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How intelligent are Orks really supposed to be? What is the IQ range for the average boy?

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They can count to six
they are as smart as they have to be
many of them do not have to be very smart at all.

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Not too intelligent. They have a trial and error ay of thinking instead of critcally thinking. So that have to have at least a IQ of the average boi is at least 40. Kommando Orks are more intelligent. They can learn other languages. So at least there's hope for da bois.

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don't think of them as 'stupid' but more as so impulsive they never think.

But Mek's and Boys are smart enough to build and fly fighter jets and space ships.

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yeah but how much do the meks actually do?
isn't a huge part of ork lore that a vast majority of their shit only works because they believe it does?

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Well, they know enough to build a machine that opens a portal to the warp and fling gretchin at such a high speed they take out chunks of tanks.

The whole 'believe' it works idea is better explained in Rogue Trader RPG. An Ork Shoota in a human hands is a haphazard rifle that will jam 20% of the time. In the hands of an ork its a fine rifle that will jam as much as any other bullet fed gun.

Don't think of it as 'Ork Magic' that putting wheels on a metal box with a steering wheel can suddenly start moving because an ork thinks it will, They still need to build engines, wire it, have batteries, have gasoline intakes. It has to work at a basic level if even built so poorly it is a danger to everyone in a 5 mile radius. Think of it as the ability to make these things into normal working vehicles.

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in addition, if you read DeffSkwadron they are just normal orks who fly a bombers and fighter jets and also make minor repairs to them. More extensive repairs need meks.

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I believe Kommandos and Mekboyz are high on the list next to Warbossee.

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>isn't a huge part of ork lore that a vast majority of their shit only works because they believe it does?
God no, that's a shitty meme you picked up from the retards on 1d4chan. Everything they make works BETTER in the hands of an ork since the WAAAAGH field is something of psychic WD40, but Ork Tek is perfectly functional on its own to the point there's an entire Guard regiment known as the Ork Hunters that just loots ork weaponry and uses it against them until it jams or breaks down and then loots another one. And since >>75197552 beat me to the punch, this is a good example of why other factions THINK ork tek runs on magic: extraneous toggles that aren't connected to anything at all would give the AdMech or a tau Earth Caste engineer an aneurysm trying to figure out but they make perfect sense to an ork. A flyboy loves to flip toggles mid-combat for no reason therefore you add more toggles even once you've run out of systems that need to be toggled. Simple 'as.

A good way to think of it is Megas XLR: the engineering for ork machinery is so convoluted and retarded that only another ork can typically make sense of it.

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Orks don't really have "intelligence" like other species. Orks are born already programmed with knowledge and won't deviate from that class. For example, a mekboy is born with the ability to build and maintain machinery. He knows how to make a fighta bomba the same way you know how to breathe or eat: natural instinct. You can't really consider yourself more intelligent than someone else because you're better at gorging yourself on apple pie. To an ork, the need to build things, the need to fight, the need to cut other boys open and poke around their organs, etc. are all part of their genetic code. Oftentimes orks can't explain how they know these things, only that they do.

Because of this, orks are a force of nature. You wouldn't ask why lightning strikes or a hurricane wipes away entire towns. For the same reason, you wouldn't ask why orks like to go fast, shoot at things with lots of dakka, and scream "WAAAAAAAGGGH!!!!" at the top of their lungs.

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They're brutally cunning and cunningly brutal.
Otherwise, directly relates to size.

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Based Zoomer, trying to water down the OG lore when you know nothing about it. Read up first and then come back to us.

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Kinda hard to know how smart they are, like the Space Marines codex astartes they seem to follow some genetic knowledge strategic guide created by the old ones that already cover every possible situation so they don't need to learn, they only need to get bigger and more numerous to increase their numbers, phisical strenght and control over the warp

basically everything about beir behaviour seems to be pre made by the old ones from economy to social issues, the more they grow the closer their skills get to what the old ones wanted since they are born immature but not due to learning but more due biologically maturing

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If I remember right, the thing about the Orks' pre-programmed genetic memory is that they were never really finished before the Old Ones got wiped out. So while all that information is there, it's not well organized and tends to manifest in orks at random than at any kind of fixed ratio. Remember, feral orks exist in a number of locations. The average boy has little to no access to any of this and operates primarily on instinct, and their social hierarchy is enforced by the psychic field they all produce, as it allows the biggest and strongest orks to overpower the wills of weaker orks. So it's less that they behave as programmed and more like there are elements of that programming in them, but the entire species got left in the alpha stage of development and has more bugs than an Elder Scrolls game, making them rather unpredictable.

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Salty 1d4redditor detected. Show me any official source where it's explicitly stated ork technology doesn't actually work and it's all just fairy clap magic, especially one not written in the perspective of one of the factions.

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To add on to this, Orks don't need to be the most martially skilled or intelligent fighters to continue the species. Upon death, all Orks shoot spores all over the place, which allows the species to be carried on to the planet they are invading. So in Ork society, you will have the competent Orks that keep growing in size and skill as they win fights, while the less competent ones help to propagate the species when they die.

