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Sad artifact bois Edition

>Current metas, complete with deck lists
>Build and share decks

>Build and share cubes

>Search engines

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TQ: when was the last time you played a game of magic in person ?

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>"You know Nissa, with great power comes great duty. Sorin called it "The 'Walker's Burden." Myself, I just call it as I see it: The responsibility of the master to discipline the servant."
>Nahiri looks directly at the camera.
>"The Merfolk, the Goblins, the Vampires... It's our duty to civilize them. And if we can't? Then they shall dangle from the Hedrons. The Day of the Rope is near, Nissa. We'll have every beast on the plane dead or in chains in 10 years, and may the Roil put me into a coma again this very night if I'm wrong. God bless Zendikar."

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TQ: Yesterday with my brother

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Over a month ago. We stopped playing for some reason and I never asked why. All I did with the group was play Oathbreaker.

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>We stopped playing for some reason and I never asked why
If you think about it you will know why

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>TQ: when was the last time you played a game of magic in person ?
Played some legacy last week, pretty miserable experience (more like ELKperience, get it?. Will probably not attend the next legacy fnm.

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Since my lgs closed for covid, which was a few months ago. I'm starting to get the mtg itch again though, and playing online just doesn't do it for me. I'll just suffer I guess.

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just embrace the future of magic

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I don't like standard unfortunately. It usually doesn't have any decks in rotation that interest me.

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Nobody likes standard

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It's going to be so fucking depressing if they ever do spool back around to Phyrexia. This is a company that wants to sell a product containing happy nujusted gender neutral adult children and their animal friends.

How the fuck can they ever approach a dialogue about a species so evil that their temporary defeat and containment justifies genocide, the destruction of entire planes of existence, eugenics, etc as a general minimum.

Oh well. At least this goat looks kinda badass.

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Just have Elesh Norn say she wants to Make Phyrexia Great Again so everyone knows who the bad guy is

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*good guy

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I liked Standard back in GRN
I'm hopeful that post-Eldraine/Theros/Ikoria/M21 rotation will be good too

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nuphyrexia sucked ass and I cannot fathom how it got this cult following. Ohhh my god Elesh Norn looks soooooo scurry omg lads! is this black liquid a phyrexian oil reference?! NuPhyrexia next set confirmed!!

Phyrexia died with Yawgmoth.

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Why do they change the card border every set?

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While that is true, I think they carried the body horror theme over pretty well.

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New sets have “Showcase” cards in different looking frame. Eldraine has story book frames, Theros had Starry frames, Ikoria did a comic book style, M21 had whatever, and Zendikar has this geometric/bismuth thing.

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i hope they greed and fire brings back phyrexian mana
i want new toys for my cube
magic story? in the year of our lord 1010*2? really? are you gonna look for good story, interesting takes on stuff like morality and competent story telling in *jace and friends we can't kill bololosie also in this war only one guy died*? a good foundation for an insanely metal fantasy has been laid out for you. wanna explore phyrexians? write a story yourself and for yourself. if it's good - share it
don't expect anything from wizards

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How would they even do Phyrexia? Magic lost all of its "metal", especially with M21 with dogs. I shudder at what awful things they would do to Oily Mirrodin. At least Mirrodin 2 kept some of it's horror even though nuPhyrexians were less original Not!Xenomorphs.

Mods can delete this if this is off-topic, but just a faggy PSA for our warm-blooded American friends.
If you ever decide to do anything in Minecraft, just remember the following:
1) Don't look for trouble.
2) Take measures to prevent trouble from getting to you.
3) Only use force when it's highly necessary.
Kenosha Kyle's actions are admirable, but not to be envied. Do not make any attempts to replicate his situation. Avoid infested areas at all costs. Try to deter without escalating. Don't put yourself in a situation where you could be judged by twelve or carried by six, but be prepared in case the situation persistently thrusts itself upon you. Stay safe and sane.

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Is this some fresh oc?

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Aren't you excited for Kaldheim? edition.
>friendly, daily and threadly reminder that wotc is de facto printing an illegal cryptocurrency where prices are kept artificially inflated due to artificial scarcity and insider trading that gets distributed through lottery tickets and lootboxes and that they spend, all costs included, 2 cents per card to print them

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If they have to insert black people at least keep their cultural identity.
An african kingdom against vikings would be fucking awesome

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That'd be unironically kino.
>Weird african mythological monsters
>Weird viking mythological monsters
Add Maghreb muslims too since we all know americans don't know about any non-whites except subsaharan blacks.

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>How would they even do Phyrexia?
nu-Phyrexia ruled by Elesh Norn and Sheoldred, but even more anime. Jin-gitaxias becomes a moe glasses-girl (or maybe it's his daughter? can a phyrexian praetor have daughters?), Urabrask is a brooding lonely boomer side-character/minor antagonist, Vorinclex is the supportive genki tomboy sidekick that wants everyone to be the best they ever could

man i'm glad i'm not americanese

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Being an American sucks. Healthcare is a privilege, minimum wage has less buying power than It did in 1968, everything is owned by corporations, and a not insignificant portion of the population wants a authoritarian dictatorship at their own expense because they are dipshit cultists.

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>thinks it's any better outside of USA
It's worse.

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Oh yeah, New Zealand looks like a real shithole, sure.

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They will fuck it up with some uninspired-pop culture i got that reference.gif and will shoehorn blacks just to tick boxes.
Remember eldraine.
They won't make a decent set even if they listen to nothing but amon amarth and korpiklaani for a month and read all tolkien.
>implying nu-wotc even knows about tolkien

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What drives the secondary market price of cards?
I have a couple sets of the 2013 SDCC planeswalkers and the price on them hasn't really changed over the last seven years. Not looking to sell them since I really like the art on them (one was supposed to be a gift that ended up not being necessary), but still curious why their value is stagnant.
Are they just bad cards?

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Supply and demand drive prices, you fucking retard

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>every equipment automatically attaches on ETB
>every equipment is colored

These are just auras that don't die with their creature.

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He's really asking what increases demand.

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and we shall call them Artifacts, subtype: Equipment

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>Noooo this one little island looks great!!!
>Woe is me, the american!
>Woe is me, the loser subhuman who can't make it in easy diaper shitting baby difficulty mode!!!
Kek, go south of the border something. Maybe southern europe? Both have free health care :^)
Maybe I can interest you in some eastern block? Health care is also free there!

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>until end of turn, whenever you cast a DFC spell/land, when it resolves, place the land onto the battlefield instead of into the graveyard
Betcha this is what leaker anon was talking about with that super broken mechanic.

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I just ordered wg titan vial.

Did I fuck up?

>> No.74744908


I don't see anything poised for disastrous loss except maybe the vials, which could plausibly go to bulk this winter but that's just a maybe

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is cavern of souls ever going to go down?

>> No.74745068

Why should they go to bulk?
I actually ordered only one for now but if they are I will wait for the rest

>> No.74745074

Not unless it gets reprinted as a rare in a standard set.

>> No.74745075

I hope not, I have to sell them.

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Vial has been basically the single losingest card in this whole shitstorm. It is dubiously playable and the archetypes it supports keep getting run the fuck over by FIRE. It's value has something like quartered and I see no reason it wouldn't continue to fall

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it's actually kind of gone back up. in burgertown it's $25 bucks now, a couple months ago it was $20

>> No.74745178

That is true. Still I am a sucker for vial decks.

As soon as the promo vial goes into circulation it should be even lower. I will think about waiting, for the last 3 ones, thanks.

