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>Looks down at your peasant dice
>Motions for the manservant to remove you from the table

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forgot the link:


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>Peasant detected

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Ok, but we’re playing Shadowrun, so I’m gonna need like 5 more of those sets.

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the upper class is bewildering to me

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I wanna know the markup on this shit

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They were made by ethically trained Malaysian slaves for 10 cents a pop.

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715$ if you take into account material, design and build labor, and transport.

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>transparent dice
Ah yes, if you're charging 700 bucks might as well punish the retards with confusing dice that will glare the light and show all pips at once

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if I read the product description right it doesn't even come with dice
it's just the case.

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Yeah, $700 of the price comes from the "Loius Vuitton" name. Retards will fall for this shit and throw their money at it every time.

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That looks like a piece of acrylic, something like that probably has pretty loose tolerances. My guess? Probably about $25 to $30 to manufacture for each. >>74686835

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I don't understand high fashion. I get spending tons of money on cool shit, if I could buy my own private jet I would, but who in the world cares if the t-shirt you wear cost 50$ or 5000$?

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It shockingly looks that way, but it also says “multicolored” under the description. If it doesn’t explicitly say it doesn’t come with dice but they use images of just the dice to advertise, they’re setting themselves up for a lawsuit.

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Oh, you only bought the 700 dollar version? That's fine, I guess

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On the one hand, I hate poor people.
On the other, stuff like this makes me despise the rich.

What economic ideology gives me political justification to hate both?

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>implying that if I wanted luxury dice I'd go for acrylic with the pips painted onto flat surfaces
I'm sorry, since when has Louis Vuitton been the domain of tasteless hacks?

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>$700 for a pair of dice

This is why we need to tax the rich

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Making retarded financial decisions is the pinnacle of high society, remember?

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>Th-that's so n-nice anon, proud of you

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radical centrism
just hate everyone that isn't you

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Since always.

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Centrism is too tolerant, I want a reason to guillotine the rich and, simultaneously, let the poor starve.

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Definitely communism.

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Inb4 the Holodomor didn't happen anon, that's just propaganda

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Practically, yes, but communism has the ideological veneer of caring about the working class. I want something that reinforces my outward expression of contempt towards the plebs.

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a number of strains of socialism, especially ones that focus on glorifying labor, surprisingly. That is assuming your 'hate the poor' comes from a perception that they're lazy and won't work
It's wearing your status on your sleeve essentially. Money is all that matters, and displaying how much of it you can throw at meaningless stuff is peak signalling for those that have grown up drowning in dollars

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Oh, that just sounds like you're a bitter and miserable radical centrist that thinks everyone but him is a dumb cuck

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>Sold out
I hate nerd "culture"

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Posadism just wants a nuclear holocaust. That seems appropriately batshit for you.

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>That much
More like 25 cents

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Well, when you put it like that, I suggest following the ideology known as get help from a therapist.

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>perception that they're lazy and won't work
That, and that they're dumb and generally of a lower breed than normal people.

Bitter, yes. Miserable, no.

Absolutely excellent, thank you for the recommendation.

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>ITT: fa/tg/uys show how little they understand the free market

seethe about being poor or just buy a dice case/bag that fits your budget

meanwhile, wealthier people can buy things like this without breaking the bank

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Conspicuous consumption is the mark of new money that won't last for more than two generations, at most.

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just go with whatever Robespierre was

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Entirely depends on the family or the individual. I see old money rocking expensive ass cars nowadays, too. But even old money falls. A friend of mine comes from one of those kinds of families.

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you do realize innane consumerism isn't a good cultural quality, right anon?

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>this small hardsided have most practical size for bringing your games with you.
They're not even trying to hide the fact that this is Chink garbage dressed up as a quality product.

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Germanic ealdorman system

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I don't know, maybe. Depends on a lot of things. People don't have to only just own what they absolutely need to survive. Is being a naked ascetic the way to go?

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If you want to spoil yourself, there's better options out there.

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There's a difference between having nice thongs to enjoy life and paying a 3600% markup for plexiglass

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>dice case and box are in the women's section


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>ascetic bare minimum is a shit quality of life
>therefore extreme overindulgence, hyper-inflated product costs, and extreme wastefulness is amazing
arguing with people that can't grasp nuance is annoying

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Hey, now, there's also the vache végétal naturel leather... That's damn luxurious material.

