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When To Watch Edition

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First for AoS is the better game

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I claim this thread for the imperial guard

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what base size should I use for a gigantic chaos spawn?

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Hell yes, my Cadian comrade. Death to traitor and xeno cykas

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>When To Watch Edition
Add an hour to all these times and read the summary instead like a normal human being

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Based and true. Imagine still playing 40k.

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use the maulerfiend base which is 120x92mm if google is to be believed

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Is there a printable version of the Crusade Sheet for easy use? I've seen a messy excel online but it sucks ass.

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convert more

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>actually have those
nice! for future reference, where do I find such info?

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Why would I have to imagine reality

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Is there a better place than amazon and ebay to buy kits online if you are in the US? My LGS doesn't offer discounts over the GW online prices so I buy a lot of my stuff online but amazon and ebay have both had their prices jacked up.

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any hope for releases that are actually interesting?

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Indisputable, but I also have 40k armies.

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You mean besides the one in the book? That is the one I used and I just made a bunch of copies at work.

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neat, I never thought the helmets scaled well actually

>> No.74859670

its slightly askew but it would be barely noticeable. it is indeed very cool

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obscure forums with latest post dated 2008

>> No.74859673

No. they'll just formalize the stuff we've seen around, aka the land speeder the lieutenants for other armies and the intercessors gravis + captain with heavy bolter.

>> No.74859683

At the moment this is true, never used to be this way but 40k has turned to shit

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plebbit has one

>> No.74859688

Smaller independent game stores? I buy all my stuff from WayLand in the UK, I'm sure there's tons over there too

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I hope we get a peak at the necron's protocols. Outside of that I'm not hoping for much.

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Why is warseer dead

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I just wish they would bring battalions to 40k in a more consistent way (rather than just stuff like vigilus). Building towards a battalion was fun for me as an AoS player as I am more of a collector than anything anyway.
But I wouldn't say it is a better game, double turns are pretty bad as a concept.

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Void dragon and monolith are good enough for me, plastic flayed ones are a nice dream though

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which is a terrible disgusting mess. Guess beggards can't be choosers.

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so, since units have to disembark BEFORE their transport moves that turn, that means I cant simply drive up to a target, then disembark my unit and shoot with it and the transport? If yes, then how should I use transports? Just as transports instead of Infantry Support Vehicles(ISVs)? Because it seems like taking a whole turn to let my guys out at the spot that i need them is unfeasible. I wanted to run an Armageddon/mechanized infantry army but this one hang up is ruing my plans.

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Is it fair to bring a Gorkanaut in a 1500 point game?

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flayed ones are the last resin unit, right?

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No its all marines forever

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>I want GW to tell you exactly what units to include in your list
Fuck off with that bullshit.

>> No.74859724

not for you

>> No.74859727

The named ctan are still resin, as are all our names characters outside szeras

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I had a lefty friend of mine read Helsreach.

He said it was OK but described it as a power fantasy .

How in the fuck is Helsreach a power fantasy? Grimaldus is a depressed bastard who feels constantly powerless despite being a superhuman, but gets some solace by connecting with the people around him and treasuring those moments of vulnerability, despite his efforts basically doing nothing to "win" the war.

Bummed me out.

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>then how should I use transports?
they usually move more than the standard infantry and are tougher than the infantry they carry

>> No.74859734

he sounds like he plays MtG.

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Gorkanaut's aren't good.

>> No.74859744

But anon, we can't say anything good about aos or else we get angry people talking about muh whfb.

>> No.74859750

To protect your dudes / make them move faster dipshit.

>> No.74859752

I want space dawi with shard dragons.

>> No.74859753

Drive transport up to objective.
Let the enemy blow it up.
Dump the unit in the transport on the objective.

>> No.74859755

Guardsmen with the double move order are probably going to move faster than the transport will but at the same time the transport is going to protect them from small arms fire. You just have to plan ahead a bit when you're using transports.

>> No.74859757

I come to you to say "muh whfb"
t. someone who is making multiple 6th/7th ed armies in preparation of Old World and to satisfy a childhood dream that I never got because I was dumb enough to get Black Reach instead of Skull Pass.

>> No.74859758

>that means I cant simply drive up to a target, then disembark my unit and shoot with it and the transport?
>If yes, then how should I use transports?
Transports are faster and more durable than nearly all things they can carry. You use them to protect valuable but squishy/slow things.

>> No.74859761

>space marine novels
>not power fantasy

>> No.74859764

>exactly what units to include in your list
How do AoS battalions work?

>> No.74859765

Would be cool if the void dragon kit is actually a multipart shard kit and you can build a couple of variants, either the two we've got already or some new ones like endless swarm and burning one

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>7th ed armies
Everything after 6th was trash. And that's not counting how much better the even older editions were when they didn't fuck up.

>> No.74859773

Which is why you come here to shit up our thread?
Also MESBG>any other game GW makes.

>> No.74859775

I thought 9th made then a bunch better?

>> No.74859777

>instead of Skull Pass.
the dwarf models there were trash
easily the worst fantasy starter box

>> No.74859779

Transports are actually solid in 9th, as even the explosion etc. won't kill as many dudes as an enemy could, they usually require AT weapons to kill them, drawing fire from other vehicles, some of them have good durability for the cost. Just park them on the objective and get out next turn.

OTOH you want them to units that are valuable on their own and need the protection, fully mechanised armies aren't that great.

>> No.74859783

so, just use it purely as a transport, and not an ISV? aka, dont try to synergize it with the unit within?

>> No.74859784

>bringing back formations
>in any kind

>> No.74859785

won't happen

>> No.74859789

I doubt GW will ever release a cool multi kit again.

>> No.74859790

Lelith says NO to trousers

>> No.74859791

Have you fucking read it?

>> No.74859792

>I cant simply drive up to a target, then disembark my unit and shoot with it and the transport?

You can if you play marines

>> No.74859793

>This cope
Age of Sigmar was a better game at launch, because 7th edition was shite. 8th was the best edition in years because it copying Age of Sigmar so closely.

>> No.74859799

>aka, dont try to synergize it with the unit within?
you need to have a plan that spans more than one turn instead of being a braindead taxi, yes

>> No.74859801

Too shit to live.

>> No.74859808

Include X of unit A, Y of unit B, Z of unit C etc. get special rule.

Sometimes X,Y, Z are a range rather than a number, like 3 to 5 units.

Same shit as 7e formations.

>> No.74859812

>When they didn't fuck up
Never happened, you senile old man.

>> No.74859813

>use a transport as a transport
If you want an ISV play space marines or bring a banehammer

>> No.74859814

If an enemy unit is close you can charge the transport in after shooting is done and time them up, or use the transport to block los to the unit it just dropped off. Most transports don't really have the firepower to cut it as an ISV.

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He must have disagreed with you because of his politics. That's the only explanation.

>> No.74859819

I like 6th and 7th asides from some egregious lore retardation(read: all of the flanderization of Bretonnia). the first couple of editions were too "british DnD game with too many models" whereas 4th was herohammer crap, and 5th... was good Ill give it that.

fuck you those dwarf models are awesome, especially the command group with its awesome dragon totem pole horn.

>> No.74859821

>an SM novel

I mean, it is, but not just a Space Marine novel. There’s a lot of focus on the actual people.

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>> No.74859824

Keeper of Secrets came out last year.

>> No.74859829

You absolutely can. It's just something that happens along different turns.

>> No.74859835


>> No.74859840

Generally yes. A couple factions do have the fire power to use their transports as ISVs, namely marines

>> No.74859842

marines have to disembark in the same order as everyone else, anon, and that's before the vehicle moves.

>> No.74859845

Yeah, I know. Still nice to dream

>> No.74859848

that's not a cool multikit

>> No.74859850

>Thinking that Primaris have to follow the same rules as everyone else

>> No.74859852

Not if you buy the special primaris transport!

>> No.74859853

Nah, I just like the building, painting, and collecting parts of the hobby more than playing. I wouldn't care if the battalions were crap (most of the AoS ones are), I just think it is a cool concept and a great way to list build in a thematic way.

>> No.74859860

so, use it as a transport that can deliver dudes and then act as a defense for them, or worst case ontario, sacrificial cover? I wanted to bring gryphon pattern chimeras because of the autocannon(looks cool and its good firepower)
What are worthwhile units to transport, just elites like veterans? I was goojng to use infantry squads.

>> No.74859868

okay, fair point. sorry for insulting you by accusing you of playing MtG.

>> No.74859870

If you're just playing for fun you can transport whatever you want but if you want to use them effectively you want to go in with a plan and something worthwhile.

>> No.74859871

You can build a KoS or the special character, so it's a multikit.

I am advising you not to expose your lack of taste by trying to claim it's not a cool model. Trust me, I'm a grog.

>> No.74859872

>those dwarf models are awesome
no, they weren't, the plastic dwarfs of 6 edition were the absolute worse dwarfs GW ever produced
bad proportions, bad armour, clunky weapons
they were a spit in the eye for every dwarf fan until then and after them and no amount of rose tinted glasses will change that

get some standards and use the metal models

>> No.74859873

What time do the primaris marine announcements start?

>> No.74859879

Open topped transports will let you shoot out of it. Assault transports (i.e. Impulsor) will let you jump out and shoot after moving at the cost of your protection. So there are options for most aggressive use. Scoring objectives is vital in the 9th ed. matched play missions so just having an extra hard to shift unit on an objective is valuable. This is usually the goal with you've got a transport + min troops choice (e.g. 5 Dire Avengers in a Wave Serpent). The lost shooting isn't a big deal. If you have a slow or fragile melee unit in a transport (Repentia in a Rhino, Mega Nobz in a Trukk) the idea is to use the transport's speed to move aggressively into midfield where the melee unit can control space and threaten objectives or other relevant portions of the board with a charge on the following turn.

>> No.74859880

wait, really? of course primaris fucking shit all over eveything. I play marines but I don't use primaris and never look at their rules.

>> No.74859885

I'd rather buy my own asshole.

>> No.74859887

It's just reached the point where I can predict someone's opinions about almost anything alomg political lines even on things that shouldn't be affected by that.

It's incredibly tiresome.

>> No.74859890

don't joke like that

>> No.74859891

>he thinks its a joke

>> No.74859893

Right now baby. Exclusive announcement: Primaris are shit.

>> No.74859894

Hey /tg/ I inherited an imp guard army from my Uncle. I wanna play it similar to how it is for now but was wondering what changes to make it a legal list/improve it/make it more fun that /tg/ would suggest. I got 4 vet squads with double melts + chimera, 3 knights, a wyvern and a commissar. Among other things, point changes make it a bit awkward and the vets are no longer troop choices. Here's where I'm headed atm but not sure what to do with the spare points or the direction I want to go with knight house, warlord traits and guard regiment.

