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>Modern Metagame with the most played optimized archetypes:
>Deckbuilder tool:

>Build and share cubes

>Card search engine:
>Proxy a deck or a cube for cheap
>Library of in-demand alters

TQ: Is digital the future?

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Not playing this shit game anymore is the future

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Which is probably what's going to happen anyway

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Looks like Indicate thread is the winner!
How long will it survive? Find out in roughly 15 minutes probably :^)

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digital is only the future when they remake Shandalar.

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We had 4 /mmg/ thread at once at one point. Will the jannies finally stop?

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Imagine not already having a down payment on a house from your card investments, lol

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>microtransactions and bugs as far as the eye can see
>less cards in booster packs (despite not needing to print them)
Thanks, I hate it.

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If you stop talking about moderation maybe the thread would stay up. Just spitballing here.

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>Will the jannies finally stop?
How many nuked threads we on now? Six I think?

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You can't fool me, traitor.

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Sounds like something a janny would say

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The previous /mmg/ thread was deleted then at the end of the current one mine was deleted thrice, then me and 2 other anon made one and 2 of them were deleted which is indeed 6 threads.

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>Is digital the future?
No. The future is (unfortunately) EDH, and digital EDH is garbage.

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We're reaching levels of doing it for free that shouldn't be possible.

No, you incorrigible bootlicker. It's not up to the jannies to decide what the OP image is. They're here to delete spam and that's it. This is why 8ch happened. INWO posters unite!

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>Anitranny wakes up
>Defends Jannytranny
>Screeches anything that’s isn’t blowing daddy wotc is off topic
Me thinks little anitranny is janjan and her nuvagina is keeping her awake.
How about you go and dilate?

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>Delete an on-topic thread
>People talk about the delete
Seriously I create those threads with news etc just to keep the thread interesting, and on topic.

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This is the moderation equivalent of smacking your nose with a rolled-up newspaper. All I'm saying is if you cool your fucking jimmies for a bit and maybe it'll stop. But hey, you do you.

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>Half the thread already nuked
just nuke the entire thread again you coward!

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shut the fuck up about j*nnies and t**nnies, lets talk about gards.

did you guys brew or find any fun decks recently? built around a cool theme but with enough necessary parts like removal or staples to work competitively?

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Post your list. Let's keep the thread bumped.
Also where can I buy custom playmat for cheap in Europe?

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Recently? No, I haven't played paper magic since March. And even then it was EDH, the format WotC is making objectively worse by actively designing for it.

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>Jannies' Knell
At the beginning of your upkeep, put target thread from a graveyard onto /tg/ under your control.

>"One moment, conscious only of a sense of loss.
>The next moment, hearing the trudge of the jannie's fatfinger.
>He sighed and squinted into the thread ahead."

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Apparently the last Modern deck I worked on was this. I got the idea from an anon who posted the deck here last year, and tweaked it a little. As you might imagine, it's not the most consistent thing in the world.
Giving your opponent an army of tokens they can't use and then kicking them in the cunt with Rakdos Charm will never not amuse me.

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Who /cube/ here?

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i wish i was good at draft

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>Anitranny wakes up
>Defends Jannytranny
>Screeches anything that’s isn’t blowing daddy wotc is off topic
Me thinks little anitranny is janjan and her nuvagina is keeping her awake.
How about you go and dilate?
And it’s okay, we uncovered you, now hang yourself you pedophile transsexual.

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uh oh this isnt a family friendly post

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>other thread deleted
Why? It looked the same as the last hundred threads

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>*other SIX threads deleted*
jannie on a rampage

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6 threads have been deleted now, might as well make the best out of this one

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>not living in the best city of the planet
>posting a pic of London
that thread definitiely didn't age well lmao

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>janny is an edh tranny
and nobody was shocked

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Has anyone tried Heliod Compnzy? Is it fun to play? My eldra-tron isn't doing so good rn.

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Picking up from the previous thread:

>small pieces of inked cardboard selling for thousands of dollars
>Hebrew friends making a comfortable living from speculating and price-gouging on the secondary market
>millions of fools hooked on the dopamine rush of opening skinner-box slot-machine card packs rather than playing the actual game
>millions more fools hooked on vicarious dopamine rushes from watching strangers on the internet open skinner-box slot-machine card packs rather than playing the actual game
>manufacturers continue to lower card quality despite already-enormous profit margins, resulting in cards curling and thereby being rendered tournament-illegal
>flourishing secondary market for literal factory errors
>99% of all cards printed are never used to play the game but remain in sealed boxes to be bought and sold by speculators
>new cards rendered unplayable after months or even weeks due to constantly-changing tournament rules
>draft formats literally designed to get players to spend more money every time they play
>cash prizes offered in tournaments where participants have unequal access to cards
>literally everything at the whim of one company who have a stranglehold on players and local game shops, and nothing to stop them fucking it up by going full retard at any moment
It's time to admit that crossing baseball cards with board games was a mistake.

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>average /tg/ poster

>> No.75695195

This works with Phyrexian Dreadnought right?

>> No.75695209

yes, but it also turns your opponent's Uro into a 3-mana 6/6

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I suppose we could post cards that might or might not reflect our feelings about /mmg/s current state

>Janny's Transistion RG
>Enchantment - Aura
>You may sacrifice 3 food instead of paying Janny's Transitions mana cost
>Cumulative upkeep 0
>Enchanted Creature loses all its abilities and is a 0/1 Dog Mutant
>"No manatary compensation required XD"

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Pic related.

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>half of /mmg/ is banned yet again
>Nothing gets posted for 24h now

Press F for the brave souls that sacrificed themselves for us

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No, it's a retard deck. You slam CoCo with Heliod out, dice roll and win. It's emblematic of shit tier FIRE design where you play 1 card and just get unbeatable value.

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>retards who design say jeweled lotus is ok because it's just dark ritual which nobody plays in edh
>turns out dark ritual is the 8th most played black card

>> No.75695631

>turns out dark ritual is the 8th most played black card
It should be, like, third or forth highest. The only thing keeping it down is how many people are cowards about it being a "do nothing" card, ie. people who have never actually played it.

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DR is pretty good in commander, it sees a lot of use in cEDH as well

>> No.75695663 [DELETED] 

This is why 8ch happened. At the rate things are going it'll happen again soon.

>> No.75695664

Why would we even care. I havent got the first clue about edh, but a lotus that can cast one (1) spell, does very little later in the game and most of all does little in terms of combo doesn't seem broken.
The whole concept of banning cards in a fucking casual format seems weird to me anyway. But what the fuck do I know. Not even happy edh gets the FIRE treatment, I am kind of burnt out even on doomposting, it is time to leave mtg behind me.

>> No.75695694

>In Commander, cards like Dark Ritual - trading a card for quick mana boost - are traditionally not very good.
And he gets paid to play this game.

