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What drives people to put this kind of nonsense into a fantasy wargame?

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a sense of humor probably

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If I wanted to read twitter posts, I'd be on twitter.

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The same thing that drives people to complain about the same jpeg endlessly.

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D&D is not and has never been a wargame you simplistic minstrel.

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go back there and stay there

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It's literally a mod for a wargame.

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pretty early to move the goalposts that far, Ahmed

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AJ was right. Water's full of fag juice.

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The fuck is wrong with you OP?
Why are you triggered by the nice turtle lady?
Why are you shitting your pants all over a Cambodian Shadow-Puppet Forum?

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You said it was never a wargame, it literally started as a mod for a wargame.

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Hug your mom OP. She won't be around forever.

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Imagine being such a faggot that a female birthed you lmao
>t. Dionysus

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quiet, fish

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OP the faglord was born from two fat men buttfucking each other

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>Fantasy wargame
stfu DnD is whatever the group wants it to be.
If the group is into it this fucker can stay at camp or even have their own little misadventures with people and things whilst the battle party does the fighting.

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>fantasy wargame

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This is fact. Historically correct and true.

You opinion about it's relevance is completely irrelevant.

Well done anon. Niggers without knowledge of history have been btfo. Play on.

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it absolutely used to be a wargame, and just because they took all the structure out of it, does't mean that's not what it still tries to be.

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Because people put that kind of nonsense in everything, and you gotta get over it, numberman.

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d&d is not some cookiecutter system.
It is designed and made for party based combat.

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What drives people to be mad at a hypothetical character someone they'll never meet plays?

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>tfw no Revy

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Reminder that pic related and cutebolds were /tg/ staples back in the day.

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In same way injustice and atrocities affecting others affect those of us who are not jaded motherfuckers, someone enjoying things the wrong way does too.

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Sounds like an awesome concept. I'm prettu sure player who made that must be a great roleplayer.

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Grandma Tortle sounds like an excellent character.

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how fucking lucky is this faggot's GM that he gets to kill his character abomination in any way that he sees fit and give this guy a PTSD since the player made a clear connection to his own mother? Bad character idea, rookie mistake, rip in twitter tears

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I mean I hate the art, and I kinda dislike "human+" animal races, and that kind of character *may* be a bit inappropriate for D&D specifically (although that depends on the game), but as a character the concept sounds pretty damn solid and reasonable.

Certainly better than Lord Grimbald the Grim, noble scion of House Grimbar, Lawful Munchkin #367.

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This website is for 18+

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Plot twist: in turtle years she is really young, so short lived races see her as the wise grandma, and other turtles see her as the kawaii girl too prone to worrying

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>an axe was designed to cut trees, you can't use it to kill m-

shut up

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>someone's make believe turtle is directly comparable to genocide and crimes against humanity
That's it. I'm done. The autism has gone to far, there's no redemption. Fuck all of you.

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>based on my mom
An Oedipus complex.

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>staple of /tg/
Good joke.

That said, you're not entirelay wrong. All the cancerous tieflings and shit should be laughed at and driven out, but this obsession with labeling anything carefree and funny as cringe is the result of the influx of edgy tourists doing their damndest to "fit in" into a subculture that never existed.

Why is it so hard for these people to understand the carefree middle-ground between "cancerous SocJus garbage" and "super-srs no fun aloud"?

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It is perfectly comparable, just not in intensity, obviously.

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Kill yourself.

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Key word: Mod.

That mod was never a wargame.

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>yet another fucking thread with this op image
>people all fall for the bait like clockwork
>including me

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dubs of truth

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>>live laugh love on the staff thing
my fucking sides
based boomerette turtle

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What's wrong with it? That's a perfectly legit character.

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Didn't have enough cummy shakes, OP? You are always so butthurt when you don't get enough cocks to suck, OP. Methodically speaking, of course. I'm sure getting buttfucked would be a good substitute for you, you colossal faggot.

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In D&D? Yeah, you probably should. If you're not interested in a pretty narrow game where the main thing you do is grid based combat and everything else is window dressing then it isn't the system for you.

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I think its a big ass pizza peel.

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World of Warcraft

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>ree you are playing the game wrong even though it doesn't impact me in any form
>twitter thread
Shitty bait thread for no-game faggots to cry about yet another issue that doesn't really happen to them.
99% of you shitters here would be happy if some fag would show up with a char like that at a game so you finally have something happening.

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>What drives people to put this kind of nonsense into a fantasy wargame?
The unconscious desire to *not* be playing a fantasy wargame.

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>fantasy wargame

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Thanks anon, I needed a good laugh to start my day

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I’d love to see you use your axe to boil water, faggot. DnD is and never will be a catch-all system.

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>Have no stove to set pot on, use axe over fire
owned faggot.

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*blocks ur path*

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>using an axe AND pot
Were those goalposts heavy to move?

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>Poors water on hot axe, it boils.
Happy faggot?

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Probably because Freakshitters are vile in general.

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Is Day Z a military simulation?

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That is, by definition, using your axe to boil water.
If anyone is moving the goal post, it's you.
>I’d love to see you use your axe to boil water
>Uses axe to boil water
>herr durr stop moving the goalpost.

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IDK, Gygax isn't around to answer that question anymore.
D&D hasn't really been a wargame since 1st ed. It's been a kitchen sink for fantasy dungeon crawling, wilderness exploration, adventuring and general roleplaying the longest time.

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Shifting cultural norms.

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What really gets me is how does she not fit the criteria of a D&D character by this anyway? She's a Druid, she has the capabilities of combat to fit in, the rest of her character is just that, character. If I make an Imperial Guard army and make-up a fun story about how my general is actually some paper-pusher who got put in charge of a military unit because of some Imperial bureaucracy nonsense nothing about that prevents him from acting as the commander unit.

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Just because something is a mod of something else does not mean it is at all like that thing.
Dota is a mod for warcraft. Are they the same game?
Counterstrike is a half-life mod, are they the same game?
BSG Express is a mod of the BSG boardgame, are they the same game?
D&D is a wargame mod, are they the same game?

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do better, OP

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It's just Eurofags crying over pointless shit.

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Any attempt to limit what kinds of things people can and should do at their table is faggotry and an abomination upon the hobby. I'd rather spend year playing with nothing but gay tieflings than play with people like you or anyone else ITT who thinks they should have any sway over other people's tables. You wouldn't walk into my house and tell me how to decorate my home, and if you did I'd kick you the duck out for being a cunt. In that same vein if you aren't at someone's table your opinion on what happens at it is less than worthless.
There is no moderate opinion on being a controlling cunt. It's all faggotry no matter how mild

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Imagine being so triggered by the thought of a sweet "team Mom" character.
Op is a snowflake who feels threatened that someone might create a character with an actual personality beyond "kill monsters, get loot".