++ Patrol Detachment -2CP (Imperium - Astra Militarum) [35 PL, 10CP, 595pts] ++

+ Configuration +

Battle Size [12CP]: 3. Strike Force (101-200 Total PL / 1001-2000 Points)

Detachment CP [-2CP]

Gametype: Matched

Regimental Doctrine: Astra Millitarum

+ HQ +

Lord Commissar [3 PL, 40pts]: Bolt pistol, Power Sword

+ Troops +

Infantry Squad [3 PL, 55pts]
. 8x Guardsman: 8x Lasgun
. Guardsman W/ Special Weapon: Meltagun
. Sergeant: Laspistol

Infantry Squad [3 PL, 55pts]
. 8x Guardsman: 8x Lasgun
. Guardsman W/ Special Weapon: Meltagun
. Sergeant: Laspistol

Infantry Squad [3 PL, 55pts]
. 8x Guardsman: 8x Lasgun
. Guardsman W/ Special Weapon: Meltagun
. Sergeant: Laspistol

+ Heavy Support +

Wyverns [8 PL, 135pts]
. Wyvern: Heavy Bolter

+ Dedicated Transport +

Chimera [5 PL, 85pts]: Heavy Flamer, Multi-laser

Chimera [5 PL, 85pts]: Heavy Flamer, Multi-laser

Chimera [5 PL, 85pts]: Heavy Flamer, Multi-laser

++ Super-Heavy Detachment 0CP (Imperium - Imperial Knights) [69 PL, 1,260pts] ++

+ Configuration +

Detachment CP

Household Choice: Questor Imperialis
. House Cadmus

+ Lord of War +

Knight Errant [23 PL, 420pts]: Character (Knight Lance), Heavy Stubber, Reaper Chainsword, Thermal Cannon, Warlord

Knight Errant [23 PL, 420pts]: Heavy Stubber, Reaper Chainsword, Thermal Cannon

Knight Errant [23 PL, 420pts]: Heavy Stubber, Reaper Chainsword, Thermal Cannon

++ Total: [104 PL, 10CP, 1,855pts] ++

>> No.74859896

To be blunt Imperial Guard in general is in really deep shit in 9th, so it doesn't really matter for competitive games. They're giving up far too many points on secondaries with cheap and easy to kill units. So go with the rule of cool. Armageddon Steel Legion looks the best in Chimeras.

>> No.74859899

Anon, we already know.

>> No.74859902

Eh, I play both. Sigmar is funnier to play on the tabletop but most factions are shit while in 40k most factions are cool to me.

>> No.74859907

>I am advising you not to expose your lack of taste by trying to claim it's not a cool model.
it's not a cool model
the customisation options are abysmal
the worst greater daemon sculpt, you can see from miles away that they spent the less amount if resources designing and sculpting it compared to the other 3

>> No.74859908

That's called confirmation bias you dummy.

>> No.74859913

How are you dealing with all your models being squatted ("Legends") in three or so years?

>> No.74859914

Marvel as what is objectively one of the best transports in the game
>14" movement
>Can disembark after moving
>-2 to be charged

>> No.74859917

This is /40kg/, /tg/ is away playing GURPS or some shit.

>> No.74859919

>40k factions other than Perfect Space Marines, Evil Space Marines, and Dumb Green Flesh Marines

>> No.74859925

>Age of Sigmar was a better game at launch
Ahaha, no.
It didn't get even remotely playable til the first ghb and I'd hesitate to call it good until at least 2nd edition

>> No.74859930

If you lean into transports, having like 8 chimeras each with guardsmen inside is an absolute hassle to deal with.
So honestly anything.

>> No.74859932

This. I like AoS a lot but you'd have to be delusional to claim otherwise.

>> No.74859943

What comes close to it
>the harlequin one
>wave serpents
>I'd argue venoms, specifically because of dark technomancers

>> No.74859945

By playing older editions
>transport capacity:6
Everything else about it is fucking filthy though, I hate it.
What's with gw's obsession with slapping heavy stubbers on all the new shiny stuff? I thought those were meant to be cheapshit weapons for planetary defense forces and rebels/cultists

>> No.74859950

I will never refuse a game to RT minis

>> No.74859951

>And my heavy bolter

>> No.74859965

>What's with gw's obsession with slapping heavy stubbers on all the new shiny stuff?

Trying to appeal to CoD kiddies and tacticool 'operator' types who like real-world military weapons.

>> No.74859967

The Emperor’s Blade Assault Company from Vigilus grants a stratagem that lets you jump out and shoot after moving for 1CP. Still not worth it for just on Infantry squad, but okayish for messing around with infantry squads. Although all specialist detactments are disallowed in most tournament play at this point so it would be a friendly game thing. If you want an assault vehicle guard have the Valkyrie, which allows the passengers to grav-chute out at any point during the vehicles move and still shot or assault. So you can use that with Vets to shoot with or even Bullgryn to maybe assault with which is pretty rare. The humble Chimera isn't that fancy though.

>> No.74859969

>74857739 #
>returning primarchs

I dont get this, most of the primarchs never died, so just what are they doing if they’re not guilliman? I know Lionel is in stasis, Magnus and Mort are wrecking shit across the imperium, Corax and Russ are in the warp wreaking havoc (but accomplishing nothing iirc) and Omegon is planning who knows what. What exactly is everyone else doing? By return, do you mean actively crusading/acknowledgement by GW?

>> No.74859971

yeah i noticed that. they did guard dirty, but i guess thats what we get after being so high and mighty in 8th. Icarus and all that(shame it doesnt apply to marines lol).

an interesting rule of thumb, thanks!

I'd assume trying to blow up 8 chimeras and 80 guardsmen would be a pain. guess what im doing lol.

can you feel my envy oozing through your screen? I WANT THOSE OLD SCHOOL MARINES

>> No.74859975

>>transport capacity:6
Don't forget that you can transport multiple units at once now. All you need to put in an Impulsor is 3 Bladeguard Veterans and 3 whichever characters you desire.

>> No.74859976

Based and redpilled.

>> No.74859988

Vulkan is on a feudal planet somewhere playing farmer.

>> No.74859990

>Emperor’s Blade Assault Company from Vigilus grants a stratagem that lets you jump out and shoot after moving for 1CP. Still not worth it for just on Infantry squad
also considering you can only play a single strategem once per turn, it dont do much.

>> No.74859993

I'd argue Ghost Arks have the potential with the new stats in the new codex but they are hampered by the fact that they can only transport warriors.

>> No.74860003

Terrax-pattern Termite Assault Drill is pretty good as well.

>> No.74860005

man I need more heavy bolters in my army. Autocannons are fine but Heavy Bolters are just sexy as fuck.

>> No.74860012

Guard would really enjoy something like Platoon rules back where all vehicles in one slot or all squads+transports count as 1 for the secondaries.

>> No.74860013

To the guy who posted the cracked marine helmet in the last thread-

Hello there, u/BhmDhn. Fucking plebbiter.

>> No.74860016


You mean cotton picker.

>> No.74860017

can it transport aggressors/eradicators?

>> No.74860018

the eternal struggle of "I want cool looking weapons that dont match my loadout"

>> No.74860021

If garks could transport lyches they might have actually been good.

>> No.74860022

Nope. You have to take a Repulsor for those.

>> No.74860027

I am just waiting to see how they'll fuck up Night Scythes this time.

>> No.74860029

No. You wouldn't want to anyways

>> No.74860030

The Keeper of Secrets model is the only Greater Daemon that is better than it's Forgeworld version. The Bloodthirster and Great Unclean One are both inferior versions of the Forge World kits. The Lord of Change is badly posed and overdesigned shite.

What you think is "less amount if resources" is actually tasteful restraint. The Keeper of Secrets is the only one they had to put work into, because they had to come up with something new instead of just redrawing the Forge World design. Ironically, the Keeper of Secrets is the only new Greater Daemon they didn't load up with excessive details because they had to spend time on it's basic design and pose instead.

The Keeper of Secrets manages to look extremely Slaaneshi without being a cringy dominatrix, and for that alone it's the best of the new Greater Daemons.

>> No.74860035

just thinking up of other 3model units primaris have

>> No.74860046


>GW releases Primaris with variety of plasma guns/cannons
>GW releases Primaris with Meltas
>GW releases Primaris with bolters
>GW likely revealing Primaris with equivalent to Heavy Bolters today (Heavy Intercessors with Heavy Bolt Rifles)
>GW upgrading oldmarines to 2 wounds further reducing any difference between them.

In the end GW are just going to go from Primaris Intercessors to simply Intercessors and when "Tacticals" are cut they're just expected to run them as Intercessors. Your plasma gunners will become Hellblasters, your Melta/Multimelta guys will be Eradicators. Same with whenever they release a stock flamer primaris (wouldn't surprise me if the eradicator box is 3 parts, 1 for Eradicator (melta equivalent), 1 for heavy intercessor (HB equivalent), and 1 for some kinda flamer). There's probably a lascannon/missile launcher primaris in the works as well, and a gravity cannon one.

>> No.74860047

I wish they'd done some of the non-cow alt heads though. Either starfish head or big daemonette head would be nice.

>> No.74860051

You're a redditor too, faggot.

>> No.74860056

The great unclean one is basically the same as the FW one

>> No.74860058

Took a lot of work to get them but also to get them back to good condition, it's getting tough to find old models at a decent price anymore (I got lucky with a few deals) and they're rarely in good shape. The paint on all the plastic ones was so thick it refused to fully come off in the stripper and instead formed a rubbery loose skin on them that I had to scrub off.

>> No.74860059

i would argue that the forgeworld KoS is slightly better because it looks more vicious/outwardly horrifiv than the GW one, although both are good models

>> No.74860064

In the webway
I think also in the webway
Wandering around his basement.
Who knows. A glance at his wiki says he's become warped by the warp and wants to kill lorgar.
Hypothetically alive since he's supposed to be a perpetual.
Meditating until he feels like leading the Word Bearers again.
Probably dead.
Building sand castles.
>Fulgrim / Angron.
Hiding until GW gets around to updating their model line.

>> No.74860068

I can agree with that. I always liked the starfish head.

>> No.74860074

Eliminators but you wouldn't want to transport them anyway. If it's carrying a squad of bladeguard it's either carrying another squad, a character or nothing else.

>> No.74860078

>base 106
>immolator 125
Fucking hate marines so much, the remove the fun from the game

>> No.74860090

Lorgar, Angron and Fulgrim ar all out and about post-rift.
Lorgar is implied to be running from Corax

>> No.74860095

>Hypothetically alive since he's supposed to be a perpetual
Wasn't Vulkan smashing demons in the Webway on Terra?

>> No.74860108

If Hellblasters become a lot cheaper/better you might see people transport them around. But at the moment its almost entirely Bladeguard and characters, meaning the capability to jump out and shoot is barely used at all.

