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First for BIG

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>fucking up the old thread link

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What a great shop

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I missed the old school op picture.

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Unleash the Lions seems like an easy way to score Linebreaker for Custards

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Where is the chicken?

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Chicken was a later edit, stemming from the shitshow around mont'ka and kauyon
This is the even older version

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Boys done. Lot grows yeee

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Post units that make you want to play their army

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I hope you make him some bling and then start making the rest of the A Team

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Do not open or the game will suffer a terrible fate.

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You've already posted it though

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I love everything about these except the Demiclaives on the sergeant.

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Doe this boss look any good? I feel like I might've fucked up the top layer of green on his face too much by not thinning it down enough

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I will only get mad when they start making Knight pilots black, because ofc, Africa did not have Knights.

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I want actual models for the squad.

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neither did americans for that matter, what's your point?

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Knight is derived from Knecht means "bondsman" and is synonymous with "slave" in older German texts

So you better believe Africa had knights

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You have no idea how sick of painting armor I am. Give me more cloth and skin armies GW.

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just use age of sigmar models
they have a thousand flavours of half naked barbarians

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play harlies, retard

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This son of a bitch is basically the only reason i want to play tau. I love railguns so much, i wish i could take them on more units

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Based and Taupilled

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Picture looks a bit overexposed, but he looks fine to me. Get some nuln oil on that gun though.

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technically 30k but they're basically just alt model noise marines

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Shouldnt Tau be 3+ and battlesuits and more expensive units 2+?

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I think Tau are fucking cancer to play against, but I do like their mid-sized mechs. Shame the big ones are the only bastards that get used, they're absolute arse to look at.

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man single handedly got me into collecting Emperors Children, keeping their heresy scheme, fuck that lame flat pink BS

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it gets drastically less heroic when you realise the tau inside need to sit like an idiot to fit

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>a thousand flavours of half naked barbarians
Yes and they're overwhelming human.
>use dark elf models in a dark eldar army
No shit sherlock. That still adds very little, and most have more armor than I want.

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But I already play Dark Eldar.

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>tries to sound smart by talking about a different word hoping no one will notice

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the legs go inside the thighs idiot

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>Yes and they're overwhelming human.
and? if you want an alien just do a headswap
btw even for elves you still have at least 4 different kits of half naked idiots to use

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>ball joint
I'm going with no on that particular image

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If Warp Spiders ever get an update and the Autarch gets the warp jump generator back, I don't think I could stop myself from making a themed army around them.

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God no, tau specifically have horrible depth perception. Which is part of the reason they are bs4 to begin with. The only reason suits should be bs3 is because of all the technoshit they put into them. Would make sense if they would be better shots.

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Ah yes. All black people 20 thousand years in the future are all from a single continent on a single planet in a galaxy spanning civilization. How could I forget

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Time to try out 100 different styles on my happy boys

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What is your experience with using a gorkanaut in games?

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I like your orks anon

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Needs Sparkly Bits, but yes it's a good unit.

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Love these orks desu anon

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And split on off to deploy a scrambler while they others do their thing.

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So I've got about 900 points of scions + an assassin.

In 8th I would have run them alongside a guard battalion (just guardsmen and heavy weapons teams), but with the way 9th works, it doesn't seem so attractive now.
My guard are old and have a shitty paintjob (they were some of my earliest models). If I were to sell them, what should I buy to replace them? I had a few lascannons heavy weapons teams, so I guess I'll need some more melta scions or something.

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not with those joints, only stealth suits and the shadowsun's suit have that configuration
if that were true the legs would be too far apart, the waist of the battlesuit would be thinner than the tau inside and the head of the tau piloting it would be barely above the waist

all the other have a cockpit that begins and end in the chest

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>God no, tau specifically have horrible depth perception. Which is part of the reason they are bs4 to begin with.
Explain to me how a Cadre Fireblade is more accurate than the vast majority of Space Marines. But yes, Tau should not universally be BS3+, the Infantry should still remain at BS4+

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You are right, a Cadre Fireplade should be BS 4+. It's a mistake that should be corrected.

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this is probably my next army. bloody rose sisters focused on fighting sounds amazing

might as well. diseases can do all kinds of weird things to bodies

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Anybody have luck running a warpsmith, are they worth the 70pts to babysit something like a forgefiend/venomcrawler or two?

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you can take 5 pathfinders with 3 railrifles and just take the obligatory amount of Troups, and also tigersharks. Sacea sept let's you reroll one miss per unit for free each turn, so with 1 markerlight on a target a Single model broadside unit hits 1.94 of its 2 shots each turn.

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Tau are arguably BS 5+, and it's the tech putting them at 4+.

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If you wanna play tau, you have to forfeit your homosexuality and work that ass in the shooting phase cause that's ALL you can do. I do attest to broadsides being cool as fuck. Just dont be the faggot spamming fusion commanders and riptide reactors.

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In the firewarrior novella, the crisis suit pilots is in a fetal position, which doesn't matter much because they go numb from their neck down when they connect to the suit.

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I missed those stupid faces. Why did we stopped doing them? And somebody happens to have an archive of them?

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Thats retarded

your body would be fucked even if you can't feel it

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They work better accompanying mobile engines and not forgefiends since they also have two short-range assault weapons

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Battlesuit neurosis my guy

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Buy some and build them. You don't need to commit to buying a whole army because you like one model.

Dioramas are cool.

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All me lads with lore-accurate helmets.

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>your body would be fucked

>> No.74959515

>Spend 7 hours painting boys
>They don't even look good
>Realise you've barely made a dent

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>your body would be fucked even if you can't feel it
Prove to me that Tau bodies would get destroyed by this.

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Poor unimaginative propaganda. In a perfect interpretation of Tau technology they would be mounted "motorcycle" style straddling the main console that swings down with the forward access hatch.

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fookin noice there m8

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Fucking beautiful.

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Any position gets uncomfortable after a period of time, unless its a very relaxed fetal position your back is going to be screwed

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Wtf are these aura changes and what does that mean for my all female catachan list?

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Do you have a single source to back that up?
Generalizations are not facts.

>> No.74959563

Maybe read the article and find out, catachimp

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Do I have a source to say positions can be bad for your back?

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orders might not work on other officers
priests might not be able to buff characters

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>what does that mean for my all female catachan list?
Nothing until Guard get a new codex at least.

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I have one fusion commander in my army, she also has a Onager guantlet, Shes only this way because i lack any real anti-tank in my list for now. Though her fluff puts her as a reckless individual who enjoys turning enemy vehicles into piles of scrap.

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I like that you are no longer talking about fetal position, and are now talking about ANY position.

You need to get better at making arguments.

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Legitimately the best painted head I've seen in months.

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from screencaps of the codex most litanies work on either characters or core units, including might of heroes.

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Sup /tg/, I need some help figuring out the lore for an incredibly poor sororitas convent I want to use in the 40k gang-warfare-simulators as Venators.
I'm thinking their order is mostly self-funded, with their headquarters also being the orbital vehicle they transport their APC in. They hitch rides on Imperial troop transports from hive to hive searching for lost holy relics and archaeotech in underhives, using a cheap/converted orbital vehicle as their HQ on the surface and their APC to get to the hive and shield them from radiation. They're for Necromunda for now but I plan to expand them into a 40k tabletop army once I've got enough minis. Thanks in advance /tg/!

First question: what are some common/cheap Imperial orbital vehicles that can carry a Sisters of Battle Rhino or Repressor? I just want a diorama for displaying them, even civilian (non-military/industrial) vehicles, anything that can fit 30 nuns and an APC on a "budget" (lore-wise, I can save up for it irl). Not a Thunderhawk obviously, but something that can do similar carrying-wise.

Second question: what can I field my non-power-armored sisters as in 40k 9E? Astra Militarum mixed-army list with the girls as guardsmen? Are there rules anywhere for using hive-gangers in 40k with weird weapon sets? A few of them will have lasrifles; but many will have chainswords, bolters, shotguns, flamers, etc. What fits that?

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>Any position gets uncomfortable after a period of time
these guys are aliens, not humans

>> No.74959627

But their tanks already are BS3+ as well. Same thing with other various vehicles.

>> No.74959636

In another bit of writing an Imperial "opens" an XV8 to try and ride it and the thigh panels open up. It would have been nice to have any kind of internal consistency on how Tau tech works but at the very least it opens up doubt to insert the clearly superior and vastly more logical astride loading configuration in >>74959523

Bonus Shadowsun suit cutaway.

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>tau tanks have better targeting gear than their infantry helmets

Who are you trying to impress?

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>> No.74959651

i think you also need some help with the design

>> No.74959660

>Sup /tg/, I need some help
Yeah you do

>> No.74959665

What are the most fun CSM units?

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>> No.74959688

Do you guys even own the rulebooks to your factions?

>> No.74959690

But then Battlesuits are BS4+ despite their... targeting gear?

>> No.74959691

Why is her ass and body too 'problematic' for you you fatass nurglite landwhale dyke?

Cut your useless contrarian spam out already.

>> No.74959696

anything that is a robot, even knights

>> No.74959705

you're so clearly desperate to show off your manga collection, huh? more in frame than when you posted it last thread, hey?

>> No.74959709

Why yes, I do own PDFs

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>> No.74959718

>owning property

>> No.74959722

lord discordant
daemon prince with certain relics

>> No.74959726

Yes because I like being able to read the lore or reference it while i write about my dudes

>> No.74959731

her body's fine, her hair and outfit are fucked

>> No.74959744

battlesuits are not stable firing platforms. phil kelly has been over this

>> No.74959746

>you're an sjw tranny if you dont like animu lolita in 40k

>> No.74959748

I love this huge dude with huge rifles. I hope it gets damage 2 similar to the heavy bolters.
Still need to find what type of base I'm going to do, so I can place a good amount of pigments to weather the red tabard/skirt

>> No.74959751

So, will D2 heavy bolters make autocannons redundant against most targets?

>> No.74959753

They need bad BS to make their makerlight mechanic relevant. There now you know. Fuck you.

>> No.74959758

>all that fucking bloody guro manga
I too am a Tzimisce, anon.