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The silliest thing about this is that there's no damn reason why you can't have a stodgy old turtle-druid in a wargame. But oh, a "fantasy wargame", that sounds like serious business right? Reality check: you and your friends are playing pretend with your dolls.

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Tortollans are cooler than literally my mom turtle

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I don't get it, what's wrong with this character?

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>Imagine being so triggered by the thought of a sweet "team Mom" character.
>Op is a snowflake who feels threatened that someone might create a character with an actual personality beyond "kill monsters, get loot".

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High quality post indeed

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alabama memes etc

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You know, the only thing that bothers me about this is "Tortle".

There are just too many things in D&D that are playable, and everyone wants to make something so "unique" that every modern illustration I've seen of someone's party is a hodgepodge of monsters, furries, and rainbow devils.

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The really disturbing part nobody is concentrating on here is playing a character that is openly supposed to be your mom
Some Freudian tranny shit

>> No.74861263

>the self appointed "right wing" gatekeepers are mad about a woman in a traditional role as a loving parent
Bunch of degenerates

>> No.74861292

When that's the case, it's hilarious to insert a normal human into the party awkwardly sitting around and trying to pretend everyone else is just really into costumes.

>Is that a tiefling?
"No, that's just Jerry, he's into facepaint."

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The tweet said it was based on his mom not that it is supposed to be his mom you brain damaged tranny

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The same people who are now making entire new RPGs about these sorts of quirky anthro nongendered queer characters.

>> No.74861399

>non gendered
It is literally a woman in a traditional role as a mother what the fuck is wrong with you? Go talk to a doctor about your gender dysphoria and stop projecting

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what drives you to make such threads? if you played games and had something interesting to talk about you'd have your thread limit reached before resorting to posting twitter shit for (you)'s

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>Revy gf never

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I think the exotic or unusual races lose a lot of their charm and mystery if they can be played.

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I think your posts lose a lot of their charm if you make the same ones over and over but here we are

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What? I've never posted that before.

>> No.74861598

You have and you'll do it again too

>> No.74861605


And yet, you're okay with the companies doing the same, you fucking hypocrite?

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I saved it from another anon. You can save images with the filename from the original post (though that might be a 4chan X thing)

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Od&d literally told you to use chainmail rules for combat.
Where 40% of the game is combat. How is that not a wargame?

>> No.74861680

At least it isn't a tiefling.
I don't understand what these weirdos' fixation with tieflings is.

>> No.74861717

He never said anything of the sort.

>> No.74861760

Horns are neat.

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Really sad how /tg/ has been so infested with normalfags and reddit that people are white knighting a character who is the soi equivalent of coldsteel

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I don't get it either, but it annoys me greatly.

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it isn't though
soiboy coldsteel is a female tiefling

>> No.74861811

Tiefling is the official tranny race, so of course they flock to it like flies flocking to shit.

>> No.74861824

dude what if tokienesque fantasy but with an OC donutsteel race

>> No.74861833

They're conventionally attractive, easily customized, immediately eye catching in art work, and they have nice bright colors that humans enjoy. I seriously don't understand how you find this confusing.

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There is documented evidence that even the very first D&D players did not take it seriously.

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It's called reading comprehension you fucking mongoloid, try it sometime.

>> No.74861941

It's part of this insane push on the board recently to completely condemn all cooperative-storytelling aspects of the game

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The kinds of people who make these threads and reply to them don't have any kind of consistency. In one breath they'll tell you not to play deviant genderqueer gay wizard tieflings and in the next breath they'll tell you not to play traditional female characters and in both instances they'll call you an SJW if you dare disagree.
If you're looking for an actual answer it's because every tiefling can look different from the last. Every elf is just tall, has skin ranging from fair to olive, and is lithe. Every human just looks like a human. Every dwarf is short, probably has lots of hair, and has fair skin. Tieflings can actually look different between each instance and since "these people" actually bother to make OC and roleplay they care about the visual appearance of their character.

>> No.74861992

All these self-proclaimed purists don't even remember there was an actual cowboy in the first D&D game. Hell, Gygax let one of his players make a goddamn balor.

>> No.74861995

Pushing out story nonsense is ideal at this point. I'm playing a game with mechanics for a reason, if I wanted to do story telling or something gay like that I wouldn't need a rulebook.

>> No.74862009


I'll take this over another Gimli clone, flavlorless sheet withou an actual character or brooding dark warlock any day. In fact, mean, edgy characters are still so common this is refreshing.

>> No.74862031

So what you're saying is that it's easier to make a Tiefling character superficially distinct and that's all these people need since they are too creatively bankrupt to make an actually interesting character.
>my character has no personality other than quoting rick and morty, but at least xhe is purple and has three dicks

>> No.74862043

>I'm playing a game
No you're not, the only roleplay you do is pretending to have a stake in this hobby so you can make dark pronouncements over the state of it

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>not being a fire gensai.
>not boiling water with your dick.

>> No.74862063

My powergaming draws me to their "sub-races" and varients.
My eyes stay for the art.

The only tiefling I've ever played or seen played where they were disturbing rather than some different variant of exotic/cute was when my group all sat down and made mutated warlocks because we were told the game was gonna have our patron as a corrupting influence.

and the details about specific minor mutations is also neat

>> No.74862064

DnD RAW literally says that players should just do their thing and have fun, leave it go. Besides, I'm currently brewing an idea for another stupid character myself

>> No.74862071

Gimli was radical in the books. Not only was he the best warrior in the Fellowship by far, he had the soul of a poet, and even had a moment of courtly love with Galadriel.

>> No.74862074

there's your answer. it's the furfag factor
they want a nice brightly coloured OC donutsteel to commission niche fetish pornography of instead of creating a character with any actual depth

>> No.74862082

>actually bother to make OC and roleplay

>roleplaying is inherently good

>> No.74862111

The existence of a rulebook has absolutely no say on the story what the fuck is this insanity

>> No.74862114

>Being so confounded by people having different opinions that you just pretend they don't exist.

>> No.74862125

why you have to be a cunt mate?

>> No.74862149

If you don't like roleplaying, this is probably not the game for you. Obviously there's bad rollplaying but it's still the fucking point.

>> No.74862164

>work yourself up into a frothing rage over any creativity, roleplay, sincere joy or pride in art
>wonder why nobody caters products to you or why nobody who shares your viewpoint makes anything
only a reactionary right wing nonce would be so dense as to not make the connection

>> No.74862194

>If you don't like roleplaying, this is probably not the game for you.
I like roleplaying, but I care about the GAME too.
Why do storyshitters have such a hard time understanding they are playing a roleplaying GAME, not play-acting with improv-dice?

>> No.74862195

>So what you're saying is that it's easier to make a Tiefling character superficially distinct
You're projecting. You're making the assumption that these people only care about the aesthetics of their character. Aesthetics feed into roleplay just as much as stats or class if you actually know what you're doing
>since they are too creatively bankrupt to make an actually interesting character
This is a logical fallacy. "Interesting character", a phrase without any real meaning, is not mutually exclusive with "visually unique character". I'd also hesistate to call them "creatively bankrupt" since "these people" produce 100x as much art, writefaggotry, and other content for each of their campaigns as you types make in their whole lives.