>> No.74860109

Here's actually a much better option

>> No.74860113

the FW one is iconic, they did well to ape it

>> No.74860127

>be me
>looking at IG veteran conversions
>find a cool one
>low-res pic
>go to site
>reddit shows me recent posts on that part of the site because it’s annoying
>see the helmet

>> No.74860132

>Lorgar is implied to be running from Corax
Sauce on this

>> No.74860135

I think assault hellblasters are honestly going to be really solid for DA, because they're fantastic marine hunters, and offer flexibility because 3 s7 ap-4 3 damage shots for 33 points is a bargain.

>> No.74860141

That's a really good point. Slaanesh is difficult to design. The sex monster thing can so easily overwhelm everything else, but I don't think it should be completely absent. There's room for bondage monsters, but there should also be models like Sigvald and the KoS.

I don't really dislike any of the Greater Daemons except the Lord of Change, but the Forge World versions of the BT and GUO are definitely better in my opinion.

>> No.74860160

some short story where Corax is styling on some word bearers on a daemon world, so they run to Lorgar to help them but Corax styles on him even harder and annouces his intention to hunt him down, Lorgar runs away like a little bitch and locks himself up in his safespace.

the next time lorgar is mentioned is after the rift where he is leading a word bearer crusade, but mysteriously never staying in one place too long, almost like he is running from something.

>> No.74860168

Chapter master Valrak just said he has seen the new land speeder. It has 3 meltas on the front and some stubbers; and apparently some kind of "WW2 Bomber turrent" on the back whatever that means

>> No.74860178

>be you
>some cope

>> No.74860187

>3 meltas
>ww2 bomber turret
How the fuck much does it cost?

>> No.74860189

>be you
>retard who can’t read

>> No.74860193

>stealing any and all design elements from other armies
Yep, its Primaris.

>> No.74860200

Go back

>> No.74860201

100 points, like everything marine. Overpower and undercosted

>> No.74860208

All the Primaris stuff was shit until last year.

>> No.74860213

Fuck off niggerfag

>> No.74860215

lemme guess lads is more primaris bloat in the reveal!!! I want to die!!

>> No.74860217

Maybe HH stuff

>> No.74860223

I want the super perfectionist slaanesh rules. Make some super clean looking slaanesh models that have re-roll abilities on hit and wound but if they fail after the re-roll something bad happens

>> No.74860230

Please stop posting this I am trying to say that Primaris is overpowered. If you make people aware of the better Manlet options then it will make me look foolish.

If you click the tick box on your post and press delete, that will get rid of the post. Thanks

>> No.74860231

>Lemme guess lads more Games Workshop (c) Primaris (tm) (r) (c) bloat (tm) in the reveal (tm)!!!!! I want to die!!!!


>> No.74860246

Sir this is a blueboard. I don't know now they do things on /r/traditional games but you can't say that on 4channel.

>> No.74860264

The worst thing about Primaris is that it's given Marinefags licence to complain about their own armies over-saturation as if they are the real victims.

>> No.74860281

I suppose it wouldn't be too hard to do something like this with some knifework and green stuff.

>> No.74860294

>I think also in the webway
Not exactly.
He's looking for the tree of life to heal the emperor. That's Isha. Ergo he's likely near the realm of nurgle in his gevaudan form.

>> No.74860308


>> No.74860309

Russ went off into the Eye of Terror with the 13th company. They came back and he didn't. Only reasonable conclusion is that he's dead. Looks like Magnus wins again.

>> No.74860311

I think the Slaanesh fiend is the best current GW slaanesh daemon model. The enraptress is awesome conceptually but the daemon herself is lack luster. I still think Diaz daemonettes where perfect for daemonettes.

The thing with the KoS is while I think it's a great model, it's the one Greater daemon with even better third party options.

>> No.74860324

>Delusional TSons ramblings

>> No.74860325

Imagine the seethe if GW made Lelith that fat. Dark Eldar would get an invulnerable save from the anguish on here.

>> No.74860337

Marines should get much better rules than they have now. HOWEVER! One marine should also be 3x as expensive as a knight.

>> No.74860338

All of the Greater Daemons have fantastic 3rd party alternatives.

>> No.74860340

>Looks like Magnus wins again.

>> No.74860345


The only thing that makes them better is the Kustom Job that gives them a 24 shot gun, and even then, they're not exactly good, simply middle of the road.

>> No.74860353

Considering how popular Luth and Blazbaros are, I would expect a lot of people to applaud that change.

>> No.74860355

13th company went missing during the heresy retard

>> No.74860358

There's plenty of shit marine stuff too. It's just hard to notice since there is SO MUCH marine stuff.

>> No.74860362

I'd rather my Primarch be dead than have spent 10,000 years trying to do one thing and failed. Even Magnus managed to fuck over Fenris and the Space Wolves eventually, and he has a full-time job in the realm of Tzeentch in addition to being a Primarch.

>> No.74860363

Man, old forgeworld was just something else, those paintjobs will never be surpassed especially with the current ones looking like they were made by mongoloids with crayons

>> No.74860366


As an Eldarfag who desperately wants a bit more limelight/relevance to the Imperial v Chaos story I now want a story focused around Russ saving Isha and the two of them attempting to escape the Realm of Chaos together.

>> No.74860369

If GW plan to reveal the fate of all the primarchs, I really hope we don't find out that everyone except ferrus/horus/curze/sangy are all still alive 10k years later. Have dorn and Russ have died honorable deaths, and ffs keep alpharius completely unknown. Put pressure on the modern heroes of imperium to defend humanity in its dire hour and not have all the primarchs swoop in and save the day.

>> No.74860377

Custodes should unironically be much stronger and start at single model units.
Each one should be easily able to take down a well equipped Space Marine captain and should be similarly priced considering they aren't a force multiplier.

>> No.74860379

Well they changed that. I don't read the Space Wolf codex because I am not a furry.

>> No.74860382

are slaanesh daemons any good in 40k as an army? what would one look like at small scale (750-1k)

>> No.74860384

Dorn is alive according to vulkan.

>> No.74860385

I haven't seen any of the 3rd party options for the others, I just know the KoS because I play slaanesh and I have one.

>> No.74860392

I want a named character called Alpharius that is obviously not Alpharius.

>> No.74860394

Primarchs are big bucks. Sorry but you can look forward to Primarchs 40k: Infinity War

>> No.74860403

Russ is going to comeback as a giant wolf daemon and youre going to fucking like it! Now shut up and buy the model!!

>> No.74860408

Fuck you I play admech

>> No.74860411

It's not clear what Vulkan really meant by that. He didn't really seem all there at the time.

>> No.74860414

What does Magnus do in Tzeentchland?

>> No.74860415

Nah, that sounds shit.

>> No.74860423

Bro please green stuff the rebreather onto his face, their face is not loose in the helmet, the rebreather makes a real around their mouth.

>> No.74860424

IMO Lion waking up would be an interesting development because he is so autistic towards the emperor and his vision, he would go ape when he saw the modern imperium.
Have him get declared the leader of the imperium's armies, while guiliman does all the pencil pushing he wants.
Maybe he could even unite all of the unforgiven into something resembling his old legion, that could be an interesting point of contention between him and G man

>> No.74860425

Russ is going to come back as a corpse.

>> No.74860430

Creature caster has a fucking lot of very good daemons.

>> No.74860432


>> No.74860437

He's a pretty big cheese at the Magic Factory.

>> No.74860442

Unless Vulcan can talk to the dead, there's no other real way to take it than "your dad is alive"

>> No.74860444


That would be fantastic. He should also be equipped with extremely generic weapons like a bolt gun and power sword, but has lots of rules that cause disruption shenanigans.

Yeah i know deep down that's what we are getting. You don't need to rub it in.

>> No.74860452

>Lions gonna freak!
t. Someones who’s never read a book with the Lion in it.

>> No.74860453

Transports are often much faster than infantry and keep them safe. Get them to the objective and disembark. Use transport as a shield. For assault, disembark, move tank and troops together, and assault with tank first.

>> No.74860454

Wasn't Dorn replaced by Alpharius during the Siege of Terra? We still don't know what happened to the real Dorn. Maybe he's in a stasis pod or something.

>> No.74860465

I can only image the face of the average citizen of bieltan when they hear a human saved their goddess.

>> No.74860468

Or the idea that Guiliman still cares about the codex astartes
I thought Dorn died in some pointless stand against Abbadon

>> No.74860473

>Having a handful of characters amongst hundreds of models
The absolute state of oldhammer boomers

>> No.74860476

>>Codex Preview Show Preview
I fucking hate that this is a thing

>> No.74860479

>Wasn't Dorn replaced by Alpharius during the Siege of Terra? We still don't know what happened to the real Dorn. Maybe he's in a stasis pod or something.
ALFags, not even once.

>> No.74860482

Lion is wholly and completely dedicated to being loyal to the emperor.
He is also quick to piss off when things aren't going his way.
Guilliman is still despaired at the state of the imperium, even after trying to fix it for a century.
Now imagine what the lion would do when he found out how things are today

>> No.74860483

>Wasn't Dorn replaced by Alpharius during the Siege of Terra
Dude what? No. Dorn KILLED alpharius.
Where the fuck does this meme about the lion starting shit come from? it's completely against his entire character

>> No.74860491

you ok champ? wanna talk about it?

>> No.74860493

>Unless Vulcan can talk to the dead
Well he is a Psyker on some level so maybe he can. Lots of psykers can do that. The Emperor can apparently summon Ferrus' ghost. Maybe Vulkan can do that too. Maybe Vulkan is just insane and talks to people that aren't there.

>> No.74860494

I just want to see if DA/BA/SW unique units are in the codex or if they have to wait for supplement.

>> No.74860502

Holy fuck imagine a plastic marauder bomber.

>> No.74860503


>> No.74860510

>Dorn KILLED alpharius.
That's just what they want you to think.

>> No.74860513

You have shit taste

Oh I agree, not saying none should come back. Just that not everyone should have survived the last 10k years, and we already know the lions alive.

I think fulgrim and lorgar coming back would be fine too, fulgrim because... Its fulgrum and he's essentially the ultimate villain + the guilliman PTSD. Lorgar to see his interaction with the modern religious imperium. I wonder how he rationalises acts of faith.

One can dream.

>> No.74860515

Yep. Anything short of a custom Stompa is fine

>> No.74860522

>The Codex Show
How many people are going to be butthurt that this Necron and Space Marines show doesn't have Orks in it?

>> No.74860527

Probably be as chill about it as he was the Imperium Secundus. Worst case scenario he'd give Gorillaman an earful then fuck off crusading across the galaxy in his flying gay nightclub

>> No.74860528

I've seen their queen of ecstacy which I want to get eventually. I have Raging Heroes Avatar of Shaah which is also excellent

>> No.74860529

The levels of cope you're on are insane. Dorn wasn't ever even confirmed dead. There is no reason to believe vulkan is lying/crazy other than just not wanting dorn to be alive.

