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Do gay players make gay characters?
To straight players: have you ever made a gay character? Why?

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Ban this faggot.

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shut up faggot

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Incredibly gay thread. Consider joining your 41%er friends, anon :)

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You the same guy spamming 'is homosexuality a roleplaying game' over the past couple of days, OP?


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I'm gay and have been playing for 26 years and I've never played a gay dude.

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I'm gay but I only play autistic volcel characters because I don't want to roleplay relationships at the table

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You sound like boyfriend material anon.

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I'm gay and I play a lot of different people. I like to try new characters, not play myself.

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I have a straight friend who played a gay character, but it was only to make another more annoying player uncomfortable, with long digressions of gay sex

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Based and Thebespilled.

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>Incredibly gay thread
Great powers of observation you got there anon.

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Homosexual male here. I don't play gay or straight characters because I don't base my personality on the fact that I like dick. In 9 years of playing TTRPG's I've played maybe 3 characters where their sexuality ever came up and most of the time I made them straight

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Move this thread to /lgbt/. The thin veil of RPGs over the faggotry is off-topic at best.

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>To straight players: have you ever made a gay character? Why?
No, love is gay

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This. Chads don't need affection or affirmation. They point their dicks in their goal's direction and don't look to the side for love. Love comes to them naturally, seeking the Chad out for its own affirmation, which the Chad gives willingly due to his indefatigable nature.

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I used to play ale-and-wenches straight guys a lot when I was 19 and hadn't figured out I was lesbian yet lol. Now I mostly play women who, yeah, if it comes up in game she's gay but I'm not bringing that up.

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What about bisexuals' characters? Or Ace?

Also, about what portion of the population do gay individuals make up? What about bisexual individuals?

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>Dark with blue eyes
why do shitskins want to be white so badly

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Aces aren't LGBT anon

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You know Avatar was made by two white men, right?

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Only degenerates have sex in their tables...which mean that they are probably gay too so you are on point

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All the homosexuals I know play straight characters.
All the straight people I know play straight characters.
Then again, I don't play with women so that bit in the sample size is probably missing.

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>Love is love
>I believe in science
>Black lives matter
Yeah I know the type of white man they are.

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I'm bi, I make bi characters, it literally never comes up

Also ban this faggot

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Bisexual here. It depends on the character. That being said, my straight friend always rolls hetero males or lesbian females

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>What about bisexuals' characters?
Just a bard.
>Or Ace?
Just an edgy character.

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Sensible men you should emulate

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>I believe in science
Based and redpilled

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>To straight players: have you ever made a gay character? Why?
Yeah I occasionally play gay men.

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>being angry about fictional nationalities in a setting about throwing rocks at each other

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Brown skin because her nation is at the south pole and they'd all have skin cancer if they were pale, blue eyes because eye color in the setting is about which element you have affinity with and she's water. Seethe more tho.

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I generally don't pay attention to the sexuality of my characters because it never really comes up in-game, and I've never had a concept in which sexuality was a pivotal point or important enough to bring it up. So I always play characters as straight or ace.

I have played a (temporarily) trans character once though, but that's about as much foray into LGBT+ territory I've ever done.

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>(temporarily) trans character
polymorph or something?

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>katara's eyes are blue
>sokka's eyes are blue
>king bumi's eyes are green
>haru's eyes are green
>zukko's eyes are yellow
>azula's eyes are yellow
>aangs eyes are grey
>ty lee's eyes are grey

Is ty lee an air nomad?

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don’t think so but she’s got an airy personality.

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Lmao fuck off niggerlover

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It's a pretty common theory that after the genocide started some air nomads tried to hide in the fire nation and lasted long enough to have mixed kids who weren't airbenders because of that, actually. Combustion man also has grey eyes.

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I'm a demi-faggot and have only ever played straight characters
I did have one character forced into a gay relationship because my DM was kinda fuckin weird like that. Guy turned out to be a tranny, so it's safe to say he wasn't all right in the head

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I honestly never start a character with a set sexuality and default to asexual, unless they’re married in their backstory or something. If they do end up with a sexuality it’s something that’s developed over the campaign and in support of the story

I’m Bi and so far I’ve played
>Plenty of straight men
>Gay dragonborn
>Lesbian mage
>Non-binary asexual (warlock that arguably wasn’t even Humanoid by the end so “non-binary” is just a side effect of that)

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Yes, and?

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Big flaming faggot here. Usually I play straight girls because while I may be personally attracted to males, I can't deny that teenage boy meets girl and socially stunted ladyknight gets won over by plucky bumpkin stuff is absolutely adorable and I can't get enough of the sappy shit.
Only time I played an actual homosexual was in a supers game where a friend of mine basically challenged me to a game of Gay Chicken IC without knowing I was gay irl. She took it with humor.
That said, plenty of bis.

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reincarnation bullshit
it was weird

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I have played a gay character before but It made me feel uncomfortable. I prefer to play straight characters, though sexuality does not come up in my games very often.

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I got into a fujo game once. I never said outright my guy was gay but they weren't gonna shy away if they had to kiss the homies goodnight.

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Am gay. I don't chase man ass in game because that's cringe and the group would feel weird about it, but even then my characters aren't sexually motivated in the first place. Technically yes but not officially ever stated in game.

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do you usually reply to questions made to other people?

Yes, the GM threw a genderbend cursed item at me. But it did it at a point in the character's life where he saw it as an opportunity to reinvent his identity and start anew - new body, new identity, blank slate, and tried to adopt it as his new self, despite the curse being easily breakable by one of his friends, another party member.

But his past came back to bite him in the ass (we arrived at his hometown and had to deal with bullshit he left behind) and realized that if he wanted to move on he'd have to accept himself instead of trying to lie to himself that he could just ignore his "past" self and pretend nothing ever happened. So the curse got broken, and he came out of the experience a better man.

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I've thought about including genderbend magic in a few different spots, but it always occurs to me afterwards that my players might take it to be a magical realm. I just think it's a neat change of perspective on a character for a little bit.

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I strongly advise against it, anon. I'm pretty sure my DM was 100% setting up a magical realm scenario (it was a completely unnecessary clue in a murder mystery and it was perfect bait for my character, so I could sorta see his intentions) and I was able to turn his magical realm into genuine, earnest character development because I am coomer anathema at the table, but not every player has the experience to deal with such bullshit as I have. I can assure you most players are just gonna be weirded out by this scenario. We're at a point where "gender changing magic" can no longer be played for laughs - it's either a fetish scenario by odd nerds, or a crass invalidation/joke of real transgender identities.

Then again, that DM came out as trans a year later, so I'm not sure if I read his (her, now) intentions correctly at the time. That, or I inspired her to explore her identity through good fucking roleplay, which would be funny as hell.

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Hi.Straight male.
Have played straight, bi, gay, lesbie, asexual with variety of genders.
The reason is trying different characters, yeah.

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Putting a monkey in a dress. That's good comedy!