For all your bitching and whining about interesting characters what do you people actually do with all those supposedly "interesting" bland humans and copypasted elves? I would love for you to fall flat on your face trying to explain to me how if you squint the right way you can pretend your last campaign, if you've even played in the last 5 years, was "interesting". Surely you must be gods of creativity by now since you're all experts
Play a fucking video game if all you want to do is watch numbers go up

>> No.74862204

If you don't like roleplaying why aren't you just playing boardgames where roleplaying isn't part of the description of the game?

>> No.74862217

You nailed it, that's exactly what it is.
You figured it out and your disingenuous and reductive proclamation is totally correct.

>> No.74862226

Yeah but the dorf neckbeard usually just play a grumpy violent alcoholic without the poetry or capacity for appreciation of things not-dorf.

>> No.74862227

>actually interesting
meaningless phrase that gets thrown around to denigrate characters but no one ever gives an example of an "actually interesting" alternative

>> No.74862233

If you like roleplaying then why don't you just freeform?
You can roleplaying without a game, but you can't have a game without rules.
Thus, ttrpgs must have rules take precedent over roleplaying otherwise it's not a game and it's not table-top. It's just roleplaying.

>> No.74862249

>it's too shallow its just superficial there is no depth
I'm playing dungeons and dragons not writing a fucking novel

>> No.74862285


>> No.74862286

By nature of being a Mod, it started as the wargame.

>> No.74862311

It doesn't matter what a different book written by different people fifty years ago started as.

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Because it's fantasy you numbskull.
It's fucking make believe. Made up.

Are you dumb, autistic perhaps?
Jesus christ.

>> No.74862340

What are you actually mad about then?
You're backpedaling. Your initial statement was "roleplaying isn't inherently good", as if roleplaying is just a bonus or an extra that can be discarded whenever.
It's not a game and its not pure roleplay, its a role-playing game. You cannot have a roleplaying game without roleplaying and you cannot have a roleplaying game without a game. To pretend that the game part of roleplaying game is more important than the roleplay is just rolling dice with occassional flavor.

>> No.74862347

>Aesthetics feed into roleplay just as much as stats or class if you actually know what you're doing
if you knew what you were doing you wouldn't need to make your character bright pink with horns and a tail to make it visually distinct

>> No.74862350

Pump the breaks faggot, you're assuming that I have a problem with people playing tieflings and shit.
What I have a problem with is people being faggots in a more generalized since in the creative vicinity of my hobby. I've had plenty of players play a tiefling and not play it some sort of trannoid fag.
In fact in my previous campaign one of my players was essentially the tiefling equivalent of bigger thomas and we had a blast without him have to post pictures of his character that look like the came straight out of the newer she-ra cartoon on his twitter.
But of course you must be right, the only kind of person that would be annoyed about his players running an OC donut steel mary-sue sonichu abomination are the sort that unreasonably demand only tolkien races, because someone has to fall into one of those two extremes right?
I think that says more about you than anything.
And for your information my current campaign revolves around reviving the economy of a small wartorn medieval nation and restoring order in the face of rampant brigandry, monster infestation, and political bad actors.

>> No.74862418

Why do I have to be mad? Not liking a thing doesn't mean I have to be frothing at the mouth in a rage like that strawman you've imagined just because it exists. I don't like cockroaches either and I somehow manage to post on 4chan in between the episodes of intense rage and fury despite their continued existence.
I'm kind of mad at you for making an intellectually dishonest argument on the internet, but even then you can only get so angry about that kind of thing.
Would it kill any of you to ever argue in good faith or are you just going to pretend that anyone that doesn't emulate your worldview is SILLY?

>> No.74862464

>PUBG was never actually a shooter game since it started out as a mod for a shooter game
At last I truly see

>> No.74862475

You don't "need" anything to make an interesting character but if this specific character is supposed to be a bring pink tiefling with horns then that's what it is. That's like saying you don't "need" to have your character be an elf to roleplay as an elf. If your elf isn't an elf then how the fuck are you playing an elf?
>What I have a problem with is people being faggots in a more generalized since in the creative vicinity of my hobby
So you're mad that other people at tables you aren't playing at are having badwrongfun and you think your opinion is valuable enough that those people should stop. Who died and made you godking?
>But of course you must be right, the only kind of person that would be annoyed about his players running an OC donut steel mary-sue sonichu abomination are the sort that unreasonably demand only tolkien races, because someone has to fall into one of those two extremes right?
Its funny, you get mad at me for pigeonholing you into one of two extremes and yet every tielfling you don't like is faggotry or a mary-sue. You're allowed to bitch at other people for having badwrongfun and shove them into your little boxes but how dare I call you out on it.
>And for your information my current campaign revolves around reviving the economy of a small wartorn medieval nation and restoring order in the face of rampant brigandry, monster infestation, and political bad actors.
Congrats I really do not care.

>> No.74862482

And both were cringe.

>> No.74862497

PUBG is a shooter. It has shooter mechanics. It has always had shooter mechanics.
D&D is not a wargame. It does not have wargame mechanics. It did not ever have wargame mechanics.

>> No.74862514

>That's like saying you don't "need" to have your character be an elf to roleplay as an elf.
thank you for admitting that people who like tieflings don't know what they're doing

>> No.74862517

What kind of game are you playing where your characters appearance, besides race, is at all relevant?
I've you've made a sparkledog oc tiefling, how does that impact the game?

Aesthetics literally doesn't matter, "character race is X so they are reacted in Y manner" is as far as it goes.

>> No.74862524

>wargames don't have grid based combat
Mine eyes are more open now than they hath ever been.

>> No.74862538

>It does not have wargame mechanics. It did not ever have wargame mechanics.
>what is chainmail
Why do retards ignorant of history have so much confidence?

>> No.74862561

You're not the godking of telling people what they can and cannot like.
Does me thinking these people are faggots somehow infringe on their ability to do what they want? No it does not.
That seems to be the way you think things work, which indicates to me that when you have a problem with something other people do that you literally want to make them stop, you authoritarian.
Get over yourself, you can play your faggy donut steel all you want, and if you unironically enjoy it, that's fine, and i'll unironically think you're a faggot.
If that's the kind of thing you lose sleep over, then I guess it sucks to be you.

>> No.74862572

How does one play as an elf if your character is not an elf?
"Pretending that my not elf is actually an elf" is not an answer

>> No.74862583
File: 295 KB, 1920x1080, ssrd-screen-2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>That's like saying you don't "need" to have your character be an elf to roleplay as an elf.
Technically, this is true.

