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Robot waifus are the future. Women will become obsolete once artificial wombs are a thing.

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knife and glove

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Ship waifu a cute

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Real women take less effort, just don't give them attention and they off themselves.

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robot women even less, depending on the model you can off them with water, sand or a knife

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Feels good knowing that my wife would gladly beat inferior women to death.

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Not doing anything is easier than doing something. Ergo, real life women are weaker because just ignoring them kills them.

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Sigh. I just want a yandere wife...

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i feel better because i can off your wife with ease

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Too bad they'll rip your heart out before you get the chance.

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she'll get destroyed because my blood reaches her internal components and shuts her off

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The addition of gender bender shit makes this whole cyoa hella gay.

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Sorry glove-knife anon but know that when we get isekai'd you're going to be on my shit list.

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>cuts a tiny bit of her arm skin off, She stops you to dead with her feet.
>i win the blood wi...will get to her ahahahaha.....

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i'm also eyefag and the leader of group 4, you can't do shit to me

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Sorry, but I bought the warrior model.

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Joe? Rape him please, he's too cringe.

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i died yes, but atleast i managed to take her with me and that's what matters

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my cringness repels based creatures, joe can't touch me because he's based

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how? again your blood won't hit the part you cut, and even if it did the worst you could get is a faulty arm which is easily replaceable.

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an arm, a finger, i don't care, if i get to atleast maim her i can die happy

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It's not gender bending. It's a filtration procedure. All degenerates who hold sub-masculine genes yet still retain useful skills are killed, their genes disposed of, their skills converted to machines where they can be made useful without infecting the community.
It is very efficient.

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>ahahah no dude you just get turned into a robot chick who whose only job is to serve men.... in no way it's gay dude ahahahaha. trsut me bro.

>"Implying those 4 are the only worthwhile endevours and anything else is useless.Humanities are fake sciences and basically just a hobby."
Fuck off mate, you realize this is what led to the leftist domination in academia and higher learning in general right?

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>you just get turned into a robot chick
You're not a sub-masculine sissy, are you?
>those 4 are the only worthwhile endevours
>this is what led to the leftist domination in academia and higher learning in general
Academia is literally one of the four paths available.
That being said, I do feel mechanics and architecture are being abstracted into IT Engineering too much. Especially when even those two are separate fields.
Anyway, leftists jump on the chance to become girls, so their knowledge is added to the gestalt AI, and we advance our neural network while killing a leftist. Win-win.

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>You're not a sub-masculine sissy, are you?
The point is that i don't want to deal with such turned men. In any way shape or form.
Fucking a genderbent men is gay.
I agree with most of the rest you said.

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You want to own a male sissy? Thats gay as hell. you'd prob ask for them to add a penis to your bot too.

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>Fucking genderbent men is gay.

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you are all uneducated
please read waitbutwhy ai revolution and educate yourselves before posting

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cyoas where i can travel to other dimensions?

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And what I'm saying is that they're not men.
You are not your memories.
Those men die. Their bodies are recycled into compost. Their brains are scanned and added to the gestalt to allow for growth for the neural network. The machines that hold the majority of their scans merely act out a facsimile of their selves to assuage any concerns of further volunteering lefties. They are no more males than they are alive.

I'd own a machine, plain and simple.

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>if you want to be a robot girl well fuck you, we're just gonna kill you, dissect your brain, and copy your mind to make an advanced AI
just a little bit based

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i'm a low iq brainlet, post another one

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Read the comn-bot option again, you get YOUR brain digitized. you can argue that a digitized version of you is or isn't you, but it's a digitized version of a male brain nonetheless.

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what about robot waifus with knife and glove

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i'll perform a tactical retreat if that ever happens, but is very unlikely

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Only lefties would pick that option, thus I never read it as applying to (Me).
>it's a digitized version of a male brain nonetheless
Answer me this anon: do you believe that any of the waifubots were programmed by women? Were you under the illusion that even half of them were digitized females?
No. The design of those waifubots was always the crystallization of male effort and design. To argue that it is gay to fuck a robot with the digitized mind of a male is to argue that it is gayer to fuck a robot whose every line and behavior was written and pre-ordained by a male.
Besides, it states that the digitization is to create a Comm-Bot, not to create a (You) version of the Comm-Bot. An important distinction, as all you'll be adding to the Comm-Bot will be any potentially useful skills and human behavioral tics that make for believable and advanced behavior.

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This guy seems pretty dumb. Assuming science/advancement progresses in a nice mathematical curve disregards how much of it is serendipitous right person / right place / right time, how physical considerations might make certain advancements impossible (we can't really make circuits any smaller without getting quantum tunneling of electrons which destroys the entire setup) etc.

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The rapture of the nerds is as reliant on faith as any other cult. Who could have guessed?

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That's one of funniest things to me about modernity. I left Catholicism to escape dogmatic religious nutjobs, only to find that the "sciences" and "histories" are absolutely full of dogmatic religious nutjobs. Their "religion" is non-theistic, but they're every bit as dogmatic and opposed to dissent as any "true" religion. Especially the "histories" and "social sciences", but I've even seen a few such people in the proper sciences.

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>Were you under the illusion that even half of them were digitized females?
NO but there is a difference Bette fucking a male in a rot body and just fucking a straight yup body 1 and zeroes are asexual in their nature but male brains are masculine.
>you'll be adding to the Comm-Bot will be any potentially useful skills and human behavioral tics that make for believable and advanced behavior.
Again you are adding male element o an otherwise sterile and asexual "intelligence" maintaining it masculine in nature.

>The design of those waifubots was always the crystallization of male effort and design.
Complete sophism. To claim otherwise would be foolish. Works are separated from their creator, Just because a men made it does not mean your pink dress is masculine, but uploading a male mind into a robot body is inherently connected to it.
Just because a men made it does not mean your pink dress is masculine,

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Has it occurred to you that dogmatism is simply an inescapable facet of the human condition? You can deplore and guard against it all you like but some heuristic structures have proven so darn handy that evolution's loathe to prune them.

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The whole Bay Area "rationality" cult makes me deeply uncomfortable. Science is a great tool/method but they're doing something else, and their influence doesn't seem to be limited to bad fanfics and balance arguments in the Space Battles CYOA thread.

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The "singularity" as a topic has a funny tendency to attract, specifically, the people who identify the most with scientific "values" and yet have a very low understanding of actual science. That means mostly businessmen, programmers and certain types of engineer. The entire idea of molecular nanotechnology, for example, was only possible because none of the people involved had a functioning high school level understanding of chemistry nevermind any credetentials on nanotech. And despite it getting publicly debunked by an actual Nobel laureate in chemistry nearly 20 years ago the topic still crops up and is still being actively shilled by Silicon Valley assholes

Very few scientists buy into that stuff

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All fair points. I will counter that it should be trivial enough to separate the "male" aspect from the digitization of the brains.