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Normally sexuality doesn't come up but I've played both male amd female straight and gay characters. I don't self insert in games normally so it's not a problem for me

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Well, that's alright. I just thought it might be neat. Since it's not my magical realm, I can suffer its loss.

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As a bislut I've played one self-hating evil character who became asexual after he was disgusted with himself for partaking in a ritual to a god of rape, a dwarf made of stone who couldn't really do sex, and a straight lecherous old gnome who really just wants to hook back up with his ex-wife. Really I think I just don't like doing the whole sex and relationship thing with my DM outside of it being a joke.

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Okay faggot

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Straight guy here. All my male chars are straight, and all my female chars are lesbos.

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Straight GM here, made several lesbian NPCs because one of the antagonists, a powerful witch-queen from not!Arabia, needed a harem, and having oiled dudes in said harem wasn't as interesting.

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Taylor, is that you?

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I'm a bi man who usually plays male characters. it doesn't come up in the games I play, really. Maybe once in a blue moon I'll make a off-hand joke or comment but there is never any sexual/romantic motives for any of my characters, that's not why I play TTRPGs.

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All the ghey characters in my game are NEO NAZI's that ravenously molest any men they come across. Only to later reveal they're crypto Communists and NAZI's.

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Op is quite literally a faggot.

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It's a bate thread, faggot. You either take the bait or click the button to hide the thread.

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I'm a bi guy and I've played straight, bi, and gay of both male and female varieties. The sexuality of my characters hasn't really come up often though since we don't focus on that kind of thing.

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am lez, but characters are always straight dudes because being gay is cringe

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i can read minds so it usually is easier for me to say it than wait for the other person

anyways, you're now thinking that i'm full of bullshit and gay and you're now breathing manually

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We used to roll for our sexuality and the DM would roll for NPCs as it became relevant. Made seduction attempts more interesting.

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I've played straight, gay, and at one time an asexual, male characters. I've only ever played straight women the few times I play female characters, I don't know why, I guess I don't like lesbos.

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They are, but then again everyone draws a line somewhere.

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Straight, made a gay character with another player because our backstories lined up way too closely and we decided to tweak it and have our characters be married. It was hella fun, possibly offensive but I dunno. It came to an end when he got injured in a big fight and left the campaign shortly afterward, so we retconned it so that his character had died then and there. Since the DM was running two campaigns in the same setting, my now depressed gay guy met up with the other party and now travels with them, protecting them from experiencing a similar fate. Considering how thirsty they are, it's a genuine possibility that they might have to deal with "tough love."

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Gender change items have been a thing for a long time.
I wouldn't do it in a campaign of +those+ people, but I agree with you, it's fun and kooky and totally 'fixable' depending on your setting

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>Straight Characters only
>No alternative genders
>Male Fighter
Final Destination.

>> No.75194485

Gender bending...magic
Like.. Like you cast multiple different spells related to gender?


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>Brown skin because her nation is at the south pole and they'd all have skin cancer if they were pale
Wrong. They'd all be depressed and have a serious vitamin d deficiency if avatar was real.
>Eyes correspond to their element
Also wrong. Did you even watch the show?

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As a forever DM never had a player ever say their character was gay. I'm straight and wouldn't care if a player said their character was so long as i can use it in the game. If i can't use it to make NPCs react in various ways to you, some positive and some negative, then as far as im concerned youre shoving something into a game where it doesn't belong.

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>Do gay players make gay characters?
Not that I've noticed.

>To straight players: have you ever made a gay character? Why?
Some of my players do.
Several of my male players make lesbians, to the point of being repetitive, redunant and kind of boring..
Some of my female players make gay male characters because "every woman adores a dandy".

One male player had his character seduced by a demon countess and, disgusted with this weakness, swore off women and got himself a twink-accountant.

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I've apparently convinced the queer woman in our playgroup that my female paladin prefers women, but that was not my intention. The GM (himself a gay man, which may be a factor here) seems to play male elves as a bunch of prissy ponces, and I figured she's just looking for someone with a little more testosterone. Her idea of elven manhood is more Kevin Sorbo and less Hugh Grant. Apparently her disinterest in the latter gave off a "vibe".

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Based and sabotagepilled

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Should add, am straight male. You probably could have guessed that, but let's make that explicit here.

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That's alright|I just thought it would be neat
Since it's not my magical realm,|I can suffer its loss

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That's alright|I just thought it would be neat
Since it's not my magical realm,|I can suffer its loss

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You can't make everything Loss.

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Only when they are Effing

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No, anon. Gender-changing magic. As in, magic that changes your gender.

fuck you, kek

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I respectably disagree

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fuck i'm tired

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No and yes. The only gay men who make gay characters are the ones who have been convinced they are actually women.

Although, the hetero men who have been convinced they are women also make gay characters, just lesbians instead.

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>Do gay players make gay characters?
Exclusively. Why would i roleplay my male human fighter's heroic adventures just for his "reward" to be fucking some fat bitches meat hole? Thats just tragic

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I'm a gay man and I've only played str8 males, because the groups that allow romances are fill with cringe trannies and/or sensitive babies.. It sucks.

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Straight, never played a gay character. Nothing against them, just never felt like it.

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Speaking of the gay I am kinda surprised how low 40K is when it comes to yaoi art. I mean the biggest things we talk about are 18 super tall super swollen brothers who all like or hate each other. And that’s just the Primarchs.

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None of my players are straight or gay as far as Im concerned because I dont allow them to romance my npcs.

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There was a guy on /y/ drawing some magnus x russ and fulgrim x dorn stuff a few months ago, no idea where to find it though

>> No.75195256

They play space marines

>> No.75195258

None of the characters I've ever made in fantasy settings think of themselves as straight or gay, because the concept doesnt exist in those settings.

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Wish I could drown this thread in the bathtub.

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Only if you turn yourself into a pickle afterwards.

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Aces are just Bi with carnal lust turned to 0.
They like both genders equally, that being not at all. Maybe actually go read some history of the movement.

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I'm a straight who plays lesbians because it's based. It's like playing a female character in vidya just so you can stare at your own ass while you walk

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For all we know she might have ended up an airbender if she had been around after the Convergence. Though not all of the new Airbenders had Grey eyes so it didn't seem to be a fully genetic thing, after all Toph's green-eyed Granddaughter also ended up an Airbender. Zaheer had the right eyes though.

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I once made a lesbian by accident. I wanted to marry a foreign princess npc to my character's brother for dynastic reasons, but she misinterpreted my talk of joining our families because her command of my language wasn't very good, and took some things I had done as romantic overtures because of cultural differences. When she crept into my room later I said ''fuck it'' and when down the yuri road.

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And you should dilate.

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Fuck the gays and the bug chasers. They spread disease. They die early.

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No one cares what % of tbe board is gay, or straight or bi perv's .
If your sexuality hits the table something bad is occurring at said table

>> No.75197428

I'm gay and I've played gay, bi, and straight characters. I try to make sure my characters are different from me in at least a few major ways - fat where I'm skinny, different sexuality, or something so that I actually have to change the way I act to get in their frame of mind. Otherwise it just isn't RP to me.

