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Welcome to /mmg/ Modern Magic General, the thread about the Modern format, other non-EDH formats are welcome.
This general has seen quite a bit of off-topic and is heavily moderated by the j*nnies so try to keep discussions in line.
>Modern Metagame with the most played optimized archetypes:
>Deckbuilder tool:

>Build and share cubes

>Non-pozzled card search engine:

>Proxy a deck or a cube for cheap
>Library of in-demand alters

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TQ: Do you plan to buy a JOTC product in the coming months?

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I might buy some singles but I will never buy sealed product again.

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Ratchads assemble, all hoarders get the rope
Reminder that any card priced higher than $2 is overpriced

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>friendly, daily and threadly reminder that wotc is de facto printing an illegal cryptocurrency where prices are kept artificially inflated due to artificial scarcity and insider trading that gets distributed through lottery tickets and lootboxes and that they spend, all costs included, 2 cents per card to print them

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>2020 is a year of the Rat, starting from January 25th 2020 and ending on February 11th 2021.

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Trannies gonna screech. Let them, who cares.
Odin looks like Gandalf?
Oh boy, here we go with the usual shit. I can't take anything coming from Magic anymore. There's nothing I like.
I don't play edh and I never go to /edhg/.
Everything is black now. I'm tired.

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but doesn't this combo results in extra 19 ephemeral genders?

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>Odin looks like Gandalf?
Yes, he liked to go around looking like some old one-eyed bum sleeping in the woods and reciting poetry and shit. He wasn't some hard ass warrior god all the time. He was literally a warrior-poet representing the two natures of man, a fighter and protector but also a mirthful and humble wandering wise man. Just like Gandalf.
Vainamoinen from Finnish mythology was similar and Gandalf was based on him.

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my next move is going deep on ogf monoliths so I can scalp edhfags for five grand a pop next summer

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>pulling the shit of last thread into this one
You're literally the worst part about this crypto fascist shit hole of a site

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The worst part about this thread is the game of Magic.
Piss off, marxist.
I know, I was joking.

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Are """investors""" the reason this game has survived for so long, or are they parasites that could easily be destroyed by aggressive reprinting without killing the game? Is there at least a possible compromise with these demons like scheduled reprintings or partially downgrading rarities?

My most expensive card at the time I bought it was Aether Vial at $35 a piece, but I wouldn't turn pink if the value of my card crashed to $5 tomorrow because I just wanted to play Spirits. The Fetches and Shocks were around $15 at the time I bought them, and I also wouldn't care if they crashed. Nobody should spend more than $20 on a playset of staple cards, and nobody should spend more than $30 on any single card no matter how niche it is.

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Don't give him attention

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it's both. a healthy secondary market encourages growth by providing a stable foundation for the game. we already have a compromise. it's called the reserve list, and also promos. wotc is just a shit inept company that doesn't care about players or investors and they're just driving the game into the ground on both ends while investurds and players bicker.

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don't blame Marx for trannyism. he would hate wotc more than we do.

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Then get out, retard

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This is my home, you get out, faggot.

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I think Marx would feel utter despair if he ever saw what happened with his ideology over the past 100 years.

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I think he'd go full jihadi

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/mmg/ - literally advocating for communism

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Well yeah, that's what buying proxies is all about.

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Fuck off communist faggot

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this guy's a chad too always finish lurking before posting

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How are the VZ proxies of the new 2XM masterpieces? I have problems perceiving colors so I can't just tell from photos easily.

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>someone saved my ms paint drawing
i'm moved, anon

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Recent BL/VZ releases were amongst the best from recent years

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Remember that pauper is magic without the cancer not counting tron.

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Stop putting EDH in your OP, you fucking retards.

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We should do more "draw a card" stuff here when Kaldheim gets spoiled and we see how half of it is EDH valueshart.

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without fail kek

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Those are impressive. Even my colorblind ass can tell that Krasis is a bit off but everything else seems spot on. Thanks

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That's a nice idea. I was thinking about gimmicks for /mmg/ draw threads, and "redraw the spoilers" is a decent suggestion

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I’m finally pulling the plug on this game and selling my collection.

What’s the best way to sell $10+ singles?

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Facebook groups/craigslist/etc.
I'll be joining you shortly anon

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Have you tried other TCGs?
What did you think of them?

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i can't wait until this faggot gets a little too big for wotc's liking and gets arrested and tortured by the ccp.

if you want to play a tcg, get a job and pay for it like an adult.

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many of them either feel janky or they're run by absolutely evil people like konami

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I have tried almost all of them.
None are as good as Magic.
I might just get some other hobby.

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Even /bushi/?

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Cope (((investor)))

>> No.75594117


I have tried almost all of them.
Most are way better than Magic.
I might just pull the trigger on a full thrones collection.

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Yeah I've played it all and either the games are mechanically not as strong, or the balance is off, or the scene is dead, or some combination.
I should have listened to my grandfather and just practiced killing instead.

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The real problem with magic is that FFG can never get it's shit together. They've have repeated runs at really successful CCGs and fuck it up every time by refusing to provide any reasonable level of support for competitive play environments.

Like if they had just given out a few more keyforge decks as prizes for FNM-grade events the whole fucking hobby would have been saved. If they hadn't fucked up X-wing nobody would be playing anything but X-wing. Etc.

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Sad but true. I wasn't the biggest fan of Keyforge though it was too much of a gimmick for me.

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What did make Magic successful where other games fail? Is it just the sheer amount of cards? “Why play X with a single base set and two 300 card expansions when Magic has 25 years of cards?”. Is its mechanically more solid than other card games?

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It's just a decent game. The really interesting parts are the seeded decks and the app/self-balancing feedback mechanism. Nice concepts with room for improvement.


Magic rode in solely on the refusal of magic players to consider playing anything other than magic.

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Keyforge (like all of Professor Garfield's games) has all the makings of a cultural craze. The problem is that none of them fill a vacuum: Magic, Pokemon, and Yu-Gi-Oh! are so large and prolific that new TCGs have a hard time hitting it off.
This is made worse when WotC intentionally sabotages any TCG they make when it gets even slightly too popular; can't risk Magic losing customers!

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back to dilation station with you

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dilation station broke

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magic = the stack
it is still the only mainstream card game that has such a concept

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Magic has a "stack"?

