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Could /tg/ make an OC better than /co/'s OCs?

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I'm under the impression that /tg/ hates all of its OCs.
Even if a good character comes from this thread, someone will shitpost it claiming it to be the buzzword of the month to make everyone hate it.

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Old Man Henderson was peak /tg/

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Whoever drew that should be shot.
Complete shit+ Cultist and Blue.

You can tell it was drawn by a complete faggot because aside from shit characters like Bearington and Henderson, they included the "/tg/-tan" that /co/ kept trying to force on us.

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Horrible version of cultist chan and tg chan is just shaggy.

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No more OCs, please move this conversation to /trash/.

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Henderson is a shit story for retards.
"Look at me be so lolrandom to get back at my mean GM who never let us do anything, but everything I do requires my GM sucking my cock hard to let me get away with it. Also, everyone claps at the end."

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Did someone try some time back? A barbarian or something like that i think

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/tg/-chan did not have intercourse with that dog

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>tg tan is just shaggy
What else would you expect from a character made by /co/ to be a background character?

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/tg/ doesn't hate its OCs. It just hates those terrible ones in your picture.

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See, this is what I'm talking about.
The board is openly hostile to OCs and anons are incapable of comprehending when an image is old. It's been like seven years since that pic was drawn.

And /co/ never forced board-tans upon /tg/. /tg/ was openly in love with the concept for years, pumping out dozens of pics. Then the board went to absolute hell sometime around 2013 and everyone became the no-fun-allowed police that we see today.

Go do a deep dive into the board's archives and you'll find /tg/-tan was designed on /tg/. No /co/ involvement with the design.
Fucking tryhards, I swear.

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Get the fuck out. The vast majority of the tgtan pics were not drawn by anyone on /tg/, and he wasn't even designed by us. A few people from /co/ came over, and basically already had a design and then just kept pushing it and trying to kill any competing designs because they were already using him as a backgroumd character in their comics.

He's dead and forgotten by everyone here because no one here liked him. A shitty "average 4chan user" was what /co/ threw at us, and /tg/ ultimately rejected such a lame and boring idea.

That's the story in the board archives. A few fags trying to press a design made by a /co/ artist who never drawfagged here, with most of the reaction here being "why do we get stuck with a lanky hippy?"

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Anon raises a good point. Why does /tg/tan look so boring?

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If you actually go through the archives, his design is based off of like 20 - 30+ /tg/ anons who took pictures of their faces to get an idea of what the face of /tg/ was.
This was done on two separate occasions separated by several years when a re-design was proposed and was found that, on average, the face of /tg/ was still the same-ish.

That's the process that the board decided to do when designing him.

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That's boring as fuck. /co/ barely produces any OC but their tan is at least a unique Linkara expy.

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/tg/ is only openly hostile to a few OCs. Most get ignored.

People don't like Sir Bearington because that story has aged like milk and is basically a proto-Reddit post.
Henderson gets flack for a similar reason, but less the story being a Reddit post and more of just never really being a good story. It got famous back when anyone could write a five page story on /tg/ and get showered with praise, and it persisted because of efforts from the author to turn the character into a meme.
The tg-tan was also never really a tg-thing. The only time anyone paid attention to him were when the 4chan ball things happened and people from other boards brought him up. He's not even really seen as a mascot by anyone, with characters like Cultist being far more popular.

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Yeah, well, there you go.
That's proof as any that /co/ didn't design him. I don't know where the fuck that idea came from.

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That's funny, because the earliest pictures of /tg/-tan predate those threads and were drawn by a /co/ artist just drawing a bunch of board tans together. He even drew that early /v/-tan that /v/ rejected because /v/ greatly outnumbered /co/. /tg/ wasn't so lucky.

It's almost like a bunch of people on /co/ had a really shitty character design, came here, and then came up with the stupidest possible reason to try and explain why /tg/ should be happy to have the most boring tan forced on them.

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/co/ designed /tg/ as a background character.

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Henderson was fun and you know it

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Dude, it's been 11 years, let go. If you can't suggest a better idea, you get what other people provided.

Eleven years is more than enough time to learn to draw and create whatever you would consider is "good" but I don't see that happening, only eternal grousing. In fact, I suspect there is not a design that you would appreciate because you just hate the whole idea. That's fine, but after going through my personal archive (since these threads aren't on public archives anymore) the /tg/ threads were mostly whatever about the whole idea excepting a handful of people who came in to just shit everywhere and yell SAGE SAGE SAGE.

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Pretty much all of the big /tg/ cultural milestones are either from years ago or are retarded shit like Local Lord and Storyshitting. It doesn't look too bright for us.

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>cultural milestone
go back

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>Dude, it's been 11 years
why have i been here for so long

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It's that bad anon.

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>That's the process that the board decided to do when designing him.

Why would anyone here agree to that process? It would, invariably, produce a lame and boring design, which is why no other board followed a similar process. Even just suggesting that /tg/, let alone anyone, actually thought that would be a good idea is so stupid it's almost insulting.

The "Faces of /tg/" collection of pictures was made long before /co/ tried to force /tg/-tan on us, and they tried to use that as the excuse for why we should be happy to have "generic 4chan user" as our avatar. That's largely why tg-tan is forgotten and was never really ever used here, and almost entirely only appears in images and comics made by people from other boards. He is a harmless, inoffensive, non-distracting background character to make the other board-tans seem more special.

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storyshitting isn't a cultural milestone especially considering there is only one anon forcing it

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Kill the Generals. Bring back NSFW. You'll scare the redditors away -- they can't post without their teachers looking over their shoulders and seeing three pages of brundlepeni and other icons of degeneracy that would send a kid to a counselor's office. The generals are nothing but clogs in the drain, catching anything and everything they can, cluttering up the board with pointless shill-threads that do nothing but make echo-chambers for ideas to rot and fester in. 4chan was the scary part of the internet -- bring back that fear. Bring back the unfiltered cringe and shamelessness that made anons into anons and fags into fags.

