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>Book Repositories

>Wrath & Glory 2020 Edition

If you bought the previous WanG release through DriveThruRPG, you already have the updated PDF as part of your library.

>Bestiary, Armoury, NPC Database (fucking dead)

>Offline 40k RPG Combined Armory (v6.48.161023)

>/40krpg/ curated youtube playlists

>Make your maps look just like FFGs

>Previous Thread

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>Homebrew Collection

Necron Homebrew for Rogue Trader/Dark Heresy:

Mars Needs Women (v 1.8.3)

The Good, the Bad, and the Alpha Legion (v1.4.5)

The Gold Experience Requiem (v 1.4.0)

>System Conversions
Blades of the Inquisition (BitD hack) - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2bP0GsXwg9xcnczMFRNUHJMRjg/view

Dark Heresy for Genesys (i.e. the same rule system as FFG's Star Wars RPGs) - https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/266319-third-edition-release-dark-heresy-warhammer-40000-in-genesys/

Rogue Trader: Apocalpyse (A PbtA Rogue Trader game)

Gumshoe: Dark Heresy (Scribd is a shitty source but I can't find any other links, this thing is like 10 years old)

Fate 40k (A Fate Core hack for running general 40k games, can cover a lot of different ground) https://fate40k.obsidianportal.com/wikis/main-page#onlycrunch

>Thread Question
When was the last time you played a 40K RPG? How did it go? What happened in-game?

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How can I encourage my fellow players to roleplay more when their primary fun seems to be waiting for the plot finally reaching a fight?

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set up impossible odds for them so they have to rethink the want to kill.

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roleplay can be done during combat as well. I found that players are extremely receptive to cues given by the GM. If you, as the GM roleplay well, invoke the scene and play out interactions between NPCs realistically and believably, your players will start copying that behaviour and open up more.

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I am just the adept who is the only one who talks with the GM during investigation :(

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Ask them IC to help you out with shit. Nudge them to getting Fellowship skills because they could more or less AID you by RAW, I think.

Like, you know how to Barter, and your Scum knows how to barter. Sweet talk the seller together. Get them to get skills. Get Security and offer your services to the people, or something else to make money during downtime. Get everyone involved with playing with the world beyond shooting at cultists.

But this all hinges on your GM, if he's just gonna throw mooks at you dinguses to kill you should've just rolled a Guardsman.

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Offer in character resistance to the plan and plead that they find another way. (also talk to the GM)

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Anyone have experience running Against the Savages? First time GM and I'm looking for some advice

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>When was the last time you played a 40K RPG? How did it go? What happened in-game?

I'm in an ongoing BC PbP game and we've been trying to take a mobile spaceyard for like an IRL year lmao

Pic unrelated, from last thread

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When I say monsters, I mean things that are half machine, half mutant, half Eisenhorn's psychic hood after a night of drinking. Aside from two pictures, I haven't been able to find anything that wasn't that or "I will subdue the alien, the heretic, the demon - all of the enemies of man - with my cunt."

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Try to figure out what it is they're getting out of combat that they aren't getting out of non-combat situations.

Is it more rewarding? Is it more fun? Do they roleplay *in* the combat scenarios?

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thing is they kinda participate in discussions what the characters should do, but they do it out of character... sometimes it is just discussing about how our plans will nOT turn out, so we waste the whole session with talking out of character about what could go wrong without actually roleplaying anything and without actually doing anything

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Have you considered a game of Deathwatch?

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Running a game of Black Crusade. My players are going to run across the outside of a hulked ship towards an augur array some Orks took over. The Orks put a Shokk Attack Gun in one of the point defense turrets and there's a Weirdboy with Bang Squigs with the Mek. Hoping the Weirdboy rolls a 'Eadbang so he can prime the squig and toss it into the vacuum of the Shokk Attack Gun; it'd be really neat if I can get it teleported inside one of the armsmen accompanying them.

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what'd be the mechanical implications of not using comrades in an only war game? I really don't feel like RPing a bunch of NPCs for my players, and they're usually not the type to actually care, anyway

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You effectively cut their combat utility in half, and make things a lot more lethal since they lose their meat shields. What kind of unit is it?

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What's the viability of an all Tactical Squad Space Marine army? I just like the idea of playing a line company.

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Anything you'd really like to see a game of? I just got out of a game where I was basically an NPC, but the psyker/sister buddycop comedy going on was worth it.

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they wanna do something mechanized, either hellhound/devil dog or sentinel squad, so I'm not too worried about squishiness, plus it's hard to figure out what the comrades would actually be doing if their vehicles have a capacity of 4 (the size of the group) or 1 (don't wanna give a bunch of comrades their own sentinels)

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Sentinels would probably be less boring, since tank gameplay would basically just be the tank commander giving orders and everyone obliging, occasionally doing their one to three tasks once combat starts. Light infantry and scions games have much more going on in terms of narrative, but Sentinels are the superior mechanized experience. Maybe have two or three comrades that the squad shares (or just one if it's a large party) and have the comrade orders affect other party members given consent, justified as the troops being cross trained due to their outrider nature.

Bikes are good too, so are rough riders with xenobeasts

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Is it just Mechanicus implants that the void dragon will be able to puppet when it wakes up, or is everyone with any sort of technology, even an external 'plug in' port, completely fucked?

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Shards of the void dragon can't puppet technology, they can only absorb and reconstitute themselves from vehicles they destroy.

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Wait, did he get destroyed? I'm thinking of the actual c'tan itself, the one stickytaped to the floor on Mars.

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Every c'tan was destroyed.

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id like to see a game

thats it

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Having my Only War group take control of a control tower. It's going to be four floors tall, and I'm curious what to do with each floor. I'm going for cramped, CQB kind of combat.

>First floor: fairly open, lots of desks and computers, but nothing too LOS blocking. Four guardsmen are waiting here setup in hurried ambush

>Second floor - file and part storage area, lots of shelves that break LOS entirely. Couple guardsmen waiting here in ambush with flamers and shotguns, maybe some grenades

>Third floor - Cubicles. Four working areas, almost zero LOS because of that. Can't decide if I have some people here or instead have it booby trapped, but want this one to slow them down.

>Forth floor - top of the tower. Central computer bank blocks LOS, outside areas having smaller banks to hide behind. Half a dozen enemies here to get into a pretty nasty firefight with.

Trying to fine tune this, I really want to put the fear of CQB into my players.

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In Deathwatch they roleplay even less. It's just rolling dice to kill stuff, I don't need to pen n paper for that, there are so many good tabletop or vidya solutions for fun combat, it seems just like such a waste of time and story when you don't roleplay in your roleplaying session.

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So me and my players played our first session of Only War yesterday and the talent "True Grit" seems really strong. At first I thought Orkz were kind of weak, but I guess True Grit is one of their main strengths coupled with their high toughness bonus?

I DM'ed and had a really hard time balancing our first game. My players absolutely stomped my first encounter and we only got half-way through the second one when we had to quit for the day but they are kind of struggling so far.

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>Against the Savages
Never heard of it. What game is that for?

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You just need to find a new group. These guys seem like they want a beer and pretzels dudebro vibe, while you want something deeper.

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are there stats for a volley gun anywhere?

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Some anon compiled a pdf with rogue trader, only war and dark heresy together. Hot-Shot Volleygun has stats in some dark heresy book, not sure which one but it can be found in the attached document

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I made some changes ,and the fixes that were requested, now that I have a bit of time.

The Gold Experience Requiem (v 1.4.4)

- Astartes armor spacing error corrected.
- As suggested, Mk.X Tacticus and Gravis armor now have the Gorget rule of Mk.8 Armor. Note that Mk.X Omnis and Phobos do NOT have this rule, as their models do not possess a gorget.
- The missiles of the Hammerfall bunker now have a blast area.
- Solar Auxilia Kinetic Grenade improved from 1d10+7 to 1d10+9, within +/-2 margin of strength 4, to better match tabletop strength of 4.

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How are you running it? Are you adding critical damage together, or treating it as a separate thing? If it's the first, I'm not sure what to tell you. It's good, but not *that* good. At most it should be an extra shot to kill them.

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This is my first foray into any 40k rpg so I don't really have a grasp of it yet.

I'm adding critical damage together, just going into the negative, which I assume you should do?

I might understand the rules wrong, but an ordinary boy with toughness 6 will almost always only take 1 dmg from a lasgun if he starts to take crit damage. And yeah I guess there's critical effects that stun and so on, but I was a bit taken aback with how the talent worked when we started playing.

I also noticed after our first session that there is an errata to True Grit that makes it not reduce Righteous Fury rolls, which I will use next time..