>> No.74862595

Aesthetics literally do not matter. D&D is not a visual game. There's no visual representation of your character in the game. If you draw your character's picture it as at most a fun little side thing, but it has nothing to do with playing the game.

>> No.74862599

>That seems to be the way you think things work, which indicates to me that when you have a problem with something other people do that you literally want to make them stop, you authoritarian.
Projection and a No U. Two doses of retard in one post

>> No.74862624

So you have never in all your time of playing tabletop used visual descriptions of characters, objects, places, or creatures? Because visual descriptions are a description of, here's the kicker, aesthetics.

>> No.74862626

Dota and warcraft are both RTS
Counterstrke and Half life are both FPS

>> No.74862656

Why do you think you can't make your character an elf without getting the greenlight from WotC and writing it on your character sheet?
>"Pretending that my not elf is actually an elf"
Ironic, because people pretend their human is actually an elf because that's what they wrote on their character sheet, all the damned time.

>> No.74862657

Chainmail is as much D&D as PUBG is ARMA 2. One game comes from another but they are very clearly not the same game.

>> No.74862678

It was mod that transformed a wargame into a rpg.

>> No.74862695

>fantasy wargame
D&D, is an RPG, not a wargame.

>> No.74862705

You are literally retarded.
Why do you keep talking about a subject you don't know about?
OD&D literally, LITERALLY outright told you to use chainmail rules for combat. The classes/creatures were based on chainmail fantasy units.

>> No.74862713

That's not a rebuttal.
Am I to interpret this as you, in fact, being bootybothered by me being bootybothered at something unrelated to either of us?
I'd say that makes you a hypocrite.

>> No.74862724

>Wargames can't have RPG mechanics
Guess Necromunda doesn't real.

>> No.74862729

>Why do you think you can't make your character an elf without getting the greenlight from WotC and writing it on your character sheet?
That's not at all what I'm talking about.
If you want your elf to be an elf, then you have to tell your GM and the rest of your party that your elf is an elf. Your stats are different, your visual descriptions are different, and your backstory may be different between an elf and a human. If you want to roleplay as an elf, but you tell your GM and your party that your character is actually a human, then actions you take or ways you describe yourself or backstory elements that only work with an elf are going to seem odd to your party.
If you're playing a tiefling, you tell your GM you're a tiefling. I don't know why this concept is hard

>> No.74862749

OD&D is as much D&D as PUBG is DayZ.

>> No.74862777

>D&D isn't D&D
lmao you're dashing off with those goalposts

>> No.74862852

I'm curious as to why this character would become an adventurer. She seems like she'd be more at home in a village.
It's not a bad character concept, just one that needs explaining.

RPGs are wargames. They're very lightweight squad level cooperative games, but still recognizable as wargames.

>> No.74862855

>There's no visual representation of your character in the game
There is in my head, and many people use figurines

>> No.74862879

that wasn't my argument at all
I decided to ignore your retardedly shifted goalposts
but since you insist, I'll explain it to you: you said that certain demographics are obsessed with tieflings because they're brightly coloured and eye-catching
after we agreed with you, you then changed your argument and said that it's because it's important to roleplay that the character be eye-catching if you know what you're doing.
I then disagreed with your new, retarded argument saying that playing tieflings have no more virtue than any other race in being visually distinct if you know what you're doing.
and now you've changed your argument again, saying "It's just because they want to!!11!", which is irrelevant to the orginial question, which is WHY do they want to.

>> No.74862881

OD&D is a completely different rules set made by completely different people several decades apart from 5E.

>> No.74862882

>"cancerous SocJus garbage" and "super-srs no fun aloud"
The key insight is that these are the same thing. Treating the greater world of /tg/ shit as a necessary battleground in a culture war is the problem, not the particular ideological commitments you're fighting for.

In general the rule is "Don't make your fellow players/GM uncomfortable." If your group is dedicated to grimdark murderhobo-ing, Grandma Tortle is probably inappropriate, whereas if you're playing at the campus Hillel House you probably shouldn't have religiously-motivated genocide in your character's backstory.

Don't be an autistic dickhead like OP, in short.

>> No.74862899

This is a lot of words to say nothing.

>> No.74862908

sure, "you're a retard" would have sufficed
but I was bored

>> No.74862914
File: 1.64 MB, 255x191, reversiduane.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thread fulla big brain posts

>> No.74862915

>only 5e is D&D

>> No.74862930

The OP was about 5E, so for this conversation yes.

>> No.74862966

No, you can't fucking read.

What D&D is now as to what it was are entirety different things.

Fuck off with your war game meme and let people enjoy playing the game, one I believe they understand better than you ever will.

>> No.74862990
File: 1.03 MB, 1881x1542, Froggest Illustration12.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I resent you and your creatively dead soul. Cease existing in a brutally swift fashion, if you would be so kind.

>> No.74863009

There is no "what D&D is now". People are playing different editions. Refer to specific editions.
Blanket statements like "D&D was never a wargame" are wrong because all editions of D&D are included in the D&D identity.
Assuming people are talking about the current edition is fine until you're specifically not talking about it anymore.

>> No.74863013

Good. If they want to play Dildos and Dilations let em so long as it keeps these types away from RPGs I like. DnD was never good and all that but they still somehow managed to make it worse.

>> No.74863014

>you then changed your argument and said that it's because it's important to roleplay that the character be eye-catching if you know what you're doing.
From my very first post I said that aesthetics are important for roleplay
>retarded argument saying that playing tieflings have no more virtue than any other race in being visually distinct if you know what you're doing.
It's not about having more virtue, it's about being a different character. A fighter is not a wizard and a human is not a tiefling. This is what I have been saying the whole time

>> No.74863083

Sure but you're bitching that people playing D&D 5e,modern D&D, aren't playing it like OD&D. They're entirely different games, hell it hasn't been connected to a wargame since OD&D and how many editions and versions has it been since then?

>> No.74863089

Literally every game I've played, even dung&drag, has rule 0 written in the fucking book. If RAW is your thing, play with people who do RAW and leave people who use games as a vector for role play alone, they've already got a group, unlike (You). Let people like things, you sad mongoloid.

>> No.74863094


>> No.74863098

So if a player makes a character based on their Mom is ok, if I do it based on Madara is bad. What nonsense is this?

>> No.74863099

>war game
Also if I could field a mom turtle in a war game you bet your ass I would.

>> No.74863119

Those are roles someone is playing, based retard.

>> No.74863135

Where is this from? Don't think I've seen this posted before.

>> No.74863158

Tiefling is for players who want to play "unique and interesting" characters but stop trying to be unique or interesting beyond the character's appearance and maybe a quirk or two they half-heartedly roleplay when they actually remember that they gave the character the quirk in the first place.

>> No.74863181

>unique or interesting beyond the character's appearance and maybe a quirk or two
This is literally all you need. Further depth may be added as you get to know the character and have them interact with the world.