>> No.74959759

What an insurmountable issue

>> No.74959762

instead of that half assed excuse to fit as proper sororitas just make them a roving band of imperial cultists hiding unlawful deals and practices behind the facade of a pilgrimage
here's an example of imperial cults in action

>> No.74959767

Why are you assuming autocannons won't get a damage boost to match? There's lots of W3 models on the field now.

>> No.74959776

>They need bad BS to make their makerlight mechanic relevant
Yeah, back when Markerlights were actually useful and not some tax that players now avoid almost entirely in their lists.

>> No.74959783

This post is why we need to keep trannies out of the hobby.

>> No.74959791

Because this is GW we're talking about

>> No.74959793

Autocannons will change, they will probably get more AP or damage then they are now, its silly to think they wont change when several weapon profiles have already been shown to be redesigned. I imagine they will remain as light anti-tank weapon while the Heavy Bolter remains better against heavy infantry.

>> No.74959794

yeah but I want to wait until I see a non-marine codex before saying anything other than "might"

>> No.74959797

Russes are good antitank, if that's what you're after. Do use a picture next time.

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>Shas'vre in Crisis Suit=hits on 4s
>Shas'O in Crisis Suit=hits on 2s

>> No.74959810

Arguing from realism is totally inappropriate for 40k.

>> No.74959811

I think they look good!

>> No.74959812

Those are nicer for convenient and nicer for transportation
If you mean the room that's my roommate, who I harass about being messy plenty already
Tis only an apartment
I can relate to that, it does help provide inspiration
I must admit I'm more of a Gangrel kinda guy

>> No.74959820

Yeah, it's a mistake. Shas'O should be 4+ too.

>> No.74959821

I mean... yeah?
All humans on Earth come from Africa if you go back far enough, and the humans in 40k descend from Earth so...

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>> No.74959828

I see. You're setting yourself up to be disappointed because you emotionally invest in [product]

Come to the fun part of the hobby.

>> No.74959830

>Has an ability that compensates for bad BS.
>Doesn't use it and complains about bad BS.
>Wonders why ppl hate Tau.

>> No.74959849

Pretty much, especially since I was going for John Blanche sisters as an animu grill.

John Blanche hair with an ahoge and gothic lolita murder-doll fashion not "underhive sororitas" enough for you? Do you not even see the return to tradition?

>> No.74959861

Competitive 40k can be a fun puzzle desu.

>> No.74959864

Berzerkers, Noise Marines

>> No.74959869

>Make an argument as to why they're BS4 thats based in realism
>nooooo but you can't refuse that with realistic arguments! its 40k!

>> No.74959871

god dammit that is sex

>> No.74959874

Update these tulpas.

>> No.74959876

>Space marine in power armour hits on 3+
>Space marine on power armour hits on 2+, calls himself "Captain"

>> No.74959878

>Markerlights back then were good
>people took them
>Markerlights now are bad
>people don't take them
What a world.

>> No.74959880

Are chainfists any good? I love the look of the Chaos Terminator Lord one

>> No.74959881

Honestly, Tau should just auto hit all their targets.
This would best reflect their superior technology.

We can balance this by making their pulse rifles S2. After all, you don't need beefy S5 guns when superior technology allows you to win with low-recoil, high finesse weapons that require skilled operators.

>> No.74959894

I can't see them. No one can see the-

>> No.74959897

No, Infantry should stay at 4s. Battlesuits should become 3+ to hit

>> No.74959912

Protean is top tier

>> No.74959917

Apart from 30k stuff (because I'm not dropping 100 bucks on a book that contains a single unit entry I use), I own books for all the armies I play across the editions, plus a few others that I enjoy. Otherwise I have everything else on PDF for convenience.

>> No.74959918

>John Blanche sisters as an animu grill.
your sketch looks anything but that

>> No.74959920

They were good in 8th because of flat 2 damage. Much better than the d3 damage power fists.
Now GW has flipped the stats IIRC, and power fists are better because they have fixed damage and chainfists don't.

But what the hell, we're in 9.5 edition limbo. Who cares what's good? Use the parts that make your model look coolest. Anyone who bitches is a WYSIWYG sperg not worth spending time around.

>> No.74959921

I hoped they would get AP-4 D1d3 like fists, which is workable, but also extra damage against vehicles and buildings. But if they were like that, it would have already been leaked.

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>> No.74959928

That has nothing to do with my argument. Be gone.

>> No.74959934

>All humans on Earth come from Africa if you go back far enough
This is actually becoming a largely contested stance thanks to the ever more complicated fossil record

>> No.74959941

How the hell did this bait actually catch something?

>> No.74959942

There's nothing john blanche here

>> No.74959947

Very cool. Could you link some articles or name some books on the topic?
The idea that multiple migration waves kept leaving Africa never sounded right. How much foot traffic could the Sinai really support?

>> No.74959952

Hard to say. Most orbital vehicles I'm aware of can carry a vehicle or troops, but not both. There are lore vehicles that can carry a whole company of guard plus vehicles, but they don't have models. Best you can do is slap some large wings (maybe from an Aquila Lander) onto a large transport like a Gorgon.

>> No.74959953

actually it looks like one of those late 2000s deviantart drawings

>> No.74959960

why do you think? No one thinks they're as smart as tau players do.

>> No.74959973

So after humanity spent 20 thousand years spreading all throughout the galaxy, somehow all the black people stayed in Africa and there have been no colonies on other worlds that spent countless generations adjusting to their new biosphere? That's what you're saying?

>> No.74959984

They look cool

>> No.74960001

This is because Warhammer is real and this lifeless chunk of shit gets terraformed every cycle by Orkz who evolve into humans sometimes from genestealers before it's stripped away by Tyranids every fucking time.

>> No.74960007

Honestly, marines should just auto hit all their targets.
This would best reflect their superior technology, training, and physiology.

We can balance this by making their boltguns S4. After all, you don't need beefy S5 guns when superior technology allows you to win with low-recoil (from being fuckoff strong), high finesse weapons that require skilled operators.

>> No.74960016

the issue is it needs a rework, right now the amount of points you need to put a decent amount of markerlights out a turn is very high. as your looking at 2 pathfinders on average to get one markerlight without spending cp to increase that amount.

>> No.74960029

The sergeant can be modeled with two separate blades. It looks much better.

>> No.74960030

>Superior technology
>Compared to Necrons or Eldar or fuck it even Orks with tellyporta guns and tractor beams

>> No.74960047

Today you are reminded that there is no reason to play any forgeworld other than Mars.

>> No.74960051

Russes can't be put in a militarum detachment can they?

>> No.74960056

dark age tech is unironically equal to all of those, but that doesn't mean a ton since half of dark age tech is made from xenos pieces

>> No.74960063

I know you're mocking a taufag but there are legions of marine players who actually believe this.

>> No.74960064

>as your looking at 2 pathfinders on average
Provided they don't move or die to a stiff breeze.

>> No.74960067

>eldar tech
haha spinny disk guns go brrrrrrrr

>> No.74960071

I like how metalica looks more

>> No.74960075


>> No.74960077

I like my custom forge world.
6+ feel no pain on vehicles and they also repair a wound every turn

>> No.74960080

what's going on in his right elbow? is the paint peeling?

>> No.74960092

no, I just suck at using shades

>> No.74960097


John Blanche's creative vision is more than just his pencilwork or watercolors. This bob-cut is a John Blanche bobcut with the greeblyest Terran ahoge I could carve into paper with graphite. I could never HOPE to be as good as John Blanche for several more millennia, I'm just saying his sisters were my inspiration for my art.

>> No.74960117

Can you just go back to the /wodg/ and leave /40kg/ to ironical retards instead of genuine mental illness and schizophrenia?

>> No.74960118

Gimme your battle reports, tg. Army lists that have been winning combinations. I want to go FAST with orks, but with Nobz it's too easy to overspend. Example
>Basilisk & Mortars artillery base defended by 60 infantry, couple commanders and the not!Yarrick Commissar with the biggest of balls
>They hold the line against a Night Lords' own Raptor wing, the friends, giving the artillery time to head to safety.
>Several dozen soldiers are shred almost instantly.
>The Lord Commissar decides he isn't locked in melee with the Chaos Lord, it is the enemy who are locked in with him. He falls and rises to his feet two more times.
>Kursk is full go. A trio of Demolisher Russes arrive and vaporize their daemon prince. They counterattack and wreck the enemy Land Raider too.
>The debarked marines rush at the tanks. The game is won using the Defensive Gunners stratagem, hitting their sergeant square in the face with a point-blank multimelta.
Who needs a secondary heart when you have brazen balls and Imperial steel?

>> No.74960120

Fuck Mars.

>> No.74960125

Every Tzimisce is also kind of another kind of clan, I'm basically just a Toreador with a lot of chronic pain right now.

>> No.74960134

>John Blanche's creative vision is more than just his pencilwork or watercolors.
Yes, it's also an aggregate of themes that flew completely over your head.

>> No.74960143

>stygies, rad-saturated, and data-hoard are OK
>agripinaa gives tiny improvement to single unit once per round after you spend CP to overwatch
>graia and lucius, together, are worse than SoB valorous heart
>ryza gives tiny melee buff to a (currently almost entirely) shooting army
>metalica matters for approximately 2 whole units, and even then barely does anything
>expansionist gives tiny situational buffs that basically do nothing

>>>>mars gives you double roll on fantastic canticle table, with WT that lets you reroll one of the dice, and amazing character that gives full shooting rerolls AND lets you +/-1 from canticle roll, so you're effectively always guaranteed whatever you want
loyalty is its own reward I guess?

>> No.74960150

except for the cool alternative colour schemes

>> No.74960155

Astra Militarum detachment, aka Imperial Guard? Yeah they can, they'll prolly be declared CORE unit and whatnot.
Tempestus scion detachment? Not that one.

>> No.74960168

>First question
Don't exist. Even the most simple orbital lander capable of ferrying around a rhino-sized vehicle is a fucking huge and expensive monstrosity. And if it's meant to also double as a orbital command you're looking at something absurdly far beyond your supposed means (which is another ball of stupid, but whatever.)
>Second question
Nothing. You might be able to finnagle some shit with GSC or IG, but it'll always be awkward.

