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>Modern Metagame with the most played optimized archetypes:
>Deckbuilder tool:

>Build and share cubes

>Non-pozzled card search engine:

>Proxy a deck or a cube for cheap
>Library of in-demand alters

TQ: Why doesn't this see play anymore?

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Perhaps next time we find something we enjoy we'll do a better job of gatekeeping it.

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Feeling depressed? Anxious? Angry for no reason?

Start your basic mental hygiene program and stop playing mtg. Stop following WotCs newest fuckups and virtue signalling. Stop checking the newest spoilers full of awful design and absurd powercreep.

Stop playing mtg. You owe it to yourself.

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Mhmmm... hard question fren. I'd say it should be Smothering tithe, % wise, i bought a bunch for 0.40 at release, and now it's $20. Sadly i sold them a bit too early becuz i was fearing an early reprint. It was my #1 pick for rav allegiance, i wonder if few anons here did listen and did better than me by holding longer onto their tithes kek!
But those kind of "from bulk to big bux" newly printed cards are very rare overall, i'd say it happen once a year at best and hard to predict. This year it was sharnado, last year it was field, and 2 years ago it was tithe.

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>friendly, daily and threadly reminder that wotc is de facto printing an illegal cryptocurrency where prices are kept artificially inflated due to artificial scarcity and insider trading that gets distributed through lottery tickets and lootboxes and that they spend, all costs included, 2 cents per card to print them

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Worst spec?

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Picrel, got a load of them for 2.50€ on preorder, now they are worth 0.10€.
I've no idea what i was thinking.
Pls no bully frens.

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>'First among shit specs'

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6 mana 10 power is not horrible, to be frank. I could see myself speccing on this guy. Sadly in year of FIRE this too shall burn

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I stopped following WotC's clownshow over two months ago and I haven't been happier. I went bavk to playing vidya and although I am threading dangerous lootboox territory, I'd say playing pic related is a nice transition.
>open world
>cute waifus with fully playable animations and fully voiced-lines by big name seiyuus.
>actual big-brain strategic gameplay needed for bigdick energy damage numbers.
And best of all:
All enemies are niggers and the game gives you daily missions to raid and genocide their settlements. They do get stronger as the game progresses but it makes it all the funnier when massacring them.
It's not too late to take the Genshin Pill, anon. The game is only two months old.
Also, NIGGERS!! Don't you eant to kill them?

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fuck off retard we don't care about shitty scam game.

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I just tried to offer you some solace, fag. Well, have fun being angry then. I'll just go back and have fun playing with my cute wives. :3

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>stopped shilling for wotc
>starts shilling for a chinese gotcha game
get help anon

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Probably castle locthwain

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As much as I appreciate you supporting my selfhelp post, giving money and/or all your personal information (thats how it works) to the fucking chinks is arguably even worse.

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Jesus. Can't you just stop? First you shill for YGO, now you shill for this other thing.
Don't you understand they have none of the things that attracted us to Magic?

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It was a great spec, you can't predict when jotc will totally shit the bed, all you can do is hope for the best.

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You only give them money if you want and they only get your information if you play on pc (you can safely play in ps4/ps5 and safely avoid all of these concerns).

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Belbe is so goddamn hot.. Is she the sexiest waifu ever in mtg history?

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I'll gladly tell one thing it doesn't have: niggers and trannies shoved in your face in every release.
Sure there are niggers and fat people, but they are enemies you are supposed to kill.

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Threadly reminder that Magic needs more masculinity and less woketardness.

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What basics do you use, /mmg/?

I personally use APAC lands because of their uniqueness

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I don't use any basics because I don't play anymore but if I did (and I could afford them) I would use this, my Heimat.

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>/mmg/ - ygo, chess, genshin impact, and flesh and blood shilling generL

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Add wristwatches, precious metals investments and merchants awareness activism.

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For Modern: apac, serpentlands, onslaughtish era basics.
For Legacy: betas
For EDH: the ones that came with my precon cuz i only play edh because my friends play it

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Idk about Modern but I remember as far as Legacy players were concerned opinions on Pteramander went unanimously from "it might be decent" to "it's shit" within one week of release. If I had to guess I'd say Hooting Mandrills does the same thing but dodges more removal and isn't relient on a sorcery-speed activation.

Mirage or Theros Beyond Death.

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Funny. The yugioh generals are gone.

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Add keyforge.

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>not even on the list
I've gotta do a better job shilling weiss schwarz

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>/mmg/ - alternative card games

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Is Flesh and Blood even good?
I've never seen people play it, just hoarding it.

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based hooarder

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I feel like the meta has moved away from spells-decks in general, and there's a critical mass of explosive plays such that a midrange or control strat which would pull out ol' Peter-Mander just cant hold up. Dude's always been a low-rent Celestial Colonnade anyway, functionally.

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there's a literal oops all spells deck in modern now
and it's probably one of the strongest decks

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It was heavily shilled even here for 2 weeks when the first set was rereleased (or whatever) and I barely heard it existed.

Only card game I really liked was gwent until they decided to release the game in a fundamentally changed state, with 3d models and massively boring redesigns and I jumped off. Pretty sad about that, it did have potential. IT IS HOW I PUNISH THOSE WHO DISOBEY ME

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Oops All Spells is a combo deck though...

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I dumped MtG the same day WotC spoiled Nexus of Fate. Considering shitstorm that followed Nexus (secret lairs, frameless promos, kaiju promos etc.) I couldn't choose a better moment.

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>Humans 1% of the meta

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When people say "spell decks" they generally mean "decks with a small number of very powerful stand-alone treats backed up by equally powerful answers and card selection."

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you mean tempo/delver decks?

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Pretty much, yes. That or hard control with a small number of finishers.

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How can one thread be this based?

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>Cards on a dying online client that can't compete with it's newer little brother cost more than their physical counterpart
How do MTGOfags defend this?

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There is no tempo anymore since the value of each individual card, nevermind synergistic ones, has been pushed so high that attempting to control tempo is futile. It's all about epic retard power moves. 1 card atom bombs and 2 card infinite combos. And it's like this in all formats and gets worse each set.
There is no hope.
Will any of you dispute this?

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>There is no tempo anymore
RUG Delver is the best deck in Legacy.