>> No.74745262

do you guys think Vial gets reprinted in like, a year from now?
I can definitely wait, I'm already stoked for fetches reprint in MH2

t. got into modern recently

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What's driving demand though, dipshit.

>> No.74745289

>What's driving demand though

>> No.74745397

Hello, rabbi!

>> No.74745434


Two or three private discords where the pros hang out, reactionary elements that keep a close eye on mtgo league 5-0 results and commander trends, and social media outlets like youtube where those elements publish content. Also cfb insider trading with people at wotc.

>> No.74745447


Maybe. You may as well just pick up some chinkvials though. Not like anyone is going to be looping a vial.

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So my brother finished building his deck, and we went face to face. Massive misplays on my side aside, my deck is fucking trash. Numot is not a win condition, just a decent card. I have zero board presence, all I do is accelerate, and milling doesn't prevent him from just continually hitting my face until I die.

What's important is that we had a shitton of fun, like when we were younger, and will be playing again tomorrow.

>> No.74745827

good job posting your deck dumbfuck

>> No.74746028

>we went face to face
Hot. And ass to mouth?

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Get with the times, y'all!

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yeah how dare that old white man who actually lived a life having difficult experiences write something.
we cappucino drinking supersois who talk about the owl house on twitter all day can do so much better

>> No.74746444

>literally their only tranny character is a dead dude
Blizzard is hilarious only when they try to be serious

>> No.74746524

Aren't AAA game companies in general parasitoids ran by out-of-touch suits?

>> No.74746552

Absolutely, and at the middle you have these onions-chugging sjws that spew all this garbage and try to drive all resources into turning entire IPs into their playgrounds

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Don't forget the mindless consoomers who don't care about getting nickeled and dimed if it means they get to see their epic crossovers.

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heroes of the storm used to be based
they might still be but blizzard effectively killed that game just as it was gaining steam

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Blizzard truly is the jotc of vydia

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yeah meanwhile here's them interviewing the ogrewash devs

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unironically this, my sorins are transforming into shitcoins. The ghoul was a nice addition but not enough to make sorin into a $30 card... I need a vampirakul to make serious money.

>> No.74746714

just HODL until innistrad 3: underworld

>> No.74746818

>print land hate in every color
>don't actually print a good land card in the set
What did they mean by this?

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Wtf is this, is it just made out of hair?

>> No.74747100

Just wait until you see the mythic UG land
Hopefully there is not one[/Spoiler]

>> No.74747217

I'm tired of playing against Uropile shitters.
I'm starting to want to play Uro myself, guys.

>> No.74747336

just take your favorite deck and jam Uro then it will be more viable anon :^)

>> No.74747404

No, it's made out of GhASt

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So this is basically a R goyf right?

>> No.74747517

with looting

>> No.74747712

Out of veins

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Why is the flavor text so bad? What the hell is this shit?

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Here we have the 3/1 Sixth Pride animorph
It's just so longwinded and needlessly expository

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This is unreal.

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>Not backing down on sexy females
Where do I sign up?

>> No.74748324

I prefer kitty warriors to pasty dudes with keyblades

>> No.74748334

If you think about that flavor text as the character saying it, it comes off a little funnier. Do it with some chink accent.

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Its just bruse verbally abusing his animals

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Oh that's not that bad then.

The flavor text that the characters are saying is usually bad too. They should make less flavor texts that are stupid silly boasts, it makes the setting seem like it is not serious.

>> No.74748382

>he didn’t tell her that dragons dont give a fucking damn about dressing etiquette

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Like this one. Why is there flavor text at all?

>> No.74748442

>We want everyone to feel represented

>Not representing hot babes in swim suites

>> No.74748456

>he doesnt like zendikari tech service

>> No.74748460

For flavor.
He can be whatever your party needs and he's asking how he can assist you (be what your party needs).

>> No.74748468

Then why doesn't he have Lifelink, Vigilance, Reach, Deathtouch, and Trample?

>> No.74748501

Read the fucking card anon

>> No.74748503

Where's all the other stuff though? I thought he was supposed to be whatever the party needs?

>> No.74748504

He’s an adventurer not a fucking morphling

>> No.74748562

He is some multiclassing asshole showing up on his epic mount to be whatever you need him to be but he can't heal, he doesn't have rogue speed, he has no huntard bow, he can't cast magic, he just has Vigilance?
How is this good flavor?

>> No.74748573

You didn't pay him enough.

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File: 161 KB, 672x936, mh1-14-impostor-of-the-sixth-pride.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I prefer mine to be literally everything

>> No.74748643

>How is this good flavor?
Because you don't need any of those fancy abilities, alls you need is for him to fill out your party.
Don't you see anon? The true power was friendship all along.

>> No.74748652

But my entire party chipped in to pay the casting cost
If they had wanted this card to be flavorful they could have had you choose between a Lifelink, Vigilance, Reach, or Deathtouch counter to put on him and made him a 3/5. It's weird that is a thing they established in Ikoria and wanted to do more of but them forgot about it even though it would make sense with the DnD party thing they are pushing now

>> No.74748683

>It's weird that is a thing they established in Ikoria and wanted to do more of but them forgot about it
True, however being these are back to back sets they wouldn't share mechanics because they were made up by two separate teams? Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought that's how they handled it.

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just finished building all of amulet titan lads. feels gud. i just wish there was someplace I could play in paper ......

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>there are 10 different kinds of fighter but only warrior counts

>> No.74748790

>it makes the setting seem like it is not serious

>> No.74748798

>There are 10 different types of mage but only wizard counts
>There are multiple gods across the planes but a generic cleric will do
>Heh...rogue steal treasure

>> No.74748812

It's like a Pokedex entry lmao

>> No.74748834

Pokedex entries are unironically better. They're stupid, silly, and obviously for children, but I don't recall any being such a complete mess.

>> No.74748904

>when was the last time you played a game of magic in person ?
8 months
I think I'm ready to sell

>> No.74748948

>kike libtard go buuuuuarghh

>> No.74749039

This could have just been "swinging a sword is a simple job, but I can help get someone else back home safe" or something. Why is it a paragraph of rambling?

>> No.74749115

Because they need to feel like what they're writing is profound, despite being worse the writing of a high school student.

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File: 3.43 MB, 3264x2448, 20200905_235842_HDR.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

a-are my modern decks okay lads ?

>> No.74749149

>being a shit taste kill la kill weeb

>> No.74749171
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kill la kill was a fun tongue and cheek anime and mako was cute !

>> No.74749191

>Tongue and cheek

>> No.74749195

Replace it with a RB kiki conspicious version. 8whack is sooo 2017..

>> No.74749216

Meanwhile shirtless buff dude skins are at an all time high lmao. Funny that my female friends never complain about skimpy skins, they love them and use them in fact. Maybe its because they arent legbeard hambeasts.

>> No.74749239
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i already have titan and tron for combo decks i really dont want to make goblins a 3rd one ......

it almost had more silly moments than serious ones....come on man...

>> No.74749257

The shitposting avatarfag is a KLK weeb that plays 8whack

>> No.74749277
File: 97 KB, 672x936, znr-147-leyline-tyrant.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

aha ha haa haha
ahaHAhahahaha haha ah ahahahah

>> No.74749303

At this point I think we will see StP in MH2

>> No.74749366

At this point I think they will get around the reserve list dual land problem by printing strictly better lands. Like volcanic islands that can also tap for wastes or something. Holy fuck some of these spoilers.