>> No.74863239

Wait, I can, in Burrows and Badgers.
Guess I know what I’m sculpting next.

>> No.74863243

Depends also on the GM, most GMs forget rather fast what your character is beyond class, name and defining personal trait. Fuck, many GMs don't even read the 5 page backstory they demanded...it's infuriating, why do you ask for one if you aren't even going to read it?

Currently playing a tiefling with an intelligent weapon, GM literally forgets about the weapon and I end roleplaying myself with it and everybody thinks is weird, well...the idea was the GM was going to play the weapon and create conflict or plots if he saw fit (fucking even giving him free way to railroad if he felt like it). He also forgot the traits my tiefling had rolled in the table he demanded right immediately, what's even the point? I have to remind him that I have gray skin, shark teeth, 6 fingers and smell like rotten eggs every time

>> No.74863244

Please post here when you're done

>> No.74863261
File: 2.19 MB, 4032x3024, DF6D4A22-B602-4864-BECC-C1967C5046C1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So far I did mediocre rats.

>> No.74863282


>> No.74863327

>most GMs forget rather fast what your character is beyond class, name and defining personal trait
I'm guilty of this. DMs have too much shit to keep track of already to bother with the intricacies of your character. You better be roleplaying that shit yourself, because I'm going to forget your character his a halfing so the human towering over you isn't going to be intimidated by you.
This is why I prefer human-centric settings so I don't have to worry about that stuff.
Race-as-class is best for this, because it makes your non-humaness centric to your character rather than being forgettable window dressing.

>> No.74863347

>There is no moderate opinion on being a controlling cunt. It's all faggotry no matter how mild
This gatekeeping in a game of make believe is the cringiest shit ever

>> No.74863412

Empty nest? Her children are grown and moved away, and she's looking to have some adventures of her own.

>> No.74863514


>> No.74863558

The same as marrying the succubus.

>> No.74863563


>> No.74863658

Why are you implying that his turtle character or his gameplay somehow doesn't adhere or follow the rules? Do you just assume that his druid is not a perfectly build support?

>> No.74863801

Man, I wonder how long it took somebody to draw and write all that shit out "as a joke" with the same fuckt spellings and everything

>> No.74863987

>If your group is dedicated to grimdark murderhobo-ing, Grandma Tortle is probably inappropriate
I dunno, for a group with a certain sense of humor, the idea of KoDT-ing through the world, gleefully murdering NPCs to extract cash, and then heading back to camp and having the best fucking soup in the world made by the PC who's an absolute sweetheart to the PCs and nobody else could be amusing.

>> No.74864020

I getcha on this.
I'm one of the people who really liked how tieflings looked back in Planescape, and was annoyed by the aesthetic shift in 4E. But at the end of the day, I had to recognize that this was just bitching about the art for no good reason. Yeah, everyone new would have a different conception of a tiefling than me, but am I seriously going to waste everyone's gray matter space going 'hey, tieflings look this slightly different way from what you're thinking, because it bothers me'? With all the other stuff going on, that's kind of a random unfair burden to put on players or GMs.

>> No.74864300

This is such a shitty meme format, it basically asks you to spell out your position on something, but with a placeholder words while doing it in all caps. Redditors need to be sent to camps

>> No.74864335

I like it. It’s funny.

>> No.74864457

What does OPs pic have anything that fucks with the rules? In what world does roleplaying contradict gameplay by it's existence?

>> No.74864621

Emphasis on snowflake character implies that dice fudging and rules breaking will occur if the character is in jeopardy.

>> No.74864729

That makes it not a wargame

>> No.74864767

>I'm not saying Roleplay is inherently bad. All I'm saying is that roleplay should never come before mechanics, and that people who want to roleplay should freeform, and the existence of roleplay in a game is a competitive factor against pure mechanical adherence so it can't be tolerated.

Holy shit this threads gotta win a world record in hole digging or something.

>> No.74864825

>Actually being too stupid to put in even the barest amount of effort into creating stories and making the game better than a dice rolling simulator
It'd be real great if all you reddit niggers would die already.

>> No.74864855

>Less than half the game is combat
>Therefore it's a combat sim


>> No.74864895

So you're angry about invented scenarios that only exist on your head.

>> No.74864910

Evergreen post

>> No.74864941

It's a game of imagination, there are no aesthetics.

Oh wait, you're talking about out of game stuff, like commissioning character art. Yeah, that's why that guy always picks tieflings. It has nothing to do with gameplay, it's about something else.
So you've proven the other anon right: it's absolutely about "look at me I'm so special" not about the actual game. Interesting...

>> No.74864943

Fighting invisible enemies.

>> No.74864963

Is that why whenever the topic of fudging dice/killing characters comes up there's always several anons who say you shouldn't ever kill characters unless "they do something stupid"?

>> No.74865074

Roleplaying in my roleplaying game?!? Someone should have put some kind of warning on there

>> No.74865128

wargames can have RPG mechanics
RPGs can have wargame mechanics
that doesn't make them the same thing, you fucking mongoloid

>> No.74865131

...Holy shit, you're a NPC, only you have no picture in your head rather then words, hell it's probably both for you.

You see, people have this thing called a 'theater of the mind', if they read a book they imagine moving pictures like a movie in their heads of those events happening. And when people play RPGs, the same things happens in their head too.

>> No.74865141

Honestly, this is 1000 times better than "this is my disabled trans-PoC polygender trisexual half-tiefling bard with vitiligo and bespoke pronouns"

>> No.74865196

You can definitely play as a grandmother in a grimdark campaign. I played a Ventrue based on my evil grandma one campaign and it gave me some of the best tabletop memories I have.

>> No.74865257

plus desu grimdark loses whatever potential impact it had if there are never any actually nice people in the setting
then it's just horrible things happening to horrible people, and the audience has no reason to give a shit about any of it

>> No.74865306

This is a pet peeve of mine too. My 5e party is a birdman, a gnome, a dragonborn, a frogman, and my human.

>> No.74865334

>zack elfron
fucking kek

>> No.74865525

this convinces me nazimod was the chemo this board needed

>> No.74865534
File: 57 KB, 720x960, 1598231859898.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Remember when /tg/ was untrollable because we would either turn bait into something interesting or let the thread die instead of hundreds of redditoids rushing into the bait thread to constantly bump it with their bleated virtue signalling?

>> No.74865576

>back in the day

>> No.74865595
File: 756 KB, 1920x1080, 1591121330257.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.74865597

Yeah but you can't enforce your character concept in other people's minds. If your character has blue skin, you're the only one who's going to picture it that way. Everyone else will just picture you.
My players can't even remember other characters names, they definitely don't remember that the halfling has a mole on her cheek.

QED tieflings are there for their players to feel special

>> No.74865599

But you're assuming that guy would fudge based on nothing. That's like saying that if some people who play wizard optimize playing wizard instantly means you're optimizing.