>> No.75197459

Sexuality is a factor in stories. Romance plots are some of the most fun I've had roleplaying, it just works best when you're doing the roleplay with someone who you aren't actually dating.

>> No.75197576

I made a Cha based Bard who acted like he would fuck anyone, but when MtF GM had a male stall vendor take the bait and want to take me to a back room I chickened out.

>> No.75197773

>Gay chicken
this a meme?

>> No.75197845

That's not actually how it works, there are literally hetero aces. "Carnal lust turned to 0" is something hets can get too, and asexuals accept those hets as asexuals. How much you like to fuck doesn't have anything to do with which genders you're attracted to.

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>Do gay players make gay characters?
>have you ever made a gay character?
I was bored and wanted to try something new in a Shadowrun game. Closeted Rigger who's orientation was actually used against him by a pissed off client who was blackmailing the team to get us to do another run to fix a problem she made. Ended up outing the rigger anyway and the Rigger was kicked out of the garage his parents owned that he was staying in (lowest level housing option at chargen). The game was pretty much over at that point so he moved in with his boyfriend (now fiance) and they opened up a shop together.

Genuinely one of the better endings I've ever managed for a character.

>> No.75198090

It was, once. /fit/ found out the hard way that you don't want to play unless you can back it up

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I always end up playing straight characters, despite being bisexual and having a same-sex partner. The group I run with has always never given a shit about sexuality, I just end up playing straight characters with one exception, and that's the character I'm playing right now actually. However, when I GM, I end up having a lot of gay NPCs out of sheer coincidence. I don't even notice until I go back over my spreadsheet and think 'that is a lot of homosexuals.'

When I play video games I always play as women, though. Dunno why, just more appealing. Maybe relevant?

>> No.75198247

I'm an elegan/tg/entleman, and not only have I never played a gay male character, I have never played a heterosexual woman either, because that would also be gay.

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as far as im concerned every thread on /tg/ is a gay thread

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> To straight players: have you ever made a gay character?
I'm playing one right now. Although admittedly it's more of a "Dumbledore is gay" kind of thing where I'm the only person at the table who knows he's gay.

> Why?
He's the smartest guy in the party and developed an awkward fondness for the dumbest guy in the party, and it amuses me to think that he's both attracted to him and hates it.

> This is seriously what I'm into?
> God damn it.

>> No.75198295

whenever i play a monk, its a gay character
Its those asian climate, they seem do gay to me, also entire monastery full of orphaned boys growing up in man only society, cult of healthy body.. it has to affect them

>> No.75198362

>Do gay players make gay characters?

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I make it a rule that all my beautiful male characters are closeted gays.
inb4 "They can tell"

>> No.75198704

Gay people play both bends of characters, straight people play a lot of gay characters, I myself played a straight man, a gay man, asexual man and few gay women.
It's usually up to the dice in my games since what you wanna fuck rarely comes up.

>> No.75199049

not such thing exist.

>> No.75199069

There are genuinely people born without a sex drive, whether it be for hormonal reasons or some weird aspect of upbringing. Not that necessarily everyone who calls themselves ace are those

>> No.75199084

Every single gay person I ever talked to is a bisexual in fag's clothing.

>> No.75199096

Sounds like an extremely gay thing to do.

>> No.75199112

I've literally never given any of my characters a sexual orientation at all because it's just not something that comes up in our games.

>> No.75199261 [DELETED] 

Poor choice of words there, anon.

>> No.75199288

I assume most of my characters are bifags like me unless they have some backstory/personality reason to be otherwise. It never comes up and I prefer it that way.

>> No.75199300

If im playing a female character, i wont fuck guys. Thats gay as fuck. Nah, if she´s a female, she´s going to be a lesbian.

>> No.75199310

Only time it’s only come up was when I was playing a tiefling woman gunslinger.
She (and the rest of the group) was travelling on a ship, and the goddess of the sea sent a storm (because she gets jealous about women on ships, thinking they’re trying to steal her men from her).

So, my character tricked a cabin boy into drinking a potion of gender change (‘gender-fluid’ we nicknamed it) and then all but forced her(him) to sleep with her. Thus proving she was a lesbian to the goddess of the sea, and thus convincing her that she wasn’t trying to steal her men from her.

In retrospect, the plan to convince the goddess that she’s not planning to steal her men from her by tricking a cabin boy into drinking a gender change potion and then sexually assaulting him was a poor plan, but neither I nor the GM realised that at the time, so it worked.

I don’t think it’s ever come up again.

>> No.75199444

My characters typically have a sexuality that fits their character.
I've played gays, straights, pans, and aces.
But I try not to define the character by that because it's almost never relevant. Most of the time it doesn't even matter because it never comes up organically.
The ONE time I talked about it at the start of the game was in an Iron Age superhero game where I played an ex-secret service member who was trained to drive The Beast. He was let go because the president didn't feel comfortable being driven around or guarded by a gay guy, despite the fact that my character tried to keep his personal life private.

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Yes, and yes. Because I wanted to.
Same reason I play women, and non-humans, and fucking wizards.

If I can roleplay a mentally handicapped cyber-man dealing with the trauma of his implants.

I can play someone who likes dudes.

>> No.75199628

in my head, this post reads in the voice of austin powers

>> No.75199678

I'm a bisexual and it's never actually come up but I think of all my characters as bi.

>> No.75199742 [DELETED] 

That you could doesn't mean you should. You're allowing the poison into your mind.

>> No.75199748

Not gay, but same.

>> No.75199803

4chan is poison, RPing with friends is fun.

>> No.75199827

I’m gay and I do tend to play gay characters simply since it’s just default.
That said, 90% of the time it never comes up so I never think about it, and most of my characters have no sexuality.

>> No.75199837

That's pretty gay, anon. Roleplaying relationships is the best part.

>> No.75199841 [DELETED] 

Friends don't let friends be brainwashed by the death cult that seeks to eradicate them and their families. This is wartime, there's no time for fencesitting.

>> No.75199885

Fun is poison.

>> No.75199893

If you think that making a gay character in a roleplaying game us being brainwashed by a death cult then I pity you. You're the breed of retard that would have tried to put a stop to DnD years ago for being a vehicle for Satan-worshipping, just with a different flavor of outrage.

>> No.75199906

That reminds me it's about time to rewatch Dark Dungeons. It's a real shame Jack Chick's grave hasn't been found yet, I'm sure there are many concerned citizens who'd like to water the flowers there

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>> No.75200033

Im not gay and I've never made a gay character.
I've actually seldom even alluded to any sexual preference of my characters other than where it is explicitly mentioned in de (back)story in which I would have a wife or love interest.