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Smart enough to paint their bikes red

Red go faster

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Generally unintelligent, but some of them, the Meks, have a shaky telepathic connection to bits of the greatest repository of knowledge ever collected. The rest have preprogrammed information and a preference for fitting in to a certain warfare 'role'.

I actually think the Orks were an attempt by the Old Ones to create an 'ethical' bio weapon, one which enjoyed its role, knew little anxiety and fought to the last.

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>How intelligent
under 50 to 90 IQ with automated instictual action patterns installed. They may appear "smart" but that is beastly cunning fueled by hatred, sadism and the fact they are fragments of evil itself.

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Probably about IQ 80-90 on average. Much below that and human beings get into the functionally retarded and unable to cope in industrial society level. As far as I'm aware, the only human groups who are below 80 IQ on average are really, really limited in their achievements. They don't form large social groups, can't really plan far ahead, can't even be used as workers; early White settlers in South Africa had to import west African slaves because the San were so fucking useless.
Bantu-descended people like the Zulu seem like a decent comparison. They might struggle with complex abstract thinking, but they are perfectly capable of forming a powerful military force and waging war effectively. Likewise, they have obvious parallels with African Americans; in the War of the Beast series, you pretty much have a Green Lives Matter kind of movement with humans submitting to ork rule. They know how to exploit a demoralized population psychologically.

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intelligence is not a linear thing, while in humans we can often approximate it to a linear value, we can't do so with utterly alien beings

the orks are very intelligent, just not in the way intelligence manifests in humans or with all its ramificated consequences:
most orks are capable of understanding how equipment and technology works without much formal training, mekboys bring it further to pure genius unrivalled by other species in the galaxy (they are currently the only race that has developed a better alternative to warp travel that doesn't require a monumental infrastructure like the webway)
and they are capable of learning the language of the opponent without much difficulty, for the sole purpose of throwing insults at him

put a human in similar situations to the ork and the ork will outperform hands down

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Somewhere in the 60-80 IQ range, I wouild expect. Pretty much identical to the garden-variety sub-saharan.

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Meks have "instict", they have been programmed with an amazing knowledge of technology, able to piece all kinds of scrap into actually functioning and deadly machines. Yes, the WAAAAGH! enhances this, but every Mek is actually "smart" on its own, the same as every Ork being strong and capable on its own.

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>Oftentimes orks can't explain how they know these things, only that they do.
Another important note is orks don't bother to feel the need to explain how and why they do what they do. Orkish curiosity takes the form of questions like "I wonder what that squig tastes like" or "what noises will that humie make when tear his limbs off" and are easily answered. Orks don't have moral or philosophical dilemmas (beyond maybe what their favorite shoota might be), they just 'are'. And are very happy about it to boot.

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To follow up on the concepts of genetic memory and instinctive knowledge; all orks have that gift on a basic level, meks and doks are just the ones to get a lot of it.

Most boyz use sluggas (pistols) of their own creation. No one shows them how to build them, it's something they just do.

You put a scrap heap next to a mob of freshly "born" boyz and the moment they've finished debating who is in charge they'll start turning it into choppas and sluggas. No meks required. The boyz who really like their sluggas tend to split off from the rest and build their own shootas.

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>Calling anyone that knows about Megas XLR a zoomer
That show ended before zoomers were born. Your own newfaggotry is showing.

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If you put them in a locked room with a theoretical IQ test they will blow their nose with it, punch the door down, shove the test down your threat and beat you to death with the door.

A practical use of the test
A practical solution of an obstacle
A practical (and equally important, entertaining) conclusion.

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They're about as smart as your average Norfener. Not very, but they can be down right cheeky in the way they're violent, except imagine if you could hold a blanket party in the middle of the day while your victim was awake with your bare fists.

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I find it funny how the Dakkajet is literally a Mig-15. No seriously, it is a precise copy to the detail to the Mig-15 except for the Ork stuff added on. It has the exact lift-to-drag ratio regardless of speed. It has almost the same amount of firepower. It is a Mig-15.

I bet the Orks found a SCT with soviet schematics and just said it was good enough.

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0/Ork IQ
You are a grot

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He is worse than a grot. He is - may Gork forgive me - a git.

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The average boy can't even spell "IQ"

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Not him.
I can agree on your general position but
Cut this shit right NOW, retard.

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>Orks are the combination of british white trash and russian white trash
Imagine, it would make them even better.

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They're a combination of all white trash. Paint some confederate flags on your janked out jerry rigged ork trukks with the stars replaced by the ork skull and call your tribe the RedMek Boyz.

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Sounds kinda racist

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Arent they supposedly the perfect bio weapon that is meant to wipe everything out eventually for the Old Ones to come back to a clean house or something? The Old Ones have no concept of time so it doesnt matter if it takes forever, the Orks WILL win, they are impossible to wipe out, simply killing them spreads their spores and eventually makes more of them, so even when you kill them you havent actually defeated them.

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this, they talk like british white trash but wear football helmets and other american stuff

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Isnt that what they are? The Goffs use to have those caps that metal fags in the UK use to wear in the 80s along with spiked leather and all black.

