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What system for Discworld?

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Why can't we have anything nice?

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There's an official 4E GURPS book for it, anyone know if it's a good start?

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Hey look at me, the official Discworld RPG system of record, existing already

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Because a certain group of people have decided that everything should cater to what they think is the perfect politics.
And these people hire lazy, stupid, arrogant people based on their personal politics rather than merit and let them hack up other peoples work.
I wonder if whatever poor fucking intern they had skim-read the books before they started production based on a series of crib notes got a laugh out of this line:
>Swing, though, started in the wrong place. He didn't look around, and watch and learn, and then say, 'This is how people are, how do we deal with it?' No, he sat and thought: This is how the people ought to be, how do we change them?' And that was a good enough thought for a priest but not for a copper, because Swing's patient, pedantic way of operating had turned policing on its head.

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That'd require a degree of self awareness I don't think they have.

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>Because a certain group of people have decided that everything should cater to what they think is the perfect politics.
Why is literally everything about politics to you people

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See, no self awareness.

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> Marama Corlett as Corporal Angua, “tasked with Carrot’s training and keeping the rookie alive”
> Sam Adewunmi as Carcer Dun, “the wounded and wronged Carcer Dun, out to hijack destiny itself, take control of the city and exact a terrible revenge on an unjust reality”
> Ruth Madeley as Throat, “the city’s best snitch, with a gang of freelance henchmen at her beck and call”

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>cut me own tonker dibbler

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Oh, so terrible then. Too bad. Of course it'll be sjw female empowerment at the expense of men nonsense with an awareness of the back cover of the book source material and no more.

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The bizarre thing is, Pratchett's books are inherently leftist and political. He's the most "SJW" author I can think of in fantasy.

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Pratchett grasped the concept of nuance and empathising with people he disagreed with.
Take Albrecht in the fifth elephant. The book paints him as an antagonist with bigoted and backwards views, which is why the ending catches people off guard. Turns out that he's just a man with different values, and by the standards of Uberwald he's loyal, hard working and incredibly honest.
Or take Jingo. You have the greatest red herring in the series brought to a crashing halt with one of the best lines in fiction "Be generous, Sir Samuel. TRULY treat all men equally. Allow Klatchians the right to be scheming bastards, hmm?"
Then there's monstrous regiment, which hammers home the actual meaning of equality at the end "What do you take me for, Jackrum? I promoted them if they were better"

If this is what SJWs were actually like, I'd take them in with a handshake and a beer any day of the week, but they aren't.

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Pratchett was actually progressive, in a nuanced, thoughtful way. He saw injustice around him and went 'Maybe we should be better to one another, is that so hard?'

These people are regressives, filled with arrogance and contempt for those around them.
Can you sincerely imagine them doing a show about a decent or humane copper?

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no self awareness with you people

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But is this what Rhianna is bitching about, or just your kneejerk guess?

Because if you cunts read the article, they don't talk about politics.

They talk that they basically have to streamline everything together and that the protag has a Punk Rock look.

Another line of concern among 'fans' was that BBC America was going to undercut it with 'Satire'. Satire. (of a Satire...?) Not Social Justice.

Or that Vimes appears to be a solid drunk, than a intelligent guy who gets tipsy.

In other words the adaption is flawed from the getgo because the adapters don't know what they're adapting, not that they're trying to force anything. Unlike you guys, who force down accusations of MUH SJWS everywhichfuckingwhere.

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Looks like it's going to be bad for reasons unrelated to politics. Bad acting, bad directing, bad script and so on.

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>basically have to streamline everything together
Bullshit and lies; they've got 8 episodes and they could've easily taken say, the first 3 books of the watch and used that.
Hell, do 2 4 episode stand alones.

They used that as justification to basically go 'Ah fuck it, we took 'inspiration' and did our own thing' and you damned well know it. A thin veneer of excuse to parasite off a better franchise and pack as much putrid wokeism into it as they could.

Don't feed me a play of bullshit and tell me it's chocolate trifle.

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How do you know?

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The fact they're incompetent doesn't rule out their active malice, you gaslighting faggot.
>Because if you cunts read the article, they don't talk about politics.
You have to be fucking with me. No shit an article won't get into the race lifting without armouring themselves in a hundred layers of bootlicking in case of backlash.

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Kneejerk response from anti SJWs who HAVE to win the culture war. Like you say, it's about the fucking weird changes to everything they've made.

I don't know why people keep trying to make it a political thing.

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And just as importantly to add onto this; the reason these people have been given this in the first place is politics and the reason they can get away with the shit they do is politics.

They were hired because they knew the right people or had the right politics rather than merit and will get away with this because anyone that complains will be told 'Oh you just hate that character X is a demisexual golemkin', which the higher ups swallow rather than turning back to the producers and going 'What the fuck have you done to this perfectly good IP you complete sack of shit?'

Politics allows the perpetuation of adapters that don't know what they're adapting getting away with this complete flaming faggotry and until you stop defending them as 'Oh it's not because of politics' they'll continue to use you as this big lovely meaty retarded shield in order to continue it.

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Can I see your evidence of this?

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They made Carcer an anti villain.
They ARE malicious by merit of that alone. You couldn’t defile the character any better if you tried

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Man why even make this

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>Can I see your evidence of this
Alright, go back as far as gamergate and just roll on forward from there to the present day.
Ghostbusters remake, Charlie's Angels, Kathleen Kennedy, the new Dr Who.
Shit, Kathleen Kennedy actually managed to force the hand of the owner of Disney by leaking a fake rumor to the press and rather than going 'No that's bullshit and Kathleen is out the door in 3 months' the owners relented to the tune of however many millions she's going to piss down the drain (again).
Find me a single progressive writer who has actually been shellacked for doing a piss poor job by the critics or the higher ups rather than their bosses cucking out under the potential risk of being accused of just not liking their #woke improvements by their friends in the media.
Go on, I'll wait, dick in hand for the minute you admit you're wrong, I do love edging for hours on end.

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Surely Rhianna owns the rights to this and could have stopped it rather than letting it be greenlit?

It's not a political thing, anon. Pratchett's books are leftist and full of female empowerment. It's a shithead thing.

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Why stop it? If it does well she makes free money, if it does poorly she loses nothing.

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>Anna Chancellor as Lord Vetinari
Honestly never expected to say this but Vetinari is one of those character who changes a lot if you change gender. Really think he should stay a man for context. I think you can make Carrot a woman easier than Vetinari a woman.

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She can't really greenlight it and then turn around saying it's an affront to the books without seeming like a hypocrite.

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Pratchett isn't woke enough for the new wokists. That's basic wokism, it goes crazier every x years and anyone who isn't keeping with the trends, is basically a nazi.

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>It's not a political thing, anon. Pratchett's books are leftist and full of female empowerment. It's a shithead thing.
It's 100% a political thing. Pratchett was actually progressive and thoughtful in doing so.
These writers are regressives, they don't want to build anything up, they just love setting fire to things then pissing on the ashes.
Case in point? Vimes was a working class lad who made good and struggled through incredible injustice to do so.
Name a single piece of media from the proglodtyes that has a white, working class character that isn't stupid, evil, comedic or a mix of the above.
Shit, name one that has a working class character at fucking all that isn't the above.
Pratchett never tore down one group to build up another did he?

Also Rhianna is unable to wrangle the TV series rights away from the BBC it seems.

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BBC bought the rights to make "a Watch series", and now that they have those rights, she doesn't have any more creative control than the rest of us do.

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Damn that's crazy. Source?

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Pratchett treated his political opponents as human.
He's practically Hitler by the modern standard.

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>this is sybille ramkin
Oh come on senpai how do you fuck up this badly? It's not even about race: Ankh-Morpork is a famously heterogenous city, totally plausible there could be some expat nobility who are black or whatever. But Sybille is a huge fat lady. It's a major part of her introduction and ongoing character. What the fuck.

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>article literally says it wasn't politics

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How fucking psychotic are you that you think social democrats who treat their political opponents like they're human are Hitler by modern standards

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You're not going to convince me this is political just because of your desperate need to get at the SJWs in everything. This isn't the first thing BBC America has monumentally fucked up to try to sell to a US audience and it's not because of progressivism, it's because of idiocy.

I mean the BBC is not some far leftist institution. Britain isn't nearly as pro-trans as the US is for one thing.

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But this isn't Ghostbusters.
>Charlie's Angels
But this isn't Charlie's Angels.
>Kathleen Kennedy
But she isn't involved in this project.
>The new Dr Who
But this isn't the new Dr Who.

It looks bad. In fact, it looks like it's going be awful, and it looks like a travesty that spits in the face of what was originally written. But you've yet to provide any evidence that this series is going to be bad solely because of leftist influence. I mean shit, the primarily white cast of protagonists is a police force, and their primary antagonist, a criminal cancer on society, is played by a black guy. If anything, I see this piece of shit series enraging the left solely because of that.

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>actually citing gamergate
Funny thing is, I can actually remember when it WAS about ethics in game journalism. Then all the alt-right grifters got dollar signs in their eyes and got a bunch of easy marks.

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Find a modern equivalent of Albrecht Albrechtson and try to praise their positive qualities, then get back to me on that one.

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Funny because he's also the most reddit author I can think of on fantasy too.

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>this is angua
I will now watch your terrible bastardisation of a beloved book franchise.

Also imagining making CMOT a fucking crimelord lmao.

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*blocks your path*

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Don't dodge the fucking question, how psychotic are you? Holy shit, anon, the current prime minister is a conservative and the leader of the lefty opposition party is more right wing than Pratchett was. What's wrong with you?

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Pick your favorite series that's been ruined and look into the background of what happened to the people involved afterwards.
Trust your own lying eyes.

>I mean the BBC is not some far leftist institution.
Hah you fucking retard. You don't even know what you're talking about. Alright, bonglandian here. The BBC is balls deep in progressivism and run entirely by the kind of people that'd get kicked out of a Marxist commune for being 'A bit too far gone'

They're sealed comfortably in a cosmopolitan bubble and fed tax payer money with little to no feedback from their audience or the public.
Check out what happened to Dr Who for an example of what the BBC is. Again, I'll wait.

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Yes, anon, I'm going to take your hysteric hyperbole seriously.
Now do it. I dare you. Despite my turn of phrase, you don't even have to tell anyone about it because when this thread gets archived or deleted I'll stop giving a shit.
Just do it for yourself.

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>run entirely by the kind of people that'd get kicked out of a Marxist commune for being 'A bit too far gone'

Don't fucking fool yourself, they threw all their own broadcasting rules out the window last election when there was a danger of an actual leftist approaching power.

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Yes-yes, everything was ruined by those mean, nefarious alt-righters that no one can quite point to specific names of without it being pointed out those people aren't right wing or alt-right when they rarely are.
Certainly not a case of the media, who were being called out on their BS, smearing the people calling them out in a way similar to literally every other time they've been called out.

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>Hah you fucking retard. You don't even know what you're talking about. Alright, bonglandian here
I'm British too mate. The BBC is nowhere near far-left as far as British politics goes and you're an idiot/have been manipulated by right-wing grifters if you think so. I'm Scottish, I very specifically see the non-left-wing bias from the BBC in its Scottish reporting. The BBC is primarily concerned with hitting the narrative of the governing UK party and with covering its own back.

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>Trust your own lying eyes.
What the FUCK did he mean by this
No surprise you're a schizo
Bonglandian here btw, you do realise people usually complain that the BBC is too biased to the Tories, right? Were you deliberately forgetting all the jokes EVERYONE made about the BBC supposedly having an anti-Corbyn bias? Did you just bank on everyone being too American to call you out?

The truth is, everyone thinks the BBC is biased against them, because it's actually just centrist.
Love it when you niggers keep going on about how left wing everything supposedly is and then shut the fuck up when people point out that only conservatives are in charge.

