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Previously: >>74940925

>Official Site: Contains deck building rules and the current ban list.

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the internet.

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen color identity.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their deck strategy and card choices.

>Official search site.

>Unofficial, but has GOAT search interface and syntax

How do you keep your collection organized and stored? How do you keep track of your collection?

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Honestly I used to use that Stanley box TCC recommended but recently I filled it with decks so now I just use miscellaneous deck boxes

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>tq a big box, sorted by color

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I don't.

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>How do you keep your collection organized and stored? How do you keep track of your collection?
Nonstandard legal rares and valuable un/commons in a large binder (going to be two soon)
Standard legal rares and valuables in/commons in a smaller binder
Bulk in Bundle boxes
Basics and common lands in a box

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In big piles in a drawer
Cards that i believe i might need someday or a worth more than 0.05 cents i put in a cheap office binder.

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Cards that only you play
+Bonus point for weirdness/odd effect
+Bonus point for “why would you have that”

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Fuck you OP this is a tribal thread now!

Post your favorite tribal commanders and share some of your favorite cards in the deck

I am loving gisa, i play an all lords zombie deck, but the best cards in it are Illusionist bracers, gravecrawler, and Mausoleum secrets
Bracers for double zombies in mono black, also one of my favorite cards to build around overall
Gravecrawler for repeated sacrificing and triggering door of destinies
And Mausoleum Secrets is the secret mvp of the deck, early all you need is one card in your graveyard and you can fetch up gravecrawler and start sacrificing every turn, late-game it lets you tutor for your win condition, so good

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Ideal answer:
By Block, Set, Color, Alphabetical (Which is the same as set #)
Cards over certain price points go into my trades binder.

I kinda gave up on bothering with Set #. And then Wizards gave up on Blocks. So now it's just Set then Color. Does make it easier going forward: Pull out the cards I am keeping, sort by color, slam the stack onto the end of the box. Reprints and cards actually worth a damn are few and far between for the past 5 years, so It's been easy maintaining.

- I keep all rares, but unless a uncommon or common is notable I toss them into a big box to sell for my LGS later. Since most "Good" cards from sets these days are rarely ever uncommon or lower, cuts down on what I need to keep.
- Reprints always get sorted into the first set they appeared in.
- This leaves me with three 4x boxes containing all sorts of shit starting (mostly) from Ice age

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Mayael aria

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Sorted by the plane the card is set on.
>Commons and uncommons
In fat pack boxes and gift boxes from sets on that plane. Within that, cards are sorted by color and, within that, chronologically by set--and, within that, by collector number,
>rares and mythics
In binders, with dividers between different planes. There's one binder for generalist planes (Dominaria, Shandalar, Fiora, Kylem, et cetera), one binder for planes based on mechanical themes (Mirrodin, Lorwyn, Zendikar, et cetera), one binder for planes based on multicolor identities (Ravnica, Alara, Tarkir, et cetera), and one binder for top-down planes (Kamigawa, Innistrad, Theros, et cetera). Within a plane's section, the cards are again broken out by color, set release, and collector number, but there are also a few pages at the front for legendaries.
There's also a separate binder that has one copy of every dragon card printed. Except for Alpha Shivan Dragon and Dragon Whelp, I have the original printing of each one, as well as any subsequent reprints that meaningfully changed the art or flavor text.

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Sounds fun. I like playing Avacyn as angel tribal, she may not actually support angels specifically but indestructible is just useful, and she leads them in lore. As for mvps I'm a big fan of admonition angel and angel of jubilation, they're really powerful yet everyone seems to underestimate them. Also stoneforge is definitely an mvp, everyone knows she's powerful but just holy shit seeing her in action fetching up equips for a constant supply of draws or ramp or whatever else I need is so useful, and it's always fun to fetch up a game winning worldslayer.

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Haven't ran into a table yet that wouldn't let me run him. Down side? Tribals suck and 100% of his three tribals would be better with someone else at the helm. Makes me sad, because I'd like my super rare cards to be at least on Par with others.
Cult of the Waxing Moon, and Shaman on the Forgotten Ways are the only cards which synergies with him cleanly.

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oh boy...
- I have an excel with the list of all sets pre-modern (so up to Onslaught). I have the quantity of every card I own from these set in their list (so if you ask me how many Blasted Landscape I own from Urza's Saga, I can answer with 1)
- All the modern sets are separated per block in their long carton white boxes (per set, then per rarity (unco/common), then per color, then per creature/non-creatures, then in order of mana cost). So finding any specific card is pretty fast.
- All the rares are in binders.
- All the 'interesting/beautiful' basic lands are in their own box, the rest is in a big box.
- All the non-block/regular set stuff are sorted together like the other set (so commander extras, modern horizon, duel decks). Rares are in their own binder as well.
- All my edh are on Tapped out and in another excel as well (why excel? I can make categories there easily, like draw/tutor/etc.) I should probably move this to something more user friendly but I'm just really used to it by now.

I know it's a lot, but god damn am I addicted to sorting my shit. But at least I can find any card fairly fast.

Oh and I do I have a buy-list in a google doc that I maintain for decks in constructions or possible upgrades for current decks.

