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AllSync: https://cyoa.allsync.com/s/HeWmSJPbfXPcnQR
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Someone wanted eldritch waifus?

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Requesting the Yugioh dueler CYOA's.

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Finished ZBG

Work needed is as follows:

Languid Cicada

>Almost complete

>Might need a rewrite
Eternal Anon
Lone Observer
Wyrm (hates cotton eye joe)

>Haven't even started
Anduin, clockworkGhost, DSA, EDG, Fox, GenieAnon, GiftedAnon, Hexalby, JRPG, Liminal, MaskAnon, Mithradates Excelsior, New Observer, Overlord, Pallas, Quiet, RavenKing, Rosanon, SDA, Spadsey, Strife, TextAnon, Thoth, Thrallherd, and Tunebuggy (possibly more)

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Nobody did

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Pick one CYOA. Every creator will make something similar, though still in their own style, for their next OC.

Which CYOA you picking?

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>Everyone makes a waifu builder

Acceptable. AliceAnon's level 9001 Autism is his style, everyone else has their own.

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Wrong. Everyone makes a PhD dissertation about their main cyoa interest.
Aliceanon's was waifus.

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Black Magic

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>BB22: Autism Edition
this will be the age of the LONG BOYS

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Prepare for Winter. We get a few more gameplay CYOAs and then interest in them probably dies down.

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>he reads the cyoa instead of looking at the pictures

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Guess what day it is?

it is birthday

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And so, it is just the right occasion for another posting of Mandrake CYOA

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I defy anyone to come up with a better loadout than the following:
Theios Asner
Martial Powers: Combat Proficiency, Fighting Dirty
Piety Powers: God's Blessing, Miracle Worker, Guiding Light, Soothsayer, True Sight
Allies/Equipment: No Allies, Equipment is Divine Spear, Armor of God and Aglaophotis

Chosen Enemies Strygai, Ketos and Sanguine.

Some things could be switched out to personal taste, like the alchemist instead of the armor, but overall all the skills synergize with each other and with your enemies. Playing Dirty synergizes with poison and lets you fight Ketos better, True Sight lets you fight stryggai by making you fast enough to hit them and able to predict their next movement and knowing which one of them is real, Soothsayer lets you get the most out of Fighting Dirty by being able to plan ahead, True Sight works just as good against Sanguines and as Strygga and you have Guiding Light to boot, Soothsayer and True Sight multiply each other's battle precognition, Divine Spear is great against everyone and you can rub the poison on it, it goes on and on, and the armor just in case the unthinkable should happen and one of them gets in a lucky shot. This build is basically invincible against those three demons and really, really strong against the other three.

So what's my prize?

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itard birthday

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I think that my time here has degraded my morals. Anyone else feel like this?

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Moral degradation from /cyoag/? Not really. Little bleedover SAN damage just from being here on 4chan but /tg/ in general and /cyoag/ in specific are pretty damn tame.

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The only degradation I got was when I didn't tell immoral people off, and let them continue.
Overtime, their immorality became the norm, and whenever I tried to shut it down later, they'd hunker down, saying that it is the way it's always been, that I am the outsider who shouldn't stay in a place if its morality doesn't suit him.
Funny thing is, I've been here long enough to know what they say is bullshit. But it's an uphill battle.
Never remain silent. If someone pisses you off, tell them off. Worst case, you've shown that that shit don't fly with one guy. Best case, they leave and find someplace else to be faggots in.

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Good shit anon. I've been on /tg/ since 2008. You?

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Since before the concept of time existed, obviously.

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not gonna lie this is cringe even thought I agree

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Oh man, haven't seen this one in a while!

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Sorgha best girl and Gham-Gham a shit

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The Vending machine reich will last a thousand years

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Artifact + Ghost Vehicles

I've watched enough JoJo to realize how seemingly useless powers can be useful

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This is intense. Here's my build -

30, three years older than I am. She works as a nameless Bureaucrat.

Rich, significantly above middle-class. Since she's a bureaucrat, I think it'd be nice to put her working for a family-related charity or foundation. Her grandparents are truly loaded, but Alice is just happy to be doing charitable work and making a decent living.

Cheerful and Optimistic.

I rolled 1. And then 2. And then 5. Rather than making her outright retarded, I'm gonna make her mentally ill instead. She suffers from schizophrenia, and is constantly, heavily medicated, which allows her to operate more or less how an average person would. Could this explain her cheerful personality? Maybe she has no choice but to be optimistic...

Cooking and Survivalism. I lightly cheated her, and gave her two hobbies instead of just one. I rolled for both, and I think Survivalism really adds depth to her mental illness. She's not just crazy and paranoid - She's actively preparing for the end of the world.

Light Skin. Green Eyes. Blonde Hair. Not too bad at all... Pic related, perhaps?

As for her height... Well, I cheated again. I frankly find women under 5 feet disgusting (too childlike!), and my roll initially resulted in a 4'6" woman. I rerolled... And ended up with a 6'10" giantess. That's insanity, so I'll go with the lower end and place her at 6'2". Knowing my luck, if I cheat again, I'll end up with another dwarf. Moving forward, I won't give myself any free rerolls.

That height probably saved my life, too. I rolled an 8 for weight, meaning she's fairly chubby. Being tall as all hell, she probably carries it well. Next up are her... Breasts. For all this author is going on and on about how this is 'more' than just a waifu generator, he's not exactly helping his case here. Aaaaaand of course, I rolled a 9, sending her straight into F cup territory.

