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The /btg/ is dead! Long live the /btg/!

Sigma Lead edition

Last thread: >>76178674
>BattleTech Introductory Info and PDFs

>Overview of the major factions?

>Sarna.net - BattleTech Wiki

>How do I find out which BattleMechs a faction has?
>Xotl's Random Access Tables for factions (August 2020 update)
http://tinyurl <dot> com/y3m2gwcp

Unit Designing Softwares
>SSW Mech Designer
>SSW GitHub Updates
>MegaMek Lab

>Megamek - computer version of BattleTech. Play with AI or other players

> How do I do this Against the Bot thing? (updated 9-1-2020)
(Current 3.21 rule set is included in the mekhq package)

>Rookie guides

>BattleTech IRC
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>Most Wanted PDFs & Epubs

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I claim this post in the name of the PBI!

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Does anyone have any recs for a good looking third party Crusader model that's not just one of the new robotech minis?

I'm not a fan of the mwo rip, the iwm sculpts look like shit, i think strato has one but it just looks like a Phoenix Hawk, and I don't want to wait but then have to buy a whole alpha strike pack for the new Crusader.

Is there anything like it or am I just shit out of luck?

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Favourite Viper config to play in a BT pen and paper? I am in favour of the H or I.
Sorry, no idea.

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>your favourite mech
>your favourite faction
>your favourite weapon
Wolf Clan

>> No.76189836

Night Gyr
Jade Falcon
Tie between clan large pulse laser and clan LRM15.

>> No.76189847

Not sure, maybe Jade Falcon
Gauss Rifle

>> No.76189936

Word of Blake/ComStar
ER Med Laser

>> No.76189987

Either the Lyran Commonwealth or Clan Wolverine
PPCs of all flavors, followed closely by Gausses

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My trothkin.

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/tg/ as usual has pretty good taste

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I'm new but
Small mech with big gun, always good
>Anybody who styles on clans
>Large laser and its sisters

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Vulcan 6-C
Word of Blake (True Believers)
Varied Speed Pulse Lasers because they are cool.

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Lyran Commonwealth
Gauss rifle

>> No.76190410

Jade Falcon
LB 10-X

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Losta green turkeys and blakists itt
Does /tg/ like badguys these days?

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Blakists caught on because of the fun of the Jihad and Cincy's great victories on CGL faggotry

Jade Falcons are only getting popular now because they're likely going to be the ilClan (same thing as back when everyone was a Davion fan in the day because they always won)

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Jade Falcons are just fun to play as, since they're exemplary examples of the clans culture.

>> No.76190550

>Jade Falcons are only getting popular now

>> No.76190556

>Everyone Mains the Wolves Because They're The "Good" Clan: The Game
proved his point, nice

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I got into Battletech when Blake posting was going strong here, might have sth do with that and Atomic Urbies. In the end I liked the image I got from reading lore books that some people just HATED the Houses for sometimes very good reasons and thus Blakist Propaganda fell on fertile Soil. Its like Finns and others fighting with the Axis against the Sovjets. Thats why prefer WoB Militia to Manei Domini.

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good post

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I believe that is one of the things that has Battletech Lore head and shoulders over many other setting's lore. That there are many good people on the wrong side and even the latter is often subjective.

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Scorpion *it's like riding a raging bull!*
Taurian Concordat

>> No.76190710

Taurian Concordat

>> No.76190719

Watchman 4DM, the drac march upgrade. There's just something appealing about the simple effectiveness of the design.
Federated Suns.
PPC, all kinds aside from the light PPC.

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Marauder or Timby
Magistracy of Canopus

>> No.76190836

Particle Projector Gang repping itt

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It makes things more interesting.

It's part of why ComStar/Word of Blake are one of the better parts of the BT universe. A shame they're set aside for Succ State politics 6 and Clans somehow immune from the cultures and people they've lived among for decades.

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Nah, it was more like, the Wolf missions where simply that much more fun. Apart for the 2nd Falcon mission, on the grass fields, I remember that one was a huge favorite.

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comstar is gay, so is the sldf

>> No.76190979

Why Clan Wolf specifically?

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>t. Amaris and his Successors.

>> No.76191001

well you're half right

they're the good clan. look at Ulric Kerensky and Phelan's story.

>> No.76191027

My first Battletech experience was Mechwarrior 2, and when asked to choose a clan, I picked the Wolf since the aesthetics appealed to me more. Better colour palette, etc.
Since then, I now understand that Kerensky was right to choose us, Ulric did nothing wrong, and the cheapest rent in the universe is inside the heads of Jade Falcon clanners.

>> No.76191079


King Crab


Snub Nosed PPC.

>> No.76191105

They do have a cool palette, I am more of a Hells Horses or Blood Spirits man. The former due to combined armsz being less dickish and being actually alive. The latter for dedication to excellence and the greater good to their own expense. Also being the Hillbilly/Don't tread on me clan, next to Mandrills.
I agree ,I like Phelans Story since it shows Freebirths have a way up.

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>Stomp close or wait behind an obstacle, blast enemy.

Simple yet effective combination, sadly enemies can run away. Are you a Solaris Jockey?

>> No.76191143

WoB is also interesting to me since they fought for a lost cause, basically. At least the Moderates, gives it another layer of tragedy.

>> No.76191172

>Hells Horses
>Blood Spirits
Excellent Taste. I'd send a star of Wolves to support you

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no, but i did get my start playing MWO where the range issues are significantly lessened due to the need to actually play to objectives, so twin AC20s was an awesome build even before we had King Crabs in the game.

>> No.76191263

>a fellow AC/20 fan

>> No.76191419

>>your favourite mech
King Crab for the IS, Timber Wolf for the Clans
>>your favourite faction
Lyrans and Star Adders
>>your favourite weapon
Well, the RAC5 tickles my giggle switch, but I have to say gauss of any and all kinds

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>> No.76191483


>> No.76191484

Sadly to few and to late.
>Dang Tin Snakes.

>> No.76191523

>Cincy's great victories on CGL faggotry

>> No.76191571

Draconis Combine

>> No.76191644

Huron Warrior
Capellan Confederation
gauss rifle

am I the only Liao fan here?

>> No.76191691

I like Tikonov Style non chinaboo spess commies, does this count?

>> No.76191725

The only Hat who likes Xin Sheng Caps, anyway. Only time I've liked them is when Chancellor Basketball Sisterfucker long may he reign, has waged his campaigns on the Stoners.

