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No Coomers Allowed Edition

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>Thread Question
Have you ever been "that guy"?

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I play Space Marines.

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How does one even copulate with such obesity?

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I'm THE guy.

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actual thread is here >>76009422

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Watch me

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Most people play Marines

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Is there a legal way to get chaos militia or obligatory recasters ? I dig their aesthetics. Also do they still have rules ?

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I remember feeling like That Guy at the start of 8th when explaining how rerolls actually came before modifiers so that certain misses wouldn't be eligible to benefit from rules that let you reroll 'failed hits'. Everyone else thought it sounded pedantic and it was ignored for the rest of the edition.

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>fat blue bitch barely wearing anything
>at least fully clothed lady
no, his is definitely better

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Thread Question, I hate enemy vehicles, especially Dreadnoughts with their -1D. How do I kill the things? Lascannons just don't cut it, and it's more expensive to kill them than to bring your own. I'm not bringing dreads.

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Whats a good resin to use for making copies? I got a head from the land speeder vengeance I want to make copies of for devastator marines

>> No.76009597

Finished another light tank for me guard.

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No, no f*moid is good.

>> No.76009621

Hey now, there's no reason to fight. They're both pretty hot. Warhammer 40k is a big game, there's room for whatever you want to jerk off to.

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more AT weapons?
What list are you running? They're really not that hard to deal with.
Bretty nice my dude. Now if only the IG actually had a tankette. The sentinel profile just doesn't seem quite appropriate even if I'd be fine with you doing so.

>> No.76009647

I have plans for a IG vostroysn list. Basically, two groups of 1 command squad with banner and medic, 1 company commander, 1 platoon commander, 1 infantry squad with heavy bolter and flamer, 1 infantry squad with lascannon and grenade launcher, and 1 veteran squad with 3 plasma guns. the other half would be 3 basilisks, 2 squads of heavy weapon team mortars, a master of ordnance, and a command squad similar to the other, and 1 to 2 infantry squads with mortar team and grenade launcher. there are also 2 to 3 leman russ demolishers with multimeltas.

Idea is that the two little platoons run to objectives and hold their ground(heavy bolter squad is the forefront, back up by the lascannon squad, whereas the veterans are their hammer to their anvil, and the commanders order them while the command squad acts as bullet sponges that produce buffs) while assisted by leman russes, and the others rain hell from above while camping an objective in or near the deployment zone.

My main objective was to make use of as many of the sculpts in the vostroyan range as possible, while also being able to hold my ground in non-tournament games. I think I have enough bodies, but not enough anti-tank/vehicle. thoughts? comes to about 2000 points give or take a couple points or a couple units.

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>Have you ever been "that guy"?
I started playing 40k as Ravenwing in 7e. By the end of the edition I have 15 black knights, two command squads, 3 Lib Bikers, that super smashy int chap on bike, 6 landspeeders and 3 Dark Shrouds. I didnt realize how big of a dick I was until I ruined some poor ork kid who didnt get a fighting chance. My army had crazy movement and the jink was like a 2+ rerollable save for the death ball. Basically all my weapons were twin linked.

>> No.76009675

correct, but as far as levels of coomer shit goes the other thread is definitely far less egregious

>> No.76009684

Did you have a productive day, anons?

Got my first squad largely done, just some final detailing and basing to do

>> No.76009690

>They're really not that hard to deal with.
T8 14W 2+/4++/6+++ -1 to be hit, -1D received.

>> No.76009715

And it costs only 260 pts. A Repulsor Executioner costs more than 300

>> No.76009726

Still looking for the second part: Does anybody have an unobstructed picture of the left leg of this chaplain? Need to know for a conversion.

>> No.76009738

I'm just gonna use them as Heavy weapons teams. It works and the two wounds almost makes up for the shit armour save

>> No.76009759

Based armoured sentinels

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>> No.76009769

The levi is T7 now and also was never that hard to kill, you just got skillchecked dude.
Literally learn to list build and combo better.

What's your list

>> No.76009792

I did fish of fury way back when. So, kinda.

>> No.76009793

Seriously? That seems dumb dude. Run them as sentinels at least.
Sentinels are also really good too which helps.

>> No.76009804

This sounds fairly solid, could you post a list like battlescribe so we could take a better look?

>> No.76009818

>Thread Question: Have you ever been "that guy"?
Nope, I do my best to be reasonable because to me, having fun is more important than winning mostly because I like to interact and have not participated in any tournaments.
Also I play orks.

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Does Alaitoc still have the rule where the Fire Prism gets to shoot twice when it moves under half it’s speed?

>> No.76009842

Im talking about the Custodes Telemon Dreadnought, which is T8. My list is "I just found out even 10 Vets swinging Heavy Thunder Hammers don't kill it, and the thing can fight back with 6 power fist attacks and shoot two plasma flamers in melee. Plus shoot two spiculum heavy Bolters. But it could simply not bring the fists and bring two cannons instead, and I won't be able to ignore it,so I have to kill it". It's a list prone to changes, you see

>> No.76009862

Small question here, is there any physical reason keeping a baseline human from operating a Predator? Like could a Chaos Warband who still have some reasoning ability have their squishy human slaves safely operate their metal boxes while the augmented supermen in body armor run out and rip and tear?

>> No.76009863

I don't know anything about this character, would it be heresy to cut the big dumb feathers off his shield?

>> No.76009899

No. In fact sometimes the fluff is a bit confused as to whether Space Marine vehicles are piloted by Space Marines or Servitors

>> No.76009911

Nope, go ahead. You'll generally find something on most sculpts you'll want to cut off to improve the overall look.

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>> No.76009927

Just the refusal to let lowly mortals wield the power of the Legion's ancient war machines

>> No.76009933

Nah, did the same

>> No.76009950

They'd operate it at BS4+ unless you upgraded them somehow. A lifetime of service to the chapter + cybernetics would be upgrade enough

>> No.76009953

Oh, thanks. What’s the back look like, champ?

>> No.76009955

Oh the tele? A melee tele? That's unironically funnier.
You must have wiffed like a sad sack to have failed to bring it down with that many T hammers, and you can definitely ignore it in order to play the objectives.
either don't engage, make it look like you're engaging so he spend CP then ignore it, or focus fire with all you got.
I'm assuming the -1 is from the bannerstodes? Remember that if he's protecting that thing he's wasting his bubble on a dred, or has his dred packed in with normal infantry and is concentrated in a small threat area. You are outnumbering him, so focus on playing the objectives dude.
It doesn't matter if you lose literally everything so long as you played the objectives enough to win on points.

>> No.76009981


I was suprised to see he has a lion on that shoulder. I'm not sure why they decided to cover it with giant feathers

>> No.76009995

It's possible that their armour/black carapace interfaces with it but otherwise probably just dogma

>> No.76010005

I don't know. Google Primaris Chaplain sprues, you'll probably find somebody who took a picture from the other side

>> No.76010019

Who got the shortest short stick, raven guard or white scars

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>> No.76010030

I think most vehicles have to be connected to the space marine neurally, like the Thunderhawk in Helsreach

>> No.76010049

I'm way too anal to paint guys in my armies different colors, but respect to guys who go wild with it

>> No.76010059

Imperial fists are the worst OG chapter currently if you mean rules, followed by iron hands.
White Scars are top fucking dogs with salamanders, and raven guard are mid tier thanks to a lot of movement shenanigans they can get up to with strats.

>> No.76010071

So what I’m hearing is that the closes chance a human gets to drive a Predator is to apply to become an Astartes, get fucking mauled during the trials but still have enough left over to have their brain wired up to the GPS.

>> No.76010073

Well that kind of depends how advanced 40k vehicles are compared to modern vehicles.

Because if they're at least on par with any modern tank, its kind of irrelevant who's the gunner. FCS is doing all the work

>> No.76010075

This is how the average TAU/Space marine player looks like.

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>> No.76010106

are your custodes brettonians?

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>> No.76010119

I'd break her lines and charge her to melee if you know what I mean.

>> No.76010121

tau player definitely, but webm related is unironically the average space marine player.
At least out of the few hundred I've met over the years.

>> No.76010144

I have never fought that thing, but it is an insult that I would indeed need to dance around it. Running away is Eldar shit, I want to kill it.
10 vets = 32 attacks, because two sergeants (no Blackshields).
32*(1/2)*(1/2)*(1/2)*(5/6)*3 = 10
Don't say how you can be a smart coward and win the game, say how you can kill the thing; I'll see if I can win the game still kek

>> No.76010155

like a guy in a wig with girl boobs?

>> No.76010178

You've barely met fifty, you never made eye contact, and you never spoke to them unless it was to declare actions

>> No.76010183

Thanks for proving my point, space marine player >>76010121

>> No.76010186


>> No.76010205

I hate the fact that I share this hobby with mentally ill or more-than-average maladjusted people. I get it, "nerd" or geek cultures exist but holy shit can you also just be fucking normal.

>> No.76010214

Woman you shall never be

>> No.76010224

This is a female T'au pilot. Say something nice about her.

>> No.76010242

looks like I touched a nerve lmfao
I'm sorry I can handle myself in social situations and you can't. It's really not that hard to be engaging and conversational if you have something like a game to focus it around.
Just keep trying to open up, alright man?

>> No.76010246

i was thinking of doing something like this but with eldar shining spears (if they are ever back in stock)

>> No.76010247

you post on 4chan, bro.

>> No.76010252

What do you think about this kino scheme?

>> No.76010258

I hope they continue to make tau females as unappealing as possible
I hate the booberry meme
why do you dumb fuckers just want blue noseless human girls
it might make sense for water caste but it's so fucking dumb for every other caste

>> No.76010261

fuck you, turkoids are vermin, not men

>> No.76010271

No, some had human cre during 30k and you could upgrade to space marine crews.

>> No.76010273

Straight nose line, thats a male

>> No.76010276


>> No.76010293

4chan is pretty normie at this point
the darktide discord has somebody that regularly talks about going to it and there's multiple subreddits which direct people here

>> No.76010301

The Warcom site and lore says female.

>> No.76010305

What do you fa/tg/uys think the 2 January codices will be? First one to me looks like Dark Angels Supplement with the dark green, and second is either Chaos Space Marines or Chaos Daemons with mutated flesh.

>> No.76010308


I painted those guys. They’re custodes with Bret heads, yea.

I sold them ages ago to a dude who spruced them up nicer.

Now that my skills have improved I’ve been toying with doing another batch of them.

>> No.76010311

aeronautica is a fun game and she looks fun

>> No.76010317

ooh really nice, did you use the coconut crab guide by that guy?

