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The S oyim are waking up edition

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embarassing redditors edition
>Current meta, complete with the singular deck list
>Build and share casual decks

>Build and share cubes

>Search engines
>Proxy a deck or a cube for cheap
You local chinaman (we're still researching this one)
your printer + bulk cards + sleeves can also do the trick
>Library of in-demand alters

>friendly, daily and threadly reminder that wotc is de facto printing an illegal almost-cryptocurrency where prices are kept artificially inflated due to artificial scarcity and insider trading that gets distributed through lottery tickets and lootboxes and that they spend, all costs included, 2 cents per card to print them

How long do you think the outrage will last ? We're on the fourth day already

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Liberation, at last.

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I still love angels! But fuck WOTC!

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Pretty sad, honestly. Companions was the beginning of the end. Sad and glad I cashed out.

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The fact that the brainiac behind this whole thing, Mark Heggen, is a fucking limited edition shoe-fag is galling.

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By definition the outrage will continue until Monday at the earliest, as the last card hasn't been shown yet, and it'll all get kicked off all over again when it does.

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>How long do you think the outrage will last ?
I give it another week for it to completely die
Even commadtards are pissed about it
I doubt anything will come of it

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>Mario’s shitty blogatog post defending them
>people mistreat silver bordered cards!

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>"Kudos to everyone that even remembered it (Nalathni Dragon) existed!"
how on earth did they think this was the right way to handle this?

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Game was in a death spiral before companions. I'd say it started before WAR, but that's where it became irreparably fucked

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It started in Urza's Saga and you fucking know it.

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Didnt people complain when that came out too?

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Urza's Saga was a mistake, everyone makes a few. Mirrodin is where we saw them repeating the mistake without any hint of self-awareness. From there you can point to Mythics and Planeswalkers, and then really it's just a downward spiral from there.

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I'm pretty sure it caused such a fucking outrage that it made wizards promise that they WOULDN'T FUCKING PULL THAT SHIT AGAIN. Which would explain why they're only doing it now with secret lairs since that's CLEARLY a completely different thing!

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Utterly broken game design and Jewish tactics are different issues

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So basically a giga consoomer came up with the idea? I mean, At least media like this is somewhat unique and a product that doesn't actively decrease in value as it used. Limited edition shoes are completely fucking baffling since there's a billion different shoes that work just as well AND you can use them without having to worry about accidentally burning through a grand cause you stepped in a puddle.

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They're almost certainly going to try and weasel their way out of it by saying "Well we only promised to never release mechanically unique cards at cons again" if that is indeed the case. And the only reason people are okay with mechanically unique silver bordered cards being released whenever is cause they can't be used in any but the dumbest of tournaments. They're Kitchen table only

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Do you think anyone at Wizards still cares about the game? Not like they could speak against corporate even if they were dying inside. I wonder what maro is really thinking right now.

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>15 more years before I can retire. Why did I buy this damn house?

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The game may be in total shambles but i've no regrets because i loved to shitpost alongside the mmgbros. The true wins were the frens we made all along.
Love yuo frens!

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We dare you, maroberg! You'll find no fear here, only disdain.

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Based and frenpilled
We're all gonna make it bros

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>no regrets

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He's staying only for the (you)s. This kike must have millions in his bank account and few hundreds beta duals. He's more attention needy than onlyfans whores. But i bet he regret being the face of the (((company))) rn. Guaranteed he grew a stomach ulcer in the past few months.

Can't wait for the yatch party with all the GMI frens!

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>land of the free

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In a strange twist of fate, the head edh tranny sheldon is the only person who can save us from this mess. If he bans the SL shit from edh, then it kills most of the demand for them and sets a precedent that jotc wont try to push if they all get auto banned.

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you really think that a wotc shill will just roll over like that for street cred?

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Is that even a legal policy? I have to imagine it violates some sort of laws.

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The thing is we also need to make them illegal in legacy and vintage, where only jotc have it's word to say.
And the problem is edh have the numbers to screech and force sheldon/jotc to back it off, but we are so few left playing legacy, idk how we can do it fren...

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Or WotC forces a schism and we get Official!Commander and the unofficial version.

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Sheldon and other edhretards are who got us into this mess, in the first place.

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No, they are not. Why try to D&C when only wotc is responsible for this whole shitshow? You reek of kikery.

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This is what I don’t get.

Commander itself started from people doing whatever the fuck they wanted around a kitchen table.

Who gives a shit if some official moron gives the go ahead? If you don’t like them, call anyone who plays them a fag and move on.

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The difference now is that WotC name drops commander as a format on a regular basis.
Fuck even this shitty secret lair name-dropped the format directly

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I was under the impression that most groups had their own house rules for the format. Is that not the case?

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Is Keyforge any good?

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When a new tabletop game rises and burns Magic to the ground, I hope we'll all be here to jump on the bandwagon together!
Many people here have given me tons of great advice on a lot of subjects even beyond MTG. Thanks for the memes AND dreams, frens.

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holy checked

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They signed a contract.

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>you are not allowed to play our game other than on arena
>actually you know what? don't buy our shit please
>t. jotc
Are they fucking retarded?

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been seeing threads about this, haven't played magic for 2 years or so. can I get a quick rundown cause I'm totally lost.

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I don't think that contract can supersede state or national laws. Or the business owner's right to conduct their business on their property. I mean now that I re-read it I guess they haven't actually put in any punishment and have just used it to try and push more buy-a-box bullshit. Still seems like an unnecessary legal risk to WotC.

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>quick rundown
two years of Standard being nigh-unplayable straight (since War of the Spark), which everybody thought culminated in the release of Ikoria which added cards to the game that consumed 90% of the meta of EVERY format from Vintage to Standard. Then they released Zendikar Rising, including the glorious WTF were they thinking new Omnath, which again is dominating EVERY format.

Then, in a single day, they produced a ban announcement that killed the only deck in Standard that was competing with Omnath without touching Omnath or *even mentioning him*, AND released a Secret Lair (Limited print run, only purchaseable on a specific date directly from WotC for 50 bucks) that includes new (mechanically unique, never-before-printed), black border, tournament legal cards featuring characters from the popular, long-past-its-prime AMC show "The Walking Dead"

Norman Reedus is a MTG character now, and the only way you can get him is by offering your supple buttocks to WotC. Standard is worse after the ban than it is before, and now we have non-canon characters from a fucking zombie TV show that are tournament legal. Pic related is a real card that you can play in eternal formats.

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>I cast Bazinga in response

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Oh, also worth mentioning that Lurrus of the Dream Den, one of said cards printed in Ikoria, was so powerful and destructive to the game that it is the first card EVER to be banned from Vintage for power level reasons. Banned, not restricted.

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War of the spark is why I stopped playing, glad to see I hopped off the bus at the perfect time eh.

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Are you subscribed for the propietary IP of that Sheldon?

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Hasbro is pimping for wotc and getting all kinds of parties interested in mtg crossovers. Magic's ability to sustain iteslf as a game is crumbling. Maro posts on mmg. not really but it would be really funny The latest sets are like a sloppy old whore who still gets customers because her BJs are so good, but nobody else is interested in her because she's been abused for so long. Eventually even her mouth will fail and she'll be allowed to rest, but not before hasbro pumps her for all she's worth.

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WAR is definitely when WOTC jumped the shark. Wet fart of an ending to a years long saga, poorly written novels, shit limited format based around bombs, and the most offensive PWs ever put to print.

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For sure. Ever since WAR, the game has been a non-stop train wreck. Standard has had constant bannings, to the point we're at more bans now than even the heights of affinity or combo. There are decks in Legacy that are made almost entirely of cards printed post-WAR, and they are the top of the meta.

Power creep runs rampant.

I still can't get over just how bad Lurrus and the other Companions were. In all my time playing MTG (Since Ice Age), I have never seen the meta of every format get entirely consumed by a single mechanic faster and more completely. Phyrexian Mana doesn't even compete with how totally Companion ass-raped the game.