>> No.74960169

>stygies OK
can't stack -1 to hit mods and that's some fuckery

>> No.74960199

>when you have brazen balls and Imperial steel?
and a terribly onesided ruleset apparently

>> No.74960224

Several threads ago some misinformed poster claimed that Mordian had fallen to chaos.

This is not true. This will never be true. Thank you Iron Hands and your successors.

We will continue to outlast Cadia.

>> No.74960237

My whole point is that the main part of the army is scions, so I want a good anti tank option to take in that detachment.

I haven't played 9th yet, but isn't there some restriction on deepstriking so I can't just drop my melta and plasma squads all over without paying a CP cost? I'd like some kind of anti-tank presence on the board from the get go.

>> No.74960238

>shitload of weeb trash
I can smell the onions in this post.

>> No.74960244

Uhh, Agripinaa lets me revive half a dozen Kataphron Destroyers per go. I basically out-necron necrons, dude. It's won me a trio of games with, technically, zero casualties :^)
I do wonder what it will be of the overwatch factions; Agripinaa and Mordia. And the Iron Hands too I guess? But those have other stuff going on.
>Admech a shooty army
They have loooots of melee stuff, actually. Nobody cares because they have elite heavy Kataphrons as Troops, but like half of the entries are melee.

>> No.74960250

Bruh those are so nice.
Do /yourdudes/ have names?
Tell me your stories anon

>> No.74960257

Pity dragoons got nerfed into the ground.

>> No.74960264

I guess fistybots are a thing?

>> No.74960275

Edgy anime, edgy armies. Bet he posts on reddit how cool he is because when he posts on 4chan nobody can tell he's from reddit.

>> No.74960276

>I'd like some kind of anti-tank presence on the board from the get go.
HWTs with lascannons. Now worth considering due to the cover changes.

But remember: Action beats reaction. Having anti-armor waiting around on the board means they're not acting, and will be reacting to your enemy's attempts to kill them. Dropping in deepstriking meltas is action, and making suicide drops is all about audacity audacity audacity.

>> No.74960277

>fighting tyranids
>chaos stars among the soldiers

>> No.74960281

>because ofc, Africa did not have Knights.
I know you're baiting, but my man Ethiopian knights have always been a thing and a recognized knightly order by European Christian Knightly Orders.

>> No.74960283

Anything in 9th can now "deepstrike" but it will cost you CP depending on this power level, Scions on the other hands, have it on their datasheet and you don't have to pay CP for them to deep strike. Melta seem like they are going to be much better now since they will do minimum D3 to a max of 8, as well as plasma being rapid fire at 12 inches and deepstriking a squad with a leader to give orders and re-roll ones to overcharge.

>> No.74960290

Those are daemons.

>> No.74960291

It seems you can't deepstrike turn one on Eternal War and Maelstrom missions, aka the things most people play. You can put your scions in Valkyries, and now that vehicles will be able to move without penalty once more, Vultures will become half a dozen flying lascannons that hit at 3+.
And indeed, no Aeronautica Imperialis obstructs your Scion tactics.

>> No.74960299

Man I miss Elysians. They were cool.

>> No.74960300

Thunderhawk transports can carry rhino chassis vehicles for space marines. Their infantry transport area is gutted to allow for that though, so they can't exactly carry people at the same time unless they're riding in the rhinos

>> No.74960307

AdMech should have gone the "weird ww2/cold war prototype technology" route

>> No.74960309

Get a good chinaman. Mine still has BFG recasts for sale.

>> No.74960322

I love how the Mordians are actually shooting while the chaos cultists are doing shit like holding up a skull and running around crucified to a chaos star (and they have titans but shhh)

>> No.74960330

I suppose, not a fan of them. I think of that Baymax robot when I look at them.
Dont they do S8 even when not charging? I'm a Ballistari man, though. That Autocannon hail is godly. I even go "you sure you want to charge them, bro? Don't do it!". But they do, and the goddamn Carnifex found out.

>> No.74960332

wielding a devourer?

>> No.74960336

They're more of a bunch of Inquisitiorial acolytes a'la Dark Heresy, but they're all sororitas from various orders, hospitallers, famulous, militants to keep them safe, a few other rare or other fan's headcannon ones (sisters mechanicum!). I'll look into this though, might be perfect for what I need. The power-armored sisters I'll run as their codex obviously, but whatever works for the unarmored ones works. Your description sounds mostly like what they are secondarily, literally smuggling archaeotech and holy relics off of planets that I'm sure the governor would rather have than the ecclesiarchy or mechanicum would. Hence why they don't use power armor in the underhive as secrecy is of the utmost importance.

Hmmm, too military (the Aquilla wings) but I love that Gorgon thank you so much for posting it. Might use one instead of the rhino I already own that I was going to convert as their ground-transport with roof-shutters added for radiation protection. Do you know the name of the cute boxy shuttle Rogue Traders use? I'm gonna go wiki-diving and I don't mind kit-bashing my own stuff if there's at least art of it somewhere.

>> No.74960341

I wonder what a sister of battle in
an Ultramarines color scheme would look like

>> No.74960343

They can, if you model them that way. They do have atomic guns.

>> No.74960364

Prep a test model and post results.

>> No.74960386

He did pull out that deepstrike charge. It was more him trying to neutralize my tanks by tying them up in melee instead of blowing them up. And he almost succeeded.

>> No.74960415

Save your LARP shit for someone who gives a fuck. Blow it out your ass.

>> No.74960416

>Annie May
>Owning Codex: Fags and Codex: Trannies

Yeah sounds about right

>> No.74960420

Is that traced? As in, that's what a neck looks like? And why is she lifting weights while wearing a strength-amplifying power armour?

>> No.74960437

the weight lifting is the artist doing some cheeky self-censoring.

>> No.74960441

It used to be porn. Artist had to change it because deviant art is too puritan

>> No.74960442

First T'au Devilfish!

Also my first vehicle model - I'm trying to test out a scheme. I was thinking I'd drybrush the black parts to get a silvery worn-out metal, then use nuln on the plate parts to make it look a bit grungier. Was also going to use Eshin Grey on things like the intake ducts.

>> No.74960444

Ah, it hides her penis.

>> No.74960471

Don't fall for a black paint scheme lad

>> No.74960477

How do I make a 1500 pts orks list reeee. All I can think of is "what if I brought twenty Nobz, teleported 10 and Da Jumped the other 10".

>> No.74960482


>> No.74960500

What? It's not going to be black, the black parts are going to be dry brushed silver

>> No.74960503

Why not read any of the GT placing lists, see whats being brought and go from there

>> No.74960513


m8, so long as theyz green, theyz good. green iz best.

>> No.74960522

Bunch of examples here. Look at the things their doing and just scale it down a bit.


>> No.74960523

How should I base my Mordians? I have well over a hundred to do.

>> No.74960535

>I was thinking I'd drybrush the black parts to get a silvery worn-out metal

This will look like shit. Don't do it. Take it from someone who tried it when they were new too.

>> No.74960542

Don't underestimate what 3 deff dreads all equipped with klawz and the tellyporta strategem can do. You can destroy tanks and gun platforms that are attacking your boys holding objectives with ease.

>> No.74960548

skarboyz, the 3 good buggies, big choppa nobs ans meganobz are all good right now

but also its Orks bring what you think is cool

>> No.74960552


>> No.74960553

What would you recommend? Just use eshin for the darker plates?

>> No.74960566

So I'm getting into 40k and I love Custodes fluff, design, colors etc so I want them to be my first army. My problem is that I don't know where to start with them and what to take, just that I want a 2000 points (the standard at my club) army and would prefer not using named characters since I want the big boss of the army to be my avatar pimped out however I like. Any advice?

>> No.74960575


>> No.74960587

They had a strat that added +2 to hit. This meant hitting on 2s and doing triple hits on a 4+. Now they only do triple hits on an unmodified 6.

>> No.74960602

This right here, too bad Chaos sucks ass

>> No.74960616

Wrong both tabletop and aesthetic-wise

>> No.74960618

>rules lawyering the rules writers
You're "that guy" in every game you play, aren't you?

>> No.74960627

I don't underestimate it. I can't afford it because I keep adding melee stuff that I could reliably hurl at the enemy. And when I do think "let's add SOME shooty" it's a 200 pts Loota squad surrounded by half a dozen mek guns.
I need moderation, but to think like an ork you have to shoot moderation out the window, through the warp, and inside the enemy's gut.
Will give them a look, thanks

>> No.74960630

>Simping for GW
You're right anon, Gee Doublejew do everything right.

>> No.74960637

I probably appreciate them more than you do, asshole. I can't tell if you're a good artist being a massive elitist prick, or just someone who gaslit themselves into being unable to fucking draw at all being a jealous and catty bitch.

>> No.74960641

>too bad to make chaos work in 9th
apply yourself

>> No.74960643

You just wanted to show off those pygmies didn't you

>> No.74960664

It's a real shame these guys are manlets next to the new CSM models. They were some of the best looking Chaos marines before the update.

>> No.74960670

jesus, youre either autistic or this is some top tier bait

>> No.74960671

Chaos is honestly doing pretty well, all things considered.

>> No.74960672

Looks Blanchy. How did you make this? I'm guessing some sort of drawing pad?

>> No.74960679

>Guilliman adds +1" to advance and charge
>Solar Watch WLT adds +1" to move and advance and advance plus shoot rapid fire weapons

hm, 8"-14" movement for Footstodes sounds like a half decent combo, only thing Im losing is the Dreadhost WLT and Strat which are good but not that much of a loss.

>> No.74960685

No, they just happened to be on the desk still because i haven't moved them.

>> No.74960718

>> No.74960720


They arent though. They're the same scale.

Only plaguechads tower over cuckmarines

>> No.74960727

I think it's because of their poses, but yeah they are rather smaller compared to other stuff in the box even. I'd love it if they retrofitted these lads into a modular sprue, similar to the CSM tact sprue, because the sculpts are great.

>> No.74960729

You really only need three smasha guns for heavy ranged fire power. Some tankbustas also aren't to bad if you can keep them alive. Maybe consider using shoota boyz with Ard boyz to help hold objectives for longer. And that's really the best shooting you can get rn for orks on the cheap.