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but I'll agree that it is that bad

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Sir Bearington at least only required RAW.

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/tg/ has designed far superior characters since then. But, the "4chan house" is such a dumpster fire of trash that no one cares about making a new "/tg/-tan" since that whole business is basically dead.

Instead, people just post pictures of Cultist and Ribbon and Macha and Henderson.

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not him but you are thinking about /b/, also /tg/ was a """""""""worksafe"""""""""" board and I think the generals should be in a bord for them like /vg/ for /v/ instead of completely getting rid of them

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Bearington doesn't actually work by RAW, because the penalties to disguising a bear as a human far outweigh the possible bonuses he'd be able to have.

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The more I think about it, the more I think /tg/-tan deserves to just be a fat grognard that hates everything and has no friends to actually play games with and spends most of his time complaining while sitting in a mess of his own unpainted minis, half-started settings, and bad homebrews that make FATAL look good.

>be drawfag
>post on /tg/ in the late 00's
>the only thing that gets noticed are the two least creative characters from a cast of literally 100
>grab onto that attention and make a comic series featuring these characters
>keep drawing art of these creatively bankrupt characters for a decade despite being a capable artist that can draw other stuff, because these two are the only ones that get attention and you CRAVE attention
>art actually gets worse over the years
>nobody cares anymore so you just spam /tg/ with it hoping to get noticed


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Cultist and Blue look like shit in that image too. Blue is a scrappy blue gremlin, not some normal sized buff chick.

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It's a shit picture all around, but Cultist and Blue are not shit characters.

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Yeah, I'll agree to that. Scraplootas were way too much fun and they'd be a better cast for babby's first 40K than those godawful imperium kids

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I'm actually still impressed they got Ellen Degeneres to let them use her likeness.

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>generals should be in a bord for them like /vg/ for /v/ instead of completely getting rid of them
No. That's not a solution, that's pushing the issue somewhere else and kicking the can down the road. Generals are made because they supposedly keep people from making too many threads of one topic and flooding the board. But /tg/ is a slow board. It doesn't flow and ebb like /v/, /pol/ or even /b/. If /tg/ really needed the generals, then the amount of saging threads would be much much higher than the amount we already have. And even then, the generals barely even contain whatever they were about -- there are 4 MtG generals, try justifying THAT.

Generals at best are when they are about specific settings, and even then I don't like them for the reasons stated above.

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I think I might have come off too mean in this post and I apologise.

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I know who're you're talking about, she had yellow armor, but she came and went without really making a splash to the point where I can't remember her name.

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/tg/ is 14th fastest board on the site. It's not a slow board. /x/ is a "slow board" but /tg/ gets double the posts of /x/. Three times the posts of /ck/.

Calling /tg/ a slow board is like calling /co/ or /fit/ a slow board. They aren't, and neither is /tg/. This sentiment is wrong and has been wrong for a while.

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Yeah I remember this, I think I have a picture but the idea was a barbarian elf lady that was about every thing /tg/ liked so it was like part Marcille from Dungeon Meshi, she had some woad tattoos, an axe, and a lion head on one shoulder.

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nah don't worry I can see your point but I still think getting rid of them is too much

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Dude, we're in /g/ territory, not /v/ or /pol/ territory.

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/tg/ is too divided to make anything other than bland and lolrandom shit (see: Gloria-Etalia or whatever the fuck that worldbuilding thing was). I'm sure there are some good writers and artists here and if there was a /tg/ project that was unique and interesting I would sure as hell contribute some art and some writing to it, but so far there's not been anything yet.

One thing I think could work in /tg/'s favor is a project with massive amounts of channeled autism involved, think something like Dwarf Fortress or Malazan or SS13 where the scope or detail is so autistic that people would look at it and think "Yep, only /tg/ could put something like that together." A couple months ago I saw an anon was putting together a space simulation setting based in real science, with so many formulas and equations involved that he said you would 'need a scientific calculator to get anything done in a reasonable amount of time.' While impractical, it was damn impressive just for the sheer amount of shit that had to go into it, between all the research and writing everything down in one place and making sure all the formulas correct and then finally, trying to cram it all into something that a group (with enough dedication and perserverance) could play.

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I found the Sandwich stuff pretty charming. I don't know if it all went to shit in the end or if it just fizzled out, though.

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I wouldn't call /g/ slow. Have you spent much time there?

/v/ and /pol/ are the fastest boards on the site, and have been faster than /b/ since 2017/2018. Yes, /tg/ is significantly slower and I'm not saying that /tg/ is FAST. It's just NOT SLOW.

A slow board is something like /k/ or or /vp/ where threads can last 3+ days. /tg/ threads typically die within two. This is a middle-speed board, and calling it slow is incorrect.

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not in a million years lmaoooooooo. /tg/ is shit. its just /v/ but for tabletop. no one actually plays and just spends their time here getting mad about pointless stuff

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>"/tg/-tan" that /co/ kept trying to force on us.
Yep. We keep getting all this shit piled on us, and all the good talent stolen because other boards are faster and more responsive.

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It expanded weirdly.
People kept trying to add characters to the story (all X raised by Y), but they just produced forgettable flavors of Sandwich.

It mostly fizzled, because without an excuse to post them, everything fizzles here. Even Cultist is essentially a dead character because she hasn't had fresh art in years.

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Culist-chan, Henderson, and Fuklaw are certainly /tg/ creations.

Blue grot is just pron that pops up. Don't we have like five or six different tau girls? None of them are iconic, they're just pin-up.

tg-tan was a personality forced on us. It captures someone who's lightly into tg stuff, but nothing hardcore (you know. Like drifters from co).