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It has absolutely occurred to me. I've seen it firsthand, "history" professors who claim to be ardent scientists who are open to new ideas will completely ignore any and all evidence which is discovered that disagrees with the narrative they espouse about history, and will actively attempt to shut down any attempts to share said evidence.

I suppose that anyone who has made money saying the same thing for forty years is loathe to admit that they've been wrong for forty years.

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There you go then, the only situation where you would ever be satisfied is ironically one where dogmatists had gone and drastically remoulded the mind. As is just keep trying to maintain your own integrity which is nigh on impossible let alone worrying about anyone else.

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How is Molecular Nanotechnology debunked?

>> No.74715102

>And despite it getting publicly debunked by an actual Nobel laureate in chemistry nearly 20 years ago
Not going to make a statement into nanotechnology or any of the sort but do you realize how moronic that statement is?
Nobel wining scientists have been wrong before... and often. To imply a whole filed of study is useless because One person said so based on the scientific understanding that is 2 DECADES OLD already, is frankly ridiculous.

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It's called biology. Femtomachine bullshit is just space opera taken as feasible by the ignorant.

>> No.74715116

You seem to have an incredibly pessimistic worldview.

>> No.74715124

Honestly these fiction/multiverse ones are all pretty nice and comfy.

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Not really, it's amazing what sapience can do considering it was initially a method of arbitrating between conflicting motor signals. I'm just aware of the fact that dumb frogs will try and tongue just about anything the right size and shape to be a fly because they've never been required to invest in better pattern recognition. In the same way human cognition is a lot iffier than most people think because heuristic neglect is a feature rather than a bug.

>> No.74715175

The TL;DR is: Chemical bonds literally don't work like that. You can't just push atoms together and expect anything to happen. And a good chunk of the actual real-life nanotech work being done is based on Smalley's research, while none is seriously pursuing Drexlerian MNT

>> No.74715195

*sentience. iirc sapience was a matter of applying theory of mind designed to understand others to ones own mental processes.

>> No.74715241

Also, as I and this anon said >>74715115, this should be pretty obvious if you paid attention to your chemistry or biology classes. I had a good teacher who tried very hard to give us an intuitive understanding of the atomic orbitals and the role they played in organic chemistry.

>> No.74715585

>certain types of engineer
civil engineers aren't engineers.
They are glorified architects.

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post cyoas

>> No.74715939

no u

>> No.74715942

>three posts in 45 minutes
sometimes I miss the americans

>> No.74715944

when cyoas grow beyond images into interactive webpages
if there's so much desperation for remaining antiquated you even have them group up into webrings

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i can't

>> No.74715964

fuck reddit's obsession with interactive cyoas

>> No.74715971

your tongue will be torn, your bowels my food

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God dammit, I posted the last page first

>> No.74715989

>style over substance
no thanks

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the filenames never lie my friend, and you are a bastard

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They do when my dumb ass didn't number them right

>> No.74716073

Math heavy CYOAs are pretty nice as interactives since they do the math for you.

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I'd make a brainlet joke, but then I remembered jrpg traitor is a thing as well as anime high school

>> No.74716174

>anime high school
No, you're wrong. It isn't a thing. Just a figment of your imagination.

>> No.74716185

>jrpg traitor
God what a fucking mess that is. I tried to make a build for it once, and half an hour later I realized I still wasn't done figuring out how it all went together and just washed my hands of it.

>> No.74716207

Making a build for it is easy brainlet.
Making an optimal build for it is hard, because you have to keep track of each ability and figure out which one synergizes better with which. Especially when the descriptions are way too vague.

>> No.74716221

That's literally what I just said, moron.

>> No.74716225

Just take the iron body one than the regen perks, congrats, you've effectively stopped 80% of all incoming attacks going the descriptions

>> No.74716235

*going by

>> No.74716414

Instead I found out that you have too many points to spend, I manage to get invincible in 4 different ways and waste points in stuff I wasn't interested in by the end of it.

>> No.74716500

Nope, you said making a build was hard, period.

>> No.74716529

I'm really bad at math honestly, and I know a number of anons frequently fuck up there too

>> No.74716561

math is for computers. take it from me, an engineer.

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>> No.74716704

who needs math when you have gloves and knife

>> No.74716724

you are a fraud, real chads only need one glove

>> No.74716727

That was the same problem I had, by the end of it I had to go back and purchase stuff I didn't care about just to not be wasting my points.

>> No.74716737

Give me a glove and a knife and I can solve any equation

>> No.74716750

Is the glove really necessary? Do you just not want to get blood on your stabbing hand?

>> No.74716754

okay, wool or latex?

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Gonna try play this pretty blind
Mostly just fixing up and improving my existing body, but there are changes I'd like made
>Energy (Light)
Lasers, amongst other things, and the ability to ignore a lot of physical problems while flying about. I imagine in practice these are all extensions of one power that changes my body to a light energy form.
I'm okay with enforcing the peace via super powers
>Harbinger Classification: Soldier
I plan on training my powers as much as possible as light manipulation has a lot of potential uses, so we should get along fine. After I spend my remaining points my stats are:
Strength: 4
Control: 2
Knowledge: 2
I figure the extra time can be spent on the mission anyway, and its another excuse to test and train my powers.
Centurial seem pretty cool, but for the start I'd jump in the deep end with Advent to kickstart my training and development. I wouldn't stay with him forever though, eventually I'd probably go freelance or maybe join Delegate, but thats down the line.
>Costume: Skintight, Themed, Light, Covering, Self-Repair, Electronic
Would probably look pretty similar to the picture
I feel like I'll get these in time if I stick with Advent long enough
>War Summit
>Drug Problem
>Super School
By the time the School shows up I should have finished my tour of duty with Advent and probably met the milestones too.
Assuming all goes well, my stats at the end of the line would be something like
Strength: 7
Control: 4
Knowledge: 3

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Gonna try play this pretty blind, reposting with the right picture this time
Mostly just fixing up and improving my existing body, but there are changes I'd like made
>Energy (Light)
Lasers, amongst other things, and the ability to ignore a lot of physical problems while flying about. I imagine in practice these are all extensions of one power that changes my body to a light energy form.
I'm okay with enforcing the peace via super powers
>Harbinger Classification: Soldier
I plan on training my powers as much as possible as light manipulation has a lot of potential uses, so we should get along fine. After I spend my remaining points my stats are:
Strength: 4
Control: 2
Knowledge: 2
I figure the extra time can be spent on the mission anyway, and its another excuse to test and train my powers.
Centurial seem pretty cool, but for the start I'd jump in the deep end with Advent to kickstart my training and development. I wouldn't stay with him forever though, eventually I'd probably go freelance or maybe join Delegate, but thats down the line.
>Costume: Skintight, Themed, Light, Covering, Self-Repair, Electronic
Would probably look pretty similar to the picture
I feel like I'll get these in time if I stick with Advent long enough
>War Summit
>Drug Problem
>Super School
By the time the School shows up I should have finished my tour of duty with Advent and probably met the milestones too.
Assuming all goes well, my stats at the end of the line would be something like
Strength: 7
Control: 4
Knowledge: 3

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My favourite build.