>> No.74865603

It's it bad that I think the name "Belle Violence" sounds cool?

>> No.74865611

I remmber when the appropiated response was "Depends on the setting". Good times.

>> No.74865647

TBF, there's people out there who can't actually mentally visualize things; because it seems normal to them, it never occurs to them that other people are doing it differently.
I sometimes wonder if this dichotomy between people who can and can't visualize mentally is the source of many troubles in the ttrpg community.

>> No.74865875

4E is 12 years old at this point. Is over a decade not back in the day for you?

>> No.74865939


>> No.74866116

well, at risk of sounding like a broken record, this is what happens when you don't gatekeep

>> No.74866133
File: 87 KB, 600x585, morans.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.74866140

I always wonder what happens when their PCs die. Do they just break down and cry at the table?

>> No.74866192

You’re killing the Twitch/Twitter trannys ITT in real time anon.
Amazing work.

>> No.74866236

Cute but retarded.
Not relevant to op either.
Different types and tiers of cringe and mental stuntyness.

>> No.74866301

Why do neckbeards automatically assume that every game is a mindless Gygaxian murderhobo lootfest set in Game of Fatal:40k?

This would be perfect for a comfy, exploration and puzzle based game.

>> No.74866308

Reminder that tortles have been around since 1e.
>This game was originally just a mutation of a wargame.
>Don't you fucking dare mutate it any more.
The people who insist they're the keepers of 'high reason' never actually took a course in logic, did they?

>> No.74866326

Pretty sure it’s about how cringe is idea was to bring in the “spirit of his mother”, shunt it into an anthropomorphic turtle, and then begin to RP as this character as a apart of the narrative for a fantasy grid based combat game.
Oh ya and own a twitter account and post about it there.

>> No.74866388
File: 5.06 MB, 2320x3728, 1593329425681.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They have fun with dead, which is also a good part of storytelling.

>> No.74866392

A little.
I identify with the aggressive autism used to describe her calf warmers.
Also lost at having to read whorible assident twice.

>> No.74866455

I like it, but maybe for a pirate ship or something like that. Sounds edgy for weapons and dumb for people.

>> No.74866460

TG always takes and leaves bait as it’s crusty never washed neopet watch demands of it.

>> No.74866471
File: 81 KB, 600x361, 8076EA7F-D182-4973-BBFF-19666DA5B12D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why does a cute, unique concept drive everyone up the wall? /tg/ has so many weird hang ups about DnD, does anyone even play?

>> No.74866490

How ever long, it was worth it.
Thank you based shitposter.

>> No.74866503

Too many people can't appreciate the good versatility of a human.

>> No.74866522
File: 382 KB, 600x600, m31rEJK.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The key insight is that these are the same thing
They're really not, but it doesn't make either less cancerous. Other than that I would agree with you 100% if not for the fact that the "super-srs no fun aloud" comes as a pusback due to the influx of the "cancerous SocJus garbage"-people trying to co-opt the hobby as a platform. The no-fun-neckbeards would never have gotten traction if not for that, so while I absolutely despise both, there is definitely a specific culprit responsible for the situation, between the two of them.

I never tried to control what anyone does at their home table. I'm just saying that you're shit, your taste is shit, the nu-norm is shit, fuck you, and fuck your table. I would never tell you how to decorate your home, but I will absolutely tell you that your magenta-colored assemblage of mannequins you use as a sofa in an effort to get attention from your alcoholic dad is both retarded and pathetic.

>> No.74866525
File: 436 KB, 862x637, 562346238.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Didn't you hear anon? If you aren't a bitter and insecure contrarian who hates on everything at all times you're a redditor.

>> No.74866552

Do you?
Characters like that never get played or change immediately in play.
If not, then playing with this dude and his mom character would be extremely uncomfortable, only people who wouldn’t notice would be full blown autists who are hard to stand next to anyway.
If this character actually sees a table as a PC I pity the table.

>> No.74866556

What does that have to do with anything I said?
>Aesthetic doesn't exist in tabletop!
>But it does.
>Well not everyone has perfect visualization of other characters, so the entire concept is bunk.
Can you stop being a retard for 5 seconds?

>> No.74866561

Absolutely not. 4e will never be "back in the day". 3.X is *barely* "back in the day".

>> No.74866562

jesus christ anon, what's wrong with your naming sense

>> No.74866594

If people would heed this and stop using facebook and Twitter to start threads, /tg/ would be much better

>> No.74866605

I keep thinking back to my 3.5 days when at it's worst every other person at the table wanted to turn on each other and the gm was full-sadistic
And Shieeeet I feel like that was miles less spirited than some of these threads

Cause damn I think my Gnome Hulking Hurler would trigger a good part of this thread.

It's been twelve years. 4e was released in 2008 anon.

>> No.74866607

>Characters like that never get played or change immediately in play.
In my experience, that's all characters. When I bring a concept to the table very rarerly it stays the same, usually changing depending the party and how the game goes.
> playing with this dude and his mom character would be extremely uncomfortable
That's just you, the people his playing with probably are okay with it.
>only people who wouldn’t notice would be full blown autists
Is the opposite, autism is the thing stopping you from having fun with any none traditional concept.

Look man, I play human male fighter all the time, that doesn't mean I'm going to sperg if someone doesn't.

>> No.74866611

>It's been twelve years. 4e was released in 2008 anon.
shut the FUCK up 2008 was yesterday

>> No.74866628

The accident happened twenty years ago
You need to let go

>> No.74866644

>would rather play 4e for a year with gay tieflings than-
stopped right there.
commit foreversleep now gayboy, so as to prevent any further disgrace to yourself or your ancestor faggots.
Even they don’t deserve this.

>> No.74866647

>DnD must be played in the same dour, serious way every time and anyone who doesn't play it specifically the way I like is an autist

You might want to take the time to re-evaluate things

>> No.74866651

I'd call you a strawmanning faggot, but I can only assume that you actually believe what you're saying, so I'll instead assume that you're just a literal NPC and tell you to fuck off back to plebbit.

>> No.74866652

>characters like that are never played
Sounds like your group, or the groups you’re inherently drawn to, just aren’t fun

>> No.74866654

>RPGs are wargames. They're very lightweight squad level cooperative games, but still recognizable as wargames.

Have you tried not playing DND?

>> No.74866671

Yes, that was indeed what I was responding to.

>> No.74866675

Yeah, best source for character names is either the Bible or medieval texts/legends. Belle Violence or Balthazar Emmanuel? Or even Erastus Darius?

>> No.74866678

Grow a thicker skin

>> No.74866681

This comic is a perfect example of why everyone who says they want "an actual character with depth" is a retard because everyone starts out of as a joke and you get the depth by campaign end.

>> No.74866735

The concept isn’t the non-traditional part, it’s the application and execution.
The level of character change you and me are describing are totally different too.
I know all you fags are dishonest mushbrains but come on, you’re almost this tier >>74866647 >>74866652 of cringe posting at this point.
Might want to get on their cope program asap before you hurt yourself in another Twitter OP thread.