Every format, from Vintage to Standard, was 90% Companion decks meta. The only decks that weren't Companion were the ones people didn't update and brought into tournaments not knowing what was going on. Every single game was just a Lurrus v Lurrus mirror match. the mechanic was so bad, the game became basically unplayable and they had to do a *full, functional errata* so that EVERY companion's casting cost was increased by 3 generic mana. ON TOP of that, they had to ban several of them across formats. and they still see play

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Ok so now you can have extra cards in your opening hand because why not, you have 6/6s for 3 who ramp + draw + extra life with infinite flashback because why not, only good cards are printed in mythics, pws have one sided stax passives and can get silver bullets from your sb, the average green creature is now a 10/10 trample reach vigilance lifelink deathtouch flying menace hexproof for GGG, the best cantrips are green but also counter spells and cost 1 mana, good cards are now to be purchased directly from jotc as singles for $9999, every single non RL card got reprinted approx 20 times in 2 years, modern staples are down 90% in price, you aren't allowed to play anywhere but on arena, which is the most bugged pajeet-coded software ever, cards saying "destroy blacks creatures" are all banned for racism, as well as all the cards with Terese Nielsen arts because she liked an AJ's tweet 6 years ago. Judges have to pay to be judges, new cards are from harry potter, the walking dead, MLP, strong feminist powaa, etc.. If you don't show support to BLM your DCI get cancelled. And about another 8000000 another clowneries.

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>Mostly True

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>Wet fart of an ending to a years long saga
To be fair the entire Gatewatch saga was a wet fart. It was the ending the Jacetice League deserved.

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>pws have one sided stax passives and can get silver bullets from your sb,
lol K4rn is so fucking stupid what the fuck were they thinking holy shit
>Still not banned in Vintage
and yet, even with how retarded an idea K4rn was, there's still the fucking cat
that darned cat

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>every single non RL card got reprinted approx 20 times in 2 years
(except fetchlands)

>> No.75199126

>EVERY companion's casting cost was increased by 3 generic mana.
and also goes to hand so it can be hit by discard instead of outside of the game zone

>> No.75199137

and they still see play

>> No.75199183

Or played off LED.

>> No.75199191

>that time Gyruda enabled a guy to mull to 2 and still pull off the win

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Friendly reminder that even Project Modern has banned Looting and is seriously considering an Opal ban. Say what you want about JotC but at least they know what to ban: the problem is they should ban more pushed bullshit from FIRE times, e.g. Uro and Veil.


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File: 1.45 MB, 288x198, Oh-Wait-Youre-Serious_o_97195.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Say what you want about JotC but at least they know what to ban

>> No.75199253

Name ONE banned card from Modern which really shouldn't be banned. One card anon, one card.

and don't even think about letting Splinter Twin be legal in the same format of T3feri and Veil

>> No.75199265

Faithless Looting.

>> No.75199282

Lmao. Even Project Modern banned it, get over it anon, it's never coming back.

>> No.75199299

Ok. I'm gonna stop you right after the first paragraph. Ikoria didn't JUST consume 90% of the meta in EVERY format, it consumed 100% OF THE VINTAGE META IN TWO WEEKS.

>> No.75199314

>Even Project Modern banned it
literally who

>> No.75199380

I honestly want them to ban Uro in like, 3 months, since it'll definitively prove that wizards knows what the problem cards in new sets are, but values selling packs over the health of standard

>> No.75199387

Mox opal and faithless looting.

>> No.75199389

Uro was just banned in standard.

>> No.75199418

Oh. Bout time. Guess two sets is their new bar for immensely busted cards. We can expect to see Omnath banned shortly after harry potter gets a card.
God I hope Rowling goes off the deep end shortly before that crossover goes through and says something incredibly based

>> No.75199459

Replace companions with planeswalkers

>> No.75199464

Is there a vídeo of it? I want a good laugh

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a good example of the deck in action
this was the absolute state of the game on the release of Ikoria
and to think, the Lurrus decks were still better

>> No.75199488

Planeswalkers are something that could have gone either way, and for a while they were handling them responsibly. I'd say that the point that they absolutely, 100% point of no return jumped the shark was the first secret lair. Them moving to directly sell cards to whales at a markup for (Not even foil) alternate art is the point at which it was clear that hasbro was in full control over wizards and there was no one with any spine or love for the game left there

>> No.75199502

I mean, Lurrus' entire gimmick is "Oh, I sure hope no one fills my deck with the most busted cards in the game. that would be awful"
Companions are literally the card version of those people who post "wouldn't that be awful haha" when people are talking about their fetish

>> No.75199612

I think they could fix planeswalkers by changing the rules.
In the lore, you were a planeswalker, so both mechanically and fluff wise, owning a planeswalker is playing two people against one.

So planeswalkers should simply be treated as players.
Every card that hurts "each" opponent should hurt each player and each planeswalker.
Sure, cards like rankle would become super pushed and might warrant a ban, but I think it is healthy in the long run to do this.

>> No.75199633

Decent actually.

>> No.75199645

I have a better solution: All planeswalker cards are banned from all formats, and they stop printing them.

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But then who will our players identify with?

>> No.75199672

Nobody. You are commanding an army, you are not the foot soldier.

>> No.75199709

I'm baffled by this. Do people really need to find a copy of themselves in a game of pretend to enjoy it?

>> No.75199754

Media as a whole has latched on to the (provably false) idea that people are literally incapable of identifying with anything that's not a person that's LITERALLY them, even though trying to make as many different characters that look like as many different people as possible makes them harder to identify with since they got the personality of wet cardboard

>> No.75199777

Sounds a bit naziesque. I want to escape reality and what I am when I play a game of pretend.

>> No.75199799

>project modern
These retards still have looting banned.

>> No.75199804

not him but I think he meant identifying in the first place at all to enjoy the media
I'd be in the same boat in that I rarely see myself in any character (cis wh*te male) and don't need to

>> No.75199808

I don't have words for how much I love this image

>> No.75199819

Representation matters because it helps empower people. This builds an emotional connection with the medium in which the likeness is represented. "Hope" is a good thing, if you examine it on the grounds of its overall contribution to human progress - positively motivated people do better things.

The problem is when emotional connections, "hope" included, are exploited for monetary gain. In MTG's case, it doesn't matter whether representation fits into the setting; shove it in anyway because people who would otherwise not pay for the product will now give you money. Short-term financial gains are what drives the change, because corporate culture demands constant financial growth. Statements to the contrary are frequently made for PR reasons, and objections are denounced or swept under the rug.

I'm not saying there's a right or wrong here. I'm saying that the monetary reasons for the changes in MTG are obvious enough to spot and difficult to ignore.

>> No.75199869

>your DCI
Anon... The DCI doesn't exist anymore. It was officially disbanded, to be replaced with Wizards Accounts.

>> No.75199874

Bitch I'm an EDHfag and I want absolutely none of this shit

>> No.75199876

I don't understand what those have to do with escapism. I don't need "empowerment" outside of hitting the gym. I don't need anyone to represent me on my behalf. All of that sounds like estrogen based speech.
Games are supposed to be hobbies, not some larger than life moral crusade for uplifting people who have it bad. That's a job for the church and social programs.
>people who would otherwise not pay for the product will now give you money
Most likely not. There are people who have read alinsky's rules for radicals and use those tactics. This one is tactic number 5.

>> No.75199924

Dude I dont know. Yeah I have characters I like more than others but I never inserted myself into their shoes.
I usually just dream of fucking them

>> No.75199966

>I don't understand what those have to do with escapism.
Because you are not escaping the lack of power that some people feel. Which is perfectly fine. There are lots of valid reasons to leave the real world behind for a while - relaxation, engaging a narrative, getting that victory high. I'm simply telling you that "representation" matters for the people whose escapism is tied to power issues in the real world. Creators who come from a background that experiences the power disparity from the lacking side often try to tell stories with those perspectives; these stories are sometimes embraced by society as "different" and "unique" and promoted; this leads other "disadvantaged" individuals to be inspired to "make something of themselves". You could call this the "organic" version, because the motives of the creator can be assumed to be geniune.

By contrast, corporations only look at the bottom line. When a corporation takes a stance of some sort, it's because the corporation believes the stance will increase its profits. Sometimes it's "jumping on the bandwagon":
>Nobody thought Harry Potter was something you could sell, but turns out it's a moneymaker, we need to churn out more!
Sometimes it's because companies have completely ignored a demographic, which is actually affluent enough to spend on the product
>Why the hell are Family Guy DVDs selling out? The ratings are in the toilet! Who is buying them!
(It was all the kids who didn't have Nielsen boxes on their TVs, so their viewership wasn't being noticed.)

Point is, when inclusion is done well, you don't notice or question it. When inclusion is done poorly, it's a sore spot. Do you remember Alesia on Tarkir? How the addition of that particular feature of the character was done in a hidden, back-handed way? That was likely a test of the waters by WOTC to evaluate the response.

>> No.75199988

>Do you remember Alesia on Tarkir

>> No.75200010

>too many characters
Financially, WOTC/Hasbro must be seeing a net positive from the things they are doing. That's the main feedback mechanism a corporation looks at. It's not easy to evaluate the financial contribution of any specific factor without detailed test, but when overall income continues to grow, a corporation will keep doing whatever it is doing.
In Alesia's case, the character was made trans via a story on WOTC website. And because it didn't hurt the bottom line, WOTC kept the "inclusion" and "representation" ball rolling.