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Decks that win with Combo are Combo Decks.
Decks that win with non-combo value spells are "spells decks", especially those with some flavor of non-creature-matters, like Pteramander.

Nobody with any sense. Hopefully after two back to back sets of hot-buttered bullshit we can go back to a milder standard format.

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Whats the name of the thread?

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>Hopefully after two back to back sets of hot-buttered bullshit we can go back to a milder standard format.
They'll still fuck it up. They pretty much don't playtest anymore and only care about how many packs they can sell while everyone is stuck in consoom mode.

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Tempo hasn't been good in modern since twin was banned anon. Just let it go.

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We all know this really is the "modern magic general, all other eternal formats welcome except EDH" and I don't know why we've stopped putting that in the OP. It always made the edh trannies seethe because they are unable to read and only go ctrl-f edh and open the first thing.

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Serious question.
In a world where Splinter Twin was printed in say, 2016 instead of RoE, would Modern players still be nostalgic for it or would they claim it ruined the format? From what I remember at the time it was pretty much agreed to be the best deck.

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Death's Shadow is the last tempo deck. Tons of interaction and inexpensive creatures. When cards like Uro just come back after being countered or discarded, a hard counter really is just a remand.

>> No.76225871

It would mean T3feri being played in another deck, and T3feri is a crime against gameplay.

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(I never thought I'd see it in /mmg/) Bump?

>> No.76226492

Mark Rosewater is a bad at game design and I would not have sex with him.

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the newer little brother client doesn't have the cards the OG has
but i'm not an MTGOfag, i'm an Xmage and Shandalar chad

>> No.76226780

Pisses me off so goddamn much when I see normalfags praising him over Garfield.

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i got a playset because when i saw it and emergency powers i got all giddy with thousand year storm so i played that in standard and have 4 regular tithes and a foil that came in my prerelease kit. i think that felidar retreat is another big sleeper card. i cant see it hitting levels tithe does but i can see it being 7-10. and 15 for foils/showcase foils. making free 2/2 and counters and the tokens being cats ticks a LOT of edh boxes. i also think zen collectors boxes are a good long term if you have in multiples of 2 since selling 2 to a customer almost ensures they get 1 fetch and they feel all warm and fuzzy.

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Gwent was fantastic. I have never made such big brained gambles as I had in that game.
>unwinnable match as handbuff Ciri Scoia'tael vs suicide Skellige
>to make things worse I'm on the play
>get one upped after every card
>Hawker Support boost Toruviel in hand, massively down on points
>opponent pass
>Ciri Nova to win r1 while down 2 cards
>mulligan Toruviel r2 but keep Isengrim
>attempt the hardest bait
>pretend to be retarded and play out grindy units
>Dragoon into Farseer
>opponent easily outpaces me
>turn 4 Isengrim grabbing Toruviel
>opponent up 3 cards and 19 points
>I like the way you die human +17
>Humans to the sea +6
>Overwhelming Victory
I hate everything post Homecoming, such soulless gameplay.
I never kept my global title, I was good but not the best. Only barely made it due to endless perseverance during a new season.

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here's you comedy bro

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It was really great. So much potential and so many cards to make big brain moves around.
>3 round structure with passing and without reshuffling the deck so overextending one round could wreck you
>The mere existence of a card like Geralt:Igni alone was enough to make a game more complex than an average mtg game
>Had a lot of great ideas and approaches to win
>Even the meme cards like Gaunter o dimm were great as they were fun but shit
>Dusting/crafting system meant there was no infinite grinding until you got your deck or you had to play a deck forever
>combined with deck limits on rarer cards meant synergy and gameplan was your main concern and not "how many valueshitters can I push in my deck"
>Almost every card had a selection of great quotes on etb
>cdpr wasn't afraid to bin overpowered card ideas
>There were actual hot women depicted

I really would like to know what they thought when they redesigned it. Make it more casual friendly?

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Arena's card pool is Standard + like 1/4th of Pioneer + Jumpstart and some random Modern/Legacy cards
MTGO has full Pioneer and Modern + the great majority of Legacy, Vintage and Pauper.

Unless you're crazy about Standard, I don't think there's even a choice do be made here.

>> No.76227444

Full art Avon lands.

>> No.76227492

where the funny?

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> Not human mutant

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here's you comedy bro

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The new little brother is having loads of issues handling that small card pool, that client will collapse on itself sooner than later.

And also still lacks a lot of basic gameplay functionalities that mtgo has such as the ability to yeld specific triggers or set permanent stops at chosen phases.

>> No.76227641

There is no going back once the genie has been released from the bottle, Anon. Until they ban 10+ more cards from all formats, the damage is done.

>> No.76227644

that's actually funny tho, plus the digits

>> No.76227680

So, Uro ban, when?

>> No.76227699

That wouldn't be enough for me. I want a written apology from MaRo and the Play Design team, where they go through each and every instance of them misleading or gaslighting their players, and apologize for that specific instance.

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its still in standard goyim.
wait until theros rotates and we're done selling packs, thats when we will consider it

>> No.76227855

in the next 6 months or so

>> No.76227947

At least a full month after it gets banned in Pioneer just like what happened to Oko.

>> No.76228065

I thought it was banned in standard?

>> No.76228513

It got banned because
1) People aren't gonna play standard if the meta is cancer, and this doesn't move product
2) People aren't gonna buy product since the only 2 relevant cards are omnath and uro and this makes all other cards unplayable, and people aren't gonna buy cards or crack packs if they already know that those cards are literally unplayable
He was talking about modern and pioneer.

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Cube question
Had a lot of fun with drafting Eldraine lately but could only play a few matches. It made me want to build a budget set-locked Cube badly. Any idea which archetypes should I boost with non-ELD cards right of the bat? As I mentioned I played a few games - enough to try BG Food, BR Knights, GR non-'Umies and mono-W Weenie only. I'm eyeing UR Draw and UB Mill to be upgraded in the first place tho.

>> No.76229099

>swordbreaker sword
Fucking awesome.

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>It is better to fulfill your dharma even without merit (and in an imperfect manner), than fulfilling someone else's dharma well. He who fulfills the prescribed duty of his own innate nature doesn't commit sin.
>(Bhagavad Gita, XVIII: 47)

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File: 2.93 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_20200625_123337812.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Like clockwork.

>> No.76229291

Uro and Kroxa will NEVER be banned because they are Titans, the manifestation of Chaos, which the merchants venerate. New Titan cards are to be expected, though.

