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Gryphons > Dragons

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Well yes, it's a universal truth. Why did you feel the need to say it, when we all already accept it?

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I was entering a random thread, got mad for a stupid reason and wrote a 6 paragraph long salty reply. before i hit the post button, i decided to let my anger ebb, delete the textwall and instead start posting about something i enjoy

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Do you think they smell as nice as real birds? Are they soft?

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What about fluffy, feathered dragons?

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Ride on, brother.

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weird flex but okay

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Any /tg/ related media that features gryphons predominately? I'm only drawing on a handful of books.

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mlp. yes it is /tg/ related

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I could write a book about my (continued) experiences with tabletop ponies and griffons, but I'm looking for more published media that's decisively a little less colourful.

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>Gryphons > Dragons
Clever of you to hide what you really mean.

Dragons eat gryphons. That's fact.

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yes, gryphons do make better wives than dragons

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Smells like bird dust mixed with cat.

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How do you kiss a beak?

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Do you prefer your PC to have a Griffon, or a Demigryph? I would've thought the Griffon would be a Sure Thing until I realized a wingless Griffon would be a more practical and effective mount for the common adventurer.

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>not posting the blush edit

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Wounded griffon, missing use of wings, maybe one or more removed entirely.
Raises a ton of questions, how did [adventurer] come by such an expensive and uncommon mount? Only nobles or specialist officers ride true griffons! How did it come to be injured, and was that before or after the adventurer came into the picture?

It can be as simple as, "found it limping away from a battle I looted, even like this it's still valuable" all the way up to being some disgraced noble and/or they fought the bbeg and their loyal mount was struck down and now they seek to right this wrong.
*And* this comes with the advantage of coming with it's own side-quest that everyone can get on-board with. How do we heal the party mascot/friend/PC's mount to let it fly again? Once you're at a level where flying can be expected, have that event occur and PC gets their long-time companion and friend upgraded into a flying mount. It's sky-knight time!

Also hippogriff a good option, horse body probably more practical than cat.

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Not even thr best birds. Owl bears and phornixes are superior
Fuck, even Rocs are better
I can more easily tame a hippogriff too. Since they're part horse they even go faster and have more stamina.

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With consent

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Furries will get the rope

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