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Back in the Day Edition

>Space Marines Gladiator – Model Focus

>Battleforces Revealed

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What rules or fluff do you miss most from previous editions?

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The elf kits mesh better than I would have expected.

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Hail to the King in Yellow

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They sure do. Look great.

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inb4 some player complains about "nucrons"
also not exactly gone as far as I know, but not exactly talked about. I am really into the Legion of the Damned.

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Will playing Dawn of War really mess me up for when I eventually buy a primaris marine army to play TT 40k?

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Praise the Omnissiah!
I got my Onager Dunecrawler.

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wow.. you managed to update the eldar faster than GW... aren't the eldar still using 2nd edition models?

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Sweet looking model. Got my best friend into the hobby recently and he's a big fan of the admech aesthetically. He picked up one and threw on the neutron laser, very cool looking weapon. I gotta say, basecoat leadbelcher and mephiston red ontop is so satisfying from a basic level.

Very happy for you anon.

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Nah just imagine the Super Soldiers in the vidya are the Super Super Soldiers on the TT

>> No.76023392

Might just do that. I have a bunch of that around and the Ad mech I'm building are in that color scheme.

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You ever pick a color scheme way about your skill level?

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Well I started playing in 3rd edition before the Tyranids were released as plastic models with their own codex. Also, all the models were metal and were not available at GW stores, they had to be mail ordered. This meant that Tyranid players were extremely rare, if not unheard of... and if you did meet a Tyranid player, it meant the madlad was willing to pay fuckloads of money, put together metal, and cart them around, which all meant that they were probably an extremely skilled player because some scrub would never do that.

What this all meant was that Tyranids really did feel like the lore... they were extremely rare, but when they drifted in, you felt fucked. And every unit was dangerous, especially genestealers. Unlike now...

Also Orks... they had tons of plastic and new boyz models, but everything else was metal. So this meant Ork players were uncommon (but not rare), and when they did show up they had 100's of boyz because that was actually the cheapest option. Again, this felt right...

Finally, there was no faggy T'au (yet) and SoB were still all mail-order metal... so no trannies.

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So what do you guys use for painting fur? I've been using Army Painter Skeleton Bone with heavy coats of Agrax, but I don't think that'll be my go to going forward.

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but in terms of learning weapon upgrade trees and what weapons are effective against what enemy and understanding the various armies good and better and worst units etc

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depends on the fur, but I just do the tried and true base coat , drybrush, wash. Usually Brown, tan, soft tone. or grey, white, and heavily thinned black wash.

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Huh, so nids were the pricey forgeworld army of 3rd.

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Dire Avengers are 5th ed, so they're not really in need as other Aspects

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I glue my pubes on

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choosing fleshmetal weapons
I don't care if the current system is objectively better; it makes little sense considering their fluff

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Yep! I'm going for a very battle scarred World Eaters in the old legion colours, white and blue. Alot of resin models and alot of kitbashes. It's gunna be fucking hell in a cell. I could use advice if any Anons have it. My other paints were all Red Corsairs, and some like ancient SM tac marines and cadians 7/8 years ago.

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Mars is extremely good and I just love their design. My friend isn't a lorehead or anything, but he sort of understands 40k on a broad spectrum and very litte about the admech specifically. He just likes Mars for aesthetic reasons but he may choose other paint schemes eventually. I hope.

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>>76009647 (You)
This sounds fairly solid, could you post a list like battlescribe so we could take a better look?
>>76009647 (You)
I think it is important for you not only to plan which units to use, but also which detachments you want to use. So far it looks like you need at least a battalion and a spearhead detachment.
Here it is. this is the 2,000 point list. Vox Caster is there just in case, and to have the possibility of making a Fire On My Position stratagem.
<Battalion(-3CP)>RegDoc Vostroyan
2x Company Commander w/ Chainsword and Boltgun - 37pts
2x Infantry Squad w/ Heavy Bolter, Flamer, Vox Caster, and Boltgun - 72pts each
2x Infantry Squad w/ Lascannon, Grenade Launcher, Vox Caster, and Boltgun - 77pts each
Infantry Squad w/ Mortar, Grenade Launcher, Vox Caster, and Boltgun - 67pts
2x Command Squad w/ Banner, Medic, and Vox Caster - 39pts
2x Platoon Commander w/ Boltgun and Chainsword - 27pts
2x Veteran Squad w/ Vox Caster and 3 Plasma Guns
755 points
<Spearhead(0CP contains Warlord) RegDoc Vostroyan
-1CP for Commander's Armour(additional Relic)
Company Commander w/ Boltgun and Chainsword. Warlord Trait Grand Strategist, Relic Armour of Graf Toschenko - 37pts
Command Squad with Banner and Medic - 34pts
Master of Ordnance w/ relic Kurov's Aquila - 35pts
Squadron of 3 Basilisks - 375pts
2x Heavy Weapon Squads with 3 Mortars - 51pts
Squadron of 3 Leman Russ Demolishers with Multi Melta sponsons and Track Guards - 660pts
1,998 pts total 5CP

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Made a "servitor" for my skorpius disintegrator since the included one is going on the stubber turret for the transport version. I'll probably add a few more bits to cage it in the turret, and to hide the fact it's made from clay and spare skitarri bits.
What is everyone else working on?
A E S T H E T I C is why I chose Mars to begin with. I love the colors.

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everything about what units are best no longer applies; the game wasn't accurate in 2004, it sure as hell isn't now after several editions of changes
that being said some basic things still apply
>ork like fightan
>tau like shootan
>flamers good up close
>plasma/melta/rocket launcher good vs armor
>objective good
>hero unit good
>psyker good
idk what else im missing

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army/unit for this vibe?

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Guard bashed with Freeguild

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everyone knows what tau and ork like. but no one knows what i like

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You just know.

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when kicking it up to 2,500 points, I'd add an extra infantry with mortar squad to protect the Warlord and help camp the closest Objective, take one Leman Russ away to make room for a Hellhammer with four Sponsons.
Thinking of replacing the Platoon officers with Astropaths for shooting buffs and to save me the time of trying to convert two lieutenant-tier Vostroyan officers, and for the sake of looking strange and cool and anachronistic(laserguns, WW2 tanks, and robes? Strange!)

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Paint light grey, not white.

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creations of bile

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>guilliman's armor colored with a solid fill and shaded with hatches
>yvrainne's clothes entirely colored with hatches from a white base
>has that layered effect from trying to fill a lot of space with short hatches
this annoys the shit out of me

>> No.76023732

army/unit for this vibe?

>> No.76023739

>creations of bile
holy fuck, nailed it. thanks!
very carpathian

>> No.76023742

Misters of Battle

>> No.76023752

i've imagined i was her so many times...

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>have small group of Dark Angels since 3rd edition
>speeders, tanks, terminators, 30+ marines, the special characters,etc.
>out of the game for a bit, rejoin in 8th
>primaris-up my boys and add some deathwing knights
>9th comes
>new bikes, speeders, and less reason to take squatty marines
>don't want to trash them, but they're just gonna sit on a shelf
>decide to buy Cypher, strip / repaint old models, and make a small Fallen group

Going off old rules, it seems like the max size a Fallen army could be is 30 marines + Cypher? Then a sorcerer and transports. Very manageable for a fun little pickup game, and I'd just be getting the DA veteran squad for some leaders for the groups.

Not optimal, but at least it'd be fluffy fun to play. I'm hoping there's a bit more of an expansion next year on what they can take/do since they're supposed to be building up to legion size since Luther escaped.

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>world eaters can take khorne berserkers as troops
>obsec berserkers

>> No.76023803

>What rules or fluff do you miss most from previous editions?
Abstracted LOS of 4th.
sure it still had true LOS garbage for vehicles, but the tabletop top miniature LOS weren't gonna be figured out for a while.

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>falling for the Primaris meme
>cannibalizing and brutalizing his beautiful and retro minis from the Kino Age to make a sub-sub-faction GW has abandoned
You dont deserve to play 40k!

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>> No.76023826

>>world eaters can take khorne berserkers as troops
>>obsec berserkers
just sits there and do nothing once they get there

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So are ya Chinese or Japanese?

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Onager, please!

>> No.76023880

Have an argument with a friend. Please post goonhammer gt tier list plz.

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>> No.76023884

so the same thing all other troops do?
>bhurr but my primaris marines can shoot

>> No.76023886

Captain jean luc picard of the u s s e n t e r p r i s e

>> No.76023891

What's generally the best optimal way of getting crusade force going?
take min troops and rely on big stronk piece to bully opponents off the field gaining XP and hopefully inflicting damages to the opponent's units and risk the same to mine in a gamble or go fill out the 50P will units so they can't be reasonably wiped?

Just wondering if conservative roster or an aggressive roster is the way to go.

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>> No.76023905

>>bhurr but my primaris marines can shoot
actually that's a pretty big deal. fights are important this edition, but if you aren't particularly durable you need to contribute other ways

>> No.76023910

The Picard Video hivemind

>> No.76023915

Know your enemy

>> No.76023932

Oh yes please daddy

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Sisters of Snu-Snu

>> No.76023966

>a crazed beast devoid of reason being able to masquerade as a wise and revered ancient
god I hate this

>> No.76023970

I'm stripping off the green and painting them black like their original legion colors. I'm not chaos-ifying them, just making my squat marines a bit more playable. Plus, having a little group of Fallen next to my current Dark Angels army would be interesting, and could make for fun little intro games to lure friends to the hobby.

The only people I know who play, play current edition. The FLGS's I go to, it's all 9th. It's making use of minis that would otherwise sit on a shelf and never be played.

Sorry it struck a nerve, you still have your kino to do with as you please. Right?

>> No.76023980

Are you...trying to powergame a crusade campaign?

>> No.76023981

Depends on the mission. If it's one where they can hold it without being on it once they tag it then they can go out and do shit.

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>> No.76023998

Yes. Because committing to a bad start is just as bad here as it is in bloodbowl.
There's zero reason to gimp myself

>> No.76024002

BEHOLD FISTICUS. Or Fisto. Name in progress.

>> No.76024016

I love this chart.