I would love if they expanded the klanz more, so they included more flavor units. I want a hatchback snazzwagon that has massive speakers in the back for blasting hardbass and has rules for when hitting a 6 in an advanced move you get an aoe as you bass drops so hard it makes the vehicle jump up and down and can land on enemies. While another basically just takes the football factory shit and runs with it, where you a bunch of fat Norf FC Orks not wearing shirts whos skill is that they do different chants as buffs for different effects when needed.
Orks are one of hte best things 40K has to offer and its sad they are relegated to "we need a bad guy this episode" and get no fanfare of their own.

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Somali but in space

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>its sad they are relegated to "we need a bad guy this episode"
Worse, it's "we need cannon fodder for the REAL bad guys to hide behind this episode". That said, I honestly prefer orks as lovable cannon fodder that never get fully explored because of just how retarded and disappointing GW exploring a faction has always been. Just look at how those godawful Horus Heresy books massacred my boy The Beast by turning him into an ork the size of a city block that spoke perfect high gothic and was all civilized and shit. Worse yet, they gave him his own band of orkish Primarchs know as - I shit you not - the "Prime Orks". Because "Prime Ork" sounds like "Primarch", geddit?

So yeah, let them remain cosmic punchlines and deus ex machinas. At least they get to have a zoggin good time until the plot decides it's time for them to die.

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I mean thats the point of the beast, he's not a normal Ork, that's what made the whole situation scary for the Imperium, Orks can potentially somehow recover the organization and connuing the Old ones wanted them to have.

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Orks are impulsive but as they grow in expiernce they grow smarter. Boyz are rather simple minded, but warbosses can be competent tacticians if tactics interest them at all.

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You can have him be the apex of ork kind without betraying what it means to be an ork and writing this gay ass subversion where the imperium is full of hooting monkeys and HE'S the civilized one. And you'll never make me accept Prime Orks. They're just plain retarded.

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Honestly to me The Beast being smart and polite made the whole situation WAY scarier because it made sure that something extremely bizarre was going on, no matter hoe big an ork army is they are still orks and you will expect to win by outsmarting them, the Beast was scary due to how mysterious he is, the imperium will never know if an ork like him will ever show up. His existance proved that the imperium is not 100% safe.

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Nah, millenial here who's been playing 40k since '94, and who played the shit out of Gorkamorka where that lore first originated.

Basically, it's all one tech priest who doesn't understand ork tech's misinterpretation. Humans can pick up and use ork tech just fine. It's a funny idea to float around, though.

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>making them rather unpredictable

It's the unpredictability that makes them so effective, though.

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Around 80, like Arabs.

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>Most boyz use sluggas (pistols) of their own creation.

Nah, these are cranked out by spannerz and gretchin under the supervision of meks.

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>Honestly to me The Beast being smart and polite made the whole situation WAY scarier

Nazdreg was already like that in the current fluff, though.

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GW doesn't know
One source will say that Orks are geniuses at warfare and then another will say that only the Blood Axes have any sense of tactics

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He was still quite simple minded compared to the eloquent Beast.

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Nah, Orks are the ultimate stalling tactic.
They keep coming back unless you sterilize the planet of all life, they fight with scraps from the last battle, they only get stronger if you fail to kill them entirely and they never get tired of fighting.

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No Orks are geniuses at warfare, some a smart for orks and will use basic tactics combined with Orks natural advantage of immense numbers and resilience for great effect.

Actual sense of tactics come with experience, Blood Axes will mimic other factions tactics if they seem good and being sneaky gits, also tend to survive longer to maybe get why people are operating that way.

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They generally don't think as much as they just know. They just know how to do shit, and thinking only happens as necessary to apply that knowledge.

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They're as intelligent as humans, but don't do abstract thinking as well. Their intelligence is poured into doing Ork things, like 'brutal cunning' and 'cunning brutality'.

They are, however, generally fairly young and learning all the time. Note how a looted weapon is easily turned against it's former owners.

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Saying generally goes:
10 year old ork beats 10 year old human, 100 year old ork beasts 100 year old human.

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Orks are weird to me, like they are ignorant, they are arrogant, they are violent etc

But yet they feel oddly naive and even "pure" , they honestly consider war and fighting a normal sport and don't hate their enemies, in fact they openly like the ones they consider strong. They are a quite unique race in fiction since other versions of Orcs and Goblins are intentionally evil and sadistic jerks.

They are in some way like children unable to understand that war is not harmless fun to others.

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What's the secret weapon anon

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>pull da pin, frow da uvva part.

>> No.75217844

Nah, they have an instinctive understanding of what they're doing and those using it just enhance anything they use like >>75197591 said. Warp WD40 basically. The argument "they believe it works so it does" has some merit, especially when you take their looted vehicles into account and how they basically take battelfield wrecks and turn them into semi-functioning state.

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Orks are a condensation of all the negative stereotypes of both football and soccer fans plus rugby, which all attract the same sort of meat-headed, factionalist dudebro that likes butting things with his head more than thinking with it.

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In practice, most orks are schoolyard bullies with guns, and when they touch down to a human planet they'll literally pick on the children the same way a real one would for being weak.
Sometimes, this leads to Diggas that decide to man up to the challenge, but usually it just results in a score of psychologically damaged slaves that are gretchin in all but name.