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Just found some of my remaining MTG cards in a closet. Stack of uncommons and a handful of rates from Lorwyn and Morningside just sitting on a box. I think I'll go through them again and try and find some cards to build a deck around. I know I've got loads of elves so maybe go tribal

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good commanders in every color but green?
but not breya

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Trades go in a zipper binder
Cards that I regularly use/plan to use go in normal, non zip binders.
Everything else goes into kmc card barrier boxes.

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How about you build a deck that is at least capable of winning.

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all my valuable cards go into an old fat pack box

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How about you suck a fat Spikey cock and let the Timmys have their fun

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i have 2 binders one for standard stuff that i get from drafts the other is for everything else, i also have like fatpack boxes of cards im too lazy to sort through that has other trade stuff in it as well. its just so much and i dont wanna have 20 binders so i have boxes that can double both as storage AND as a spot to hold WIPdecks

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That’s not a winning attitude

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It's not about winning, it's about your deck getting to do its thing

If you have a goal for your deck then you don't have to win to enjoy playing

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how do I quickly get +1/+1 counters on everything in Gruul?

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bloodspore thrinax

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Ridgescale Tusker

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Anon. We can be friends.

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Wasn't there a format that was pretty much pioneer but called something different
I can't remember it and I need to look something up tangentially related to help me with an edh deck

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>How do you keep your collection organized and stored?
Things not in deck : Rares and others cards(anything 4+$ or really useful cards for deck building) go into two large binders.Everything else goes in several of the big cardboard storage boxes sorted by color.For decks I have an old DvD/VHS storage unit that is the perfect size for holding decks in individual boxes.

I'm also trying to physically own every single legendary creature ever printed by WoTC, I'm down to about 50 or so. Ones not in a deck are sorted by color into binders.

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On a related note, is Pioneer dead now?

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Do you mean 4-color but not green?
Or 'commander suggestions that aren't green'?
If the latter, go Mono-white.

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Doesn't something have to be alive before it's considered dead?

>> No.74954077

im new but not that new, but yeah 4 color but no green

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It’s always about winning, if you’re not a winner, you’re a loser.

>> No.74954099

What are you winning though?

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I run pic in my Urza deck purely for flavor replacing what would normally be an island.
Color me fucking surprised when I've actually been able to use to beneficially. TWICE!?

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Good point, it was rather stillborn to begin with.

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Hopefully the lottery because anon spent their wages on a children’s card game.

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Ishai/Vial smasher. Use other people's turns to hurt them and stop them from playing things.

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Real world flavor text was so great. The Scathe Zombies Rime of the Ancient Mariner excerpt is metal.

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So I've been disappointed to pull this in limited with like 2 fliers a while back and I wondered if monowhite is at all doable. There is tech to make her undestructible too and slam wraths, but while there are cheap utility fliers/hatebears, I don't know if its enough to make her good

My meta is like Brago, Grenzo, OG Teysa, Thorbran, Kroxa, Sharuum etc., so you always need a lot of interaction not to get creamed

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Everyone having fun is the only true way to win

>> No.74954172

>im new but not that new
New enough that you can't figure out how to answer your own newb question.

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Wasting everyone's time is not a valid goal. Amazing how MLD violates Timmy's social contract for being "unfun" but being retarded intentionally is okay if the text on the cards matches.

>> No.74954202

thanks anon

Amazing flavor

This would be mine. I just love how flexible & instantaneous it can be. With some proliferate around it's actually not that bad, and at worst it's food for sacrifice effects.

>> No.74954204

yes im noob sorry i dont like spoonfeeding either but ive only made a few decks at this point. im a total newb (if this is 2009) but thanks for wasting your time being unhelpful. wouldve been a net gain to both our time if you hadnt said anything at all

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Mono white doesn’t really have the card velocity or combo potential to win 4 player pods with much consistency, but hatebear beats and MLD is often enough for you to be able to kill one or two people, just probably not all 3. If that sounds fun enough to you, go for it. I’m pretty sure Heliod with Ballista and Enlightened Tutor and such is about as powerful as mono white gets. As to the strategy you had in mind, it sounds pretty fucking janky.

>> No.74954209

Never pay for something you don’t need and you can’t flip
A cheap consolation prize they sold you on so you don’t feel bad when you lose.

>> No.74954211

better in the 99 of azorious fliers IMO

>> No.74954216

Aside from Breya, partners are your only option.

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>> No.74954249

passive-aggro, the new edh trend!

>> No.74954268

Bre— ...oh

>> No.74954273

A person who laughs at their own play doesn’t make it a joke, it’s masturbating their ego.

>> No.74954301

Many groups apparently allow Yore-Tiller as a standin commander.

>> No.74954318


>> No.74954325

>Tapped and Attacking
Ok. I understand Black and the White/Red. How is this blue? In fact with a name like "Tiller" how is this not green?

>> No.74954327

Because prior to the other legendaries you couldn't get those color-combos.

>> No.74954354

It's hard for me to judge, since I usually go for tried-and-true wincons. I've heard about Heliod, I wonder if Oketra will amount to anything then

No doubt, it has blue in it. Whos the commander?

>> No.74954357

Lore wise they should have been legends too

>> No.74954367

I'm building a endless retrieval deck. The bottle neck in this deck is sac outlets. My cheetos aren't creatures.
Should I add broader sack outlets or should I turn my creatures into cheetos?