>> No.74749401
File: 490 KB, 449x401, laugh at you.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tongue and cheek

>> No.74749410

Yeah this set is them dropping the pretense. They are tired of making Magic. They want to make Hearthstone. This game is Hearthstone now

>> No.74749438
File: 1.76 MB, 745x1040, som-94-koth-of-the-hammer.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Big red's back on the menu

>> No.74749477

>"I swing a sword. It's a simple life."
flavor text complete, also;
>"—especially Nahiri's sword, the symbol of her adventuring."
..wait a minute, it's even longer than that. Well then...

>> No.74749478

>Dies to removal
>No haste
>Doesn’t recur itself or cantrip

It’s fine.

>> No.74749489

>4/4 with flying for 4 in red with upside WITH MORE UPSIDE
No, it is not fine.

>> No.74749510

If mtg survives this maybe it will come out the other side as magic again. With fucking retarded powerful spells to counter all these ridiculous creatures. Like bolt and brainstorm being standard-legal material. If not then we are finally free. Make all formats legacy power level, it's the only way out.

Honestly that would be great. It's not violating the reserve list policy, technically. Monkeypaw those cunts. I haven't bought anything but singles in years, that would cause me to grab a case or two.

>> No.74749519

But... it's either trying to sneak a win with combo or getting outvalued and outgrinded by uro =(

>> No.74749645
File: 1.34 MB, 392x400, 1456380673952.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tongue and cheek
Never heard that one before.

>> No.74749654
File: 145 KB, 223x311, thunderbreak.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dragons of Tarkir was 5.5 years ago though. Did you seriously expect there was going to be no further power creep from 2015?

>> No.74749676

It was unacceptable then
it is still unacceptable now

you are trying to defend the mistakes of the present by referencing mistakes of the past. Building an empire on mistakes is FUCKING RETARDED, anon.

>> No.74749706

>cards with a """""downside"""""
Woah, grandpa you just wake up from your coma? Market research says Timmy is less likely to buy the Star Wars Funkopop Rick and Morty Cuckhold Limited Edition Limited Print Secret Lair if they lose to a car with a downside

>> No.74749721

The fact that mtg was a competitive game at all was literally a mistake though.

>> No.74749725

>Woah, grandpa you just wake up from your coma?
I wish. At least then I wouldn't know WHY all this shit is happening, and could have at least some faith left in humanity.
Knowing all of this destruction of everything people love is 100% intentional and by design really torques the gonads. Ignorance would be bliss, etc. etc.

>> No.74749752

>Did you seriously expect there was going to be no further power creep from 2015
Yes. Seeing as how there wasn't significant Power Creep from 2004 to 2014 I was confident that it was possible.

>> No.74749787

riddle me this, anon
how one create a player vs. player strategy game that is not competitive

>> No.74749816

>there wasn't significant Power Creep from 2004 to 2014
Are you joking or something? Did you forget people complaining about the strengthening of creatures for those 10 years?
I still remember people complaining about the 6 mana titan cycle, wurmcoil engine, and baneslayer angel. It's just that now instead of the OP creatures sometimes seeing play in legacy, now they sometimes break legacy.

>> No.74749837

Not to mention shit like phyrexian mana, eldrazi oh and fucking PLANESWALKERS

>> No.74749852

>I still remember people complaining about the 6 mana titan cycle, wurmcoil engine, and baneslayer angel.
>"People complained about power creep when it was happening, which means power creep now is A-OK"
holy shit anon, seriously, stop being retarded. This is tier-1 top of the line, bespoke retardation you are spewing.

Power creep is bad
people call it out
it was bad then

>> No.74749860

>how one create a player vs. player strategy game that is not competitive
By thinking that it was supposed to be a roleplaying experience that one played rather rarely with people, so as to not form an established meta.

>> No.74749871

If you think that is what anon was saying in his post, you are fucking retarded.his entire reply was to other anon saying powercreep didn't happen in the decade planeswalkers were introduced

>> No.74749890

>By thinking that it was supposed to be a roleplaying experience
why the fuck would you think that about a player vs. player competitive strategy game?

MTG is a PvP strategy game. If you want a "roleplay experience" go play 5e or some shit.

>> No.74749894

>stop being retarded
but seriously, this board is just constantly on the anger stage of grief, the game is constantly going to get worse until it dies or becomes even more of a husk of itself than it already has. If you haven't gotten used to that it's on you.

>> No.74749908
File: 382 KB, 1261x884, fertile coomer.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can someone purchase the only copy left in the US already so the card can finally spike to ridiculous levels? This one CK copy is cockblocking the price since a week already... Even ebay and TCG have 0 copies left for sale since 10 days..

>> No.74749918

>why the fuck would you think that about a player vs. player competitive strategy game?
Because nothing like mtg had been created yet and he thought people would see them as D&D-esque collectables.
He shifted pretty quickly when he realized that didn't happen, but the description I've heard is that it was a mistake.

>> No.74749952

There's 2 on tcgplayer right now

>> No.74749964

Because that was what the good doctor intended

>> No.74750033

I only see non-foil copies being listed.. am i retarded or something?

>> No.74750105
File: 17 KB, 1315x290, no results.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No, he's simply bullshitting you. 0 foil copy on tcgplayer.

>> No.74750108

Back in fucking March. I miss Magic bros, online is just not the same. And my shithole country will never get over corona without a vaccine

>> No.74750117

It's called commander, cube and draft, the only good formats in MTG. And you'll hate me for saying this, because i'm saying the harsh truth

>> No.74750143
File: 8 KB, 360x906, 12415215.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>It's called commander
fuck, you're right

>> No.74750152

He lies like all trannies. EDH players are salty as fuck when they lose and they use "it's not competitive it's multilayer amd for fun" as cope, like MOBAtards

>> No.74750163

>Not competitive as hell
Lolwat. Do people actually believe that?!

>> No.74750173

>EDH players are salty as fuck when they lose and they use "it's not competitive it's multilayer amd for fun" as cope
believe me, I know
I only have actually good EDH decks and local EDH pods hate me because my decks aren't "in the spirit of EDH" and shit
It's like this abstract form of nega-competitiveness, where instead of getting better at deckbuilding and gameplay, they demand other people hobble themselves or make worse decks.
It's a really cancerous milieu, desu. Fucked up people hiding their insecurities behind "muh social contract"
If your deck sucks ass, just lose with grace ffs.

>> No.74750189

The whole reason MOBAs are 5v5 and shit is so when faggots lose they can blame everyone but themselves. When they win it's all OHHH YEAH GET DUNKED ON KIDS OUTSKILLED bit when they lose the cope comes out.
EDH is the same. It's competitive because they're trying to win, until they lose, at which point it's for fun and they weren't serious

>> No.74750193

feels good to live in a spike country where the only form of edh is cedh and casual cuckpods are totally unheard of.

>> No.74750207

>so when faggots lose they can blame everyone but themselves
Not true. They always blame the jungle :^)

>> No.74750225

god, I wish.
You would not believe the salt that something as simple as Angel's Grace causes.

>> No.74750246

You are talking to a shitposter.
Anyone who talks about cEDH like it's something different is the same shill just trying to be a contrarian.
EDH is shit in all forms and everyone who plays it is a fag

>> No.74750257

I feel like i'm blessed with a 1 in a million LGS where the people playing are all super chill. Generally they tend to be spikes but sometimes the same dude playing stax/turn 3 combo will bring out an Alirios monou suicide voltron deck. It can be fun with the right people, but then again that can be said for near anything

>> No.74750277

>EDH is shit in all forms and everyone who plays it is a fag
Not disagreeing. My EDH decks are almost all from 2010/2011 with upgrades along the way. I got in before all the assbaggery, and now just have the decks to play.

