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How would you deal with a female version of your character from the parallel universe?

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>now neither of us will be virgins!

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>Two battlemaster fighters with polearm mastery feat and halberds
We lose our virginity by raping the shit out every encounter.

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>" 'sup."
>" 'sup."
> "You guys hunting Stephanus Thaddeus?"
> "Nah, Stevie Thaddea is our closest ally."
> "Don't trust her."
> "K."

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my character is already female

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So... lesbian sex?

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>Your girl version is happily married with kids

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My character is already female, so I'd assume just a regular gender swap. She'd think it rather neat because now she can get an heir without dealing with that whole pregnancy thing

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She probably would look like my sister, that would be uncomfortable...

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Kill and eat it to gain its power so that I may become The One

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>the parallel universe?
wait, so there's just one?

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Suck her dick, probably.

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Yes, Universe 63.

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Both would know that they’d explode if they touched each other so they go their own ways

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I have no character because i am a GM.

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>Traveler game
>Glances back at my crew
>Glances back at her crew
>Comence double crew wide orgy while we both sneak away to compare notes on bureaucracy and xenomicrobiology

>D&D game 1
"Hmm~.... Is the rest of your party genderswaped?" they both ask at the same time

>D&D game 2
Now neither of us will... wait, you're a girl too? Huh?

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Do the Marx Brothers mirror gag, because my character is already female.

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Based on what I've seen people look like when using the gender swap feature on Face App that probably won't be an issue.

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They repopulate their noble house.

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based movie ngl

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I'm already really masculine with a big head and jaw so I'd be afraid to see what my female self would look like.

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So, a traveling buddy who is just as competent as himself, shares his ideals, and is just as confused by their situation? Sounds like fun.

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My character did actually do this in game, he and her are just best friends who click really well. Their spouses swear they've been cheating on them with each other because of how in sync they are, but they both would never cheat on their lovers or hurt their family. Nowadays they transform into one another using Alter Self, its fun.

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Are they cheating on each other with each other's spouses?

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> My character is female
I think the male version of herself would be as assertive, but with otherwise more masculine values and strengths. Chances are they'd go adventuring together and would make an awesome team.

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... and he'd probably date my character's best friend.

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The joke answer:
"Finally, someone who isn't constantly mocking my paladin oath! It's a weird coincidence that we look so similar, though"

The unironic answer:
The character is a drow, so the female version of him would have been raised differently than he was. I want to say that she would still have taken the same general path in life, making the decision to leave the underdark and try to live peacefully on the surface, but her personality would've been shaped in a different way by her experiences. Actually, she would've had a less dysfunctional personality than he did. The male version of the character found it difficult to follow his own principles when faced with opposition from an ally, because he was used to not having agency and was prone to manipulation. This eventually led to him breaking his oath and losing his ability to use magic as a paladin. (I enforced this on the character myself; the DM ended up making the character an oathbreaker to put a stop to it.)

Considering all of this, I suppose it wouldn't be a stretch to say that the parallel universe female version of this character, as a redemption paladin who probably hasn't become an oathbreaker, would attempt to redeem the original male version.

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>I enforced this on the character myself; the DM ended up making the character an oathbreaker to put a stop to it
Pretty based, both you for actually putting limiters on your character and DM, putting end to whiny manbabbiness and uselessness.

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Wouldn't it be weird to fuck your genderswapped best friend?

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Depends what the genderswap entails. If a male character who is masculine in his thinking, his values becomes a female character that is feminine in her thinking and her values, not at all.

If it's the same person with a vagina, of course. But then, your best friend genderseapped is the weird element then, dont'cha think. Which leads me to...

> Implying she would.

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how do you think?

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"man i would absolutely fuck you if i were gay."
>woman version
"Well alright then!"

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>alternative version of haruhi
Nigga what?
Did you even watch the anime?

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Haruhi isn't in that image.

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Read tea of sagittarius you ignorant fool.

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Huh? That looks like Haruhi tho.

>read my fanfic on fanfiction.net
How about you set yourself on fire instead?

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They'd probably get drunk and compare notes in regard to monsters and enemies. Also probably compare scars and see if her eye worked in his universe and vice versa

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You have no idea what you're talking about.

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Is it a total opposite of my character? He's a grave cleric, is she a birth cleric or something? Or is she also a Kelemvorite?
I need to know for...research.

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Also, thinking about it, if she wasn't as withdrawn and prone to avoiding people and social situations, there's a slim but not unlikely chance that they'd end up fucking because every single relation my character has been the woman has shared his hobbies and had similar attitudes and job types

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Nah, it's as similar as possible while being the opposite gender.

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She's definitely out of my league.

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>caveman who spent a couple millenia trapped in hell, escaped with the help of the party, and came back to rip and tear
we rip and tear even harder now that there's two of us

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>it even adds a layer of makeup

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Is she a perfect copy of my character as he is at this moment, or some checkpoint earlier? Because my PC just got a little sitdown with his deity who told him that there are big plans in store for him.

So he'd probably autistically spaz out with a fellow cleric of the same deity and end up creeping her out.
He is my PC, after all.

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The former.
Remember that she's just as much of a retard and would also sperg out about faith.

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More like you don't have an idea what the fuck you are talking about you filthy secondary.

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he's delighted that he's finally found someone he can call his equal. plus now they can pool their treasure hoards and breathe twice as much fire

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If the exact moment?
Just went to jail so wouldn't see her. Assuming its just before, add her to the family. About 10 clones of my pc running around currently so whats another in the family. honestly could use a girl in the family, 7 of them are under 10 years old and really need more than just a dad with PTSD

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I'm a Bard, so

Probably open a open mic brothel. Because I can't help but play into the cliché

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Who is that middle bitch supposed to be?
I get Diana and Alice. Is it supposed to be Sarah Conner?

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Probably trying (and failing) to get that dumb 7 int asshole out of my fridge.
50-50 if he even notices hes female desu, not that hed care much.

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What if shes already female, does it still try to make her female? Does she become double-female?

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I really miss my teen days when I was slightly convincing in trap attire...

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Kill her and seal her soul so i can sell said soul to further increase my power into saving the world!

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Spend the night talking about cute boys, as they're both into that.

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>Oh, give me a clone
>Of my own flesh and bone
>With its Y chromosome changed to X.
>And after it's grown,
>Then my own little clone
>Will be of the opposite sex.
>Clone, clone of my own,
>With its Y chromosome changed to X.
>And when I'm alone
>With my own little clone
>We will both think of nothing but sex.
Classic song that.

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There can only be one, kill immediately.

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Selfcest is my biggest fetish.

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It was better than it had any right to be. I also love that Fight Hell Dimension is pretty close to heaven for Evil Jet Li. I also always use "Fight Hell Dimension" as an in-universe band name whenever I run Cyberpunk games.

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She will try to do the same, genius.
If the opposite version is as close to you as possible, won't it mean opposite sexual preferences? If your male character likes feminine boys, won't she like amazons?

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>If the opposite version is as close to you as possible, won't it mean opposite sexual preferences? If your male character likes feminine boys, won't she like amazons?
that could still work

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But if its just exactly him, but genderswapped, I bet the male version is gonna get pegged into a coma

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I miss my teen days where I could run 1,5 km and only get slightly exhausted, because I missed my bus and school was about to start in 15 minutes
Where did all that energy go?

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>pic by David Mamet

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