Unlike some people, I don't consider sexual preference to be an integral or even interesting aspect of a character. People whose character in game or irl revolves around their sexuality have never grabbed my attention for long, as where you put your dick seems quite pointless and arbitrary information. It also seems quite an American thing to do.
To some extent, I feel making a big point of sexuality is a bit akin to people who substitute freakshit races and convoluted multiclassing or homebrewclassing for actually creating a character with emotions, a worldview and motivations that are interesting.

Also I'm here to slay dragons, not play The Sims.

>> No.75200093 [DELETED] 
File: 39 KB, 882x624, 1542667893304.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.75200147

seethe harder straggot

>> No.75200205

>he doesn't have a multi-generational family dynasty all in one setting separated into separate campaigns throughout the ages from different generations of descendants
Might as well be gay.

>> No.75200237
File: 123 KB, 480x357, Tamaki-tamaki-suoh-14401520-480-357.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm straight and played a character who believed he was gay. He was in a hetero arranged betrothal with another PC and eventually turned out bisexual.

>> No.75200428

Am gay, sexuality of character never really comes up, unless they have a wife at home they are sending money to (usually Dwarf in that case)

>> No.75200549
File: 83 KB, 270x300, tumblr_p0yy9iFa3b1vazgido3_r1_400.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Straight guy here, i played a lesbian once. I never acted on it, though, since the opportunity for in-game romance never arose. Come to think of it, i don't think ive ever done any in-game romance.

>> No.75200976

can you contract aids somewhere else?

>> No.75200997

We had a bi player once, they self identified irl as "neutral evil" and in general were /thatguy/ the entire time.
So after that we have a strict no alphabet people allowed.

>> No.75200999

Fuck off.

>> No.75201100

Sexuality almost never comes up in game. I've played straight, gay, bi, etc.

>> No.75201132

Insanity is virulent. You better be careful bringing your negmind to pozzed threads like that.

>> No.75201136 [DELETED] 

Based, don't be fooled. There are no "good gays"

>> No.75201401
File: 164 KB, 1280x851, 4dda0807d58df8346551e879f054156e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm straight and i only play female lesbians because anything else would be gay

>> No.75201457 [DELETED] 
File: 202 KB, 582x527, 50CFAA3E-B67D-4536-A42D-AE655AD1B7B3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I only make my characters based and cunny-pilled

>> No.75202034

We got ourselves a mtf in progress, guys.

>> No.75202126

>Do gay players make gay characters?
I've seen it on occasion.
>To straight players: have you ever made a gay character? Why?
Yes, I have. It makes for different social situations, which is what makes gaming something more than mindless dice rolling.

>> No.75202176

All my characters are asexual. Fuck magical realms

>> No.75202271

>Fuck magical realms
I don't think you know what that term means.

>> No.75202311

Inserting your sexuality into trpgs is fetish according to me.

>> No.75202351

And that is not the definition of the phrase.
You are using it objectively incorrectly.

>> No.75202531

Cool, I really care

>> No.75202552

Ignorance isn't bad, willful stupidity is.

>> No.75202618
File: 56 KB, 493x335, confused.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Honestly, in my experience, the gayest characters come from "straight" women rather than actual gay people.
I have no idea why this is.

>> No.75202619

Give your definition

>> No.75202666

I have a gay couple in my 5e group and only one of their characters has ever been actually played as a homosexual. It was a half-orc spoony bard and a good time was had by all

>> No.75202694

The actual definition, which you can find on a google search or 1d4chan, is the GM inserting sexual content or situations for masturbatory goals.
Representing sex as a organic, fundamental part of a living beings experience and perception of the world is the opposite of magical realm, and anyone claiming otherwise is a memeing shitter that is using the phrase to mean "things I don't like", as tho they are a /v/ secondary.
>spoony bard
I chuckled, and fondly reminisced of the first time I played FF2.

>> No.75202755

Women struggle to make nuanced male characters, or tend to go over the top with female characters since social restrictions don't exist.
I've seen new players go WAY overboard because it was, for them, the first time they could do so with little to no judgment.

>> No.75202783

Yeah and that's what I meant with asexual characters. I don't want my characters to take part in sexual content or situations. My character can be sexual in backstory or after retiring, but during adventures they're ace.

>> No.75202788

>or 1d4chan
Literally the first paragraph:
>"An individual's Magical Realm is the domain of their sexual fetishes, especially in relation to roleplaying games. When a game starts developing or introducing elements of the player or GM's fetishes, either accidentally or deliberately, it is said to be entering their magical realm."

It says nothing of just the GM, only that the game develops it, through the actions of either the players or GM.
You actual dumbass.
>"Similarly, it is possible for a player or DM to try and force their magical realm onto a setting by acting upon their fetishes, or having particular reactions to something as mundane as, say, lizardfolk."

>> No.75202804
File: 811 KB, 1459x1600, Gay Activists.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.75202890

Originally it spoke of the GM alone, because a GM can, and should, shut down a player immediately without restriction.
Issues with players is a later affair, when spells/skill use made it so by RAW, a player could get away with far more.
>attacks the wording, not the argument
Continue climbing your wall of dicks, anon, your bukkake reward awaits.
I reckon the question is whether you make a person, or a set of numbers.
A person is affected by sexuality in ways subtle and great, and reacting to them is a part of roleplay and characterization.
You've never flattered someone for their beauty as a means of attaining your goals? You ignore the descriptions of others?

>> No.75202907

Different anon, but fetishism specifically involves arousal stemming from an inanimate object or a typically asexual situation (public nudity, leather, corsets, etc). Magical realm is a player or the DM consistently making something sexual at the expense of the rest of the group, typically as a way to insert their fetish into a social setting and getting gratification from the reaction.

tl;dr flirtation between characters or npcs regardless of gender isn’t fetishism or magical realm, but it might be a level of role-playing people are uncomfortable with

>> No.75203061

The idea of flirting with other players or the DM by proxy of fictional characters seems anything but enjoyable to me.

>> No.75203087

all of my characters are futa with big fat horse cocks. i never bring it up in game, even at session 0 with character descriptions. at most stating i take the wench to my room for the night before a fade to black

>> No.75203285

>The definition relates purely to the GM and has nothing to do with players.
>>Your source says that is false.

>> No.75203325 [DELETED] 

What is wrong with our moderation. Why is this shit thread still here.

>> No.75203340
File: 1.26 MB, 949x2395, theUnflayed.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

bisexual man here, cringe i know. ive only had like 4 characters that ever had romance come up, and it was split pretty evenly between homo and straight (all the characters were dudes)
Whenever i make a homo character, i never make him effeminate, and his love for the other man is always like a warriors bond or a bromance. one of em was an older warrior who hooked up with a lot of chicks in his day but still couldn't find true love with them, and eventually ended up falling in love with and marrying the partys other fighter (played by my gf anyway), so i guess hes bi. they also adopted a child.
the other homo character isnt explicitly gay, and its never come up in game, but i sort of implied that he was in love with his shield-brother.
i never do any cringe romance roleplaying though because nobody at the table wants to hear that and its embarassing to have to act that out.