>> No.76010319

4chan is one thing, meeting social defects in person is another.

>> No.76010331

the hair is probably real, but that's the only part

>> No.76010333

>more marines

>> No.76010335

>TFW you once made three new 40k generals just to delete whichever the shitposter from the previous one posted in.

It was fun.

>> No.76010346


Looking slick dude, good work

>> No.76010360

You never stay around long in the store, and your hygiene is horrendous, people don't comment as to not be rude. You also likely collect tyranids and are fat

>> No.76010364

lovely stuff anon, im working on my own "light tanks" even if its just me just putting random shit onto a storm chimera

>> No.76010367

I'm not sure I'd keep sm rejects. Some chapters get serfs other ways.
The point is the Predator pilots can do neural interface with the fire control system itself, so they can operate the whole tank by thought, or as least with as much naturality as you can walk. Yet you fucking trip from time to time, stupid mortal.
Nah but the thing is supposed to be covered in sensors, which is why autosenses make predator pilots have so much spatial awareness as to see their own tank in third person instead of their sight be confined to what a screen shows them.

>> No.76010369

Then that image is inaccurate, what more can I say

>> No.76010373

Why do people respond as though it's the actual tranny here? Like it's just some shitposter.

>> No.76010378

it's a pretty cool idea, the small army size model wise lends itself pretty well to the grail knight theme

>> No.76010379

I want to motorboat her, but her personality is egh

I'd rather go after MWM's gf

>> No.76010391

mostly finished my Captain General, a bit messy in a few spots and energy could use a bit of work but overall Im happy with it

>> No.76010408

Its just placeholder art..


Kind of. I don't like how he did some things and its slightly different but I can't say it isn't inspired by that

>> No.76010411

Think of it this way: first marines get their codices and supplements, then with codex creep, Xenos and other niche imperial factions get more powerful and then marine players will want to transition.

>> No.76010418

Death to the hypothetical machine aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

>> No.76010423

I really like it with the blues!

>> No.76010440

>Placeholder art
>expecting 4chan not to shitpost

>> No.76010445

>and second is either Chaos Space Marines or Chaos Daemons with mutated flesh.
It is a xenos codex because placeholder art is a "Xenos of 9th edition" image.

>> No.76010446

Are you implying something anon ?

>> No.76010447

Dat Golf. Tfw hollow bones make her too frail. Osteoporosis gf

>> No.76010451

I’d be any guy for brap tau.

>> No.76010458


>>76009793 <- this, also I don't think there is a multilaser heavy weapons team option so one the left most tank would be an issue (they are cool as hell man, seriously they will have more impact as a sentinel variant)

>> No.76010473

Believe me, penis aside she's still very ugly with her clothes off. Her warhammer videos are decent information ways but she's way too camera shy and it makes the videos a drag.

>> No.76010474

Someone ?

>> No.76010490

>have a complex about my hygiene, I take a long shower and deep soap scrub every time I leave the house
>I'm on friendly terms with nearly everyone i interact with to the point that people ask about me for games and hanging out all the time, but I'm incapable of being friends with people on a deeper emotional level due to personal issues
>I used to be fat but have lost 150lbs in the last two years and constantly am congratulated on it which I hate
>I play IG, DG, Tau, Crons, CE, IK, CSM

>> No.76010492

Yeah, he has a dick lol

>> No.76010499

Yeah I'm just not really sure why they respond as though they're going to own some tranny when they're just replying to another neckbeard.

>> No.76010506

You get recasters or ebay.
You run them as IG

>> No.76010508

>camera shy
>literally did porn
I mean I suppose "she" could have that weird thing with exposure, maybe she should paint with her clothes off

>> No.76010510

What the hell are they made off?

>> No.76010511

>why do you dumb fuckers just want blue noseless human girls
Because humans hate noses, anon. Furry shit is just human big tiddy females with a headhack, a snout instead of a face. But, to touch a nerve, anime shit is just big tiddy without drawn noses. They never show it to you; they sooner show the eyebrows through the hair than the nose when seen from the front. Even sideways it's just a triangle, that shit ain't a nose. Go to real life, humans hate the nosiest race among them too.

>> No.76010526

look up Icy Winters if you like diaper piss tranny porn

each to their own but not to my taste

>> No.76010536

Aight thanks

>> No.76010546

That would be pretty funny.

>> No.76010548

>penis aside

>> No.76010561

>run them as IG
I still think GSC makes a lot more sense if you want to run mutants / similar.

>> No.76010562

Get your donut steele OC waifu out of here Blazbaros, we know its you.

>> No.76010590

>penis aside
this fucking global paradigm

>> No.76010605

I agree, but not based on the image presented.

>> No.76010611

Agreed, though I could see earth caste women being somewhat attractive as well

>> No.76010613

it's placeholder art, but the xeno will very likely be dark eldar

>> No.76010615

I'm saying even if she didn't have a penis she'd be ugly.

>> No.76010617

Where are those model from?
Any particular scale because heavy weapon teams and ridgerunner replacement would fit just right

>> No.76010633

Good day fatguys,

last thread I talked about the, suprisingly good Kadesh heads, everyone here recommends.
Now I talk about the bodies that zealot also offers.
And they are hilarious in my opinion.
Not only does it look weird and out of place, even the armored variant, it also doesent fit with the arms.
Not only in terms of proportions, but the tits are literally to big for some arms in gun holding position.
Right side is the best botchjob I could pull of and that one involves the arm Holding the carbine, something ta gun that you normally shouldnt use anyways.
It just looks uncanny in my opinion.
Id honestly say they don't really fit the Tau scale.
On a sidenote though, they do fit on the Tau legs, so if you are desperate for alien tits, you can get them I guess.

But if you just want female Tau, just get the heads and stick them onto normal firewarriors, that looks much better.

>> No.76010634

>it might make sense for water caste but it's so fucking dumb for every other caste
>Does not believe in fire warrior gf's blue abs

>> No.76010636

But girls have penis too.

>> No.76010652


>> No.76010653

Daily reminder that your Imperial Guard regiments or other xenos models are not coming because GW wants to make more LoTR shits that no one buys

>> No.76010655

There is a kriegsman in the 2nd pic

>> No.76010676

You are autistic and have a small penis

>> No.76010683


It's a good painter though

>> No.76010686

Okay. But what about the tanks anon.

>> No.76010699

Once you divorce the rule from of the lore behingd GSC they can represent a lots of concepts extremely well

>> No.76010705

Well damn it, is this a marketing scheme of an allegory that in-universe, the great rift screwed up everyone's calendars and the ones who recovered first are the factions who are first released?

>> No.76010707

Sorry im not him and I don't know, just wanted to let you know for the scale question <3

>> No.76010713

I had been WAACfagging my friend during casual games when it already was pretty one sided, we haven't played a game since around the time Vanguard shit came out. I had stopped but by then it was too late and his frustration had set in so any time something didnt go his way he just got frustrated and would either quit or just be too mad to play effectively.

Hoping maybe he'll want to by the time the Blood Angels and Death Guard stuff comes out since those are the armies we started with, will make sure I start off our games with less efficient units like tacticals, the Furioso I have, uh... maybe skip out on captains and just use Lts, dunno. I made a list using every dreadnought I have for fun but considering their buffs 2 DCs, a furioso, a librarian, and a redemptor still might be too much.

>> No.76010730

GSC should be renamed to mutants and xenos

>> No.76010731

Oh thank you.

>> No.76010734

It just sits on the shoulder, you can remove it and it's detailed underneath, I cut that too.
Still have the bit around now that I think about it

>> No.76010746

What would you guys think of a rule for certain hordes that negated the abilities of Blast weapons?

Something cringe like

Blind firing: If a unit of (insert horde unit) has more than twenty models, you do not get maximum shots with your Blast weapons.(3 shots still applies though)

>> No.76010748

because he has a lion on his wrist guard already :p

>> No.76010756

Nice Power Rangers squad

>> No.76010759


>> No.76010776

>all dreadnoughts
I wouldn't take more than one dreadnought in low point games.

>> No.76010782

You do know 40k has "heroic" scale that is basically "i do not give a fuck about proportion or scale" the scale
Having a 40k model next to another scale model beside telling me how big it might be but nothing to actually pin point the actual scale of the models next to it
No idea why that piss me off so much, guess it is finally getting me

>> No.76010786

A) Why would you think thats a good idea, considering the entire value of Blast is to punish huge unit sizes

B) Why would a unit of 20 models take less casualties from an explosive than a unit of 19

>> No.76010789

No worries, I'm interested in his work because I want a tracked vehicle to use as a counts as sentinel, but I make monthly trips to see an old friend and play against him at his local GW when we're there so I need it to a gw model if I'm going to use them Vs him, so I'm a bit stuck

>> No.76010798

Imagine the butthurt if Eldar gets their codex before the last marine codex supplement comes out. Marines are truly babies lol

>> No.76010802

They are a civilian cult uprising, the models just happen to depict Genestealer rape babies, but they could totally be a miner insurrection. Even Aberrations could be mining servitors in Big Daddy suits

>> No.76010805

Has blast really been that bad? Both my 9e games I have ran a green tide and had fun. The IG player had blast tanks and they were alright I suppose but not crushing. The Dark Eldar player didn't use as many blasts from what I remember but still did a find job shooting down some boyz.

>> No.76010810

Duck and Cover/Incoming!/Cowardly grots:

>> No.76010826

Oh lmao I thought it was a joke that she was as ugly as a troon
I guess I suspected it desu
all boring dom shit, into the trash where it belongs. Now I see why I didn't like her personality

>> No.76010828

Those look like mini versions of the solar auxilia ogryns. What are they?

>> No.76010834

Because there is a remote chance than an actual, unrelated tranny reads it and kill himself or at least feels shitty for the rest of the day

>> No.76010836


I thought size was what he wanted to know, because he was talking about what to use them as in game. My apologies if I misunderstood, hope you're ok anon

>> No.76010839

Naw it's a paper tiger, "classic" Stormshard mortar was absolute cancer.

>> No.76010841

Big imagination, either way it'd be a win scenario

>> No.76010842

I don't think that's true anon. I'm sure the inverse is true though. Eldarfags do like complaining (admittedly for good reason most the time).

>> No.76010855

Checked, and thank you for the review anon.

>> No.76010863

I just found them in google.

>> No.76010864

I always get a sinking feeling when I see Cosmo. Fuck.

>> No.76010875

Fear of blast has done far more than the blast rule actually has. We certainly don't need anti-blast rules for cheap hordes at this point.