>> No.74960752

>would prefer not using named characters
There is only 1 single named characters, so it isn't an issue.
Depends on what you want?
- Do you want an infantry heavy team?
Then get Shield & Sentinel Blade Guards for objective conquering, and get yourself some Terminators. For the choice of terminators you either have:
-Allarus, the big character hunters, that can split up to focus on objectives afterwards. Allarus you want a unit of 5-6 (or even more) to maximize the strats. Do not ignore the splitting up ability, making every model a single units fucks up a lot of math for the opponent, as it's difficult to kill something as though as a custodes termi, a lot of damage is going to be wasted trying to kill each model seperatly.
You will want Dread Host as your choice.

- Aquilon Terminators the general use terminators, they have good tools to kill prettyh much anything. The bolter removed fodder, the fists remove Knights. You only need 3 of them because of the +1 to Wound Roll strats, against higher T opponents. This means you can waste the reamining points in stuff like Dreadnoughts (Telemon no less).
Since Aquilons is a single unit of 3, you don't need Dread Host.

For character protection, either use Custodian Guards with shield or a Telemon. The character you will want to protect is the Vexilla Magnifica (-1 to hit). It is a must in every Custodes list.

If you want a more speedy list, aka Jetbikes. then it's simple. Get Jetbikes. Maximize strats by going 5 man units. Hurricane vs Launcher depends on what the list needs, the removal of -1 to hit is massive and makes them very appealing, specially with the increased thoughness of the newer models, as you see less swarms, and see more elite enemy models.
There are a lot of good shield hosts, depends on what you want really.

>> No.74960775

Why did GW consider it necessary to sell plague marine and genestealer standard bearers for 30 dollars when they already come as parts of full kits that are much better deals

>> No.74960787

aside from knights, whats the smallest model count 2000 point army I can make?

>> No.74960789

Some wrenches in those gears. Guilliman is Lord of War, meaning he's got to be the warlord or he costs like 4cp to field. Thus, you don't get access to the Custodian warlord trait....unless they have some stratagem for +1 WLT? Next, that extra movement happens only around Guilliman, and the custodians will be faster than him. Unless he moves at 8" or something. Just have a plan for when they feed them 20 guardsmen to keep them in position while they bring the Demolishers into range.

>> No.74960793

Back in the day, /tg/ would shit on you for blatant /pol/ baiting.
How far this board has fallen.

>> No.74960794

>It would have been nice to have any kind of internal consistency on how Tau tech works

To be fair you're talking about several worlds and thousands of entities building suits. Realistically both can be true as one group thinks the fetal position mind link suits are best but another faction things body form suits are best. Both can make suits that are similar in function but have different interfaces for the body.

>> No.74960800

Based StarCraft protoss

>> No.74960802

I have new marines standing right next to those models in front of me and the new ones are a good head taller and bulkier as well. The chosen barely stand at the same height as the renegade soldiers from the Blackstone Fortress box. They just don't match the new shit in scale.

>> No.74960809

Sounds like the board has improved and no longer replies as much to obvious bait, dipshit

>> No.74960810


>> No.74960812

Because of collectorfags like me that have absolutely all plague marine models and at least two of each different weapon.

>> No.74960815

Either Custodes or Exalted Greater Daemon lists, though the latter requires the regular patrol fodder (10 models of small daemons per each).
Or any vehicle heavy army.

>> No.74960817

Anyone any experience sticking leman russ turrets in other tank hulls?

>> No.74960822

chaos knights

>> No.74960827

Prolly Custodes. Take three Venerable Land Raiders and that's already like 900-1200 pts spent.

>> No.74960829

custodes and harlequins i believe are the ones after knights.

>> No.74960831

Are they both on 32 mm bases?

>> No.74960848

Cool beans.

>> No.74960863

They do have an extra WLT and gman does move 8.

>> No.74960894

What is the difference? They are all the same culture.

>> No.74960901

Good, good. Then bring the Vexilla Magnifica. It's magnificent. Dabs on IG. Hordes and tanks, do you have a plan to deal with those? I hope your bolters and blades can carry you.

>> No.74960934

Why does Death Guard have to use CP to buy abilities that should be on some models by default?
>1's to roll aura on LoC and Typhus.
>Lords, sorcerers, rhinos, land raiders etc. don't have disgustingly resilient.
Hope the new codex fixes this dumb shit.
It won't, won't it?.

>> No.74960938

Not him, and excuse the paintjob (got them off ebay for free as a gift for getting some chaos tacts, need to strip them), but yeah they are abit shorter.
It's probably because of the poses, as I said earlier, since I am sure they'd look same scale if they stood upright like the tacticals do.

>> No.74960942

Because they aren't real space marines, like everyone with too many spikes.

>> No.74960947

This, I've even seen this (pic) fan-art used as evidence that they have transcendental tech on some experimental suits. ie: the cockpit space is larger than the torso of the mecha, and the pilot climbs into a pseudo-pocket-dimension that interfaces with the external mecha via a method similar to quantum entanglement.

>> No.74960960

Because GW loves Chaos. The DG Lord also isn't T5 with a 5+++ for whatever fucking reason.

>> No.74960963

absolute fucking nonsense

>> No.74960968

Now put it next to a picture of the primaris bunker.

>> No.74960969

You are basically asking for the LoC to be a straight upgrade to a chaos lord

>> No.74960978

Maybe if the tau were given the knowledge by some shady necron, but they don't have any way to do shit like that themselves.

>> No.74960981

tau are not necrons, dark eldar or orks, they don't have that

>> No.74960998

idk what the big deal is, used to be tons of swastikas in 40k art back in the day, that "windmill of friendship" says transhuman rights!

>> No.74961002

Cool dudes.

>> No.74961005

If I want to run a Winged Hive Tyrant with 2 sets of Monstrous Rending Claws, a game legal and potentially effective loadout, I have to

>source and buy the MRCs because they're not on the sprue
>convert the model because the wings take up a weapon arm slot (but not in the rules)

That right? Because that's bullshit

>> No.74961008

>unit's fluff: this thing emits a maddening aura of pain and/or disorientation
>unit's crunch: -1 ld

>> No.74961013

They’re still real.

>> No.74961014

What would be a nice fluffy basing for Solar Watch?

>> No.74961017

Good find.

>> No.74961020

This color scheme is so good, how come you never see it on Sisters?

>> No.74961021

WAACfags btfo once again

>> No.74961022

The feet on the flyrant are scything talons so you'd just have to replace those with rending claws

>> No.74961033

Yes, and? It makes sense lorewise.

>> No.74961038

The storm shield thing had nothing to do with unmodified 1's failing.

>> No.74961041

>still doesn't understand how the 1+ armor = 2++
That's already how it worked. How are you this dumb.

>> No.74961042

You sound like an actual insane person, you know that?

>> No.74961044

My nigga. Was about to post this.

>> No.74961045

It should be -1 to hit, no overwatch AND -1 to leadership. It's bs what they did to Infiltrators. Infiltrate by rendering the enemy blind and deaf through sheer proximity? That's 40k.

>> No.74961047

>They are all the same culture.
Not even remotely true

>> No.74961056

my dudes, haven't been keeping up with the 9th edition rules and shit. Are thunderhammers still the patrician choice for a smash cap?

>> No.74961059

>love word bearers
>also kinda want to make my own warband instead
>make up the fluff and color scheme
>they just end up being orange word bearers with blood angel geneseed
should i even fucking bother? the voice of lorgar is clearly calling for me

>> No.74961065

Goddamn did 8th edition sure fuck sicarian infiltrators hard.

>> No.74961066

Bearers of the Emperor's Word :^)

>> No.74961076

That's what I'm thinking, or they found an STC and reverse-engineered some Golden Age tech from humanity's lost height.

see above

No, it's like a TARDIS. The concept has been presented to me by GW writers I've met several times whenever I've asked "how can that many astartes fit in a land raider?" and they respond with hand-wavey bullshit like "it's digital" or "it's transcendental" until I finally figured out what the fuck they meant by any of that. It's a fucking TARDIS, so much lost Golden Age tech is like a TARDIS, that's why Terminator suits can't be made anymore and the neck comes out at such an impossible angle, even in art.

>> No.74961077

Tell me how you drew your meme sister reeee

>> No.74961078

Yeah, I was pretty happy with it. Got 6 tacts (they are sitting fully black primed in storage) and 2 choosen (pic related) for about 26 bucks, probably going to paint them up as Thrice-Cursed once I buy some new green stuff.
It's hard to come up with a way to make them stand-out as Sons of Horus with how to do an eye effect (if going for the worshiping lot) and maybe sculpting some wolf fur like the SW have regardless.

>> No.74961082

It doesn't matter anymore since it now modifies the saving throw, not the save characteristic. no waacing possible.

>> No.74961087

word bearers have silver trim retard

>> No.74961089

Airbrush is one of the best tools i picked up for this hobby

>> No.74961091

Damn, it sure is a convenient for them that thing 40k has these things called points that mean not every single unit has to be equal in stat-line to every other.

>> No.74961092

just do regular word bearers
unlike with loyalmarines there's no shame in it
since, do you know, the traitor legions are fractured/incoherent/informal/whatever enough that your dudes is easily possible even within the canonical legions

>> No.74961096

>it's dimensionally trancendenal
No, that is utter dross and has no place for any faction short of maybe necrons

>> No.74961097

Yeah they really got shafted
This dude has the exact same situation

>> No.74961103

because OoOML is aesthetic kino and there's like 7 sisters players worldwide

>> No.74961106

I'm thinking about painting red orks. Can I get away with it or is it too culturally insensitive?

>> No.74961118

Just make them a descendant warband of word bearers that have had a falling out with the legion leadership but still follow all the traditions under a different coat of paint.

>> No.74961121

>trusting GW writers to understand scale
>believing their excuses of who bullshit when called out on their small brains
anon just accept that the models are made to look cool and the lore is meaningless shit that manchildren can latch onto.

>> No.74961123

go back nigger

>> No.74961131

Should Abbadon be able to be taken in any <Legion> detachment like Ghazkull?

>> No.74961137

Go back to where? At least name your personal boogeyman.

>> No.74961139

What's a good faction for a beginner?