Format's fine if the people you're playing with are fine, desu. The people ruin it, these days.

>> No.74750280

I'm sorry for you anon.. But even if your whiny country's playerbase is awful, at least you get to play sol ring :3

>t. know strictly nothing about cedh
It's a totally different animal, you tardo. Not the same banlist, 1v1, no "each opponent" shitcard required, chokeful of interactions and low to the ground mana curve...
If anything cedh is way closer to legacy than edh.

>> No.74750282

I still remember my one and only experience with commander being:
>borrow friends mono red jaya deck because he keeps bugging me to try out the format
>sit down with 2 randoms plus friend at lgs
>dude before me goes
>Sol Ring
>my turn
>Smelt on Sol Ring
>dude just says 'really?'
>friend says you're not supposed to do stuff like that in edh
>i just say it seems like a strong card and theres not much else I can do with Smelt
>guy I smelted says im an asshole and scoops
>we play on with 3 people for like 3 more turns before other guy does that exquisite blood combo and says we're dead
seemed pretty lame

>> No.74750294

>at least you get to play sol ring :3
I haven't actually put that card in any of my decks, yet

>> No.74750298

cedh is just vintage but somehow even shittier

>> No.74750319

When EDH was first created I asked my friends if they wanted to try it and they said it sounded gay so I never got to play it and now I feel like I lucked out.

>> No.74750327

Wait a minute, is a single member of the cum tribal a whole party on its own?

>> No.74750331

no, if it worked like that cum tribal would become playable

>> No.74750343

Your pasta is the worst pasta ever created.

>> No.74750369

It's not a pasta, retard. That's my experience with EDH. I've posted about it here 2 or 3 times.

>> No.74750373

No, they just count as any one party member. You need 4 creatures to have a full party.

>> No.74750384

Can my party be 5 clerics or does it have to be just 1 of each?

>> No.74750385

>playing int*raction
Yikes I wouldve had you kicked from the pod and suspended from the store right then and there :^)

>> No.74750387
File: 1.10 MB, 769x1079, file(7).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

another do 3 things card at common

>> No.74750392

powercrept mind rot

>> No.74750393

Remember Mind Rot?

>> No.74750445

these are the type of cards that make Limited gameplay boring as fuck

>> No.74750489

Im genuinely surprised it doesnt cantrip

>> No.74750519
File: 45 KB, 768x432, 1579081076632.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I miss the days when this game actually had some pretty brutal stuff.

Why do these "people" always make these rugged sellswords and survivalists verbose and well-spoken?

>> No.74750532

>Why do these "people" always make these rugged sellswords and survivalists verbose and well-spoken?
because they are incompetent writers
this isn't hard to understand

>> No.74750539

Cantrips belong exclusively to green's slice of the color pie.

>> No.74750556

Its not green

>> No.74750563
File: 53 KB, 640x516, Mirth.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

When I first started EDH I Shattering Spree'd some guy's entire board. I hadn't even made any other plays because I really didn't know how to deckbuild for it, but I don't think he ever forgave me for that. I just thought it was funny. People who take EDH seriously really confuse me.

>> No.74750571
File: 897 KB, 480x291, 7245df4d7df24324c3108be488242870.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.74750599

hit a nerve, did it?

>> No.74750789

Kaguya playmat
incredibly based, i wish i could still play fow but the game died at my lgss.

>> No.74750867
File: 101 KB, 265x370, turntimbersymbiosisp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.74750885

>Wizards actually is careful with a new mechanic, making sure the spell side of it is unplayable trash
this is a miracle

>> No.74750982

so i archon of emeria just a must include sb card for certain decks?

>> No.74751004


have you not been in the last few threads? people get triggered if I talk about it, people get triggered if I don't, some of you kids are real snowflakes, I swear

>> No.74751036

oh you were the anon with the draft chaff deck. Still questioning your reasons as to why you're using the cards you chose, but you're having fun so whatever.

>> No.74751144

It's all so tiresome.

>> No.74751145
File: 1.79 MB, 1679x827, zoo landfall.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Zoo Landfall for memedern.
Do you think the deck would be viable, frens? Brewed this list in 2min to give you a glimpse, can probably be improved.

>> No.74751150

>Do you think the deck would be viable, frens?

>> No.74751178
File: 145 KB, 1073x480, respectable person vs magic player.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>why are they in swimsuits
>because they worked their asses off to look hot and want to show up the result of their efforts and find good partner on the market, my dear daughter, so you better learn the lesson and work hard to be worthy of your ideal partner instead of making excuses and living a cheap life of lies like most people your age

>> No.74751181

>implying these soiniggers will ever have even just 1% of the talent of tolkien to begin with

Blizztard may be the only company able to reach jotc's level in term of soiery, stupidity, globohomory, kikery and cuckery.

>> No.74751190

Pauper Mono B Burn?

>> No.74751193

>no uro

>> No.74751201

Nice, I was just thinking of putting together something like this. I also wanna give Magmatic Channeler a shot in a Pyromancer sort of deck.

>> No.74751256
File: 250 KB, 1898x2274, 1582948252569.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just lost 40% of my savings over the past 2 days during the cryptos megacrash. What is the best deck to show up to my opponents i've nothing to lose anymore, not even my soul?

>> No.74751259

Explain me this meme.

>> No.74751277

>tfw incel and like to fantasize about teaching my daughter to work hard in the sexual marketplace while also imagining I'm Sherlock Holmes and she's Watson

>> No.74751282

the entire set seems to be designed this way. Next year of magic is going to be boring garbage.

>> No.74751283

You didn't lose or gain anything, anon. Money in investments is not "savings", it is an investment. It is not money until your investments are liquidated.
The way you actually lose is by panicking over something like this. Assess your finances, question why you had so much tied up in a single asset rather than diversifying, then rethink and adjust your strategy going forward.

Crypto is well known as a volatile, high-risk thing to get into. You did this to yourself. The best advice I can give for figuring out where to put your money is:
Don't think how much money you could make, think how much you risk losing, and how likely you are to lose it.

>> No.74751325

>What is the best deck to show up to my opponents i've nothing to lose anymore, not even my soul?
oh, also, I recommend Tron. Those motherfuckers got ANNIHILATED by M21 and Double Masters.

>> No.74751504

Was anything bah-roken spoiled yet?

>> No.74751528

Not yet but soon

>> No.74751536

i'm going to buy it and list it for 2.99 just to fuck the market even more. and you can't stop me

>> No.74751547

>"To spite the market, I shall buy high and sell low!"
kek wat

>> No.74751552

This is better than a goyf...

>> No.74751685

who needs goyf anymore? You're living in the past, grandpa. Future Sight was 13 years ago. FIRE is the future.

>> No.74751691

Alright, then I'm just going to list them for 9.99 and buy them from you back again for 2.99.

>> No.74751837

it's a highlight of the stupidity of waiting for someone else to corner the market in your favor.

you either suck it up and pay the $4 to do it yourself, or you're stuck as a victim of the market like everyone else.

>> No.74751865

>someone bought the card
but i bet it's not you. Smart move from the dude.

>> No.74752126

How much LINK do you have?
Literally zoom out, faggot. LINK pumped something like 800% in a month. It was going to course correct hard. You are still up unless you bought in at $15. You will make back your losses, it will just take time. The worry was that crypto would crash 90%, a scenario so apocalyptic it would destroy faith in all long term prospects. That didn't happen. It's already going back up.
And if you have thousands of LINK that you bought at $3 or less, you've already made it, you don't have to think about it. So wake up, stop drinking, scoop the shit out of your pants.
Also Tron or Dredge.

