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When did they stop being playable edition

>Current meta, complete with deck lists

>Build and share decks

>Build and share cubes

>Unofficial, but doesn't censor cards and has a full database

Previous thread: >>75425130

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Play pauper or suffer the consequences.

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Just let it die

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TQ are you ready for saltheim?

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the last days of /mmg/

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We're not quite there yet, but shit is pretty bad

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Didn't want to imply pauper isn't a real format, but to be fair I don't think normies play it either

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what are you talking about lad hasbro stock is climbing

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I tried to start a Pauper scene at my LGS and it never got off the ground. People want to play with their epic retard power cards

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>People want to play with their epic retard power cards
Bogles exist.

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Can I get some thoughts on this deck/archtype?
I wasn't aware Yawgmoth had an actual deck built around him and I happen to have pretty much everything in this list except for Yawgmoth himself and the expensive side of the manabase (Fetches + Horizon lands)

Protection from Humans seems to be surprisingly relevant these days with the rise of Humans, Prowess and DnT.

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stop being poor and buy secret lairs

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just snapped off a fifty stack of OMGcoin
see you on the moon motherfucker

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It's a combo deck. Play it if you like combo decks.

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Why does WOTC print bad cards?

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why does gacha make you roll bad waifus?

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To appease limitards

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Cause it’s healthier than when they print good cards. Look at MH1, Oko, companions

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Seriously no snide or quick remarks here

How does this card perpetuate racism, contain harmful stereotypes, or depict a sensitive real‑world event?

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Apparently it’s what Jews call muzzies, wotc being full of jews thought humans knew

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No one knows. It's possible that it's a reversal of a muslim ritual of throwing stones at the devil, therefore depicting muslims as devils. It's a massive stretch though.
Or it's just black creatures throwing stones that is a current issue.

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I wish they'd print a standard set with all playable but no broken cards.
No common fodder, no vanilla creatures, just all shit you would put into a constructed deck.

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Is it because of this? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palestinian_stone-throwing

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Free palestine

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Every card besides Invoke Prejudice is a hugeeeee stretch, and they only did this shit as a weak publicity stunt. Even Invoke Prejudice saw next to zero play in literally every format. Dont think about it too hard, its just jews trying to farm social credit

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I mean Imprison just depicts a tanned or dark skinned guy wearing a mask in jail. It's all a joke

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What makes the TWD secret lair different from mechanically unique card in commander precons or the global series deck?

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When were you when mmg dies?

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>Magic the Gathering - dying since 1994

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I feel like it's just
>/mmg/ Magic but not EDH

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Nothing much other than the price being even more of a farce and there being official TWD mtg cards, at least tranny sets are in-universe.
But yeah, it's not like we havent had drama with idiotic cards like True-Name nemesis.

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anyone have that rosewater quote where he says they could put 20$ in every pack and players would still complain? I can seem to find it on his blog anymore

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No one cares, go to /edhg/ or reddit if you want people who care about it. Mtg has been soulless for years, legacy is a dead format, edh doesn’t matter. Everyone who actually cares doesn’t post here. This general is about laughing at financefags, titty edits, and American politics.

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>what are you talking about

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It was on twitter not tumblr

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in /mmg/, shitposting

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I'm hoping there are snow duals that have both basic land types and no downsides. For maximum salt, they should come with an upside.

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Been ready since we though it was going to be the next set a bunch of months ago
All I want is a bunch of meme cards that I could slot in my snowpile without any broken card that would actually make the deck playable. Seeing astrosharts everywhere was bad enough

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I remember reading some wotc head designers comments in a magazine from like 2006 where he called players idiot babies for complaining about mtg not being an LCG. He said something like "There's no profit in LCGs."

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There's no profit in LCGs because WotC personally killed the only profitable one.

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>humanity originating in africa
but that's not true..

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Would Magic be saved if it embraced waifus?

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Pauper is a shit format, Dollar Store is much better.

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Did tron hurt your little bum-bum?

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This time is the time it finally dies for good.
>no one can play local because of china flu
>online sucks dicks because it's standard only and standard is broken
>competitive scene is dead
>negativity at an all time high
>hasbro making the last cash grab before they declare the game is forever done

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Then you can finally grow out of these silly cardgames and take the weebpill.

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I wonder if wotc will pull a gee dubs and try to kill magic replacing it with something vaguely similar

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No, the fact that I can't use rares hurt me when majority of rares cost cents.
Pauper is a shit format because instead of directly addressing the issue at hand (magic costs too much) it arbitrarily limits something different from price. Just limit the fucking card price, problem solved. No need to leave out over 10000 fun cheap cards.

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I've been trying to get into Force of Will but I can't play it locally either.
I need a different card game that has a good online client and isn't made by filthy fucking Americans.

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>Just limit the fucking card price
Then the format isn't eternal anymore.

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I was thinking more on Shogi.
But sure, Force of Will would be nice, if it was more available.

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That is in it's death throws too. All I see in /acg/ is complaints

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For me it has been nothing BUT dead. I was hoping for a return.
But we cannot have nice things.

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Penny Dreadful is exactly that, and it is pretty good, but would be totally pointless if it was ever popular.
You limit the cost of a deck to $20. You make one that costs $15. Top with it. Value of cards in the deck goes up to $25. Your deck is banned because it costs too much.

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Penny Dreadful is pretty much impossible to do in pauper as well since the cardpool rotates too fast.