>> No.74961149

anything that isn't a horde army

>> No.74961151

>until I finally figured out what the fuck they meant by any of that
they were joking anon, they were not serious
it's a running gag that has gone for decades that the vehicles are too small for what they should do
size, cost and playability have been a constraint since the beginning and it continues up until now

there's no indication the imperium ever reached that level of technology and sure as hell they aren't going to outfit every bog standard metal box with such a thing if they had it

>> No.74961152

They can be WB and still be your warband. They could heed Lorgar, or any of his accursed right hands, or dismiss them all and follow the Primordial Truth directly. Ex-Destroyer WMD War Crimes Great Crusade Centurion turned Dark Apostle who disregards his own primarch in service of Truth? Why it's pic related. Champion is the first of the Dark Pilgrimage, when human and Neverborn became one as it always should have been? That's Argel Tal.
Fluff is endless.

>> No.74961155

Man i hate the way sluggas look on feral orks.

>> No.74961156

necrons or space marines

>> No.74961157

The one you want to paint.

>> No.74961161

I dig red orks due to warcraft 3

>> No.74961166

I just converted him into a plaguecaster.
Didn't he get a pretty good relic in one of the supplements?

>> No.74961168

Why are Horde armies not newbie friendly?
I hear SMs recommended a lot. Any specific chapter? What makes Necrons easy to play?

>> No.74961172

It's common to just say the wings also count as rending claws, because they've got claws on them.

Why two pairs? There's no advantage for having the second set and taking a gun is only a little more points but will add a lot of effectiveness.

As for needing to convert, it's not bullshit it's just part of the hobby/game and to be expected.

>> No.74961175

Because this word is actually the Emperor's.

>> No.74961177

>see above
Fanfiction with no following on actual lore

>> No.74961178

Just do it, there's plenty of Orruks painted in variety of unconventional colors (red, oranges, blues, purples, and gray) and they end up looking good. If you want a lazy excuse then you can just say they are Khorne worshippers.

>> No.74961193

Das a lotta silver

>> No.74961197

>utter dross
Necron detected.

>lore is meaningless shit
Small-brained heretic detected.

>> No.74961199

Isn't he just a bell whose sound is spooky to the soul?

>> No.74961201

Likely playing on Tabletop Sim for a while. I live in a shitty state where Covid is rampant and if I catch it, I'm basically dead.

>> No.74961204

by time you finish painting your army everything will have changed and there are so many models it gets tedious

>> No.74961210

4 predators ready.

>> No.74961213

>why are 120 disposable infantry models not user friendly?

Go buy tabletop simulator and set up some games. There is absolutely nothing worse than buying an army only to realize they don't play how you think. $20 versus $300, you be the informed consumer.

>> No.74961214


This guys faces are literally the best

>> No.74961215

He has an okay one that gives him a 5++-granting aura

>> No.74961217

Even the more organized legions are fairly fractured, Death Guard have Typhus colliding with his own Primarch and the Word Bearers command structure is constantly at each other's throat and Erebus himself is practically an exile while holding great amount of power within the legion.

What Im getting at is that Warbands doing their own thing is fine within a legion, that happened before chaos and happens after chaos, hell in the case of Word Bearers the Dark Apostles might even foster such deviations to create their own little armies with plausible deniability in order to attack their peers within the council while they keep their post within the legion.

>> No.74961223

It would be better sci-fi if they weren't. Perhaps they were trolling you?

>> No.74961226

>> No.74961230

>and if I catch it, I'm basically dead.

Be honest fatty, how many 2 litres do you drink per day?

>> No.74961231

>Why are Horde armies not newbie friendly?
You have to buy and then paint so many more models than other armies before you can even play the game. It's a big investment for a new player.
>I hear SMs recommended a lot. Any specific chapter? What makes Necrons easy to play?
Space marines and necrons are elite factions, you can spend less on models to make a complete army. They're also easy to paint than others, with necrons being the most easily painted army in the game if you want them to be. They also have a lot of large box sets to get shit cheap.

>> No.74961233

Yeah but what fag wants to play as pre-defined orders and not /theirdudes/?

>> No.74961234

Has anyone tried Creations of Bile yet?

>> No.74961248

He must use the probe off a scanning tunneling microscope to paint the white dots on the eyes.

>> No.74961250

Why is there no advantage? Don't you need to have 2 sets for MRCs rules apply to all your attacks?

But yes I do consider needing to convert a model to show a loadout it is allowed to have is bullshit. If you are changing the look, don't like the model for a weapon and are replacing it then thats a given but not just truing to equip a model in a way you are allowed to

>> No.74961252

yeah, i was considering keeping everything i've made up and ending the story with "the fallen chapter was eventually absorbed by the word bearers"
the problem is that i unironically prefer the official wb color scheme to the one i made up, red+silver is peak aesthetic

>> No.74961254

Too bad there's primaris predators now. Those are shit.

>> No.74961258

not as much as I'd like. I'm immunocompromised, not morbidly obese.

>> No.74961260

They also take longer to play. Don't matter if movement tray, or sloppy movement, or purposely skipping some. Granted it depends on your opponent, but man it's not really fun to move 100s of units around who don't really do much, move slowly, and die in droves.

>> No.74961261

>there's no indication the imperium ever reached that level of technology and sure as hell they aren't going to outfit every bog standard metal box with such a thing if they had it
Okay wait what? The Imperium was terraforming planets in days using time-dilation warp technology. What the fuck is making the inside of something larger than the outside, really, if you can fuck with time and space to that degree on such a massive scale?

Where do you get this goop from?

>> No.74961269

Based and uruk-haipilled

>> No.74961272


From what I've heard the guy has only been painting for 2-3 years

>> No.74961278

Actually I should correct myself, humanity did, not The Imperium specifically, they didn't exist yet.

>> No.74961280

you can still have your dudes inside a pre-defined order, since the orders are spread out in undefined but presumably massive numbers of convents

>Argel Tal.
isn't he dead?

>> No.74961283

It's supposed to be so despair-inducing that it's debilitating to listen to

>> No.74961286

Are they epic scale? They look small for some reason. Look nice though, ignore the haters

>> No.74961296

>Only 2-3 years

>> No.74961300

did you jerk off while writing that? Must have felt good to put that anon in his place, huh? Really pathetic anon.

>> No.74961314

Yeah, they are for Epic 30k.
I don't care what they get, primaris have chased me out of 40k.

>> No.74961319

Take care anon

>> No.74961320

you will not be missed

>> No.74961332

>noo it can't be a mere incongruence caused by the physical limitations of the game, the main guys must be using a reality-breaking technology to transport 10 guys instead of 4 in the most widespread troop carrier of the setting but nowhere else and never mention it once or ever
that's dumb, you're dumb

>> No.74961336

You don't. The only melee weapons that benefit from more than one are boneswords and talons.

>> No.74961337

Yeah he's dead now. But there are WB warlord traits that have them being a True Union like Argel and Raum were.
Yeah that'd do me a -1 Ld for sure :(

>> No.74961338

cya l8r

>> No.74961356


>> No.74961358

How do I hide a Baneblade?

>> No.74961362

>The Imperium was terraforming planets in days using time-dilation warp technology.
in what book?

>> No.74961369

You don't want to run a baneblade.

>> No.74961374

>it's a running gag that has gone for decades that the vehicles are too small for what they should do
Every time you people bring this up you're told actual troop carriers are pretty small and soldiers have to stay seated and cramped, so transports aren't really out of scale.

>> No.74961385

>but like half of the entries are melee.
yes, but I said currently in terms of what's meta, and right now admech has maybe 1 melee unit that isn't terrible through fulgurites.

both flavors of sicrian suck, dragoons are awful, melee stelans suck, etc., they're stuck with almost all shooting units for any and every remotely competitive list.

>> No.74961391

step one:
be a tactical genius
step two:
use all the rubble left from cadia

>> No.74961395

I love the model though. I'm fucking tired of everyone just running what's good and what's meta. I just want to fucking put models I love on the table and roll dice. Competitive players should eat shit.

>> No.74961397

Yeah that's been in the preface of the game for more than 30 years, dear primaris faggot.

>> No.74961399

That's a cope and you know it.
>paint /yourdudes/ in OoOML scheme
Guy: "Oh hey, nice OoOML sisters"
You: "T-they're actually my own custom force"
Guy: "What do you mean? Theyre OoOML, aren't they?"
You: "Y-yeah b-but..."
Guy: "OK weirdo"
>paint /yourdudes/ in your own color scheme
Cute girl: "Oh cool, nice sisters anon. Thats a great color scheme, tell me about them!"

>> No.74961404

Time to pray to your new god for relief

>> No.74961406

Aight dude, have fun with something inferior to 3 leman russ.

>> No.74961408

You need to plant a garden on it

>> No.74961409

So one set of claws gives you 2 attacks with its rules, but 2 sets doesn't give you 4?

>> No.74961410

Use terrain for once.

>> No.74961421

I had a wonderful trip to a museum in germany where I was rather astounded by the tiny cramped confines of a troop compartment meant to carry something like 20 men + kit, especially compared to how massive the vehicle was
I was also amused by the fact that germans have a different unit for horsepower that's just a little bit bigger than a horsepower

>> No.74961427

Have fun putting a model you love on the field and watching it get blown away turn 1.

>> No.74961428


>> No.74961432

they're called space marines because they are marines that take space

>> No.74961436

You don't get any bonus attacks from MRC.

>> No.74961458

What is the difference between GT and ITC machines in 9e?

>> No.74961459

I didn't say you did

>> No.74961460

Is playing Imperial Guard still good or have they ruined my boys? Or really: is it still even worth getting into 40k or is it basically dumb and dead these days? I've always wanted to play IG and finally got the cash for it, but I'm worried the best years of 40k are over.

>> No.74961462

Me too, anon.

I swear this shit only started after I began collecting nurgle.

>> No.74961470

IG are the worst army. Play a real army like Marines

>> No.74961473

You can make all tyrants attacks with the claws.

>> No.74961482

>That's a cope and you know it.
I've never had a problem with it
it's cope for some factions, like space marines and arguably eldar, but for others such as orks, you can have bad moons that are on opposite sides of the galaxy still painting everything yellow

>> No.74961487


>> No.74961496

>When did this game turn into such a competitive fuck up.
All the way since you didn't have to take a leadership test to see if you model shot at the target you wanted instead of at the target that was closest. So, since 3rd edition I think?