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Not for long.
Soon it's just gona be big unga creatures. No spells.

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>> No.75594524

>What did make Magic successful where other games fail?
It is a good game, at it's core. It has a large variety of game mechanics. It has a large variety of settings, flavour and lore. The lore doesn't get in the way of the game. A new set every 3 months means there's always something new to do.

>> No.75594534

Creatures go on the stack. Creatures' abilities go on the stack.

>> No.75594602

It would be equivalent to everything having super split second (even other split second spells/abilities can't be activated or triggered or whatever). Every individual ability and creature resolves before anything else can happen, no counters possible, no shenanigans.

No way to prevent Uro from entering the battlefield and no response possible to stop the opponent from gaining their life and explore.

Unga bunga. Grug do thing, Grug draw gard. Grug turn gards. Grug win.

>> No.75594609

As I said, not for long.
In time you'll play paper hearthstone.

>> No.75594618

Creature combat is as interactive if not more than the stack.

>> No.75594624

All financeniggers deserve the rope. No exceptions.

>> No.75594625

Playing big unga card that doesn't resolve makes caveman mad.
We need to rectify this.

>> No.75594648

What's the point of playing with fake cards? It cheapens the hobby as a whole. If you're going to invest in your hobby you might as well buy real cards.

>> No.75594670

>If you're going to invest in your hobby
That's the point though, they just want to have fun playing a game, not make an """investment""" in childrens playing cards.

>> No.75594676

but they are trying to get rid of creature combat too

>> No.75594682

>Tap creature to attack
>Either gets blocked or doesn't
>Damage is dealt
Impressivly interactive

>> No.75594711

>combat tricks
>kill spells
>protection spells
>chump blocking and life total considerations

>> No.75594717

Magic itself is an excellent game.
The cards from the last few years are doing their best to make up for that, though.

>> No.75594719

Why spend money on a game that the developers aren’t respecting as a game?
There’s >>75594670 too.

>> No.75594731

So you can print your own proxies on paper and put them in front basic lands. Why buy counterfeits? Because you want to participate in the community and attend tournaments.
If you use counterfeits to participate in the tournaments without joining the ecosystem you're nothing but a parasite.

>> No.75594736

thank you for demonstrating how people who scoff at combat are bad at magic

>> No.75594794

>So you can print your own proxies on paper and put them in front basic lands.
I do though? Nothing about fake cards implies I'm buying from the chinese merchant.
>Because you want to participate in the community and attend tournaments.
Why would I want to participate in Wizards meme events?

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haha card printer go brrrr

>> No.75595126

god help me I'm actually starting to like the new expedition frames

>> No.75595174

>Are """investors""" the reason this game has survived for so long
No, because YuGiOh doesnt give in to investor kikes and the game is doing just fine.

>> No.75595182


I actually like the Expedition frames, but the distribution model fucking destroys any fondness for them. They’re less like Expeditions and more like guided Safaris.

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My issue is the art. Like half the art is OK, the other half is shit from an ass like this

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For those who have quit, what was the final nail in the coffin for you?
For those still playing, what would you say is keeping you in the game?

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COVID and work schedules are what prevent me from playing, but before that I was too pissed off with FIRE to buy anything from WotC.

>> No.75595263

companions its already bad enough that the only format anyone cares about anymore is memeander but did they really have to really have to go and try to turn every format into it?

>> No.75595303

Gotta sell those boxes! Goldner wants his yacht and he wants it NOW!

>> No.75595327

Did you find the companion errata impactful enough to solve that particular problem?

>> No.75595357

all the errata did was make sure the jank ones would never see play ever again while lurrus is still good enough to remain a tier 1 deck so no

>> No.75595423

Why the fuck should a deck get automatic consistent starting card advantage just for making little-to-no tweaks to itself? Even Dredge and Storm start off with 7 random cards like everyone else and have to actually draw their degeneracy.

>> No.75595427

Lurrus is seeing t1 play as a companion or mained?

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in the sb mostly but I think there was a deck that ran him main too

>> No.75595489

>top creature
I didn't expect that. What's it being used in and does it even hit the field?

>> No.75595504

Jund mains it. DS and Burn still use it as a companion.
Mainly Rakdos Death Shadow and Prowess because it's basically just free value

>> No.75595563

I see. And here I expected to see a UG meta.

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>Magic has a "stack"?

i mean that is exactly why t3feri should be banned in every format on principle
cards that don't let your opponent play magic for 3cmc should be symmetric at the very least, to place inherent deckbuilding restrictions. no one complains (unless they're turboqueers) about blood moon. t3feri's passive on an enchantment should cost at least 5, on a planeswalker body probably 6, if it's gonna be asymmetric. just completely stupid

then again, that's the current design philosophy. completely ignore deckbuilding constraints because those are FEELSBAD DUDE.
i absolutely love it when a 5 color deck drops a blood moon or back2basics on me
i absolutely love tribal mirror matches where my opponent casts plague engineer, naming our collective tribe
i absolutely love a card that cannot be countered that makes subsequent green spells uncounterable. what amazing interaction possibilities!
tl;dr this game is for fags and fag enablers. only thing left to do is decided which one are you.

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File: 169 KB, 1024x748, Soyos Beyond Meat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I still don't understand who thought this was a good idea. If I wanted to play EDH I would play EDH.
Lurrus is especially obnoxious because a player can just go "Oh crap I'm out of cards! That's ok I'll just wish for this cat to bring them all back!"

>> No.75595606

Uropile is, by the numbers, still the most played deck, but everyone is gunning for it and people seem to dislike playing and playing against it so you end up not running into it as much as you would think.
Right now Humans and D&T are jacking off with Skyclave Apparition because that card is dumb as fuck. Rakdos Death Shadow gets to play FagDog 4free, simplify its manabase, drop its life much faster with Boltlands in the process and all it had to do was kick out Angler. Gotta sell those packs.
Prowess is being played because it can race the Uroshitters and just randomly blow out DS and Humans with its retarded sanic speed, and this shift can be seen in how now Humans decks play 4 Auriok Champ SB instead of the 3 they used to.

>> No.75595635

>i absolutely love it when a 5 color deck drops a blood moon or back2basics on me
I wonder if anyone has done that with Prophetic Prism of something for the meme of it (without Assholabe).