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Will Manifest and Vending Machine Possession. I've read that vending machine isekai, I know exactly what to do.

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I've created an insanely buxom, basketball-height schizophrenic survivalist. And I'm only on Page 18...

I rolled 1 for her Distinctive Features, so I may as well go into her appearance with a bit more detail. She's sharp, with high cheekbones, straight jawline and a slightly high-pitched voice. She moves with unusual stillness, and is often *too* still, as if she's extremely self-conscious of her body's position. Her hair is thick, wavy.

Her clothing is always whatever is best suited to her current task. At work, she wears sharp business suits. At home, it's comfortable sweatpants and tees. Inawoods, it's camo and leather.

Rather than roll 1d20, I'll do 2d10 for her 'Special Features,' because I do wish I could have rolled again for the previous section.

10 and (1)6. I've no idea what her secret talent might be, so I rolled again on the Hobbies table. I got Gardening, and that's perfect. It bridges the gap between cooking and survivalism.

The second Special Feature is a voracious appetite. With Cooking as one of her pastimes, it makes sense!

Weird Sexual Features... Again with the Coomerbait. I gotta say, I have a lot more respect for authors who are just open and honest about writing coomer shit than this attempt at being sophisticated.

And her feature is...


I have created a stacked Amazonian schizophrenic prepper who enjoys sexual sadism. Pic ABSOLUTELY related....

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>For all this author is going on and on about how this is 'more' than just a waifu generator, he's not exactly helping his case here.
>Again with the Coomerbait. I gotta say, I have a lot more respect for authors who are just open and honest about writing coomer shit than this attempt at being sophisticated.

Game of Alice really is what it is. Given that it's meant to be a random romantic partner generator created by a questionably human hyper-autist, I don't think you can decouple romanticism and sexuality in this context.

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Garbage CYOAs

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AliceAnon is innocent, anon. He has all the innocence of a Reaper drone hellfire-missile-ing some village in Syria, but that's still innocence. No consciousness, no emotions, no choice.

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>Weird Sexual Features... Again with the Coomerbait. I gotta say, I have a lot more respect for authors who are just open and honest about writing coomer shit than this attempt at being sophisticated.
AliceAnon said back in the day he decided on those by listing the most common fetishes that appeared on /d/ for several weeks in a row the month before he made the original.

You got to respect the scientific dedication of that turboautist.

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Are we SURE he wasn't some kind of rogue learning AI? I mean mad props either way...

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There's no contradiction. AliceAnon, having transcended the duality of existence and nonexistence, is simultaneously everything and nothing, including his origin as a secret Canadian AI and as a fascimile of a human being

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>>Who: Citizen
A nobody merchant from afar, now stuck in Spania until the mountains are cleared. My brethren grow sickly in this weather, so I hope to end this soon so we can go home.

>Combat Proficiency
>Fighting Dirty
I bring my own steed, and share of experiences traveling the Mediterranean isles. Many a bandit and deluded corrupt guardsman sought out coin, by hook or crook. All of them ended buried in a Brook.

>God's Blessing
>Dark Cleansing
Some of our surplus spices seem to cause the women to "sneeze" the demons out. Need to get it in their noses first, which is no mean feat.
I wonder what form their gratefulness will take. Perhaps... no... unless...?

>>Companion: Cyril Acropolita
My main client. In the interest of not losing his main supplier, he grants me his potions at unreasonable discounts.

>Armor of God
Keep a mouthful in my mouth, then spit it in their face if they hit me, the armor dulling the blow.
Preferably a final resort though. I would much rather overwhelm them by doping.
I wonder if Cyril can replicate the poison.

Commission a phosphorous potion that makes skin and other surfaces glow in the dark for extended periods, and distribute it amongst the populace to coat their children's cribs in. If we see a will 'o wisp in the night, we'll know we found her.
I shall approach this, defenseless, and beseech it to Vdélygma balls which I will have coated in Aglaophotis. Their gluttony shall be their undoing.
Sacrifice an animal, burn a Bible, all for a kiss from their virginal bodies. A kissful of Aglaophotis that is. Or maybe I could skip directly to spraying them with my spices?

Repentant waifus harem, here I come!

I call your bluff.

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this one
I like CYOAs with simple mechanics which still effect the outcomes

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a few dice rolls later I have a short, C Cup, genius girlfriend that squirts

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Reminder that cyoa almost-god who made the setting is bad at their job because mana incubator is a setting-breaking, build centralizing mess that infinitely scales the instant someone smarter than an earthworm gets their hands on the spell.

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Magical Boy actually sounds pretty fun

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Does anyone have that CYOA (or just the name) about being trapped at a masked ball in a big mansion, while the world ends outside? You have to pick your dance partner and your mask, and it's all pretty sinister.

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One of my faves

Knight a cute! A CUTE!

But I would kill for a mama bear

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Ah, thank you

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People say that a lot and I always wonder if the problem is that extreme. We arent told much about the setting, so we don't even know if the mana incubator is rare or not, but assuming it's relatively common it seems to me the limiting factor of magic would just shift in areas with an incubator from mana to mages (1 in 10,000 people) and casting time.

And yeah, it'd make mages more powerful and give you some high magic societies, but if more or less everyone has unlimited mana it balances itself right? It just becomes a higher grade of magical society with a big ol' target to shut it down.