>> No.74961498

That just shows that the problem is the interior, not the actual size of the vehicle.

>> No.74961504

Again, models are not to scale, or else land raiders would be like 3 times their actual size

>> No.74961507

Oh, so I'm just a dummy that doesn't understand melee rules. I'm pretty new to this.

So you have X attacks on a unit and they can be made through a weapon as many times as you wish up to X? Then yeah 2 sets is pointless. Got it.

>> No.74961513

Marine boys became 2W while yours stayed the same, basically halving your dakka. And vehicles may become more expensive. Bring heavy Bolters, you'll need them.

>> No.74961520


>> No.74961521

>Is playing Imperial Guard still good or have they ruined my boys?
They get dabbed on with the current missions, but a codex might give them a proper tune up.

>Or really: is it still even worth getting into 40k or is it basically dumb and dead these days?
At least locally, 40k is the last pickup wargame left standing. More people than ever have returned to it after games like Warmahordes and Flames of War/Team Yankee shit the bed. It's probably the healthiest tabletop wargame right now.

>> No.74961524

Make the actual cargo bay as wide as the tank and you can already fit 8. Move the pilot door a bit forwards since it doesn't need so much space and you got 10.

>> No.74961528

If the guard are /yourdudes/ then play guard. When they're bad you can spend your time hunting down the cheesiest strats. When they're good life is good.

Remember, GeeDubs are inconsistent, so every army gets its time in the sun at some point.

>> No.74961536

Correct. You can also split attacks between multiple weapons.

>> No.74961538

When was the last time Orks were even remotely good? And Tyranids?

>> No.74961546

No you don't understand. GW tanks are too small given their canon stats. It's not at all about not being able to physically fit the models without being cramped, it's that it's in an entirely different, smaller scale.

>> No.74961547

>Orks were even remotely good
Right now. Nids are fucked though.

>> No.74961555

You think they'll make a DG Start Collecting when the codex comes?

>> No.74961560

A couple Ork players always manage to find a way to top 8 or top 4 tournaments in every edition and just make the Green Tide work

>> No.74961561

Orks have won or placed high multiple 9th GTs now

>> No.74961568

Are they? I don't play them or anything I was just genuinely curious. I see Orks bitch all the time and I can't remember the last time I ever heard anything positive about them. I figured nids were screwed though. They too complain infinitely. Poor guys.

>> No.74961570

I've mostly been out of the game since 4th other than the occasional starter game at my local when it's quiet in there, but I recall my Ork shooting army being arsefistingly good against marines once upon a time.

>> No.74961573

Right now. Nids are middling, but not as bad as some people like to claim.

>> No.74961577

>I see Orks bitch all the time
That's just how ork players are, like chaos.

>> No.74961579

How can the tanks be the wrong scale when there are guys sticking out of them in the correct scale?

>> No.74961585

Honestly I give it to just some players being really good, not orks being some amazing thing. Granted Ghaz is pretty strong, but that's as exciting to me as running Guilliman is for SM players.

>> No.74961600

>"Monsieur, have zey bought the captains and lieutenants?"
>"Deploy ze core rules"

>> No.74961601

Dammit, someone made a conversion that stuffed 9 marines into the passenger compartment (sergeant is suppose to ride front next to the driver, according the official schematics), but I keep misplacing the images.

>> No.74961602

Geedubs does jerk them around with model releases like the infamous orktober where they barely got anything, while Primaris were getting all sorts of shit.

>> No.74961605


>> No.74961606

Just sucks dick being subpar to loyalist marines all the time what can I say. At least we got a lot of good models last year. I'm just waiting for some more Daemon Primarchs and the berzerker and noise marine updates some day.

>> No.74961608

>he buys official models and doesn't kitbash his own
What a hobbylet

>> No.74961615

Now you come to me, and you say: "Lord Corleone, give me justice." But you don't ask with respect. You don't offer friendship. You don't even think to call me Chapter Master. Instead, you come into my Monastery on the day my Primarch is to be married, and you ask me to do exterminatus for money.

>> No.74961620

What faction is that? Word Bearers? That picture is cool as fuck.

>> No.74961624

Fumbled near the finish line m8.
10/10 concept
3/10 execution

>> No.74961638

Because heroic scale is trash. Warlord has the same problem.
Either way, the models are out of scale. And not just with the infantry, even with other vehicles.

>> No.74961650

Alright then, sweet. One last question then: If I want to kitbash to recreate a specific regime of IG, will the GW store walk me to the door if I attempt to play with them? I've heard their stores get pissy when you try to play with "nonofficial" stuff like that.

>> No.74961652

Are lightning claws getting any sort of buff, or new rules? They seem thoroughly shit now at 10pts compared dual chainswords at 0pts, reliable damage power fists and 5pt power swords/axes.

>> No.74961661

It's either in Space Wolf when Madox was taunting Ragnar in the caves, or mentioned in Wolfblade while Ragnar was on Terra. Probably mentioned in other places as well.

>> No.74961663

I suspect it's meant to be word bearers over the seas of calth, but I don't know for sure

>> No.74961676

Proportions are skewed. Its not difficult to slap an X scale cupola on a Y scale tank.

It started because of compromises GW made between cost of production and "accuracy" it's easier for them to make huge minis now. But the current sizes are an established "convention" and it's not feasible for GW to replace every vehicle kit at once.

>> No.74961677

>> No.74961680 [DELETED] 

>> No.74961685

Whatever it is it's cool as fuck. 40K ships are underrated and I wish they'd revamp Battlefleet Gothic. I want to assemble a fleet to complement my army.

>> No.74961687

>left earring

>> No.74961688

Still a wip, but painting really simple ratboy auxiliary. The other side has the breacher shield

>> No.74961692

pretty sure they only really have a problem with "nonofficial" stuff if its 3rd party models or recasts. Should be fine if you kitbash with mostly GW products

>> No.74961697 [DELETED] 


>> No.74961698

>they expect me to play with the monkey angelos
fuck that.

>> No.74961701

Ah, yes, finally!


>> No.74961703

Depends on the management. At my local GW, it's 75% GW bits iirc.

>> No.74961710

It depends on how autistic your local GW is. The most autistic will only let you play with official models in their original configuration. No conversions.
Most will let you play with official GW models converted any way you like, some of these will even tolerate some added non-official parts like helmets or guns or what have you.
Almost no GW stores will let you play with models that are third party. Unless your local store is filled with bros.

>> No.74961711

the right one is the gay one

>> No.74961712

>he plays marines too
good lord it's the joke that never ends

>> No.74961714

Sauce? I want a good cog boy animation.

>> No.74961716

who the fuck smokes a cigar in the dead center of their mouth? it's like he's afraid of putting his lips on it because it's actually one of his dad's.

>> No.74961723

Aw, that's a shame. For the regime I was wanting to make, it's much cheaper to use non-GW minis. Guess I'll just stick away from the official stores then.

>> No.74961725

imagine the smell

>> No.74961726


>> No.74961728

wow, anon btfo

>> No.74961740

Everyone who can't accept Doctor Who shit in the wargame from the island that only had Doctor Who on their 6 TV channels for 50+ fucking years can just go play Infinity.

>> No.74961741

Like incense and motor oil

>> No.74961742

My psychic powers tell me you wanna do Krieg. Fucking do it my son. Don't let your dreams be dreams.

>> No.74961744

id get a second opinion or at least check with your flgs

>> No.74961747

Fuck you

>> No.74961759

Good to see he got his eye fixed. Or is this another photoshop to try and cover it up
>plays marines now that they're OP

>> No.74961761

NBB is crazy, one of the actually good moralebombs in the game.

>> No.74961770

Hey, be fair to us man. We had blatant propaganda as well.

>> No.74961776

that was a PS of the original

>> No.74961777

>Depends on what you want?
Infantry and dreads I guess, but the problem with that is that I want to use as little FW as I can but I also don't want to use typical marine stuff like the contemptor and land raider so I guess I'll stick to codex infantry and maybe a dread or tank from FW if that makes sense?

>> No.74961784

might be interested in knowing that smash caps reroll aura no longer affects them

>> No.74961785

For gas-mask guard, there's recasts. They're better than FW in some cases - I've heard that the FW Krieg molds are falling apart, for example, so recasts are the way to go unless you hate your wallet.

>> No.74961788

I assume that's if you take the dolorous knell relic?

>> No.74961790

You called it. A really cool thread about kitbashing brought up a cheap and easy way to make Krieg look alikes, and I was looking forward to doing that. I think I'll still do it, but it's sad I won't be able to bring them into a GW store without scowls.

>> No.74961800

The butthole is exit only

>> No.74961804

Those are Chaos Cruisers as seen in Battlefleet Gothic.

>> No.74961823

What I've been saying in >>74960947 about transcendental engineering. The Imperium can still reproduce engineering like that on things as simple as tanks, technology for complex hardsuits like terminator armour was lost for millennia due to the scale, depth, and moving parts. This is all alluded to in the lore via the language of primitives across all novels, it's almost impossible to succinctly cite, pick a book at random and it's in there.

The tank is the right scale, it's just compact by design; and the interior is much larger and more complex than most modern humans can imagine.

>> No.74961827

>I won't be able to bring them into a GW store
If you're going to patronize a store and play there, you should buy shit there so the physical location stays open so that you can continue to hang out and play there.

>> No.74961835

Classic Who or NuWho? These are very different things anon, could totally get behind a Tom Baker inspired mini for Christmas but not one of the new doctors or their companions.

>> No.74961837

Those ships look australian. Upside down. They are not, but they look like they are.

>> No.74961851

I still have to buy their tanks, I just want my infantry to be custom.

>> No.74961853


+2 morale check 19" (The Droning WLT)
-1 leadership 14" (Noxious Blightbringer)
Roll two dice take highest on morale 14" (Dolorous Knell)
Mortal wound on 6 within 14" (Dolorous Knell)
+1 morale check and double amount of models flee 14" (Warp Toll 1CP)

(all with +7" range from Ferrymen strat 2CP)

Could bring a Dorito dread for an additional -2Ld, but yeah. Could be pretty devastating vs elite armies. 14" range is a 28" diameter.