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>using a castoff leftover strip from the main cutting of a different product
if nothing else it's a good way to get the most out of your resources

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look marie kondo, people can buy what they want, they'll learn for themselves if it's worth regretting things they bought

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>bald edges
>printed on top of the plastic
That shit is gonna rub off in no time.

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You know I think this all has made me realize that rich dorks are the most easy type of people to leech and pull money from

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twitch thots didn't make you realise this earlier?

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The upper class is not buying this.
Retards and parvenus do.

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>he doesn't know

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This isn't consumerism.
Consumerism is me eating 40 cakes, or buying every new game out there.
This is just being retarded. You're not "consuming" a product, you're paying top dollar for a shit product.

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what did they mean by this?

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they got us

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clearly they're selling men and women as well as die, though they likely charge a premium for those services

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>ITT seething poorfags.

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Gonna be flexing on niggas on with these

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>Singlehandedly BTFOing poor people and males who play traditional games
What a power move

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scroll down
the best part, it is the same box with a different insert from the monogrammed watch box, which costs $7200

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3/8 inch thick 24 inch by 30 inch with 1 inch radius corners and 6 holes and polished edges. that is a fucking table top, not a die face.

why are you retarded on the internet?

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finally Jeffrey star can break into the world of youtube RPG stars.

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To elaborate, the point of the nuclear holocaust is to attract aliens to Earth. Posadas assumed that any spacefaring culture would have reached a star trek-style post-scarcity civilization, and therefore us engaging in directly self-destructive behavior would force them to uplift us, establishing fully automated luxury space communism. In a word, it's based

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a fool and his money are easily parted, they say

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My point is the fact that the material is usually sold in bulk. You would use a similarly sized sheet of plasitc to make 100 of those dice holders. There would be a massive increase in terms of time and energy required to produce them.
Also, what the fuck is up woth the new captcha? Why is there a massive code i have to copy and paste now

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This is more conspicuous consumption than upper class. America doesn't really have an upper class anymore.

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>take a look at this site
>a scarf for 900$
>a fucking sleeping mask for 1100$

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are you fucking retarded?

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>paying $720 for acrylic garbage

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There are cases where high priced clothes make sense. Tailoring can really make a difference. Improve fit and also help mobility. Some fashion does include generic versions of this that work less well. Someone putting their name on a thing implies it is at a standard quality level they hold.

This just looks like a stupid cash grab.

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>LV Dices

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How dare they.

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Can I use this for Qwixx?

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you mean middle class
the middle class is what's dying in america

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Disgusting. Artisan dice are far better flex dice. Nothing will exert your superiority over poorfags at the table more than the unique clattering sound of your dice hand-carved from deer antlers hitting the table.

>> No.74697195

holy shit the fucking Engrish, it's like they know the only people still buying their low quality shit are cashed up immigrants

>> No.74697951

Jesus. Just... why?

>> No.74698648

work on your art

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I thought about doing shit like this on etsy since making custom dice is easier than I thought.

I thought about a reasonable price, but what if instead I charged an astronomical price, threw in a leather strap somewhere, wrote a paragraph more of a product description, and took a professional photo?

Of course not all rich people are idiots, but the few that are would make up the difference.

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10 cents a pop would be hella ethical to be honest. they would make like 50 an hour easy so 5 dollars and hour in Malaysia that's not royalty money but its getting a house money.

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Do it and I'll write you the fucking copy.

>> No.74700305

There are laws against denying the holodomor so by /pol/'s logic it must be.

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What does it say? I cant read Australian.

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No, no, you misunderstand. 10 cents is how much the company spends.

After housing fees, cash fees, food costs, furniture rentals, land rent, electricity costs, heating, and education fees (classes conveniently scheduled during the work day to save you time!) the slaves lose about $25 a dice and need to keep working to pay off their debts.

It's a very generous system.

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Since the previous century.

>> No.74703581

>since when has Louis Vuitton been the domain of tasteless hacks?

When were designer fashion brands anything but?

>> No.74703591

work on your art

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>ITT: /tg/ discovers just how insane REAL price gouging is.

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If you just want to hate the poor and the rich, that makes you a Karen. Suburban soccer mom who resents the lower class plebs and people who’ve hit genuine riches beyond her mere comfortable living in equal measure.

>> No.74703789

The fuck, they couldn’t at least put something other than a d6 in the set? Pathetic.