Otherwise i could see mana incubators being rare, closely guarded and controlled by mages who wanted to sell on the mana, but doing that means they would be limiting the mana output themselves so as to not crash the market. All while protecting their very vulnerable source of income (and that sounds like a decent adventure hook, either infiltrating a fortress to destroy an incubator and the source of a evil mage's wealth, or stealing it).

Honestly, I think if I somehow remade this CYOA the only change I'd make would be so that you could only have one functional incubator in a set radius (like 50 kilometers or something). That'd push the setting more in the paranoid wizard direction and you'd probably end up with some cool disparity between amazing built up high magic cities all constantly seeking to knock out one another's incubators, and the lower magic plebs in between.

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No worries man.

The only downside is the mask selection I think. None of them really appeal to me. Not sure if it's the abilities and drawbacks or the descriptions that don't jive.

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>Life Wizard
Pretty simple game plan; find/grow myself a little forest and set up next to some civilisation; whether thats a large parkland in the middle of a city or a smaller settlement on the edge of the woods is fine. I'll offer my healing to the locals in exchange for whatever goods and services I might want. Meanwhile I'll work on cultivating some good spores/poisons/etc in my grove for self defence if necessary, while working my way up to higher tiers of plant magic. In my downtime I'll party with my summoned Dryads and Nymphs, though I'll also keep a couple of Minotaurs on staff as bodyguard/loaned muscle. I'd also be open to a similar alliance with another wizard, though its hard to think of places where we'd both be able to benefit from our elements outside of maybe some kind of underground mushroom grotto for an earth wizard.

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I just got done playing Abyss Diver. What a great fucking game. I usually don't treat CYOAs with too much seriousness and if they feature a lot of numbers and addition and substraction I usually just do it in my head in broad strokes since I can't really be bothered, but that shit was so well put together and evocative that I actually broke out notepad. When I read the intro that said you couldn't skip pages I was like 'pfft, who does this guy think he is?' but I ended up getting really, really into it and following all the rules.

Shieeet. Hats off to whoever made that game, I've been lurking this thread for like five or six years and nothing's ever grabbed me by the ghoulies that hard as far as the system goes, and the writing and pictures are all great too. Just fantastic work all around.

If anyone's curious how my virgin run ended up, I set off with Cloud, the gurren lagann guy, thirty days of food and water, a sword, and a gun with plenty of whammo. I didn't buy ANYTHING on my way down except the sybil tea. I hit bingo fuel on water and food when I got to the blizzard level, but had shitloads of corruption to spend. I ended up a seventeen year old 6'9 guy with an eleven inch dick and big ol balls, but still completely human and still able to psychologically function pretty normally in society. Thanks to Cybil's tea I was able to hoover up almost everything on my way back up since the only thing holding me back was my supplies and not my corruption points. Shit, that was so much fun! I had a great first run. I haven't figured everything out yet but I'll sell the crap I don't need to fund another short dungeon dive and after that I'm out, Jerry!

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I've got no idea how you're supposed to go below that hoarfrost level if you're playing normally though, there is such a huge jump in travel time once you get there. Goes from like six days to eighteen. I honestly don't think my first run could have gone much better. I wish I'd gotten a couple of torches instead of two clips of ammo since that would have spared me a couple of days of getting raped by the blob monster and I didn't end up having to use that many bullets anyway, but apart from that I nailed it and got everything I could out of my run.

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>Cloud build
lmao git gud

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>7' 5" waitress

>> No.75806768

>7' 5" waitress


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I can't imagine any virgin run that doesn't involve Cloud yet was as profitable as mine was is even possible without the PC ending up some reptilian multicocked monstrosity. I ended up a pure human with no serious mental or physical problems yet rich as fuck with everything I could want. I literally ended up coming out of the miasma better physically than when I came in, and way richer, too. Like I said, the only way my run could have gone better is if I'd switched a couple of clips of ammo for some torches.

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ah it was a virgin run. i just read cloud and proceeded to mock you for using easy modo

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>played degenerate coomshit
>genuinely praises it
What goes on in your brain to be this way?

>> No.75806964

Why are you posting here? Go to /trash/ where more people agree with you.

>> No.75806978

>What goes on in your brain to be this way?

>> No.75807053

Sorry, it's been a while so I don't really know the thread politics. I assume you're one of the 'muh coomers' mormon types that's been crying shitting up 4chan lately? Instead of telling me to go to /trash/ I don't see why you don't just go back to rebbit.

>> No.75807064

kek, I hadn't even noticed this post. Looks like I hit the nail on the head. Fucking limpdicks. It's not our fault you're impotent.

>> No.75807081


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Nta but it's an /aco/ or /trash/ cyoa, it can't even be posted here. I understand the cyoa threads on those boards are slow and not good for discussion, but talking about a cyoa here that isn't even appropriate to be posted here is a little blasé.

>> No.75807094

>nooo! nofap is going to make me alpha, you'll see!

>> No.75807150

kek why are you so mad about the best cyoa ever? does your dick not work? jealous?

>> No.75807159

I'll never understand this daoist chink meme. Plowing puss, eating healthy, taking care of your women, and doing honest physical labor is what makes you an alpha. Being a volcel/incel and not cranking one out to keep your prostate happy without being a fag about it is not "alpha" in the slightest. T production plummets if you don't ejaculate (ideally into a woman or some boi puchy) at least twice a week.

