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Disregard that, I am indeed running out of art, edition.

>Official AoS website

>Downloads; Rules Errata and FAQs:

>Art Database

>AoS Battletomes
>/YourDudes/ Fluff
>Soulbound and Supplements
>AoS Books and Audiobooks


>Thread Question
Now that we can guess that FEC is getting an expansion, any bets on what's in it?

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Warcry warband and nothing else

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Im making a full on squig army with nothing but squigs. I am trimming the goblins off all squig riders, off everything. It will be only squigs, with the main unit being squig herds. How powerful will it be?

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God damn it Anon you just said you weren't running out of art.

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Speaking of the potential for a Warcry Warband, can FEC use metal weapons now thanks to the Underworld warband? I was thinking about giving my ghouls rusted daggers, swords, and axes. Being that their 'leader' is a Fyreslayer, he'd think he was equipping his soldiers with the best weapons before going to war.

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Sounds cool. I'd love to see them once done.

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OP lied aosg died

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i imagine they would use anything they find on the ground. if you kill a guy with a bone shard why WOULDNT you pick up his sword and armor?
A delusional ghoul sees bones as weapons but he would see real weapons as weapons too.

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Fuck OP just Google AoS and grab a pic of a model, ANY model, not this tranny bait shit.

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If it's like their endless spells, GW will try to get the flavour across in their models. A lot more obvious knight larping

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I thought I was, then I dig around, and realized that I had used all of it a few months back on other threads. Side note why goes GW have to be fuckers and not give us the name of artists? It's downright disrespectful to them and us.

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I do actually have some fine pictures of models, it just seems poignent to post act for the threads. As a note, these were done by Gardens of Hecate.

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Since they've shown two pitted/damaged weapons I'm assuming its a new class of ghouls.

>Elite infantry squad with pitted halberds.
>Kind of mid-tier character with pitted sword.

Maybe some dented, rusted armor on them.

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I think I've found the first third party stormcasts

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Explain, isn't it just a KoS?

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how would you do mounted FEC? Since they're supposed to be Knights, they should ride horses

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And somehow they look worse in every way. Liongutplate YES

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They have zombie horses as an endless spell, just put a ghoul with rusty armor on one of those.
But aren't the crypt horrors the "knights"?

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Holy shit they look even goofier than stormcast.

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Yes? I'm not talking about the paints to buy to do it. Fuck sake.

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File: 2.82 MB, 2769x2077, 20200901_215805.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The batch process is slower than I figured.

Still fixing any mistakes.

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those helmets look like anime protag hair styles

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I find painting seems to take forever until I’m at the highlight stage. Then it’s only a few minutes to finished dude.

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I mean I'm not talking about the colours, but talking about the paints. God I'm tired fuck.

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BA red contrast, BT black contrast, retributor gold with some shade and highlights maybe?

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Khorne red, retributer gold, warp stone green, bleach bone colour of some kind for hair or jakaero orange, and tanned skin colour. Those would be the base colours.

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The rider differentiates hoppers and bounderz so good luck, plus the herders.
Squig herds aren't good, they're complicated but Bounderz backed by hoppers are solid. Of course, you'll forego casting which is one of the main reasons to play gsg

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These are some chad dwarfs. GW should take notice on that.

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/aosg/ normally Im just happy that people are painting models but god "stonecast eternals" and other such a bad trend. Yes its possible to do it well but it 90% of them are just lightly dry brushed gray primed models. Sponge on some lichen, put a tuft on a shield jesus.

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Look what godhood did to his face.

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This is the best art I can get of it. Well, not art... Thanks for help.

Thanks. I also assume some sort of green for the gems? Abaddon Black for the black bits?

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I think he is suppose to be concentration on, you know, levitating and casting. LewdAnon did this image, which I'm sure you've seen posted by a meme thief!

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This is this is the kind of art I get. They're not even this exposed in WoW. As much as I like coom models, it is only helpful for colours.

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>first attempt at creation: soulless abominations
>way to fix them: flee in the sea and steal souls
>second attempt at creation: self destructive assholes
>way to fix them: castrate them emotionally and make them worship rocks
that's the face of shame and disappointment

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>That faggot got godhood
>Already ruin two races
>Morathi made a cool race
>She is struggling to get what she deserves

This is why every elf kind but DoK deserve Slaanesh

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Straight abaddon black looks really flat, you'd need some greys to build up, and since you said you weren't a good painter i'd really recommend Black templar contrast, shit's magic.

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We dont like you father.

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Cheers lad. Yeah I am shit. Not painted for a long time. You know, back when doing three colours and a wash was effort. Also I missed you said warp stone green, my bad.

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Sorry, forgot. So Khorne red, retributor gold, warp stone green, bleach bone, and black templar contrast? What undercoat? Black or White?

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Fuck off snake whore

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This, you could try contrast over shiny metallic paint on armour for extra bliq

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On the topic of godhood what does it actually do in terms of power levels?
Like Archaon isnt a god but as I understand it if he found sigmar it would be a close fight. How much lower on the totem pole is Morathi power wise than say Alarielle? Then theres gordrakk who seems to be a pretty credible threat in general but isnt a god and has no desire to be one.

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Thanks. I was always taught for dark colours = black, for light colours = white. Though red as main colour can be either, it just darker or lighter.

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Zombie horses. Or just dead horses moved around by their madness, just like their bones act like swords. Have one of them wear the skull of his horse like a helmet, long bones of some dead beasts as lances, do "ha ha Kislev" with some of the winged horrors etc.

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Think GW will do this?

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If you use contrast, which should work really well for lumineth you need to prime light

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Alright, were the paints I linked contrast or...? I'm so out of touch with GW paints.

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File: 333 KB, 1000x1283, Settra_Rules.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Back in black!

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mixed lores of magic?

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>zombie horses
but that's boring, they should be riding something weird that they in their insanity seeas a noble steeds.
Maybe bat riders? Or palanquins pulled by ghouls

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Nah I meant realms. So sub-realm things like where Slaanesh is.

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oh, no, that neither, for some reason

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Just google/youtube a lil bit bro ie:

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Darn. Could be fun. Still maintain Seraphon should have been beings of Qhaysh.

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The contrast black works very well for cloth so use that instead, maybe that green gemstone technical paint for the jewels.

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Thanks. Guess I'll try.

Also thanks. I'm sure to fuck it up. Dunno if sub-assembly is a must or not. Might just try without.

Thanks guys, appreciate it.

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I know Seraphon is a well and complete range overall but if you can add one single new unit. What would you like to see?

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Voxasaur, Coatl, Culchuan riders or Pachycephalosaurus elite 'big' cavalry ala varanguard.

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We are talking a lot about snakes lately. I want to see a giant Coatl for Seraphon.

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I feel like I'm going in blind with the Lumineth, which is unusual for a new faction, usually there's plenty of lists and the basics of the army are well known before they release.

I guess this must be because of corona.

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>devilgirls and sneks
what does morathi have next to share with us?

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New monster girls. Half spiders or half panthers

Pick related

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Thank you Florkanon

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How are these 40k and not AoS?

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same but different

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Oh shit, i've always assumed those were dark eldar legs.

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I dunno anon, they have vents on the back of their chestplates, haven't seen that in AoS yet.

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chuckled out loud :)

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irony posts aren't fun.

Clearly a form of power armour.

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Go Grey Seer.

>> No.74674683

Good luck and have fun.