>> No.74860532

He's missing and presumed dead after the assault. The Fists only got his hand back somehow which is why the assumption is he's dead. But unlike those four there's wiggle room for GW to do whatever they'd like.

>> No.74860541

>I think the Slaanesh fiend is the best current GW slaanesh daemon model
Good man.

>> No.74860545

If I don't get any hint of new guardsman news ill be mad desu especially with the rumors that were swirling about

>> No.74860547

Played a 5000pt game today with my whole eldar collection, including a revenant, vs my mates custodes and one of my warhounds.

Got absolutely flogged but it was such a blast. He decimated me with the warhound, it one shot my wraithknight off the board.

Despite this it was an amazing game and it was really cool playing with titans.

>> No.74860551


I know I will, if only because its probably going to reveal how November & December are also going to be space marine releases (as the new supplements come out)

>> No.74860552

>I thought Dorn died in some pointless stand against Abbadon
That was definitely heavily implied in older fluff, but from what others are saying here that doesn't seem to be the case.

Remember, before the HH novels vulkan went completely missing at istvaan. Zero confirmation or even hints of his fate either way, and that got completely retconned.

>> No.74860558

Are you hoping for new Cadians or Catachans?
inb4 I want plastic Steel legion

>> No.74860561

>alpharius totally isn't dead guyz, his twin having his internal monologue to confirm it was just 10D chess !!!!1!

>> No.74860562

>in his flying gay nightclub
Anything you ever wrote in your life is worthless.

>> No.74860565

I'd love some Orks, but as long as they tease something beyond just Necs and Marines I'll be happy.

>> No.74860566

Another pic from towards the end.

>> No.74860576

At the very least updated cadian infantry squad models.

>> No.74860578

Man i hate these anglos talking about endles consumming, just get on with it. No one enjoys this right?

>> No.74860582


>flying gay nightclub
Is fucking hilarious

>> No.74860584

>he never experienced life before marvel

>> No.74860587

Cant believe people give subscription money to the warhammer twitch.

>> No.74860590

They won't though. It's Marines and Necrons today.

>> No.74860591


>> No.74860594

Beautiful Iyanden dude. That yellow and the cockpit glass is lovely.

>> No.74860596

Are we clear on the names of all of the new units that are going to be in the new SM codex, or can there still be some surprises?

>> No.74860599

Legion was a shit book, I hope it and the twins shit are completely retconned at some point.

>> No.74860600

Are they even revealing anything tonight?

>> No.74860611

How new to this gane are you, dude?

>> No.74860613

watch and find out, you have nothing better to do with your time

>> No.74860614

The sister of battle players seem exicted

>> No.74860615

>Remember, before the HH novels vulkan went completely missing at istvaan. Zero confirmation or even hints of his fate either way, and that got completely retconned.
I really liked when it was implied that Vulkan died under orbital bombardment/titan fire. Not every Primarch had to die in glorious last stand or duel and it fits Vulkan.

>> No.74860616

The stormspeeders will be announced. Will have stubbers and misiles and a Gatling-melta.

>> No.74860627

I enjoy seeing how they make you seeth.

>> No.74860637

Thanks bro! Here's another pic, I'm glad you like my models.

Btw don't buy the lynx if you collect eldar....it's sooooo bad.

>> No.74860638

If not steel legion, mordians.

Id actually like a return to the old style of guard, from before the current plastic cadians. They looked like a combination of T2 resistance fighters, rebel star wars and starship troopers.

>> No.74860643

>tfw I have to help my uncle finish building a patio and a pergola
Hopefully someone will make a good post summing up the necron reveals.

>> No.74860650

What kind of flag is that? Some weeb shit?

>> No.74860651

pre-COVID their channel was always sub-only chat.

>> No.74860652

Hey anon what did you guys use for those large cliffs and such?

>> No.74860653


>> No.74860656

I saw that and nearly threw up in my mouth. Remember when people used to get medical treatment for mental disorders?

Now they have a flag and spam it in warhammer chats <3.

>> No.74860658

Except HH was a thing years before capeshit took off? Took them a while to carry it over to 40k but who cares? Why is the OPTIONAL fluff such a detriment to this game you're so convinced everythings ruined?

>> No.74860663

Oh shit nigga is that a new cryptek in the middle?

>> No.74860664

Just look at the article on warhammer community once they're fucking done retard.

>> No.74860665

where the FUCK is my new primaris shit

how long do we have to wait?

>> No.74860667

lmao they called out the vaporwave crons

>> No.74860669

>Not every Primarch had to die in glorious last stand or duel
You're preaching to the choir mate I complete agree. I liked guillimans sad fate too before he just got better conveniently.

>> No.74860676

Approximmately seven minutes, Valrak.

>> No.74860678

I'm sorry my mate bought the rock terrain I forgot where he said he got them from.

>> No.74860681

If they don't reveal the new DG and Ork models I'm gonna go nuts

>> No.74860682


>necron and space marine previews

Well maybe we get to see what the codex lineup after October looks like.

>> No.74860685

im so glad we are finally getting more marines

>> No.74860688

It's not the same, anon. I'll just go through the threads I'll miss later.

>> No.74860689

Hey man I just want a landspeeder that's functional

>> No.74860691

>two new necrons and a primaris
Boy who could've seen THAT coming? At least necrons are getting the more reveals, so good for you metal skellybros

>> No.74860692

The Marine that "Dorn" killed believed he was someone else until a psychic trigger told him he was actually Alpharius. This internal monologue shit doesn't mean much in a legion where even the Primarch apparently has himself brainwashed.

>> No.74860693

Sorry anon once they finish the horus heresy novels they will reboot the whole franchise to age of gulliman when we learn horus is the true one on the throne. And this will become the true canon.

>> No.74860694

Why are you so butthurt that people don't want something they've enjoyed for years to devolve into capeshit more and more?

>> No.74860695

Wicked now I don't need to brother staying up.

>> No.74860697

Get out marine fag you dont need more new shit

>> No.74860698

What's the small cute one in front the titan?

>> No.74860706

they haven't even started yet and i feel disappointed

>> No.74860707

its a trans flag anon

>> No.74860717

Hornet. It's FW.

>> No.74860720

>except ferrus/horus/curze/sangy
As an IHfag, I secretly wish that Ferrus comes back as a super dreadnought.

>> No.74860724

That reveals more about you than them.

>> No.74860729


>> No.74860730

We don't need new shit but we're getting it anyway because marines are better than your dudes ;-)

>> No.74860734

Dude, the author straight up confirmed that it was the actual alpharius. For him to be alive would require everyone to be lying, both in the book and real life. There is no evidence for it other than memes

>> No.74860746


>> No.74860748

Man about damn time we got more marine stuff. They were feeling a bit short on models desu.

I've got to say, I think they could use a few buffs as well. Last game I played I lost 10 marines AND a repulsor. I only won by 40vp as well. Pretty stupid considering they're the finest warriors in the galaxy.

Hopefully these new units will help balance the game out a bit.

>> No.74860749

you're not wrong

>> No.74860752

No other faction should get any releases or rules until the rest of the primaris line is finished.

>> No.74860753

>thinking they'll go with a male like horus yet again being the central figure.
At best it will be fulgrim with boobs, but it's more likely to be some sassy female admiral like lotara thats put the Emperor in timeout.

>> No.74860754

children art and epic humor

>> No.74860756

>old school wraith models

>> No.74860760


>> No.74860764

my god
they look nice

>> No.74860765

Oh neat Flayed ones

>> No.74860766

>Old style Wraiths
Well that's a cool surprise.

>> No.74860769


>> No.74860774

Necron-type wraiths. Awesome.

>> No.74860775

oooooooohhhhhhhh shit
new flayed ones and old school wraiths as destroyers, plus crypteks

>> No.74860779

Hornet, they're absolutely amazing in 9th, highly recommend.

>> No.74860780

Only if he goes on an entire crusade just to retrieve his head

>> No.74860782


>> No.74860785


>> No.74860789

Also called the genestealer cult abominant color scheme.

>> No.74860791

Shit video, shit humor and shit artstyle

but damn those are some damn fine models!

>> No.74860792

I kinda get it though, the primarchs are fun characters to write/read about so I can understand why they retcon deaths like rocks fall. There's so much shit you can do with them. Like having naked batshit crazy Vulkan run around Gulliman's fortress beating the shit out of Murder Batman & confusing the shit out of everyone who sees it.

>> No.74860793


How does one cultivate autism this bad they get upset about a joke trailer?

>> No.74860794


>> No.74860798

It's a flag that the mentally ill fly. If you see it stay away as they are loose and usually riled up, it's not safe.

>> No.74860804

>I need another eldar unit but better.

>> No.74860808

I agree but I also think they should finish the plastic Horus Heresy line. Space Marines need a lot before we can waste time on comedy Xenos factions like Orks and Space Elves.

>> No.74860809


>> No.74860814

>fluff optional
why the fuck are you even playing 40k then? It sure as hell can't be for the game alone, and the models are intrinsically tied to the fluff

>> No.74860817

Post pics damn you, I'm stuck at work and can't watch the stream.

>> No.74860818

If your army of Necrons all hails from the same dynasty and is led by a Character with the Noble keyword, then at the start of the game, you can secretly assign one of six command protocols to utilise during each battle round. After revealing your selected command protocol, you’ll need to choose which directive you will activate. Any of your units within 6 of your Characters will then benefit from that directive. With careful strategy and forethought, command protocols can really throw off your opponent while giving you a massive advantage.
fucking more prgame shit

>> No.74860819

what the fuck I missed plastic flayed ones?

>> No.74860821

Toss pics up for those of us who cbf to watch the stream itself

>> No.74860826


>> No.74860830

Stylist as fuck, both the model and your paint job.

>> No.74860832


>> No.74860833


They were hiding in the background.

>> No.74860835

More fucking xenos when Primaris are STILL half a range

>> No.74860836

Eldar can go fuck themselves

>> No.74860837

Army-wide purity-bonuses may become a thing for everyone, not just marines

>> No.74860838

Why are so many tabletop redditors mentally ill?

>> No.74860839

Do it yourself.

>> No.74860841

Exactly. HH and its focus on Primarchs and the top-level Astartes was a fucking mistake.

Are you honestly like twelve yo. anon? Did you clap when Cpt. America got the hammer?

>> No.74860842

>For him to be alive would require everyone to be lying, both in the book and real life.
Get a grip. There's no need to be so melodramatic. It's a fairly obvious twist if you can see past your childish need to make your Primarch look good.

>> No.74860853

Mordians are never coming back and its a good thing. New GW can keep their filthy fucking dickbeaters off my boys in blue

>> No.74860855

I'm fucking cumming, this model is amazing

>> No.74860857


>> No.74860863

Thanks man!