>> No.76024018

skipped legday I see

>> No.76024030 [DELETED] 

I like the cut of that anon's jib. If you find the other person attractive - who cares what gender they are? Sex police isnt going to kick your door in for sexing men/women without licence.

>> No.76024032

Well, now I'm naming him Skip't Legdae.

>> No.76024044 [DELETED] 

>Sex police isnt going to kick your door in for sexing men/women without licence.
I'm curious if there's an Imperial world with this. Especially for nobles instilling it on themselves.

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Thoughts on this list for a 2k game

Battalion Detachment (Chaos - Daemons)

2x Fluxmaster
1 x The Changeling

2 squads of Horrors with Daemonic Icon, Instrument of Chaos Iridescent Horror
. 20x Pink Horror

10x Pair of Brimstone Horrors

2x Exalted Flamer
these dudes will go inside the pink horror blob mass with the fluxmasters and get some strs buffs

3x Screamer - cuz they are cool

then add
Magnus the Red

Ahriman with 3 Murtilax vortex beast

The idea is to have 2 huge af blobs with S buffs from fluxmaster murtilxar beasts and magnus shitting on most things and shaving some dmg off with the changelling

btw i only played WH40k once so i went for rule of cool with this

>> No.76024061

One of the few truly good Regimental standard posts.

>> No.76024085

>Does X exist in 40k
Yes, the answer is always yes. The galaxy is a big place.

>> No.76024090


>> No.76024122

Love these, wish gw would release them in print randomly in packages

>> No.76024125

What about a good Tyranid codex?

>> No.76024134

What ocean?

>> No.76024136

>TFW I just bought the Indominous box for the Space Marines.

>> No.76024149

I'm going to start my first army over the holidays with the Start Collecting Skitarii box. What's the best way to convert some into Dark Mechanicus? I'd like to run them along a CSM warband eventually.

>> No.76024151

>Word Bearers with Enochian on them

>> No.76024152

why is Ahriman generally considered to be THE chaos champion of Tzeentch when Khayon seems to be the one with the mary sue powers?
I know it's theorised that most of that is him bullshitting but I'm not sure ADB actually intended it to come across that way

>> No.76024155

does GW do black friday sales?

>> No.76024170

Was Tzeentch supposed to be about ambition or was that another one?

>> No.76024173

Wait another 3 daya, theres going to be an announcement that will probably involve dark skit

>> No.76024183

Because half the result of being the champion of Tzeentch is that your suffering never ends. Your goals never met.

It's fitting that one of the rewards offered to Ahriman is oblivion.

>> No.76024196

The closest GW comes to doing any kind of sale is start collecting boxes and battleforce boxes.

>> No.76024210

Anyone have the Forgeworld Compendium?

>> No.76024233

World of Warcraft called. They want their art direction back.

>> No.76024240

Is the FW book out yet? I saw someone talking about how contempt dreads cost CP now?

>> No.76024249

Never skip leg day

>> No.76024265

Yeah. Need a profile?

>> No.76024270


>> No.76024274

Yeah... Contemptors require either 1 or 2 CP. Cant remember off the top of my head

>> No.76024312

I just have no interest in 9th lore ( or lack of). The AoS Broken Realms series is only 1 book in, and it has my attention much more.

How did GW fail to build any interesting campaigns or plot movement in the last 2 years?

>> No.76024322

Because he's locked up and blind in a dungeon on Terra.

>> No.76024327


>> No.76024334

so I thought about getting something to display against my Deathwatch
Xenos is obvious, as is a majorly white paint scheme to contrast the black was thinking white armor, with blue and gold highlight to go against red and silver
But I'm having difficulty deciding what Xenos. Tau and Eldar feel like they'll fit the scheme very well, Necrons are easy to get into at the moment, Orks are funny, Deldar seem to be getting some updates this weekend iirc, and Tyranids are cute.
Recommend me your favorite Xenos / Armylists

>> No.76024341

8th was a rush to push Primaris, without having anything for them to do, or overcome.

The most annoying was pushing Ragnar v Ghaz.

>> No.76024356

yeah, as much as i like the models i can't stand the blatant pushing they do with primaris. the lore is super boring if there aren't good enemies to fight.

>> No.76024364

>The most annoying was pushing Ragnar v Ghaz.
Eh, it's a call back to older editions.
I am just glad it wasn't Yarrick again.

>> No.76024374

https://youtu.be/mmwsEenKKKQ here's a great tutorial for exactly what you want.

>> No.76024399

It should have been Ghaz vs Angron vs assorted Imperial heroes ( Yarrick, new named BT Emperors Champ, Grey Knights hero etc)

>> No.76024410

I don't think it matters who Ghaz would've fought because the writing was shit compared to something like Broken Realms going on currently in AoS.
Armageddon campaign has no reason to still even be ongoing in its current form, if at all.

>> No.76024416

prob why AoS is overtaking 40k in some markets ( Aus)

>> No.76024499

How do they turn their heads?

>> No.76024510

I don't expect you to share all of these but chaos Leviathan Dread, chaos Deredeo Dread, and/or Dreadclaw Drop pod. Thanks man.

>> No.76024520

With uncanny and inhuman grace.

>> No.76024589

Dark Eldar -> Wych Cults

>> No.76024590

How bad of an idea it is to paint units in different color schemes? Thinking of doing that with Freebootas.
The models in same units would be consistent.

>> No.76024601

freebootas are one of the few subfactions where I'd find it acceptable

>> No.76024605

Depends on the faction, but Freebootas is a good one for it. It's basically expected for some, like Red Corsairs.

>> No.76024608

>writing is shit compared to AoS
For faction focus? Yes.
For the actual background and how and why of factions? No.

>> No.76024636

When an Ork WAAAGH! is going on you'll often see smaller bands of Orks joining up with the larger one. This happens on a regular basis, it's how WAAAGHs build momentum.

So it wouldn't really be weird to have a bunch of Orks with different colorschemes on their armor all in the same army, representing Orks from different warbands and clans joining together for a single purpose.

The upside to this is it may make it easier to tell which unit is which when you have multiple Ork units all next to each other (or in close combat), and it will give you some variety (since you won't have to paint 90 Ork boys with the same color scheme).

The downside is some fags might give you shit since ork klans all have distinct colors, but who cares. If any army can get away with being a monkey mix of colors, its Orks.

>> No.76024646

I will do it to my Praetorians and other Dynastic Agents.

>> No.76024654

Hard to be graceful when you have to take your helmet off every time you want to look in another direction.

>> No.76024688

They just turn the rest of their bodies.

>> No.76024692

I could've used a different example, like say from 40k, but point is that PA was really badly written even if I appreciate the call back to Ragnar vs Ghaz from way back, which I mentioned earlier.

>> No.76024706

My friend regae quit a game today because I won via objectives after he ignored them and shot me off the board on turn 6 (wed each had 3 turns,)

>> No.76024717

How do you reggae quit a game mon?

>> No.76024718

Not to be abrasive, but dumb friend.

>> No.76024722

Laugh at him and call him a brainlet.

>> No.76024725

Broken realms is honestly better than anything in 40k since atleast 6th

>> No.76024734


>> No.76024735

He called me waac for doing objectives

>> No.76024747

Yeah, NPC factions shouldn't have their own fun, we need to insert space marines (now Primarisized) to make it work.

>> No.76024756

tell him not to use words he doesn't know or understand the meaning of and to git gud

>> No.76024762


>> No.76024766

laugh at him and tell him that's why he sucks at cawadooty and other things

>> No.76024770

So does every unit have objsec, where is it on the dataslates?

>> No.76024774

>Commander, the enemy has broken all our supply lines, stolen our plans and planted bombs all over the area!
>But we killed them all right? So we win.

>> No.76024775

Yikes, your friend sounds like a true brainlet.

>> No.76024778

The codex says which units have obsec.

>> No.76024785

Yes, but you aren't allowed to have it.

>> No.76024790

>Commander, the foul xenos have stolen all our Amasec and Lho sticks!

>> No.76024800

It's in the codex in the section usually immediately after the unit datasheets. Generally it's only troops, though some armies like Custodes have it on far more troops. No army has it on every unit to my knowledge.

>> No.76024805

I meant to say "Custodes have it on more units" but you get the idea.

>> No.76024806

You can always repair the damage and deactivate the bombs when theres no one there

>> No.76024809


>> No.76024814

I was hoping scarab swarms would have it. Theyd be pretty good for far objectives

>> No.76024815


Casual, not even once.

>> No.76024827

Scarab swarms shouldn't get ob sec naturally, but they should be core.

>> No.76024854

I gotchu nigga, it'll be a few posts

>> No.76024857

Like if casual means throwing the game every turn and getting mad if your opponent wins, Im as waac as it gets

People like this can die

>> No.76024863

Do daemons just evaporate after being killed? Or do they leave any part of their corpse behind?

>> No.76024867


>> No.76024868

he may not have it but I DO.
>Tyranids being a rare yet Super strong faction
that's honestly what I want out of them, in fine being the only guy who plays them but I want to be a threat to every other player quite significantly. but instead they are a punching bag for space marines alongside the Orks.

>> No.76024878

Not this >>76024854 anon, but here are the point values.

>> No.76024883

Heres the last one

>> No.76024888

Brawlothar the Bloody handed

>> No.76024891


>Like if casual means throwing the game every turn and getting mad if your opponent wins, Im as waac as it gets

It does for some people.

>> No.76024911

Yeah its why I dont play heresy anymore, theyd get mad that their lists were shit

>> No.76024926

>5 havocs, a terminator sorcerer, and an obliterator can drop into enemy territory turn 1

>> No.76024934

Ho ho ho! Delightfully devilish, Abadon!

>> No.76024944

Those people are completely retarded and I'd never play them knowing they were doing that

>> No.76024960


Yup. It's like they live to whine.

>> No.76024964

Casuals will
>Look at the board on their turn
>See every competitive strategy they could do
>Purposefully not do any and do something that isnt viable
>Then get mad if you don't do the same or
>Get mad if you capitalize on their throw

>> No.76024965

Whats a cheap dollar-wise shooting army?

>> No.76024974


They'll also take forever to do this because they weren't planning their turn during yours, they were just sitting their with their brain turned off like a nonce.