>> No.75807187

>Nta but it's an /aco/ or /trash/ cyoa, it can't even be posted here.
Huh, I was so into the game I didn't even realize some pictures have girls their titties out. Maybe I'll make a censored version with black bars over the hoo-has or whatever that can be posted here. It really is way more mechanically interesting than anything I've seen posted in the last four or five threads. Like I said I could normally give a fuck about anything thar requires me to do math but Abyss Diver was that good.

>> No.75807189

The esl is pretty painful in this one.

>> No.75807200

cope more newfag, /cvg/ operates on a higher level

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>sperging this hard
Who's seething now?

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anon, it’s probably the best cyoa /trash/ has ever produced, you can’t blame the coomers for thinking it’s the best thing ever

>> No.75807355

nta but I can blame them for bringing it here. suck your nsfw cyoas off in the nsfw thread.

>> No.75807377

>he typed in caps so he is seething
nta but kinda retarded of you

>> No.75807419

>Honestly, I think if I somehow remade this CYOA the only change I'd make would be so that you could only have one functional incubator in a set radius (like 50 kilometers or something). That'd push the setting more in the paranoid wizard direction and you'd probably end up with some cool disparity between amazing built up high magic cities all constantly seeking to knock out one another's incubators, and the lower magic plebs in between.

I'd rather have the incubator cause some sort of issue more commonly the more mana it's generating. Maybe it weakens the dimensional barriers and you occasionally get hell portals belching out a demonic invasion if you have stupidly overcharged incubators. Maybe they just have a chance to break every so often. Limiting it by distance wouldn't work, anyway, since you can still scale a single incubator infinitely and use that to power spatial expansions. Makes the scaling slower, but it doesn't stop you from shoving hundreds of the things in a broom closet eventually.

One of the bigger issues I have with the incubator is that it's outright better than other mass mana generation methods in every single way. It's easier to set up, has zero moral issues, scales higher, scales faster, requires less space, and requires less maintenance.

It warps your choices around it massively and very nearly reduces the whole cyoa to a single question about whether you want to start on easy mode or hard mode. You can get most of the spells in the cyoa, even moreso if you go for Marks casting of Antropomagic (which has its downside conveniently negated by Incubator), and you can learn more the hard way later on. Mana Incubator is a huge issue, but if I'm being honest the cyoa as a whole needs changes. The whole thing breaks down to a list of spells you will get if you're not a moron and the only choice is whether you're going to be starting out with easily obtained nigh-infinite mana.

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>Thread politics
It's just the bunch of retards that saw the nofap/i don't wanna be horny i just wanna be happy/fuck anime and so on memes and took them seriously that are around everywhere these days.

>> No.75808237

Just make the incubator some sort of fabled artifact/magic lmao

>> No.75808249

>two cringe opinions in a row
god I hate burgers

>> No.75808256

Or maybe it's just somebody who wants discussion of nsfw cyoa to be relegated to the nsfw threads.

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>> No.75808429
File: 2.60 MB, 1199x7402, gVcZbap.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.75808437
File: 1.94 MB, 1198x6571, P1x22bC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.75808443

>Air Wizard, Flight, Enchanting, Weather
You forget that forests play a vital role in absorbing coastal rains and transpiring that moisture so that it can be blown further inland. With your microclimates already doing most of the work for me I can shape the weather into a plant paradise and extend the good growth for miles around. Flight's also magnificent and once I can weave safe enough cloaks I'll be handing them out like candy.

>> No.75808446
File: 2.15 MB, 1200x6225, qtKRvvd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.75808454
File: 1.17 MB, 1200x3826, ZrEGytY.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.75808582

Tough choice.
Think I'm going to go with mandrake bro.

>> No.75808609

Delia is the best waifu choice

>> No.75808613

>Not Puttrificus
please explain

>> No.75808673

I cannot help but notice that you have not yet explained, so I must assume that you have no explanation

>> No.75808716

Author most like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FjUtGTGrWfg

>> No.75808730

PCA when anons say they will be his trad femboy harem

>> No.75808745


>> No.75808756

Tok. Motherfucker goes out of his way to tell people about how despicable he is.

>> No.75808870

Which italics CYOA has the best selection of waifus.

>> No.75808882

I'm a softie with a doctor bf. A potion that could give anyone a 50% survival rate would be amazing.
Puttrificus is easy money and sex tho.

>> No.75808909

Wrong Place, Wrong Time
>Mentor and Style:
Vincent Cruise, Hard Road Style
>Special Attack:
Rocket Charge Combo
Extra Energy
>Matches to Make
Detective Ryo, Cally Lynx, Donna Fence, Maximus Styles
Detective Ryo (Friendly Rival)

>> No.75808987
File: 120 KB, 1280x720, x1+Amestris.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Hm. You've definitely got a point with the incubator being ridiculously better than the other generation methods in every way. So maybe we're not being drastic enough with making changes to it. I guess we've got to ask what we're trying to encourage/discourage with it. My aim with the distance thing was to create a sort of 'Im king of the castle' situation where those wizards that do have incubators drive others out or create very built up cities where one specific wizard is very much top dog because he has control over the mana; but who was also paranoid about the incubator being destroyed or taken from him. (And yeah I forgot about the bigger on the inside thing, but it's easy enough to just state incubators can't be taken inside those containers).