>> No.76010880

His life is an allegory for the state of people with autism, it's highly correlated with transgenderism

>> No.76010887

He is a deamon

>> No.76010888

Who the fuck even is this?

>> No.76010898

Point bloat has done even more than that.

>> No.76010912

Reminder Abaddon is and always will be a loser.

>> No.76010914

a highly disturbed man

>> No.76010916

Blast really isn't that relevant. The only time I thought 'wow, blast is bullshit' is when I killed a unit of 6 shining spears in overwatch with some plasma Inceptors.

>> No.76010964

Why would more models be more difficult to hit?

>> No.76010995

> Abaddon is and always will be a loser
At least not as big Aaron Redditman

>> No.76010999

I think it is important for you not only to plan which units to use, but also which detachments you want to use. So far it looks like you need at least a battalion and a spearhead detachment..

>> No.76011029

That anon is butthurt and retarded

>> No.76011036

It's funny how inceptors went from a forgotten fugly unit to top tier with little to no direct changes.

He got ran out of reddit funnily enough.

>> No.76011041

wew, that's a bit too great of a good

>> No.76011055

>He got ran out of reddit funnily enough.
What did he do? Wasn't he a king there?

>> No.76011070

People who post their minis online absolutely obliterate my drive to paint. Unrealistic beauty standards. Instagramreality for dorks. Makes me sick. MAKES ME SICK.

>> No.76011077

slowly adding to my collection of tau girl images

>> No.76011103

Dark Angels and Dark Eldar. They already teased the cover of the DE codex on the fb/twitter page.

>> No.76011105

Just make sure they look good together in a group. Playing without grays and primes will make you feel great

>> No.76011123

Don't let your insecurities get the best of you, practice painting on sprues then on minis. Ask for help. Every expert was once a beginner.

>> No.76011130

What about Lucius?

>> No.76011131

Yeah you’re probably right, thanks for the positivity friend.

>> No.76011140

No such thing

>> No.76011150

Don't recall the details, apparently he got tired of posting there because most of the time he said something he was bombarded with confrontational posts about his writing and chaos infatuation, like you might find here. Those were vastly outnumbered by the posts kissing his ass, though, so I can't sympathize much.

>> No.76011153

>no direct changes
They got cheaper, and they were always at least pretty good in Dark Angels thanks to Weapons of the Dark Age (rip). They were like 60 points at one point, now they're 50.

>> No.76011154

>Why do you hate me, /40kg/?

>> No.76011161

Yeah except halfway through 9th, marines will get some bullshit expansion or rules update that makes 3 of the chapters ludicrously overpowered until the start of 10th ed where its all reset and can repeat again.

>> No.76011169


>> No.76011179


>> No.76011186

Lucius just wants to find his dad so he'll probably get his wish so GW can sell a daemon primarch fulgrim

>> No.76011195

P2W confirmed

>> No.76011210

Yep, my shittily painted two thick coats of firewarriors and stealth suits from years ago still look alright in a full battle formation

>> No.76011229

Those numbers gave me a bad stroke upon seeing them.

>> No.76011236

>Decadence and Decay
So DA confirmed nurgle traitors.

>> No.76011247

in all honesty i feel sorry for ausfags

>> No.76011249

I will continue brother

>> No.76011262

>It's in USD

>> No.76011276

Now I need some Abaddon tweets with disclaimers

>> No.76011289

Has anyone got that meme of the guy slowly putting the clown makeup on and its over female space marines?

>> No.76011290


>> No.76011292

waifuposting aside, do we have any fluff description of tau hair? Do they even grow hair all over their heads like humans do? Is it even hair?

>> No.76011295

Lmao. I think Decadence is Slaanesh for AoS since theres been a whole Slaanesh narrative going on, and Decay is probably a look into the DG's codex and maybe a start collecting/box set for them, since we've already seen the new model and terrain piece.

>> No.76011304

The models are still typically in 28mm, with only some outliers being 32mm (Stormcast and Primaris), with the scale usually just inflating visual parts like hands, feet, and heads (and random iconography) to be bigger for both the sake of the art-style and visual identification (which Stormcast and Primaris can still use interchangeably with previous scale) rather than the overall body scale.
The tank is probably 1:48 scale, given the size.

>> No.76011308

is Gee Dubs taking the piss

>> No.76011328

Seems to be deending on the writer really. Most Tau minis are bald but some have ponytails or topknots, so it's anyone's guess as to whether they shave their heads and Tau girls with luscious locks could be canon. They'll never have big tits, though.

>> No.76011338

That is why I post mine, everyone feels good after seeing my stuff

>> No.76011351

Fuck of to normiebook with your forced "joke", none gave a fuck on your first two tries.

>> No.76011364

you dug your own grave

>> No.76011369

so which one is it?

>> No.76011386 [DELETED] 

I had ~1800 of my 2k Apocalypse Army as Ahriman and 20 some sorcerers in pic related, outflanked them next to the enemies superheavy parking lot, and drop a bunch of vortex's on them. Arhiman perils'd and died so I dropped 3 more the next turn then brought it back with a Asset point and Deepstruck them to the same spot and got all 9 off the third time.

15 Vortex's rolling around the enemy's backfield on top of all their super heavies.

Then I dropped 2 orbitals on them.

I felt bad because one of the players on the enemy team left with a small migraine and no one in their backfield got to do anything. I did run 2 riptides over with a Typhon so that was fun.

>> No.76011387

Tau will never have the females I see.

>> No.76011390

that one, with the shoulders.

>> No.76011392

it's placeholder art for a xenos faction, but i agree that imperium will be DA.

>> No.76011415

They do grow hair, both male and female. It seems to be a style thing

>> No.76011425


>> No.76011427

We already know Orks and Delder soon, so it'll likely be as >>76011103 said since the placeholder look inline with Dark Eldar body horror.

>> No.76011429

do you mean the one in armor?

>> No.76011442

just cause they're short and stout doesn't mean they're gonna be short and stacked
they probably do have abs, just like the male fire warriors, which they probably look identical too because if you were going to have females in a warrior caste you'd them as physically similar to the males as possible so they could stand a chance of keeping up with them

>> No.76011451

>I've heard this person say 'time to suck on mummy's cock'
It's an abstract kind of feel

>> No.76011455

Still looks good on the tabletop!

>> No.76011459 [SPOILER] 

I had ~1800 of my 2k Apocalypse Army as Ahriman and 20 some sorcerers in pic related, outflanked them next to the enemies superheavy parking lot, and drop a bunch of vortex's on them. Arhiman perils'd and died so I dropped 3 more the next turn then brought it back with a Asset point and Deepstruck them to the same spot and got all 9 off the third time.

15 Vortex's rolling around the enemy's backfield on top of all their super heavies.

Then I dropped 2 orbitals on them.

I felt bad because one of the players on the enemy team left with a small migraine and no one in their backfield got to do anything. I did run 2 riptides over with a Typhon so that was fun.

>> No.76011461

>TFW last time Orks were "early" we got the worst Codex in 12 years, and the only collectors edition ever.

>> No.76011530

What would you rather have?
>Lithe muscular blueberry. Looks like the males of her species except the face, which is a noseless female
>Your LGS tranny. Or Icy Winters, if those look like He-Ma'am

>> No.76011534

john fucking numbers

>> No.76011549

Well now I've seen their butthole, so if I get their youtube vids recommended to me that will be interesting

>> No.76011576

why can't I just say no to both?

>> No.76011588

>inb4 Xenology
it hasn't been contradicted so there's no reason for it not to be canon

>> No.76011591

Very based, anything that isn't a russ is good in my book.

The leftmost tank is the chassis of a toy panzer IV i had kicking about, not sure on the scale. The other two are an Armourfast Cromwell and Panzer IV (very cheap models so good for conversions like this) at 1/72 scale. The armour on all of them is just plasticard with greenstuff cables cut into rivets and other attached bits. Any rare bits I want to reuse, such as the windows on the right tank and the Aquilla on the middle, are recast out of brown stuff.

Im using pic related as sentinels. I'm yet to build a third. I have based and weathered them since I took this pic

>> No.76011610

There are models and art that have had both hair on their heads are facial hair, usually a long bears from the chin braided up. Often the Tau hairstyle depicted is either bald or with a ponytail, which I imagine emulates the Japanese chonmage hairstyle of the samurai. Don't remember any info on whether or not they shave their heads or if that's just how it is normally. There's old art of cavemen Tau who continue this style of either bald or very localized hair growth.

>> No.76011616

If you want I can post my shitty stuff from years ago

>> No.76011624

Nice explanation, I quite like my ayys

>> No.76011648

jesus christ the methods you people will stretch shit to jerk off to anything.

it's almost admirable if you were able to think with anything besides your dick.

>> No.76011652

Still better than pic related...

>> No.76011658


>> No.76011679

>jesus christ the methods you people will stretch shit to jerk off to anything.
>it's almost admirable if you were able to think with anything besides your dick.

>> No.76011693


>> No.76011709


>> No.76011710

Fuck. This hurt my soul to watch. It's just seeing someone in raw visceral pain. He will never be a woman. That statement isn't said to be cruel. I know it hurts the tranny to hear that, but they're hurting themselves by doing this. It's reality. A man cannot be a woman. Reality doesn't care how bad you want it to be true and reality will win 100% of the time. The pain they feel is because they've disassociated themselves with reality, but can't escape the consequences of reality. A man will never be a woman. I don't want to hurt trannys. I want them to stop hurting themselves. A man will never be a woman. If he tries to be one, he will just cause untold pain to himself and all those around him.

>> No.76011715


Celestial Lions

>> No.76011717

>Most Tau minis are bald
Bald is beautiful.

>> No.76011721

how often have forgeworld models gone on to be produced by gw proper in plastic?
only thing i can think of is the horus heresy stuff like contemptor, mark iii, and the two terminator types

>> No.76011730

I'm wondering what paint scheme to go with for my necrons.
And I looked at the texture paints. Then I thought.
"Is astrogranite thin enough to do the job?"

Anyone know? Could I use that shit on them to make them look like statues?

>> No.76011741

They announced on twitch it's DA before that article posted

>> No.76011751

samefag heretic.

>> No.76011758

Bro I think you might be obsessed.

>> No.76011764

valkyries, maybe some LR variants, hydras ( maybe ?)

>> No.76011784

I remember that thread
I 'member

>> No.76011788

its not meant to be used to paint models, it will most of the time look like shit. If anything try typhus corrosion to give it a rough texture and then prime over it or something like that.