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Always want to get some Custodes, sure some of those paints can double up.

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Where is the funny?

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Getting my first gluttons in the mail tomorrow and I've been eyeing the female ogre(s) from the FW bloodbowl reinforcements for a kitbash of sorts but there's just one issue;
I've never touched resin before, is there any way to mix with regular plastic, how do you fill gaps, what do you cut and glue with etc
Any pointers or video recommendations heartily welcome as I am clueless as can be

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I always think of getting them and making slaanesh chosen. Would just be a head swap and some slaanesh icons.

>> No.74674764

Honestly with a bit of work they'd make better Stormcasts than any of the female Stormcasts GW made.

>> No.74674781

Have a sharp knife as it breaks differently than plastic. Use super glue, trim and file with a mask on or outside. It works fine with plastic and fill gaps with green stuff.

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flork anon just edits existing comics to make them AoS related.

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So i currently have
>All the KO heros
>3 gunhaulers
>6 endrinriggers
>5 thunderers
>3 skywardens
>thundriks profiteers

and i'm looking at getting 20 arkanauts, 5 more thunderers and a frigate. for 1500pts games does that cover most possible lists? An Ironclad looks cool but is fuckin' pricey and seems suited for 2000pt games i never really play. But a frigate, 3 gunhaulers and different units or battleline depending on the game seems a safe bet, but i also worry its not enough bodies.

>> No.74674936

I see, I haven't got a hobby knife as I've been used to using scalpels for cutting and such
How hard is green stuff to work with? Are there other options to it or is it considered the best

>> No.74674943

No they don't. Female Stormcast are fine with helmets. Naieve or w/e is alright.

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All this slaanesh news is emboldening. Theming the doombull general of my mixed forces as a trophy taker in the fluff for my dudes, does it come across? Is it too strong?

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File: 3.27 MB, 4000x3000, IMG_20200901_145821.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Its a wip of course, I'm still new. Here's the other side

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>No giant horn codpiece

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Looks fukkin sick anon

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File: 435 KB, 2828x2896, ykko1iarn5n01[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Or painted properly.

'eavy metal scheme for Neave

pic related some guy, albeit really good, painting the same face

>> No.74675354

upload fucked the colours a bit, source here

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File: 185 KB, 1366x555, Screenshot_2020-09-01 x87b6ivmz3i51 png (WEBP Image, 2518 × 1024 pixels) - Scaled (54%).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

second from the left has kind of a chad pose going

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When are the multi-part kits for the new chaos warriors coming out, lads?

The want is strong

>> No.74675445

GW's team can't (or isn't allowed I suspect) paint any faces that aren't rough hewn manly squares and it's a fact.

>> No.74675726

Cool shut so far dude. Keep it up.

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Have faith. Our Queen will get claim her rightful due one day.

>> No.74675803

they aren't allowed to. Lelith is painted fine for instance but the DE range came out slightly before the current trend of MAXIMUM HIGHLIGHTS EVERYWHERE

>> No.74675817

Copyright infringement bro, Dark Age beat them to the punch

>> No.74675842

I don't think you can copyright basic mythological creatures.

>> No.74675994

doesn't matter anyway. Koatl Claw is a thing now. So no Coatl.

Nah, GW is weird over painting. This shit has to be done quick and hundreds of them. I suspect it's 'do it quick as well as possible'.

>> No.74676011

I might do this with my DoK. The blood elf look is great.

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File: 339 KB, 1000x1414, blood elf 12.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It is. Hilarious Silvermoon is (apparently) the most popular city in WoW yet it's ancient and devoid of stuff. They should add to it. I remember (blog time) I once offered 5000g in TBC if anybody could find me in Silvermoon and initiate a trade. I bug jumped up a wall, somebody found me and thankfully time limit ran out before he traded me. I didn't have 5000g.

My favourite shit is still the T2 Paladin set. Judgement Armour is fantastic. It is theoretically possible to do with Stormcast but you'd need the books from Grey Knights on the pauldrons to do it. Plus a lot of good painting.

>> No.74676208

not sure you can fully do it unless you make the plumes golden. not sure what colour you can do the scales.

>> No.74676329

What happened to the anon with the huge DoK blood elf army here?

>> No.74676551

Out of the three variants of Stegadons (Bow, flamers, EotG) which ones are the best?

>> No.74676585

Engine of the gods is a hero, you will only ever need one, the others are both fine. I built one of each and use them depending on if im using bastilladons or not in the list.

>> No.74676592

Speaking of Seraphon. If you go to the Warscroll Builder and click Seraphon Allegiance it says SCE, Sylvaneth... and Duardin? Does that mean KO and Fyreslayers?

>> No.74676608

So, there is no advantage over bow/flamers? Okay. I have four but the weapons aren't fixed (probably lost some in the move).

>> No.74676617

>Like Archaon isnt a god but as I understand it if he found sigmar it would be a close fight.

During the Battle of Burning Skies it wwas Sigmar who tossed his hammer at Archaon because he knew he could not win against the Everchosen in hand-to-hand combat.

Archaon basically trumps all of the Gods in the setting 1-on-1. Their only hope is working as a pantheon again.

>> No.74676639

Flamers for hordes, Bow for hero sniping, WITH is trash now. Take a Flamer Stegadon with a Chief, 40 Skinks with blowpipes and clubs and shoot, charge, smack with club and maybe run away and shoot again.

The chief makes little Skinks hurty

>> No.74676678

EoTG *

Fucking spell check

>> No.74676691

What is this art even from?

>> No.74676704


Easy to magnetize and have most options.

>> No.74676744

>run away
pretty sure most will die when you charged whatever you charged.

>> No.74676748

gw and man faces, a combo made in heaven

>> No.74676763

I wasn’t aware of any, but would like to see it.

>> No.74676774

pls no

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File: 351 KB, 900x1047, slaughtermaster_kitbash.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's my Slaughtermaster kitbash idea; I took the gnoblars and bucket from the scraplauncher/ironblaster that comes in the Feast of Bones kit, as well as two armor plates that I guess are supposed to be attached to it. The idea is to glue the armor plates to the bucket to serve as a cauldron cart, and then glue the gnoblars to either side of the "wheels" as the ones driving it along. Then I would attach the slaughtermaster to it via a hook chain (i know its not supposed to have a gut plate, but just testing it out). Thoughts?

>> No.74677011

It just means Gotrek I think.

>> No.74677035

>New monster girls. Half spiders or half panthers

The snakes and harpies are clearly drawn from Morathi's own physical aspects, you're not going to get other species of monstergirls thrown in there just to please the coomer audience. Hopefully they'll lean into the Greek theme and give us a DoK unit decked out with spears and shields, like Spartans, for an infantry choice with a little more survivability.

>> No.74677193

I'd find a way to get the chain in his hand, it'd look pretty cool. Otherwise, you're off to a great start.

>> No.74677239

I just thought it was a neat visual or a way to represent that the slaughtermaster doesn't want to be separated by its cauldron; and its dictating to the gnoblars wear to move it along the battlefield for him while he casts his gut magic; keep in mind while have blade stumps for hands so its not like he can pick it up. But I can keep one real hand and see what it looks like with the chain attached to it; I also have the option of the chain whip from the stonehorn kit.

>> No.74677834

That makes me understand it even less, because as far as I know Archaon isnt a god, which would make being a actual god not really matter at all then. Wasnt it explained too later on that tzeentch tricked sigmar into throwing it because sigmar has the brain capacity of brick?