>> No.74703953

Karens are often wealthy themselves though, who have aspirations of ever improved conspicuous consumption.

They're the kind of people who would buy OP's pic.

>> No.74703961

You're gonna need 2 sets tho

>> No.74704179

>who cares

>> No.74704209

I'm fairly certain I can manufacture this with 30$

>> No.74704350

So does the actual manufacturer.

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honestly when you consider to vast global petroleum supply chain needed to just get the oil out of the ground to make them, then that $715 is selling below cost.

>> No.74704549

I'd see if if the dice were made out of something special...
But, just plastic? Aren't all dice made of that?

>> No.74704705

Except these dice require .000000001% of the annual production of that oil.

>> No.74704710

Probably not, if you use the typical handicraft dice and an older box with some clever add-on it would only cost around 10-15$ (1$ for dices, the rest is for the box)
30$ is for my conscience

>> No.74704729

I'd wager handmade wooden dice being more expensive but cheaper to make

>> No.74704733

Approximately $718

>> No.74704791

This isn't upper class. It's more like... high Fashion? Which is retarded at any level.

What on earth would you ever need 5 x d6 in a poorly build case for?

>> No.74706639

>What on earth would you ever need 5 x d6 in a poorly build case for?
When one and one's similarly avant garde business associates feel an urge to have a little wager, it's declasse to use something plebian like rock-paper-scissors or whatever meaningless event might be observable in the area even for stakes as trivial as an unused resort chalet or your third-newest Bugatti.

No, for persons of proper standing and substance, the game is Yachtsea.

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Wealthy people don't buy this shit though, poor people who want to peacock and pretend they're rich buy this shit. It's the same thing with basketball shoes.

>> No.74706821

>It's the same thing with basketball shoes.

>> No.74706949

I was thinking more Nike stampedes desu, months worth of paychecks and/or welfare checks wasted to buy the new basketball man branded shoes that will rot in the box.

>> No.74706991

But anon, I don't have a funny music video for that.

>> No.74707021

I hate "sneakerheads" so fucking much. More than snobby little shits that buy LV.

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File: 97 KB, 770x513, Splendor_BoxwBoardOverview.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

One thing I'd love to see would be Splendor made with actual gems.

>> No.74707087

>America doesn't really have an upper class anymore.
What do you think upper class means, exactly?

>> No.74707129

The ® symbol integrated into the logo makes it look like cheap junk, but then again, so does being colorful clear plastic.

>> No.74707138

and you fail to grasp the feature "economy of scale" that sheet's cost goes down as you buy more of them (at one time of course). the first one always costs a manufacturer more, because they have to tool for it. the more units, the more the tooling cost is apportioned out. once the tooling cost is covered, the price goes down to materials and time. bigger batches mean less time per unit. the material itself is dirt cheap. the big cost is in machine tooling and product finishing.

>> No.74707339

>and they wonder why you spend $600 on a 3d printer and copy their shitty design for yourself

>> No.74707608

Bull fucking shit. If it didn’t isn’t under $5 a pop I’ll eat my hat

>> No.74707618

>what is kickstarter

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>out of stock

>> No.74707709

Yeah, that's typical. They artificially lower available supply to pressure the rich idiots into buying it faster.

>> No.74707879

Work on your art

>> No.74709393

If you're tshirts cost 50 dollars, I'm not sure you're really in a position to judge.

>> No.74709624

was gonna say, that would actually be very classy of a dice maker in Malaysia

>> No.74709647

I own a 50 dollar hoodie becuase bands jack up prices and I was wasted .
but 50 bucks for a tshirt is damn it better be a charity drive is all im saying.

>> No.74709935

What is this game? First time i see it and it hits some marks into games I might like

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Stop being fucking poor. You should easily be able to get 700 or so within a week

>> No.74710108


Yeah. That shit goes to things like bills, rent, and food. $720 on one item is like a car repair, or tools for your job.

>> No.74710119

So you are poor

>> No.74710145

>high fashion
>Louis Vuitton
choose one

>> No.74710354


Most people are poor.