>> No.74860866

pretty much what i wanted from the new flayers, very creepy

>> No.74860867

not primaris so who cares

>> No.74860868

I just think it's a shame they can't just make the modern generation of characters more interesting. Having the primarchs running around being idiots feels like a reality show, Keeping up with the Primarchs.

>> No.74860872

Look good, just like the old ones

But I'm sure there will still be people who find some reason to fling the S word around about them

>> No.74860874

nice models, shit paintjob
szarekhan dynasty is worst dynasty

>> No.74860876

I never realized that these Necron Wraiths aren't a thing anymore.

>> No.74860877

Jesus christ a Silent King model.

>> No.74860878


>> No.74860879


>> No.74860880

They look better than the last ones, definitely.

>> No.74860882

Me and the boys walking home from the pub

>> No.74860883

Absolutely kino.

>> No.74860884

Is that your model?

>> No.74860885

Primarisniggers seething.

>> No.74860886

best release so far. I can't wait to see them in proper horror paint schemes.

>> No.74860889

Looks amazing!

>> No.74860893


>> No.74860895

He's a big guy

>> No.74860896

>I just think it's a shame they can't just make the priamrchs more interesting. Having the chapter masters running around being idiots feels like a reality show, Keeping up with the chapter masters.

>> No.74860897


They did that once, it didn't turn out well for anyone.

>> No.74860901

you're trying too hard.

>> No.74860903

>the sautekh protocol is good for my army
hell yes

>> No.74860904

It's not melodrama. To say alpharius is alive is to say the fact that dorn could sense the difference between alpharius and regular marines throughout the book was a lie, that omegeon's psychic link and him feeling his twin die was a lie and that the afterword by french was a lie.

>> No.74860908

>gave the necrons a !not! psyker straight up
very cool

>> No.74860909

Only thing I don't like is the chin

>> No.74860913

I can already see those floating shields snapping

>> No.74860915



>> No.74860919


>> No.74860923

>he's a chinlet

>> No.74860925

really dig the scheme on your dudes, do you have a gallary online for them?

>> No.74860927

I want them for those claws more than anything, great conversion bits for dark mech

>> No.74860928




>> No.74860929

just as gay as the first time we saw it
The only good thing I can say is thank fuck they didn't just make him a huge monster and left him in a reasonable body

>> No.74860931

>!not! psyker
May I direct you toward the C'tan shard?

>> No.74860933

Im glad theyre brining the different crypteks from 5th back, in 7th they were boring as hell being generic and having no variation in gear.

>> No.74860935

Omfg no one cares about xenos post marines already.

>> No.74860938

>This IF seethe
We love to see it folks.

>> No.74860939

Looks great!

>> No.74860940



>> No.74860941

just give it a rest dude

>> No.74860942

Jesus that chin, as if they weren't already exaggerated.

>> No.74860943

lmao seethe children

>> No.74860948

That has a light excuse with the whole, being part of a !not! god

>> No.74860949

They really hate legs on neurons suddenly

>> No.74860950

Xenos just look shit, I'll never understand why you want to play something you cant have any connection to.

>> No.74860951

Only fags want more marine shit.

>> No.74860955

That was my first marine post though.

>> No.74860956

kys for the emperor

>> No.74860958


>> No.74860959




>> No.74860960

Christ no. Just looked up trans on the 40k reddit

>> No.74860961

OKay, slaanesh v2 that is, hope you like it.

>> No.74860962

Is this one of the worst effects in the game?

>> No.74860964

Most of us will never understand why you would need a 'connection' to an army to enjoy playing it

>> No.74860965

Glad to see necronbros getting cool shit, hope the rules are decent too.

>> No.74860967

Fuck Marines

>> No.74860968


>> No.74860970

I want Craftworld Eldar.

>> No.74860972

Note that the chronometron and nightmare shroud are old 3rd edition necron wargear

>> No.74860974


If you have hover technology legs are sort of inferior locomotion in every way.

>> No.74860977


>> No.74860979


>> No.74860980

please jesus make them good
flayed ones already had cool models, but they were unplayable

>> No.74860983

It's actually for the first time a morale effect that can actually do a lot of damage

>> No.74860984

Hate this trend of making wargear into locked seperate datasheets

>> No.74860985

So these are really shit. they will get blow to bits without an invun

>> No.74860988

Speaking of, how has the current Bloodthirster model fared in this regard? It looks incredibly prone to snapping from the slightest mishap.

>> No.74860989

Post your models, then.

>> No.74860990

Skorpekh Destroyers stole them all

>> No.74860993

Just a normal Saturday morning searching for "trans" on reddit

>> No.74860994




>> No.74860995

They were around as recently as 5th ed too

>> No.74860997

>> No.74860998

No? It's probably the only LD debuff that actually does something atm

>> No.74860999


>> No.74861000


>> No.74861002


>> No.74861004

Oh my god, its beautiful

>> No.74861005

I liked his faceless look in the old art. Maybe he’s got more heads.

>> No.74861008

saying its the strongest HQ in the game doesnt make me excited. shouldnt they avoid codex-power-creep

>> No.74861012




>> No.74861015

>Are you honestly like twelve yo. anon? Did you clap when Cpt. America got the hammer?
Are you the no fun police or something? You can't appreciate the absurdity of a scene that's being played completely straight?

>> No.74861016

I think anyone with any sense models it on the Skarbrand legs

>> No.74861018

Who cares about afterthought factions? Marines are the best 40k has to offer. GW knows this.

>> No.74861019

Why does he just have a "remaining wounds" mini-table .e.g >>74859914 ?

>> No.74861022

This looks decent

the other cable men look gay as fuck

>> No.74861023

Considering that it's the Silent King, it makes sense for him to be the strongest

>> No.74861025

Necrons looking great. Nice to see all the doom sayers who claimed they won't get love get BTFO.
Also the new/old destroyers look fucking nasty.

>> No.74861027




>> No.74861032

Who cares, if that novel written by an IF fanbot can shit all over previous fluff, I'm happy for new development to shit all over that book.

>> No.74861035

Their idea of 'strongest' shouldn't be trusted mind you. They could just mean it has killer stats when its point value is actually way too high so its actually worthless.

>> No.74861036


>> No.74861037


If its got some way to improve its deep strike charge and its not too expensive then it'll be solid.

>> No.74861038

>4+ save
>no invuln

it's shit

>> No.74861039

If only they just revealed a unit that buffs charges and grants an invuln to nearby units...

>> No.74861040

Idk how I feel about this

>> No.74861041

inb4 flayed ones are still overpriced ork boyz

>> No.74861042

I mean, I legit want humanity to go extinct IRL so . . .

>> No.74861046

What's absurd about a guy picking up a hammer?

>> No.74861047

chronometron buffs it now and novokh gives a basic +1 too.

>> No.74861053

Why did we need two version of the same destroyer. One with crabby legs and one with wraith legs. Garbage

>> No.74861055

Points cost should reflect that.
Going by existing huge centerpiece HQs, he'll basically demand that you build the army around him, meaning if you want to do a different kind of list than a "Szarekh List" you take a different HQ.

>> No.74861056

They'd look great if you leave off the second set of arms.

>> No.74861058

blade arms seem retardo

>> No.74861063

Lmao tyranids

>> No.74861068

That chin is amazing

>> No.74861071

That's just aggeessors

>> No.74861075

gotta feed the outrage machine

>> No.74861079

Unless that cryptek can deeptrike like they do it will be of no use. Also, that ability has to used at the beginning of the command phase before they even deepstrike, you retard

>> No.74861081

Like old wraiths. Now with more arms

>> No.74861085

>fat ugly NEET thinks he has anything in common with space Marines.
... Well you're both virgins, so I guess there's a connection there

>> No.74861089

naa silent king apparently lmao

>> No.74861090

>1 more hit on an unmodded 6
>1 more hit
it's not going to be enough...
wait, unless that hit can also hit a 6 and hit again?

>> No.74861093

Hold on. The flesh hunger doesn't say further 6's don't explode. That has to be an oversight

>> No.74861094

Someone brought up trannies in the twitch chat, seemed relevant

>> No.74861095

Remember these are the same people who said a Stompa could fight 2 to 3 Knights at once.

They can not be trusted with "who's strongest"

>> No.74861098

Idk how I feel about this

>> No.74861100

One set of powerblades, and one set of unpowered blades looks silly.

Should have gone all claws, and metallic scythes. No green blades.

>> No.74861101

Not at all. The fact that it also impacts the combat attrition test itself means it's potentially very powerful.

>> No.74861103

Remove the swords from those destroyers and they look ten times better.

>> No.74861104

yeah, who moves 5, and dosent deep strike. the wraith destroyers are really bad

>> No.74861108


Is this why marines are castrated in lore? so the people who play them have something in common?

>> No.74861109

Why are you so butthurt you believe people don't have time to make characters themselves aren't allowed to have supplemental one? Not all of us are living it up as a neets with an abundance of free time, anon.

>> No.74861113

who gives a fuck who is the strongest, FORGE A NARRATIVE, DICKCHEESE

>> No.74861117

why this art style...

>> No.74861119


>> No.74861120

>days without Primaris release:

>> No.74861121

>he can't have a connection to robot skeletons

>> No.74861127

Oh, its real.

Fuck me.

>> No.74861128

You read the word tranny and decided to search for it? Have you tried just ignoring it

>> No.74861129


>> No.74861130


>> No.74861131

They float around like spooky ghosts, not slither like sneaky snakes.

>> No.74861138

At least these can take guns

>> No.74861140

Next time search on Pornhub instead of Reddit, and don't post about it here.

>> No.74861141

burgers really out in force in thread this morning huh? Little early, isn't it?

>> No.74861143

>Space marines holding a different sword

>> No.74861144

They did the thing (except in their new shitty cartoon style)

>> No.74861146

Pretty much called it.

>> No.74861147

Because grimdark doesn't exist anymore. Look at that logo they still haven't fixed.

>> No.74861148


>> No.74861150

Welp we got 20 minutes of necron stuff, lets see how long they gush about marines.

>> No.74861151

There it is.

>> No.74861153


>> No.74861154

i like the guy cleaning off his sword

>> No.74861155

>same joke as stormcast two years ago

>> No.74861156

I still cannot comprehend why the fuck these designs weren't part of the initial release

>> No.74861157

Fuck marines

>> No.74861159

I play Orks and Tyranids, forging the narrative is all i do

>> No.74861162

Ok, That was kinda based

>> No.74861163

>Necrons get updates in plastic to old units, including basic troops, and rules updates to keep them current with the game meta
>AND a gob of new non-special characters with a variety of roles
>AND a bunch of new units, some of which are even throwbacks to beloved old sculpts for still current units
>Space Marines, instead of getting updates for their beloved units like Terminators and the different Rhino guntanks, are just getting wholly replaced by boring Primaris shit that doesn't quite capture the same feel

Outside of rules I actually am starting to feel rather bad for legacy Space Marine players.