>> No.74677974

He is, essentially, demi-god++ without being a god. He has all the Everchosen artefacts, he has the Slayer of Kings. He's grown ever more powerful since the End Times. He has all four Chaos Gods backing him.

Mind you, being a god in Warhammer, especially AoS, does not mean you are an omnipotent or omniscience entity. Its more like old school deities. Extremely powerful, but fallible and capable of dying.

>> No.74678147

It's that one autistic faggot that's been a plague on these threads ever since they announced the new Slaanesh stuff. Keeps throwing a shitfit over anything related to Slaanesh.

>> No.74678288

Sigmar and Archaon we're basically playing rocket tag. They're both ascended mortals with powerful weapons. Both of them can kill the other.

>> No.74678329

No idea, as noted, GW are pricks who don't let artists give their signatures on anything anymore.

>> No.74678487

All I want in life is the ability to play with Snake Morathi solo and have an all snek army.

>> No.74678931


Give it a try sometime before you bitch about "no-one wants to play it" or "it sucks"

>> No.74678991

Allegiance: Order

Morathi High Oracle of Khaine (480)
Bloodwrack Shrine (210)
- General


20 x Blood Sisters (480)
20 x Blood Sisters (480)
10 x Blood Sisters (280)

Endless Spells / Terrain / CPs
Geminids of Uhl-Gysh (60)

Total: 1990 / 2000
Extra Command Points: 0
Allies: 0 / 400
Wounds: 119
$716 USD for MSRP, about the same price as the typical 50-60 witch elves + khinerai + blood sisters + slaughterqueen, hag queen, etc list.

>> No.74679111

Some real dead hours.

I want to buy and paint mini-morathi

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File: 3.46 MB, 1920x2368, 964c3uwgr3941.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there anyway to get my Warpseer to be able to cast a 3rd spell? Also, what are some tips for Skaven list building?

>> No.74679866

Where are these heads from?

>> No.74679929

Is there a way to run a combined dwarf army? I know Barak Thryng has fyreslayer heraldry but I'm unsure if that's represented in the rules.

>> No.74679989

Just run Order

>> No.74680070

FEC should get their own mortarch and LoN should split off into one battletome focused on the vampires of Shyish and another focused on the mortals and wights in Nagash's service, with Arkhan included in the latter.

>> No.74680201

Looks bad but the move from bra-plate to a more normal style of armour where it extends from the waist up looks much better

>> No.74680219

The chain to gutplate thing doesn't work for me IMO

I'd just remove the gutplate, fill in and smooth the hole with greenstuff, and sculpt an apron over it.

idk how good you are w/ greenstuff tho

>> No.74680305

As said, if you've got a balance of all 3 you may as well go GA Order as you're allegiance abilities won't help you much. Plus, it allows you to use count-as for other Order models (SC artillery as 9pd organ gun, etc).

Alternatively if you're all in on old Dwarfs then CoS has some options in Tempests Eye I think, and there's some city rule (not sure if still matched legal) that includes KD and FS.

>> No.74680342

Run KO or FS, take the one that allows mixing, fill in with that, ally in Dispossesed. Gyrocopters and Irondrakes are both good for this.

>> No.74680349
File: 206 KB, 1280x598, 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm from the last thread, starting this with the underworlds group, got a start collecting, withc elves and khinerai on the way.

I too would like to see this.

pic related, still sorting out schemes and stuff before the bulk of minis arrives. I suck at faces, and have to redo some eyes, but I think they're doing ok so far.

>> No.74680387

Underworlds/Warcry warbands you'd like to see?

>> No.74680403


>> No.74680439
File: 88 KB, 610x776, faa39ffee535224f4bac5cff4338eb89.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Moulder warband with packmasters and rat ogres.

>> No.74680482

Legion of Night, Pestilens.
Ossiarch Bonereapers and Nighthaunt. Either separately or a mix of the two. Also, Drycha's Sylvaneth. And Chaos Ogres.

>> No.74680515

Any magmadroth kit- $95
SC fyreslayers: magmadroth kit + 10 vulkite berserkers- $95
Why would anyone not buy the SC?

Also, how are the fyreslayers? Ogor player thinking about starting an army of them

>> No.74680619

Extremely strong and boring

>> No.74680622

i still stop by occasionally to see if GW has made not shit new elfs yet. Small painting projects sometimes, but generally gave up on the hobby.

>> No.74680762

Hey TG weird issue,
I want to sculpt a Great Maw Pot
for Ogors but it doesn't have a base.
Does anyone have a 3d model or just its base so I can make a kit based version be rules legal?

>> No.74680903

Very strong but static list. Hermdar (ALWAYS Hermdar), run a Lords of the Lodge battalion with runefather, runesmiter, runepriest, maybe doomseeker. Take 40 hearthguard berzekers and 10 auric hearthguard. Throw in some invocations if you feel spicy. Bam, done there is your list.

>> No.74680966

Was literally 2+ years ago. Heard he got annoyed at something and stopped posting, but it was pre-expansion (only witch elves, cauldron, and some executioners).

Cba to check archives 2 years back but GL if you're gonna try, otherwise got to wait for a thread oldfag

>> No.74680978

Oh there you are. How long ago was that anyway?

>> No.74681037

Is the Lumineth Realm Lords in the Mega yet?

>> No.74681050

Couldn't click on one link and see for yourself? No it's not because it's not out yet.

>> No.74681067

I’ve clicked all of them, asking just in case i missed it

>> No.74681127

Building the first of what will probably be 3 BoC SC kits. I know that I'll want 10 ungor to babysit the herdstone and keep it warm, but is there any strong recommendation for spears vs clubs?

Spears are a little less accurate but I can get in more attacks with large blobs of infantry due to the extra range. Or would make more sense to take 2 MSUs of hand weapon ungor as cheap battleline to gum up the works, and then save big blocks for raiders to plink things to death with? Or should I just invest in a bunch of magnets and have all three loadout options for them?

>> No.74681186

>Why would anyone not buy the SC?
I worked in a store for 3 years and people will say that they do not need the other suff.

To some people, this kind of money is no issue at all so they do not care for the convenience boxs, even if they are no brainer.
Usually they where taking the carnosaur instead of the SC seraphon box.

>> No.74681215

Better idea: keep Legions of Nagash intact, update the most aged sculpts, and expand the unit roster with some additional mortal units.

>> No.74681216

I play BoC since the tome came out. There is no argument on ungors weapons, they do NO damage in both cases so you are safe to just pick what you like more.

Also, Raiders are way stronger, even just as fodder, if you are taking them just for listbuilding reason and not for liking the models.

>> No.74681261

Gestures aren't dynamic enough

>> No.74681264


I should elaborate more.
Raiders do a fair ammount of damage for their points, they can shoot while being sacrificed, they are way better at stealing obj turn 1 and you can take like 6 10 men units of them and use them as very effective chaff to onionscreen your army (a good BoC player can win the objective game just by making them run in front of the enemy unit so they can barely move, get killed, then trow another 10 men unit at them. Rinse and repeat so they waste they first 3 turns like this, then you should already be winning in points.)

>> No.74681274

Has anyone used a 30 strong unit of Spider Riders yet? I love the models and I think they would look great as a horde, but if they might have too big of a footprint.

>> No.74681299

He walks backwards? Ogors are all about charging so it doesn't fit that gnoblars would outpace him. The wheel turning just seems like bloat given they'd serve no purpose, except maybe to stabilise the pot?