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they are rowdies/hooligans so like 70

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>modeling your vehicle with racing flats on muddy, uneven terrain

That fucking thing is going absolutely nowhere. Which might be ok because that doesn't stop it from teleporting in place, but still.

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They are as intelligent as they think they are it's basically how you get odd bits like meks, an ork does something clever his peers think he's smart and bam its true and he suddenly knows how to build a warp drive...

>> No.75219243


I didn't realize it was possible to get even this fucking far off base. There's never been one fucking bit of official fluff to imply that Orks just will themselves into being Oddboyz, it's well established that it's a trait determined by genes that are engineered into them.

Fucking telephone game bullshit perpetuated by people who read tertiary sources and assume they're accurate.

>> No.75219792

Theyre the classic high intelligence low wisdom

They are thick and stubborn with no real understanding of the universe, but they have a lot of technical and mechanical skills

>> No.75219810

This meme needs to die, ork tech works, its ramshackle and dangerous, but orks have an instinctual understanding of technology. Orks waaagh field simply makes their tech work smoother, less jamming or backfiring etc

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They don't will themselves thier piers do, also waaagh is a phenomena grounded in the materium so any physics bending effect it achieves is gonna look "grounded" when scrutinized after the fact(the knowlege is genetic, the red ones go faster cause lead foot orks like the color red, etc). Orkz are basically a giant angry quantum superposition.

>> No.75223009

You should try your own advice. You arfe just a wannabe memelord.

>> No.75223029

Is there any characters that somehow escape from being an Ork slave?

>> No.75223046


The concept of the Ork gestalt never even touched the oddboy genes, that's one of the few objectively established bits of Ork fluff out there. Orks don't become Meks because they thought they were a little bit smarter than other Orks and then enough Orks agreed until he was a certified genius, there's a latent gene encoded with instinctual technological knowledge in all Orks that occasionally surfaces. There are also genes for their psykers, mad doks, and runtherds that work the same way, and they're all referred to collectively as Oddboyz because of their spontaneous and unusual behavior compared to Ork standards - these individuals generally are not revered or thought of positively by their peers, albeit valued for their abilities regardless.

There is absolutely no fluff anywhere to support your headcanon, and concrete fluff to directly contradict it. You came up with this mistaken idea entirely on your own.

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People forget that Orks are another creation of the Old Ones. Orks aren't smart.... but you leave a Mek in a room full of bitz and he's genetically pre-dispositioned to cobble together the tech he needs to win a war. If you sat him down and asked him to write down his process on a white-board... he'd probably eat your pen... and the white-board.... and probably pull your arms off. He knows how to build a teleporta because he was engineered to know how to build tech based around forcefield and teleportation technology. It's in his genes.

A Tech-Priest is going to look at it, and after he's done being horrified that the xenos can do any of this without any sacred songs, candles and oils, he's going to start ranting about Ork Magic.

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Also, no need for warp fields.
There are always enough boyz. If a few die in horrible accidents because of catastrophic weapon malfuction every now and then,...
thta´s just enbtertainment for the rest of the boys until the next scrap.
They just don´t care about the same stuff as we humans.
Official 3rd or 4th edition sourcebook has this phrase about burner boyz hitting their own troops with flamethrowers if no real fighting happens and be all happy about the other guys doing the funny "burny dance" while getting incinerated. It´s all good sport.

Orks are plenty of clever, they just think totally different. And things like dying are not really imporant, unlike stuff as not enough fighting.

Some bosses and warbosses get really scary intellligent. But most of them solve problems with a scream and an axe anyways.

>> No.75223590

>A Tech-Priest is going to look at it, and after he's done being horrified that the xenos can do any of this without any sacred songs, candles and oils, he's going to start ranting about Ork Magic.
This right here is the crux of every argument about just how "real" or "grounded" ork tech is. Since almost all lore is written in-character in the setting, you get most things filtered through the imperium's point of view. And despite the imperium being fucking retarded, people take their perspective as gospel truth.

>> No.75223889

I always really liked the idea that the race of hooligan retards is actually incredibly psychically potent to the point of subconsciously affecting reality by their combined energies. The latent psyker potential allows scrap metal choppaz to be capable of tearing through ceramite and the like and makes their crude constructs capable of matching the other races. Personally it's a preferable explanation to the genetic memories that unlock seemingly just by having more orks around.

>> No.75224082

>how smart is an ork?
Cunningly brutal or brutally cunning depending.
They have a wide range of intelligence, its more that they have very little impulse control or self reflection. All willpower, no won't power. They'll just go ahead and do a thing a human would try and figure out the pros and cons of, debate and fiddle with. Makes them good at being on the offensive, always fucking things up and taking advantage of the circumstances, good at improvisation. Bad at long term strategic complexity, but they don't really care about that either, so its not a big deal for them.

>> No.75224159

The bigger Warlords seem quite balanced strategists even though they will still use their soldiers as cannon fodder.