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Yes, that's about right. Odd. I've never really had an issue with it - they're tough, but not so tough that grenades and concentrated fire couldn't put them down. Might just be bad luck on your part. I forget the damaged armour rules, it's been a while since I hit only war, but they're only wearing flak armour. Consider degrading it if it's a problem.

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>aether shield talent
Legitimately had never seen that before. Bolt it to step aside and something stupid to beg the GM for like a clonefield or a holosuit and watch as your psyker becomes invulnerable.

Right until the GM gets bored of you and leaves a surprise nob-mob in your character's shower, anyway.

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Looks neat.

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That's why heavy weapons are the best weapons for orks.

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I was searching accession for dh1e and my guardsmen wants a back pack ammo holder for a flamer, i know its like scarce availability but there is no listed price. How much for a pair of tanks and a hose? I was thinking 100 throne gelt, is that too much seeing how with the flamer its 400 before he even begins buying ammo?

>> No.76344387

Make that your base price and modify from there, but only with a purchased one. Call it 200 for an aftermarket.

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100 gelt sounds fair.

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Starter module for Only War

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File: 3.18 MB, 3000x4000, IMG20201207173102.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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DH 1e Question:

Did I understand alternate Career Paths correctly? When I want to create a 'Verispex Adept' from the Book of Judgement, can I take the starting Skill from the Core Rulebook (Low Gothic, Literacy, and so on) And then declare my first Rank to be already the alternate Career Rank from the Book of Judgement and spent my 400 creation XP already on the good stuff from the Verispex, lets say starting the character with Total Recall?

Also that would mean I can't ever turn back and take stuff like Drive(Ground Vehicle) from the 1st Rank of Adept?

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is there anywhere I can see the points costs (vaguely doesn't have to be exact) of Astra Militarum units?

I just want to work out what the points value of my old IG army would be under the new rules without needing to get jewed into buying a new codex

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Wrong thread buddy, this is for P&P RPGs not tabletop.
Just go on The Trove and download the latest IG book.

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I hope someone can help me with a weirdly specific question:

Some time ago, I wanted to GM "Damned Cities" from the Haarlock Trilogy. I went to the Internet and found some forum where people discussed how they played it out. I remember that there was one GM who wrote that their group had an Arbites player who tried to exploit the fact that the Story begins in an Arbites 'fortress' (you know what I mean) and he tried to abuse his Peer:Arbites Talent as much as he could. Now Covid came and I never started this game and now I can't find that particular forum anymore.

So does anyone know where I could find those stories of former GM who had to deal with this, or maybe just help me out, what would you do if your Acolyte Cell had to investigate a major secret in an Arbites Precinct and one of the players is an Arbites with all the Arbites Lore and Peer:Arbites, so he realistically could crack open the secret in like 5 minutes after arriving on the planet?

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File: 4.45 MB, 2436x1125, 697EC5C1-0464-4750-ABE0-FE1970ED2DD4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know about that but my player want to go big or go home with the accession one

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So I'm going to play in a DH 2e game soon.

If I want to play a Guardsman that's primarily focused on "rifle" type weapons, what role would be best suited? Warrior or Assassin?
Also, what are some common pitfalls that you encounter when building a character? I have played a lot of 1e, but 2e seems to have many more with the weird aptitude system.

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Oh, well then.
If going from 3 ammo to 6 is worth 100 gelt, going from 3 to 60 should probably be a little more pricy.

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Also a bit of a follow up. The whole aptitude system looks pretty fucked and unbalanced?
Is this just my noob eyes glossing over it or is there some truth to it?

>> No.76348600

Exactly how is he supposed to crack the case open with just those perks?

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You have to be Ascension level for Ascension gear.

>> No.76349189

Check the PDF Thread, you should be able to find the Codex there.

>> No.76349407

If you pick a role with offence or finesse, get the other aptitude through background. That plus ballistic skill will set you for most relevant advances at a discounted rate, rather than average/penalty rates. Imperial Guard is not going to do that. Finesse backgrounds are limited to Rogue Trader Fleet or Heretek.

Warrior vs Assassin - do you want melee & defence, or stealth & perception?

>> No.76350300

The only unbalanced thing is how finesse is necessary for so much and how it is the opposite for leadership. Otherwise it allows for more flexibility than 1e ever could outside of asking the gm for elite advances for stuff not on your career tables.

>> No.76350330

there also anon getting a dubs on aptitudes because of his home world so he can get ferness that way for warrior or if he goes assain he already has dubs on Fieldcraft to swap to offence

>> No.76350337


Well without spoiling too much, when I was a player we knew there must be something terribly wrong when we got the first handout. you know the adjutant asking for the help of the inquisition instead of the Chief himself, so the Chief was suspect as fuck from the first second on. Also it was not our first Haarlock plot so when we read the Arbites have no own fortress but live in the fucking Haarlocks Folly, our plan was instantly: "Hi we are the Inquisition you guys asked for, get everyone out on the yard for a speech of our Priest. Oh while we are at it: our Arbites has something to say to you all: maxxed fellowship, peer:Arbites and bam he threw a speech to his fellow Lawmen to trust him when he says stay the fuck out of this building, we have experience with Haarlock bullshit, this stuff turns people into hating and killing each other. So remember your vows and fight every urge to be aggressive towards each other, us or anyone. Emperor alone knows if any of y'all are already influenced, so be a badass Arbites Precinct and deal with it that everyone has to be on his best behaviour now because you all are suspects now. We start with your Chief, because lets face it this Planet is in a horrible shape and he did not ask for help, so that is suspect, sorry. Now whoever starts a mutiny against the Inquisition taking the weapons of your chief is a suspect himself and we are on a full courtyard full of Lawmen who are capable and willing to take down anyone who starts the first aggression. Bam. We locked the chief up, ignored everything the GM tried to distract us with and went for the Chiefs rooms first. Found the "Plottwist" Searched, sniffed and psykered a bit, bam,XXX found, Plot"twist" never had a chance.

I really don't want this to happen when I am the GM, but my players are Europeans, so they WILL see the inconsistencies in the Mission Briefing and first Handout :/

>> No.76350360

That only allows for characteristic aptitudes.

>> No.76350705

what are some interesting "end games" for an only war campaign? there's obvious stuff like getting recruited by an inquisitor or catching the eye of a rogue trader and becoming her honor guard, but do y'all have any other ideas for transitioning PCs out of the guardsmen lifestyle as they grow in power?

>> No.76350862

Some guardsmen are allowed to become the ruling noble on a newly conquered planet, but that's most likely officers and so on.. but if they are considered heroes I guess that could become a thing as well.

>> No.76351001

What fellow anon here said, or also more likely being promoted away from front line combat should that be their persuasion. Go from being a grunt on the front line bleeding in the trenches to an arm chair general in the next system over moving the pretty numbers around and watch as they go up and down and make the bad numbers go down too

>> No.76351039


that thing with nobility is nothing i ever heard about, wll the books just mention that "sometimes, when they are really lucky, they can settle on a world they won for themselves"

I think surviving and not being in the war anymore is more than they could ever hope for.

>> No.76351402

Can't remember where I read it, but it pops up ever so often. It might have been in the Only War book but I am unsure.

Also it's up to the GM to determine what "settle on a world they won for themselves" mean. Are they regular blue collars? Are they training the PDF? Were they left behind due to injuries?

A very charismatic and intelligent character might become a politician, but highly unlikely that you daft heavy gunner that started off with 23 int will.

>> No.76351672

sorry, I should've been more clear. I mean, what's ascension-level gameplay for only war look like? it's not like a bunch of footsloggers are suddenly going to be granted a baneblade, but would they ever be promoted to being storm troopers? would they just become veterans and thrown back into the meat grinder? I like the idea of them being picked up by an inquisitor (they are PCs so they're probably dealing with stuff way above their pay grade already), but I also feel like it's a little cliched

>> No.76351831

I've been thinking about if my players could be promoted to be running a company where one character becomes a junior officer and the rest is the command squad.
When that idea has run its course they could be promoted to something else, like running the entire regiment or they are chosen to start and train a new Death Rider company where training is done more through roleplaying and then after a couple of months or even a year they have their first battle.

There's a ton of options to be going for here. When it comes to the higher ranking leader roles it could be months between engagements where they see combat, so the time-span would be far greater.

That is the most logical course of promotion, but you could of course pretty much do anything. They could become guard for some rich dude or whatever really.

>> No.76352449

I have a campaign currently in Scintilla. PCs just destroyed a genestealer cult and are now infiltrating the tricorn palace as double agents. While also investigating the nobles and arbites. They've got a lot on their plate.

>> No.76355088

>Can't decide if I have people here or instead have it boody trapped
What sort of traps are you planning on having?