>> No.74710960

then just stop being poor

>> No.74711137

it's pretty basic (but neatly designed) euro, with a premise that players are merchants trading in precious gems - it's kind of like deckbuilder except not exactly (google a review on YT, I'm too drunk to explain clearly)

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File: 51 KB, 1125x225, 22FA599B-BF6A-4879-8A24-FDC3BE1B4CDC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I’ve lost all faith in humanity

>> No.74711413

Tempting, but I’d rather get meteor dice. I don’t want hand cancer

>> No.74712419

I bought them all just now to spite you

>> No.74712524

>2 sets
Yeah, I was thinking that.

Guess I better stick with qwingo

>> No.74712886

>the (R) is built into the fucking logo
The opposite of trying to look classy.

>> No.74712923

Not for fucking dice
I'd rather use that money to clean my ass

>> No.74713058

Have you tried communism? It’s everything you want.

>> No.74713115

First thing I thought, looks like utter shit.

>> No.74713135

These aren't for dorks, they're for new money retards, or the kids/wives of rich men who want to show off when they gamble with friends.

>> No.74713331

...That's all it took? Shit, we had a bunch of shit way more horrifying than this to show you. Oh well.

>> No.74716551

They only made like a few dozen sets of those tops, so it's not strange that they're sold out.

>> No.74716935

Artificial scarcity. It's the same reason diamonds are worth anything.

>> No.74718549

I lost most of it already. This was just the last little bit of faith that I didn’t know I had.

>> No.74718596

You think 5 dollars worth of cost went into this roadside grift? Fuck no.

$719 dollars if you account for that logistics shit.

>> No.74718618

Jesus fucking christ

>> No.74718659

If being poor is bad why do so many people do it?

>> No.74718674

Diamonds also have a nonstop marketing blitzkrieg.>>74718549

>> No.74718700

>they're not even crystal or anything
>it's fucking plastic with painted numbers

>> No.74718716


>> No.74718816

Are you implying that LV is disdained among "old money" and the extremely wealthy and that "LV is high fashion" is simply a false idea planted by LV into the minds of lower classes, and that their actual target is nouveax riches?

>> No.74718832

I wonder how much it would cost to commission a jeweler to make you some literal golden dice. Guess it depends on what kind of gems the number blips would be.

>> No.74718850

Fuck you I got beer in my nose now

>> No.74718859

It also looks like the markings will rub off easily.

>> No.74718940

Your art is pretty good.

>> No.74718947

Depends on the grade of gold and if you want it solid or just plated. Or hollow.

>> No.74718949

>if I shoot myself in the head, mommy will finally notice me

>> No.74718973

It is DU, it is as radioactive as banana.

>> No.74718976

Richfags are trashy.

>> No.74719027

>but communism has the ideological veneer of caring about the working class
Depends on how you read it. The core of it doesn't really care about anything - it just applies dialectical materialism to say "historical development of property relationships goes in roughly in that a way as mode of production changes due to technological advancement in the way that we consider more efficient". So you can look down on all the classes, really.

>> No.74719033

>® on the product
>® in the fucking logo

Is this meant to look like crass shit? Is it intentional?

>> No.74720639

it's like a sadness colonic that manages to worm out that last little hope nugget sitting in your sanity colon

>> No.74720877

Based prole.

>> No.74720889

Aside from cost, solid gold would be both annoyingly heavy and too soft

>> No.74720911

That anon's right though. We now have Ultra+ S Rank Class.

>> No.74721404

>Rolls dice once
>gets five fucking dents
>2 sessions later is an uneven circle

>> No.74725556

>offcentered pips
it's fucking trash

>> No.74726604

he just explained why he didn't want that, clearly you don't understand that Podaism is the only ideology

>> No.74726894

the corners are rounded...

>> No.74727024

So where do the dolphins come into this madlad's ideology?

>> No.74727229

AliBaba seems to put the price per d6 at about $0.05 for large bulk orders of thousands.
There's a box and some assembly as well so $719.50 seems like a reasonable guess without counting whatever ungodly sum they paid the designer(s).

>> No.74727479
File: 23 KB, 1070x470, WTF-Edition.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


If you showed me this and tell me that you paid 700 bucks for them I'd think that you're either lying or that you are a fucking moron.

>> No.74727828

Why don’t the common americans murder them and steal their shit? Conquest is not leftism, conquest is based, conservative and right wing.

>> No.74728632

The ass.

>> No.74728708

>America doesn't really have an upper class anymore
I'm still continually surprised by how stupid the posts on here are

>> No.74729658

This, and it doesn't even matter how rich or poor you are.