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What the actual fuck are you rambling about?
take your goddamn meds

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You think a socdem would be considered Literally Hitler when most westerners are much further to the right than him.

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>Give me evidence it'll happen this time
Basic pattern recognition.
>Why do I shit out all my internal organs every time I eat this one kind of mushroom
>Ah probably unrelated
Oh and Carcer is no longer a villain don't you know. He's an anti-hero.

Again, give me a single example of this pattern not being upheld and I'll say 'Alright maybe this one be a burning turd that no one gets fired for shitting out onto a plate in the middle of a 5 star restaurant to the tune of about a million in tax payer funding (most of it being paid to the producer and his mates)'

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Wait, is this all down to you being so goddamn stupid that you took hyperbole seriously?

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>they turned CMOTD into a fucking crime lord!
>"okay sure whatever"
>oh and also he's a woman now
do fa/tg/uys really?

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Centrist and corrupt I can buy.

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What? Anon, I don't think you literally think he'd be considered on par with Hitler. I'm telling you that nobody would consider him less left-wing for daring to write humanlike characters. Do you really need to pretend people who disagree with you are doing so on the stupidest grounds possible in order to salve your broken anus?

>> No.75409422

>I'm British
Well fair eno-
>I'm Scottish
Ahh, a seething Scot, you lot keep voting for the SNP, I don't think your view on what is or isn't 'right wing' is even slightly viable given you keep voting in a National-Socialist government, your political compass is so far gone that anyone or anything right of Meow-Mao is probably pinging as ethno-fascism.
>You're a schizo
And you're a prog. Fuck it, William of Orange's men did nothing wrong at Glencoe, he should've pushed the envelope further and Red Wedding'd the rest of you while he was at it.

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>anon hastily backs out of his argument and turns to personal insults after numerous people call him out
NAYRT but if you don't want to get hit at for using hyperbole maybe you should use less hyperbole.

When you say this kind of thing:
>The BBC is balls deep in progressivism and run entirely by the kind of people that'd get kicked out of a Marxist commune for being 'A bit too far gone'
>Pratchett treated his political opponents as human. He's practically Hitler by the modern standard.
And then back out when pushed on it as "hyperbole", it just comes across as disingenuous. If you want to make a sincere point make it sincerely.

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People are annoyed at both, anon.
Fortunately nobody is going to see it, so mild annoyance, the odd webm being laughed at and a few moments of rage when the absolutely bastardise a moment will be all that comes from it.

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Good job proving him right on the schizo front. He isn't even the guy who called you that.

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You're talking to two people that both think you're a fuck head.
That's the other guy, not me.

>> No.75409445

I didn't call you a schizo senpai and it's been inevitable that the SNP would get a voting majority in Scotland ever since they were at least as good as the previous Labour government. The only way you will get the SNP out in Scotland now is if it actually goes independent.

I mean literally the only thing you can do here is move from attacking the BBC's values to attacking my values, based on where I live. You have zero integrity in this argument.

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And I'm telling you that if you openly defended a modern person on the level of Albrecht you'd get brigaded, and you deflected to Boris Jonson who is nowhere near that level.
i assume you're a dishonest moron because you're acting like one.
The first quote is also from a different person.

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I like how you made the same mistake he made.

>> No.75409469

Yeah that one was on me. I meant to put in a quote between. You do have me on that one I'll give you that.

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>sybille is young and thin
>fat colon and ugly nobby are gone
>cheery is a tall non-bino instead of a little, beardy bloke who happens to be a woman
>vimes's black eyeliner
>Patrician is a woman (which allows for sexual tension with Vimes)
>CMOT now a woman crimelord instead of a dodgy sausage merchant
>carcer is an uWu misunderstood villain
The problem is actually a form of coomerism. All of these changes have been designed to appeal to someone's repressed sexual fantasy.

>> No.75409488

The BBC's politics is ultimately self-serving, but it's impossible to deny that the modern BBC has fully embraced progressivism.

They can't really bite the hand that feeds them for fear of losing funding (although it's looking like that's going to happen anyway).
There's also a dynamic where the younger staff are all twitterati media class leftists and the senior staff are more conservative clueless boomers who are furthering the progressive cause without fully realising how hostile it is to them personally.

You don't need to be the oracle of Delphi to see how things are going to pan out.

>> No.75409490

We're talking about authors writing characters, anon. If you wrote a character like Albrecht Albrechtson then fucking nothing would happen, especially if you're already known to be a fucking socdem. Get over yourself. Talk to somebody in real life for once.

>> No.75409498

The fact they just removed Colon and Nobby tells you everything you need to know about the adaptation. Way too much impetus to try and make Discworld "cool" and hip.

>> No.75409506

If your definition of progressivism is "doesn't oppose immigration" then sure. You need to stop echo chambering yourself if you think that's progressivism. Basically nobody in the UK opposes the concept of immigration.

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>Most nazis, which 4chan bones, were trannies
I don't get it

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>There's also a dynamic where the younger staff are all twitterati media class leftists and the senior staff are more conservative clueless boomers who are furthering the progressive cause without fully realising how hostile it is to them personally.
I don't think you know anything about the BBC anon.

>> No.75409543

I mean I'm the Scot arguing with that guy and plenty of people in the UK oppose the concept of immigration.

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This explains a lot.
The whole point of Albrecht's character is to show the nuance of people Terry disagrees with. He's there to show that there are people with values he absolutely abhors but are still good people overall.
Please read the books. If you already have, try to actually comprehend them.

>> No.75409550

Nazis were shit and Hitler was a fucking moron but this is reaching

Cross dressing was literally a fucking joke in that Era. Did no one watch mash? Does no one know Klinger?

>> No.75409557

They absolutely don't. They want to restrict immigration more than it is, but they don't want to cut it out.

>> No.75409574

What the fuck about your post do you think contradicts mine? Like I said, writing such a character would result in fucking nothing happening. Albrecht Albrechtson last appeared in fucking 2014 you psychotic nigger.

>> No.75409576

politics isn't just ecks dee dems vs reps, anon.
It's how you think things should work, what you think should be shown in media, who you think should be mentioned or ignored, etc.
Picking teams for gym class is a small reflection of politics.
I dunno, some of the interns might. One of my old friends went into journalism and could only find a job spamming retarded clickbait and apparently he and half his coworkers are about one bad day away from going insane and driving into a while at 100mph because of how miserable shovelling bullshit is to someone that wanted to cover african unrest

>> No.75409577

My anecdotal experience is that that is not true.

>> No.75409582

That's a devious little bit of sleight of hand right there.
>Oh they oppose migration in its current form and volumes but not all migration ever so that means they're totes fine with open borderism
There's a middle ground. Personally I'd be for a limited, points based system with more investment in the north in order to internally produce skilled workers.
Mass immigration allows parts of the country to decay and creates a marrier for the working class. But that's kindof beside the point of this thread.

>> No.75409599

Weellll ackshually
Before the night of the long knives there was a massive undercurrent of homosexual behavior and men in the nazi party. A ton of them ended up purged during that or completely stopped the behavior.

>> No.75409601

That's next level cope

>> No.75409604

They get paid like shit too. British journalism is a shitheap. TV journo stuff used to be a little better but not much anymore. Small indie stuff is about as good as you get: best COVID reporting I saw was in local papers, and only small outlets are investigating the government contracts scandal with any real outcry.

>> No.75409625

It contradicts, you chromosome burglar, because you seem to believe the character himself is the issue rather than what he represents. That even a shameless bigot still has redeemable aspects to them, and can even be a good person by their societies standards.
That's a low fucking blow and you know it

>> No.75409628

How did you even come to that conclusion? Where was immigration mentioned?

The definition of 'progressive' being used here is the one that resulted in this pseudo-diverse abomination, which is obvious to everyone who isn't being deliberately disingenuous.

>> No.75409636

If this adaption features 100 elephants so many questions will instantly be answered.

>> No.75409641

>I'm Scottish

>> No.75409656

I'm not being disingenuous (or at least not intentionally so) and I don't think progressivism is to blame for this adaptation, I think it's just shitty attempt to cater to the yoof and mass-market appeal. BBC America is often like that, and the lead writer wrote for Silent Witness which is an appallingly bad murder mystery series full of this kind of shit.

>> No.75409665

I dunno why you think this'd trigger me online when I've seen it in the wild anon.

>> No.75409681

'More conservative' being relative, not absolute.
The Director General always comes across to me like a sheep nervously proclaiming the superiority of wolves, hoping to get eaten last.

>> No.75409684

Honestly the most egregious bit to me is what they did to Vimes, making him some kind of punk rock metrosexual.

The adaptations I see in this don't smack of agenda pushing to me, so much as cowardice and fear of moral outrage.

They changed Cherry to a non-binary because people might construe the true depiction of them as subversive or anti-trans, because it doesn't fit the traditional narrative - Cherri wants to be female and act female and IS biologically female, this is important. This is... problematic for the kind of attention it'd draw from the TQ's

Carcer being a villain would just draw shrieks from the crowd that would consider him victimized, demeaning to the lower classes, etc.

>> No.75409701

>I don't think progressivism is to blame for this adaptation
I think this guy has it right >>75409129
It's progressive as a defense against being shit, this way the creators can hide behind 'Oh you just hate progressive characters' when people pan it and poor writers have realized they can do anything they like as long as they use this as an excuse, creating a feedback loop of poorly made products.
Progressivism stops the meritocracy from removing people that're shit.

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You know what this show smells like to me? A bunch of old blokes in suits desperately thinking what things young people today consider to be hip and cool and then smacking discworld on it because it has something resembling recognition

>> No.75409709

The most baffling part about Vimes is that the actor did actually look the part naturally, but they did everything possible to make him look wrong.
If they wanted the scraggly captain vimes from Guards Guards, they should have gone with someone slightly younger

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The classic EA defence.
Almost certainly no fucks given, but they'll happily hide behind them.

>> No.75409722

this is the most likely answer, since it's the truth that lay behind 99% of adaptations in the history of adaptations

>> No.75409724


>female carrot ends up in a male whorehouse accidentally, chucking out lechers and violent customers, oblivious to the harem consistently hitting on her

Isn't this just anime at that point?

>> No.75409761

Let's be honest the only person that should ever play Vimes is Pete Postlewaite.
Even if they had to dig him up and clone him, it was the only way.

>> No.75409764

for some reason they turned captain vimes into captain jack sparrow

>> No.75409779

>it's about execs chasing money
dingdingdingding! You've finally figured it out anon, the bane of all creatives!

>> No.75409786

Young Charles Dance

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>> No.75409799

You've been posting the same handful of bait headlines with no source for like 3 years, bro.

>> No.75409807

Because being okay with immigration is the only way I can think of the BBC "embracing progressivism". They definitely weren't biased towards Corbyn, that's for sure, whether or not they were biased against him.
Quite frankly I don't give a shit about the supposed diversity of this adaptation, that's a complete fucking non problem compared to the actual issues. You're mentally ill if THAT'S what you're angry about.

>> No.75409822

Vimes would be fucking horrible with Dance's accent, what's wrong with you.

>> No.75409828
File: 176 KB, 745x1024, He has a big wallet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In a suit!

>> No.75409831

Don't make me want this.

>> No.75409856

Ok, maybe we got some wires crossed.
I agree that they're trying to be 'down with the kids', but what they're emulating, accidentally or not, is radical decolonialist/feminist/social justice politics.
For example, I read an article the other day called 'the real cost of cancel culture', which ended up being very thinly-veiled apologetics for witch-hunts.

If it helps, I'm hardly a right-winger myself. In the context of this thread, I'm on board with Terry Pratchett-style progressivism. I've voted for the Green Party in the past. I'm just very opposed to social justice.