>> No.76355691

That's not the only thing, and 1e actually does offer flexibility in a way 2e doesn't - it can change the pricing or availability on one talent for a single career, alternate rank, elite advance, etc, where 2e can only add aptitudes or gate talents behind elite advances.

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It can be a bit. It serves as an unofficial class system, but it mainly ends up restricting what talents you can buy because nobody wants to drop 1200xp on a t3 talent that you really want but don't have the aptitudes for.

It's a shame you can only get two aptitudes outside of creation, and only through elite advances, but it helps force characters to specialise. Which is sort of needed even with the narrowed skill list. Other dude is right, though, Finesse is a pain in the arse.

>> No.76357178

>It's a shame you can only get two aptitudes outside of creation, and only through elite advances
I'd bet money that's an artefact of FFG shutting down the system earlier than intended.

>> No.76357553

Yeah, probably. I imagine there was eventually a talent planned like sound constitution that gives you an extra aptitude, or they planned for an 'extra aptitude per X amount of spent XP" sort of advancement system. They've always been fairly iffy in all their games about bolting on secondary systems of advancement but it's all I can think of.

>> No.76358256

I'd say something more like OW, milestones to replace limited #s aptitudes, or just more elite advances, probably.

>> No.76358493

I haven't played OW or even opened the book, can you elaborate?

>> No.76358746

Every 2500xp, you get a choice to replace your current specialty (career, role, archetype) with a different base specialty or an advanced specialty you qualify for, or take a non-advance +5 in a characteristic you have an aptitude for.

>> No.76358860

Yeah, that'd work. I can't see it being purely around aptitudes, or they would probably have given one to everything instead of just Psyker/Inquisitor.

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File: 504 KB, 867x1249, Lilith Abfequarn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>purely around aptitudes
elite advances*

>> No.76358929

>or they would probably have given one to everything instead of just Psyker/Inquisitor
Hence saying dh2 shut down before it was finished. The only book without an elite was Without.

>> No.76360228

Honestly, toss the whole Aptitude-xp interplay out. You pay for everything as if you had 1 Aptitude, keeps costs middle of the road. Aptitudes add a narrative benefit to related skills. It's what I would do if I ran DH2e again.

>> No.76360468

>force characters to specialize

why is this good

>> No.76360549

Why is it bad?

>> No.76360563

DH1 had a problem where the characters spread too thinly trying to cover too wide a base, DH2 still has it, but it's much less than it was, prevents the "Jack of none, master of none" problem AND there are methods to shore up the party, up to and including reinforcement characters when you really, really need a grey knight hotdrop.

>> No.76360654

Hmm. In nearly every game I've played I'm the only one trying to cover more than one base. So to my mind and experience players seem pushed to overspecialize to the point they're useless at anything outside their niche and just call out the name of the specialist PC whenever the GM presents a case in their skillset.

>> No.76360773

Expensive advancements only really get felt if you're trying to push beyond 2 or more ranks of a characteristic or skill advancement or going for a T2+ talent if you're not matching any aptitudes. Otherwise it is certainly more expensive, but not that much to pick up the first rank of advancements. This also does depend on how stingy your GM with exp.

>> No.76362498

"Sorry guys the shopkeeper won't sell you the large tank because you're not experienced enough"
Yeah alright.

>> No.76363672

Am I missing some obscure rule about stacking modifier sources, or could a psyker with The Constant Threat, 50-60wp and a banishing rod (or whatever the name of the -20 rod is) jammed up his arse become immune from most Perils rolls?

>> No.76363723

How the hell has the Trove been up so long and looks so professional looking without being DMCA'd to hell?

>> No.76363727

Because there's a shop for large tanks you just walk into and pick one off the lot.

Banishing Rods are sex toys or warp grounding, unless you want warp constipation and an angry taint.

>> No.76364024

"Sorry guys, the shopkeeper doesn't have a large tank because it doesn't exist in his basic-ass store."

>> No.76364107

It's a fucking fuel tank. This isn't elite Inquisitorial shit, it's a big fuel can with some backpack straps.

It being in Ascension doesn't magically make it super secret Inquisition gear, exercise some brain power for three seconds.

>> No.76364166

It *is* elite Inquisitorial gear.

>> No.76364188

>regular backpack holds 6 flamer shots
>ascension one holds 60
Sounds like super secret tech to me.
If the one that is literally 10x as effective is still just a big fuel can with some straps, why does the infinitely shittier version even exist?

>> No.76364436


I am not an expert, but I think I would handle it like that

>> No.76364447


Wow, that sucks. Maybe try not using the original handouts from the book?

>> No.76364563

Sounds like FFG realised a regular backpack holding 6 shots was stupid and effectively retconned those rules they didn't even personally write.

What about the Ascension one would make it magically more capable of holding extra ammo?

>> No.76364627

That's about the same as saying a Triplex pattern Lasgun is super secret Inquisition tech because it just so happens to be infinitely superior to a normal lasgun in quality.

For nearly all of the gear in Ascension, there is absolutely no reason at all for them to be limited from being purchased by normal characters pre-Ascension (or even in other lines). To say so is arbitrary and a choice of the GM, because Ascension itself certainly doesn't have those limitations. The actual text states,

>"The GM should also determine whether an item can be commissioned at all, considering in-game circumstances. If a player wanted a plasma pistol, for example, it is highly unlikely he could commission one from a hive world artisan. The technology to construct plasma weaponry is very rare, and usually only available on forge worlds (where the Mechanicus guards it zealously). The character would either have to travel to a forge world to make the commission, or (if he already had a plasma pistol of lesser quality), he could commission a hive world artisan to improve the item he already possessed."

This basically just restates similar such rules from earlier books in DH1, whereas in RT, DW, BC, OW, and DH2 the rule was wrapped up in the core ruleset itself.

TL,DR; Use common sense to determine when an item is available. Ascension says quite literally 0 about any of its items being restricted in any special way. Naturally, something like an Exitus Rifle will be near impossible to find let alone maintain, but that is again up to the GM to determine.

>> No.76364629

Does anyone play the space Hulk?
Does anyone remember playing the video game?

I forgot about growing up

Does anyone remember when the good feelings left..

>> No.76364701

archaeotech promethium compression?

>> No.76366086

>Ascension itself certainly doesn't have those limitations.
Sure it does. You need some Ascension level techsmith to bespoke make or upgrade Ascension level gear. Sometimes and places you won't even be able to find that guy, or they're busy with more important work.

>> No.76369224

I'm pretty sure you could run a space hulk game with Deathwatch or Only War.

>> No.76370909

What mods or talents should I use to help me take advantage of the razor sharp quality? We have a pile of DE wych blades. DH 2.

>> No.76370984 [DELETED] 
File: 134 KB, 566x566, burning-of-prospero-release-3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm finally biting the bullet on slowly starting to build my first army and I kinda wanna use the HH Ahriman model. Do I need to do some heavy conversion work to pass him off as an aspiring sorcerer or is it just a question of swapping the weapon if someone gets anal about it? Sorry for being dumb about it, I don't exactly know how strictly models fit into gameplay yet.

>> No.76371045 [DELETED] 

Wow holy fuck, sorry, could've sworn I went to /40kg/ but I fat fingered. Time to exile myself.

>> No.76371062
File: 43 KB, 769x437, 19642414_1573736719372293_8097075831438113813_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

stay with us
we are so lonely
remain forever

>> No.76371092

I am lurk, anon

>> No.76372153
File: 34 KB, 515x454, 119199469_2880858318860005_2045790356302000313_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

he already gone jim

>> No.76372952

What's a normal pace for EXP progression in Only War? How much EXP should I reward my players for 1 easy-medium encounter with murderhobos and 1 hard encounter against greenskins?

>> No.76373007
File: 1.14 MB, 886x655, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.76376690
File: 55 KB, 512x358, i dont care anymore.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bump of despair

>> No.76377698

So what are the 'crucial' party roles? You need someone for technical stuff, you need someone for talky stuff, everyone should have a sideline in murder, someone should know that 'blood goes inside the person'. What else?

>> No.76377740

Pilot, you never know when shit is going to get mobile and without one you risk killing the squad in a terrible crash

>> No.76377748
File: 141 KB, 640x462, Damned Scribe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Settle a debate in my group, /tg/

Is a man who is utterly obsessed with books, learning, and knowledge, to the point of it being unnatural, more likely to feed into Tzeentch's domain or Slaanesh's?

>> No.76377775

>someone should know that 'blood goes inside the person
Everyone. Even just one rank.

>> No.76377842

Tzeentch, until the sorcerer goes so far up his own ass he abandons his sorceries in pursuit of some petty shit

>> No.76377882

If Slaanesh is the god of excess and lust, wouldn't an obsession fall more into his purview?