>> No.74954461

Maybe those are just the ones that woke up? Imagine a whole bunch of those monsters still slumbering under ravnica.

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>> No.74954556

What deck can I put these three in for maximum effect? Not sure if it needs green also and I would be happy to stuff all free slots with interaction

>> No.74954560

Good thing in the two returns to the plane OG Ravnican lore wasn't shafted in favor of the Gaywatch in both blocks, haha. Wouldn't that just be hilarious?

>> No.74954566

ignore 4+ colour fags and their posts

>> No.74954573

Huh. Someone else also runs Bruse/Silas. I'll be damned.

>> No.74954577

Right now, I’ve put all the cards of a set into their respective bundles boxes. I’m new to this series so I have no clue how to handle other cards like the occasional singles I’ve picked up from random sets who don’t have bundle boxes

Also I just organize them by their colors(including their lands)/multicolor/colorless/extra like tokens or pack filler lands

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What is this retarded meme?

>> No.74954704

It offends negroes, so it's fine.

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>> No.74954719

It's a /tv/ meme in reference to King Kong vs Godzilla

Honestly, most memes on 4chan originate on /asp/, /sp/ or /tv/

>> No.74954725

Not every card is gonna live up to its color identity. 3/4 of its colors makes sense, as you’ve said, and green does have *some* recursion (usually to the hand though).

>> No.74954727


>> No.74954730

I see how it is.

>> No.74954735

Sisay superfriends

>> No.74954775

How can your deck even function she costs eight mana and you are in mono white

>> No.74954791

That's a fast sorcery.

>> No.74954848

They cast her on turn 8

>> No.74954865

Is white supposed to have problems with ramp? Literally just play artifacts lol.

>> No.74954880

portal flash-sorceries are amazing.

>> No.74955001

>mono-W is great! Just play mono-brown!

>> No.74955017

Yes that's right a quarter of my deck being artifacts makes it mono brown.

>> No.74955021

Someone in my pod is starting to express interest in making a scrambleverse/chaos deck. How do I stop this before they ruin the playgroup?

>> No.74955029

White ramp is actually fine, it’s equal to all the others in that aspect (besides) green.

White just doesn’t have a lot of burst mana or card draw. White card draw is solely in artifacts and bad/group hug spells

>> No.74955030

A lot of the memes also originate from /ck/, but they don't leak to other boards as much

>> No.74955031


>> No.74955036

That's ever deck including some green decks

>> No.74955060

>two most recommended mono-W commanders, Teshar and Sram, are mono-brown commanders

>> No.74955062

This. White has fine ramp on the same level as all the other non green colors, whites literally only problem is card advantage.

>> No.74955074

or very niche for a particular deck type

>> No.74955081

And I don't play them because they're the 2 most boring monowhite commanders.

>> No.74955087

>this flavor

>> No.74955129

Just let them do it,
They’ll see it’s just a groaner and retire it themselves.

>> No.74955147

Even though the card is new and I'm not a big fan of Azra, I think that Kels, Fight Fixer is pretty damn flavorful card when it comes to her abilities considering her occupation.

>> No.74955219

>implying any mono color has shit on Black ramp

>> No.74955227

seems fun

>> No.74955267

I'd personally build around his first ability and just 95% ignore the second one. Cho-Manno with access to Blasphemous Act and Repercussion is a good time.
Too bad his art fucking suuuuuuuucks

>> No.74955273

His smug fucking face makes me want to tear his card to pieces

>> No.74955281

I did the same thing
Though his sun titan esque card is fantastic and I need more for them they go in every white deck pretty much

>> No.74955283

Being racist isn't a personality trait you scumbag pissbaby.

>> No.74955317

Anon it looks like splash art for a mobile game, I'd say the same thing if it looked like an ayy lmao or something

>> No.74955322

I’d personally build around his second ability and just 95% ignore his first one. Dual casting spell-slinging and land destruction is a good time. Too bad people would cry about land destruction and be bitter about it.

>> No.74955326

thats pretty much all magic art at this point. its fucking pathetic.

>> No.74955360

Yeah sure keep coming up with excuses nazi.

>> No.74955373


>> No.74955376

What’s it like living with BACA?

>> No.74955385

...Bikers Against Child Abuse?

>> No.74955388


>> No.74955389

Should I run X?
Why would you run X when you could run Y?
If X and Y work, why not both?

>> No.74955395

Blacks Are Criminals, Anon?

>> No.74955405

You should always play both. Cut a land.

>> No.74955406

Cabal coffers, black and red ritual effects, blue’s love for artifacts and high tide exist. White simply does not have efficient ramp options like the other colors, with the exception of mana tithe.

>> No.74955409

Burritos Annihilate Cats Abruptly?

>> No.74955410

>Should I run Fire?
>Why would you run Fire when you could run Ice?
One pings dudes, one cantrips and cucks a voltron player
>If Fire and Ice work, why not both?
The only good Fuse card is Wear and Tear, that's just the reality of it

>> No.74955427

Black doesn’t have the basic fetching/tutors the way white has access to, its legacy support is fine like Urbog and Rituals are fine tho which is why most colors are even aside from perhaps blue whose the most artifact reliant/synergistic when it comes to ramp.