>> No.75409857


My take: these changes are to suit the international distribution market, avoid 'comparisons' with GoT (because fantasy = GoT, amirite guise?) and give their writers room to do more than a straight adaptation of the existing stories (akin to the Hogfather & Going Postal, which I think did not go down well in the US, and even drew flak in the UK for where they deviated from the books).

A grand political statement by the BBC kneeling before the throne of progressivism it is not. It's a crying shame, as I'd dearly love a proper TV show set in the Discworld, but I'd imagine that that would require too much investment (read: risk) to properly execute.

>> No.75409878

Nah, there's no flossing, no dabs. It's pretty clear that there's something beyond hip and cool going on here to anyone with eyes.
And just as importantly; let's say it is that?
That's filtered through their lens of what they think kids think is cool, which is progressivism.

>> No.75409887

Just because the SJWs were retarded does not mean alt-right grifters did not built an ocean liner out of that retardation to ride it all the way to the bank

>> No.75409936

>what they're emulating, accidentally or not, is radical decolonialist/feminist/social justice politics.
Jesus fuck I wish, that'd actually be interesting

>> No.75409945

Corbyn was a crusty white old-school leftist who cared about things like class and wasn't 100% on board with the EU.

He might as well have been a Tory from the perspective of the ideology we're discussing here.

>> No.75409954
File: 796 KB, 959x619, No progressive politics here right lads.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pic related, it's entirely intentional and anyone that says otherwise is a gaslighting fagaloon who should have his figgin placed upon a spike.

>> No.75409968

>a massive undercurrent
There was only one guy and he was killed for trying to grab power for himself.

>> No.75410007

>calling your production a miracle as soon as you've finished it

>> No.75410016

Rent free holy shit, what an embarassing post

>> No.75410039

I probably wouldn't do it since most of the good of the Disc is based on the humour and narratives, neither of which an RPG emulates all that well.
I own the original GURPS version but I don't think i'd ever actually run it.

>> No.75410043


At the risk of the commiting a logical fallacy (No True Scotsman), what these hypothetical executives are attempting to do is have a corporate-acceptable 'progressivism' on display to demonstrate how 'progressive' they are without actually embracing those values. It happens all the time in corporate circles (see how many companies publicly 'support' Pride by paying to have a float while simultaneously facing tribunal cases for discrimination against homosexual staff by middle management).

>> No.75410071

Cool it with the antisemitism anon

>> No.75410072

Well finding a funding IS a miracle when you don't have friend's high up, but that's another subject.

>> No.75410092


Based on how difficult it has been to actually get a Watch TV show made (there's been talk, proposals, castings etc bouncing around for decades), I would argue that it is miraculous.

Not all miracles are good things, however.

>> No.75410105

More a monkey paw wish than a miracle.
Shit, I would've done it for them, I would've done it for bed, board and recognition for future projects. The fuck are they doing hiring this shower of shit to do anything?

>> No.75410120 [SPOILER] 
File: 426 KB, 1080x564, 1602679699600.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

God I fucking hate how braindead and servile idpol retards are
Fucking morons don't want to solve shit with their braindead feelgood trash. Instead they genuinely believe that getting a black or trans character in some stupid fucking show is somehow meaningful and will change things when it really all stems from - or at least is extremely impacted by - class.

>> No.75410172


That's impossible to say without looking up the full details of production company(ies) involved, the writing/production credits of those doing the main work, and the decisions of the executives signing everything off.
My best guess? None of the people making decisions are dedicated fans, and see this as a money making venture. The creative 'team' have been given a tightly defined list of requirements derived by market 'research' which they have to satisfy otherwise they'll be fired. These people dearly don't want to lose their jobs as getting into the job of actually making TV shows professionally is much desired and cut-throat, and therefore console themselves with their choice of recreational drugs and alcohol for selling out.
We (the collective Anon) then bitch about it all, have a political debate, swear we'll never watch it, and then pirate the first few episodes to validate our anger.

>> No.75410248

>It's not the idiot wokestapo making all these woke descisions
Not fooling anyone.

>> No.75410277

The rich want us to hate each other so that we can't move against them. Even the so called communists get blinded by the shiny keys dangled by state-compliant rabble rousers.

>> No.75410284

Basicly this, everyone want this kind of work then you realise it's hell because the suits are souless demon who expect immediate and massive return on any investement and loath risk and there isn't shit you can do about it because they hold the funding.

>> No.75410349

>Nazis were trannies
>Hitler killed himself


>> No.75410389

Kek, please Anon I'm a work, don't make me laugth

>> No.75410614

They don't really understand the BBC, anon. It is an innately champagne socialist institution, where even "OLD WHYTE MEN IN SUITS" are ideologically opposed to the very people who pay them. It's just the newer, younger staff are even worse and what with the cult of youth, the suits kowtow to the Twitterati thinking theirs are the woke voices of the progressive leftist future.

>> No.75410653

Eh, he had more than enough hatred for the West and the British nation for your average woketards. Palestine is an old and fanatically-held "Victim Identity" cause for the Left, and he liked to side with anyone whose identity was "victim" if their alleged oppressers were British or Western. He was down with the cause, but hadn't grown up with the lingo. Eventually he cucked to the EU, because Leftists cuck to whatever is the orthodox opinion of the Left.

>> No.75410833

>it-the BBC isnt left wing!

Somebody clearly hasn't seen their hiring policies or content if they think the bbc isnt a bunch of left wing college retards run by out of touch civil servants still trying to hide the pedos

>> No.75410908

This. Trying to paint Corbyn as some kind of level headed left wing politician is retarded. He was extremely anti British and practically the caricature of the anti british intellectual

>> No.75410913

>Or that Vimes appears to be a solid drunk, than a intelligent guy who gets tipsy.
I think in one book they semi-explained the theory that Vimes was born more sober than normal people and he needed a few just to get to the point he could cope with the world because to him the difference between his perception of the world and our normal is the same difference as our normal and being drunk.

One thing I did love in Discworld books was klatchian coffee that was so potent that to sober Vimes up one time they had to get him a little bit more drunk so that the coffee wouldn't kill him.

>> No.75410946
File: 12 KB, 214x317, Simon Allen.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I work television production in Toronto. Here's how it works.

Showrunners (often also head writers) pitch their vision (frequently via pilot script) to production companies, who give thumbs up or down. In the case of this show it's clear that people pitching accurate adaptations were getting thumbs down because the company assumed (likely correctly) that the scripts were garbage and no one would watch them.

Then someone (Simon Allen, presumably) pitched them Punk Rock Discworld and they liked the script enough that it stuck.

Having received the thumbs up, the show goes into pre-production and writers and creatives gets hired. Companies do in fact look for familiarity with source material when they are hiring writers, but the writers all know full well they're not there to do an accurate adaptation, they're there to write in accordance with the showrunner's vision, tone and pitch.

In the case of this project, they had the daunting task of creating a unique thing using liberal elements of the source material. They don't have the episodes to tell the story properly, so they mash the plots together and make their own thing. They aren't doing a direct adaptation, they're laying the groundwork for their own unique show - something that may, if needed, go well beyond the source material.

This is, thus, not Pratchett's Discworld, but rather a bunch of people in a room asking "wouldn't it be cool if...?" and putting their own spin on it.

Were this a book it would be considered fan fiction. An alternate universe "what if" scenario. It's like if someone were doing a grim dark interpretation of megaman or power rangers.

Is it the Discworld property people wanted? No.

Should it be derided and villified because of that? No.

Have a bit of imagination. The writers were treating it as its own thing and so should you. Judge it by it's own merits, not because it fails to live up to some platonic ideal of what an adaptation should be.

>> No.75410963

So if its their own thing why call it Discworld?

>> No.75411002

The trouble there is that if the show does well, any future adaptations will be based on the bastardised show. And if the show does poorly, there just won't be any future adaptations.

>> No.75411007

Or how about this? No and fuck off defending shit adaptions.

>> No.75411017

>Because if you cunts read the article, they don't talk about politics
Reread the article, or learn to read between the lines

>> No.75411026

>makes a fanfiction spin of something blatantly at odds and removed from the 'source'
>still calls it that thing
that's the issue, anon.

>> No.75411039

>Should it be derided and villified because of that?
It and the people behind it can swan dive into wood chipper

>> No.75411053

>the BBC is not some far leftist institution
Depends on which politics we're talking. They're very pro representation, and fully in line with the butter knife licenses for example

>> No.75411070

>In intention, at any rate, the English intelligentsia are Europeanized. They take their cookery from Paris and their opinions from Moscow. In the general patriotism of the country they form a sort of island of dissident thought. England is perhaps the only great country whose intellectuals are ashamed of their own nationality. In left-wing circles it is always felt that there is something slightly disgraceful in being an Englishman and that it is a duty to snigger at every English institution, from horse racing to suet puddings. It is a strange fact, but it is unquestionably true that almost any English intellectual would feel more ashamed of standing to attention during ‘God save the King’ than of stealing from a poor box. All through the critical years many left-wingers were chipping away at English morale, trying to spread an outlook that was sometimes squashily pacifist, sometimes violently pro-Russian, but always anti-British.
George Orwell, 1941.
Not much has changed.

>> No.75411082

Actually the BBC is faaaaaar left.
It's been a huge issue for them in recent years and is a reason theres a lot of talk right now of ending the license fee or scrapping it entirely.
They've been openly flouting their charter for decades now and its pissing everyone off.

Except communists, europhiles and other far left nutjobs.

>> No.75411109
File: 12 KB, 317x267, 158561425201.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thanks to idpol retards coopting symbolism people associate leftists in general with moder neolib autism sadly. Under that definition, being very neolib itself, the BBC is 'leftist'.
>pic related

>> No.75411116

Oh, he's also a terrorism-apologist loony, not trying to imply he isn't.
It's just that he's also an old white man, which is apparently more important.

Can't really prove the counter-factual, but I find it hard to imagine a hypothetical black female Corbyn treated the same by the BBC.

>> No.75411129

>Should it be derided and villified because of that?
In fact anyone involved with it should be blackballed from hereonout.

>> No.75411130


Are they?

This isn't Terry Pratchett Presents: Discoworld - The Watch (A Discworld Tale featuring the discy world of Discworld). This is just The Watch, which happens to be a show based on the Discworld IP, but is hardly being marketed as such.

You mean to say that if the show does well and everybody likes it they might make more? Heaven forbid. If it does well we might get other adaptations similar but different -- take a look at the Arrowverse, for example.

>> No.75411147

I can agree the BBC is very pro representation. I disagree that makes them far left.

>> No.75411155

>hypothetical black female Corbyn
Well we had Diane Abbot, wisest and fairest of all Labor MPs, who not a single negative word was said about regardless of how often she failed at basic mathematics.

>> No.75411158

I mean, they're selling Pratchett to me and Pratchett it ain't, so why would I buy ?
It's that simple

>> No.75411161

Are you kidding, senpai? Diane Abbot took incredible amounts of flak.

>> No.75411174

Never read any Pratchett stuff, and only briefly saw a bit of that Hogfather show and say an advert for something with David Jason in it and possibly Sean Astin. What's the rundown for what Discworld even is?

>> No.75411180

Man i feel you.
It's not like there is a shortage of fat people who can act.

>> No.75411193

>is a reason theres a lot of talk right now of ending the license fee or scrapping it entirely
The only reason for this is they won't go pro-Tory enough for the current crop of unprincipled Tories in government. The BBC in general has a slight right-wing bias, it's slightly conservative. Both the leftists and rightists who project otherwise are only seeing that it doesn't agree with them when they assume a further bias.