>> No.75595642

>Skyclave Apparition
Must be new. I'll look it up momentarily.
Enlighten me.

>> No.75595643

>hey people like commander right
>what if you had commander in other formats
>yeah and we're doing a monster plane but just killing big monsters is mean and might offend animal lovers
>maybe only evil assholes should be monster hunters and the right side wants to make the monsters their friends lol
>it's just like pokemon and what if you had your own mascot pokemon commander, like pikachu?
>man people will love this, but let's make it have a cost... how about 1 sideboard slot? yeah, giving up 6% of your sideboard to have an un-discardable extremely strong creature with relevant stats and powerful abilities you can summon at any time, that's balanced

>> No.75595654

I'm fucking around with yomi. It's like a million times better than mtg was when mtg was good.

>> No.75595658

Skyclave Apparition is O-Ring if it was a bear that didn't give you your shit back when it leaves

>> No.75595667

>Right now Humans and D&T are jacking off with Skyclave Apparition because that card is dumb as fuck.
I'm surprised they didn't give it flying. Guess the R&D's spiritfag is only allowed to work on Core Sets.

>> No.75595675

They do have them they justdon't have a strong hold on the game.

>> No.75595689
File: 107 KB, 672x936, znr-322-skyclave-apparition.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it's white
I'm glad I bought 3 of these when they were like 2 dollars. I should buy a fourth, it can only go up

>> No.75595707

How lovely.
And what is FagDog?

>> No.75595708

Kill me Lurus

>> No.75595841

Khans of Tarkir's conclusion was just so gay and cucked. I actually liked the original five clans but then they just became totally bitchmade in the new timeline where they are kowtowing to the dragons. When one of the Atarka clan cards mentioned that it was considered an honor to be eaten by her, I realized the people doing the writing were not on the level. Sarkhan is a fucking faggot and Nosewater for writing this miserable shitheap of a story.

It reminded me of a hentai known as Princess Knight Catue. But way worse. Basically about dragonoids violently fucking women and cumflating them. I got those same vibes from Dragons of Tarkir honestly.

>> No.75595874
File: 696 KB, 473x694, ELyPfaCW4AASnZw.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I will never forgive Sarkhan for killing the clans' cultures because he thgouth he could get his own qt dragon maid.

>> No.75596011

Is FagDog Akoum Hellhound or something?

>> No.75596159

Do the effects of YGO cards ever have anything to do with what the card depicts?

>> No.75596188

no, ygo has terrible flavor and lore
but it does have hot chicks

>> No.75596201

Modern Horizons. There were so many fucking terrible designs in it
>Force of Vigor
>everything snow related
>Wrenn and Six
>Plague Engineer
>Hogaak lmao

>> No.75596250


>> No.75596611

Can you please stop shitting on Force of Vigor? You're basically the only moron I regularly see hear claim the card is bad. It's not even amongst the top 50 spells in Modern, this is not Vintage ffs.

>> No.75596639

I am a different guy and I shit on FoV all the time too. Maybe the card is just bullshit.

>> No.75596641

Global pandemic. I'll probably play again when stores open up.

>> No.75596667

>Maybe the card is just bullshit.
It's not. It's a 2 for 2 which is only playable in Vintage, Modern has a much better artifact removal in Nature's Claim. Now get your head out of your ass.

>> No.75596679

A 2 for 2 free spell that is castable through hard locks

>> No.75596701

I am also a different anon who shits on Force of Vigor because a 2-for-2 that costs zero mana is bullshit.
It's just a card that answers counterplay for "free". At least Force of Negation/Will puts you down a card, FoV shouldn't leave you even.

>> No.75596727

the three musketeers of bitching about force of vig

>> No.75596739

I have an idea for the D&D set, it’s the cycle of chromatic dragons, one for each colour, they will all be like Baneslayers

Black Dragon 3BB
Flying, lifelink

Green Dragon
Flying, haste

here’s where it gets FIRE

White Dragon
Flying, double strike

Dare I go on???

>> No.75596761

If the card was so busted why does Blood Moon still see plenty of play? Why is Nature's Claim much more played? Why does Dredge still fold to solid graveyard hate?

Short answer: you're two niggers. Force of Vigor does jackshit to the real hard lock we've seen in recent year which was K4rn+Lattice, not even legal anymore.

>> No.75596820
File: 67 KB, 605x558, 1603579641197.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

pic related

>> No.75596846

>blue dragon
>flying, etb: draw 3 cards

>> No.75596871

None of these world be playable anymore sadly. Look at how Elder Gaygaroth is only played in one Modern deck, and sees only fringe Standard play. It would have to look more like this:

Simic Dragon - 2GU
Flying, haste
This spell cannot be countered.
When Simic Dragon enters the battlefield or attacks, draw a card, then exile up to one artifact or enchantment. (Gotta make it playable in Arena Best-of-1!)
When you cast this spell, add GGUU to your mana pool.
Escape - Exile 1 other card from your graveyard, and pay 200 gems from your Arena account.

>> No.75596924

The final two are the fire ones,

Blue Dragon 3UU
Flying, hexproof

Red Dragon 3RR
Flying, indestructible

For draft purposes, there shall be Path at uncommon and ORing at common

>> No.75596936
File: 448 KB, 640x425, 19B571D6-35D8-4F85-827F-3601040ED9C7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>gem-based ante

>> No.75596994
File: 104 KB, 687x960, 1592307555480.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


bringing back ante would unironically be the most based thing imaginable

>> No.75597024

Is Jund still relevant?

>> No.75597028

X wing was such a great game. But the totally anti consumer distribution model where unique upgrades came in ships you may not want really turned me off of it. Then when they said oh sll your hardware is no longer good. But this 75$ conversion kit to keep playing... Man fuck that.

>> No.75597060

how do you know its only him? I regularly complain about the card too when mh is brought up because its fucking gay

>> No.75597065

No. Uro killed that deck

>> No.75597092

What deck do I play if I want to use Tarmogoyf then?
I paid 600 dollars for these.

>> No.75597093

only if you're playing the death's shadow variation, otherwise you're asking to be bullied right now if you play jund

>> No.75597103

>snappy at 10th
whats even the point anymore lads?

>> No.75597115

Apparently we're all just shitters, anon
Green is just allowed to have free answers to hate.

>> No.75597124

Remember when people wanted Snappy banned, ages ago?