Why the fuck did you spend 700 dollars on plexiglass you fucking retard, that'd pay for most of this months rent.

>Middle class
Why the fuck did you spend 700 dollars on plexiglass you fucking retard, that could have gone to our vacation savings.

Why the fuck did you spend 700 dollars on plexiglass you fucking retard, that's enough to have a nice dinner at the steakhouse.

>> No.74729662

> anon, if my manservant didn't instinctively remove such a flagrant casual from my presence I would have him beaten.

>> No.74729950

Uranium, even in a non-radioactive form like this, is carcinogenic. The nickel plating would probably make them safe to handle, except if you look closely at the pic it seems to be coming off.

>> No.74731861
File: 36 KB, 500x641, 1582779676146.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is that the intergalactic equivalent of shitposting for attention?

>> No.74731983

Essentially yes. Though LV earned their reputation before actively depreciating it amongst people who value quality over brand power for decades. Maybe LVMH appeal amongst basketball Americans and Asians of all flavours is unflappable but I feel at this point the decline of the LV side of the business is all but inevitable with the only people that I ever see with LV products being decidedly uncool in as objective a sense as is possible. Who wants to look like a wealthy but taste and fashion blind middle aged Chinese emigrant?

>> No.74732378

Complaining about our latest money laundering ploy is antisemitic anon.
You're not literally Hitler, are you?

>> No.74732446

okay maybe instead then radical anticentrism. Jreg's done some great videos on the idea.

>> No.74732527

You never buy from "the best in the business" because as someone's declared "the best in the business" they get scavenged by vulture CEOs shitting the brand for profit.

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File: 125 KB, 1440x831, cent.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 170 KB, 1024x1115, papa_nurgle__by_michaeljlarson_db0uxgs-fullview.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Personally, for apocalyptic political philosophies, I prefer a biological accelerationist form of posadism. Intentionally spread viral plague killing nearly everyone off leaves everything in a MUCH better situation for recreating a new world than nuclear holocaust does.

But I don't really expect communist aliens like the damn Star Trek Federation to come down and save us from extinction like they do either. Which means no matter what we're not getting to the industrial revolution again with all the surface metal and coal gone. So it's less a traditional posadism and a bit closer to An-Prim. Neolithic man, aboriginal civilization, this time with a lot less superstition.

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>> No.74732984

This, I want guns and abortions.
And getting stupid rich for the sake of richness being a well regarded goal, but also give UBI to the losers so they can buy my products even though they're worthless people who don't deserve a job.

>> No.74733102

i mean, if you can get rich in a way that doesn't leave other people unable to live, and aren't using that money to undermine the democratic process, more power to you.

>> No.74733142

Anon...theyre talking about the design team you literal nasi

>> No.74733206

And if there are no ayyylmao's?

>> No.74733223


>> No.74733246

u a dumba

>> No.74733261


>> No.74733299

Arf arf

>> No.74733333

>They're not metal.
And there goes all my enthusiasm.

>> No.74733349

Almost all rich people do, and I'm tired of this stupid meme.
There's fifty million millionaires, not everyone is Jeff Bezos. And even him isn't inherently chaotic evil, yes he has people working on barely human conditions, but they're people that literally can't find employment anywhere else because they're that incompetent.

90% of millionaires just happen to have a well run business or live off the fruits of their intellectual property. The real problem are shareholders who want infinite money for their loan sharking and CEOs who only exist to feed them.

>> No.74733355

then at least those dirty capitalists are gone and we can rebuild our glorious utopia from scratch without their vile influence to corrupt it, comrade.

nevermind the irradiated wasteland, I'm sure we'll figure out how to deal with that before we die from it.

>> No.74733371

>90% of millionaires just happen to have a well run business or live off the fruits of their intellectual property. The real problem are shareholders who want infinite money for their loan sharking and CEOs who only exist to feed them.

no, most money is inherited lol. for most, they didnt work for it, they were born into it

>> No.74733372

>but they're people that literally can't find employment anywhere else because they're that incompetent.
bullshit. the Us has a serious problem employing 70IQs, but Amazon's not the one filling that need, it's the military.

>> No.74733470

It's not their fault their parents weren't shit like yours.
That's the real problem with america, nobody wants to be the one who bit the bullet and saved every penny so that their great grandchildren will be born on top.