>> No.74955428

>finishing up one deck
>so i can finish up another
>so i can buy sleeves for a deck i haven't started yet
>played three 1v1 games about two weeks ago
>before then haven't played since lockdown
This hobby is hardly worth it

>> No.74955498

FOMO is a hell of a drug

>> No.74955515

Just have one deck and switch out the commander.

>> No.74955554

How exactly do you end up becoming such a faggot?

>> No.74955560

>tfw esper
So there's like nothing better to switch out to?

>> No.74955572

It's difficult to play Esper and not be a turbofag but it is possible

>> No.74955582

why do you flaunt your red cards every single thread

>> No.74955591

play Esper jank suicide control

>> No.74955593

chromium and Yennet

>> No.74955615

its a rednigger, theyre like a kid showing an adult a rock they found on the ground, you either ignore them or just playcate.

>> No.74955625

Sorry, I just run bolas/aetherflux/divining top combo. Maybe even some tutors for thassas combos. Oh and cyclonic rift or cleansing nova will hit you at some point during the game.

>> No.74955637

Run Brand, Trostaini Dischordant, and any other anti-bullshit in a Chromat deck with a few combo wins stuffed in, if they want to dick around, you can get an advantage and win every game

>> No.74955648

If it's any constellation, these red players are a diamond dozen

>> No.74955654

post the commanders of the worst, most insufferable people youve ever had the displeasure of playing with.
Include your horror stories if you feel like it.

>> No.74955711

I assume this is that one fucking stupid deck with only 2 nonlands?

>> No.74955721

whiniest adult ive ever met, nearly started crying because he was so angry that the Tasigur player fogged his Craterhoof.

>> No.74955727

i play maelstrom wanderer

>> No.74955741

forgot image whoops

>> No.74955742

Wait how the fuck does this work with those ZRS Double faced permanants?

>> No.74955749

Teferi, Mizzix, Meren, and Atraxa. I already bitched about it the last few threads but they were the definitive "LGS Nightmare" players.

>> No.74955769

this will subtly kill your enjoyment of the game

imo it's better to buy new, wildly different decks, but just cut down on expensive goodstuff and run more cheap jank

>> No.74955788

i assume they have the cmc of whatever is the default face of the card

>> No.74955802

Chulane and angus mackenzie.

>> No.74955822

Kels looks really flavorful I'm planning on brewing up a deck with her tonight

>> No.74955843

I run him in my dino's. He kept not performing until I realized what a beast he is on his own. Sure he gives other dino's +2/+2, which can be great sometimes. But he's a quick 8/8 on the table and green has all sorts of bonuses for having a 4+ power card on the table. Concentrate on that more and I think you'll find him doing better.

Yes, I am a Timmy

>> No.74955874

what part specifically?

If you cascade into them, you have the ability to use either face if either face is "castable"

iirc all the MDFC's that are castable, have non-land front faces, so you would hit it via cascade.

>> No.74955912

I run oinker and I've not gotten tired of it.

>> No.74955913

>only person at table without jace shoes
help /tg/ im scared

>> No.74955969

I'm waiting for Garruk clogs that come with a bucket hat.

>> No.74955988

>me and friend at lgs
>get a pod together with another regular and a random with pic related
>guy immediately starts talking about how he never loses, all of his decks are insane
>friend is just playing his jank Gonti deck
>he casts Sadistic Sacrament and removes 3 of his many combo enablers.
>Golos player starts cussing and tells him if he does that again they’re going to have to “take it outside”
>we tell him to calm down or leave
>friend casts Gonti, multiple triggers through some effects, one of course targetted the Golos player
>guy literally balls his fists in rage destroying the cards in his hand and storms off outside
>literally standing outside with his shirt off
>lgs has many windows, everyone is just staring at him outside furious
>we just continue the game
>owner calls the police

Never seen the guy since, he left his deck and everything when the cops arrived.
Never met a decent guy playing golos either

>> No.74956015

rampy goodstuff players are truly a misbegotten breed

>> No.74956016

Did he cast jace shoes on himself?

>> No.74956141

>Sadistic Sacrament
Tell your friend he has some good taste.

>> No.74956200

hahaha holy fuck. Was this in america? Im a leaf but when i was visiting a friend (W) in Oregon, he took me to his LGS for a game when my flight was delayed.

>W is playing janky Daxos enchantments
>Im playing Jarad aristocrats
>rando we are playing with is playing Vilis
>as the game starts rando is talking about how it takes a lot of wit and strategy to pilot his Vilis deck
>smug self satisfied ass who wont carry a normal conversation
>game goes on, rando taps out and drops Vilis and asks if we concede
>W nudges me and shows me his hand
>try not to burst out laughing
>i have a blood artist, cast my sac outlet
>W casts Fate Unraveler
>it takes rando a minute to realize he is dead
>he calls W a cocksucking faggot
>W just laughs and goes to pack up his stuff
>rando smacks W's deck off the table and starts doing what i could only describe as a mix between crying and hyperventilating
>owner comes up and has to escort rando away after awkward pushing and yelling and shit
ive encountered pissbabies before, but never this extreme

>> No.74956226

I love this card in Slimefoot. It can let you generate (and kill) seven saprolings for 5 mana. It's incredibly efficient in comparison to other saproling cards in the deck.