>> No.75597126


snapcaster mage should be a 5 dollar card thanks to getting entirely pushed out by FIRE
only reason it's not is price memory

>> No.75597149
File: 332 KB, 672x936, ppro-2016-snapcaster-mage.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They should reprint the promo Snapcaster in nonfoil

>> No.75597162

Well they're about a third of that now because they suck. Sorry. You can slide two of them in rug delver in legacy if you wanna play them that badly.

>> No.75597175

Jund Shadow. Jund itself is also still playable if you're alright with automatic losses against Uro piles

>> No.75597207

what the fuck man this was once the best creature ever printed

>> No.75597315
File: 425 KB, 919x1280, Morphling__14093.1587487120.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>this was once the best creature ever printed

all my troubles seemed so far away...

>> No.75597326

>For those still playing, what would you say is keeping you in the game?
I started playing MTG with Arena and I eventually found my way into Modern and other eternal formats on MTGO.
I can only imagine how shit the format must feel for people who have been playing since the format's inception but for me Modern is one of the best things that ever.
I'm mostly an aggro/aggro-combo player so the amount of decks out there that appeal to me are insanely high, I got into the format with basically 8-whack, Elves and White Tokens but today I'm close very close to finishing Dredge, GB Yawgmoth, Burn, Gifts Storm, Living End and Electrobalance.
Modern is really fun.

>> No.75597422
File: 211 KB, 672x936, darkritualMMQ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

they should reprint snapcaster mage, and goyf at common because fuck their prices.
That being said, I actual do like that art, dude looks like he is having fun.
I do dig the recap. Its good seeing what I missed.

>> No.75597512

Unironically modern, I end up playing mid range, or burn most of the time, its the complexity of how you use the game pieces that makes it so fun. And of course for some reason the near infinite ways you can bolt something just gives me shivers.

>> No.75597639

Is Stoneforge Mystic still good? Recent control lists seem to have just dropped the package completely

>> No.75597674

>still good
yes, it feels slow against certain decks at the moment but the stoneforge package is still very much alive

>> No.75597676
File: 272 KB, 672x936, apc-121-spiritmonger.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You can actually pinpoint when R&D gave up.

>> No.75597862

I own it, its still good, but the meta is poor for it. Game is either high speed blast ass, or slow grind resources until you die. I enjoy it in Mardu midrange along side kroxa, seasoned pyromancer, and magmatic .

>> No.75597905

Only a prerelease pack unless we go back into (((lockdown))) again

>> No.75597918

spiritmonger was like...one of the first actually playable creatures.

>> No.75597934


fact: mtg was at its gameplay peak when creatures were still absolute dogshit

>> No.75598016

more like magic without the majority of the cards

>> No.75598264

>there are retarded green niggers that play the game and think force of vigor is acceptable design
What about 2 for 2 for zero mana is fair?

>> No.75598297

Everything green does is inherently fair. Being fair is part of its color identity.

>> No.75598367


I think that's a cool idea. What if each of them was a different monster too? Ancient Red Dragon for red, maybe some kind of high level fiend for black, maybe a beholder or elder brain for blue?

>> No.75598628 [DELETED] 

yeah, it's everyone's fault but the thief acting like a nigger...

>> No.75598640

Also different anon, and even as a green player myself I think it's pretty fucking flavortown good, but since I play it I ain't complaining.

>> No.75598657

>only blue collar crime is crime

>> No.75598687 [DELETED] 

All anti-financeniggers deserve the rope. No exceptions.

>> No.75598717

All it took for me to not spend any money on magic after the walking dead trash was being $500 in the hole from breath of the waifu

>> No.75598728
File: 44 KB, 640x369, 1602691342037.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.75598740 [DELETED] 

Truly the most disguting company who ever existed on this planet. Even monsanto was baby-tier compared to jotc.
But this was to be expected, we warned you since a long time to quit mtgo because jotc would try to sabotage their own client to push the customers toward (((arena))).

>> No.75598767

Wizards sabotages Arena too, since the client keeps getting worse and worse with every patch.

>> No.75598784 [DELETED] 
File: 21 KB, 657x527, 1518989961037.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just sell this shit already fren. Tarmo will never ever be good again, not with the FIRE purging everything. You must understand jotc is trying to build a new equity for the years to come now they have milked the existing one to death with (((premium))) reprints, that's why they print so much broken stuff lately : it's just to be able to reprint it later down the road in master products. Just accept it and move on. You can still get $120 for your playset. That's not great, but the more you wait, the cheaper the card will get. In a year your playset will be worth $60.

>> No.75598810 [DELETED] 

How many layers of schizo are you on to be able to twist my post so much it end up looking like this in your mind?
People are automatically Saints because they are poors/middle class? They should be given a free pass to commit crimes and act like niggers?
Meds need to be taken.

>> No.75598841 [DELETED] 
File: 80 KB, 300x300, 1546061994784.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes, but it's just because they are incredibly incompetent.
Oh wait...
D-do you think they are so incompetent that by trying to kill mtgo it will end up having the opposite result because everything they ever try end up failing miserably? I mean, that's a possibility.
But all they have to do to kill mtgo is do strictly nothing, and they are pretty good at this too, so..

>> No.75598895
File: 249 KB, 672x936, uds-65-phyrexian-negator.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Absolute fact tbqh
Remember when this was playable

>> No.75598963

i've had this idea for a boros loot/graveyard deck. the colors are pretty okay at getting value through this type of strategy but i'm not sure who the commander should be or what to use as an actual wincon.

who do i go with?

>> No.75598993 [DELETED] 

Wrong thread buddy.
Graveyard abuse is far from being a boros thing, actually it's probably the worst combination to do it. That said i noticed this one commander from the leak sounds very interesting and could generate a lot of value in a kind of enchantress reanimator.

Ghen, Weaver of the Arcane RWB
Legendary Creature — Human Wizard (R)
RWB, T, Sacrifice an enchantment: Return target enchantment card from your graveyard to the battlefield.

>> No.75599017

oh shit

i hit ctrl+f and typed "edh" and this thread was the first to pop up. it's 4am and i didn't even check first. my bad.

>> No.75599122

Imagine just ctrl+fing, opening the first thread that comes up, not even as much as looking at the OP or a single post in the thread.

Is this the true power of EDHtrannies?

