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Who is your most favourite companion in your chain /jc/?

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Are there any perks besides Reinforced Properties from Wandering Inn that makes properties and locations you own more durable/resistant to damage?

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Best armpit miko.

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Come forth Blue Eyes White Dragon

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Is this for properties you've bought or for properties you've built? Because if you are building then Jumps like Slime Rancher and Farmville have perks for constructing ridiculously sturdy buildings.

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Ah you enjoy letting your wife fuck other people.

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Cyborg girl expy of Ptilopsis.
Everyone ignore the incoming shitposting please.

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Generally an OC kitsune. Otherwise, Noire.

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>asking Anonymous to ignore shitposting
Newfag alert

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Nah, but the topics been rehashed like a dozen times the past month or two and I’m really sick of it.

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A Maria expy from SMnT except she has huge boobs.

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Properties I've bought, like say the Flying Castle from that one Skylanders jump. Though I will definitely look at those jumps for building more sturdy buildings, thanks for that anon.

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That's what happens when cucks regularly post their cuck fetish bait waifus.

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What perks do we have for upgrading our durability? All I remember are the Stone Body (Jobless Isekai) and Glittering Gold (NieR Automata) perks.

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Or, ya know, it’s on the obsessed retards that cannot control themselves when the opportunity to scream cuck comes up.

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This bad boi
Can do so many Deja Vu and Beep Beep

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Do you mean scaling ones? Saver from Nirvana Yuga gives you protections equal to you “full health”, meaning any attack needs to be at least strong enough to kill you in one hit to be able to begin hurting you at all.

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There's a perk for it in Oasis of Fantasy, and another in My Hero Academia, although the latter just lets you function just fine despite heavy damage.

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I think cucks and especially cucks with shit taste should stay on reddit instead of here is that too much to ask?

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>favourite companion in this chain?
Oh, that's totally Etemenanki. It would probably be the Bayers if they let me call them Chessatron like I intended to but they didn't want to, such a waste

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Asking anons to stop arguing about cucks and trannies is like asking the wind to stop blowing.

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>Is shit
>doesn't love you; Only loves your bank account
>has sub-par doujins
>sub-par doujins have shitty fetish tags
>art designed for mass market appeal; SOULLESS
>shit-tier voice actress and script-writer
>belongs in the trash can with the rest of the cum dumpsters

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Don't slap him, he'll run off

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You stinky. That is not how it works.

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>>doesn't love you; Only loves your bank account
I don't have a bank account?

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>>doesn't love you; Only loves your bank account
The funny thing is I'm married to an old bitch because she has money.

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>has sub-par doujins

Okay that part made me laugh because it's true.

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how the turntables

>> No.76070852

Some serious honkers?

>> No.76070854

>bank account
Jumpers have that?

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Are you talking about when she is small?

>> No.76070867

Some massive mammaries.

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A real set of badonkers?

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Does your Jumper get along with their kids, /jc/?

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I mean all the time.

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packin some dobonhonkeros

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Jumper doesn't have kids because he is perpetually childlike like Peter Pan

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If you mean in a scaling way, such as the first reply suggested, there's the Barbadium Body+Reincarnation in God of Highschool

Remember to behead Mubong and Manduk first chance you get

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I see; some massive dohoonkabhankoloos?

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It's such a bad feel, too.

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Come forth Blue Eyes White Dragon

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I want godlike magic powers. Where get?

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[Laughs in 2hu]

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I try to teach them everything they need to know about the world.

>> No.76070964

The Free Universe.

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>I just want to post this pic. Here’s a shitty question so I can pretend otherwise

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Holy King from Fate Baguette and Bolstering The Boardwalk from Worm, I think.

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But he'll come back

>dem clothes

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I thought you were the OC kitsune?

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>implying a single kitsune is enough

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Greatest Magician of the Age from DC Occult? Then train until you're Timothy Hunter level and can casually warp reality and subconsciously create multiverses just by wanting something.

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You should at least be open and honest about wanting to post a pic and attaching a shitty question to it to justify it.

For example: here's a pic that I enjoy posting. To be on topic; how would Kiara do if I made her a librarian?

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I can't decide between Malty from Shield Hero, Aqua from Konosuba, or Louise from Familiar of Zero.

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Should characters be treated as having the perks based of them even if those perks are copying an aspect of their plot armor rather than any powers they have in universe?

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She would throw out the copies of Little Mermaid

>> No.76071086

>art designed for mass market appeal; SOULLESS
Generic, simple or casual instead of intricate and unique is fine. What matters is that it resonates with your soul

I just wanted to make a Soul Eater joke, don't mind me

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Jumpers, have you ever gone to a jump and just gotten your ass kicked to the point you wanted to hide in the warehouse until the timer ran down?

>> No.76071101

You can keep a Solar Systems worth of books in her Heavens hole.

>> No.76071102

Make her a psychologist instead, she's apparently actually great at it as long as she doesn't go full Beast 3L.

>> No.76071105

What even is that thing on the upper part of the sleeve?

>> No.76071125

Presumably so she can fondle her sideboob discreetly.

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where are her nipples lol
has the artist even seen a tiddy before

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What are some fun jumps with short time spans? Anything under a year.

>> No.76071157

But isn't that her favorite story?
But would those books be *organized* in her Heaven's Hole? It's very important to keep one's library orderly!
I see; as long as she's restrained in her actions, she could help a lot of people like that then!

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I prefer normal version. She is so cute.

>> No.76071162

I like having Izzy around for her snark and try to companion her every chain.
Alterworld lets you name a location (inn sized) as a non pvp zone. You can't fight inside or they get teleported outside.

>> No.76071170

Black sephiroth expy, cause of that

>> No.76071182

Hi everyone, just letting you know I'm still alive
and kicking. Corona's not got me yet! How've you guys been? Everyone keeping well?

Here's an up-to-date WIP of ISSTH. No changelog, there's been too many changes to keep up with. It still needs a lot of work. I'm looking to get it jumpable in the next week since for the first time in a long time, I have free time to work with.

Just a little question since I've not been around for a while, has there been any development when it comes to Exalted Alchemicals? I vaguely remeber Mir was going to make it.

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SB has a list linked on their thread, it includes most relevant tg jumps

>> No.76071193

Vaginal papercuts sound fun.

t. pedo

>> No.76071199

>as long as she's restrained in her actions, she could help a lot of people like that then!
Yup. She's called a Bodhisattva for a reason.

>> No.76071203

>the point you wanted to hide in the warehouse until the timer ran down
People actually do this?

>> No.76071204

There are some followers that you might not want to import as full companions: sapient items, past Avatars, ghosts tied to you as familiars...
What are good upgrades for those you don't want to import yet?

>> No.76071213

Never beaten that bad, but jumper did get his ass beat by an oblivious fighter girl who thought if she beat him in a fight he would marry her. She somehow never realized that tactic wouldn't work after the first time she beat him

>> No.76071216

I don't know why you think those two things are mutually exclusive

>> No.76071217

Is there anywhere I can get the ability to make good things happen by killing monsters?

>> No.76071218

It was before she actually met Hans. Seeing the book after how he treats her might just annoy her.

>> No.76071219

Yes, I did indeed mean scaling perks. Thank you for the help. I like the idea of just tanking everything an opponent throws at me before smacking them down.

>behead Mubong and Manduk
I will certainly do it to the first, because fuck that guy, but I can't recall what the latter one did.

>> No.76071249

>I'm looking to get it jumpable in the next week
No offense, but that is like the fourth time you've said that over the course of two years now.

>> No.76071250

There's a perk in one of the Zelda jumps that undoes a lot of the evil someone does when you beat them. I think it's in ALttP

>> No.76071255

Hey Val, how many whole pantheons would we need to eat to get to Amaterasu's level?

Non-Val answers are also welcome.

>> No.76071258

A part of me is now curious just how big they get when your expy transforms then.

>> No.76071265

saint of the shield (oasis of fantasy)
divine vessel (dies irae)
barbadium body (god of highschool, it's an item that can be capstone boosted)

>> No.76071274

OC waifu that got imported as an Apotosis. That, or the Dao Companions. Because I'm warped to like them.

>> No.76071278

What can this magic do?

>> No.76071295

That's... not close to what I want, but thank you for your suggestion.

>> No.76071299

Tokyo Souls via drawbacks and the two Devil Survivors. They even mesh together in context, Japan overrun with monsters, and thanks to sharing magic dependant on mobile phones

>> No.76071310

Are you the same anon from the last thread that argued that all nipples should look like tumors? That's Bancho-tier taste.

>> No.76071314

What did you want exactly, it starts raining confetti?

>> No.76071325

Wow talk about come back. I hope you are well. And I hope that you will be able to finish ISSTH.

And now xianxia posting start again

>> No.76071333

No? That's retarded. I'm just saying her nipples aren't where her nipples should be and that's funny.

>> No.76071334

That's only a particular Kiara, the one in FGO before she gets corrupted. The other Kiaras are full whores.

>> No.76071353

>Gordian Way- 600
>Men get too caught up in their own over complicated conflicts and problems. Humanity has
>forgotten the simpler solutions to their so-called great problems. Solutions that still work for you at
>least, given you are able to solve any problem with brute force, a good heart and a clear mind. No
>matter what the issue at hand is, you’ll now be able to solve it so long as you possess the above
>three things. Some tasks may still be nigh-impossibly difficult for any normal person but for a
>superhuman, you can bring world peace through just beating the crap out of all the bad guys with
>good intentions in your heart and using your clear mind to see who is bad and who isn’t. And while
>normally, just beating up the bad people wouldn’t cause world peace, it does for you now.
Nta, but would this be of help?

>> No.76071355

Hi there

>has there been any development when it comes to Exalted Alchemicals?
Don't think so

>> No.76071360

there's a perk in majikoi called Hyper-Armour that iirc makes you super tough and lets you no sell any effect below a certain threshold. it can also be capstone boosted so that anything that can't hurt you physically can't effect you at all (ie: if someone could poison you with a touch you wouldn't be poisoned unless their touch also managed to overcome your durability). There's another perk in the same perk tree that gives big boosts to your strength, durability, and iirc speed/agility and when capstone boosted also links them together at 1-for-1 so that as one raises so do the others (then just go to a DC jump and pick up speedforce). There's also a perk in Monogatari called monster of justice that scales your physicals (including durability) above what they would normally be

>> No.76071361

>sapient items
I thought the general consensus was that they still count as items for import clauses unless otherwise stated.

>> No.76071367

If your weak enough to need a scaling defense perk to stop their attacks getting though your defenses there's a good chance you're so weak that you won't be able to get past their defenses.

Imagine it. Just two dudes punching each other unable to do any damage. For ten years.

>> No.76071371

If we go by Zeus > Sefar and Sefar =< Amaterasu, then if you eat the 12 Olympians at full power it would be enough. If not, there is really no telling since Divine Spirits are degrade quite a lot depending on the time you are in. Maybe if you ate the entire Egyptian Pantheon in the 2800 BCE you could get close.

>> No.76071372

>Are you the same anon from the last thread that argued that all nipples should look like tumors?
No one did that tho?

>> No.76071381

>She's called a Bodhisattva for a reason.
Because Nasu is retarded?

>> No.76071396

Depends on how tight are her clothes, it could be possible.

>> No.76071400

The context is Fate/Curry in 1200BCE, although I got the Crown Of Light so going to the past to eat full gods is an option.

>> No.76071410

>Has there been any development when it comes to Exalted Alchemicals?
Not to my knowledge, but we do have someone working on Stellar Transformations now. And a few OC cultivation systems have started popping up.

>> No.76071417

Didn't the jump author say that with the right purchases in the magic stuff you could basically be Stardust the Super Wizard?

>> No.76071432

Is anyone after playing chains past 20 jumps thinking that treating jumps as a singular thing is better? Like in naruto you can choose your drawbacks that last 10 years and then your perks and that's it. After 10 jumps you usually fodder the entire verse. It's just boring

>> No.76071436

That just looks stupid and uncomfortable to wear.

>> No.76071464

I see that you put ridiculous amount of work into this jump. Thanks.

>> No.76071468

I remember seeing at least some that you could also import as full companions, but that doesn't mean that importing them as items isn't a valid tactic.
Not sure if it'd work in someone like Ddraig from DxD, and definitely not on individuals like Overlord NPCs that come with the Guild Base instead of being purchased with CP, but it is something to keep in mind.

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>> No.76071470

To be honest that's actually not a bad look, though it reminds me of Woolie.

>> No.76071475

I needed a perk so that killing Nightmares while using the Dream Drop perk from Kingdom Hearts will cause good things to happen in the waking world, so I can share it with everyone I've given Dream Eaters to

>> No.76071478

I agree, but I'm not a woman and I doubt you are either, so what do we know.

>> No.76071483

Why not just use regular CYOA's at the point?

>> No.76071496

welcome back Brother_anon, good to hear you're doing well

>> No.76071526

Gordian Way, the foreigner capstone perk in the DCEU (DC movies) jump. It lets you use righteous face punching to make the world better, so that you can bring world peace via beating up the bad guys

>> No.76071530

Wrong thread for that kind of thought.

>> No.76071539

>but I can't recall what the latter one did.
Off the top of my head, wanting to revive Tathagata, the human experimentation and turning people into disfigured monsters that live with the constant problem of their bodies falling apart and put killswitches into same people to drain their lifeforce dry

>> No.76071549

Yes, but she is a slutty succubus. Just saying that it is possible.

>> No.76071561

>After 10 jumps you usually fodder the entire verse.
Sounds like a (you) problem with your jump and perk choices.

>> No.76071573

projectile - Mia (Code Vein)
axe - Norman (miracle max)
whip - Quistis (final fantasy 8)
gauntlet - Yang (RWBY)
Claw - Wolverine (x-men movies, by far the best version of the character)
Hammer - MCU Thor

>> No.76071598

>gauntlet - Yang (RWBY)
Shit taste or only knows fanon.

>> No.76071611

Cus there are jumps for more settings.

not him btw

>> No.76071634

I had trouble thinking of someone that used gauntlets. Also Yang is blond with big tits

>> No.76071656

>all Jumps are CYOAs
>not all CYOAs are Jumps
But they already had access to them in that format.

>> No.76071657

Fair enough, I guess.

Are there any non-jumpchain CYOAs people have used in their chains?

>> No.76071661

That's wierd, I posted a reply but it's not showing up. I'll try responding again.

Thank you both.

Would that be the same guy that's on Reddit?
>OC Cultivation
Do you remember any details? That sounds interesting.

That's a pity. Have we heard from Mir at all?

>> No.76071664

pic related

>> No.76071676

>whip - Quistis (final fantasy 8)
Good find

>gauntlet - Yang (RWBY)

>Claw - Wolverine
I dunno if it would work
It's not that kind of claws

>> No.76071678

I mean like killing a bunch of goblins and people in my town get motivated to finally repair an old bridge, or fighting and killing a boss monster and a person with a useful profession moves into town.