>> No.76011796

Tau Piranha, Baneblade

>> No.76011798

That was a sad thread.

>> No.76011809


>> No.76011814

Nah we it's not a stretching, it's a compression. Out of all the myriad possible xenos shapes, things in the form of octopi and gilled nets of eyes and masses of legs and sprouting antennae we say: lmao, big tiddy technicolor woman!
Simply, we add boobs on everything. Someone post that medieval sex comic about how all fantasy monster races' females look just like women

>> No.76011819

huh, more than i thought
so there's always a chance of more
thank you anons

>> No.76011825

It’s possible if they aren’t a dicklet like you

>> No.76011837

I am sure there are at least a few more

>> No.76011845

I lost a close friend to that shit. I won't lie, I'm very much personally invested in that. I hope that with enough bullying, maybe at least one tranny who still hadn't sealed the deal goes through a crisis and decides to turn back from that damned path.
The amount of making fetishes lifestyle, peer pressure and cult like mentality in trans community is insane.

>> No.76011855

I don't know whether to feel bad for cosmos or rage at those leading him in his delusions of womanhood. no matter what others tell him he will never be a woman. and empathy for him should not mean allowing him to live in his delusions, but forcing him to face reality.

>> No.76011864

It is true, and I'm curious to see the eventual fallout

>> No.76011867 [DELETED] 


>> No.76011870

Obligatory "not your blog."

>> No.76011886

I got more

>> No.76011896

I've seen some who pass. But for each of those, there must be hundreds who are just... It's the real danger of coomerism?

>> No.76011913

>Out of all the myriad possible xenos shapes, things in the form of octopi and gilled nets of eyes and masses of legs and sprouting antennae we say: lmao, big tiddy technicolor woman!

It is the ideal female body. You may not like it, but it is what peak coom looks like.

>> No.76011922

That's a nice flame freehand on the right guy, not gonna lie. Your issue is just not enough thinning and not cleaning up spills.

>> No.76011929 [SPOILER]  [DELETED] 

That God hasn't torched this world by now is proof He loves us.

>> No.76011944

>£7 for a 1/72 tank
>kind of expensive
>two in each kit
Ok they are dirt cheap

>> No.76011990

>I've seen some who pass.
'Passing' is not the end
Eventually you'll grow older. Not only you will no longer pass, but you'll also start encountering health problems. Health problems that doctors aren't able to identify because they never had to deal with trans specific aliments before.
Do these people really think that HRT and SRS won't have any long term effects on their health? Next 30 years is going to be a clusterfuck of aging trannies literally falling apart.

>> No.76011995

I only came here wanting to kill Telemons, why do you do this to us. Now I'm as sad as I'm angry.

>> No.76012008

are gland warriors completely gone?
no mention of'em since d-99
I guess gritty and expendable augmented foot-sloggers might take away from the new primaris stuff

>> No.76012012

Should have just joined the military. I know a guy who went to Afghanistan and busted a nut going over a wall. Do that twice and you're there, all on tax payer dime.

>> No.76012014

I think these were the worst of the bunch
didnt even clean the mold lines, bothered me so much down the line

Thanks, I mostly lacked practice and a good green formula, now that I've nailed it down it's waaay easier and cleaner.
Those fuckers did stop producing the fucking waywatcher green glaze, which was an important step, god damn it

>> No.76012043

Don't worry anon, here is the datasheet for telemon dreadnoughts.
Examine and find out any exploits and weaknesses. Try using -4 AP

>> No.76012051

So regarding the recent Tau railgun rework (more reliable damage, additional mortals on a successful wound roll rather than on a 6+), this could mean a potential huge boon for Pathfinder Rail Rifles. A rapidfire weapon that deals a mortal on a successful wound roll and might even be going to 3 flat damage sound really good. The only issue would be that a Pathfinder wields it, which is a BS 4+ T3 5+ body.

>> No.76012053

correct but it's sad that your initial argument fell apart and you had to fall back on that.
You basedmarine faggot.
fuck off with this disgusting shit

>> No.76012065

Are intercessors and eliminators the same size? I want to convert some.

>> No.76012078

>Play Slaanesh Daemons and EC
>Love traps
>Love futa
>Love /d/
>Gay for Bridget
>Absolutely repulsed by the LGBT community, identity politics, the mental illness and delusion of trannies, the rampant self mutilation done on the basis of confusion and not just perversion
I hate it so much.

>> No.76012082

I like the edge highlighting!

>> No.76012084

>-4 AP
You know they have a 4++?

>> No.76012085

forgot image

>> No.76012108

do any of you guys put together lists not based on how good they'd be but rather because of how you think the force would have been organized in-universe?
for instance, when i play a mechanized force, i can't have any foot sloggers, everyone has to have a transport, otherwise how would the guys on foot manage to get to the same battlefield as the guys mounted? vice versa for foot units
or with space marines, they all have to have a way to get to the battlefield, whether by infiltrating, deep strike, or riding on bikes/flyers, i can't imagine tactical marines making landfall on a planet and then marching a hundred miles away to go dunk on some poor bastards
or am i the only autistic person here

>> No.76012111

Didn't know about this, might make me even more hard for broadsides

>> No.76012131

May Allah's wrathful flames consume us all and cleanse this galaxy of the blight that is our species.

>> No.76012140

Anon, there was no argument. He was baiting you. You fell for it and admited to things you didn't have to.

>> No.76012141

yeah i think they're neat, but a 21 point model with that stat line is pretty putrid

>> No.76012144

>Next 30 years is going to be a clusterfuck of aging trannies literally falling apart.
Yeah That's going to be...interesting. Like the first athletes and strong men to use and abuse anabolics, well, somebody had to take the fall so that the rest of mankind sees what's the aftermath of putting a human body through all of that. Refine that thing until it's ready for consoomism.

>> No.76012150


A man of taste I see.

>> No.76012152

These are more recent, and you can really see the difference

Dunno, I hated it, was hella uneven and not straight, but it was the best I could do that time, so...thanks?

>> No.76012155

>So regarding the recent Tau railgun rework

>> No.76012177

I think what you think is pretty sensible
I have similar autism, though I've not built an army yet, when I do will also have similar autism attacks, going from my messing about in battlescribe

>> No.76012179

Purely speculation in regards to what we saw in the FW book and how they treated the railguns in it.
Might make a good cheap "bomb" unit. Apparently two squads with Rail Rifles and Darkstrider perfectly fits in 9 PL to be put into reserves.

>> No.76012183

>gland warriors
For a second I thought you were talking about trans omg
Aye thanks, but yeah they do have a 4++. Apparently 5 IF Siegebreaker Centurions do have a chance at it...but it's Centurions. Using them is the opposite of simple.

>> No.76012185

How useful might a unit of (index) Nobz with Big choppa and Kustom shootas be?
That's 3 s7 ap1 d2 melee hits and 4 s4 shots each for 25 points, with a 4+ save.

>> No.76012187

oh shit, hammerhead tank killers might be back

>> No.76012193

>is proof He loves us
Or that he doesn't care

>> No.76012194

I'm building my space marines in accordance with the chapter/company structure. I ensure that the captain from the specific company leads the detachment of units from the specified company.
The only companies that can mix and match are the reserves.

>> No.76012198

Pretty much the definition of a fluffy list, quite a few people do that.

That said if you have more infantry than what you can fit into vehicles Tank desant is entirely plausible

>> No.76012202

Ibplay chaos so my only real restriction is to not use units from opposing gods
For example, if I built a primarily khorne themed list, I'm open to using tzeentch and nurgle shit, but not slaneesh

>> No.76012207

The Forgeworld book gave rail weapons more consistent damage and proc their mortals on a successful wound rather than on a 6+.

>> No.76012208

I think that is proof the fucker does not care at all.

>> No.76012212

Exploring some underlying morbid ideas/sub-ego concepts you have through a healthy creative medium and mutilating your flesh in unsanitary ways are obviously two entirely different things.
That said and on a completely different note, I kinda wish Slaanesh had less herm stuff going on, I'd enjoy some more properly feminine daemons like daemonettes, more hypermasculine daemons and - and this is even more important - other aspects of excess, such as gluttony, greed, pride, wrath, etc.
Doesn't make sense how being hongry or greedy as fuck turns you into a satan tranny for some reason. There should be more stylistic variance.

>> No.76012213

well, they are not gone in a way we know of, but we havent heard of them in years, so they probably are gone.

>> No.76012217

Hell yeah, now this is character development.

>> No.76012227

The railgun would actually have to become Heavy 2 with these changes to really be considered a tank killer. It's literally that bad in its base form.

>> No.76012233

>Cromwell and Panzer IV
You sure? or did you cut and add a lot to them because they sure as hell do not look like either of those.
One of them looks like Lee without the turret

>> No.76012237

>Using Tzeentch magic shit in Khorne

>> No.76012269

this picture will never not make me mad. fuck you autistic sally-anon

>> No.76012272

>siegebreaker cohort
Well that's gone now. Specialist detachments got removed, IF got neutered, and so did Centurions. I think doomstalkers do well because at least they're s10.

>> No.76012279

>Tank desant is entirely plausible
my mind is now blown
thank you anon

>> No.76012291

How many space marines are in a chapter?
Is there a set number for everything?
e.g. 10 assault marines, 100 tac marines, 20 terminators etc.

>> No.76012295

literally same, patrician taste my dude

>> No.76012296

>god of excess
>doesn't have excessively masculine or feminine daemons
If anybody should have hermaphrodites, it should be Nurgle. Maybe Tzeentch.

>> No.76012297

have you read the codex ?

>> No.76012301

No longer a thing. Specialist detachments are gone as the publications are OOP

>> No.76012306

So when are these two going to say "fuck chaos and fuck the imperium" and form their own renegade legions? Nurgle doesnt even like Mortarion that much and gets off giving more of his time to Typhus. Perturabo and his legion cockblock any "gift" the chaos gods try to give them by literally chopping off any tentacle they might grow. Literally all it takes is for Mortarion to tap into his nature of saying fuck you to authority by freeing Isha and getting his dick and the dicks of those of his legion that remain loyal to him unrotted and for Perturabo to stop roleplaying as a Daemon prince. They can still be against the imperium without necessarily having a daemon in their asshole

>> No.76012311

we already discussed on this, I'm not the same guy who did those.....
my first minis were ultras in 2005, YUCK

>> No.76012324

SsylEske was a step in the right direction.
We'll see what the Saturday announcement brings. I agree though, they need to lean harder into the pursuit of perfection. Bloated gluttons just falls to fast to Nurgle
Just needs more attractive models, more drugs, more rock'n'roll, more weird shit (like that guy in Angel Exterminatus with his legs and arms swapped who did cartwheels in front of the Iron Warriors)

>> No.76012327

1000 per chapter, but that's typically not counting chapter command, armory, serfs and servitors, librarians, apothecaries, etc.
>set number for everything

>> No.76012332

Slaanesh got the GSC treatment.
Every GSC are miners which is not the case. Hell even the cyborg and umbrella gsc look like miners.