>> No.74681312

I like the idea but I am with him. Link the chain to his back so they are helping him pushing the chart. This way it seems like they are weirdly pulling the ogre to the cauldron while he steps back from it.

>> No.74681326

Archaon is immensely powerful in the fluff. At this point he's basically a Chaos God in his own right.

>> No.74681366

I'm still not sure why the Emperor would create a military formation exclusively made up of a small subset of the total human population who manifest a genetic abnormality thought to occur in only one per one billion people, but also drastically reduce the number of potential recruits by insisting that all the inductees must be women and stand six foot tall at a minimum.

>> No.74681373

Thanks for the input. I did gather that raiders outshine regular ungors considerably, and that the ungor I build after the 10 man kindling unit really ought to be raiders for their decent ranged output and maneuverability they offer. Since they aren't battleline, should I be relying on my bestigors to satisfy that requirement?

>> No.74681379

Archaon is basically a modern iteration of Malal.

>> No.74681423


>> No.74681424

>Drycha's Sylvaneth
Speaking of, do Chaos Sylvaneth exist? We've got Chaos humans, Chaos aelves, Chaos duardin. Given that Ghyran was one of the realms ravaged worst by Chaos, there ought to be some Chaos trees out there, shouldn't there?

>> No.74681427

Don't get me wrong. If you like Ungor you can play them. I my self love the Gor sculpt and play a lot of them, even if they are kinda bad, but they are still decent enough that I can play 60 of them for the models alone.

Your list should have 3 10 men units of bestigors, so you could get your battlelines there. The big 30 bestigor unit is cool, but with 1" range and 32mm bases it will rarely use more than 12 models at a time, so it's more of a distraction carnifex than a real hammer.

>> No.74681438

im too dumb to assemble deepkin eels, the flying stems just wont hold the model. does anyone have any tips to fix that?

>> No.74681443


>> No.74681446

If I do remember well the old lore, there are Sylvaneth corrupted by chaos, but they whiter and die since Alarielle abbandons them once she thinks they cannot be cured and they won't survive the winter.

>> No.74681479

Funny that IDK when left alone not only found a treatment for Teclis' fuck-up but also built a massive, immensely prosperous and innovative empire spanning all the Realms, right under everyone's noses. Lumineth never expanded beyond their native Realm, and when left alone almost destroyed themselves, requiring them to be babysat by at least one out of two gods for the rest of time while getting lifelong treatment for their basic capacity to feel things.

I really wonder if Teclis ever asked himself whether he bet on the wrong horse.

>> No.74681532
File: 9 KB, 225x225, hold the fuck up.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I want a pestilens warband with some type of NEW skaven unit like a plague rat beast or some kind of nurgle skaven behemoth. Pack it with some censer bearers and we're all good.

>> No.74681541

No particular love for them, but I do think the sculpts are alright (personally a big fan of gor and bestigor). Good to know that I can do whatever for the sacrificial unit and build the rest as raiders, and it's also helpful to know about running msu for bestigor. Thanks again for the recommendations. Now to finish building and painting all these models.

>> No.74681545

It's not quite the same but I remember seeing some cool Hedonite conversions of Sylvaneth models onthe community site.

>> No.74681552

Please don't post your rat pics when replying to me. Thank you.

>> No.74681560



This would solve 99% of the current old model shortage since all those models could be used to replace the old metal resin casts while also being able to cross over to warcry or underworlds. WIN/WIN

>> No.74681585
File: 8 KB, 226x223, 3xanq4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



I Apologize

>> No.74681633

I still cannot believe gw relisted 8 or whatever amount of boxes of naked retards instead of every god + undivided, boc and skaven band

>> No.74681723

Top big of a footprint and honestly they will die the moment any decent attack 4+ 4+ rend -1 touches them and they're gone. They need a battalion to make them worth but oh wait the book is a mess so none of that hahaha

>> No.74681729

Why are vargheists not in FEC? Why are varghulfs not in LoN?

>> No.74681736

They have different lore.

>> No.74681750

not going to happen
skaven are irrelevant

>> No.74681761

They're both Soulblight vampires, aren't they? Except varghulfs overfed and went feral and vargheists were mutated and went feral.

>> No.74681784

Yeah, after I wrote the question I remembered their fang attack only has 1" range. I'm probably going to run multiple units of 10 with their +2" move battalion. Means I can control the number of drops and have an artefact on the battalions Scuttleboss too.

>> No.74681793


Vargheists are made what they are by magic, a fuck ton of it, so mutch that overflow them, making them feral beasts but still shackled by dark magic, so easy to control from Nagash.

Varghulfs are mad vampire that devolved without any external help, for different reasons, so they are even more indipendent from nagash than a normal vampire and mad enough to be infected by FeC delusion.

>> No.74681848

Depends on local meta. If you don't have any one playing the sweaty meta lists then should be a HECKIN fun time

>> No.74681914

Well Mannlet's been infected by the FEC curse since at least the Realmgate Wars and there's no issue with that.

>> No.74681965

I'm in a good spot in that regard. A few close friends and I play AoS casually. The only reason I'm concerned with viability is that I used to go to events before the plague and once things open up, I'd like to again.

>> No.74682058

It's not strong by itself but it's not so bad you are shooting yoruself in the foot at a tournament, granted that you give the unit ample buffs and do a multicharge.

>> No.74682108

Differing opinion: spider riders are fast but only kinda have fly and have big ol' bases, so kinda hard to position. The spider mount part is good, but the only real buff is for more MW on the 6's, which is a gamble, and combos better with the big spiders because you can put the more MW artifact on the big spider to actually start doing damage. The riders themselves basically don't do anything. The bows are garbage and get no benefit from running a bunch, and the spears can get RR hits but the reach is bad so only the first line are really gonna get a chance to hit. I guess 30 of them is 60 wounds to chew through but that's not that much of a challenge for most armies with any kind of anti-chaff tech.

>> No.74682188

You can play CoS and pick either Hallowheart and use Fyreslayers or Tempest's Eye and use Kharadron

>> No.74682227

Yeah, after some consideration I don't see the point of a large unit of Spider Riders. I like the Arachnaroks, but they're really slow and a pain to move around with their big bases. I think a small, buffed up unit of Spider Riders can deal more damage due to more attacks and the double mortal wound spell scaling better with their number of attacks.

>> No.74682350

How about a batlike pestelins/eshin skaven with a ranged attack that has it cough on people

>> No.74682363

I play Tempest Eye with Kharadrons, actual dwarfs and the few units of freeguild that I play (handgunner and crosbows) I use my old dwarfgunners and rangers. It works out great.

>> No.74682427
File: 1.66 MB, 3264x1594, 432EEF1F-C46B-4FC7-9A9F-E84332FABC69.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

From having played my spider riders a bunch, they’re a real pain to get in combat. They are cheap and numerous but their large bases mean it’s very hard to get every model of a large unit stuck in combat, especially when pile-in rules prevent you from moving away from the closest model.
Even with a ten man units, I’ve had a fair number of combats where only 6 riders could reasonably attack and fish for MWs.
Sadly, they’re a little undertuned.

>> No.74682443

Probably going to be making a hammerhalian lancers list since I like the demigryphs so much, but not really sure what to fill out the other half of the army with. Anyone have any experience with the lancers battalion and willing to share some insight?

Guessing I can't really go wrong with just throwing in freeguild guard and handgunners with a hurricanum and general on foot.