>> No.76229456

You need too add some wit to this. You can't just throw edgy at the wall and call it a day. There has to be humor with that edge.
For example, you could edit Alesha's arm so that its skin has been grafted to satirize the body horror of the questionable medical practice of SRS I know "she's" a MtF, but it works better than just slapping trans flags everywhere.

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File: 393 KB, 880x514, trannies btfo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've put it in a nicer fashion so that we all can btfo trannies with style.

>> No.76230013

Just bought the Seb SL. Why did I do this?

>> No.76230061

That was just a way to prop up their soul-crushing caste system, though. Like, you're brilliant and could do great things as a doctor, but stay in the fucking dirt because your father was a basket weaver and that's what you're gonna be too.

>> No.76230071

The MaRobots in your blood dictate your consumption habits.

>> No.76230094

I’m tempted to

>> No.76230140

Good thing we are all fair-skinned Aryans at the top of the caste system, then. Now shut up and fulfill your dharma.

>> No.76230347

there's so much addictive ink on modern cards that the cards bend right out of the box. of course you'll buy more, and more, and even more.
i mean, honestly, there's 3 cards (not even playsets) and a token for 30$. sure, you get Damnation and that pays for the whole pack, but where will you even play that card? where will you play singleton EE and Sower of Temptation? and why in god's name did they not put Stasis' MTGO alt-art in the pack? god damn those WotC kikes to places worse than hell

>> No.76230510

I play commander, so having single copies is fine

>> No.76230524

>hey I like this card maybe the set it originally came in is cheap since its 4yrs old
>set is anywhere between 2-300$

>> No.76230595

What is the best control deck and why is it Boros Burn?

>Combine burn spells and creatures in such a way as to better control your opponent's life total.

>Chad hybrid of control and combo decks

>> No.76230644

You could just play Prowess and have an actually good deck

>> No.76230660

>I play commander
then fuck off to the commander gas cha-- erm, specially-decorated room! it's just down the corridor, you can't miss it.

>> No.76230783

how did commander become so hated?

>> No.76230809

>how did a casual board game played by subhumans that raises up prices of cards for everyone else hated?
I dunno.

>> No.76230820

>stop using buzzwords zoomie
>proceeds to speak like a 14yr old fedora tipper

>> No.76230843

What "buzzword" do you want me to explain to you?

>> No.76230865

because it got popular
when it was just a couple of friends playing this made up format where you tried to make random cards work with eachother it was all good

now it has become so big, people go to places expecting to play it with complete strangers who have to abide to a "social contract" and all of that with WotC designing cards specifically for it, while casually making Legacy and Vintage a shitty place

>> No.76230874

The social contract aspect of EDH means you can and will get your ass beat if you do anything the group dislikes (like trying to win), leading to the stereotype of Commander players being implacable, whiny children.
As a consequence of how popular the format has become, Wizards has stated that they now make all of their sets primarily with Commander in mind. Tough shit if you play Modern, or Legacy, where these cards are still legal even if they aren't remotely balanced for them (then again, even the stuff that is aimed at the EDH audience is also raping their format).

>> No.76230879

you made it too obvious bro

>> No.76230883

Because when Card design shifted from competitive constructed formats, to a casual singleton format. The card effects need to be more 'generally valueful' to justify their inclusion in a 99 card deck. This meant upping the impact an individual card would have to make a slot in the EDH deck not feel 'wasted'. and said cards are applicable to every other format where you have insanely busted legends and other cards that are not meant to be run at anything more than a 1 degrading whatever standards there were for power and balance once upon a time.

>> No.76231036

As usual, he's intellectually dishonest.

>> No.76231041

It brings in the worst type of people to Magic, who don't care at all about non-commander formats. As a result, Wizards keeps making single-card value engines and asymmetrical effects that are clearly meant for Commander but are put in non-commander products, in order to entice the commander players to crack packs. These gards constantly break every non-commander format, yet the commander players still consoom so hard that Wizards sees no problem with current design

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Mirage basics
>serpent lands
Are you referring to the arena 1996 lands?

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To anybody that replied to the guy that said he bought the secret liar and the guy (probably samefagging) that asked why commander players are so hated: congrats you've been baited.

>> No.76231349

Im the guy who asked about commander and its just because I play it with some co workers and its usually relaxed and fun so I didnt get the hate guess its just playing with LGS randoms makes it miserable

>> No.76231352
File: 1.69 MB, 200x367, 1354407575100.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What if I wrote those replies in order to bait you into posting this?

>> No.76231359

Don't care. It felt good to vent and articulate my thoughts.

>> No.76231378

You're still a man so I win.

>> No.76231408

All according to keikaku i suppose...

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File: 181 KB, 672x936, gpt-155-orzhov-signet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

god damn it feels good to be free

>> No.76231610

a card is a card, you can't say it's only a half

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File: 2.49 MB, 4032x2268, mtg green deck.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Behold, ever card I currently own.
Can I actually use any of these in modern magic or do I need to put together something entirely new to actually play?

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File: 215 KB, 1232x956, 1590441813395.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh yeah?

>> No.76231688

I see our resident shitposter that pretends every time for the past 2-3 years to be a brand new player is growing and evolving in his trolling.
Have a (you).

>> No.76231736

can it win on turn 4? if no, then don't even consider playing it. if yes, then it still needs improvements thanks to powercreep

>> No.76231841

It’s not just LGS randoms, it’s the fact that WotC designs for Commander before other formats which means they make overvaluable shit that ruins everything and overall makes the game less enjoyable unless you’re playing commander; it’s only at that point that LGS shitters come into play and make everything even worse.

>> No.76231896
File: 146 KB, 300x300, 4CFA4C90-719E-414B-A6FD-2372B5AF9B48.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Okay Mark “MaRo” Rosewater...

>> No.76232143

Nice exif data newfag.

>> No.76232238

whats a creature type that you want to see more of? For me I think all three of the angel horror cards are amazing and I wish I could build an angel horror themed deck

>> No.76232474

didnt /acg/ literally start because people were quitting magic?

>> No.76232532

cunt paid the cost

>> No.76232654

A themed deck doesn't need 15+ of a specific creature type to still be a theme, Anon.