>> No.76012341

>admitted things anonymously
>I'm definitely being truthful too
I'm bored at work.
Honest answer, I usually go for a mix. As in, I'll keep putting together thematic lists that also work. You need to keep both in mind for peak fun.
For your hypothetical mechanized list, for instance, I'd consider bringing a few foot sloggers in a guard mechanized list because to me they still got to the battlefield on something mobile. Maybe light skinned trucks, maybe riding on tanks. They were mobile, but their vehicle is not a battle taxi, it's a soft skin they had to dismount a bit behind the front lines.
You need to remember that there's more than just the vehicles you see on the tabletop running around when you think of mechanized shit.
Also space marines would probably fly everywhere with thunderhawks and shuttles when given the chance.

>> No.76012352

Kitbash Cadians lmao

>> No.76012353

>umbrella gsc
>cyborg gsc
What the actual fuck are you talking about?

>> No.76012354

>Nurgle doesnt even like Mortarion that much and gets off giving more of his time to Typhus.
That's Typhus' personal opinion. Typhus also happens to be a monumentally arrogant silo of shit.

>> No.76012359

I don't think the knightly look goes well with custodes. They are something different.

>> No.76012369

no because I'm just getting into the hobby

>> No.76012370

looking back to 2000 i remember girls cutting themselves or engaging in anorexia and bulimia, but now that been replaced by lgbt alphabet soup. i find it odd that no one has noticed or mentioned this. it should tell you that lgbt is an outlet for underlying mental issues. truly sad times we live in.

>> No.76012373

I build my sm companies like that...but on the battlefield I just say forces were requisitioned over and that's how they ended up all in that place.
Like one game it was Hellbrecht in his Land Raider, going from A to B with his three Swords and those guys personal retinues. Then the hive mind tracks him down and sends half a dozen Carnifices, Trygons and supporting critters to kill him, that's that hive fleet's idea of an assassination squad. Seeing his Lord in danger, Veterans swoop down from high spires, and terminators rush to the teleporter to aid him.
Everyone but Helbrecht dies, he does kill the last Carnifex in an extra turn. He lives still, but has-been delayed and has to wait for Thunderhawk extraction. Tactical defeat; the Tyranids win yet don't kill the named character.
Everything is as it should be.

>> No.76012380

Sounds good to me

>> No.76012382

Erebus might be the worst character in 40k, but Typhus is close enough to sniff his skidmarks.

>> No.76012388

For some reason they all do bar the panzer IV. Don't know why.
As i said, i added armour on top with plasticard. Anything above the tracks is my doing. I mainly used the tanks for their tracks as this is something that's harder to make out of bits. Gives you a good starting point as well

>> No.76012412

It's just marines the whole way down.

>> No.76012415

It's pretty obvious, it's just contrast.

>> No.76012416

Mortarion has barely changed since becoming a daemon primarch. He doesn't have any real notable signs of nurgle's blessing

>> No.76012429

DA are easily a top tier chapter. Terminators with Thunder Hammers that don't get a minus to hit, ws2+, permanent transhuman, and slew of good support stratagems, relics, and warlord traits. Not to mention they're one of if not the best chapter for ATV cheese, and have both fantastic named and un named unique characters.

>> No.76012432

Eliminators have Phobos armor. Use reivers or infiltrators as your base.

>> No.76012440

Star phantoms

>> No.76012444

>No update to CSM to give them 2W

>> No.76012446

alright, in that case i will answer you. Most chapters have 100 veterans ( terminaors, sternguards, vanguards etc.)
Then they have a bunch of battle companies, each worth a hundred marines, 60 battlelines like tacticals and interrcesrs, 20 storm units like assault squats and 20 ranged marines like hellblasters or devastors. Then there are some companies that are made of purely one sort of marines and the 10 company only uses vanguard units and scouts. All together that makes 1000 marines + marines outside of the companies and neophytes etc. For more information try to download a codex, there is an extensive list explaining exactly what you just asked

>> No.76012451

>n-no anon it's gotta be the libtard el gee bee teees!!!!
>It's definitely not anything to do with systemic issues involving the country and its treatment of healthcare, especially mental healthcare!
Depression is a made up thing and gays need to be purged!
honestly he's close enough to be getting tickled by asshairs

>> No.76012461

Patience retard.

>> No.76012469

>Twisted Helix - actual imperial big pharma company who willingly injected/spliced themselves with genestealer genes to get more power and influence
>Rusted Claw, a forgeworld GSC that proclaims unity of both flesh AND machine equal or some weird shit like that
At least Twisted Helix has like 1 unit representing them tho.

>> No.76012483

Yeah they desperately need a dip in strength more than anything else SM at the moment.
Makes me glad I have both DG and CSM. Worried about the DG dex either leaving marines undercosted and totally busted, or overcosted and unusable though.

>> No.76012487

We'll get it in the codex if they don't accidentally reprint the 8th ed one again.....

>> No.76012488

I'm a bit retarded but this means that the gladiator kit has the parts to make all 3 versions right?

>> No.76012499

Isn't mortarion's attitude the exact opposite if what a proper nurglite's should be? He's stuck being bitter about everything when nurgle preaches that you should move on and embrace the cycle with joy

>> No.76012502

I think Erebus is pretty cool!

>> No.76012505

yes, there will only be a single kit for all 3 variants.

>> No.76012511

We already saw them nerfed to 6+ DR save, but maybe there'll be some other mechanic to boost them to 5+++.

>> No.76012515

yes,the same kit makes all three so magnetizing would be wise

>> No.76012517

They look the part but what are you running them as? The profile is pretty significantly different than a Russ

>> No.76012522

So what's a good resin to use for making recasts? I got the silicone mold stuff but idk what kind of resin is good

>> No.76012528

That was proven to be fake.

>> No.76012530

yes, the sprues contain the Gatling guns, the big cannon, and the duel lascannons.

>> No.76012531

yes, that is the sprue added to the impulser? fuck primaris names

yes, that is the sprue added to the grav-rhino to make it a grav-pred

>> No.76012564

Petty is probably ascended to a daemon prince by controlling the Obliterator virus

>> No.76012567

GSC lore has a cult that is basically an Imperial big farma corporation that intentionally infects people and the other is literally a cult formed from a forge world

>> No.76012573

Thank you anon, that was quite a lot and thanks for taking your time writing that to me

>> No.76012582

That'd be a fucking baller model.

>> No.76012592

Do we really need to rim on Lucius?

>> No.76012593

>Tracks Are So Last Millennium!
Why do they hate us?

>> No.76012594

I feel like there are 15 different primaris names for different models who sound the same and look only slightly different from each other.

>> No.76012599

Based badabro

I was testing star phantoms not long ago

>> No.76012602

>darkmech get confirmed
>no one posting about it

>> No.76012604

>Use reivers
Well, at least they have one use now. Thanks.

>> No.76012607

faked because holy shit GW isn't /that/ retarded.
Nice bait though.

>> No.76012609

Will Slaanesh giving birth have anything to do with 40k or is this a fantasy only thing

>> No.76012614

yeah, no problem m8. You probably understand why i wouldnt have written it out for someone owning a codex

>> No.76012621

>one dark mech character for blackstone
I’m not holding my breath

>> No.76012634


>> No.76012635


>> No.76012637

Very nice

>> No.76012645

You're a fucking retard and so is anyone else who fell for that fake leak
It said that only infantry benefited from DR, when at the time we already knew that the Blight Drone, a vehicle, has it
BSF is over you fucking mongoloid

>> No.76012646

Favorite obscure chapters?
Steel Confessors have to be my favorite piece of techno heresy for being a chapter made by the admech fiddling with Ferrus geneseed behind the imperiums back before they got caught red handed.
Loved to use their scheme on DoW2

>> No.76012647

Nothing to do with 40k. Slaanesh’s story in both settings are entirely different

>> No.76012650

I know how you feel, its suffering to love futa and gender bending in fiction only to have this be what people see.

>> No.76012655

Will we get Spyrer hunters in the new necronumda? i hope so i mean atleast bring back the scavvies come gw give me this for once.

>> No.76012659

guardfags on suicide watch

>> No.76012676

hair confirmed

>> No.76012678

The Geller pox are such a waste of good models

>> No.76012683

FWIW I ended up doing iron snakes because it was faster to paint in time for a league

>> No.76012692

Can anyone explain the retardation around the Megarachnid? Like what was the point of The Murder Crusade either thematically or philosophically?

The Space Marines show up to a xenos planet made from 200ft tall giant chitinous hairs and endless fog. Plus its swarming with super spiders.

So the Blood Angels and Emperor’s Children both decide to send an entire company down to cleanse it for no reason. There’s no strategic value. There’s no resources. There’s no lost colony of mankind. It’s a fucking ball of death and these idiots threw away 2,000 space marines to cleanse it when they could have nuked it from orbit.

>> No.76012696

I will take some hooverfags with me though.

>> No.76012702

Naw brah, vehicles will have to buy DR pregame at 1 CP each.

>> No.76012710

>talking to a friend about the nemesis dreadknight and how it's pretty close to being cool
>had been thinking about ways to use Adeptus Titanicus models in 40k over the past couple weeks
>realize that both the Warlord-Sinister Psi-Titan and the dreadknight are 120mm oval bases
I think I found the beginnings of a counts as / converted GK army.

>> No.76012713


>> No.76012717


No only 7. Which is 6 too many.

>> No.76012744

Exorcist is my favourite, I think it's pretty much the same deal, but they are made by the inquisition instead of admech

>> No.76012754

Is it really so difficult to learn?

>> No.76012767

Eidolon is kind of a tard.

>> No.76012769


>> No.76012771

Guardians of the Covenant, I just like the paint scheme.

>> No.76012773

While this is not likely to be the reason, space marines do have a NEED to fight and kill. It's bred into them and part of their genetics, they have to crush and destroy. Like you have a need to drink water, a space marine has a need to personally reduce xeno skulls to ashes.