>> No.74861166

Looks cool, not sure how they'll look in my synthwave scheme but can't wait to play around with it

>> No.74861169

It's a hit, not a roll.

You don't roll the extra hit, you just get the hit. It means rolls of 6 hit twice.

Depending on cost, it could be nice.

>> No.74861171

>cleaning off a power weapon, which should burn off any blood and gore
>cleaning off a weapon with a chaos standard (surely nothing can go wrong)

>> No.74861172

>eradicators with a multi-melta

>> No.74861174

>You can't just say Dorn's bullshit sense Alpharius power that's never appeared before or after was a lie
It makes far more sense for it to be a trick than for Dorn to either exclusively have this one weird power or for Alpharius to have been unaware of something that he can also do.

>> No.74861178


>> No.74861180


>> No.74861181


>> No.74861185


I'm pretty anti-marine but that guy is great.

>> No.74861186

>primaris land speeder
>heavy intercessors
>eradicator MPP getting heavier melta
>bladeguard MPP with non-shield
>assault intercessor MPP

in addition to
>primaris predator
>bunker drop pod
>techmarine gun
>chaplain on bike

>> No.74861187

>that tiny head i front of the missiles

>> No.74861188

What are you even on about? Fuck off and go get ready for school.

>> No.74861189

ngl i still chuckled

>> No.74861192

Stormspeeders! I'm gonna cum!

>> No.74861193

It's you not being able to read. Scores an additional hit means you don't roll for it. You just get the extra hit.

>> No.74861194

>updates for their beloved units like Terminators

>What is gravitus

>> No.74861195

Marines are vanilla, middle-of-the-road, default, medium setting army for spods.

>> No.74861196

>can shoot the same target 3 times

>> No.74861198

That's an exaggeration

>> No.74861199

>all we release is primaris! we know we are self-aware! isn't that funny!
No its not funny it's not Based, GW, its wretched and you are all cretins.

>> No.74861201

>space wolves lord defeating magnus

Being magnus is suffering

>> No.74861202

I like the dudes with the swords the vehicle is horrendous though

>> No.74861205


>> No.74861206

that's kinda gay, it's not like being able to get another hit would be broken on flayed ones

>> No.74861207

>eradicators with a multi-melta
>that they can double shoot
>that now already have 2 shots and the new melta rules

>> No.74861208

WHAT IS LOVE baby don't hurt me.

>> No.74861209

They use a more comic-y art style when they're trying to be funny. The style is a way to say "This is not serious real lore, do not take this seriously, this did not actually happen, don't get triggered grimdark wankers"

>> No.74861210


>> No.74861213

>What's absurd about the 9 ft tall coal raving black dude buck ass nude with a body shredded to shit from recently falling out of the sky in a fortress of ultrasmurfs picking up a hammer he will then use to beat up a 9 foot tall batman punisher edgelord?
Go outside, anon. You've been completely desensitized to media

>> No.74861215

>I didn't even want to hear sound anyway
Guess he's preparing to take on the EC

>> No.74861216

Diff aesthetic tho

Termies are such a classic. Intercessors try to recreate the tactical marine so it makes sense to recreate termies as well, especially with chapters with a bit termy focus like dark angels

>> No.74861218

ahahahahahaha incredible
It even has the same horrid primaris design ethos of too many guns. Either the side missiles or the top missiles needs to go. And why the fuck is there a gunner when the melta and side missiles are fixed forwards

>> No.74861219

>SM HQ upgrades cost points not CP
Thank fuck. Hope everyone gets this

>> No.74861221

They're clearly power creeping armies with the new codex, going to be painful playing before your army gets one

>> No.74861225

Gravitus Is bad, Thats what it is
Fuck off with your platform boots faggot

>> No.74861226

Pay points for all your bullshit, marine players. Based.

>> No.74861227

Because you are two standart deviation below us, monkeigh.

>> No.74861228

You got two decades of constant releases, faggot. Half of Forgeworlds catelogue is alternative versions of your units. Stop acting like your a martyr.
>updates for their beloved units like Terminators
There four different Terminator kits without even counting all the Chapter variants you massive faggot.

>> No.74861230


>> No.74861234

Its just redditors that come to shit up the thread because they cant be lol random there. They will disappear soon enough

>> No.74861235

Psyker dread? Maybe the BA one?

>> No.74861237

I don't like heavy intercessors. Slimming down Gravis looks awful. Keep it bulky.

>> No.74861239


Its not a multi-melta anon. Its a multi-melta rifle.

Range 36"

>> No.74861240

It's beautiful.

>> No.74861243


>> No.74861246

Marine apologist disgust me.

>> No.74861247

Replace yellow marine head on the turret with a camera and it's alright

>> No.74861250

>> No.74861251

>feeling bad for marine players
it's all the same vanilla shlock as it always was, it's just got about 5% more generic scifi at best
post more pics

>> No.74861252

>>Are you honestly like twelve yo. anon? Did you clap when Cpt. America got the hammer?
>Are you the no fun police or something? You can't appreciate the absurdity of a scene that's being played completely straight?
Yes would suffice.

>> No.74861254

forgot the reveal thing was happening, whats happened so far? anything aside from primaris and necrons?

>> No.74861258

Does anyone else feel that the third guy is unnecessary?

>> No.74861260

That insult doesn't even work when it's a Saturday you mongoloid

>> No.74861261

>Wow little blue men have different weapons

>> No.74861267

>Heavy Bolter

Thought that if they were ever allowed individual heavy weapons, they'd get a handheld Onslaught for sure

>> No.74861268

>why yes I'm firing this multi-melta twice into your deployment zone, why yes I'm rerolling misses and failed to wounds

>> No.74861270

nothing so far, now we need to suffer through marineshit untill we get to something new

>> No.74861272



>> No.74861273

Nope we all got rolled into the same codex everyone gets them now

>> No.74861276

these rifles are getting out of hand

>> No.74861277

>heavy heavy bolter

>> No.74861280

It's a regular multi-melta

>> No.74861281

That collage cracks me up every time.

>> No.74861284

Dark Angels aren't anymore though. Terminator was special before because it was a relic that couldnt be created anymore. Dark Angels either had tons buried in the rock or had a secret STC for it.

But everything is mass produced now, so no need for this part of the lore to carry over to primaris

>> No.74861290

The Necron and Space Marine preview has only showed Necrons and Space Marines so far.

>> No.74861291

Nope. Necrons got 2 new crypteks, yet more new destroyers and new fkayers.
Primaris got heavy and assault intercessors, a new captain and 3 variants of a shitty land speeder.

>> No.74861295

>fire twice
>with 2-shot multi melta

>> No.74861296

>> No.74861298

>That magazine being actively discarded

>> No.74861299

>whats happened so far

more Primaris and Necrons

>> No.74861301

heavier bolter

>> No.74861302

what a fucking joke
this is literally the "we introduce new primaris+1 marines" lmfao

>> No.74861303

why does a fucking demi-god human with armour stablizers and auto-targeters need a stock on his rifle for?

>> No.74861306

Was hoping for a multipart gravis captain, lame

>> No.74861307

Doesnt even look like a heavy bolter

>> No.74861309

Context is key, dumb motherfucker

>> No.74861314

>Silent King is back
>Empoorer still on a golden toilet
The absolute STATE of Mankind

>> No.74861317

Just assumed you were one of those retards who had to go to school on Saturdays to keep up with the other children. My bad, enjoy your Saturday cartoons little buddy.

>> No.74861318

>lands 40 wounds
>"Wow that was a bad roll"

>> No.74861319

That's what real Marines do.

>> No.74861322

Gravis armor is definitely not being treated as big of an upgrade as terminator armor, especially now that there are Heavy Intercessors.

>> No.74861323

>oh fuck I'm spilling my clips

>> No.74861324

>> No.74861325

Please please please put all this primaris shit in its own codex. The bloat is overwhelming.

>> No.74861326

Being a space marine doesn't make you immune to all recoil on any guns

>> No.74861327

In fairness, stormbolters look really dumb as Pintle mounted weaponry.

>> No.74861333

>Heavy Bolters and Multi-Meltas get a buff as soon as Primaris infantry get access to them


>> No.74861336

Only the emperor is above.

>> No.74861337

for show

>> No.74861338

Don't worry, you'll get to see this epic monopose a half dozen times in a single player's army :^)

>> No.74861339

Well at least they gave us what we were told we were going to get

>> No.74861341

Every time we think GW has gone full retard, they someone sink even lower.

>> No.74861342

He's on a punishment duty for talking back to the Judicator

>> No.74861344

Are these guys troops?

>> No.74861346

why does that gun combine the rear part of the primaris plasma guns with the primaris bolt guns

>> No.74861348


God I've actually had marine players say this to me (while still dealing 50% more wounds than my squad has)

>> No.74861349

>hand holding magazine
Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

>> No.74861351

imagine not playing marines lmao

>> No.74861352

We got another instance of a precision heavy weapon being rigidly-emplaced with zero swivel so you'd have to adjust the whole vehicle to aim it accurately. This is becoming real common with Primaris.

>> No.74861355

hm ok. is it over already?

desu im just waiting for Emperor's Children. please gw...

>> No.74861359

Legacy marines are dead, and have been for a fucking edition.

>> No.74861360

>volkite is a weapon lost to the ages!
rip FW, rip admech

>> No.74861362

Sure beats seeing the same single pose xenos model in a whole squad because you're models are 20 years old, xenos pissant :^)

>> No.74861364

The Manlet doomer is a vile creature.

>> No.74861365

My dick would applaud

>> No.74861366

Eh, I get em too, so it's not so bad.

>> No.74861370

Are you sure you want that? Because as soon as that happens oldmarines fade into the dust.

>> No.74861373

So are Dark Angels and Space Wolves all codex compliant now?

>> No.74861375

Bottom right looks happier than I've been in years. Sometimes I wish I was onions just to be naive.

>> No.74861379

It's the CODEX Preview. We're not going to see models other than ones for the two upcoming Codexes.

>> No.74861380

yes guilliman is that charismatic.

>> No.74861383

kek, this came to my mind as well. FUCK GW

>> No.74861385


>> No.74861388

It's still going on

>> No.74861390

Better than "primaris get an even better version of everyone else's gun"

>> No.74861391

What does the gunner in the passager seat even do? Does he just have a giant red "FIRE" button in from of him?

>> No.74861392

which is extra weird when the lateral platforms seem used only by targeting apparati

>> No.74861393

Space Wolves got wiped out by Magnus. They're an all Primaris army because only the Primaris Space Wolves survived.