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>Hasbro stocks up
>Games up by 18% or so SPECIFICALLY EXCLUDING wotc branch
>Paper sales went down as expected compared to last years Q2 (because lol it sold particularly well then!)
>Arena slightly growing

Take a minute and appreciate this wording. During a pandemic, when most of the civilized world is unable or limited in playing paper in stores and there are no tournaments, except ARENA tourname ts, arena - THE substitute wotc wanted to force on us for years - was only growing "slightly". Think about what that likely means.

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You'd have to check it against hearthstone and that league games growth

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No, but it would make it's death throws more enjoyable.

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Kaldheim has the other four MDFC duals. I wouldn't expect another cycle.

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>>competitive scene is dead
The competitive scene has never had any real bearing on how the game performs financially. In fact, some of the competitive highs have been unprofitable because the majority of players (read: casuals) weren't interested in the sets.

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I think it means that most people don't like Standard. In fact, given that WotC has openly acknowledged that EDH is the most popular format, but arena doesn't support EDH, I don't find this particularly surprising.

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What's dollar store?

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I'm making a wizards tower deck and thinking about including Set Adrift but I'm not sure if it’s too OP for my decks mid level power level
For those that don't know in wizards tower players share the library and graveyard so it could essentially be a 1 mana "put target creature on top of your library"
too op?

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incredible, can't even buy this shit on tcgplayer.

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Fuck that, build a Judge Tower instead.

>> No.75437733

i dont really see anything besides it being connected to stoning people lmao. art's cool tho

>> No.75437777

The whole nobody loses until they make a rules violation thing sounds so complex and easy to miss

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I thought arkham horror was making bank ?

>> No.75437872

That's the point.

>> No.75437883

It wasn't in 2006

>> No.75437911

thats the point. Judge tower is badass

>> No.75437993

is magic dying again

>> No.75438086

Yes, it’s been dying every year since 1994.

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>Uro Pile 10% of the meta
>Oops All Spells is now in Modern and it's a combo deck that sideboards into another combo deck so you're basically throwing rock paper scissors
>Companions so busted that even post-errata the companion deck is 8% of the meta and carried by another retarded pushed mythic
>Humans lists changing wildly literally every week
wtf is happening

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Is rapeseed the new soi?

>> No.75438454

Is pic related Autumn?

>> No.75438466

Get better material!

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File: 146 KB, 672x936, 2xm-34-tempered-steel.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

hey guys, what if I build a deck around this

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always has been

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Pioneer is still a format right...?


>> No.75439325

you mean affinity?

>> No.75439363


Imagine a format so shitty that it makes historic look like magic as RGI

>> No.75439366

Fuck the towers. Mental Magic is where it's at. I peeled some cheap foils and used Magic Set Editor to make a bunch of blank, generic mana cost cards and sleeved them up. Some friends that weren't great at regular Modern were great at Mental Modern because they knew the format, they just didn't have the income to support a tier-1 deck. You also get to flex on bitches with your autism powers.

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I miss Magic, bros. It was a big part of college for me and it was even bigger when I graduated and had disposable income. There was nothing like driving to the next town for a midnight pre-release or making a road trip for a Grand Prix, only to go 2-2 drop and get drunk in a Buffalo Wild Wings. Did the game change or did we all just get older?

>> No.75439584

It changed.
12 year old me would think current Magic was gay as fuck

>> No.75439610

idk where you guys find people to play with. Everyone in my area who plays is either an autist sperg or just a serious creep. I went to a draft twice before realizing that my area sucks

>> No.75439620

To find out for sure, find another TCG that does what you liked about Magic and give it a go. If you don't enjoy that, the you changed.

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Magic is dying at the hands of WotC.

>> No.75439783

Shops vary by such a huge margin. Most bad shops I go to either have spergs who are so fucking uptight that won't even smile when you introduce yourself before your game, or the shop has such shitty attendance that they haven't had a modern even in over a year. The good ones normally have smaller events (12-16 people) and have a variety of power levels represented. My last FLGS was a bunch of stuck-up pricks who fancied themselves the next big pros of Magic. The weakest deck there was a budget burn deck a high schooler ran. People seemed to forget they were 35 year old men playing cards in a bakery's basement.

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>Going back to Kamigawa
>It’s some cyber punk bullshit
Did somebody make a wish on a Monkeys Paw? Did Rosewater snap after people kept asking for it on his tumblr? Did somebody find a market survey from the last decade showing Japanese Cyberpunk was in? Did they hire the people who made the fuckawful American Ghost in the Shell movie?

Just... what’s the point of calling it Kamigawa if it’s nothing like Kamigawa? Rosewater has been saying they’d do a new Japanese plane over Kamigawa first, so why didn’t they?

Just... playing Magic was a big part of my life the past 5 years, I even became an L1 judge so my lgs could always have a judge for events... but it all went so fucking wrong.

>> No.75439808

Why do you need people to smile when you introduce yourself?

>> No.75439809

yes, I play it casually and I have fun

>> No.75439877

I cant believe the cyberpunk Kamigawa thing is real.
Is WotC trying to kill the game on purpose?

>> No.75439978

Just be friendly. Don't act like the only thing that makes you happy is the way your penis twitches when you play your final combo piece

>> No.75439997

No, they’re just movie executive stupid.

>> No.75440008

Why do you demand people smile when you introduce yourself? Why do you feel it is necessary to smile at people you just met to be friendly?
That is very creepy.

>> No.75440062

It's the universal symbol of friendliness. People smile at someone they perceive to be nice. Are you seriously so far on the spectrum that you don't understand what it means to introduce yourself to someone? Regular human people say, "good to meetcha" and smile. Only autists scowl.

>> No.75440077

I don't know, how do people think Cleanse is worthy of being removed?