Honestly the biggest outright drawback I can think of to encourage similar thinking and maybe balance things out is to make the incubator something like creating a phylactery, where a mage can only have one but if that incubator is destroyed it kills the mage. So you'd either have paranoid wizards or enslaved mana tank wizards who are treated like the Dark Souls firekeepers.

Otherwise I like the idea for it fucking with dimensional barriers or just generally fucking with the landscape. Once you said that I had this image of the incubator not being one single item, but perhaps some sort of structure you spread over the land. The more territory you can control, the more mana you can incubate inside of it before dangerous shit starts happening.

>> No.75809056
File: 2.60 MB, 1000x3100, Gate of the Gods pg1 CYOA v1.1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.75809070 [SPOILER] 
File: 2.80 MB, 1000x3039, 1604683590162.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.75809071


Delia's decent, but I prefer Mia. If I could only pick one power Id go for Imagination, and Mia's psychic powers perfectly counter your drawback for that of occasionally letting your imagination run wild. Also if I have to spend a decade with someone I want someone who has a modern sense of humour.

Though I guess Delia would be a good one if you were going one of the more deader worlds since she'd be able to restart it from scratch or grow an oasis in the desert.

>> No.75809080

Why is gil so stupid

>> No.75809118

this looks old, any idea when it was first posted?

>> No.75809202

Anyone you won't agree with is "stupid".

>> No.75809282

No, I just found it while browsing the Allsync

>> No.75809287

Dog's probably think you're retarded too for not shitting on the grass. Except they're still of lesser intellect.

>> No.75809479

>Puttrificus is easy money and sex tho.
more money than sex, imagine being able to cuck the richest men in the world

>> No.75809483
File: 783 KB, 1400x1840, 1596924410215.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You wanna coom or talk about coom superiority, go to /trash/ or /aco/.
You mock non-coomers, try to claim we are some of that nofapnovember pussy crowd. Try nofapforever like a real man. Gay faggots who cum to handjobs from men don't have the right to preach about masculinity.

This is /tg/, not /trash/. You wanna pretend "muh /tg/ is 4 everything XD meme", try and post your beloved cyoa here and see if Anon's agree enough to not post it.
But you won't, because you're afraid of getting banned, so you swagger and play at being a Chad when you're nothing but a fagguette who cums to handjobs from men.
Seethe. Dilate. Rent free. Etc.

>> No.75809511

>Try nofapforever like a real man.

>> No.75809519

You seem pretty insecure, mate. Try going for a run or doing some squats.

>> No.75809534

I haven't fapped for twenty-two years. You?

>> No.75809565

4 Hours

>> No.75809607

Susan best girl

>> No.75809633

>nofappers have maximized their cerebral function by refusing to indulge in the most base and primal of actions, no matter what it does to their hormones and prostate
>coomers have maximized their testosterone counts to the point of baldness, no matter the mental degradation
so nofappers are casters while coomers are martials?

>> No.75809637

you sure are manly anon.

>> No.75809664
File: 1.01 MB, 1750x1444, really.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Imagine letting a reddit meme dictate your behavior.

>> No.75809684

What is the downside of no-little girls allowed?

>> No.75809685

>he thinks it's a reddit meme
lmao, what a massive newfag

>> No.75809693

It makes trannies seethe.

>> No.75809694

Not being little girls around.

>> No.75809698

has been all but adopted by them.

>> No.75809701

>lets a meme control his life

>> No.75809713

Same with chad/virgin posting, based/cringe posting, wojak posting, and coomer posting. Everything we've ever made, they stole. They took our cat memes and Facebook meme pages took our doge memes.
What the fuck is your point?

>> No.75809720

When something gets posted on reddit, it becomes reddit. Capiche?

>> No.75809728

what is the origin

>> No.75809737

/b/, of course

>> No.75809743

They're all garbage for people who want to take linguistic shortcuts instead of speaking in their own words.

>> No.75809752

Oh i should had expected it.

>> No.75809755

>take linguistic shortcuts
bro I think you just took a linguistic shortcut bro

>> No.75809759

And coomer came from /fit/.

>> No.75809762

So if I screen capped this and posted it on reddit, does it turn into reddit, and thus not true?

>> No.75809770

no it just becomes a reddit opinion that anything put on reddit becomes reddit

>> No.75809773

>a long term lack of sexual activity, which includes masturbation, is shown to have negative cognitive effects in men and women.
>including an increased likelihood to develop depression, reduction in critical thinking, attention span, short and long term memory, and more.
>men and women are more likely to develop cancers in their sexual organs if they're not used as well. again, healthy use includes masturbation when needed.

>but I'm totally a big brained uber chad because I have a chastity fetish guys!

bunch of fucking fags. can we cull puritan pseudo-intellectuals from the planet?

>> No.75809776

Well done you expressed "I'm a massive pedant who deliberately misses the point" without resorting to memes. Keep it up.

>> No.75809792

>the sheer level of cope in this post

>> No.75809815

Wouldn't that mean that, from then on, saying something is reddit because reddit does it would itself be a reddit thing to do? Would that end the plague of shitposters going "lol that on reddit so bad"?

>> No.75809816

your cock cage is getting moldy, anon. go wash it.