>> No.74956260

I feel a Canadian would express their rage in a passive aggressive manner, compared to the more outwardly aggressive American.

>> No.74956285

Yeah I’m American ,
I’m used to the typical rude MtG players at things like a Grand Prix but that’s the only time I’ve had someone like that in EDH

>> No.74956357

Yep. Ive seen tantrums but never namecalling or violence. We have just as many barfights and shit, i just find that the aggression in a lot more mundane places in America that surprised me.
In my experience the banter is better herebecause nobody takes it personally, and is good natured about it. But I live in a blue collar city so maybe the kind of horrible shit we say wouldnt fly in a progressive area.

>> No.74956387

Is this a meme?

>> No.74956403

Unfortunately not

>> No.74956448

Posting stories that never happened? Yes, that is a meme.

>> No.74956492

You’re right, the story was missing jace shoes.

>> No.74956505

We've identified another meme.

>> No.74956552

There was a guy in my playgroup who was in his 30s with a neckbeard and literally wore a fedora.
Memes have to come from somewhere.

>> No.74956569

Pic very related.

>> No.74956599

I had a mono green legend tribal deck with reki at the helm once. I dismantled it because it usually one by storming out, which is just masturbation in anything but the hypercompetitive pods.

So it was the perfect pseudocasual deck for people who want to win but don't want to compete for the win!

>> No.74956808

Alright, friends: Mirrormade or Sculpting Steel? Need to run one or the other as a copy artifact combo piece. Off the top of my head:

>mirrormade pros:
can copy sylvan library, smothering tithe, rhystic study, other incidental enchantments I might run into
pitches to Force of Will and Force of Negation

>sculpting steel pros:
when I need to combo off, it's tutorable with fabricate, tezzeret, and whir of invention
somewhat easier to cast (I'm mono-U)

>> No.74956879

Anyone want to hear about the time Villainous Wealth caused someone to key my car?

>> No.74956912


>> No.74956913

Cut a land, run both

>> No.74956919


Had a guy shit stomp our pod for three weeks with pic related. He used Elesh Norn, Kormus Bell and Urbog to lock us out of lands and other such combos for quick wins.
Don't get me wrong it was easily the strongest deck in our meta for a very long time.

The problem came when we told that it was becoming unfun for us to play against it as the deck was simply faster than us and games became a race to kill him before he could kill the other three players.

In the end we had to freeze him out of the group as he refused to play anything else as he said he spent to much money on this deck and didn't want to play anything else.

This guy was playing CEDH last i saw and having a miserable time doing it.

Pretty shitty experience all round desu

>> No.74957104

>In the end we had to freeze him out of the group as he refused to play anything else as he said he spent to much money on this deck and didn't want to play anything else.
this is your brain on cEDH

>> No.74957146

>this is your brain on pubstomping groups of low power decks with turd pile decks you put money in and think they are good

>> No.74957153

Cerebral Eruption buyout when?

>> No.74957194

i cant believe semen sphere spiked so hard

>> No.74957202

>t. dumb nigger who has never actually played a single game of CEDH

>> No.74957212

Norwood Priestess buyout when?

>> No.74957264

I was making fun of the guy who spent too much money on a shit deck under the guise of being competitive

>> No.74957290

Sisay is no where near cedh anymore. She's higher power normal edh at best. The days of her being a boogeyman in the format are 10 years ago

>> No.74957347

your group is just too retarded to run interaction or answers.

>> No.74957361

Atraxa superfriends
5c goodstuff
UW stax with no actual wincon
any deck that can ramp up quickly then play MLD while staying positive on board like Daretti, Maelstrom Wanderer or Korvold
any obvious 2-card combo that has a piece in the command zone like Mikaeus or Niv-Mizzet
any deck that relies on tutoring the same combo pieces every time to win


>> No.74957392

Not very organised at all. Just boxes in boxes in boxes. Upgrading to chest of drawers soon.

>> No.74957397

my roommate has a Golos group hug deck that’s pretty sweet (:

>> No.74957418

Oh I think most people quickly realize his flip side is where he really shines. Giving your 5/5s a +2 is not quite as good as giving a 1/1 +2/0

Focusing on his 4+ power? How exactly? Got any specifics or a list I can crib off?

>> No.74957478

>Rather than get better, rising to your level, ,we demand you get worse and sink to ours.

>> No.74957490

You can safely ignore land side.

>> No.74957551

Neither side wanted to budge. The sisay guy should have made a jank deck. Once he went against “serious” competition he got miserable.

>> No.74957764

I hate defense of the heart. That card might as well read "3G : at the begining of your upkeep, if target opponent controls 3 or more creatures, you win the game"

>> No.74957913

Removal> mass creatures. unless they're going for the Forbidden Orchard/ Hunted creature thing of giving tokens out its not a problem

>> No.74957942

99% of the times they go for kiki + conscripts and win the game on the spot if nobody has removal ready

>> No.74957958


>fat asian playing sliver queen
>brags constantly about the cost of the deck (over $3000)
>mentions every other turn that he only plays commander for the colors, he never summons his commander
>after literally any play, says "in response to that..." and will sometimes pause and say "go ahead, I'll allow it."
>mentions that he could win at any time, but he just "wants to keep the game going"
>shuts down any game winning play and giggles afterward
>everyone starts to target him, he begins to get pissed
>someone finally gets him for lethal
>he says "in response to that..." and just stares at his cards, shuffling them in his hand over and over
>does this for over 5 minutes
>he insists he has an answer he's just trying to figure out what would be the best play
>after a few more minutes everyone just scoops

Albert, fuck you.