Sir Bearington belongs to no one except it's creator, cause it's just a funny story that has been pasted around. Kinda like the Head of venca or I-attack-the-gazebo.

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>Only two characters have boob windows
A little disappointed in /co/, every female character's outfit should have a boob window, even the flat chested ones.

>> No.75556321

My counter point to that is: People play games wrong all the time.

>> No.75556347

Playing wrong is still not "Rules as Written."

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Who the fuck is the winged demon guy with the sword? I keep looking at that thinking that's exactly the snowflake edge character tg would make all the time. Gotta update the horns to 4e/5e horns thou.

>> No.75556351

Fucking palette swaps. I should have known.

>> No.75556372

Er yes? Exactly. It seems like you understand.

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Like clockwork.

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Yeah Celeste and Rage and... whoever else their called are probably the only real OCs we have because someone's actually made comics and memes with those character directly related to /tg/
>fuklaw & angry marines have a bunch too

The rest are all just character that are singularly posing in a pic once in a while.

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Is that your life story? What creatively bankrupt characters did you draw?

>> No.75556645

>Could /tg/ make an OC better than /co/'s OCs?
No, because we don't have artists. Most artists would gravitate to oh i-don't-know Cartoons and comics instead of Logical Designs, Tactical Layouts, and World Building.

Give us a few artists, we'll spew some ideas at them. The artists will suggest some adjustments to make the character more cohesive, tg will call them manipulative for trying to change their ideas- even thou no one on tg has a sense of artistic design- everyone will get frustrated and the project will end.

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I just pay artists to draw my shit because I spent ten years getting a good career that provides me disposable income and enough time to engage in hobbies. Maybe if this was 2007 or something, I might have cared, but I'm done trying to "contribute" anything as a "/tg/ OC" because this board does not appreciate it. The overwhelming majority of all feedback for any such OC is hatred...you don't have to go far to see it, just scroll up ITT.

"But Anonymous," you say, "aren't you perpetuating the cycle of hatred by smearing Redlife and the great OC that she posts anonymously to /tg/ once every four months?"

And to that I say bullshit: I don't post much in the first place and there are plenty of other people besides me who hate it and are very vocal about it.

>> No.75556809

/tg/ does create good "OCs" all the time, mostly in form of memorable player characters. It's just that because of their nature they don't have staying power besides one greentext or in slower, game-specific threads a running campaign synopsis. However you can't really take somebody's PC and make content about them not connected to the original campaign.
A slightly more long-lasting form of OC is characters created for a picture or comic based on some some topic or idea, but even then it's usually something that one artist does, and not somethign that enters "public domain", as it were. Cultist-Chan was an exception, originally drawn by a guy called Mr. Culexus but ending up getting drawn by multiple other artists, though eventually her popularity died down.

What >>75556457 said is pretty much correct. A certain degree of vanity would make me want to call my characters /tg/ OCs in the same sense, but let's face it, over half the time they're not doign anything directly /tg/-related, and you definitely don't see other people using them (barring a few people who've given me "fan art" of some of them).

>> No.75556810

I feel like we're not communicating in the same language now. So you're not a drawfag?

>> No.75556903

Those all look so painfully generic, even the one true original idea on there (The raptor in a suit) isn't even that original, considering it was already a thing like 15 years ago.

>> No.75556906

Wow you are just way to cool and adult for this place bro I’d recommend reddit for intellectual giants such as yourself

>> No.75556977

>especially considering there is only one anon forcing it
You stupid retards believe this? I say it all the time just because the sheer rage it produces is hilarious.

>> No.75556994

>A certain degree of vanity would make me want to call my characters /tg/ OCs in the same sense, but let's face it, over half the time they're not doign anything directly /tg/-related
What OC have you made?

>> No.75557123

>vanity would make me want to call my characters /tg/ OCs
Well now I'm just curious. Who are those?

Also are you the same as >>75556659 ? You type the same.

>> No.75557207

>not one knight or paladin /tg/ oc

>> No.75557217

No, I pay artists to draw my characters for me. I'm not going to pay on behalf of "/tg/" and I can clearly see why /tg/ doesn't have any "OC characters" except the old ones mentioned above. >>75556645 is right in entirety. The people who deliver art in the drawthreads are a bit of an exception, but people just farm those threads for free commissions. I don't know why the artists keep delivering, maybe they want the practice?

Any of these could be "/tg/ OCs" if they had a bunch of threads dedicated to them and if people actually cared, but if you look at storytime threads on /tg/, very few people respond to them and they die in a few hours after OP leaves. Look at worldbuilding threads, lore threads... nobody cares about them. People post plenty of ideas! Maybe in some alternate universe people could turn it into "a /tg/ OC setting."

Remember Engine Heart? Car Lesbians? The same person (Viral) made them. I remembered it was the same person, but I forgot his name. Funny story about him, when I went back to check, I noticed Viral was namefagging in the series of /tg/-tan threads (along with the people from /co/ (yes they were definitely there)) and writing stories with the characters. Black Mesa Janitor was there too. He's the guy who wrote not one but TWO editions of Adeptus Evangelion. Viral's games are hit-or-miss, but Engine Heart was actually published and I saw it for sale at my FLGS. Where are they now? Well, nobody on /tg/ gives a shit about them or their content. Bring up AdEva and people will just call it shit (maybe justifiably so). What you WON'T hear is anyone giving any of these people who make OC any kind of credit or compliments.

People don't make OC for /tg/ because /tg/ doesn't care about it. I don't even think you do, you're just being a contrarian asshole by throwing around tu quoques which isn't even a good argument for... whatever point you're trying to make.

>> No.75557244

It fizzled out because it was a forced meme. The original creator even admitted he kept trying to shill the other adopted elves on /tg/ but they just weren't buying it. Which is impressive because usually /tg/ loves to beat a dead horse into paste but I guess there was just too much overlap with all the other elf threads.