>> No.75200024

Isn't this just a normal anti covid measure? Do you think mtg players and their families are immune?

>> No.75200041

>Because you are not escaping the lack of power that some people feel
uuf that's a nasty assumption there. I may lack power more than your protected minorities. Still I don't need to compensate for my poor socio-economic standing through a power fantasy in a fantasy card game. I just want to play a mechanically sound game that doesn't remind me how bad I have it. Also viewing the world through power relations is nazi as fuck.

>> No.75200049

Alesha being trans was also fucking buried in the lore on wizard's website back when most players didn't even fucking know there WAS more lore than the cards

>> No.75200055

commander draft is the only time commander looked even remotely interesting to me
why the fuck is europe allowed to host events when the us can't? i'm so goddamn sick of this fucking hoax and i hate the retarded dems for blowing this whole thing out of proportion to build momentum for the november election.
it's 200k dead. out of 300 MILLION.

>> No.75200061
File: 497 KB, 2048x2048, 1586742951763.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Such a terrible game
Burn it all down

>> No.75200085

>why the fuck is europe allowed to host events when the us can't?
Do you want the truth? It's a long story, friend.

If you don't want the real shit, we'll go with "Coof bad"

>> No.75200092

Bruh maybe in the USA they're fucking retarded, I don't know, but look at Italy. They took a strong stance against indoors events and shit like that and now they have contagion completely under control, which may avoid a second wave.

Then look at France and Spain.
You cannot have in store events.

>> No.75200096

>FoW is good vs aggro!
>Meanwhile, in reality; You side FoW out vs aggro
Ok retard, thanks for proving pre modern is a shitter meme format.

>> No.75200102

The best part is the irony. Europe is allowed to host events precisely because they took it seriously and got things under control, the US isn't because they threw a temper tantrum and called it a hoax, making it even worse.

>> No.75200118
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Remember that time we shut everything down because 0.066% of the US population died?

>> No.75200121

I think they just don't have an europe-wide ruling from Wizards because the governments themselves don't allow in store events, most EU countries have rules similar to "only one person allowed in store at a time" or close to that.

>> No.75200122

But anon, I don't WANT the coof to be real SO IT'S NOT.

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half the blame is the reddit upvotes to alters. Marketers see pic related and start to salivate

>> No.75200132

Precisely. Controversy is advertising, which boosts reach (and thus the bottom line). But it can also lead to a backlash. So you test the waters slowly, looking for the optimal amount of subversing the paradigm (this is who the heroes are) while remaining within it (we want your money).

>protected minorities
>compensate for my poor socio-economic standing
That's part of the point. Those minorities may not feel protected, and may have more than JUST their socio-economic standing to escape from.
>I just want to play a mechanically sound game
As do we all. Except, it seems, Hasbro/WOTC.
>Also viewing the world through power relations is nazi as fuck.
I'm offering a perspective, not an argument. On the subject of politics, all I'm going to say is that in the last few years it has acted as an amplifier for everything, as part of the shitcage that the American two-party system has created.

>> No.75200139

woah nigga asking me to wash my hands and not cough on people is communism
miss me with that shit

>> No.75200142

I want to make an aside for this one;
>Phyrexian Mana doesn't even compete with how totally Companion ass-raped the game.

To hammer the point home.

>> No.75200145

The US never shut down, that's the problem, but aside from that it was never about deaths but about overloading the healthcare system, you have only so many ICU beds to spare.

>> No.75200149

Can you stick to making actual OPs instead of weird shit like this >>75197286

>> No.75200163

Let the fat, the weak, the old and the subhuman die.

>> No.75200165

Can you stick to shutting the fuck up? We're not impressed that you can suck dick and post at the same time.

>> No.75200172

This, but unironically.

>> No.75200173

hands free blowjobs are good shit though

>> No.75200174

The past decade or so of magic has been Magic's development team and marketing battling over who has control over the game. The first signs of rot showed up as early back as Scars block, when marketing told the team that they weren't allowed to just kill off planeswalkers whenever they wanted anymore. Things stayed pretty even for a while, but around khans stuff started to take a turn with marketing getting more and more control over the game and the people who actually cared about making the game good because of it. Fast forward to now and we have marketing completely at the reins. New planeswalkers are made not to be interesting characters, but because they'll appeal to a specific demographic. Storylines are written not out of passion, but because they're copying something popular or referencing something well known. Cards are blatantly overpowered every set since marketing knows that putting powerful cards in sets is a great way to force people to crack packs, and better yet, NEW cards since that way they can't just use a playset they already have. And worst of all, because certain cards are so damn pushed, bannings have become both infinitely more frequent and massively too slow, with bannings basically just becoming a combination of a tool they can use to force good decks to rotate out of standard early, since no one is cracking packs from the set that the problem card that's in that deck is from anymore and now they gotta get a new deck

>> No.75200179

I'll concede that point.

>> No.75200189

A lot of places did. But the real problem isn't that trump loving hicks ignored it, but inner city folk ignored it.

>> No.75200227

Who said I was being ironic?
I am tired of getting fucked again and again because piggy von oinkers can't put the fork down.
I am tired of being robbed because Boomers have a fetish for selling out their children future.

>> No.75200240

The banning thing also allows them to print more broken shit since after all why not just ban it! Broken? Ban hammer it lol!
Said banning fiesta started in memedern. Turns out memedern and EDH killed magic.

>> No.75200254 [DELETED] 
File: 132 KB, 1023x723, 119675350_766976850537411_4313754761506323761_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's all fun and games until some dumb fuck gives it to you and you murder half your family, a friend of mine lost 2 family members to it, and another friend had to stay away from her mother for like 4 months since she was undergoing cancer treatment.

And then there's the occasional young healthy guy that just gets it bad for some reason - super rare, but it does happen, over here one 18yo kid had a double lung transplant because of el covidero, and he was healthy.

I mean all things considered just wearing a mask and being responsible would solve the issue, but people are acting retarded so we're all paying for it.

>> No.75200264

It's a lot harder to tell what is and isn't broken in a format like modern. The Ban treadmill that standard is currently on started there since standard is LITERALLY the only competitive format they actively design for. They should be able to tell what they're printing is busted as fuck in standard, and for a while they were able to.

>> No.75200268
File: 563 KB, 1440x1491, Screenshot_20201002-053037_Reddit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wonder what this could mean?

>> No.75200269

First it was Alesha, not Alesia. And it's was from fate reforged, not KtK.
Sounds like you don't have much idea what you're talking about.

>> No.75200279 [DELETED] 
File: 29 KB, 374x229, 1540066169531.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.75200282

Okay who will kyoani their offices?

It's time

>> No.75200283 [DELETED] 

>have family of weak subhumans
>Be tranny with dogshit genetics and also HRT
>NUuuuh think of muh family :(((((

>> No.75200292

I just wanted to point that out, and it isn't as complex as wotc would have you think.

That is shitskin anime tranny aka troonie anon, he's into diapers and being regressed.

>> No.75200293
File: 523 KB, 720x540, 1557956879265.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It is impressive how they so rapidly burned up all of their support from normalfags.

>> No.75200297

This mean they are (((working on it))), take very seriously all your concerns and are really, really 100% monitoring the situation.

>> No.75200302
File: 96 KB, 351x351, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.75200308


>> No.75200313

It's excessively complex when you literally don't care. Like seriously, even in MODERN HORIZONS and MODERN MASTERS sets they weren't designing for modern. All those sets are draft sets first, EDH second and modern MAYBE third. they do not even fucking try to balance for eternals and the fact that lurrus got printed should make that abundantly clear.
It's cause hasbro's mask slipped to the point that even normies can tell that they're parading around the corpse of a once decent company

>> No.75200320

Sorry, I might have not played Magic for longer than you've been alive. Back in my day, you could refer to a block rather than a specific set.
Oh, right. Back in my day, we had blocks.
Point is, I wasn't playing during Khans block, but there was enough internet rage for the incident to still enter my memory (however imperfectly).

>> No.75200327 [DELETED] 

Memedern Horizons and masters mostly show they're kikes and horizons did change modern so :^)
They straight up don't test and have shitload of flavor fails that are also mechanical fails, see how your titans can be cast before being released, see how astrolube can be activated with non-snow mana because fuck it

>> No.75200329

Someone contracting a virus is not murder, anon. Only someone with a TOTAL lack of understanding of ethics and morals would ever say something so abhorrent. Such statements are an affront to civilization.
We call a death to natural causes a "tragedy", anon, not murder.