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It's time again CYOAG. What are the three CYOAs you want adopted as video games and by whomst?

>> No.74717151

Damn, I love this one.

>> No.74717258

Harbinger; Shifter; Boons Of Mutation. All could be interesting games.

>> No.74717269

Direlect station as a fps in the style of Kenshi with the modular endings with one main result based on what you did like the old fallout games.
Bio-soldier monster as a beat em up or whatever you would call the DMC games
JRPG tratior as a either a a normal JRPG with DLC packs so the devs don't need to do all that coding in one go to prevent DKF syndrome, or a visual novel with combat segments

I don't know shit about game developers though.

>> No.74717296

>North Vernacular
It's easier to warm up than it is to cool off.
>Rolling Hills, Woodlands, Rivers, Lakes, Rock Formations
A pleasant range of woods, and delightful hills, with rivers criss-crossing the land; lakes forming where those rivers meet. The Rock Formations add a touch of mystery to the land.
>Cozy Cabin
This is all I need, really. Near the rivers, near the woods.
>Village Border
Yeah, this is about right.
>Pale Ring, Rusty Dagger, Fur Mantle
Mantle is nice for me to have pets with, and keeps me warm. Dagger is good for respect. The ring makes traveling more comfortable.
>The High Walls
I don't need to be tempted to look beyond, and I don't have to deal with the sinking feeling of being turned around.
I like baking and cooking already, so not much of a job.
>Fairy Grove, Primeval Forest, Healing Spring, Siren Overlook
A nice dose of magic and adventure. I'm especially looking forward to meditating by the Overlook, and soaking in the Springs.
>Lonely Monster
I don't mind her chillin' out in my cabin until she wants to try exploring the wilds again. Again, adds a nice touch of magic to the place.
>Nature Sprite, Wandering God
I want to explore the natural world, but it seems like the natural world wants to muck with me. That's okay, though. Even if I get startled, I'll try to play it off for the amusement of the God and Sprite.
>Nostalgic Chief
Nice to chat with the old timer; hopefully, he's got some words of wisdom for me, for the weirdness.
>Bronze Bracelet
A neat trinket. Of course, I'll give one to the monster girl.
>Shiny Marble
A bit of courage will help me out.
>The Old Castle
Another place to explore.

>> No.74717325

Dawn of a demon lord: tower defense simulator
Urban phantom: resident evil-esque horror
Monster Hunter: monster hunter game

>> No.74717354

I'd say Domain Master but all dungeon master video games are sorta trash.

>> No.74717358

>Dawn of a demon lord: tower defense simulator
Dawn of a Demon Lord would pretty much be the old Dungeon Keeper game with a customisable Avatar and more dungeon variety. And maybe some Civ style politicing elements

>> No.74717431

Yes. Absolutely based.

>> No.74717815

I want it to be a combination of that, and a more standard rpg. Like if Fable 3 was actually good, and had stronger kingdom elements.
So you could go out and get shit done, and then come home and move on to the next day/week when some adventurers show up at your lovingly crafted murdermaze.

>> No.74717877 [DELETED] 

•Spawn-Order (+1 Blue)
>Monarch's Grace
•The Last Soul (+1 Blue, and the only one I didn't want)
•Holy Gold (+1 Blue)
•Tiered (+1 Blue)
>A Chorus Inside
•Head In the Clouds (+1 Blue)
•Hymn of Serenity
•Light Of Purity (1 Black)
>And Your Spawn
•A Little Peck
•Siren Serenade
>Your Realm
•Command Of Sky
•Time To Ponder

>Nitur Drawbacks
•Spawn-Flare (+1 Orange); time to quick lizard ass.
>The Twisted Delights Of Flesh
•Crackling Vigor (+1 Orange)
>Touch Of Whimsy
•Nitur's Blessing (+1 Orange)
•Strange Cravings (+1 Orange)
•Slave To Desire (+1 Orange)
Would've liked Mad Love but oh well.
•Loaded Die
>And You Spawn
•Lover's Wrath
>Your Realm
•Rich (Fall Forest; 0 Black)
•Shape Of Dreams

•Shard Of Ullde
•And Kingdoms Shall Crumble; to save humanity from the asshole gods that want to reduce them to slavery.

Would you live in my realm ?

>> No.74717907

I fucked up.
>Iss'tir drawbacks
•Reduced Following (+1 Black)
>Ethereal Taint
•Manamorph (+1 Black)
This leaves me with 7 B.M.

>Ullde Drawbacks
•Spawn Cult (+1 Purple)
>Warp of The Watcher
•Novaborn (+1 Purple)
•Tendrils (+1 ¨Purple)
•Manifest Cosmis Fire (6 Black)
>And Your Spawn
>Your Realm
•The Sky Protects (5 Black)
•Beyond (Crystal Cavers; 4 Black)

>Misroth Drawbacks
•Spawn-Born (+1 Green)
>Touch of the Vain
•Ironbane (+1 Green)
>Vanity of the Awakened
•Face Of A God (+1 Green)
>And Your Spawn
•Call of Nature
>Your Realm
•Friendly Flora
•Lush (Deep Forests; 3 Black)

>Bastif Drawbacks
•Spawn-Eggs (+1 Red)
•A Royal Feast (+2 Red)
>Warrior Spirit
•A Brief Lesson (+1 Red)
•Truly Demonic
>And Your Spawn
•Bodies Of Steel Sinew
>Your Realm
•Blood Pools
•Warmth (Mountains; 2 Black)

>Chirrel Drawbacks
•Spawn-Band (+1 Blue)
•Spawn-Order (+1 Blue)
>Monarch's Grace
•The Last Soul (+1 Blue, and the only one I didn't want)
•Holy Gold (+1 Blue)
•Tiered (+1 Blue)
>A Chorus Inside
•Head In the Clouds (+1 Blue)
•Hymn of Serenity
•Light Of Purity (1 Black)
>And Your Spawn
•A Little Peck
•Siren Serenade
>Your Realm
•Command Of Sky
•Time To Ponder

>Nitur Drawbacks
•Spawn-Flare (+1 Orange); time to quick lizard ass.
>The Twisted Delights Of Flesh
•Crackling Vigor (+1 Orange)
>Touch Of Whimsy
•Nitur's Blessing (+1 Orange)
•Strange Cravings (+1 Orange)
•Slave To Desire (+1 Orange)
Would've liked Mad Love but oh well.
•Loaded Die
>And You Spawn
•Lover's Wrath
>Your Realm
•Rich (Fall Forest; 0 Black)
•Shape Of Dreams

•Shard Of Ullde
•And Kingdoms Shall Crumble; to save humanity from the asshole gods that want to reduce them to slavery.