>> No.76232738

yeah but its so boring having a really cool creature card you want to build around use a deck of mostly lame creatures only being used for their utility

>> No.76232965
File: 152 KB, 672x936, thb-12-eidolon-of-obstruction.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Evens pizza
Odds burger
0 eat healthy

>> No.76233008

You were wise. God I wish I had dumped MTG at the time. Now even getting rid of the cards is a chore. I was enjoying the game then. It wasn't until RNA that things started going to shit to the point of no return

>> No.76233029

the one in the upper left sees some play

>> No.76233275

>tfw Destiny Spinner was spoiled the very next day
Thank God they have enchantress something. I was really hoping for a second 2 mana enchantress but I'll take it.

>> No.76233485

God yes. I wish I dumped my modern staples when there still was at least SOME demand. I could have sold so much stuff a few years back.

>Mfw I adjusted foil Fulmigator Mages price to €7 today as I remembered nonfoil ones being ~20

>> No.76233527

I still can't believe why they would taunt us so very much.
>Hehehe we know PW are shitty design and horrible to deal with
>Here's your hate card goym, remember to buy standard sets

>> No.76233837

apac, arena 1996, arena 2003, unhinged, unglued, ice age snow-covered, euro, portal china alt, the list goes on

greetings, fellow APACchads

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>tcgplayer 10% cashback happens
>all of the card prices seem to go up by 10%
does tcgplayer let you adjust the prices of every item you're selling at once?

>> No.76234862
File: 302 KB, 1081x895, qwegqwegeqgqewgweg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

*takes a deep breath*


>> No.76234901


The secret is that Wizards is courting casual players with Commander, specifically by printing new cards.
This makes players anxious, since a) Big Mommy Wizards is paying more attention to the new kids than them and b) BMW can and will casually make waves in normally stable formats like Legacy by printing new Commander cards.
These players however can't be angry with Big Mommy Wizards. They need her, fucking *need* her to make things the way they used to be, which means they can't be happy unless she makes them happy.
They therefore have to project their fear and frustration onto Commander players and casuals in general, who have no idea why the skinny pale kid behind the tall smiling generous woman is glaring daggers at them.

>> No.76235070

If I were a gamestore owner, would i be better off making a custom banlist for the enjoyment of my regulars or just having no banlists, including wotc's, at all?

>> No.76235212

honestly forgot this was even a card one that even saw play too

>> No.76235295

what are my options if I want to build a casual deck for ten bucks?

>> No.76235361

Hey guys. I dont play magic but my faggot brother does. What would be the penultimate magic related gift that I should buy for his birthday. Money isn't an issue. Pls help guys I dont want to go to reddit.

>> No.76235370

why not the ultimate magic related gift

>> No.76235371

also got my last fetch for modern today for a total 9 fetches (4+4+Vista)
feels good. playing ponza cuz im a cheapo

>> No.76235389

Doesnt penultimate mean ultimate but better?

>> No.76235439

penultimate is the next best thing to ultimate, so slightly worse
you don't see cartoon villains claim they've unlocked the "penultimate power" or a fast food chain claiming they've invented the "penultimate burger" because that would mean there's something better out there

>> No.76235492
File: 906 KB, 2544x4000, 1503396029227.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.76235537

Leave me alone. I just want to buy my faggot brother a cool gift.

>> No.76235584

thats a big cost

>> No.76235657
File: 92 KB, 332x312, we wuz vikangz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

people who don't even play magic but know I play it are sending this to me and laughing

>> No.76235661
File: 153 KB, 322x466, sawako.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

why is uro a problem when kroxa is fine?

>> No.76235664

buy him a MtG t-shirt from nerdist or check if he needs a playmat or a box
or just buy him some booster packs, MtG fans are degenerates and love opening that shit

>> No.76235709

>Anon the defender of the white race through card games is all about how people who don't even care about magic ruin the game for him
>but he will be upset that his friends that don't play or care for magic are laughing at the game too
grow a spine

>> No.76235726

I'm not even white

>> No.76235743


>> No.76235755


>> No.76235779

I don't even care that she's black. I hate Kaya so fucking much. Vivien too.

>> No.76235882

Kaya and Vivien are such shit characters it's honestly impressive. Kaya is an assassin who only kills people who are already dead, to protect her from any moral conflict. She also won't even kill ghosts unless she feels the kill is morally justifiable so she's a fucking shit assassin. She also has been duped both times she has shown up into causing huge amounts of instability, she's literally a 2 for 2 loser. She even has a shit personality and backstory, which is that she used to be rich, then bigger richfags swindled her family to become rich, so now she's poor and fucking hates rich people because she thinks they all didn't deserve it (what about her family?) but instead of doing anything about it she just lives in the streets killing people for money. How fucking stupid is this? I have no idea who thought this trash was good. Now she's a major character.
Vivien is a LITERAL ECOTERRORIST who turns into a 12 year old scenester when talking about hippos dropping shits but then murderously cuts down legions of people for harming a fucking tree or killing an animal on worlds that aren't even hers, even when those people are doing it as a necessity to survive.
Seriously what the FUCK

>> No.76235922

Vivien is probably the most insulting character in MTG lore of the last 10 years. She's just a fucking murderer painted as a good guy, nothing more.

>> No.76235956

Congrats anon, I’m working on Wooded Foothills. Got my Widswept Heaths already.

Ponza is suffering right now

>> No.76235969

Kroxa tries to interact with your opponent by taking resources out of their hand. Uro doesn't give one fuck about your opponent or any of the 60 cards in his deck. This is the optimal way to play Magic now. It's also why LotV is a mid tier at best walker now whereas before she was in contention of being the best walker ever printed.

>> No.76235974

>Ponza is suffering right now
Didn't Ponza get massively buffed by the printing of Elder Giganigga, Terror of the Peaks, and Cleansing WIldfire?

>> No.76235995

look what both cards do
>Explore + Healing Salve
>Raven's Crime + Conditional Bump in the Night

they do their effect once when they get played
another when they get escaped
and how many times they get to attack/escape again

which of the two effects do you think snowballs harder overtime?

>> No.76236025

you drawing plus lifegaining is better then your opponent discarding and maybe losing some life

>> No.76236047

Ban Plague Engineer in Legacy and Modern. Whoever decided that tribal decks needed one sided hate against them should be punched in the dick.