>> No.76191735

Like classic 3025? Sure


>> No.76191756

Plague Pidgeons

These are familiar to you?

>> No.76191788

Everything but Hat.

>> No.76191826

Cappies should get a big bonus for producing Urbies as main battle mech anyway.

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>> No.76191841


I think he means "black hats" but it's never been exclusive to them

>> No.76191871

Only redditors hate Liao.

>> No.76191887


Makes more sense but I guess that's not it.

>> No.76191920

Hat is to Cap what Snake is to Drac. All 4 are pejoratives.

>> No.76191955


sounds like something that never caught on

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>> No.76192331


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Firedrake support needler. For mechs, probably the Long Tom arty cannon

>> No.76193033

Dedicated warcrime hanfun, I see.

>> No.76193138

Sarna says it has a mass of 25kg I do t think that’s a pistol

>> No.76193166

Anyone here ever experience the virtual world battletech cabinets? Never got to try one myself, just a flight simulator with a moving and rotating cockpit.

>> No.76193233

The firedrake? 50 kg, not 25.

>> No.76193246

Yes but I had to ride in my dads lap.

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>> No.76193541

>Nova Cat
>Clan Goliath Scorpion

>> No.76193615


Based and confirmed for IlKhan since 1995.


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>> No.76193641

better ending

>> No.76193668


holy based

>> No.76193688

>make shark mech
>immediately go back to being Foxes

>> No.76193996

I try to headcope with the thought that getting kicked out of the Cluster and going mostly space nomad could be spun as a cultural parallel to the ecological plight of the Sea Fox - but even that is a stretch.

>> No.76194293

It really is a mystery why they ditched a badass totem for a gay one

>> No.76194353

I'm thinking of painting my KS Clan mechs in camo because I don't really have any specific Clan in mind and that way I could in theory use them to represent any of then, but do Clans even use camo? Them being honor-obsessed warriors, I can easily see them going with the "camouflage is the color of cowardice" route.

>> No.76194420

Them becoming space nomads should have made the shark theme fit even more, since Battletech has a solid dose of space-is-ocean and now they're constantly prowling around through the depths of space. Like, you know, a motherfucking SHARK.

>> No.76194422

They still keep the Shark-themed names for many of their clusters, and one of the Khanates is still called Tiburon, which is Spanish for shark.

In-universe, they managed to revive their original totem animal from extincion, so they switched back to using their original name. Probably also ties with the Clan itself undergoing a completel restructuring at that point, so switching the name to mark their transofrmation does make sense.
Out of universe? No idea. I guess somebody writing the clickytech fluff liked foxes better than sharks. I mean, these are the same people who had FWL be shattered because they figured people didn't want to play a faction whose representative color was purple.

>> No.76194504

>but do Clans even use camo
They do in MechWarrior 2 and that's a good enough excuse for me.

>> No.76194555

Nova Cats at least use environment-appropriate camouflage.

>> No.76194665

true dat

and I get it's an in-universe explanation, but in-universe they also switched because the diamond shark proved itself a superior totem. sea foxes being saved with help doesn't make them any weaker... just saying.

>these are the same people who had FWL be shattered because they figured people didn't want to play a faction whose representative color was purple.

>> No.76194785

The MWO sketch is better

>> No.76194844

Heavy PPC

>> No.76194896

Is there an in fluff reason why tanks are so bad compared to mechs even though tanks should be tougher due to being able to carry more armor and have a more solid construction?

>> No.76194910

Yeah it probably is, but are LAMS really such complex machines compared to normal battlemechs?
Can't you just scrap some Areofighters and stingers for parts?

>> No.76194943


>> No.76194972

Myomer. It's significantly more durable than something like a set of treads and sort of functions as a second layer of armor that can take a decent amount of punishment and still mostly function. Tank treads, on the other hand, are more fragile and more difficult to protect effectively, meaning that a mobility kill that will leave you a sitting duck is a much bigger risk.

It's basically just an excuse though, so don't look to closely at it.

>> No.76194993

Who is your favorite mercenary mechwarrior?

For me, it's Shorty Sneede.

>> No.76195011

>better armour
>more versatile movement
>able to operate in more hostile environments
>more easily modified and repaired

>are LAMS really such complex machines compared to normal battlemechs
Yes. They are Star League super-science. There's only two factions that understand how they work by the 3070s, and one of those literally does not give a fuck about them. The other tried to revive them and ran into too many issues with construction, executing deployment or maintaining them to make them more than conversation pieces.

>> No.76195017

Not every tank is a superheavy loaded to the gills with Ferro-Fibrous.
Not all armors are made and applied the same way across various vehicle models.
Not every faction has the budget to properly kit out their motorpool.
It's a game about big stompy robots

>> No.76195018

I'll take it

>It's basically just an excuse though, so don't look to closely at it.
But yeah i figured as much.

>> No.76195050

No. It´s all game mechanics. Though in fluff they probably have to deal with easily being hit on the top deck while still not having weapons that can one-shot a mech.

>> No.76195123

Well, at least i got a nice stinger placeholder for the early eras. The plane parts are just hired out to make space for heatsinks and more lasers till i get to the later eras.

>> No.76195202

>Out of universe? No idea
Furry bias. Note how aside from the Falcons all the Clans not named after mammals have either been wiped out, renamed, or put on the bus to the Homeworlds. Well, I Scorpions and Ravens are stuck in the Periphery, which is slightly better than being in the Homeworlds (at least they get some mentions in the lore). But Scorpions also became Spanish and Ravens Amish.

>> No.76195224

>muh furries
fuck off

>> No.76195227

IIRC Wolves are also mentioned to use either appropriate camo or flat grey instead of the galaxy-specific livery.

>> No.76195251

How common are illegal light mech street races in the major cities of the inner sphere?

>> No.76195336

Does anyone have pointers or examples for painting "Davion" and/or Crucis Lancer green? I've been fiddling with various mixes of six different paints looking for a basecoat that feels right, but looking at Camospecs makes me wonder if it's all in the blending and layering.

>> No.76195380

Common enough for a wanted illegal racer to have the dosh to make the Fireball XF Custom.

>> No.76195509

Even Camospecs can't seem to decide what Davion Green actually is. Most Crucis/FSAC models they have there are painted in olive drab type color, but some are dark green or pine green instead.

>> No.76195576

I wish fusion engine and component modding were a thing where you could get more output and higher speeds with a dash of Armored Core parts autism. With an old Draconis announcer yelling DRIFTO COORDINATOR as I effortlessly drift a tuned up Jenner through a curve. BT is already complicated enough though.