>> No.74957974

I meant you shouldn't let them resolve the Defence in the first place

>> No.74958022

>worse elvish piper
buyout never

>> No.74958034

Norwood Priestess titty-edit when?

>> No.74958061

I mean sure but "you should always have an answer for everything" in a format with 99 singleton cards is just a shitty argument

>> No.74958087


>> No.74958101

Well you lose some timing, but it taps at no cost, but its 1 more G instead of a colorless...

Yeah it's ... not the best

>> No.74958425

fair point, I should have mentioned this was five years ago.
I should also have mentioned that we were (and still are) craw wurm tier trash. Definalty focused around Jank, group mess, cards etc. So it was rather perplexing to come along with a powerful/focused deck.

You are very right. However what I should say is that we as a pod had been together and still are together for quiet a while. We should have better informed the new guy as to what we where and this whole mess could have probably been averted.

tl;dr: I should have included more context in my post.

>> No.74958683

I forbid you from making fun of me. Cerebral Eruption deals damage AND returns to hand if one of these new flip things are revealed.

>> No.74958873

IMO if you're gonna try to pull something like that you should just play avacyn angel of hope. Problem is shes an 8 mana commander in mono white, based on the decks you mentioned in your pod the deck will be considerably more jank than your opponents.

>> No.74958884

What are some fun old bordered commanders?

>> No.74958941

>implying that tribal decks aren't viable

Elves, zombies, wizards are all actually very good decks

>> No.74958979

no sans-green commanders that synergize much with PWs, so i'd so go 5 color. lots to chooose from

>> No.74959033

Bet you half his expensive shit was proxies. No one has to talk about the price of their deck when edh is known for big dick deck prices

>> No.74959100

OG Volrath

>> No.74959129

unban leovold

>> No.74959173

Ban blue.

>> No.74959211

Mad cuz bad lmao

>> No.74959242

If i build Atraxa as random funky counter stuff will i still be hated?

>> No.74959249

Just use stack-proof punch

>> No.74959268

even more hated, because you'll sit down and claim your deck is just a bunch of jank, and people will think you're being dishonest

>> No.74959271

Yes because people will have ptsd

>> No.74959274

Pubstompers always say "Oh it's not a typical X deck" when it is in fact a typical X deck.
Once bittern twice shy.

>> No.74959310

If youre not playing blue are you really playing magic

>> No.74959330

Wow this thread is as cucked as always

>> No.74959349

He’s probably a hearthshit immigrant

>> No.74959355

People will be wary when you first sit down with it probably, but after a game or two of "I proliferate that tide and -2/-1 counter lol" they'll probably mellow out, if they aren't autists.

>> No.74959387

I have Atraxa in my 99 in Ramos
Everything I play it everyone spergs out and removes it. It has not lasted more than a single turn. I laugh every time.

>> No.74959768

I don't they're fucking scattered everywhere in janky piles

>> No.74959786

Post elo

>> No.74959833

I know most people hate it because its Simic, braindead, easy to build, etc... But god damn I fucking love Tatyova, drawing cards and playing a fuck ton of lands is why I love this game, and she does both so perfectly.

>> No.74959863

I find more success with avacyn in the 99 and lyra as the cmander

5 mana anthem and lifelink for all my critters really helps keep me in the game

>> No.74959923

Hey, that's my girlfriend!

>> No.74959954

It’s dead like every other format. If paper wasn’t still banned due to the People are stupid virus, it’d be perfectly alive because they killed inverter.

Still would never touch a fucking eternal format with a stick. Modern, legacy, standard, pioneer, that historic shit. Its all garbage with people arguing what is and isnt the socially acceptable combo kill deck

>> No.74959965

>do thing, draw card
>waifufag bait

it's like a supernova of the worst things in EDH

>> No.74959971

And it is

>> No.74960079

Somebody needs to shop out that orb and slap some fat tits on that fish

>> No.74960138

ngl, the way she holds her hands always made me think of implied paizuri.

>> No.74960232

whats the optimum number of legendary permanents in my deck to include mox amber or legendary spells?

>> No.74960255

1, Your commander

>> No.74960359

Ignoring the fact that you'll always have your commander available (like if you want to use the Mox Amber to accelerate out your commander):

A rough back of the napkin calculation would be, if you have 10 Legendary creatures/Planeswalkers that are cheap enough to turn on the amber, you'd have roughly a 47% chance to have one of them in your opening 6 (Mox Amber being one of your opening 7.). If that's not good enough odds, 15 Legendary creatures/Planeswalkers would have an 80% chance to turn it on by turn 4 (10 non-Mox cards seen).

>> No.74960381

Depends what you find fun

>drawing cards and playing a fuck ton of lands is why I love this game
Why even bother playing? Just goldfish

>> No.74960387

1, your commander

>> No.74960407

Maelstrom, funny enough. As many MLDs as possible, then theft. My group didn't tell him to change, but his other group got sick of it so he changed it out.