I for one always found it funny just how fucking hypocritical /tg/ was over Sandwich. To this day this board will still rant up and down about how awful of a character Drizzt is and how he and his clones ruined drow and DnD for generations to come, but then you've got Sandwich, who's the worst kind of Drizzt clone with a much less compelling story, but /tg/ instantly hoots and hollers over it because BIG TITTY DROW GF WHO TALK LIKE DORF UNF UNF UNF. /tg/ is pretty everything /tg/ hates and incredibly tsundere for elves.

>> No.75557263

>Blue grot is just pron that pops up.
Get a load of this newgit.

>> No.75557282

Can /co/ make better TRPGs than /tg/'s homebrews?

>> No.75557351

>/tg/'s homebrews
I'm sick of this goddamn meme. It's never been /tg/ making any kind of homebrews. If they're any good at all, it was because one or two people put in a ton of work to make something. The board doesn't own it, and has no right to own it. Unlike a character like /co/lette who's basically shareware and gets drawn by many people, a homebrew is done by a small group of people. Committee design might be good as a sounding board, but when you go to make a PDF, you suddenly go to find it's a lot of work.

>> No.75557436

I hate it too, but if one rude shilling their dumb donut steel makes it /co/'s, then the same applies to the games /tg/ had claimed collective credit for

>> No.75557483

I was considering turning on a name, but figured it's against /tg/ etiquette to namefag unprovoked. It is I, Lord Nomic.
...The Horrible Deep Sea Mermaids guy. Character's I've drawn:
>The aformentioned Horrible Deep Sea Mermaids
>Nice Drakainia
>An unnamed Lillend
>An unnamed vore Succubus
>Not really characters but I've sometimes posted sketches of alien races for a science fiction setting I've come up with

>> No.75557529

Ancient drawfag here.

/tg/'s problem is that there is no sense of cooperation, only criticism.

Not sure what changed, don't really care. But good luck creating something original these days, I'm starting to forget what it was like back when we at least tried to make things.

>> No.75557543

Oh, and just to clarify, I'm not the same as >>75556659

>> No.75557550

>fetish shit
>fetish shit
>fetish shit
>most likely fetish shit
It comes as no surprise you're also an attention whore begging for e-fame.

>> No.75557576

Please don't scare any art-fags away. They're (probably) not the ones making "Survives in your setting" threads.

>> No.75557587

It's slower than most, that was my point. I apologise for my ignorance.

But regardless, my point still stands. 2 days is shorter than some may like, but good threads last longer than bad ones when there isn't anything in their way. And they would last even longer if they didn't have to compete with generals, particularly those like MtG or 40k with multiple generals And with 40k, they'll get their own non-general threads anyway, so what's really the point with having a 40k general when they'll just post outside of it anyway? In particular, the worldbuilding and homebrew generals don't seem to serve that much of a purpose other than fill the thread limit.

>> No.75557607

johnias was retarded fury shit and that's why no one ever wanted to repost him after the spam

>> No.75557616

Nah, he can fuck off to /aco/ if he wants to draw garbage smut and has no interest in traditional games.

>> No.75557682

The biggest crime is that this doesn't include the Wizard who destroyed Psionics and the dude from the Elfslayer Chronicles. Both of those are fun stories as well.

Also Pun-Pun but I don't remember if he was invented on this board or not.

>> No.75557708

The biggest crime is that whole image. I hope no one actually thinks of those when they think of /tg/ OC.

>> No.75557715

If you make a character and talk about it you're going to get called an attention whore. Anyone who likes the character is going to be accused of just being you samefagging for attention.

Don't bother. This place ceased to have any love of fun a long time ago. Nowadays it's all about trying to prove that you're superior to others by dismantling others creations without needing to put anything out there yourself.

>> No.75557717

Not like Sir Bearington was invented here either, unless the writers for the Animaniacs used to browse 4chan

>> No.75557733

Cultist-chan is okay though.

>> No.75557745

Technically cultist chan belongs to /v/

>> No.75557759

but why tho?

>> No.75557774

She's based exclusively on a Dawn of War unit

>> No.75557775

Based on Dawn of War voice lines.

>> No.75557777

>Also Pun-Pun but I don't remember if he was invented on this board or not.
Pun-pun was made ever so slightly before tg being formed. Popularized on WotC's own boards and OotS.

If someone bothered putting pun-pun to art he'd be a great OC for tg. Great stand into for rule's lawyering, power gaming and grognard to an older system. But that also comes with making a kobold looks distinct enough to recognize.

>> No.75557786

Anon, whether you like it or not, they're pretty iconic to tg. OMH's story might not have aged well, but at it's core all it's about is a drunken man going on a rampage against the elder gods to avenge his lawn gnomes. It's dumb, but it's still fun. And that's probably all it was ever meant to be.

Last time I saw anyone try to writefag merely a paragraph they got shouted down for "attention whoring". You have to admit the environment that this place currently has kind of kills creativity.

>> No.75557794

And? That doesn't mean she belongs to /v/

>> No.75557795

Eh. That's like saying /v/ still owns towergirls. They probably don't even know there is like 7++ generations now.

>> No.75557796

Quads AND Trips, can we get some Kobold Art in here?

>> No.75557826

Nobody actually writefags in paragraphs anymore, it's just shitty greentext "sagas" that are painfully unfunny and chore to read

>> No.75557866

The problem is that there are a lot better old /tg/ stories, and the sad thing is that nowadays they're finding bigger audiences on Reddit, Youtube and other sites more than here, because rather than remembering good stories and good characters, people here keep trying to bring up Henderson because "haha he say wee men ha ha."