>> No.74752144

it wasn't me, but if he got the message and just bought the card himself, i hope he realizes that trying to corner the market on a non-RL Foil version of a card normally worth less than 10c isn't going to make him rich.

In fact it's not even a good card when things like Urban Utopia and Unbridled Growth exist (as both of them also give card draw). It's a worthless effort but if they want to waste money trying to "invest" like the big boys, then all the luck to them

>> No.74752607


>> No.74752632

Based fellow boomer.
*hums the terran theme*

>> No.74752644

asl is on now and leta the wraith master qualified through ro.24 with the shortest TvT ever

>> No.74752647

Because the creator has re made the formula several times trying to correct the mistakes of the past.

>> No.74752913

>people bitching about the battery dragon
Really niggers? Omnath already existed and he never achieved anything

>> No.74752922

there's a big difference between omnath, who gets big with mana, and this dragon that has a built-in fling

>> No.74752962

>built in fling
>have to charge it with all your mana to do damage
>if you’re charging it you’re not casting anything
Umm based?

>> No.74752973

>swing with 4/4 in the air
>they have to take it because if they remove it you fling for the same damage or more
>after they take it you can cast all your bullshit
it's free damage

>> No.74752999

Its not, its getting a chance to turn the dragon into a fireball. But i agree that just getting excellent creatures for the cost with upsides is just fucking retarded and what brought the game to this state

>> No.74753006

I don't even think that this dragon is that strong. What's going to play it? Ponza? Which has better options.
But the design of it is just fucking stupid.

>> No.74753016

Idk either why everybody pretends its a free fling instead if an X fireball for red

>> No.74753025

Well its not about it being strong. Is the design mindset that makes patent how stupid things have become.

>> No.74753036

Well it can't be corrected because the cards they have printed in the past 2 years are so stupidly strong that they're just going to dominate forever even if they powered down everything from this moment on.
They need to ban 20 cards.

>> No.74753055
File: 335 KB, 1024x1024, AB60FD5A-529C-47B4-8EC1-8AC1C80D5760.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thats why we can say that the game is dying

>> No.74753100

i recognize this spirit of denial.
you are insane.
nothing wrong with free and easy life. nothing. and it can and will be eternal.
you are insane.

>> No.74753212

>It is not money until your investments are liquidated
It's what i did, couldn't stomach it any longer, seeing all my money slowly evaporating every minute. It was so painful... Of course 2 minutes after i withdrew it all it pumped back up. It depressed me you couldn't believe..

>> No.74753239

You fucking retard.
You either get out at a 10% loss or you hold it with diamond hands. Learn how to zoom out, asshole. Crypto is not for weaklings, you either hold and forget about it or you check this shit with balls of steel if you want to swing.

>> No.74753281
File: 158 KB, 1280x960, 158754987954.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

0 LINK, i simply purchased few ETH last week. At the absolute top. It was my first shitcoin experience, lured by all the gains-posting on biz i got greedy, even though i know this whole cryptosphere is a giant ponzi scam. I thought i could simply maybe x2 or something then get out. Big mistake.

Withdrew all what was left today because i was scared at how fast it was crattering. At the absolute bottom, just before it pumped back up. Classic buy high, sell low i guess... Idk why i tell you about my catastrophic experience, i guess i want to get it out of my chest.

Fuck my wet-paper hands. I'm not made for this.

>> No.74753309

Fear is the mindkiller, friend. The first thing you need to learn is never to panic. After you've absorbed all the powers of the stoics, two things help you avoid such things altogether.

1 - Diversify your investments to hedge against risk. It hurts less to watch 2% of your money vanish, than it does 50%. It is better to rise with the tide, than it is with a wave.

2 - Write out a plan, IN WRITING, for all your investments. How long do you plan to hold X, Y and Z? 5 years? 10? When do you sell for profit? When it doubles in price? When do you cut your losses and get out of something as it begins to crash? 20% drop? 50%? etc.
If you have a clear plan, there is no need for panic.

Don't want to get too off topic, though, so I'll leave it at that. To keep it on topic: remember that Ugin guy? Who lost his entire life savings investing in Ugins? Don't be Ugin Guy.

>> No.74753323

Loses to Uro, so no.

>> No.74753344
File: 129 KB, 672x936, ddj-14-force-spike.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

is this playable in modern?

>> No.74753349

I don't think so.

>> No.74753363

Yeah, i went in too casually with no clear plan in mind so i got fucked. Lost $300 total, from 900 initial investment. It's not THAT bad i guess, compared to some others.. But it still hurt.

>> No.74753364

Look bro I have researched crypto most likely far less than you but there are some fundamentals you are missing.
All cryptos, regardless of whatever anyone says, are tied to Buttcoin. Buttcoin is actually nothing while other shitcoins are tied to something, but Buttcoin is still the big dog and represents all crypto as a whole. Loss of faith in traditional markets = buttcoin starts going up = it's the tide that raises all boats and everything else starts pumping from people trying to get in, and this even managed to lift the stablecoin ETH. Once it all starts rising everyone gets dollar signs in their eyes and expects it to keep rising forever, exponentially, not realizing that the lows come after the highs in crypto, faster than in regular stocks.
ETH pumped 30% in a month, it was always going to correct. You should have either just sold then, or walked away from your crypto app because it was always going to swing back short term.
You want money but you think you're too much of a pussy? Buy a little crypto, write all the wallet info down in a couple places, and then forget about it and only check it once or twice a year regardless of what happens. Invest the rest in stocks, and some precious metals but still mostly stocks. Safe ETFs for the long term and tech startups if you can handle checking in a few times a month. People meme but that's still where the smart money is and you should take the boomer route and invest in the long term payoffs if you don't think you can handle the ups and downs. Most people can't, which is why all the pro traders are on cocaine.
A weak man like you should play Tron or Sultai Crabvine, btw

>> No.74753388
File: 58 KB, 342x468, 20100925juzam djinn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You mean spirit of self-realization, loser.

>> No.74753427


>hate nwo
>hate fire

Oh no

>> No.74753434

>But it still hurt
Only 300 bucks? This is fine, anon. Don't get too worked up about it. Think of it as a saving grace, really. You could have saved 10k and gone into it the same way: inexperienced, etc. That could have been bad af.
You learned your lesson early, before you had fat stacks to set on fire. I have a family friend who is worth ungodly amounts of money, and he occasionally gives people he knows thousands to throw around on the stock market. I get to keep a (albeit tiny) percentage of anything I make, and don't owe him for losses. Can't imagine ever having that much dough, where I could just toss 10k at a rando and not worry about it, but it has let me learn a lot about things without any personal risk.
":^) hope what I've learned in such pursuits can help you, even a little bit.

>> No.74753499

It's kind of you anon, but i very well know all of this, at least theorically, but when i experienced fear all of a sudden the whole theory was breaking apart and i was simply panicking, no reasoning left. I've simply moss-tier shaking hands when it come to shitcoins. At least now i know. I'll simply continue to buy boomer rocks from now on. No more digital poopoo for me.

>> No.74753535 [DELETED] 

If it's any solace, pic rel is the only single-pipped red creature for 4 mana with power and toughness equal or greater than 4 and without any downside.

>> No.74753547
File: 182 KB, 672x936, c20-52-frontier-warmonger.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If it's any solace, pic rel is the only single-pipped red creature for 4 mana with power and toughness equal or greater than 4 and without any downside..