>> No.75203381

For me roleplaying sexual encounters in trpgs is something similiar to exhibitionism. Flirting is fine even though I don't want to do it

>> No.75203522

I don’t make myself. I make a character.

>> No.75203571

Lesbians are normally way more chill at the table than straight girls. Straight girls often immediately go for cutting out the peasants eyes or cutting off the fingers of a shopkeeper that tried to sell something for more gold than they had

>> No.75203652

Oh I agree, I don’t think erp should be occurring at the table unless everybody has explicitly agreed to play that type of game

>> No.75204087

Underrated post

>> No.75204129

Straight and never ever really thought about my chars sexuality, so I guess in my mind they were straight by default. But I'm mostly a DM anyway.

I feel it were more easy to me to play a gay man than a woman, but I'd only do it if it had an impact on the story/personality of the char, like for any other char creation choice.

>> No.75204384

Hot. I've never ERP'd, but if I did I'd want it to be in a setting with lots of futa monstergirls to bully me.

>> No.75204402
File: 613 KB, 2114x750, Olivia Voldaren.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.75204550

Do people actually make straight characters? I thought you weren’t supposed to bring sexuality into role playing games because it leads to coomerism in front of other people and makes everybody else uncomfortable?

>> No.75204805


>> No.75204838

haha gay

>> No.75204851 [DELETED] 

Have you not seen those monsterboy threads? /tg/ is at least 30% gay

>> No.75204867

Bi, I play murderhobos, not fuckhobos. But I slept with GM for advantages for my character and with almost every member of our groups, for fun and pizza.

>> No.75204870 [DELETED] 

Do your job tranny jannies. Your fragile psyche couldn't aurvive being fired from a job you do for free.

>> No.75204896 [DELETED] 

See >>75204851

>> No.75204942 [DELETED] 

>dude, look at this irrelevant lie I made
If that were true it would happen more often than biannually. Not to mention that it has no bearing on my post.

>> No.75205000

Yeah, I really want to play a trappy support caster. Just go all in on the healslut meme. Maybe even have a cursed chastity cage stuck on so I can focus on worshiping superior futa cock rather than worry about my own.

>> No.75205283

exactly how much relationshit is happening at the table for you to feel the need to do this?

>> No.75205298 [DELETED] 

It means /tg/ is gay and the janitors are gay so nothing will be fixed

Use your brain

>> No.75205404 [DELETED] 

You're half right, the tranny jannies are indead gay. And if they don't perform their job the ratio will become more heterosexual.

>> No.75205483
File: 204 KB, 1024x768, 1503772760254.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.75205503 [DELETED] 
File: 373 KB, 1024x682, 1503101624405.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My characters are usually up for anything, but then so am I.

>> No.75205548 [DELETED] 
File: 34 KB, 285x285, Wendy_aroused.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.75205654 [DELETED] 
File: 443 KB, 1506x3976, 1495756650249.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.75205659

Based and sanepilled.

>> No.75205679 [DELETED] 

What did you hope to achieve by posting this?

>> No.75206015 [DELETED] 

What did OP wish to achieve by starting this thread?

>> No.75206205

Based schizo

>> No.75206218

Straight dude, most of my characters tend to be asexual/aromantic, but played a bisexual character one time. This is mostly because I don't care for romance plots unless I specifically want them to be a part of my character.

My straight players have played gay/bisexual characters a few times, and my gay player tends to leave his character's sexuality vague most of the time.

>> No.75206606

gay obese lizardman who gets bullied by the amazoness, the sorceress, and the priestess.
Got transformed into a shota chubby lizard kid and raped by the sorceress, thats how they found out he is gay.

>> No.75206689 [DELETED] 

Too Long, Didn't Read

>> No.75207208

My Witch is currently Bi due to the fact that she's a 24 year old virgin shut in that lived her entire life in a convent filled only with women

however it's just a phase she's currently having from being a horny shut-in, I do not see her getting involved in a deep relationship with another woman

>> No.75207294



>> No.75207323
File: 4 KB, 207x203, kekw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Friends don't let friends be brainwashed by the death cult that seeks to eradicate them and their families

>dnd players on 4chan
>ever having families

>> No.75207340 [DELETED] 

We need to start beating gay people to death.

>> No.75207373 [DELETED] 
File: 932 KB, 1480x1771, 1600006973907.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.75207378 [DELETED] 

Unironically move to the middle east.

>> No.75207391 [DELETED] 
File: 331 KB, 1556x1021, 1597307041844.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.75207456 [DELETED] 
File: 81 KB, 1224x878, 1596473321975.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.75207616 [DELETED] 


>wears girl clothes and grows hair long because curious and slightly exciting
>you look great as a girl!
>you think? there's surgeries
>wow really? sounds great!

Just stick with the clothes..

>> No.75208165 [DELETED] 

Do you not have parents? Brothers or sisters? People who you care about? The barbarians at the gates want to eradicate us all and destroy ALL we hold dear. There is no time for half measures. Either you join the fight against them or you die. There are no other choices, they took all of them away.

>> No.75208214

what if i hold slutty elf twinks dear

>> No.75208236

Doesn't faggotry have its own board

>> No.75208270

you're posting in it

>> No.75208499

I mean, I could join them. It seems like they'll probably win anyway from the way you're talking.

>> No.75208519

>Do gay players make gay characters
Sometimes. I've only actually seen this happen once, and it was a female player playing a male character who in turn married a male NPC as part of the wrap-up to the game.

>To straight players: have you ever made a gay character
Not exactly, though I've played characters with more open orientations before. This is to say, if I can apply attraction to the opposite sex as a facet of the character, I can relate to that, and it helps me to be able to apply it to the same sex as well. The why was "just to try doing it," and I generally prefer not to. I'd rather play straight characters of my actual gender.

>> No.75208551

something by Hirame, it's just a single bonus page though in the Dragon Crown doujin

>> No.75208723

She likes dudes.
Gay sex mean 2 men.
It's just math

>> No.75209417

I still remember my shock when my Mom said that she doesn't watch porn, but if she did, it would be gay man porn.

>> No.75209498
File: 1.22 MB, 900x675, TheGloriousTaleOfBayeux.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why are you at the table?
Are you there to experience a prefered romantic relationship?
Would you like to be catered a fantasy of a relationship?

ofc there's different types of games, but you're narrowing the subject down to a even smaller niche. Such expectations of games are unrealistic. The same reason you cant blast your favourite song in your local mall on max, you cant expect everyone to like what fantasy you want to blast at the mall of your game table.

TTRPGs can absolutely have rellationships, even romantic ones. But with an arm length.
Substitution will not do you well. Besides, would you not want to invest that energy on the real thing?