>> No.76195714

>t. Peripherats

>> No.76195820

Genuinely one of the most kino moments in BattleTech. I love it so much.

>> No.76195827

There probably are Solaris rules for it.

>> No.76195923

So any other sources for mech minis?
Most BT minis aren't exactly easy on the eyes
>It's retrofuturistic/cassette punk, it's supposed to look like that
Nah man, brigador and fallout are those things, most bt minis are just optical pollution

>> No.76195938

I've got a Mad Cat MkII, the Piranha and Grendel are on my list, and I'm probably ordering a Tiburon for shits and giggles tonight. Any other true Diamond Shark iconics?

>> No.76195939

what the fuck are you even talking about

>> No.76196094

I think he's complaining about IWM sculpts.

>> No.76196182

Assuming you've got Comstar's tech stockpiles to work with, what would you put into a clanbuster refit of the STC-2C Striker?

I know it doesn't actually appear in the C* MUL, but it was an SL ride and I like it ok?

>> No.76196199

Thresher and Solitaire. Later on, Mad Cat Mark IV.

>> No.76196210

CAV miniatures
Robotech RPG tactics
IWM because there are actually some good ones

>> No.76196376

>Robotech RPG tactics

Those kinda sucked, fortunately there's a new better option,


>> No.76196413 [DELETED] 

Reminder that Rob (NEA) and Dan (Pope) need to be attacked every opportunity, and driven from this board. They don't deserve to be here. Fuck namefags, fuck Cincy, and fuck their shitty families. Let their kids die first so they have to watch.

>You can't ban me, faggots. I work in a phone repair store. I'll just pick up a new phone and keep right on posting. What are you going to do, rangeban all of Milwaukee? Get fucked and die.

>> No.76196443

What would these be a good stand-in for?

>> No.76196465

Obviously a hornet

>> No.76196472


>> No.76196476

>Mobile Long Tom on Unit Market in 3025
Really doesn't fit the cadre contract gorilla warfare one mech run I was intending but I just couldn't resist.

>> No.76196482

tbqh if you live anywhere east of colorado you should be rangebanned

>> No.76196548

Isn't mk. Iv the one actually made by Wolves? The one that actually is a genuine Mad Cat upgrade, instead of just the Sharkfoxes cashing in on the name.

>> No.76196553

Regular humans are about 60% water, but you must be a good 95% salt.
reminder you faggots got so blown the fuck out, so completely and totally anally annihilated by cincy that even ten years on you are still posting about it on mongolian basket weaving forums.

>> No.76196557

Sounds like Star League mostly gave the Striker to Great House vassal units, but there's nothing to say a couple wouldn't be available. I like the idea of SLDF unicorns being available to Bust the Clans for the sake of cool mechs and symbolism.

Probably put an LB10-X in place of the AC/5, put CASE on the ammo, then mount DHS and drop sinks until the tonnage balances. If the Striker was built to be "rugged" and to "stand up to a great deal of punishment", you wouldn't want an XL engine in there.

>> No.76196644

What would be an appropriate chassis to mount Improved Jump Jets and Partial Wings on for high flying fun times? Seems like the Wraith is already halfway there, but are there better contenders?

>> No.76196705

Well, there was that one fan TRO Uziel rework that was a 5/8/10 with some medium lasers and a tarcomp. Something like that, or maybe a 4/6/7 assault could be fun.

>> No.76197059

Why do so many tankfags autistically spew about how much they want their treaded shitpiles to be king in a fun game about walking war machines?

Why dont tankfags just confine themselves to historicals and 40k IG?

Life would be better without tankfags.

>> No.76197097

Can anyone share the Corrected 2nd printing of the Alpha Strike: Commanders Edtion pdf?

>> No.76197142

I use tanks all the time in megamek. It's just one faggot always spamming the thread about muh reelism.

>> No.76197227

Wolves are the most visible users in the novels, but it's made by the Foxes.

>> No.76197380

How will /btg/ react if the Bears are ilClan and they absorbed the Falcons and Wolves?

>> No.76197398

>What are you going to do, rangeban all of Milwaukee?

>> No.76197462

Good riddance to bad rubbish. Darwin triumphs over shitty writer's pets.

>> No.76197486

If it's not Homeworld Nobodies Megaclan or Clan Bandit Caste/Wolverine/Society/Clan Blakist Remnant/Clan Smoke Jaguar Remnant I'm going to be a bit salty. Bears would just be boring but not anymore so than Furry Borb or Wolves taking it like will inevitably happen.

>> No.76197495


I would be really OK with this, actually.

>> No.76197496

It's gonna be Clan Wolverine ,Anon

>> No.76197508

All I want for the Bears is to autistically murder the Falcons after somebody accidentally´s the Wall on their Leviathans.

>> No.76197515

I honrstly think this is where they are going. Stone will call in the Bears out of desperation to stop the Wolves and Falcons and that will be their price.

Wolves are a red herring. If not the Bears, the Falcons are next most likely.

>> No.76197529

What horror is this, Princess? All I've got is a Jenner and I'm training these mooks.

>> No.76197600

Oh fugg ;DDD its da elklan

>> No.76197691

If there's one thing I've learned, achieving the mission objective then immediately running away like a bitch is a viable tactic.

>> No.76197768


I'd prefer some return of Blakism, tbqh.

Guess it would be too much to hope that the 3rd Star League collapses except for the communications department.

>> No.76197818

Your death has been deemed politically expedient, please die with honor now.

>> No.76197836

It's Hold the Line(Defender) so have to see 33% percent of these swine off. Double blind Dusk/Dawn in a ruined town and I've got a Long Tom so we'll see where this goes. I'm just the sleazy criminal help so if it goes sideways I'm putting on a good show and doing a runner.

>> No.76197875

Two Panthers and a Griffin would be enough to kill your team
What the feck

>> No.76198035

If only

>> No.76198062

>All I want for the Bears is to autistically murder the Falcons
Would be pretty good. Green Turkey is insufferable and the bears are far enough of the spectrum to not miss any of them.

>> No.76198259

Everyone got burned out on pure Blakism. Small Neoblakists should be cool tho.