>> No.74682458
File: 343 KB, 961x1280, 1595969088613.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What should I play and why?
>Kharadron Overlords
>Disciples of Tzeentch
>Flesh-eater Courts

>> No.74682502

The one with the models you love the most

>> No.74682537

>TK battle report

>> No.74682637

Where did it go so fucking wrong? The DoK releases were great and now we have... this

>> No.74682645


>> No.74682652

>EoP didn't go to highschool

>> No.74682656

Yeah, fucking awesome. The worst part about them are the ones that look like Sisters of Slaughter and Witch Elves with slightly more clothing.

>> No.74682664

>fucking awesome
dreadful taste

>> No.74682674

>taking French instead of Spanish or Latin

>> No.74682687

Anon, they aren't all women....

>> No.74682697

Yes, you have.

>> No.74682700

Yes and they all look like retarded stubby midgets.

>> No.74682715

French and Latin is obligatory, why would you take Spanish beyond presumed ease? French is the literary epicentre of the world.

>> No.74682726

Are you on something? Those model look amazing. You can dislike them but they are objectly well made and interesting.

>> No.74682727

Are you actually insane? Or blind?

>> No.74682730


>> No.74682734

No, just not a shill for ugly minis.

>> No.74682746

Those look nice, anon! I really dig the bone speartips.

The last time I played Arachnaroks was way back in 2017 before they changed how their venom worked. They used to be crazy good with a few +1's to hit. Would you say big spiders are better than units of li'l spiders?

>> No.74682753

In the US you take Spanish so you can communicate with people. It's practically mandatory if you work in a hospital or in a trade. French is mostly useless in day-to-day because there's no French people unless you live in Louisiana and the inbred Molson-swilling Canucks don't speak real French anyway.

>> No.74682758

Last I checked Don Quijote was written in Spanish and Lope de Vega wrote in Spanish.

>> No.74682764

lol absolutely cucked by 3rd worlders.

>> No.74682766

>French is the literary epicentre of the world.

>> No.74682770

Anon, not every miniature must tailored to your own tastes, that doesn't mean that it's ugly. Proportions are fine, they have nice poses, they have some new conceps in those weaving mantles of darkness.

Try to use less buzzwords and open your scope a bit.

>> No.74682780

Strictly speaking their from nowhere. The artist sculpted them from scratch and I'm taking inspiration for when I make my sole Fyreslayer.

>> No.74682782

>In the US you take Spanish so you can communicate with people

>> No.74682785

Ok, I will take the bait. What's wrong with them?

>> No.74682788 [SPOILER] 
File: 188 KB, 645x901, 1599044878754.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Don Quixote
>not Os Lusiadas

>> No.74682797

No but they should not be ugly.
I'm not gonna waste my time. I've already shared my dislike of the proportions.

>> No.74682816

Plus it's obligatory for most significant Russian literature
Spanish is for minimum wage laborers like >>74682753 said.

>> No.74682817

Yeah, it sucks but there's nothing you can do about it if you have a job.
Get out of the cities, amerifriends. [/spoilers]

>> No.74682852
File: 2.64 MB, 3815x2195, Rubens_Medusa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>hair / no hair / snake hair
>wings / no wings
>feet /snake lower half
any and all combinations of the above plus completely monstrous versions like
>witch faced hydra
>snake headed witches
>winged snake hawks
>small twin headed (head and tail) hydra hounds

>> No.74682855

this I get me reading from the McDonald's menu and it does me just right nomsayin. these sorts are downright un-American but I'm a god fearing patriot lemme tell yall

>> No.74682980
File: 1.64 MB, 3264x1566, F83B2B18-1F39-4642-ACDD-11F85C46F5E3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I’d say fill your battleline with units of 10 riders but leave it at that. The riders don’t know whether they’re supposed to be skirmish or shock cavalry. They are extremely reliable on fighting under moonlight which makes them unreliable since you can’t always count on the moon, and even then their large footprint make it hard for them to stay wholly inside its effect range.
Sill, they function better as units of 10 than units of 5, mainly because the unit won’t instantly disappear the moment something looks at it funny.
I’d say get 20-30 of them and experiment, try out a few things.

>> No.74683013

Don't seethe so hard Pierre, I'm sure you'll be relevant again some day.

>> No.74683021

Can other races use Ur-Gold/Fyreslayer runes or is it just the dwarves?

>> No.74683038

Yee haw four more years hombre

>> No.74683039

My dad's favorite joke.
>In a survey asking Americans "Are you happy?", 60% replied "Si, senor!"

>> No.74683047

>I don't have arguments and am too retarded to put my knee-jerk reaction into words
Thanks for playing.

>> No.74683072

I think other races can't really tell the difference between ur-gold and regular gold. It's why the Fyreslayers are mercenaries in the first place - get enough gold and there might be ur-gold in there too.

>> No.74683156

Solid idea anon. Now if only the ghoul models weren't terrible.

Also Fyreslayer ghouls sound like a neat idea. Post picks when you can.

>> No.74683171

Yeah, I think I'll take it slow. I already have an Arachnarok and 10 Spider Riders waiting for assembly. I'll grab another 2 boxes of riders and just assemble and paint that for now. We play around 1000 point game with my friends, so I should be fine with just a Shaman on Arok and 30 spiders for a bit.

I'll be leaving all the grots off of the spiders. I don't have a problem with them, but I really, really like the spider models and I want a purely bestial army. The Arok will be converted into a broodmother carrying an eggsac that is bursting with new spiders.

>> No.74683199

>Fyreslayer ghoul
Umm, what? There's a giant ghoul in the gotrek books but that's perhaps not indicative of it's racial origins as much as growth.

>> No.74683206
File: 30 KB, 600x573, 04d0a70c849919f39b690b48bb8b79fc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anon, anon, anon, you're missing the obvious play

>> No.74683230


Fyreslayers are strong and pretty much everything is playable.For having such a small roster they are pretty fun to play. Hearthguard are a lot better than Vulkites for points currently, but you can still use Vulkites as point-filler or to go a bit easier on your opponent.

Definitely build the Runefather on Magmadroth first, the other two are more niche. Double runesons for the re-rolling all hits is fun if you want to go the Lofnir route.

>> No.74683266

Sounds nice! At 1000 points maybe you could go for both a shaman arachnarok and a skitterstrand arachnarok plus your riders. The infiltrating spider can be very scary for opponents, because most people tend to panic a bit when a huge model pops up behind their lines.

>> No.74683280

not even all dwarfs can tell the difference, only their priests

>> No.74683425


I'm pretty set on the gnoblars wheeling the cauldron to help stabilize it and drive it, but you guys are right that the ogor should be leading the "cart."I may have made a mistake committing to the head on the static body instead of one walking forward though. But if I can make both his arms in the air as he's in incanting some gut magic it might work, or use the bellower arm to make it look like he's calling everyone to dinner.

>> No.74683430

I like Dwarfs. Why dont I like Fyreslayers though?

>> No.74683443

It would be easy to append the chain to his body with a little bit of greenstuff as skin over it: with the chain hooked to him.

>> No.74683478

Not a Fyreslayer that is a ghoul, but one that's gone mad from exposure to their madness. Being that AoS isn't getting ppm anytime soon, I needed to fill out 100 points. Therefore I switched out 10 extraneous ghouls for 1 berserker.