Think matching Kinstones from The Minish Cap, or completing the community center bundles in Stardew Valley, but with fighting monsters.

>> No.76071680

What about Tifa?

>> No.76071691

Don't you have some jumps to update?

>> No.76071699

>x-men movies, by far the best version of the character
What about X-Men Evolution?

>> No.76071700


>> No.76071709

Are you off your meds again anon?

>> No.76071721 [SPOILER] 


>> No.76071745

>Would that be the same guy that's on Reddit?
No, Nyanko here on tg. They released a part one a week or so ago.
>Do you remember any details?
Nyanko made a pretty neat indepth one for a Zelda cultivation system, and Valk produced a few miscellaneous ones for things like a magical girl cultivation system, kitsune cultivation system, and so on.

>> No.76071747

I want to grind my face into Tifa's abs after she works out.

>> No.76071755

Are you telling me that Rouge only wants my money and doesn't love me? How could this be?

>> No.76071769

You could use Scherazard Harvey for the Whip too

>> No.76071779

>I had trouble thinking of someone that used gauntlets.
Issei (DxD)

>> No.76071780

She's too goody goody dumb but daaamn

Even the bodybuilders are impressed

>> No.76071829

>Part one
I have mixed feeling about jumps seperated into parts. The second part has a nasty habit of never showing up. Still I like the way it's shaping up and more xianxia jumps the better as far as I'm concerned.
>Valk and Zelda
Those sound pretty fun, can you tell me where would I find them?

>> No.76071836

Here's the Legend of Zelda cultivation thing I made; it was a fun project!

>> No.76071862

It's not a jump it's just a personal project

>> No.76071877

Jumper adopts kids from time to time. Ace in DCAU was one that needed a good home. But jumper always tries to be a good father.

>> No.76071882

Thanks Nyanko-Anon. If you don't me asking, do you know when part 2 for Steller Transformation will be coming out? And are you planning on doing it as a two part-er or a three part-er?
I'm really liking your jump and I'm looking forward to the next part alot.

>> No.76071883

For any Destiny fans out there Holy shit this raid is cool. It's kicking my teams ass, but it's awesome.

>> No.76071885

I wonder how we could put it in a jump

>> No.76071907

You have Generic or you could pester BLADE to put a toggle somewhere

>> No.76071910

>After 10 jumps you usually fodder the entire verse.
This is the appeal for some people. They are not after interesting stories, it's just a fantasy about them being an unbeatable god.

>> No.76071922

>Loses to Yang in a fight

>> No.76071930

Hey a question about Cradle, are the local cultivation energies powerful and versatile enough to do the Magical Girl and Legend of Zelda cultivation systems?

>> No.76071933

I'm planning on a two-parter; I haven't actually started working on Part 2 of Stellar Tranformations because I want to finish my reread of it first. Once I *do* finish rereading it, it should only be a few weeks afterwards. Though, I'd been procrastinating on actually reading it for a while-there's this bump in the middle of the novel where it goes through like four different translators, and it makes reading it kinda a pain...but don't worry, I'll be finishing it Soon (tm)!

>> No.76071935

How badly do I need a source of souls? I'm trying to decide if I wan to buy soul shards in Minecraft so I can butcher villagers for a source of "human" souls. Unless you think that the shards wouldn't make more souls.

Slut Life gets tossed around a fair bit as a bodymod replacement.

>> No.76071943

My current set of custom cultivation methods is this:

>> No.76071958

But items in each xianxia are so different from each others, minus the pills

>or you could pester BLADE to put a toggle somewhere
Why would anyone do that?

>> No.76071963

They made them for the custom cultivation options available, don’t be autistic.

>> No.76071965

Is Warhammer 40k one of the jumps that a Galacta jumper can go to where they can devour worlds guilt free like devouring Daemon Worlds?

>> No.76071973

Thanks, that's something to look forward to.

Thanks Lone, much obliged.

>> No.76071978

Gee I wonder why

>> No.76071986

Eat the planets in the Eye of Terror, its a demonic shithole tumour in realspace.

>> No.76072005

Use the Skill Book perk from Generic Isekai to grant them starter levels of any cool or neat power you happen across.
Or you can use that item combiner perk in Weakness of Beatrice to combine all of the Avatar scrolls into a master scroll that lets anyone master all four elements. Always good to give ti minions.
I would also share any RPG system I come across that lets me so they can get many classes and levels.

>> No.76072009

Is there anything in the warp that can pose a threat to a Galacta jumper, assuming they have ways to deal with chaos and it corruptive powers?

>> No.76072016

Yeah basically what>>76071986
Said but be aware you're probably going to get some corruption side effects or make some enemies of Gods

>> No.76072020

>devouring Daemon Worlds
You might want to be careful doing something like that. There was a comic some whiles back posted to thread that outlined the potential dangers in Galactus eating energy sources that weren't pure life energy. He once tried to consume raw magic (on the level of Doctor Strange on a good day, at least) and it started fucking with his internals.
Can't remember the specifics, but the other locals were looking at him like he was about to start another crisis, so it wasn't exactly a minor issue.

>> No.76072030

No, it just like you have a problem scaling. Current chain is in Jump 13 and a small SWAT team would destroy jumper.

>> No.76072033

>Slut Life gets tossed around a fair bit as a bodymod replacement
isn't that the one about being sexually humiliated on live tv?
That seems like a bad idea, anon

>> No.76072067

>How badly do I need a source of souls?
Alterworld has a recharging soul stone with 666,000 human souls every jump.

>> No.76072082

>How badly do I need a source of souls? I'm trying to decide if I wan to buy soul shards in Minecraft so I can butcher villagers for a source of "human" souls. Unless you think that the shards wouldn't make more souls.
When I last played with that mod, you could definitely charge your Soul Shards off of monsters spawned by Soul Shard's spawners, so it definitely makes souls

I'm not sure Villagers count as humans though

>> No.76072088

>Death Battle
>owned by Rooster Teeth

>> No.76072106

>average 'Hunt Down The Freeman' enjoyer
people actually like that trash?

>> No.76072109

>isn't that the one about being sexually humiliated on live tv?
It's a CYOA about being the star of a Lewd Reality TV show. You have to specifically choose things related to humiliation if you want to be sexually humiliated on live tv

>> No.76072177

It's almost like that shit Stan Lee said about "whoever wins the fight is whoever the author wants to win that fight" holds more water than certain faggots and nameshits here want to believe.

>> No.76072181

For as much as I sometimes complain about them and their antics, yeah, we get along pretty well. They're all good kids, even if they drive me up a wall sometimes, and I'll always be there for them when they need me. And if anyone hurts them, I will remind them what a pissed off Jumper can do.

>> No.76072196 [SPOILER] 

How would your jumper fare in a rock off?

>> No.76072215

I would only need one chance to rock their socks off.

>> No.76072221

He would make the greatest song in the world right there on the spot, then forget how it went, for him to make a tribute to it at a much later date.

>> No.76072241

Stan Lee talked about writing, what would be good, interesting to see etc
I don't think RT was interested in all that

>> No.76072247

>some enemies of Gods
Would they even pose a threat to a being that can destroy the entire galaxy with a blast?

>> No.76072250

Depends how much you buy into chaoswank.

>> No.76072253

Learned from The Boulder himself

>> No.76072266

See >>76072250

>> No.76072279

There is an ALTERWORLD jump that says if enough people want my game world to be real it becomes real but how does the world manifest? Is it an alternate dimension or is it overlayed with the current world?

>> No.76072301

If you happen to vanish again for a few months, would you be willing to let other people take a stab at your claims? While I like your jumps, you have a slight habit of vanishing for months at a time without a word.

>> No.76072303

>Ignoring the other RT character losing

>> No.76072306

Right, I should be able to use Shining Soul from Digimon Frontier for this.

>> No.76072314

God that rant missed the point so fucking hard. The fact that an author can make whoever they wan't win doesn't mean they *should* and the fact that attitude is apparently held by leading comic book writers is probably why their fights suck so much.

>> No.76072326

What's your Generic Isekai jump like? Do you jump an isekai setting that doesn't have a jump yet? Do you go to some to an isekai that you create?

>> No.76072328

>isn't that the one about being sexually humiliated on live tv?
>That seems like a bad idea, anon
I didn't say it was a good idea. I just said people do it.
The idea is that you can pick another CYOA as a reward and you pick a jump. If I were to use it, I'd ignore the 30% bonus that it tacks on.


So it does make for sustainable soul farming.
>I'm not sure Villagers count as humans though
Probably about as much as aliens do. They may not work for something that explicitly requires human blood or whatever because they're clearly different from Steve, who may not be human either depending on interpretation.
So I'd say their souls are as valuable as any sentient, sapient being even if they're not technical humans.

I might need to go to World Seed or something so I can get cruelty-free souls. I'm just looking for a way to fuel soul-powered stuff without needing to take people's souls. Abusing blanks like you could make with World Seed would still probably be like setting a cow on fire but demonstrably better than doing the same to a person.

>> No.76072333

You mean Weiss?
The jobber?

>> No.76072342

So your telling me Peak Human shits all over the speed force too? DC Peak Human too op, plz nerf.

>> No.76072346

NTA but the reason Yang is pointed to so much as rigged is because it was just after RT got Death Battle, it was playing Yangs sound track (iirc, it was a RWBY sound track at least), had RWBY in jokes, and dropped an advertisement for the new RWBY season at the end. And all this after they listed out why Tifa would win and then ignoring it.

>> No.76072369

Garbage genre, particularly garbage jump, so nothing. Hero BBS is the only decent equivalent.

>> No.76072378 [SPOILER] 

>if enough people want my game world to be real it becomes real
hey you, you're finally awake

>> No.76072396


>> No.76072406

>I'm just looking for a way to fuel soul-powered stuff without needing to take people's souls.
Get a regeneration power and the perk from Mortal Kombat that turns you into a bunch of souls, then fuel it with your own souls

You could also be a Hellspawn in Spawn and take Engine of Evil. Hellspawn are made of and can power stuff with Necroplasm, which is souls made physical, and Engine of Evil lets them regenerate their energy reserves through ambient evil

>> No.76072414

From what I got when people talked about it, the players get trapped in the game world, so it'd be like an alternate dimension?

>> No.76072425

>Taking Death battle seriously with their pixel shitty calculation.
Even though they are right since anyone with a gun could kill Tifa and she has one.

>> No.76072435

>and then ignoring it.
DB is great at that

They're all jobber

>> No.76072462

Gokushufudou anon, give us a sign you’re still alive.

>> No.76072475

I was basically Shield Hero, but of another setting. Everyone hated me for being the odd man out and wanting to use me for politics.

>> No.76072496

Death Battle also had Ruby using Ragna as a punching bag in DBX, with RWBY's soundtrack in the background and the first part is literally being a RWBY ad

>> No.76072503

For those more familiar with SMT, what kind of elemental protection do you recommend? Void, Repel, Drain, Null?

>> No.76072526

I'm gonna blow your hair to the back of this auditorium!

>> No.76072539

>What's your Generic Isekai jump like?
It's probably going to be Grimgar

>> No.76072552

You can't jump into this setting, it's sexist

>> No.76072555

Repel might not be great if the other guy can drain or null the attack in question
Drain is the best

>> No.76072594 [DELETED] 

Based Russians putting f*males in their fucking place.

>> No.76072595

What's the difference between Null & Void?

>> No.76072597

>They're all jobber
Weiss is especially jobber. Probably because she's objectively the most powerful member of the team, so they overcompensate when trying to make her not dominate every encounter.

>> No.76072604

Repel shits on Pierce and does the work for you, but enemies with a functioning brain will probably stop attacking with a suicidal attack. Drain heals you which is great for sustain and you can target yourself for heals I guess. Aren't Void and Null the same thing?

>> No.76072607

Turns the elemental damage into health restoration. Extremely useful, especially in Persona where it's more common to cast things from HP rather than MP.
This reflects the element back on the assailant. Useful on a case by case basis since I can't remember if damage reflected this way triggers enemy resistances. Want to say it doesn't proc their Repel in the same way that Reflect only procs once against the same magic so you don't get caught in softlocks by playing tennis with the damage instance.
>Void, Null
Is there a difference for these two?
Null does exactly what it sounds like it should by making any damage from that element 0. Pretty sure this doesn't trigger your counter skills since those would require actually taking the relevant damage category (magical or physical), but I could be wrong.
Either way, this one's the weakest option of the three (four?).

>> No.76072611

I went to a setting that I saw someone make up for an alternate history they were writing, a video game that had been developed in that world by a company that doesn't exist in ours. I went to the setting of that game, and basically just did my best to screw up the plans of the real villain and keep the two races from waging pointless war on each other. And than I called out her stupid motivation and plan because I'm a jackass like that.

>So wait, you're pissed off because a gang of fairies and humans killed your family?
>Well, yes, basically-
>So your reaction to that was to wipe out humanity and fuck over fairykind, your own kind, as well.
>That's correct.
>And then, when both races started to build back up again, you decided to do it again. And again. And again. You've done it, what, six times by now?
>So because a group of both humans and fairies killed your family, you decide to fuck over both races in their entirety, over and over and over again.
>Well when you say it like that, it does sound really bad-
>AND THEN, ON TOP OF THAT, your ultimate goal is to gain god-like power, NOT to bring back your family, who you supposedly started this all for, but to make everyone suffer forever? Now I get why the heroes didn't offer you even a drip of sympathy, your 'tragic backstory' is bullshit!

>> No.76072634

Jumps with powerful astrology magic?

>> No.76072639

>You can't jump into this setting
I mean I wasn't planning to but now that I remember the jump exist, I may slot it for a VR chain later down the line

>> No.76072643

When going to Generic Xianxia do you have a high power Xianxia setting like Er Gen/I Eat Tomatoes or a lower power one more like Cultivation Chat Group where only the strongest members of the highest level can outright bust planets?

I lean towards the latter.

>> No.76072669

Drain is incredible for survivability, but Repel is definitely worth it

Repel Phys will serve you well throughout the chain, and especially well if you go to Rising of the Shield Hero as the Shield Hero

>> No.76072670

Is keeping a pet slime with dog level inelegance in a hip flask labeled "Health Potion" a fun prank or a bad idea?

>> No.76072690

>Repel Phys
What does it do?

>> No.76072691

If you want a slower power ramp, limit your jumper's options. I like to use a modified version of the vs battle ugh tiering system. e.g. - https://pastebin.com/JGFv2NWL. It's not perfect, and a lot of stuff is hard to quantify or super inaccurate, but it does effectively limit power progression.