The BBC's also been stripped to the fucking bone over the past 10 or so years anyway, so it's quality as a news service has fucking nosedived. It used to provide some of the best world coverage of any news service, worldwide, but its foreign affairs shit and ancillary channels have been fucking gutted by cuts.

>> No.75411203

I interpreted it as that vimes is just a full on, self loathing, alcoholic who can't remember if he emptied a bottle of hard alcohol, or how many he had.

>> No.75411225

Less cuts. More spending on entertainment programming.
They also centralised dam near everything in London which led to the current far left bias. Because yes that is there. They do run a pro-establishment line but they are still very far left.
They're the pro-Labour network first and foremost these days.

The current government doesn't like them because of how pro-EU they are and how much public opinion is shifting against the BBC.

But you think the BBC is right wing. So you're probably the sort who thinks anyone right of Stalin is a nazi.

>> No.75411226

Shit, I can't believe I missed such an obvious comparison.

>> No.75411230

>Should it be derided and villified because of that?

>> No.75411257


The BBC is the anti-Goldilocks institution. It can do no right, and nothing is ever quite right about it.
It gets told it needs to be 'more representative' of the British public, but then gets criticised for attempting to hire more regional & ethnic writers/journalists/executives. It gets told it needs to be more self-sufficient, but then gets criticised for cutting costly local news rooms & international correspondents. It gets told that it has to present a full range of opinions on a topic, but then gets accused of giving a platform/legitimacy to fringe viewpoints not backed up by science. It can't win.
As for it 'pissing everyone off', the only 'everyone' I've seen complaining about it are politicians unhappy about it digging too deeply into their party's misdeeds (locally or nationally), or political activists unhappy about it not digging deeply enough into other party's misdeeds. The last election was prime example. Tories thought it didn't highlight enough of the issues in the Labour party, Labour thought it was ignoring the issues in the Tory party. Again, it can't win.

>> No.75411259

No, cuts. Even entertainment programming has been cut. But the results are much more noticeable on the news service. And no, the BBC still isn't far left no matter how many times they say it.

>> No.75411263

>Should it be derided and villified because of that? No.
Why not?

>> No.75411278

It's self-serving foremost. Wanting to preserve the status-quo sometimes intersects with conservative goals, but outside of that they're not right-wing at all.

>> No.75411283

no no no anon, it's all the fault of the bbc itself, just like the NHS tanking is definitely not at all related to the cuts started under thatcher's regime!
It entertains me how much america has exported our idpol obsession on both side of the isle to you guys.

>> No.75411293


Progressive conservatism and hiring of low exposure left leaning journalists in niche subject area does not make a left wing broadcasting corporation.

>> No.75411295

>Should it be derided and villified because of that?
Yes and what's more the BBC should be stripped of all public funding and possibly some of its members shot (somewhere non-lethal mind you) for funding this complete abortion over actually decent media.
The BBC doesn't exist to be their own personal ball-cupping machine. It exists to produce entertainment for the British public at large.
Who the fuck does this cater to? Not them that's for certain.

>> No.75411300
File: 238 KB, 500x385, 1591663747001.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>slight ring-wing bias
lol they couldn't even stand "centrist old whiteys who make old men jokes over cars in the background" despite being their number one best-seller worldwide by all accounts. (fucking hilarious how Brits, lefty ones in particular, doesn't realize Clarksson doing his yorkshireman bit has more widespread appeal among the rest of the world than all of their Guardianista and cosmpolitan jagoffery combined. nature docs included.)
Reminder that they got dragged up for a dressing-down by a jewish woke exec for naming a dog after a famous athlete.

t. non-UKfag who thinks very little of modern anglos in general.

>> No.75411318


>the Arrowverse

Supes tv would have been gladly euthanised in a world where the DC movies weren't subpar enough for them to shine.

>> No.75411326

I'm more than a little concerned that you actually believe this.

>> No.75411329

>NHS tanking is definitely not at all related to the cuts started
Are you actually retarded? The NHS has had an increase in funding year on year consistently.
Not just 'Oh here's more funding' but the amount of funding has increased.
The reason the NHS is collapsing is 2 fold, Bureaucracy that pisses money and efficiency up the wall (Mostly a fallout of Shipman and the sheer seethe of subhuman HR types raging over the fact the GPs are technically self-employed rather than their wagie slavies) and mass migration meaning there's a lower amount of both funding and time per person per year.

>> No.75411339


>> No.75411353

>more representative' of the British public, but then gets criticised for attempting to hire more regional & ethnic writers/journalists/executives.
No, it gets criticised for pretending the demographic of London is the entirety of the UK and going from there.

>> No.75411369

That still doesn't explain why you didn't try creating a new IP. All these milquetoast book adaptations are a relatively new phenomenon, and when they aren't that, new shows are just using a existing franchise to attract viewers as it's the relatively 'safe' option. I can think of only three major Scifi shows that weren't that in the last couple of years: Stranger Things, Carnival Row and the Orville. And before you say anything, the previews look really bad for this half-crocked thing wearing the Discworld label.

>> No.75411375

Clarkson lost his job because he punched one of the staff for not getting his sandwiches right anon. It's actually a principled thing to fire your high earner for acting like a tit even though it means you're going to lose the show.

>> No.75411376

Don't forget that the NHS was basically privatised during the internal market reforms.
Which are basically they source of most modern inefficiencies including the self employed GPs thing and the bureaucracy which exists explicitly to service the internal market requirements.

>> No.75411388

>The NHS has had an increase in funding year on year consistently.
The NHS hasn't had a real term increase in funding since Cameron came into power. So no, the amount of funding hasn't increased until this year with COVID-19. They kept it up with inflation, that's it.

>> No.75411390

Reddit/Progressivism is/are the Auditors.
Those that'd categorize and strip down everything to be nice, neat and tidy exactly the way they like it.
Prove me wrong faggot.

>> No.75411413

>It entertains me how much america has exported our idpol obsession on both side of the isle to you guys.
This is made obvious by how much of this shit is focused on black people specifically, despite the fact that the south asian population is many times larger.

We have large BLM protests despite the fact that white people are more likely to be killed by police and the absolute numbers are tiny either way.

It's a fucking mess.

>> No.75411428

>self employed GPs thing
Actually the GPs have been self-employed from the start, it's part of their original agreement with the NHS, which was
>We'll work for you as contractors but you don't own us, we work out our own budgets and get to stay free range .
The whole move towards larger, NHS ran 'GP ranches' was an abomination since GPs tend to be fucking cowboys with an ego.
t. Son of a GP that used to help out around the single handed practice he ran.

>> No.75411446

>thinks top gear was canned over politics
jesus christ anon
Money of course, a recongnizable nostalgia is a guaranteed audience!
nuuuuuu but muh free marketerninos! muh choiceronis!

>> No.75411448

>Clarkson lost his job
Clarkson was absolutely loathed by BBC people well before that as was evinced by every non-scandal they pulled up before then.
>for not getting his sandwiches right anon.
More like not doing his job vis a vis food organizing but no one really cares since the firing offense is a non sequitur when discussing the years of ridiculous nonsense on part of the BBC.
>It's actually a principled thing to fire your high earner
Aside from the BBC being a bunch of pedo protecting nonces who had been looking for an excuse to fire him for ages since it was ruining their dining opportunities with fellow Guardianistas.

>> No.75411451

It has no merits if it isn't a straight adaptation of the book, period.

>> No.75411452

Either way the modern bureaucracy is the product of the internal market reforms.
Leaving us with the worst of an entirely public system and the worst of an entirely private system.

At this point I'm of the opinion we just need to militarise the NHS.

>> No.75411462

Dude, Clarkson punched a dude for not getting his catering right. It's absolutely correct to fire someone over that. Imagine going to bat for such an asshole.

>> No.75411471

>thinking Top Gear wasn't under fire from politics ever since the BBC woke lines were drawn

>> No.75411484


I'm more than a little concerned you aren't actually attempting to refute my point. The BBC is an institution which everyone loves to criticise because bloody hell that shit is flawed, but no politician is willing to stand up and say "Close it down, sell it all off and we'll let Fox News take over" because that's what the honest alternative is in our economic and political climate.


Let's not forget the last decade of Conservative government which promised no top-down restructuring of the NHS, before imposing multiple rounds of top-down restructuring of the NHS which introduced huge layers of needless bureaucracy and costs into the system.
I find your point about GPs interesting, though. Everything I've read suggests that GPs are retiring, and not enough new ones are taking up the specialism because of the responsibilities being placed upon them as they are technically self-employed. What is your source regarding this, I'd be interested to read it.

>> No.75411485

Like seriously
Yes the Saville shit at the BBC is fucking appalling. No, that doesn't mean Clarkson should have been given a free pass for literally assaulting someone over not getting his food order right. Fucking hell, you're some fucking twat.

>> No.75411491

The BBC shouldn't be able to purchase those rights to begin with.
When an author dies, his IP should enter the public domain.

>> No.75411502

>Imagine going to bat for such an asshole.
If I was a lefty I wouldn't have to imagine since that's basically all of you during #meetoo.
>n-nooo sexual assault isn't bad if it's our people doing it! why aren't all the conservative wh*tes we imagine doing this shit not being outed?!

>> No.75411507


That's a false dichotomy. They do create new IPs. But the BBC holds the Discworld IP and people were pitching them pilots set inside that IP. This is them acting on that.

>> No.75411508

More white people get killed in america by police than blacks as well anon. I'll let you in on a secret, police abuse targets the lower class, not one race in particular it's just that that race is predominantly lower class, but that's more due to over a century of being pushed down and then having the industrial heart of america they were finally getting a foot up thanks to whored out to china for a quick buck, but that's another matter.
American elites are just good at spinning the lower classes against each other. They killed the first labor movement by pressing and pushing racial tensions and women, and they're doing it again now that it's peeking its head up just a little.
It's sad, but inevitable.

And this stupid idpol obsession they fostered to do that causes neat little byproducts like this fucking abortion of discworld

>> No.75411516

"Reddit" is not a real word, nor a valid criticism, it just makes you look like a dumb faggot

>> No.75411521

Senpai you're not even refuting the point here you're just foaming at the mouth ranting at lefties in general. And you're doing that because what Clarkson did and got fired over was indefensible. That isn't a political side or political point scoring, he L I T E R A L L Y punched one of the staff and called him a cunt because he couldn't get the food he wanted. That's it. Nothing to do with left or right, nothing to do with whatever weird deranged enemy you have created in your head to fight, just one guy being a fucking asshole and getting fired for it.

>> No.75411533
File: 163 KB, 1702x1384, pepe-smirking-served-champagne-by-wojak.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Yes the Saville shit at the BBC is fucking appalling.
Kinda funny how they were doing the same shit with your paki gangrapists after pretending to cleanup.
>No, that doesn't mean Clarkson should have been given a free pass
Reminder that the BBC tried getting rid of them for years prior to the punch.
Including over a DOG.

Are you slimey limeys even allowed to post online or is this breaking some of your phoney lockdown rules?

>> No.75411561

The internal market reforms were done explicitly to cater to American healthcare companies.
Their goal was to take the routine profitable bits and charge the British government a fortune for doing so while leaving everything else entirely in public hands.

But it didn't work out as profitable enough for them so they went and left. Leaving us with this mess.
A mess Tony Blair explicitly campaigned on ending. But he never did.

The BBC basically has the issue that its leadership are unwilling to accept they have to distance themselves from both sides.
But they don't want to because their staff are predominantly middle upper and upper class urbanites with very explicit and specific biases.
They don't want to be ostracised by their social circle for not toeing the ideological line. So they toe the line.
This pisses off everyone who isn't in that social circle.
So they get threatened with being fucked over if they don't STICK TO THEIR FUCKING CHARTER
So they make a half assed attempt which isn't anywhere near good enough and still pisses off everyone outside their social circle but now also pisses off their social circle because they stopped adhering to the circles ideology.