>> No.75809820

no but it would make those shitposters hypocrites

>> No.75809838
File: 5.66 MB, 1400x6240, Eldritch-Page-1 CYOA (aromage & highlander).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.75809839

>reddit reddit reddit reddit reddit
>reddit reddit reddit

For the love of God and Christ, do you faggots ever stop bitching about a website you supposedly never go to because it's inferior in some contrived way?

>> No.75809848

>Can't ejaculate hands-free when medically necessary
Just admit you enjoy a man's touch, faggot.

>> No.75809853

I still vividly remember my disappointment when I read it, thought "holy shit Aromage finally made something really good!" and then read "by Highlander" in the top left corner. Aromage is like Imaginos: she should only be allowed to work with at least one other author.

>> No.75809856

>probably the best cyoa /trash/ has ever produced
That's Divine Trials. At least in that you can get out without having your ass raped or forcefully turned into Fenoxo's wet dream.

>> No.75809864
File: 7.85 MB, 1400x8400, Eldritch-Page-2 CYOA (aromage & highlander).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.75809867

well you see if something is bad saying it’s reddit makes people admit it’s bad

>> No.75809876

Well let's find out, anon. Bend over and let's see how that boicunt of yours feels.

>> No.75809883

Ignore it. It's just tok acting up again.

>> No.75809886
File: 4.49 MB, 1400x4459, Eldritch-Page-3 CYOA (aromage & highlander).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.75809893

>What the fuck is your point?
That once the meme is over used to the extend that it becomes common on reddit it means that it is more than dead.

>> No.75809896
File: 3.16 MB, 1400x3592, Eldritch-Page-4 CYOA (aromage & highlander).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.75809907
File: 2.24 MB, 1400x3000, Eldritch-Page-5 CYOA (aromage & highlander).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.75809910

You have to judge it through a /trash/ frame of mind: getting ass raped is a net positive or neutral for a cyoa.

>> No.75809920

No wonder Tok CYOAs are so popular with them

>> No.75809940

basically, yeah

>> No.75809951

They're not though?

>> No.75810102

No need to find out, your post says all about your faggotry.

>> No.75810139

figures that you're a little bitch.

>> No.75810161
File: 117 KB, 684x960, 1508440736539.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yo, it's me, Apotheosis. My power got knocked out about a week ago, so I wasn't able to work on my WIP until yesterday.

Anyway, I made some great progress yesterday, and I actually thought I'd finished the Dragon Ball CYOA, but then I realized I forgot to add a Characters section. So I'm doing that, and once it's done the CYOA will be totally complete. I've already got all the pics and an outline for the Character descriptions, so it shouldn't take too much longer, but there are a lot of Characters so I don't feel like giving an ETA would be wise.

Thanks for the patience, and sorry it's taking so long after I said it was almost done. I should have known better than to jinx myself like that lol.

>> No.75810169

Figures that you'd namecall around when everyone's not half as much a slut as you.

>> No.75810199

>I realized I forgot to add a Characters section. So I'm doing that, and once it's done the CYOA will be totally complete.

>> No.75810212

hush, little bitch. go change out your diaper or something.

>> No.75810240

Glad nothing too serious happened. Can't wait to make my build(s).

>> No.75810282


>> No.75810363
File: 442 KB, 1000x4250, cascade effect pg1 cyoa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.75810377
File: 530 KB, 1000x5850, cascade effect pg2 cyoa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.75810474

nice blogpost

>> No.75810499

Where's the bestiary?

>> No.75810514

My oh my, do you project your bed wetting insecurities on everyone you meet, or just the ones you dislike?

>> No.75810530

>his power was out for a whole week
tell me, how does it feel to be so cripplingly impoverished?

>> No.75810574


>> No.75810654


Patron: Alight in the Dark
Gifts: A Book that Shouldn't be Written, A Dagger Always Clean ,A Rune of Ichorous Ink. A small Pallid Flame, A Rune of Sightless Inke.
Allies: Uxshenti
Threat: 'The Chosen'

>> No.75810659

>Characters section
It better have lolis.

>> No.75810736
File: 125 KB, 1366x768, 24981983292.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The oldest companion is 12 and the youngest is 4.
and they're all dtf

>> No.75810762
File: 39 KB, 320x240, 1422330545648.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.75810781

you're musking up the place, little bitch. go wash that "adult" diaper of yours.

>> No.75810791


>> No.75810817
File: 82 KB, 200x201, smugamesh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I will never understand why you hate him so much.

>> No.75810833

very nice

>> No.75810902

I'm gonna have to ask you to wear a face diaper. It should protect you from my no-doubt-arousing-to-you musk, and keep your verbal diarrhea in check.

>> No.75810937

Easy Mode 32/32 Points
>Atrribute Styles
Strength 1
Finesse 1
Perception 3
Stamina 3
Agility 1
Wits 1
Willpower 3
Intelligence 3
Charisma 1
Detect Sensorium
Danger Sense
>Arcane Styles
Create Matter
Alter Matter
Destroy Matter
>Artifact Functions
Frontier Settlement
Adventure: Injustice
Status Quo: Broaden Horizons
Ceux Sans Coeurs: Seeking Help

>> No.75810947

And the best part is they’re ALL BOYS!!

>> No.75810963

Based. Girls are gross.

>> No.75810992

Oh, yeah, a hole in-between your legs is grosser than a slimy greasy mutated third limb that has to be washed profusely everyday

>> No.75811014
File: 374 KB, 699x492, As long as he's cute.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.75811020

That hole is filled with discharge and horrors.