>> No.76072714

>Jumps with astrology magic?
FF14 and Bravely Default. Not sure how strong that is compared to anywhere else. I think one of the Duel Terminal things related to astrology

>> No.76072718

>Null and Void
That seems to come from Digital Devil Saga, which mostly uses Void for elements and Null for ailments in their Skills, but has both Void Phys and Null Phys.
>Void Phys - Nulls Physical attacks except Almighty Physical based, party
>Null Phys - Nulls Physical attacks

>> No.76072740

nta, but it repels/reflects all blunt-force damage. Usually the distinction between physical damage types is something like
>Phys (blunt)
>Slash (cutting)
>Pierce* (stabbing/shooting)
>*: not present in all SMT titles
This covers just about every unarmed attack save for more obvious deviations like being gored by horns, pecked by beaks, or similar things.
Also works on multi-hit attacks.

No, Almighty is still its own element even if it's a skill calculating damage from their Strength rather than Magic stat.

>> No.76072741

Bounce physical melee damage back to the attacker

>> No.76072743

I keep hearing about this when SMT comes up. What is it exactly and where can one get it?

>> No.76072753

Didn’t say they were. Noire needs a fluff to fluff, after all.

>> No.76072759

Oh, there's a capstone perk in the Castle Of Puzzles jump that might help with that. You may also want to consider Enlightened Self Interest from Worm

>> No.76072764

It causes anything that attacks you with a Physical Attack, such as sword slashes, spear stabbings, arrows to the face, to take damage.

>> No.76072766

>>Phys (blunt)
>>Slash (cutting)
>>Pierce* (stabbing/shooting)
I've only seen that division in P3

>> No.76072775

I mean Tifa's great but I don't really consider her as someone that fights with proper gauntlets

>> No.76072798

Yeah, it's pretty much only that one specific game that makes that distinction.

It's more likely for Gun to be it's own element

>> No.76072799

From what I'm hearing, it's just the damage type of thrusting weapons and guns, so just be Joker

>> No.76072803

Pierce is a passive skill Demi-Fiend can get through Magatamas in SMT 3. It pierces all resistance the enemy has to physical damage, (resist, drain and null)except repel

>> No.76072808

It ignore resistance & immunity

>> No.76072814

I watched a jack black movie recently where he was a wizard living in a mildly haunted house. It was almost good.

>> No.76072832

Oh, and it seems I misread something, Void might also need to be cast instead of being passive in that game.

>> No.76072879

You can get it in the Devil Survivor games through Cracking.

>> No.76072908

basically lets you ignore resistances and immunities. You can pick it up as a perk in the SB jump for SMT3 Nocturne in the Demifiend perk tree

>> No.76072949

SMT Strange Journey also used something like it from what I remember, but yeah >>76072798 is right in that Gun is usually the other physical damage type.

>> No.76072958

I'm assuming you're talking about the Guardian of the Diamond one?

That'd work. Thanks!

>> No.76073018

It's an alternate dimension. People "enter" just by playing the game normally, but if you play for too long with the VR restrictions turned off you can't log out anymore (your mind transferred from your original body to your game avatar).

>> No.76073033

Sounds like that would pair wounderfully with FFTA's Geomancy Skill.

>> No.76073038

Oh yeah, I forgot about it. Only St15 to crack it too.

SJ only has physical and gun

>> No.76073043

Exalted Sidereals.

>> No.76073096

What does that do?

>> No.76073097

Pierce is for physical, geomancy is for elemental magic, so they wouldn't combo

>> No.76073155

My supervillian wife

Mage the awakening. After paradox is gone you are fine

Yes. By Mab. Fucking fey man

>> No.76073165

What is your favorite D&D jump and what did you do there?

>> No.76073168

It's a Black Mage support ability that reduces elemental resistances by one level. Makes people that absorb an element just immune to it, makes people immune to an element resistant to it, makes people resistant to an element have no resistance, and makes people with no resistances to an element weak to it.

>> No.76073170

>People "enter" just by playing the game normally, but if you play for too long with the VR restrictions turned off you can't log out anymore (your mind transferred from your original body to your game avatar).
Sounds like you're just getting sword art onlined. So is this perk actually fanfic or lorebased? From your description it sounds like people just transfer onto an server permanently instead of creating an alternate universe

>> No.76073185

I'd certainly hope so, given he's had the claim for three years now.

>> No.76073195

My dude were you banned? People were saying you were banned

>> No.76073207

Angry day if your autistic

>> No.76073212

Oh, that's too bad.

It reduces enemy elemental resistances by a level. FFTA's system is actually pretty much the same as SMT there, just with Absorb/Drain switched with Reflect/Repel.

>FFTA: Absorb > Reflect > Null > Resist
>SMT: Repel > Drain > Null > Resist

>> No.76073223

Nope. I just fell asleep after my pics were deleted because it was late for me. I stayed up way too late and took it as a sign

>> No.76073252

So lads, what kinda music do you listen to when you get into the mood for writefagging your jumps? I primary go for synthwave personally.

>> No.76073281

Really depends on my mood, right now I'm listening to Heavenly.


>> No.76073323

Depends what kinda scene I'm doing. I'll go for something more laid back if things are chill, or an epic battle song if there's a big fight going on. Also, sometimes I pop in some Queen because jumper is a bit fruity and it's his favorite band

>> No.76073383

I think you linked the wrong post

>> No.76073395

>Sounds like you're just getting sword art onlined. So is this perk actually fanfic or lorebased? From your description it sounds like people just transfer onto an server permanently instead of creating an alternate universe
It's actually lorebased. They're not just uploaded onto the server, the world actually does get more real. One example had them able to notice details on an item the VR isn't advanced enough show, their experience of the world getting more vibrant because they're actually in a real world.

In another case, a game's servers actually got destroyed and they had to restart with a totally clean slate. The "permas", as they are called, were confused about where all the normal players went in between the destruction of the servers and the restart of the game.

>> No.76073415



>> No.76073439

Nothing. I can't write while music's on.

>> No.76073450

Any ideas on how to beat the "Death’s vastness holds no peace" drawback in Digital Devil Saga that makes you face the Demi-fiend?

>> No.76073493

Amusing enough, Guns. Dude has no resistance to guns

>> No.76073521

So lads, how hard would The Protectorate from worm shit itself if Jumper gave them a fabracating machine that ate trash, and used that to mass produce anything scanned into it? As long as the items themselves aren't magical in nature, any super science or normal item thrown in can be mass produced easily. Also, said tech is increadibly easy to mass produce as well.

>> No.76073525

I just found out the new Yakuza game is an RPG, feels weird desu

Tome of Radiance counts? I befriended the crap out of Adachi so she would like less of a dick and then she joined in jolly cooperation against some evil dude trying to screw us both over before we went back to fighting each other

>> No.76073541

I need to build an afterlife system and need to figure out where I can get some angels and demons/devils that would be willing to move in and tend the new heaven and hell. Any suggestions?

>> No.76073551

Eclipse Phase cornucopia machines? They would probably lose their shit as the economy implodes and parahuman feudalism starts looking ever more practical due to no longer needing infrastructure to produce important products.

>> No.76073566

Guns, Magna spells and Frei spells. DON'T attack Pixie

>> No.76073571

So you're going to want to go to Devil Survivor 2, and crack Anti-All, Anti-Almighty, Ultimate Hit, Double Strike, and Attack All.

Once you have all of those, you'll be resistant to all damage and able to hit all of your opponents with multiple Almighty punchers per turn

... Although Ultimate Hit requires you to take the drawback that makes you fight the bonus bosses, so that might be even more of a challenge.

>> No.76073589

There's an Afterlife jump somewhere that handles all that pretty well. Bleach has an item for part of the Soul Society. Planescape could do it with the plane creator options.

>> No.76073623

Get the perk from MtG Iconics that makes you able to easily make angels

>> No.76073627

Nah, something jumper made with his comic book super science, he left it in his warehouse as a nice recycling device. It works using nanobots of course.

>> No.76073645

>Befriended the crap out of Adachi
Huh? You mean the Bitches and Whores guy or what?

>> No.76073675

If you attack him with the Keys of Providence from Tsukihime and he turns back into a human would he still be as strong? There are normal humans that can become really strong in SMT but since all of Hitoshura's power first came from the Magatamas, would that neutralize him as a threat?

>> No.76073680

I was sort of looking to recruit more than make my own. I tend to go into tangents of trying to figure out entire character sheets for every angel and demon if I start making them. And that might take too long.

>> No.76073709

More durability is always a good thing. I just want some extra defenses so I can be like a boss monster who only takes 1 damage per attack.

My attacks have no effect? Who decided that?

Oh. Yeah he is gone too then.

The price to get the boosted Barbadium Body hurts me so. The others are doable and will help a lot.

Hyper Armor doesn't seem to increase my durability unfortunately. Admittedly the effect it does provide is quite good.

>Tachibana Traits
That's pretty crazy having all three of those scale at once.

I completely missed that bit about Monster of Justice. That's neat. Never considered taking it before.

Thanks for the help dudes.

>> No.76073710

What can I do with a reverse entropic flame besides just destroying the world?

>> No.76073720

>200CP Egocentric Detective: This empath, however, is a twisted star. She holds a rather nihilistic point of view, but she usually covers it under a mask of optimism. She’s got a light costume, as well as a marksman device in the shape of a pistol. She also seems to like cabbages. She’s got A Common Mistake For Beginners, You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid, Light And Shadow, Prism Shift and Dawnguard.
One of the original Companions in the jump

>> No.76073729

>reverse entropic flame
>reversing entropy
>destroying anything

>> No.76073736

So essentially just a better version of one you made yourself, it would have the same effect.

>> No.76073740

Plenty of dissident angels in His Dark Materials. You could maybe pick some up in Bleach, or any of the dnd jumps.

>> No.76073769

Extort the Incubators for cash

>> No.76073786

You could... un-burn things, maybe, I guess? I'm not sure how the hell you'd destroy anything with it though.

>> No.76073791


>> No.76073816

Either we're all retards or its another episode of "I'm sticking a bunch of adjectives in front of something to make it sound cool"

>> No.76073817

I meant a fire that grows larger and larger based on nothing, getting hotter and hotter. You know, like the opposite of that one law of Thermodynamics? I didn't know how else to phrase it

>> No.76073823

Fair. I mean, it is a pretty big game changing tech.

>> No.76073845

>Official songs/OSTs of the Jump I'm working on > JSR/JSRF/SiIvagunner's JSRE songs > Everything else
That's the order I usually go by

>> No.76073867


>> No.76073873

>reverse entropic flame
Is this a xianxia thing?

>> No.76073888


>> No.76073889


>> No.76073915

How did I know Bury the Light was gonna show up?

>> No.76073916

>Mage the awakening. After paradox is gone you are fine
The jump caps you on 5 spheres until post-chain.

>> No.76073925

Listen to music based on the jump. From its own soundtrack, or close proximities that I can find.
For instance, doing a shitload of FF14 writefaggotry. Which means ONE BRINGS SHADOW, ONE BRINGS THE LIGHT

>> No.76073929

Entropy is the result of chaos in a system growing over time as all energy becomes incapable of being dedicated towards mechanical work. Anti-entropy would therefore be something which restores energy which has been lost or wasted within a system so it can continue to do work-reversing chaos within a system and restoring order.

What you have is more of a perpetual flame; a flame which continues to introduce more and more energy into a given system over time. It's not actually reducing the randomness of the system-the entropy-but more as injecting more energy into the system and lowering the mean randomness of the system as a result.

>> No.76073948

Yes, which although limited still allows you to do quite a bit of stuff.

>> No.76073975

Oh. Well, any ideas on what this could be used for?

>> No.76074002

Soundtracks based off the setting. Generally OSTs for games/shows/etc, fan-made stuff for books. Or something that fits either the overall setting of the jump, or the current scene

>> No.76074007

serious question, how many jumps have you taken? and also how many have you saved/downloaded?

>> No.76074008

Well, you basically have an infinite energy generator right there. Have something harvest the energy it generates regularly to regulate its growth, split it to make new generators, so on and so forth-just gotta find some method to keep it from overloading whatever systems it gets set into.

>> No.76074016

I would say that stuff below archmages falls bellow the whole 'god-like' designation.

>> No.76074028

Eeeeey. That song is awesome.

>> No.76074049

Do you ever take backgrounds with more memories than your jumper has?

>> No.76074051

Anima Beyond Fantasy has the Divine Magic that can create worlds.
D.Y.N. Freaks should give you magic through several Outer God options.

>> No.76074054

Over 250, including personal jumps, gauntlets, supplements, replacements, and multi-part jumps

>> No.76074057

Yeah, I was thinking that would be a use for it. It's kinda hard to control though because it's a magical demon fire and can catch things on fire that aren't normally flammable, like water

>> No.76074069

Barbadium body from God of High School + Kaguya bloodline from Naruto: good idea or bad idea?

>> No.76074070

Supernatural has perks for that.

>> No.76074080

Anyone know if there were any mythological creatures aside from the Phoenix who could come back to life?

>> No.76074093

Soken didn't have to go this hard on the soundtrack. But he did.
He did it for us.

>> No.76074103

Yes, why wouldn't I?

>> No.76074106

longest chain was at 250
every drive with an update about once a month.

>> No.76074129

1234 jumps.
>Saved downloaded
I have my own personal drive with jumps from all communities that I try to keep always up to date.

>> No.76074135

Tinker Bell

>> No.76074141

>... Although Ultimate Hit requires you to take the drawback that makes you fight the bonus bosses, so that might be even more of a challenge.
That's the kind of reason why I haven't managed to jump SMT jumps yet. All that power on offer, but those boss battles... There's probably a perk combination and jump order for beating them all, but knowing that it exists and finding it are two very different things.

>> No.76074152

Yeah, that's actually rather predictable when you've got something like a perpetual flame. It's continually generating energy from nothing, forcibly expanding whatever system it's placed-which isn't exactly conductive for most technology. Funnily enough, you know what would pair really well with such a flame? A singularity generator; a generator which harnesses the rotational energy of a black hole to generate power would have absolutely no troubles handling a perpetual flame; black holes are already a bit similar to giant holes in the system that is our universe where energy is functionally (not actually, but it takes so long for that energy to be released that it's functionally) lost forever. Combine some method for limiting the size a black hole's gravitational field can grow, and it's basically a perfectly stable pairing...

...or it leads to a universe-consuming black hole which grows perpetually and infinitely larger, but eh.

>> No.76074172

>Yakuza game is an RPG
Yep and better off for it.
Hot take, Ichiban is much more interesting than Kiriyu and following an active protagonist is really fun.

>> No.76074188

All that I could take was downloaded. Some missed me, but when I find them, I add them to my pile. Like my huge organized picture repository of waifus, Jumps are organized into five categories: Interested in jumping, Needs Research, Setting not interesting, Meh and "Just Here for Collection Purposes". Despite me trying to be impartial with all the jumps, I have found that particularly SB jumps tend to end in the worst category more than any other, because they are just bad.