>> No.75695727

They really are retarded aren't they? Thankfully for us it's a commander only card unless they decide it should work for companiggers too which they could.

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oh you sweet summer child

>> No.75695768 [DELETED] 

I believe it's because of the news/tldr from previous threads. No ideas why it would trigger the shit out of the (((janjan))), all i know is we have the niggerest, kikest, faggiest mods ever in the history of internet.
They truly should feel ashamed. Especially since it's a super fun idea and make threads way comfier.
Hopefully i didn't close the page, so i can post it here

The previous thread was deleted for being off-topic >>75683257 >>75683266
EDH is getting FIERy but mostly balanced cards >>75683919
Anon want to be a legacuck and play with the new coomanders cards >>75684132
Frogfren advice to spec on Leechridden Swamp because of a new EDH card >>75685215 >>75684144 >>75685781
Draw anons are making their own proxies, very cute >>75684162 >>75684191
Anon is checking your garbage for Magic Cards... >>75684138 >>75684270 >>75684319
Sheldon (the EDH guy) being a cuck, as usual >>75684536 >>75684658
Make proxies for your cube >>75685598
You made me kek anon >>75686673
Anon shares funny webm >>75689318 >>75689717
Why don't we get art like this seriously? >>75689943
>/tg/ hasn't gone fash thankfully. >>75693831 Probably not during americucks hours.

Janjan, seriously kys you useless piece of trash.

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Digital can't be the future in any meaningful way when it comes to magic.
If they stop printing physical cards, people will stop playing the game. Digital only exist because we can't play physical all the time.
Arena isn't fun to play because they don't test for standard and there isn't two people looking at the same card before it is printed.
What they could do is make online and paper different.
Like, if online is a year ahead of physical, there is actually a reason to play both.
This way, they could errata cards that were too broken as the players playtest their cards for them or simply not release them.
And given standard is usually solved in a week or two, it makes sense to just do this for a short window, analyze, errata and then print.
Or maybe they should just stop printing spells that are
Free to cast
Intuitive play patterns
Reading, reading and more reading
Exhausting for everyone, including the one playing.

>> No.75695784

No, they're not retarded, just lying. This is what they have to say to hide the fact that this card is there to make edh players consoom even harder than they already do.

>> No.75695789 [DELETED] 

I tried to post it without the news with deleted messages but it was still deleted (although maybe because there was 4 /mmg/ thread at the same time)
I also got banned for posting the last line. Apprently it's off-topic although it mention /tg/
I am not here to argue with jannies. I will not post that again but don't delete the thread and ban those who post on it when most messages are on topic talking about the commander spoilers (which concern legacy) and the game design general which is concerning reccently.

>> No.75695819

>Is digital the future?
The company's don't understand that video games will not replace physical cards. Like how my friend bought Tony Hawks 2 and still skated in real life.

>> No.75695835

Agreed, they could betatest the sets with like 10 000 random players of their online platform. They would litteraly work for free and allow them to test new mechanics and balance them.
Also I don't like virtual as much, you don't have the relation with the other players, the chit chat, etc.

>> No.75695846 [DELETED] 

Nothing make sense anymore about the moderation. Every deleted thread was on topic and totally fine but for one.
For some reason it's the new (((janjan))) having a hate boner for /mmg/ and frogfren. We should contact 4ch about this or something, we can't allow it to continue like this. At this rate anons will simply stop to bother, or will all be banned at the same time. While it's unironically the best general on this ocean of faggotry called /tg/.

>> No.75695867 [DELETED] 

we demand our right to news

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Personally there is no doubt in my mind anymore : the janitor is a jotc plant. And since we are by far the most critical of jotc's permanent jewry & greed, they try toconstantly shut us down. Look at edhg, amg, and pmg (yeah that's a thing again for now lol) : they all are sucking jotc's cock, and they are allowed to stay alive. Just us have the moral standard of saying no to liquid shit and promote proxies.


>> No.75695926

early, it lets you do a bunch of stupid shit with your commander, sometimes casting it for free, which is especially relevant in powerful decks
later, it lets you reduce the increasing cost of casting your commander
basically it's always useful, and there's no reason why you wouldn't play it

>> No.75695927 [DELETED] 

>While it's unironically the best general on this ocean of faggotry called /tg/.
It's one of the best generals on the chans, fren. Definitely contacting the top dog could be an option, deleting SIX THREADS is legit unacceptable.

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No, it just isn't fun to play.
I had this game against someone a short while back and it was so exhausting to play. He won in the end, but we both had such insane lifegain, nothing really mattered.
All the keywords from mecha godzilla was obviously best in the long haul, but fucking hell, this sucked to do online.
In paper, it would have been a little easier as you just keep track of the triggers and throw a piece of paper with a number on it on a dude, but this was so fucking bad, having to click on every trigger with heliod was so mindnumbing, I just wanted to end my life 30 minutes before we got to this stage in the game.

>> No.75695944 [DELETED] 
File: 163 KB, 1521x251, sp for free.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This place has been an absolute gulag for almost a decade now. The only reason I stick around is for board game recommendations and to keep an eye out for the next exodus.

>> No.75695954 [DELETED] 

suck zone, indeed

>> No.75695961

Oh, wanted to add, if this was in person, we would both have had a great time.

>> No.75695977

Kek it reminds me of the exponential triggers of scute swarm.
It's funny because everyone siad it's impossible to keep track on paper etc. Meanwhile you just have to put a dice and increase by one at each trigger to symbolize the number of power of 2 copies you have. For example dice=5 means you have 32 copies.

>> No.75695981

It matters because the people designing the game are either purposely designing broken shit and lying, or they are retards who know NOTHING about formats they design for

>> No.75695984 [DELETED] 

>Definitely contacting the top dog could be an option, deleting SIX THREADS is legit unacceptable.
I just tried to send a mail to the support team but i must solve a captcha who isn't loading for some reasons... No matter how many times i refresh the page it doesnt load.

Please someone contact 4chin and tell hiromoot we are targeted by a jotc's pawn moderator who constantly and unfairly delete a perfectly fine general existing since forever.

>> No.75696007

Mecha godzilla is a nightmare in person, I would assume. I think I personally would just use a bag and let the opponent pick one at random. But the +1 counters are easy to track in person. Scute swarm is tricky if you mutate it though.

>> No.75696079 [DELETED] 

Maybe we should migrate to 8kun?
They do have a /tg/, though it's totally dead for now, but we could revive it. At least we wouldn't have to fear the moderation there.
8k*n.top/tg/catalog.html replace * with u

>> No.75696081

That's the point, Gavin Verhey thinks Dark Ritual is a bad card

>> No.75696111

yes, that's why I said that ?