Thanks, I did in a thread or two ago of my concept model. The idea is to have mostly normal ghouls, but their courtiers have actual weapons denoting which squads belong to whom. I realized after my first attempt at making batch squads that seperation between units can be a nightmare.

>> No.74683485

I was actually thinking of carving out the maw on the gutplate he's currently wearing; to leave a gaping hole and maybe filling it with foodstuffs? Would that be okay lorewise?

And yeah I would affix the chain(s) to his back since I'm putting him in front now. I have a shit ton of bits with all these kits, so I'll mess around with him later. I think I'm going to move on to leadbelchers first though, since I want to build a warcry warband first and then go back to builing the army proper.

>> No.74683527

They're a good concept, but one that got flanderized for the first version of AoS. The end result is trying to stretch a concept too thin, and ending up with a mess. However I simply adore their salamanders and the pretty solid lore as well as overall nice art.

>> No.74683546
File: 357 KB, 1280x960, photo_2020-09-02_08-17-22.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


these are my lads so far that I'm happy with, just need to add some shoulder armor to the irongut on the left, and some more food bits to the butcher on the right. I took advice from the previous thread to cut down the giant maw banner I was making, so its much shorter now and less cumbersome (you can see it limply hanging in the back) once I disassembled it after testing position.

Loving building these Ogors, seem to be a fun army to figure out.

>> No.74683555

You have taste

>> No.74683601

Is there a particular reason why the
SC skeleton horde box is so much cheaper than buying the kits individually?

>> No.74683604

How are they a good concept? They are entirely flanderized from the outset. Instead of Slayers being one part of the culture of one race with many facets, it became the only facet.

>> No.74683605
File: 640 KB, 600x600, The null maiden looks at you with a troubled, uncomfortable glare, like that of a double-heretic who must explain to his half-eldar daughter that her dreams of becoming a sororitas will never come true.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because he didn't.
The Sisters existed already. The various Psyker institutions and Navigator families all had their own personal armies and the Sisters were one such group. Being blanks meant they were valuable enough to stick around when the Emperor forced all the institutions to fold into the Astra Telepathica.
The Sisters themselves allegedly all were first recruited from a world where something like 10% of the female population were blanks. Since then it's become so entrenched as tradition, like literally everything in the Imperium, that they keep it like this.

They are all tall in the art and minis because it's Blanche's fetish. They are not significantly tall in lore and the few that are, are remarked upon as being outliers.

Who knows, maybe Null Maidens from this mystery world are Amazons. We just haven't been told.

By the bye, the Imperium isn't 'rejecting' male blanks either. There is the Culexus temple, for starters.
Also weaker Blanks are employed on other levels as well, Inquisition, for starters.
Quite a few can also be brought together so their aura is amplified, to hide secret facilities from scrying.
Finally there also are Blank by-products that can be produced, like Bolt rounds that cause shot psykers to tear themselves apart in a small, short-lived warpstorm.

Anyway, enough about 40K.

>> No.74683612

> French people
> irrelevant since Franco-Prussian war

>> No.74683633

Heripped the weapon designs from stormcast almost 1:1, that's insane

>> No.74683637

That's the point of the box.

>> No.74683640

>Blanche likes tall women
Based. Wish he would draw more necrons, though.

>> No.74683651


>> No.74683665

All these retards. Truth is it’s only sold with the start collecting box try buy it seperate and you will receive the SC box

>> No.74683666

As someone who was a fan of old world dwarves and just started getting into wargamming proper, the biggest disappointment in army shopping for AoS was seeing that the dwarves are just slayers now. Orange-tide is boring to look at in my opinion.

>> No.74683687
File: 885 KB, 1600x1093, Medusa Red.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'd like to have some leggy Medusa who were Khinerai and Aelves who got 'uplifted' and make the Snake-Tailed ones just the Melusai variety.
Maybe even some Monsterous, giant snake-bat ladies Morathi tried to make like her.

>hydra hounds
This also, it sounds so cute.

>> No.74683688

Kharadron are a better proxy for them in AoS. Theres more to them. They lose the clan focus but instead autistically focus on their own resumes and code.

>> No.74683694
File: 24 KB, 402x132, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Barak Thryng lets you use any DUARDIN army as part of your army. They dont gain any of the Kharadron keywords (ie SKYFARERS), but since they are not allies there is no points cap so you can run huge blocks of dudes.

>> No.74683731

It is now since they have sold all the old single kit. It wasnt like that when the Sc! came out.

>> No.74683738
File: 839 KB, 1622x2160, Imagine if these guys were an army.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Maybe I'm biased, but this was the piece of art that got me into AoS. You've got to turn that one facet into a culture, to counteract what GW has done. The Fyreslayers have lots of gold, right, so who counts that shit? Once the gold has been counted do specific people sculpt it or do warriors sculpt it in their spare time. Who makes their weapons?

These are the questions which must be asked in order to flesh out a concept and counteract their start. At that point you get a general theme; naked and fiery hair. The problem is that Gw didn't feed enough into the theme to keep it going. Naked guys with fire hair who say have crossbows or load artillery. It's why FEC works so well, even if they're a general theme 'mad cannibals' there's lots of niches to explore in such a society.

>> No.74683745
File: 162 KB, 1000x1000, WHUWSkaethFocus-Sep18-Models3fd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Literally beastmen.

>> No.74683747

Right, but it's absurdly cheap. I'm gonna pick one up soon.

>> No.74683751


I forgot to mention Kharadron in the post, but considering they are just walking power suits in appearance its hard to attach the classical dwarf identity to them. There's something 40k about them. I'm not saying they should do fantasy dwarves 1:1, but whats on offer isn't really for me.

>> No.74683759

Only thing is, it's cheap only untill you don't need moratchs any more.

>> No.74683776

GW do need to give them a second wave for sure.

I still don't like their concept though. I can imagine the Fyreslayers range slotting in to the old full Dwarf range, but I cant imagine the opposite and that really hurts them for me.

>> No.74683787

That makes a lot of sense. Having two Arkhans isn't necessary. Hell, I don't even plan on making him my general, I just want his model because he's a cool character.

>> No.74683795

I think the beard plates go a long way, plus they're actually pretty small, they aren't upscaled to absurdity.

>> No.74683800

Mordheim-style vampire, necromancer, 3x thrall; collegiate arcane expedition with three wizards; 2deep4elf with an eel knight and a wizard commanding sea creatures

>> No.74683803

So long as you can flip the extra Mortarchs for over a tenner second-hand, you're still coming out ahead.

>> No.74683817

That's a pretty fair statement, I've autistically spent time imagning how the concept could be fleshed out. Suffice to say if GW wants to make them viable, they've got to do something for their range.

>> No.74683849

I like seeing your progress, you seem really enthustiastic about your fatbois. What scheme are you going for?

>> No.74683869

>Blanche's fetish
It may be but the real reason is actually originally they were to break up the monotony of Marines vs Marines in the HH artwork, but drawing them smaller then Marines would make them look insignificant.
It's talked about in the HH: Visions artbook.

This >>74683637
Start Collecting boxes are intended to give you a cheap option to starting your army.
Some boxes you can literally make most your army from. Some have horrible, limited or worthless options that make buying more then one pointless.
Looking at you DoK.

>> No.74683914

I always figured that most of them do some sort of crafting in their off time. Or at least the ones from lodges that aren't just murderhobos like the Greyfyrd.