>> No.76074199

>Scholars have observed analogues to the phoenix in a variety of cultures. These analogues include the Hindu garuda (गरुड) and bherunda (भेरुण्ड), the Russian firebird, the Persian simorgh (سیمرغ), the Georgian paskunji, the Arabian anqa (عنقاء), the Turkish Konrul, also called Zümrüdü Anka ("emerald anqa"), the Tibetan Me byi karmo, the Chinese Fenghuang (鳳凰) and zhu que (朱雀), and the Japanese hō-ō (鳳凰).[26] These perceived analogues are sometimes included as part of the Motif-Index of Folk-Literature phoenix motif (B32).[3]

>> No.76074213

Haven't put everything into proper order yet, but I know there's easily 400+ Builds in my main Chain.
Import strings are a bitch to sort out.

1,500+ (~1,685)
Exact number is uncertain since I've held onto things like older revisions of certain Jumps when content was cut during an update or Jumps from other Drives that I want to use, and I've long since given up on the idea that the illusion of """quality""" exists in any meaningful capacity. Not to say I don't recognize that there are Jumps that could be improved or at least modernized, but rather that such being the case and someone actually making said adjustments are two entirely separate worlds - the latter of which is unlikely to ever come to pass.

>> No.76074218

In SMTIV and IVA, there's Pierce for all the elements except Almighty

>> No.76074241

Never had a chain go past 70
Every new on that’s interested me since Brutus started getting particularly inconsistent with updating the drive (the past year or two).

>> No.76074258

Ahh. Have you looked at Farethere City? There's an entire origin dedicated to creating and running afterlives, and you can even teach people how to do that

>> No.76074271

Yeah, that doesn't necessarily seem like the best idea. Either way, it would basically consume the universe at some point, because it would just keep snowballing, but there must be some better way of handling this

>> No.76074275

>good idea or bad idea?
Do it anyway

Longest chain must have been in the four hundreds
>how many have you saved/downloaded?
No clue, I mostly use 4plebs and the drive to locate stuff, but opening a pdf in the pdf downloads it so probably around a 100

>> No.76074281

You could crack Pierce instead, so you'd still be able to hit all of your enemies multiple times a turn with resistance ignoring punches

>> No.76074283

My jumps there tend to resemble Slime Tensei and Konosuba but in an oc setting.

>> No.76074300

>Digital Devil Saga
Don't take it badly, but you are screwed
Well unless you follow >>76073571
but even with those it'll be hard

Saying Demi Fiend is one of the hardest bosses in the world is not a lie

>> No.76074304

>Longest chain must have been in the four hundreds
How do people do chains this long?

>> No.76074308

>Yep and better off for it.
Oh I like RPGs. I just wasn't expecting it

>> No.76074338

Cats, they have nine lives

>> No.76074347

Since you made a couple of those cultivation systems could you please answer >>76071930

>> No.76074348

It's easy, you just fill builds.

>> No.76074359

Metal Gear Solid's Quarter Muncher perk and Justice League Unlimited's Adaptation power.

The Demi-Fiend'll kill you with an attack once before you're immune to it

>> No.76074374

Cats are real, they just don't have that magical power

>> No.76074380

Because of the influence the memories of the background have over you compared to your own. Like there is a big difference in remembering a new childhood when your thirty compared to remember something like immortals life span when your thirty.

>> No.76074406

Well, all you need is some method for converting the energy it's perpetually generating into increased stability and room for the system it's inserted into to continue growing and developing. Let's take...let's take a magic sword for example. Let's give this magic sword mystical properties: it starts with an empty pool of 100 energy; if you fill it, its durability and strength level up and the pool is both emptied and expanded by x10. Inserting this perpetual flame into this particular sword would be a perfect match; the sword will just continually grow to adapt to the flame, and the flame will be able to generate as much energy as it likes without destroying the system it's been inserted into.

Really anything that can continually and dynamically convert the energy of the perpetual flame into increased system stability would work.
I have literally no knowledge whatsoever about Cradle, so unfortunately I can't help you. I *do* know about my Legend of Zelda cultivation system, so I'll say this: the Divine Delusion should work in any reality where one's soul is malleable enough to be affected by meditation and life experience; the God-Body should work in any reality where Life Essence, Ki, exists in both the environment and living beings; the Soul Compass should work in any reality where ambient elemental energies exist.

>> No.76074415

Where is your sense of wonder?

>> No.76074441

The Supernatural Jump needs an update so I can ensure inanimate objects make it into heaven

>> No.76074454

I guess an anti-entropic flame would be one that... somehow... absorbed the heat of its surroundings to add to its own heat? so instead of radiating heat, it'd be extremely cold?

(Really, entropy has to do with stuff like "how many different ways could reality be and still be essentially the same as this situation?" Thermodynamics is interesting.)

>> No.76074457

I'm just saying, they asked for mythological creatures in particular

>> No.76074501

>his cat didn't share one of their lives with him

>> No.76074506

I thought entropy was just the universe eroding over time, partially due to it slowly going from hot to cold

>> No.76074519

Have you tried using a rocket?

>> No.76074546

Have you tried just getting your friendly neighbourhood MIT dropout redneck to scribble some equations on a napkin you can then use like any old ritual?

>> No.76074549

>anything that can continually and dynamically convert the energy of the perpetual flame into increased system stability would work
I guess I could just make something like you said, but nothing comes to mind off the top of my head

>> No.76074586

Longets chain I've had was ~60ish, but I'm currently on my 45th (ish) chain, so a few hundred in aggregate. Jump download folder has 551 files in it, some of which are supplements.

>> No.76074604

If someone attacks you, are you justified to do whatever you want with them after you defeat them?

>> No.76074623

>Step 1: Move to an alternate timeline using Independent Manifestation
>Step 2: Go to the Norse Texture, consume Surtr, maybe get help from local gods
>Step 3: Move to before Sefar arrived on the Planet using Independent Manifestation
>Step 4: Eat all the Greek Gods, this may take a bit of time
>Step 5: Go back to the future, specifically the Mahabharata
>Step 6: Eat all the Hindu Gods, this may take a bit of time
>Step 7: Go back to original timeline
>Step 8: Mess around with humans in the Age of Man
>Step 9: Profit

>Some notes
>Saver can shut down Authorities
>Surtr and his sword has massive advantage against the living, including Gods
>Nega-Divine provides additional advantage against Gods
>Becoming Enfleshed may be solved by using one of the bodies of the greeks or Surtr's
>Leave all non-gods alone, use Saver to tell the planet to leave me alone if needed

Any thoughts on this plan?

>> No.76074627


>> No.76074651

>how many jumps have you taken
Longest chain was in the 500s, but it was just mindlessly filing builds. The ones where I tried to make up lore and fluff never went past 20.

>how many have you saved/downloaded?
2352, though a lot are probably duplicates.

>> No.76074653

A high-tech solution would be to basically just give it to an unshackled AI nanomachine swarm; the AI could undergo an intelligence explosion all it likes and work to restructure the local universe to safely incorporate the infinite energy supply. You can even get such a nanoswarm and AI in-chain pretty easily; make a stop at Crysis and it's under the Nanosuit 2.0 item.

>> No.76074663

Seems kind of pointlessly mean. It's not as though you can't get as much power without slaughtering gods. In terms of being metal, though, it's very metal.

>> No.76074674


>> No.76074685

They are forfeiting any rights when they try to take your life. It's only fair that you do what you want with them once you defeat them.

>> No.76074700

Gotta respond proportionally. If someone slaps you, slap them back. If someone drops a nuke on you, well that's when the kid gloves come off now isn't it?

>> No.76074710

Building off of this, besides Darkness, are there any other characters that secretly want to beaten up and then taken advantage of?

>> No.76074730

>Combine some method for limiting the size a black hole's gravitational field can grow
Just use something small for material for the the black hole, like a baseball.

>> No.76074749

Every girl deep down wants to be dominated by a affably evil villain bishounen. At least that's what most fanart has taught me.

>> No.76074759

The problem is that the perpetual flame will just keep feeding the black hole forever-it's literally in the name. And the black hole will just keep growing the more its fed. It might be slow for a time, but it will inevitably grow further and further unless some method exists for maintaining it at a given size while still allowing it to functionally eliminate the energy the perpetual flame's generating.

>> No.76074774

>Everyone deep down wants to be dominated by a affably evil villain bishounen.

>> No.76074788

They get nice hot pizza.

>> No.76074810

I'm functionally Beast VIII at that point. I even got a cool name for it; the Heretic God.

The build was made with the plan of using God King to get my Divine stuff to solar system level in mind, so mean or not that's mainly what it's designed for.

>> No.76074815

Well, yes. But the "erosion" has to do with the universe tending toward macroscopic states that have the most microscopic states associated with them. (Yes, I know Gibbs entropy is a thing and is a bit subtler than the above, but it's really, imho, just a fancier mathematical tool to analyze same ideas as Boltzmann entropy)

Here, consider this example: You have a big container filled with vacuum. Inside of it is a small container filled with high pressure gas. Via a remote control, you open a valve to that container. What happens? well, on average, the gas molecules will spread out through the large container because there're _more ways_ of arranging the gas molecules such that the density and pressure is approximately even throughout. There're only a (comparatively) few states of reality corresponding to all the gas molecules being in the small container.

So by default, over time, given the opportunity to jostle around, one would expect them to be spread out more evenly. Just like if you shuffle a deck of cards, there're far more ways for the red and black cards to be roughly evenly distributed through the deck vs, say, all the red cards at the bottom and all the black cards on top.

Now, that flow of gas could potentially do useful work. You could put a turbine in the way of the valve and extract power and work. But afterwards, once everything as reached equilibrium, not so much. There may still be energy/etc in the system, but it's less "available" to do work. High entropy states of reality correspond to those where there're "more ways" to be that way. If you want to do work, not going to be able to make it happen if, to happen, the total entropy has to go down. It'd be highly improbable for that to happen.

Does that help at all? (I mean, if you want, could try to give a proper lesson on this. As I said, is interesting stuff)

>> No.76074826

>Everyone deep down wants to be dominated by a sexy affably evil villain

>> No.76074828

In what low power jumps can one get some kind of reliable precognition? Something that can be shown off to others and used as an excuse for knowing information about the plot.

>> No.76074835

try that one in court. or anywhere. there's no socially accepted system of morals or belief or anything else on Earth where that is the norm. except for your fetishes. go jack off somewhere else.

>> No.76074850

can't choose.

>> No.76074852

>Heretic God
>God King
How original

>> No.76074859


>> No.76074863

That’s not too hard, you just need to make sure the amount of energy the black hole is taking in from the perpetual flame isn’t more then the black hole is giving off through Hawking radiation.

>> No.76074875

Originality is secondary to names that fit.

>> No.76074898

The wisdom of the online magic eight ball had this to say.

>> No.76074904

>Saver can shut down Authorities
1) It can? If so, good to know.
2) The build you reference doesn't have the Saver perk

>> No.76074909

I think I understand? So, everything over time will spread out in such a manner so as to not be conducive to actually accomplishing anything? And that's what entropy is?

>> No.76074925

It can override Authorities, yeah
Bah, I confused it with another variant of the build. It should still be perfectly workable without, though.

>> No.76074926

Star Wars mostly isn't thst high power.

>> No.76074930

And therein lies the problem-the usage of the black hole is to try to functionally eliminate the energy the perpetual flame is generating. Black holes don't actually work that way though, so it's a stopgap measure at best. If you match the Hawking Radiation of the black hole to the perpetual flame, then the perpetual flame will eventually grow to overwhelm the control of the system and break containment, destroying everything. If you feed more energy into the black hole to reduce the flame's impact on the environment, the black hole grows and eventually breaks containment and consumes the universe. No-win scenario.

The challenge of handling an infinite energy source isn't in making use of it. It's in not breaking the universe in the process.

>> No.76074941

You have issues

>> No.76074942


>> No.76074945

This, everything gets shat on by Rey or Palpatine canonically so everything is exactly as weak as it needs to be to kneel to them without knowing what they’re doing/on the brink of death

>> No.76074966

The overseer origin in dishonored 2 has a good prediction perk.

>> No.76074972

We don't have a jump for it as such, but deltarune's Ralsei is clearly leaning in the submissive and masochist direction. This isn't just fanon. there's stuff that happens right in the game that, well... if that wasn't the intent, all I can say is "What were you thinking, Toby?"

(Well, more like he might want you to do that to him _if he really likes you_. But yeah, there's stuff in the game where he comments about how he'd like to serve you if you wanted (to "wave a leaf" for you, and another bit where he even says you can hit him if you want, and he _blushes while saying this_. So... this isn't fans imagining stuff. Toby doesn't get to play innocent on that one.)

>> No.76074973

True, everything that shat on both Rey and Palpatine like Revan or Starkiller was made non canon.

>> No.76074975

True. He has good style.

>> No.76074986

Posting stuff here to keep myself focused on getting this shit done and keep thread informed. Blast me with any complaints or critique.

Personal Fleet - 400
The fleets of the Imperium of Man can scour entire worlds with horrific ease and bringing the fury the Emperor to every star in the night sky. They also live in fear of encountering vessels like these. You possess a massive and fully functional fleet of Necron Warships, enough to easily render entire systems devoid of opposition and shatter multiple fleets of any nearly any other race that does not both greatly outnumber and outmaneuver you. Among the hundred or so ships in this fleet are a dozen of the Cairn-Class Tomb Ships, fifteen kilometer wide monuments to Necron glory and wrath in equal measure that the Imperium have only encountered a total of seven times throughout their history. The rest are divided among the other various other classes of ships based on the particulars of your individual fleet, and include all the support personnel and the small armies that inhabit each ship to act both as defense and as attacking forces where needed. These all count as followers unless you choose to import individuals as companions, and are all fiercely competent and eternally loyal servants of your will. Lost ships and personnel will return to you at the end of every year as good as new, and in future worlds will wait sleeping out of sync with reality until you choose to summon them forth.

>> No.76074988

Can I make my own Chirithy with the Dream Drop perkline from Kingdom Hearts?

>> No.76074990

>then the perpetual flame will eventually grow to overwhelm the control of the system
Oh, I missed the part about it growing on its own. That is a problem.

>> No.76074998

An alternate OC version of my waifu.

>> No.76075004

Wasn't Starkiller noncanon from the start though?

>> No.76075033

Different anon here, but true (well, I don't know of all legal systems, so can't say for sure if that's true everywhere), but, technically, it has been explored philosophically.

I seem to recall in Locke's own writings that he explicitly explored that idea. (and then some really messed up variations like "make war with someone so they fight you, then if you spare them you can enslave them" which is... dubious. But I do vaguely remember studying something along those lines.

(I'm not justifying it, of course, just noting that I've seen some somewhat famous political philosopher argue along those lines)

>> No.76075036

At the start nothing was non-canon except for the Christmas special and crossovers.

Thats why the Extended Universe canon was such a mess despite what it's fanboys claim, not that current canon is any better though.

>> No.76075039

Looks great, wormfu

>> No.76075044

Won't you also have ego death from God King?