>> No.75440091

When I meet someone I say "nice to meet you" with a neutral expression. That is normal. You are not required to smile, and thinking that smiling or scowling are the only options seems autistic.

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It's doubly amazing because japanese cyberpunk is such an 80s and 90s thing. It was born out of the western fear at the time that those wily japs and their ruthlessly efficient businesses practices would dominate the future and we'd all be huddling under a neon signed ramen shop in Neo New York to weather from the acid rain. It's a vision of the future that is as absurd and dated as Flash Gordon. Modern audiences may have seen the aesthetic but they never experienced the zeitgeist that gave it life and thus can't understand it in any way other than a decorative motif.

And that's what Neo Kamigawa is going to be: all motif and aesthetic, nothing of substance. We could guess that pretty easily from the direction of set design over the last decade but even if we couldn't rely on that what else COULD it be? I doubt Magic's art director is old enough to remember Ghost in the Shell (other than the Scarlett Johansson movie) or the original Blade Runner. And most of their customers probably have no idea about these things either. It is simply mind boggling why they would think this is a good idea. If you are going to do asian-themed cyberpunk the way you do it nowadays is you fast forward China to 2050 or whatever and dial up the 1984-style police state, but I guess they can't do that and expect to sell their cards in China.

It's just all so confusing.

>> No.75440122

Is turbo depths a decent introduction to legacy? I was initially looking for a more rogue deck but depths looks very fun

>> No.75440130

You could play Manaless Dredge. Shit's like 50 bux probably

>> No.75440149

My entire sideboard is dedicated to taking out manaless dredge. Fuck you and your stupid faggot archetype.

>> No.75440171

I was like you once before I realized Dredge is inherently noble

>> No.75440218

what exactly is the gameplan for manaless dredge against a turn 0 leyline?

>> No.75440235


>> No.75440238

>I doubt Magic's art director is old enough to remember Ghost in the Shell (other than the Scarlett Johansson movie) or the original Blade Runner.
>Dawn [Murin] began working as a graphic artist/computer production specialist for TSR, Inc. in August 1992.

>> No.75440239

I've seen some builds run Elvish Spirit Guide into Nature's Claim or something.

>> No.75440262

The real issue is Dawn Murin has legendary shit taste

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File: 164 KB, 672x936, mh1-164-force-of-vigor.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.75440280

I'm still fucking pissed that the red one wasn't a Fork variant.

>> No.75440281

I for one am excited for synthwave MTG.

>> No.75440286

wow what a balanced card

>> No.75440289

ah yes how could I have forgotten

>> No.75440479

I've always wanted to see what an eternal Penny Dreadful format would look like. I think Modern Penny (all cards that are both legal in modern, and have ever been legal in PD) would be a really interesting format to work in, since everyone's using the second best card for every job.

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File: 186 KB, 672x936, mh1-124-force-of-rage.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.75440835

>beginning of your next upkeep
I like how they really went out of their way to make sure this was bad

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WotC fears the Redchad.

>> No.75440858

>force of rage
>makes you rage
10/10 design

>> No.75440864

would 'tap: add R for each damage your opponent has taken this turn' been too strong or just right?

>> No.75440885

>turn your bolts into rituals
Probably but I dunno Academy and Cradle were/are both really strong too

>> No.75440935
File: 163 KB, 672x936, 54231832-d492-4812-b658-4ab9a30fefe2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Probably workable.

>> No.75441013

imagine buying a booster of urza now and pulling this as your rare when you could have gotten a cradle

>> No.75441386

Go to constructed
Our lgs varies A LOT depnding on whats played
Chill bros are modern and legacy

>> No.75441440

>synthwave MTG.

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File: 918 KB, 1216x682, wotc news.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is from the Wizards website.

>> No.75441783


What? Broken card is broken? Will they ban Uro first to sell more Zendikar Rising packs?

>> No.75441816

I hate everything about it. Everything.

>> No.75442114

Gas zoomers

>> No.75442127

What was (you)r favorite period in modern? For me I think it was right before Twin was banned. Twin was definitely the boogyman but there were a lot of powerful and varied archetypes

>> No.75442166

Balanced to cradle or academy
Both draw from a permanent source, this one would draw from one time effects. While stronger when properly applied, it would be more unstable to use consistently than the previous two
Great design flavorlike and gamewise

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File: 233 KB, 672x936, rtr-211-blistercoil-weird.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

2013ish is when I was having the most fun I think more recently the only deck I've enjoyed in the past 2 years was electrobalance which lasted literally one set before they printed lil nig and killed it along with any semblance of fun

>> No.75442178

A 1 to 1 translation would be fucking whack tho.
>Bolt, tap, bolt bolt bolt.

>> No.75442189

Oh yeah
Loved to fuck with twin with krosan grip or even sudden death
(Love myself some split second, i still play the sShock)
At our lgs it was rogue gallery of decks while some playing meta.

>> No.75442228

Playing melira pod, which was... I don't know, 7 years ago?

Always loved decks that can side a combo in or out and attack on a different angle without much hassle

>> No.75442233


I was playing Modern from 2017 until Covid-Happened, but I was honestly having the most fun until Modern Horizons and Hogaak got looting banned. It’s all be downhill from there.

>> No.75442274

I am impressed how bad Modern Horizons was
>snow garbage
>force of vigor
>plague engineer
>wrenn and six
>hogaak to get looting banned
>yugioh text urza that needed opal and asslabe banned
What a nightmare

>> No.75442428

I dunno. I think if you took out Urza, Hogaak, Astrolabe, and Plague Engineer, change Wrenn and Six to die to Bolt, and change Vigor to hit only one target it’s a fine set.