>> No.76377962

I would like more info concerning the sorcerer's motives and personality. Does he have any body modifications that enhance his reading prowess? Is any of the knowledge learned applied or is it just obsessive to a fault, IE learning for the pleasure of it. If the sorcerer is only learning and reading to scratch some sort of "itch" then I would agree that Slaanesh would hold dominion over them

>> No.76377989

When you imaginary buy one give one tendies to your Ork friend


>> No.76378265
File: 21 KB, 307x478, images (11).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any Tau controlled worlds with large human populations that are fleshed out in any FFG RPG?

>> No.76378313
File: 26 KB, 340x439, Snotling2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My thanks

>> No.76378327

I think Deathwatch might have some?

>> No.76378389

There's a few that are under Imperial control, but maybe I can elaborate. Or maybe I'm a massive faggot and missing them. Thanks.

>> No.76378511

Pretty wild for archaeotech to have an availability of Common.

>> No.76378584

Point to anywhere in Ascension where it says that. Pro-tip, you can't.

But for a serious answer, no, that is not true. The equipment section makes 0 mention of anything like that, and for the items that are rare or extremely punishing for a player to get their hands on, they have appropriately high rarities. And then there is the fact, like I said before, the GM must decide if the item is available at all in the first place. Obviously you aren't going to acquire a black market Exitus Rifle except in the most extenuating of circumstances. In the case of the books Daemon Hammers, there are only 12 (13) of them and surely some of them are in use at the moment, so finding a chance to get one will border on near impossible. But they exist. They can be acquired. And they can be acquired by non-Throne Agents as well. It just depends on the circumstances.

>> No.76378613

The rules for commissioning Ascension level gear.

>> No.76378656

To clarify before you twist my words from >>76378584 because I forgot to specify that the first half of your statement is completely false and that I was agreeing with the second half.

There is no series of Inquisition-tendered smiths that hold the galaxy's secrets to manufacturing Kasrkin Carapace, Hellguns, Backpack Power Packs, Servo Arms, Digi-weapons, Ryza-pattern weaponry, an Arbites Power Maul, a Power Stake, Kineblades, a Suppression Shield, a Neuro-Gauntlet, and so on.

Hell, the assassin only weaponry is made exclusively by the Temples themselves, and Digi-weapons are Jokaero-tech or Archaeotech. Almost the entire list of the rest of those items are just generic items found around the galaxy that also just so happen to be prized by Inquisitorial agents for their effectiveness and utility. And the vast majority of them also need no special ability to make, and are spat out on a galactic scale to feed the Imperium's military machine. Some like a Badge of Office are special sure, but that's because its basically a Rosette and that's the realm of the Inquisition only- not that it takes some super rare smith to create them.

TL;DR, It's total bullshit to say Ascension items are restricted only to Ascension, especially when you factor in half of them ended up in other lines as basic items anyways, let alone the fact that Ascension itself makes zero mention other than to apply common sense for what is available and what isn't at any given time.

>> No.76378670

If you had read the rules, you'd know "Commissioning" is actually just a new process of acquiring items meant to work with the then new Influence system. Nowhere does it state that that all subsequent items in the book are magically restricted to Throne Agents only.

>> No.76378961

>To clarify before you twist my words
Yeah, I'm not enough of an asshole to say you can't revise informal conversation. Just enough that I'm finding this all amusing.

>There is no series of Inquisition-tendered smiths
I didn't say 'tendered', and I wouldn't consider it strictly one way - ascension level inquisition authority giving access, or joining up with the inquisition because you have access - but either way the people who have it are ascension level dudes. You're not walking out of Bob's Underhive Rat Burgers as a regular dh1e acolyte considering whether or not to buy this stuff. Other lines don't matter.

>> No.76378977

But they are limited to commissioning, which isn't available to the plebs counting thrones.

>> No.76379042

No. No they are not. If you read the rule text, that is not even slightly true. It in fact, says quite literally, nothing of the sort.

Commissioning, literally, is simple the use of the Influence rule to acquire items at Best Craftmanship in a number of weeks equal to 1d5, plus 1d5 per Rarity above Scare. That is all it is. Nothing more, nothing less.

Well, not much else to say then. If that's how you want to rule it, go ahead, but at least don't confuse other players with houserules.

>> No.76379056
File: 71 KB, 767x960, 121381131_10224232348217110_3707929066708237425_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


You need a brain. Everyone needs to pick up clues and take every Lore they can so the Cell/Team/Crew/Squad/Band gets all informations they could possibly have, but without one guy who gathers all those pieces and solves the puzzles you guys risk coming up with stupid decisions and suicidal plans.
Even if you are a Group of Murderhobos consisting of a Sniper, a Heavy Gunner, a Pyromant Psyker and a fucking Melee Berzerker even those guys increase their chances of survival with every little information they have about their surroundings, their enemies and most of the time their Boss, too. Because let's face it, having a heads-up when you are being lied to and sent on a suicide mission can save your ass just because you know how screwed you are before it actually starts going down.
So again: Take all Lore Skills you can get your hands on, so you have a chance of actually playing the story together with your GM instead of being Gamepieces who suffer the story the GM throws at them.

>> No.76379084

What if you have a DM like mine who treats you like gamepieces anyway and railroads you more than an Only War campaign despite playing Rogue Trader?

>> No.76379085


Shameless bump of my question to my fellow GM: how would you Master this Scenario?

>> No.76379150


When I had that problem with my GM it helped to point out: Mate, please look at it from this perspective: I spent a lot of XP in investigation skills, our Psyker spent his precious Spell choices on Prophecy and Mind-Reading and stuff. I get it, it is more complicated to have an actual plan for the Story and by trying to find out stuff we "force" you to decide beforehand instead of improvising everything, and I am sorry for that. But hey, all those XP and Spells could also be invested in making us walking weapons of mass destruction, so we feel kinda bad when you are not willing to invest the effort to make our choices count at least a little bit so we don't regret not-taking Fireball and Kill-skills of greater doom.

>> No.76379161

Only War is as much of a railroad as you make it.

>Railroading GM
If the GM wants to keep railroading his players and won't be talked out of it, then not much else to do than leave if you want to avoid suffering long-term. Don't have to play in it if you don't want to.

>> No.76379184 [DELETED] 

We did. He just keeps ignoring it and we're always at the mercy of NPCs and forced into the choice of "bend over backwards for this random dude despite being Rogue Traders or suffer really hard". Always talked down to and treated like garbage to boot, and any time we try to do something he doesn't want he automatically makes it not work or has Eldar show up to fuck us over.

I built up an Explorator to do crafting, exploring and even went into Genetor to start trying to explore gene-warrior stuff. I've been relegated to "bitch of the Mechanicus/xenos" and been unable to do any projects of my own for over twenty sessions.

>> No.76379375

'e gave 'im warpdust, da poor little snotter, I was sure 'e was gone mad.. but 'e wuz me pet since befor da cloud I was born'in.. he took da mekz wrench an' 'e started to fix stuff.. made 'em real gubbins. Da snotter, 'e a real boy, betta 'dan da mekz some ov da time.. Brain Boyz bless 'im, 'e made a entire hulk from skatch..

>> No.76379510

What's going on in your game, anon?

>> No.76379643

Why do you need an Ascension level techsmith to make common rarity equipment?

>> No.76379768

So to summarise: Everyone should get a rank of Medicae, a few random lore or trade ranks, someone should know that accelerator is the big blinky thing and the brake is the other blinky thing, but really I just need the group to have a face and a psyker provided things are well spread.

Or I can just tell them to make face/psyker/doctor/burglar and call "Keep your rifle by your side" appropriate emperor-approved devotional music.

>> No.76380378

Now I feel like a tool, sorry. Thanks for replying anon.

Maybe I should have elaborated my question. But what I'm really asking is there a norm for "high level" gameplay? How much exp is a good target to really give players a lot of options and variety?

Maybe that is not how you play Only War, as I assume a new character starts off at essentially "level 1"?

>> No.76380454

The aptitude system as-is makes giving players a lot of options and variety quite hard, some specialties have an aptitude spread that can make branching out prohibitively expensive.
If you want to try and mitigate that then giving more than the standard (or rejigging aptitude/xp cost scaling) would probably be a good start, but there's not really any accepted amount that would be "high level" as such.
The only advice I can really think of would be try creating a character with the default rules, maybe advancing it by the standard xp you'd earn for a session or two, see if you're satisfied with the depth/breadth available to you and adjust from there if necessary.

>> No.76380463

Common by the standards of gear you can't buy with thrones.

>> No.76380628

Jesus the mental gymnastics here are absurd dude. We're talking about a backpack ammo supply. Something Imperial Guardsmen have in ample supply.