BBC needs a very specific kind of person to work or a very large mix of people from all over the country.
No I don't mean just hire niggers and sandniggers from urban areas. I mean hire people from Northern England. Have regional offices. Distribute that shit like they used to before putting fucking everything in London.


The needless bureaucracy was already there in regards to the NHS though.
And one reason theres not enough GPs is because we have a massive training shortfall in terms of doctors. There's no shortage of qualified applicants but theres no capacity to train them and a preference for admitting foreign applicants who will pay more money and applicants who meet certain ideological criteria such as race.

>> No.75411576

The Blair government also introduced widespread PFI across the NHS (which Cameron continued with) which kept their government books down but increased the debt burden on individual trusts and hospitals massively.

>> No.75411578

To add to this, have an example of the kind of fucking retarded shit you get in the NHS as run by out of touch dildo-rodeo clowns.
One of the major problems we're currently having with the NHS is a lack of doctors.
There are however plenty of doctors.
The reason for this is pensions.
You heard me.
Right so basically young doctors with loads of spare time were doing 'too much work' resulting in them getting smashing pensions. Someone, somewhere along the line, decided this was a problem on the grounds that clearly having a healthy pension pot was bad somehow for doctors.
So they added a progressive tax to investments in NHS pensions. Only problem is some faggot forgot to factor in for mandatory pension contributions so, if you work lodsa hours because you're a hard working doctor you can very easily hit the limits where you go over 100% tax on your pension investments.
Just by working overtime mind you, no voluntary contribution.

Now, this means doctors would be getting paid less if they worked more. Thus doctors go 'Fuck this shit I'm going to work 40% less and spend the time slamming nurses'
Instant crisis due to a lack of doctors.

The Bureaucrats behind this remain in place and still haven't rescinded this mind you, after 3-4 years at this point, despite everyone knowing exactly where the problem lies.
If this were a private company they would've been dragged out into the car park and made to bite the curb, but public money so lmao, it's not our problem.
Unison, the public sector union, is such a fucking cesspool, willing to stand up for anyone regardless of the dubious bullshit they do.

Meanwhile in my sector (finance) the NHS goes through finance managers and directors like a rockstar through cocaine because they're forced to set entirely unrealistic budgets by the trusts and then when they don't reach those budgets are blamed for not reaching the unrealistic budgets they were forced to set and are fired as if they failed.

>> No.75411580

>Germans are sexual deviants
Imagine my shock

>> No.75411608

I'm not even talking absolute numbers, white people are more likely to be killed even taking into account the population difference and despite the class problem.

There are complexities to the common narrative in America, but we don't even have those. It's literally the opposite

>> No.75411611

Ok, when you same fag- DON'T REDDIT SPACE. It gives you up like a Pajeet on Facebook.

Politics? Nah, more like connections and with every bastard son of Clinton being a retarded socialist who thinks he's the next George Orwell, you get heavily politicized work. Politicized work that's overly safe, just reiterates the same shitty talking points of all it's peers, and has atrociously bad writing with malicious take downs of people the author does not like. One thing you need to understand about modern day publishing, TV, film, is that you essentially need to be a son, legitimate or otherwise, of a famous person to enter it. Girls, unfortunately, have more options with the Dan Schneiders of the world but that's it- you're born into this world or have to suck your way up.

And this guy gets it: >>75409701
Progressivist snowflakey characters, whatever you want to call them, are the perfect shield to deflect criticism. You don't like Matotoo's 'quirky' half-japanese transrefrigerator in a wheel chair whose every other line is a marvel one liner? All they need to do is accuse you of being a neo-Nazi and it's over, nobody will listen to you. For instance: Chuck Wendig is one of the worst writers of our generation, yet he strategically uses twitter storms to keep himself employable. Nobody will dare call him out at Comic Con or even the fucking NCTE (yes, he goes to that snorefest) because it's a career ender.

>> No.75411633

I thought Chuck Wendig got cancelled over that Internet Archive shit.

>> No.75411668

I can't believe all of 4chan got gaslit into believing "Reddit spacing" was a serious thing.

>> No.75411674

Sure, he was. But at the same time, he would indicate that the other side had meritous points AND he was sublte about it.

>> No.75411682


>> No.75411688

Did he? It's about damn time. I still remember him bitching at his books being available on a library's website when Covid really had people scared. For all his, and his peer's, socialist pretenses the only thing they care about is their wallets.

>> No.75411691

>Pratchett grasped the concept of nuance and empathising with people he disagreed with.
Sounds like one of the rare leftists I'd respect. Too bad he shares one other quality with the rest of them he's dead

>> No.75411692


What do you mean?

Writing like this is totally normal. It's not like reddit's old markdown would turn this into a regularly formatted post or anything.

PS: You're just outing yourself as a humongous faggot for using lib buzzwords like 'gaslit'.

>> No.75411718


The numbers of doctors in training hasn't fallen, but the government has resisted increasing the number of training places (because that's expensive) and is more than happy to allow foreign doctors to move to the country (because they don't have to pay to train them, and they can charge them lovely money-making visa fees).
GPs have been dropping like flies because the old guard are retiring/going part time because of pension shit like >>75411578 mentions, and young doctors don't want to take up managing a practice on their own which lands them with all the responsibility for several thousand patients so they stick to 'easier' specialisms or work as locums providing temporary cover.

>> No.75411743


Yes, because clearly there's no agenda being pursued by the media, or the companies that own the IP, right? Because journalists are just paragons of intellectual honesty?

>> No.75411748

Its honestly baffling, but at this point its been going on so long the newfags who were taken in by it are training the even newer intakes.

>> No.75411753


The reddit spacing bitching is the most tired scapegoat nonsense remark on 4chan.

Get the fuck over it. I've had the misfortune of frequenting this shithole since like 2009, not that I'm proud of it, and I "reddit space".

>> No.75411763

I refer you to my earlier point.
We have a training shortfall.
We are not training a sufficient quantity. The pension shit shouldn't be an issue since there shouldn't be much need for overtime. If they're working overtime consistently then there is a training shortfall.

If not enough GPs are willing to go self employed the model needs to change.
I refer you to another earlier point: Militarise the NHS

>> No.75411783

>We fucked up the deal that's been working for ages!
>Clearly this is a sign it never worked and that we need my radical solution
Oh fuck off you cunt, you're the same as the Neo-cons that supposedly want to sell off the NHS only even more hypocritical.

>> No.75411792

It worked in the past but clearly it is not working now.
Circumstances change. We either force people into the role who don't want to be in the role. Or change the system so the role no longer exists.
Which would you prefer?

>> No.75411809


Are you stupid? Do you know what a "trend" is? Or a "tendency?" Or a "pattern?"

>> No.75411822

Or, I know this is going to sound revolutionary to your tiny brain, we could ease the restrictions that were put in after Shipman, remove the pension block and let people get back to work, which they do want to do.

>> No.75411823

The show is made by BBC America, it's not paid for by the license fee.

>> No.75411825


I'm not certain I'd go so far as militarising the NHS, but I'd agree with changing the self-employed model for GPs. Let the local NHS trust hire doctors to be GPs with set working hours (can even bake in a rotation for out-of-hours care to drive down those costs) and without the managerial workload, and I think that would start to make a difference.

>> No.75411826

Reddit spacing isn't a real thing.

>> No.75411843

I think it should be pretty clear that in a liberal capitalist democracy changing the system of incentives is a better option than forcibly conscripting people. NAYRT, btw.

One thing is that NHS-wide right now we have way too many managers who aren't doctors, and many senior posts (like head of trust posts) that good managers won't take because they're aware of how fucked the situation is.

>> No.75411851

there was a pretty funny board-jumping troll around a couple weeks ago who was just screaming "REDDIT SPACING" at anybody who used extra whitespace of any kind in any context. single returns, tabs, indents, switching between greentext and black, anything

>> No.75411901

Discworld had some VERY progressive views yet Terry Pratchett managed to show all sides of issues and tried to not actually make anyone really evil. It was also all done tongue-in-cheek with humor being the priority as opposed to championing any views. Cheery was one of the first openly female dwarves in Ankh-Morpork seeing as normally drawves are hard to tell males from females and culturally kept it that way. It was progressive for the setting itself, but having women dress differently than men is something common to our world. The BBC writers are making Cheery transgendered instead and completely missing the point.

>> No.75411923

Didn't Pratchett have a transgender dwarf in one of the later books? Unseen Academicals or something?

>> No.75411943

M. Night Shamalamadingdong's Avatar. It bombed because of his culturan changes and everyone bashed him for it to the point he had to go back to making stealth sequels to one of his good movies with his name hidden from the trailers

>> No.75411949


Very true regarding managers; I think the problem is that (and this is common to all healthcare systems, not just the NHS) you don't want your highly trained specialised medical staff pushing paperwork around, you want them treating people. That necessitates having non-medical managerial staff to do the admin and deal with the 'political' side of the job (handling relations with other organisations, the press, actual politicians etc). I've no idea how you can remove these tiers of managerialism, as they do exist for a reason but have become over-powerful due to the demands placed on the system.

>> No.75411962

>I work television production in Toronto.
Judging by the rest of your post, i believe you absolutely

>> No.75411984

Previous adaptations were extremely unssuccesful

>> No.75411993

Unseen Academicals has Madame Sharn, who appears to be a woman but it's ambiguous whether she actually is one. It's a fashion world thing.

>> No.75412002

>managed to show all sides of issues
That's a bit of an overstatement he went full strawman on certain views that went against anglo-diversity worship (aware enough that being a minority doesn't preclude you from being a shitty person, unaware enough that that's a perfectly reasonable reason to not want to share your native homeland with them) and his personal respect for his old profession of journos (everyone's respectful and "you only hate them because they write down the truth!"), his last books also read as ghost-written and/or alzheimer-degeneration in action. (Science of the Disc 4's rant on atheism and god, Snuff's "black people have value and don't deserve to be enslaved because they can sing well" etc)

>> No.75412021

As it stands we have a lot of issues with lack of training and maintaining adequate coverage in the entirety of the UK.
Not enough doctors/nurses willing to live in bumfuck nowhere scotland means you're basically out of luck if you need literally any care whatsoever. Since the nearest doctor and even most basic medical facility is in the nearest city.

Militarise the system and yes we have to take on full costs of training. But we won't have a situation where we're paying for training that will never be used in the UK or its public healthcare.
And we can at least for the first say five or six years of someones career say "You're going here." to ensure coverage throughout the country.

Bring back the regional planning we used to do. More distribution of resources and personnel instead of concentrating it all in major cities.
Just take a flaming chainsaw to the bureaucracy that is a consequence of the internal market system which won't fucking exist anymore.

>> No.75412127


Okay, if you are going to go as far as to fully cover training (and 'guarantee' a position at the end of it), I could get behind such a system. No doubt there'd be issues around allocating people 'fairly' around the country ("Congratulations on completing your training, you're being exiled I MEAN SENT to rural North Wales, see you in six years!"), but with proper regional planning (and a system to allow staff to switch between areas to maintain coverage) that could be overcome.
Which is a shame, because it simply isn't on the agenda for any of the parties. Neither Labour or the Conservatives would want to get into fighting the groups representing doctors & nurses to bring in such a system, and it would likely have a headline figure which would be easily attacked in the print media.

>> No.75412141

These things just don't really work in practice. You wind up with the out of the way areas getting the worst of the crop and the whole system becoming corrupt.

>> No.75412221

Overall I'd say healthcare expenditure would remain the same in the longterm. But there'd be huge short to medium term costs reestablishing the infrastructure that was abandoned over the years and getting everything running.