>> No.76012774

Anyone have some tips for basing? I've used the typical pleb astrogranite/texture paint stuff so far, but I've seen so many awesome bases online and it makes my models look shit. They always look like they're sinking into the base and I find it hard not to get the texture paint on the model. I am running Night Lords, I've seen the mars colour texture paint looks pretty great, but I want it to be more than just slapped on texture paint. Any tips?

Also, how do I stop this cycle:
>come up with colour scheme, really like it
>paint a model entirely, looks cool
>next day, see bits I want to change, try different colours
>model looks decidedly unfinished as it's a bit meh now
>basecoat a few guys
>change mind and want to repaint them entirely
>have already basecoated a lot of guys, dislike colour scheme now
>these guys are now ruined so I have to start again with other minis
I cannot for the life of me commit to a colour scheme and it's ruining my productivity. I want to come up with my own one, but I always come up with a reason why it's shit even if it probably looked good
My models always look okay, but never great, and it really upsets me as I'm a slow painter and try really hard only to see a million better models online
I've been in the hobby about 10 years now and I have significantly improved, but painting still feels like a chore and a skill I struggle to develop

>> No.76012786

Are you trolling?

That shield combo, making it look like admech is kaos'd up is a false flag they have done before... specifically with space wolves and death guard. They teased with that and in the end it was just a yiffs vs dg starter set.

Another anon predicted, and I agree, it's just going to be a new set of ad mech VS death guard set in order to sell overstocked ad mech units like the flyers and all the dg they expected to sell with the last dg set but didn't.

>> No.76012791

You're late. Old news

>> No.76012794

>'waaaah why doesn't daddy love me' cries the braindead marine player

>> No.76012801

>It's just a box canyon in the middle of nowhere. No way in or out. The only reason that we set up a Red Base here, is because they have a Blue Base over there. And the only reason they have a Blue Base over there, is because we have a Red Base here.

>> No.76012805

Never. The current kit is perfect

>> No.76012815

Oh shit....

>> No.76012821

They are relatively close in size.
It's a lot of money for a dreadknight and the number of guns don't really fit tho

>> No.76012826

Red Hunters because its MK Ultra CIA chapter with regular mindwipes because they are basically Inquisition's pet marines. Each memory erasure they autistically train and fine-tune their skills for the next mission and their ranks might even switch between members, so former Lt. might get turned into a regular mook or vice versa. Basically unfeeling killer machines, which most of marines should be more like to make guys like Lamenters or Salamanders stand out and look cool.
I like Steel Confessors as well, seems pretty hypocritical of Big I to ban them lmao. Should have at least partially stayed, would make for a cool Mechanicus + Marine soup army.
Invocators because they combine sorcery of Tsons with polytheism of WBs without being too fanatical. They are also rumored to contac other Gods aside from big 4 or perhaps even things like Enslavers.
Also based as fuck.
They are like GKs but less oh-so-special and more grimdark.

>> No.76012834

Where would one find Downloads; Rules Errata and FAQs for Warhammer 40k?

>> No.76012847

if you want a trip into the rabbit hole, look into the secular bible, the DSM-5. it's the root of all evil. this made up shit is flaunted like it's divine mandate and it invisibly governs the west.

>> No.76012852

Is there any description of the appearance of cronew world eldar?

>> No.76012857

>mobile units can't slow down to match convoy speeds with infantry

Anon... that's literally how real militaries do it...

>> No.76012861

warhammer community site

>> No.76012866

warhammer community

>> No.76012871

Makes me wonder if another branch of the imperium have made their own personal chapter out of some geneseed fiddling besides the Inquisition and the AdMech. Picture a chapter from the Adeptus Arbites, or the Ecclesiarchy.

Altho i guess the Ecclesiarchy already did with the Word Bearers..

>> No.76012875

I think obviously there'd have to be some conversion work even beyond the guns.
Recasts. The fact that the psi is resin takes away my only reason to not just get recasts.

>> No.76012878

I want to believe anon, I really do, but its more likely a DG vs Admech box set. They're both getting a new HQ and they're probably being put into a box like the SW vs GSC one where the only new things are the HQs.

But who knows? I'm still reserving hope that something good might show up at this preview for Slaanesh and Chaos, since they said this was a preview geared at Chaos players.

>> No.76012881


Community site under FAQs and Downloads


Red Talons, big fan of Autek Mor's work.

>> No.76012884

What I don't understand is why go this deep into it but not commit completely?
What's the point of having just 2/3 of your units having a name that starts with In- if you are also going to call other things outriders and gladiators?

>> No.76012885

Not sure but I saw that art of some inquisitor killing a khornate eldar potentially on a crone world. Might be official too.

>> No.76012908

need some help anons

I'm currently building a primaris-only Blood Ravens army(to differentiate itself for when I extend my Fallen into a full oldmarines Dark Angels army, and possibly build a Lamenters army)

I've been slowly building my forces using various box sets. Currently I have
>Gabriel Angelos(converted)
>Phobos Lt.
>Primaris Librarian
>primaris captain with shield
>3x aggressors(boltstorm gauntlets)
>3x eliminators
>3x suppressors
>redemptor dreadnought(icarus launcher, gatling cannon, heavy gatling)
>5x assault intercessors
>5x intercessors
>10x infiltrators
>3x outriders

Basically, it's SC! vanguard SM, the marine half of Tooth and Claw(without the lt), the marine half of the 9e command edition, Gabe, and a librarian.

My question is, what should I pick up next to start getting towards a full army? I'm thinking of picking up the blood angels box, and possibly another command edition so I can have a squad of 10 assault intercessors and more outriders.

>> No.76012931

Fuck off marine fag. You ruined 40k

>> No.76012945

Because it’s a deadly Xenos species relegated to a single habitable planet.

>> No.76012948

>The fact that the psi is resin
The faceplate and top thing are resin. You better have a good recaster for the rest cuz it's a stupid amount of parts

>> No.76012964

I have 7 other 40k armies and a sigmar army that isn't stormcast. I think I'm allowed to have a marine army.

>> No.76012974

>Adeptus Arbites
Aren't they too "small fry" for that?
I mean main branches of power have their pet chapters: Lords of Terra have Minotaurs, Inquisition has GK+Exorcists+Red Hunters, Mechanicus "had" Steel Confessors.
I might be fuzzy on the lore, but aren't they "technically" b& from having dudes in their "armed forces" which they shouldn't even have which is why they have totally safe open carry nuns for self-protection? Crusaders are kind of an exception I guess tho?

>> No.76012976

I haven't finished my Custodes Achillus but from what I've seen of it my recaster seems pretty good.

>> No.76012980

Something to deepstrike and keep the pressure behind enemy lines would be nice (terminators are always good for this)

>> No.76012990

Yeah, a Heavy 1 gun needs to have superheavy-tier stats to be worth it, and maybe not even then. I mean, even wounding on 2s it has an even chance of doing nothing at all. The success case has to be massive to compare with just having more shots.

>> No.76012999

how are impulsors? I remember not being super impressed by them when I faced them in 8e.

>> No.76013003

Neither DG nor Admech have chainswords or chainglaives (silhouette kinda looks off for a sword)

>> No.76013012

Ah right, i forgot about the whole Age of Apostasy debacle

>> No.76013014

No men under arms, Crusaders are self-funded volunteers and their fighter pilots are imperial navy personnel lent to them indefinitely.

>> No.76013016

I just got done reading Horus Rising, so this is very fresh:

The Blood Angels made planetfall because of the interex beacons (not being able to translate them as warnings). They were simply investigating. When vox failed, BA sent more guys, but the same thing happened. But this time one signal got through saying the planet was murder... that was sent out and picked up by both Luna Wolves and Emp's Children.

EC literally hurries to the planet in order to ensure glory to their chapter instead of the LW. Same shit happens to them though. When LW arrive, only by happenstance are they able to destroy the weather systems.

By then, Sanguinious or whatever shows up, cries about his dead BA, and together all 3 chapters begin to kill the xenos, which is already in their mandate. There is no "urge to kill" or whatever some other posters are talking about... it's a simple series of rescue missions followed by a xenos purge that happens to also be fueled by revenge.

purge the xenos

>> No.76013025

are cyclic ion blasters really that much better than plasma rifles?
i really like how plasma rifles look

>> No.76013031

Impulsors are just flying rhinos with some light fire support.

>> No.76013032

For one, Mortarion hates Nurgle, he's just bitter and angry all the time. Aside from that, there are plenty of Nurgle Daemons who're just as miserable as anyone. The Spoilpox Scrivener, as I recall, is specifically a humorless cunt.

>> No.76013034

Oh shit Steel Confessors not around anymore?

>> No.76013043

Leman russ

>> No.76013044

watch it just be an update to a chaos knight sculpt

>> No.76013047

>yiffs vs dg starter set
what the fuck are you talking about

>> No.76013048

Crossover episode when?

>> No.76013056

Impulsors are as good as their contents. They didn't have anything good to transport in 8e. Now they're the best thing to haul around Bladeguard, but a bit overcosted. Which makes it pretty good because Bladeguard are fantastic.

>> No.76013057

Based book and altruism autist

>> No.76013070


the uh...the flying primaris in heavy armour with hand-carried boltguns.

goddamnit, I need to look them up in the codex.

>> No.76013072

I guess AoS is getting a new centerpiece god model? Never felt like those should be on the tabletop, even daemon primarchs and the Silent King are less of a big deal than that. Maybe if they're supposed to be avatars or something.

>> No.76013082

They look crisp, are you dabbling in Greek aesthetics or keeping them relatively vanilla?

>> No.76013086


>> No.76013087

i know gw too well to get excited anymore. literally any cool model we ever see hinted at will be for kill team, necromunda, blood bowl, etc.

>> No.76013099

Inceptors. The boltguns are mediocre, the plasma versions are pretty good.

>> No.76013101

Where did the decorations on this Dreadnought come from? It's definitely the plastic Contemptor, but I don't see those parts on the sprue or pictures on the GW website. And this is from the 40K Codex so I don't think they'd use Forgeworld bits

>> No.76013102

They are I think, they were just seized from Mechanicus ownership, but I might be wrong.

>> No.76013103


I meant inceptors.

>> No.76013108

How do the robes not get tangled in all of the armor joints and hydraulics?
Also they look like harry potter in space

>> No.76013109

There are no kill team-exclusive models
Why is every person who replies to me a fucking moron

>> No.76013112


>> No.76013123

sorry, i meant gsc not dg in that entire post

>> No.76013125

>new model
>for kill team
are you retarded?