>> No.74683927

well, originally I wanted to make them look like frost giants; so bluish skin and icicles. I like the lore of the Winterbite Mawtibe that stay at the edge of the Everwinter to conceal themselves. So I thought of making it look like the army is coming out of a blizzard. Even going so far as to put icicles on their weapons and maybe encasing some of their hanging food bits in ice. Other than that, I'm just assembling until I'm ready to test stuff out. I have an ogor body that I've put through the ringer that I'm going to use to test the scheme on.

>> No.74683950

>there's lots of niches to explore in such a society.
I can't really think of any. From the outside they appear to all look the same. They've got the same issue as FS where their theme doesn't go in very many directions, but FEC feel like they're hit even worse with that.

>> No.74683964

>Some boxes you can literally make most your army from. Some have horrible, limited or worthless options that make buying more then one pointless.
Most of them are terrible for repeat buys, actually. The only Hero you can find in a SC box that you want more than one of is the Soulrender in the Deepkin box and any army that wants to run multiple Soulrenders has no use for the eels.

>> No.74683979

Indeed, but it's extra fuss and some people don't want to waste the time for it. I got to make ark, nefe and a custom hero, then it's back to normal boxes.

>> No.74684005

yes, yet even if your trow away the hero, some are still great just for the rest of it. I am already deep in my 4th BoC SC and I will get another 1 or 2 in a couple of weeks.

>> No.74684034
File: 402 KB, 800x897, sofar.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I've always been a Heroquest fan, so I have a complete collection. But lately I've gone down this rabbit hole of boardgame collecting for minis since I decided to start painting them. So two months ago I started painting minis with Heroquest (I have an art background already) and once I finished that I moved on to more "complex" minis with Silver Tower. All of it in preparation for an AoS army since I wanted to get into wargaming. Fell in love with the Ogors (Ogre models in HQ were my favorite), and here I am.

>> No.74684039

To be fair, the BoC box is fantastic for repeat buys anyway and running multiple Shamans is fine because they're amazing.

>> No.74684044

You can go with different kind of delusions, more religious "knights", less bestial units that still have some clothes and rusted weapon, new monsters that are "blessed" by the Lady and even give them proper cavalry.

>> No.74684052

Everything about BoC is amazing bro, come join the herd.

>> No.74684059


I mean, those questions are answered in the battletome?

Literally they have an entirely caste of Priest-Smiths. Runemasters forge Ur-Gold runes and hammer them into Warriors flesh. Weapons are crafted by the lower Priests called Makers, and so on.

All of the Ur-Gold collected by a lodge is kept in a specially secured and heavily trapped vault, the giant key-axe carried by a Runefather is the literal key to the vault in addition to being the symbol of his authority.

Fyreslayers are not lacking in lore compared to other new races. Not liking the concept is fine but at least read the battletome if you're interested in them.

They definitely could use a range expansion, though. They've got the basic draw that you can show a Runefather on Magmadroth to most normies and they will think it looks rad as fuck. (personal experience here)

The problem is most people just aren't interested in collecting a full army of same-looking infantry dudes. They need new models that aren't just infantry and stand out from the existing range.

>> No.74684090

That's exactly it my bro. I do like the art and I do like the lore of the faction, and I am a Dwarf autist.

Yet, I wont spend that mutch money to have one dude cloned 60 times and a couple of cooler version of that dude. The magmadron alone can't save the faction.

>> No.74684114

Alright, that's fair. So we've got lower class priests who make stuff, called Makers.

Now we force GW to make models of them.

>> No.74684126

and to make a model that I cannot already make with any other naked dwarf in the kit, plus 1 weird weapon or hat.

>> No.74684152

>DoK went great

reintroduced a Delf Faction that was a sub cult of Slaanesh, with Snake people, can't go in Slaanesh Armies... How was this great?

>> No.74684160

Nice models, new fluff, interesting new direction.
What's wrong with them?

>> No.74684177

Yeah I'll pleady guilty to that charge. I ordered a core troop and a giant axe when I realized that it's all that is needed to make a berserker.

>> No.74684179
File: 3.91 MB, 1920x1080, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.74684243

Those must be the ugliest proxy I ever see of anything. They do not look at all like stormcast yet are clearly trying to be them. They are have terrible proportions, a very toysh look and feel really wrong.

They basically just gave stormcast weapons to badly made roman centurions.

>> No.74684348

Which faction aside from Fyreslayers has the worst/boringest model range?

>> No.74684369

Any army where you made litterally 0 conversions, not even some light head or weapon swaps.

>> No.74684370

>reintroduced a Delf Faction that was a sub cult of Slaanesh

Wrong. Morathi's Cult of Pleasure was retconned out of existence along with most of the Storm of Chaos fluff, and even when it was canon, it was entirely separate from the dominant Khainite religion.

>> No.74684375

ok and?

does this look like wfbg?

>> No.74684387

I feel like I said it? They brought back DoK, the sisters side of Delfs that are notorious for being a Slaanesh sub cult, they introduced snake elves which slender, sleek, slithering creatures is Slaanesh Go to aspect, even in 40K turning a Primarch into one, yet they are not Slaanesh aligned or even allies, they are an Order factions and as of new releases, directly opposed to Slaanesh. They don't even get a Battalion like Stormcast have with the treefolk... They even threw out the whole part where all Elves became one under Malekith ( along with Malekith himself ). Just seems like a waste opportunity to start expanding Chaos beyond just Daemons and Mararriors.

P.S. Not the guy complaining or refusing to explain dislike for them, just another anon picking up the convo.

>> No.74684388

Cities of Sigmar on account of how mismatched everything is.

>> No.74684397
File: 74 KB, 800x479, cool ship.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I feel the Kharadron Overlord boats need some fucking length to them. I'd gladly have payed an extra 40$ if their giant point-sink looked like this.

>> No.74684428

Yes, and this was there chance to fix such terrible decisions.

>> No.74684455

Flesh-Eaters have naked screaming cannibals of varying sizes and not much else, which is pretty boring. But the sculpt quality of the ghouls is also awful. So that's two strikes against them.

>> No.74684480

>the sisters side of Delfs that are notorious for being a Slaanesh sub cult

Except that is completely wrong. The Khainites have never been a 'Slaanesh sub cult'. Such an organisation did exist in-canon, briefly, but it had absolutely nothing to do with the Khainites and the two sects fought viciously against one another before the whole thing was retconned out of existence.

What terrible opinions you have. I'm very glad they aren't reflected in the game.

>> No.74684536

I liked the cult of pleasure too but that wasn't anywhere close to be the majority of the khaine cult.

I do think that they way they went, slaanesh look while being an antislaanesh faction, is pretty smart, since it shows how cruel was destiny to them and fuels their rage against slaanesh even more.

>> No.74684538

Giving them a Battalion option could be cool Allies might be a bit much? Although DoK do seem out of place on the Order side, but they don't really fit in the other three either.

>> No.74684579

DoK are a very orderly society, with ranks, rules and unflexible rulers. They are perfect for Order.
People just think Order is the good guys, but it's more like "the guys that want civilization and cities and wants to survive the chaos shitstorm going on".

>> No.74684609


i feel exactly the same
the best you can do is play CoS and run lots of Dispossessed. This lets you easily make a whole dwarf army

>> No.74684634

order is literally

>hates chaos
>not trying to destroy everything all the time forever for the sake of destroying everything

>> No.74684637

Kind if wish the ghorgon/cygor was a bit better to maoe multiple copies if it less of a space waster. I'd jizz myself if the SC instead came with some minotaur or a chariot.