I did really want a deck using Ruination Rioter and Orescale Guardian, but it just even came together in a way that was worth playing.

>> No.75442478

Most of modern horizons (sans hogaak) is just numbers being pushed
1 target
1/1 or 0/3, even 3/3 so he dies super easily to a stiff breeze. Perhaps remove a line of text.
Taps with snow and ONLY with snow/for snow spells (this is a huge nerf before one of you mouth breathers screams)
>Wren and Six
Starting loyalty 2 or 1.

Only Hogaak is 100% mechanically broken, which has sadly became more and more common lately. With also a side of numberwank.

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File: 2.10 MB, 745x1040, leg-62-invoke-prejudice(1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 1.57 MB, 2800x2800, Kill me Lurrus.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.75442933

there's really no source on that, maro just singlehandedly invented a whole new slur

>> No.75442949

Kill me, Lurrus.

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File: 197 KB, 672x936, sld-88-domri-rade.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What WotC has to do to make people stop buying their shit? Start ritually slaying kittens?

>> No.75443321

Pretty sure WotC has its hooks so far deep in the consoomer whale EDHfags that they could drive around shooting people and selling cardboard that has no art or text and they'd still make a profit. Guaranteed for every 100 players that drop the game because it sucks now there is at least 1 fag buying the super premium secret lair limited edition turbo pringle edition or scalping it

>> No.75443550

Foils are hot garbage so I'm relieved they found a better way to cater to whales just wish it didn't come at the expense of every single non-draft format

>> No.75443631

The Harry Potter Secret Lair will kill the game for Twitters, but scalpers will still buy.

>> No.75443662
File: 45 KB, 370x444, Too fat to hide.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Maro shooting people in the streets wouldn't even make the whales blink

>> No.75443820

The secret lair shit is even worse than foils because a foil is just the normal card with some garbage over it that makes it curl 10x faster and be shiny.
Now you have official alters that look like joke cards.

>> No.75444597

What will WotC do if anti-lootbox laws destroy Limited?

>> No.75444649

Nothing because magic cards are all valued at the same, they're not gambling yu antisemitic fuck.

>> No.75444692

Stone throwing devils is a nickname for Arabs, and for a good reason.

>> No.75444731

About a month ago someone here posted a pic of an 'Invoke Prejudice' playmat with a red long Ultimate Guard deckbox. Anyone has the link?

>> No.75444852

I've actually talked this one over with a lawyer friend of mine, and there are a number of arguments that Hasbro would be able to bring to bear to prove that Magic isn't gambling under any legal definition. It would be incredibly difficult to pin them under that kind of legislation without passing a law that calls out Magic by name.
Hasbro still does everything they can to keep the case from going to court because you don't want to have to pay legal fees or actually make those arguments if you don't have to, of course.

>> No.75444965

You forget that if Hasbro makes big buckaroos and daddy government sniffs someone making big buckaroos without their permission, the argument is null and void and fuck you, it is gambling now pay me.

>> No.75445078

kek, if only the name of the card explained how you yourself felt personally

>> No.75445356

>Modern now nothing but 4c Omnath empowering the other 2019-2020 mistake cards like Uro, Saheeli Felder, Urza, etc.
Can it get any worse?

>> No.75445370

Here's an idea. Why not stop being a bunch of fucking babies crying about the state of the game and make modern our own? Why not stick it to the man and just make our own banlist like EDH has their own. Unban twin? Sure. Fuck all FIRE and other BS that Hasbro shots out their ass.

Modern belongs to us, and has been abandoned by Hasbro. Size the day and make it yours.

>> No.75445429

Doesn't work that way. Best chance for change you're gonna see is by sending hate mail to MaRo's Tumblr because he is a little bitch who goes overboard to criticism

>> No.75445463


This is why they're decommissioning paper though. Paper cards are their liability.

The courts can currently say "you say that your boosters contain only paper with no monetary value, but a quick Google search and common sense indicate that you are aware that rare and effective cards are worth more money". Wizards has to fight hard there.

If only Arena exists, Wizards can say "none of our digital cards can be exchanged for money or goods and any single card you like can be made with minimal effort playing the game for free".

>> No.75445481

You will never know if you don't try. People love to complain but if someone takes action they can make modern great again.

>> No.75445492

Reddit tried that. They went back to pre War and routinely added sets to the format. But in typical Reddit fashion they also banned faithless looting because they're as clueless as WotC.

>> No.75445909

What is the best control finisher in bant

Playing uro and that’s it atm, also what is the balance between counters, sweepers and draw? I play 7 sweepers, 3 targeted removal, 4 counters and a lot of draw

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File: 414 KB, 600x350, 1586897211286.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.75446150

1. They are not print on demand
2. The quantity is a lot more limited because there's much more commander product than people wanting it so scarcity will be a problem
3. It's a one time product that is essentially on a virtual reserved list even if they say that they can reprint them it doesn't mean they will

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>> No.75446306


>> No.75446331


probably omn4th tbqh

>> No.75446402

If you think it is worth it jumping through hoops and cutting the already dwindling playerbase even further, I'd suggest trying traditional.

However, I am done with this game and I recommend selling out as well.

>> No.75446437
File: 405 KB, 995x1791, Rosewater.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I fully and truly believe they could do anything at this point and idiots would still defend them

>> No.75446725

It's so hard to get excited about this game these days...