>> No.76024981


>> No.76024994

Well strategizing is competitive and as we know competitive play is the worst thing in any game

>> No.76025005

>Because half the result of being the champion of Tzeentch is that your suffering never ends. Your goals never met.
But that means they will give into despair.

>> No.76025017

That sounds more like a total retard who is incapable of thinking tactically.

>> No.76025020

Turn 2. You don't get to disembark from the Dreadclaw the turn it arrives.
Can't have a Chaos model be as good as a Loyalist one, after al.

>> No.76025024

Nah, other gods worshippers aren't so weak-willed. It's the same reason why only fat fucks join nurgle.

>> No.76025029

Thry claim they can "table you turn one" and such but choose not to.

>> No.76025039

that's how drop pod assault works

>> No.76025049

Doesnt it say in the rules you can set it up in the reinforcement step of the movement phase of the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd turn?

>> No.76025058

Not him but he's probably referring to this

Drop Pod gets it, Dreadclaw doesn't.
It gets T1 deployment, DC doesn't.

>> No.76025060

Read the dreadclaw version anon. No forced disembarkation like the loyalist one.

Reinforcement is the last step before movement phase ends, and the unit counts as having moved. No allowance to disembark.

>> No.76025065

Nothing in the game can deploy T1 other than a loyalist Drop Pod, because marines need to be absolute snowflakes

>> No.76025071

that has nothing to do with disembarking
well that's because the dreadclaw doesn't become inert when it drops

>> No.76025074

The guy is referring to how the dreadclaw doesn't have an auto-disembark rule like loyalist drop pods. However the reason for this is that the dreadclaw isn't a real drop pod and more some kind of weird deepstriking transport, like bargain monolith.

>> No.76025075

>that has nothing to do with disembarking
no, but it has everything to do with being able to get models on the board T1

>> No.76025081

Thats some horseshit :(

>> No.76025091

You sure?

>> No.76025099

Eat shit, yarrick > ragnar

>> No.76025102

The past has left you behind old man.

>> No.76025103

that's 8th edition
8e - dreadclaw has auto-eject, but can't drop turn 1
93 - dreadclaw can drop turn 1, but has no auto-eject

>> No.76025104

How about you read the IA profile posted here >>76024867, anon.

>> No.76025110

Old datasheet.

>> No.76025119

Oh well then I stand corrected.

Wonder if more T1 deployment is going to become available or its still just going to be drop pods that are magic

>> No.76025196

So when and why should someone run A Intercessors over normal Intercessors and vice versa

>> No.76025209

Assault Intercessors for attacking enemy units holding objectives, and Normal Intercessors for holding objectives and taking potshots

>> No.76025261

Melee-oriented chapters (ba, ws, bt, sw) can prefer assault intercessors, but normal ones work for everyone.

>> No.76025262

Yes daemons leave nothing. It's a problem for the Tyranids, they don't get to replenish used biomass even if they win.

>> No.76025300

A Intercessors are pretty mean in melee, even for non-assault focused chapters. Gene-Wrought Might + Honour the Chapter combined with some form of reroll-hits buff (Chaplain, CM, strats) can put the hurt on most things.

>> No.76025315

In WHFB, Valkia killed either a strong Slaanesh Daemon or Daemon Prince and carried its head on her shield. But Tyranids can't eat Daemon stuff so if anything's left behind then it isn't biological.

>> No.76025360

With the exception of tau, woukd any armies get buffed by batallions allowing 4 hqs

>> No.76025378

4 str 4 ap 1 attacks on the first turn is pretty nasty, and it lets you bring a cheeky 4 powerfist attacks along for the ride

>> No.76025395

Why all this loyal marines are disguising into AL?

>> No.76025436

>BL, blackened by repeated defeats.
Fuck I lost with a official GW joke reddit level...

>> No.76025461

It's an Alpha Legion meme.

>> No.76025471

because Khayon is an OC donut steel character and people don't tend to take those seriously at all

>> No.76025492

Is it ethical to steal your enemies? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4om7AuID6BY

>> No.76025506

Orks maybe? Weirdboy, KFF Mek and Boss are all important, but Bike Boss is the best smashfucker and you can't have enough CP in this edition.

>> No.76025518

>The World Eaters are abominably stupid and are named for the considerable amount of time they spend face-down in the dirt of the planets they try to capture.

>> No.76025560

How can nids win against demons and necrons?

>> No.76025593

MFW we discover that every ultramarine is an Alpha Legionarie and R.Guilligam is Alpharius.

>> No.76025595

They usually to just avoid them.

>> No.76025626

Nids passively close chaos rifts, so if they have the numbers they're naturally countered long term.

Probably avoid fucking with Necrons.

>> No.76025631

And that every alpha legion marine is an ultramarine.

>> No.76025634

If the banshee update is anything to go by, any updated kit of aspect warriors would just have better proportions but retain basically all the design elements. So no big overhaul like in >>76023316 with extra robes and whatnot would happen.

>> No.76025641

They have a specialized Hive Fleet (Kronos) that's working on "knitting" the Cicatrix Maledictum with its Shadow. Other fleets leave pre-digested planets for it to replenish.

>> No.76025650

how the fucking fuck do i basecoat deldar without obscuring the fine detail and armour ridges

>> No.76025675


So when the nids have eaten the galaxy and eliminated chaos, necrons will be left alone being the kings of the Milky Way?
Why they did not allied with the bugs?

>> No.76025689

Because many Necrons would like to return to flesh (including the Silent King), and you can't exactly do that in a galaxy with no life.

>> No.76025692

Shadow in the Warp for the former.

>> No.76025715

It turns out that the true Imperium 2.0 was being made in secret as Guilliman was meant to get everyone's attention away from discovering the truth.

>> No.76025757

Would you mind postning the grot tank and grot megatank as well?

>> No.76025775

>Nids passively close chaos rifts
Did fuck-all of good at Baal, though.

>> No.76025777

The MAROONS have a new addition to the council.

>> No.76025788

>I get this is a really touching moment but you have to let me take this corpse at least. Your last nuke 19 years ago prevented me from grabbing the other guy.

>> No.76025799

The Doom of Malan'tai & Neurothropes show that Nids can adapt to eat psychic energy if push comes to shove.

>> No.76025832

3d party models with this feel for necrons?

>> No.76025834

I wonder if ADB felt that whole premise was screwed over by the Gathering Storm. Because it sort of was.

>> No.76025880

To be fair it's only a mohawk that's clashing, nothing solid.

>> No.76025889

Are tyranids a mary sue faction?

>> No.76025892

Thin your paint.

>> No.76025900

Because nids as as much of a bunch of filthy fleshy trespassers as the rest of living things in the galaxy

>> No.76025903

No theyre the NPCs

>> No.76025930

No, but they are the most stupid one by far

>> No.76025935

They're just your typical victims of bolter porn.

>> No.76025953

turning your head is for lesser races

>> No.76025970


But they can adapt to anything. Are 100% reciclable and optimize biomass and energy greatly.
Also they have stupidly large numbers and work as part of an organism and one super mind.

In the troop scale they are npcs, but as faction... my fucking god they are almost imposible good.

>> No.76025971

>Nids can adapt to eat psychic energy
Why don't they invade the warp and eat it then?

>> No.76025974

>But they can adapt to anything. Are 100% reciclable and optimize biomass and energy greatly.

>> No.76025989

If you eat the sentients the warp ceases to exists, so there is no need, I suppuse...

>> No.76025990

Every faction is OP on the surface level, but all of them have pieces of retarded fluff that meme them into oblivion.

>> No.76025999

They can adapt, doesn't mean they're immune to anything. They get jobbed on by marines in the lore all the time and they have multiple counters from other factions. Hardly a Mary Sue.

>> No.76026006

Ok, 89,2565% reciclable... You fuck dense.

>> No.76026019

That map doesn't reflect the writing very well. Baal is located in the Ultima Segmentum on the far side of the Great Rift, that's where the largest Leviathan tendril was at, but the map shows Leviathan be mostly active in the galactic southwest.

>> No.76026023

Tyranids can adept to everything like Orks can pick up something they mistake for a gun and have it shoot bullets.

>> No.76026047

>But they can adapt to anything.
For now, at least, they can't eat necrons.

>> No.76026053

Because GW's calculation is that there's very little interest among their paying customers for an Apocalypse War Zone book of a battleground of Chaos Daemons and Tyranids set in the Realm of Chaos, and GW is probably right on the mark about that.

>> No.76026056

>But they can adapt to anything. Are 100% reciclable and optimize biomass and energy greatly.
>Also they have stupidly large numbers and work as part of an organism and one super mind.
Tyranids as a concept are retarded because you can't have a hyper intelligent race driven by hunger that is committed to being nomadic hunter gatherers. This is stupid.
Bio weapons are also stupid. No matter how hard you clench your butthole you are not going to shoot as far as a conventional gun. Specially not when you shoot fleshy worms
Flapping wings will never get you to the speed of a plane either and lets not talk about how they swim through space to move places

You can call them mary sue if you want but since they are not characters at all you are only left with the stupid writing

>> No.76026069

no bullshit same thing happened to me and now i have a gf and im pretty sure i just like androgynous girls
>tfw shes letting her hair long and looks more femenine because bigger boobs
>tfw before was better

>> No.76026082

>You can call them mary sue if you want but since they are not characters at all you are only left with the stupid writing

I take this point, thanks.

>> No.76026090

>that image
>taking any GW illustration's scale as truth
Are people actually stupid enough to do this?

>> No.76026147

Any nice paint schemes for Admech that aren't just gunmetal and red?

>> No.76026156


>> No.76026171

It's just a silly and incoherent fantasy setting, you can choose between images, books, codexes, or whatever to understand it, smartanon.

>> No.76026177

They kind of did that shit in AoS and it was well received.

>> No.76026183

Losing the oportunity to name it

>> No.76026188

Show me on the doll where the venom cannon hit you

>> No.76026193

Craftworlds players are cucks
Dark Eldar players are coomers who want big titty goth gfs
Harlequin players are based

Is this about accurate as far as Eldar stereotypes go?

>> No.76026213

You banged a Korean?

>> No.76026219

Leave the Tyranids to us.