>> No.75209506

twink gay DM here
since i am mostly DM i wont waste my few oportunities to play by just doing a generic gay guy, i have made only 1 gay character and was a dumb joke character in VTM, jamil "count" al'ohah
basically a terry crews parody
somaly pirate that ended up stranded in china for a decade and then accidently got himself deported to the UK where he was converted onto a vampire during a halloween party in wich he was dresed as the count chocula, wich gave him the nickname "count"
he was a brujah and i dont know how the fuck he keeps surviving since im actively trying to get him killed to do a "more serious" character

>> No.75209585

>Such expectations of games are unrealistic
*but not impossible

>> No.75209633

I'm straight, never played a gay character, but I know a guy who played a bisexual female character before.

>> No.75209651

also i dont put gay stuff in my games when i DM bc it will go magical realm pretty fast
my players acept me being gay (it took me almost a year of me saying that im gay for them to realize i wasnt joking and i really was gay) but arent 100% comfortable, more like only 80% ( this being a 3rd world shithole its normal)

>> No.75209931
File: 33 KB, 471x312, 1595832095048.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sane straight cismale, I considered making a c/u/te anime girl character in shadowrun, but I ended up just making a heterosexual trap instead and not telling anyone but the GM. Nobody ever found out. either.

>> No.75209967

Fag here. I have never played a gay character, although (to be fair) I don't usually play in games where sexuality comes up. The most I can say is that my preferences often bleed into my character design: I play handsome younger men with slight builds more often than not.

>> No.75210002

Yes. Yes. Because role-playing is about challenging yourself to behave like someone you aren't.

>> No.75210234
File: 54 KB, 493x379, I diagnose you with gay.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Faggot here
Only if I like the feel of how sexuality works with the character overall

>> No.75210257

I play relationships with a willing player every so often to do something different if it works well with the story and chemistry of the characters

>> No.75210271
File: 80 KB, 951x1200, 1601665410103.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Gay here and also a furry, I play exclusively gay male freakshit races because I am an irredeemable coomer and have to be sexually attracted to the character I play.

>> No.75210273
File: 57 KB, 960x721, gay shit kaffe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bis are great
Aces are niggers
I have no fucking clue

>> No.75210295

Gotta have something pretty to think about

>> No.75210305

Never brought up in game. It’s not a box on a character sheet so nobody specified or cared.

>> No.75210340
File: 60 KB, 500x500, pot of kek.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.75210359

Straight guy who only plays straight characters.
I only do this because I have lefty and righty friends at my table and anything unexpected of me stirs up shit and sparks a day-long political chimp-off. In reality I'd rather assume all characters lack genitals and focus on the story. Debating is for after the game, god damnit.
Oh also flirting with other characters while a human being at the table, especially your friend, flirts back is cringe regardless of sexuality and it makes all sane people shuffle in their seats.

>> No.75210553
File: 1.89 MB, 850x1203, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm bi, I've made gay and straight characters. Best was a trap rigger/sammy I played in Shadowrun who eventually transitioned to female before quitting. Usually I play straight girls though, rather than gender-ambiguous guys. Had to try it at least once though. It went about as poorly as you could imagine, nobody looked at my portrait or description and just referred to the character as male constantly, completely breaking any immersion or consistency since they just meta-gamed the gender instead of even trying to RP. (pic) was my portrait, and I was RPing as a flat-girl who didn't even advertise they were actually male. Lazy RPers ruin everything.

>> No.75210563

> believe
> redpilled
> choose one and only one

>> No.75210573

C'mon it's totally a thing. Man dressing up and getting into coven to fool around with the nuns is absolute classic.

>> No.75210577

A dude wanting to stick his dick in a vagina is still straight even if he's wearing a dress anon.

>> No.75210618


>> No.75211321

>thread exists
Fuck off you solipsist, not everything is about you.

>> No.75211351
File: 35 KB, 679x512, average_tzimisce_pack_in_2018.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's just real life, anon...

>> No.75211373

Bisexual man. All my characters are bi, the straightest ones just don't know about it. This is because bi characters can create the most interesting situations and it keeps your options way open. a dude dealing with wtf y my pipi hard is cute af to me

>> No.75211375 [DELETED] 

It definitely isn't about you either, you're not human.

>> No.75211417

The God-Emperor told me otherwise when I was depressed and tried to kill myself, so that makes you a fucking heretic.

>> No.75211509


>> No.75211539

I thought I was some kind of robot and thought existence was pointless and everyone hated me, he told me I was actually some kind of gynoid and that I am not abominable intelligence and have a human soul.

>> No.75211642

Only gay guy I’ve played with never made a single gay character. He usually played big, burly, bara paladins devoted to chivalry. Great bro, sad he moved house but he was an engineer, he went where the work was.

>> No.75211681

Tell me more. Asking for a friend.

>> No.75212162
File: 401 KB, 1280x1783, 1587168057551.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I mean, the whole thing was that he was a runaway in disguise, to prevent his affluent family from being able to track him down easily just by throwing money at the problem. When everyone's running around with fake SINs anyway, another layer of lies doesn't hurt. Especially since I was playing a street sam infiltrator. If push comes to shove, he could pull a completely undetectable "disguise" that not even the party knows about by simply dropping his own constant actual disguise.

That's why you use an actual female character picture or just one too obscure for them to know, as well as not tell any of the players and only the GM.

>> No.75212776

Correct opinions about aces, well done.

>> No.75212798

I'm a bisexual, but I don't consider myself part of the "LGBT" """community""""
I think sexuality doesn't belong in tabletop, fullstop. If I wanted fapbait I would just masturbate to femboys

>> No.75212818
File: 9 KB, 275x183, toph eyes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what's to explain anon

>> No.75212821

I am planing to make my next character gay
He was bi but after one of his friends died because he fucked a succubus he decided to avoid woman

>> No.75212828

Shit I thought her eyes were white so I was making a joke. Damn.

>> No.75212832

I make my characters bi by default as a blank slate, but I don't really make it relevant unless I think it'd make an interesting plot hook, such as former partners in crime having a will they/won't they veneer to it.

>> No.75212836

anon let's fuck

>> No.75212843

Yes. I've RP'd out trans characters, too, and characters that can't fuck and don't want to. The setting is A) not that preachy, or B) the character is already canonically genderfucked, so it really doesn't matter.

>> No.75212922 [DELETED] 

guess I’m adding /tg/ the list of lost boards, sucks that this became so zogged.
I’m leaving.

>> No.75213097 [DELETED] 

see you next thread faggot

>> No.75213209

I give my players possible love interests regardless of they're actual gender depending what they want to do.

Yes, my game is text based and online, why do you ask?

>> No.75213229 [DELETED] 

Don't be a pussy. Those are just a bunch of faggots.

>> No.75214217 [DELETED] 

You probably are a bottom

>> No.75214229

i have a prime distaste for gaybos, that is all i shall read none else among this thread

>> No.75214641

>all the fags in this thread
No wonder /tg/ is so fucking bad nowadays

>> No.75215475

I have always wondered why some right wing love Traps?

>> No.75215476

Gayfag here. Yes and no.
My characters' sexualities are always ambiguous because sex never comes up in games.

>> No.75215524

newfag spotted. /tg/ has always had more gay people than most boards and been generally chiller about it. like it or not gay people have always been big into TTRPGs.