Would you live in my realm ?

>> No.74717948


>> No.74717956

Alright then, prepare to die.

>> No.74718006
File: 1006 KB, 1350x1920, 1523022222419.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tanaka the Wizard

>> No.74718010

It sure seems like that, with the fact that it has only been posted 3-4 times EVER.

>> No.74718059

Counter argument, I don't die

>> No.74718066
File: 14 KB, 502x111, owningyourself.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no artists or any other media person allowed, we can import all the Blacked.com we need
no doctors either?
IT minions are really important in world where AI exists tho, lmbo

>> No.74718087

Understandable, prepare for sex.

>> No.74718090

I know it is only one, but I will be putting quite some detail into this post.
Derelict Station: Awakening from cryosleep, you discover that the space station you are on has been in a state of emergency after strange contaminants overran it decades ago. Finding a habitation suit and some weapons, you have to survive the infected hordes, hostile interlopers, and rogue machines in order to escape the Derelict Station.
The gameplay would be slow-paced FPS style, with great attention to gun detail and dynamic gore. A great graphics engine (Unreal 5? Id Tech 7?) would enable fantastic visual effects to maximize immersion. Contacting the remaining stationers would grant access to shops, where you could purchase ammunition, food, water, and medical supplies. Bosses would include mining bots, interloper mechsuits, and elite contaminants. Your overall objective would be to survive and escape the station, but numerous quests would be available. Overall, the game would resemble Dead Space, F.E.A.R, BioShock, and a little bit of Doom.

>> No.74718344

its more that nanomachines are retardedly implausible, not that you can't develop nanotechnologies.

>> No.74718601

Euro tg is dead as always huh

>> No.74718672


>> No.74718681

Nanomachines, son

>> No.74718699
File: 5.33 MB, 1800x6230, Hoitanging Nights 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.74718751
File: 5.68 MB, 1800x6347, Hoitanging Nights 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.74719119
File: 4.16 MB, 1400x9900, 1598728298322.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.74719122

>"Nova City" project
>artificial intelligence
>An oedipal nightmare
>vast alent intelligence
>humanity as pets
>machinations beyond our understanding

>consent is a special perk
it's a trap!

>> No.74719130
File: 2.74 MB, 1400x5400, 1598728367859.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.74719137
File: 3.37 MB, 1400x6000, 1598728437217.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.74719144
File: 7.75 MB, 1920x5500, Royal House.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

conduit by rockstar
just a bunch of open worlds

>> No.74719221

I love monster girl isekai, and know that I know Apotheosis loves eldritch waifus, I'm gonna have to make him a member of the BASED department asap

>> No.74719248

Lmao is this the slut that was pretending to be a virgin because anal doesn't count?

>> No.74719270

Conduit as an open world Botw kind of game where your skills open up more choices for exploration. Dlc for different worlds.

Dawn of a Demon Lord as a Warband, total war mix where you control your demon lord in combat personally but use diplomacy, minions and certain undercover actions on the campaign map. Also comes with a customize your city, for defensive purposes.

Jrpg traitor as an action jrpg, but you can chooses who to betray and when to do so.

>> No.74719370
File: 5.23 MB, 3000x3648, 760B59C9-EA78-4559-81F4-E2DB83B0376A.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>beardmancy allows you to pull a porkchop out of the beard
I thought hipsters were all vegan though? Shouldn’t it instead be a pumpkin onions latte?

>> No.74719522

>Royal House
•Diabole, The Duchess; seem chill.
•Bathroom; my very own !
•Greater Transport; SHADES could be here, with a ship, you can go anywhere you want.
•Plastic Sorcery; neet chad.
•Devil's Advocate; you'll never know when you'll need a favour.
•Steward; for housekeeping.
•Amidalia; a princess is always usefull.
•Joris; for directing money.
•Sigil Keeper-Fauntleroy; having an army of 300 any time I want it does seem usefull.

>> No.74719570

Back when Naruto was first released and he was doing build reviews for every build anons were saying he was a member. Oh how things change...

>> No.74719604


>> No.74719662

>build reviews for every build
those were pretty fun, while I know its a hassle they're always nice to read

>> No.74719686

I still believe in him desu. If he can make Naruto for his first cyoa he can always make another kino.

>> No.74719701


>> No.74719727

This is a shitty low effort cyoa and you should feel bad for making it.

>> No.74719784

How would you feel about a Glove & Knife cyoa in which you get to pick one glove and one knife from a selection of different gloves and knives?

>> No.74719805

I don't know.

>> No.74719824

desu I hadn't ever seen naruto and I enjoyed it. I even bothered to look up the wikis to see what was going on with the waifu I picked, and apparently she dies without much ceremony so I re did my build to try keep her alive

>> No.74719839

>Consent as a special perk
What did he meant by this?

>> No.74719926
File: 650 KB, 762x617, 1571708595424.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is Emp-chan still dead? Why are the good cyoas always unreleased

>> No.74720021

Getting shot does that to you

>> No.74720029

Doesn't it?

>> No.74720047
File: 139 KB, 980x653, 1484888685486.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any cyoas where I can rain death upon my ennemies and destroy the society that as wronged me ?

>> No.74720052

Top 5 cyoas of the year go

>> No.74720152
File: 1.44 MB, 1400x7125, CYOA god - spells 01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.74720154

Many of them

>> No.74720173

You couldn't even pick a good Joker

>> No.74720181

That's the point.

>> No.74720191
File: 2.39 MB, 1400x7480, CYOA god - spells 02.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.74720208

still no sekiro cyoa?

>> No.74720227
File: 1.56 MB, 1400x7865, CYOA god - spells 03.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.74720241

>Fuck the shota
>Live forever
sounds like a great cyoa already

>> No.74720303

Would you actually return and grant powers to us if you gained them, anon?

