No.76448806

Technically speaking he was still a ghost or half-living thing at the time. I guess he could have possessed someone to participate?

>> No.76448822

That someone can submit for others, that schools that dont exist are eligible, that you can get more people in by randomly tossing other peoples names in thereby making it more likely your school will win.

>> No.76448823

Not exactly sure if the Hogwarts Mystery game can be taken as canon, but there at least they straight up say the Triwizard Tournament was canned because it was too dangerous, and that only in the years before Goblet of Fire are they poking at the idea of bringing it back. So even wizards, as stupid and amoral as they are, thought it was a bad idea. Again though, that's only if you give the game any sort of credit canon-wise.

>> No.76448846

Wasn't he residing in a weird homunculus body in the 4th book?

>> No.76448859

Could he have just shown up to every event, either forfeit or not do anything, then just come in last?

>> No.76448863 [SPOILER] 

Reminder to use bullshit houserules to jump years early so you can waifu the cute bulli

>> No.76448864

>that schools that dont exist are eligible, that you can get more people in by randomly tossing other peoples names in thereby making it more likely your school will win.
Is explicitly because Crouch fucked with the Goblet.

>> No.76448888

Nobody remembers anything from the Hogwarts Mystery game except how shit it is except for Merula's Sneed and Feed, don't lie

>> No.76448904

Would a Harry Potter witch make a good waifu, or are they all too incompetent?

>> No.76448923

It's possible I suppose. We don't know really anything about it other than the magical contract or whatever.

>> No.76448932

She's definitely too cute to pass up on, even if she starts out as a major pain in the ass.

Eh, I still follow the game just to see what's happening, but I can understand that point of view. Especially because the guys writing the story for the game have no idea what the fuck they're doing it seems.

>> No.76448934

Depends, because other than Ginny, Hermione, Tonks and Shitty Lovegood, there are basically no Hogwarts aged girls with more than the most basic personality traits.

>> No.76448949

>with more than the most basic personality traits
A lot of people prefer submissive moeblobs who are too inoffensive and bland to disagree, so that's not necessarily a downside.

>> No.76448950

Actually, you can take out Ginny.

>> No.76448958

Penny was also cute

I got bored with it a while ago. Anything interesting happening?

>> No.76448971

I hardly know anything about Harry Potter but the French tart is cute.

>> No.76449003

Fleur Delacour. Lots of people thought she was a thot, turns out she’s pretty damn loyal to her man after he got mauled by a werewolf.

Romilda Vane also has “rapist” among her personality traits

>> No.76449012

>Romilda Vane also has “rapist” among her personality traits
That’s actually her only personality trait.

>> No.76449044

What are some good jumps that would fit in (power level wise) with cyberpunk settings?

>> No.76449062

The Triwizard Tournament is pretty weird. Like, it's treated as this huge dangerous thing because people have died during it, there's apparently some sort of weird magic backing it up, and yet at the same time they were able to avoid doing it for over a century for some reason? And Moody was able to tamper with the Goblet of Fire to the point that he was able to get a fourth contestant in.

Yeah, a "rudimentary body" according to the wiki. Basically some sort of Dark Magic hocus pocus that gave him corporeal form, but without much if any power.

>> No.76449072

>Anything interesting happening?
Not sure when you dropped off, but, basically: There's a secret conspiracy of dark wizards and witches called R who are also after the Cursed Vaults for some reason. The MC's brother was a perspective member or at least connected to them, but fucked up and got trapped by another perspective member, Rakepick, who comes as a teacher in the...4th year? I think? She then proceeds to manipulate the MC, Merula, and other friends of theirs to get access to the Vault of Year 5. She also kills Rowan in Year 6.

Year 5 has the MC start getting close to Merula, and she even agrees to drop their rivalry and calls them her friend...only for Rakepick, who she trusted and admired, to torture her with the Crucio spell and mock her. This causes her to suffer a bit of a relapse in Year 6, though she still shows signs of care for the MC when she drops her guard and it seems like they're close to rebuilding that relationship they might have had in recent chapters.

R, as it turns out, has been watching the MC for some time, because they want the MC to join them, and one day, to lead them. They also have a mole in Hogwarts even after Rakepick left, though currently who that is is unknown. The two characters who are most likely are a new girl that seems so ridiculously obvious as the traitor she's either a red herring or the guys behind the game are just shit at writing plot twists, and Tulip, who has been acting strange and has been hinted at being untrustworthy before.

>> No.76449091

Also consistently bottom rung in the Murder Death Course For Teenagers but to be fair 1. Beauxbatons as a school practically screamed “we are the snobby, glamorous elites who exist to be shown up by the plucky protagonists’ hard work and guts” and 2. Harry himself wouldn’t have aced those things if it wasn’t for Barty Crouch Jr. practically rigging them in his favor, conveniently owning a top of the line broom because of a previous adventure (since y’know, presumably most entrants don’t actually train like they’re actually the Chosen One) and had a talented partner like Hermione to practice charms with.

>> No.76449169

Is it immoral to open a zoo where all the animals are cute girls wearing animal onesies?

>> No.76449190


>> No.76449195

>when you realize half the reason you have three Chains is so you can split your depraved (and sometimes incompatible with each other) fetishes between two of them and keep the third pure
>when you realize your life was on this path before you ever used the Internet for anything but playing Toontown, never mind first visiting 4chan
Why must it be like this, /jc/? Why am I like this?

>> No.76449196

Only if it's a petting zoo

>> No.76449210

Because you refuse to stop cooming

>> No.76449221

I dropped off maybe a year and a half ago, ish? I suppose I should have specified. I remember the first two paragraphs, but the third's new. Anyhow thanks for the summary anon, I appreciate it.

>> No.76449224

I don't see why that'd matter, unless I decide to put in an adults only heavy petting section.

>> No.76449241

I remember the devil's snare fanfics

>> No.76449268

Immoral, no. Kind of boring to visit, yes.

>> No.76449282

I don't see how it'd be any less boring that normal zoos.

>> No.76449285

I see this as an absolute win

>> No.76449295

Make a zoo, but all the animals are reincarnated Japanese people.

>> No.76449324

Animals are cool. Women in pajamas are not. They might be titillating, but they're not what you go to zoos to see. In fact, I'd say that anyone that goes to a zoo to be titillated has some problems.

>> No.76449344

It will die within a generation because they're unwilling to mate.

>> No.76449358

That is what the reincarnated Koreans and Chinese are for.

>> No.76449369

I've seen people on /v/ give Super Paper Mario shit, but I liked it.

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