>> No.75224179 [DELETED] 

same as for N

>> No.75224231

I mean more their goals are simple, even at large scale.
>have a really big fight with my cool fight things
>get better/bigger fight things
the details of how they do so like
>pincer, flank, fenit, etc.
are fine.
Ah, here we go. War isn't a means to them, its a thing in and of itself. They're not using it as an extension of their political goals.

>> No.75224243

Ork IQ is probably in the 50-60 range, but they are instinctually good at everything that requires waging a war

>> No.75224262

Waaagh! field only improves tech and gives it a degree of functionality at a complex level. Ork tech works on its own, just not very well. However if a Waaagh! gains enough steam they can start to churn out really effective shit because of Waaagh! fields.

It's a bit of a meme/misinformation that you can't pick up a shoota and fire it in normal circumstances. I mean there's a chance it'll malfunction but it'll still fire eventually.

>> No.75224271

Orks can build you a teleporter that would make the Imperium salivate with envy but not explain the physics behind it or even understand what physics as a concept is. That sums up Ork intelligence

>> No.75224272

i think prefering that the ork pscyhological field is just a little bit of luck is much less entertaining then convicing an ork a rock is a meltabomb and watching him blow up a building
their psychic powers are nonsense though, can't make sense of it and all, especially since they take perils of the warp yet they arent actually using the warp

>> No.75224296

>God no
absolutely shit nofun opinion

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Pic related addresses the warp issue and basically says that yes they use the warp for travel and yes things like daemons and mutations effect them, but that Gork and Mork are so strong Chaos can't fuck with them as much in the Warp as others.

As a result the main character comes out of the warp with his eyes in his kneecaps and isn't too worried about it because it'll fix itself eventually. And sure enough after a few days the mutation disappears because Gork/Mork's overpowering effect on Chaos.

>> No.75224316

As for navigation, they use the brains of dead weirdboyz when they want to go somewhere. A lot of times they jump in blind and trust Gork and Mork will deliver them somewhere fun (which they usually do).

>> No.75224322

60 to 300 IQ depending on what they are

>> No.75224328

Even your most brilliant Mekboy would have a pretty low IQ, they have no understanding of what they're building and just know the end-result. It's genetic memory.

>> No.75224339

memory is part of the definition of IQ btw

>> No.75224364

Ork wouldn't even be able to do the simplest IQ test imo. You'd have to maybe make up a new kind of test to measure what they have as intellect.

>> No.75224401

nah it would just be an IQ test that takes into account environment
which just happens to be every politically correct IQ test out there

>> No.75224409

I like how he also became a nob because his old boss lost his head and his was grafted onto the body by mistake.

>> No.75224450

Read Whaarg da Orks and 'Ere we go!
Orks have genetically coded knowledge and come with different affinities for different jobs.
They're not dumb, but they don't care about the same things as other species.
They're an engineered race that was originally supposed to a weapon or some such.

>> No.75224453

Isnt the way the way orkz is the more there are and the bigger they are the smarter they become?

>> No.75224476

the more they fight the smarter they get
the more orks join their army the higher on adrenaline they get

>> No.75224553

>I always really liked the idea that the race of hooligan retards is actually incredibly psychically potent to the point of subconsciously affecting reality by their combined energies.
That's nice. Too bad it's in direct opposition to how orks work.
>the genetic memories that unlock seemingly just by having more orks around.
That's not how orks work either.

>> No.75224570

actually you are 100% objectively wrong and need to kys

>> No.75224584

And I prefer orks as actual creatures rather whatever retarded lolsorandumb meme article you read on 1d4chan about how you can tell an ork that gravity is gravy and watch an entire planet turn into a gravy boat.

>> No.75224602

Orks would fail an IQ for the same reason humans misjudged crocs as low intelligence retards for the longest time: they'd have such utter disinterest in the test due to their completely alien motivations and urges that we wouldn't be able to gauge their intelligence using traditional means.

>> No.75224721

Facts don't care about your feelings

>> No.75224737


>> No.75224918

This right here, people who think orks are outright stupid forget that ork priorities are nothing like human priorities.

>> No.75225635

Yeah it was just kind of a happy accident of the Orks speeding through mud at full speed and getting stuck lol

>> No.75225868

>even though they will still use their soldiers as cannon fodder
Humans do the same, but they don't grow as a fungus.

>> No.75226082
File: 900 KB, 1590x2163, kill_tire.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

shoulda used supa grippos

>> No.75227779

Orks are the best Warhammer40k faction.

>> No.75228510

they used to be the best until autistic fanboys started saying orks don't have a true make believe field

>> No.75228518

I honestly believe that one day they will ruin Gork and Mork by actually revealing them proper in an effort to "push the story along" like in WHFB. Like Bretonnia and the Lady, its far better to just leave that shit to speculation and interpretation than it is to make them actual characters. Like imagine if they made it so that Gork and Mork are actually just a Ctan or Old One and has two personalities because when he made them and eventually had it so that when Orks are the last things in the universe there are still 2 factions, those that follow Gork or Mork, and this god can easily pit the factions against eachohter as they carry out their affairs unabated, and this character hasnt got the personality of the Orks at all. Its going to happen one day, watch there be a Primarch Ork and a regular Ork as variants.