>> No.76198477 [SPOILER] 

*becomes ilClan in your path*

>> No.76198726

>"old sculpts are bad and therefore every mech design I make is objectively the best possible design in existence now"
Is this a normal salaried artist thing

>> No.76198818

a century of brutal class caste life might change that

>> No.76199049

Alaric Ward, Malvina Hazen, and Dalia Bekker had been arguing for hours. The Clans had destroyed Terra's remaining RAF defenders, but none could decide which would be ilClan. What had begun as a political debate had devolved into autistic screeching.

"The Cock Falcons can never rule the Inner Sphere!" shouted Alaric. "We are the Clan chosen by Kerensky! Your so-called 'Clan' murdered the ilKhan!"

"Silence, Yiff Wolf!" shrieked Malvina. "You spent a century as Lyran lapdogs! You are a freebirth born of incest! I do not recognize your bloodname, nor Phelans!"

"You let a freebirth claim a bloodname just because she was the Khan's niece! I am the heir to the Federated Commonwealth AND to Clan Wolf. Your Clan has ALWAYS been second best!" Alaric tore off his soiled military underpants and flung the contents at his Falcon rival.

At this point it was clear that Trials for Terra, in which both sides would cheat with nuclear weapons, were inevitable. Dalia, a known Stoner who had spent her entire military budget on a new ten million ton WarShip, sighed and sipped her mug of Rasalhague mead.

The door to the council chamber burst open, an ancient, towering warrior, nine feet tall strode in. As Alaric silently retrieved his diaper, the warrior laughed in a terrible, booming voice. "Hear these words, wh*toids. For seventy-five years I have served the Republic, and now I claim it as my own."

"Nooooo" wailed Alaric. "I thought you were supposed to be dead!"

The huge man laughed again. "And I thought a Khan was supposed to know how to conduct a kurultai. You are ALL dezgra. NONE of you are Clan. Clan Steel Viper did nothing wrong."

"I was the first living Warrior to set foot upon Terra. The First Umbra has surrounded this palace with Void Signature super-heavy tripods. The Third Umbra is letting Devlin Stone out of his cuckshed as we speak. And I, Paul Moon of the Clan Smoke Jaguar, claim the title of ilKhan!"

>> No.76199253


>> No.76199416

>Stone will call in the Bears out of desperation to stop the Wolves and Falcons and that will be their price.
Thanks I hate it. Seems plausible though, just have to wait another 5 years for the ilkhan book.

>> No.76199424

I am considering putting together a mercenary lance hailing from the Draconis Combine. In order to complete my vision, I need an answer to the following question:

Which Mech is the Hokuto Shinken of Battletech?

>> No.76199467

Taurian Concordat

Big fan of indirect lrms. rarely works as well as i hope it will, but i enjoy it nonetheless.

>> No.76199503

too based for words

>> No.76199519

Depends if you're going for bulk alpha strike or dramatics.

It has to be the Archer or Warhammer if you want to just theme it, for max damage I'd have to phone a friend.

>> No.76199531

p sure voidsig doesn't fit on tripods

>> No.76199535

The Charger. Give it TSM and make its power Draximum.

>> No.76199556

er, superheavies

>> No.76199639


>> No.76199724

Anything cool missing from my order of SLDF / ComGuard unicorns?

>> No.76199773


>implying that isn't just what Stone wants you to believe

>> No.76199802

I thought Stone wanted us to believe in Devlin Stone?

God, I love how mocking that phrase became even in-universe after 3135

>> No.76199829

Essentially, I think I'd like a heavy Mech with
>fast movespeed
>good armour
>enough SRMs to level a city block
Like Kintaro minus the lasers and not quite so light so it can carry more SRMs. Do you understand what I'm saying?
>jumpjet in
>enemy mech cores out

>> No.76199865

is the chaos campaign GM vs Player? is there a good PVP campaign system?

>> No.76199905

One of the clan invasion sourcebooks makes a reference to "freeborn conscript clusters being excluded from Tukayyid".

Is this early addition weirdness or did the invader clans conscript freebirths into garrison militias?

I do recall a later sourcebook during the Jaguar annihilation making a reference to bondsmen militia.

>> No.76199972

Yeah I was picking up what you were putting down, but the Archer and the Warhammer are the only mechs in the series to canonically have mystic anime powers.

Or maybe the pilots were the wizards not the mechs I dunno.

>> No.76200193


based aries miniatures

>> No.76200212

I'm a retard when it comes to Clan era stuff, I've only played a few games of early Succession era.

What scheme do Comguards use? I can't really find anything related to comguards on camospecs.

>> No.76200231

Starslayer and Lynx come to mind for maximum tater.

>> No.76200251

They're a classic, solid white, every last unit.

>> No.76200274

neat, I'll have to do a lance of them

>> No.76200494

>use bright white paint scheme
>still ambush Clanners nonstop on tukayyid
lol so much for superior clan tech

>> No.76200528

Only inferior Clans failed to win. The ilClan took victory.

>> No.76200549

Black Knight
Lyran Commonwealth

>> No.76200552

>Not mentioning the infantry dressed in literal wizard robes calling in artillery and casting fireball on toads with shoulder-mount Infernos

I'm gonna be pissed if they downplay all that in the new novellas.

>> No.76200560

Aries did make those stone lion mechs.
Maybe they had insider information?

>> No.76200624

>the ilClan took victory on Tukayyid
>ComStar won the battle of Tukayyid

Blakist conspiracy confirmed at the heart of the Third Star League

>> No.76200638

Speaking of those, have any of them been uploaded yet?

>> No.76200672

Lyran Commonwealth
RAC of any size, just because BRRRRRRT

>> No.76200675

They use camouflage in combat, anon - like most smart people do.

>> No.76200706

t. fooled smoked jaguar

>> No.76200758

Rotary Autocannon/5

>> No.76200776

I don't think so. But I've been visiting family for the Thanksgiving holiday until today. I got the new Tukayyid Chaos SB though.

The 3250 intro seems like more of the same. There's some fucky bits like the freebirths still having last names (which we already knew from Marik) but who knows what the 3rd League really looks like. Sortek as a Gunslinger seems fucky too. No sign of who is running the HPG's either despite being a Prime Message Transfer, either.

>> No.76200812


>> No.76200813

You're not happy that another descendant of an early character is around being related to the plot?

>> No.76200817

Sounds like someone needs to hear about Hyper Entropic Warfare.

>> No.76200841

So the 3rd league is a result of the ilclan happening, does that mean the ilclan puts together a second operation revival to subjugate the successor states?