>> No.76380949

Ignore him, there is no point in responding to him if he is going to purposefully remain obtuse about how the rules work, let alone how the oldest system is clarified over and over by the newer systems. I pointed it out earlier, but at more than half of the gear in Ascension is ultimately available as basic items in other lines, or even within the same system (Book of Judgement).

>> No.76381026

Talk to them and ask them

>> No.76382688

Like that ever solved anything in a group.

>> No.76382893

Take it in the context of the system where it exists, rather than trying to cloud the matter with other game lines. DH1 had really crappy ammo backpacks for average people.

>> No.76384045

It's rather vague. Ifipghenia lore has some scraps, though. It's a planet in the Canis Salient.

>> No.76384250

trying to figure out the "next step" for my Only War PCs, once they start getting more XP and more achievements, accomplishments, and medals. they're part of a mechanized regiment, currently in charge of an armoured fist squad. would they suddenly get reassigned to a hunter-killer squad in a Hellhound? get moved to the armoured company and be put in charge of a tank or two? have their skills recognized by a rogue trader or inquisitor and plucked from the imperial guard entirely? I'm not sure what sounds best.

>> No.76384504

In the end its up to you as the GM to understand what your players want from the game. If you're unsure you can ask them what they would like to explore further and you can go from there.

Also, you're the one that will need to be creative and come up with the scenarios so do something that you think you will enjoy.

>> No.76384886

250-500 per session feels nice

>> No.76384915

Do you ever give out XP for things outside of combat, like major discovers, advances in prestige, ect?

>> No.76384936

I base it at 100 per hour and then give them a bonus if they complete a major event.

>> No.76385813

we actually have a lower xp per session than >>76384936

a normal game is 250xp, a game where nothing much happens is 150-200xp, and a big game is 300-350xp

it's slow but it also feels okay

>> No.76385977

Large how? Some (and probably most) hive worlds have more citizens than there are Tau that exist.

>> No.76386357
File: 253 KB, 2518x1024, virgin vs chad.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>players start making memes of your sessions

Is this to be encouraged?

>> No.76386371
File: 332 KB, 638x350, 125369799_406756990480246_4795948475016932295_n.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.76386569


>> No.76386672

Would a longer barrel actually help a lasgun?

>> No.76386718


Longlas is the slightly better sniper-y model for Imperial Guard Snipers.
Don't try to be logical about it.

>> No.76386779

>Don't try to be logical about it.

this is the best possible tip you can ever heed for Dark Heresy and other WH40K stuff

>> No.76387379

>Ascension Gear is all highly elite Inquisition specific shit that you could never buy with thrones, reeee

"Cerebral plugs and similar devices are a common sight in the Imperium, where the use of technology to augment (or repair) the human form is commonplace"

Note that cerebral plugs have a rarity of Common, which is the same rarity as the backpack ammo supply you guys are having an aneurysm over. It's just a backpack. That's all it is. The same shit guardsmen have in huge supply.

>> No.76387426

I'm planning out NPCs for an upcoming Rogue Trader game that will straddle Imperiums Nihilus and Sanctus, and I'm looking for inspiratoon. What are some of the most memorable NPCs that you guys liked in your games, for better or for worse?

>> No.76387641

Some of the stuff isn't that exceptional, like the military-grade plasma gun. A usual FFG habit to add stuff on top, because they forgot about it before.

>> No.76388366

So the acolytes in my DH1 game are about to investigate a mysterious labyrinth of probably xenos origin stretching beneath the surface of a frontier world. The idea is that its halls are stalked by a rampant AI construct who does not want them there.

Would it be better to map out entire sections/floors of the labyrinth and run it like a dungeon crawl or just run it like a text adventure where I narrate what they encounter?

>> No.76388513

You could do worse than just basing them all on a hypercompetent danny devito.
Map it out, because you know they will. If you want inspirations, try http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/12130366/

ghosts of mars. The GM definitely there ran it as a hybrid.

>> No.76388808

What do you stand to gain by having a map of a bunch of samey corridors? If there's no significant gain, theatre of the mind that shit.

>> No.76388912

Yeah that's my train of thought too, I'm just worried that I won't be able to sell the sheer scale of the place with just totm.

>> No.76388928

How do you do travel by warp ship? Because if you're happy with the way you describe the larger ships, just steal from that. Make them camp once or twice.

>> No.76388944

A map is not going to sell scale unless you make your map absurdly big, at which point it's fairly useless as a game aid.

>> No.76389056

I've wrestled with the thought of sketching out a labyrinth at one point for my players, but it seems like it just would not be much fun for anybody. You would have to hide the areas that they cannot see for them to truly feel that they are walking around a labyrinth and I just can't believe that would be fun in the end.

If I were you I would have them make several different tests and throw occasional encounters at them and then just describe what's happening. As some other anon said, have them take breaks because it's so big. That way the have to take into considerations resources like food and water.

>> No.76389579

Does anyone have a character generator for black crusade? Wanting to run a one shot and each character take forever

>> No.76390393


>> No.76390632

I think he means, like, a character sheet filler. Like what sup/tg/ has but for BC.

>> No.76390672
File: 1.27 MB, 1920x1080, 4884233.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


some of you might like this - someone reconstructed a beta for dh2. It's pretty interesting. You can see where 1 is poking its head out, things they've abandoned and ideas for your own games.
Sorry. The only one that I know of is from a dead medafire link. You can probably use
apps.ajott.io/dh2chargen/ as a quick way to do stats, though the system isn't *exactly* the same.

>> No.76391553

Link is broken.

>> No.76391674


Weird. Both work for me. Try that? If not, just google radical inquisitor's handbook. It's a reddit link with a link to a bunch of drives.

>> No.76391836

Knowledge is explicitly the domain of tzeentch

>> No.76392874

where did you find this anon?

>> No.76392915

Which, specifically? The picture is from degenesis, a sort of okay RPG made by a slavic cuckold living in germany, the links are just something I found with google.

>> No.76392989

works on my end

>> No.76393198

Any stats for Tau ships for RT? Or failing that, a layout and comparable travel times?

>> No.76393489
File: 22 KB, 925x381, 2020-12-09 23_54_31-40k RPG Master Bestiary _ 40k RPG Tools — Mozilla Firefox.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.76395826

You'd be able to get a tighter beam but it entirely depends on how the optics are setup

>> No.76396483

suckstart an autopistol cuck, wannabe physics professor

>> No.76396626


Dear colleague, the lenses are made up out of transparent madeupinium and crystallized unobtainium, the beam is slowed down from lightspeed to a visible flying blast by a 60-megathule fantasmium coil. You can indulge in pseudoscience if that floats your boat, but we still talk about a world where dreams and thoughts drip over to literal hell, gain conciousness and come back to mutate your body with an asshole on the forehead if someone draws a circle and call their true name, so that literal space elves can skullfuck you better.
Lets not get annoyingly obsessed with logic when we are clearly talking about a makebelieve universe created for a game that clearly only goes with the rule of cool.

>> No.76397452
File: 54 KB, 736x408, 40k sniper.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My brain is bigly, massive even, I like to use it when ever I can instead of pussying out like you are. Difference between a regular lasgun and a longlas is the amount the laser beam diffuses due to refraction from the atmosphere. This is both established lore and logical so kindly go fuck yourself retard.

>> No.76398087


Talks lasershit, posts a SP-rifle: genius levels of brainmassivity :*

As I said: whatever floats your boat. The STC of the lasgun is somewhere from the Dark Age of Technology, so it is just logical to use our massive massivity brainmasses and accept that it probably has technical solutions we couldn't even think about yet.

BUT: Excellent taste in toe-fetish, dear Sir.

>> No.76398200 [DELETED] 

I know it's not a longlas.
>The STC of the lasgun is somewhere from the Dark Age of Technology, so it is just logical to use our massive massivity brainmasses and accept that it probably has technical solutions we couldn't even think about yet.
Yeah I already acknowledged this in >>76395826 The mechanicus know how to alter anything other than the powerpack which is dark age tech and they leave it alone

Mechanicus know how to alter the optics of the lasguns but the power packs are Dark age tech so they don't touch them

>> No.76398251

I know it's not a longlas.
>The STC of the lasgun is somewhere from the Dark Age of Technology, so it is just logical to use our massive massivity brainmasses and accept that it probably has technical solutions we couldn't even think about yet.
Yeah I already acknowledged this in >>76395826 The mechanicus know how to alter anything other than the powerpack which is dark age tech and they leave it alone

>> No.76401420

I like to think that theres some extra focusing lenses since a longer barrel wouldn't help the aim or velocity like you'd have to consider on regular snipers due it being a beam of light having to encounter atmos as soon as it leaves what ever produces it and already starting to expand the light

>> No.76401703

are there any medals/honors for only war in any othjer books besides the core rulebook?