But it would basically solve the problems we currently have.
So long as we can avoid the civil service fucking it all up to satisfy foreign corps or the upper class. And thats before the politicans get a chance to stick their dicks in it.

But in a general context here you treat it like joining the military.
You join the RAF you don't get to choose where you go. You will be sent to a new posting every few years unless you're a colossal fuckup, highly specialised or nearing the end of your career. You're at RAF Marham one year then two later you're at RAF Valley, welcome to fucking Anglesey you're here for at least a year.

As it stands we're stuck with this half public half private system that gives us the worst of both. And a populace encouraged to fuck up their bodies.
Because yes children when healthcare is a public expenditure it is your civic duty to look after yourself so put down that triple cheeseburger you fat cunt and start jogging!

>> No.75412297

That solves none of the inherent problems with the GP situation. Look, people want a local GP they can go to with anything, someone that's part of the local community structure.
I agree on decentralizing but I'd say back to small single town doctors. You will get people that want to work in those out the way locations because they like the respectability of being the big fish in the small pond.

>> No.75412300
File: 69 KB, 535x660, 1589469308083.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

As a non-Brit with little interest in the UK.
What's stopping your doctors from leaving the country for more money elsewhere if you start giving them shit like that?
I mean they're highly trained by the standards of most of the world and it's not like their national love of home is going to go very far once their childhood home looks third-world and they can't choose to settle in a nice and safe segregated community and actually have to live among all the chavs, pakis and curry people.

>> No.75412314

>I mean the BBC is not some far leftist institution.
Yes, it is. That's why they keep forcing "diversity" whenever they can, refuse to offer whites internships, and spread minor stories of political correctness gone mad as if they're important virtues.

>> No.75412346

We already have that problem.
A good chunk of every years medical graduates fuck off into the entirely private sector or abroad. After the UK government has paid a considerable sum on their training.

So you say but that's not happening. We're seeing most graduates wanting to work in the cities and then staying there refusing to leave.
So you know that olde timey local GP? He's a dying breed, an endangered species that has lost the ability to reproduce. They are fucking pandas.

>> No.75412352

China Mieville?

>> No.75412361




Oh, no doubt the longterm costs would be the same, but it would be very easy to attack the initial increase in cost for training (as the government would have to directly shoulder the costs rather than concealing it via tuition fee loans).
As for public health, we start getting into a massive mire with all the ties in with poverty, working practices, access to facilities etc etc. That said, I started Couch to 5k during the summer and it appears to be working (weight declining, albeit slowly), so there's hope for me yet.

>> No.75412366

oh fuck off

>> No.75412379

No, he was slammed for making a bunch of Tibetan and Inuit-inspired characters white. And also for trying to cram a whole season’s worth of material into a single movie with none of the humor. Whitewashing was the major problem.

However, he WAS praised for turning the Japanese-ibspired, imperialistic Fire Nation into a bunch of Poo-in-Loos. So your assertion that someone forcing a bunch of racial changes on characters against the source material is flimsy at best. Try again.

>> No.75412392

Oh for fuck sake I just realized what you are.
You're a seething beuracunt that wants more control over the situation.
>No-no, less regulation and unfucking the system won't solve this when it's our fault for fucking it up in the first place! The only solution is more regulation! More centrailization! I want to be able to tell people where they can go and how long they stay there, it makes my pee-pee hard.
Our military is even more mired down in bullshit than the NHS, the fact you think remodelling based on it would solve anything is more than enough evidence that you're a fucking nut.

>> No.75412444

Seeing patterns where there are none is the mark of the lunatic.

>> No.75412460

>However, he WAS praised for turning the Japanese-ibspired, imperialistic Fire Nation into a bunch of Poo-in-Loos.
No he wasn't.

>> No.75412477

correct take

>> No.75412485

We already pay a considerable chunk for the training of every medical student in the UK. Think it was something 150K per doctor?
Realistically the main cost we'd be shouldering would just be tuition fees and living expenses. Maybe taking that up to 200 or 250k.

And yes public health is a major concern. This is a step towards a solution not a single silver bullet.

The military started fucking up when the civil service and politicians started going: "You need to outsource things to private industry and put stuff out to tender instead of simply buying what you need from manufacturers you know will and can do it"

That's why military camps are falling apart. Because site maintenance is handled by private companies instead of on site personnel.
That's why being a cook in the army is a death sentence from overwork because you will be constantly on deployment because most catering in the military is now done by private companies whose staff can't be deployed.
And why defence contractors are just fucking the military at every possible point, though the military has started realising they can be cunts about contracts too and started beating a couple of companies over the head (mainly BAE and its subcontractors) with them.

>> No.75412494

Telling people there's no pattern there when there is, is gaslighting and the sign of an abuser.
Your entire ideology is grand scale abuse, faggot.

>> No.75412511

You dumb fucks, read the article. This has absolutely nothing to do with politics.

>> No.75412520

The context of that issue was a lengthy night shoot where everyone was tired and pissed off, and Clarkson’s one request was a decent meal at the end of it. He didn’t even do that, so Clarkson lost his rag.
Pretending it was some unforgivable or even shocking offence is pathetic.

>> No.75412531

A TV adaptation of a fantasy book had someone mischaracterized and despite neither traditional games nor race being mentioned there is still going to be bump limit threads on /tg/ about wypipo under attack

>> No.75412536


>> No.75412540

Oh doesn't it you low IQ sack of shit? >>75409954
Slap your 'tard peepers on that shit and tell me again with a straight face that it doesn't?

>> No.75412554

One day this kind of ghetto speak will be the basis for new mass graves.

>> No.75412558

The pattern you're trying to apply here doesn't fit. Hence, delusional. In order to argue that this is just like Ghostbusters or 'Kathleen' you'd have to indicate similarities. Everything Rhianna appears to be complaining about has no relation to these things.

>> No.75412560

Right so you're admitting the problems with the military, huge problems that're still not being handled well and just going 'Nah, rolling this out across even more fronts, including ones that aren't as disciplined, that's a great idea.
Are you even thinking this through?

>> No.75412565

>Muh SJWs
I wish the board was purged of the foreign elements. We could create some sort of a place for containing them in concentrated qualities.

>> No.75412598

Demonstrate that agenda here. For fucks' sake, it's an almost entirely white cast of cops fighting a black villain.
Getting the Watch made pretty much is a miracle, it had an insane development hell.

>> No.75412609

Being grumpy is not an excuse to punch people.

>> No.75412611

They're still massively trading off the name.

Vimes at the start isn't a guy who gets tipsy, he's a full-blown drunk - because "he didn't have enough money to be an alcoholic". He starts in the gutter, and the Night Watch (not The Watch, at this point, the day watch is still a thing), is 3 men in one watchhouse, after Leggy Gaskin ran a bit too fast and caught up with a crook, thereby committing suicide (it's very easy to commit suicide in Ankh-Morpork, even in later books)

Discworld is a world and mirror of worlds
It's its own fantasy series (well, several), all in a shared world, a world that parodies and mirrors fantasy and other media for fun and to tell stories, really great stories.
It's excellent. Start with Guards Guards! for the Watch (parodies of police procedurals in a fantasy world), Wyrd Sisters for the Witches (starts as Shakespeare parodies, then goes places) and Mort, for Death (who appears, as a character, in all but two books - because though it is comedy, death is ever-present). Rincewind and the Wizards are from the Colour of Magic, the first book, but that's a bit of a more direct parody, and Pratchett was still refining his craft - I'm not a huge fan of that sub-series, so I don't know where I'd start with it, though the Colour of Magic/Light Fantastic is fine. And the anthropomophic personification, Death, he gets stories too) - there are others, and plenty of stand-alones in the series - Small Gods is generally ranked as one of the best books in the whole 40+ series, though it's a little heavy, and I personally rate Pyramids pretty high.

>> No.75412636

You're aware that post is talking about how hard it was to get the project off the ground, right? Those aren't lines from the show. Again, nothing Rhianna has complained about has anything to do with politics. It just looks like they've made Vimes some bargain bin Constantine version of himself and the script is a rushed mess.

>> No.75412658

Being grumpy is an entirely justifiable reason to punch people. Face it they were looking for an excuse to get rid of him and this came up.
The guy he punched was over it almost immediately, went on record as saying 'Yeah tensions were high for everyone' and from what I heard now works on the Grand Tour, so apparently he didn't give much of a fuck about it.
Sue someone for being human why don't you?

>> No.75412667

The main problem the military had was the assumption that these private industries had the best interests of the nation at heart.
They are at this point pretty much free of this false assumption and are now mainly having to grapple with the civil service to bring about meaningful change to how they are forced to operate.

>> No.75412668

Private contracting is the fucking death of all things that need to be done by the government

Fuck SERCO, and G4S, and all the others I can't recall right now.
And bring back matrons and in-house cleaning staff for fucking hospitals who know what CLEAN actually means.

>> No.75412673

>In a world of closed doors, minds, borders and hearts
>closed borders
Yeah I don't know what this anon could be going on about, certainly nothing in there reeks of being a proggy human infestation.
What am dog whistles?

>> No.75412677
File: 139 KB, 320x244, 1585749928707.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I wish the board was purged of the foreign elements
Sure thing. Everyone who got here after the nazi mod's spergout gets to go back to Gaia/Reddshit/Twitter and the rest of us can go back to talking about games and being angry about shitty travesties like in OP inbetween porn dumps.

>> No.75412685

I for one am of the opinion SERCO, its major shareholders and the entirety of its board of directors should be hung for treason.

>> No.75412691

Do you know how Discworld handed the theme of borders?

>> No.75412709

you seem to know a lot about reddit markdown

>> No.75412722

>being human
In civilized places it's illegal to punch people because you're mad your dinner is cold

>> No.75412730

>and his personal respect for his old profession of journos (everyone's respectful and "you only hate them because they write down the truth!")
Did we read the same The Truth? The protagonist was an utter cunt, and unironically privileged as hell.

>> No.75412732

He shouldn't have punched him, but the guy he punched was also a prick about it.
And then the rest of production were told to rally round him, despite post-steakless rage Clarkson being at least conciliatory and willing to pay the man, and they did - though Clarkson's history of being Clarkson at least gave them something to be "standing up against"

>> No.75412733

Oh no, a guy on the show is slightly left of lunatic American politics. Newsflash: the UK on the whole is left of the US. Again, there's no fucking indication that the show is the way it is due to politics. If anything, it looks like they're trying to make it overly punk-British to appeal to Americans.

>> No.75412753

You're not a Pratchett fan, are you? If Rhianna was complaining about the show not having her father's DNA in it, she's certainly not complaining about the presence of open borders talk.

>> No.75412779
File: 765 KB, 1698x1787, Discworld_Reading_Order_Guide_3.0_(cropped).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Starts as a straight-up parody of old pulpy fantasy and gets more character-driven stories after that.
There's a couple of different book-lines that reference each other a bit.
The travesty in OP is based on the Watch series which is more or less crime drama in a setting where the Law is treated as a bit of a joke by everyone but the main characters.
Rincewind and the Wizard's are mainly travel stories to show-off the world.
The Witches are Shakespearan and fairy tale stuff turned upside down.

Some of it can get a bit annoyingly nudge-nudge know what I mean paternalistic in tone but overall it's a great series.
Also if you look at pic related while most of it is readable there's defintiely an improvement in prose around 2 books in and a drop-off in quality around 2 books prior to the end.

>> No.75412803

I promise myself that some day I'll try and get involved in this whole government malarkey, and try and make it into the commons, because contractors and contracts are a fucking joke.
Quite a few family members of mine are in the civil service, and you hear shit like them paying for stationary, because the contractor-supplied stuff is a) not there, and also b) costing the taxpayer something like a pound for a regular-ass envelope.
As far as I'm concerned that's grand conspiracy to defraud, and in the case of the NHS, the military, and anything else I can tack on, that's a crime against the people where lives are being fucked with, and quite possibly treason.