>> No.74961865

Heavenly. <3

>> No.74961871

New trailer on Warhammer TV for the Space Marine codex release. https://youtu.be/cRDeRDn5DjM

>> No.74961902

I'm not the aspiring Krieger, but the thing is that even if you do buy stuff in there, they don't let you use kitbashed models. I wanted to do a whole bunch of highland guardsmen with their adorable wee kilts and tam o shanters once upon a time by combining third party conversion parts with GW kits. My local was not into it.

Hell, we could get into Vostroyans or Valhallans, which exist in the rules but have 0 kits, forcing you to use 3rd party stuff or 3d printing. Geedubs does not give a fuck.

Consider getting Cadians, filing down the raised areas on the helmets and giving them greenstuff gas masks and greatcoats. It will be a fiddly pain in the cunt, but will get you going in the right direction.
You would still miss out on all the cool 3rd party stuff though. There's a kit out there somewhere that lets you build basilisks as railway guns. It's fucking sweet.

>> No.74961906

Warp spider exarchs couldnt warp? Seriously? I mean, I believe you, but wow

>> No.74961918

would be hilarious against rubrics

>> No.74961922

In the Grim Darkness of the 41st Millenium, there are only Space Marines

>> No.74961934

I mean both, look at the old minis and old Doctor Who, look at the new minis and new Doctor Who, then look at how you stuff a complex time-space-fortress that large into a police box and suddenly fitting 20 space marines in a tank seems like child's play.

Hey; I'm not blaming you, I'm just pointing it out to the globalists. I grew up in cold-war rural Romania and then 90's and 2000s rural Canada, it's all fucking propaganda.

>> No.74961938

Autarch not exarch.

>> No.74961981

sort of triggers my autism a bit that these models look so much better than their indomitus counterparts

>> No.74961995

Jesus christ

>> No.74961997

What are the odds morty gets better in the new book?

>> No.74962001

Almost always true for pushfit box versions vs. the full kits.

>> No.74962016

At least 0.01%

>> No.74962017

>more fucking primaris
Oh joy. When will it end?

>> No.74962035


>> No.74962053

>guard regiment rebels and turns on their higher ups and the marine patrol stationed with them
>kill or incapacitate them all, partially destroy SM Dreadnought
>Defect to Tau, become Gue'vesa, repurpose Dreadnought into XV8 knockoff
Good idea for a counts-as or no

>> No.74962054

Honestly, I'm hyped enough to do this Kitbash that I'll probably just deal with never hanging out in the official stores.

>> No.74962069


>> No.74962071

Oh it was a pencil sketch on graph paper and then I traced it on my tablet since I don't have a scanner and photographing it turned out like this (pic)

Thank you for your above compliment I thought you were the other person baiting me.

>> No.74962077

How easy is it to magnetize the rider? I think the mount itself would look cool on it's own with the rest of my engines, but if some fag insists on me using the rider I could

>> No.74962078

Ok, thanks for being honest

>> No.74962086

>SM calls for battle barge/navy to nuke their position
>You all die

>> No.74962091

>Good idea for a counts-as or no

>> No.74962097

Maybe you'll like this better

>> No.74962099

If I don't want to play Space Marines or one of their subfactions (Blood Angels, Space Wolves, etc), what army is good for beginners?

>> No.74962109


>> No.74962114

admech, death guard, and custodes are pretty good beginner picks

>> No.74962120

What would it take to make Land Raiders good?

>> No.74962128

What kind of tablet? Also, yeah I get what you were going for, can't blame you, but it's got an issue with proportions. Not going to say Blanche is a master of realism, but do look at her neck. Like, remove her flesh off her bones, and you do end up with an abhuman. A Blanche abhuman, but you were aiming for a sister.

>> No.74962132

Dumber to assume that by the year 40,000 humanity hasn't figured out how to do what the writers say they can do; so the community just comes up with a million head-canon excuses instead of accepting lost technology as long-standing canon and theme of the entire setting.

>> No.74962136

Mostly just cost.

>> No.74962142

True, at least the biggest difference seems to be with the eradicators, which i care the least about

>> No.74962149

Was anyone else kind of hoping it would be a loyal Space Marine of a Traitor Legion?

>> No.74962151


>> No.74962153

drop them by like 40-50 points to start

>> No.74962163

>implying you're not the one posting elaborate bait trying to make a faction of early 2000s emo SoB

>> No.74962167

Nothing in 40k is so complicated that too hard for beginners. And rules change frequently enough that I wouldn't necessarily recommend chasing the current meta armies either. So any army that has a codex and you like the look of is fine.

>> No.74962172

>long neck
What the fuck do humans look like to you get me off this planet...

>> No.74962179

>watching roleplaying game streams
>watching TTSverse roleplaying game streams
double cringe
>posting about it on 40 kilograms

>> No.74962182

Never noticed one of them has spinefists, that's hilarious

>> No.74962196

just pick whatever army you think looks coolest, it's the guaranteed way to have the most fun with the hobby

>> No.74962201

Well why are they bad? I haven't used the normal ones, but the crusader was a real ride-and-die nig, with its dozen Bolters and Multimelta it fought Carnifices.

>> No.74962202

Yeah. It sucks versus immune shit like Nids but it's not that big of an investment anyway, and nids aren't that big of a problem.

>> No.74962220

What's the AoS equivalent of tau?

>> No.74962223

It's 90's Goth, thank you. I don't see how it's bait just because you have an edgy opinion of edgy-assed grimdark Warhammer lore.

XP-Pen, it's not the best; but good for the price at like $300 CAD after shipping and tax. I'm with >>74962172 though, I draw long necks because long necks are ethereal transhuman beauty to me.

>> No.74962225

The models are nice, but don't do anything for me. Also, too many people seem to play them. Visually, one-color loyalist marines against some other color loyalist-marines just looks bleh on the table to my eyes.

>> No.74962229

That's the fuckin hobby spirit right there. Do a search for non-GW wargaming stores in your area. I just recently found one 20 minutes up the road that has like 30 tables at £3.50 per player. Can't wait to give it a go.

>> No.74962232

Play whatever you want anon, it really is the best way. Getting good at an army is more valuable than netlisting op shit, just look at the Invasion GT and the fags there who netlisted Don Hooson's Daemon Engine list, they all got garbage placings.

>> No.74962236

The faction that's objectively in the right?
The Legions of Nagash.

>> No.74962241

>$43 shipping
>for one model

>> No.74962244


>> No.74962248

It is kind of obsolete as it can't transport primaris and the things it can transport have better ways of getting to objectives. Like most firstborn stuff, GW is unlikely to have much motivation to make it a viable alternative to primaris stuff.

>> No.74962249

She's not a good role model for you, anon! Oh i though you were that guy lol
As beautiful as an Eldar, I guess.

>> No.74962252

Or all the people that tried to run Possessed Bombs at the LVO and failed

>> No.74962255

fucking lol what?
half the fun is painting your own models
jesus christ, I should try selling some spess muhreens. one sale like that would fund 30 chainrasps.

>> No.74962264

Well it is PRO painted. Best pay the man, and be on your way

>> No.74962269

How dangerous is resin dust really? Ive been cleaning up theese recast wraithseer bit for a while and im feeling a tickle in the back of my throat, and not quite a headache. Drinking water seems to be helping.

>> No.74962270

What about the Chaos version - which is what I was more thinking of anyway?

>> No.74962272

stormcast shooting spam. Anyone who plays AoS will not say KO, they're not only short range but play more like eldar flyer spam

>> No.74962277

Yeah it's shit, but skeletons are cool and that guy asked.

>> No.74962281

You mean gameplay wise? Probably those sea-guard elves. Otherwise:
>what's the warp-insensitive faction in the game that takes place entirely within the warp?
None of them.

>> No.74962284

Cities, grab a line of ironbreakers and a shitload of irondrakes and wish your opponent good luck touching your gunline.

>> No.74962298

You misunderstand. I'm not saying you need to pick marines. I'm saying don't feel like you need to pick something "good for beginners" over something you just like.

>> No.74962299

There really isn't one, closest would be Kharadron Overlords but that is like someone telling you what the closest star to earth would be.

>> No.74962305

How anal are people about WYSIWYG? I was thinking about getting into 40k with the Start Collecting Chaos Space Marines box, but using the Master of Possessions figurine to proxy other HQs like a Sorceror.

>> No.74962306

With normal chosen both unable to deepstrike, wielding hammers and going up to 2W, it makes sense chaos players would put them in transports and hurl them at the enemy. As long as it's not prohibitively expensive, it sounds like a plan.

>> No.74962307

Toxic. Did you at least wash them first to get rid of release compound?

>> No.74962314

The star that's closest to Earth is the sun, no?

>> No.74962317


>> No.74962319

Is AoS fun? I've been toying around with getting into it as a change of pace and aesthetic from 40k.

>> No.74962320

Wgat if he tries liking something thats good for beginners

>> No.74962325

Ladies and gentlemen give it up for; Calas Typhus.

Shitty Nurglite standup that makes absolutely no fucking sense and induces mental illness.

>> No.74962329

I was going to wash them after i got done clipping/sanding them down. Did I do a bad? Ive never actually workd with resin before.

>> No.74962330

It is not, as shitposters will lead you to believe, a radioactive super-asbestos that will give you AIDS. Just don't lick it, and file it outside.

>> No.74962340


>> No.74962342

I only care when marinefags are present everyone else can have fun

>> No.74962346

If there's one thing working on building sites has taught me it's no wear a respirator at all fucking times when dealing with any airborne particles of any kind. The stuff they tell you is no problem today will turn your lungs to stone in a decade.

Do not take chances with breathing shit you aren't supposed to breathe.

>> No.74962347

>but that is like someone telling you what the closest star to earth would be
Our sun.

>> No.74962351

Its not like its going to do you any serious harm but you should definitely wash them first, and if you're sanding at least have the window open because resin dust is pretty nasty

>> No.74962352

That's a subset of "something you just like."

>> No.74962370

Don't know much about Chaos desu, but could be viable. Transports in general are likely to be more viable this edition.

>> No.74962373

You only need to worry about dust when filing

>> No.74962375

Oh shit there's a new one! I almost fucking died at the leg guy.

What, don't like how they portray you, Typhus? I'm reading all of your posts in the TTS Typhus voice, because that's you.