>> No.75696128

You type like a woman

>> No.75696145


>> No.75696173 [DELETED] 

No, 8kun is Ron's godawful idea of trying to revive 8ch by appealing to Facebook Qboomers. There is no 8/tg/ at present which isn't stone dead, and the only way to get a decent number of posters off here is for there to be another meltdown a la 2013-2014.

>> No.75696190 [DELETED] 

Greetings fellow thought criminals.
How many cases have you bought towards your re-education so far?

>> No.75696211 [DELETED] 

>Nothing make sense anymore about the moderation. Every deleted thread was on topic and totally fine but for one.
>For some reason it's the new (((janjan))) having a hate boner for /mmg/ and frogfren. We should contact 4ch about this or something, we can't allow it to continue like this.

It is truly mystifying. Like /bgg/ had an off-topic tripfag infestation for MONTHS with zero action...

The logical conclusion is that nujannie is just a bad-faith actor.

>> No.75696243

I remember when Ubisoft said that digital games would lower the price of games because there would be lower overheads thanks to no physical media. I didn't buy into it back then, but the future is worse than I could have possibly imagined. Fuck this jewing.

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File: 335 KB, 696x493, ffy0le7rkd431.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I remember when Ubisoft said that digital games would lower the price of games because there would be lower overheads thanks to no physical media.
And somehow developers still don't get enough money.

>> No.75696336

Yes booster packs are very expensive on Arena. Especially considering you get less cards than on paper.
How is it on mtgo? Never tried it.

>> No.75696447

I think anybody believing that a company saving money directly translates to the consumer paying less is delusional beyond repair.

I mean, they have been selling literal jpgs at the price of real cards on a 90s UI platform for over a decade if you can believe that. Any yet Mtgo is somehow STILL better than arena.

One can only stare in amazement how insanely much wotc can fuck everything up

>> No.75696452

Reminder that WotC has never apologized for their many fuckups and yet people still give them money
Their lack of respect for their consumer base is so great they don't even feel the need to offer any kind of explanations or justifications for their decisions

>> No.75696655

It was fine until they introduced mythic rarity and began jewing hard.

>> No.75696697 [DELETED] 
File: 242 KB, 1242x1401, 52FD49EC-FB73-46C9-8A5E-6BDBCEE6BB58.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Goys mad? Oh yea goys mad.

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File: 247 KB, 672x936, 23A459D8-CF5F-4283-8A0E-332B2645710F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is he still the king? Or has he been usurped by F.I.R.E.?

>> No.75696748

you might have autism

>> No.75696818

>paying for infinitely-replicable digital cards
CCG players truly are brain damaged. These games are nothing more than a bad hangover from 90s hyperconsumerism, and in all this time have never risen beyond the childish playground egotism of the 'haha! aren't you jealous?' moment when you beat your opponent by playing a rare or expensive card he doesn't own. The entire format is a psychological trick to get weak-minded people to keep spending their money over and over again.

>> No.75696819

He’s been surpassed by infinity elemental

>> No.75696859

In theory it does, but not generally in markets where commodities are priced the same across all providers and the competition between competing companies is mostly non-existent. Games don't really compete with other games. MTG doesn't compete with Pokemon TCG in the same way that Fortnite doesn't really compete with Rocket League. The competiton is far more abstract.

>> No.75696892

Why don't they put cards with a pack code inside the packs, to get more paper players to play Arena and to get Arena players to buy packs?
Pokemon TCG does this. WotC can EASILY do this because every pack has a token card that has some bullshit like "PLAY FNM!" on the back and some of them aren't even a token, just a straight up ad

>> No.75696906

Because why do that when you can convince people to buy both lmao

>> No.75696914

People still play Pokemon? I thought the only ones left were the merchants, e-celebs, and delusional nostalgist collectors.

>> No.75696951
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To show good will to your loyal customers
It has a healthy presence at my LGS. 3rd place ahead of YGO and behind Magic and Cardfight Vanguard. The players are an exact 50/50 split of literal children and 30 year old nostalgic neckfats. I think of the kids half of those are the kids of Magic players who would get BTFO playing Magic but still want to play some card game.

>> No.75696954

It's thriving nicely in the UK

>> No.75696966

Anon don't be naïve. Customers show goodwill by consuming products, and companies return this with goodwill of their own: by giving you more means to consume products! Everybody wins.

>> No.75696972 [DELETED] 

F for Fuck jannies.

>> No.75696976

But what if... to offer added value to your customers for supporting the game for nearly 3 decades and turning it into a multi-billion dollar business, you could give them better cross-promotion between platforms rather than making them pay three times in three different ways to own the same deck?

>> No.75697009

It honestly baffles me that I have much better card IRL than on Arena. You cannot even trade with othe players. The wildcard system is not bad but you don't get enough of those.

>> No.75697035

you get wildcards so slowly that it forces everyone to play the top deck, because you have to win to get rewards and you only have enough wildcards for 1 deck unless you shell out bigly or can go infinite in draft
there are a lot of jank mythics/rares in this game now so you can blow your wildcards to play jank and then lose every game for months, or buy in to the top deck like omnath and then have nothing left because it's so rare-intensive.
then they ban omnath and you only get 4 mythics and 4 rares back but you spent like 30 to make the deck and they're not good anywhere else..
at least in something like shitstone you can dust the whole pile but in arena you just get fucked in the ass

>> No.75697075

But the customers are already showing that they think the current model is good enough value. They're capitalists - why would they improve their product when it's good enough to sell as it is?

>> No.75697092

Compassion and human kindness

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File: 20 KB, 296x342, 1597004525954.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 153 KB, 672x936, war-55-jace-s-triumph.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Explain to a brainlet why ultimate power is self defeating.

>> No.75697148

what do you mean? those things would dictate that they do what the majority wants
and clearly the majority is happy with the way things are

>> No.75697156

wait, how did jace outsmart bolas?

>> No.75697159

Yes that's why I dropped this game. It's unplayable if you like to brew your own stuffs unless you pay the same amount of money as paper to have enough cards. You cannot exchange cards to someone who might need them and everybody play the same shit deck and tryhard when they are loosing by stalling the game to make you rq.

>> No.75697168

Gravity. If you get too big, it's increasingly difficult to move.

>> No.75697184

He didn't. Literally the first half of the flavor text explains that.

>> No.75697214

it isn't
they just wanted to write something that sounds big brained
it's the old "smart can write stupid but stupid can't write smart" chestnut

>> No.75697216

Alright /mmg/

i've been brainstorming this; I'm not sure if i just want to do RW or if this RWU Control deck i've put together holds water.


if it's shit, lemme know what can help polish it.