>> No.76402271

where did the mega link go?

>> No.76402278 [DELETED] 
File: 40 KB, 620x383, New Project.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Which of these do you guys like more?

>> No.76402385
File: 619 KB, 1072x760, who_would_win.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We've already done so

>> No.76402481
File: 362 KB, 600x335, D138E5B5-F125-4DC2-B312-4CD5CD90F929.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.76402581

Enemies of the Imperium

>> No.76403918
File: 996 KB, 1241x877, stained glass 40K.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Over the past year or so, a friend of mine has been working to create one single unified sourcebook of all the (human scale) 40K RPG. This means that she has taken all of the content from every sourcebook, put them under the same ruleset, updated the older content to fit newer design parameters, reworked and rebalanced certain options, expanded certain mechanics that never got much love (insanity, crafting, hordes, mounts, social combat, etc), added some of her own content (new items and vehicles, new talents, better rules for inquisitor dynasty and regiment creation), and just generally given everything a good polish.

This homebrew doccument, called the Liber Imperium, is fully playable and is currently in Beta 1.1. We're going to be playtesting it in less than a month and I've never been more excited to play a game. I asked my friend if she would be alright with me sharing this content with you fine people, and she said yes.

So without further ado, the Liber Imperium. It would be my great pleasure if /tg/ would take a look at this, and tell me what they think.


>> No.76404318
File: 1.30 MB, 4696x612, Chad auxillia.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Very much so

>> No.76404328

With the scale of 40K you should really just make a vague idea of the structure and how each of the chambers connect and use that, along with narrative descriptions to get along. You shouldn't make a literal map of almost anything besides combat maps in 40KRPG, in my experience.

>> No.76404341

Cool, I've already seen 1.0 be posted in these threads previously though.
I have read some of it and I like it so far. For me who is very new to these RPGs it is very handy to have everything consolidated!

Also, /tg/ supports PDFs, you know that right? Next time you can just upload it in the post.

>> No.76404433
File: 116 KB, 500x694, pls.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.76404438

I can't help but wonder if this will end by M:TG's vintage games, but 1.0 was pretty great all the same. Thanks.

>> No.76404458

I think the filesize is just a bit too big for /tg/; Liber Imperium is almost 5 mb, and /tg/ maxes out at 4mb last I checked.

>> No.76404461

it's almost 5MB so I don't think it can be uploaded

what is M:TG?

>> No.76404479

1.0 was uploaded straight to /tg/

>> No.76404535

Magic the gathering. It's a format that lets you use editions that have cycled out of standard. You get some wonderfully broken combinations.

Still, it's about as well organised as you might expect given the sheer volume of information.

>> No.76404537

Alright then

>> No.76404593

I thought the file size limit was like, 3MB
good to know I guess

>> No.76404628
File: 534 KB, 1920x1123, ork.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I been thinking about running an ork only Rogue Trader campaign, does anyone have any homebrew that can help or tips for running this kind of game?

>> No.76404924

They are orks, not take the campaign to seriously and encourage the players to be think outside the box and be creative with the way they can approach things since orks can get away doin a lot of shit

>> No.76405148

My advice: don't have the PCs fight anyone "less evil" than orks. Players are a lot more willing to krump nidz or spiky humans than they are to krump humans or other factions with civilians.

>> No.76405190

I don't think that is going to be an issue most people don't really care about what they are killing if they are already playing "bad" guys

>> No.76405257


Fringe is yours has ork stuff

>> No.76405264

looks neat

>> No.76405296

Is your mate going to bolt together character sheets, or just use the 2e set?

>> No.76405366


are you actually playing solar auxilia or are you memeing

>> No.76405524

She has google docs for char sheets; to my knowledge she's not making PDF sheets.

>> No.76405959

Is it true that nu-er lore turned the Emperor into a dweeby, petty bitch who's scared of Chaos and has no actual power to protect the Imperium because muh grimdurrk?

>> No.76406010


He stole his power from chaos to create the primarchs and rush humanity's ascension, until his wife scattered the kids. Now in death he patrols the warp, incinerating daemons with his presence.

>> No.76406046
File: 161 KB, 422x357, 1563765828161.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>He stole his power from chaos to create the primarchs and rush humanity's ascension, until his wife scattered the kids.

>> No.76406169


>> No.76406245


Neoth had a hard life.

>> No.76406807

this is important:

there is a line art of a kasrkin cracking open a cold one and I didn't save it, I need it badly

Surely one of you has it?

>> No.76407114
File: 421 KB, 1214x1024, the virgin jerkov.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yeah My DM found the Golden experience requiem book and decided to run a Solar auxillia game, it was fun as hell, our disipline master fell to slannesh, became a Pseudo Daemon and is now in a sepperate Black crusade game.
I played as the axe dude and the party did alot of funny shit

>> No.76407536

you'll probably have to rework some mechanics such as requisitions, also go read brutal kunnin as it describes how orks usually operate in a first person view

>> No.76407737

I'm jealous, I've been wanting to use the Solar Auxilia for ages, I like their aesthetic far more than normal guard. Am glad it sounds like you guys had a blast playing them.

>> No.76408097

Been gorging myself on the books recently for yet another character I'll never be able to play

Anyone have any homebrew 'book' suggestions now that I've finished the official ones (Beyond the 'big' ones (Fear and Loathing, Fringe is Yours, etc))?

>> No.76408366


The cringe for that cat is real.

>> No.76408393

see >>76403918 >>76404537

>> No.76408429

Will do, thankya

>> No.76408592

Is what Sanctified and Holy Damage meant to do written down anywhere, or do I just go steal from 1e and assume "Demon=no"?

>> No.76408745

>wife scattered the kids

bad divorce vibes, women fucking everything up yet again

>> No.76408751

In which game? Pretty sure the Sanctified Weaon Quality and Daemonic Trait tell you what's up in most editions.

>> No.76408809

I'm pretty sure they're supposed to be the same thing, and essentially they let attacks with them ignore the additional Toughness Bonus provided by the Daemonic Trait, and also let you actually properly kill things with The Stuff of Nightmares Trait.

>> No.76408824
File: 1.11 MB, 1024x725, solar auxillia.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there any good art of human power armor? All the art I can find tends to be too scifi or just astartes armor

>> No.76408867
File: 2.87 MB, 1478x1412, Man-o-War leader.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.76408895
File: 6.29 MB, 1807x2385, All the Man-o-Wars.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.76409392

He said good art, not w*rmachine

>> No.76409437

I don't feel like saving and posting a bunch of different art, but here are some links I found

protip: when looking for character art, Bing is actually way better than Google Images. I just typed "40K human power armor", and I found all of these.


>> No.76409448

you have your opinion and i have mine

>> No.76410067

Theories of what the Pandaemonium actually was, and what was FFG's super secret "We totally mean this but we're just going to hint at it" plan for dealing with it?

>> No.76410645


yeah, but in this thread your opinion is doomed to be the unpopular one

>> No.76411508

Defensive fields like refractors and rosarious, do they deny HITS, or entire ATTACKS?
It seems ambiguous, and I need to hammer that down before my game starts.

>> No.76411549

Definitely hits I’d say, but test for each individually.

>> No.76412195

English is not my first language so I have trouble understanding the word 'trivial' in the talent Total Recall.

Doesn't trivial mean useless?

What is the point of spending XP on Total Recall when all my char can remember is trivial informations?

Please give me an example from a roleplay scene where that talent would be worth the XP at your game.

>> No.76412461

In 2e, entire attacks. It uses the word and it even tests before you so much as make an evasion test. If it got any further than step 2, I'd say individual hits. There's some 1e stuff running around that boils down to the same thing; it's all or nothing.

>> No.76413286

Trivial doesn't mean useless, it's more like well known or relatively unimportant. So for total recall, it could be remembering the birthdays of everyone you've ever met, or having a total recollection of how the lock mechanism of a particular car works.

>> No.76413729


Okay thanks but let's say I go spying undercover, what would this talent help me to remember? The names of all the criminals I meet, the layout of the club, who drinks which drink, where the exits are, who has a crush on the waitress, who came with which suitcase and left in which order? Everything can be important for the Inquisition, so nothing is trivial? How do I decide when I am the GM?

>> No.76414137

Try to think of cool titbits of information that will make your player or party excited that can progress the story or give them an edge. Players eat up that shit.

>> No.76415961

Any resources for generating minor xenos civilizations?

>> No.76416067

try checking stars of inequity, the rogue trader book

>> No.76416078

fucking baby tier answer.