>> No.76026222

Post gf.

>> No.76026226


>> No.76026229

Barely remember any games against nids desu
This isn't anything specific against them, it applies to all sci-fi races made to be bugs in space

>> No.76026236


>> No.76026241

dont want no dox now

>> No.76026264

Post feet.

>> No.76026271

yes but you must remember they all fall under the greater umbrella of "WAAC faggots"

>> No.76026273


>> No.76026281

I just don't get your grievances, that's all. Just because you can't generate enough electricity to power a biological coilgun doesn't make it infeasible, any more than pistol shrimp

>> No.76026288

>Harlequin players are based
>Players of ridiculous and effeminate female french mime elf clowns are based.

>> No.76026289


>> No.76026292

Fucking hated that dumbass when I played 10. His accent was retarded, his weapon was lame, he was just plain stupid and still managed to get the best grill in the setting.

>> No.76026339

I have an idea for a GSC Kill Team/small army but I do not have the Codex at hand nor can find info on the internet whether the premise is plausible or not.
Essentially, the Patriarch and any relevant mind-controlling git gets killed some way or another during the insurrection, they take a look at the arriving 'Nids and go "Nope, doesn't look like salvation much", the least mutated members (Neophites only? Self-mutilating the mutations?) eventually teaming up with the PDF/militia/IG in an attempt at survival.
Planned to use GSC, IG and Necromunda kits, representing any of the more 'Nid mutations with industrial tools, kitbashed weapons and such.
The question is, is it even possible or plausible? Or would the Hive Mind just assume direct control on the Cult once the bugs make planetfall?

>> No.76026346

Choose one to be a Tau auxiliary client race.

>> No.76026370

(It's not really a Tomboy....)

>> No.76026374


>> No.76026385


>> No.76026388

Have an Alpha marine disguised as an Alpha marine.

>> No.76026401


>> No.76026422

>The question is, is it even possible or plausible?
I don't know, I like the idea. It sound plausible because not all the mutans sacrificed to the hive fleet at arrival feel great with the idea. But I don't know the concrete aspects of the mental control of GSC.
Also in this gigantic settings little things like that always work if your opponents are ok with it. Could be that some mutations that makes them loyal failed and they are less prone to the fanatical GSC?

>> No.76026434

It's /yourdudes/ man, but I think the converting possibilities sound hella cool for that concept and would love to see it.

>> No.76026440 [DELETED] 

>If you find the other person attractive - who cares what gender they are?
They stick their dicks in shit, anon.

Their dicks....go into....shit. Poop on the dick. Poopy dick.

It's gross.

>> No.76026468 [DELETED] 

I'm finally getting around to building the Necrons from Indomitus. Holy shit, these models are great.

Yeah dude, fags are gross. I mean I'd totally be down to be a fag in real life if you didn't hasve to stick your dick in a shit filled canal.

I mean, imagine how rad it would be if your sexual partner was your best bro? You could find a dude with similar interests, wouldn't have to put up with female emotional bullshit, wouldn't have to deal with period week every fucking month, you wouldn't have to worry about some chick trying to redecorate your place, etc etc.

All of that isn't worth having to jam your dick into a hairy, shit filled asshole though.

>> No.76026475 [DELETED] 

I'm sorry no one found you attractive yet anon. But I hope it sorts itself out.

>> No.76026493

Help me out kind anons I need spiritual guidance. I want to expand one of my kill teams into proper armies. Narrowed down my choices to SoB and Tau and can't decide between the two. I like both their models and in either case I'll be painting a lot of grimy white.

>> No.76026498 [DELETED] 

They tend to be very cleanly about it. Flushing their colon before sex etc.

Hetero couples also do anal btw.

>> No.76026514

first post of what will likely be many:
does anyone have the original of this picture? without the text that is
ive been looking for it for a long time

>> No.76026515

new to 40k, new to any tabletop game actually, and this is my first mini. It was honestly going much better before the guide said use agrax earthshade in the recesses. Like yeah it did highlight them but it also completely fucked my legplate armor (hence having to repaint it) and just made a brown mess everywhere. I tried to tidy it up but without painting all over it IDK what to do. Is white a really bad choice for a first time painter? I get the impression it is.

>> No.76026523


>> No.76026524

>female emotional bullshit
You guys don't have any emotional bullshit, right? Fuck off.

>> No.76026535

Just a matter of technique and practice, your first few minis aren't gonna be stellar

>> No.76026538

Tau are for fags, sisters models are great. Try and find the army box if you can, it's a solid deal and all of the sculpts are exclusive to that box, so you won't have as many identical looking models later on when your army is much bigger. Also, don't forget to take your time and do a good job on their faces.

Hetero couples do anal every once in a while, not as their exclusive way to have non-oral sex.

>> No.76026551

You realise you don't have to have penetration to have sex, right?

>> No.76026552 [DELETED] 

Couldn't be any grosser than the latest Corpse Party game.

>> No.76026555

I see some people do a full wash of shader before painting over the bits that don't need it. I guess it would amount in a darker overall model but neater lines potentially?

>> No.76026577

If my bro is feeling like shit about something and I say "What's wrong?" he fucking tells me, he doesn't say "Nothing" and act all butthurt for the rest of the day. That alone is almost worth being a fag.

>> No.76026582

>kind anons I need spiritual guidance
You are cleare prone to SoB.

>> No.76026583

Can love bloom, even between an Ork Weirdboy and a Necron Phaerakh?

>> No.76026586


>> No.76026589

Look alright. Pretty obvious you had trouble having them hold the gun in 2 hands though.

>> No.76026622


Yes you do.

>> No.76026634

>he doesn't say "Nothing" and act all butthurt for the rest of the day.
What?! You guys, never ever, say anything about your problems. You are so trained to hide your emotional fuckery that can be helped. You think that you are strong and masculine but in the end you are all selfish and dumb.

>> No.76026641

>an ABADDON game is a game where every male and female MC fucks each other
>literally the entire cast is bisexual
What does this mean?

>> No.76026642

>Dark Eldar players are coomers who want big titty goth gfs

nope. i coom to gym sluts.

>> No.76026653

I'm in the exact same situation with CSM, AdMech and Necrons. Wat do

>> No.76026656


>> No.76026663

The new battleforce looks a good start.

>> No.76026668

>What if the Emperor died

>> No.76026676

Looks nice enough and the white is clean. I'd suggest giving it a dark wash and then drybrushing it white so the recesses are shaded.

>> No.76026678

>CSM, AdMech and Necrons
Between Imperials, Chaos and Xenos, I always prefer a new xenos player.

>> No.76026682

Your gripes about bio-weaponry depend entirely on how hard and fast muscles contract as well as density and pressure created in bio-bladders.
You are forgetting that nids are not self-sustainable on a small scale. They are often born to live for an incredibly short periods of time. Their intestines are even above water boiling point because of how hard they are overworking themselves which is why they need those vents on the sides of their limbs for smaller strands and fucking churning smokestacks on larger ones.

>> No.76026683

Play Chaos.
Max out characters
Shit out daemon characters with daemonic ritual, and then have those daemon characters summon out more characters.

Assuming you started with one master of possession, you'd have about 24 Daemon princes on the table at turn 4.

The downside here is, of course, that nobody will want to play against you, but that's what you get for being a fucking asshat in a narrative campaign.

>> No.76026686

How did Eldar fare coming into 9th?
I'm really enjoying my Space Wolves since the model counts finally shrunk to tacticool squad levels again, but I've always had a soft spot for spess elves.

>> No.76026688

thank you so much friend, God bless you

>> No.76026700

>repair their armor using bits of guardsman

>> No.76026714

Eldar are having trouble with how objectives changed because they largely lack the resilience to survive an enemy's turn holding them. Only Wraiths are really good for that now.

>> No.76026718


>> No.76026719

>Assuming you started with one master of possession, you'd have about 24 Daemon princes on the table at turn 4.

doesnt everything you summon cost pts?

>> No.76026726

>avoiding buying more plastic since I sit on top of unpainted boxes
>can't find shit I want for basing in town and in the neighbouring town
>buy random texture paste, but it's not grainy so I need to put work into it instead of just applying it
>buying premade grainy paste online is too cheap for an order
>thinking about buying buggy to go along with my colored sand

>> No.76026736

I keep seeing pics from this doujin and I still can't find the fucking source

>> No.76026737

Are there any rules against using Bloodletters as troops when playing as Chaos Space Marine?

>> No.76026741

I am curious/bored.
How would Guilliman actually act in this situation?

>> No.76026755

>(armed) alien trying to save itself from destruction in a warzone

>> No.76026759

It's not a doujin and the people of /40kg/ all know. We just like to post smugs and fake sources.

>> No.76026760

Probably because women are retards and get all butthurt when men don't express their feelings, but when men do express their feelings they think that they are weak and tell them to "man up".

It's pretty clear you have never been in an actual relationship before.

If you're still around and up to it, can you post the Fellblade? I'm wondering how badly GW butchered my boy.

>> No.76026761

Which chaos god would Murrlogic fall under?

>> No.76026769

Guilliman would immediately notice that the tau filth was trying to make him drop his guard so she could shoot him with a concealed firearm. He would not even let her finish her first sentence.

>> No.76026770


>> No.76026771

>Probably because women are retards and get all butthurt when men don't express their feelings, but when men do express their feelings they think that they are weak and tell them to "man up".

>> No.76026777

Fucked her into an ahegao'd mess obviously

>> No.76026798

Its probably the best time to go into Necrons there'll be for a while

>> No.76026807

SO I'm gonna get the battlebox for Tau. I've got my custom scheme down and everything
Are fliers worth taking in Tau? The Sun Shark and Razorshark both look really good, and I haven't used fliers before

>> No.76026812


>> No.76026814

Reanimation Protocol Rules from 8th

>> No.76026816

Where? I can't find it anywhere in the Chaos Space Marine codex.

>> No.76026821

Blessed Humanity.

>> No.76026824

Crusade doesn't use points, so nope. Feel free to shit out as many daemon princes or cheaper characters. It'll be a fun game when both players start with 25 PL on the table and by the end of the game you've summoned 120PL worth of daemon princs onto the table.