>> No.75200337 [DELETED] 

kys you kike worshipping animu trannigger.

>> No.75200339

I think knowingly trying to infect people with a lethal disease is a crime in most civilized places in the world.

>> No.75200362

It is not a crime in California (They changed these laws to reduce discrimination against HIV and other STD-addled populations) but that's beside the point.
Viruses will spread. That is what they evolved to do. Sure there may be a few literal psychopaths, but the number of people who are actually intentionally trying to spread this virus is so low that it is insignificant.

If you are talking about people who are hesitant to blindly go along with the newest hysteria, then you're conflating things that should not be conflated.

>> No.75200365

This, but unironically.

>> No.75200367

They test, but the testing team is incredibly incompetent. They really should just retrofit arena into a way to get a shitload of people to test new cards before they come out. Just shave off the fluffy bits and make srue that there's always a mix of cards from multiple sets in the future pool so people can't tell when cards are coming out. It'd solve like 90% of their testing problems and they could MAKE MONEY doing it

>> No.75200369

like transmitting hiv not being criminal in some places in murica land?

>> No.75200374

what did they say on twitch

>> No.75200376


>> No.75200384
File: 489 KB, 470x469, me.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And still I get no representation

>> No.75200391

Good meme, great usage of it to dodge responding to the other points. Linguistic jiu jitsu on point. Carry on.

>> No.75200402

Duck tribal WHEN?

>> No.75200427

Anon... Arena was their "We sent people too stupid to work but too PC to be fired" project.

>> No.75200432 [DELETED] 

If he did it on purpose he was fucking BASED for making sure a subhuman tranny enabling family was killed.
Post proof of your subhuman family dying to covid, you won't but y'know I want some fap material.

>> No.75200443

Fucking cold this morning. Voice-activated heater is awesome.

>> No.75200444
File: 108 KB, 1000x1199, 1601436326379.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How can there be any jotc shills after the magic the gaslighting strim

>> No.75200470

Andrew Cuomo is responsible for 40% of those deaths, he started cramming covid positives into nursing homes and states like Philly followed his example.
They tried to brush that under the rug fast once it came to light.

>> No.75200480

>Not using a Wood Stove

>> No.75200512

>They tried to brush that under the rug fast once it came to light.
As if all the blood can be washed away. All the perfumes of Arabia could not sweeten their hands. Miserable people, killing thousands and berating everybody who calls them out for it, then trying to shift blame everybody who tried to stop them. How did we let these people into power...

>> No.75200537

Oh Adventures is such a fun and intricate deck, like you take all the cards that says adventures on them, put them in certain colors and there you have an engine that will give you all the value in the world.

But nothing compare to the new and intricate Rogues deck. You see, you have to have rogues in the deck and on the board to make it work and you know what, you mill the opponent while countering everything they do and then the coolest card ever Zareth San will steal something you know with the old cool ability Ninjutsu but he's not a ninja so.

Isn't magic deck building FUN and INVITING in 2020? Takes so much skill playing these decks with engines that basically let them play out by themselves. I hate it.

>> No.75200547


A mask does nothing because everyone takes them off once they get into close quarters with anyone that is friendly with them. While I personally wear mine the entire time at my high risk parents home when I visit, I find it laughable because the same people who have this intense vigor to scream at people for not wearing masks take them off the minute they're behind closed doors. Ya'll faggots preach to the regular person about how we should act and do the opposite when no one is looking. You get the same dumb shit from all the celebs who get worshiped by retards on a daily basis. Only for thee, not for me.

>> No.75200553

>Not liking fun

>> No.75200575

remember when you put all good black rares into your deck and win a pro tour?
or maybe you play all rares from jescai colours?
or how about you play green and white rares and flicker your shit lol get fucked vapor snag
the fact that standard is a bad format is not news and is not the fault of fire.
the fact the you can't play anything but one deck is thought.

>> No.75200624

>putting a mechanic in one deck and think it's fun

Might aswell let a computer do the simulation of the deck for me, it plays itself.
I mean yes, but you still had to put thoughts into it. Instead of nowadays during the FIRE era where they basically design the decks that the players are going to play and you damn sure have to like them, because it's the best value engines in the game. It's stupid, it doesn't take any creativity and it explains why everyone is so fucking shit at deckbuilding nowadays.

>> No.75200629

Standard don't have that many different decks.
Something like gates, adventures, rouge's etc is fine because arena rewards buying from one set.
Wildcards are expensive, so buying 50 packs of the current set and calling it a day is fine.

>> No.75200671

Voice-activated heater is better right now since it's not super freezing. You just lift the corner of your blanket up and say the phrase ("Kitty, kitty, kitty!"), and the heater kicks right into gear.

>> No.75200680

God, that fake laugh is so fucking annoying

>> No.75200744

his reactions sound very kikkoman

>> No.75201095

no it's just that life came almost back to normal here.
I played irl prerelease events for m21 and zendikar, stay mad.

>> No.75201105
File: 490 KB, 449x401, laugh at you.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I played irl prerelease events for m21 and zendikar

>> No.75201137

mtg is ded and im fine with it

>> No.75201138

do you hate yourself, anon?

>> No.75201152

>I played irl prerelease events for m21 and zendikar, stay mad.
Jesus, imagine admitting to something like this.

>> No.75201187

salty murricans having to play new cards on arena only ecsdee

>> No.75201241

I had the pré release in store too in France. It was cool and people were nice. My party deck got rekt tho.

>> No.75201270

Seth made a good video about how standard banning don't even really help half the time.

>> No.75201289


>> No.75201290

zero people in this thread play or have ever played arena
any people that do are casuals and tourists

>> No.75201300

This. The idea of anybody who was still buying MtG in 2020 (or 2010, really) ever "waking up" is ludicrous. If you're so low functioning that you couldn't see the fiery writing on the wall, didn't get the message all those times they bashed you in the face with the message taped to a brick.. you sure ain't gonna get the message NOW. a 2010s wotc customer is simply not the kind of person that can get messages.

>> No.75201318

I started around urza block and quit because of mirrodin. played through my collection via iron man. Got back to try arena, played for almost a year and got out again.

>> No.75201320
File: 148 KB, 523x331, byufAY2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.75201346

Where's the link to their stream? What did they say? Can I get a TLDR?

>> No.75201422

Hey frens, bad times abound hu? Well I honestly didn’t know all this shit was happening as I last drafted in 09, and played in 2016. Well anyway I came here to ask if anyone knew where to find old mtg playmats at, my favorite set was the Lorwyn-Shadowmoor set, so I have been buying up items from that set, and all I’m missing in the playmats area is the Reaper King one. I have no idea why that one seems so rare, hardly anyone played tribal scarecrows, and if it wasn’t for Painters Servant no one would remember them.

>> No.75201440

r/magictcg is some quality entertainment right now. It's basically /tg/'s level of despairing about the game, except we do it on the reg, these guys are just now realising for the first time that Wizards hates them.

>> No.75201479

useful idiots getting what they deserve is always gold to see. I'd love to have seen cuban 1st wave commies get lined up against the wall like they did.

>> No.75201531

>inb4 they buy it anyway

>> No.75201534

Holy fuck they are in meltdown mode. I genuinely hope that some of them finally learn that corporations are not their friend.

>> No.75201566

You already know they will. Battered Woman Syndrome.

>> No.75201596

systematic xir oppression*

>> No.75201634

It has planted the seed of doubt in some though. That was the best we could have hoped for.

>> No.75201665

All 5 cards are out
Walker token

>> No.75201710
File: 869 KB, 1689x2253, spam.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.75201830

It will wash away with the next shiny lgbt transwalker

>> No.75201875

Leather club's two blocks down

>> No.75201886
File: 54 KB, 474x721, averagemtgxir.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

and we get so sass

>> No.75201923

There are several walker tokens

>> No.75201940

why no Rick Grimes?

>> No.75201985

god damn you guys are a bunch of crybabies.

>> No.75202016
File: 53 KB, 630x630, 10924697_0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've had an epiphany. We should all buy huge stacks of the walking dead so that wotc think they are in the clear and blithely take that one last step off the gallows.

>> No.75202030

>waste money and enrich wotc to own wotc

>> No.75202037

TLDR: Fuck you, we don't give a shit what you think, we already have a dozen more of these lined up.