>> No.75599174

honestly imagine not just control-f ing for "/edh" instead of "edh"
>nooo typing one more character so hard noooooo

>> No.75599194
File: 198 KB, 1686x870, rudy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do you like his videos?

>> No.75599207
File: 40 KB, 600x600, kms.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I lost my flooded strand I cannot find it anywhere. I think I might have trashed it while cleaning my room I am starting to lose hope frens.

>> No.75599218

I put edh in the OP specifically to indicate that "non-EDH" formats are also welcome"...

>> No.75599219

I hope you find it friend. I had the same thing happen before but it was only for a $5 card luckily.

>> No.75599224

Look closely around the toilet or beneath your piss bottles, anon

>> No.75599226

yeah well
edhtrannies aren't known for their brainpower

>> No.75599245

It's a 12€ card. Not the worst card I could have lost but still pretty bad. I wanted to put it in an omnath deck.

>> No.75599249
File: 14 KB, 320x320, 1492677053888.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


some filthy edh cretin stole my yawgmoth's will out of a binder where it had sat for almost 20 years literally the first time i stepped into an lgs for the first time this millenium

>> No.75599252

I used to be big on Yugioh, even more so than Magic. Shit eventually got tiring though, and it's just not that fun of a game to play anymore.

>> No.75599345

Vintage vs Legacy, which is the more interesting and skillful format?

>> No.75599360

I don't think there really is an objective truth about how interesting/skilful format X is.

Other than Standard<All others of course

>> No.75599368

Legacy used to be the best format in mtg for a very long time. Then 2019 happened.

>> No.75599444

TQ: I boycott NotC since a Nexus of Fate was spoiled. (I wonder how many apologetists will I trigger this time.)

>> No.75599489

Your previous thread is dead, you ritard >>75576161

>> No.75599519
File: 1.15 MB, 3024x4032, 1591229101318.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


vintage is basically 60 card commander. it goes against the ostensible reasoning behind the format by restricting a fuckload of cards that are completely unbanned/unrestricted in legacy.
don't listen to anyone who tries to gain themselves e-cred by suggesting vintage as a format; just try it out yourself. it is pure unadulterated dogshit

>> No.75599574

Pokemon is alright I just get bored of it after a few months at a time. Meta usually feels pretty cool though, there is support pillars that you'll see in basically every deck but you can usually make quite a few viable decks and that's fun. My complaints for it though is that:
>every meta deck is way too consistent. Half or more of your deck is wheel of fortunes or tutors so the gameplay can get pretty repetitive
>no mulligan. If you luck out and your hand doesn't have one of the wheel of fortunes or tutors you are beyond ultra fucked
>matchups can be kinda fucking one-sided. If you are playing some meta fire deck and your opponent is playing an equally powerful water deck so all your shit is just weaker it feels kinda lame
>also you can't interact on your opponents turn so each players first turn takes like a half hour as they flip their deck upside down and put it in their hand
I also find yugioh to be alright to dip into every now and then for a month or two. It's probably my favorite game out of any to brew with. You can pick an archetype or some weird powerful card you like and try to make it work and you can probably put up at least decent results in more casual games
>every meta deck is also very consistent. It's just a bit boring to do the same combos and setups every time
>games are too quick. Longer games can be pretty interesting but something has to go crazy wrong for the game to last pass 4 or 5 turns total
>some meta decks can be way too dominant for awhile
>while there is some interaction in handtraps if you dont have any in your first turn and you are going second(or sometimes even if you have some lel) your opponent can just vomit a board with 36 omni-negates and you straight up lose
It's sad I trust the jews at Konami over WotC in current year. At least Konami when they print an obvious pack seller card that goes for 100 dollars they'll throw in a fucking tin after a month or two and tank its price. Every other tcg I like is dead

>> No.75599610

These fags let EDH live rent free in their heads

>> No.75599731

>that terrible anatomy leg
I can't understand defacing a card with ugly art

>> No.75599812

fuck off and dilate back to commiefornia

>> No.75599828

What the fuck! I wish you better future experiences.

>> No.75599841

>not majority of cards
I mean in objective sense that is just wrong due rarity pools.

>> No.75599996

Yugioh has the exact same thing, dude. It's called chains in that one.

>> No.75600075

Once Covid transitioned me from hanging out at the LGS every now and then to being able to play Arena every night I was not disappointed. It's funner when you have thousands saved up from being an autist with nogf and just paypig it. I do miss the social aspect but at least I still meet with my friends from high school to play once a week. I wish some of them would join up already. They're the types that will spend over $1,000 on EDH and think using proxies is the devil, but whoa suddenly paying for digital cards is crossing the line for them.

>> No.75600377

Any tips on playing rakdos death shadow? Sometimes I just can’t close out a game and it infuriates me.

>> No.75600409

I quit modern shortly after horizons came out. Got into pioneer at the start. Lots of fun brewing decks and it was easy enough to avoid the ban hammer ifnyou were not a drooling retard.
Modern tanked and I was able to buy a punch of pet decks I had my eye on for a while. Guess I’m back in modern because pioneer has become a bit of a snooze fest.

>> No.75600417

Commons are not cards. They are pieces of cardboard.

>> No.75600435

i tried Ashes and Netrunner, they're pretty nice. also tried Keyforge, it can be a hit or a miss depending on the decks you get.
but the real chad card game is Millennium Blades. really, it's almost all the good parts of CCG's without the game being a CCG itself

>> No.75600446

ditch the death shadows for more FIRE skyclave

>> No.75600508

the 'final nail in the coffin' for me was, ironically, my first experience with "real" MTG: a prerelease for War of the Spark. made me realise how awfully high the prices are for paper magic, and that the story and game play took a very sharp nosedive from the Magic i liked and played digitally. i still play on xmage and TTS sometimes to see if it's still shit.

>> No.75600523

sometimes but very rarely.

>> No.75600751
File: 5.14 MB, 1433x2000, ulamog.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fuck tron I drew this because I was so mad at tron.

>> No.75600803

Banning the artists for thought crime, banning cards for being racist, the powercreep, the destruction of legacy and modern, the endless SL.
There's nothing I like about Magic anymore.

>> No.75600821

Tell the LGS owner to look out for people who start using Will in decks.