>> No.74720325

Probably nothing world changing but timestop pocket dimensions seem like a harmless gift.

>> No.74720339

Absolutely. There is no greater apocalypse than the one you facilitate yourself.

>> No.74720352

I would. But it would be on a CYOA fashion because tradition.

>> No.74720431
File: 3.56 MB, 5912x7432, 24 gf pic.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.74720455

The Awakened of Peaceful chill - picking instead of rolling even if it's kind of cheating

No Man's Land - since I can only die in my realm, I'm gonna avoid going there altogether, making it just a place where my Spawns spawn before getting summoned.

>Mana Untethered
Ullde's Blessing - Just never turn this off
Skipstep - comfy travels
Dead Hand - I like time stop porn
>You And your Spawn
Suffer Not
Portal Mastery

Devouring Wilds
>Vanity Of The
Mirsoth's Blessing
Trickster Lord
>You And Your Spawn

>Warrior Spirit
Bastif's Blessing
Hound Of Bastif
>You And Your Spawn
Bodies Of Steel Sinew
Growing Kingdom

Chaotic Order
>Monarch's Grace
Crypt Lessons
>A Chorus Inside
Chirrel's Blessing
Head In The Clouds
Hymn Of Serenity
>You And Your Spawn
A Little Peck
Siren Serenade

>The Twisted Delights
Snake Eyes - mostly for no bad luck
>Touch Of Whimsy
Nitur's Blessing
The Many Faces Of Evening
Flash - storm spirit
Loaded Die
>You And Your Spawn

Nitur's Blessing - rape time

Live - I and my Spawn are gonna just peacefully travel the world having fun

>> No.74720505

>rape time
>up to 2 minutes
A bit quick but alright.

>> No.74720549

The sexbots are fucking rapists that want to control you.

>> No.74720564

>new jannie applications
oh god oh fuck

>> No.74720599

Black Magic bannable offense finally

>> No.74720653
File: 66 KB, 701x424, Odin's Mask.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My body has changed and warped to now display my hands as crystal. Transparent as glass yet sturdy as diamonds. But they aren't my hands.

>Precognition, Conjurer, force field
I can see far into the future, summon all the medicine and food and drink I require, all with the means to defend myself. Yet I cannot grow sick, I cannot starve, I cannot thirst. I can only speak.

A good cause....A cause that is good, so we hope. So I wish. He must think so too.

>Strength: 12
>Control: 10
>Knowledge: 10
Odin, for that is his name, is terribly powerful and pays me little mind. At least in the beginning when I knew not how to strangle his powers, to fight and pull against him and to be more trouble than it was worth to be so terribly opposed. But we could see three months into the future, coat a large in shields to hold it hostage, conjure any car or device that could be called for and when Odin learned to satisfy me with paltry gestures he grew unimpeded.

>Perks: Empowered, Agent, Sleepless
Odin is restless in his work, always plotting further and further ahead into his future, without rest and without distractions barring those I force upon him. Though I do note he tends to conjure an orb made of Astatine encased in a shell of his shields whenever he must do something important.

>Needy, Weakness, Power source
But the weakest part of Odin is I, the nagging voice in his head that nearly never shuts up. We're always hungry, we need 3 extra large pizzas while others need only a regular, it's strange but enjoyable. Odin has a mild allergy to chillie peppers though, always messes with his powers and he takes pains to cook and provide everything himself.

>Team: Advent
Another archon, Advent advertises adventure among another altogether alien allies yet able and ably willing to advise and assist.

>Costume: Clothing, Muted, Light, Headgear
>Additions: Self-repair, Storage
A hoodie with a tracksuit and our mask, the mask with glowing eyes.

>> No.74720662
File: 7.91 MB, 3790x10000, blackmagic_cyoa1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.74720674

>Milestones: Teamfight, Saboteur, Royal blood, Act of God
Of 15 lesser hosts, I've no fear in Odin losing. He is simply too potent for them to hold by themselves but even I feel some trepidation in his aims to slay another Archon. Perhaps Advents presence will make it much more manageable but only time can tell.
Of his aims to sabotage other locations, such things will not be difficult with his prescience and ability to dice a city which will only grow stronger. Odin tells me not to fear, but that doesn't assuage my unease.

>Missions: New World Order, Mutant threat, Space cadet [+3 strength]
In the beginning, Odin was heads and shoulders above all save a handful of other Hosts and he leveraged this to it's fullest spinning his shields and powers to their maximum to bring chaos and death to those hosts who attempted to encroach on the sizable territory he carving out from England, only giving ground against other archons while lesser hosts were eviscerated in the early stages of the conflict.
It was during this turbulent year that he was recruited into Elysium and I went with him, their support allowing large portions of the united states and the united kingdom to be placed under the factions thumb.

As the years passed, assassinations came and went, destruction, terrorism and other such acts were carried out until a treaty was pulled together and from then things became far more civil, but even so by the time Starless began it's expansion, 3 of Odin's 4 aims had been completed. Only another million or so dollars of damages were left to satisfy my urges which had been built over our long career, when we were dispatched to the front to determine what exactly had gone on. In between the slaying of mutants and detaining of hosts, I gleamed something of their origins as an attempt to recreate the power boosting serum from last year.

But soon we will be sent off to the moon to ensure the success of our moon base and it's supplies. Nothing should go wrong.

>> No.74720697
File: 824 KB, 1080x1920, black magic shitpost.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.74720726

>Endgame Stats for Odin
>Strength: 20
>Control: 15
>Knowledge: 10

Not including any other trainings, Odin is the most powerful precog in the world, with out of combat utility out the ass that has synergies out of the ass with a tinkerer or other science nerd. Shits gonna be real spicy. Well hopefully not. I don't wanna die

>> No.74720760


>> No.74720860

i'll punch black cat, try and stop me

>> No.74720930

You forgot to deal with your drawbacks, since you have two perks.
But otherwise, pretty neat concept and pretty heavy hitting, glad to have you on the team.

You, Odin wouldn't like you. But that's pretty well made and nicely fleshed out as a real person, even demonstrating the power of the mother guilt trip. It's all gonna be fun and games.

>> No.74720933

Why would I stop you from breaking your own hand?

>> No.74720952

because my hand is 9x more durable than a normal hand and it'll probably do some damage

>> No.74720967

>You forgot to deal with your drawbacks, since you have two perks.
No, only one perk (sleepless) and one drawback (workload). So I took three missions but only got a reward for two

>> No.74721000

You're supposed to take 4 missions but no reward from the last one.