>> No.76200853

or a second bulldog to subjugate resistant clans

>> No.76200859

Lyran Commonwealth

>> No.76200861

Either that or they're all partying in Stonerville 2.0 and pretending they run the show. Could be either with clanners.

>> No.76200867


The Free Worlds League
Large Laser

>> No.76200879

You put that back in the containment shed or so help me Blake!

>> No.76200885

Inb4 lyrans hail ilclan wolf's Khan as archon and join as willing cucks.

>> No.76200915

More like claiming the clans won without actually subjugating the IS. Falcons straight up turned their OZ into a true clan state while DA fluff for the rest was that the clanners sat in self-made mini citystates on worlds and used the lesser castes to interact with the local spheroids instead of integrating, to the point that the DA clans had gone more conservative than the 3060's and crushed several rebellions that promoted spheroid thinking in the clans.

Then all this ilClan stuff seems like more of the same, very Stoner/Bear style instead of a real Clan state. Without the horror of true clan society thrust on the IS, I just don't see it breaking down.

Of course, the clans shouldn't have the forces or personnel to take and hold the IS in the first place.

>> No.76200945

>Without the horror of true clan society thrust on the IS, I just don't see it breaking down.
This what I want. Spheroid in Shackles, their tribal loyalties tied up in Kabul theater arena matches. Untold misery and horror, and one day Spartacus happens.

>> No.76200979

Aren't there only a few thousand warriors in each clan anyway?

>> No.76200993

>friend charges my Marauder with his Commando
>Dodges 2 PPC shots to close in for a point blank SRM attack...and also misses
>Gets leg blown off by medium laser spam, falls.
>Marauder is cooking it's pilot to a golden brown, tries to back off to cool down
>Fucking Commando mad lad proceeded to pick up his own severed leg and bashes the Marauder in the head.
>Marauder pilot survives this bullshit and puts a PPC round through the commandos chest and holes him. Pilot passes out from heat exposure.

Fuck me I love this game.

>> No.76200996

I want Ben Hur.


>> No.76201029


Part 6 of the Tukayyid novellas is on the vola right now

Not sure about the others

>> No.76201042

Armies are always small like that. The real weak link is the admin side. Clans in general only have enough lower castes to populate a few worlds. Now, in the Invasion, it worked because Comstar was administrating the worlds for them and helping the transition.

But people have forgotten the sheer scale of Comstar and what they did back then.

>> No.76201093

>Armies are always small like that.
To an extent, but one RCT has almost as many soldiers as the entire Ghost Bear touman in 3067.

There's small and then there's an even more moronically small.

>> No.76201137

Iirc Solahma and foot infantry were not counted as part of the Touman.

>> No.76201201

Neither are militias/planetary guards, police, noble forces, reserves, and so forth for Inner Sphere forces. Again, small and then moronically small.

Solahma and foot are technically warriors, and warriors are only .01 of the population, accounting for around 100,000 warriors of all types across all Clans at the time of the invasion.

>> No.76201236

>piediepie maurauder

Both paint schemes look very nice, good job anon and fren

>> No.76201257


>> No.76201271

The clans are fucking retarded if you think about them beyond the superficial.

>> No.76201289

Yeah, I've overthinking it.

Glad to see some Royals are included for the Com Guards in the new Tukayyid book.

>> No.76201302

Now THAT is some battletech

>> No.76201405

The real mistake is taking them from being a huge force that could upturn the status quo into actually making them win. The second is what makes ilClan so retarded.

The clans should always have been able to crush a great house or two if they got their shit together, but they never should be able to park on the ruins and rule.

>> No.76201729

fuck off retard

>> No.76201777

The Clans are at least half intentionally dumb.

They're a piss-take on the Heinlein ideal of a society for the warriors, by the warriors. And that's why they're so fun.

>> No.76201822

The issue is and has always been their spacelift capability. A single clan in 3050 has more Warships than all of the houses combined. They can jumpship transport more than the IS too. Adding in the individual qualitative advantages even at canon clan size, they could defeat the IS in detail if not for honortardation.

>> No.76201826

Clans make so much more sense when you realize FASA are responsible for modern Klingons from their Star Trek days.

>> No.76201847

You have a point. What were ancient Klingons like?

>> No.76201860

>They can jumpship transport more than the IS too.

I find this dead false. Military maybe but not commercial or logistic. They got scraps of the Exodus fleet plus a smattering of small new production. For their 30 rocks, they had stupid amounts of transport, to the point they thought nothing of blowing jumpships out of the sky in the Invasion. But compared to 1000+ settled worlds in the IS, it's a drop in the interstellar transport bucket. The old Comstar Merchant Marine probably outstripped any given clan much less the Explorer Corps or Cartographic Corps.

>> No.76201875

Watch ToS and revel in them yourself. It's a wonderful trip.

>> No.76201876

Wait, what?

>> No.76201885

Where is the BTech Vola?

>> No.76201893


>> No.76201903

Seyl...I mean, kaplah!

>> No.76201908

Maybe not responsible as such, but John M. Ford's portrayal of the Klingons from his novels and the FASA RPG he wrote as an incredibly honorable warrior society clearly was the inspiration for a lot of the early TNG stuff.

>> No.76201909

>if they got their shit together
Actually that right there is what makes ilClan so retarded. As if all the other Clans would suddenly just bow to whoever gets Terra all of the sudden, Clanner mentality would have them all them all hankering to prove they're better and the so called ilClan just got lucky and got there first. I've said it before but a reasonable ilClan scenario that doesn't involve everyone else dogpiling them, is that they basically take Terra and if being generous maybe a lot of the old TH, and then declare their little Star League while the rest of the IS/Clans don't give a shit and keep doing as they do while the ilCLan angrily screams into the void at their relative irrelevance.

>> No.76201939

Cool... I don't understand a letter of that.

>> No.76201940

Interestingly, the conversation about ilClan between Alaric and Annie K way back in Masters of War basically say the exact same thing. That's what makes the modern narrative push so wonky.

>> No.76201972


Learn something new every day (and I damn well played a Klingon in the old FASA game once)

>> No.76201996

>Youtubes a few clips

So, more like Schwarzenegger stereotypes played straight than MUH HONOR dumbasses?

I don't know, I don't do Star Trek, all I know is whales, Borg, Nemesis and pulse laser memes

>> No.76202021

It's the case for military lift. 4SW had Hanse basically commandeer the entire Suns merchant marine plus hired help to move his regiments.
The Clans have fewer ships, but more self sufficient worlds in close proximity, and much larger capacity per ship, such as the Potemkins on the high end. Trucking around 30 Galaxies is not trivial either.