>> No.74753558

would it be playable in 2018 modern?

>> No.74753559

>and it's EDH precon bulk trash
Yep, sounds about right.

>> No.74753569

Mana Tithe saw fringe play, but I don't recall ever seeing Force spike.

>> No.74753575

Unironically a good thing.

>> No.74753591

damn that woman is kind of attractive
livia prima is a treasure

>> No.74753636
File: 333 KB, 375x523, 1591738990353.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Zendikar Rising is an interesting product from the memevestor perspective. The Mythics are mostly going straight to bulk and that is already being reflected in singles pre-order prices. All of the value is being absorbed by the box toppers and specifically by the fetches; this means that the "draft" booster boxes which have traditionally been the primary product effectively have an EV of zero.

In practical terms this suggests that rather than addressing the complaints of players regarding the price and availability of fetch lands, the ZR fetches are likely to cost MORE than earlier printings.

>> No.74753669

maybe they should have put the fetches in the regular product instead of being ebin good goy packs exclusives
maybe they should not have split up the basic product into two or three different products

>> No.74753704

>creatures have to stay unplayable because it's bad design otherwise

>> No.74753709

Just gonna be real here,
>All the randomly assorted alt-borders for every card thrown haphazardly across multiple different products
I can't even figure out which cards are worth what in what packs, where and how. Check a preorder price for one of the cards- oh wait that's the extended art price, no wait the full art price,.... no wait that's the alt-border price... wait no that's the extended art FOIL price...
This shit is an actual nightmare. Fuck this set, if only for its atrocious multi-pack paypiggy business model. Whether or not the cards are worth it has yet to be seen.

>> No.74753720

>we have to staple 4 mana effects to on curve creatures because otherwise they die to removal :(

>> No.74753722

Force Spike isn't Modern legal, anon, that's why I asked.

>> No.74753724

>maybe they should not have split up the basic product into two or three different products
like some sort of... series of sets that are meant to go together? Perhaps with a single story across them? A "block" of sets, perhaps?
No no, that's crazytalk.

>> No.74753744

There are 6 versions of the M21 Teferi
I gave up caring

>> No.74753748

It isn't? Huh.
Considering Tithe saw play, I think Spike would have then.

>> No.74753761
File: 159 KB, 672x936, m20-81-yarok-s-wavecrasher.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

and this one is the closest blue ever gets for a
* single-pipped
* power toughness equal or greater than 4
* without downside
no such creatures exist for white or black
for colourless, there's su-chi

>> No.74753812

this is the path you chose when you embraced 1-mana kill spells
did you really think the power level of big creatures will stay the same?

>> No.74753919

It's the comic crash all over again, man.

>> No.74754006


Idk I've been kicking ass. Almost everything I've picked up has at least doubled since January and a few picks have done a LOT better than that.

>> No.74754026

StP was in the first set and the game was fine then.

>> No.74754028
File: 81 KB, 672x936, znr-3-bloodstained-mire.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Some of these actually look pretty cool.
I'm getting the urge to consoom.
Help me.

>> No.74754030

>Idk I've been kicking ass
yes, things tend to go up before a crash, anon
that's how crashes work.

>> No.74754042


You sound like you've got a weak hand.

>> No.74754045

This doesn't look like magic at all.

>> No.74754069

While I do think they are much better than expedition border cards, they still look mostly mediocre at best and like AIDS at worst

>> No.74754076


I'm sick of the futuristic boarders and average looking art that usually misses the point of what the card is

>> No.74754196
File: 192 KB, 672x936, war-119★-chandra-fire-artisan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Give MtG to Japan, they seem to understand it better than WotC

>> No.74754247

Cunny Geyser

>> No.74754250

>the Amano liliana foil is 3000
>Not gonna lie, for a premium, limited print of a work of art by Amano, that's actually an extremely reasonable price
Amano is a god-tier artist in the modern world; his work is literally in the "Price on request" and "Auction only" territory. AKA: If you have to ask, you can't afford it.
What is the last card released to hit that price? The Japanese even do consoomerism better...

>> No.74754252

Did you really think big creatures are going to stay unplayable?

>> No.74754271

Too smudgy. Should have had something clear in the foreground

>> No.74754279
File: 251 KB, 672x936, ala-224-grixis-panorama.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like it. It reminds me of Shitxis Panorama.
But then the border ruins the whole thing.

>> No.74754301
File: 36 KB, 554x387, i1qvy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>imagine a kamigawa 2 made by actual japanese with an actual understanding of shinto and not azeans born and raised in burgerland without cyberpunk bullshit

>> No.74754307

Yeah, I made it for the thread, had it open on gimp for the last couple of threads because I didn't realise how much work it was going to be

>> No.74754374

>imagine Kamigawa on FIRE

>> No.74754403

splash green for atarka's command for gobbos

>> No.74754671
File: 62 KB, 876x227, absolute state of standard.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Things seem pretty dire

>> No.74754703

The banlist is 10 cards long and it's still a format dominated by UGx decks. The only thing that can "save" it is rotation, and even then it might still be shit because of Uro. But then again he's shitting up every format anyway

>> No.74754713

Competitive Magic in all forms is fucked and it's never going to get better. They want EDH to be their bread and butter. I have a hard time believing that $40 precons are better for this game rather than GP's with $60 entries

>> No.74754759

Yeah I'm watching it and he says that things will probably just get worse because Zendikar seems land-heavy, there are still tons of ramp cards, and Ugin is a powerful ramp payoff plus Uro is still there and they will probably make another ramp payoff.

>> No.74754899

I just want to say, fuck commander

>> No.74754901
File: 111 KB, 672x936, znr-232-omnath-locus-of-creation.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've been speculating standard will still be shit but perhaps not as heavily dominated by UGx decks. Temur Adventures will be the standard by which you need to measure your midrange brews, so traditional magic is still out of the question. Spot removal will still likely be bad due to the insane card advantage present on the best cards so grindy games of old school midrange will be gone. Control may remain due to sweepers but it's not looking great. Two color aggro strategies will not be playable due to the terrible manabases, so expect most aggro to be monocolored with playsets of the mythic DFCs. Not to mention, only 6 two color decks even stand a shot with upcoming manabases.

The new Omnath + Uro deck could be the next big ramp deck and will shut out most other midrange strategies besides adventures if so. The mythic DFC will be required and will likely lead to more issues in the long term.

>> No.74754941

that looks like a card from shadowverse with all that text

>> No.74754976


Maybe they’ll ban Uro.

>> No.74755020

Juzaam Djinn, Serra Angel, and Shivan Dragon weren't unplayable you sense retard.

>> No.74755071

Maybe. Uro is losing alot of support with rotation so I'm not sure if it will be that easy to escape him anymore. He'll likely need to be played in some kind of control shell but UG by itself does not seem particularly strong. Sultai will have the worst manabase of the 5 enemy wedge colors while Naya has the best. Makes me think Omnath will likely be the best home for Uro.

>> No.74755169

Your maths are off, anon. There are 18 versions of M21 Teferi.

>> No.74755199
File: 8 KB, 600x497, 1492830161746.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

they look like utter shit, you fool no one here, marostein

>> No.74755231

but I'm not jewish I just have questionable taste

>> No.74755251

>The Japanese even do consoomerism better...
They mastered gatcha market, their whales even admit they are whales and don't delude themselves to be "investors" or "collectors". Western market can never catch up.

>> No.74755293
File: 39 KB, 312x445, 111.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Malakir Rebirth
Chose target creature. You lose 2 life. Until end of turn, that creature gains "When this creature dies, return it to the battlefield tapped under its owner's control."