>> No.75697226

the flavor text says that he outsmarted bolas but that that wasn't the triumph, the real triumph was in understanding that ultimate power is self-defeating which allowed him to outsmart bolas and triumph. so he did outsmart bolas, somehow.
the question is how any of that happened because this flavor text is nonsense on multiple levels. jace didn't outsmart bolas, he didn't triumph, ultimate power is not self-defeating unless you are jafar from aladdin, and bolas had not even attained ultimate power at the moment of his downfall
so the entire flavor text is retarded

>> No.75697259

>If you defeat your enemies they win

>> No.75697291

Bolas has autism, which is the ultimate power, but autism also makes you autistic so you do retarded stuff like inviting everyone you want to murder to the most populous plane of the multiverse and act increasingly hostile to said populous plane.

>> No.75697353

Power = Mass?

>> No.75697360

Why didn't Bolas just find a plane that is shaped like a cone or is really small, then put the Immortal Sun in some kind of building with the Interplanar Beacon on top of it and the soulsucking zombies around it, then when everyone dropped in they were funneled into a pit from which there is no escape and surrounded by zombies? He could have set up drones or zombie avens with bows or Oketra with her mad sharpshooting skills above the pit so you can't just fly out and Bolas could stand at the top laughing and rubbing his hands together going "it rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again"
Why did he do a big retarded invasion of the most populated plane where everyone is immensely strong and has been fighting against each other for thousands of years so they're all prepared to unite and strike back devastatingly against an external threat?

>> No.75697382


>> No.75697388

>Why did he do a big retarded invasion of the most populated plane where everyone is immensely strong and has been fighting against each other for thousands of years so they're all prepared to unite and strike back devastatingly against an external threat?
Because the plane is popular.

>> No.75697406

but they make it shittier each time

>> No.75697463

Consider instead, why didn’t he just put the planar beacon onto Amonkhet? He could have had all 8 gods, all the initiates, all the eternals, and all the other zombies fighting against the planeswalkers who would have at most a couple dozen allies in the dissenters.

>> No.75697464

That's just how literally every return set is.

>> No.75697479

That would be too smart. Wotc writers aren't that smart. Plus amonkhet isn't marketable.

>> No.75697481

Why didn't Jace and Vraska just say "fuck this Bolas shit" and stay on Ixilan to have fun pirate adventures

>> No.75697487

once you got past the we wuz jokes amonkhet had the best flavor of any plane in years

>> No.75697542

>Evey single landmark is withing walking distance from each other
Having guild headquarters at all is retarded for a infinite city.

>> No.75697556

Yeah well it doesn't have relatable guilds, so it's not as marketable.

>> No.75697609

Too focused. Didn't feel like a real place.

>> No.75697618 [DELETED] 

Contact the mod team on irc, better if there's more than one person. I'm tired of this crap.

>> No.75697638

what? it's a fantasy world that is dying after it was ravaged by a curse on its very world soul and then raped by a foreign invader. it shouldn't feel like a "real place." it should be strange and otherworldly.

>> No.75697678

I mean that the focus on providing Bolas with corpses was so wholly encompassing of the entire plane that it didn't feel like a place to be lived in.
I get that was the point, but I still don't like it very much.
Egyptian aesthetics are always kino however.

>> No.75697807

MTGO singles are cheaper than paper, funnily enough. Maybe it's because there's less scammers and scalpers, maybe it's because there's more supply than demand due to everything being digital, who knows.

>> No.75697816

the newer stuff is sometimes more expensive

>> No.75697828

too much power gets you power-drunk
you're not you when you're power-drunk, so you have a driving accident (or any equivalently lethal happening) and die from too much power.

>> No.75697849

E = M*(c^2) for a reason

>> No.75697861

brb buying a pizza.

>> No.75697902

what happens if i cast the Boom half of Boom // Bust, target my fetchland with it, then crack the fetch? Does the spell fizzle out or does it still destroy the target land i don't control?

>> No.75697930

So that means American obesity isn't an epidemic, it's the logical next step in our evolution? Damn, I need to move there.

>> No.75697942


>> No.75698048

You might as well ask why his plan he brooded on for millenia involved relying on a random selfish planeswalker being selfish. Or handing over command of his army to said pw that only helps because she's blackmailed into it. Or why thousands of years of battle royale winners coated with magic resistent plating get rekt by a random militia. Or why they didn't at least kill bolas so this embarassment of a villain won't be brought up again out of sheer creative bankruptcy.

Bolas breaking out of the meditation realm and into game of thrones universe is only a matter of time

>> No.75698237

Bold considering return to amonkhet is in the next two years.

>> No.75698254

That's sad I like Bolas. He did nothing wrong.

>> No.75698266

Bolas is one of the stupidest "smart guy" characters in fiction

>> No.75698280

You missed the most retarded part of his plan.
He waited around for untold amounts of time for a very specific planar portal to be made that he foresaw enough of to coat his zombie army in stone, and didn’t just make the damn thing himself.

>> No.75698311

Indeed but I like him because he is the baddie it would be nice if they reworked the character to make more sense.

>> No.75698324

they actually reworked him to undermine him and make him much more pathetic and retarded

>> No.75698340

I did at first, but in the end he was written like a shonen villain who teleports behind you and announces that all that happened was part of his plan anyway, AKA everything was deliberate in retrospect AKA lazy writing

>> No.75698367

The only smart thing that Bolas did was replacing the barackblade so it couldn't be used against him, but then all that did was undermine Gideon

>> No.75698370
File: 298 KB, 616x477, 1600275404490.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.75698491

Would mtg be any different if lands had color identities

>> No.75698516

Who tf thought a 2 card combo infinite life was a good idea? Lost yesterday because of it

>> No.75698553

Winning is FUN.

>> No.75698586

Magic ended with War of the Spark.

>> No.75698599

Magic ended with Planeswalkers.

>> No.75698708

every time i see this card out of the corner of my eye it think there is a fucking tie fighter on the card

>> No.75698780

the latter. a spell with more than one target only needs at least one still legal to resolve, see other multi-target scenarios like cryptic, that shit rarely fizzles.

>> No.75698825
File: 3.71 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_20201030_103101.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mmmh warm proxies. All for like a dollar.

>> No.75698837

gurmag angler is like 30 cents wtf are you doing

>> No.75698870

It's better to pay money to not support wotc.

>> No.75698887

I printed an entire deaths shadow deck for the price of a gurmag angler.

>> No.75698929

think about the FIRE at the time, the plane was probably at it's strongest

>> No.75698932
File: 815 KB, 618x866, RIP pauper.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Another format bites the dust.

>> No.75698953


>> No.75698958


>> No.75698975

wait wait wait, edh cards are legal in pauper if they're printed at common ? What a stupid fucking idea

>> No.75699010

if it was printed at common anywhere at any time it's legal in pooper

>> No.75699074
File: 1.18 MB, 745x1040, cmr-128-fleshbag-marauder.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It usually doen't matter. With commons often being forbidden from being anything but a waste of space.
This was the card paupers were exited for before.

>> No.75699096

>Pauper gets another dose of FIRE treatment
>In the set designed for edh trannies

They really dont care anymore

>> No.75699270

This seems like a test. Can they print cards so absurdly broken they will render the tranny """"format"""" unplayable?