>> No.76013132

They're from the standard right next to the dreadnought in the picture you goof

>> No.76013134

Kill Team becoming 40K Warcry, where the introduce all new Kill Teams of cool stuff that isn't getting it's own army but you can still use in 40k, would be pretty awesome

>> No.76013143

Yep. More shots, more strength, and crucially, more damage. D1 really holds plasma rifles back. That said -- rules are temporary, models are forever. Plasma rifles might become the new hotness come the 9th ed codex. And hell, most people won't give you shit for modelling them however you want, just be consistent and upfront about it.

>> No.76013150




>> No.76013156

Oh hey.

damn, I didn't think GW would use kitbashes in their official pictures

>> No.76013162

>Where did the decorations on this Dreadnought come from?
Look a little down and to the right from the dread in that picture.

>> No.76013164

>3 anti-horde and a dreadnaught vs a horde army

>> No.76013167

Inceptors. The plasma version is neat to clean heavily defended objectives at close range, but taking into account the risks of plasma. The bolter version is pointless, most things can do its job.

>> No.76013178

Megarachnids were using Telemons so they had to be destroyed, even if it had no tactical value. Fuck Telemen

>> No.76013180

have sex

>> No.76013183

Der troonoid
It's funny how upon immediately gazing at his thumbnail I knew he was a tranny.

>> No.76013196

Can 40kg or AoSg go ONE THREAD without some autistic or semantics-based autism arguments?
Just ONE thread.

>> No.76013203

Here's your demonic space elves, bro.

>> No.76013204

go play blackstone fortress

>> No.76013223

Hey anon I know you probably didn't make that, but where the fuck are the bits from?

>> No.76013236

It is
It's the cover art for Atlas Infernal

>> No.76013248

>new models=boxed games
yeah, kill team boxes are always garbage.

>> No.76013256


>> No.76013262

Model stuff however you like, say they're equipped all with whatever you say.>>76013031

>> No.76013263

space marines, orks, astra militarum, necrons, and tau are all female only.

For all man armies, you want eldar or Adepta Sororitas,

>> No.76013275


>> No.76013280

What faction allows me to play green dudes?

>> No.76013282

>marine apologist
Your kind disgust me

>> No.76013283

Hello, please tell me which armies females tend to play and which armies females (males) tend to play so that I may avoid purchasing either.

>> No.76013296

The trick is to only post models from a tabletop distance so nobody can see how badly you feel you paint.

>> No.76013315

I used the bolter version only one. Then two lictors appear right next to them. Killed one with the auspex, killed the owner one with overwatch. Then they brrrrted stuff. They were fun, but that's because I was Imperial Fists and all bolter weapons are my friends. I just love the cycling of those long, thicc shells into the awaiting firing chamber...

>> No.76013316

all of them. They play every army.

>> No.76013321



>females (males)

Sisters of Battle.

>> No.76013331

Too thick eh?
So try typhus then try a grey paint

>> No.76013332

You're mistaken. Air caste Tau very well may have less pronounced nasal slits than Fire caste but the Y shape is evident in the portrait from the dimple leading down into the nasal valley. Reconstructed a Tau male nasal strip beside it for your easy reference!

>> No.76013334

Orks lmao dude

>> No.76013337

go write more big boss fanfiction, ocelot.

>> No.76013340

Unfortunately, all of them. Women love 40k. But you know what women hate? Warcaster. You need to leave 40k and start playing Warcaster, it will suit all your needs

>> No.76013350

shitty fagonnia retard, I hate this.

>> No.76013351

The abominant can be made into a meme unit with a T5 W5 5+/3++/5+++ that get d3 wounds back each time is your turn

>> No.76013357

Is fucking a tranny fun? Or will I feel shame and regret afterwards ?

>> No.76013364

And for comparison. Just picture the bark like wraithbone and maybe carve some Slaanesh symbols into these guys. Easy as balls.

>> No.76013365

Please don't post your genderswap fanart in this thread

>> No.76013366

if you want to go for a statue or dead look, go for greys. Administratum grey, dawnstone, etc.

>> No.76013391

femoids (true) play tyranids and chaos space marines
femoids (incel del formo finale) play sisters of battle

>> No.76013394

what a fucking dud those were
you're just a bundle of cringe aren't you
but you're right, at least you're not as bad as them.
welcome to writing for 40k. Being fucking retarded is the common denominator of most authors
the FW one or a new codex one?
Because remember anon, they don't let people working on different things talk to each other internally.

>> No.76013408

wait until I post mine

>> No.76013415

it's placeholder art, it's one imperium and one xenos

>> No.76013421

>female (male) armies
>Implying there is any army that isn't played by trans women

>> No.76013423

>Because remember anon, they don't let people working on different things talk to each other internally.
They very clearly do since the DG Blight Drone has a rule it didn't have before that says to see the DG codex for what it does

>> No.76013425

I'm sorry anon but the nasal slit is the only visible difference between male and female Tau so it's important to be able to visibly differentiate between the genders!

>> No.76013453

Best sex I ever had was with a they/them (male) who wanted to be dommed as a little imperial guardsman

>> No.76013454

The obliterator virus is the chaos gods trying to find a way to make the iron warriors take their gifts and like it.

Do what I do.
Don't have a consistent colour scheme.
Each knight in my army is painted differently.
Gonna do the same for my space marines. Say they're basically a collection of astartes who got lost, abandoned or were lone survivors who have banded together to keep fighting the good fight

>> No.76013472

only one way to find out

>> No.76013481

Typhys + Ryza rust makes a orange rusted metallic texture. Alternatively, agrax earthshade and a red-orange paint like Skrag brown can do the same thing w/o the texture. You can also add Nihilakh Oxide for a nice contrast

>> No.76013493

Yeah, from flipping through the index that policy seems to have not applied. Makes sense since the policy is specifically "don't talk with people writing other factions"
But it doesn't really explain why the index is such a fucking mess.
What's the new rule?

>> No.76013494

Why didn't he kill himself, he's ruining my faction.

>> No.76013499


>> No.76013507

It's a bad idea.
Their fuckholes are extremely unsanitary

>> No.76013510

anal sex with a man, you'll most likely get some form of genital infection and damn yourself to Hell

>> No.76013522

dear god are their necks supposed to look completely fucked up. it looks like they just used a glob of greenstuff to attach and then painted it black

>> No.76013529


>> No.76013537

Yeah lmao. There's a criminal lack of revolver memes in the half made MGSV. Still, I used bolter Inceptors, and unironically six shots per marine was pretty good.

>> No.76013540


>> No.76013545

Yeah I'm concerned because I want to try texturing, but I'm worried about my minies that slit into a base slot. Don't want them to look like they are in sinking sand

>> No.76013548

"Nurgle's Gift"
No clue if it's identical to the rule that the Lord of Contagion had by the same name or if it's something new
But it should be noted that only the DG drone has it, not the CSM one.

>> No.76013561

Now I want to kill them almost as bad I want to kill Telemons

>> No.76013567

jesus lord in heaven i will never understand it. it's like... you could drop me off in ANY lgs across the planet and i will be able to guess the army of each player:
not a pretty girl, but not ugly either. a little unkempt, but nice. last shower usually not today or yesterday... lets not avoid the obvious alien rape/tentacle fantasies they probably have
literal trannies, not kidding
large overweight bloak with a great laugh. either smells a bit wearing old baggy clothes including shorts in the winter, or is unusually fresh despite an unkempt appearance. bearded, fan of beer, hasn't won is weeks and laughs when 20 of his boyz die in one turn
>space marine
there is no in between: either some waac weirdo who cant paint and for some reason chose this game VS a much cheaper video game option, OR a complete trash gamer autist weirdo who idolizes the waac players but is afraid to be hated and really just can't figure out all the combos organically w/o reading them online
the guy you expect to be a dick but is actually pretty okay
>dark eldar
who in their right mind would look at the druki and WANT to buy that. these are usually fucking weirdos... probably in line with what we mostly associate with slanesh
>imperial guard
usually pretty based. mostly you pity them
fucking WEEBS. can't stand them. should be banned from stores.
too fucking loud.

>> No.76013587

as it stands it's the same as the contagion one, it might do something else in the new codex

>> No.76013602

What do you say about knights?
Do deathwatch count as a seperate? Oh also do admech

>> No.76013603

Here's my garbage mode, you can surely do better than me

>> No.76013625

>Do deathwatch count as a seperate?
Not anymore they don't. My shitposting paid off in that respect. They should never have been their own codex.

>> No.76013630

if it's the one that's already in the codex then it's probably nothing new

>> No.76013645

fair enough. I don't know how you guys can't just live without a dopamine rush every 5 minutes but I respect your honesty.

>> No.76013646

the only necrons player I know aside from myself is completely based, and one of the most based players at my store plays space wolves and harlequins. The second most based has a deathwatch and tyranids army.

>> No.76013651

Siege breakers still appear in FAQ. Thus, they're useable still

>> No.76013654

So do the others do eeeeet
Do it faggot. Roast me to satisfy my masochist tendencies.
Also do GSC

>> No.76013659

Hehe I just looked it up today the Adulators chapter
>They are considered to be steeped in the ways of the Sororitas and on surprisingly close terms with the holy orders of the Ecclesiarchy for a Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes.

>> No.76013661

Gib Deldar codes and blood of the Phoenix plz

>> No.76013669

Nah it is pretty garbage
WS3+ (but weapon is -1 hit) and 3 attacks for 110 points and to make the meme work you need to be a certain cult and also use a relic.

>> No.76013670

all fags

>> No.76013672

Looks decent to me.
It's not golden demon, but there's nothing bad about it. Has highlights, gradients, all kinds of stuff. Already more effort than you see many players put in their models.

>> No.76013709

>I don't know how you guys can't just live without a dopamine rush every 5 minutes
We don't. Posting in 4chan is like playing lotery, too. You could get a Get or at least a (You). And if you don't, you can always get into a fight. It's the fatguy experience.

>> No.76013715

i could break down the space marine chapters... i was a little harsh there. there are some SM bros out there but also some real CUNTS

unironically the smartest players because they figured out how to make a 2000 army fit in a shoe box and only cost a couple hundred dollars (ebay) and also win.

>iron hands (pre/post meta surge)
These guys are usually pretty cool because they like mechs/firepower/tech (based) but didn't take the blue t'au dick samurai sword hoof bots

i can't say for sure but i can state clearly DW is an army for MEN. where as blood angels is an army for WOMEN. i dont know why but i know it to be true

>> No.76013725

All of them. I recommended playing blood bowl instead.