>> No.75600923

ccp supports bootlegs if it undermines the west anon, get fucked

>> No.75600944

Playing 4 of each but skycleave is making me want to run fling.

>> No.75600947

>everything snow
literally one card, the rest was fine

>> No.75600955

Did you get all those waifus though?

>> No.75600959

FoV is one of the top 5 cards that should be banned in modern, and you're a faggot for defending it

>> No.75601066

All cards are just pieces of cardboard.

>> No.75601115

I'm waiting on Kaldheim. If it's as bad as I suspect it's going to be I may step away from the game until WotC un-fucks itself a year or more from now.

But I'll be taking my 3-4 more or less finished EDH decks with me for EDH nights. Because I genuinely enjoy the game, I just don't like where it's been going for the last several years, and especially not where it seems like it's going from here.

>> No.75601117

Did you see the leaked designs?

>> No.75601141

I haven't gone out of my way for it, so I haven't seen any gameplay/design stuff, but I've seen some stuff that makes me question the art direction of the set. Like the minis for example.

>> No.75601214
File: 101 KB, 600x600, MG9edR0iBox3_600_600.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>WotC un-fucks itself

delusional. from their perspective this has all been a huge success.

>> No.75601226

these are some ugly fucking cards

>> No.75601245

they are now designing everything explicitly for commander so expect kangzheim to have some 4-5c abomination along the lines of niv and omnig that will end up accidentally shitting up modern/legacy through sheer overpoweredness
it'll probably be
>6/6 warrior god
>all other warriors you control get +2/+2 and indestructible
>odin is indestructible if you control 3 or more warriors
>when odin enters the battlefield you may destroy target creature or planeswalker. you gain X life and draw X cards where X is its power. punch your opponent's daughter in the mouth

>> No.75601249


makes sense that they would want a piece of that action. The Warhammer community make edh trannies look sane and reasonable.

>> No.75601300
File: 336 KB, 913x1153, sharknado.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Today I will remind them

>> No.75601338
File: 37 KB, 640x959, 9d33277b9a21fffdca3fecfced22ba26.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I didn't really think I had any heart left to break but there you go

>> No.75601457

Nah, too hard to cast, make it 5W and add an ability that cost WUBRG to use.

>> No.75601480 [DELETED] 
File: 86 KB, 800x534, 1583014764455.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>but whoa suddenly paying for digital cards is crossing the line for them.
Of course it is you megacuck, especially when you don't even fucking own the .jpgs, can get ousted at any moment without any financial compensation for your collection, and when free options coded on better softwares like cockatrice or Xmage exists.
You are the exact type of consoomers big companies like hasbro dreams about at night. Arena was designed with consoomers like you in mind as the core audience, you literally are cock slurping all the reasons making jotc the worst company worldwide. I throw my digital rotten tomato at you rn.

>literally banned for racism saying "dont act like a nigger dude"
Fuck this piece of trash jannigger being worse than a reddit stasi induced power tripping faggot.


>> No.75601514

>the creative an art are amazing
That's just sharknado ripp off, isn't it?
Thats a man.

>> No.75601516 [DELETED] 

Yep, i'm thinking that's a pretty based post.

>> No.75601523

it's jennifer connelly one of the most attractive women to ever live

>> No.75601538

I hate this actress. That's her face, i can't handle it. I want to slap this cunt each time i see her fucking Barbe Noire-tier eyebrows popping up.

>> No.75601542

>one of the most attractive women to ever live
Lol, no.

>> No.75601553

By english standards maybe, but anywhere else in the civilized world that's a 5/10.

>> No.75601617

>Barbe Noire
That's Black Beard in french.

>> No.75601664

Her eyebrows are her best feature
They add that je ne sais quoi, like the wincon on Thassa's Oracle

>> No.75601697

Made for breeding.
I don't know what you are but you are not men.

>> No.75601699

sounds way more badass in french, don't you think?

>> No.75601711

>implying the chinks care about IP laws

>> No.75601735

>Made for breeding.
Like any female.
Will her eyebrows be upset and try to kill me if i try to have sexual intercourse with her?
Should i tame them before?

>> No.75601772

Looking at most women you'd never tell they were made for breeding. If flowers are all attractive why didn't women evolve to be all attractive? It's not fair.

>> No.75601777

/mmg/'s favorite phrase >>75601664 just means "I don't know what".

>> No.75601796
File: 256 KB, 672x936, flametongue.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hello friends

>> No.75601809

Is his tongue on fire cause he licked Chandra's pusy?

>> No.75601817
File: 252 KB, 672x936, vis-66-nekrataal.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.75601849

actually it's depicting maroberg throwing at us some fresh FIRE design

>> No.75601858

flametongue kavu looks kind of like maro if you look carefully
of course the kavu is more muscular and taller but we must be allowed our embellishments

>> No.75601869

Maro licked Chandra's pusy.

>> No.75601884

I'll never not be mad that this got printed in blue.

>> No.75601899

That's some sickening orientalism right here. I'm glad that wotc moved past it.

>> No.75601946

Wait, I thought Chandra only liked burly manly men

>> No.75602033


just like... stay in your closet dude

>> No.75602037

And do you think 10/10 hollywood actresses liked sucking the atrociously deformed and mutilated Weinstein's cock? They still took it to have the job. Like Chandra did it to be present in the next standard set.

ps : weinstein cock apparently is truly monstruous, with holes full of ichoroid stuff and smelling like rotten shit, and he must inject himself some liquid boner with a siringue to get it up, i'm not making this up, you can look at the vids from the 'victims'. Was probably destroyed during a satanic ritual i guess

>> No.75602054
File: 217 KB, 672x938, 1599277034436.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

To those of you who play 93/94, what decks do you guys run? I'm currently building pic related on a budget.

>> No.75602105

Sounds like complete bullshit and just smears from the whores but it reminds me of that yellow guy from Sin City.

>> No.75602110

The Terese Nielsen thing was bullshit, and was about when I started selling out. I've only kept a couple edh and pauper decks, and some cards that have sentimental value. I miss when magic was good. My friends keep wanting me to join them with modern so I might print out a deck or something for their sake.

>> No.75602129
File: 102 KB, 500x468, 49338746171_cf5a1666d0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Okay, so apparently JC trolls the living shit out of /mmg/

Good to know

>> No.75602177

>Sounds like complete bullshit
It's in the trial testimonies of over a dozen victims in the weinstein affair, and he himself didn't deny it. That's not bullshit. And it's not even surprising, i mean satanic degenerate talmudic freaks often have tortured/being tortured during orgies/rituals.