>> No.74721026

You can pick UP to three missions normally. I only wanted two for my build, so the third one is from the drawback.

>> No.74721041

Well then no issue there I guess.

>> No.74721048

So you did, sorry about that, I mistook Workload of Agent due to a brain fart.

Still a cool enough agent.

>> No.74721111

thanks boss, I wanted to make someone who'd be midtier but useful

>> No.74721112

In no particular order, African Warlord, After the Merge, Planeswalker Rising, The Hospital, and Road Less Traveled.

>> No.74721139

>African Warlord
I get it, it’s good, but top five of the year?

>> No.74721143

Let's be real, that's enough.

>> No.74721148

>1 post in 11 seconds
The absolute STATE of euro /tg/

>> No.74721162

it was either that or cyoag showdown

>> No.74721175

Given your power is at about 7, with an okay control, you are easily near the high end of most hero's. Upper-middle quite easily with plenty of mobility due to being...ya know, light.

I'd say that you are probably one of the more useful hero's because of that mobility option as well as the experience you gained after surviving missions with advent [and if all builds are in the same world, Me]. Which is no mean feat.

>> No.74721186

What about witchmaster, with it or on it, abyssal agent, parting the veil, soul graft battle royalle, tomb, or fucking white magick?

>> No.74721188

I wouldn't know.

>> No.74721190

Sure, the pics were evocative and the RP was great. I'd disagree with the other guy over After the Merge as though it was an impressively polished first work it didn't quite click for me.

>> No.74721196

Didn't someone make a fucked up build for this one where he would kill his own children

>> No.74721197

if you're doing a top five, things will be excluded

>> No.74721239

>it was an impressively polished first work it didn't quite click for me
That's understandable, but I loved the subtle visual storytelling. You could tell it was a cyoa that ng_v2 had put his heart and soul into.

>> No.74721261

I also found the numbers autism to be top notch

>> No.74721298

And I'm not a number autist, but I still enjoyed how AtM did things.

>> No.74721307

Cyoas ?

>> No.74721347

There was one thing I didn't enjoy about it, which was the sheer size of it which I had to cover with my write up, but that's a self inflicted wound. Just an irritating thing to do with how I play cyoa's.

On the other hand, the progression of companions was fantastic in my opinion, it made figuring out how the starting companions think and would react much easier.

>> No.74721371

>the sheer size of it
I'm a size queen, so unless the content is useless filler, I love really long cyoas.

>> No.74721379

Monstergirl Fantasy Isekai

>> No.74721403

2 days to write out over about 10k words. The fluff was tiring towards the end.

>> No.74721429

Oh, you're one of those guys who makes really long builds. That makes sense. Yeah, I can see how that'd get irritating near the end.

>> No.74721450

We are a cursed breed.

>> No.74721499

That the complaint I have is only really a problem for particular brands of autism that doesn't allow for skipping over details, It should speak for the quality of the cyoa itself.

The twist about who was granting you powers was a move I didn't see coming and the Adventures were enough for quite a few tales.

It's not THAT bad, fren.

>> No.74721517

It's tongue in cheek, I wouldn't wish to be otherwise.

>> No.74721530

>badly implemented autism with lazy mge copypaste

>> No.74721554

>Conduit open world game
Why must you make me want things I cannot have?

>> No.74721558

Thanks man.

How often can I look forward to those toned thighs?

>> No.74721670
File: 98 KB, 549x413, ap550x55016x121transparentt.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I guess
tho not anything that would require me to interact with any of you for any significant periods of time since I assume that your turboautism makes you all insufferable in real life

>> No.74721713
File: 4.91 MB, 1280x5931, sharedworlds.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.74721742
File: 2.77 MB, 1086x7016, fantasyseed.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.74721768

>summon beast[greater beast], seal, summon demon, stabilize, summon elemental, summon living shadow, no john you are the demon, summon item
>contract[sould ownership], soulbinding, light generation, marking, current control, possess, x-ray, light control
>susceptibility, punishment, stupify, suicide bomb, locator
>telekinesis, portal, time stop, barrier, timeflow alteration, propulsion, teleport, scan, magic circuit insulation
>inscribe[imbue], brew, mana drain[blood magic], mana vacuum, animate dead, h.u.d, mana incubator, spell mimicry, trigger, re-cast, cloaking, hexproof, quicken, dispel, analyze, counterspell
with mana incubator i can use the same mana it gives me to make it generate more mana per hour, i am no mathematician so i have no idea how much mana would that produce after a few months but i bet is going to be a lot

>> No.74721787
File: 89 KB, 511x613, pres.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it doesn't

>> No.74721788

i forgot to add pseudo teleport

>> No.74721812
File: 7.52 MB, 1320x10000, textanonsgirlgallery.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.74721939

nah, or at least i'd be extremely selective about it, i've seen the single most retarded political opinions (and opinions broadly speaking) on this general.

>> No.74721960

i can say for certain that i'll political opinions i have displayed on this general were either a parody that nobdy thought was one, clear bait because i was bored or just plain stupidity on my part

>> No.74721962

Which opinions would you not accept ?

>> No.74721998
File: 538 KB, 2048x1853, 28d.jpg_large.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yep... I'm thinking it's the weekend! Time to chill with my fi/tg/uy and ca/tg/irl friends!

>> No.74722019

and what are you going to do anon?

>> No.74722041

Wait it's the weekend?

>> No.74722050

not yet

>> No.74722075

I've lost most of my sense of time

>> No.74722088

you're becoming a time mage

>> No.74722143

Wouldn't a time mage always be aware of what time it is?

>> No.74722156

not if it's a very bad one, or a very good one, i can't really tell anymore

>> No.74722166

He wouldn't care enough to know.

>> No.74722187
File: 6.73 MB, 1200x9500, 1599174175047.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.74722229

How much do you wish for the end of the world ?

>> No.74722245

Not much

>> No.74722258

i do not, there's nothing i gain from it and i lose a lot from it so i would like it to not happen anytime soon if you say "it's already happening" i'm going to rip your arms out and stuff them up your ass

>> No.74722311

I crave it with every waking hour.

>> No.74722324

then make it happen

>> No.74722345

You just inspired me, >>74722311 wanna team up to end the world ?

>> No.74722351

What a wonderful idea!

>> No.74722410

No, fuck you, I'll end the world on my own and in the best way

>> No.74722415

Quite a bit but only because of the possibility of a better remake desu

>> No.74722433
File: 33 KB, 538x436, 2o7z0r.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

pic realted is apotheosis when someone gives him constructive criticism on his cyoas

>> No.74722440

>fuck you
Wrong move, prepare for war.