>> No.75811024

Please give me that drink i am completely and utterly lost

>> No.75811035

News flash, dicks leak shit too

>> No.75811036

Are you admitting to being to being a femgoblin that doesn't wash gash? That's pretty gross. Washing my dick is easy lol

>> No.75811091

You should see a doctor about that

>> No.75811098

Oh. well i can work with this

>> No.75811103

t. insecure male

>> No.75811110

wash your vagoo

>> No.75811113

run along and do your laundry, little bitch. clean up your cock cage and diaper.

>> No.75811165

I'm not sure what's insecure about not having a leaky dick, aro.

>> No.75811182

I don’t believe it, I knew apotheosis was a pedo, but I didn’t know he was g*y!

>> No.75811211

>admits to being a stinky goblin
>gets told to wash
>"Y-you're insecure"

>> No.75811228

You know that most of them are, right?

>> No.75811435

>he needs a cock cage to stop from touching himself

>> No.75811976

>Alight in the Dark
>A book that shouldn't be read, and a Rune of Otherworldly Ink.
>Xliphoth & Monsieur Lestat
>Tupac Puyucahua & Himiko-Oikami

>A Small, Pale Flame
>The Ally Beside the Ivory Fire; Uxshenti; Kin of the Pallid Flame.

>> No.75811977


I know who this is...

>> No.75812174

>this garbage
Of all things you could identify with, you chose the superficial and gregarious aspects of 4chan.

>> No.75812217

No, you don't.

>> No.75812360


>> No.75812392

divine trials 2 never ever

>> No.75812455
File: 3.29 MB, 842x8904, Desert Island CYOA 3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.75812620

I don't think it needs a secuel

>> No.75812654

This >>75812620
What we need is the Advent of a Big Nigga

>> No.75812678

>Worst case, you've shown that that shit don't fly with one guy
>their immorality became the norm
Every group or social circle creates a culture as it goes.
>The only degradation I got was when I didn't tell immoral people off, and let them continue.
Yes, anon, you alone can sway everyone with your babble and self-important delusions.

>> No.75812716

I gotta play this.

>> No.75812718

That is the most Reddit post in the history of 4chan.

>> No.75812795
File: 4.11 MB, 1680x4228, Comforting Others.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>only you can sway everyone with your babble and self-important delusions
This is inspirational.

>> No.75812936

this general could never handle one of them
even magi bloodlines would cause immeasurable damage

>> No.75812942

Is Apotheosis ever going to finish or start that updated bestiary for MGI?

>> No.75812952

Imagine if they drop at the same time. The eternal Golden Age.

>> No.75812962

Are there any more CYOAs that are similar to this?

>> No.75812977

>The eternal Golden Age.
We'd get sent to /qst/ for having five generals at once.

>> No.75812985

I'm more interested in his other projects and it won't really change my build. Let it rot.

>> No.75813001

That's a pretty reddit thing to day bro

>> No.75813036
File: 3.01 MB, 1500x8300, 1595891368257.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

can someone help me find the rest of this cyoa

>> No.75813050

Ask /trash/.

>> No.75813056

go to /trash/

>> No.75813065

>getting sent to /qst/
Please no, no thread ever comes back.

>> No.75813070

Each Big Nigga = One Extra General
I don't make the rules

>> No.75813088

what CYOAs are the big niggers?

>> No.75813107

The reddit CYOA community: chill, wholesome, diverse
The funnyjunk cyoa community: funny, silly, fun
The spacebattles CYOA community: tight-knit, inclusive, intelligent
The 4chan CYOA community: toxic, racist, ungrateful

>> No.75813117

>Strange Rains
aka urban phantom 2 or SR, last seen at 100 google doc pages
>Bloodborne 2: The Longest Night
aka bloodborne 22 or BB22, last seen at 80k words
>The Magi Case
aka magi bloodlines or MB, last seen when Italics posted the first page as a joke
>The Elder Scrolls
aka ES, never seen in the open

>> No.75813123

Like the art

>> No.75813124

You'll also be able to perch yourself upon the highest treetop in that forest for longevity, and a water wizard could do the same with a river nearby

>> No.75813126

you will never pass

>> No.75813140

>The 4chan CYOA community: toxic, racist, ungrateful
yet we make the more and better CYOAs

>> No.75813141

Similar in asking you to describe your waifu?

>> No.75813146

you are forgetting Shirley's thing and the Forbidden Nigga itself.

>> No.75813165

Shut up you ungrateful leech. You haven't made jackshit. This place is the exact OPPOSITE of diverse. Same shit everyday

>> No.75813194

>you are forgetting Shirley's thing and the Forbidden Nigga itself.
Tome-fu is the Forgotten Nigga
Cultivation is the February Nigga
BM2 is the Forbidden Nigga
neither of them are Big Niggas

>> No.75813195

In fact I have :^)
Have you?
>Same shit everyday
We have a CYOA for almost everyone even for fags like you.

>> No.75813210

Any CYOAs that involve unicorns?

>> No.75813214

Tome-fu is the most anticipated CYOA, even more than any of the big niggas.