> it reminds me of that yellow guy from Sin City
It was the same for me. But i do think it's either some kind of fetish who turned badly, or some sort of sacrificial offering to baal or moloch some of the elites have to perform maybe?

>> No.75602190

Jesus Christ?

>> No.75602192


that's some serious projected dysphoria. what are your chromosomes?

>> No.75602199

Retard yu-gi-oh has the exact same concept called the chain
FoW had the stack

>> No.75602204


No that's David Bowie in his most important and iconic role as the goblin king.

>> No.75602207

What did they say, exactly?
I tend not to believe whores, they might even have agreed on their testimony beforehand for all we know.

>> No.75602226

>here’s where it gets FIRE
no on cast trigger, this isn’t very fun, inviting, replayable, or exciting

>> No.75602246
File: 277 KB, 1080x899, 5b8016ed7fdaf36e84cc5f7da275c8516da3a06f788e1b6fdc022dffb7f1ddb1_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.75602347
File: 64 KB, 750x744, 1592515036481.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.75602359

what's the most misogynist deck I can play in modern?

>> No.75602366



>> No.75602377

why? that deck has two women as essential pieces

>> No.75602401

Misogyny requires women to exist, otherwise it’s just tastefully oppressing jannies

>> No.75602405


The worst thing you can ever show a woman is a mirror.

>> No.75602407
File: 452 KB, 1200x1676, 1200px-Der_Daemon_Baphomet (1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They said his dick was mutilated and he had also a vagina instead of testicles.
Type "weinstein genitalia" in yt you will find plenty of vids.
And occultism and hidden religions are a sort of hobby of mine since years, and for the transhumanists/ jews following the lurianic kabbalah, the hermaphrodite is the original form of both God (Ain Soph merged with the feminine principle of Shekina, self reproducing) and the original man as God designed it (Adam before god took Eve out of his body). But in order to prevent us to become Elohim (reach divinity), God splitted us into 2 entities, male and female, so we can never be complete.
These luciferians believe that if we manage to merge once again our feminine and masculine principles, we'll be able to reconnect with our divine status.
That's what represent baphomet, which is not an entity but a conceptualized ideal, who have both feminine and masculine attributes, and that's also why (((they))) are pushing so hard for trannies transitioning, gay marriage, the emasculation of men and the masculinization of women in our societies. Do you know the secret password for the kadosch rite of the 33rd degree in freemasonry? That's Equilibrium, the balance of opposite reached. It's their end goal so to speak.

I know it can sounds a bit fucked up if you aren't well versed in these arcanas. But that's truly what they want for humanity.

>> No.75602417

Dredge. As you turn into an insectoid subhuman, you lose your desire for women - which, by nowadays standards, is probably mysogyny.

>> No.75602432

to be honest dredge needs some women

>> No.75602441

/mmg/ - /x/

>> No.75602463

It's more like /his/ desu

>> No.75602496

I feel like Dredge is incel incarnate, but not in a necessarily negative way. The deck just feels like the mtg version of a school shooting for some reason.

Literally 5 minutes of looking at media that is not UTTER trash points towards fourniers gangrene. Which is a better explanation in any possible way. Not that I would dare to hope this would stop your schizoposting, just saying this for other anons benefit.

>> No.75602529

ok shlomo

>> No.75602538

I play Dredge and it's almost tied for the edgiest deck with Shitxis DS. The only thing holding it back is Cathartic Reunion. They need to print a grimdark version of that.

>> No.75602547

>looking at media that is not UTTER trash
like (((MSM))) you mean?

>> No.75602561

I use SMS instead, I get all my news as text messages from reliable sources.

>> No.75602573


>> No.75602626
File: 252 KB, 785x1000, 1570140077953.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.75602660

what the fuck is going on ?

>> No.75602680

Three things, my play group moved to 40k, WotC hired my ex, and the TN getting fired was the final nail in the coffin.

>> No.75602703

how does it feel to know marostein is ploughing your ex with his tiny circumcised peepee as we speak?

>> No.75602710

Would ancestral recall be powerful if it was just "Scry 3. Draw a card."

>> No.75602715

>Dating a prostitute
I mean, good on you for breaking up with her. But damn.

>> No.75602735
File: 342 KB, 592x495, 6D3B99B6-D12D-4915-B09E-EB2F26BD04CD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's your favorite card cycle?

>> No.75602751

>fourniers gangrene
Why did I ever look that up... I should have known better.

>> No.75602754

For dim-witted, thick-skulled genetic mutants, they make pretty good cards.

>> No.75602759

That would be strictly better Preordain
Preordain is bannes

>> No.75602760

I agree, people loved the Khans way more that the dragons, myself included. I think wizards looks at its twitter base who are like OMG I LUZ Dragons XD. In reality the dragons sucked but mechanically and lore wise. Life wasn’t even better under the dragons but worse. So why the fuck should I be happy with the ending. Abzan are on of my favorite mtg cultures like the Kor and once again WotC ass fucks them in the lore.

>> No.75602776

>believing whores who pretend for a living

>> No.75602785

Powerful for what format? Too powerful for Modern, not for every other Eternal format.

>> No.75602797

Damn I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought Dragons was a stupid way to end Tarkir block. It just shit all over the khans

>> No.75602809
File: 1.75 MB, 745x1040, chk-61-floating-dream-zubera.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Zubera. Are they playable in Pauper?
Wine aunt lands are also very comfy.

>> No.75602817

Great since it means her faggot programmer husband is getting cucked. She was always shit at her job so I know she can only fuck her way into a job. I wanted to start a family in the burbs, she wanted to be a strong independent feminist in the game industry, but she does jack shit at her job. I hope she’s happy being a cat mom all her life.
Kek, you are not wrong. I was single when she got the job so I felt like shit, but now that I am dating again, I don’t care as much.

>> No.75602836

I like all black cultures that aren't "le ebil >:3"
Jeskai were a lot more boring than I thought they would be.

>> No.75602850

I mean sultai of course

>> No.75602873

I want to buy some horizon canopy and fetches but I am too worried with what I am reading online. How can I reliably find a fake without some retarded test that destroy the card or require too much hardware?
Would ordering non-english cards be better?