>> No.74733686

>money laundering
Haven't seen any of you fags ever demonstrate any understanding of how money laundering works. The sad truth is that there's a market for thoughtless consumption of products regardless of the price and quality as a demonstration of wealth. You only have to look at the way posters here defend GW's obscene pricing including ratcheting up the price of at times decades old kits well beyond inflation as a demonstration of wealth no matter how ridiculous that notion is. Blaming it on le money laundry when there are plenty of legal ways that LVMH can minimise their tax obligations is straight up fucking retarded.

>> No.74733694

The military don't take unfit people over 35
Hell the military is currently understaffed because fit idiots without crippling mental illnesses are on the down. The "fit" part being the deal breaker.

>> No.74733743

Rich people don't spend $700 on dice.

>> No.74733799

The real problem is this almost calvinist culture of "temporarily embarrassed millionaires" which glosses over the very real influence of luck on success.

>> No.74733828

isn't the whole point of bootcamp to MAKE them fit?

>> No.74733886

Yes and no. You have to pass a fitness test to get into bootcamp, and then bootcamp makes them healthy. Before you even get to take that test though you have to pass the body mass index, which isn't perfect by any means. My weightlifting teacher told us a story about his buddy who got denied enlistment because he failed BMI standards. Dude was 6'3", 300lbs, 5% body fat. Are most people who fail the BMI a muscle monster like him? No, but it illustrates a flaw of the BMI.

>> No.74733904

which is why they recruit them at 17, use them til they die or age out of front line use, and then kick them into the civilian sector to die as homeless veterans or join the police force.

>> No.74733931

>but they're people that literally can't find employment anywhere else because they're that incompetent.
Other companies are watching how Amazon does things to cut costs and are emulating them. Most big company work-forces act like Amazon now.
>Just get a better job!
All of which requires schooling, and there isn't an infinite amount of financial assistance to get through schooling. Not to mention a lot of stuff you can go for is being phased out or will be phased out by technology. Two years ago I was reading about how the best field to go into is radiology because people are getting old so there will always be a need for X-rays. I laughed because how soon til automated x-ray machines are a thing?

I'm 28 and I could easily pick up a trade if I went to school, but I have 0 interest in any of them. The only one that seemed interesting to me is welding, but looking into it I discovered most people don't do welding for more than 5 years because it fucks your health up so badly. I genuinely have no idea what to do. Looking at Alaskan trawlers now since it seems interesting to be out at sea and then get into drunken shenanigans on shore leave.

>> No.74733932

american medicine and government are jokes, news at 11

>> No.74733942

>letting a trivial thing like lack of interest stand in the way of being profitable

this is why you're a destitute peasant

>> No.74733965

Holy shit, have you ACTUALLY been working on your art? Keep doing it.

>> No.74734092

I think the goal is more to self-harm enough for the authorities to come and give you a disability check.

>> No.74734107

True and accurate. I have this weird thing where I want to be able to stand the career I go into for the rest of my life. I'd actually like to enjoy it if at all possible, but I know that's a crackpipe dream.

>> No.74734332
File: 114 KB, 1200x1122, 1597446551345.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Worthless bougie.

>> No.74734570
File: 429 KB, 500x499, then guys like me better watch their step.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

he's probably not even actually bougie. just one of those "temporarily embarrassed millionaires" who thinks he's gonna make it big if he just sucks the guys on top's dicks enough and works himself to the bone. Probably a Libertarian to boot, thinks that the thing keeping him down are taxes that pay for his kids public schooling not market manipulation by the ultrawealthy so they can keep buying up assets for pennies on the dollar.

>> No.74735038

I've grown to notice people who focus on what they're gonna do when they're rich are cunts with napoleon complex, while people who focus on how they're gonna get rich are just entrepreneurs.

Like I just want to sell my shit to people, and it's good shit so I sell it at a decent markup so I can continue to make more of it for more people to enjoy. That I don't need to worry about my kids' college now is just a bonus.

Then there are guys who want to buy off their hs bully's house to evict them and shit.

>> No.74735285

Why do people spend billions on gacha video "games"? Because they like spending money.

>> No.74735308

Most millionaires are first generation. Most genuinely wealthy families decay to middle class within 2 generations.

>> No.74735352
File: 48 KB, 605x706, Hamburger Metric.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Heavy, trust me
>Doesn't give a weight
Really? You couldn't take the time to actually weigh the stupid things?
No in grams? Ounces? Barlycorns? Newtons/g?
Not even burgers per bullet?