>> No.75412806

I'm actually referencing how people treat Sacharissa particularly in later books.
As a general rule Pratchett tends to side with cunty journalists, aside from slagging off the The National Enquirer.

>> No.75412819

>fags pretending Prachett was an open borders loony
Where's that "it's all so tiresome" chinaman pic when you need it.

>> No.75412820

In general I am leery of the civil service.
Mainly cos its gone to shit in the last century. Graft was always there and an accepted cost, but seems its gotten out of hand and is no longer paid for with competence.

>> No.75412832

I honestly don't know how you could be so blind to everything going on directly in front of your face. I could understand if it was still 2012 or something, but at this point it's been going on for a decade and is now fully mainstream.

I'm tempted to imagine it's malicious. That you hold the same politics and are denying their existence as a ruse, but I don't think that's the case.

I mean, it's at the point where my ostensibly left wing normie family habitually make quips about the forced diversity in whatever tv we might happen to be watching. It's not exactly covert.

>> No.75412839
File: 860 KB, 1022x731, 1535225560357.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I only have an edit, unfortunately.

>> No.75412858

They turned Sybil Rankin from an overweight bald old money recluse who believed in the general decency of everyone into fucking grimdark Batwoman who murders people at night with her swamp dragons. Vimes would have had her arrested and loathed her in the Watch series. Don't get me started on what they did to Cheery. That's two major story upsets so far.
I could go on but can't be assed.

>> No.75412871

You're not wrong. Every experience with contractors I've had has assured me that they are some kind of insidious weapon designed to destroy the public sector. They never fucking get anything done, sponge up exorbitant amounts of money, and then leave, often creating a mess that generates more problems than they've solved. Then their aunt or whoever, almost always a Tory, gets them another contracting job either in a different place or another segment of the same project, and they do it again.

Only contract writers have ever been trustworthy. Anyone who does this sort of thing in medicine, civil engineering, etc, is a walking topography of scams.

>> No.75412872

Horrible excerpt to reference when you can read the rest of the page and blow the highlighted context out of the water.

>> No.75412875

Diversity quotas in TV happens but not every bad TV show is because of diversity quotas or an attack on you. Sometimes things are just bad.

You have a hammer and all you see are nails.

>> No.75412881

Not quoted but fucking tell me about it.
Used to be that the SocDem slogan here was "every wasted crown [currency] is a theft from the people!".
Literally the only people who ever even give credence to that line anymore are the Nationalists anti-immigrant party whose main political goal is to deport criminal foreigner and make sure our ethnic group remains the majority one.
Ironically also the only mainstream party to ever have quoted Marx at one of their party meetups calling "From each according to their ability, to each according to their needs" a beatiful sentiment but noted that it needs the addition "First do your Duty, then Claim your Right!". (another old SocDem slogan they have long since walked back)
t. Swede

>> No.75412885

>ostensibly left wing normie family habitually make quips about the forced diversity
I genuinly can't tell if you're calling them crypto-rightists, or if you say the alleged normies are secretly holding and pushing pozzed progressive propaganda at every opportunity

>> No.75412918

Anon these movies need some investment and the Watch one is clearly gonna use some expensive CGI, do you really think the woke crowd have money for that?

>> No.75412924
File: 67 KB, 617x603, HA HA HAA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I honestly don't know how you could be so blind to everything going on directly in front of your face.
Ah yes, Rhianna Pratchett complaining about things entirely unrelated to politics should surely have convinced me that politics is involved here. Why? Because Ghostbusters happened in 2016, and an entirely separate thing made by entirely separate people four years ago totally means this thing that shows none of the same inclinations must be the same. Of course.

There's no fucking forced diversity here. It just looks soulless and mischaracterized in relation to Guards! Guards!

>> No.75412931

>The bizarre thing is, Pratchett's books are inherently leftist and political. He's the most "SJW" author I can think of in fantasy.
Pratchett was a liberal, which is pretty much the opposite of a SJW, who are authoritarian to the core despite all the 'anarchist' trappings.

>> No.75412937

>There's no fucking forced diversity here.
Pretty sure the BBC has a ton of quota requirements they have to meet actually.
They don't even allow panel shows without quota:ing in unfunny women anymore.

>> No.75412946

They bought them while he was alive, and he agreed to it under the stipulation he have creative input. Now that he's dead there's no oversight, but the rights are still sold. Development hell truly is just that, it seems, and this series is but one of its demons.

>> No.75412948

I think this guy is actually schizophrenic. He thinks he's being gangstalked by his boogeymen from gamergate.

>> No.75412956

Not that anon, but why do you insist on clutching so tightly at Rhianna's problems, as if people can't have problems of their own?

>> No.75412958

Was that in the contract? Theres grounds for reverting the rights now with his death

>> No.75412965

>Rhianna Pratchett said nothing about progressive bullshit
Well, yes, she's a progressive. What of it? She knows it's terribly shit and her father would hate it but politics comes first for these people.

>> No.75412969

Sir Pratchett is pretty incredibly critical of nationalists, patriots, and people that want isolationism. He associates things like focus on borders and national anthems with raving lunacy.
>"Look, you know what I mean. You take a bunch of people who don’t seem any different from you and me, but when you add them all together you get this sort of huge raving maniac with national borders and an anthem."

>> No.75412971

Obviously because he doesn't want to discuss the actual topic as he was one of the indoctrinated diversty advocates that were BTFO last thread.

>> No.75412972

Because her problems were posted as the evidence for the entire tirade so far

>> No.75412979

I'm saying that despite the fact that they're normies and very much not right wing, they recognise the influence of social justice politics in the media they consume and consider it derisible.

>> No.75412984

>do you really think the woke crowd have money for that?
Yes, the term champagne socialist is a thing for a reason.

>> No.75412986

He's a gaslighting faggot pretending there's no problem pattern and that anyone that talks about it is totally 100% alt-right.

True, he was also however very critical of those who believe they have no obligation to any class or country.
Reacher Gilt anyone?

>> No.75412993

Are they?
I've seen people point out it's so shit she disowned it, but I've never once seen anyone say she personally has railed against race lifting or suchlike. Point to a post you think is saying otherwise if you think there's been a miscommunication here.

>> No.75413002

>Pretty sure the BBC has a ton of quota requirements they have to meet actually.
Considering the cast here is almost entirely white, that doesn't seem to have been an issue here.
Nobody has fucking cited any of their own issues. This entire /pol/ tirade you guys are on is entirely based on Rhianna saying the show doesn't share any DNA with her father's work, and reinterpreting this as "too many blacks."

>> No.75413025

A quotation from her saying the show is bad is in the OP, and we've had hundreds of posts now arguing about how SJWs and Ghostbusters 2016 and forced diversity ruined the show.

>> No.75413026
File: 100 KB, 1234x815, 1425639835057.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>This entire /pol/ tirade you guys are on is entirely based on Rhianna saying the show doesn't share any DNA with her father's work, and reinterpreting this as "too many blacks."
But where are the proofs?

>> No.75413030

The kind of obligation to class and country Pratchett praises is very, very different to the kind appreciated by the right.

>> No.75413040

Man, almost like his work is multidimensional and sheds light, if in uneven amount, on both sites and his characters had diversity in belief.

Fucking madman

>> No.75413046

>But where are the proofs?
The thread you are posting in

>> No.75413050

Indeed, where are you proofs? Shit, where's the basis for your hypothesis, even? So far we've just got Pratchett's daughter saying the show isn't thematically enough like her father's work - her huge fucking leftist father, might I add.

>> No.75413055

Still not seeing the connection here. People can see Rhianna disowning it and have their own thoughts on the matter.
Again, I ask you to point to someone directly saying what you're ascribing to them.
You too.

>> No.75413056

It's near enough that they can at least comprehend each other and acknowledge each other as people.

>> No.75413058

Bad literature.

>> No.75413061

While discussing war time nationalist revanchism of Borogravia you disingenous faggot.
>hurr this means he was an open borders fag because he opposed Balkan-tier invasions and worship of a flag

Meanwhile Pratchett in real life has never lived in an area with less than 98% white demographics. Broad Chalke, his home after he moved from Bridgewater (Somerset), is 98.8% white. Mainly native Brits to boot.

>> No.75413069

As if you'd know. The only thing that called itself a nationalist you ever interacted with got up after 20 minutes of you lecturing it and wandered off singing 'If one of us only had a brain'

>> No.75413082

Where are the proofs?
Direct posts, please.

>> No.75413089

Here are two people saying the article is secretly about race politics.

No need to respond, I accept that you've conceded in advance.

>> No.75413095

lel, Reacher Gilt is the kind of person the modern right wing would unironically defend. A ruthless free market tycoon with disreputable methods and an irrational lust for greater and greater success to the detriment of all others.

>> No.75413096

>Considering the cast here is almost entirely white
Aside from more than one of the main cast and all the women being quota:d into male characters you mean.

>> No.75413104

As I recall the modern right hate the rich more than the modern left

>> No.75413106
File: 1.77 MB, 300x174, 128413726912.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The only thing that called itself a nationalist you ever interacted with got up after 20 minutes of you lecturing it and wandered off singing 'If one of us only had a brain'

>> No.75413109

t. someone whose never spent a minute around the nationalist right.

>> No.75413113

>Where are the proofs?
All these posts make the assertion, with no evidence, that what Rhianna is truly talking about is the influence of leftist politics or racebending. Which is hilarious because Rhianna is a huge leftie.

>> No.75413132

You recall incorrectly

>> No.75413138
File: 51 KB, 500x517, 1514676350967.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No they don't.
The first person says the article wouldn't cover the issues they're discussing, while the second makes a nebulous point about the article, not Rhianna directly.
The first post is explicitly not about the article's content
See above. The post you quoted that was separate to the first post isn't talking about the article either, nor relating Rhianna's words on the subject. It's directly attacking the people responsible for the adaption

I'm getting the feeling that you don't actually have anything but your own strawmen linking Rhianna's problems to the people ITT.

>> No.75413147

Yeah-yeah, all evil lies with that lot over there and all good lies with you.
You chinless wonder.

None of those posts say a damned thing about Rhianna saying it, they're saying it for themselves you dense McMotherfucker.

>> No.75413152

Please, no you don't. You hate specific rich people that don't share your politics. You constantly shill for the right of big companies to shit on the consumer, idolize and vote for people whose only interest is to make that shitting easier, and worship the notion that a man is free to completely exploit his workers.

Being mad about twitter bans isn't actually standing up to the corporatist power structure.

>> No.75413160

>not Rhianna directly.
The article is about Rhianna. She is in the headline.

>> No.75413161
File: 23 KB, 90x90, we just dont know.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>how can anyone watch this https://twitter.com/TheWatch/status/1314622278844510208 and thinks it's SJW?
>Carcer is a black ACAB antihero out to revenge on modern society how is this in any way SJW

>> No.75413164

Have you paid any attention to the modern right at all?
I don't mean neo cons because you're on about neo cons.

>> No.75413169

>None of those posts say a damned thing about Rhianna saying it
It's the only fucking information they have to go on, and they're made in relation to the statement by Rhianna. >>75408597
for example answers >>75408560
which is talking about Rhianna's criticisms and bemoaning that they apply.

>> No.75413188

If only there were a board of 4chan where people could go to talk about politics.

>> No.75413197

the jannies on /pol/ delete everything that isn't just shitposting

>> No.75413198

You're all the same. You screech about Jews and Hollywood while desperately fellating practices that allow the rich to economically devastate the poor.