>> No.76013737

disgusting, purge yourself from my thread

>> No.76013740

Can confirm, I have a lot of sisters of battle... ON MY DICK!

>> No.76013751

I have never seen a female Tyranid player. I think it’s a meme. All the girls I know play orks.

>> No.76013756

Someone who doesn't hate knight players?
I feel this strange feeling in my chest. Its warm and is painful in a non pain way.

>> No.76013773

Is it a meme?

>> No.76013775

I can assure you, anorexia and bulimia still exist. They're just not as publicized anymore.

>> No.76013777

Don't get too comfy because some random autist doesn't hate you.

>> No.76013799

Yes. Plasma Rifles are only useful at killing sisters. Cyclic Ion Blasters are useful at killing everything.

>> No.76013810

>posts a known tranny
not doing your argument any favors

>> No.76013824

Don't deal with them. They're a distraction

>> No.76013832

What army do FTM trannies play?

>> No.76013843

>All those highlights
>Here's my garbage mode

>> No.76013848

is it for real a tranny?
I mean shes fucking ugly if a girl but her voice is convincing

>> No.76013866

fair, I guess the only reason why I go on 4chan now is for (you)s and not the actual discussion. I should quit.

>> No.76013877

come to chaos or dark eldar
we have haywire weapons

>> No.76013887

Emperor's Children

>> No.76013894

manlet marines

>> No.76013896

holy shit

>> No.76013917

SHE is a woman. Drop this 'trans-woman' shit. Its not true and is aggressive language to people who have transitioned into their true gender.

>> No.76013941

Any mention of the word “tranny” should automatically be a permanent ban from /tg/. It is extremely off topic and has nothing to do with traditional games or especially 40k.

>> No.76013952


>> No.76013958

haha nice b8

srsly tho is it a Female (female) or a Female (male)

>> No.76013960

Maybe they are just space marines that were hit with a shrink ray.

>> No.76013966

Petition to change it like senpai or imo

>> No.76013974

That's very obviously a man's voice.

>> No.76013978

>looks like a man
>has the voice of a man
>has the hands of a man
>has the body of a man
Some how make up and a dress turns him into a woman? Are you mentally ill or something?

>> No.76013979

I only have ONE question...

Which army will get me LAID by a consenting living human female (female) who is AT LEAST a 6/10 and hygienic?

>> No.76013996


>> No.76014005

Just ban marines and we get the same result.

>> No.76014008

Even better. Watchers are Squat Marines

>> No.76014010

it is MA'AM (SIR)!

>> No.76014018

But they have mean autocannons

>> No.76014026

Death Corpse Of Krieg

>> No.76014033

Had nobody told me, I'd have just gone on assuming it was a woman with sharp features and a slightly deeper voice

>> No.76014034

beasts of chaos in age of sigmar

>> No.76014045

the US army. army chicks are fucking whores but you'll be eskimo bros with the whole unit.

>> No.76014052

The voice is pretty good tho I know a bunch of bio-women who sound deeper.
Second, but IMO passes well enough to not be offensive to they eye so IDGAF.

>> No.76014071

I'm so glad we don't have gendered language here so we don't have to deal with the gender vs. sex bullshit.

>> No.76014079

Honestly seek professional help. He is not fooling anyone.
Even deeper sounding women still sound like a woman.

>> No.76014087

yeah that is totally what i thought
its just ugly but somehow it would pass under my radar.

but after seeing closely the hands do really seem manly enough

>> No.76014091

Head and tentacles look like skaven dreadfleet

>> No.76014101

>CWC's whole life is chronicled
>Like a sad version of the Truman Show

Jeez, imagine if he weren't an autistic mess.

>> No.76014106

>40kg/ trans discussion general

>> No.76014107

man you guys are obsessed as fuck

>> No.76014124

Spanish is hell, specially in south america.
>I'm against colonialism and imperialism
>proceed to write "latinxs"
Interseccionalilty and their bullshit is like cancer it spreads and destroys the healthy parts of the body

>> No.76014129

... say what you want about Chrischan, and i know it is ALL warranted, the disgusting freak... but christ... i will never have anyone love me so as to create a timeline of my life

>> No.76014142

Can we at least agree that cute traps are good as long as they're not mutilating their genitals?

>> No.76014157


>> No.76014173

no. stop it

>> No.76014175

Why can't they just say Latin, without the x?

>> No.76014194

That’s gay nigga

>> No.76014211

The word is latinos for male and general use, latinas when talking about women only.

>> No.76014213

Rolled 5 (1d6)

4+ and I'm buying a primaris chaplain today

>> No.76014214


>> No.76014215

Yeah but if he's hot and looks like a girl it's fine.

>> No.76014219

I'm fine with a femboy.

>> No.76014226

Alright, you couldn't behave and talk about 40k and now you get the stick

>> No.76014237

Youre fuckinh a feminine boy at best, a disguised man usually. It's gay AND/OR pedo, because it's men without the usual male characteristics such as a beard, strong jaw, deep voice and facial hair. That's a prepubescent.

>> No.76014238

Because they used to say latino but now don't want to say latino

>> No.76014251

Whatever happen to that Eisenhorn netflix thing?

>> No.76014252

Rolled 4 (1d6)

4+ again and i tell the GW store owner about my successes and failures with NNN

>> No.76014253

>mfw don't have any of those characteristics and am in my 20s

>> No.76014265

Latín is a dead language, latinos is the demonym

>> No.76014269

You better record it.

>> No.76014270

>Lucius just wants to find his dad
Pretty homo if true.

>> No.76014278

probably Covid delays.

>> No.76014292

Ah en español? Say latino, dab on females :^). Though I don't know why words have gender, makes no sense that sword is feminine and shield masculine.

>> No.76014304

>superficial youthful characteristic that have been forever immortalized in stone since antiquity and embody the thong whole beauty industry revolves around
Man, anglos really are obsessed.

>> No.76014310

It's a thing mainly seen in continental european languages.
English doesn't do it.
Gender as a word in the English language initially referred explicitly to this linguistic concept that English rarely uses.
Until it got hijacked by an academic as part of his crime against humanity that is now used to justify a lot of this tranny stuff.

>> No.76014321

The legendary trap, the one the doujins spoke of...

>> No.76014326

Considering swords are a meme weapon. Them being female is correct.

>> No.76014339

God why is this board so autistic.

>> No.76014347

Most European languages have it if not all. English seems to be the one that lacks it. Maybe that is the reason why you have so many trannies, your brain do not understand the concept of male and female.

>> No.76014390

being an autistic lolcow is a fate worse than death

>> No.76014401

This particular type of autism is pretty recent in the board's history. This kind of shitposting wasn't anywhere near as ubiquitous just five years ago. There were plenty other sorts, but this is one is fairly recent as a major topic of shitposting.

>> No.76014402

Instead of talking about something lame off topic like trannies, let’s discuss something cool

Post your gun collection and what army you play-
I play orks/ deathguard

>> No.76014427

...old english and frisian have gendered language?
El caballero le teme a la maza.
Why are you so gay, anon?

>> No.76014429

surely 40k is boring huh

>> No.76014430

I don't have any guns yet but I play sisters and necrons. I've also got some deathwatch and some grey knights and some chaos marines for kill team.

>> No.76014434

>he conflates the exaltation of male virility at a cultural apogee with declining Greek feminization
pederasty was only something the powerful could get away with, kind of like today

>> No.76014443

I'm convince people are paid to post tranny shit along with pedo shit.
There was an explosion like 4-5 years ago everywhere.
I honestly doubt regular folks actually want this shit and are just too polite to tell them to fuck off with their degenerate and insane ways

>> No.76014447

If it's anything like italian, then spear, axe, mace, wip, halberd and crossbow are also female, just to mention some popular weapons.

>> No.76014460

Gay as fuck, make sense.

>> No.76014474

We're just trying to kill the general, it's on page 9 anywas.

>> No.76014478

i think it's more of a case of an extremely vocal minority who has nothing better to do with their time than to spread their agenda because, well, they're mentally ill

>> No.76014480

they are, just making fun of swords

>> No.76014493


>> No.76014513

Grammatical gender does not necessarily correspond to biological gender. Milk is male in Italian and female in German, for example. In the same vein, person is female while girl is a neuter noun in German.

>> No.76014530

Sure, but definitely someone is getting paid. Blant pedo things and tranny things that are been shown like good and normal escapes the vocal minority

>> No.76014711

don't have any guns yet, this and a staff for hitting people are about all I have at the moment. I 'play' space marines /mydudes/ in the sense that I've got about probably about 10k points of manlets, but I haven't actually played in about a year and some change at this point. mostly just in it for the models and books at this point honestly

>> No.76014838

you have ONE JOB

>> No.76014875

I almost like these but the shitty filler vermin and the giant mutants ruin it
the cyborg models are great

>> No.76015180

Dark eldar are likely close in the pipeline but with all the recent AOS stuff around Morathi and the shadow elves/daughters of khaine I hesitate to say for sure. Given the previews a while back I would say its probably Drukhari or orks.

>> No.76015485

Deathwatch blackshields don't NEED the cloak right? I only bought one box for my kill team and the legs I had left over didn't fit the cloak body model

>> No.76016136

++ Patrol Detachment 0CP (Imperium - Adeptus Astartes - Space Wolves) [24 PL, 3CP, 500pts] ++

+ Configuration +

Battle Size [3CP]: 1. Combat Patrol (0-50 Total PL / 0-500 Points)

Detachment CP

+ HQ +

Primaris Chapter Master [7 PL, 145pts]: Chapter Command: Chapter Master, Warlord
. Heavy bolt pistol, Master-crafted power sword and Relic shield: Master-crafted Power Sword, Relic Shield

+ Troops +

Assault Intercessor Squad [5 PL, 100pts]
. 4x Assault Intercessor: 4x Astartes Chainsword, 4x Frag & Krak grenades, 4x Heavy Bolt Pistol
. Assault Intercessor Sgt: Astartes Chainsword, Plasma pistol

+ Fast Attack +

Outrider Squad [6 PL, 135pts]: Outrider Sgt
. 2x Outrider: 2x Astartes Chainsword, 2x Frag & Krak grenades, 2x Heavy Bolt Pistol, 2x Twin Bolt rifle

+ Heavy Support +

Eradicator Squad [6 PL, 120pts]: Melta rifle
. 2x Eradicator: 2x Bolt pistol
. Eradicator Sgt

++ Total: [24 PL, 3CP, 500pts] ++

Created with [url=https://battlescribe.net]BattleScribe[/url]

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