>> No.75557901

>They probably don't even know there is like 7++ generations now.
Then they are blessed in their ignorance. And I'd say anything good white towergirls belongs to /v/, seeing as it got immediately worse the moment /tg/ touched it. Plus it's a vidya now so it's MORE /v/ related than /tg/ related, seeing as I don't see any tower girls TRPGs

>> No.75557918

Actually it's more like
>I don't even know at this point (I consider the mermaid comics mostly just cute and silly, but there's recurring jokes that are varying degrees of fetishy).
>One-joke character
>Fetish shit
>Fetish shit

...I think at somepoint I ended up pigeonholing myself as the guy who does stupid jokes with fetish elements, but it's what most people who follow me seem to want to see and who am I to tell them they're wrong? Practically every character (aside from the mermaids) I've drawn is based on an idea by some anon in a random thread, so I guess you should blame them?

Anyway I normally don't post with a name or even post my stuff on /tg/ very often, and when I do it's usually because I'm looking for ideas on what to draw next, or somebody made a suggestion on what I should draw (or in case of SF stuff because there's a thread about custom settings).
I just brough it up because I am a person who does draw stuff on /tg/, which was relevant to the topic on hand, and because people seem to like the mermaids.

>> No.75557921

Pretty sure she was born there

>> No.75557941

>the OMH dm still browses /tg/
good to know

>> No.75557974

>i-it's just IRONIC fetish spam, haha
>as a joke, haha
And you blogged for even more attention like the whore you are despite no one wanting or caring about your gay little life story

>> No.75557988

>a fictional character designed to simultaneously be the antagonist while bending over backwards to enable the protagonist posts on a webzone
C'mon now.

>> No.75558010

Don't pay attention to that anon. He's just a cunt.

>> No.75558041

I'd be upset if my inconsistent autism turned me into a comic villain in a goofy internet story, I understand. Honestly I've always thought you were misrepresented to get schadenfreude (You)s, what played out sounded like a great campaign with a fun group.

>> No.75558150

nope she was born because an anon wanted to request some vampire: the masquerade(the rpg) art and thought that the drawfag only did 40k(which was the majority of the board at the time) so he disguised his request as a 40k one

>> No.75558156

I've noticed that too yeah.
Greentext Stories aren't inherently bad. I've read a few that were interesting at least. But I will agree the majority of them seem to be trying and failing to ape on Henderson's schtick of Chaos without understanding that he's a relic of his time.

>> No.75558179

>y-you don't like a shitty fictional nonsense story because... you're the poorly-written and entirely-contradictory antagonist!

Next thing I know, you're going to tell me you actually believe that a GM, a GM introduced by the writer as willing to fuck up his player's characters for no reason at all, would let a player makes such an annoying and unfunny character as Henderson and allow him to do things even ordinary GMs would say no to, solely because the player had a 300 page backstory that nobody read.

That's beyond bad writing, it's bad even for vanity wank fiction.

>> No.75558226

40k was never the majority here, D&D was. There's even surveys that prove that.

>> No.75558265

post them then, this board was literally made to get us to stop spamming /b/

>> No.75558304

50 shades of Elf starting with Spetznatz Dark Elves indoctrinated by trans-dimensional Russians that invaded the Underdark, Balkan Elves who keep killing each other in the mountains while humanity has destroyed it self by uploading them selves into a malfunctioning supercomputer... etc.

>> No.75558320

/co/ made a few interesting characters and then got sidetracked by giant titty.

/tg/ started with giant titty and it somehow got worse from there.

>> No.75558322

You seem extraordinarily emotionally invested in this, anon. Why is that? It's a funny story on the internet nobody gives a shit

>> No.75558389

Oh, you poor newfag. You never stopped to think that entire page might be a joke? That, and the modern /tg/ history page, were both written by 40kids and are pure mythology without even attempting to present the actual truth.

Think about it. moot never said why he made /tg/, but a few 40kids told you he made it just for them, and you decided to believe them?

Also, go check out the /tg/ games census page on 1d4chan. There's a few others not there, but all of them have consistently had D&D as the most played and discussed game, by a pretty big margin.

>> No.75558440

You seem mad someone is calling a shit story shit and pointing out why.
Also, go ahead and re-read it. See how well the "humor" has aged for you.

You calling it a funny story is probably the only funny thing about it.

>> No.75558476

I remember a year ago when I was struggling to create a new character for a game and put the idea into motion. I went to a general and asked for some advice, and rolled on a table and got some fun results, then I went off to play. I then started posting about my campaign there, starting out just talking about the issues in the group and asking for advice on what to do next. Eventually I just started having fun sharing the campaign with people. Meanwhile at my LGS, people were actively coming up to me and talking about that character. Most of my PC's just got the reaction of "hey that was alright", so it was new to me to see one that people liked to much that other tables were talking about him. After his intro campaign had finished I ended up taking him to a new store, and to my surprise a few people there had already heard of him from players who visited there from the other LGS. I even got to take his campaign online with a few friends I made at the two stores when the epidemic started and we couldn't meet in person anymore. He's honestly the most fun I've ever had.

If it weren't for this board, I'd never have had such a fun character, and I wouldn't have been able to make some of the friends I have now. Sure, some people called me an attention whore, but a lot more openly enjoyed what I made and helped me out. And while he might have faded from the memory of most by now, I still occasionally see refences to him in that general, however obscure.

So honestly? I don't think tg kills creativity. I think this board isn't such a bad place.

>> No.75558485

Look, I came into a light bait thread for bantz but it really does sound like you're taking an unhealthy approach to this. It's silly and probably didn't happen, but that doesn't matter. Shut off that computer and go outside for a bit

>> No.75558532

>wanting new OCs when the hot new meme is spamming how traditionally attractive women are the worst thing ever

>> No.75558546

It's literally a R63 of a Dawn of War unit you fucking retard.