>> No.74684639

O I know Order isn't "The good people", Order is just anyone that has skin, doesn't want to punch for the sake of punching, or Chaos. The Deepkin aren't really "Good" either. I feel it's just more of seeing Delf on that side seems strange after like, 30 years of them wanting to murder all other elves.

I still think a Battalion option could be cool and isn't far out of the realm of possibility, Ones that grew more attached to Slaanesh after being in his belly or something?

>> No.74684647

>Giving them a Battalion option could be cool Allies might be a bit much?

No, because there is absolutely no grounding in the fluff for it. The Khainites have always hated Chaos with a berserk, furious passion. Morathi certainly dabbled in summoning and binding Daemons into her service, even after the 'Cult of Slaanesh' was removed from WHFB's lore, but she never actually worshipped Slaanesh. And after being devoured - and subsequently forcing her way free - she's wholly learned her lesson about how stupid and dangerous meddling with Chaos is. It wouldn't make any sense whatsoever for Chaos to be able to take DoK units.

>> No.74684660

3 bullgors instead of the Ghorgon/cygor would make that box so good

And you can still buy a Ghorgon for not too much money If you want, since you’ll prob only ever need 1 anyways

>> No.74684679

well beastelves technically.

>> No.74684726

KO coz all the textures/surfaces are the same

It's nearly all either metal or cloth/leather

They need a unit of dudes with partial masks or partial suits or something.

>> No.74684733

I'm between Flesh-Eaters and Ogres, at least the foot sloggers. Most of the models were not great in Fantasy, and they did not carry well into AoS

>> No.74684774

>Ones that grew more attached to Slaanesh after being in his belly or something?

That's not how it works. The souls which Morathi extracts from Slaanesh don't remember anything of their former lives, or their time in captivity. They are, in essence, completely new people who have been reincarnated. They can't grow attached to Slaanesh because they don't remember their (horrendous, agonising, degrading) experiences within Slaanesh's gut, and are thoroughly indoctrinated both during and after their rebirth.

>> No.74684802

Well that's simply not true, in Malign Portents their was a soul that remembered a connection to Teclis, distinctly enough to be noticed by Morathi.

>> No.74684821

What? I think the ghorgon/cygor is one of the best looking behemoth of the whole game. Why the hate?

>> No.74684853

Exceptions is what stories are about. That's not the base for a faction nor a small battleforce.
I am sure there are a couple of DoK that love just to comb pony hairs and are vegan, but you don't see a faction about them.

>> No.74684883

Right, better example would be the Idoneth who have the Mallachi who are actual degenerate nutjobs who go all murder-orgy. They distinctly remember being in the gut of Slaanesh and liked it, enough to go that crazy a few centuries after they were removed.

>> No.74684933

They're cool models, but don't have great rules. Even with summoning, BoC tends to go for more bodies to stall the enemy even more and win on objectives.

>> No.74684954

He model is fantastic, but realistically you don't need more than one, and the stats are just okay. Since the SC boxes are your go-to for filling out your core units, you wind up with a lot of spare ghorgons/cygors that you won't ever really want or need.

>> No.74685004

Well, SC! are not supposed to be super competitive. you already have 3 out of 4 very solid units in it.

And yeah, I will admit I never play less than 3 of the two build and own two of both right now.

>> No.74685055


They look cool, it's just the Ghorgon is aggressively mediocre and the Cygor is one of the worst monsters in the entire game in terms of rules.

Seriously, the Cygor is just a bad cannon with a degrading wound profile. You could make it 100 points and people would be like "Eh..."

>> No.74685084

>100 points
Are you in charge of the charoit and gyrocopter point costs?

>> No.74685087

That would look cool but the Shitcast Fatternal looks fat and out of place.

>> No.74685107

For sure it's not great, but you are selling it way too short of it league. At 100 point it would be very strong since it's a cannon that is fast, makes 8 3/3/-1/1 melee attacks (rerolling to hit vs mages), dispels and deals mortals doing so (1, I know, but still).

I know it's not an hypercompetitive piece, but he is no where as bad as you seem to think. Have you played it?

>> No.74685114

I wish we had a Silver Tower boardgame that could use updated models, like a single miniature party game.

>> No.74685134

one of my favorite things about finding this general is the amount of hate stormcast get; its fascinating and funny. I personally think the models can look cool if you use the helmetless heads.

>> No.74685169

are you kidding?

leadbelchers are based AF

>> No.74685175

Less of it not being competitive, and more a matter of how having something you'd naturally want multiple copies of would further spike the value of the SC box. A bullgor unit would cost as much as the ghorgon kit, but having multiple bullgors would would be amazing, and then you could buy a few ghorgon kits to supplement.

>> No.74685176

When I decided to start painting everything I bought Silver Tower AND Hammerhall, and then the start collecting box sets for several armies since they can be used in either game as "exotic adversaries." So there is a lot of room to use the newer AoS models in a boardgame setting if thats what you mean. It's going to take me a long time to get that all ready though (since im clear basing them for the boardgame I can't glue them to the base until I paint them, so I cant assemble and play with unpainted minis).

>> No.74685186




Thanks PDFAnon for getting everything done, the art in those has been a lifesaver. Apologies if this is a tad bit early, but we're 2 pages down from the bottom of 7 before the Americans wake up.

>> No.74685196

>Played beastmen in WHF
>4000 points amassed new and used models
>Chose Beastmen/BoC for AoS
>All i have bought since AoS started has been bases, paint, herdstone, endless spells and Gashraks despoilers.
>List contains 0 faggy god worshiping tzanngor
Yes I am 300 IQ.
Yes I am better than you.
Thank you for your time.

>> No.74685203

Good man.

>> No.74685207

It will be way too good. There still want to seel the rest of the boxes.

>> No.74685339


I don't play BoC, but I'll take another look at the warscroll, and compare it to the closest match I can think of-the Ogor Ironblaster at 120 points.

Wounds: 9 vs 14 Advantage Cygor
Armor 4+ vs 5+ Advantage Ironblaster
Movement 7 (+2 not in combat) vs 8-3 (wound track) Advantage Ironblaster
Bravery 6 (+2 in combat) vs 7 Advantage: Wash, but mostly meaningless anyway.
Ranged Damage: 24" standard cannon profile OR 12" 6 attacks 3+ 3+ -1 D1 vs
18" degrading to 3" basic cannon profile. reroll hits vs wizards

Advantage Ironblaster

Melee: 3 Glutton attacks, 2 Grot attacks, Rhinox 2 attacks 4+ 3+ -1 d3 dam, +1 when charging. Potential MWs when charging


8 attacks (degrading down to 2) 4+ 3+ -1 d1

Hard to compare directly, but ignoring the grot the Ironblaster still gets 5 multi-damage attacks at all times, which is pretty comparable to the Cygor even at full wounds, though I will give the Cygor a small edge for rend.

The kicker is that the Ironblaster isn't even considered a good model, it's just barely worth using if you're running Ironguts with a Trophyrack Tyrant.

>> No.74685558

And yet, I'll always run my iron blaster because it looks so cool.

>> No.74685737

Basic you mean, then agreed.

>> No.74685835

I do feel that the reroll, the double dispell and the possibility for deepstrike give her a fair edge

>> No.74688841

I love them, but every game my ghorgon kills like five OBR guys before dying horribly. And then the OBR guys respawn.

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