>> No.75202042

their frustration is justified
none of this affects me that much because I only play modern on mtgo but I feel bad about paper players

>> No.75202047

What gives you the impression that they're the same poster ? One is a retard who rushes to make a garbage thread, and the other had to settle for this

>> No.75202055

>In response to the criticism that the cards are legal in eternal formats, Forsythe said the decision made sense to them because The Walking Dead could make sense as cards that fit into Magic gameplay.
>“The world is kinda Magic adjacent, a world full of zombies and combat. It wasn’t a stretch for us to imagine what a card would look like,” Heggen said.

>> No.75202084


you just don't understand the metagame. I'm going to sell hasbro short.

>> No.75202101
File: 248 KB, 1006x650, 1476422303949.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm just here to watch it burn.

>> No.75202125
File: 41 KB, 331x487, mmg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The twitch stream was honestly one of the MtG highlights of the last 5 or 10 years. That'll never happen again, nakedly face-to-face in front of their audience and having to look at what people actually think about it.

>> No.75202128

>Comments and ratings disabled
These guys really are scumbags

>> No.75202145

Go look at the next most recent video's comments.

>> No.75202148

Was there ever doubt?

>> No.75202161

why cannot they even apologize?

>> No.75202190

>you're getting this now of all times.
god, you really are retarded. this shit has been going on for literal years and this is what broke the camel's back. Not the shit art, not the horrendous card stock, complete destruction of the story, none of it. Magic fans truly are a blight to this earth.

>> No.75202193

Because that's how corporatism and career men work. You can make all the mistakes and huge fuckups you want, but the moment you admit to actually making a mistake, you're finished. And people accuse Japanese businessmen of desperately trying to save face.

>> No.75202213

>Please, just apologize
That's what I don't get. It would have been so easy to apologize without actually changing anything. To say that they were sorry that they had misjudged what people would think of the product, but that it was still an experiment and they still wanted to see it through. To leave it open as to whether or not they'd do it again, but acknowledge that people were upset about it.

>> No.75202224

>but the moment you admit to actually making a mistake, you're finished.
Aaron has admitted to huge fuckups before. I don't know if it's that the corporate structure has changed or if it's that he has.

>> No.75202225

They didn't even apologize for companions which were literally the most broken thing in the history of the game

>> No.75202229
File: 8 KB, 406x74, kek.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the absolute state

>> No.75202261


boardroom politics. they are owned by a publicly traded company. admitting, publicly or privately, that they might have done anything that could conceivably have a negative impact on shareholder value could have catastrophic legal consequences. it's like game of thrones irl: no matter how completely fucked you are you need to go on pretending that you are in control and winning. p

>> No.75202267
File: 61 KB, 730x496, Screenshot_2020-10-02 Weekly MTG Secret Lair The Walking Dead.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy shit lmao

>> No.75202274

>Look, for example, at the Top 8 decks from Ohio Valley Regionals. Or at those from the more recent German Nationals. Combined, those 16 decks contained 58 out of a possible 64 Skullclamps. Never in my memory have I ever seen a card show up in those numbers

>> No.75202279

Interesting point of comparison. Is the uproar over this greater or less than the furor over companions?

>> No.75202280

Has anyone attempted to make a new "official" P9 recently? I feel like it needs an update.

>Black Lotus
>Ancestral Recall
>Oko, Thief of Crowns (replacing Time Warp)
>Lurrus of the Dream Den (replacing Timetwister)

>> No.75202314

if they apologized they couldn't make any more of these, and they are definitely going to

>> No.75202316

only 2 cards have been banned for issues of powerlevel alone in the history of vintage: lurrus and mind twist

>> No.75202328

There was definitely a top level thing not to apologize.

>> No.75202340
File: 570 KB, 1280x1224, Silica gel.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I find it fascinating that of all the things they fucked up, this shit is the one that turned even the most soi of sois against them?


>> No.75202342

Omnath was not a mistake and will not have been a mistake until about 15 years from now.

>> No.75202350


>> No.75202353

can you guys spam some more rage screenshots?

>> No.75202373

This, I need to choke on my coffee a bit more.

>> No.75202376

You have to understand it's really the one thing you can't convince yourself to accept. It's too much of a blatant cash-grab. It's not "for the fans", it's not lore-based or politics-based.

>> No.75202386

>Hello fellow consumers

>> No.75202387

Why did MtG players deluded themselves into thinking that they are buddies with WotC?

>> No.75202418

Reminder, this wouldn't happen if trannies and D&Drones where mass executed.

>> No.75202422

Isn't this card, mechanically, incredibly shitty?
Like one of the worst creatures ever printed?

>> No.75202426

Because they have stockholm syndrome.

>> No.75202456

It's an EDH card. You can play politics with it or combo it with Aether Flash or Thornbite Staff or something. The best card of the ones shown so far is Glenn but both Darryl and Negan have interesting effects for EDH (and ones that haven't been printed before).

>> No.75202474 [DELETED] 

"Apologize" is a kike killer.
Another kike killer is to ask them to deny the right of the kike species to exist and that israel and all jews and their religion should be killed in mass, even jokingly, they won't DARE joke about this.
This is because this is the admission of jewish guild, also in jewish folklore the only way to go to 'hell' (be revived as goy) is to deny the superiority of the jewish people.

>> No.75202500

It's a 4/4 that can kill 2 toughness creatures at instant speed and when combined with Aether Flash you draw 3 cards a turn

>> No.75202501

They've apologized before.

>> No.75202502

It varies from good to okay depending on what deck you get.

>> No.75202511 [DELETED] 

No, they apologize in the jewish way which is "Haha sorry but actually you're at fault I dindu nuffin :("

>> No.75202521

Much as I hate reddit they've become pretty fucking on top of this Secret Lair thing. Like https://www.reddit.com/r/magicTCG/comments/j3ioa2/todays_damage_control_on_twitch_is_an_attempt_to/

Pretty much the first comment is identifying Mark Heggen as head of product as the guy behind this and pointing out he used to work for Zynga and is in to limited edition sneaker releases.

>> No.75202542

nah, it's the most officient way to give your opponent creatures
good with blood artist, static -stats effects, prison and, you know, when you have more than one opponent and can make a bargain

>> No.75202587

>judge program
>Playtesting in the last year in general
>Banning old cards to leave new chase mythics sell packs
>the Judge program desaster
>The fetch SL
>Decks with +40% meta shares in standard
>Banning randomly "racist" cards, announcing a second wave and not going through with it

just from the top of my head. Not that I mind sois getting mad or in any way disagree with you, I just wonder why this time?

>> No.75202596

Because gamers more so than any other consumer segment delude themselves into thinking that the people who make the game they enjoy care more about the game than profit. You see the same thing in the Warhammer 40k community.

>> No.75202599

there's an enchant that turns it into "at the beginning of your upkeep, draw three", it's prime EDH bait

>> No.75202602

Because all that other stuff made Magic shittier by messing with Magic. The crossovet makes Magic shittier by inserting another franchise

>> No.75202626
File: 4.29 MB, 4000x4000, WotC Fuckups July.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They just cannot stop fucking up

>> No.75202677

lmao at that MaRo tweet acknowleding the secondary market, bet he got spanked for that one

>> No.75202684
File: 1.29 MB, 1280x720, god-of-war-ragnarok.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Like one of the worst creatures ever printed?
Until they start printing better ones...
Like this guy in Kaldheim SL

>> No.75202685

people seem to have lost the ability to think metaphorically and extract meanings that are not literal

>> No.75202700

Wow that art is atrocious

>> No.75202708


Remember that the reasoning for the issues in anything beyond standard was that they couldn't test for it. Yet they printed Oko, Uro, Goose, and Once Upon A Time all to be played together post rotation. You'd have to be braindead not to be able to figure out that this combination of cards would rule standard for their entirety of legality. Fucking christ, WotC is dumb as fuck.

>> No.75202751

And Veil
And FotD
And Companions
And Teferi
Imagine 4C Yorion Oko/Uro FotD ramp decks

>> No.75202787

Pauper avoids all of the current shitstorms.
But it's probably only a matter of time.

>> No.75202798
File: 2.52 MB, 498x278, stop penis.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Imagine 4C Yorion Oko/Uro FotD ramp decks

>> No.75202806
File: 772 KB, 672x936, thb-169-dryad-of-ilysian-groveFIXXED2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Male dryad
Not on my watch

>> No.75202812

Since one of their gaslighting arguments seems to be that they didn't make TWD secret lair cards silver bordered because "silver bordered cards ain't real", does it give people legal grounds to ask for Un-sets refunds?

>> No.75202821

The constant non stop stream of alternate art, special edition, borderless, special border etc etc card variants has me worried.

Yes, it may make money ~now~ but isn't that exactly what the comics industry was doing before the big crash? Endless No. 1, special edition, variant holographic covers etc etc.