>> No.75228597


Orks may understand certain principles on an instinctual level but I’d still classify them as intelligent, just also insane and brutal.

Tolkien orcs are much the same- they’re among the most intelligent and industrious creatures in middle earth, just everything they make is ugly.

>> No.75228641

They already are actual characters, in the same way the Chaos Gods are actual characters. They exist, they talk now and then, and have immense power because they've got an endless, innumerable horde of worshippers feeding them energy. Fighting over whether Gork or Mork is better (It's Mork) is an old pass-time and partially exists to justify Ork vs. Ork matches without having to put much thought into it.

>> No.75228727

I mean characters in the sense that they walk into a room and sit down and talk to their subjects. I really hope they dont do Bretonnia on it and reveal their divinde enetity as nothing more than a mortal thing who gets given a chinese burn and cries "help me tony!". If they made them interactive characters they would do something like have the Emperor choke them out with one under each arm and then when they both die all the Orks die and thats the only way to win against Orks.

>> No.75231219
File: 835 KB, 1110x1584, 1596742532201.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anon, the lore's already shown the ork gods in full, they are proper warp entities through and through and only via massive retcons would they be anything otherwise.

Also here's an old lore tidbit on the Ork WAAAGH!!! field, it's extremely nebulous in its effect but clearly exists/

>> No.75231360

Is there a third god of the Orks named Dork?

>> No.75231390

That's a heavily debated topic, It's either Dork, Spork, Fork, Nork, Cork, or Pork and noone is quite sure, least of all the average Ork.

>> No.75231435
File: 615 KB, 909x659, stoopid git.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.75231796

Yeah, but Gretchin are flat-out evil and cruel and will torture any unarmed civilians that they can find (plus when turned into a killa kan they tend to go on ork murder sprees)

>> No.75232059

Has there ever been a depiction of non-Ork slaves of Orks?

>> No.75232093

I have vague recollections of a Lamenters story where they go to save some humans enslaved by Orks and the usual Lamenters shit happens.

>> No.75232231

A better question would be why orks even enslave other races if they are perfectly able to produce food and weapons by themselves and can work all day? Sounds like an excuse to spare other races and avoid genocide.

>> No.75232375

I seem to recall mention of orks enslaving humans in some older stuff, but they really have no reason to with the grechin around. I feel like they'd be more inclined to eat any prisoners they have than enslave them.

>> No.75232904

More gretchin to boss around is always good though, and the little shits are already emergency rations anyway.
The main reason is because most Orks don't want to work, they want to fight. So having someone else do the menial stuff for them is fine.
A more recent example of them keeping slaves is in Death or Glory, the Ciaphas Cain book.

>> No.75233568

Ironically rugby is overall much more civilised than footie despite being about meat mountains smashing into each other.

>> No.75233797

To be frank it tends to vary from writer to writer but I liked the engine of mork depiction of mekboys.

For starters the mad boy of the group will at times just spout real complicated science explanations for things and then go back to saying nonsense. But the meks themselves clearly understand stand technology like engines and the like, and when motivated properly under the right conditions can make wild shit like mini suns. They can even explain how it works, but once the moments past they can't really remember how they did it or their previous explanation.

>> No.75233821

Iq of 60 id imagine

>> No.75234116

>(It's Mork)
nah it's Gork ya zoggin git

>> No.75234927

Grots work far faster than humans tho

>> No.75235486

But Grots can be lazy or would rather backstab eachother. Whereas cowed humans are more obedient. Also humans are more likely to know how to work their own machinery and factories to produce what the orks need faster.

But the true path is to have both options available for maximum efficiency.

>> No.75235844


There was a 3 or 4 issue comic book about a titan pilot who is captured by Orks and they plan to eat him, but he finds some putrid green slop, covers himself with it and manages to convince them he's actually an incredibly well spoken Grot and manages to stay alive as a pet/curiosity. They keep him in a cage and poke him to get him to talk funny for them, and eventually he manages to escape.

>> No.75236143

Other races can shit out weapons, vehicles, ships, etc. at a much faster and more consistent rate. All orky weapons are handcraft pieces, Mekboys are artisans, they don't work assembly lines. Adding to that is that even in the hands of an ork, orky weapons are unreliable and likely to shit out on you. Also an added plus is you can go fuck off to some other battlefield and leave a handful of your biggest bullies who'll whip your slaves into working nonstop. Grots muck about the minute an ork takes its eyes off of it.

>> No.75236318
File: 349 KB, 959x704, ezgif-6-690857246332.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In old RT lore, Imperial governors would usually be captured and kept around as the boss's pet, who took interest in all the snazzy bits and extra gubbinz Imperial officials decked themselves out in. This pet would also double as a diplomatic tool, understanding far better how to interact and manipulate humans than any ork could.

>> No.75236442

Everything is for the fight, its intentional that we dont grasp their ways properly because we simply cant comprehend. This is a society where in fighting is as necessary as sane for humans. An Ork that isn indulging in violence actually becomes sick and withers away, they NEED to fight to stay healthy, they NEED to die reproduce. They may come off as brash knuckle dragging bullies who want to just fuck shit up for the sake of it, but they need to do it the same way humans need to eat in order to continue to live, and we cant really comprehend what that is like.