>> No.75446757

Field of the Dead
Unstoppable force once it gets online. If you want to speed it up a bit then throw in some card advantage engines like Life from the Loam or Fact or Fiction to consistently hit land drops each turn. Life from the Loam doubles as protection for Field which makes the wincon double cancer. Tutors help a bit as well with Elvish Reclaimer, Knight of the Reliquary, and Golos being extra bodies as well for blocking.

>> No.75446880

The problem is this is a really good card. I’d run one or two in a red deck. Ramanup is good as is, having a more easily repeatable damage source to turn on spectacle or bloodthirst would be great in historic, and probably pioneer. It would likely also be the token red card to bitch about in standard. It’s just so much worse academy, cradle, sanctum. Tower needs deck building considerations so id rate them evenly.

>> No.75446959

lmfao bro it pitches to Force of Will, and you think LEGACY will be free of it? Legacy metagame just moves slower because there's like only 30 people left in the format.

>> No.75446995

You’re retarded and completely misunderstood the post

>> No.75447024

Sorry, I assumed you were saying it wouldn't be run in legacy, but now I see you're making an allusion to the Oko situation.

>> No.75447051

Imagine how smooth your brain has to be to see ramp shitting down everyone's throat for a year and you make a card that has a YGO-size textbox, cantrips on entry, is outside the range of everything but hard removal and Lightning Axe, and synergizes with fetchlands to refund its own casting cost.

>> No.75447182

I think its actually more likely that digital fucks them. Whenever lootbox regulation comes up its always in the context of video games selling gambling to children. Trading cards are never mentioned.

>> No.75447203
File: 375 KB, 1080x780, 093.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

time to prove you're actually good at magic. Old School room up on US Xmage, you can find the restricted list yourself, 1 Stripmine. Password is Invoke's Gatherer number

>> No.75447228

Magic Arena doesn't have a dusting system like Shitstone so your cards never get redeemed unless the card is banned, in which case if you spent like 12 wildcards on a deck and those cards are only good in that deck, and you get refunded 4, you are still fucked.
It is the most jewish digital card game by far.

>> No.75447329

no way fag

>> No.75447388

nah it would just turn into we wuz

>> No.75447414

They can't even draw attractive black women a majority of the time

>> No.75447456

i hate oldschool because everybody saves their decklists as a low-quality photo of laid-out cards that is too small to read the cards' names and see what cards they have in there. makes it a pain to get into

>> No.75447465

I feel like even the MtG artists have given up

>> No.75447508

They don't give a shit. History and context is almost never relevant because all the corporate suits see is money, and all the progressives see is just another tool to help push their pretentious agenda on the masses.

They could make Companions seem like a joke while going full-1488 with their company and games and they would still somehow be in business.

>> No.75447567

effort requires time and wotc's release schedule isn't compatible

>> No.75448021

Omnath is plummeting in price even though it's still being played everywhere
Another ban soon?

>> No.75448100
File: 146 KB, 464x664, 1583594815607.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone in these threads play 93/94 MtG? Seems to be the last bastion of decency in the game as WotC couldn't fuck with it even if they wanted to.

>> No.75448220
File: 233 KB, 672x936, vis-28-chronatog.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I prefer premodern myself but I've heard 93/94 is fun

>> No.75448236

Is Premodern independent of WotC like 93/94 is?

>> No.75448278

yes its a closed format consisting of cards from 4th to scourge

>> No.75448285

Perfect, might try this out with a friend. Thanks!

>> No.75448755

premodern is fucking great, and most of the decks are cheap unless you want to run 4 mox diamond.

t. deadguy player

>> No.75448816

Can't I just play an unfucked version of Modern?

>> No.75448841

>Bans fow and Bstorm
I can literally smell the angry, emasculated, skilless subhuman who made this forma, I can just feel him seething and screeching as this happened.
>Should I play around a 1 for 2 counter?
God I fucking hate shitters.

>> No.75448927

are you retarded? landstill is the best deck in the format can you imagine the deck with fow unbanned?

>> No.75448953


i played extended during the masques block
fow should go and stay go from such a format, and if you don't understand why you're a retarded negroid

>> No.75449282

Looks neat but I'm genuinely curious why is fow banned? Are there just like 0 combo decks or something?

>> No.75449354

>why is fow banned?
I think their official stance was something about not wanting the format to just be legacy 0.5 same reason brainstorm is banned
>Are there just like 0 combo decks or something?
There was rector bargain but Yawgs bargain got banned I dont think there's really any fast turn 1 combos currently

>> No.75449394

Think I've figured out a way to ruin standard yet again

>> No.75449459

But Omnath is gone, Standard is fixed

>> No.75449513

there are combo decks, just not degenerate ones that can win turn 1. so no need for fow to answer them

>> No.75449646


if you really need to counter something turn 1 without leaving mana open, there's daze. remember, force of will needs to exist in legacy because in legacy there are combo decks that can win on turn 1 or 2. the combos aren't that fast in premodern, so no need for force of will. imagine, you can actually play regular old counterspell, the way garfield intended

>> No.75449712

Doing a makeshift poll. What's your pick for worst evergreen keyword? I feel like it's lifelink just because it's never just lifelink, each time lifelink goes off it's part of some bigger combo and I can't think of a keyword that's just as bad, flying has a power gap before taking second

>> No.75449762


Mill. You're not even playing magic anymore and dredge is always one design mistake away from ruining multiple formats.

>> No.75449788

I forgot mill got promoted to evergreen and I agree, it's another "my deck is totally designed for one thing and it's annoying" keyword

>> No.75450213

they should have just stuck with shroud

>> No.75450344

Faggots like you is why they never take the playerbase seriously when looking for opinions about new mechanics.
I bet planeswalkers are disgusting too right?