>> No.75202862

>No vines

>> No.75202898

How about stop being a bitch?

>> No.75202911
File: 965 KB, 640x891, mtg-dryad-BASEDBOOBS-08s9t6n151.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.75202957
File: 129 KB, 223x311, auteur.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You bought them with the knowledge they weren't real.
Everything else they said was bullshit anyway.
>Arabian Nights proves Magic has been about crossovers from the start
>silver bordered cards are only for mechanics that can't be done normally
>alt art was just the first step for secret lairs, they want to innovate like with other products

>> No.75202996

I meant post rotation. Both versions would be fully dominating either way and the games would be 'Who plays Oko first?'.

>> No.75203011

Kind of, but Jotc also have small print runs trying exactly to avoid that. The superhero comic industry is a walking corpse now anyways, they have around 10% of the market in the fucking USA, they sell sub 10k and pretend its fine.

>> No.75203018


>> No.75203023
File: 10 KB, 321x342, 1592103288101.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Attention everyone: stand back and stand by.

>> No.75203077
File: 78 KB, 1000x807, url(4).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.75203099

there has to be a version without the mana symbol, right?

>> No.75203101

um, anon, do you have uncensored version?
i'm printing a new cube soon and the quality is perfect
pls thanks

>> No.75203125

Not to defend WotC's practices, but I'd say there's a meaningful difference between variant visuals on game pieces that you use across multiple games and variant visuals on the cover of a comic book that you read and then put on a shelf.

>> No.75203205

When the bullshit builds up enough, even the most staunch sois begin to crack.

>> No.75203207

Comments being disabled is the easiest way to tell someone is full of shit and can't handle counterarguments

>> No.75203215
File: 81 KB, 375x523, serra-angel30223849.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.75203238

Sorry it's not mine, so idk

>> No.75203247

Commander/EDH is currently within WotC's grasp because they run Commander on MTGO and most people go by their interpretation of it as the default. Kind of like how Pauper bans cards just because those cards haven't been printed in MTGO as a common.

The format best poised to resist WotC is Cube, because there is nothing that can force anyone to follow MTGO cubes in cube construction (and that would be impossible for most since those cubes include very expensive cards).

>> No.75203259

No cooming to angels. Bad anon, angels are for warm wing hugs and being good examples to follow.

>> No.75203270


HEY. How come we haven't had this art on an actual card? This is "official WotC art" I'm pretty sure (commissioned for a cover in the magazine they used to run) so there should be no reason they can't put it on a real card.

I mean, of course they wouldn't now, but before they became pozzed?

>> No.75203297
File: 115 KB, 1024x768, Serras-Guardian-Core-Set-2019-Art.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're gonna take the BBA and you're gonna love it.

>> No.75203323

since jesus was black white angels are not canon

>> No.75203366

I went into /mmg/ expecting shitposting and got an actual reasonable, nuanced response. Kudos, Anon. Keep fighting the good fight.

>> No.75203367

I want more inchoate wheel angels.

>> No.75203396
File: 728 KB, 680x1031, 1600188445808.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

RC doesn't ban the walking dead crap.

Shills shilling as usual.

>> No.75203419
File: 127 KB, 672x936, m19-13-herald-of-faith.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

they are black but at least they look like goddamn angels and somewhat heavenly, unlike pic related

>> No.75203472

it's BBAC anon

>> No.75203482

More like Shilldon Memery, am I right.

>> No.75203505

Oh hot shit is that why Arabian Nights keeps coming up?

Crossovers have been done from the start so hard that they came up with their own plane for it to happen on so we can never go there again because we don't want crossovers? That Arabian Nights?

>> No.75203534
File: 1.65 MB, 200x150, 1546458372648.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>heavyset Asian badass

>> No.75203562

Man the game is legitimately going to die.

>> No.75203574
File: 41 KB, 444x444, mfw I'm killing the patriarchy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>jesus was black
Maro IS black

>> No.75203618

Jesus isn't voting for Biden so I'm pretty he sure he couldn't have been black.

>> No.75203644

they didn't ban Creeping Chill instead of Faithless Looting so they're 200% retards

>> No.75203673

i would but i live on the other side of the world

>> No.75203712

badass is just a meaningless term. just luck kickass. Good to spo the soicuck tho

>> No.75203746

Shitvam Bahd is angrilly telling people "wotc doesnt have any influence over us"
like, if it was just sheldon saying "no" it'd be somewhat believable but the currymunching pajeet being mad at people for even implying that just proves they're at least involved and at most paying them off. i wouldnt be surprised if sheldon, the ranjeet and all the other faggots on the RC were getting a bunch of these for free to sell later.

>> No.75203784
File: 122 KB, 1500x875, angel-bromAC8BFbL._SL1500_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.75203786

>Reminder that insinuating that the RC is controlled by or will be taken over by the RC is ground for temp mute/ban
From the rc discord

>> No.75203797

>half the article is just listing reasons they should be banned
>in conclusion we're not banning them

>> No.75203800

>Ban Crusade because someone somewhere might get upset that the crusades happened
>"uhh if Negan makes you uncomfortable just don't play with a group that has it :^)"

The absolute state
Fuck Magic

>> No.75203803

Of course they wouldn't
Naive as fuck if you thought otherwise

>> No.75203806
File: 2.77 MB, 1924x1536, 1586753461036.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.75203831

>the RC is controlled by or will be taken over by the RC
wait but if the RC is not controlled by the RC then who controls it?

>> No.75203872

I assume it's a typo but it is very amusing.

>> No.75203876


About 90% of the world population are NPC tier individuals, anon. Representation matters to such weak brains that have been infected with the thought virus of identity.
The thing is, media is now completely saturated by issues of representation or identity, which means the next generation will have grown thinking this shit is completely normal. Growing up in the 90s, of you were white, no one asked you what was you identity, and you weren't supposed to think for hours on end about your gender, ancestry, culture and so on (without ever accomplishing anything with it mind you).
My dad was a publicist. When I told him, as a kid, that I thought publicity didnt really work on me, he told me that that was a sort of badly kept secret that no one caught on : publicity doesnt work (or didnt work) on normally developed individuals. Only idiots buy a Chevy specifically because they saw the publicity for it more than the one for another car. But there are plenty of idiots out there, and they have money, so my dad had a job...
But nowadays I feel that with identity media have truly stumbled on the atom bomb of thought viruses.

>> No.75203941
File: 33 KB, 492x398, 1601229751654.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you ARE pretty, anon

>> No.75203955
File: 73 KB, 550x500, Untitled.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is it really happening? The normie uprising?

>> No.75204017

Wonder how they're going to handle it when this inevitably happens again.

>> No.75204038

>Having penises

>> No.75204054

>Corporations (and Wizards is no exception) are soulless, greedy monsters. Friendship to them means that for two bucks, they'll beat you with a pool cue until you have detached retinas.
Jesus Christ lmao

>> No.75204068

Holy shit a website dedicated to Magic speaking out against them like this is pretty insane to see.

>> No.75204091

What is "outside of the game"? Is it like anything you have taken with you?
>Sorry, my turn will run a bit long, I have to drive 30min home for this one card?

>> No.75204099

in competitive play "outside the game" refers only to your sideboard

>> No.75204101

I had to check to make sure that was real, holy shit SaffronOlive went fucking nuclear.

>> No.75204116

alinsky tactics in full swing

>> No.75204132

Is this saffron's coming of age moment ? Jesus, what a smackdown

>> No.75204155


I need an edit of the happy merchant behind the pole with the pole being the no-ban announcement from the RC and the merchant being the obvious. If no one makes it by the time I get home, I'll do it.

>> No.75204160

arent these the same people who go on marches and protests? Complaining=protesting?

>> No.75204189

literally every card wotc banned in modern in the last 3-4 years - the FIRE mistakes

>> No.75204229

>green force & K4rn aren't banned
>"we're considering an opal ban"
g8 b8 m8

>> No.75204241

I jumped back into the game at the start of RAV thanks to Arena, and jumped right back out when I saw the shit show that Ikoria was going to be with Hearthstone tier shit like companions and mutate.
WAR was where I started to get annoyed, Throne was just wtf, and Ikoria was a big nope for me.
Messaged Wizards and asked them to delete my Arena account as I didnt want to ever return.
Now I occasionally check the MTG stuff to see if theyve come to their senses, but its clear theyre just milking it for every they've got.

>> No.75204242
File: 16 KB, 790x162, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

honestly based until I saw this
thanks for nothing

>> No.75204247

The art still looks like shit.