>> No.74960411


I fucking hate this bitch and every commander resembling her.

>> No.74960511

What's wrong with merfolk? They're pretty cool

>> No.74960589


just finished my based Godo deck

>TQ: How do you keep your collection organized and stored? How do you keep track of your collection?

I sold all my non-EDH deck so now my entire collection of EDH decks and staples fit in a shoe box.

>> No.74960604

it's all so tiresome

>> No.74960646

>"my" based Godo deck
>it's just fast mana and Helm like every Godo deck
Timmy, please.

>> No.74960667

would be worth it just for continued endless shitposting

>> No.74960689

False. Anywhere other than the battlefield, a DFC only has the qualities of its front face.

>> No.74960704

I'm convinced that stax players are just broken people who had to sit through one too many 15 min turns of a simicfag spinning his value wheels without accomplishing anything.

>> No.74960746

True enlightenment is to be both the simic value player and the stax player

>> No.74960760


Bought a 5000 card storage box recently, been using spare time to sort by colour>rarity>alphabetical.
Taking a while to sort, but I just pop it open and put on a video and do it when i got some spare time.

>> No.74960763

>no Overburden

>> No.74960768


>> No.74960769

el diablo.........

>> No.74960803

STAX players are faggots, pure and simple

>> No.74960806

This is correct

>> No.74960833

I stax to make dumb wincons viable. It's pragmatism.

>> No.74960850

I play Oko in all my decks just so I can turn peoples commanders into elks. Its funny when people build decks that don't function without their commander.

>> No.74960861


>> No.74960865


>> No.74960870

>Laughs and then cries

>> No.74960884

Gun to your head: Estrid or Tuvasa for Bantchantress? (Wincons are various combos and Opalesence jank)

>> No.74960895

Tuvasa so I can run Summon the School combos

>> No.74960915

Tuvasa is probably better because the words "draw a card" are printed on the card.
But I do like using the otherwise underused land enchantments with Estrid's + to make a lot of mana.

>> No.74960928


>> No.74960948

Big fan of my Estrid deck if you’re going the Bant route.
The theme is Replenish effects and abuses the shit out of this and enchantress cantripping.

>> No.74961025

0 fear.

>> No.74961040

What goofy combat triggers should I throw into her?

>> No.74961057

God, every fucking rare card in Urza’s Block was prime kino. I remember all the bitching in Scrye magazine after Urza’s Saga standard, but the haters can get fucked. Better to be broken and memorable than boring and forgettable (or broken and forgettable, for that matter).

>> No.74961084

Extremely based. Judge crucible is best printing of that card bar none, love the old border on it. Just wish it was available in non-foil

>> No.74961114

Why is this banned when Thassa's Oracle isn't?

>> No.74961129

Not really following. Is there something I'm missing that isn't repeat tokens every other turn?
The initial idea with Tuvasa was to fall back on an enchantress if one is not in my opening hand. But with 10+ ways to get an Enchantress effect by t3 going (Rhystic Study I'm gonna count here), I wonder if redundancy is worth the helm. Estrid sacrifices this for more bigger payoffs I feel. That and breaking parity with Stax.
Another vote for fish
Do you have the list on you? Because I have pretty much all of the pieces necessary to make it, just want to see some further insight.

If it helps, the main combos are going to be:
>Enchanted Evening+Boardwipes/Aura Thief
>Omniscience Psuedo-storm draw -> Approach the Second Sun
>Decree of Silence + Solemnity, Phyrexian Unlife for fun
>Opalessense/Starfield of Nyx for beats.
Other combos I'm considering are Siona+Shielded by Faith and Living Plane+Mirari's Wake+Enchanted Evening (kills all lands of theirs, not mine) but I'm not too sure due to how specific the stars need to align.

>> No.74961154


>> No.74961160

Because you can have a single 5C creature and Prismatic Omen on board to have an 8 mana sorcery win the game for you. Clearly that's more broken than Consultation/Oracle

>> No.74961165

>Tradition is but the worship of ashes

>> No.74961185

just saw a real bad collector’s box opening on youtube and now I am maybe regretting that I told my LGS I wanted one
but they’re giving it to me for 200 so I guess that’s okay

>> No.74961206

Intruder Alarm, Cryptolith Rite, and a token doubler

Wa la

>> No.74961209

Because Sheldon and his band of cronies are a bunch of fucking morons who literally don’t play the game outside of their own incestuous playgroup. These are the same people who let Flash Hulk run rampant for years because they themselves didn’t encounter it.

>> No.74961219

That is what's based about it. It also has goblins. Being a special snowflake does not make you special and unique, Johnny. It just means you play jank.

>> No.74961227

Maybe don't crack it like a simp and sell it 10 years from now for profit?

>> No.74961237

Cedh needs its own ball library

>> No.74961240

I'm a griefers. Stax is the greatest pleasure in life. I love using annoying cards to fuck up people's shit.

>> No.74961291

oooh now that makes sense. Nice.

>> No.74961294

>he thinks Godo is still cEDH
The arrogance is unwarranted, Timmy.