>> No.74861394

>> No.74861395

It’s k, the thing floats

>> No.74861398

I can't wait for these dudes

>> No.74861401


>> No.74861402

I'm so happy I bought the current wraith before they were remade.
I like these too, but I enjoy the animal version more.

>> No.74861404

>> No.74861406


>> No.74861407

Firstborn marines are already in the dust. They are never going to get new models again ever. But if they're in their own codex there is at least some hope that I can play them and still have some semblance of balance. Right now playing firstborn is basically resigning yourself to lose before there are any models on the table.

>> No.74861414

>did somebody say power creep?

>> No.74861415

They already had Thunder Hammers on their characters and sergeants.

>> No.74861417


>> No.74861418

It's fun to go for a drive with your friends.

>> No.74861419

That sounds sick, and I hate Primarchs

>> No.74861420


>> No.74861421

Because it’s an aircraft

Shit doesn’t swivel on a Valkyrie either

>> No.74861422

they aren't replacing wraiths

>> No.74861423

Bbviously. The sgt is going to get the same options as regular intercessors.

>> No.74861424

>Fuck swords, ima just spam nades

>> No.74861426

>random angry nun has 9

>> No.74861427

I would prefer a hoarde of neutral posed xenos than 10 cool looking monopose marines

>> No.74861430

I can't believe GW are so aware that the space marine playerbase would have trouble figuring out options if they made things like the new vehicles one datasheet that you swapped out weapons with

>> No.74861433

ok pal i didnt know that, calm ya farm

>> No.74861436

Firstborn marines never existed.

>> No.74861437

I thought they were gonna show off the new deathguard guy or maybe release date on the blind-box DG...

>> No.74861438

Firstborn are still better than non-marines

>> No.74861440

>how to deal with space marines
>use primaris space marines
fuck you

>> No.74861442

its not over yet, fucktard

>> No.74861445

Fucking niggers

>> No.74861446

Necrons don't get lots of attacks because they're old.

>> No.74861447

>don't get triggered grimdark wankers
>Nope, I'll still lutherian jihad them.

>> No.74861448

Fuck off retard, it's obvious you're from Bolter and Chainsword or DakkaDakka.

>> No.74861451

>CODEX Preview

>> No.74861453

That's what I'm hoping for, anon

>> No.74861454

Why would I give one a knife? A chain sword is ap -1

>> No.74861456

Well you shouldn't have thought that. There was no reason to expect anything other than Necrons and Space Marines.

>> No.74861457

So what are aggressors good for now that we have heavy intercessors?

>> No.74861459

Here comes Johnny?

>> No.74861462

The Primaris side is kinda. Because Cawl doesn't make special flavors for them. Red Ultramarines and all that. That said, they will get thicker supplements as long as marinelet stuff is still around.

>> No.74861463

Hey can chaos or Xenos get something cool. These fucking marines are fucked.

>> No.74861465

Affirmative action primaris, you racist.

>> No.74861469


>> No.74861471

More dakka

>> No.74861472


>Upgrade Chaos marines to 2 wounds to put them on par with Primaris
>Create Primaris unit with 3 wounds and 2 damage weapons natively
>price them at 28ppm (7 power translates to roughly 140 points for a 5 man squad)

>> No.74861473

>an IF Executioner heavy bolter can kill a dread in 1 turn

>> No.74861474

>why would I want 9.5 bolter shots and power fists when I can have a S5 bolt rifle
Are you stupid

>> No.74861475

>They said we weren't going to be replaced

>> No.74861476

well, people bought them right? they were """good""" for lining some jew's pocket

>> No.74861479

Having flamers because bolters are for chumps.

>> No.74861482

Shitting out absurd numbers of shots?

>> No.74861485

Every time they release a new primaris unit I remove something I would buy from GW and buy it from a recaster instead

>> No.74861486

hopefully theyll eventually extend this power creep to all armies, not such spacies and necrons

ah who am i kidding lmao

>> No.74861488

Much higher volume of fire. Flamers. Power Fists.

>> No.74861489

He probably just sits on 40kchan pressing the made for the BBC button over and over

>> No.74861490

even better, they said this was a direct reaction to the old space marines getting 2 wounds

>> No.74861491

>currently showing models

>> No.74861493

Primaris vehicles are abysmally designed, it's honestly breathtaking they made the leman russ look sensible in comparison
anon, 40k is about progress and recovery now!
yeah my thoughts too lol
what's chat going wild about?

>> No.74861496

Its obvious if you know anything about Aggressors.

>> No.74861497

>main gunner
>missile gunner
no seems to check out

>> No.74861498


>> No.74861499

those marines look hella cute

>> No.74861502

Troop choice, too. I might be in love.

>> No.74861503

Heavy Intecessors are troops

Fuck me...

>> No.74861506

lmao 3 wounds with insane damage and guaranteed 3 damage per shot that hits
fucking lol

>> No.74861510

insulting me wont make up for the fact that your father was never proud of you

>> No.74861513

Powerfists, and an extra attack

>> No.74861514


>> No.74861519

>everytime GW releases something for marines I lash out like a child and don't buy anything official from my army
Let me guess, Xenos player?

>> No.74861522


>> No.74861524

stupid euro noguns

>> No.74861525

lmao every marine gets a supplement

>> No.74861526

nothing other than primaris is ever getting anything cool ever, enjoy!

>> No.74861529

Christ I thought they were the Primaris version of Terminators or something, this is fucked.

>> No.74861530

goddamnit I literally just primed some regular intercessors. What's even the point now

>> No.74861536


>> No.74861538

Oh shit I'm a faggot.

>> No.74861539


>> No.74861540


>> No.74861541

>no dark angels

>> No.74861542


>> No.74861543

Assault Intercessor Death Company. There we go.

>> No.74861544


I don't own a single Space Marine model, and never have. Despite that I do have a healthy appreciation for the aesthetic of the army as I grew up with the hobby.


Sure, but until this point it seemed like just about everyone was getting the same deal: we don't want to make new versions of your old models because you already own them, we barely want to even acknowledge they existed, instead we're just going to make more and more new things and marginalize your collection. Primaris launch epitomized it with the obvious intent to completely replace the legacy marine line.

But this Necron wave is full of the spirit of the 3rd edition line as well as weaving in a new, more "undead"-like theme, so it makes what they've been doing with Primaris marines feel even more lacking because they're clearly capable of delivering better. Hence, why I said I am starting to feel bad for legacy Marine players.

>> No.74861546

So do Deathguard have some new terrain piece now?

>> No.74861547

>DG before CSM when DG are already OP
>one Xenos out of 6 codexes

Fuck this shit

>> No.74861549

At least that one should be fairly easy fix. Take the melta out and put another camera/sensor there and then either use a razorback turret or 3rd party turret on top.

>> No.74861552

glug glug glug

>> No.74861554

How new are you?

>> No.74861555

I like the look of them but their rules are so broken I would feel bad about using them.

>> No.74861557

Please tell me someone screengrabbed that new DG stuff?

>> No.74861559

I fucking love being a marinechad. It feels so good when GW pays attention to us instead of xenos fags.

>> No.74861564

All releases for 2020 so the printer anon was a filthy lier.

>> No.74861565


>> No.74861566

uh, Steel legion are Nazi paratroopers and that's going to be a yikes from me. You will not be missed, chud.

>> No.74861568

anyone got a pic of the death guard model? the one from rumour engine

>> No.74861569

@mordian_blues on Instagram

>> No.74861570

>cant unsee it

>> No.74861572

Of course they will be.
I'm going to join the no game vs primaris marines faction.

>> No.74861573

sorry anon, nobody did, it's gone forever :(

>> No.74861575


>> No.74861576

anon thanks

>> No.74861577

As a Iron Warrior player I feel perpetually cheated

>> No.74861579


>> No.74861580

>> No.74861581

At least it looks like bikes and skimmers don't have to be printed specifically for DA to have Ravenwing

>> No.74861583

These are some weird fucking choices to have priority

>> No.74861584

Why did they put two of the exact same model right next to each other

>> No.74861586

>No Fists or Salamander supplements

>> No.74861587

Are those terminators new sculpts?

>> No.74861590

Obviously GW are gonna make what's profitable (marines), but since marine players outnumber other factions by so much there's not really any point in speaking with your wallet as a xenos player because it won't be profitable enough for GW to produce more

>> No.74861591


>> No.74861592

>DW get almost all of codex space marines
well there goes the reason to play my army

I always wanted to be another generic SM codex, not a unique veteran faction
and now waacfags are gonna act like DW are just a sub-faction they can use freely

>> No.74861593

>I don't own a single Space Marine model, and never have.
I have even less respect for this, then. Theres absolutely fucking tonnes of Firstborn Marine shit.

>> No.74861594


>> No.74861597


>> No.74861599

It may fires plasma bolt ?

>> No.74861600

Yeah RIP

>> No.74861601

Yes, and?

>> No.74861602

>no new cover art for death guard

>> No.74861604

what a chad

>> No.74861606

Pretty good. Just needs the cartoon nozzles on the gun replaced.

>> No.74861607

new character too ( next to deathshroud)

>> No.74861608

That's one of the dudes from the sneak peak in the last livestream preview.

>> No.74861613

>Be GW
>Rig one of each MKX armor to repose as they want
>Now easy to shit out a space marine release every time you need money
>Put the actual effort into armies that aren't guaranteed easy sales
It's pretty obvious that this is what they're doing, right?

>> No.74861615

really nice model.

>> No.74861617

New terminator sculpts, or new unit?

>> No.74861620


>> No.74861622

Looks great, other than that weird paunch.

>> No.74861624

>more options for marines to kill marines

>> No.74861626

They needed to do the Space Wolf Supplement soon so they could release that Ragnar kit alongside it

>> No.74861631

new HQ choice

>> No.74861633

They're the best selling lines anon.

>> No.74861636


>> No.74861638

This nigga got four eliacubes

>> No.74861641

Nice hernia, old man

>> No.74861643

I was referencing a webm that's posted often, but tg doesn't support webms so I can't show you.

>> No.74861644

>main gunner
for a gun that can't aim without using the whole vehicle? No, the driver is shooting that thing. The idiot in between the two rocket pods is eating backblast every salvo. Dumb model, lets see if the Primaris release next month fixes it.

>> No.74861645

>Heavy bolter drops a Wraithguard/Wraithblade a shot.


>> No.74861646

Like everything besides his pregnant stomach

>> No.74861648

>he buffs daemon engines

>> No.74861649


>> No.74861651

>5++ only

>> No.74861652

Bodies and cost?

>> No.74861653

GW: Hahaha fuck anything else except Marines and Necrons. Fuck every other none SM faction.

>> No.74861654


>> No.74861655

I want these lads to come back

>> No.74861656

Oh Anon, your dreams, and mine, are coming true

>> No.74861659

They're power level 7, roughly how much points is that?

>> No.74861660

Man all this primaris shit makes me want to play chaos.