>> No.74866752

You literally have to strawman because you’re too weak to accept reality or confront actual arguments.

>> No.74866781

You don't have actual arguments, you have ill defined angst and you lash out at random things that make you mad.

>> No.74866782

When was the last time this happened to you?
It’s been years since a freakshit character ended up being great in a campaign, and it was a fucking half orc so it was more grog core than anything.

>> No.74866804

>describes self
>adds (you)
you literally didn’t post a single argument in that chain, and when anon asked you for one or to admit to being retarded, you said grow a thicker skin lol.
Might just want to go ahead and finally kill yourself lad, no cure for your condition.

>> No.74866811

It happened to my group multiple times within one campaign

>> No.74866815

The antihero post this thread needs.

>> No.74866825

Getting pissed over a DnD character you found on twitter isn't an argument.

>> No.74866852

Yeah I lied.
There was a yuan ti recently, but she started and ended pretty dope. Went out pretty fast though.

>> No.74866885

Fucking based

>> No.74866904

Still no arguments

>> No.74866955

>telling people to kill themselves because they're calling you childish over getting mad about a picture of a turtle in a game whose players you'll never meet

But seriously, grow a thicker skin

>> No.74867005

>It's literally a mod for a wargame.
Correction - it *was* a mod for a wargame. Emphasis on the past tense, something that happened 45 years ago a few decades before you were born. The game has evolved into something wholly different since then. I'm sure even one of your mental capacity can understand this.

>> No.74867033

It would work for the kind of character that thinks such the name "Belle Violence" is cool. Like a cyberpunk game with a hacker that dresses in gothic lolita clothes and calls herself that whenever she's hired to do some shadowrunning.

>> No.74867053

> Didn't you hear anon? If you aren't a retarded and insecure faggot who can’t form an argument other than strawmanning you're a redditor?
The op is shit but your impending suicide is unrelated.

>> No.74867060

>party is a hodgepodge of monsters, furries, and rainbow devils.
Awseome, isn't it?

>> No.74867070

To be fair, where else would monsterfolk in a predominately human region exist save for the dangerous fringes of society?

>> No.74867073

Your argument is "I don't like it so no one should like it"

>> No.74867102

>Remember when /tg/ was untrollable
This was always a lie they told themselves. /tg/ has always been painfully easy to troll to the point mods had to permaban a picture of a one-winged dragon because /tg/ would lose its goddamn shit every single time they saw it.

>> No.74867115

He’s not fucking the turtle. Basing a character off someone you know or knew doesn’t mean you want to fuck them

>> No.74867122

You keep misrepresenting things I said, so I'll just take the W and move on.

>> No.74867145
File: 195 KB, 1122x1114, Whyyouneedsomanymodels.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>this kind of nonsense into a fantasy wargame
idk anon, but its been going on a for a long time

>> No.74867153

Really? Didn't the idea that the dragon was doing a perpetual barrel-roll ever cross anyone's minds?

>> No.74867157

The kind of people that don't view it as a wargame. That's why I started playing Symbaroum, because I prefer stark dark fantasy and bloody warfare.

>> No.74867179
File: 104 KB, 920x514, vex gives good head.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm ok with it, just don't cry when awful shit happens to your mommy insert in my game.

>> No.74867182

>Claims that saying that there are people that are inarticulate contrarians who tell people to go to reddit is strawmanning
>goes on inarticulate rant and tells people to go to reddit

Stay miserable anon

>> No.74867196

Man I love it.

>> No.74867227

Yeah, there's a kitty sticky saying to be nice for a reason.
Imagine putting your mom in an imaginary world where she can be stabbed, bludgeoned, slashed, vored, dismembeed, decapitated, poisoned, melted in acid, burnt alive, infested with rot grubs, orc'd.com etc. Makes me wonder what kind of weirdo would do that.

>> No.74867288

That person's group probably took out any danger of death in their game to accommodate that idiot turtle. I bet their game is just a village simulator with some very light combat.

>> No.74867313

I’m guessing graduating highschool with straight B’s in English was your crowning achievement? Since now you’re trying to cover for you strawmanning with projections of not only an inability to form arguments, but parts of speech?
Smh fampai. Even now when the threads about to die you can’t admit to that good anon you’re that you’re just a retarded faggot like he said you were baka.

>> No.74867337

Come on now, village simulators can be fun. Then again, I wouldn't use 5e.

>> No.74867361

It really is, and also you don't need to do combat in DND at all, you don't need rules to fucking role play and have fun, the rules are the frame that gives shape to things and keep combat fair so everyone roughly knows how things work. I love roll lite or rollless systems but lots of people get lost in those. If you response to this is "why play dnd then", my answer is because its what people want, the combat is simple to the point, and its easy to play without getting bogged down. I have only one rules autist in my group. I'll do this in an system I play. We'll happily ignore wonky rules, change what we want, etc nobody cares, everyone has a good time in my group. To be fair my group is more focused on talking and story shitting than murdering, and that is how you might get something like turtle mom, but I also suspect turtle mom would work just fine in a dungeon crawl going around bashing heads with her live laugh love spoon.

>> No.74867376

Is it still banned? I want to see it.

>> No.74867384

I said there are people who are insecure contrarians who hate on things as a matter of course and tell people to go to reddit when they get any push back. My argument was validated at the first reply, yet here you are, mad that you didn't feel like you won an internet argument over a cartoon turtle.

>> No.74867394
File: 8 KB, 240x240, 1311280985660.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Presumably he knows his DM and the kind of tone he usually goes for. Presumably he wouldn't bring that character to a game of Black Crusade or Lamentations of the Flame Princess. You gigantic superspergs.

>> No.74867468

I mean if the village simulator includes something interested, like figuring out why Hans hasn't been seen in 4 days, or what witchcraft Karlotta has been using that made poor old Otto so sick.

>> No.74867487

>Presumably he knows his DM and the kind of tone he usually goes for. >Presumably he wouldn't bring that character to a game of Black Crusade or Lamentations of the Flame Princess. >You gigantic superspergs.
You’re presuming a lot.

>> No.74867498 [DELETED] 
File: 199 KB, 796x796, 2lpndy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I spent all my squid coin too early... It's too late for me CoC bros...

>> No.74867500

No, you implied that everyone who says anything negative about anything is a big dumb poopy doo doo head. Have yo considered the fact you keep getting called a redditor is not because these people call everyone a redditor but in fact because your whole "attempt to silence anything that isn't a vapid forced positivity circle jerk like they have on reddit" shtick is what's getting you pegged as a redditor?

>> No.74867513

Who jumps into a game with a character already made without knowing anything about it?

>> No.74867548

Not really necesary if it does a support role. Stay on the back, do buffs, help people after fights.