>> No.74962379

I don't encounter wysiwyg fags often, but when I do I don't play with them. Just don't tolerate their turboautism and eventually they'll either get over themselves or find somebody else to annoy. They only do it to try to stop you from using good wargear that doesn't come in any kits.

>> No.74962382

You got me there, guess I should have said the second closest star :)

>> No.74962390

this shit right here

>> No.74962394

Wow dude you really have talent those Soritas look really cool and unique and totally not like DeviantArt trash. Party on dude!

>> No.74962408

I only ask that you be consistent and do proxies that make sense

>> No.74962422

It they could run other weapon options besides quad lascannons, I think that would help Chaos Land Raiders

>> No.74962426

As far as I can tell I never said you needed to worry about dust at times when you aren't producing dust.
Anon said he was cleaning up resin parts. To me this says there was filing involved, therefore producing said dust.

What exactly was your purpose in posting what you posted?

>> No.74962432

Eh, I came from AoS to 40k. AoS is a lot of fun, but I didn't like how my LGS did AoS events. I built for durability and holding objectives as that was how the GH missions were set up, but they just basically said "screw that" and made it all about how many models you killed.

>> No.74962444

Which army are the pettiest assholes in the galaxy?

>> No.74962450

I read "how dangerous is resin really" and responded thusly

>> No.74962456

I can't speak about the game, but fantasy models are an entirely different beast than 40k models when it comes to painting. I enjoyed painting 10 skeleton warriors way more than over 50 different necrons.

>> No.74962459

any form of elf and necrons

>> No.74962467

Iron Warriors too.

>> No.74962485

The necrons did nothing wrong.

>> No.74962488

There's definitely a Warsmith with a literal book of grudges (ala Dwarfs)

>> No.74962489

Worse than sawdust. Ideally you should be wearing a close fitting mask. If you can't get one at the very least wear your cloth Rona mask. You can also reduce dust by getting the piece and/or your sandpaper wet first.

>> No.74962491

Ah I see, you're the guy who said to file stuff outside. I'm up to speed now, apologies. I just saw your second post, thought it was a new first post and was like "what in the shit".

My bad dude, sorry for being retarded.

>> No.74962493

I found it too simplistic for my tastes, but I'll admit I'm a rules masochist who still misses scatter dice and templates and vehicle facings.

>> No.74962506

Marines Malevolent

>> No.74962512


>> No.74962519


>> No.74962523

Yes but they are also petty assholes. Especially Orikan and Trazyn.

>> No.74962524

Yes, it has a tighter rule set than 40k at the moment and a much more diverse mini range. It it miles ahead of WHFB was at the end.

>> No.74962531

Vehicle armor facing should return. It doesn't have to be difficult, it could just be a line parallel to the bow. If in front, you shoot the front armor, else you shoot the flank armor

>> No.74962532

No u

>> No.74962539

I’m still annoyed that everything can 360 no scope, charges fail if someone misses but shooting keeps going and going with practically no penalty and models doing sudokus mid battle when they fail moral instead of looking for cover or retreating

>> No.74962557

By filing you mean using an actual file to shave off resin or does this also include using a hobby knife to scrape off mold lines and such?
I understand wearing a respirator but I can't really file outside and have other people in my home, would an air filter set up next to me as I work, well, work?

>> No.74962568

how old are you, anon?

>> No.74962583

Imagine being a fucking nurglite:
>catches a cold
>guess I'll sell my soul to this thing that never lets me recover
24 IQ shit

>> No.74962601

>catches a cold, it happens sometimes
>receive special invitation to club where everyone's happy and you don't need to worry about life anymore
endlessly based

>> No.74962615


>> No.74962623

This fuck are these called, /tg/?

>> No.74962624

"Fun" fact, she's dead.

>> No.74962640

arvus lighter

>> No.74962645

>catch a cold
>become an immortal creature that lives in frustrated misery for eternity

>> No.74962648

Arvus lighter

>> No.74962649

Arvus Weinstein

>> No.74962654

Images that exhude mental illness.

>special invitation to club
>everyone gets it
>every time they get sick
>it doesn;t even love you it just needs you to survive
You have Stockholm syndrome, anon.

>> No.74962663

Huh, I didn't know I'm like this because of a cold. Should have taken the mental control vaccine ages ago.

>> No.74962666

tyvm based anons.

>> No.74962668

Every time

>> No.74962678

FW the only things worth, at least for the money you spent are:
-Dreadnoughts (specially Telemon)
-Aquilon Terminators
-Venetarii (if you want a more infantry army)
-Sagittarum kits (if you want your Guards to shoot).

>> No.74962683

Even without the text, this image gives off a weird and gross aura. Like, the mason jar full of green slime, her weird face, her skeleton arms...

>> No.74962686

arse lighter

>> No.74962693

>horribly abusive god inflicts torment on followers
>claims it loves them
>they fucking believe it
Imagine being like this over 1T.

>> No.74962708

Eldar, Necron or the chaos gods themselves.

>> No.74962723

>5 chaos space marines

>> No.74962724

Was relegating overwatch to a stratagem overall a good idea for balance?

>> No.74962737


>> No.74962750

Yes and fuck Tau

>> No.74962758

Birb shuttle. It even says so in the file name

>> No.74962788

>start playing 40k around a year ago
>covid hits, stuck playing on tts
>9e starts
>play a few games on tts, seems alright
>my lgs starts opening up for games again
>play a few dozen games of it
>already bored of it
>friend mentions finally starting the 30k narrative campaign we've talked about
>play a few games on tts to get the rules hammered out and a feel for our chosen legions
>I thought they wanted to just do zone mortalis, they plan on expanding to a full 2.5k points
>don't really want to commit that hard to a game that I could only play with one other person
>start looking at 40k again
>still don't really find it appealing
Do I just quit the pretense of trying to build things for a specific game system?
The only games that anybody plays locally is 40k and a bit of AoS which I hate the look of.

>> No.74962794

Only if you tell me what it will be of Mordia and Agripinaa, the factions whose trait is "overwatches on a 5+"

>> No.74962798

Since when does that cost 183 dollars?
That's a 2 hours work that can be done while watching a tv series or yutube.

>> No.74962810

nice historical revisionism plebbitor

>> No.74962818

40k kill team is a thing. I heard people get the minis because they like the minis, over actually playing the game.

>> No.74962827

and the Scourged

>> No.74962874

Is she stripping models in the jar? She shouldn't drink the simple green.

>> No.74962889

Does 40k need an AoS-esque do-over?

>> No.74962905

They inexplicably have spinefists on the sprue.

Another weapon that has been unusuably bad for 7 editions.

>> No.74962906

>People wanking over space marines in 40k instead of 30k where it's nothing but space marines

>> No.74962911

This. There are much healthier drink options in the next realm.

>> No.74962913

Primaris models look better than forgeworld ones

>> No.74962921

It's intended for a Prime, I guess

>> No.74962922

>The tank is the right scale, it's just compact by design; and the interior is much larger and more complex than most modern humans can imagine.
Its literally not retard. The the rhino, and most Imperium vehicles, have canon sizes. It's measurement dont scale up to the Canon sizes if you use the scale used for infantry. Its not a matter of "transcendental engineering" or anything like that, you fucking retard

>> No.74962924

What is it about liking horses that is a good indication of a woman being fucking bonkers?

>> No.74962925

30k Manlets are old and busted, 40k Primaris are the new hotness.

>> No.74962946

>chicken thighs, the game

>> No.74962947

Where did she get milk in the stables?

>> No.74962953

They're just as useless on a prime and primes are basically useless outside of their auras anyway.

>> No.74962955

Just use primaris models in 30k then

>> No.74962957

Jesus that horse is fucking packing

>> No.74962960

Horses are dreadful things
They are dangerous and smell bad

>> No.74962969

This is your new Space Marine.

>> No.74962972

>Few would not feel a shiver in their spine upon hearing of the fate of the two million men and women of the Kalliphorian Free Companies blast-sealed inside the bunkers beneath the Glastojun Mountains with tens of thousands of the Necrons euphemistically known as ‘Flayed Ones’ – all because of bureaucratic errors and blustering officers?

From the new WD. Some pencil pusher did a mistake and trapped millions of guardsmen underground with a horde of Flayed Ones.

Funny isn't it?

>> No.74962982

Is there an actual good use for leftover sprues?

>> No.74962988


What about just taking 3 armigers in a separate detachment? It gives me a fast, hard-hitting, and durable presence for a fairly good price.

>> No.74962991

We're talking about horses, not anons

>> No.74962998

Thanks bro
>there are probably unironic newfags and secondaries who dont know starship troopers inspired marines
Scary thought

>> No.74963001


>> No.74963007

Well, uh... 4 spinefist shots could maybe kill a few gretchin or nurglings

>> No.74963016


>> No.74963048

desu I'm naming mine "The Chickadee" because look at this fucking birb.

>> No.74963054

You know how we know you're a marinefag

>> No.74963080

>partially destroy dreadnought
So is the fucker alive, or no?
If he is, you're not going to get him to function as your xv8.
If not, congratulations, you have an expensive paperweight.
Don't bother trying to make fancy or complex stories / conversions for /yourdudes/ if you don't know the first fucking thing about the setting.

>> No.74963085


>> No.74963087

New thread

>> No.74963095

Statistically they can kill 1 gretchin per turn or not quite 1 wound to a nurgling swarm.

>> No.74963098

You can make terrain from them.
Grind an up for rubble, short lengths as beams. Decent internal bracing for card terrain. On the outside a section of sprue can be the basis of a greebled up surface.

>> No.74963099

I was honestly thinking about just doing 30k kill team, but I don't know how well that would go / my friend didn't seem super enthused about the idea.

>> No.74963103


>> No.74963114

Why are we playing Warhammer 42,000 and calling it Warhammer 40,000?

>> No.74963154

They're a ludicrously expensive flex, so I take it as a sign of old money. Especially if you're drinking horse semen and bragging about it online; that just screams "I'm one of the weirder Tzimisce vampires and you can't do jack shit to me, I'm full of the strength of 20 horse-cocks!"

>> No.74964300

There was a whole warband that went Khorne called the Sanctified. There's room for orange Word Bearers.

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