>> No.75204259


As a followup I expected too much. Should known sheldon would decide to swallow rosewater semen rather than grow a backbone when everyone on his discord wanted it banned

>> No.75204272

So they straight up confirmed that Wotc controls the RC
Maybe EDHtards will finally wake up

>> No.75204277

Dude remember when they used to quote Shakespeare on cards and then they stopped doing that because they didnt want to put our world into the mtg world?
And now they're printing cards set in modern day America? Remember that?

>> No.75204280
File: 69 KB, 711x768, OBEY-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.75204320

So is buying off the secondary market still supporting wizards?

>> No.75204340

of course it is, where do you think they're getting the cards?
If they see that demand lowers they'll open less boxes=less money for wotc

>> No.75204343
File: 164 KB, 1200x776, 1200px-Wizards_of_the_Coast_logo.svg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

First 4chan came after us, and everyone laughed. Then the Professor came after us, and everyone laughed. Then our pro players came after us, and everyone laughed. Now, all mtg media sites are coming after us, but there's no one left to laugh with.

>> No.75204355

The article was based until SaffronOnions stated he was still going to CONSOOM. What a weak willed faggot.

>> No.75204357

Shame. I like owning real cards but I guess its proxies for me.

>> No.75204375 [SPOILER] 
File: 85 KB, 900x900, 1601656966643.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes, the age of the chinaman is upon us.

>> No.75204385

I hate the chinese just as much as Hasbro. I am so fucking torn.

>> No.75204415

>not posting the titty-edit

>> No.75204432

is he buying the fucking secret lair?
jesus fuck

>> No.75204443

>is he buying the fucking secret lair?
Yes and he's doing a commander clash with it

>> No.75204457
File: 93 KB, 544x802, How_to_Proxy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you don't need the Chinese.

>> No.75204460

jesus fuck. that walking jug of onions cant even stick to his own words WHEN HES WRITING THEM.
i fucking hate this community sometimes.

>> No.75204496

flail bois

>> No.75204502

The identity virus works quite well. Most people who fall for the identity virus are low self esteem types.
Look at grassroots identity movements before the big corporations caught on.
Stuff like punk, goth, metalhead, etc.

For most, its a literal cope, its a way to reject the things the people who pushed them down like and its an empowering thing for someone to find a way to deny mainstream pressure. Its not really anything, but it makes them feel empowered or clever for "beating" the standards they saw as oppressing them

So corporations have managed to insert themselves and their products into that process. They attach themselves to these subcultures and pander to them while spitting whatever platitudes they feel each subculture favors.
In time however, these corporations then tend to trend towards homogenization. They cant make quarterly gains by pandering to their core fanbase forever, so they expand and adapt the messaging. They adapt and see what "counter-culture" trends are popular and move to embrace those, and then everything becomes the counter culture, which makes it not counter to anything, but they keep claiming it is.

At this point we are in a situation where they have armies of these identity focused retards that are stuck in a perpetual state of arrested development because some brats bullied them in middle school and everything they do and everything they identify with is based around carefully crafted and carefully curated commercial products.

>> No.75204504

>Dont give money to jews
>Dont give money to chinks
You're a godsend anon

>> No.75204512
File: 188 KB, 735x964, 1538203452494.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Over my dead (white) body.

>> No.75204517

he is, in some way, also a corporation
he tells people what they want to hear and not making an episode filled with constant complaints would mean to lose easy views

>> No.75204535

>gives money to amazon
arguably even worse

>> No.75204554

I'll get sleeves from my LGS

>> No.75204557

he has to buy it cause it's literally his job
anyone can say fuck wizards and stop associating with anything related to them immediately with nearly 0 real life impacts
but if SaffronOlive does this he's literally unemployed, and being unemployed isn't a good thing if you have to sustain yourself

>> No.75204580

I understand your point but he could just ignore this one particular product without any real consequence

>> No.75204605

Modern day America is a zombie apocalypse?

>> No.75204630

easy, trendy views
guarantee he will complain, nonstop telling people how shit these cards are and then give them away to a random commenter (don't forget to ring that bell) or just rip them for street cred
he's not losing money

>> No.75204660

Yes, haven't you seen the protests of braindead "people"?

>> No.75204694

Lol then he shouldnt talk about it. If he cares more about his income than whatever social justice outrage of the week issue is raging, then he should just stay silent.
You dont get to claim a moral high ground when you are willfully keeping yourself hostage to a product you feel is doing bad in the world.
Its just funny to me. He could just not comment either way and most people would not even notice. And if people did try to demand a response, he could still ignore it until it all blew over.
Silence is golden here, these npc retards would move on to something else in the next week anyway.

But this retard feels the need to comment and opine on a product that he has literally shackled himself to.
Show a little humility is all I say. The guy has grown rich off this shit, so he can just shut up and keep raking in the cash.
I dont even give a fuck about the secret lair shit, I just think WEALTHY moralizing faggots like him should keep their fucking mouth shut.
But really, its the fans who deserve the most shit thrown their way. They continue to support shallow hypocrites like this guy because they see him and say "omg we have have an ally in our current retarded identity politics outrage moment".
It is just so fucking stupid and I hate so many of the people who cant just shut the fuck up and play the game, or leave it.

>> No.75204697 [DELETED] 
File: 51 KB, 484x421, 1593964310718.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

When you're weak/insecure you find comfort in being part of an organism that's bigger than you, that's where identity politics come in, giving people the safe space they need to validate their existences. These people don't find their validation inside of them via enlightenment and self-improvement, they find it on the outside via branding themselves with an identity brand, and all the brands they use have one thing in common, they're all in the victim/oppressed macrocategory.

They don't understand the basic concept of the struggle for settling for the next best thing after the unreachable eden, they think they can create some kind of equality utopia, ironically a place where individuality doesn't exist because it's systematically crushed.

>> No.75204698

Walking Dead is set in modern day America, yes. The introduction of science fiction elements doesnt change the fact that the story is set on our world and in our time period.

>> No.75204707


>> No.75204800
File: 335 KB, 1440x1959, Screenshot_2020-10-02-13-12-41-1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Its insane because I cannot help but see them as the "Last Men" that Nietschzie warned about.

>> No.75204832
File: 538 KB, 1356x1440, 1598487852447.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>look up who Alinsky is
It's like reality itself is conspiring to force redpills into my brain, and the events leading up to this point have weakened my ability to reject them.

On the topic of Magic, do any of you know any pinkos or unironic leftists who play MTG or frequently buy "nerd" shit (I'm not talking about rainbow capitalist SJWs, but actual socialists and communists)?

>> No.75204846

Yes half of my college's tabletop club. If they played 5e and Magic they were probably raging faggots, trannies and literal commies

>> No.75204847

I said I was a Trump supporter once at my LGS.
One guy got all assmad and started passive aggressively gossiping about me to his friends while I was in the same room.
It was the most female thing I'd ever seen a man do.

>> No.75204905 [DELETED] 

I like to call myself a socialist, because I seriously dislike capitalism as a system in this day and age, but I usually support conservative social views (I think there are some innate differences between races, trannies are subhuman etc.).
It's hard to feel represented lol

>> No.75204924

I like to add that I'd vote for Trump in a heartbeat if I was american, but I vote the literal communist party in my country

>> No.75204926

You're sounding an awful lot like a national socialist there anon.
Welcome to the club. I'll get you your armband and brown shirt.

>> No.75204957

except the nazi party actually helped capitalists, so yeah no thanks

>> No.75204987


>> No.75205027 [DELETED] 

I've had a tranny who had pinko vibes and liked to use "YIKES" unironically during games, but "she" was otherwise tolerable. The "pinko vibes" came in the form of mentioning disdain for capitalism and randomly saying how Cuba eradicated HIV mother-to-child transmission.

Why did you mention it? Either way I don't see how that warrants gossiping, but what made you reveal that to them in the first place? I generally keep my political opinions to myself at my LGS as I find playgroups last when politics and religion are kept out.

I still consider myself a Y2K liberal, but things are eroding. I probably won't go full stormtrooper or go killing trannies, but recent events have made me understand the rationale of racism against African Americans better, and even though I pity a lot of trannies the pity is in the form of worry that they have been pushed to make bad decisions in their life (though turds like Yaniv can fuck off and die).

>> No.75205034

The Nazi's may have gone against the grain of western nations during the depression era and increased business privatization, but private ownership didnt mean shit when the entire framwork of the economy was held in an iron grip by the state and at the mercy of constant government regulation and political control.

You said you were a socialist. So were the Nazi's, no matter what people like to say.