>> No.76236085

I exaggerate slightly
It’s not putting up any results, save for two months ago a Karnza deck or two did alright.

Mono red prowess (obosh) is easier, and using Ponza’s signature trick (md Bloodmoons).

Everything is cyclical, there are always gonna be greedy mana bases out there for cheap wins.

>> No.76236086

I find it hilarious that Plague Engineer was clearly printed to check Humans but then Humans started SBing it to shit on every single other tribal deck while being almost completely unaffected by Engie themselves. And now Humans has been powercrept out of the meta by valuepiles a hundred times more obnoxious than Humans ever was.

>> No.76236116
File: 393 KB, 610x457, B5942865-7736-4CD3-ABF2-0C1AF39BDDBE.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

UW Spirits (aspirant) reporting in

>> No.76236139

When Humans was the most played deck in the format was literally the last time Modern was good.

>> No.76236237
File: 13 KB, 190x265, 9EC34066-9F84-43A3-AA75-8B464DA6B21A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can someone shed some light here?

Why aren’t people at least SB this in Mono Red against Uro? I play kitchen table Modern, and have never fought an Uro deck, this seems like the best answer to it. Aside from Blood Moon shutting it down, but wtf wouldn’t this be insurance at least?

>> No.76236280

Why not just side Tormod's Crypt instead? Tapped lands are useless to mono red.

>> No.76236290

because monored can handle uro being played 1 time but if they can escape it you've probably lost anyway. it's better to just play another burn spell to negate the uro lifegain and win rather than exiling the uro and letting them gain 3 life anyway.

>> No.76236313

>this seems like the best answer to it
That's the problem anon, the best answer isn't good enough
think about it, when someone resolves a Uro against you they:
draw a card (replaces itself)
gain 3 life (unbolt themselves)
put a land into play (pseudo-time walk)

you're going down a card just to make sure that 3 for 1 doesn't become a 4 for 1 later, but that's not good enough, they might not even need to escape it later because Uro isn't only a wincon, it's a engine all by itself

>> No.76236316

What red really needs is a burn spell that also has the text "If a creature would die this turn it is exiled instead". Maybe a shock variant.

>> No.76236347

>just give them strictly better shock
anon this is why everything is so shit right now
we need uro banned not more retarded shit printed to "counter" uro, a card that almost can't be countered since it has an etb trigger

>> No.76236392

Strictly better Shock is still worse than Bolt 95% of the time. You can put it in MH2 if it's too strong for Standard. Also, banning Uro is just delaying the inevitable when Uro 2 comes out in 2021.

>> No.76236510
File: 40 KB, 455x368, 1599488338498.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

because they run 4 uros and it's gonna cost 1 spikefield hazard + 5 damage to kill uro. that means at the very least you'll get 2-for-0'd. realistically, since you won't run frys in the mainboard you'll end up getting 4-for-0'd.

just about every ugx deck card cantrips so not only do they get to churn through their deck, their spells are also extremely good at buying time to stabilize. hell, their lands are also insanely good at buying time once they get to 7. there's a reason why uromnath is top tier in modern now https://magic.wizards.com/en/content/2020-magic-online-champions-showcase-1-modern-decklists

>> No.76236532

Someone high up in R&D is a butthurt Simic faggot mad that his guild was the worst for years, and now we are all paying for it.

>> No.76236555

cephalid breakfast
drawing cards is generally better than making opponent discard

>> No.76236586

>cephalid breakfast
post list
i want to have fun for 10 bucks

>> No.76236608

Can’t you cast it with their first trigger (ie when they play it from hand the first time), yeah they get there life, draw, and land once, but it’s sacrifice trigger kills it after the 1 damage is dealt. So it exiles, and can’t get escaped. I grant you it’s not incredibly efficient, and that’s probably the main problem.

>> No.76236631

that's the 4-for-0 (spikefield + 2 bolts). if you cast it when they escape, it's a 5-for-0 lol. they'll also just draw into their next one really soon anyway.

>> No.76236634

I concede that it’s not a great answer. But there aren’t many answers I suppose, besides Blood Moon or hoping to not get paired against UroOmnath

>> No.76236644

You don't need 2 bolts to kill Uro the first time it is cast. He kills himself

>> No.76236656


>> No.76236704

Yeah this was what I’m getting at.

>> No.76236733

My pet theory for the last few years

>> No.76236765

It's probably true. I heard that Thassa's Oracle was partly created as a gift to some faggot roommate of one of the designers for his monoblue EDH deck. I believe this.

>> No.76236768

Bring back MLD. It's the natural answer to green value piles. UNLEASH ARMAGEDDON.

>> No.76236806

Whoever created TNN in the commander precon is 100% a faggot Merfolk player in Legacy. What's funny is that archetype is dead and now TNN is just a braindead beater for tempo decks.

>> No.76236881

This really doesn’t surprise me.

>> No.76236959

Be honest, enchantressanons. Is the deck fun? I have 1 Sanctum and I'm thinking about picking up my last 2 during the dip.

>> No.76236975

If you don't mind autolosing to combo.

>> No.76237686
File: 362 KB, 1500x1815, 2E7BEDBE-595E-4133-854B-2EF2D4C9863F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's Rebecca's best art?

>> No.76237721

You will never be a woman

>> No.76237758

jerk off before you post next time

>> No.76238100

3 narcomoeba
4 cephalid illusionist
4 nomads e- kor
2 shaman en-kor
1 thassa's oracle/lotleth giant
4 judge's familiar

4 brainstorm
4 ponder
4 mental misstep
4 gitaxian probe
4 daze
1 dread return
2 cabal therapy

19 lands
this might be more like $20 idk

>> No.76238101

draftbox basics

>> No.76238222

cabal therapy is like 40 bux each now

>> No.76238242

All financeniggers deserve the rope. No exceptions.

>> No.76238294

no way, that must be foils or something

>> No.76238325
File: 2.00 MB, 240x180, 1379458994642.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yeah i was looking at foils lel

>> No.76238487
File: 74 KB, 999x924, 1444767072940.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"legacy is a nonrotating format"

>> No.76238609
File: 194 KB, 744x1045, 53BC9FEF-D24C-42C7-B585-3E5548638451.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In the Age of FIRE there are no rules.