>> No.75699290


>> No.75699334

It should also draw you a card, this doesn't seem fun at all

>> No.75699405

I don't play Pauper, what deck will this break?

>> No.75699415

>black and white
if hes buying secondary then wotc already made its money

>> No.75699450

Yeah, they're still recognizable lol, and this game isn't worth printing colored.

>> No.75699468

nothing I think, it's just a good tempo card

>> No.75699655

I hope Tron plays this so it gets banned faster

>> No.75699778

They will never ban Tron, they will just ban the aura if it ends up pushing Tron over the top. But then Tron could just play Palace Sentinels if they cared about being the Monarch so much

>> No.75699799


>> No.75699878

Tron is literally never going to be banned in any sanctioned format, unless they print tron lands with the basic super type, then the old ones will get banned.

>> No.75699911

Is infect still a viable deck? Haven't played since the trump election.

Which was battle for zendikar coming out. I bought a playset of the new version of rangers guile but quit after that

>> No.75699925

>the most retarded shitposting LARPer watchfag on /fa/ is an infect player

>> No.75699968

blossoming defense was in kaladesh, 3 sets after bfz.
infect is not great these days

>> No.75700068

pauper is legacy/vintage but commons only, so yes EDH-only cards (that are also legal in legacy/vintage) are pauper-legal if printed at common

pro tip: being the monarch already does draw you a card.

>> No.75700150

didn't they get something in MH ? I remember infect decks having a change at the time but I can't remember. They also probably run Veil now

>> No.75700167

but I can't remember *what

>> No.75700205
File: 254 KB, 1198x953, 3E9E2F1B-AEA7-4AA3-8442-C646CF77F69C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.75700249
File: 40 KB, 286x457, kuon think.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>1 mana artifact that makes 2 butthole mana
>one of the most iconic cards ever and an autoinclude in every single commander deck until the end of time
>0 mana make 3 of any color mana
>"have you actually played with this card? it doesn't scale well except when it wins the game lol, it's literally nothing"

>> No.75700277

>consider how "Strong" dark ritual is in commander
It's literally the 8th most played card in any deck that runs black, what the hell are these people talking about?

>> No.75700314

i consider turn 1 necropotence a winning play

>> No.75700334

but chapin wrote a book about mtg

>> No.75700349

I liked him but this is a really, r e a l l y hot take

>> No.75700360

patrick is right. it will be an auto include in any 4cmc or less single color casting cost commander deck and will be bonkers in urza but besides that what is some 3/4/5 color casting cost commander gonna do with it?

>> No.75700382

seems like the new lotus is a boon to single casting cost commander (although 5 color niggers like najeela and sisay can use it)

>> No.75700395

any retard can write a book about anything

>> No.75700397

Pay for part of the colored requirements plus colorless, including offset part of the commander tax.

>> No.75700411

You can play a land and the lotus to cast 2 color commanders, bro. Also this can just pay the Commander Tax which is huge.

>> No.75700491

you are right and i thought about that as soon is i made the post. having a card just for tax seems like a waste of a card. ancient tomb and sol ring see play because they are repeated able and can pay for anything. Not sure a 1 time injection of commander mana is anything notable.

>> No.75700516

being able to shart out your commander on turn 1 is pretty yuge

>> No.75700538

Yeah that's the one, I bought those after I quit to keep the deck semi-ready

>> No.75700553

Veil? Liliana in infect?

>> No.75700579

but thats the point i made already. including it in something like omnath or atraxa seems like a miss where its kinda nutty in golos or king ken

>> No.75700598

so it's OK because it's only broken in some decks? bro this card is retarded there's no excuse

>> No.75700649
File: 43 KB, 128x128, 1603139204851.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

feels nice seeing /edhg/ on fire for once and not /mmg/

>> No.75700659

im just saying its not the all inclusive auto include people make it out to be. i think it will be good but not broken

>> No.75700668
File: 157 KB, 672x936, mh1-179-scale-up.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Scale Up?

>> No.75700703

>no scale down in blue giving -6/-4

>> No.75700712

it's amazing in everything but 3+ color decks and a lot of decks benefit from just being able to pay the commander tax once, which can easily just win you the game several turns ahead
more decks will benefit from this than not, saying "w-w-well it's not 100% AUTOINCLUDE in 100% of decks" is cope supreme

>> No.75700738

Veil of summer, aka cancer incarnate

>> No.75700758

yes that was what I was thinking
no idea if it stayed in the deck

>> No.75700786

>more decks will benefit from this than not
i mean, thats why people are talking about it. i dont think its that much better than sol ring if at all

>> No.75700815

What plane has the best flavor?
What plane has the worst flavor?

>> No.75700819

>pro tip: being the monarch already does draw you a card.
Thats really retarded, who came up with that garbage idea?

>> No.75700831

it was a mechanic for conspiracy which was basically a board game more than a magic set
should have stayed there

>> No.75700884
File: 36 KB, 350x489, 1583232912325.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thinking of building a solo cube for use with the "Horde Magic" gamemode. What are some cards I should seek out or avoid? Have any of you played Horde Magic before?

>> No.75700912


>> No.75700942

he's not wrong you know

>> No.75700987

>The monarch has the following ability: "At the beginning of the monarch's end step, draw a card"
>Once a player is the monarch, they remain the monarch until another player's creature deals combat damage to them, at which point that creature's controller becomes the new monarch.

>> No.75701141


That’s stoopid

>> No.75701149


>> No.75701161


I still remember that old /sp/ when the jannies got so mad they nuked down to 2 pages on sp's catalog.

>> No.75701256

Custom-playmat dot shop /en
They sell really nice mats even when you choose for them not to be color corrected and stuff. Cheapest option has still really nice quality.

>> No.75701290

This tbqh. I always thought Chapin was based. I mean, who the fuck gets into the commenting booth coked up like nobodys business and talks about mtg lore for 2h straight, ignoring most of the tournament or even the pauses?

>> No.75701321

you telling me i can be good at mtg if i become a big brain lore fag?

>> No.75701421

no, the part about doing coke is non-negotiable

>> No.75701552

Reminds me of all the people saying games should be $70 due to the inflation
Besides the fact the game industry is literally the most profitable entertainment industry and is making more money every year, I can only hope for my sanity the people advocating for it are shills, cause why the fuck would the average customer want something to cost more for you?
Way too many fucking people will give their money to absolute shit. Makes thing worse for everyone.

>> No.75701597

Try Blood Moon and Magus of the Moon. If you play Dryad of the grove afterwards, you will trigger normies, get judges called on you, get to waste time game 1 and 2 explaining layers and timestamps, and receive rainbow mana while your opponent gets mountains.

>> No.75701602 [DELETED] 

Half thread nuked again kek.