>> No.76202034

never played, did the online game stuff

what are the odds I can just roleplay a mostly medium and light mech factory for IS small company that funds my own mercs, and go wreck stuff with 3 or less mech types? (Urbanmechs, Blackjacks and a few Riflemen)

>> No.76202036

okay I thought you are familiar with vola

go to volafile dot org slash r slash MazaNostra (caps sensitive)

it only collects new releases temporarily before they get picked up by Megabro so be quick, there's a time limit for each file that you can see on the list

>> No.76202062

Factories are super rare space magic in 3025. It's where even if you have some shitheap garage shop that makes 5 vulcans a year that Dukes of entire worlds will court you and the national government will park an entire regiment on your world to protect it.

In the mid-50's to late-60's you might fly under the radar. 70's+ and it's even worse than maximum grogtech. Now you're ducking nukes and after the fact, the local national government can only afford to station a company of mechs and a battalion of conventionals instead of the old standard regiment.

>> No.76202078

To be fair, I've always assumed that the Clans knew they would have to fight any potential usurpers/pretenders to the title of "ilClan" once they took Terra.

>> No.76202089

so no room to be anything other than space ronin nomad junker looters or join a faction.... gotcha

keeping out of the physical stuff then, I don't want to be a pony snowflake in the group

>> No.76202094


>> No.76202106

You can totally buy new mechs off the factory floor. It's just straight up making mechs is the province of nations and snowflakes like the goons.

>> No.76202126

sort of wanted to run as my own group dependent on themselves and doing rogue missions around their own sector acting as mercenaries to destabilize everything and one day take over....

sounds like capellans but less assassination

>> No.76202166

Son, Mercs without a contract are called Pirates in Battletech, and boy, are they a hoot.

>> No.76202201

well they'd take contracts and cash in on fighting both sides is what I meant

>> No.76202296

If you're any way at all familiar with /tg/, I think the operative word you're looking for here is: "I want to be the local lord"

There are sort of 2 fluff-compliant options in the game. One, you can be the local lord, sworn fealty to a throne 300 light-years away, but always ready to take over; Two, you can be a registered and Michelin Star-rated mercenary fighting for everybody and anybody.

If you came from the recent vidya, basically you were Two progressing to become One. And that's the way it always is. From One, you can become head of your own naton beholden to nobody... provided it is some one-planet banana republic all the way out in the farthest reaches of space, just like your boss in the vidya.

That's just ordinary mercing, frankly. One of the earliest mercenary units in Battletech novels in fact made a point for fighting for EVERY faction in the universe throughout their career. Ordinary mercing runs the gamut from being traitorous spess pirate scum to being a fully ISO-compliant private security contractor to being State military in all but name.

Lastly, Battletech is kind of a sandbox and toolbox for you to play in. The story is there merely to provide you plot hooks, the rulebooks are there merely to pre-crunch numbers for you. YOU are the player, you pick the rules, you pick the scenario, you decide. Nobody is going to gainsay you much.

>> No.76202338

I approve of this quality post.

>> No.76202352


Yeah basically this. If you're nobility you can have mercs associated with you and loyal to you, but you won't be able to fight for just anyone anymore.

As for the Wolf's Dragoons... they do eventually take over Outreach, stay as neutral mercs while manufacturing their own mechs including (lol)Dire Wolves. They also, while fighting for every state, only "play both sides" by accident when they get betrayed in the latest Marik civil war. Otherwise they always make sure to take contracts that aren't against their immediately previous employer. But they are a pretty unique regiment from the start.

>> No.76202374

so what if I get some rogue uncharted rocks in the outer reach areas and just throw some merc companies out there as destabilizers?

>> No.76202395

Then you are literally Red Jack Ryan, patron saint of /btg/ and memelord of Butte Hold

>> No.76202414

So they become fochtstar? Do we get a splinter ilclan faction that demands a final solution to the spheroid question?

>> No.76202419

Then you are just yet another Bandit King

>> No.76202455

One of my favorite ideas I sprinkle into campaigns is a Merc unit thats gone native garrisoning for a lord and is about 1.5 generations deep, with the old OG Captain handing reins over to their kid who was born on-world.

>> No.76202498

This was what I liked about the MAC until they went full Shengtard in the DA.

>Dat moment when Danai Meetoo-Liao calls out a McCarron for getting his position on name alone with zero self-awareness.

>> No.76202523

ok where to buy the minis for urbanmechs, riflemen and blackjacks?

>> No.76202567

In roguetech I made a Wyvern pseudoLAM but it needed a ton of clantech. And the "Carried tonnage" jump booster that I think is vidya exclusive.

They were better as the Horses.

>> No.76202578

>The setting with the ruling class being brain washed test tube warriors with a +90% washout rate where you get kicked out to a retirement unit at 30 unless you get a bloodname which also has a +90% fail rate is not retarded

The clans would've been better under The Society

>> No.76202603


The plastic UrbanMech can be bought as a single on Ebay and comes with the Clan Invasion kickstarter products if you order them.

The plastic Rifleman is in the Inner Sphere Battle Lance. That pack also comes with the Warhammer, Phoenix Hawk and Wasp which are pretty common merc or periphery warlord mechs. You might be able to pick it up as a single on ebay but it's moving pretty fast.

The plastic Blackjack won't be out until wave 2 but there's a pretty good 3D print making the rounds on ebay. Note that in the lore the Blackjack is primarily a Federated Suns mech, but it was originally SLDF and is considered trash by most militaries so it's reasonable there would be a lot in private hands.

>> No.76202650

>ebay 3d printing
>6 dollars a model, 10 shipping
seems fair if all I use is like, 5 minis max

>> No.76202884

This >>76202395

The important thing is to remember you're on /tg/, and don't be too lenient on yourself. If you set out to create Mary Sue Local Lord Kingdom, you will deservedly get your share of boos and jeers. If you come here crying like a little girl after your ace pilot got pulped as in >>76200993, then NOW YOU'RE BATTLETECHING!! and they'll be rooting for you to pick your lance off the floor. Keep that in mind.

But your main problem right now is learning the game, which can also be played as "pick four robots, pick a map, GO" rather than in "campaign" style, and indeed this is what the game started as. You only need to engage with the lore absolutely superficially, or hell, not at all. So don't worry too much about that part, you will have plenty else to worry about.