>> No.74961351

The rules committee banned Iona and Paradox Engine before it decided to ban Flash

>> No.74961390

Then have the CAG which is filled with a bunch of massive fucking retards like Shivam who moreor less believes that cEDH players can just fuck off and aren't welcome even calling themselves EDH players, all while not understanding the style of play itself. With the RC its a lot of genuine ignorance, but the CAG is just cancer. It says a lot that Rachel Agnes is one of the more sane voices there.

Half the commander banlist makes no sense even in their weird worldview because their dogshit craw play group has not represented 90% of commander tables, even kitchen table included, for the better part of six to seven years

>> No.74961411

cEDH nexus has some people who would REE at you over that statement, and they create half the online cEDH meta and are behind all the netdecks. Its definitely a still deck, maybe less so than it used to be

>> No.74961441

Any hot girls for my Saskia Armpit tribal deck?

>> No.74961464


Just plugged in everything but the land base, I’ll edit that in later
Idea is to cantrip off. Only play Estrid when a few land enchantments are out to abuse them, occasionally pressure an Ult with Oath of Teferi

Things like phantatog, faith healer, and high market allow me to avoid exile effects to keep my recursion running until I lock out the game.

If you’re feeling ballsy, tunnel vision naming replenish etc.

>> No.74961522

I’m not buying a box of cards as an investment. I want some of those expeditions.

>> No.74961535

Aren’t they the box toppers? You’ll just get 1 and a random one at that

>> No.74961542

>Phantatog, Faith Healer, Tunnel Vision
This is the kind of fun jank I'm looking for. Thanks a mil, anon

>> No.74961551

collector’s boxes come with 2
and 1 out of 6 packs has a foil one so ~2 more per box

>> No.74961558

Guys, I got a $100 gift card to Amazon for my birthday. What should I buy?

>> No.74961575

Copy Perplexing Chimera and play Homeward path if you really want to get people focused on the wrong thing at the table.
It ends up defending my final haymaker plays as well

>> No.74961587

nice pits are pretty darn rare in mtg, but Kor Sky Climber is definitely up there fighting for the crown

>> No.74961591

Then if that was all there was to it you'd just buy the expeditions themselves. You're addicted to the gambling aspect, admit it.

>> No.74961604

I unironically think stax encourages the most interactive games even if the point of stax is the opposite of that

>> No.74961610

Fair enough,
I’d just heard it was topper only. I’m not sure I agree on buying a box for that reason though

>> No.74961690

Whatever would make you happy anon

>> No.74961708

Some super tricked out dice/deckboxes/playmat.

>> No.74961947

What clearly suboptimal choices do you make in your decks for personal reasons?

I have a Mimeoplasm deck that runs Voidslime over Disallow. It's not even an Ooze tribal deck but Voidslime just has style points for days.

>> No.74962002

I want to build a shrine tribal with Sisay as my commander but goddamn some of the good enchantment support is fucking expensive now. A solid fifth of this deck I want to make is over 20 bucks a card with some pushing $100+.

I'm to much of a cheap bitch when i comes to magic for this shit.

>> No.74962055

I just run it because it looks neat, bad habit but no regrets

>> No.74962064

>What clearly suboptimal choices do you make in your decks for personal reasons?
I will always run Naturalize and Krosan Overgrowth over the cards nowadays that are straight up better

>> No.74962073

>Friends are pretty much dropping out of the game at this point
>Still want to try 100000000 decks and whatnot
>Covid made playing a rare thing
>no other play group

>> No.74962084

A Terese Nielsen Tokens of Spirit Set and a playmat

>> No.74962096

then build an anti-deck of shrines.
just the most enchantment hateful deck you got rockin

>> No.74962104


>> No.74962121

Godo is just the best for smashing timmy noobs. cEDH is for pretentious losers.

>> No.74962389

Started re-playing with my best friend since 2021 came out. we play in person, but he got me to try Spelltable and it's pretty great, but Ive yet to play other people I dont know. Maybe you should try it, anon.

>> No.74962438

What's the Starmie of commanders?

>> No.74962465

Anyone have the deck template showing off each color commander?

>> No.74962538

what does this mean? Who is the best rapid spinner? maybe Derevi.

>> No.74962558

buy chinese bootlegs for $2 each. I just got a mox diamond, wheel of fortune and mana crypt and they are indistinguishable from the real thing especially when sleeved. Stop paying +$50 for cardboard.

>> No.74962638

yes on mox diamond and mana crypt, you're wrong on wheel. there's not a good one of those quite yet. it's passable for casual but it's really not up to a great level yet.

>> No.74962664


>> No.74963398

Tell me where and I will happily buy a knockoff replenish and shit. I don't want to pay a hundred bucks for a this gimmick.

>> No.74963656

I used to run that in my Ruhan deck as a cheap haste enabler that could also tap shit sometimes.

>> No.74964028

No retard, at least know what you're buying.
It's 2 guaranteed foil box toppers and 2 guaranteed foil rare/mythic

>> No.74964558

Message https://www.reddit.com/user/Plexaderm . Best US reseller currently. The first post you see should link his google spreadsheet full of shit he has currently

>> No.74965968

That’s a good thing. Flash was only a problem for cedh autists. The other two ruined games in casual playgroups and are bad card designs.

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