>> No.75413212

>It's the only information they have to go on
Or, or, OR
Maybe they're using their god damned eyeballs you block of unrefined Tungsten

>> No.75413214

>Have you paid any attention to the modern right at all?
They scream you're a communist if you suggest businesses should have limits in what they're allowed to do.

>> No.75413226

Have you read the article? it's not solely about Rhianna.
Neil Gaiman and others are quoted on the subject. The point is incredibly nebulous, likely because they couldn't be bothered to make an actual point, but since nobody until now even responded to it, pretending that their opinions are the subject of the debate throughout the thread is ludicrous.

>> No.75413229

>You hate specific rich people that don't share your politics. You constantly shill for the right of big companies to shit on the consumer, idolize and vote for people whose only interest is to make that shitting easier, and worship the notion that a man is free to completely exploit his workers.
Sounds like you're talking about the modern left t b h.
Like i've never seen a crowd get so hype about union busting as when the Rick & Morty creator fired his team for wanting dental when he announced that he was replacing them with women.

>> No.75413231

>Maybe they're using their god damned eyeballs
The show is not out until next year you dishonest rat.

>> No.75413242

You're talking about neocons again

>> No.75413244

Their eyeballs don't relay any information about left wing politics. There's nothing left wing about how the show looks. What it does look like, though, is not Pratchett.

>> No.75413259

Then the "modern right" exists in irrelevant numbers and even most of /pol/ would be neocons.

>> No.75413261

Nope, the vast, vast majority of the right wing is like this. I'm not sure why you'd lie about something so blatant.

>> No.75413264

That's an accurate description of the modern left.

>> No.75413267
File: 22 KB, 1096x698, a deep meaningful comic on the nature of extrapolating based on previous experience and information that is currently available in order to comprehend future events before they happen.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The show is not out until next year you dishonest rat.

>> No.75413275

>Neil Gaiman
Wow, another massively far left figure.

How the fuck could you interpret these people being disappointed with it as "too much leftism"?

>> No.75413293

Whether its Gaiman or Rhianna being quoted, neither are talking about race quotas, and yet the thread was about race quotas based on their quotations about the show being bad.

>> No.75413294

It's an accurate description of the political class on the centre, centre-left, centre-right, and far-right.

>> No.75413295

You're wasting your time, he's already decided you're a Nazi.

>> No.75413306

You aren't using your own eyeballs to determine the show will be bad, you are using quotations from people who have seen the show and said it will be bad.

>> No.75413312

But I am a fascist. Thats explicitly why I oppose letting private corporations do whatever they want to the detriment of the wider nation.

>> No.75413318

>leaves out the far-left
Nothing gets the bourgies on leftypol with more of a stiffy than some rich shyster siding with them.

>> No.75413323

Fair enough.

>> No.75413332

I'm not, and you know it.
What I am asking is where you got the thought into your head that people with problems other than those described in the articles were getting them from Rhianna?
That goes for you too.
I'll also repeat my other point
>but since nobody until now even responded to it, pretending that their opinions are the subject of the debate throughout the thread is ludicrous.

So since that post is a bust, I will ask again:
Where are the proofs?
And don't think I didn't notice you dropping the other two posts you posted as proof without a word. I'm not angry, just disappointed.

>> No.75413341

You can count the number of people who share your beliefs in the west these days on one hand.

>> No.75413344

>There's nothing left wing about how the show looks
Let's see
>A diverse cast of flamingo-semen-haired strong empowered women stand around in 'bad ass' poses alongside their token castrated male eunuchs, wearing clothing that the producers think biker gangs wear in a psudo-modernesq way that calls upon punk iconography, with more focus on style than substance, most the women look like men and most the men look like they're about to burst into tears and beg forgiveness for being born with a penis at any given moment, with characters randomly made 'really diverse' for inexplicable rea-oh who are we kidding, tokenism.
I've no idea where anyone could pick up on the idea it's intentionally progressive.

No, we're watching the trailer and going 'Oh for fuck sake, they made Carcer an anti-hero, what the titty fucking christ are you doing people?'
But nah, go on, tell us how there's no media out yet on this show, no images, no character details, no mention of a punk rock band, ect, ect. We truly only have a single interview to go off you complete potato.

>> No.75413372

>leaves out the far-left
Correct. The far left do not advocate for the economic destruction of the working and middle class, knowingly or not. Liberals do, of course, but liberals generally have no idea what they're doing at all.

>> No.75413382

We are the modern counter culture

>> No.75413392

>The far left do not advocate for the economic destruction of the working and middle class, knowingly or not.
Uh yeah they do.
That's why they worship immigration on par with neolibs and often share the idpol hatreds of whitey.
Sometimes if they're really prescient they'll dub whitey "kulaks" to be murdered but it's just a language-game in the end.

>> No.75413406

Your last gasp was getting Trump elected to cut taxes for the rich and get rid of regulation, every new flavor of right wing got co-opted or flamed out.

>> No.75413435

>A diverse cast of flamingo-semen-haired strong empowered women
Holy shit dude there's two women and four men on the main cast. I don't think they even have dyed hair hahaha holy fuck.
>wearing clothing that the producers think biker gangs wear in a psudo-modernesq way that calls upon punk iconography, with more focus on style than substance
Yeah, the same sort of costuming the BBC has thought looks punk badass for the last twenty years. Literally nothing to do with politics.
> most the women look like men and most the men look like they're about to burst into tears and beg forgiveness for being born with a penis at any given moment
Pure projection.
>with characters randomly made 'really diverse'
Yeah, Lady Sybil and Angua being women is SUCH a fucking leftist move, my god.

>> No.75413442

>The far left do not advocate for the economic destruction of the working and middle class

Is this a joke?

>> No.75413449

Historically, fascists have let private corporations do what they want to the detriment of the wider nation. The Nazis are the fathers of privatization.

>> No.75413483

Wrong, the Nazis did what the Chinese do these days; they basically leashed companies to the intention of the party.
Things were allowed to be 'private' right up until the party decided on a whim to nationalize them, and by private I mean had a mandatory party member on the board to make sure the party interest was kept in mind.

Didn't like it? Off to the camps with you.

>> No.75413524

American corporate shills have woken up I see.

>> No.75413528


>> No.75413538

Someone seems upset.

>> No.75413598

>people defending bad adaptations for literally no reason but politics

I can't imagine being such a spineless bootlicker than to defend shit for a faceless ideology.

>> No.75413631

Behold! Hypocrisy, the post.

>> No.75413636

Nobody has defended the adaptation

>> No.75413641

Basically yes.
You can make all the profit you want but there is a government agenda you are a part of.
Do your part and you will be rewarded. Don't do your part and you are off to butlins

>> No.75413652

Correct. In practice, though, this just became a system of nepotism, much as it has with the Chinese, where the political and corporate class entered an incestuous relationship that meant big companies were mostly free to do what they wanted and disregard ethics. The process is literally where we get the term privatization from.


>> No.75413659

Oh, I'm not defending it, it looks like shit. It just doesn't look like political shit and the claims the /pol/ side are making are ludicrous.

>> No.75413763

I'm 90% certain the whole tranny push the past six years was to split a wedge between liberals. A series of increasingly insane purity tests to prove you're liberal until at some point you just clap your hands and go "okay, I'm out".

Bear in mind that tranny billionaire was a huge Trump donor.

>> No.75413835

>It just doesn't look like political shit

>> No.75413871

The left always has trends and the most populous trend dominates. If you're not in line with it, you're as good as a nazi.

>> No.75414039

Honestly, the more I look into it, the more I think you're just going off presumptions. One complaint is that the cast is primarily women with dyed hair, but there's only two women on the main cast and neither are pinkhairs. Another is that there's too many non-white men, but as far as I can tell, there isn't even one in the main cast. Then there's the assertion that everyone dresses in an SJW way, but everyone just seems to be costumed the same way the BBC has been doing 'punk' for the last two to three decades.

The show will probably be shit and not nearly enough like Guards! Guards!, but the politics objection appears to be a spook.

>> No.75414084

>One complaint
>Mentioned once as part of a generalization about how obviously the cast has been given a progressive makeover
Do you ever engage with the arguments of the people you disagree with? I mean surely some of it must penetrate your thick outer layer occasionally right?

>> No.75414113
File: 308 KB, 2048x1364, 1591233454120.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>this is what shitlibs actually believe

>> No.75414120

>A diverse cast of flamingo-semen-haired strong empowered women stand around in 'bad ass' poses alongside their token castrated male eunuchs, wearing clothing that the producers think biker gangs wear in a psudo-modernesq way that calls upon punk iconography, with more focus on style than substance, most the women look like men and most the men look like they're about to burst into tears and beg forgiveness for being born with a penis at any given moment, with characters randomly made 'really diverse' for inexplicable rea-oh who are we kidding, tokenism.
>that's not REAL progressivism. REAL progressivism has never been tried

l m a o

>> No.75414129

Nigga I'm just going off what people are saying. The literal complaint I'm seeing here is that the cast is mostly women and looks to SJWy, as in posts like >>75413344

While I agree that the general look of the characters is wrong, which partially has to do with them doing a sort of near-modern adaptation, I'm not sure how you could complain about Angua and Sybil being in the main cast, and they don't look like they've been given an SJW overhaul. They look like they've been given the same not-punk grittiness overhaul the BBC gives most things it wants to sell in the US.

>> No.75414425

>"Hey Anon, what's so funny?"

>> No.75414430

Angua doesn't even seem that off, her hair just needs to be longer. She was always Pratchett's angry near-goth near-punk waifu. She's the one character that would be at home in whatever the fuck it is they've turned the setting into.

>> No.75414431

Nothing but FATE could come close. Also you have to work in as many puns as you can

>> No.75414498

you've got a damn good nose on you bro.

>> No.75414539

fuck off simon allen you fucking hack fraud.

>> No.75414574

so how will you defend the pedophilla covered up by the saintly BBC? the kids wanted it from jimmy Saville and the rest?

>> No.75414651

Totally. Who doesn't want to be molested by a famous celebrity?

>> No.75414735

Who doesn't love Jimmy Saville, I met him oncee. He fixed it for me to milk a cow blindfolded.

>> No.75414751

>Labour thought it was ignoring the issues in the Tory party
To be fair, it was doing this. Antisemitism in Labour, despite being not backed up at all by any evidence, was a constant topic. Meanwhile there were Tories openly throwing around talk of the JQ and not even a peep on that front.

>> No.75415093

> Meanwhile there were Tories openly throwing around talk of the JQ and not even a peep on that front.
And do what? Call them nazis some more?

>> No.75415277


About as old-school Marxist as you can get without either being a Bolshevik or in one of the CPGBs, some distance from twitter SJW. His politics come up in his work obviously, but so does his love of trains, it's not that bad unless you literally read his history of the Russian Revolution, which was surprisingly good if very obviously Trot.

I think he's ex-Socialist Workers Party, who were a fairly big and largely anti-idpol group for a while before they imploded due to democratic centralism being retarded.

>> No.75415429

Mieville is not an actual commie and is extremely idpol. He's actually sabotaged UK commie groups supporting idpol shit.

>> No.75415486

The BBC has never called the Tories Nazis. That said, I suppose it's less of a story when everyone already expects most senior Tories to be closet fascists.

>> No.75415691

why there still are nigger-cuddlers, uncivilised sjw regressists and other scum on 4chan, and on /tg/ moreover? you have most of the western web for you, you deplatformed dissenters from the mainstream sites. be content and leave us in peace.

>> No.75415858

I wish they were
But no its neocon all the way through

>> No.75416031

Because we've been here longer than you and we'll still be here when you an hero after the coming election.

>> No.75416231

2016 is not longer than us

>> No.75416239

do you live under a rock? Willfully ignorant cunts like you have a special circle in hell.

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