Malakir Mire
Malakir Mire enters the battlefield tapped.
%T: Add %B.

>> No.74755311

at least gacha whales get what they want: sluts to coom to
what do magic players get? shit nobody wants not even commander trannies

>> No.74755339

I really like this one, save creatures from removal in some kinda fast deck.

>> No.74755342

Ow yeah kill me daddy, bring back my shadow UwU

>> No.74755355

are there any sweet decks even left in modern? I played Tezzerator way before Urza or lantern was a thing but haven't really played since.

>> No.74755367

GDS still requires skill

>> No.74755375

Nah, it's mostly Uro piles, Tron, and burn

>> No.74755391

GDS hasn't been viable ages, and I don't think that deck is receiving any support anytime soon

>> No.74755393

pick one

>> No.74755400

I sleep
GDS is more of a pile of good cards than it is sweet

>> No.74755418

If you want a skillful tier deck, quit Magic

>> No.74755501
File: 655 KB, 1000x727, URO exploitable.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i made this for you all
hope you find good uses for it

>> No.74755646

Just shoop a bottle of Onionslent in there and call it a day

>> No.74755650

>regenerate except not really because the creature still dies and then returns

>> No.74755689

>regenerate but not reall
It’s called rebirth, durrrr

>> No.74755690

If it has an ETB effect or is being played in some deck that cares about death triggers, you might want it to die

>> No.74755717

exactly. i was complaining about casualisation of the game, and how easy it is now to kill something then bring it back immediately.

>> No.74755748

Is there such a thing as a PDF for a booklet that contains everything a card can contain so I can make a deck out of nothing but custom cards? A sort of compendium to aid in card development.

>> No.74755754

God you niggers that go on about "soul" are the worst. Do everyone a favor and fall asleep at the wheel.

" misses the point of what the card is"

It's a shame they didn't hit up some random neckbeard on 4chan for approval before they went to print, eh?

>> No.74755783

/ccg/ OP image.

>> No.74755970

>hating soulposters

way to out yourself

>> No.74755984
File: 172 KB, 672x936, m21-122-silversmote-ghoul.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is this soul?

>> No.74756003

Its soulent

>> No.74756013


>> No.74756017



>> No.74756091

pls it's the only new card I like

>> No.74756206

It goes great with Uro

>> No.74756440

By numagic standard this is soul and it fits into magic

>> No.74756694

it's a fucking zombie, where would it have a soul?

>> No.74756702

it's Innistrad soul, which is still bland, but it's at least a pastiche of something with soul. I honestly cannot even say that for any other set/block Alara on.

>> No.74756839

Damn this is really good considering the versatility. I could easily see this run as 3-4 of in Death's Shadow
>Lose 2 life, even if the creature isn't being removed
>Save a Shadow from removal or allow it to trade for no real cost
>Other side is a land

In general the other side being a land is really good. I think this is easily the strongest one spoiled so far.

>> No.74756865

>Use this on Uro
>Gain 4 life
>Draw 2 cards
>Ramp ahead by 2
>Only costs 4 Mana
>It's still a landing you are short

>> No.74756887


Can I thoughtseize turn 1 and play it as a 4/5 on turn 2?

If not, it's not a goyf. This is more like a grim flayer.

>> No.74756894

oh no

>> No.74756916

The only reason that it'd be better than unearth is that it can be a land, and unearth-Uro doesn't see play, so I doubt the fact it can be a land will put this over the edge.

>> No.74756949
File: 206 KB, 265x370, gt6i60orgkl51.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.74756951

Unearth also has a cmc limit and isn't an instant, meaning it can't save your big nig from non-exile removal. That combined with the fact the other side is a land makes it MUCH more versatile than unearth. I used Uro as an example, but it has more uses outside of that. Of all the DFCs we've seen so far, this one will see the most play by far.

>> No.74756973


>> No.74756976


It's the only format where players belittle others for the crime of playing their cards. I don't see the point of playing a game if it's considered impolite to win.

>> No.74756978

Why yes, I would love to have a lategame 12/12 for 2 Mana, how could you tell?

This is a good sideboard card for Deaths Shadow to use in the mirror.

>> No.74756980

>can't save your big nig from non-exile removal
What deck plays other big creatures with Uro?
It's literally just a worse version of supernatural strength that can be a land.

>> No.74756983


>> No.74756990

Control decks with Yorion. And you are underestimating the fact the other side is a land. You could easily swap out a land or 2 with those and be better off.

>> No.74756999

now THIS is the black goyf

>> No.74757018

I'm not saying it will see 0 play, but literally the worst case scenario is it becomes a 1-2 of in a BUG-Uro-Yorion deck that doesn't even exist yet. Even then it's not guaranteed imo.

>> No.74757021

At worst, this is probably a 3/3 for 2. In black. What the fuck is WotC thinking??

>> No.74757060

It will see more play than you think. Any UBx control deck will easily be running 1 or 2 of these at minimum. The fact it can also double as a land should not be underestimated. Only costing 1 mana to save your guy from removal, while also getting to reuse an etb off of it is okay on its own, but doubling as a land when needed is powerful.

>> No.74757061

Why yes, Death's shadow needed copies 5-8

>> No.74757070

And to add: I only used Uro as an example, I could easily see this being run in decks without it as well.

>> No.74757085


>> No.74757088

>What the fuck is WotC thinking

>> No.74757098

Nobody working there even knows what Death's Shadow is.

>> No.74757104
File: 189 KB, 265x370, EhQGNRrWoAE8pYe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.74757142

I think you're underestimating just how bad supernatural stamina really is, and how bad a basic land is that comes into play tapped and doesn't help against blood moon/path.
I can't see it being run in an Uro deck at all considering it's best case is 1 mana, gain 1 life, explore, which is great, but considering it can only do that with 4 lands already in play is not very high upside.
Feels like a better fit for Lurrus aggro in any case, that's where I'd test it first.

>> No.74757150


>> No.74757187

It's missing a certain je ne sais quoi. It should be free if it's the first spell you've cast this game.

>> No.74757190

card advantage literally doesn't matter anymore
everything has cantrip and if it doesn't have cantrip every color has the ability to look six feet deep into their deck and take whatever they want or tutor
except white

>> No.74757230


>> No.74757238

Aaaaand... where are flying and trample?

>> No.74757241

It might not see as much play in Uro piles, which was just a humorous example, but it will certainly see play. Saving something from removal if needed while also having the ability to double as a land is powerful.

>> No.74757264

nevermind that, where is the uro effect and escape ?

>> No.74757274

Shit in edh, thus will be a 1$ mythic

>> No.74757303

This. As clown worldish as the card is, no format other than EDH is really going to be played the rest of this year, adn the only shell it would really be good in is Death's Shadow.

>> No.74757310

>doesn't even have a card drawing etb or grave effect

>> No.74757334

yeah when you cast it you should be able to pay any amount of life and you can draw cards equal to half of that number rounded up

>> No.74757399

Man, if this card had the land side you could pay 3 life for it to enter untapped I would've been excited to try it as a one of in gifts. Don't think it's really playable in gifts without that, but it's possible I guess.

>> No.74757406
File: 28 KB, 326x261, 1545881774500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>list of cards spoiled who got me excited / i liked so far :
That's it.