>> No.75238055

A bombload of aggresive squigs

>> No.75238105

Seems rather redundant against an enemy whose SOP was already to wipe out all life on the planet. Come to think of it why the hell would Necrons ever go planetside outside of their tombworlds anyway?

>> No.75238135

>Sounds like an excuse to spare other races and avoid genocide.
Genocide is tedious shit. Sure, killing everyone is easy at first because you were gonna bomb the area initially, then their numbers dwindle and you gotta actively search for them and kill one by one.

>> No.75238228

Honestly I wouldn’t count out the Pigdok from the list of high intelligence, they fiddle and fart around with the feed mix for all Greenskins that are not Orks, so Snotlings and Goblins, to Ork versions of Terra animals, to their Squiggoth, all the way to the which stands about the same height as the Emperor class titan.Their IQ is more Amish minded, but who cares, if you can make a damn pet squig get to be as big as the largest titan ever known, you can claim to be a genius, and if anyone disagrees either send in the supa grots, or some squiggoths.

>> No.75238267

>Come to think of it why the hell would Necrons ever go planetside outside of their tombworlds anyway?
Because the galaxy is theirs. Manifest destiny

>> No.75238623

Why is Deff Skwadron so perfect bros? And why is there not a sequel?

>> No.75239074

Because all resources for making new content go towards fluffing up Space Marines, you should know this.

I liked how Deff Skwardron showed that Orks arent just flat out retarded, as their depictions in media where they are the enemy they are just shown to be as mindless as Tyranids outside of when their leader shows up. Orks are not fucking retards, they are just not civilized. Think of a bar where everyone is stupid drunk. They are capable of thought and cognition and even camaraderie and introspection, punching someone in the face is part of the gathering like being in a mosh pit, noone hates anyone they just like what they do and know the score. If someone spills a pint a fight breaks out, they dont apologize and say theyll buy another one, they punch the guys teeth out and use those teeth to buy more. Thats Orks.

>> No.75239576

Gork is the Bloody Handed God is Khorne.
Mork is the Laughing God is the Deceiver.
Both eldar and orks were weapons of the old ones, they have derived their mythology and culture as fallout from the war in heaven.

>> No.75239631

3rdish edition short story I forget the name of is from the point of view of enslaved humans/resistance fighters who get a message from space marines on the way to liberate them, inspiring them to fight back. It ends up being Iron Warriors iirc

>> No.75239735

"I seen him, you know? I seen him. The second time he talked to me, I was out dere on the plains. I was all drunk one night, and da stars swam and went all green. And this big orc made of stars, he said, “You!” – ’e shouts lots. “You! Little greeny! Go home! Go home and be da biggest and bestest gobbo since Grom da Paunch flattened da pansies! Go on! Go on home now!” You might fink dat’s nonsense, but it ain’t, oh it ain’t!"
no matter what bull they try to pull gork an mork are still the best

>> No.75239763

I renege on what I said, thats pretty good.

>> No.75239779

because orbital bombardment, while effective, is a supremely unsatisfying way of purging lesser life
also, taking slaves

>> No.75240337

Are slave-owning Orkz cruel masters compared to the Imperium?

>> No.75240372

They treat them as Orks, discern from that what you will from a race of people who use eachothers own teeth as currency.

>> No.75240566

going by chains of golgotha yes, they're absolutely monstrous
revelling in cruelty. highlights include forcing a medic lady to work as a painboy's assistant, throwing a crippled old man into a pit full of hungry killer alien things and turning a guy into a servitor but letting him keep his human awareness

>> No.75240770

what if particulary strong ork emerges, like The Beast?
is his presence enough to increase intelligence of entire species? maybe to create even new oddboyz

>> No.75241247

IQ is meaningless it only measures how good you are at solving IQ tests.

Orcs are geniuses at war, cruelty, torture and psychological intimidation.

>> No.75242367

The only 'more monstrous than the Imperium' action of the Orks was throwing a crippled old man into a hungry alien pit

>> No.75243033

And even then the Orks would do the same to a crippled ork, nevermind the fact they don't believe that the warp is corrupted so they think humans will be reborn in a new body.

>> No.75243223

>IQ is meaningless it only measures how good you are at solving IQ tests.
low IQ post

>> No.75243369

It contains math problems and logic problems.
That alone enough to roughly gauge intelligence.

"Some gits are gretchin. All gretchin are grots. Can we say that some gits are grots?"
That's a typical IQ question.

>> No.75243469

Which just shows how fucking stupid HH and nu40K lore is. It's fallen into the capeshit trap of obnoxious powercreep. Just look at Primaris, for example.

>> No.75243496
File: 54 KB, 500x365, Gork_%2526_Mork.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's a picture of the two gods, wrasslin in the warp.

>> No.75243606

I'm not sure if that's a fair comparison since The Beast is the third main villain of the franchise after Horus and the Mephet'ran.