Remember that /btg/ is made up of very established oldfags who remember the events of 3025 with FAR more clarity than they remember the events of 2015, and the bicker and banter here over the least significant of events such as whether Gray Noton drove a regular Rifleman (bluepilled) or whether he drove a Rifleman II (redpilled) to victory in the 3016 Grand Championship... is usually not that important.

>> No.76202968

For the last time. it was a Rifleman IIC given to him by Clan Wolverine.

>> No.76203069

I will fight you over that rifleman retcon bullshit

>> No.76203220

Black Knight/Shadow Hawk
Fite me

>Honorable Mention

>> No.76203304

How did we go from this...

>> No.76203313

...to this?

>> No.76203342

I like the retcon he had a special one with lostech or a II. It leaves something to seek for in the RPG since Allard only took the normal rifleman.

>> No.76203346

dafuq is wrong with her eyes?

>> No.76203367

...I don't see a difference, honestly

>> No.76203388

I like the idea that it really just was a (tuned within an inch of it's life) RFL-3N and all rumours otherwise were just sheer assaultfag COPE about mech Gretzky dunking on stalkers and atlases

>> No.76203411

From tube-babies to meth-babies

>> No.76203431

So i think i have the fluff for my army together.
Stay out as a mech company of the dracs.
Be send out into the periphery to show pirates and independent worlds who the boys is around these parts.
Get horribly chewed up because commander took the enemy lightly and "muh honor".
Have a mutiny, a Lance commander takes charge and everybody deserts (partly under threat that the deserters will shoot you if you don't)
Settle on some life supporting world with me remaining Mechs. Live off looting the neighbors for the next decades.

>> No.76203460

>almost literally the Redjack Ryan story

You do Butte Hold proud.

>> No.76203496

Good choice for a command Mech.

>> No.76203553

It fits Draconis Combine, maybe they were Rasalhague or other not so convinced, considered dishonorabu second line troops. Why go back and get shat on for "loosing" and potentially even being accused of fragging your loyalist officer?
Would the dracs be autistic enough to demand Seppuku for political reasons?

>> No.76203581

What is the fastest introtech mech? The Hermes? The Cicada? Locust? Flea?

>> No.76203589

That's pretty much exactly the Band of the Damned:


>> No.76203658


Spider, I think

>> No.76203663

>Would the dracs be autistic enough to demand Seppuku for political reasons?

Absolutely. As always, seppuku and sci-fi Japs go hand in hand. The Dracs even award a medal for if you fucked up, but you're too politically connected to simply seppuku away without further mention. Just like how IRL they sometimes give medals to somebody who fucked up but "had the decency to get himself killed", as the Brits say.

>> No.76203670


Well, turns out that it's a popular backstory.
At least they didn't stumble across a SL cache to become morally flexible mercenaries but good guys at heart

>> No.76203912

Anon, one Jade Falcon world rebelled because the Lyran Alliance was more restrictive on them and had policies that were harmful. Life was better under the Falcons.

Likewise, the FRR rolled over and begged for the Bears to come in and take over.

Your only argument here is "but I don't like that" which is based on feelings rather than logic. You're free to have that opinion but the setting doesn't work the way you want it to.

>> No.76203956

Granted FRR was at that point reduced to a handful of planets with no ability to defedn themselves, and ComStar being stationed there was more of a liability than protection because it made the Blakists want to nuke them. So their choices were pretty much:
a) get nuked by WoB for harboring the "heretical" ComStar
b) get subjugated by Dracs once the Jihad ends
c) join their countrymen in the Ghost Bear Dominions

Arguably b and c are just as bad, but at least the Clanners didn't force you to wear a kimono and speak Japanese (they mostly left the Spheroid population to their own devices as long as they didn't interfere with warrior things or give the lower castes any funny ideas).

>> No.76204033

But did FASA Klingons have two dicks?

>> No.76204039

Excuuuuse me, it´s called "Ristars".

Unrelated but why is that man dressed like he knows shame?

>> No.76204143

Such shame!

>> No.76204215

>Excuuuuse me, it´s called "Ristars".
Somebody needs to make a Clanner edit of this game.

>> No.76204389

Tried something like this with a Commando the other day; got a PPC to the chest in return [at minimum range, no less], which shot off his SRM ammo and nuked the poor lil feller.

Same game had a Catapult Charlie-Brown itself onto its head and fucking die after a "successful" DFA.

>> No.76204396

Trying to decide on some Com Guard lights for Tukayyid games next month. The Talon and the Spector are both available to ComStar and both act as high speed skirmishers, right?

>> No.76204473

There are also lots of people saying that Asian authoritative governments are better than Western democracies just because they handled covid19 more effectively. The same people probably have #FreeHongKong somewhere in their tweet histories. People are fickle and shouldn't always be considered an absolute barometer of how good/bad that regime is.

>says something about democracy doesn't it?

>> No.76204482

Since we're commando-posting, how do I use that volatile fucker? Every time I tried, he either keeps missing everything, or he gets legged early and is useless. I had a lot more success by am bushing people with Firestarter, but jump jets feel like easy mode.

>> No.76204524

Which is why the world's least shit government, the worlds least shit 'democracy'. Isnt one.

Its a republic.

Without checks and balances you just get tyranny of the mob.

And ive never met anyone from a fucking City who could be relied upon to be competent enough to find their own ass with both hands, a map and compass and a fucking sherpa.

Goddam ausFAILia is a shit country.

>> No.76204534

use the llas version as a knock off panther. Run and gun.

>> No.76204554

>knock off panther
It’s not the same without the chance of going internal on the head in a single shot.

>> No.76204557

The most effective response came from the Taiwanese who, you know, overthrew their regime and became a democracy.

Just reminding people.

>> No.76204604

>knock-off panther
You rang?

>> No.76204606

Even with checks and balances we ended up with tranny mob.

>> No.76204618

According to current experiences, the population being in charge of checking on politics isn´t worse than having a media do it that´s got both of its flanks and its rear exposed to capital.

>> No.76204636

Chinese Taipei is a province of the glorious motherland and therefore their response belongs to all of China. Please do not sow disunity.

>> No.76204646

Having an actual rule of law and stable political institutions somewhat limits how much fuckery can be performed.

I mean we aren´t at the Athenian level where people literally write comedies about how jury members basically are there to fuck over whoever enters court without bribing them and how the public peace could be vastly improved if only people would join private religious cults instead of chairing political functions.