>> No.76238806

It's almost true now, since the Snowko shell can just absorb the latest degenerate FIRE cards, no matter what colors they're printed in. Eventually, Snowko will be 100% of the meta, and Legacy will truly be a nonrotating format once again.

>> No.76238859

as long as dark ritual is legal I'll be happy

>> No.76238868

legacy was "le real magick" like a year ago and now it's just a casserole of 2019-2020 degeneracy that is more powerful than the preceding 25 years of cards

>> No.76238898
File: 529 KB, 480x360, Insectile Aberration.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i want to go back bros...

>> No.76239040
File: 226 KB, 645x1260, 787brjzdne111.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

imagine trying to play burn in the uromnath meta

>> No.76239137

Just play Prowess, it's the natural evolution of Burn.
Also I had to click through literally 60 captchas just to post this and they were all the annoying fucking "click x image until there are none left" ones where each new image appears extremely slowly
What the fuck is going on with this site?

>> No.76239261

Should I buy into Tron?

>> No.76239309

>buying into magic

>> No.76239314

only if it's eldrazi tron
green tron is boring
u tron is gay

>> No.76239328

imagine trying to still play Magic in any format except fully-proxied cube

>> No.76239366

if you dont already own it i'd look in to when you can actually play paper events again and go from there. i mean if you JUST GOTTA HAVE IT then by all means, it's a solid list.

>> No.76239390
File: 394 KB, 600x620, smug thalia.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

whats your tax policy, /mmg/?

>> No.76240432

What if you actually DO own a couple of the cards you want to cube with?

>> No.76240435

Do everything I can to avoid paying taxes ever.

>> No.76240453

Proxy them anyways.
Basic lands, too.

>> No.76240563

I pay my taxes because I'm a law abiding citizen.

>> No.76240637

I have set up a youtube channel as my business and use magic cards as a write-off as they are necessary for me to "make money" on the channel.

>> No.76240701

>Uluru plains
Trust me, I've been there, there's no fucking mana out there. Nothing but fucking red dirt and half-dead grasses as far as you can see next to that worthless rock.

>> No.76240732

it's fucking ayers rock asshole

>> No.76240758

You wanna fight the boongs about it, be my guest, I personally don't give a fuck what you call that piece of shit as long as you understand what I'm talking about is a giant worthless monolith

>> No.76240767


>> No.76240781

Ayer's Rock, actually.

>> No.76240842

I consider the government to be indistinguishable from Mafioso or bandits so I don't use the word 'taxes', and instead use the word 'bribe', since the reasons for, and effects of, payment are the same.

>> No.76241068

So is this actually a modern thread or is this just a memeshow this time around?

>> No.76241116

Anyone who is actually surprised about this hasn't been paying attention. We've been approaching the goodstuiff singularity for years now.
I don't think it's as obnoxious as Czech Pile and it's not the best deck atm.

>> No.76241180

So I want to run a red/white warrior deck but I was wondering what are some of the go to equipment artifacts? I already have a copy of embercleave, maul of the skyclaves, and relic axe

>> No.76241191

Are you talking about Standard?

>> No.76241206

no just any equipment since my playgroup just uses whatever cards we want

>> No.76241227

1-2 Batterskull
1 each of at least Sword of Fire and Ice and Sword of Feast and Famine
1 rando equip (in a warrior shell, I guess Sword of Light and Shadow for recursion?)
1 Maul
1-2 Embercleave if you're really REALLY going wide or can reliably get tall fast

Oh, and a playset of Stoneforge Mystic if you don't have any.

>> No.76241229

Use Jitte then

>> No.76241245

What he said. If anything goes, Jitte beats all.

>> No.76241256
File: 4.68 MB, 5312x2988, 2018-08-02 02.17.30.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

on the play
keep or mull?

>> No.76241302

Depends on the build. I'm leaning towards mull. No attackers, and getting choked on mana sucks.

>> No.76241346

>1 land and a dream

>> No.76241376

Assuming you have 18 lands in your deck you have a 32% chance of ripping a mountain off the top next turn or, barring that 32.6% for turn 3 for a combined total of a 54.2% of getting at least one land by turn 3. I'd say keep.

>> No.76241482

Expanding on this now that I think about it more. You have 21 damage in your hand already assuming you can untap with Grim Lavamancer twice but you need to spend ten mana to deal it. Assuming you pull a mountain turn 2 and draw no more land you can't deal the 21 damage until turn 6. If you draw a third land on turn 3 then you could deal it as soon as turn 5.

In retrospect this hand might be too slow. You have the cards to kill but not the gas to play them. I change my decision from keep to mull.

>> No.76241587


the 2 boros charms are too slow especially with lavamancer and 1 land.

>> No.76241589

Anybody willing to rate/improve/give a shit about my Wb tokens list?

>> No.76241665

I guess not.

>> No.76241749

anyone who brings stoneforge + jitte to a kitchen table meta is an incredible jackass

>> No.76241755

Just post a list, don’t beg for people to give you attention to ask for it. Talk about what you’re trying to do with the deck, and someone will come around to tell you why you’re wrong and maybe even suggest improvements.

>> No.76241925
File: 363 KB, 1242x1849, 1591938843022.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>18 lands

>> No.76242100

what did you guys buy during tcgplayer's 10% off sale? i bought 4 boxes of commander legends

>> No.76242196

Enjoy the pringles.

>> No.76242205

If that Lavamancer was a Swiftspear I’d risk the keep.

>> No.76242334

Trick question, the real anwer is concede and sell your cards

>> No.76242505

if you wanna quit that's fine, but why do you continue to shitpost in these threads?

>> No.76242935

Millennium Blades. it's all the fun of trading cards without the faggyness of WotC, or Konami, or Pokemon corp., or whoever else.

>> No.76243052

What was the worst set for the health of the entire game and why is it Modern Horizons?

>> No.76243102
File: 186 KB, 812x486, B2210BEC-5576-4AD4-9829-377AA92D9765.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I miss looting and opal

>> No.76243133

>this time around
Welcome to /mmg/
Your first few times here might seem strange but everything will (not) be alright.
Because fuck mtg, fuck wotc, fuck trannies, and fuck (You)

>> No.76243207

i think it's either BFZ or Lorwyn
Lorwyn for introducing planeswalkers
BFZ for eldrazi bullshit right after Twin was banned to "diversify" the meta

>> No.76243217

>Uro, Oko, and Veil are unlikely to ever get banned in legacy

>> No.76243307

The game has been shit for years, how do you people still have the energy to complain? It is just another product in a world where you could strive to create something better

>> No.76243352

>how do you people still have the energy to complain?
Better than pretending everything is fine.