>> No.75701674 [DELETED] 

punished janny - a man denied his salary

>> No.75701679 [DELETED] 

No, im pretty sure he gets his salary

>> No.75701719 [DELETED] 
File: 1.92 MB, 711x400, 1604023799874.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A wise anon posted this the other night, so that I could repost it today.

>> No.75701772

>tfw I was getting Chapin confuse with Sullivan

Become a drug lord first https://law.justia.com/cases/federal/district-courts/FSupp2/231/600/2452147/

>> No.75701783 [DELETED] 

Not getting paid at all? Nobody would be that retarded, not even on the internet. Remember, trolling is a bannable offense on all boards except /b/

>> No.75701807

what is even crazier is that the star witness or w/e died before the trial.

>> No.75701868

Don't worry anon MH2 is just around the corner

>> No.75701889

I never understood how that work, will my terrain still have their ability? This is quite retarded desu. The logic would want that all the terrains became all of the types of basics and only basics not depending when the cards came in play.

>> No.75701998 [DELETED] 

Hey in some places of the world a hotpocket equals a whole month's salary.

>> No.75702016

Moon effects and the Dryad effect both take place on layer 4: Type changing effects. This means that the order they are applied is from the order they arrive on the battlefield, known as a timestamp. Whichever effect arrives first, is applied first. So if you play Dryad then Moon, all your lands will turn into rainbowlands, then all non-basics turn into mountains. If you play Moon then Dryad, all your non-basics become mountains, then all lands become rainbowlands. This is extremely big brain and rules knowledge plays, and you /will/ get judge called on you by most players.
>But whut about Urborg
Urborg will create what is known as a dependency with Moon effects. Urborg makes all lands swamps, but Moon makes all non-basics mountains. No matter the order you play them in, the Urborg can only change other types if its type is unchanged. Anytime you find a dependency in mtg, it will break itself and the dependent effect will be ignored. Urborg + Moon in any order will make all non-basics mountains, and you will never have the Urborg effect.

>> No.75702023

you play the blood moon and all nonbasics become mountains
but because of the faggy dryad your mountains and also every other land you control, are mountains/plains/swamps/islands/forests at the same time
so you can play any colors you want while they are stuck on red

>> No.75702048

Powercrept Urborg when?

>> No.75702071

>all lands are swamps in addition to their other types
>if a land would produce some amount of mana, it produces {b} + that amount of mana instead
would it see play in modern? it also ramps the fuck out of your opponent

>> No.75702075

So if I apply Blood Moon then my lands will become mountain and after that if I put dryad they will all become rainbowland.
But does that means that my land lose their effects because they are Special Land (ex: valakut) -> Mountain (BM) -> Rainbowland -> Dryad
Or does the dryad effect completely cancel bloodmoon?
Because if it doesn't then despite being a nice combo it fucks my Valakut and Field of the Dead

>> No.75702140

You are correct, Moon makes them into basic mountains, so Valakut/field of the dead will turn off. You're losing value for sure, but really consider the moons for sideboard. Against mirrors with other lands decks, you're going to FUCK on them really hard. Also against 3/4c FIRE piles losing their color access while keeping yours will be huge gains.

>> No.75702187

Yes that's interesting but as I thought it makes me lose a lot of firepower but it can be combined with a force of Vigor to destroy the enchant and one shot an opponent with a titan.

>> No.75702227

Actually magus into path to Exile might be more interesting to get even more ramp.

>> No.75702228
File: 651 KB, 629x767, 1600301286291.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

remember that time valakut decks stopped playing mountains

>> No.75702245

selesnya valakut is still a thing

>> No.75702451

Remember that 5-0 burn list that splashed UG to play 3 Okos?

>> No.75702504

That's pretty based actually. That allows for different kind of decks.

>> No.75702519

Peak modern.

>> No.75702538

Asymmetric effects aren't very FIRE anon. How about this:

>All lands you control are swamps in addition to their other types.
>Sacrifice a swamp: Draw a card

>> No.75702550

I bought one here:
It's pretty cheap and the comments are good, I will see how is the quality because it's a much cheaper alternative.

>> No.75702552

Shit, meant to say that symmetric effects aren't FIRE

>> No.75702611

You say that, but making a niche card lose all its deck building restrictions is kind of gay. As is every second deck effortlessly playing 3-5c because its not really possible to punish greedy manabases as hard as you should.

>> No.75702630

Oh man. If you told me this was a mythic from a new set, I'd believe you.

>> No.75702667

Give me one good reason I shouldn't allow partner on every legendary creature

>> No.75702683

Do any of you know some good proxy printers? I don't trust chinaman too much.

>> No.75702692

From what I seen Ikoria was unbelievably generic
Fucking hate all the WoW crystals everywhere

>> No.75702772

Chinaman, despite his name, is one of the most reputable sellers for a reason. If there's a problem with your order and you send him pics he'll send you a replacement no questions asked
The other top dogs include BL, which sells the same stock as chinaman; and Ron, which a lot of people shill for nowadays but I don't trust because he did scam people in the past
If you don't trust any of them and/or don't care about card quality, there's always MPC

>> No.75702852
File: 449 KB, 567x1370, proxy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

a little DYI but if you only trust yourself then who can you go to

>> No.75702859

it's more about the paper, not the printer
!!!!!use GLOSSY photo paper!!!!!!
i recommend ink jet printers since you can use them to repaint cards and make foil proxies, search youtube.
you are looking for a refillable one since cartridges can be more expensive that the machine itself after 2 refills, that's how they make money
and you are looking at the DPI amount, you need 300 to match magics picture quality, haven't tried going lower
everything else is the same everywhere so pick whatever
don't forget to crank up your print settings to the max, one sheet of a4 paper should take around 30 sec to print

>> No.75702866

wait, i thought chinaman was BL. Who is chinaman?

>> No.75702889

Villa Zheng
Although all three Chinese sellers are apparently pretty good.

>> No.75703013

Kamigawa for overall greatness/weirdness, original INN because I fucking love gothic horror
Worst likely is Ikoria which was so utterly bland and chinese-phone-gamey instead of what I expected. I also really hated Kaladesh because it didn't feel like mtg, but that is just me

>> No.75703054

>>All lands you control are swamps in addition to their other types.
>>Sacrifice a swamp: Draw a card
auto-include for ANT and TES, also banned within 3 months

>> No.75703061

Very yes.
If a swamp had a black color identity, you could cast something like 'Display of Dominance' or 'Celestial Purge' on it.
It would make some cards unintentionally stronger.

It would also greatly affect EDH and what lands would be allowed in a deck.
Example: What color identity would Grixis Panorama be?
If it were 3 colors, you couldn't use it in a B/R EDH deck.

>> No.75703097

If they want to change the anesthetic of the game we should at least get waifus.
I will never pardon them to have printed Narset as an ugly fuck while the jap got a cute waifu.