>> No.75215547

i’ve played characters of all types but I prefer GMing by far
Also helps with sleeping with the bard players since it’s always sluts, literally every time it’s the easiest lay of my life and they always catch feelings

>> No.75215938

Gay novels written by women for women is pretty cringe to be honest. It's actually kinda weird to be fetishized like that. I suppose I understand now how women would feel about the busty bimbo eye candy type of characters

>> No.75216216

I've played male and female characters and one that was indeterminate but I've never played a gay character before because the idea of a DM incorporating romance into a game means I would have to get far too close to ERP'ing with him and neither of us wants that.

I could do it as a throwaway line, "I lost my partner to $SETTING_BADGUY", but you don't need to list your character's sexuality like an alignment and you can just decide it on the spot if you think it'd make a situation interesting. You don't even need to and really shouldn't even list an alignment.

>> No.75216530
File: 275 KB, 415x530, big_think.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Straight, and I've never played a gay person in any serious tabletop game. It's fun for gags and such, but I can't do earnest attraction to another guy. Playing a lesbian feels too indulgent. It's easier to just go with the asexual approach.

>> No.75216543

What the hell is an Ace?

>> No.75216555

people who think not wanting to have sex is an identity, and one they’re oppressed for.

>> No.75216585

So, asexuals of the attention-seeking variety?

>> No.75216700


>> No.75216785

I'm guessing they're only like that because the LBGT+ community is toxic as hell. Reminder that transexuals were labeled gays in denial or traitors to the cause for a while.

>> No.75216973
File: 1.02 MB, 1433x1444, 1579271220713.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Better go back to your safe space containment board lol

>> No.75217190


Actually for me it's only a thing when it comes up. Since it's, like, the lack of a thing, it barely crosses my mind.

Except in a few circumstances, where some flaming faggot was all up in my face and saying I was all fucked up because I just didn't wanna fuck, not him nor no-one else.

Heck, especially not him. He was an admitted shower shitter. Stomp it down the drain when done. Cripes.

But >>75216785 You have the right of it.
Where I live, the LGBTQ community is a massive fucking toxic mess of various -phobias, racism and ableism and tons of shit. But since they're gay? Oh no, they do no wrong! Such sweet people!

Makes me fucking sick

>> No.75217203

>"I am your father!"
>"Yes, daddy~"

>> No.75217300

They hate women, so traps are the next best thing.

Either that or they are closeted, and can lie to themselves about it not being same sex attraction.

>> No.75217335

I once played a bard, who was probably gay. It didn't really come up, but everyone he hit on was male.

>> No.75217408


>> No.75217502

If you like to imagine sweaty dudes all the time I think that makes you gay.

>> No.75217508

>cringe i know
As a fellow bi, have a fukkin spine about it.
The gays already erase us enough, you don't need to help.

>> No.75217567

They can't come out to their families because they have some belief that being gay must be wrong (most likely from an abusive upbringing) so they go for traps because they can claim "I thought it was a girl, bro!"

>> No.75217640

assert dominance: seduce/fuck a female, AND a male characters at every game sessions just to show them how monosexuals are incomplete ah

>> No.75217721

Based and bipilled

>> No.75218329

I think that bullshit is more common on trans folks, ironically.

>> No.75218473

I have made the exactly two gay characters, and 3 straight characters, everyone else never had it come up.

>> No.75218546

I'm just greedy and don't know what I want, so I make it everyone's problem by immediately wanting to fuck everyone no matter how badly their daddy went at them with the ugly stick, then I go home to tell my heterosexual lifepartner all about the crazy hijinks with body parts I had today so he can cradle himself to sleep tonight wishing he liked dick more.

All in a days work anon.

>> No.75218632

Straight male, never.
Playing with a group of straight males, sexuality don't even come up in-game except for the hedonistic knight who takes full advantage of his noble status in a medieval setting. We don't RP his conquests tho.
One time we *decided* one of the player's character as gay due to in-game events and the fact he was playing a class despised by the rest of the group. The player didn't agree ofc but we (the other players, inc DM) had loads of fun at his expense, even tried to make a scenario where he had to seduce a male NPC.
"-Stop projecting your gay fantasies on my character!" - we all heard this a LOT.

>> No.75218835

I once had a character who was being seduced by a female monster’s spell, so I announced that I never determined my characters sexual alignment so I was “rolling for gay.” I figured I had a 1 of 10 shot of being gay, so I rolled my d10 and my dm called me a faggot

>> No.75218856

This is how to determine sexuality in games 100%
Being a cock grabbin munchkin tryna get a sneak on DM plans for you.

>> No.75218921

I've had someone go "I always thought your character was gay" and everyone agreed so I just rolled with it, though it never actually came up in game

Other than that, no

>> No.75220069

Depends on the gender of the DM. I'm only at the table to throw dice at imaginary monsters and pretend I'm a some sort of useful member of society.
So if they want to make this about where my imaginary genitals are planning to spend time. I'm going to go with whatever is the antithesis of what they're into just so they don't ever want to bring it up again. No one is going to touch my junk ever again, not even in a fantasy land.

>> No.75220220

Not a homo, but pretty tolerant. I actually roll for this when I make NPCs. No one has sex in my games, so it's generally just NPCs and background stuff.

>> No.75220411

My most recent character is a Verdan Crown Paladin Gladiator. She is bisexual, but it only really comes up every few sessions.
Although I think one of the other players at the table is interested, in character, but I'm not sure I want to roleplay relationship stuff beyond, "can I court this npc?" "Yes, you can." "Cool."

>> No.75221042 [DELETED] 

>Not a homo, but pretty tolerant
you're just as bad as them, fencesitter

>> No.75221075

Gay /tg/ is so cute

>> No.75221079

Which personal crusade of yours has he violated?

>> No.75221481

yes very adorable

>> No.75222888

It was an accident, like, it was a Trap

>> No.75223085

wtf what happened to my Beiyang thread?

>> No.75223132

I wish I had a gay friend like you.

>> No.75223203

I'm straight and playing a gay character right now but it hasn't been brought up in-character. I'm not sure how it would be brought up unless someone outright asked him.

>> No.75223303

Straight guy and have played a lesbian for 8+ years. Have never done it for a weird fulfillment, I just realized I don't think i could play a relationship with a male character well. Run her as an absolute diva with self image issues since it's a cyberpunk setting. Flirty but never actually getting into anything besides ic flings.

>> No.75223499
File: 303 KB, 1440x2048, EP4IzHaU8AAGv9_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

More so than most. But I am severely redpilled and feel bad about it.

>> No.75223695
File: 962 KB, 2405x1064, Super Gay Kitsuki.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.75223791

Aces aren't lgbt, but they are chosen by God, if only they would stop being so brainwashed by modern culture and become the monks they were destined to be.

>> No.75223893

They fit in with the community though, because they have a non-heterosexual orientation. There's a reason that the slew of letters tends to end in a + these days. You know, to be as reasonably inclusive as possible.