>> No.76075052

Ye-up. The best solution I can think of is something that can dynamically adapt to ever-increasing energy supplies without breaking; Tim Taylor technology, basically.

>> No.76075060

Part of eating the gods was also figuring out a way to get rid of their personalities during the consumption process, which likely can be done with my Destruction Authority.

It's not ego death anyway, just small changes.

>> No.76075068

Sort of, yes. But it's not _just_ about spreading out as such, it's about "what macroscopic states of reality have the most microscopic arrangements associated with them?"

>> No.76075084

General item or Lord?

>> No.76075112

the SB FMA jump has a perk for getting rid of the identities of people you subsume

>> No.76075125

Useful, but not really since this is a standalone build.

Thanks for the tip anyways.

>> No.76075151

I mean, my first thought is can I make a megazord out of those ships, to which extent I think I can and therefor the item seems good.

>> No.76075152

>Trying to bait me into asking what that means
Nice try, Poindexter

>> No.76075185

Reminder that you only need Divinity A to count as a full god in Fate.
Heroes that achieved apotheosis after death like Asclepius, Heracles and Karna, as well as those that already are gods or avatars of them like Tamamo, Jaguar Man and Nemo/Triton, all have Divinity A.
>Divinity: B
>A skill that represent the depth of one's Divine Spirit aptitude, how close one is to a Divine Spirit. As one of Artemis's virgins as well as the daughter of the queen and War God, Ares, she is clad in a thick divine aura. But, she does not have the A rank to reach the throne of a god, after death.

>> No.76075201


>> No.76075205

Neat. Though will there also be an item for a singular personal ship?

>> No.76075213

Which sci-fi jumps offer immortality? I'm wanting to do Stellaris early on and would rather avoid the old age reincarnation thing that it offers. Jumps one and two are Stargate: Atlantis and NuTrek so a good third jump with an immortal option would be useful.

>> No.76075215

Anyone who doesn't reply with "Muh OC" is some manner of cuck.

>> No.76075238

I recommended one earlier-Crysis could be a good one for you. Isn't too high-power, offers you the Nanosuit which offers its own form of immortality, and with some good tech in hand it isn't hard at all to have the Nanosuit manually adjust your age.

>> No.76075240

Looks like a nice plain, depends on how you try to kill Surtur and starting Authorities. Also being careful with pruning timelines.

>> No.76075247

Star Trek should offer some if you go around exploring.

>> No.76075261

>Also being careful with pruning timelines.
This is the main reason I'm using an alternate timeline.

>depends on how you try to kill Surtur and starting Authorities
High chance I make a few Divine Constructs geared towards fighting the guy and rally some War gods to help me take the guy down. May or may not do so in Ragnarok.

>> No.76075274

Ok fine, what does that mean?

>> No.76075275

What? Please explain.

>> No.76075279

Eclipse Phase. Biological immortality is part of their basic health care package

>> No.76075283

Culture Minds can do it with tech. Wraith in Stargate Atlantis are immortal if they continue to feed, iirc.

>> No.76075290


>> No.76075292

Same anon, but another thing things "want" to do is become more mixed, not just more spread out.

Bait you? If it wasn't already clear what it meant, then that means I sucked at explaining.

Think of a macrostate, say, in the case of the gas, as... say, a function over the container giving approximate (to some resolution) pressure, density, fluid velocty, etc for each region in the container.

Microstate would be more like "exact arrangement of the molecules" (well, I guess more like exact quantum state of the whole thing.)

Or, a simpler analogy. Flip a thousand coins. Microstate is analogous to exact pattern of heads and tails. Macrostate would be more like "H heads and T tails" (plus maybe some info about roughly how evenly distributed/mixed they are, if you wanted)

So each macrostate corresponds to some number of microstates. If you flip ten billion coins and say "heads and tails are within 1% of each other", that will be a macrostate with a _HUGE_ number of microstates associated with it, overwhelmingly more than "only a quarter of the coins are heads".

That help?

(Entropy isn't the number of microstates, but it's related to that. (Boltzman entropy is basically the logarithm of the number of microstates))

>> No.76075297

Eclipse Phase. Turn yourself into an A.I and hop between android bodies.

It's also possible to complete the synthetic ascension path in Stellaris within the average lifespan of a starting leader if you focus entirely on science.

>> No.76075302

Their care ascended into heaven, according to all the memes.

>> No.76075313

nice, thanks for the effort Worm_anon

>> No.76075320


>> No.76075321

I want to make up unique abilities for my Mangos. Suggestions?

>> No.76075322

Thanks for the heads up, although that means I can actually give less of a shit towards giving Divinty towards every servant I have just because I shoved parts of a god to turn the person/thing into an actual servant with a “complete” Saint Graph.

>> No.76075328

See >>76075292

>> No.76075335

Amusingly there's actually a perk that can cover you here. One of the homunculus capstone perks in the full metal alchemist (remake) jump prevents souls you absorb from influencing you

>> No.76075336

That is just weird.

>> No.76075353

You could be the leader of a psychic race or hivemind, who get immortality in stellaris itself.

Eclipse Phase could be a good one otherwise though? Most other stuff I can think of is more superhero stuff than scifi.

>> No.76075357

>Eclipse Phase. Turn yourself into an A.I and hop between android bodies.
You really don't need to hop between SynthMorphs. Every non-flat biological morph has ageless immortality, disease immunity, and slow regeneration by default. They're all included in the Basic Biomod package

Hell, you can just buy self repairing synthmorphs too, removing your need to swap out of them

>> No.76075360

You can make any woman you stare at suddenly gain massive boobs, great for parties and distractions

>> No.76075361

Are sweet and delicious?

>> No.76075375

Summon mangos. Just bury your enemies in mango fruit.

>> No.76075387

Another anon already pointed it out.

>> No.76075390

The Honorverse has longevity drugs. They'll give you a few extra centuries of life, and possibly longer. Plus you can reverse engineer them to make your entire workforce live longer

Alpha Centauri has the tech to extend one's life indefinitely, although that requires yearly treatments

>> No.76075433

Reminder that Meltryllis is a slime girl
>Meltryllis' essence is water, and if she felt like it, she could behave like a fluid.

>> No.76075446

I don't get it.

>> No.76075454

I thought you were including the fleet option as part of the Dynasty option?

>> No.76075465

The red one put up her hood because she saw the blue one do it. The green one saw the red one put up their hood and then put up their own

>> No.76075471

Transformation sequence


>> No.76075478

Oh yeah, I didn't notice the hoods.

>> No.76075485

>That help?
A little? Is a macrostate a factor controlling the microstates, and the microstates are just the possible arrangements?

>> No.76075510

No bulli.

General, seems more fair that way.

You can't turn everything into a megazord BLADE, get help!

Glad you approve.

Yeah, there will be an option for that.

You're welcome, army stuff is next.

Now if only my computer will stop having a stroke so I can keep working on this and posting.

Some people might not want a full Tomb World so I'm having separate Army and Fleet purchases as well. If you purchase both then there's going to be a buff to the armies and fleets that come with the Dynasty to represent them being the cream of the crop instead of just the usual stuff.

>> No.76075511

>giving Divinty towards every servant I have just because I shoved parts of a god to turn the person/thing into an actual servant with a “complete” Saint Graph
Can you elaborate a bit more? I'm not sure what you mean, but it sounds interesting.

>> No.76075525

Most Mangekyo abilities involve some interaction of illusion and reality, and are based in Japanese myth. Maybe some sort of illusory sea or other body of water? You could have it rise up and drown people.

>> No.76075546


>> No.76075583

He was canon at some point I think.

>> No.76075596

Not sure I get what you mean by "controlling" the microstate.

Here, lemme go back to the coin example, but let's talk about just 4 coins:

"All heads" is associated with the microstate HHHH
3 heads and one tail is associated with all four of these microstates: THHH, HTHH, HHTH, HHHT
2 heads and 2 tails is associated with all six of these microstates: TTHH, THTH, THHT, HTTH, HTHT, HHTT

If the actual state is one of those last six, then the macrostate is "2 heads and 2 tails". Alternately, knowing "2 heads and 2 tails" doesn't tell you which specific microstate, but rather tells you of six possibilities. There're more possibilities associated with "2 heads and 2 tails", so it's less surprising than "all heads".

>> No.76075620

>General, seems more fair that way.
Wait, if fleet will be general, what sorts of things are you thinking of having for Lords in specific?

>> No.76075655

I think my longest chain with writeups was about 10 jumps long. As far as downloaded jumps, I download our drive and the QQ drive every few months for ease of access, and I've got a separate folder for updated and alternate jumps which aren't in either of the drives.

>> No.76075680

I still don't understand quite what this is supposed to be getting at. Why is 2 heads and 2 tails the macrostate?

>> No.76075684

A Silent King-esque superweapon pimp chair. A force of ten thousand suped up Necrons similar to either SK's custodes analog, Praetorians, or Lychguard. Obedience Protocols, and an option for a massively upgraded body kinda like the SK or other lords who went all out on pimping out their form. Stuff like that.

>> No.76075708

As long as it is proportional.

>> No.76075717

>>76075680 (me)
Wait, are you saying the macrostate is just the contents, and the microstates are all the possible arrangements of those contents?

>> No.76075734

>You can't turn everything into a megazord
Someone hasn't watched Batman Ninja.
On that note, I wonder if you could make a solar system megazord in DBGT by getting the Big Gete chip and capstone boosted planet...

>> No.76075745

I’m the madman behind making the satellite/rover/shuttle servants. Due to the fact that there are all relatively “recent” (by Fates) standards & therefore lack enough “mystery“ to turn into a servant by themselves, I decided to find a bunch of inspiration to make them into full fledged servants (similar to how Voyager has The Little Prince shoved into its Saint Graph or how Nemo is fused with Triton). Long story short, some of the servants with more than one divine source (Spirit & Opportunity rovers with Phobos + Deimos & Azhorra-Tha for example) is causing me to overthink things regarding divinity to a ridiculous degree.

>> No.76075795

Been watching Primal. Where are some good jumps to go all caveman with a dinosaur?

>> No.76075796

Right, I don't see a reason I can't make a Chirithy using the Dream Drop perks from Kingdom Hearts, so I made a build for that

KH Build
M, Drop-In, Twilight Town, 8

Drawbacks: Critical Mode, With Friends Like These, Grinding Loot, Road to a Hero, Paopo Pursuer. +1200 2200
Perks: Double Jump, Protagonist's Endurance, You Are Never Alone, Mentor's Touch, Time Keeper, Oathkeeper, I Live Here, Glide, Forget Me Not, Dream Drop, Link Attack, Link Style, Nightmare, Sleepwalker, Dream Catcher, Absent Silhouette. -1900 300
Items: Nomura Brand Outfit, Unlimited Sea Salt Ice Cream, Potions, Mega Potion, Black Coat, Tent, Camping Set, Cottage, Training Weapons x4, Dream Sword. -300 0

The general idea is to just hang around in Traverse Town, and farm the Dream Worlds for spirit parts, so I can dogpile any Heartless that show up with hordes of Dream Eaters.

I'm also definitely going to give the Keyblade Wielders their own Chirity, since none of them except Ventus actually have one.

>> No.76075814

The ability to erase and modify a target's memories
The ability to seemingly stop time by altering the perceptions of time of everyone on a significant radius
Reading the surface thoughts of those you look at
Make someone feel complete love or complete hate for someone else
Place a genjutsu on a target that makes them completely incapable of even trying to hurt you. The genjutsu stops them from even thinking about attacking you.
Reverse all the priorities of a certain person.
Strengthened predictive abilities, seeing up to an hour ahead
Genjutsus are real as long as people don't realize they are genjutsus, so any damage and effects they cause until then remain after they are broken
A wind technique that turns the nearby area into a vacuum, stealing all the air in the area and making it surround you, shielding you
A technique that makes any chakra outside a body that you glare at explode, or maybe dissolve instead.
A technique that hijacks an opponent's nervous system with lightning chakra
The ability to shoot Tailed Beast Balls from your eye, or maybe lasers like Pain's Asura Path can
Turning those you look at into stone by injecting them with natural energy

>> No.76075820

>We still don't have a Grand Dad jump

>> No.76075825

>You can't turn everything into a megazord
Just because giant robot animals are in fashion doesn't mean you can't make anything else into a megazord

>> No.76075861

The ability to make imaginary constructs physical. Like a combination of the various Clone Jutsu and the Stand the eyes already get

>> No.76075897 [SPOILER] 

I wonder who could be behind this post?

>> No.76075905

Ah, sorry. I was making an analogy. Actual microstate would be more stuff about the specific particles that make up the coins, etc etc.

But the notion I'm going for is that macrostates give "big picture" stuff that doesn't necessarily fully specify the _exact_ physical state, and instead corresponds to a space of possible microstates. Macrostates are often macroscopic. ie, what we're seeing at our level, while a microstate is a more precise specific state of reality. So one way of slicing up the flipped coin system into macrostates would be "how many heads?", while the microstate would be "exactly what pattern?"

In physical systems, say, you might talk about the temperature, pressure, etc of some object, and the microstate would be some specific physically precise state of affairs, and there'd be many possible microstates associated with each macrostate. But, critically, different macrostates would have _different numbers_ of microstates associated with them.

Here, another example: consider a typical everyday object (so no weird population inversion stuff or whatever which is fun and cool, but will add confusion at the moment). Consider if it had a lot of thermal energy. There'd be many ways to distribute that thermal energy through the object, some molecules having a bit more energy than others, which ones had how much more than others, etc etc etc..

On the other hand, if it had very little energy, the space of possible ways of distributing that little amount of energy is much smaller. So far fewer possibilities/states associated with that. Not only that, but it will often turn out that only a tiny increase in the energy is enough to create a huge increase in the number of available states. (cont..)

>> No.76075921

Oh, I remembered some I did once for a slightly altered dojutsu:
The ability to create mindscapes and project them onto the world. Essentially topographical reality warping in an area around oneself.
Creation of mindscapes within oneself and others, into which the user can move. Can be used to modify memories, send messages, control others, or even teleport by popping out of somebody's head.
The use of mindscapes of real places to interact with and move to those places. You thoroughly memorize a location, and by mentally travelling to that location, you travel there physically as well. At higher levels it can be used to attack people from the mindscape, without actually being in the real location.

>> No.76075925

EVO search for Eden
Fist of the North Star
Fossil Fighters?
Okami (Why Not?)

>> No.76076016

(cont from above)

Temperature, thermodynamically, is defined in terms of the relationship between energy and entropy. A cold thing is a thing that "wants" to absorb heat because even a small bit of energy added to it vastly increases the number of possible states. While a hot thing can lose a bit of energy without the number of possible arrangements going down as much.