>> No.76243362

>hate mtg and talk shit about it every chance you get
>still visits /mmg/ daily anyway
Why do people do this?

>> No.76243389

See >>76243133

>> No.76243430

So make something better instead of complaining

>> No.76243475

Why the fuck is she wielding axes besides "lmao vikings bro"?
What an uninspired load of bullcrap, she even looks like she's doing a half assed attempt at jojo posing but she's bad at it.
They aren't even putting effort in anymore, they just know reddit söys will consoom anyway and even if they get shamed into not buying this crap hasbro knows another cuck will come by and replace the previous funko pop collector.

>> No.76243491

>Why the fuck is she wielding axes besides "lmao vikings bro"?
because it's about time bihhh

>> No.76243539

>yugioh doesn't pander to browns at all
>go to a yugioh tournament
>shits blacker than Africa
>MTG panders to browns in every set over and over and over for years and years
>go to an mtg tournament
>it's whiter than a klan rally

>> No.76243703

(((Hasbro's))) gameplan isn't attracting blacks to play their game, they want just to provoke and irritate to instigate racial tensions.
They couldn't care less about expanding their target audience, in fact, they lost in 2018 almost 45% of the playerbase and as we can see from their choices and decisions they are planning to stay the course.
If they really cared about getting people back or new players that are both priced out of the game they would behave the polar opposite of what they've been doing since after shadows over innistrad.
Mtg has become a propaganda tool and a way to allow scalpers to launder money, the game aspect has long been lost.

>> No.76244076

konami "panders to blacks" with aggressive reprints, bonkers power levels, and an anime series.
wotc doesn't do any of the above. simple as.

>> No.76244140

>bonkers power levels
My nigga, are you simping for power creep?

>> No.76244150

Is MtG Arena Starter Kit an okay starting point into this game for 5 bucks?

>> No.76244164

it's ok but there are better options, like building your own deck from singles

i don't, but the blacks do.

>> No.76244320

What do you think FIRE is?

>> No.76244489

I have very compelling evidences that someone from the French post office (I don't know who) has stolen 1 of my deliveries (potentially 2) and 3 of the letters I send.
What can I do? Did that ever happenned to you?
I started selling reccently and 3 not arrived letters would absolutely kill my buisiness.

>> No.76244552

What is the evidence? It is nigh impossible to get a postal worker fired unless you have video proof and expose it in the media

>> No.76244602

One of the letter was marked as delivered whereas it was not in reality.
The real proves is that I sent 3 letters on the same day. All were stolen.
They were not in the same box, one was for regionnal delivery, the others were for national and international delivery. I have the log for the websites to comfirm I sent at this time. Finaly, because I used print at home post stamp they had a QR code that you have to scan for the post office, and they have probably not been scanned, it's easy for them to check.
All of that show with a very high certainty in my opinion that they stole it.
I am considering going to the police. But I would like to know what other anons think.

>> No.76244626

If you want to seriously compete in YGO, you have to buy a playset of the latest short printed power card for 200 bucks every 3-6 months. Only once they milked tournament players they print the card into the ground. Playing competitive mtg is unironically way cheaper.

>> No.76244636

not enough and too little too late
also, in Yugioh, old archetypes and cool cards like Blue Eyes White Dragon are very playable thanks to all the support.
FIRE doesn't give much support to old cool cards, and if it does it's entirely accidental (like Chill for dredge and spell//lands for turbo belcher/Oops all spells)

fair point, i'm not into competitive YGO so i never knew about this. thanks for giving me proper info

>> No.76244648

i would say go to the police and report the incident. make sure to point out you have PROOF THEY STOLE YOUR CARDS. then come back and report, this is entertainment as good as any other.

>> No.76244700

Go to the police and the post office so you can cover all your bases but you need to put social pressure on the post office too or else this will just go away

>> No.76244792

They stole a good that I am bound by a selling contract to sell. This is a serious case of theft. Yes they stole for about 100 euros of cards. Which is not that much but it's still illegal.
Also I could not be the onlybone impacted.
What do you mean by social pressure? I checked online and it seems the post office don't recognize cases of theft and won't indemize people. So I guess my only recourse is to go to the police to have them look at the nigger that did that.

>> No.76244818

Nobody gets fired unless the management is shamed into firing them. People have to know your mailman is stealing your mail until it becomes an issue too big for management to ignore otherwise the mailman just gets a talking to and then he just steals more carefully.

>> No.76244851

I've known my mailman for years. It's a nice guy the age of my dad.
All of the theft was done between the 17th and the 18th.
I am pretty sure they hired a retarded nigger to replace the mailman on that days and that this cunt stole as much as he could.

>> No.76244861 [SPOILER]  [DELETED] 
File: 177 KB, 1000x1000, 1606829160458.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shove a baguette up your ass.

>> No.76244879 [SPOILER] 
File: 177 KB, 1000x1000, 1606829282189.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shove a baguette up your ass.

>> No.76244929

If it is some low rent migrant maybe something will be done. Good luck.

>> No.76245002

I assume it was some nigger or arab employee from a temp worker company. Which means they will probably do nothing.

>> No.76245083

>boot up magic arena for the first time in months
>after downloading 10gb of updates it still freezes on every single screen even though my PC was built with the latest parts last year
this company is beyond hopeless

>> No.76245212

Play Mythgard

>> No.76245249
File: 759 KB, 1500x690, IvtOPGEB_3009142340391.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love Oboro Breezecaller and Hair-strung Koto.

>> No.76245281

Because this is my home and where my homies are. Now fuck off.

>> No.76245285

I'm so sick of the cards they have put in this game that have almost zero counterplay to them whatsoever. Not even meta cards but something like The Ozolith where they are almost always going to get those counters since they get the counters even if the creature is exiled. There are too many cards in this game that have 3 effects each now and many of them still aren't good enough to see play because the meta cards are even more bullshit.