Again, nobody will want to play against you anymore, but atleast you won!?

>> No.76026829

>not a doujin

>> No.76026834

>Again, nobody will want to play against you anymore, but atleast you won!?
I mean, the best way to win is to make sure nobody wants to play with you.

>> No.76026845

Any smart and normal group of people use pts when playing crusade.

>> No.76026848

Everything that made Space wolves unique. Like fenrisian wolves companions for characters, iron/rune/wolf priests and lone wolves. Lone wolves as a stratagem was pretty fun.

>> No.76026858

Don't Space Wolves still have a lot of unique units compared to other Space Marine factions?

>> No.76026859

What you're missing is
>simple as

>> No.76026868

you can summon them or take them in a demon detachment otherwise your army wont be battleforged and lose out on so much its not even worth it

just summon them

>> No.76026869

No reason not to use points

>> No.76026876

who is coolest ultramarine success chapter?

>> No.76026878

That's a shame. I would hope they get a little more care in their rules updates to reflect their lack of resilience being supplemented by their speed and cunning. Maybe amplifying cover bonuses when on objectives or something.

>> No.76026882

Why hasn't anybody else in all the galaxy tried to summon one of those benign warp spirits like Khayon did?

>> No.76026889


>> No.76026895

Don't anon. MC is a weirdo who canonically fucks every tomboy in his harem & only the tomboys.

>> No.76026896

>when men do express their feelings they (women) think that they are weak and tell them to "man up"
Jesus! and you are the one that are making ad ominem as badly?
Have you ever talk with a women? It's the exactly opposite.
We get butthurted when men don't express their feelings because you think that we belive that talking about feelings makes you week. What I said is that the fact that you are trained to don't talk about emotional fuckery is what makes you guys childish and pathetyc.

>> No.76026898

Because Tzeentch likes that Ahriman isn't a simp. He doesn't care about worship or anything at all, he's on an endless search for answers. Which is what Tzeentch is all about.

This until GW retcons him into the same generic cartoon villain like they did with Bile.

>> No.76026900

I kinda miss the original implementation of Doctrina Imperatives in 7th.

>> No.76026905

No Warp entity is truly "benign", ever since the War in Heaven poisoned and corrupted the Immaterium.

>> No.76026906

Sorry anon, I just really don't know much about GSCs and I may be dumb but the 1d4chan pages don't seem to say anything about this.
Yeah, that's precisely my point. It sounds cool and I love conversions, I just don't know if it's something that could happen. I like bending the lore when making /mydudes/ as much as everyone else, but I still try to keep it as plausible as possible.

>> No.76026919


>> No.76026926

Ahriman has already denied Nurgle in his book. He gets tempted by a GUO.

Ahriman can't resign to a dead end like that, and Nurgle's chief philosophy is basically just giving up.

>> No.76026930

Stop talking from the female pov man. You are not a woman and will never pass as one.

>> No.76026933

At least lone wolves are still a thing in crusade
What's the difference for priests? Aren't they still there?

>> No.76026939

Why are females in the hobby usually very good painters?

>> No.76026949


>> No.76026957

No reason to remain in the hobby if you're not into painting, as playing is not a fun process when random smelly spergs can't stop hitting on you any time you're at the lgs. And if you enjoy painting - you get better at it.

>> No.76026963

>mfw they've never read fist of the north star

>> No.76026964

Does she? I did not notice any real differences...

>> No.76026969

>random smelly spergs can't stop hitting on you any time you're at the lgs
They play more in private groups in my experience

>> No.76026974

This is how I Nurgle.

>> No.76026976

While you're technically right, with every edition SW are less uniqur and get mor generic. It's not a bad thing per say, simply it makes me feel bad when ever I lose options, eg. The wgbl profile isn't in the SW suplement. Instead I have to use the lieutenant profile from the SM codex. Now pic related has an illegal load out since WGBL used to be able to use a storm shield but lieutenant didn't.

>> No.76026977

So not rolling it because everything wiped out your unit in one turn?

>> No.76026983

From what I've seen women either suck because starting or crystal brush levels, no in-between

>> No.76026985

on average women will probably have better brush control from painting their nails and doing make up, doesnt mean much if theyre new to the hobby but can mean they pick it up faster than some

>> No.76026991

No you don't.

>> No.76027009

Now that they use the vanilla codex profile they lost ws2 and some unique rules like the chaplain d3 healing that was moved to a stratagem.

>> No.76027028

Even if you do use points there is no limit on reinforcements

>> No.76027035

Besides Typhus, who wishes he had Morty's job, how do the other three feel about their respective space dad?

>> No.76027040

Also, smaller hands.

>> No.76027048

GW didn't retcon Bile. He was a generic evil doctor from the start that was given a few books to try and expand on his character and explain the disconnect between his book persona and his lore persona.

>> No.76027065

Lucius respects Fulgrim but wants to best him to prove he is the greatest duelist
If I remember correctly, Kharn pities Angron but still sees him as dad.
Ahrimans lore changes a bunch, I think they're on good terms now.

>> No.76027070

They're not, you're just a gaylord.

>> No.76027071

I will counter you with Tzeentch.
>not no that's wrong

>> No.76027074

I haven't really noticed that? Most females at my lgs are actually pretty bad painters however the men are more likely to not be interested in painting at all, instead focusing on the game. Most female painters on instagram are okay at best, and tend towards to average paintjob. I will say woman tend to use more and brighter colors on average.

>> No.76027075

>womenchads enjoy painting more than playing
What about converting? I've never seen a female doing weird stuff to their models

>> No.76027076


>> No.76027086


>Essentially, the Patriarch and any relevant mind-controlling git gets killed some way or another during the insurrection

Tough sell, as another Purestrain in the cult would eventually grow into a new Patriarch. Assassinating the Patriarch and Magus usually only works when coupled with a concerted effort at wiping out the entire cult, as the loss of leadership throws them into disarray. If it just happened by chance and the cult was continuing business as usual they'd just end up with a new Patriarch and Magus eventually.

>they take a look at the arriving 'Nids and go "Nope, doesn't look like salvation much"

Actually does happen fairly often, the reaction of cultists to the arrival of their "saviors" is usually rather varied, normally because when the fleet does arrive the cult suddenly gets cut off from the broodmind after the Patriarch rejoins the fleet.

>eventually teaming up with the PDF/militia/IG in an attempt at survival.

With the imperials not being aware of it? Sure. With them *knowing* they're in the middle of a genestealer cult insurrection and tyranid invasion, it gets tougher, if they haven't figured out who the cultists are then maybe they're too busy to make obvious connections, if they've figured it out then absolutely no way in hell, they get shot immediately.

>> No.76027087

>Lucius respects Fulgrim but wants to best him to prove he is the greatest duelist
He better have the heart of the cards on his side for that one.

>> No.76027088

Made it his life goal to try and fix his dad's fuck ups


Too full of himself to really have an opinion about Fulgrim

>> No.76027090

RAW, you don't need to set aside PL to summon so its unlimited. You DO need to set aside Points, so it has a cap

>> No.76027094

Ahriman: wants to make daddy Magnus proud.
Khârn: wants to make daddy Angron proud and say he loves him or some shit.
Lucius: wants to make Fulgrim call him daddy.

>> No.76027100

That's because that happens when the curtains are closed anon

>> No.76027108

Does anyone has both Blightlords and Deathshroud terminators? Which one is the better set?

>> No.76027109

Guess you never saw the Snakebite/Feral orks that were posted here quite a while back? She works at FW now iirc.

>> No.76027110

Only in matched play. There is no rule for that in narrative play.

Again, this is a problem that doesn't require fixing, since only assholes will do this.

>> No.76027113

i really want a gentle femdom inquisitor mommy gf bros...

>> No.76027127

IIRC the most recent comment from Lucius about Fulgrim was basically to tell his warband, "I swear all of us will get high even if we have to grind Fulgrim into powder and smoke him!"

>> No.76027138

Kharn sounds like a simp.

>> No.76027142

tell the nearest female officer that you have drugs stashed in your ass, you're welcome

>> No.76027149

Patience and attention to detail.

Even when the scheme isn't GREAT, the girls I've played with have completely painted armies that look at least decent.

They're more fun to play with on average too. She plays orks, which are actually fun to play against, and doesn't interrupt the game every other action to fact check your rules.

>> No.76027158

I play all three so I'm a based cuck who wants a big tiddy goth gf

>> No.76027164

40k has Landmates now?

>> No.76027176

That never actually happened.

And if I got to use them now, I'd never lose a troop. The Canoptek Reanimator buff would stack with the Cryptek's, and the Ghost Ark I have would give me another roll.

>> No.76027181

What's a simp?

>> No.76027182


>> No.76027183

Again, incorrect.

They even go over it directly on GH:
>Using Points instead of Power Level has the added benefit of causing the Reinforcement Points rules to kick in, which prevent a player from endlessly summoning daemons or creating poxwalkers without paying points for them in your Crusade games.

>> No.76027186

Had me until I noticed the chin v pointy gorget.

>> No.76027188

>thinking an officer will ever perform a cavity search
More likely to have an ogryn do it than a female officer.

>> No.76027189

Yeah, in the 8th Ed TS codex, Ahriman and Magnus made up.

>> No.76027192

Van Saar.

>> No.76027199

>And if I got to use them now, I'd never lose a troop.
You see the problem?

>> No.76027200

No, but he was in it for the mad science for mad science's sake.

As of his last novel he's fully a boring "FoR TeH GloORy oF CHaoS" dummy.

>> No.76027202

It's Necromunda and looks like FW, so must be Van Saar's brute.

>> No.76027206


>> No.76027218

>"Emps was anti-religion! He would hate being called a god!"
>positioned himself as the center of humanity to be worshipped
>wore a golden suit of artificer armor to impress the plebs even more

Face it, your boy Big E. was always a hypocrite.

>> No.76027220


>> No.76027225

>wiped out your unit in one turn
>That never actually happened.
I'm sorry all your opponents are complete and utter retards who can't play for shit. Must be boring to not have any challenging games.

>> No.76027226

Many thanks!