That's why energy flows from hot to cold. Because there're more possible ways where energy can end up going in that direction, while far fewer ways that energy can go in the other direction. Turns out that for typical every day systems, average energy per molecule (well, per "degree of freedom", so it's a bit more complicated than that), will be proportional to the temperature, so that's why we can also say that temperature is basically proportional to how much energy the object has. This isn't always true, though.

You can get systems where it's possible to, in a sense, "max it out" (until you break it), sort of like having a bunch of coins with all heads. By losing energy and having some of the "coins" become "tails", space of possibilities increases. (This is the stuff I meant re "population inversion"). This sort of shenaniganery shows up in lasers, for instance. Systems like that can be viewed as having negative absolute temperature. That doesn't mean it's colder than absolute zero, it's more like "hotter than infinitely hot", and will aggressively give up energy.

>> No.76076034

Nice Guy's power from Worm. For as long as you keep using the Mangekyo, you don't stand out to anyone nearby.

>> No.76076051

I think there were some dinosaurs in Fate Japan

>> No.76076062

Rocket punches, but its your eye instead of your fist

>> No.76076064

Ah, awesome!

>> No.76076079

No bulli, only truth.

>> No.76076085

Lost Valley of the dinosaurs

>> No.76076103

Of course I can't turn everything into a Megazord, do you have any idea how hard it is to find five ships roughly the same size? And you want to hand me a dozen? You're damn right I'm gonna turn this into a megazord!

>> No.76076178

What a Gohan tier comment.

>> No.76076193

Are there any perks that allow you to restrict your abilities in a customizable way in exchange for certain benefits? Like being able to limit your access to certain powers until certain conditions are met (like reaching a certain level in other abilities) and gain benefits in exchange for that limitation (like increased growth in said other abilities)?

>> No.76076199

Based, I wish you the best of luck Megazord Ranger

>> No.76076202

If memory serves there is something for literally exactly that in the Worm jump.

>> No.76076210

Fate Legends Japan has one under swordsmen, and garden of avalon too maybe. Worm has a perk that lets you restrict or weaken powers to improve their growth & limits elsewhere but you lose any of that growth if you undo the limits unfortunately.

>> No.76076234

There's a perk vaguely like that in Cuphead, that gives you the ability to make up to four altforms, and restrict powers to specific altforms in exchange for an increase in ability inverse to how many altforms can do an ability.

IE, Restrict your laser power to three forms to get a minor boost, restrict it to a single form to get a major boost

>> No.76076245


Thanks anon.

>> No.76076247

Ok so... I had already figured out what you meant by macrostates, apparently. I still don't understand why things go from hot to cold just because there's "More possibilities for them to do so." I thought heat just disappeared or something. Also, I have no idea what you're talking about with lasers

>> No.76076397

>You really don't need to hop between SynthMorphs.
But body hopping is cool though! What if I wanna live a few years as a tank!

>> No.76076438

>>76076247 (me)
Also, what's this about losing energy to have coins become tails? I thought having more energy was what increased the number of possibilities, not losing it

>> No.76076451

There's no reason you can't, I was just saying you didn't need to.

Hell, my Jumper is a Neotenic and a Arachnikoma linked together with the Inexhaustable QE Comm Link you can buy in the jump

>> No.76076463

Undying Legions - 400
The armies of the Necron are unceasing and inevitable, their march bringing annihilation to all that oppose the Lords that command them. By purchasing this you have under your command a full sized Necron army, with the full range of the Necron war machine at your disposal. From countless warriors and immortals, swarms of canoptek drones, vehicles and monoliths, in total these are more than enough to wipe entire planets clean. You may choose to have your forces specialize or focus on a particular area if you wish, in which case they’ll be among the Necron elite in their preferred methods of warfare. You also have a full command structure of subordinate lords and nobility, each of them with thousands of years of experience commanding the forces under their command. These all count as followers unless imported as companions, and any lost forces or machines destroyed beyond the capacity of their reanimation protocols will be restored at the end of the year. In future jumps they will remain dormant until called forth from your warehouse, at which point they will enter your current jump via portal systems similar to those of the Monoliths.

I can't get these to feel right, but screw it we're moving on.

>> No.76076468

Don't you lose the growth after removing the limits though?

These are useful but not really what I'm looking for, the main reason I want to find such a thing is to provide a practical reason for a jumper to limit their abilities to fit into the setting. Some way to make that a useful thing to do instead of just for fun. Just holding back so that the fights and situations you're in are more interesting tends to go over poorly with allies who're fighting for their lives.

A hard to break self imposed limit like "All powers beyond X, Y, and Z are locked off until you satisfy the terms you set for the limitation or spend a long ass time unraveling it" in exchange for growth speed while under it or some other worthwhile benefit would give a reason to have such a limitation and one for why you don't just break it when the going gets tough.

The one in Fate/Riceball is actually really close but it just offers a straight up power boost while under the limitation which kind of defeats one of the main goals, bringing your power in line with the setting.

>> No.76076511

>Don't you lose the growth after removing the limits though?
It could be read that way, but it also reads to me as if you can eventually break the limits you set with training to get all the benefits and progress with no drawbacks-with the option to remove the limits early in return for losing your progress in training. That's how I read it anyways; here's the perk so you can judge for yourself.

>Forced Evolution (600cp, Discount Shard): It’s not the scope of what you’re capable of that lets
you truly grow and learn, its your limits. Something you’re perfectly suited to exploiting. You can
at any time put any kind of arbitrary limitations on your abilities, or weaken them, even turning
them completely off as if you just didn’t have them. But when you really want to grow you can
use this perk to effectively hinder, weaken, or even selectively cripple some of your capabilities
in order to force yourself to grow or develop them along new lines. The limitations put into place
with this will force you to push against them and break new ground in some manner. This could
be suddenly hitting an entirely novel way to think outside of the box, shoring up holes you didn’t
realize were there, or even just using the enforced limits so that when you finally break past
them you’ve managed a leap forward in raw power. This second use effectively locks in the limits
and it will take time, use, and effort before you manage to break past it. You can undo this at any
time if you need or desire to, but it will sacrifice all progress you’ve made and will require that
you start over.

>> No.76076519

So basically a way to add the rule from the original fallout jump to others but on your own terms and to a practical purpose.

>> No.76076552

I actually use the Cuphead one specifically for that. Just shove all of your really powerful powers into another form, and keep all your base powers in another.

Maybe Limit Mode from Kid Radd? It lets you seal 9/10ths of your powers into a Boss transformation once per year, and gives you a major training boost if you actually seal your stuff. You'll be able to disable it if you're going to die in combat

>> No.76076589

What Domains/Authorities do you think a god of the sun should have? Light, Fire, and Life seem obvious atleast.

>> No.76076607

Huh, yeah that's kind of confusing as to what exactly that part means.

Waifu_Anon, could you please clarify the Worm perk here>>76076511?

>> No.76076608

The perk striking a deal in Fate Legend Land of Shadows should work.

>> No.76076618

Summer, Day, Heat, and Sun off the top of my head.

>> No.76076625

Probably not what he's looking for but Dragonball (AF, I think.) has a perk for Friezans that lets you seal yourself down to one quarter of your current power for a training boost and you can do it multiple times.
I really like the idea but going to AF isn't currently on my list.

>> No.76076628

Gold? At least that's what Alchemy represents it with in text.

>> No.76076661

Perks for traveling to alternate planes/realms/worlds/universes/multiverses/etc? I'd rather it be a perk over an item.

>> No.76076662

Mid Afternoon Naps.

>> No.76076663

Okay, go back to shuffling a deck of cards. By default, you'd expect the black and red cards to be roughly evenly mixed because there're _more ways_ for that to happen. Also you'd expect stuff to be not nicely separated into suits, etc, because there're fewer ways for that to happen.

Similarly, as particles jostle around, as physics physicses with enough particles/etc that statistics becomes a dominant force, one ends up expecting to see macrostates that have way more ways they could have happened. If there're many ways that something could have happened, it's less surprising to see it happen.
(If one wants to be really rigorous here, there're various nitpicky things to get into, but right now trying to just give general intuitive idea of what's going on)

Oh, maybe I wasn't being clear there. In most everyday typical physical systems, the more energy it has, the more possible microstates. But there are some physical systems where you can contrive to cause a slightly different situation to happen, where you can arrange to make it so that losing a bit of energy actually increases the space of possibilities. You can have systems analogous to having something like "heads being a molecule in high energy state, tails in low energy state", so that if the whole system got "maxed out", then losing a bit of energy will make it gain entropy, because then instead of mostly "heads", you'd have a mix of "heads and tails."

Most everyday physical systems do _not_ act like this, however.

>> No.76076666

Is there a perk anywhere that'd let me make dream things real?

I want to ensure Koholint doesn't get destroyed when Link wakes up, but I don't want to actually buy the island

MtG Iconics gives you a Planeswalker Spark for free

>> No.76076675

>Highway To Hell(DC Occult)
>Vagabond of Worlds(Generic Xianxia)

>> No.76076682

Seems fine to be Wormfu.

>> No.76076691

Like the one in Land of the Rising Sun that also just gives an overall power boost while under the oath, which isn't practical for the purpose.

>> No.76076707

El Goonish Shive has a perk that lets you do that

>> No.76076708

The Infinite Frontier from The Free Universe.

>> No.76076709


>> No.76076714

Oh, the bit with lasers is that once it's pumped, you can end up with most of the electrons in a high energy state, while to increase entropy, you'd want a more even mix. So it'll really aggressively want to give up energy. You can model the source of a laser beam as something that's "hotter than infinitely hot", in a sense.

Here, if it helps, wiki page on population inversion: https://www.wikiwand.com/en/Population_inversion

>> No.76076719

>Beast of the War Dead (A+ Rank): A Skill that uses the power he absorbed from Fenrir. The performance of Surtr’s original super effectiveness against gods is increased even further. (Only in his second form)
You know what, I'd say adding Fenrir to Step 2 would be worth it.

>> No.76076720

Are you saying it isn't fine to be a wormfu?

>> No.76076722

Final Fantasy Tactics has an Astrologist (Olan) who has an ability called 'Galaxy Stop' which seems to do just as the name says. There's also the Oracle Job which has inspiration there as well.

>> No.76076746

>I still don't understand why things go from hot to cold just because there's "More possibilities for them to do so."
Not that anon, but: There's a classic thought experiment in thermodynamics that might help you. Imagine you have two containers, one full of high-energy hot particles and one full of low-energy cold ones. You connect these containers. What happens?

Well, the cold particles aren't going to be moving much, right? They've got low energy, and on the scale of individual particles that means slow movement. So they're mostly going to stay where they are, they're going to stay in a clump and not really spread out. It's possible that there are going to be collisions where one of them nudges another particle so that it gets bumped out of the clump, but it's unlikely.

But the hot particles, they're moving fast. And so they're constantly bouncing off of each other at high speeds. And that means there are plenty of opportunities for a hot particle to go flying off in a completely different direction. This happens a lot, it's very likely...and so by sheer chance some of them go bouncing off into the container of cold particles. And then you've got these hot particles ricocheting around in there, and when they hit the cold particles the cold particles get nudged a little faster. And since these are very elastic collisions and momentum is conserved, when the cold particles get faster, the hot ones get slower.

And so energy gets transferred from the hot to the cold, and eventually there are no more hot particles and no more cold ones. The system reaches equilibrium, where every particle has the same lukewarm speed and so the odds of a collision that speeds up or slows down a particle significantly are very low. It can still happen, it's possible, maybe two particles will hit a third at the same time. But that's a pretty rare event, and even if it does happen that faster particle is going to wind up hitting another pretty soon. It averages out.

>> No.76076748

Worm has the Doormaker power. It also has something similar in item form.

>> No.76076749

Just have your jumper place a geass on the themselves that for example they will only use powers that make sense for the setting they are in unless their life or the world is in danger. While that would boost their power, it would also restrict them in the way you want to and punish them harshly should they break the rules.

>> No.76076753

Worm's Doormaker power, UQ Holder's Witch of the Rift, once trained up enough, and Medaka Box's Alibi Lock, maybe. I guess maybe a matter of interpretation on the last one, but I'd read it to include that.

>> No.76076761

The second magic in fate, it's offered in Fate Stay Night and Fate Prisma Ilya.

>> No.76076772

What I'm now confused about again, though, is what is making it go from hot to cold? The heat just spreading out naturally? I understand that there's more ways for heat to go from hot to cold, but I don't know what's making that happen

>> No.76076796

Good example, though nitpick: You don't end up with everything having _exactly_ the same energy, you end up with a distribution that ends up being the pattern that "sticks" (total high energy particles giving up energy to lower ones at a rate similar to total low energy ones boosting high energy ones, so you have equilibrium)

>> No.76076824

The space-time magic in Hero BBS can do that. It's accurate enough to scan the whole multiverse for a single person and then remotely transport that person from one universe to another within a matter of minutes.

>> No.76076840

Just all the little individual processes. One molecule bumping into another, transferring energy that way. Some bumping into each other in the hot thing, raising some part of one of the molecules to higher energy level, then leading to it emitting an infrared photon which then gets absorbed by other object, etc etc etc...

It just ends up that, taken all together, the number of "possible worlds" where heat ended up moving from the cold thing to the hot thing overall ends up being far fewer than the number of worlds where heat ended up moving from the hot thing to the cold thing, if that makes sense?

>> No.76076849

In the case of a laser? Photon emission from the electron orbitals of the particles in the gain medium. But that's a whole different kettle of physics based in quantum mechanics, that's a conversation for its own.

I was getting into that at the end, but I ran out of characters and had to abridge. Yes, it's not all of them having the exact same energy, it's a close average, there are going to be outliers but with sufficient time they'll disappear at the same rate that new outliers develop. So the average macrostate remains a constant, even if individual microstates can change, potentially dramatically.

>> No.76076857

How easy is it to find volunteers for this trick?

>> No.76076870

Post on the internet, you'll get plenty of volunteers. Probably even more once you've proven you can do the thing

>> No.76076896

That isn't the goal though, the only benefit there is to increase raw power while you aren't able to use it which is pointless and fear of punishment is a shitty way to enforce the limit in this context, especially if it's the only enforcement and you set the punishment yourself.

The goal here would be to actually restrict the abilities meant to be limited (not just set rules against their use), get a worthwhile benefit from this restriction to justify it's use, with firm rules for when the limits can be released freely, and it being difficult and/or time consuming to release them beforehand.

>> No.76076922

I don't mine shitposts, I'm just disappointed in how uninspired these are.
See, this is at least different.

>> No.76076925

The geass would still buff the abilities you can use since it increases your overall power, since this is a very harsh limitation it should even be quite a notable boost.

>> No.76076947

Darn char limit, always getting in the way of our fun!