>> No.75558567

Yeah. When I first read the original Henderson story I seriously thought I must have read the wrong thing. The story I read did not match with the hilarious Story-time tg goes on and on about.
Henderson is a story written from the point of view of a very toxic that-guy, who is also playing under a too strict, read-my-backstory style, DM. And it's basically a lame revenge I-outwitted-you fan-fic.

But maybe that's really telling of old tg and new tg.

>> No.75558616

>/tg/ games census page on 1d4chan
Reading through it
The 2008 shows magic the gathering as the most mentioned one followed by 40k
The 2009 indeed shows d&d was the most discussed, because of the edition war followed by dark heresy and 40k
The 2010 also shows d&d as the most discussed but again that's because of the edition war between 3.xe and 4e
The thing is the edition war died down in 2011 and there aren't any reports after 2010 also this board was made in 2007 and is still active

>> No.75558628

Yeah dude I think you got your wires crossed. As the word of some random poster: tg definitely started from 40k, I was there. And I don't know the specific thread Chaos-chan popped up in but she's definitely modelled to be a sexified version of DoW1 cultists.

>> No.75558632

There's some genuinely good stories from around that time though.

Henderson just falls into the same category as Edgardo, that of "dumb stories that for some reason appeal to annoying twats who don't know any better but feel the need to try to make a meme out of them."

>> No.75558695

Where did you find the 2008 one?

Also, look at not just games discussed, but games played, etc. D&D really has a huge lead over everything else.

>> No.75558708

mr culexus was the drawfag
>b-b-but muh vidya
And? Dow was and still is pretty popular here considering it's about one of the most played games here.

>> No.75558741

Teehee Macaroni

>> No.75558751

4chan hasn't had OC of any value since like 2014.

>> No.75558753

>i was there
Then you'd know moot never said why he made /tg/ and that the "it was made for 40k" was just some bullshit the 40k players kept telling themselves because, surprise surprise, they have inflated egos and an extremely warped perception of their own importance.
Unless you have something actually resembling proof that moot made /tg/ because his fingers slipped when trying to type out /40k/, and not just a game of telephone from one 40kid to the next, repeating the same lie all the way down?

>> No.75558771

Any time somebody tries to make one, we get the tofu brigade shrieking

>> No.75558782

Or maybe it needs something more than "DEUS VULT xD"

>> No.75558847

Don't forget to combine the different splits. 40k, Dark Heresy, WHFB, and Rogue Trader all get split into their own categories, while every edition of D&D got seperated. Combined together, D&D is stupid fucking huge, even if you leave out the d20 series.

>> No.75558855

>mr culexus was the drawfag
When did I say he wasn't? He also used to post a shitton on /v/. Are you having brain troubles?

>> No.75558858

>tired to trick artist by drawing WoD character! "Draw me Chaos please!'
Sure. We're in a 40k thread here on /tg/ in the early 2008. "Ok. I've drawn you a cultist that I based off the DoW design."

Yeah. Boy you sure got us, Anon. Totally proven right.

>> No.75558869

Man, now I'm really depressed about the art direction of For Honor again.

>> No.75558922

sorry I got them mixed up it should have been
>Also, look at not just games discussed, but games played, etc. D&D really has a huge lead over everything else.
And why should people make thread about 40k gameplay-wise considering it's not that good?The ones I really liked were the lore threads and the ones where one anon did some conversions(don't remember his name).
>mods someone posted CP
>WT bans anon for offtopic and leaves the cp up
It's in the wiki page and I'm pretty sure it's also on his DA account

>> No.75558936

Sir Bearington, the true story

>> No.75558968

>there are 4 MtG generals
Gotta shill those cards, goyim

>> No.75558983

and there it is, just check the description

>> No.75559002

>I'm sure there are some good writers and artists here and if there was a /tg/ project that was unique and interesting I would sure as hell contribute some art and some writing to it, but so far there's not been anything yet.
Fuck you too. If shit's not interesting to you, it's your damn fault. Stop grumbling about shit and get your fat ass in gear and contribute positively for once in your pitiful life.

>> No.75559010

That includes lore threads. Most D&D threads were also lore threads, especially after 4e and people started to talk about D&D in a less edition specific manner.

In general though, all the censuses and polls ever taken on /tg/, ever, have D&D as the most played and most discussed game, with a pretty big distance between it and even all the Warhammer franchises.

>> No.75559025

I guess I was wrong then, fair enough

>> No.75559039

>I think this board isn't such a bad place.
You poor naïve little child

>> No.75559083

It depends hour to hour these days, but sometimes it's nice here.

>> No.75559187

>almost trick me
There's your operating word, dipshit. Either he's fucking lying about the origins seeing as it's literally just a DoW cultist genderflipped or he's just unoriginal as fuck. Take your pick.

>> No.75559303

>cultist quotes
I know she's inspired by dow retard but that still doesn't mean she is from /v/

>> No.75559368

Yeah I don't buy that. All the other pictures uploaded the same day contain tons of Non-DoW 40k references, and there's even a -4 str joke in there.

>> No.75559443

Cultist is a /tg/ character with some /v/ influence. Kinda like how Drizzt appears in several video games (and even originated in one) but is thoroughly a D&D character.

>> No.75559486


>> No.75559505

>even originated in one
No he didn't. He originated as a side character to a novel about the barbarian Wulf but the publisher was much more interested in Drizzt so Salvatore made him the protagonist. Why must you continue to make up fake histories?

>> No.75559520

an entire board just for 40k is overkill that's why

>> No.75559589

Especially since there was and still is less 40k fans than D&D fans. And according to the censuses taken, neither game makes up a full half, or even a third of this board, so it's not fair to ignore all the other games.

So, the genesis of /tg/ is essentially "moot made /tg/ for traditional games."