>> No.75205039

anybody holding magic cards complaining about capitalism needs a bullet in their head, asap

>> No.75205058

>Why did you mention it? Either way I don't see how that warrants gossiping, but what made you reveal that to them in the first place? I generally keep my political opinions to myself at my LGS as I find playgroups last when politics and religion are kept out.
They were spouting shit and I corrected them about it. It wasnt even that big a deal, it was that Japan thing a few years ago where Trump and Abe were feeding koi fish and the associated press edited the video to make it look like Trump just dumped all the fish food into the pond to be rude, when Abe actually did it first and Trump followed his lead.

Then he asked if I was a Trump supporter in a real sarcastic way that pissed me off and I couldnt help myself.

>> No.75205068


>> No.75205077

I'm waiting on the fetchland reprints to start building real decks
until then it's jank city for me

>> No.75205102

Over half of this thread is complaining about WotC's greed. You'd think we'd be better communists than they are considering we hate the corporation responsible for soiling our game.
Guess the glowies' identity politics seed back in OWS worked.

That's fair.

>> No.75205125

Saffron Olive is denouncing WotC

>> No.75205148

And he's still buying their secret lair because he's a hypocrite and a cuck.

>> No.75205166
File: 1.54 MB, 745x1040, mb1-443-negate.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.75205183

>Over half of this thread is complaining about WotC's greed.
And most of those people are in the process of selling out of the game, not continuing to feed it while lamenting capitalism
Wanting shitty companies to crash and burn isnt un-capitalist. Bad companies should fail in a capitalist economy. Consuming some extremely luxury good like magic cards while lamenting capitalism is, however, uncommunist.

>> No.75205186

My coworker is a socialist/commie, not too sure what kind of extremism he alligns with, and he buys funkopops and thinks superhero movies are the be-all end-all of filmmaking.
He supports affirmative action and all that crap. It's honestly pretty cringy and it's very hard for me not to engage in conversation and challenge his absurd claims. I did it a couple of times but it was too painful (like when he was openly rejecting the fact that burger economy was doing good before covid) and I've made a conscious effort to avoid it unless I've drunk a little bit because it's too excruciating without alcohol's support. He does know I'd rather pick Trump over HIllary.

At the very least he's not physically violent or passive aggressive, we can go along and coexist. But I'm not American, it'd probably be much worse overseas.

>> No.75205238

And Mussolini and Margherita Sarfatti were socialists too.

>> No.75205241

It's weird how the moment someone tells you they collect funkopops, you already basically know their entire system of political beliefs.

>> No.75205255

Mussolini is Italian and therefore should not be brought up in polite company.

>> No.75205257

>As a Magic player and lover of the game, it's easy to forget that Wizards of the Coast is a business. Hasbro is an even bigger business. They exist to make money. Period. Since many of the individuals who make up Wizards are Magic lovers and Magic players too, it's easy to think of the corporation itself as a friend. It's not. Corporations (and Wizards is no exception) are soulless, greedy monsters. Friendship to them means that for two bucks, they'll beat you with a pool cue until you have detached retinas.

I didn't expect Seth to get this pissed.

>> No.75205266
File: 36 KB, 487x655, Imp's Mischief.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wanting shitty companies to crash and burn isnt un-capitalist.
I know. I just find it funny how communists care more about moral grandstanding and being hypocritical racists than actually advocating for economic fairness. Maybe half the commies are just narcissists taking wokefishing to the next level.
I'm not sure if the TCC professor is a commie, but if he is he's at least following some good principles. I have some respect for people who advocate for the consumer even TotalBiscuit.

>> No.75205282

Here's the steppe rapebabby insecurity kicking in.

>> No.75205309

Is that actually him?

>> No.75205335

>calling anyone a rape baby

>> No.75205341

He's been tweeting angrily for weeks now. His on screen persona is very different from what he writes.

>> No.75205342

based VZ

>> No.75205357

Mussolini is the only reason Italy exists as a country. Guy was quite a positive force for Italians, he also pulled mad puss

>> No.75205378 [DELETED] 

italians are a disgrace for europeans, as are the french, germs, and uk folks

>> No.75205392

It pisses me off because he says shit like "I only like movies/series that deal with time travel, if they have time travel they're great!"
Like nigga broaden your horizons a little bit, don't you fucking love to be challenged and to explore new territory? What a childish approach to art.
Fucking hell, all these people want is being in their comfort zone, they have serious mental problems. He said it himself.

As someone insecure who fought with depression myself it angers me to see this behaviour, being comfortable helps you function on the short term but you must solve your issues by facing your weaknesses, there's no other way.
It's willing ignorance, possibly the worst sin of all.

>> No.75205402

Oh no doubt, the man is a credit to his people
But even the shiniest piece of shit is still a piece of shit.

>> No.75205428

LMAO time travel is the worst shit ever

>> No.75205429

Ma anche no. Fanculo Mussolini.
Why all this anger? Is your mom dating Luigi?

>> No.75205454


>> No.75205458


>> No.75205461

No, I'm just a salty Irishman. I'll talk shit about every race.

>> No.75205488

Mind you also that the greatest Frenchman to ever live was an Italian as well. Italian cinema is also underrated, Loren and Mastroianni are probably the greatest chemistry I’ve ever seen on screen.

>> No.75205491

>europeans are a disgrace for europeans
I mean you're not wrong

>> No.75205501

Frenchmen are even worse than Italians. And dont get me started on the Swiss.

>> No.75205508
File: 938 KB, 2062x2999, 06E9D107-BEF5-476B-B1A5-411C12B87FD0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Kara Boga

>> No.75205518

Luckily everyone likes my countrymen, the Swedes

>> No.75205523
File: 74 KB, 960x720, 1575827116489.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks but I'd rather not. Might catch some disease these days.

>> No.75205544

>don’t get me started on the Swiss
What’s wrong with the alpine jews?

>> No.75205550

They're alpine jews.

>> No.75205553

>Fanculo Mussolini
Spottata la zecca. Pure su 4chan, porcoddio.

>> No.75205564

Jag ska göra kaoz med dig

>> No.75205567

They are literally born scammers
See: Baselworld

>> No.75205584

En finn igen

>> No.75205630

>Frenchmen are even worse than Italians

>> No.75205635

The Swiss are great. I'm thinking of emigrating.

>> No.75205655

>/mmg/ - European shit talk general

>> No.75205657

Confession: I didn't buy anything Magic-related since Nexus of Fate was announced.

>> No.75205704

Adventure spells and the mdfcs are nice pick ups for cube, but proxy that shit If you want them.

>> No.75205724 [DELETED] 
File: 1.10 MB, 1920x1920, 1600898397391.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just love freedom, fascists should hang, together with every other extremist that wants to tell people how they must live their life.
You're not forced to buy a Rolex you know. Actually if I were you I'd buy a Black Bay right now.
I'd rather have shameful capitalists that are liberal and let you be free than liberals that are commies and hate everyone that doesn't agree with them.

>> No.75205727

Migrate to a new hell:

>> No.75205996


>> No.75206583 [DELETED] 

Are you opposed to CAPITAL-ism (ie: laws which encourage and enable widespread usury, fractional reserve banking, protections for speculators, etc)?
Or are you opposed to "capitalism" (ie: market activities and a conception of private property; which is conflated with capital/finance based activities)?

The core difference between communism and and right wing populism (sometimes socialism), is the concept of private property/ownership.
However you define property (buying the land, working the land or living on the land, etc), if you support the idea of private property (and by extention, ownership of the fruits of your labor), youre not a communist.
At it's most extreme, the private property advocate says even taxation is theft, at its most moderate/national focused level, the private property advocate is okay with some forms of social benefits and entitlements.

I personally believe that capital gains activities, corporate investment laws, fractional reserve banking (and usury based on using other's savings) is evil and should be heavily regulated and taxed.
These are the things most populists tend to take ubrage with. Limited liability protections for corporate heads, reserve banking guarantees by the govt in case of losses, low regulations and low taxes on capital gains, etc are all things I dont consider to be market activities; and in most cases, they're actually empowered and protected by existing federal laws, helping to make them far less risky and far more lucrative for the people that engage in them.

So unless you strictly oppose private property rights for the average person on informed principle, youre probably not a commie. Youre probably someone who could learn more about the ways in which western nations have created laws and protections for the absolute worst kinds of thievery and manipulation of otherwise (mostly) well and good intentioned market activities, like trading for goods, labor, etc.

>> No.75206675

you must be an italian, a germ, an anglo or a frenchie. If so, I'm sorry for you
theres more to europe than that. Also scandis are shit

>> No.75206708

absolute peak taste

>> No.75207325

You know you've ultimately fucked up when even the soiest of soicucks want to pull out your eyeballs and kill your mom.
Congrats jotc, i never thought i'd see this day to come.

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