>> No.76416134

I've been meaning to get around to that sort of thing, the main problem is that the scope is so huge for that. Outside of actually generating xenos, there isn't really anything for putting together a new, space-faring species and their tech, society type, philosophy etc.

I want to put together something in that vein but first I need to rework the star system generation and xeno generator (the xeno generator system is finished it's just not very well formatted). Unfortunately more pressing things have kept me from finishing the star system generator, but I really should put in some work on it.

>> No.76416558
File: 143 KB, 632x960, 117258129521.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

can we have some memes to ease our minds out a bit, brethern?

>> No.76417345
File: 62 KB, 852x1524, Gawinimier Research Facility.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Using a hodgepodge of the spacehulk generator in DW: Ark of Lost Souls and the general ship building system in RT I have come up with a way to make up the general layout of 40K mega-structures and voidstations. It's not super replete, but I feel that it gets the job done.

This first one is a secret research station of the Mechanicus that's built into a mountain.

>> No.76417360
File: 6.94 MB, 4486x5771, Eldar Explanation.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.76417536
File: 152 KB, 678x1763, 1469941734492.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wrong one, whoops, but it's great anyway.

>> No.76417557
File: 53 KB, 807x1347, Gimmarus III.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And here's a voidstation I made also. It's an industrial station that's also the main port of the system.

>> No.76417788


Dude, are those the Among Us maps?

>> No.76417895

Oh goodie, corpse grinder facilities!

>> No.76418059

There's a ship in.. RT, I think, which does nothing but process livestock and people corpses between stars. Lakes of blood and rendered fat, mountains of meat, streams of fluids travelling through the ship..

>> No.76418073

Imagine if a nurgle cult got their hand on that.

>> No.76418116
File: 694 KB, 936x784, 411783.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.76418914
File: 781 KB, 1920x1080, ork 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

a for more questions for my ork campaign
what are some ork weapons and general ork pcs should have access to in an ork only RT campaign?
how would you stat them?
how is it like to be an ork out of battle?
how can I make memorable encounters to them?
is there a guide or some place where I can get help for general ork speech?

>> No.76420271

>Ork speech
Don't just render their language of bad English. Orks should be fierce and threatening, and their language should reflect that. Their speech should not be intelligible to humans without translation. If you have to have them speaking something from the real world, have them speak Basque. It's a farely obsucre language, with no living reletives today. It should sound sufficiently 'barbaric' for your purposes.

>> No.76420584

thats cool, thanks, do you know where to find ork slangs like gubinz and dakka?

>> No.76421421

is there a good way to implement good large scale combat for deathwatch?

>> No.76421480

Learn how to use hordes, horde traits, and horde tactics and vehicles. It's not easy and there's an ungodly amount of stuff to both of those systems, but it can add a ton to a combat.

>> No.76421923

Dawn of War 3 worth playing at all?

>> No.76421925


>> No.76422641

Are there any rules for nsfw content?
I remember seeing a slaaneshi perils of the warp chart a while ago but i've lost it.

>> No.76423547

Nothing official, even in black crusade.

On that note, god damn is the Warp Staff in Tome of Fate fantastic. Complete "lolno" to perils or psychic phenomena rolls. Not even the limitation on pushing of an astra character with a banishing rod from 2e.

>> No.76423664

I know which one you're talking about and I don't think I saved it.

>> No.76425440

i'm not the GM, but no we just get a flat 250xp per session, with -100xp if nothing happens and we have lots of downtime and 350-500xp if something big happens like a plot advancement

i understand that we should be earning more xp but this is our GM's first game ever, and my first ever DH game

>> No.76425888

Veteran DH 1E here. Haven't played 40k in years, about to get back into it for a new group of players. They're familiar with 40k but unfamiliar with DH. Should I go with 1E or 2E?

>> No.76425958
File: 7 KB, 224x225, 1607025396749.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wish people gave a shit enough about my sessions or their hobbies in general to spend the time and effort entertaining each other with in group memes.

>> No.76426112

2e for a smoother experience.

>> No.76426362

What are your experiences?
How do you guys deal with the perils of the warp?

I get how the phenomena add to the story and I get that there has to be risk using witchcraft, but those instant-killing rolls on the table, how does that work out at the gaming table?

Do your Psyker-Players have another character ready when they play?

I mean character deaths can happen, but most of the time that happens gradually so the player can try and flee from a fight or something like that, I only witnessed it once, but the one time I saw a Psyker have a critical failure it just turned half of the hive into deamons and the session was over...

Please share your experiences and brag about how you make it work at your table ;)

>> No.76426390

>instant-killing rolls on the table
There are only 1-2 of those, anon.
I have NEVER seen them come up in actual play in nearly 8 years of running the FFG systems.
You are talking a maybe 1% chance of rolling them. It's not nearly enough to have to "plan" for. More likely is the warp shock explosion that destroys your equipment.
Watched the party psyker destroy a relic hammer touched by Big E himself with it.

>> No.76426452


Plus there is the mass possession one that instantly ends the story because everyone turns into daemons, plus there is that one where you get sucked in the Warp and reappear some weeks later on a random planet, which also is instantly taking the player out of the story, plus there is that one where a Daemonprince arrives which is pretty much also a partywipe.

I am glad to hear that you did not have that at your table, maybe tell me how would your players react when a character that has been played for 8 years dies like this?

>> No.76426457

I've been looking over some of the rules changes and it's kinda weird. Why did they change full-auto and semi-auto to give you penalties instead of bonuses to hit? Doesn't make a lot of sense that more volume of fire means less likely to hit.
Also the Overwatch rules are all kinds of fucked, infinite attacks that are impossible to react to AND they pin even when they miss? And the trigger can be ANYTHING? Why would they do that, 1E Overwatch rules are much more reasonable.

>> No.76426482

>mass possession one that instantly ends the story because everyone turns into daemons
The possessions ends after so many rounds, and is limited by range.
>where you get sucked in the Warp and reappear some weeks later on a random planet
Only in RT, in the other lines, you simply vanish and don't come back.
Even in RT, the party has the means to pick you up. It is a delay, not an ending.

>> No.76426496

>Why did they change full-auto and semi-auto to give you penalties instead of bonuses to hit?
To prevent full-auto weapons from being auto take. As well, any one that has use a firearm can tell you full auto spray usually results in a lot of missing.
The overwatch thing is hit or miss. The party is higher powered, and can expect to take on many times their number in battle, overwatch being an equalizer.

>> No.76426586

>To prevent full-auto weapons from being auto take. As well, any one that has use a firearm can tell you full auto spray usually results in a lot of missing.
I mean, I think it's kinda pointless to make full-auto weapons not be as useful as they should for arbitrary armory balance reasons. In 1E shotguns were still monsters at close range, and other non-full-auto weapons had different properties to make them useful for different situations. Also I know full-auto is pretty hard to control, you're already wasting a ton of bullets, usually 10 per shot, and you'll rarely if ever hit more than half of those, I think it's pretty appropriate. There's no reason other than "gamey" balance that someone should be taking pot shots for increased accuracy instead of going for automatic bursts in a firefight, unless you're at a considerable distance from your target.

>The overwatch thing is hit or miss. The party is higher powered, and can expect to take on many times their number in battle, overwatch being an equalizer.
I get that, and I like the idea of what you're saying, but as written the OW rules simply break the combat completley. There's literally no reason for people not to use it over regular attack when the trigger can literally be anything.

>> No.76426672

Iirc, you need to set up for overwatch, and you take a -20 to the Ballistic skill test outright, and you can't choose targets.
It's far, far from being great.
I generally disagree that a single class of weapons should entirely outstrip others due to a misguided idea of 'how guns work'.
1e was actually incredibly 'gamey', because the thought was that full auto weapons would be balanced by availability of ammo, a situation that doesn't really exist in 2e due to changing to Requisition system, compared to liquid currency.

>> No.76426748

>Iirc, you need to set up for overwatch, and you take a -20 to the Ballistic skill test outright, and you can't choose targets.
You're thinking of suppressing fire, Overwatch actually has no penalty and you can totally choose targets as long as they trigger your conditions, and they can't dodge at all since you can't take reactions on your own turn.
>I generally disagree that a single class of weapons should entirely outstrip others due to a misguided idea of 'how guns work'.
I don't think they entirely outstrip others at all, there's dozens of reasons to go with something other than a full auto rifle, like reliability, better base penetration, larger clips, etc. but in the end I just think there's no reason to make a single shot be better than a full auto burst for the average close combat situation. Once you start to check aiming bonuses, extra damage for aiming, long distance penalties, etc, then there's an obvious advantage to go will aimed single shots, which means there are lots of situations where going full auto is worse.