>> No.75559658


>> No.75559689

as much as I agree with you back then most 40k threads were spammed on wednesdays kinda like the mecha monday ones where they save up stuff to talk about to make sure their thread doesn't die off

>> No.75559710


Oh hell there was that time a few years ago we rolled up random powers and used this dude as the template for our edgy characters.

I can't for the life of me remember what it was called though.

>There was one dope as fuck character called Kiln though. He was fucken Rad..

>> No.75559714

That was in /b/. In /co/ and /v/, there were daily D&D threads.

>> No.75560083

I can think of a few modern /tg/ characters from recent times, but they're all, well, you'll see.

>Bardoz, from the Legendary Halls of Bardoz threads. Just a dwarf.

>Skaterbro from the Skaterbro Saves the Princess thread

>Rad Comet Lich, surely you guys remember this guy who surfs down on meteors to teach kids how to be bad and rad, and has to get killed so he respawns on his phylacetery comet and stops turning good kids sour. (Surprised no crossover with Skaterbro?)

>Local Lord

>Anyone from Gloria-Etalia. As great as those threads were, they're all literally whos.

/tg/ still makes entertaining characters and stories. They just don't stick the same.

>> No.75560138


>> No.75560192

It's gone nearly full high fantasy these days, completely with "sylvan" weapon sets.

>> No.75560369

Also much floofier than in the OP.

>> No.75560417

Reddit has ALWAYS been here. 4chan and Reddit share the same demographic. This site has never been a secret club.

>> No.75560431

>same demographic
not him but I've never used reddit

>> No.75560504

>/tg/ is 14th fastest board on the site
But there are only about 10 boards...

>> No.75560839

Sure, but you'd fit right in there.

>> No.75561004

I've seen some others, but they're generally confined to generals.

>> No.75561441

Anon, there's 51 boards on 4channel.

>> No.75561637

/tg/ already has.

>> No.75562971

Fuck off, anon. The annual deep sea threads are great.

>> No.75564577

Cultist-chan's speech pattern is based on the DoW cultists, but the artist who drew the character did it on /tg/, not /v/.
>>75558150 is correct: the character was originally the result of some anon wanting a drawfag to do a picture of his VtM character, but assumed the drawfag only did 40k pictures (because that was what he mostly drew) so he presented the request as a female Chaos cultist. The drawfag used the look of the DoW cultist as an inspiration and gave the character the same speech pattern, and the rest, as they say, is history.
The point is that she is definitely a /tg/ character created on and mostly posted on /tg/, though her appearance and speech are inspired by a videogame character.

>> No.75564600

So she's a /v/ character created on /tg/. Gotcha.

>> No.75564673

I like the comics with these characters, but if you deny there has been trend of terible threads with these characters in OPs, you must be the troll who makes those threads.

>> No.75565922

I miss her. I miss all of them.

>> No.75566782

>hasn't had fresh art in years
CF occasionally puts out little doodles of her. Pic related, Cultist as a goblin drawn literally three days ago.

>> No.75566883

>The more I think about it, the more I think /tg/-tan deserves to just be a fat grognard that hates everything and has no friends to actually play games
This is the true /tg/-chan

>> No.75567188

Daily Reminder that Cestree and Ribbon are the divine guardians of /tg/. The more they appear on this board, the healthier it is, the merrier the posters the more the OC.

Dark forces learned of this, and now work tirelessly to try and remove these protector spirits from /tg/ in an attempt to destroy it.

>> No.75567528

Did you just draw it?

>> No.75567667

The "trend" of threads were a mix of bad, good, and average. If you deny that most threads with them as OPs were average, no better or worse than most threads on this board, you must be the troll who's trying to invent a reason to dislike them.

>> No.75567672

That's an old pic. I've seen it posted years ago.

>> No.75567807

I've only seen Skaterbro and Local Lord. Local Lord has cemented himself into this board for all eternity, but this is the first time I've seen Skaterbro since the original thread.

>> No.75567912

"Local Lord" isn't a character, just a troll phrase, and will dissappear once the spammers move on. In two years, the only thing anyone will remember about it is a few faggots kept trying to force it as a meme.

>> No.75568082

The Local Lord is the voice of the forever GM. Everyone talks about how cancerous he is, but rarely do we hear people admitting that the players are worse. The memes always state that the players are dangerous hoodlums whose sole purpose in life is to kill. Having a busted local lord come in to put them in their place is perfectly reasonable. In my CoC game, I have the players' landlord raise their rent every time they do something dumb or wildly out-of-character. "Oh my god, you're a horrible storyshitter!" Shut the fuck up. Trying to tell a story is some of the only fun we get out of this hobby. Dungeon designing and combat are cool and all, but without a player character of your own they lose the sense of tension. You players are genuinely inferior, and local lord posting won't stop until you get your act together.

>> No.75568166


>> No.75568179

>tfw druid

>> No.75568208

You can try and invent a purpose or design or thought process behind it all you want, but this is a case of actions being louder than words.
Mindless, pointless threads spammed by a few faggots just to be annoying and to try and force a lame "meme" that's not even a meme.

>> No.75568217

>Blue grot is just pron that pops up
Lurk ten years before posting

>> No.75568236

Where is Sandwich?

>> No.75568247

Hanging with the good /tg/ OCs.

>> No.75568265


>> No.75568822

Local Lord reminds me of 2008 /tg/ so it can stay. Most content then was stupid spam like that, but it wasn't cynical and some of it had staying power. Wish we could rekindle that mindset instead of going "thing bad" and ranting about niggers

>> No.75568964

>newfag still trying
You're kind of sad in that you think people can't see right through you.
You really have no idea what the fuck you're talking about, do you?

Local Lord spam is nothing but the most cynical kind of shit. It has no value or purpose, and it only amuses retards who like annoying people. You're going to try and pretend otherwise, because you NEED to pretend otherwise, but you're really no better than any of the forced memes competing in /qa/.