>> No.76245452

One example is Triple Tactics Talent.
>Spell card that is 3 banned cards in one, but can only be activated if you got hand trapped this turn.
>Most decks run over 10 hand traps in a 40 card deck because you auto loose against combo if you don't.
>You get hand trapped every turn.
>There are no colors so literally any deck can run it if they want.
>There is no resource system, so it doesn't cost you anything to activate.
>It is 80 bucks a card.
>It will be reprinted about 12-16 months after release and price will go down to less than 30$.
>It is not the most egregious card that has been printed in the last 6 months.

>> No.76245667

Nobody cares about YGO here, retard

>> No.76245699

Nobody cares about any game here, retard

>> No.76245768

Yeah but nobody gives a shit about YGO
I don't know what the fuck you're talking about when you talk about YGO cards, it's just boring gibberish

>> No.76245781

Let that fag shill.
It only takes one game to realize how garbage, broken and unplayable yugioh is.
How people enjoy oneshotting or getting oneshotted first turn is beyond me.

>> No.76245803

>How people enjoy oneshotting or getting oneshotted first turn is beyond me.
ask the dredge players

>> No.76246017

Modern Horizons was no worse than Future Sight. Which is to say it was fucking awesome but had some design mistakes. But then the only cards that make it in eternal formats are design mistakes.
Oath of the Gatewatch, at least half the Urza block, Gatecrash, and Chronicles all had worse implications IMO. Planar Chaos too, but I like that set.

>he still thinks the sideboard card is banworthy

>> No.76246182
File: 265 KB, 671x936, soymogoyf2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>MH was fucking awesome!!!!
>cum tribal
>several gamebreaking cards across multiple formats

>> No.76246234

What other games are you guys trying? I've been getting more into warhammer and it's been fun.

>> No.76246254

Getting back into Tekken.

>> No.76246281

Tekken is really shit right now
The community is almost as miserable as /mmg/ and the whole FGC is pozzed

>> No.76246487

Neck yourself you fuckin queer. MH was the second most interesting set this game has had in years, at least since Khans. Unhinged was the best and I'm mad that a joke set was better designed and more thought-provoking than any black-border release

>> No.76246514

Whoops, I meant Unstable[/spoiler

>> No.76246532

>snow shit
>broken cards like big ho and hurrza
>literal cum
>"most interesting set in years"

>> No.76246605

Retort it :^) MH has more creativity and SOUL in it than anything else WotC has put out in a long time. The team working on it clearly loves the game and wanted to make some cool cards.

>> No.76246617

Every community feels miserable right now. Everyone's just on edge 24/7. Those retarded DJ buffs make it hard to not at least give it a shot though.

>> No.76246694

Did you miss the Black Wang era?

>> No.76246761

Because Uro gives you card draw and therefore instrumental utility. Kroxa just slows your opponent down a tiny bit. Dont get me wrong Kroxa is good for the color's he's in, but Uro is hot-buttered bullshit.

>> No.76246774

I dunno, Eldrain had a lot of bans...

>> No.76246876

>Draw a card, put a land onto battlefield, gain 3.
>Op discards a card, maybe looses 3 life.
Uro flat out does more than Kroxa does.

>> No.76246889

>life gain is finally good
What happened?

>> No.76246903

I started my break when he came out. I have been playing Mishimas for years, so now that DJ is back at S-tier I am pretty tempted. My town also has a couple decent tournaments a year, so I probably would have gotten pulled back in anyway when we are allowed to hold larger events again.

>> No.76246907
File: 243 KB, 680x709, Yes.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.76246977 [DELETED] 

I don't pay my taxes but for VAT and unavoidable shits of the kind, and i never declare anything. When you see what they are doing with tax money, participating is like financing humanity's enslavement, liberal fascism and white genocide.

>> No.76246982

The thing is, MTG doesn't panders to browns, it panders to the hipster white guy who want to feel so special because they're protecting the poor black minorities.
Blacks love over-the-top anime stuff so the best way to pander to them is do exactly what Konami is doing.

>> No.76247020 [DELETED] 

it switched to be a green thing, it wasn't allowed to be good only as long as it was a W thing.

>> No.76247060

they printed a 3cmc indestructible enchantment that also becomes a 5/5 and goes infinite at instant speed with collected company and walking ballista
they then stapled gaining 3 life onto literally everything else that isn't white

>> No.76247076

that's it. I think I finally realized.
No matter what deck I build, which format, all ofh those cards will be obsolete in a matter of a couple of years. I owned many decks in the last 10 years, none of them are alive now. You either buy a playset of every fecth and shockland/dual + staples or your deck has a limited lifespawn. No archetype is immortal now. Not tron, not humans, not affinity, everything is fragile, everything can be powercrept into oblivion.
The FIRE burned me down and now I'll rise from the ashes.
I'll sell everything, it has been a wild ride but it has to end.

>> No.76247091

but it's so stupid from a design aspect. why would anyone willingly make it so lopsided?

>> No.76247171

The idea guys are ultra spikes and the testers are retarded

>> No.76247195

Advancing your own game is FIRE. Hurting your opponents isn't.

>> No.76247198

>he thinks they playtest

>> No.76247264

>Advancing your own game is FIRE. Hurting your opponents isn't.
this genuinely makes me want to kill myself.

>> No.76247300

Speaking of, what is /mmg/'s favorite ching chong to buy from?

>> No.76247435

They should have released a line of coop expansions along the lines of FFG LCGs like lotr or cthulhu tbdesu. I know the horde mode exists, but if jotc had been clever, they had gone all in on this. Iirc correctly coop in vidya and then boardgames took off more than a decade ago and it's actually kind of baffling that they missed out on this and instead were basically forced by edh trannies to pander to to (pseudo) coop crowd.

>> No.76247571
File: 622 KB, 245x218, 1568000102680.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm looking for a mono black deck that will absolutely piss out zombie tokens, I'm talking zombies stacking the board till they are in double or even triple digits. Me and my mate play magic and I really like the theme of a zombie horde. We don't stick to any format/any lists we just use whatever cards we want, build jank shit and have fun. What would you guys recommend?

>> No.76247794

bant scapeshift
selesnya prime time

>> No.76248186


>> No.76249736

remixing old designs =/= creativity or soul
shit like jitte charm, "literally astral drift but better", or lmao 2flicker is not soulful, it's a low-hanging fruit of pandering to nostalgia-blinded retards.
if the team working on MH1 liked the game they wouldn't have broken all the formats with the powerful cards while all other cards of the set lag behind.

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