>> No.76426838


please humour me nevertheless and do tell how you would handle the situation at your table when a long-played character dies off of that random table

>> No.76426850

>Once you start to check aiming bonuses, extra damage for aiming
Only applies to single shot weapons with the accurate quality, and you can still aim and fire full auto, getting the +10 bonus.
>long distance penalties
Applies to full auto and single shots both, except rather than starting at +30-40 or more, you are starting at +0. In 1e, there was really no good reason to use single shots at all outside outlier circumstances. You had higher chance to hit, more hits, more damage with full auto.
Now, you are trading accuracy versus damage output, and there is reason for both in their times.
High mobility targets tend to be squishy, so accurate single hits have value, and low mobility ones tend to be tanky, so full auto has it's place.

>> No.76426891

Make it interesting. Using a power should always be a risk reward situation. Even if you get better at avoiding phenomena, that risk is always there. When the rift opens up behind him, the psyker already knows he bit off more than he could chew and that a horrible fate awaits him. Describe it in gruesome detail, and give his comrades time to mourn. It’s just like any other character death.

Also, I don’t mean to nitpick, but aside from non-ascended DH1 psykers don’t all psychic characters have the option to nerf their psy rating and ignore phenomena?

>> No.76426920

Naw, anon, even DH1e psykers can throttle it, as it is a rule introduced in Inquisitor's Handbook, iirc.
DH2e has no such rule, so you are full throttle all the time.

>> No.76426954


>aside from non-ascended DH1 psykers

And there you found out what we play ;)
(also for example, when you interrogate a dude and look at the tables of telepathy in DW and you see that a power at fettered level gives you one reading of the most active emotion in the moment, while the same power on pushed-level gives you open access to all of his secrets, I don't see much use in the phenomena-free fettered version.)

>> No.76427001

>Applies to full auto and single shots both
Full-auto weapons have severely less range than something like a Long Las or a Hunting Rifle, and thus only get penalties for long range (and bonuses for short range) at much longer distances. Also you can aim at a specific location with no penalty if you're using an accurate weapon, while you can't do it at all if making a semi-auto or full-auto burst, which makes it considerably better at shooting exposed locations that are not in cover.

>Now, you are trading accuracy versus damage output, and there is reason for both in their times.
I just personally think this is a very gamey way of looking at it. It just makes sense to me that if given the choice most combatants would choose semi/full-automatic fire in a close combat situation, I don't think there should be a trade-off in this case, but honestly it's just personal taste, I understand why you prefer the way DH2 does it.

>> No.76427058


oh that is nice, I'll check the Inq. Handbook, thanks Anon!

>> No.76427196

And that’s the risk factor. Gaining unrestricted access to someone’s mind is insanely powerful and should carry a risk if you ask me. It’s something for the psyker to consider. I have played with someone who always, ALWAYS pushed just for the hell of it, but at that point they’re asking for it.

Really? Page number? How have I never seen this lol the inq’s handbook just keeps on giving.

>> No.76427298

>Doesn't make a lot of sense that more volume of fire means less likely to hit.
It's a quicker action in 2e than 1e, so if you don't aim first it's your own damn fault.

>> No.76427318

>Overwatch actually has no penalty and you can totally choose targets as long as they trigger your conditions
GM should really be vetting conditions players set, rather than rolling over for anything.

>> No.76427501

5G death rays
Distinctions are blurring
Decay will follow
The internal is no longer safe
Take care..

>> No.76427541

I honestly think most problems with Overwatch would be easily avoided if the action specifically mentioned only move actions count as triggers. So anyone moving to, from or withing the killzone is a target, but you can't just use it over a standard attack to negate the reaction of someone who's just standing there shooting at you.
It's pretty clear OW is INTENDED to be used like this, especially when coupled with the tactical advance rules, and it's kinda lame that they doubled down on the shitty wording of the rules in the errata.

>> No.76427564

Errata specifically says the condition can really be anything, even "enemy firing weapon", so by RAW, there's literally no reason not to abuse it.

>> No.76427644

Having everyone take a rank in medicae is not cost effective if the party has access to advance medkits. Even if they don't, not everyone's background would justify medicae.

>> No.76427714

At least with Overwatch you can't Aim or move in the same turn as it is a Full-round action (at least in Only War).
Also, Tactical Advance is a thing which makes you at least have a chance of avoiding any hits.

If my players started abusing the hell out of something I'll find a way to make it inconvenient for them. Plopping down smoke grenades and then throwing a canvas bag full of frag grenades their way.

>> No.76427761

>If my players started abusing the hell out of something I'll find a way to make it inconvenient for them. Plopping down smoke grenades and then throwing a canvas bag full of frag grenades their way.
I don't know, that just seems like counter-abusing the system instead of addressing the wonkiness of the rule. It's easier to try and make it clear to the players what conditions are and are not allowed for Overwatch. The action is explicitly described as "Shoot targets coming into a set kill zone" so any condition that doesn't revolve around that can probably be ruled out as out of scope.

>> No.76427855

Full auto firing with literally anything is widely known to radically reduce your aim
even laser weapons would have their barrels, lenses, and anything else in contact with the projectile heat and warp

>> No.76427988
File: 1.33 MB, 900x1080, absolutely_spiritual.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes because it shows they care.

On an unrelated note, I'm looking for players to join a long-running high level Deathwatch campaign, running on Saturday afternoons. details in /tg/ gamefinder cord or leave your handle here and I'll get back to you.

>> No.76428011

Careful aim is obviously more accurate than full-auto fire, but the increased likeliness to hit in DH is compared to taking a single shot in the same amount of time. You're more likely to hit something in a combat situation by concentrating a large volume of fire in it than by taking a single shot in the same time-frame. The first shot of a burst should be as accurate as the first shot of a single shot, so there's literally no reason for a burst to be less accurate.

>> No.76428022

Yeah I agree. I would still address it by talking to my players and try to resolve it that way, but if an encounter just doesn't work out due to abuse of the rules or something like that I would do something like the smoke grenade thing as a temporary fix.

I don't personally think that Overwatch is a huge problem. One could say that the trigger "enemy firing a weapon" could mean that they go out of full-cover and showing their weapon/arms/head or whatever.

>> No.76428023

Amazing job, can you walk me through how you use the ark of lost souls splat to create charts like those?

>> No.76428062

yes there is you dingnut
theres a reason IRL military shoot in bursts despite having full auto options, one is accuracy, the second is an effect of discipline it has on you, and the third is that you can't hit shit on full auto and your average rifle will drain itself of ammo in 3 seconds flat
Hell look at any of those old documentaries where the troops in the ME talk about how they'd be fighting the various militias and how they'd never hit shit aside from lucky shots cause they adopted a "spray and pray" tactic where they'd do exactly what your dumbass said, just fire on full auto for the lulz

>> No.76428072

>One could say that the trigger "enemy firing a weapon" could mean that they go out of full-cover and showing their weapon/arms/head or whatever.
True. Again, it's easy to rule this in play. If the enemy is completely behind cover, I'd just say "alright, you're waiting for him to pop out? Cool." otherwise if the enemy is visible I'd just tell them to make an attack since they can see the enemy, or choose a more appropriate condition.

>> No.76428082

The "full auto" in DH IS a burst, anon.

>> No.76428142

Real life military engagements don't really translate well to the scale of personal combat DH uses, since they happen at much larger distances. And even then, real life military tactics 100% revolve around volume of fire over accuracy, platoons are always trying to pin the enemy with overwhelming fire instead of literally trying to aim at specific targets and shooting single shots. There's a reason every squad is supported by at least one machine-gunner in basically every army in the world: you're more likely to inflict casualties by firing a fuck ton of bullets in the general direction of the enemy than trying to aim and shoot him one shot at a time.

>> No.76428224

sure at the scale of astartes but any engagment by the IG would be at the same human distances we've found are prevalent IRL which is about 200-500 meters since thats about how far the unassisted eye can see
On the note of why most military units have a gunner its NOT actually about lethality, but about suppression and psychological shock. they're not gonna hit much, but they can scare the enemy and pin them down so the squad can maneuver or call in the bombs

>> No.76428316

I'm talking about Dark Heresy. It makes sense that bursts would give you a bonus to hit in the scale of combat most Acolytes find themselves in, which is extremely close quarters. At long and extreme ranges accurate fire does take precedence over full-auto, with aiming and sights and how weapons.
I do think for something like Only War the rules should be different to reflect what you're arguing though, since it's a different kind of game.

>> No.76428327

>and how weapons
*and how weapons interact with ranges.

>> No.76428488

: (

>> No.76428563

Oh yeah thats true, I was just talking about the the point you were responding to where he asked if it makes sense for auto/semi to take aiming penalties which it does. But if you're firing into a horde rushing into you ww1 style it hardly matters.

>> No.76429865
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