>> No.74735356

Am I misinterpreting the page or is this listed as an item for women?

>> No.74735447

Women are the majority of gambling addicts.

>> No.74736303

> not everyone is Jeff Bezos. And even him isn't inherently chaotic evil
Duh. They are not evil. They just have their property managed by highly-professional experts who are tasked with maintaining the growth, as otherwise the enterprise dies off. So the experts are employing the most efficient means to do so, on every level from labor management to pressing national policies. The concepts of ethical performance are not built on maintaining the profit margin - so they end up not being the same thing as competitive performance. Meaning those things are inevitably different, and at their ultimate goals will enter a conflict of interests. Competitive performance will inevitably include drastically unethical, predatory and straight up socially-devastating solutions.

So, they are not evil, they merely exploit populace, policy, culture and the very concept of humanity to keep their financial status situated, because that's just how it works. They didn't want for it to end up like that, really, it's just the market conditions that force their hirelings to follow the Board's Policy by saving on bribes given for covering up illegal toxic waste disposal (only illegal because the performance of manufactured destitute was not sufficiently effective to push through a desirable lawmaking policy, as the predictions promised) by employing underage Thai prostitutes in blackmail schemes.

>> No.74736768

>There's a difference between having nice thongs to enjoy life and paying a 3600% markup for plexiglass
This is also a difference between legitimate mental illness and having a harmless fetish

>> No.74736795


How I can tell y'all are white af.

These are poker dice holders. Black Yahtzee. Not a common caucasian game, but definitely something a dealer would spend 3200 on a set for.

>> No.74736827

>a dealer would spend 3200 on a set for
Why? They are not good.

>> No.74736835

Racially oriented fascism. You can hate the poor because they're immigrants and the Rich because they're jews.

>> No.74736848

But what about poor whites and rich whites?

>> No.74736849


You've never sat waiting on a quap to be delivered and have a drug dealer explain his 42000$ aquarium setup in his mama's basement. There's a lot of money and nowhere to put it.

>> No.74736850
File: 719 KB, 2000x2715, cb7ebab2a019efeef70d72b452275b21f11b3c41cb9b7edcad5504f48f694db1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>y'all are white af.
And thank goodness for it. Of course it makes sense that only niggers and other subhuman drug pushers who don't play tabletop games would spend their money on something this absurd.

>> No.74736883

>There's a lot of money and nowhere to put it.
Well, that's not racial, that's retarded.

>> No.74736886


>that face

Chaim, please.

>> No.74736898


White drug dealers: buy guns, ATVs, motorcycles, open up a tattoo/mechanic shop for their bros.

Black dealers: mama's got a 7k mink, 30k fishtank, living in a 600/more flophouse that has rigged up water/power.

>> No.74736990

Poor whites are short-sighted degenerates who have fallen to jewish tricks. If they fail to better themselves, it is because the media keeps them mired in mindless consumerism.

Rich whites are active jew-collaborators. They have to be, due to jewish stranglehold on the financial system. You cannot achieve true wealth without kissing the ring of Rothschild.

>> No.74737062

>no, most money is inherited lol.
No, it isn't.

>> No.74738510

What a true southerner to believe themselves to not be

>> No.74738549

The most correct response in here so far

>> No.74740788
File: 1.61 MB, 288x288, 9mm vs ballistic gel.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> Not even burgers per bullet?
That's a measure of overpenetration for bullets. 9mm is one BpB. 5.56 varies between 1 and 3 BpB, usually depending on the distance.

Useful for school guerrilla tactics.

>> No.74742194

>school guerrilla tactics
Real schoolyard guerillas use their eagles to drop crude gunpowder bombs, then reforge the bullets into bayonets. Much more effective use of material, and using them doesn't give away your position.

>> No.74742505

High fashion items are often made in small batch runs, and have the potential to become worth even more in the future. There is an investment market for high fashion collectables, essentially.

>> No.74742673

>Blaming it on le money laundry when there are plenty of legal ways that LVMH can minimise their tax obligations is straight up fucking retarded.

They're probably big and influential enough to pay no taxes at all in the first place, t b h.

>> No.74744206

That's exactly what I said

>> No.74744691

The term nigger rich exists for a reason, anon.

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