Those 3 guys are the "ancient evils" responsible for the events of the worldbuilding similar to Melkor while the curret ones are their followers like Morgoth

>> No.75243700

I can't find the image, but there's an old pic of an ork warlord that actually owned several planets of humans where they lived mostly normal lives except they tithed him guns and raw materials instead of the imperial tithe of people and their orkish overlords might kill a few extra hundred people out of boredom on top of those hundreds that die to your typical industrial accidents in the Imperium. Of course, that's some ancient lore so modern orks would probably just kill them, loot their worlds, and move on.

>> No.75243787

Oh whoops, someone already posted it here >>75236318

>> No.75243853

Which is why they should've stayed myth and legend. The moment GW tried to "humanize" them, along with the Emperor himself, is the moment they failed. For starters, humanizing an ork is fucking stupid. If you can't find a way to make an ork intelligent while still remaining an ork than just don't fucking do it.

>> No.75244542

If an Ork learned that humans do not reincarnate, how would they react?

>> No.75244605

Nazdreg may aswell be retconned at this point.

>> No.75244628
File: 372 KB, 640x660, C8X9270UAAAUBTn.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They've found Ork shootas that were just metal boxes full of bullets.

>> No.75244645

Prove it

>> No.75244955

Low IQ post

>> No.75245775 [DELETED] 

About as smart as niggers, really.

>> No.75246367

We talkin Black niggers, Asian niggers, White niggers (which come in the Redneck, Chav, and Eastern European varieties), Muslim niggers, African niggers, or Jewish niggers?

You really need to specify, nigger.

>> No.75246397

They'd try to think about it, maybe even feel a bit conflicted, bring it up with the boss, and promptly be clobbered in the head and told he's thinkin' too much for someone who ain't a brain boy.

>> No.75249333

Imagine that the average orks IQ was 100, and some even went to 150... but from an early age they learn nuffin but fightin. They go from fite to fite and den fite sum more! They've never thought about their reason for being, or had fears of inadequacy, or dreamed of anything but an unending fight. They have no knowledge other that which is genetically coded into them by the old ones.

They're willfully ignorant, not stupid. Never underestimate the Greenskin as that is the first step on the path to defeat.

>> No.75250563
File: 164 KB, 1024x768, 1327379729779.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Of course!! Its Grim Dark, not warcraft

>> No.75251295


>> No.75253132

>As a result the main character comes out of the warp with his eyes in his kneecaps and isn't too worried about it because it'll fix itself eventually. And sure enough after a few days the mutation disappears because Gork/Mork's overpowering effect on Chaos.
He doesn't have eyes on his knee caps, he just sees through his knees for a while.

>> No.75253286

>they really have no reason to with the grechin around.
The likes of humans are better weapon makers than Gretchin.

>> No.75253371

>don't think of them as 'stupid' but more as so impulsive they never think.
That's partially what "stupidity" is.
People have a far to linear concept of intelligence.

>> No.75253394

Dumb, a pretty clever Ork Nob had trouble counting past five.

>> No.75254020

>simple 'as, hoomie

>> No.75254043


cringe. stop trying so hard.

>> No.75254085

>I actually think the Orks were an attempt by the Old Ones to create an 'ethical' bio weapon, one which enjoyed its role, knew little anxiety and fought to the last.
>Arent they supposedly the perfect bio weapon
IIRC, new lore is that yes, Orks were explicitly created as a bio-weapon by the Old Ones. Before that they were a bioweapon created by the "Brain Boys"

>> No.75254211
File: 27 KB, 400x225, Revell-MiG-15-bis-Fagot-Decals-ua-d-NVA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So you are saying that you could turn pic related into a cheap unit granted you got enough bits, greeblies, sprues and plasticard?

>> No.75254228

They're about as intelligence as the average human. And before you protest, I want you to take a moment and consider just how stupid an average human is.

>> No.75254287

Ye, that's kind of the point of playing orks

>> No.75254317

Is it the right size? I might buy a few.

>> No.75254803

in the old lore you could give an ork a gun with a pipe, trigger and handle and it would shoot bullets, but they toned it down.

>> No.75254864

No. That is a meme people parrot without thinking. Read the damn books. The effects were never that pronounced or outright ridiculous like that.
Read the goddamn books.

>> No.75255755

They are smart enougn

>> No.75256295
File: 1.94 MB, 2000x2000, INK 2020 BLADE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

real kunnin' orks are usually bosses

>> No.75258836

As intelligent as the plot lets them be.

>> No.75259635

Because nu-GW is shit and wouldn't know good content if it shat in their face

>> No.75259719

>I find it funny how
>No seriously
Fuck off John Oliver

>> No.75262739

Post proof.

>> No.75265117


>> No.75265162

Around 20 points less than your average imperial citizen

>> No.75265276
File: 75 KB, 500x500, 1519962937853.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>(It's Mork)

>> No.75265306

Happened in the Cain books. Major part of the plot of the first Perlia book.

>> No.75265379

Seems about accurate.

>> No.75265395


>> No.75266045

>so this race's gimmick is using ramshackle equipment
>but it functions as normal equipment in their hands
How is this not considered hack writing? It's a direct self-admission that it's just a reskin.

>> No.75266423

What? It still misfires and is just as likely to blow them up as the enemy (or preferably to an ork, both), it's just that all the misfires are considered "working as intended to an ork".

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