>> No.74867550

>I don't know what hyperbole is

At least I passed English

>> No.74867582

>why do people come up with creative things in a game about creativity and personal taste?
Really makes one ponder.

>> No.74867586

Lots of people who play DnD. Also plenty of campaign summaries before a canpaign starts are basic to the point of near uselessness like “It takes place in forgotten realms on the sword coast.”

>> No.74867623

The frog fag from Twitter is almost as gay as you and your inability to admit you were being a stupid faggot, and ironically a contrarian for the fun of it.
>go directly to suicide, do not pass reddit, do not collect 200 yen.

>> No.74867635

Tortles don't exist on any of the worlds I've written and I'm not running a game of Adventure Time even though I will happily order a pizza and marathon a season.

>> No.74867653

>merely pretending
I accept your admission of defeat. You no longer need to embarass yourself further but may continue to do so for the entertainment of the people itt

>> No.74867660

Extremely based. I even like tortles.
I want to see someone flavor them as kupas or something one day just for the sick kicks.

>> No.74867679

>Calling out contrarians makes you a contrarian

I'm sure that makes sense to you

>> No.74867682

Cringe wasn't a thing back then because your pathetic, tiny-dick ego wasn't born yet.

>> No.74867689

They do on mine and you can have them as a player class in them. The conclussion is that well, it depends on the setting and your GM approving the character before hand? Mind blowing

>> No.74867714

>Look everyone, I won, please believe me

For what its worth, you have my pity.

>> No.74867742

>"attempt to silence anything that isn't a vapid forced positivity circle jerk like they have on reddit"

Now who's strawmanning?

>> No.74867803

>Cringe wasn't a thing back then
It absolutely was, retard. People used to mock those deviant art character sheets like >>74861772 and >>74861173 all the fucking time. Just like how Chad vs Virgin comics have existed since ancient Rome in some form or another, mocking people and things you find "cringe" is a timeless form of entertainment that just assumes a new name from time to time.

>> No.74867839

Shut the fuck up and let us imagine her mum getting gang raped by orcs

>> No.74867863

Holy shit, you've never played with your friends before?

>> No.74867865

You just know with a character like that in the game there is a lot of softness and fragility among the players.

>> No.74867892

Why would you know that
This is a pretty normal character for light hearted games

>> No.74867942


Looks like humans never evolved entirely from chimps, though.

>> No.74867951
File: 325 KB, 1280x921, 1575094780734.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are you the same guy accusing others of moving goalposts further up the thread? I think I'm being trolled, but what he is doing and what you are accusing him of doing are not the same thing.

You could however accuse him of being a retard because the clear answer on how to boil water using an axe in 5e is to cast heat metal on it and insert it into the pot.

>> No.74867990

This is communism straight from the teat of Stalin.

>> No.74867996

Anyone wanting a light hearted game is soft. Your next response will determine how much of a soft weakling you are. Be careful.

>> No.74868014
File: 12 KB, 1440x1080, alignment differs you must die smt.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Anyone wanting a light hearted game is soft
Your words betray you as one of the untermensch. Do the right thing and bare your neck for my sword.

>> No.74868034

But...they don't. Traditionally you use tape measures.

>> No.74868059

>depending on earlier lies and projection to validate later lies and projection
>literally incapable of anything else
if you were a little smarter and less obvious it might have gone better.
Doesn’t look like you’re going to get better.
There’s only a final solution for retarded faggots like.
>kill yourself

>> No.74868066

A tabletop adventure skirmish with leveling mechanics is a wargame, you nonce, you just have no idea what a wargame is.

>> No.74868184

One to three paragraphs will suffice.

>> No.74868231

Mechanical restraints and levers make a game a game in the first place. Of course they're more important than the endless reserves of far-flung creativity.

>> No.74868239

You have outed yourself as a truly weak and soft person. I told you to speak carefully, but you decided still to speak like a foolish worm. Die now, weakling.

>> No.74868366

What happens when you cut a worm in half?
I will feed on your corpse like the worm I am. And wow, your corpse really provides a lot of food.

>> No.74868396

Do you know what roleplay means, mong? It isn't acting, even though acting is a lot like roleplay. Roleplay is making decisions based on the imagined situation, including character disposition. In a battle wargame, you roleplay as a commander; in a skirmish wargame you roleplay as one or more members of a party or squad; in a combat simulator/FPS, there isn't much roleplay because you are the character in the scenario unless you apply a fictional social or group dynamic over the scenario objectives.

You see, you ass, roleplay is adding extra rules to the game, rules you create in your head about your units or characters that may result in suboptimal moves in the game, but you're still playing the base game and obeying all its rules and conceits.

>> No.74868543

Whatever you say, fatso.

>> No.74868579

Adventuring grandma is odd, but it can work, especially for a long-lived race like elves (wanderlust at 800? Fuck it, elves, man) or comedic ones like halflings or gnomes; the tortle pushes it into the uncanny valley of character creation.

>> No.74868674

Yeah, lemme take this over to /pol/ and change the topic to the holocaust so I can mine the thread for counterarguments to this post.

>> No.74868688

I want to but there's a fucking pandemic going on.
I haven't hugged her in months

>> No.74868700

The neon everything would make sense, god help anyone that has to deal with that avatar in cyberspace tho.

>> No.74868836

>Actually buying into covid panic
Boy ur dum

>> No.74868892

Look, I'm not complaining about your game setting, Jerry, I can play in a world with Tortles just fine, but I haven't got anything written for them and we've already got the dragonborn cult with planetcrackers on their astral temples and a bevy of lizardmen and kobold tribes. The reptilian angle is tapped out, pick another race- and remember, xenophobia is dailed up to 8 in my games, keep that in mind when selecting any of the nonstandard races that historically do noy play well with the humans.

>> No.74868960

The precursor to Kreigspeil used woodcut grids.

>> No.74869024

You can do whatever the fuck you want in dnd you autistic faglord

>> No.74869092

I was just referring specifically to the name, but that abomination would make for a good cyberspace avatar or obnoxious AR mascot too.

>> No.74869148

>You know, the only thing that bothers me about this is "Tortle".
That's just how girls talk online desu

>> No.74869197

I only like monsters and default tolkien races
furries and rainbow devils are cringe

>> No.74869651


I mean, yeah, for a roller derby chick. Or >>74867033

>> No.74869675


Can you even rape a turtle? How would that even work?

>> No.74869751

watch wang gang on youtube

>> No.74870080

Yes and even then DMs sometimes only have vague campaign ideas at least with what they are willing to tell players at the start and players want different things from the campaign. Just because everyone at the table already knows each other doesn’t mean everyone wants to play comfy cooking mama or loli coomer adventure or mindless goblin slaying.

>> No.74870252

It absolutely fucking does anon because yes you do talk to your fucking friends about what you're going to run

>> No.74871352

Kinda cute ngl would work better as an npc

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