>> No.76027227


>> No.76027231 [SPOILER] 


>> No.76027235

> Bought Indomitus when it released
> Finally started building the Necron half

What is a good model/few models to pick up to help turn the box set models into a full army? I'm hoping to get to around 1,500 points so I have a spare army around for people to play when they come over.

>> No.76027240

No shit. He killed off the original Thunder Warriors that helped him achieve the global union on Earth before he started his Space Marine project.

>> No.76027248

It wasn't a problem for me.

>> No.76027250

Guess I'll just get the recast.

>> No.76027254


>> No.76027256

I've been thinking about Necrons recently, how are they?

>> No.76027261



>> No.76027262


>> No.76027268

I don't know, I've never played them.

I was going to trade a guy my Necron half for his Marine half since he played Necrons and I play Marines, but he disappeared right after the box launched.

>> No.76027273

Didn't the Emperor literally say he wanted to be worshipped?

>> No.76027275

The Cron battlebox looks good

>> No.76027281

everything except the reanimator is good basically, the rest gives you a very strong core to build from

>> No.76027282

I appreciate it, anon.

>> No.76027284

These are fucking stupid, but I can't stop laughing.

I am ok if it becomes a new meme.

>> No.76027296

I think that is possible that if the primarch lose connection with their acolytes the can revel.

>> No.76027301


>> No.76027302

Nice, thank you.

>> No.76027307

More like, what's the playstyle? Slow and tough?

>> No.76027310

good job catching up to the rest of us

>> No.76027315

>a new meme


>> No.76027316

Thank you.

>> No.76027325

Second the new battle box. With that you can easily put together a fairly decent 1500 point list with multiple avenues to expand to 2000 points.

>> No.76027342

>was always a hypocrite

Honor and truth won't get you far in 40k.

>> No.76027344

I don't care that much about winning. My 8E games weren't about taking objectives.

Being a frustrating opponent is a lot of fun. Space Marine players expect that the game is going to go their way. They never expect the robot rules.

I don't think I actually won any games on the basis of VP in 8th. Did I kill more models? Yeah. Did I have more fun? Yeah. Did I score more points? No.

Fun rules don't equate to winning. Winning isn't everything.

>> No.76027345

I mean I don't read buzzfeed or watch jewtubers so I don't know about that, but yeah, it's true, I misremembered the rule being for matched play, but it's a thing whenever points costs are involved.

>> No.76027359

A veteran/Command edition of the starter box and/or the new battleforce.

You must have had people just lining up to play against you.

>> No.76027365

He once thought it might be cool to cross blades with the Anathame, just for the novelty of it. And this was when he knew that thing almost killed Horus.

>> No.76027367

Why does GW hate my boy Dorn and the Imperial Fists so much?

>> No.76027374

You've got to REALLY plan ahead if you want them to do well.

9E is mostly melee oriented, so you'll want to get more skorpekhs, and really plan your dynastic traits around taking objectives.

You've got to train yourself to ignore spending phases attacking fun models and focus on holding objective points. Also really memorize the niche buffs they get.

Google the "9th edition flowchart" and make notes on it so you make sure you take advantage of everything.

But if you do all of that, and rely on the fact that imperium players WON'T know anything about your army, and will often forget to take some of their buffs, you can do well.

>> No.76027377

They're unironically boring.

>> No.76027380

And with that I've painted all the DG Elite characters.

>> No.76027383

That's literally every First Founding SM chapter.

>> No.76027386

Ok fuck it explain the whole thing to me please, this reminds me of back when /v/ talked about the Ed Edd n'Eddy MMO

>> No.76027388

>You've got to REALLY plan ahead if you want them to do well.
Or not play against tourneyfaggots. That also works.

>But if you do all of that, and rely on the fact that imperium players WON'T know anything about your army, and will often forget to take some of their buffs, you can do well.
If your strategy relies on your opponent playing the game wrong or not knowing the rules, that's kind of shit.

>> No.76027390 [SPOILER] 

>let's make yellow Ultramarines who are stoic and specialize in staying at home
Theyre boring

>> No.76027392

I don't play fists, but I want to tell everyone here that the resin version of Captain Lysander makes a really good conversion into a Terminator Captain, and you can use his sick Storm Shield on another Terminator as well.

>> No.76027399

Because they are yellow.
Nobody likes this fucking colour.

>> No.76027402

Except Iron Hands and Space Wolves.

Maybe Blood Angels.

>> No.76027405

There's a few variations but all focus on high output midfield units, tomb blades, Skorpekhs, wraith, spyders. Always with scarabs. Some have a backbone of warrior tide, others invest in more Canoptek. Ctan shards are great but not mandatory.

>> No.76027408

*Literally every SM chapter

>> No.76027411

>White Scars
>Blood Angels
Not all of them
I do frequently forget that the Ravenguard exist though

>> No.76027412

>Comparing Goonhammer to Buzzfeed

>> No.76027417


>Any who seek succour from the
Patriarch instead go to their doom. With
its sentience now subsumed entirely by the
greater Hive Mind, the creature becomes
just another Tyranid, another nameless
cell in the void-crossing super-organism
that wants nothing less than to devour the
galaxy. As soon as the planet’s defenders
are overcome, the Patriarch and its brood
will attack their own offspring, wicked
claws punching into close advisors and
trusted minions, who die choking on
their own disbelief. Those Purestrain
Genestealers spawned upon the host
planet attack their devoted parents without
hesitation, slaughtering them in a flurry of
talons and snapping mouths.

>> No.76027425

>Iron Hands

I haven't thought about them in like 6 years or so. Have they been squatted from the lore? They get even less representation or even mention than the White Scars.

>> No.76027430

They have strong rules latelly.

>> No.76027431

>Ctan shards are great but not mandatory.
The Nightbringer is an insta-win against any army that doesn't have a good way of doing damage to you in all three phases. Bringing it in games under 2k or against T'au would be a super dick move because of this.

>> No.76027432

People think that strongest on tabletop = interesting lore.
They did get a codex supplement in 7th though.

>> No.76027440

At the LGS? Yes. Everybody privately arranges games there.

I'm otherwise consistently invited to garage matches. Necrons are still somewhat an exotic army choice.

>> No.76027453

Strategy is strategy. It's only shit if it doesn't work.

>> No.76027456

>I do frequently forget that the Ravenguard exist though

I often forget
Raven Guard/Iron Hands/White Scars for SM
Night Lords/Word Bearers/Alpha Legion for CSM

>> No.76027467

Campaign shit for AoS is great. Wrath of the Everchosen and the new Psychic Awakening equiv is great. 9th needs some shit liek that.

>> No.76027470

They were featured pretty extensively in the backstory for the fighting on Vigilus after the Cicatrix Maledictum opened up.

GW basically just remembers that they exist once every couple of years and throws IH players a bone by mentioning them in the fluff somewhere. We did get what is probably the coolest looking Primaris model made so far as an exclusive though, which helps ease the pain a little.

>> No.76027471


>> No.76027472

they were ridiculously broken for a period towards the end of 8th

>> No.76027475

Do you really feel accomplished if you know you won a game because your opponent forgot to re-roll ones or check for an aura ability or forgot something else?

>> No.76027477

Dark Angels is the worst. Even more vanilla than Ultramarines.
>Oh look at our beige robes over our power armour oohh
>Swords m8
>Grrrr I hate Xenos

>> No.76027480

Iron Hands become hugely popular each time they get OP rules.

Outside of that nobody plays them. There are no Iron Hands fans.

>> No.76027490

>I can no longer get this model
Makes me seethe, anal friend.

>> No.76027493

Bad armies were bad even before Shards or Ghaz. And it's not an insta win regardless. Ignore it and go all in on other parts of the board. It can't cover everywhere. Most it can do is deny one objective. There's always one you give up and focus on the rest.

>> No.76027501

The Emperor would have got better, being a perpetual, but Malcador would have died from the strain of the golden throne, Daemons would have poured in through the webway, Vulkan's bomb would have gone boom and destroyed Earth and the Astronomicon, thus royally fucking the Imperium.

Being an undead corpse constantly in torment for 11,000 years was the least worst option available to the Emperor.

>> No.76027503

>mercy for Tau

I think not. As soon as NB pops up I'm gonna grab one. The Deceiver can shuffle itself, NB and the Dragon within my deployment pre turn one, and then my Dynasty trait can move them another 6" before the first movement phase.

>> No.76027509

I fucking thought it was Junko since start

>> No.76027511

There are plenty of Iron Hands players who aren't bandwagoners. I started playing an Iron Hands successor in 7th edition, and I've seen multiple Iron Hands players since then.

One guy was a total bro and recasted me a Lucius Pattern drop pod for just the cost of resin and a six pack

>> No.76027513

I always imagine he'd go out like the old fella from HxH.

>> No.76027519

>There are plenty of Iron Hands players who aren't bandwagoners.
Oh yeah? name 40

>> No.76027520

my first game was against Iron Hands, he went off the Trump deep end and lost all his savings on Bitcoin

>> No.76027530

And Stormcast got featured in the first book already, so there's a good chance they won't play a big role in subsequent installments. It's like the opposite of PA in that sense.

>> No.76027532

>There are plenty Iron Hands Players who aren't band wagoners
>I started playing them in 7th edition, the first time that IH were broken OP, but that doesn't mean I'm just another WAACfag

>> No.76027534

>Iron Hands player was a bandwagoner
Like pottery

>> No.76027536

I'm not saying they're useless or uninteresting, just that I haven't seen any mention of them at all for over a decade now, but I also haven't exactly been keeping up with ever bit of 40k news and lore updates. That said, they're definitely not getting the same limelight as Ultramarines, Space Wolves or even Imperial Fists.

>> No.76027537

where are the audiobooks ?

>> No.76027538

As long as recasters exist, you need never feel this way friend. Take the chinkpill and start paying 1/2 to 1/3 of the price for models that (when painted) are indistinguishable from their originals.

>> No.76027545

I mean T'au weren't bad, and Sisters definitely aren't bad, but due to not being able to deal psychic damage, good fucking luck trying to kill a C'tan. It's a cool idea in concept and makes big scaries more durable, but also shafts several armies. Without a lucky melee hit, T'au cannot kill a Nightbringer before the 4th turn. That's plenty of time to wipe a few units off the board. I never understood the "lol just ignore it" style of advice. You need to effectively give up on an entire flank if you're gonna ignore it.