>> No.75450354


>> No.75450358

>I bet planeswalkers are disgusting too right?

>> No.75450421

Depends on the PW, I like old Nissa but I know her ult was fucking cancer that would be painful to see with Landfall around. I think vivian has generally been one of the more balanced PWs with no really awful versions. Firecrotch has generally been a big gay bitch and less said about any Jace the better

>> No.75450423

You are the reason (((they))) came up with the fedora meme to shame us and make us look bad.

>> No.75450449

dont care still not playing planesniggers and am instead playing formats where they are not invited like pooper

>> No.75450505

>pauper deck
Why does it cost so much for a bunch of commons?
>*nasal voice* ummm, achkchyually those commons are powerful and that's why they cost so much, because they are printed on super duper luxury cardboard and this is why we can't have pauper precons!
>challenger decks have more powerful cards with mythics n shit and cost less than a pauper deck

Also reprint quirion ranger.

>> No.75450533

>Why does it cost so much for a bunch of commons?
most decks are right around the 50 burger mark what are you trying to build?

>> No.75450544

Black burn is like a dollar.

>> No.75450629

Shut the fuck up Markberg Rosewaterstein

>> No.75450702

Not him anon, but I think most thoughtful people would see pw, especially new ones as a blight.

This has nothing to do with being edgy. They still are capable of doing new, cool mechanics like sagas. Most of the time they don't though, because novelty and power sells more than balance.

>> No.75450757

>black burn
dangerously based

>> No.75450911

These absolute niggers made fnm at home the one format on arena that omnath isn’t banned in.

>> No.75450940

post it you glowie

>> No.75450990

Elves and dimir control wich are in the range of 60-110 here, and i get shafted by shipping fees and my lgs being kosher as fuck with a policy that doesn't sell cards below 50 cents and gurmag anglers are like 2 bucks each.
They did it with zendikar commander precons, why the fuck can't they do it for pauper?

>> No.75451029

>muh lgs
so then buy it online you fucking imbecile

>> No.75451034

>I bet planeswalkers are disgusting too right?

just the absolute worst

>> No.75451043

But for real, we managed to get oubliette reprinted, now we should aim to get quirion ranger reprinted with preferably no nigger in the artwork .
Does any normalfag lurking here have a twitter/youtube/facebook account so we can contact the professor and ask him to start shilling for a quirion reprint?

>> No.75451068

sounds like you need to find a better lgs fren

>> No.75451113

It costs less than 3 dollars on tcgplayer. Stop being Brazilian and just but the damn things.

>> No.75451185

>pauper staple
>played in legacy and vintage elves if i'm not mistaken
>core of an elves deck
>printed only once in 1997
>extremely scarce and in demand
>not in a desperate need of a reprint
Sooo... how does the hasbro's boot taste like?

>> No.75451399

>extremely scarce and in demand
>less than $5 with over 170 sellers
You’re a moron

>> No.75451410

just fucking print your own then retard

>> No.75451412

How many people do you know that have a copy?

>> No.75451439

Be honest you just want it in foil cause you’re a faggot who needs to epic dabberino on your friends

>> No.75451488

Are you the same retard?

>> No.75451624

Your the retard trying to make people your personal army to get a reprint of a $4 dollar card. That sees play in a format that is almost entirely played online, and might see play in another format that’s almost entirely online. You seem to think that someone not having a copy of this 4 dollar card is indicative of its demand, when it’s more indicative of the fact that no one cares about nor wants it for any real format or even edh. Calling someone a retard is hypocritical at best for you.

>> No.75451965

>Reprint MY favorite card instead

>> No.75452001

but unironically

>> No.75452067

>Stop being Brazilian
we're not that cheap

>> No.75452207

it already has a foil, anon...

>> No.75452324

We aren't your personal army here, faggot.

>> No.75452739
File: 441 KB, 1342x936, friendzone.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Here's ur degenerate two card combo bro
slam friendzone, grab memeug from the yard, go infinite

I haven't ironed out the details or done any testing but it has FIRE written all over it. Braindead value engine that sometimes just wins outright.

>> No.75452754

How exactly is this supposed to go infinite again?

>> No.75452901
File: 78 KB, 600x600, 1602707167315.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.75452918

It doesn't. He must not have read the card and realizes it exiles it out of your graveyard. Even still though, it is pretty degenerate and can create tones of value, even if it doesn't go infinite.

>> No.75452938

the flavor text of that card completely destroys what could have been a cool card

>> No.75452980


Nah. Just a poor choice of words. There are scenarios where you can go off really fucking hard though. E.G. if you had a gayad in play or some other means of generating multiple landfall triggers right away, a lot of the time you just get your entire graveyard and kill them.

>> No.75452988

No reprint cards that are over $30. Specifically legacy mana bases.

>> No.75453029


>> No.75453034

$80+ foil, and since he’s bitching about reprinting a 4 dollar card it has to be because he wants foils
To be fair it’s not like any recent flavor text has been beneficial to the card.

>> No.75453088

Legacy manabases being reprinted helps vintage, legacy, edh, and cube. Also kills the finance fags which makes these threads entertaining.

>> No.75453115
File: 135 KB, 672x936, znr-8-cliffhaven-sell-sword.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>To be fair it’s not like any recent flavor text has been beneficial to the card.

>> No.75453119 [SPOILER] 
File: 105 KB, 1024x512, 1602890010304.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

here's your mana base reprint fren :)

>> No.75453146

>just 1 year until enemy fetches reprints in booster packs
I'm so excited bros

>> No.75453208
File: 238 KB, 672x936, cdabde40-2143-4677-b7b4-ea8fbf9b1f25[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You call that flavor text?