>> No.75703229


I like this dude's stuff

>> No.75703388


Can you do this with double faced cards?

>> No.75703565

i have no idea if the print stores are capable of printing on both sides

>> No.75703586

remy is based. he was part of the golden age of youtube, does parodies for reason tv and loves mtg.

>> No.75703626

God, I miss the good ol' days. Bless Remy.

>> No.75703680

yes but you can also print both sides separately and use them like you would a checkbox

>> No.75703721

i think it would be sus if you came to a lgs with 8 copies of a card

>> No.75703758

oh right i forgot there's magic outside of cube

>> No.75703785

I still play boggle and it still rapes a lot of deck. Most decks aren't really prepared to fight against it. Especially if you have some unexpected cards in your side against aoe.

>> No.75704075
File: 497 KB, 2048x2048, 1586742951763.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just saw Jeweled Lotus and had a good laugh. Hope you've all been well.

>> No.75704186

Not doing so good anon. Kind of sick atm. I may have caught the chin flu.
Just ordered a chalice of the void. This shit is so expensive.

>> No.75704268

>he bought moar gards
Get to the doctor, it's worse than you think.
If you're for real sick, I hope you get to feeling better, bro.

>> No.75704281

Re-sleeved my old modern deck today while reflecting on better times. Seeing the absolute state of EDHfags right now has been pretty funny. Going to go get some pumpkins later today to carve with the family, should be some good wholesome fun.

>> No.75704301

I like Remy :)

>> No.75704355

Reminder that the only sensible course of action is drawing your own cards, making your cube and then designing a few cards you could see being useful in it yourself. The game is dead, stop pumping money into it and anything associated with it.

>> No.75704422

What deck?
I was moving some stuff around and saw the box my Burn deck is in and felt a brief pang of sadness for what's happened to mtg.

>> No.75704433
File: 221 KB, 1280x960, everythingwillbefire.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.75704438
File: 179 KB, 672x938, 1595354935877.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Still buying old school stuff. Surely that doesn't benefit WotC in any way, right?

>> No.75704479

I still like to play with my bro. And at my lgs but it closed reccently sadly due to lockdown.

>> No.75704488

If everyone stopped consuming, the market would dry up and die. Every purchase maintains the market.

>> No.75704575

My friends and I stuck it out through Ikoria, but after purchasing a few cheap singles from M21 and playing a couple games we quit completely. We have too many other card games we actually enjoy to bother playing one that no longer makes us happy.
Glad you and your bro are still finding some fun in it.

>> No.75704603

>set dabs on legacy with the Agent
>set dabs on pauper with more monarch cards
>set dabs on coommander with Jew Lotus
what a joke

>> No.75704623

Maybe I'm mistaken in my reasoning, but I consider the market for old school cards separate from the market for current ones. This is mainly because WotC doesn't directly profit from my spending on old school stuff whereas if I purchased a current card it would pretty much directly profit WotC in some way.

>> No.75704692

I see what you mean, but I obviously lean towards my own reasoning. I have nothing to back up my claims, specifically, but I am fairly certain that a complete halt of all mtg purchases would tank everything because no demand means a worthless supply.

>> No.75704747

It's everything i wanted and more, i can't fathom what amusing card will make everyting worse in the next set.

If you buy cards, you sustain the seller. Your idea would only be true if you bought from a seller who exclusively sells old cards and is not involved in the market any further than having bought those cards from WotC through boosters in the past. Because sellers also use their earnings to purchase new stock, thus perpetuating the system, every card you buy supports the current state of the game. If you still want the old cards without supporting the game, you have to steal them. Your best bet are LGSs of course, if those are closed you could always start a riot nearby. Remember that magic players are scum and deserve every loss and pain you cause them this way.

>> No.75704762
File: 229 KB, 672x936, rtr-178-loxodon-smiter.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Modern bros, if this card had Lifelink and Hexproof, would it be Modern-playable?

>> No.75704813

>play this and have an uncounterable hexproof 4/4 lifelinker for 3 swinging on turn 4
>or just play bogles with the same colors and have an indestructible hexproof lifelinking vigilant unblockable flying 12/12 swinging on turn 4

>> No.75704815

>3 mana literally do nothing
You'd either have to add every keyword ever printed or make in cantrip and be able to cast it from the graveyard

>> No.75704821

Make it draw a card, gain 3 life, and play a land and perhaps.

>> No.75704837

I think you're right, but I doubt we'll see a complete halt in MtG-related purchases any time soon.

>> No.75704853

>doesn't draw a card
>cannot be sent back from the graveyard to the battlefield
Does it seems fun and repeatable to you anon?

>> No.75704877

I know it won't happen because people are going to keep consuming. I'd imagine edhfags are salivating over Jew Lotus right now, as are investards.

>> No.75704912

That's a clever edit.

>> No.75705084

does anyone have that "if they're another color they pay the price" edited card pic? pls help

>> No.75705115
File: 319 KB, 315x448, pay the cost.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do people not have this image saved already? Its a timeless classic

>> No.75705128
File: 288 KB, 311x445, UUUU.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.75705130

my man, ty anon

>> No.75705139

Indeed. I have numerous copies of the file because lazy and never sort my shit.

>> No.75705142

There's at least 3 versions of it tho.

>> No.75705173

And anon didn't even have one of them.
Shun the non-believers.

>> No.75705619

Assuming old border only and a restriction to one copy on Lin Sivvi, which do you think is stronger, Mercenaries or Rebels?

>> No.75705695

Rebels are just inherently a stronger mechanic. Rebels get bigger creatures which can in turn get bigger creatures, mercenaries just get smaller and smaller.

>> No.75705701

>I'd imagine edhfags are salivating over Jew Lotus right now
Most of them are screaming about it and banning it in their groups.

>> No.75705715

The new lotus is only broken if you recur it. Fast mana has existed forever in the format. 0mana for 3mana is a better rate than most other fast mana, but a lot of the other fast mana that sees play are rocks that stick around or ramp that creates lands and those sorts of things. An artifact that sacrifices to produce the mana are actually somewhat uncommon in edh, and are very uncommon outside of decks that make use of the graveyard for more uses, like Emry.

It's a strong card, it will win some games as it powers out a commander, but it's not actually better than Sol Ring/Mana Crypt and it is only at it's best in decks like Emry.

In other news, they have now printed lands that are dual lands that care about commanders, now they reprinted lotus except it cares about commanders, and they printed a free counterspell but it cares about commanders. What do you think the chances are that they reprint something like Time Walk except it cares about commanders, or Mana Drain but it only targets commanders, or other things like that? They have skirted the reserved list by saying "old busted card, except cares about Commanders" few times now.

>> No.75705726

Rebels tend to just be better overall.
Shame tho. I like having both viable.