>> No.75223901
File: 167 KB, 1280x720, 1582918333807.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My experience of gay people at the table is that some are good players and some are bad players, which has led me to conclude that a person's sexuality really doesn't matter that much. A gay person who is an obnoxious piece of shit is still going to be an obnoxious piece of shit if they were straight, and a straight person who is a good player isn't going to suddenly become a bad player if they were gay.

As for what they tend to play: I have had a bisexual player play a lesbian character, a bisexual player play a straight character, a gay player play a gay character, a straight player play a gay character and lots of straight players who played straight characters. I dunno if that means anything.

>> No.75223994

It means that you have a healthy perspective on the issue, and that you have had a variety of players who are willing to roleplay both the familiar and the less familiar to themselves (probably with mixed results). That is to say that really, you've had a pretty realistic experience rather than some lopsided string of events that messes with your view on the matter.

>> No.75224733
File: 41 KB, 600x450, what.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So you are me?
Cause I made and played EXACTLY THIS CHARACTER???

>> No.75224799
File: 54 KB, 584x902, cent 1588502924902.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.75224842

But what if don't want a prolapsed anus

>> No.75224865

When you shoot down a bunch of enemy planes, you become asexual

>> No.75224956

>assumes he's a bottom
Haha hella gay

>> No.75224989

so was Matrix

>> No.75225004

My best friend made a Monk in 5e who was gay, just so he could be Billy Herrington. He recently came out as bi so, take from that what you will. This monk was incidentally the absolute worst character in terms of stats I have ever fucking witnessed, and yet has become the best, most memorable thing about the campaign

>> No.75225074

If he's going Billy did he go all Strength and Charisma? Cause that does sound like a dogshit monk. Worth it because Billy is great though.

>> No.75225146

He absolutely did go all Strength and Charisma, and when I told him he'd be much better as a Paladin, he refused, cause he wanted to "grapple dudes and become the boss of this game"

The problem was his stats were total dogshit regardless of where he put them. He rolled so poorly (4d6, drop lowest) that I, The DM, and everyone else implored him to reroll. He did not. He did however roll a backup character (with amazing stats) for the inevitable demise of Billy. Billy never fucking died, and not one of us can comprehend how he was this fucking lucky.

>> No.75225168

Definitely sounds like it'd be a lot of fun, even if it's mediocre in combat. Glad Billy at least managed to live through that campaign.

RIP my boy

>> No.75225201

I've never played in a game where that mattered, and I hope I never will

>> No.75225296

I usually only GM. I think I played a gay character once, but the game didn't last very long, so it never came up during play. As a GM, I do occasionally make LGBT NPCs. I don't typically have any rhyme or reason in doing so. They're uncommon, but as far as I know all the people I game with are comfortable with LGBT stuff, so I feel like the occasional Gay (or sometimes Trans) NPC adds a little bit more variety and authenticity.

>> No.75225304

to be honest, at first I hated the character cause it was a one-note joke, with stats so awful it wasn't even funny (6 INT is still used as a joke at his expense if he does anything dumb) but by the end, this resilient bastard was just too dumb not to love. That and scoring 3 crits in a row on a boss was pretty spectacular, even if the damage output was laughable

>> No.75225512
File: 323 KB, 661x935, weremole 1484505167666.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.75225664

Rarely do I make a character have a specific sexuality at all. If it comes up, I elaborate then, but generally don't make it a major thing. May work with the GM to flesh it out a bit afterwards (if it's a game with potential romance), though I typically expect it to just add nuance to why they might react to flirts or the like, and possibly how that might change as they change.

Plenty are default for the setting or group. More than a few aren't.
The personified result of a magical experiment gone wrong: acknowledged gender without caring about it (they were more worried about sex leading to marriage leading to others having a claim on their hoard).
The magical girl with a crush on a magical boy: had some conflicting feelings about their genderbent evil clone and more than respect for an older girl NPC. Preference for guys, but would likely gain more exceptions as time went on.
The elf who finished being a chosen one of prophecy, retired into a scholar at sigil-esque wizard college, and was pressed into heroic service again: probably had a preference once, but was ambivalent about sticking to it given extensive exposure to shapechangers and magic-users.
The magical girl who was quite passionate but sexually-repressed to the point where she'd have cathartic breaks: assumed she only liked guys, but demonstrably cared a lot less about that during her breaks. Essentially, a preference of none (others were just better than nothing at all), but gained individual exceptions as time went on. Had a fair few issues about romance and sexuality and emotions.
More, but this is already long enough.

>> No.75226562

Terrible thread for terrible people.

>the gays and the bug chasers
Repetition is bad form.

>> No.75226677
File: 1.60 MB, 1280x797, 9EF924E3-DCD8-4E1B-A008-7A9FEFE9FF28.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

me and the gays havin a heckin good time while you do a big maderino

>> No.75226810

lol faggot

>> No.75228348

This is such a stupid word. It just means celibate.
Just say celibate. If you are celibate you are voluntarily celibate.

>> No.75228386

Too rational, must troll and gaslight you so you stop.

>> No.75228504

Anon don't you have some slav squats to do and boiled potatoes to eat?

>> No.75229117


>> No.75229351

I don’t see how. They aren’t “oppressed” by any sane definition of the word and they can’t relate to the discussions everyone else is having about sex and dating. What even is there for them to talk about at an alphabet soup meetup?

>> No.75229383


I'm to busy taking over the world or manipulating other PC to consider my character's sexuality. If I have to pick one, it is likely to end up being pansexual to have plenty of options to manipulate everyone equally.

>> No.75229479

It's the forbidden fruit

>> No.75230743

Not true. Many gay people already have the bug.

>> No.75231616

As a gay dude, I've never played a gay character
In general, I try to avoid making characters that are too much like me, since I fear making a self-insert.

>> No.75232686
File: 50 KB, 710x690, 118540916_3450425125020963_3838664833500116595_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bi guy here thats a forever DM.

I never EVER try to fill a quota of specific kinds of sexuality or races. I always flow off what feels natural to the story.

If that story needs a gay tortle thats a magic shop vendor that likes to paint the nails of his customers then so be it.

If that story needs some straight as an arrow monarch with a fetish for torture, then so be it.

When I get the rare moments I can play, I try to alternate bewteen genders because its fun playing shit like a literal disney princess sometimes.

My party has never ever had a problem with it and infact they like me bringing this flare to the table because they are all hard straight dudes with no imagination beyond combat. As a result, my games are the most talked about in my tabletop friend circle, with me having a literally line of people waiting to nab a spot at my table.

I never force anything one anyone, except the rules. And that all it should ever be.

>> No.75232734

>gay thread
>anime posters
I'm beginning to see a pattern here

>> No.75232750

Want to know About another pattern ? UR MOM BIG GAY

>> No.75232892

That's not a pattern that's a datapoint

>> No.75234544

Unironically based, for a faggot.

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