>> No.75453215

No I just laugh because that card's flavor text destroyed some dude's mind.

>> No.75453243
File: 244 KB, 672x936, 8ed-204-obliterate.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.75453314

I was talking duals, I don’t want fetches in my cube. Got all the fetches I needed cheap when pioneer launched and modern players sold out of the format, wish I waited on picking up Goyfs, but last time I waited on goyf it jumped to $200.
The edit is much better, even if it’s got caveman speak on it. I could see how they felt bad about gorehorn being absolutely hideous without flavortext and went overboard on vanilla creatures with it.

>> No.75453640

buddy you need to see a psychiatrist asap

>> No.75453805

Art direction in general has gone towards hyperliteral, clean digital pics with full backgrounds, I noticed it back in 7th and 8th Ed. Look at the OG Fallen Angel versus the 8th Ed one for example. Every year there are fewer and fewer card arts that dont look like cookie cutter sakimichan shit.

>> No.75454303

>hasbro stock is climbing
>oct/16/19 120$ a share
>today 89$
>kungflu made it drop to 45$ due to the crash
>past 5 years share prices jump from low of 85 to a high of 130

its returning to normal like most stocks are post 2020 crash in april it was at 75$ its not climbing at all its very stagnate considering all the "hype" and sales from wotc I doubt it will reach 100$ after the xmass holidays if investers think sales are low for the holidays people will sell like mad its possible for shares to drop back to 75$ which was the market high in 2016 in the 08 crash it only dropped a few dollars to around 25$ a share from 2010 to 2016 it had its most gains magics hype is over for now at least for a few years

personally I think shorting shares till after the holidays would be the most profitable I'm HIV positive shares will go back down to 70ish dollars

>> No.75454474


While I appreciate the (You) I find it positively comical that you think anyone in this thread gives one trillionth of a fuck about hasbro stock fundamentals, mark.

>> No.75454724
File: 184 KB, 1099x893, ruined gaylo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I laugh every time.

>> No.75455001

why did halo even spike like what plays it?

>> No.75455037

UW Control, according to https://article.hareruyamtg.com/article/article_en_233/?lang=en

>> No.75455166
File: 163 KB, 672x936, cmd-131-punishing-fire.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.75455203

>they play uro
>gain 3 life
>activates punishing fire thereby punishing them for playing FIRE cards

>> No.75455237

>SSS+++++ tier monored
how about you fuck off
monored is the second most obnoxious deck now right behind uroshit

>> No.75455321

I do. I dictates a lot about theyr future moves.

>> No.75455505
File: 194 KB, 720x1319, Screenshot_20201016-224450_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here you go. Not specifically to the games.

>> No.75455564

>I find it positively comical that you think anyone in this thread gives one trillionth of a fuck about hasbro stock fundamentals

they should the more in danger of shares going down the shitter the more hasbro is going to force WOTC to print garbage in hopes of gained revenue

>> No.75455607

Magic will never die because the past year has shown me Magic players have zero dignity and would buy a pack of MaRo's shit

>> No.75456516

>a pack
You mean a VIP Booster Box. It's important to maintain perspective.

>> No.75456641
File: 494 KB, 203x255, 20201025.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is the better flavor text cos Barrin can't use red magic as implied in >>75453208


>> No.75456650

>they're decommissioning paper
The fuck kind of tinfoil hat nonsense is this?

>> No.75456666

COVID was engineered by WotC to kill paper Magic anon. It's all part of the plan, can't you see??

>> No.75456757
File: 317 KB, 375x523, 1601877184115.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

well? why are you still here?

>> No.75456847
File: 497 KB, 2048x2048, 1586742951763.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just watching it all burn

>> No.75456875
File: 311 KB, 672x936, ulg-104-hidden-gibbons.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


there is only one flavor text that matters

>> No.75457368

What do you think is the worst flavor of tribal? People who play mill tribal belong in camps but what are some others

>> No.75457657

>mill is bad
You're the reason wotc turned this game into a dumpster fire. Please go kys yourself.

>> No.75457742

Please note, I said mill tribal. I can't think of mechanic that is total cancer besides some companions. Just tribal brings out the worst of anything

>> No.75457824

What the fuck is mill tribal you retard.

>> No.75457842

A deck designed for two things, stalling out the game as long as fucking possible and draining your deck. Bonus points if it has abilities that target your graveyard to do things like bring back creatures under their control. Generally comes in UB and shockingly those are about the best colors to stop it

>> No.75457959

That's a control deck with a mill wincon, retard.

>> No.75458180


We already saw a preview of how itll look from umezawa's dyke side cut descendent. This set will be embarassing.

>> No.75458202


Definitely twin era. Twin kept everything in check like delver does in legacy.

>> No.75458249

Not-SMT Nu-Kamigawa would be kinda interesting.
That would require them to keep the Kami focus tho.

>> No.75458357

What flavor of Secret Lair are they gonna do for Kamigawa? Naruto? Bleach? Ghost in the Shell?
Kinda surprised it was Godzilla instead of Pokemon for Ikoria's alters, when taking into consideration all of the "Well, we didn't say what KIND of monsters we were focusing on" backpedaling they did.

>> No.75458403
File: 942 KB, 1436x1080, 1597689136161.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why do people call Magic Online "Modo?

>> No.75458463

it's reserved to janjans

>> No.75458508

Whatever the flavour of the month shounen shit is.

>> No.75458523

>best standard ever was time spiral/lorwyn
>mtg almost died from lack of sales

>> No.75458547

We're the ones responsible for xwave anon, tthe MIllennials.