>> No.74722444

god fuking dammit tok

>> No.74722482

>Western Kingdoms
>Hero Gallery
>Training Ground
>Dueling Room

>A new recruit

The Archeological Mysteries Academy is perhaps one of the better places to get mages in a hurry, especially if you are dealing with relics and artifacts, but they will dabble in exotic magical creatures and phenomena.

Recruits are first run through almost all facilities of a chapter hall by an experienced adventuring veteran, with the training grounds, library and dueling rooms and one optional choice of the students being mandatory facilities to visit to the satisfaction of the facility curators and training masters before being cleared to accompany and assist agents of the
academy to wherever they would go, and continue their education both practical and theoretical with the help of any nearby chapter hall, as whatever successful hunt, expedition or mission will usually yield in some thing adventurers will want to either experiment, catalog or display at the branches and further their own advancement within the guild.

>> No.74722494

I love cyoag :3 !

>> No.74722518

I love you too anon. Especially so if you have made a black magic build

>> No.74722527

>Summon Item

>>Soul Ownership
>Eliminate Structural Weakness
>>Hardening [Free]
>Current Control
>Heat Shield
>Fluid Control
>Light Control

>Susceptibility [Free]
>Punishment [Free]
>Stupify [Free]
>Suicide Bomb [Free]
>Locator [Free]

>None; can use them all anyway because Marks cheese

>Time Stop
>>Pseudo Teleport [Free]
>Timeflow Alteration
>Movement Kit
>Time Reversal
>Bigger on the Inside
>Magic Circuit Insulation [Free]

Meta Magic
>>Imbue [Free]
>Mana Crystals Creation
>>Mana Condensation [Free]
>Mana Drain
>>Blood Magic [Free]
>Golem AI
>Mana Vacuum
>Animate Dead
>Mana Incubator
>Spell Mimicry
>Mana Sensor [Free]
>Trigger [Free]

Antropomagic is neat, but there's literally no reason to take it when the only downside to casting it via marks is more mana and time required. Metamagic lets you bootstrap into goofy quantities of mana with the incubator, or if you're a lazy, wasteful cunt you can always just drain the life from someone. It's a generic fantasy settings, so there's bandits and worse hiding behind random trees and rocks. Two scumbags is enough for even the most expensive of double-costed antropomagic spells.

Anyways, time to turn this setting into magitech cyberpunk.

>> No.74722546

acually you need to put a mark on the target you want to affect with antropomagic

>> No.74722690
File: 47 KB, 416x416, 1934.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Silly anon, I'm listening to some criticism. For an example Items & Equipment all have the type of equipment they are now, so there's no guess work.

>> No.74722700

that guy is probably tok, don't listen to him

>> No.74722709

Would you be able to kill a man with your bare hands, /cyoag ?

>> No.74722717

it depends, does he fights back?

>> No.74722731

Yes, but he doesn't have an above average physic and you're both unarmed.

>> No.74722734

probably not, im pretty weak

>> No.74722767

>he doesn't have an above average physic
i win, having a below average physique means he can be blown of by a strong wind

>> No.74722779

>below average
no, he just isnt above average. he may have the average physique of a man.

>> No.74722801

Can I use teeth?

>> No.74722804

i still win, i have a fairly above average psysique

>> No.74722809

>that guy is probably tok
can't be, tok hates planeswalker rising, so he would have been forced to respond to >>74721112

>> No.74722833

Yes, bite off his ears, plunge your thumbs in his eyes, all you have to do is kill him. Hell, rip his balls off if you want.

>> No.74722845

he probably haven't seen that post, also tok is the only person who i have seen type pic realted instead of pic related so it must be him

>> No.74722857

Brother can you at least get rid of cheat? I don't think it really adds to the CYOA. I still love it though and glad to hear that you're listening to make v4 better

>> No.74722880

>I still love it though

>> No.74722933
File: 409 KB, 800x1000, 2bc.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw you have intelligence below average and can't read blacked magic

>> No.74722940

at least you recognize the problem

>> No.74722951

>below average
that is literally retard level intelligence

>> No.74722991

Will v4 have more genocide options?

>> No.74723003

True, but there aren't many situations in which that's a concern for me. The vast majority of those spells are either for use on people who want it or are in no position to resist, so marking them isn't a big deal.

There are, like, 8 spells that you might want to use on a target who is unwilling and able to potentially resist, and that have a short enough cast time that you could actually do that without subduing them. Sleep, Sensitivity, Favoritism, Amnesia, Fear, Libido, Read Thoughts, and Fertility. Out of those, Read Thoughts is the only one I'd ever want to use in a situation where I couldn't easily use a mark for it. No combat telepathy for me, I guess.

>> No.74723005

It's much easier to tear out a throat with teeth than people realize. Hell, if you have the grip strength, you can rip it out with just your hand.

>> No.74723033

Speaking from experience ?

>> No.74723034

just imbue darts with a Susceptibility mark, it's not that hard

>> No.74723038

probably not because every single edit apotheosis makes to any of his cyoas objectively makes them worse, so I doubt he's going to make a change for the better

>> No.74723047
File: 59 KB, 500x500, Master & Expert.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Glad to know you like it, friend! I have removed Cheat and replaced it with Taming, which gives you the ability to tame animals and Monsters. I've also added a bunch of new locations and another page of Allies/Enemies, as well as a page of World Bosses.

>> No.74723064

>cheat removed
Based, Doomsaying faggots on suicide watch.

>> No.74723087

>spams doom saying until the 1% chance that you die happens

>> No.74723090

I plead the fifth

>> No.74723113

>Yes, but he doesn't have an above average
sounds like he's stronger than me so probably not

>> No.74723118

lmao do you even wish bro

>> No.74723128

That's like the equivalent of screaming at someone that they are gonna die over and over and hope they get a fucking heart attack in one or two laboral days.

>> No.74723143

>reddit has more complete monstergirl builds than /cyoag/
so when do you intend to >migrate?

>> No.74723196


>> No.74723199

you that is less of a reason to migrate, right?

>> No.74723218

Touch of the Vain One (Bestial Shape, Harmonious, Root-Blood)
Call of Nature
The Collective Herd
Green Pools
Friendly Flora
Monarch's Grace (Crypt Lessons, Social Aura)
A Chorus Inside (Chirrel's Blessing, Truthseeker)
Hymn of Serenity
Light of Purity
A Little Peck
Iss'Tir's Dust

I'll try to find a way to bring Iss'Tir's gift of Mana to all since I reckon that would have been his role in the cycle of Awakening, but I'll primarily seek to live peacefully and enjoy what I now have.