>> No.75602881

Whoever thought Mill+Tempo was a fine and fun archetype of a deck to play with and against should've been shot on the spot.

Delver-ish decks by themselves are obnoxious already, didn't fucking have to stack on mill onto it too.

>> No.75602886

Ordering fakes yourself obviously

>> No.75602891

There is a zubera combo deck in pauper where you use mostly black to get mana and kill the blue zubera to refill your hand.

There is also a tier99 deck in modern with rally the ancestors and return to the ranks

>> No.75602992

Everybody hated DtK

>> No.75603042


>> No.75603074
File: 265 KB, 990x1524, 1595650994897.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I unironically believe ante is a better mechanic than companion. Ante can be reworked to be a fun drawback to nerf powerful value cards or a political mechanic for EDHfags to durdle with.
>Choose an opponent, then exile the top card of your library. That player may play that card as long as it remains in exile.

How the hell would companions even be possible to balance unless you somehow offset the consistency of having a wish with some hoops dependent on card variance? The only way I could think of balancing companions would be:
>Companion -- At the beginning of your end step, if you have four or more nonland permanent cards with CMC 2 or less in your graveyard, you may pay 3 and exile a nonland card from your hand. When you do, put this card from outside the game into your hand. (You may only have one companion per game.)

It's wordy as fuck and Lurrus is still busted, but at least it forces a player to jump through a hoop and deal with deck variance before they get to grab their favorite card from their sideboard. It would also not restrict deckbuilding in a dumb way but instead encourage some level of creativity in achieving companion consistently. The companion tutor cost at end step would also make them mostly impossible to play in the same turn.

Even with all that companions are still problematic because they threaten to hurt the replay value of the game, but in the case I proposed the companion player wouldn't have an immediate automatic advantage.

>> No.75603077

My worse mtg purchase was two boxes of DtK, I thought my play group wanted to draft the set since we had so much fun with Khans. But they didn’t want to, so like a retard I opened all the packs. I was so fucking stupid.

>> No.75603103

>There is a zubera combo deck in pauper where you use mostly black to get mana and kill the blue zubera to refill your hand.
Viable competetively or tortex-tier meme?

>> No.75603173

Your ex sounds like the prototype of the perfect brainwashed millenial goylem. I can't stand these soulless retards. Good for you you dumped her putrid ass bro.

>> No.75603245
File: 240 KB, 672x936, chk-101-ashen-skin-zubera.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Besides the Ashnod's Altar combo there is a simply UBx tempo deck that uses Undying Evil and Supernatural Stamina to draw all the cards with Mulldrifter evoke and saccing Zubera with Carrion Feeder or Vuscera Seer. The deck is a "real" Zubera deck with anywhere from 15-20 run mainbaord. Blue draws cards, Green is a wincon, Black is a disgusting loop against Tron, and White cucks aggro. Red is the most useless as it is just a shitty bolt and requires another color to splash. Thriving Moor and Springleaf Drum give you nice color fixing allowing the entire rest of the deck and sideboard to be devoted to removal. Fun deck that rolls over Tron but dies pretty easily to aggro and Delver unless you get particular good draws.

>> No.75603272

Tortex is not a meme deck

>> No.75603354
File: 163 KB, 1125x911, 1602911185267.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this game no longer makes me happy so why do i keep plowing money into it

>> No.75603371

Sunk cost, Stockholm syndrome, nostalgia

>> No.75603391

>even Rudy is abandoning nu-mtg and going into Pokemon/FaB instead

You niggers better sell all your non-RL stuff cause even the investors jumped ship

>> No.75603400

>/mmg/ - bitter incels general

>> No.75603467

Every time I try it I survive, but I don't win.

>> No.75603479

Quick rundown?

>> No.75603488

I really want to play modern. They had an EDH duel tournament near my home reccently. Sad!

>> No.75603523


clocks ticking roastie

>> No.75603524

>You may pau U to end this effect
But can you? Isn't the ability gone? The pay U to end the effect bit isnt inside the quotation marks of things that the card gains after losing the ability as a whole.

>> No.75603556

Pretty good new game that's getting cucked by covid.

1st print Box prices went through the roof, but the unlimited reprint sets are coming in november.

>> No.75603559

>believing what rudystein says

>> No.75603568

Is it similar to magic?
The Heroes on their site makes me think of commander.

>> No.75603590


Flesh and Blood is dogshit. Imagine something like Diablo 2 except you get all of your gear out of payed lootboxes. It's the most egregious, anti-player game I've ever seen.

>> No.75603617

>Imagine something like Diablo 2 except you get all of your gear out of payed lootboxes
I have no clue what the fuck that even entails. All TGCs are in some way paid lootboxes, and diablo is a fucking real-time videogame.

>> No.75603618

>Is it similar to magic?



God no


>> No.75603638

>spell goes on the stack
>counterspell or don't
the absolute pinnacle

>> No.75603688

>COVID and work schedules are what prevent me from playing, but before that I was too pissed off with FIRE to buy anything from WotC.
this but it was banning splinter twin. thats why i picked up d&t. one deck, two formats, minimal investment.

>> No.75603716

Checked and based

>> No.75603723

>Counter counterspell

>> No.75603743

reminder that fab is just another force of will. once the honeymoon period runs out, everyone will abandon it and card prices will crater.

>> No.75603761
File: 271 KB, 672x936, wwk-87-ricochet-trap.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Thanks for the Archmage's Charm bro.

>> No.75603781

>Don't support new game! Just consoom MTG!

>> No.75603795

New thread: >>75603789

>> No.75603817

The game is not perfect, but I've had more fun with FaB in the last couple months than I had with MTG in years.

>> No.75603819

you're still just choosing whether or not to counterspell a spell on the stack.
'interaction' is pretty basic. the only time people ever mention it is when they can't do it during a combo or lock-out and lose. i think 'mention' is generous terms for the way they act, too.

>> No.75603907


>> No.75604228

Not that I should care, but I'll bite.
Where did he say so?

>> No.75604533
File: 224 KB, 672x936, plc-58-piracy-charm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Charms specifically the Planar Chaos ones if I had to choose

>> No.75605926

but force of will is still going strong, despite the numerous mistakes it's still getting new cards printed

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