>> No.74861661

Gotta get his family back somehow.

>> No.74861662

That looks like the shitty kitbashes I did when I was younger

>> No.74861663

>that terrain

>> No.74861667

Yeah everyone would just love pajama elves if they would get new stuf- oh wait they got a whole battlebox that never sold because nobody likes eldar

>> No.74861668

>"Don't worry guys, its coming eventually(TM)"


>> No.74861669

That's incorrect though. Marines get a Q3 release every other year or so, while that's a lot more than everyone else it's not like they don't have fresh non-marine armies as a data point for what sales for non-marines look like

>> No.74861671


this is the era of cruddace buddy, nothing but primaris, get used to it

>> No.74861672

>Orkplayers thought orktober was a thing

>> No.74861673

Death Watch and Space Wolves are the best selling lines? Yeah right

>> No.74861674

140 or thereabouts

>> No.74861675

It's weird since it's a detail taken straight from the Nurgle daemon prince model
I would have preferred an open wound with guts spilling out (Why the fuck are there only like 2 Death Guard models with open wounds? Come on!)

>> No.74861676

Why make everything AP -1? Why not just subtract 1 from everyone's armor save?

>> No.74861679

Half the reason I chose Space Marines as my army was because I didn't want to field too many bodies

>> No.74861682

Thinking orks are gonna come out during this marine overhaul is just dumb.

>> No.74861687

>wounding on 5's
>saving on 4's if you take shield
Even if you have them sitting with a CM a full squad will kill like 2, and I would imagine the 3 damage gun will be very expensive

>> No.74861688

They got one aspect warrior unit and a character. Thats it, not a revamp or any army compared to 5748238927282 niggermarine units that get shat out every few months.

>> No.74861689

>sell a new box with new models
>it's two updated units and nothing else
>coupled with some of the most retarded lore ever written

>> No.74861691

It is though.

>> No.74861692

There's still loads of weapons and models that have no AP

>> No.74861693

Lord of Flatulence coming through

>> No.74861694


>> No.74861695


>> No.74861696

>Space Wolves

>> No.74861697

PL and points don't directly correlate but like ~140

>> No.74861699

191 data sheets but no fires, life is pain.

>> No.74861702

About 140

>> No.74861707

this lol they basically confirmed the NPC meme

>> No.74861708


No we didn't.

>> No.74861709

nice dreams anon but no, publicly traded companies put the best ratio of minimal effort/maximum payoff into everything they do. Xenos are getting this too as you saw earlier.

>> No.74861710


Same reason I play Harlequins. Which I chose entirely due to their elite nature and not looking like marines.

>> No.74861712

Almost any time a new release comes out for other stuff its always paired with 'hey heres a new marine character/unit/HQ model'

>> No.74861714

>renegades and elysians squatted
>bland ass fucking death korps still exist
life is simply unfair

>> No.74861716

>Eldaredditors and Orkucks fucking SEETHING
Looking forward to seeing you in 9th, Marine bros.

>> No.74861718

191 across all factions sounds like a lot of units are getting cut.

>> No.74861721


>> No.74861724

so they are under cost for their statline and utility, again. wonderful.

>> No.74861725


>> No.74861726

A Forge World book without the Forge World brand.

>> No.74861728

>krieg but no elysians
hold me....

>> No.74861729

>Era of marine
>The same three base models posed differently over and over
>Meanwhile Necrons get actual differences in sculpts
Any kind of objective assessment of which sculpts take more effort show that marines are being milked to fund everything else.

>> No.74861734

wait are mechanicus getting rules for their FW stuff

please god let it be true

>> No.74861735

>Warboss on Warbike rises from the grave

Oh boy, fingers crossed.

>> No.74861738


>> No.74861740

>Already knew we were gonna drown in codex suplements for the marines for ages even after the god damn book comes out.

>Still hurts to have it confirmed.

I'm so sick of power armor.

>> No.74861742


>> No.74861743

No because that would be a good thing

>> No.74861744

>Boss on Bike
Ayyy Orks in the preview after all!

>> No.74861746

Annoyed we arent getting a whole unit of Grave Wardens to be honest.

>> No.74861747

>warboss on a bike is coming back
fuck you for making me think it was getting gutted

>> No.74861750

Warboss on Bike, thats nice. Assuming that means no model from GW

>> No.74861751

>No trim

What? Thats a staple for chaos

>> No.74861752

>tfw a necron and marine player

>> No.74861755

>coping this hard
enjoy your 20 year old eldar and ancient resin tyranids!

>> No.74861756

>Steel legion are Nazi
Im pretty sure you have no idea what that words means

>> No.74861757

Are you implying necrons are powerful?

>> No.74861758


The damage control of that line basically has me completely turned away from 40k now. My entire opponent pool is marines already and I think I'm just done.

>> No.74861759

>DKK popularity came out of nowhere
Its almost like there's more nazis that play this game now

>> No.74861762

Yup. Buy Zhardsnark or convert.

>> No.74861766

death guard termies are not heavy on the trim

>> No.74861767

Yeah. I got into 40k again with Indomitus marines knowing nothing about the power levels, but this obvious power creep is putting me right back off the game

>> No.74861768


>> No.74861771

lmao not a couple days ago you faggots were insistent necrons were getting nothing. You retards will complain about anything

>> No.74861781


>> No.74861782

>*happy gasmask noises*

>> No.74861785

everything no longer in production is being dumped
except for mechanicus

>> No.74861786

>nazis get updated rules

>> No.74861789

Enjoy your vet squads split up into five different kits, one per gun.

>> No.74861790

Death watch definitely not, but soacewolves have always been incredibly popular among spergs

>> No.74861794

This is just a less funny version of another one, try harder.

>> No.74861795

So do the Assualt Primaris have a jump pack option?

>> No.74861797

imagine being this retarded

>> No.74861798

One day you'll grow up

>> No.74861802

Too early, dude. You can wait till we're on page 10.

>> No.74861804


>> No.74861809

nigger they literately are German paratroopers with Lasguns. They are unironic space Fallschirmjäger you fucking idiot.

>> No.74861825

>oh no le nazis!
>posts a regiment based on an army that ran concentration camps in Africa

Fuck off!

>> No.74861828


>> No.74861835

Who is blood boys?

>> No.74861836

Rules and nothing else. Who cares. The Grenadier casts are still fucking AWOL.

>> No.74861838

Never forget the 6 million

>> No.74861844

cry about it

>> No.74861845

blood angels

>> No.74861850

GeeDubs finally got how primaris space marines should look. Took them long enough.
Now they need to make a heavy vehicle without anti-grav.

>> No.74861851

Half the DKoK range is missing in action.

>> No.74861862

>look nothing like Fallschirmjäger
>fight nothing like Fallschirmjäger
>lore is nothing like Fallschirmjäger

>> No.74861870

At least it's front-loaded. Stunt the supplement rules out the door and make 2021 about interesting armies.

>> No.74861886

Have you ever seen anybody try to use a titan in a regular game? Is it even possible unless you go to like 4000 points?

>> No.74861898

New pattern they cheapen out, mechanicus streamlined armour

>> No.74861905

Expect 120 point fully equipped.

>> No.74861910

look at their helmets

>> No.74861913

>look nothing like Fallschirmjäger
Bro are you blind?

>> No.74861920

Countless land and air vehicles do this irl. Are you retarded?

>> No.74861944

honestly a plastic techmarine, and bladeguard, assault intercessors and the other Indomitus contents (not the eradicators though) were all I wanted from Primaris. I don't want any more releases because i dont want people to resent me even more.

>> No.74861972

I can't tell if the "nazi's bad" posts are joking or not

>> No.74861983

I'm still hoping Eradicators will get a points hike in the codex, and I say this as a primaris player.

They'd be fine at like 60ppm

>> No.74861999

I know it's a forlorn hope but I've always hoped that suplement dexes should be out outside of the codex cycle.

Otherwise what's the point of it not just being it's own codex like Wolves or Blood angels use to be?

>> No.74862008

Depends entirely on cost?

>> No.74862029

And most will be shittier than a knight castellan so what's the fucking point?

>> No.74862041


>> No.74862066

are you niggas retarded? the helmets are generic as fuck, not to mention steel legion officer ones that go down at the back are not at all like it. not to mention they aren't green, not to mention their fatigues look nothing like the very distinct fallschirmjager ones, not to mention lore and playstyle looks nothing like them

>> No.74862069

Those are Armageddon Steel Legionnaires

>> No.74862075

At 7PL they'll be around 30ppm

>> No.74862078

same, i just want all the discord surrounding them to end.

>> No.74862110

> marines only release this year

>> No.74862130

sounds like they are getting a primarch

>> No.74862145

The enlisted are wearing the same helmets and smocks that German paras wore. The officers are wearing Saddam era Fedayeen helmets. It's clear where they got inspiration from. Even offical artwork has their helmets with decals identical to German ones.

>> No.74862201

Why are history buffs in these threads all so mentally ill? Do you know anything besides WW 1&2 history?

>> No.74862267

If Primaris/Space Marines units were as expensive as Custodes, would that balance them?

>> No.74862291

Yup. I'm well versed in the timeline of your mother being a big whore (2010~ongoing)

>> No.74862306

Marine goes deaf every time it fires.

>> No.74862485

If primaris units were priced for their abilities and stats, then they'd be fine

>> No.74862506

What is he even doing there anyway

>> No.74862832

Please, giggling contempt for the audience is an integral part of nerd media.

>> No.74863614

what are the skorpekhs supposed to be able to do that the snekrons don't do better and cheeper?

>> No.74864651

Ok, I’ll fucking say it.

>Power Rating 9
So the points costs of models are already set as in Chapter Approved, most likely.

Competetive aside, you literaly can’t play casual with friends anymore as a xenos-player.

It’s not even possible to play the worst units in a power armor faction without crushing every xenos player times 1000.

There will be one of three different outcomes for my group of 15 players.

1. Updated Codex Factions only matches. So 5 of our players will then be playing among themselves. And xenos/not released codex factions together.

2. Everyone who don’t have second armies should start collecting new codex factions. This is highly unlikely. As we only play with painted armies.

3. Players with non codex factions will just skip the sundays we play together to do something else.
This is the most likely outcome.

It’s not about losing anymore neither, it’s that we will get really fucked up schedules for when we can play the next opponent. Some players will literally destroy an army turn 3, while others play through to turn 5. Those xenos in our group will just be forced to sit on their cellphones or bail early.

I’m not accepting GW marketers sitting on stream with a smile, knowing that our group will most likely not play together until 2022, if ever.

There are better games, and there are better activities to do for us than 40k after this stream.

>> No.74865692

I never got why destroyers reroll ones to hit. Is it literally that GW wanted them to hit better than on a 3+ but worse than on a 2+? Because other than that, I wonder why not just let them hit on a 2+ and get rid of the reroll.

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