>> No.76027547

Do I feel better knowing I won because I was better prepared?

Yeah, absolutely.

I'm not without grace and good sportsmanship. If my buddy playing marines remembers he forgot to move a unit just after the movement phase, or forgot a smite roll or WHATEVER, I allow it. We all use mulligans in casual games. It's for fun.

But do I have satisfaction in my superior preparation? Yes.

>> No.76027556

You sound like a fun person to play against.

Honestly it's fucking wild people do this instead of having playing chapter Yourdudes and then just switching to and from whatever they want, or whatever's good, if they're fags.

>> No.76027560

It's a shonen manga where that specific MC only romantically pursues tomboys. And that manga has him have sex with every tomboys he knows & nobody else. All the sex is unprotected & I believe he nuts inside always. This isn't a good role model for all the anons of /40kg/. He could have gotten any of those girls he had sex with pregnant. Worst case scenario, all of them would be pregnant.

>> No.76027562

I started playing before their (admittedly busted) clan book came out, and I never made any Smashfucker lists.

I was still fairly new to the hobby at the time, and I didn't want to get a rep for being "that guy" at my new LGS, so the waac-iest thing I ever did was stack two 6+FNP rolls on Venerable Dreads every once in a while.

>> No.76027568

>big-ass mold slips on top of the guns

>> No.76027570

Shards don't get traits. one shard per detachment.

>> No.76027571

Nuking the enemy?

>> No.76027576

Do they have no orbital bombardments or MW charges or MW strats outside the shooting phase?

>> No.76027594

They were limited use but were army wide buffs that came in 3 tiers giving +3 WS or BS but -2 to the other skill at the top, +2 and -1 at the 2nd tier, and +1 at the first tier. It would probably be too strong in the current edition (or in 8th) but it was fun in 7th.

>> No.76027598

>do tau function outside the shooting phase?

>> No.76027600

I filed them down after I took the picture, they're not as visible now and I don't think they'll be visible at all once painted.

I was kinda disappointed when I first built them because of how huge the slips were, but then I remembered that Forge World sells them for $38 each and I bought them for $8 each, meaning I paid $16 instead of $76.

>> No.76027602

>Marine armies: buffs out the wazoo
>This is fine

>Playing Necrons, the butt of squatting jokes for all of 8th, in an advantageous way
>this much butthurt

Okay? I mean how long did the Imperium think it could hog the cheese?

>> No.76027603

Yeah, like some warp anal fissure as he dies, getting rid of chaos access, or destruction of the universe and birth of a new one

>> No.76027604

>Best case scenario, all of them would be pregnant.

>> No.76027611

Because the Black Templars are more fun, and the Crimson Fists have more nostalgic appeal.

Plus yellow is an absolute sod to paint, speaking as someone that stupidly chose it for their dudes.

>> No.76027621

There is the bombs from the Sun Shark that can bomb in the movement phase I guess.

>> No.76027641

I pay for the auxiliaries.

And it's a dynasty trait, not a warlord trait. I'm open to being wrong, but "enslaved star god" negates Look out Sir, and taking warlord traits for being a character.

>> No.76027642

>Muh superior preparation
It seems being autistic is finally paying off for you then.

>> No.76027655

So the new gladiator tanks are bad right? Too expensive for what they bring to the table? 200 for the cheapest, going up to 230 for the reaper and 250(!) for the valient. All with no invun and 12 wounds, seems kinda shit to me. I guess the look nice

>> No.76027656

Sudden pregnancies aren't easy for impressionable young men like him. Many have encountered great difficulties because of this. He should have been very careful instead of constant unprotected sex.

>> No.76027658

And frankly it's about TIME

>> No.76027668

Sisters can get that with an inquisitor, so now you're paying 4CP for a 4+ chance to do mortal wounds in the movement phase. Or you could explode an immolator on his melee phase if he attacks it or something? But generally, you're fucked.

Nobody has ever thought that Marines are okay, outside of other marine players.

>> No.76027669

Dynastic Agents and it doesn't have the <DYNASTY> keyword either. Only 1 aux per matched play.

No dynastic traits and you're shelling out for at least a patrol.

>> No.76027683

>vehicles need invulns or they're worthless
I hate where 40k is going.

>> No.76027693

>tfw not only yellow but also have to freehand my chapter marking
>because I'm an actual successor, my autism doesn't let me switch the chapter trait
>because I'm a successor also don't get the special relics unless I take a strat
I'm fucking retarded

>> No.76027697

>I pay for the auxiliaries.

>> No.76027700

If it's this guy >>76027641, he doesn't even know the basics of his own codex.

>> No.76027705

It's in the bit about Obsec and necrons traits in general; triarchs, dynastic agents and star gods don't get dynasty traits

>> No.76027711

very based colours and models though anon

>> No.76027715

Why don't they just Exterminatus on Terra and end it all already

>> No.76027717

There's the Farsight Enclaves MW charge strat.

>> No.76027720

> Primaris Infantry could really use a cheap transport that is light on weapons but can hold 10 models
> Should we make a Primaris Rhino analog?

> Naaaah, let's make the only model that can transport a full squad of Intercessors a 400 point heavy battle tank instead

The Impulsor should have had a transport capacity of 6 with a turret/shield dome, or a transport capacity of 10 with just the Storm Bolters.

>> No.76027725

The reaper is probably the only one worth using, and even then you have better options for anti-infantry. Which is annoying because I really like the look of the Lancer.

>> No.76027727

You miss understand what I'm saying. Plenty of vehicles are fantastic and don't have invuns, but at 250 points with 12 wounds, you are very fragile per point, as lascsnnons will do you in proper fast

>> No.76027735

I don't play matched play. Open or Narrative, and REALLY bringing all three would be for a big fun brigade/onslaught/apocalypse sized game.

And really if I know that Mephiston/other psykers/tanks are going to be there.

Otherwise it's just one. The Deceiver last time, he did pretty well.

>> No.76027737

>Even more vanilla than Ultramarines.
Not really. Ultramarines are perfect Mary Sues. They literally have no flaws, either in their geneseed or their behavior. No mutations, and they're idealized noble warriors and governors.

Dark Angels have flaws. Half the legion went traitor, and the remaining loyalists will do literally anything to hide that fact, including murder. They're dour and obsessive team killers.

Even Imperial Fists have some flaws, though they are admittedly rather mild. They're stubborn to a fault, taking unnecessary casualties because they don't want to give ground on principle. They're prideful and have bad tempers. Their geneseed is flawed too, as they don't have the Betcher's Gland, or the Sus-an Membrane.

Every First Founding chapter has some degree of flaws, except for the Ultramarines. They're perfect and flawless in every way. Complete Mary Sues.

>> No.76027746

>not breeding enough tomboys to make an entire legion

>> No.76027757

>I just don't play with rules that limit my waacery
Best be a big game and other players brining cheese

>> No.76027759

>user power levels
>spiteful WAAC faggot
Yikes anon, might want to head that off already.

>> No.76027772


>as though I'm somehow ABOVE learning just because I also try to be better prepared

>Guys I'm a MASTER of my own faction

I never stated any of that.

>> No.76027774

Ultramarines are the most vanilla of the vanilla, even in the Deathwatch RPG their biggest "weakness" is basically just "they stick to the Codex Astartes pretty rigorously bruh".

Dark Angels are boring because they're basically what an edgy chuuni would consider cool, but has been seen and done to death by everyone who's over 14 years old.

>> No.76027780


So it is. Alright, well, thank you.

>> No.76027786

>people lambast older editions because of things like vehicles exploding in one turn
>it's still happening

>> No.76027795

Tehe lancer model is pretty peak space tank. Tbh I think at a casual level it's fine, it can move around smashing transports and the like from half the board away and has the movemt to avoid obscuring terrain.
The reaper does in 19 gaunts per turn with the turret alone which is nice, so maybe they are okay. I'm pretty annoyed you can swap the sponsors though, that's the real piss take

>> No.76027796

They do bring cheese. Salamander castles specifically.

>> No.76027797

That will be very difficult on his finances, his time & more. He isn't aiming to singlehandedly fix Japan's birthrate.

>> No.76027804

I'm not at all spiteful. It's for fun. Nobody IRL has complained. Just you lot.

Kinda tells me everything I need know, really.

>> No.76027813

Why not simply work on their dumb culture focus in working to death. Is not even productive is just dumb.

>> No.76027814

In a total painting funk right now. Not enjoying painting and when I start, nothing looks good.


>> No.76027823

He's just a single man. He isn't going to fix all of Japan's problems.

>> No.76027826

stop looking at the instagram/twitter profiles of people who paint for a living

>> No.76027828

>Muh superior preparation
Knowing which units are affected by Dynasty traits is a very very basic level of codex knowledge. It's lower than remembering to use reroll 1 to hit auras.

>> No.76027837

Sad Prime minister noises.

>> No.76027841

GW keeps upping the firepower and kill potential without realizing nobody enjoys removing handfulls of models every time it's their opponent's turn
>I painted this new model today, let's see how it does in a game!
>Turn one begins
>Well, maybe I get to see how my new model does next game

>> No.76027843

I think the issue was that you could shoot that one lascannon at a Leman Russ and have something like 10% chance of just deleting it, and even something like "crew shaken" just meant that cool, my vehicle can't do anything useful.

Nowadays you atleast need to focus fire at important targets, but with how deadly everything is becoming, doubly so after this unnecessary weapon buff, nothing can survive a turn on the tabletop if your opponent wants it dead.

except Ghazzy and the C'tan and I'm afraid they'll just start adding those kind of mechanics to every army

>> No.76027853

Why the fuck are you guys playing open and narrative play if you're just cheesing the shit out of it?

>> No.76027856


>> No.76027864

For fun?

My last game was out of the matched play supplement. Nobody cheesed anything.

The game before that was a giant 4 player apocalypse, everybody brought heavy hitters.

It's a game.

>> No.76027870

>tell him not to use words he doesn't know
How does anon know he's been posting "he doesn't know"?