>> No.75705910

It's less screaming and just grumbling. Proxychads will rise

>old border only

>> No.75705931

It's hilarious how Rogue Deckbuilder went from selling MtG cards and giving weekly updates on the market/meta to being totally blackpilled and just shitting on WotC
He probably lurks here

>> No.75705995

>He probably lurks here
he probably posts here

>> No.75706004

Yeah he probably does, in fact I think you are him, considering how quickly after uploading the video it was posted here

>> No.75706075

Any other TGCs you guys dabble in, or at least consider as potential replacements?

>> No.75706109

I'm subscribed to him because his seething makes me laugh.

>> No.75706123

Ok rogue, whatever you say bro. You know you can come out now, Shivam already exposed himself as a regular on edhg, let's get some of the youtuber posters out too.

>> No.75706205

>or at least consider as potential replacements?
I looked into that Illuminati game the other day and it unironically looks really fun.

>> No.75706211

Hi there, Anonymous, it's Kevin with RoOOooOogue Deckbuilder
The most played TCGs at my store are Weeb Kreuz, Cardfight Vanguard, Pokemon, and YGO so I'm going through those.
The Pokemon game is cheap but fucked, the only really popular format is Standard and the top deck is a tag team of 3 pokemon in 1 card that makes up 30% of the meta. The gameplay is better than I thought but still not that interactive.
I hear the gameplay of CFV is OK but the look of the cards makes me physically ill, it's the worst graphic design I've ever seen, even the font is hideous.

>> No.75706365
File: 10 KB, 214x236, 1587172072896.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, since everyone else is doing it...
Many magic the gathering players ask the question: why is /mmg/ the best general on 4chan ?

>> No.75706378

>I hear the gameplay of CFV is OK but the look of the cards makes me physically ill, it's the worst graphic design I've ever seen, even the font is hideous.
Weeb cardgame in general are often ugly as fuck, only saved by coomer art.
Western TGCs often have soulless art but they aren't painful to look at.

>> No.75706734
File: 165 KB, 546x800, spectral duke dragon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

CFV is on another level though

>> No.75706934

Tron. I miss the days when slamming Karn turn 3 was the most disgusting play in the format.

>> No.75707008

Can you link me to this commentary and/or indicate what event it was? Hearing a coked up pro talk about MTG Lore (I assume the old lore back when it was good) sounds lovely.

>> No.75707013


Old Pokemon is fun. My friend and i have been basically playing 93/94 equivalent in pokemon (first 3 sets) with our old cards and its reminded me of playing the gameboy ones

>> No.75707030

I still play Score's original DBZ/GT, Keyforge, Gundam War, and a few others. Quite enjoyable.

>> No.75707053

Based. I used to play Tron, as well.

>> No.75707069

Old Pokemon was unbelievably imbalanced though. Hitmonchan, Electabuzz, and a handful of other high HP basics just destroy the format. This is also assuming you've already banned the actual broken things like Bill.

>> No.75707093

>Mfw prof is the guy posting about wanting to fuck merfolk
So far we've got Shivam singlehandedly being the /tg/ is bad at magic meme. I'm happy to see we've discovered our fishfucker too.

>> No.75707182


We've been playing a variety of old busted shit. Alakazam chancey scoop up, turn 2 rain dance blastoise breeder, haymaker like you've said. You have lots of broken enablers like energy removal, bill, computer search that you build around for a ton of decks

>> No.75707660
File: 45 KB, 398x400, pokemon tcg gba.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you acting like this wasnt the fucking GOAT trading card game....game

>> No.75707680

At least it uses keywords. Even if the keywords look like emojis.

>> No.75707717

They changed those symbols to actual words with a special font later, which was nice.

>> No.75707841
File: 102 KB, 900x1200, DMM6hVgUIAEDMaS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what up my wizards this is sbmtg here

>> No.75707942

Went to my local store earlier and mentioned to the guy I was thinking of getting back into modern to which he told me not to bother with MtG anymore. I haven't played in a while now, have things really gotten that bad?

>> No.75707970

Yes. We are currently being consumed in the F.I.R.E. of WotC and Hasbro's greed.

>> No.75707993


>> No.75708179

anyone who asks questions about this shit is trolling, fuck off
go google it, retards

>> No.75708428

>I haven't played in a while now, have things really gotten that bad?
Yes, and likely even worse than you think what "bad" could be.

>> No.75708484

It's suffering from lethal levels of FUN.

>> No.75708496

he's right

>> No.75708799


If only there was some way to bring cards back from the graveyard. Ah well, I'm sure no-one will find a way to abuse this.

>> No.75709254


A new design philosophy based on just overpowered but also largely boring effects (in what to execute and try with them).
And the power creep is contemptuous.

Honestly, I believe the game was always gonna end up this way, so I very much respect WOTC gall.

>> No.75709369

alright that image is fucking golden

>> No.75709393

Its border is.

>> No.75709404

This guy is alright but trails off sometimes. He seems like a good dude, though.

>> No.75709566
File: 190 KB, 396x413, 1478081222542.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fucking great, the La poste machine destroyed my order and all the cards inside the envelop are utterly destroyed, even burned.
It's the second time this happen to me in 2 months. WTF are doing these crackhead niggers seriously. They don't even apologize, they send you a note telling how proud these grayon chewing retards are they managed to send you the destroyed envelop anyway. It's almost as if they don't ask you to pay an extra for this.
Will post pics in next thread. It's infuriating, what a shitty week, frens.

>> No.75709592

thats what you get surrender monkey

>> No.75709610

The way post office machines work the mail is flying through a narrow gap at high speeds surrounded on all sides by pounding hammers and rollers so if shit is just a little off it gets beat to fuck and shot out at speeds high enough to light it on fire and break your skin if it hits you

>> No.75709641
File: 755 KB, 323x206, alex jones.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.75709704
File: 43 KB, 640x625, 1464660343489.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You know what make it worse? It was old border foils inside, so cards with already extremely low number of copies left existing and a part of mtg's history from when it was still great. And now there's even less copies left in this clownworld.
That's literally ancient book burning-tier. I'm not even mad about money, even though it costed me a pretty penny, i'm mad about that. Hold me frens, i can't take it anymore, this country is so fucking shit.

>> No.75709845

>my jewish collection!!!
Don't care. I wish more "investors" got their mail smashed like that

>> No.75709906

>if you buy singles it means you are an investor

>> No.75709944

If that was their approach, they wouldn't have shifted from their long-term customer base to SJWs and pandering to niggers

>> No.75710442

Same thing happened to me this week. I'll post pictures next thread as well.

>> No.75710530




>> No.75711286

It was some star of david games tournament years ago, don't know which one exactly. If I recall correctly, Patrick Sullivan was on the receiving end of his loredump. I also distinctly remember the camera going live after a pause to a visibly disdraught sullivan, head in hand, Chapin apparently having taked through the pause of the brothers war

Good times, if I find a vid I'll post it.

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