>> No.76204701


And lets not forget we're only at this current predicament (mostly) in western 'domecracies' through 5th column invasions and guerilla campaigns to pervert the course of nations. From hostile powers that knew they couldnt win a straight up fight.

Ww2 never really ended. The sides just changed amd the war continued by supposedly 'non violent' means.
Usa staying in a war economy and never leaving actually turns out to have been the smart thing all along.
Fuckofff loren.

>> No.76204782

Diverging political opinion in my Volk clearly must be the work of foreign powers, yes.

>> No.76204874

Oh come on, you KNOW commies have been infiltrating academia, pop culture et al for 70+ years now. Its literally their OPENLY STATED PUBLIC GOALS.

>> No.76204906

There were commies in academia, pop culture, politics et al at least 20-30+ years before Lenin successfully established the Soviet regime.

>> No.76205045

True, though the USSR gave them a shot in the arm. (Though molotov-ribbentrop set them back because it let a decent chunk of their useful idiots(mostly the jews obviously) realize "wait a sec, I thought we were anti-nazi? Why are we suddenly going all in on the anti-allies thing?"

>> No.76205140

Which is better, the Night Gyr or the Nova Cat?

And separately, which is better: The Devastator, The Thunder Hawk, or the Pillager?

>> No.76205143


>> No.76205192

Nova Cat, Thunder Hawk

Uh oh dissen bombad nutsen

>> No.76205215

>Fuckofff loren

Hunt Bugs maybe? I dunno, a Commando isn't meant to fight anything else really

>> No.76205288

>Hear these words, wh*toids
u alrite white boy

>> No.76205354

The Society were actually more conservative and interventionalist than the Warriors, up to and including straight genociding anyone who wasn't down with la revolucion.

The Warriors at least occasionally listened to other voices. The Society would have theoretically been a technocracy, but in practice they fall into the trap of thinking that because they are smart they must have all the answers. Spoiler alert: they didn't.

It's not a retcon. He piloted a stock Rifleman.

There is an IC rumour that he had something better but we know this to be false due to both direct IC confirmation and due to how the Solaris betting market works- the arenas are equipped with sensors, as are the 'Mechs, so he couldn't have possibly been in anything but a stock machine.

The retardation is people IRL who believe he had anything else.

>> No.76205394

Space Nazis, represented by Whiny Bitch. Ironic.

>> No.76205415

The FRR were agitating for it way before that. Christian Mansdottir was only serving as Elected Prince because they guy the populace actually elected their Prince was busy being a Ghost Bear Star Captain at the time.

Pretty much. The Spector has JJs (and Chameleon or Null-Sig, whichever it was) if that's your jam, while the Talon has better firepower but is ground-bound.

If the Spector's main gun was an ER weapon I would say it was the superior of the two but it's basically a choice between a better Spider or a Locust with an ER PPC.

Yeah, come back to me when you aren't leading the infection and death counts, either in absolute or per capita terms. Or when you have functional consumer and environmental protections. Or...

>> No.76205454

Nova Cat uses its pod space smarter for configs and has the smarter base config- fixed jump jets are an error, especially now that iJJs are a thing.

If the Night Gyr was a bit smarter it could be better, but with what they have, it's just not as good.

For the 100 ton Gausswall competition, the Devastator is generally the best. It can contribute decent firepower if it runs out of ammo. The Pillager is good if you need a bodyguard for a ranged Lance, while the Thunderhawk gambles everything on ranged headcapping, which may or may not pay off.

If you include variants I would say the Stealth Pillager is the best overall, but for the base variants I would go Devastator.

>> No.76205493


>> No.76205522


Makes sense given that Focht had to move troops from 2000 worlds in a matter of weeks. ComStar likely had the largest single jumpship fleet in the setting.

>> No.76205535

Good b8, MadCap

>> No.76205633

There is an IC quote from Noton in the short story released along the hero Rifleman in MWO (which, like it or not, are canon: the game itself isn't but the fiction accompanying it is considered official BT fiction written by BT writers) where he's piloting a stock Rifleman but thinking about how when his "other Rifleman" is complete he'll dominate the arenas. Implying he had two separate Riflemen: one stock configuration and one with unknown upgrades.

>> No.76205677

Yeah, and there's no indication that it was a Rifleman II, or ever used. For every Solaris battle and the key ones in the Warrior trilogy, he used a -2N.

If he ever had anything else he used it extremely sparingly.

>> No.76205729

-3N, I mean.

>> No.76205748

Presumably the idea was that the custom Rifleman would be the MWO hero variant, which is the standard (i.e. not Rifleman II) mech but upgraded with XLFE, endo-steel, and DHs, and the autocannons swapped for LBX-10s. Though that mech variant itself is not canon.

>> No.76205801

Yeah, but that runs into an absolute wall of nope.

>Solaris VII has sensors in all the arenas
>the 'Mechs are wired to sensors so that people can bet on all aspects of the match, including first hits and internal damage
>'Mechs have sensors themselves and it would be noticed quickly just there, not to mention the match officiating and gambling levels, that the heat bloom and damage output of the machine don't match the RFL-3N, and it has more armour
>literally every time we see Gray Noton he's in a stock RFL-3N
>him ambushing Justin in a RFL-3N is a plot point
>when Justin steals Legend-Killer it's just a RFL-3N

I man I guess he could have had the custom LB-X model for use mercing, but then he apparently never used it there any way.

>> No.76206001

New thread? New thread:

>> No.76206334

>Which is why the world's least shit government, the worlds least shit 'democracy'. Isnt one.
>Its a republic.
American, right?
>A republic (Latin: res publica, meaning "public affair") is a form of government in which the country is considered a "public matter", not the private concern or property of the rulers. The primary positions of power within a republic are attained through democracy or a mix of democracy with oligarchy or autocracy rather than being unalterably occupied.
>The primary positions of power within a republic are attained through democracy

>> No.76206346

Obsessed, right?

>> No.76206482

Burgerstan is a straight up oligarchy at this point and has been since probably before the whole Bush/Clinton fuckup of letting the same worthless inhuman cunts run things back to back for decades. It's all a scam and so is EU.

>> No.76208355

you're fucking retarded. The US' current state is more a result of the glowies and oligarchs not stopping their psyops when the wall fell than anyhting else.
The '5th column' you now think is a thing thanks to the new cowaduddy game is a nothingburger, and that guy was a shitty soviet academic that defected because he was assmad the USSR was too based to allow his extreme jungle fever.

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