>> No.74723219

Doomfags seething, funfags can't stop winning

>> No.74723236

>Reddit loved monstergirl
>Reddit loved husbandry
>Reddit loved and still reposts tok (and made a whole thread about wanting him back)
yeah I’m not gonna migrate any time soon

>> No.74723249

why is reddit's taste so shit?

>> No.74723269

they have to adhere to a kind of code of conduct which means they have to like those things otherwise they get banished forever

>> No.74723270

>handful of builds
>all lukewarm politically correct shit
I'm not migrating into that shit hole

>> No.74723272

Pretty sure the last tok related thread immediately went off into how he was a little shit, unless I missed something.

>> No.74723283

Doomsaying + wish and I still kill you instantly from the other side of the world

>> No.74723287

Because it's Reddit, what more do you want ?

>> No.74723294

The last thread was all about he was a great author but a sensitive drama queen

>> No.74723309

I'm 6'3" and decently muscular. Killing an average man shouldn't be an issue. But why would I want to?

>> No.74723331

>source: just trust me bro
when do you intend to stop?

>> No.74723337

>more builds than /cyoag/
>one build that minmaxes to be able to exert 1.8488426e+21 tons of force
seethe harder, you're reddit now

>> No.74723344

kek how new are you

>> No.74723352


>> No.74723361

>just trust me bro
lmao it was literally linked like two threads ago

>> No.74723366
File: 35 KB, 244x326, 1598754357668.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've said it before and I'll say it again, you couldn't pay me to move to reddit. I don't know anything about or care anything about their cyoa board in particular, but I despise the site as a whole. I'd rather violate my blood contract than move to reddit.

It's flattering if someone steals it and if they like it, I guess, but I'm not gonna stoop to posting and making content specifically for a site that's so full of disgusting fucking leftists.

>> No.74723374

if you like reddit so much then fucking marry it

>> No.74723383

And it was all his own samefagging, fuck off tok

>> No.74723400

>fuck off tok
bro I'm calling tok reddit and saying they have shit taste for liking him

>> No.74723407

Too late, you’re reddit

>> No.74723415

Are you adding a (be the) Manticore/Jabberwock option?
No I haven't read the cyoa yet, how did you know?

>> No.74723428

>how did you know
because very few people have

>> No.74723432

i am transphobic, you can't make me reddit

>> No.74723438

Already included.

>> No.74723446

In the next few weeks, you will start playing be-the-girl cyoas and realize you have crippling dysphoria. That is the curse of being reddit.

>> No.74723465

i can't be a little girl, i am a little(big) boy

>> No.74723482

Wouldn't that be the curse of Discord ?

>> No.74723498
File: 75 KB, 750x800, e08a9d449222aabca72675acc9736f1f6ef7316d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>my blood contract
Please keep going? Those sounds aren't masturbation

>> No.74723508

No, that's when you become a pedo, not a tranny.

>> No.74723514

usually anything involving niggers or femoids is devoid of any substance on this site

>> No.74723539

>usually anything involving niggers or femoids is devoid of any substance
Black people and women exist. There, I said it.

>> No.74723557

You'd need to find a Genie for that, and I think mana costs are proportional to the difficulty of whatever you're wishing for. If you have enough mana to wish me to death you might as well just come over and fight me.

>> No.74723567
File: 1.57 MB, 480x270, tenor.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Already included
Post it next thread onegai. Also tell me what non-monstergirl parts I can skip.
Don't be rude!

>> No.74723571

Yandere girls are a cute.

>> No.74723583

thread >>74723579

>> No.74723584

until she murders you that is

>> No.74723585

>redditors got MGI weeks after we did
What a nice feeling. It's like we're the premium elite that get all the content before the plebeians do.

>> No.74723597

>wants niggers to live in his magical realm

>> No.74723601

sandnigger posted it as a meme so reddit could make fun of it, but then they loved it and he just doesn't know what to do

>> No.74723612

Depends on what type of yandere we're talking about here. What did I do that made her want to murder me? Did I actually cheat on her or did I merely talk to a girl cashier at the supermarket?

>> No.74723652

she thought you looked like you would cheat on her on a few weeks so she killed you before that happened

>> No.74723716

nvm then miss me with that shit

>> No.74723846
File: 512 KB, 1800x1118, Valentines 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Very good taste. The only thing better than a yan girl is a yan girl with weapons training!

>> No.74723927

Play single player, and also lucklets with low mana brats should shut the fuck up when growns folks is talking

>> No.74723947

>Magic 101, Martial Arts, Mana Channeling
Mana regen is important. Smacking staff with my staff is good to know. Internal magic seems neat.
Familiars are nice.
>Toxic, Water, Combination
Because dousing people in an acid wave sounds absolutely horrifying. Combination is also good for making my Familiar's core.
>Survivalism, Animal Talking, Spirit Talking, Potion Brewing, Growth, Herblore, Beast Taming
Looks like I'm going Druid. I'll be fucking off innawoods.
>Nether Talking
Apparently I'm a chatty fella.
Well, turns out I'm a bit too whatever to be a Druid.
Fits me just fine.
Also works for me.
>First Year: Hidden Library
Since my first year has me as a novice, this seems doable, since it doesn't seem to actually require much skill. What I do learn will make sense in later years.
>Second Year: Slime Pet
Along with my Familiar, and all the beasts I'll eventually have chillin' with me.
>Third Year: Lady of the Lake
I don't care so much about the trinkets, but she seems like she'll be interesting company.
Healers are always good to have as friends.
Another sturdy type, this one a fighter. Seems pretty easy to get along with. Me, him, and Gabe team up, we can probably accomplish a lot.
Strategist is needed in this growing band of adventurers. Plus, a fellow nature lover.
Serious study buddy material.

>> No.74724327

The only way to play.
Pretty chill.
>Western Kingdom
Seems generically European, so I'll go with it. Not feeling up to viking today.
>Camaraderie, Secret Signs
The brotherhood is nice, and the secret symbols are a good way to indicate to each other what we're up to, or even for marking potential new recruits.
>Grand Hall, Entertainment, Rooms, Courtesans, Secrecy, Oath
We're operating out of a pretty nice tavern and inn, designed to cater to freelance adventurers. Courtesans charge the Uninitiated, while Brothers have their own rooms, and receive a heavy discount from the courtesans. While we mostly just portray ourselves as freelancers to the common folk, the truth is that we get involved in some shady shit from time to time. The oaths that are sworn by new initiates are personalized, but always include loyalty to death and silence to outsiders about our organization. New Recruits get brought in only with a majority consensus, and after vetting an individual as a good fit.
>An Adventurer Is Me
Makes sense.

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