>> No.75458594
File: 106 KB, 1242x669, 121833615_1508965252643529_1921504367373815722_o[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.75458665

Pretty comfy shitbrew desu. Even though the list is terrible and could be improved big time with no efforts.
>village rites starting to see more and more play in standard, historic, penny dreadfull, pioneer, pauper.. and now modern
I fucking told you bros, this card is OP. In so many builds this card is just a nerfed ancestral recall.

>> No.75458726
File: 190 KB, 640x469, 1602280194446.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm just here for the milk

>> No.75458977

First few years, back when traditional Bant midrange with Geists and Swords was playable.

At this point I've given up on Modern and am in the process of putting together EDH decks based on either T2 or banned Modern decks I used to run. So far I have Feather Czech Twin, Thassa 2.0 Turns, and five-color Pod. I may try to build Death and Taxes too.

>> No.75458982

Milk it for all they've got.

>> No.75458991


like fun?

>> No.75459110

Magic Online with Digital Objects

>> No.75459343
File: 208 KB, 423x518, 1602325942077.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>i managed to make it into a meme
T...thanks f...frens...

>> No.75459409
File: 545 KB, 700x959, tamiyo_quirkilicious.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I also suspected that millky skinned TAMIYO bound her bust too much.

>> No.75459461

My Hero Academia if they could. It's the ultimate normiefag Naruto shonen of current times

>> No.75459470

Can't wait to dab on people with Ochako Delver

>> No.75459474

>the amount of zoomers that watch my hero academia on their $800 smartphones on crunchyroll and netflix
Fucking kill me.

>> No.75459475

pretty much

>> No.75459507

>make secret lair with exclusive limited time offering art(tm) of frog bitch in a seductive pose
>sell your shit secret lair for 1000 bucks
>would probably sell out the second you put it up because normies
>or on the flip side if you wanna appeal to the mythical girl player make slight yaoi art card of bakugo and deku and it'd probably sell out too

>> No.75459530

Do you think WotC would sexualize a teen girl?

>> No.75459548
File: 273 KB, 672x936, unh-16-little-girl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I mean...

>> No.75459555

Pretty sure WotC will sell their morals when it becomes profitable enough. They are huge sellouts now so anything is possible

>> No.75459572


>> No.75460033

See: Judge Promo Demonic Tutor

>> No.75460045

That isn't a teen.

>> No.75460151

Someone has to ensure the holy words of power are reposted.
And of course, to call Kooba a retard.

>> No.75460252
File: 370 KB, 672x936, leg-62-invoke-prejudice.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>to ensure the holy words of power are reposted
>friendly, daily and threadly reminder that wotc is de facto printing an illegal cryptocurrency where prices are kept artificially inflated due to artificial scarcity and insider trading that gets distributed through lottery tickets and lootboxes and that they spend, all costs included, 2 cents per card to print them

>> No.75460660

How are these sexualized in any way? Genuinely curious why you'd think that

>> No.75460674

Elder Gargaroth is such a well designed card bros.
>above the curve body that is immune to everything but hard removal
>trample, vigilance, and reach so it blocks everything, can't be blocked, and can both attack and block without thinking
>you get to choose between 3 modal goodstuff effects
Smart game for smart people

>> No.75460793

As was said before, you would have been called a faggot in /ccg/ for posting it, and these people are beyond hope.

And yet the card STILL isn't seeing that much play simply because you can actually 1-for-1!
1-1ing a mythic in this day and age? Absurd, why doesn't it have hexproof and "can't be interacted with" (which they'll probably keyword at some point in the near future)

>> No.75461260

The fact that even after being errataed to near uselessness, companions are still in top decks in every format, shows how broken that mechanic was and how all companions should just be banned everywhere.

>> No.75461511

I was waiting for this post, accusing the accuser, you kept me waiting.
Give a look at the pedo judges scandal where wotc knew everything and covered it up from the very beginning and called an incel schizo whoever called them out and/or started questioning them and then ended up covering everything up with mass firings and nobody ever talked about it again.
But you already knew that.

>> No.75461561
File: 101 KB, 616x452, chk-100-wandering-ones.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sexual abnormalities can make everything appear sexualized.
Having a SOUL fetish, cards like these makes me unable to concentrate on the table.

>> No.75461590

>Conspiracy nut believes pedophile cabals NEED to print CP on a childrens card game because reasons

>> No.75461647

>I was waiting for this post
Because you're obsessed.
Men like to look at little girls for the same reason they like to look at kittens, it's cute and it awakens their fatherly and protective instincts. It's used as a form of soul healing.

>> No.75461832

Ability triggers on attacking and blocking. Hm. Yes quite good. Answer immediately or get buried under infinite cards. Nice design.

>> No.75461897

How heavy should I go in on Village Rites foil

>> No.75461945

Do yourself a favor and drink bleach
Except when grown up-ass men ask little boys to sit on their lap in exchange for judge promos, turn yourself in, pedo.

>> No.75462037

Invest every single penny you own in buying as many copies as possible.
Anything less only means that you're a tiny dick incel that doesn't love this game enough.
Stay the course!

>> No.75462400
File: 112 KB, 616x452, 10e-321-doubling-cube.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Behold! The Black Cube of Saturn!

>> No.75462471

woah there, you're approaching dangerous levels of based my friend
slow down before the disciples of satur- i mean jannies catch on!

>> No.75462678

Very good post

>> No.75462764

Page 11. New thread when?

>> No.75462775

Never, hopefully.

>> No.75462884

>look ma i'm 13 and i'm edgy like the big guys!

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