>> No.75813220
File: 3.43 MB, 1600x10000, IMG_0869.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.75813234

>Tome-fu is the most anticipated CYOA
not more than BM2
>even more than any of the big niggas.
anticipate cyoa that are coming, bro

>> No.75813266
File: 55 KB, 346x322, 1601088536808.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

FACT: My builds are superior to reddit builds. Quality builds are the lifeblood of authors. Good authors cannot be sustained by reddit builds.

>> No.75813270

>not more than BM2
Do you have anything to back your claim?
I think that a poll could help us to see which is the most anticipated.

>> No.75813276

then make one, and be sure it has captcha

>> No.75813286

>I think that a poll could help us to see which is the most anticipated.
Good idea, put all seven on it

>> No.75813293

I'll be the judge of that. Post one of your builds.

>> No.75813302

>Quality builds are the lifeblood of authors.
Well no wonder this place sucks my will to live from me. Builds have declined.

>> No.75813307

I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

>> No.75813380
File: 38 KB, 540x764, IMG_0373.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Speaking of DTA / Shirley, has there been any word of him? Tome-fu was supposed to come out ages ago - I hope he's all right.

>> No.75813389

Ok done

>> No.75813390

Ground fish is the best choice

>> No.75813395

Just ignore the retards.

>> No.75813493

There are even certain species of trees which need to burn by fire as part of their life cycle, so an earth wizard living in a cave underneath could dig a path for the water wizard to create a river separating a portion of the forest with those trees from the others, while the air wizard ensures the weather never lets the fire touch the rest of the forest, and the ample presence of magical energy from 5 other wizards living in one place would make it a great home for an occult wizard as well.

>> No.75813512

come on boys, let’s make it even

>> No.75813541


>> No.75813549

ok how the FUCK is black magic losing to fucking italics

>> No.75813570

yor meme CYOA is stale af

>> No.75813597

BB22 > BM2

>> No.75813637

>tome-fu gets beaten by italics shit
So is it safe to assume you’ve been btfo?

>> No.75813655

I like Italics too :p

>> No.75813665

A deadly boi might grease nutrient cycles with a little sped up putrefaction or lock up carbon by killing any decomposing bacteria and there's plenty of shadowplay to be done under the canopy's dappled light. Even Body Master Leaders might be welcome once they see the good we can do simply to make the people that little it healthier and happier.

>> No.75813686


>> No.75813708

The BM2 damage control is pretty cringe, ngl. Incapable of coping with Italics being preferred

>> No.75813717

>damage control
i dont get it desu.

>> No.75813727

>After an early lead by MB, BM2 is making a SURGE
>BM2 and BB22 neck and neck
>TES edging ahead of tome-fu
>Cultivation has just given up entirely
and only one can survive
I wonder who it will be

>> No.75813755

See >>75813512
Your meme is cringe.

>> No.75813758

>BM2 takes the lead
>BB22 following at his heels
>Things look grim for MB

>> No.75813777


>> No.75813804


>> No.75813825

>SR is closing in while MB edges ahead of the B_2 brothers
>everyone else seems to have stalled
>cultivation got one vote so good for him

>> No.75814032

Did I copy that right? I thought I'd try throwing the text at a ASCII85 or BASE64 translator but nothing.

>> No.75814225


>> No.75814257

Vote For Tome-fu

>> No.75814258

This but unironically.
Actually nevermind, I don't know anymore. Are you being ironic or are you serious?

>> No.75814271

So what are the BB22 voters? I see you didn't mention them. Did you, perhaps, vote for BB22 and not the great and glorious BM2?

>> No.75814299

I'm being ironic. I actually voted for Black Magic 2.

>> No.75814339

Can never decide between Blue, Red, or Time Mage.

>> No.75814340

Tome-fu has been left in the dust. What do you have to say about this?

>> No.75814350

well it beat the elder scrolls

>> No.75814380

Even a dead CYOA is better than BM2

>> No.75814619

F4M yandere asmr cyoa?

>> No.75814642

try youtube or something

>> No.75814650

don't feed the bait

>> No.75814733

Not hard to do.

>> No.75814783

It's bait, but with all these cute anime girl narrators in CYOAs I wonder how far away we are from asmr youtube mining them for scripts.

>> No.75814899

All she's got going for her is graphics.

>> No.75814925

Bleach cyoa when?

>> No.75814954

Nope, sorry

>> No.75815029

Did you try asking /trash/?

>> No.75815045


>> No.75815048 [DELETED] 

I prefer adult women to adolescent girls.

>> No.75815064

Anime milfs are a miracle of the universe.

>> No.75815078

based, pedos get the rope

>> No.75815081

We don't need anymore anime franchise garbage

>> No.75815104

but yet magi bloodlines, an anime borderline-franchise cyoa is #2 right now, and bloodborne 22, a jap franchise cyoa, is #3

>> No.75815124

Italics shit is not franchise shit. It's just Italics shit.

>> No.75815185

>Italics shit is not franchise shit.
he literally copy/pastes franchises more often than not

>> No.75815213

>Bleached cyoa when?

>> No.75815243

thats every cyoa

>> No.75815258

Most Authors do.

>> No.75815321

No he doesn't. They're kind of like it, but not.

>> No.75815342 [SPOILER] 
File: 4.49 MB, 2984x3704, 1604713855293.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anon I...

>> No.75815419

Fresh Bread

>> No.75815557

sure you can have my sloppy seconds.

>> No.75816324

when I get back to working on it.
you'd be surprised how little there is to work with.

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