Hrm... any limit breaker perks that can break the fourth wall and let us break char limits? :)

>> No.76076968

>if it helps, wiki page on population inversion
I read that for about 1 and a half minutes, and had no idea what it was talking about, so no. I get the idea that having an environment where there's more energized particles creates a weird situation, but I don't know how that creates a state of greater than infinite heat

>> No.76076978

The geas doesn't actually restrict the abilities, just punish you if you do use them, the benefit is just a straight up power boost while it's in effect which is the time when you're trying to limit yourself meaning it does none of what I'm looking for.

>> No.76076982

I think Generic Virtual World has something like that?

>> No.76076998

Okay. The basic idea is this: suppose that, given the energy available, particles can be in two states: low or high.

Suppose you somehow arrange a situation where there're 1000 particles, and, say, 950 of them are in high energy state. The number of possible options re which are high energy and which are low energy will be much less than the number of possible options if, say, approximately 500 were high energy.

So the number of options increases as it loses energy. Does that help?

>> No.76077014

I understood that, what I'm confused about is how something somehow has greater than infinite heat

>> No.76077020

>Narrator (Free!, 100, 200) – The voice of an adventurer, familiar to those in this land, will narrate your journey. The narration will mostly just hit the high points of the journey, and won’t give a play-by-play of what’s going on. By paying 100CP you can take this option with you on future jumps. By paying 100CP you can choose any person in the multiverse, and that person will narrate your journey. Personal narrators will colour the narration based off of their personality. Paying 200CP will allow you to both choose your narrator and take them with you throughout your continuing journeys. Narration can be toggled on and off, volume can be controlled, and you can select who hears the narration.

>> No.76077033

gilbert godfrey

>> No.76077052

It's not literally infinite heat, it's just an artifact of the thermodynamic transfer equations. What's actually happening is that you're creating a system which, if it was in thermodynamic equilibrium, would require greater than infinite heat to exist. But the equation isn't in thermodynamic equilibrium, so you can have this phenomenon without heating the gain medium to hotter than is logically possible.

>> No.76077055


>> No.76077059

Randolph P. Checkers Esq.

>> No.76077079

I'm rather fond of having a random Eevee be my narrator.

That way I can hear and understand the narration due to being a Pokeglot, but everyone else just hears Pokemon speech

>> No.76077082

Derp, sorry I was distracted by home stuff. The growth doesn't go away. It explicitly is meant to emulate how the Shards are using the cycle to stress test and expand their capabilities. Any boosted gains are permanent.

>> No.76077086

Temperature not same thing as heat, though in most everyday systems that aren't weird like this it will be proportional.

Thermodynamically, temperatures is defined, basically, as amount of energy you need to add/subtract from a system per amount of increase/decrease in entropy you want to achieve. (well, you do this as change in energy gets really small, and you hold stuff like volume of the system, etc etc constant)

Anyways, what that means is that if a system can gain entropy by losing energy, then that means the temperature is negative, because you subtract a bit of energy to obtain a gain in entropy.

But, since systems "want" to have high entropy (that is, by definition, there're more ways to be in a high entropy situation than a low entropy situation), things with negative temperature very aggressively "want" to give up energy.

>> No.76077092

Make it incomprehensible just to be sure

>> No.76077095

Logan Cunningham. Not a character voiced by Logan Cunningham, the man himself. He's very confused what he's doing here.

>> No.76077096

Is there a list of Narrator perks around? I know there's one in Dragon's Crown, Powerpuff Girls, and Jet Set Radio

>> No.76077108

Thanks for answering, but if this is the case what is the meaning behind the
>You can undo this at any time if you need or desire to, but it will sacrifice all progress you’ve made and will require that you start over.

>> No.76077125

Is that why the laser beam shoots out?

>> No.76077130

Seems that that's specifically just for the second use, the one where you make limits and have to break past them.

Likely it'll remove the limits you set before you manage to break past them, but also remove any improvement you've made towards breaking the limits

>> No.76077145

I can't even think of who would be a good choice for this kind of thing since my favorite commentators would be horribly obnoxious to have around constantly talking about everything. It would just be almost nonstop peepee poopoo haha jokes

>> No.76077152

Don't we have a Bastion jump? Let's see.. yes, we do. This had better have one. Yup, the very first actual perk (ie, not a background) listed in the document, Dulcet Tones, is a narrator perk.

>> No.76077153

World Walker from Greek Myth lets you travel anywhere, eventually. You can wank it into you passing hidden portals.
The Gate spell in D&D and Pathfinder settings can let you portal anywhere.
Slave harem has a ability in the Bonus Points section that lets you open portals anywhere you have been.
Adventure time has Door Lord, Thrown a key and open a door to anywhere in the same dimension.

>> No.76077154

What would you choose in Oasis of Fantasy, Azrael or Ea?

>> No.76077167

Donald Duck

>> No.76077168

Ooh, I forgot about that one. Thanks!

>> No.76077187

That is a scenario reward in the Aladdin jump.
Game Grumps.

>> No.76077196

Ea sounds more fun, but Az looks better and can kill things that Ea can't if you stack luck perks.

>> No.76077205

What this guy >>76077130 said. The limits are imposed in order to force growth, and undoing them before you actually break into that new ground will lose all your progress. Think of it like lowering a level 10 Fireball ability to a Level 1 Fireball ability, but due to those limits you're able to learn to fire the things rapid fire or in volleys instead of one at a time and then when it hits level 10 again the limits are gone and you keep the growth/expansion.

Alternatively you just use it to level 3 or 7 like a slider toggle...I'm tired so if that doesn't make sense let me know.

>> No.76077209

Well, there's more to what's going on in lasers than that, but it relates to how you can get away with being able to focus lasers arbitrarily tight. (Well, up to limits imposed by the wavelength itself)

One of the consequences of all this thermodynamics stuff is you can't really use just lens systems/etc to create something brighter and, more to the point, hotter, than the original source. So, for instance, you can't use any arrangement of mirrors and lenses to focus sunlight to a point brighter and hotter than the surface of the sun. There're fancy optics ways of proving this, but the easy proof is "it'd violate the second law of thermodynamics if you could. It'd let you reverse entropy."

But the source of laser light can be sortakinda viewed as "hotter than infinitely hot", so nothing "breaks" by being able to focus a bunch of laser beams into an absurdly arbitrarily bright spot.

>> No.76077212

Azrael looks cooler

>> No.76077218

You dont need luck perks with Azrael, just stab them in the chest, it's not like those you'd use it on are the kind of people who would dodge.

>> No.76077234

You're welcome.

>> No.76077258

I want an empty Gate of Babylon into Oasis or Fantasy, would the Magus Perk be enough to create one?

>> No.76077261

Huh, those seem obvious in hindsight. Thank you.

Ah, something about a green lion purifying the sun and all that's left is gold is what I found. Weird, but I can dig it. Thanks to you too.

I'm not accepting this because of you, but for all those good cats out there in existence. Thanks.

>> No.76077273

Locke was a fucking moron, news at 11

>> No.76077289

A lot of this sounds very semantic, "If it's technically hotter than infinitely hot, I'm not breaking the law of thermodynamics"

>> No.76077291

Right then
>Bastion - Dulcet Tones
>Dragon's Crown - Narrator
>Jet Set Radio - Rockin the Mic (More a radio station than a narrator)
>Legend of Zelda Ancient Stone Tablets - The Story Thus Far
>Monster Prom - Omniscient Narration
>Powerful Girls - The City of Townsville, Once Again the Day is Saved (Only triggers at the beginning and end of a jump)

I'm kinda sad that the Powerpuff Girl's Narrator perks are once a jump things. The dude's one of the better characters in the show.

Winnie the Pooh has a Narrator origin, but the jump doesn't have companion options

>> No.76077331

Oh, and
>Gen 13 - Talkin’ ‘bout My Gen-eration

That jump has a bunch of meta stuff in it actually

>> No.76077337

Maybe, but "it's, in a sense, hotter than infinitely hot" is not just word games. It corresponds to a fact about the actual reality, about the relationship between energy and entropy in the system.

>> No.76077345

>The limits are imposed in order to force growth, and undoing them before you actually break into that new ground will lose all your progress.
This is what confuses me, actual training growth would be gradual and analog in most cases not with actual 'levels'. You train for a while under some limitations and then turn them back off to see how much of an effect this has on your power and skill with the relevant ability without those limitations, I don't see a failure state in that chain of events that could result in lost progress, other than just not making any meaningful progress but in that case there wouldn't be any progress to lose.

>> No.76077371

Are you brave enough to arrange so that your Narrators consist of Gilbert Gottfried and Fran Drescher arguing with each other?

>> No.76077376

Nah, I fucking hate Fran Drescher

>> No.76077394

Hah, found another one
>Dave the Barbarian - The Storyteller

>> No.76077397

No, but now I want to find a way to turn that into a curse and inflict it on my enemies. For everyone around them to hear.

>> No.76077422

So, by the way, is a high entropy situation a situation where a lot of energy is flowing from hot to cold?

>> No.76077441

Is the FTL from Stelleris better than the ones in Star Trek?

>> No.76077443

Someone toss me an isekai jump that isn't Shield Hero or Otome Villainess to drop my insomia wizard into.

>> No.76077446

Well, that's a high amount of entropy increase.

Yesssssss, dooo eeeeet. The forces of evil and insanity demand this offering.

>> No.76077451


>> No.76077465

Familiar of Zero
Does that Isekai Restaurant count?

>> No.76077467


>> No.76077471


>> No.76077475

The forces of evil will be driven to insanity. Going to have to figure out how to just use nasuverse magic rather than trying on perks, so that Quirrel's turban will get its own narration, for instance.

>> No.76077485


>> No.76077503

It's....not one of my best perks. The way I envisioned it is you were enforcing a bottleneck on an ability and then breaking past it to expand what the ability can do. Parahumans use an extremely small subset of a Shard's full capabilities but allow the Shard to learn how to expand on their capabilities through them using it.

Probably gonna need to add this to my Worm Wall of Shame. Sorry anon.

>> No.76077509

Slime Tensei?
No Game No Life?
Hero BBS?

>> No.76077510

The Jump sucks, but the setting should be fun

>> No.76077522

Considering my track record with deities, I should save that one for later.
Konosuba is a good one. FoZ is too, but I don't want to retread the old ground of being Louise's summon...unless you guys really, REALLY want me to. Do you? Or any alternatives you would suggest?
Also a good answer. I have vague memories of the first Digimon show and enjoying it.
Good suggestions, even if Slime Tensei might be a bit much for me early on. Noted.
More blasts from the past. Maybe? Noted down.

>> No.76077527


>> No.76077529

You could create a power that works like that with a custom power like Battle School Dangerous or Servant Supplement

>> No.76077551

Chronicles of Narnia

>> No.76077562

The perks just fine Wormfu, thanks for clarifying that part!

>> No.76077566

Hopefully we'll get a better jump for the Sequel

>> No.76077569

Harry Potter

>> No.76077579

>so that Quirrel's turban will get its own narration, for instance.
You're my new hero of the moment.

>Does that Isekai Restaurant count?
Do you mean Restaurant to Another World? I guess maybe on a technicality? Not sure it'd be an example of what someone wants when they ask for an isekai. Although, the backstory is a reverse isekai.

>> No.76077588

Honestly I dont mind the old cliche of being her summon

>> No.76077605

Dog Days.

>> No.76077606

>Four Loves, Four Seasons [400] Discount Witchcraft or Starborn
>When you take this perk, choose Winter, Spring, Summer, or Autumn. You gain a magical
>connection to your chosen season. Yes, this includes the ability to wield the elements as weapons (eg: if
>you are a Winter Witch, you can cause spikes of ice to erupt from the ground or breathe gusts of
>freezing air), but the true power of this Aspect is more subtle.
What would Spring be capable of? Growing and controlling plants?

>> No.76077620

Its both reverse and standard. Been a while since I read it, but the restaurant had to teleport back and forth /somehow/, yeah?

>> No.76077633

You can totally knock people up with magic

>> No.76077634

That seems about right, maybe also some stuff to do with controlling the wind

>> No.76077643

What is there to do in Dog Days? Anything to explore or fight?

>> No.76077649

I've only seen the anime, but I don't think the restaurant ever moved around? Just that the door itself would, once a week, open to the other world. So it's more like people in the other world visiting _one_ place on earth, eating, then going back home.

>> No.76077663

Mostly depends on how you interpret Stellaris FTL, but if you go by game mechanics, Warp and Transwarp stuff from Star Trek beats out everything in Stellaris except gateways.

>> No.76077694

Be a different void summon then--what's the name of Asshole McKing? The one who summoned Myoz? Be his summon.

>> No.76077697

Yeah but if you go above Warp 10 in Stellaris you don't turn into lizards.

>> No.76077743

Avatar of the Digital World is one of my favorite world altering perks. Just spreading Digimon to new settings is very fun. Then I can select kids to be DigiDestineds. Or I can go full Digi Ranger and patrol the Digital World in the down time of the plot. It was real fun to do in DCAU.

>> No.76077745

How powerful is Sephiroth? Both the normal one before going insane and Safer Sephiroth.
How would he compare to Servants from Fate, for example?

>> No.76077753

We only see some of the continent, so there’s plenty to see.

Aside from the various practice wars, there are demons around.

>> No.76077784

If you can't blast them with Ea, you're probably not going to be able to stab them in a place that matters with Az.
Hence the need for luck to get its effect to proc.

>> No.76077790

Among the jumps we have, which would you say has the highest amount of undead residing in it?

>> No.76077802

Tell me about your Primarchs and your legions, anons! Did you go standard by 40k standards? Or did you get weird with it?

>> No.76077803

Supernatural, easily. Entire multiverse of expoential undead generation.

>> No.76077804

I mean, normal Sephiroth is probably stronger than any Fate/Stay Night Servant, he impaled that giant serpent on a pile like Kratos. As for Safer Sephiroth, he can cause a Supernova, and in the attack animation, destroys a planet just to instigate the supernova, so he's pretty fuckin' strong

>> No.76077815

Any jump for a MMO setting, due to them having infinite undead

Highschool of the Dead's a good one too

>> No.76077818

*On a pike

>> No.76077825

>I mean, normal Sephiroth is probably stronger than any Fate/Stay Night Servant
No, like, just no
Don't bring randomness into this

>> No.76077832

What do you mean randomness? There's no way to tell for sure

>> No.76077834

>The solar system gets blown up 5 times during your fight with him

>> No.76077842

Different Solar Systems. It is canon funnily enough.

>> No.76077853

Glory, holiness/anti-evil, light, truth, illumination, sight, fire, heat, civilization, life, rebirth and vitality come to mind.
Ra was the god of the sun, order, kings, and the sky
Helios is seen as both a personification of the Sun and the fundamental creative power behind it and as a result is often worshiped as a god of life and creation.
Huitzilopochtli is also seen as a war god.

>> No.76077860

I think someone explained he's actually opening up portals to other solar systems or something and that's how he's doing that without actually destroying the solar system. Something like that

>> No.76077886

The description from Dissidia is that he's creating an explosion so powerful it bleeds into other dimensions. He destroys "a" solar system and then the explosion bleeds from that dimension and onto the party.

