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As always, let me know of others you'd like added; I'd never have guessed how many of these exist.

Notable new: Final Fantasy RPG

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If a 4dchan page is down, please let me know and I can add a wayback machine link or something in the meantime. The hardest part about this is finding lost pages and pdfs, but thankfully wayback pulls through more often than not.

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what purpose does this .PDF serve?

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I like [Thing].
I want to play a game set in [Thing]'s universe, with an appropriate feel and style to match [thing].
Where can I find this game?
Op is doing a potentially good and useful thing.
Thanks OP, you aren't a complete bag of dicks.

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thank you for the clarification.

inference I drew from >>75238591
was that it was a collection of the homebrews of 1d4chan.

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Neat. It's a dead franchise now but is there a system out there that would work well for Mass Effect?

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nice. There could easily be a companion pdf with board game tie-ins. You'd be surprised over what games got made over the years

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