Want to rekindle the old 4chan mindset? Stop forcing shit memes way past their expiration date, and definitely don't force memes that only exist because trolls figured out that forced memes are possibly the most annoying thing a person can spam.

>> No.75569110

>implying constant "the paladin falls" or Touhoufag threads were any better
Not that you'd know about any of that, newfag

>> No.75569137

>some of the worst parts of the past were good!
How about you just stop.

>> No.75569143

>megacast of Randumb hijinks adventurers
Remember a few years ago when we had the Fallen Paladin sitcom thread? I can't find the archive but I remember it vividly.

>> No.75569221

No, I'm saying stupid shit has always coexisted with the more memorable content. Generally speaking /tg/ has never been that good at creating pure OC, and is much better at expanding from existing material, like all the DoW-era drawfagging and writefagging.

>> No.75569309

>No, I'm saying stupid shit has always coexisted with the more memorable content.

And THAT's how you're trying to justify a group of faggots dragging a maggot-ridden corpse of a failed attempt at making a meme around, long after even the spectacle of their limitless faggotry wore off? C'mon now, you might as well say "Villages always have had rapists, so let's make sure to keep some rapists around."

/tg/ was good back in the day DESPITE the wanton faggotry thay was endured back then, not because of it. And nowadays, /tg/ is drowning in that faggotry and you think that's fine and dandy because /tg/ has always had shitposting.

>> No.75569397

Where is that "Everything is /tg/" pic?
Should our OCs not just basically be imitation versions of other board OCs?

We have super hero RPGs, so we should be an off-color version of whatever CO's current OC is (Dr. Zoom style). There's too many Historical gamers so we should be a mockup version of /HIS/'s OC. With all the miniatures we are certainly /Toy/ so a crappy DiY version of that.
/a/ Yes, /k/ Yeah, Mecha certainly (Plus all the Sentai, Riders lovers here), v & vg we are technically the grandfather of that oc, yeah and I'm done scanning across the page top but you get the idea.

>If not that, it's at least Cestree and Co, Because they are at least /tg/ adjacent >>75561637 >>75567188

>Fake-Digimon tangentially related, couldn't find a more suiting pic.

>> No.75569436

say what you want about storyshitting but it is a good dowsing rod for newfags.

>> No.75569570

>faggots faggots faggots
Go troll behind the park toilets already will you

>> No.75569678

If I Local Lord has a voice, it would be of That DM, given how he came from the same vein of bait threads as
>Crossbow bolt by lucky peasent hits your character in the eye, you die instantly lol
>Your non-human character is lynched for walking into town lol
>Your character gets sick and spends the last week shitting themselves to death in bed lol
>Your magic using character is burnt at the stake for not being approved by the church lol
Most of them ending with insulting the character with “such arrogance”
Local Lord is the one that blew up because of the absurdity of the number of “man at arms in full harnesses”. Said local lord threads would also try and give the local lord reasoning for instantly calling for the parties execution the moment they step into his land because in the eyes of the LL, the party is a bunch of deranged and dangerous vagabonds with enough weapons and dangerous magic to slaughter a village, but thankfully not the men at arms in full harnesses, who are invulnerable to conventional weaponry.
Bait threads continues to get spammed, with people mainly grabbing onto LL and his thousands of MAAIFH as the main one, and boom, we have the local lordposting of today

>> No.75569727

>local lord fag taking any excuse to talk about his failed forced meme
Fuck off, you.

>> No.75569915

Not saying these are the good OCs, but I'm reminded of this.

>> No.75569944 [DELETED] 

If it's confined to a general it probably doesn't count

Oh yes I'm suuuuure people actually liked that character anon

>> No.75570022

I don't give a fuck about the L*c*l L*rd but this is what's wrong with current /tg/. Everything gets hijacked by some cunt who wants to talk at length about how x thing is bad. Even the Dragonlance threads degenerated into talking about pedo Mormons. Gee, some fucking original insight there, very /tg/ related

>> No.75570113

This man speaks the truth.

>> No.75570153

I'd post my original content but I know it would get either ignored or shat on and my diseased brain can't take that

>> No.75570190

Why'd they let Sandwich in?

>> No.75570429

You can worry about that when someone comes up with a good character
>inb4 some bullshit
Fuck you and your "original content" that ends up being either shitty porn or bullshit walls of text. This is the 40K containment board. We only let the rest of you snowflakes post here because we're nicer than you think we are.

>> No.75570462

Huh. The Scraplootas is the last time I remember legitimately having fun participating on something with /tg/.

Some storytimes between then and now have also been fun, but you can't really say you participated in a storytime unless you're the one telling the story.

>> No.75570528

I mean, I look like Shaggy and play lots of /tg/ so it’s not really inaccurate

>> No.75570560

Such as...?

>> No.75570571

>wow, that's literally me!

>> No.75570630

They're probably the last time I can remember/tg/ being more collaborative than combative.

>> No.75571078

I like this idea. Really fits with the whole "/tg/: you don't even need the other boards anymore"

>> No.75573964

It's a nogames power fantasy whose appeal has nothing to do with the premise.
Similar to how there's all these popular anime about MMOs that are clearly written by someone whose never played an MMO yet somehow those are the most popular "Trapped in an MMO" stories.

>> No.75574113

>I was struggling to create a new character
>But somehow I'm such a god of creativity that everyone has heard about my character because it's so great
Why do people come on the internet just to tell lies?

>> No.75574442

>>Anyone from Gloria-Etalia. As great as those threads were, they're all literally whos.
I'll admit it. As a contributor of GE when it was big, all of the characters were pretty forgettable.
Except maybe the troll king and that snow elf pinup girl I made that wasn't meant to be canon.

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