>> No.76077891

You'd think that, but most characters in fiction who could survive something like Ea are the kind of person who'd let you stab them with a sword to prove how useless it is.

>> No.76077893

Ok, thank you. What would you compare him to, then? I often have problem gauging the strength of video game settings.

>> No.76077898

How would Cauldron deal with a jumper who could create and destroy multiverses with ease, know the answer to any question he asked, and was a sapient living multiverse with billions of entities obeying his will?

>> No.76077904

I guess he doesn't do it in his solar system because that would kill him too

>> No.76077909

Wow Yang must be incredibly powerful if she can beat one of the party members who took him down


>> No.76077924

>reddit spacing
Go home.

>> No.76077925

Nice, thanks for the info

>> No.76077929

Gee. It's almost like the summon and special attack animations are there for flavor rather than realism.

>> No.76077937

I imagine he doesn't do it because he wants to use the planet and the Lifestream to grow even further in power and go full Jenova on the universe.

>> No.76077951

So Jenova was roughly as powerful as Golden Frieza all along?

>> No.76077959

Didn't Ultimania say it's a illusion? At this point you are trying to avoid a meteor hitting the earth, if he could just supernova it doesn't make much sense

>> No.76077961

Only after she trains for a couple of months.

>> No.76077973

No, but you do have a chance of accidentally summoning an endless horde of extradimensional energy beings.

>> No.76077976

I don't know, dude. It's really hard to say, all we have to go off is shit like him just apparently off screen killing a giant serpent and impaling. Like, there really isn't a lot to go off of. Zack from Crisis Core busts open a giant metal door and Sephiroth is presumably a lot stronger than him. Other than that, I've got nothing

>> No.76077978

>waifu says jumper's dick is the 50th biggest she's ever taken
>she is genuinely complimenting
How respond?

>> No.76077982

D&D's negative energy plane. It is basically all undead and goes on forever.

>> No.76077991

expand dong

>> No.76078000

Ask her where the No 1, 2, and 3 are. Go get buttfucked by them with her

>> No.76078017

Soooooo... infinite energy source?

>> No.76078030

He can potentially be killed by an angsty teen, two stuffed animals, and a doggo in his strongest form. So typical JRPG fair.

>> No.76078053

I wish I couldn't see the logic in that.

That's good.

>the wind
I figured that would be more of Fall's schtick.

Thanks for the help you two.

>> No.76078056

An endless horde of extradimensional energy beings that are completely fucked in nebulae.

>> No.76078057

I don't remember if it did? Ultimania isn't the greatest source in the first place, but Safer-Seph should be stronger than what the Black Materia would get him anyway all things considered. He had been taking a nice dip in the lifestream for quite some time. You're also right, it doesn't make much sense, but neither does Exdeath punching himself out of non-existence.

>> No.76078062

Yeah, like most people making a game or a story, they didn't seem to really care about the minutea of how powerful every character is and whatnot

>> No.76078065

How do you protect yourself from attacks like Heartless Angel or Tornado, which reduce you to basically 1 HP no matter how much you had originally and wouldn't be covered by instant death immunity?

>> No.76078075

Quarter Muncher. Who cares if I get reduced to 1hp, if I had 1hp already?

>> No.76078084

Just heal really fast, or have magic resistance of some sort that can either block or lessen this type of effect

>> No.76078095

Get that ring from How Not To Summon A Demon Lord that reflects all magic

>> No.76078097

Kill them before they can use it.

>> No.76078102

That "descend, Heartless Angel" attack used to scare the shit out of me as a kid until I realized it was just free damage if you weren't an idiot

>> No.76078103

Maybe some small part of the mako from dead monsters is absorbed by the party instead of returning to the lifestream? It would explain the growth in power as the story progresses, at least.

>> No.76078107

Are there any uncappers that work exclusively for pets/summons?

>> No.76078110

Have so many friendship perks that no one would want to attack me in the first place.

>> No.76078113


>> No.76078115

Just get good at dodging lol

>> No.76078122

>neither does Exdeath punching himself out of non-existence
I'm sorry, what?

>> No.76078135

Dark Cloud has a potion to turn animals into animal people. Xiao is the best girl, and deserves all the headpats and chin schritches

>> No.76078137


Seems excessive for only 400cp. One or two capital-class ships seems more like the norm, but that's going off the games and I don't know the average size of a 40k 'fleet.'

And if that's only 400cp, what's the 600cp offering?

>> No.76078140

Exalted perfect defense? I know nothing about it but some people says it can defend almost anything.

>> No.76078160


>> No.76078167

Exalted is street tier and can't even defend against a man with a gun.

>> No.76078171

Endeavor + Quick Attack

>> No.76078192

That's because a man with a gun is canonically a cosmic level being in Exalted. A man with a gun killed one of the primordial creators of the world.

>> No.76078197

Fate is simply put, BS

>> No.76078202

And that's because Exalted is low tier.

>> No.76078212

Diving into the lore is really frustrating because the numbers given are all over the place and not very helpful, but I finally found a reference that a full Imperial Battlefleet can number 75 ships. I might tone it down but the 600 capstone item stuff are things like having your own Tomb World (with more points being sunk in upgrading potentially up to a full dynasty if you go all in). So the 400 point options aren't on that scale but are meant to still be pretty good.

Making a 40k jump sucks because the scale is all over the damn place. If other people think it's too much I'll tone it down. Which might not be a bad idea anyway.

>> No.76078216

Except the man is an elder solar and the gun is an artifact.

>> No.76078218

I'm thinking of trying out Borderlands. Would any anon here recommend / not recommend me playing it?

>> No.76078231

The first one?

>> No.76078235

I played it a very small amount one time. It seemed fun

>> No.76078242

Yep, you get a pick of parries, dodges or soaks depending on how you like you're Perfects. Now there's a lot of fluff differences between them, you might simply dodge the fate of you getting hurt, you might simply let them strike and watch it slide off in a shower of sparks, you might swing your blade and dissolve the attack in a violent light show, you might actually let yourself get torn to shreds but perfectly heal all damage the very instant after the attack lands, but fundamentally they all defend against effectively anything.

>> No.76078243

Honestly, I didn't see a problem with it.
As for the capstone items, celestial orrey?

>> No.76078246

It's definitely fun, go for it.

>> No.76078253

Anything from an actual tg jump and not a Reddit jump?

>> No.76078266


Dark Cloud has the Changing Potion item, which turns animals into animal people

>> No.76078276

Minutea is one thing; consistency is another. It’s nitpicking to say, “This person who has a maximum strength of 1-ton lifted a 1.2-ton car”, but if you have characters that struggle with rats and other trash mobs in the beginning of the game it starts to become questionable when they beat up a guy who casually nukes universes at the end of it without any explanation.

Personally, I’d scale things off of shit that happens out of gameplay like Cloud surviving the fall into Aerith’s church, him breaking machinery by throwing Sephiroth into it in the flashback, and Sephiroth impaling that snake like somebody else mentioned. Those give pretty good indicators of how strong the characters are supposed to be since the gameplay does a piss-poor job of it.

Or just use Advent Children; it probably makes the characters stronger than they were supposed to be in the original, but it’s a better middle ground then “can die from a gun” and “can tank universe-destroying explosions”.

>> No.76078291

Borderlands 1 didn't age too well on account of the franchise not quite getting to the point it knew where it wanted to go, so there are still bits of gameplay lifted halfheartedly from other series like the cover shooter mechnic that stuff like Gears of War are more accustomed to.

That said, once it hits Borderlands 2 and onwards (release order, not chronology), it starts becoming its own beast and far more enjoyable for it. Borderlands 3's plot kind of suffers the third sequel curse, especially if you think on it too hard, but the gameplay is still on point as far as the shooting weirg guns with at weirder enemies thing goes.

>> No.76078309

>like somebody else mentioned
That was actually me. Yeah, that's kinda what you have to go by, because anything in gameplay is more like a suggestion, but if it happened in the story it more definitively happened

>> No.76078324

the puniest Raksha could annihilate your candy ass from all existence, Gohan.

>> No.76078343

FF V, Exdeath gets yeeted into the Void of non-existence. He punches his way out and gets stronger.

>> No.76078344

Ok Nerx

>> No.76078356

And to be nice, here's when he posted the finished version

>> No.76078357

That doesn't work in any setting other than Exalted though, since Exalted are weaklings.

>> No.76078388

Do they defend against curses, bright light stinging your eyes, hurt feelings, seasonal depression?

>> No.76078414

Legit question, how do you manage to bait or ambush A.I in hazardous systems?

>> No.76078446

>Here's when a redditfag posted a jump that was shitty but no one cared about the ip so no one gave a shit.
Ok Nerx.

>> No.76078505

Fuck off.

>> No.76078529

How dangerous is ESO as a first jump for someone going full Templar?

>> No.76078563

Not very, it's street tier.

>> No.76078566

More than what I was expecting to get. Thank you. That gives me a lot to think about.

>> No.76078582

Reality is currently being subsumed by the King of Rape

>> No.76078593

that was ONE time...

>> No.76078607

>asking questions about Elder Scrolls
>expecting genuine answers

>> No.76078629

>>asking questions about *Anything*
>>expecting genuine answers

>> No.76078660

>being a cynical asshole
>expecting any joy in life

>> No.76078661

Anon, Dirge still isn't a redditor. Unlike you,

>> No.76078665

You two need to get better at ignoring shitposting.

>> No.76078666

I don't play favourites. If I did, it would be Elodie or my daughter Sunny but one kind of shot down the whole inherit my cosmic kingdom thing down while the other just wants to punch things. So I don't.

As annoying as it is to see many of them squander the phenomenal cosmic power they've inherited on trivialties like creating worlds full of nothing but blackjack and hookers or hitting each other with glorified sharp rocks, yes I do get long famously with them. Too well, honestly. They start hosting cults in my honor, it's really embarrassing trying to explain to all the other supreme beings how degenerate your bloodline became right before you elevated them to Imperium. The point is there's a reason why I entrusted my kingdom to none of the little cuddly spoiled brats instead of a random princess from some isolated reality.

Wait, AGAIN?

Not him but actually yes, although many of them would likely rather be resolved by non-perfect charms that remove Crippling/Sickness/Emotion effects.

From what I can tell it's a weird case where even though there technically are cosmic beings trying to hijack Mundus they're countered by OTHER cosmic beings who throw plot devices and support at the main character that happen to be the hostile cosmic beings' kryptonite, so it all evens out back into standard sword & sorcery battle being able to defeat even the greatest of threats.

By being too abstract to actually attack in the first place.
Technically it's more that after Jack's patch to fix Heaven, it now conjures anything you could ever want or need to be happy into existence like a giant Keyblade so it's more the Impala popped into existence because Dean and Sam needed it to be happy.

>> No.76078668

Does the jump give you the MC's deathlessness? If so, it's not that bad. If you can only die once it's fucking terrible go somewhere easier

>> No.76078690

I don't know, how would they deal with something that they had no hope of dealing with?

>> No.76078703

Ask her where she got her elastic powers, because they sound really good.

>> No.76078737

Wait did that whole thing get resolved?
I've never actually played ESO. I just thought that whole thing was like the overarching plot of the whole game.

>> No.76078750

Is Heaven Kingdom Hearts?

>> No.76078757

Probably decently well enough to not be considered a joke, but she'd lose to anyone with real talent.

I mean, she just never rocks out, so she hasn't had the chance for all those training perks to kick in and make her actually good at it.
She's still very practiced at acoustic guitar, but it's not quite the same.

> What's your Generic Isekai jump like?
I think due to a combination of drawbacks and perks, I decided it was absolutely overrun by high level monsters, to the point that cities had huge walls surrounding them, and those cities were overrun with political backstabbing.
So kindof like Attack On Titan, except not shit.

Anyway, I was a raccoon who was helping out a Dungeon Heart beyond the city limits.
Not, like, a special magical raccoon.
Just a raccoon.

Ralsei is the cutest sub.

I think I just took Divinity E, which was mostly because I had 50SP left over. I don't think that actually gives me anything?

>> No.76078838

Is a passive growth perk like Old But Gold combined with repeated use of the Reincarnation perk in Disgaea a good combo?

>> No.76078840

Either you're that deep in denial or you're just trying to spread the meme that they're tg jumps to drag down the quality of jumps on our drive.

>> No.76078885

Is it true that all female jumpers take stretchy power perks jump 1 to maximize the dick size they can take?

>> No.76078932

Hey, does Chuubo have a satan or devil figure?

>> No.76078969

Hey, is the anon who was working on an Over The Garden Wall jump around?

>> No.76078975

>Only posts his jumps here
> Is a redditer
I didn't know valeria and nubee are redditers

>> No.76078993

Of course not. It's the male jumpers that do that. Female jumps train to fit bigger ones

>> No.76079011

Can confirm. Training is the way more fun method. You guys are missing out.

>> No.76079018

It has increments of Satan, actually. There's Principal Entropy the second, who while like nearly all the characters is open to interpretation is generally considered to be much more merciful and amicable than his predecessor because he tries to reign in all the dark forces of the world and make them productive members of society, and is also literally the King/Magister of Evil. There's King Death who's more an abstract apocalyptic presence that will be summoned if 1000 cats are gathered in one place for too long. And there's the Headmaster of the Bleak Academy-who's one of the few defined characters, he was the leader or maybe visionary/exile of the Excrucian offensive and as a character he's defined more like the experience of "that's enough living, go off and die now will you?". He's quite infamous for wanting to recruit people to be turned into Excrucians in his academy in the lands outside reality proper, or thrust terrible blasphemies into them. He doesn't want to end the world in a terrible war anymore though, possibly because at some point he fell in love with the angel of the sun and possibly (according to Fable of the Swan) because he's concerned that more people in Town have learned to perceive the lands beyond reality-and the limited definition of perception is violence to many of the denizens there, who exist in a kind of solipsistic dream-nature.

>> No.76079038

I bet Gohan was incredibly disappointing to rape.

>> No.76079044

Only if you do it right. Torn sphincters are awful

>> No.76079056

>Only posts his jumps here
You mean never posts his jumps here?

>> No.76079058

No, femjumpers take futa perks and make the cute boys take stretchy perks.

>> No.76079071

Fucking hell, i didn't know illiterate people still existed, but somehow you do

>> No.76079082


>> No.76079094


Literally yes, at the end of the show. Jack fixes the "your best memory repeats forever, but you're locked into your own personal pocket dimension" shit so everyone can go hang out with actual people and go wherever and generally be happy.

>> No.76079097

I don't get how you think that he "only posts his jumps here" when he posted the majority of them to SB and Reddit. You should at least get your facts straight before shitposting.

>> No.76079117

Worse, he has Schrödinger's disappointing cock.
The dimensions and characteristics are undetermined until it is revealed, but they are the most disappointing arrangement for the primary observer.

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