>> No.76027876

Because 40k is a soulless primaris cash grab now whose only end goal is making as much money as possible off the paypigs that lap everything up before crashing and burning

>> No.76027883

>planning on bringing 2 units that T'au basically can't kill over an entire a game because Necrons were bad last edition. With one of the WAACiest dynasty traits.
>not a spiteful WAAC fag
Pick one.
Maybe they just don't say to your face?

>> No.76027884

Whenever I am in a painting slump the one thing that surefire gets me motivated to paint again is playing a game.

Do you just sit down and paint, or do you listen to music/podcasts/whatever, or have a movie going on in the background, etc?

>> No.76027889

Maybe dont let your super cool new unit get shot turn 1? 9th has a plethora of ways to stop this

>> No.76027890

sounds like #fakenews cooked up by /aosg/

>> No.76027893

remember that nothing looks good when you start, you have to have faith in the process and see it through to see the results.

>> No.76027905

>They bring cheese
>But this time they didn't bring cheese
Dude I can't read your fucking mind, but okay if you guys have fun.

>> No.76027915

I already run my vindicator somewhat regularly, and I don't think the lancer is going to end up being worse than that.
Fixed sponsors was a very odd choice, I agree.

>> No.76027927

Tau are one of the only factions that can reliably 1 turn a shard.

MWs in movement
3d in shootign
3d in overwatch

>> No.76027932


Okay? And? What's to concede here that I haven't already?

I was wrong about the dynasty traits for C'Tan.

The question was if I enjoy winning JUST because somebody didn't play as well as me.

I do. And every time I make a mistake in my own understanding of the rules, I apologize the next time I go to play. We all do. There was a similar incident with the bolter discipline rule for storm bolters with the guy that played Custodes.

>> No.76027957

Ooooooh, maybe not. Kind of an irrelevant opinion then, isn't it?

>> No.76027973

I'd love to see it.

>> No.76027981

>MW in movement
Which abilities/strats tho

>> No.76028003

And even more ways for opponents to still alpha-strike any and all units they like.

>> No.76028051

You're forgetting that the shards heal in the necron player's command phase.
Literally every other faction in the game has a better chance of taking down a shard in 1 turn.
>damage in the movement phase
>damage in the psychic phase
>damage in the shooting phase
>damage in the melee phase
Hell even necrons have more reliable damage in the movement phase than Tau, thanks to C'tans and plasma mancers.

Sunshark bombs, 5+ for 1 MW. FE firestorm strat, D3 MW for enemies within 3' of 1-3 Flyers

>> No.76028065

Hes right, this could make the bomber actually interesting as a Anti C'tan unit...

>> No.76028069

I think its cool that Iron Hands are based off of scottish clans, if GW wanted to give them some SW-level models we could have Cyberscots with Boltpipes and Power Kilts. But right now we just have regular marines with more than the average amount of robot parts.

>> No.76028084

I am building an asur-drukhari army, the asur part I think I nailed it down, but what units can I pick for the drukhari to have map presence and something akin to a tar-pit?

>> No.76028086

i am extremely glad iron hands don't have those things you mentioned.

>> No.76028089

Provided you can get it within 3' of the c'tan in your movement phase. Which is hard unless your opponent is a literal retard.
Oh, and roll a 4+ that you can't reroll, and then roll a 5 or 6 for damage.
It's a complete waste of time and command points.

>> No.76028096

They were literally forgotten until they got a broken supplement in 8th, and then suddenly everybody loved them. Before that there was a copypasta here about how an anon played against an opponent with an oc chapter called the Iron Hands and joked that they were basically "admech as a space marine chapter" to poke fun at how nobody knew who the fuck they were. They didn't even have a special character until 8th.

>> No.76028097

Bringing 155pts worth of bomber just in case you meet a C'tan isn't exactly a stellar strategy

>> No.76028101

A few seconds with a file and a little green stuff is easy enough.

>> No.76028117

I started IH, because I don't like painting at the start of 8th. My army was one half of dark empire, two know no fears and 2 ETB redeptor dreadnoughts. How good IH at the start of 8th IH or pure primaris armies were, I don't think I have to say. Was considered the most casual of casual guys. If someone was to play a new guy, I was picked as the opponent. Then 2.0 codex sm came. And over night, the same army with same intercessors, hellblaster and aggressors and 2 dreads, went from lol casual to that fucking WAACfag planed it all along. often followed by , look how bad his army is painted, he probably did it on the night he got the codex. And I was painting my dudes for over 2 years, yeah they didn't look great, but suddenly people didn't want to play with me. they liked to play me when my army was bad and they could get easy store points for victories. At the end of 8th I became an outcast, couldn't get a single game in outside of store even ones.

9th was the same at the start, It was leviathans this, eradictors that, blade guard are OP followed by "I don't play marines". while my army is still 40 bolter dudes, without any melee sgts, 15 hellblasters, 6 flamer aggresors and 2 ETB dreads.

>> No.76028123

Do you guys want the tomboy mega?

>> No.76028133


>> No.76028142


>> No.76028149

>Honestly it's fucking wild people do this instead of having playing chapter Yourdudes

You have to REALLY like painting for that to work, and while there are probably some master painters that do black and metalic iron in 30+ steps with shading, blending and "black isn't painted with black paint", you would be suprised how many how many people decided on armies like IH because sprying something black, making guns/bags/ammo pouchs grey and then white and the rest being metalic, is a fast way to have a painted army.

>> No.76028153

It's going to be dolphin porn, isn't it?

>> No.76028184

Your precious armory, gratefully accepted; we will need it.

>> No.76028188

>It's going to be dolphin porn, isn't it?
>dolphin porn
no just tomboys

>> No.76028190

Yeah, that sounds dumb as fuck.

>> No.76028232

>tfw I painted my own scheme but use IH rules because I wanted a red army, but like cybernetics, and fuck vampires
Haters gunna hate I guess

>> No.76028252

No, I want anons to learn to use proper protection and avoid the dangers of unprotected sex.

>> No.76028280


>yellow is an absolute sod to paint
Don't say that, I'm planning to paint a knight in house hawkshroud's color in January

>> No.76028287

That implies that anons here might end up having sex, and we all know that isn't a realistic stance.
Obviously, you should always wrap your willy.
Yellow is awful to paint.

>> No.76028305

I did the exact same thing, only my paintjobs don't make people want to vomit when they look at them.

> tfw I have an unopened can of Averland Sunset spray that I am saving for when I finally get around to painting my Ork army

>> No.76028311

remora drones

>> No.76028313

Might be kind of fun to take necrons, give them bolters, sand down the cartouches, use those skulls from the skull sprues instead of the robot ones, and make it like a successor chapter or IH finally achieved complete mechanization.

>> No.76028316

ADB's headcanon isn't canon.

>> No.76028321

They’re not very impressive.

>> No.76028336

They could do with some highlights probably

>> No.76028337

Nice, I also ended up finding the source of that manga, it's Fuuka by Seo Kuji. Too bad it's only ecchi tho

>> No.76028349

yeah, and I love how the critique comes from "vets" that decided that their army of choice is going to be eldar, but they aren't playing the same army they played in 5th or 6th, no they always play what ever is top out of the codex at the memont. I was told by a dude playing harlis, who is the only one with a perfect victory score in our 4 week store event chain, that marines are too good, should be nerfed and that marine sub factions are a stupid idea. And this came from a dude that played flyers and Inari in 8th, and now decided to brench out in to harlequin.

By the way nice army friend.

>> No.76028354


>> No.76028363

>miss the 4+ non-rerollable on firestorm
>the shard heals back a wound
fug :DDDDD

>> No.76028421

I have to look through the codex, but I think the healing can be buffed by a stratagem or cryptek, but I'm not entirely sure.

>> No.76028447

>That implies that anons here might end up having sex, and we all know that isn't a realistic stance.

Warhammer unironically got me laid. I used to play at an LGS that also had D&D tables. One older woman would come in every saturday with one of her kids to play, and we'd smile at each other whenever I passed her to get to the Warhammer tables. After pussing out way too many times I eventually started talking to her, gave her my number, and one night she came over to watch a movie and we fucked like animals. She's trapped in a dead marriage with a loser husband and I hadn't even thought of dating ever since my fiance died so it had been a while for both of us. We ended up having regular weekly fuck sessions for a while.

It has since slowed way down between us (I got weirded out because her husband used to come in to my work), but now we're just really good friends who still bang every once in a while.

She bought some old used Space Marine models from a garage sale to use as practice models because I'm supposed to teach her how to paint minis (for her D&D games) at some point.

Also, which Ork colorscheme should I go with?

>> No.76028452

>> No.76028465

this sounds like larp

>> No.76028477

that looks awful

>> No.76028487

Sounds pretty tragic.
You should do snake bites, dont see enough of them

>> No.76028501

>3d in overwatch
That's being optimistic at best against something you wound most likely on 5s and has a 4++
Not to mention it depends entirely on your opponent being a retard and charging head first with the c'tan

>> No.76028502

Is feirros base the same as warpsmith?

>> No.76028521

Very true. Although the odds of a ctan being the only thing charging in arent thaat slim in a necron army

>> No.76028535

It's not a LARP. If it was I would have said she was a childless 10/10 23 year old with perfect C-cup tits or something

If I ever came into a stupid amount of money I think it would be fun to build an army of Feral Orks using Fantasy/AOS Ork infantry, Squiggoths as Trukks, and Gargantuan Squiggoths as Battlewagons.

>> No.76028553

....why not just use squiggoths as squiggoths and gargantuan squiggoths as gargantuan squiggoths...?

>> No.76028554

586 posts lads, I think its time we take the thread out back behind the barn

>> No.76028555


>> No.76028556

Calm down they look fine enough, also, post models
I think they'd look super weird without the chins, as they aren't actually very human skulls
They are contrast, I think it's just I took the pic with a flash in a dark room. Not to say I'm a master painter by any stretch, but they look better in person
Thanks fren. People like to get on their high horse all the damn time about dumb shit

>> No.76028565

Wow nice timing

>> No.76028736


>> No.76028764

Still need to get within 3' in your movement phase.

>> No.76028829


>> No.76028894

I don't know if I should be sad about your circumstances or happy you've found someone.

>> No.76029162


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