>> No.74757429
File: 190 KB, 265x370, Roiling-Vortex-265x370.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy shit this is good in legacy and vintage of course
>Hits FoW, FoN, Daze, Hogaak, Lotus Petal, Lion's Eye Diamond, among others
>Still does damage each turn, even if less than Sulfuric Vortex
>Can still prevent lifegain for R
>Lower cmc than Sulfuric Vortex
Holy fucking based

>> No.74757438

It's shit

>> No.74757442
File: 179 KB, 672x936, m21-136-chandra-s-incinerator.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

whatever happened to this dude in burn?

>> No.74757458

Not for burn

>> No.74757470

why bother?

>> No.74757534

Burn is still unplayable

>> No.74757564

b-but burn is eternal!

>> No.74757607

It's certainly playable, just not Tier 1

>> No.74757616
File: 228 KB, 672x936, tsp-281-vesuva.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can trade in my two Vesuvas for $19.80 each. I have them for my Legacy 12-post deck, but with Time Spiral getting remastered and no legacy events firing due to corona, I'm thinking I should dump 'em now and pick them up after they get reprinted. What do you guys think?

>> No.74757638

I think you should sell them now because the bubble known as this game is going to pop soon.

>> No.74757647

It's absolutely still playable, it's just that it's no longer the only viable Rx aggro deck on the block.

>> No.74757654

same, which tells me it's going to be a great set !

>> No.74757660

People have been telling me that since dual lands hit $80 and we went through the housing financial crisis, so I don't really think that's gonna happen.

>> No.74757663

Good idea, more broadly you should sell anything modern related worth over 10 bux since it'll inevitably end up being reprinted to the ground.

>> No.74757671

>Zendikar winds up with no Modern playable cards
>Uro and other FIRE cancers still not banned
>"haha what are you fags complaining about bro it's a low powered set bro I guess you're just never happy"

>> No.74757688

sell them and use proxies. don't bother buying them once (if) price drops after (if) they get reprinted.

>> No.74757691

Burn was tier 3 at best pre-oko/uro, now it's just unplayable trash

>> No.74757699

b-but muh embercleave

>> No.74757708

In legacy

>> No.74757716

Magic was actually fun and enjoyable then still. Now its being run into the ground by FIRE and the image is being tarnished by Dawn Murrin and the crossovers with stuff like Godzilla and the Walking Dead.

>> No.74757725

b-but muh fireblast

>> No.74757736

*eats a food*

>> No.74757754
File: 77 KB, 676x767, 1587040278800.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

+2 ??!?

>> No.74757757

>Hits you with a Roiling Vortex
I don't think so

>> No.74757791

People love the crossovers

>> No.74757807

Phew, thank god it wasn't a sulfuric vortex

>> No.74757897

Rudy put at good use one of your many guns and blow your brain off.

>> No.74757938

sell them and then rest of your cards so you can escape this trash game

>> No.74757973

This is the new goyf.
>Why yes, Death's shadow needed copies 5-8
Actually yes, it did.
Cantripping is not card advantage.

>> No.74758043

yes it is, because you could have 1 less card but you have no change in cards. it's virtual card advantage

>> No.74758106

2 for 1 are card advantage, not cantripping. Of course looking 6 deep or straight up tutoring are better.

>> No.74758175

cantripping is virtual card advantage because rather than doing something and that's it, you do something and go slightly deeper into your deck so you do not lose options and dig to a better top deck. anything that lets you draw an extra card you do not want is smoothing your odds of top decking something you do and speeding up the process. if everything did not cantrip, you would have to manage the risk of being at card disadvantage. everything now cantrips, so this risk is gone. this is powerful virtual card advantage. on top of being able to tutor and instant speed dig 6.
this game is fucking stupid now because they want you to be able to have 20 card hands

>> No.74758224

>Actually yes, it did
it being one of the main weakness of the deck kept it in check somewhat

>> No.74758243


>> No.74758261

The main consumer base of the game

>> No.74758293

That's still not card advantage you literal fucking retard. It's not virtual card advantage either. It's card filtering without losing a card. These have existed in the game for a long time now, this isn't a new design. I agree that they're adding too many cantripping effects to cards that don't need it, but this is just a cantrip.

>> No.74758340

Wonder if this redundancy could make suicide black a thing again or if it'll still need to crib on other colors like what current Death's Shadow does.

>> No.74758348

cantrips are virtual card advantage, spastic

>> No.74758378 [DELETED] 

>get a card effect without going down a card in hand
>not card advantage
a thoughtseize which cantrips is card advantage, despite thoughtseize normal being a 1:1 trade

>> No.74758402

Imagine being this mad and this wrong. It really is card advantage. You are wrong.

>> No.74758440

Yeah the effect is just card filtration. The example of cantripping thoughtseize is just card advantage plain and simple. You go up a card while they go down one. You cannot go up a card by just filtering cards, unless you get another card that generates card advantage.

>> No.74758459

>Suicide Black
It won't be called that. It will be called Monoblack Stompy

>> No.74758472

card filtration is virtual card advantage, butthead

>> No.74758509

oh right, forgot what card was being discussed
still, people play Ancient Stirrings for a reason, despite it not being card advantage.

>> No.74758541

Yeah, I think I was wrong on that part. I should've been more specific. My real point was that this isn't a new design and there's no reason to get upset at that card. It's not a card that has a cantrip effect just slapped on for little cost, it's just a really standard cantrip.

>> No.74758552

A card replacing itself does not give you advantage.

>> No.74758629

>My real point was that this isn't a new design and there's no reason to get upset at that card.
my point was that everything has cantripping or you have economic instants that dig very deep. on top of the new mulligan, this is disastrous for the game. it represents an immense dumbing down of card advantage. you no longer have to think about it because there are many draw effects, everything replaces itself, you have an insanely consistent mulligan, you now have lands on the back of your spells on top of regular more flexible spells, and you can look 6 cards deep at instamt speed or tutor things like mad or wish them or play from the GY.
all of this combined is the utter death of any hard fundamental decisions in magic gameplay, you only need to care about hand and board

>> No.74758700

Well you can look to peer through depths as a card that's almost the same effect for one mana cheaper. I don't think slapping a land on the back and adding 1 cmc to look one deeper is really such a big difference that it warrants complaining about new magic design. There's better examples, but I just don't think this is the one.

>> No.74758734

I am talking about a trend, not 1 card. these cards represent a negative trend. look at the holistic state of design, not individual cards

>> No.74758825

Card filtration cantrips aren't new and they've been printed for a long time. It's why I think it makes a pretty bad example when it comes to talking about the new game design. The trend is there but this card just isn't an example of it. The trend as I look at it is adding draw a card on cards that don't need it and doesn't make sense for them to have really. Stuff like Crackling Drake and the new "land destruction" spell. But when there's already a metric fuckton of card filtration spells that draw a card it seems pretty weird to complain about.

>> No.74758839

I'm not complaining that cantrips are new you dumbfuck clown piece of shit. I am done trying to explain this to you, you're fucking retarded and keep talking about shit I'm not talking about

>> No.74758848

Anyone have that screenshot from Rosewaters blog saying they could put $20 bills in the packs and people would still complain?

>> No.74758923

420. New thread when?

>> No.74758970
File: 175 KB, 265x370, EhQiPTcXsAYq75p.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.74758977

when you bake it

>> No.74758980


>> No.74758981

never hopefully

>> No.74759003

I'd be honored to start a new /mmg/ thread. Alas, my IP range is blocked from starting new posts on 4chan.

>> No.74759112

I'd make a new thread but everytime I do get bullied for making a shit TQ

>> No.74759131
File: 75 KB, 317x472, tour guide.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oh fine, you little babies

The bus to the underworld is here, all aboard!

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